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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Image 3

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Leis tope Mat iie good ship will arrive in time for the big Thanksgiving dinner What a glorious reception
1 D
L ineiis the JDig
Two fhonerhts should bo uppermost in the niiinl of the Hniftj
housewife lii t fot lifes manifold blrsiinjs and tjien the dinner
E xentoftn e Y e ar itself LINENS the inviting appearance of tile table md the boun
9J Our store has been SPECIAL OLOT1IS AND NAPKINS TO Beautiful Damasks by the Yard THANKSGIVING DINNERS 1 1
preparing for this occasion MATOU
oin Jiloichcd Damask extra heavy ail 85e
We 8x8 Cloths full bleached Irish Dunak Otu Fioni pilgiini homes Happy cie tho occasions heu ielatics
since early summer oin I Steadied > ioo special
and friends assembled at the fcuniptuniisK laden table What feasts
Cloths each 5 lr
Ten handsome designs We believe this to be the
planned to make it big Napkins Inen 00 for Vaid lurkcb ficsli f ioun things pumpkin pics cider etc
best Damask shown in this country the money
Two facts actuated our SQUAlllj 100 ORIGIN OF THE THANKSGIVING TURKEY
SJCINS 150 grade lino Seotch Damasks ith Napkins to I
efforts to purchase choicest Cloths i ich 37r match Special The scaicity of food and the little pioneei colony in the wilds
23ln I iijiMiis iloon T5 00 the humble to Providuim for
Dunask jnitl lnn of Nuw England supplications btie
est linens beautiful finely tVNOvTJJER DUMBER DJJJbEEBNT DE Napl lnH Iden IP > cor The joyful and heartfelt thnnksghiug when in apparent te
textured linens and S2OO giado fine German and Iiish Damask with spon = c to theii praycib a foraging paitj = ccuicd an abundant sup
ly Napkins to match v ply of turkcjs wild turkey fiom the craubciry inarslics vlinsc
offer them at a price Cloths 2 ln Nnjklns ciiuh SCOO 17 1 D mnbk t > nrd 50 peculiar llaor at once an < l foievci associated the toothsome biid and
the delicious bcrr of the niaishca with the annual holiday
which no one could resistvA urFine Moravian Double Damask Cloths < Range of Table Napkins Pure Linen I low we anticipate OUR Thanksgiving dinner And in tins
Wejiave met both aims and Napkins to Match modem day liit Thanksgiving diiinci ould he complete without
Values up to 3oo doAn will be dicounicd 10 per novv linen
The linens are here a The best goods made Twenty per cent or onefifth cent Better grades will be discontinued 20 per cent
less ban legular piicci for this sale
Printed Scrims
wonderful showing the UEMSTETOITBD DA tASlt LUNCH
best will A Number of Odd Cloths All Sizes and OLOT11S This is the stutf that has made trouble in the Lace Curtain
very sort women Grades No Napkins to Match end of the business It is a very good looking article at a
3i3 < 2lnrh hdii 200 grade 110
delight in buying for lfi30 2Inch hem J5 Rlulo 1JI > window and costs only a small price Even here we have
