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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 05, 1910, Last Edition, Image 5

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5wdt > I i > i f l ya mtiIfttJSii i ff 1 t 11Mt r ii2T P < i l Ii
S r 0 777 r T Mlfe fr
j 1 T2 0 E li1 lli ID R IN L J llWtmw i MJ tnJ f5i1 rQ r g j IfJ I i wn
f AUB = Lt CJ E AI S i
Roads Letter From Nephj L Moi
ris in Regard to Prohibition
Dim i iltlcNns and CIUIg h 1
Spi lilts Diiiliin I Iii Closing 1
lloiii ot the CniiipaUn
J HloChillnTJ Nt is
Ug1cI Not r7I3 1InnltII was
tfie pilnelpal speller it a Dunjeialli
ra lIheld In tho Ogien theatci last
nlblil the imdltoilum being picked
nlun the hour for the mil to eoni
niente HrrlvcdIhc leullng ot a Icl
tor fiinn Nephl L Monls receding the
miuei to the tslogiiiin scnt to the Utnh
ill < ltlnn hiCIIIICS In i ego rd to
tiroht hi t Lou two eaJasowal < the
autne of Mi Unbelts nddiess The
inietliifc W8M calledtnonler by W W
73rnHiilng of thIJ Webct Dcmoeialli
txeeulKe ititnmfltce Jesse Knight of
liovo was Introduud vis the Hist
> penlol lie declared aii Iii st high
tariff tnd erltlesed ntorSmnol for
Introducing bill Into IheUIlItIt State
Kimte which Jic Mid was wiltten b >
L I Nnnn I rslciCnt of the 1C1 Itt ride
react CoOl un i et id tog powct i hal
In I tali
II H Knbfil4 was then Intiodnecd
10 i Illinium liiownlng lIcl laiinelnd
11 once Into a iiacuslon of the piohlbi
tlon question lie lid In smb t nice
For the past two MIIIS there has been
eoiisluei imitation icaullng tho
J iiaestlon of piohlbltlon Mien the last
HeubUeallcgl lnlure met the piopile
J w of iiieh reloim movement was In
doubt ind It was filial I decided to ap
Idil to the i cople A petition was clr
i eulited and signed by SO 000 eltUens of
I the ShIll eltlw afe of IS years du
iiindlng the pasUe of the bill Intro
iluted by Itepieseiitatlxe J J Camion
nf hilt Like count whleh h1HIIHl8sell
tin louei housi and was aw iltlng ac
tion b lid si nnte llhlV A llepubll
4 i in piolilbllion loincntlon was called
J leb 21 1103 it the Silt Like theater
f In sncJi pi i onsls Nephl L Monls
hirles W lhlyDaIIIO MeKii
HMIIUI Smith hugh J Cannon ll
llnu McLaihliii David A Smith mil
about rO others lepicscntlng every
cOlllihln tin Mute Iho deligate
puled tin theatei Piesldent George
11 lirlinh ill of the U YU w is out
of tlie spta ileiH at this convention In
pile ut the demand of the gnat eiowd
rf lepicscntiillvo people who mil at
Hie Silt lain theutei In libiimi of
I t veil and tlu petition whlcli had
lien fcithticd from the otiis of the
intlit state with ichird to iroIi lid thni
I uhnt was tin disposition of tIll mat
tei A telibrim was cut to ecnalor
S hoot Si n itoi Su tlierlit hal and Con
gu sm In signed by C W Nil
Jevi IJ i mil Sin I hI II1 < Nephl 1101118
di el u Ing tint the < Itcpublle putv
would hpul In tlu wrong light If
the demands of the people of the stall
v ttf limned I his 1 ci grim was d ted
Jan 11 190 a short time befoie the
f rronlhltlon iiatieilng at lie Salt I aKe
11111 tel VIIS then an inswei T
ihl then w is not Iho HenldRepub
1km his plar1 me as i nu mbci of
