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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Part Two, Image 29

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i rfw d1 > L VrJi SJ Wr i W i I r
8 7 0 C m X l J 1fb ifi n n t lJ s
L i > K < 1 I > Ir 1J1i
r J < f i1 1jZilV I
n t
3F j
I t
n rI TO T fri > i OJ
+ 1 U
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Id I I ff I
1 H Cllf1 I p
1 I I t t l r f p
fill 1 1 nJ Jh 0 l ti y r
i 1 r ViE j i ll r vJ VJ I V < vX LRT 5 la I L 1 < v s v B J FP y t lg1
Li tI VU
ill I MrE 1 fEt I 1
i1 New Maugham Play I Turn
i Searchlight of Sarcasm
1 i 7 t on Current 4 Society
ii f fin Tiicatre Ovci Womens Big
b it Has Wis Fre irrangcd Court
f Proceedings Show
Special Dispatch
LONDON Saturday
< pIUCE the name of tho latest pla
front the niteo penoLlr W
4 i Saricraet Jlauglnm Is Intereslini
t n art to llnlsli Th61orY Is a likely
arach aro natural and thei
i eiSA h >
f ° an abundance of wit nnd consider
f It
In the lines
rt ri pluloionhl Ineoreom
fjitcnlldls acted down tolhoery
in ptolldlcleddown
I Also It uad the prestige 01
i T4jCst part Isollhad stto
flJMis presented by Mr Charles rohmai
s nib Duke of Torks Theatre
A1I this would Indicate that tho play nil
but It probably will jiOt
t be n print success Ulltlrohahlywlnot
and rubs an
little too al
ft us a Jte llfclkoand
j They
mgllsli audience tho wrong way
fond here of having the cardi
ki Hre not COld 111lngtho
HshtOt canism and caricature turned ot
j s f jhelr characteristic weaknesses
I flie critics n5a rule find fnult with the
pli yon tho ground Uiitthe characters an
rjyon just
aal are overdrawn
Y not toil an rals
h fool themfelves flir chnnic
1 5 r the fleehamc
A ersnro too real and the Inctlpnts toe
t r coirmon to bo complimentary In fullj
lX half the country houses 1011 KO to In Inn
such people as Mr
i inl you will nnd just
j ughan has put In hN plai Tho ncr
1 it row tnlnlel < blue blooded young
4 Jergsmin the conceit 1 and browbeating
r ltd dowager the unmoral and shallow
tho cynical and bond to death
j pier and borcl
She countrY
1 iis of clTs all cant among
Htltr and ire not people of felon The
reentry house go as you please briakfast
thc wallop It up arc abso
L ifid tho was thts wnlol I
L lulels typical
JI I H whether or not
j c The lib of the play
f 4f fie sauhc wife shall confess lo her ador
h c f fa r husband that site has hnd a lover
Ishe mendpl her was and decides
J Sho has 10n <
Jelling her
i Sleep him In blissful Ignorance lel
w JUII eciet bo her punishment Well
Inouldnl uostwomen
ouldnlmosl 0111
> ths Ircm anl IAliI Ihe leading
flvin It vlth dMIfchtfnl cliarm
H tand aiiel lhIII htIc
i Jand tore Whn I came to the ngony pas
flfKiscs the loud P0111 with tide
kcges Cite put on < lwltllro
r effect Mr dmund Gvvenn acting seems
1W flo hnproie with each m ° part In this
ipla > his clnnctbr worl as an old game
l ilieeper HI ielI Lads Irce plajcd the
l Wager with a touch of humor that kept
1f nudlcnoe constanlli amused
f il complain lint as tho
l l JTiis critics dee cOlplln
J Jf Tubject of the plaY Is orious It Is Imirtls
jjb lo liven U up with humorous scenes
f4 IMnt non enser as they taj her
Uhat rot
i It Brrni tint the lx > n lon press agent I
1 1ms lecorao inoculated with AmerIcan
f hcb1t unlike his American confrere
bo gives his game away That was a fatal i
mlik fr ondoners will never foriflvu
hln for Leoling innmUt will be I very I
lucks press about Indeeil who can get the I
J put 1J to1lievu In tno crenulnencES of nny
t theatrical Mary his lobraln ma > I
j il vohc
t of managerial du
This BhcicklnK expisf om naCla
t q pllclts all canto out In the Westminster
County Couit tho other lay when Mr 1
< Ij Cinn I press agent sued Mr Trunk
I i Cumu manager of the Prince ot Walcs
t Theatre for 550 l va then revealed
T < fist nil Jxindon wvs neatly and eom
pleMj hood nke l lant eeAson when The
JUlkan Prlncc was being played at Jlr
Curzonn theatre
r Tf IN TiE TE