88 Cteam Spot Cloths 50 giade 185 454u 2Inch honi S300 Biarlo J T0 something unusual for to wit IP
Thanksgiving 8x8 Cicam Spot Cloths cxtii heavy 350 grade 4o4 > Jlnuh hum 100 Krailc JG you
54r4 Inch hem 400 einilt 2G
each 50 5I5I 2Inch llein 500 gnulu 5IS Duplex printed Scrim a 25c value at 16 l2c a yard
8x8 Pattern Cloth full blench value
Prices are Way Down each Striped 450 Single printed scrim a SOc value at 25c a yard
Linen Pillow Cases
Every Article is a Decided Sxio Striped Pattern Cloth full bleach 550 value Duplex printed scrim a 85c value at 27 l2c a yard
Saving in Price each Fine Linen Hand Embroidcied and Scalloped Pillow Those VALUKh aie the UHAr RHTvLING PUHIJS of Kooil ilopondabla
Cases New shipment just icceived All pnces horn KooilH nml SinJ ING TODAY AT TII13 VALUHS QUOT13D TI1I3V AHU NOT
Moravian Damask Uoth Just 20 of These fpi75 pair up Till PIIOUUCT OP A VIVID IMAGINATION Consettuentl > the tcdnrllmis
upLINBN bpeali foi thunischcs Diapory Section
it jSTotcHlic piiqes If you Left at a Reduction of About 40 LINBN TOAVIOLS
nre a judge of values you All Extra Wide Fancy Damisk and lluck loels nind omc 11 S Remnants on Table Linen ana Crash
Figuiid 1 luck Towels 4 beautiful designs 75c aluc
will these remarkable
tqll us arc
11 onlv lOvlO Cloth1 1250 nluo fin co each 500 Big reductions on these The accumulation of ends since
bargains onl > 1010 Oloths U rO nluc foi i SnO our July sale Slightly over half their regular value
point KcilhOBvicn Co 1 oiilv 101 Cloths JlliBO Miluo for i ilOO Guest Tovels
standsback oL trans1 1 only I0ld Qlnllis S17BO Milno fni i 5 9 JO
action It is principle every with J only 10JO Cloths 1850 iltio fot 1 ilO rfl Phis popular hltle fad in a great vaiielj of lpc FRENCH CLUNY LACES AND OTHER
2 only 101J Cloths 1850 wilne foi iono bordeis and ciCfts for scol
cially designed monotjiauis FANCY LINENS
It has Via the lJijO
us helped us 2o ly 1011 Cloths 1800 nlue for Linen
and henitiichcd Ifuck and Birclseje 2JC
good Avill of customers 1 only 1012 Cloths 2000 nltio for loped We havent the space to f ituierala the special offerings in
Jicncc this human interest 1 only 10ll Cloths 2250 aluo for suco In ufl Pure Ilncn Tonal plain hem orth jr e each t a this line Our assortment ws ntiwr so complete with very
3 only 1010 Cloths 3t 50 nluu foi 10J8 In Henmieil and Hemstitched Uncle Touol our bi > eelal reductions to
substantial 20fo 8Sl co
talk VvVkmnv thequalities 1 only 10x10 Cloths 500 nluo for i fi t n iSlG 00
of these linens will stand the Linen Crasli Toweling
test of long we knows THERE IS A SENSE OF SATISFACTION
wcarj Forewarned is Forearmed or 124C Bronn Wiion Cra h foi ilOc
we bought tliem at inamiinc Should Be ISFACTION IN BUYING MIL 15e Dlcupheil Hlniii Crash for li c
turers lowest prices vc LINERY EARLY IN THE SEASON 18c Bleucheil llncn Crash for llic
I Christmas plclmis aio coiiiliu In nou JOi llleiiihecl Linen Crash for 10 23u