Aninlisilub I will now pioxi thai
in mswer was 10CC I VeIl to this talc
nn MOlt UlS LII i Lit
Mi lUibeits then le id a h ttei 10
CPM I fri Ill IIIhl L Monls In which
till ttiltci s is in p ut
Di u si in spill of tin diffiit net s
which II II ippll aioit bitwtin us In
Illi e mil dgn of Iwo cirs II go I red
tli it I innot allou this uunialhii lo
pioettd fm Hit i without pnsslng to
itu pefonill nn disanpim il of the
niinnei In which that unprincipled it i
lu lilt I Itlil 1 publlean has used
the stilenunt th it I made with otluis
heLl I he 1Jlw ciiiHwci to the tilthiam
heat WBIlwj Mble I lyre hi M
smith mil niself Itbiindid sou as i
II u I cc uiso > ou sild is 1 iindei stand
tlu slhiicis rf the I ei1g1fllfl never Ie
ifled in ansvvei to Xme I pci son
ills nowi lecelMd ti dlieet answi to
the IcMnni nor did ellhi i nf Ihe othi i
Mfncis lueeKe such an injuu that I
ii Ill awan of We weie for weiks
mended it till seeming dlseouites of
tho iiniMislonal legation In not to
I bint Ihe ttlegiam howen was
answeted In this wa A few cci
nflii tin ipml iih of the telIgrt Ill a let
Itr wiltlco b SII itoi Smoot and ad
iliessiil hII pefon not In anj IVIy nii
roihlcd wllb the sending oltholell
1r11 Ill was hbown tome which winto
eii nsnJlUmolto our ligiam
on iieinuli f IllO 1 tuw rlHtlll
flist tlme1 helloyoncol1yol n tale
gei Ill ent b Sumloi Smoot ipqm sling
thiit Ihe latter relcii i d lo be sill III to
th signets of the teller m the nn
wir tbeieto tinder the clnunwlanei i
I do not f elllt llbut hoteei to
in ike known the enlled II Il9Ci to
lu teli gg tin
tile Ilei ildlit public in s litatmtnt
of sou Is slmllai tnlhollollme i I
IHIM neehdl at Its iinehun hands PHI
IIng silent ind eonclllntois at Ihe
Oiden onentlillwhcrc I hud tilt llo
flinic Inn ni tCtlIl3 out senloi stn
lIr vis YCIy pioiiipll blinded IJY
tint i nu I nnsei minus papu as a
Inll11 toward
lllIn Mill icsohid howivei to
IMII lilt lot In OIl s iiiiin ilrn flilI ismn
IflfIIl nil sulllelint III lily own Judi
tiu nl
At Its coin liision YJ riiieiu Ilid
Oifne leivlnt nit IIIf I > illed un
Mi All uls and old him hit I HUM
ut mulct II nti > MnH h1PflOVio11eflt1lt of
tilt letlu nl lIiIt line Hut lIar T
wMi to ia Mint tif 11 riUr
lwe n 1 vt 10 Nphlli Mturls fll
bls him
It IiLV 10 Ml Vlr < iSM
iiplnl Id 111 News
ll Plcninnt Nov r ntuidaN 1111 <
mif the Drnmtrnlh 1111 hId it rnli In
lac in in hnnsrv II 1 this pi ire Mntlio
nlill IhrnuIM and L M Olson will Ijo
Poal el s
Sncelal In1hnN WH
Prnn o rOn Monilnv ovcnlnr
thl Itinnblleans will 1111111 II Ililly and
HI apait In the Moait nlllim A
iiimbii 01 nbln sieiiirs wll nddresM
JM puirile on the political Issues of tilL
An InlurMIng mroUnr
was held vos
lrday a ernoon nt thn1l inpfIf Mrs
rim T nivop md thn nisnIepH of
He Woman s 11ulllennehlh Tho
nhffter < IlIIITlleIlIIJ ntiMiiiirt Itaivov
rlulY Aflei the pipginm rcfushmenta
ren iorved
li EllS VI IllCHO
fiTtlal I > ihy M > ws 1
rmvo Nov fusrii V DeliH loo
lured on Sorhllxip 1jCPXcl laire nil
h kllCel 1 Ihe opcia house sellliiR foilh
Jho prlntlpks and rbjcilnrof the fio IiI
Bta In a mosl lnleiysllnB manner