Jlf lon of the matinees two women coma
11 taring enormous hate A man tilting
i I ellnd them niailo coma very pointed and
personal rem 011 n concemlnB the aforesaid
j i hata One of the women turned around
t and talked back Her conversation was
also very smpp and personal conveying
thIS suggestion that the complainer should
mind Us awn bulncss and clearly Intl
millag tint she would not take her JIa
olf More talk uf an ungracious nuturu
nil the curtain went down
The man Went out and complained and
I 5 in usher asked the woman to step out to
this lobby ard see the manager Tiny did
to situ Mr Curzon yen suavely iiskd
Ilictn to taUr iff their < hats so the people
f tchlml coil i ce a lies icfusul lont c
round lb > vliiS had been Insultingly
I ipolieii to and demanded lnsulnlj
i lack ir urzon barre the viny and
° n > rc l to ticket money back Thcs do
I lined It threatened legal proceedings and
Sluiced out
rbiiro enough irttliln a few dnjs Mr Cur
ly a wan summoned to the liow Street Po
lice Curl for nsaaulL Tho hats wcro In
I < Iinro and U transpired that one of the
men WHS Mrs Blanch Kordky who Is
Mto I well known novelist Mr Curson
s diScharged the newspapers printed
umni and lrn day or i so the Incident
I fas M forgotten
I KM1 ems lhlllt as all a InIlllrI
5 rzon almltted r Sat the wiiol tblnr was
j i J l P and manastd bj Mr Dann with his
i S r n ° ri 1I didnt agree to piy
i thln for HLJiOTlever Mr Dunn ttat
lhVnail KJt W 1yWeWhO was
I I icoornnlIi < Jnt5 iV Irs JSajdlny
empal j Mr III JQI thc
O the hl
g Iw
TJi > il
rnwl cV r ° 9 rvrd > hls decision wllh the
r J lls V i li
to hil rtRlarltrttnat Hedfdntflproposn
l rl courta edIa medium to
llert8 Ltn aHiJtM f 8JIlif V
cid suhl orn P III t3iatr1 Curion
iOLd iir toun < 1 enemcitea intrathor
I lotSrir Of fJi I1IJi rrl fr
l edt I
t j I
h o
hii i 11
rf L
kExiled King Is Living Now
r A mid Historic Souvenirs ih I i d
VVobd Norton Duke of Orleans Residence in England Mas
Gates That Once Stood Before Royal
Palace at1 Versailles V
Special Dispatch
LONDON Saturday
King JIanuel who Is spending the early
daysofliLs one in England at Wood Xor
ton the country house of the Duke of Or
leans will still ba known In this country
aa King 3Innucl anil not by any of his
minor tile Among tim most intereeurns
sights at Wood Norton urn the wonderful
gilded gates that once stood before the
palace at Versailles The ileurdells is
carved In high relief upon tho massive
atone side pillars and the name emblem
dominates elaborate design worked out
In Iron by the old French craftsmen
The Versailles Bates opened once morn
to welcome royalty are nit < ly uticJ for It
Is by I much morn modest gate of whltu
palnlfd wood that admltlnnco Is ordinarily
gained to the grounds and house
Tho houso Is far from being a palace
Cqiirt Orders Woman Witness lo Lift
Headgear so That Her Eyes
May Da Seen
SPecial Dispatch
LONDON Saturday
t V111 tho bobbin skirt liaa been
V the target much criticism tin
1 aucerhtls tho latest article of
Iemlnlno apparel to actually coma Into
contact with tho law A woman stcnogi
raplicr appeared as a witness In a case
In tine Ulopmsbury County Court wearing
headgear i1hlsh1eol more than ordi
nary size the brim of which almost con
cealed her lace
Tip vcur hat back please commanded
Judgo Bacon who occupied tho bcacin nail
tho young woman raised tins brim uijtll
her nose was revealed
That wont dOprotestcd the Judgo
1 cannot see your eyes nnd the eyes arc
tho windows of tho soul In a mao lllto
this 1eo
Will that do asked t1Ic witness as she
save the hat another nudge
Xo returned the cI will not
ThereIs dark shadow across your
fcaUTCs and your eyes are hidden
I cannot tip It back any further In
elated the young woman
I think you are a most obstinate young
woman mtsorted Judge Rncon You will
have totip It back further
Then I < cincH take It on declared tho
No you will not ruled tho Court I
will not have a woman In court with hr
head bare
The young woman made another effort