know they arc inducements 1 cases of lieu ones put In jcsteiiluj SON THERE IS ECONOMY JCu Blcachofl Lhiiii Ctahh for HOc
Those with tho iciliictlons o hao PURCHASING IT NOW
at the spcqial polling prices make
nliulo on tho othei than ne ones Hemstitched EmLroidered Scalloped
You will realixe it too when the hnships of gift chooilns partleularly Uecaue the hcauct pull of the
casi Nobody eei reJcqts a picture1 season is over Special lines aic and Initial Sheets and Pillow Cases
you come to thc store thcro Is lll a t homo place to put It
Uvcn tluniKh It mas not fully pltiise Wo frtiientl ofleied ii special piices The wonder of the age Equal in every
will holil any nolcetlon ou imij iniiKu Mew shipments aie atliwng to uuy to hand uork Put up in sets and boxed
ami them anyhow
till niitetl Coino BCD
biighten up the stock M ajbe you I5I6 Seallopctl 13inUrnUloioil Cases each Ol
QUALITY IS A GOOD Cretonnes New and Old
need tiuniiungs nmUjo a new 45xlfi H rf ninhtoliluied Casq cnth T
TALKING POINT TO Thenew styles and the old styles inj will freshen otir hat M Initial Cases 2 n box pall 150
differ so juaferinlly that e have 7J9 II K Embroidered fjheots carh Si21
made up a countci of the old ones SIxDS II H 13mlnoliloiia Sheets each JJT
YOU BUY IS WORTH and aie selling them at a price 110x59 H S Umbroldwied ShcoW each 250
THE PRICE THIS IS A ON THE 3oa AND 550 fccallopul ShiMt and a fa ej In bos < acttsSO
i 11 S Initial Mie < l and 2 Cafes In liot set JfiO
ED THE PRICE OF 150 Bleached Turkish Towels
lf1i In Too lV c siailc
In Timtl IKe grade l6e
NOT itfEXk THATTHE Uhesc aie suitable MAS DEPARTMENT 103S In Tottel Oc guide Ific
NOW READY FOR 2JIO In Towel 25o pi iSc
JS llfmmlry tiags YOUR INSPECTION 2JXID In Torl 10c B i5q u n
ILY CtfrTain1 etc 111 Towel giadri IO
mm mm mm
TR I nU Iy TCO fotl ri
J t 11 di < rij 11
T Jr f2ii
j t l I i
IiII S ciiii ilr ri iIM Ylit i Ii
1 R i i UKi1j iT
AnliinjilfcHooiii f
L >
1liUv me feniWinnfilu i uhaii ea In
I ncet ltlutliV tll ihlllorH tl VutC ij
f wtIr i i V r 1j 1 rtCi JTiWk
i r tJlr
k i > t tT t
4 j if
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j > 1 r ul 1J
1 i iiI tojjgrpnp Ji niosl 1 i of tha Btcnog F
i lI1 t i la tjjoung failles i rilll J
foillOiUjtjcccijiet llooVjttThcDo hJlRiia
l ii r x iV t F itiJir rll t nrf I 1 i J
Unotkciljtlnto onaVorfheV iiccoinmo c i
fWtl10Itt1J iiliiefcnthsjotithi typu
> I III 1111 filIJ 9XEldO11 ttli Xii rl11 I J
i1191J1 a jn aecord incu iWJ I IIi 11 Jf lulop
llon 1 f1l h iJj lolll1 ph b i 1Il1mlllllll I tt
f1 1 WI1 r > y ol10ii 1 llij ii jc I
1 19 II IIJ iLhl fIilll IIJ hili f 1 JLt 1
reeoidnp phonograph Tlli > dletlitoiv
t itlH ill Q Iifti P I iF iJl t 1 119 1 p
qtIYJj NJ Ii t C r3 tlJllt1 IIC 9 1J UIIIL <
V 111011 1 cyl n d cr mild 0 11 y fJ1cchH CHII 1
V91It1 1t lJ or dl ii mtc Qs pn UiG
W rr > i t
i hgl l thi > q ndtjiJIiIli sil 1 ii ii 1
llio intRiiphono hI n < pl 1 W Wkit ii
iecrso ot a mmlcaHtulltnsvniacliln6
Tlieso ojllndoiB aio rcmovodianilJlmnd3