i XI ot
I i
t1 d l
i i J l I fjt 1 II
r k
ht r
J1E DJ t
AbsoiLl Pure
The only halcmty powdar
smasefiom Roysaf Giapc
Sreant of Tartar
r Alum Ho Lime Phosphate
liitertaiiiiiiciit lrn lit lie
Mellioilit Chnrcli Ial IuIII
Mrs Jessie L Gaynor and her two
talented daughters nOl < c ard Dorothy
sang Friday uvenliig bcfoiu an uudt
ence of mostly women and children
that more than tilled the lirai Muihu
Hat ail utcii fludi IOIlUtll l ehinietcr
JL tIle iiuilienco viis jIb iintuU to
lie jirogiaiii and toe cniiracte of tiU1
jiru rum was just MUiieu to 1 lIe auiti
eIlChU tIle uccabioit 1115 eeiialmy a
Hiuuiany pioualiit iiiiiur iariiinian lo
inii jouiirier vvunioni Jiu jni lIlt
concert viii iMvcn muter LU unupicft
01 tno mOdn reiartlnonc 00 vnupiiuiie
rellOOIS Ot Wlllull JLIOI I V VlliUII II
I lIe MiipervlHor aim Pet Let u neat mini
lor lIe II ILl lItCIltUlet 01 lociu seiiool 01
cliescrab anil cliornseS 1 i no pioiessor
iniroouecu tIle inteu nUliis VIIM symo
complimentary icinariig ted tee sing
cm were waiinly welcomed
The proyiiiin Wun une extcptlon wl
given up lo chlliiiens ony4 varying
widely1 I II themu II tIll uiatnieii accor
ing to the IIIlel11i suojeijts > iosi 01
the songs were uy Airs emynor PC rluIl
with ono group of Mings by Mlsi nose
Gaynor and two short loups by otto
Miiissnur ami joliii Curpeiittr Mrs
Gaynor is a chlldiuns sons writer pai
cxcellcnce Sue is tnuiougoly III toueh
and sympathy with I lIe child nature Its
yearhtl Ilgil and aspirations the age when
Vcorrodlng euro Is absent and child
ish simplicity thinks of hauily anything
else than thc light and fairy Imagin
ings of the story loving Infantile mind
Tlu sonss are those that appeal to
huch with charming simplicity In topic
and treatment while the accompany I
ing music with glade tl I swinging
rythm Ills the void and the subject
matter of tile song in artistic compan
ionship Mrs Gaynor has achieved
national reputation In her special Held
She dcseives It and her daughter loSe
hecms lo be following not merely duti
fully but with enthusiasm laI1l1Ialelll
In her mothers footsteps
Tho tii Idol ladles arts all singers
thoa < varying In natural equipment
They nre all Olle though In irterpreta
lull and expression In comprehension
of thonlt ot so musically portriylng
these tales III music of the ln
cfciict of child life liS to bring
their listeners right Into thesame sym
pathetic fold as to bilng out appreci
ative sentiments 1roni oims better na
ture ot the Ideal environment of the
Immature n Urellutet tinted at
tainted by tho common sordldnOss of
liuinah experience In 111010 mature life
They ate ideal Instructors in their par
ticular Held Mrs Gaynor retains 111
voice In very good form It will be nt
pleasing texture for years to come
particularly as she mal < such an
intelligent usoiof It and her stage < man
ners1 are Indeed engaging Miss Uoso
Gaynor has a birdlike voice sweet In
iiuallty and while not overstrong Is a
charming II1cIlIiimoC communication to
ali nudlciico of her song Hut In till
matter of vocal taleiit Miss Dorothy
Gaynor Is a star Tlu entire audi
ence was deeply Impressud with Uie re1