Sho pulled out very Slowly several Ions
pins ono By ono
Bo not loss your temper cautioned
Judge Bacon I hope you will not spoil
tho shape of the hat but really headgear
tlhat typo ought to bo prohibited In I
At last the hat was tilted sufllclently to
reveal tIns Girls < eyes and nho then was
permitted to give her testimony
Special Dispatch
LONDON Saturday
English judicial procedure has cut a
precedent lCrtho relief Of American
judges who may have wresllo Solomon
like with ouics Involving the question
of tho acceptability of n dressmakers
products In tine Wolllnsborough County
Court Judgo Snaggo was presented with
certain technical contentions a3 to femi
nine fashion which ho did not feel compo
tent to docIle alone Ho found u way out
of tic dllticutty however by calling upon
nil tic women In the court room to net
tea nlrrf
Accompanied by these assistants thus
hoatlly Impressed Into lhuJudlclal service
Iho Judge retired to his chambers when
i woman litIgant who hud reulMed the
claim oft dreMinakcr on Iho ground that
a garment which had been nado for her
was a misfit promenndod back aid forth
In the dress which slio end been required
toput on A majority of the assessors
decided that tIne garment wan too IonS
but hhiittIt could bo altered without In
Jury DIscharBlng his advisers from
further service Judge RlmgRo agaIn
ascended tim bench nndpromptly i ruled
thatUio desarnalte maltokthoaltor
m lU8t
n tons ules ledbctoro8 > ho I could obtain
Ill t
i I
At tho same time It Is tmposslhiq to
Ignore tho royal pretensions of tho OH
tabllshment The very electric bell
imsiies on tho front door exhibit tho
lldurdells In busrelief nnd the nrnts
of tho royal housu of Franco are em
blazoned again nnd again upon the
house front
King Mound and Queen Amello will
of course only he temporarily housed at
Wood Norton They will probably set
up their own establishment nl Crny
comb an old houso on tine Duke of
Orleans estate perched n hill amniiK
thick Banio woods Tin present tenant
has slgnlrted her vvllllngness to vacate
the hOURJ King Manuel and his
mother wish I Queen AmCUe knows
the place well for she lived them for
1 short tlmo before her marriage
Though old and not very large It Is
charmingly situated
London Workmen Eic vajing for
County Council Pnllcc Jiiearfti
Relic 1600 Years did
elal Dlspntch
LONIIOH Saturday
TY RUMAniCVULi llscovery and firm I
I nuitlqunrlan point of view amost
valuable one has Just been mailoMn
London worthy losel lesie the fa
mous fragments of Xcrbs fiallcy froni
Lake Xcml In nornhiiaivMuseiim
1ako the Horl1ai m It
Is nothing less tlian tine Well prcschcd re
mains of an old roman boat which must
have sailed tho Thames ahoutslxtcen hun
dred years ago
In illgglns the foundaUonsoC hc nn
palace of the London County Coiincrioii
thesouth bank or the fiver AtJ W estrafii
ster Bridge the Worlcmen came upon bome
tlmbeja about twenty feet below tho mod
ern surface and at tIne boilom of seven
feet of solid mud beneath which waa 1 n
ted of clean sand KxperLs declare the
discovery to be a gcnuluo 1t ninan boat the
onls caravel built Homnii boat tui hus
even been found u In rnlulJ jV 1
Fine teasel Hesl an angle of the river
iJoso to the old water line looking as If
It had been run ashore on a dropping tide
when it inado Its last Journey In It was
found a coin of the ar2 of the Einporor
Caraslus thn great comiimtiiler who re r1
belled against liomo ami held his own In
Hritaln for several years nnd It Is con
sidered no great stretch of imagination to
suppofo that this bnrgo formed part If a
humble part of his pbrliapj the earliest
Urltlsh fleet At any rate the vessel shows
that they were good boat builders in thosu
day The pinnks aro three Inch oak along
the bottom nn < two Inch along the sides
and some of them are fourteen Indies
wide Its gunwnlo strain Is three Inch
cnlc with big holes that may lava been
oar holes
There were also found In the barge I
coin of the year EO some fragments of