ed oei to tho tviottrltlligfiiiucliliioj
opcnilnr1 who place h morilIll kink t
in ichlncs tho J1n IIIl11cchnlllsmCor
Wllch Is connected with blfmcatqdi
Iiiibbci tubws to the curtof1thQopciaii
I IOD tliuiinlilno Jjolng onmxted byj j
I fanciiil itmOimcitvliioii siwaj jIUati
twill Tllu tjpe wilting nuchliio < 0qrut
tci follows the illctntalonejllnders <
fnny r Hpcoil ilc liM tiansfi nliiito illiel
rlniLd iJiRi f the instinctlona JJOIll111UI
l clt u II 11h U > cjllndors lJI ISJIl
il1111 I t lh tol t1 1 t Jr
+ >
graphic ri tin ot dlcuiilonnok nnrt
InsuK Sj absohilQ uceumtjj VhlUj thu
details of tlK PnJp C1cIJGQrII nol
jot poifceliHl tho al > i Jeoinpiohijiid
f lb tlntlulltht1 < fW lwmI1111
Jho Klila 1110 npt lii Wo vIth tlii
n Mthln JIIJ1r I1IltthlJ
Si < ond lloor of the nmne Ms rj lillnd
W 1ljii ilh 1li lndovSpeilliijj lino
tlui iUlov luneo yrlae 11nILthl h
liIj ii bl9 ierfiiift i 1 tiH1i1i hie
fpffloioseonco tho llavoiHiiind utlntlfci
jousBtcnm from th rcstnuuuitt < Tlun
J 1 JiJiIJQlh i r cly fvhn W II
I the glrln canjlioliinger ook
1U LI O lhullIllc tl lrllcOWhILLY19I1J
i V
SKIifiith Annual Sc lciii to l > r Held
Xin 151H
Tito Scottish Ulto Masonrj of thN
Jinhdlalomwill hold Its sixteenth mi
iiiial iciinlon Nov J61S In tho
jMaitonlo Umplei Ihc program to bo
olncucd H aslolloui
JMtstlay1 io 15 + stud p in fourth
ilpfiree hycrot master cqnfenPd
i330aflll llfth dcsrco porfeet
inastfi oonfurinl I ISTO ii m nlth i
fmfiith and elKhth iKgive coni
inunlcatcd 7JOij liLI1Ii ninth dcpricu I
Ivitlirht TjIilftif lHrtfiKii > Donfnrrodl If 3t <
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A > < >
P cif tenth dcKiee ICnlcht Plu of
tlio riftupii uonfcrred lOllim
ulovcnth twplflh and thlrlcciilli dr
ft p nlnlllilcuI I
VcdnoMtiu l1l1 in foiiitconth do
Kici1 PpjfOct Ilu eliifoiiod J wnf
llftoonth dcKii1 Knight of llio IJast
ebnfomul p in sKlcfnth UCBRQ
1rlncp of linusalein Ooninuinlittul
f p in aovtiitepiith dcgieii Knight
ofUhn Tlildt and WCit ronfeircd S
p inr cichteenlh dfigrco Knight of thu
I3iKU < aiJ ViliiLO Itoso Cigb II
foj iRd
i1Hlii dity J30 a in iilnelccnth nml
twentieth ilUtjIOcll coinniiinleatoil t Ji
oh nvr twoulytat rtcgroo f > oaelilto ori
t f 1 t it
PiiiMtlati Isiilght eonferrtd 130 ti I m l I 11
If in WtMitjhBooiid tuontjthlrd orl J J
uumtsfourtli tweiUsflflh anil 1 iljgiIW
teni > HlllhllI1ICI I comnitinkuted l I i I
i P J1twcllt > HcHunth degico Knlghti 1 011
fomnmndiM nf tin tninple tiinl tioil 1 f1I ij
J p in tuentjeighth ilcKico Knight j re
of thu Sun jdop eomniiinliUed ii4 1Iii a
UK i in teiitiilnth UValW 1 J Wjif
ficottlsh < Knight DC 81 AndluW con
forrud TSO p hir thlitleth degi 2IL ild j lM 1lli
hI HJ 1h
ri IIJar iir pf in hlrtvllr < t 110 < If 11ijj i
JQJII JII hl1 1IIIIHfsltul < U I
h ld tlilrtjiuvytid iie sreeJ MU1IM t ijlt
< nf < Itojiyl iicciei uunf < iicU < ilOj04 in r
m lnJluoli i of ti i1 if
n 4ir 1 I ij t
h d
L t i ci 1

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