markable promise Indicated In that 1C
years old high soprano voice Dra
matic power sweetness color range
expression wore there to a notlecablo
degree to which Isalllcl1l1 pleasing
stage presence lint It 1511 mistake to
give that child heavy operatic scores
to sing scores suited only for a ma
ture voice alter youvt of training Miss
Dorothy showed tills In the t1oi lire
passages of the Meyerbeer number H
Is no criticism of her to say that she
uiuld not oxccuto them only slur over
thimi though It must bo nckuimtedged
she covered up the dcllcleney gracefully
Millu every number pleased as strik
ing II number as any was tho over
favorite Slumber Boatso ug given
In trio unaccompanied The bleiid
lug ot tin three voices their iiuallty
and manner of portrnlluie were charm
ing However an organ accompani
ment would have been a very good
feature MmGnrnOIUlII Miss Doro
thy played tilt piano accompaniments
In which they showed themselves skil
ful Iii Instiumental as well as voeal ef
fort hill visit of these three ladles
will be long remembered here
Tho Fraternal Federation of North
America with Its principal office In
S Uiko City Illed articles of ineor
poiutlon wllh the county tlirk Thy
purpose of till rssoclatlon Is to en
ITll Iflntho fraternal life Insurant
huslnet William Ksaril Is grand
president August G Llegman llrst
grand vice president Frederick Crowe
Mcond grand vice president L lIeu
gland Ef retary and treasurer Whit
ford H Wilson grand auditor
m m
Wife Millie tlio SlIRKisllu
A grocor linn excellent opportunity
to know the effects Iil special foods
on lili customers A Cleveland grocer
has a long lint of customers that bavo
been < helped In health leaving oft
coffee and nslpp Postnm
llo says regarding his own experi
ence Two years ago I had loon drinking
eolfeo and must way that 1 was ulnioit
wrecked Il mywuVerf
Particularly In the morning 1 was
HO Irritable andUpset that lellufll
luuIHullulIlIllhrcoCel1 was serv
ed and then I had no appetite for
breiikfiist uildltlnotleel like at
timdlng Jo my More duties
Ono day Ill y wlfo suggested that
Inasmuch its 1 was nulling so much
Poiiliim there must bo some merit In
It and suggested that YO try U I
itook homo iwekage Ii hilt she pro
pured It according to directions The
result wait a very happy one
My nervouanesH gradually disap
peared andtoday IamIIII I rlght1
would advisn everyone affected In any
way wlihN nervousness or stomach
troubles to lea 1IIIIC coffee nl1lllll
Tinres J i Ileason I cndIh
Ilunil to Wnllvllle hi pkgs
I5vcr mid tin nliovn let IIi A new
one nppiiirs from tlnii1 In lino They
arc Ktnulnc Irnc and full of liiiiimii
5 e
I 0
t w
J irlMnr A Mclvnlghl announcis
tlio msaffinient nf her daughter Mvr I
tie to George A Smith the mnriliMi
to lake place In the latter pin oC 1
this month
Mrs Anton II Hoxrud and Mlaj 1h1
in Iorud cntcitilned 1011137 at a
luncheon it their lii loln honor of
two lecont brides Mis John Uells De
moo and Mrs Juii 5Qlogle the ibo
lavliiK a ei ntei piece of pink ehrs
III I tilellill hUM and pink shaded Call tills
v hllo tho Jilaee caids and other Ic