leather shoos and sciapa of binclt pottery
with the plain network 4 pattern
Special Dispatch
LoviioN Satufnay
Sir Kvclyn KuTOleaBrlse cholrnian of
the IriHona Coniiulosion who lu 1
tunied lo ICnglaiul after his visit of In
spection to the United Stains where he
attended the Irlson lleform Coiiirrosif Is
of tie opinion atlemS n comparison i
between Kngllsh prlson and tliosoof the
United Stales ho latter Ing mIles
Ono greet Call nl im vmcrlcan sys
lena he any lsUiit tin priaim aiithor >
lies have not yet dl t i iIIii < lto 6lvatho
problem of short term I iiirlsonnicnt to
CSpeclal Dispatch
LONDON Saturday
Jlr Hurry 13 Hrlltnin barristprljouN
iiallsl ant business mun who l well
linovvn In Americans by reason Oft o
ne o part ho takes In tho Pilgrims Club
of which Inn Is honorary focrelary J3 very
lako oVer io ilrllfsJi
keen upon n schemo t ocrloJrH 1
Columbia and Canada a company iof aboqt
u hundred lending business men totlct
them edit what wonderful openlngantlinm
tro far c6iiimercal < lntPrPra J feWlSs
vllohU Ariierlchn well nllvtC tuhnil
to which the Brltbhtr Is apparently 1nll
Money Lender LQ eui and Is
Hayed by Court for Using
Historic Appellation
LONDON Saturday
7r yifjOIOUS denunciation of the proc
of the lov
LA nice of money lenders Inn
> ftwr < variety in dropping Ihcl
own names nnd registering their buI
ncstcs under old fashioned Knsllsh app I
latlves Inns been delivered from the none
by Jlr Justice Darling lie has tnrgpd that
as to make
Parliament fo alter the Jaw
such methods Impossible
r The Jiidgos pet vvns > evoked In the
tnurac of aul which a firm of money
Tenders callingthemselves L Fortesem
Limited instituted against tJculenan
j Colonel W Tenlson a retired army oil
I set who Is said In own largo property In
had hack tim
I Ireland The defendant Imdpal
I principal of the loan together wlth In
terest at tho rate of twentylive icr cent
but the plaintiff conccrn demaiided Inter
ost at the ratn of 10opcr cent
Tho plaintiff who iippearcd for the IOn
agency cave the name of L Cohen and
I director of
stated that ho was managing <
JL Fortescup Limited In reply to tim
judge however he admitted that he was
i practically the company and that there
wns nobody n the name ot Kprtescuo act
ually conncctcil with tho loan concern
He bad adopted the old English annie
solels as a tradIng name
Tortcscuc Is not an Kngllsli trailing
name asserted Justice Darling after he
liad given Judgment for the defendant
holding that twentyfive per cent wn
anomIe Interest for any borrower to pay
H Is the name of a well known EnglIsh
family arid it Is nomorb a trading lame
than is the name of Ilantogcnct I desIre
to refer to tho moral side of tills case
Tho Legislature has said that monej
lenders must register and deal with people
uhdir their registered names Now 1 can
not think that the Legislation reallsmeanl
that ihclr efforts should result In person
of the name pf Cohen taking the names ol
well known families such as Fortcscue
Ono knows that tills Is not a solitary
eicoptlon I is common practice not
I only hero but In other countriesfor moneY
lenders conceal their real names which
would hot Induce people to deal with them
by taking the names of historic English
faminesor families of great poslllon ani
I think the sooner tho Leglaleturelnas time
to say thai a money lender must register
himself by hLs real name tho hellor1
fhould bo made pcrfcctiy philn that the
statute will not allow I person totakea
name which Inspires confidence and then
put tho word limited behind It
The money lender I say does not loins
tine Insole iecau80 it Isns trade name He
takes It becausoho Itnovvs that unfortunate
people comelo < tine conclusion that they
are not dealing with the person they are
real dealing with
i ia B W sw > I M 1 i 1 W
Special Dispatch
LONDOX Saturday
Xlho ground that falls from great
O helBlits riot necessarily fatal are bo
coming so frequent In thcao days ol
Reroplnnlng tine aticet one othoro
itiost Ilrltlsii medical perlcdlcaJs refers In