falill weiu Inthu miie Colors Covm
wtie la 1111tr JO guests I
e 4
Jllss llercy Lewis cntortalned at a
brio o teL on riUi In igloo of Mis I
I < wls li Sottieti who has loeently u
t UI lIed from her bridal trip the deeo
atlons bilnk In plnl mil 711 en and
Jho tables uf Ullilnii pltncil
a I
The MIies Miriam ind Ileithn Art ur
< ccebrited theli blithdi iinnUpsnix
lost Iligilt Illn delightful muslealu at
their home tho rooms lining prettily I
ilccuiatcil ind nhout JO heliiff pie ent
o 0
Mrs 1 Wnlcoot Thompson entertains
next Thursday at a bridge Ka
Mrs A K nn ll111s imtirtnlned
tlmS AI eliib yisterday the rooms I
lit ing bcutlfully decorated In ferns and
lowers mid Miss Kva Peterson as
sisting during the afternoon Tho
RUests woro Mr G I K Glbbs Mrs It
K JJivIs Mrs A W Davis Mrs A
Di Miller Mrs W Darke Mrs Min
nie Miles
0 c 0
Mrs Jlnlph IJuily and Mr 1Il lies
Union are hoslesses today at a I
500 parly given Iii honor of Miss Anna
Hutololir the November 111 IlLS The
decorations throughout aic In ycjlow
anil white with chrysanthemum and
ivllowshnded light and four tables
art playtil
ifr and Mrs Harold K DayneK have
rctrirnwl from their stimincr bonic at
Hoelc Crest ranch and are at home In
No 7 Cnmnilnss flats
I o
Miss Viira ii II cigar entertained the
DiJi club on Monday night at a Hal
loween party tin cans shading the
IlalilH ant ono of the features being a I
tr11 to the iabhage patch where for I
tunes were told by cabbage leaves Vio
lin seleetlons were given by Howard I
Anderson and piano numbers byVMIsn
Alice Spry I I
A new llP IllS tic cliih has bcoii forni
cd under the niVnip of the nnsklns
a number of well known society peoplo
loli1 organised to study dramatio
EkctchcH for their own amusement
chlelly bill with an idea also of giving
Koine1 o their results In public enter
tainments should their efforts mo
nt ambitions
ainhliol Among
the members are Mrs W P Klser Mr
and Mis L D fiordoii Mlsa Mildred
MiiMlIlan Mrs Leslie Savage Mrs
Ixsster D Freed Mrai V II Cunning
hal Miss Iuclc trtihh Ice Miss A I lean
Maclcn Mrs E 15 Palmer Miss Aii
imila Kllerbeck Bred Sinlth George S
Hukcr Athol Rawllns Kenneth Kerr
and Alex Thomas
Irs OG Hanson 232 a street has
returned from the cast where sun has
been visiting for several Weeks after
placing her daughter A goes In till
Martha Washington seminary at
Wiishliigton D C
Tlio women of the University of
Utah will meet Saturday Not 11 at
lialf past 2 oclock In the kindergarten
rooms at the university llio hostesses
iiI Mrs Fisher Mrs Montroso Mrs
Corny and Mrs v Icl1nlon
Tho Salt Uike Womans club wlll
nieot im Tuesday NTpvS wth IIJ
I < Till llli 301 east Third SOIl Iii street
tho topic The Moors hi Spain and
Their Antecedents to be heillJ
Mrs noiviiiah and Mrs C S Kinney
to give current events
a > u
Miss Margaret Ucnton entertained at
a bridge party on Wednesday evening
in honor of the Mltses Delia and Edlili
Clogg who arc visitors In the city the
decorations being hi the fall flowers
iiiiil i supper being a featiirii the
Miss Xe I I lot Calvlii Iesl box party
nt the Colonial rt tlils afternoon
Monday levelling the members of the
ICiitro Kons club entertalnid SC guests
nt a Halloween party given at the
homo of Miss Mary Tnckctt The In
terior of the hOI and veranda iinV
grounds worn lighted lii ghostly effect
by JackO Lanterns lind pumpkins
and stalks of corn fall fruits with a
wealth of chrysanthemums In al the
gorgeous 1 lIt 11111 II Intl were used lii
the decorations while witches and
black cats were every where Games
of all kinds wore eiijoyed together ytli
I fortune telling booth which was pre
slded over by a bewitching gypsy maid
and the s pool stories told by Is
IClllo Olsen wero also eiijoyod Hefriwh
tnents wero in keeping wlth the season
II corner nil elder was served from the spooks I
Mrs Klvlri Sulloway was sur
prised by a number of friends who I
caino to celebnitc her birthday yester
day The ovoiilng wan spent In play
Ingi RJ Itai and ill music mil
dancing vhlch were injojcd bs 111
Miss riorence Powells a talented
pi ilrij played Koine beautiful selec
tions The rooms weie IeiUtIfIliiy dec
or ited with asters and irgnerltes
and ulcrticillnncrlhllchi mvas thy
Crni rcJr which every one took pirt
Tho gUehts prmcilt wlmls M
lltlk1 the Mlcses Parl Mrs 1 Powell
AIlss I lortgiieo Powell Mlsi I ICeml
rltk Miss ZI necs Mrs chailcs Sll
ers Mrs Udwanl iIlimey Mrs
fhlellstlr IIi sniliwa Mrs
Dulx and diughtei us Ch miller
Mis flva i Mis lmnu Mr Hasbow
Mi < Slliil
LI ill mil Ijlalio Pas > eiiEii < inoiu
Ilioe I Its I lt t
i A telcrun iceeivrd at tlu office ot
tli 1lUSlfCtLYll1lti5eS Lila I tin steam
I 1 Lnmcntl of the Uhite Stiu Domin
ion line ntrlMl Iveirool at noon to
I ill On this ptcnmci were the fol
Inwlng < rJoel Hlchards 1 I hick
Held Ihomisr hardy Noinnn Am
I Hudson Heiiberi T Ii 1111 U hot John W
DeIJr Delia Uooth Illlli I 511 I
I ii II of Silt Like AlvIn Mots Lirl
I Spencer O L rimmis Mmri DaVis
IJIlIIIlt I Ill I Clion Hauling lliomas S
1 iloi Robert I IlilIcIciey henry A
Dixon rank liecl ste id JrooGtl
1 Angei Inner Jacob IIOIC 1
Unon 17 P ror gien llrlgiILIO C11y
r Earl Hclnai Ojilen HlchlrllH
I Ilaslam Wrllaxlllc Hmes I Allen
Clunks b famltli Cetuonlllo Carl C
Pa tersoim Murray and other Utah and
Idaho passengers
Wllllnin Vnyiic of Itlvcrdalo Shot
Vliiit Hiinllim hi till
Spoclitl to Tho Nov I
Ogden Nov iiThe wearing of a buff
coat led tothcII lth of William Vayno
a resident or Illyeidale In the moun
tains southeast of here yesterday after
noon He Was out hunting with his
i brolherlnlawy Itay Nelson when thc
latter csplellhlHcoat through tile
brush and mistaking him 10 a deer
llrcd Wayne wiis Instantly killed He
fell froni Ills horse and the animal
dashed riderless out Into tin open Nel
son went at once to his companions
assistance but nothing could he done
to save tho injured man
The remains were taken to Rlvcrdulu
for burial
Wayne was26 years of age and leaves
a wife and CUe child Hu was highly
esteemed 11111 hIs untimely death re
gretted by all Nelson Is deeply moved
by the sldlceldenl
IClcvenlli Vaiil For the bencllt ur
the new Eleventh ward ineetliighouse
fund the Kleybnth Ward Vmateur
Dfainatlc iussoclatlon will present A