to current liisue to a niunber of remark
Able falls which have been recorded One
or tine COEOS cited lias to do wit a man
who recently Iell from the top ofa Dover
cliff four hundred feet high He was 1
picked up Insensible In about five feet ol
water but his boots were off and Ilsl
argued that he must havo retained cutS
cleat consciousness after Milking tho
neater to have pulled them off his feet
Among classic English falls Ismentioned
that of a etecpicjack who in JSOO fell
romtlio top cC tho Church of SI George
In ItoltonleSIoors to the Kround I ds
lancoof ono iiundrcd and twenty let The
nans skullso It is authoritatively af
Scone struck Homo sheet lead on the
earth and left marks of Its Impact on It
jut though tho fait was quIte unbroken
he man y n nW nightly Injuroh and rO
sunned wont In a tow das Monte Slanzlnl
n French observer Is referred to as the
luthorlly concerning a remarkable fail
vlilchioccurrcd In 1S41
Tiib victim sasH the Lancet 10 a
apiBsler who had been engaged In puttlnc
Inen thin dccornllons oil the occasion of tIns
belated oliiCQuien of Napoleon I in
t olof y dome of tine Chut hot tho
nvHlldcs In 1arlJ AVlion busy moving a
adder on the top 01 high scaffolding he
overbalanced himself and obedience t <
dnio obscure instInct Jumped clear of Iho
adder and tie platform Ho fell elglily
wofceti bounding In OM Jiloco oft tinS
ho was found sitting nurprlsctl but
roof of a little dome which caused him te
inscribea uecond parabola in tiw air and
and ilnallyi feet QMOnUloslaterool
Of a small eacrlsts1 Crashing through the
states lip landed nstllde a ratter where
coherent for he was Ilt to glee his nimo
and nrtdrcM when laslird for tlimfl JJI6
hadl recollection of tlilt nil became
mcohsclous when put IP bed nhorlly
lUe < colawhnplt
ftomurd under the care of the Breat
usfiuler llIlbtnsensiblIIIy IotCIxory
5iort time and at the end of a month h
was well
Nino cAago Professor Helm the
geologist of 2llrJch described the Cr of
hought that traversed his mind durlnsfa
yplcol Alpine fall Ho aw beautiful
stories anti visions of bin put llfd as ho
ell and reflected rationally ens his death
nr tho chance of escape lie felt no pan
ot Btrtkjng the ground hut he heard a1
hudivvyhlch wins the lmpliotofhls W
iIn1i oii ai rock Another Alpn < iffallerV
lioirEhtiraboijt lili inauranco and his famV
iii cl
Police Court Parties New Ii
Fad of London Soeiei
Mrs Winston Ghurchills Acton in Tnlereslinp Herself in
Petty Cnininals ionable May Pastime Be Beginning uf Fash
I Special Dispatch
Loxvox Saturday
t tjILL poll court parties succeed
W slummlnSjas a fashionable pastime
i The question arises througli Jlrj
Winston Churchill the accomplished and
energetic wife of tho home Socrtr In
I leresilns herself In tie Workings of tine
criminal law with 151 e 0 keenness S as
her liusband and prison reformers ara
lookIng to her as an alls In the ameliora
tion of the lot of those who coma within
its pale
Mr and Mrs Winston Churchill nero
very much Interested In Sir Galsworthys
play Justice and Itla an open secret
that this powerful druma wins a potent
I factor In helping forward ilioso reform
Which Iho Homo Secretary foreshadowed
In the House of Commons while lila wife
look to vlsltlnc police courts lo 151 lelII
cacao of drunks petty thieves and other
teatures of the everyday police court
She Is frequently seen at Bow street inr
features always evldenolnff nina pity that
tho poor creatures arouse In her as they
stand disconsolate In the dock The amel
ioration of the lot of these people what
Mrs iChurchlll has now at heart
During the early vycckn of November a
good many of the moro prominent mem
ber of AngloAmerican society will be
settling down In town Sirs James Henry
Smith Is already buck In Orosvcrior
square SIrf Anthony Drexol will for
part of the wlnta at least bo In residence
Irish Perfecto May Soon
Be Asked For by Smokers
Tobacco Growing on Extensiv e Scale for Commercial Pur