Kentucky ItalIc In the Kloventh ward
assiMiibly hall corner Kightli ICast and
First South streets Thursday and Fri
day evenings Nov 10 and II The
curtain rises ut S15 Among the cast
0 players are the following Virginia
Duncan Afton Sears Margaret At
loins Stillii Edmonds Annie Theriot
Mudcllnu Hltiier liken Freeze Hernlce I
Duncan C Laniont Felt Joseph AVIrth I
Illi HehelJohnon Charles Aniiniis
son Donald Camenin Alrgll lul Ker
en Skid niolo Wllllani Livingstone
Olive Berg tnHn Arllne Kelson The
executive staff otha production Is
cornpoRed ofC imbht Felt business
manager Joseph Wlrthlln stage man
ager Clyde Coin ni 11mg property man
Hebel Johnson stage electrlelan Mrs
Irinii Felt liltncr dlrctor
Slxlcenlli VlIrltA farewell testi
monial m 11 be toiiderod JIOanS
Gardner who departs horlon a
mission for the northwestern states
Monday evening Nov i tit S oclock
Tlicse participating are Mrs May
Gardner W G 1 lywil tel Don Carlos
Wd Kddle Michael Aerial iuurtel
Mrs 11lnl Coles ladles quartet
Kvan Arthur the ward icholr and ciis
liackman Jr Mrs irdmi IICnr
Hpart The Great Auostasy by Dr
J E Tnlmage a newbookon h crest
subject Deseret News Hook Store
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Our Drapery
Department Is
Teeming With
New Ideas
For You
Something New In Our RugMept
W o arc always ptovidinf our patrons with
tilt iKiwest and best in homo CurnisliiugSv ATc
te lowcHtand il fllnifhingsWearc
pleased to annotiiic that we are showing cmic
ly the linest new YViUon rugson tliemarket tlio
popular Bundahrand the new ITardwujlv veaYOs
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Tlie esigusac the Persian geometrical and YCl
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J 1 iii i w
Cj n < c
lja IDHXil US JI11MJlXOOflEYa istJ L I j fij t i m
H H c
JL 1 liltlVKS
Several years ago I number of prom
inent clirb women of the city having
long realized tile need of kindergarten
prvlegcs for the children of Indigent
families contrived by IlntoC encr
KCtlc agitation and solicitation lircs
tabllshlng afrcc kindergarten for Sail
Lake Their first years sessions were
lieid Inthc old Thirteenth wonl as
sembly half and later Unity hall and
now the Institution has Its home
on the west side where conditions ne
cessitated somo such Inllnencc Traliied
kindergarten teachers have had the
work In hand and few can realize the
en cor their teaching on the ilttlo
ones wiio otherwise would be deprived
of tills most Important training
The association Is planning to have a
building of Its own which shall be a
nucleus not only for thol IIIalle1
work but for settletnenl work as well
oil lie west side which wl hllw1 out
into avenues of Rood for lilt locality
In many directions Already Ii Sunday
1 school has been established In connec
tion with the work and the women In
charge planning new advantages lus
time and means permit I Is In con
nection with tlc latter that the Insti
tution Is hamiKred > lI mil il Is to help
the enterprises upon which the dlrcc
tors arc engaged that the entertainment
on Nov 10 Is planned The program
will give more than good measure for