poses in Emerald Isle Is Aim of New Association
Which Expects Large Measure of Success
Speclil Dispatch
iMXtins Satun clay
T may not bo long before tine Irish
perfecto will bo as familiar as thclcar
Havana Tobncco growing IH bating do
velopoJ with connie rapidity In Ireland
I Is about twenty yearn since Colonial
I Nugent TalbotKvcrard comnicncedexperl
mantling in growling tobacco on hlsi celalo
at llandlcslown Count Medtlt Others
result Is that
have imllatcd him and tho OIIt
now Inaddition to ills twentyHvo ucn
thorearo Lord Iarrynnor with ten acres
Lord bnnravch with two yno mica
I Captain Otway Cuffo with sever ncii s
and many others with small plots
Tho total area under cultivation In its
and Is IM acre comprising oavontynlni
acres of pipe tobacco twcntsclsht acres
of clgarotto and thirteen acres of cigar
tobaccos In Dublin I company cmployi i
BlxtyiworUmeniand turns out pipe abuccoij
and cigars and cigarettes 11 made Yrmn
lie homo grown product
Tobacco was grown cxtonslvely at ono
time In tile ISmerald Isle fur commer
Special DUpntch
Loktiov Saturday
Durliis their short sty In London
Klntr George tub Queen ilary paid a
Iltlo Hampton Court 1alace mail
ing I tour of the slate rooms whIch are
110 wIth historical and valuablework of
art Inon these role of the past Queen
Mary takes 11 great Interest and Her
Majesty evidently Intends o make herself
thoroughly acquainted with all the royal
palaces ojvvell as with llie krt treasures
which hey contain
SuItes of rooms In Hampton Court Palace
are Usually Iran eellY inn novorolgn to
t widowsdf those who have deserved
Will of the mate Amoni those llvlnu
thereal pret on t nre Lord anni Lady Wulso
Jlrr1 lu bin fduiiii I vyondorful col
iC oho old turn turu And ctirliiv for
Lady WoLs lW lias a perfect ucnlus Core
II her housa close hs aIM will Mrs
Henry Coventry whom new home fnclne
Oroulc street Is nil but finished As I In sev
eral other casf5 th rcdecoratlon of Ihls
mouse has been delayed by dilllcuUlcs with
the Krench artists andvTorUmeh
Anoiher Amerlcin hostess who sybil soon
bu In London Is Mrs llunry Iaynu Whit
ney She IK togo to Paris flrslliiit will
cOle to London where she IUIF or IH
lukmrn house for her two nnnonntlnnl staY I
vcrypoiuilar hostess on the nonii side
of the park Lads Xewlnirpugli Is giving
up her hou 0 In Portland square which
the has occupied for several years
and where sIne has entertained 1C lot so
ellen al any rate us successfully as any
il loAm lcnn In town The Atiirrlcnn
Ambasfador all Mr IVhltelavr Held iiavn
been amng her guests there andher pret
ty drawing room furnished In excellent
taste with old French furniture nnd al
ways filled with masses of llowers Ilt
lieen a l esU1 rendezvous of Interesting
people I
Lord and Tady Grannrd have iocn pay
Ing vllls ever since theirreturn from
Amerlciu They are now at Floors Castle
where the Uuko and Duchess of lox
linrrhe ale entcrtahilng aueeo lon o
parties With the opening of Parliament
I ord and Lady Gianurd will take 1J resi
dence at Forbes House Halklir street and I
Laity Granard may possibly entertain f oi
lier husbands party during November I
dab puipoaes but tine Iron heels nf suc
cessive llngllsh cOlons effectually stamped
out ti Industry It was with u view nIl
Increasing opportunities for the peasantry
that Colonel Hvuriird tool up blcXIrj
menli A tar comluvtinjcinany obstacles
expert advice was obtained from America
nod n ix s arn ago the government came to
his assist till Industry now linIng
supervised by u go tennnnlin tIn I Ih w InC
combiner export linowlcdKe obtained In
America with practical Infnrnmtlnn ins jo
local condlllons nnd liiflutn ea
eoneltol >
I One of the chief drawbacks to tIC small
firmer nndcrlaltlng the ourlng nf Inks iwn
tobaccos las hccn tine nix mennnmI ye ciulp
ment roqiiltlto fir a curlni barn of tine
necesmry nype lutlhls has Ic < ovci
como by Colonel Uvcrard vlio tics 10
VIncI a cheap ports minn curing burn V Itt
tints new device at hind lh I lain lobiauij