tho price askid for admission Includ
lug sketches 1 well known local peo
ple gifted In their various lines
The entire cast has been completed
and the lCgld Ill stands as follows
Orchestra selection
Monologue A Fow Odd Onus IJ
Fancy daiice Uiibclla 1cionoid till
tIer charge oJ Miss Uiarbcl Ilurton
Monologue i hl Manicurist Mrs Cl
H Ulslmrds
Sons My Heart Is So Weary1 com
piMisl by GoringThomas sung by Mrs
11 M rvoodey accompanist Miss
Sybella Clayton
Skotuli How lIe Jlcdl Her Hiis
band by Hernard Shaw Cast She
Mls i Anranla Kllerbecit He ICennetll
Iverr Hcl Husband Athol I III Ill ills
The sketch Is staged and directed by
r IOuS llAINS t 1 jnmu3
Miss Ellirbeck costumes Mrs Alicia iIrl
Poate S Iiff jfrlill
Intermission c 2tii1
of the f
Uarltone solo Leon llalns late l
Mctmijolllnn Opera company accompanist
OIcmeollnn Icef1
Ichulolan l j
panist Sybclln Clayton Miss Clayton J j f 1 Jj
has del < ied her Kuropein trip to take t J J ljW t t
part ill the CII 111111 inhllOlit t 1 It ii
Sketch The Heal Thing by Jofin 1 n hi i
Kendrlck BalgsClHlchuollUI I t I j ll J
gins proprietor of ICnipldycrs Ilurcaii r
MJ Urines Mrs ThaddciiH Parker a > 1 1 4
lady of incclcnibb and spirit Mrs A J i43 b j
Gotham Alls Delmicy Pell tIll eni > t
ployci 11 sCOrch of a place lrMiohn 1 ftl
Cnin Mrs BroWnltig a sufferer from i4o q j
BIIvllpl rm i
donustle eomplieitlons MKs Allecn II j
Mltelain Mrs HawklnSj a discouraged J1 111 Q 1
seekcr after help Miss Mary B K6x i Vt 1 1 d
Mrs Bridget D lara aiibiiniIuilred 1
and lISUglItYllOt French Mrs John if Uii
Heed Hill a boll boy Miss Bcrnardlne fl i
Klmball l nlles walling for positions II
Mlstcs Mlldied MeMlllui Louho Claw if d
inii Loreen Teary Alice Wall Liiclloi t lIJ
Franke Mamie lioiss Mrs John Cowan f I
MiS Klliriilffe Thomas and Mrs F K I 1r i J01
Woodruff I S V1
i t j i
JJ t
4 t4tueJsI 1 ° 4 tl tSS C 0S0 Tm f S I 6 qt1t c s Li I l 4th
Em iMU I i 1J t l I
I4ttot F ° f 5IS kCIIsf IIkt S Ists 4 J1 u
pir S 1p r i
i t IIi
Nw for a Real Treat
ftf2t ji The New Bonnie Brier Chocolates are ready today J 41 l I I i
ilM New boxesnew chocotatesboth originial and ex i11ti 1
Itv 3 5sri3 315S2w2JSESS3ES3m5Si5MlpaS i
4 5rm15 15 S 04 540 W5t5S 04 o54ooo rjMt lI tl 55 0 U 1 S4f i I
t 4 tI 4s tiJcS l 4 W I 5 l1Lti r 1 If 0 J J
roo eg0ewiotSS 05SO S l S fj I
r t Ii
2P j j
S 5 1 m I M
tt S f Iji j I
I l j 1
IiI I 11
5 J
Itll 1 1 f
a iI i 1 p 1 j atl
1 1 t
Itt 1
i >
tVil rIJ
4imf J s0 i I t j t
iiii i ttU y tiit tl li I hit t
I fm l1
I f I 1 Ui
fl Si5 i r L l
lbla I l 1tf 1 I 1 l i t 1 I
i i d rilt H
I 1
t i it1
0s5S0elSp 0l4t ii s 4s s 4k qi il
S p1t f 1
I 4 c if
II 11 j
1 t
I J 1
CLiia T
I 47 S 1 i j r n tj I
fFJ 1r t
j l t j
i rn < tm t1 c i 11 tf
4t d t
Go to your deale tomo row and ask for the IJth1 4 t t
New Bonine Brier Chocolates Ji11 1
Taste them Eat them Enjoy them 30c and 60c 1 i i
aSK BCT WZI arr2 W i5Sa I F 1 J
SC lSiSS 1 PStS l
itz1fMg J 1 t i IbI
C il0 i4l0I I 5 S N 0 s 4 l11tt
4 Ii l5 6 it 4 is t l IN II 91It L
1 i 101
I W j I H
gj 1 a I Qr I
N M 1R fl
W11 t1
XI i twtsS0t eI

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