Clrowerf Arsucl ithn Is nol 1IulIOll7
pro icil tIne jov riiintnt 11 a dt Unite
Kuhomo Con extending thQllrIItr
w D citn grow any kind of nmdL1cmn tic
doaloisiisls for luuurta thu CulDiiol
collecting wiilcli she hens b engaged
I formally yc > ri I
F KlngCleurgoJlit < nds to rutaln liToxmnrn
Ilbufo In his own liariilii for grvatisr ae
I comniodatlcn ut Vlndior It will bij uscd
when nat to provide room fur
gncsta when tho euiillit In full to over
I lowing It will also be used by Queen
Mary iinJ tlui royal children when tha
wUh to Rpondu fjulftt vvcclt In thu coun
try without tho suu < > C Wlnilsor Ci tli >
Kvenluilly KruKmora W 11llo Iinn4v4icr
tIn 1ilnii Idwuld when hu nt up an
listibllslimcnt of hs inn
t s
Special Dispatch 1
LoMi ixi3aturdav
n ersngonientwhich loOC Interest I
Amerlcmn Isthe forthcoming msrrasn
i between Clptal Courtney Stewart 1 N
auviiulhof the larlof Oallqvvay toMlsa
Gwendolen Story ni American girl win
la very popular In Itomaii society dlia
Ima event llli gren ton part of her life II
liimiit when Hhc met leI future lum1 i
band there who Is with tine Urltlsh EnnImnuny I
< i
1 1
tTjJ r1 wlr
1 itm
Mr Balfour Makes Plea to j Ji
Government to Retain Su g iJI
premacy at Sea 1 It I
4 i I
C tWf
Sir William White However Shows Ir
That Germany Is Not Encroaching J
ITit f liril
ing on Englands Power Ird I
11 D 11U 1
Special Dispatch > > f f 1 I I1
LONDON Saturday I
FInce Lord Charles Uercsford vviuto nln n J m
two open letters to tint Prime MInister to l
which I referred In my last article many i1 I 1
allusions hnvu been innamirm to line mat t
of the maintenance of JJrlllsIi naval su n
premacy by various high nulhorllles and iIW
now Mr Hulffriir IIIK made T Htlrrlngap J z If 7 1
peal lo tho government and tina country f H11i
1elacO tho fdluitlon resolutely and > with jl i
out delay J a N Hi
Mr llalfoura cppech was dlrcclod ii I
lt1 11 f1r
against thin policy of Ills political nmb1 X 1
VersnilfB and In tInts rosjirct tho lenten of Lj I
ho opposition broke new grbuhd He has g i i
not before ontondcd thit tliu dnngcr tens i lt
oilier than In Die future liutln secklnt tI 1
our relatlvn naval Poslllon declIned no i j
to provo hint Inovor In oiir history lum 1
Inour I
much as It has dono within the last five i fiflt
ycais ho nines not l mlo lie piissccscd j
nf complete know lidse o all the facto ttf r f
of Iho cisc ttJff fjh
II Is Nvle shuw that loday the sink r T
I > TUIUIT HC Uin Ilrltlsh licet U Intlnllely j i4 t t F i
xtniniiur nlwuliitely tlmn what It was In 1 ri
IIKV1 anil I hat nn material change baR O I
rinrftl ulHthely lo foielRn countries 1 t1 i
Thin 1 sm not merely by reason of tim i4j I
now vcsjcla which Unslanil has built and wq
I itt speed wllli which they unite been con
clniolcd but because if tho changes In j tl i11 i
thn disposition and orennlzallon of tine It
I tied I1 Its preparnlloii for war 3i l
linniroH In Or nnlcallitn 0 1 il
I Most Important among thcso changes f i JU
were the Instllullon of the system of nu
cleus crews and the creation oLn homo 1
> Inl
heel and time former of these was carried i m ili
out Mlnlsicr tvlillo1 Mr llnlfotir was still 1rlmo I i t I
I In nCr lnt to tIns prospective po ltIoll it n
of tliu limits In 1013 Jlr Dnlfour waseveir djt
less llluiiilnatlnK than Lord Charlei Uercs fa 1 J
ford jhe Admiral showed In Ms tlrst 1H ni nor IIII
tel to tine Idle Minister thai whcieas tmt l I
Kmiaml had provided for ttycntyrtlyo yes Z4 f1 n
eels of the DrcadioiiKht and Indcniiltablo i U
tne the nuxt Btrbiiecat 1oner which Is fi r I
iClennany has nulhorlzed 10 n hon such J
I vessels luit ho admltUd that by thn Inn j
thes twct ono vesscU would ho rfjidy J J 11f
ur6 erI Great llrltaln would have avail
able in addition to the twentylive already 11 J
piovlded those to b built under the navy j1
estlmaUS of next year Jlr llalfnur on J c 5
next pro n J
line oilier hand Ignores yiMts
gramme altogether and conclude that In eJJ
liD the lIt tttndn margin of superiority H M t
In four csacls only c tn I
This can only ho possible If Oormany et
Iniroieoi the rato of her war ship con tt lt I
nntrnne lion In order to complctn Inc sixteen i
f3ifis she has linlldlng or authorized Jnc 1
IOI the Appointed dales m J
TlilH view Is suppoited by Sir William II
White who for invention years was 11 1ut
iictor < if Xnul Cqnslrncllon at tine Ad 1 l l
miralty III contribution tu tho Spectator p
tutor S t I
irrninnr Xiit Hn tculnc I j t I i I
lie pays In roftitiillnn of the teton Inn that it > 1
Iho Cirrmni naval nut mont lent Inlend to f
tine peilod of construction for i
shorten COIlrICI
shortll 110 pellulloC t
larso veiMli tlmt up to dale liunevor 1d1ii1 11
theie IH no inldoncn of any such accelera i
tion In Iho rate of procress havlnn been i f I
urhlevrd and Ith worth notice that Oer HJ I I I
man naVal almlnlalritors mayo disclaimed 11j it
any Inlriillon ID lalo that eomr i I If I
I Inlttoln t
SpviikliiK broadly the programme as i J I
ann ondeni In IM Is liclrif raided out sin In lI I
llcndcrl hcni
slanllally as puiposcil Sn i far an nuinbora ij f I
uf von4niiii and dates of vamploMon Inc jt n
ijcncei iird < 1 1
I has been noted 1ni Jlr Halfour while i t
ilejcrlblnt the situation as most lanunt <
iiblo and danceroiis ild not Indorse the dc tI1I
lu < elu < < >
iiiund of condo of his nupporlcrs for a two I j llj
iieels to one standard based upon he t 4
itrcimlh 1 tho next strongest naval Iow I
cr while In reward to the method of pay < t1 t I 1
nenl and tho expediency ofsn loan he went tg t
no further than 1 lloyd Ooorsu win sit lI fr
10 said that If wo caniint iifford to build d fIW cq
more teasrie out of the levenueof lint ytnr lJO i tan
ive must borrow hii mon y iJi HII
1 Is fairly eoinnion UnowledKO that I hn IlJin illt
irtVy csllmatts of next year should the i F i Ii
Iberal parly remain li power will bo 1 ZI1 a
Iroased by rpmu three or four1 inllllons llll t et
lerllnp and unujiiK tho n who oiiKht to tt l
fiiow thpre li u llrm cot VICI lot that If Mr 1i1n
iiilfoui was lo succeed Mr Apqullh in of nt
nice tim I ncreafp would bo no larger 4
a f an
Kpeclal Dispatch
tJoNUIK Satinriny kit
After a year and a half of continuous n4
lunipli In Australia Sir Oscar Aschc ami e1
ill neIf Mies Lily Urayton made a i1fr
U ininnimlnnn t return to tint English sInge lit
tIne Niw Theatre In Count llannlbul 1P
rhs inrlodiaina Is adapted from Sir Stan 4t IIJ
icy Ueymnns novel of the same name
Tin production anna notable for two time
lilHKk I him pfiw trfnni and fpfendld avlln
mif Mr Asli ind tie ti ih thy puuoiful iiml I
ipicndld aullni uf Hun mob H < es u itIf
Vjasup who curried off the honors but I 1
im Inclined lo thlnli that tho mnb had tine i
lonfl shale Its c ann Pnn lining thai Cii i 4t
I faIn titbnti1 noulil not havu been lint MIC I tJ
ccitt U luis had Die miSt teen lui loin
U eras cntTKOila arid ivoll trnlncd iid Ill a
lovxtlni was u neouk of art This ua foi
unale for tint until had really tine ahnlr
iirl mid eras In IvWiiiLo u luixu part of
tine time
Tho play limit lu do Hllh thdmusancio
mt llio llliKiieiioHi and sin uf cuurre uvirv liJ itP
tiling ikpciultd on lilt iiuinknum mub tm
I t era a tho oppoitunlty fur Iho iii > ein km
ii nd they rose lo Ihe occasion Kenrtho t1I I
mn vhu iltyiJ the tibIae hour Lwii ilu
liisiilshed hlmattlf
In udillllon In Mr Ascho and the mib i
hero ivfro MIK lino tun who jaM a voly
ii iDiiUlcd find stiitely perfiirnnnfe lits thy IMitii
idShled it I tin huiiiitnl Mr iltii Webmci I
who nuilu Ilii pultiuun lover quite ion I
Them Is no lUbloty lo IhC play unit the S
UIOKUO l > not 1lcVer but It In full If tIe siJn
Uinn noise and tfore Mr Arctics robust
irattiKillty V and powurful voloo art txnclly At
ullcil tothe part nit I Is Cunt At
There ants a great deal of applause MrJ I
siiho should foci Alry pioud ot the htarty il
idciiIltOii 1w recclviii on him rviJrn lu th I I
lonimjOn stage

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