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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 07, 1910, Last Edition, Image 9

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IF i for Statements fSaid to Have
AbbutJUdges Attitude
ini laif Hint Ho Will Vnsltv Xo
3loiu Wouls on Ihu
H Nth llivcn Conn Nov o Judge
Msinlion CMlaldxv In Dcinociatlc liomi
nert f KoyeriloT tonight announced
thut lie x uld bjfhj sult ngnlnst formei
Driest Rooscjsltt on account of stntc
mJnts rcpojrtedLtoihifveibcen mulo by
Mr Koosovolcin a spoecTi in Xow
v Hampshire iclntfvn to Judre Biliivxlns
jjatiltudo on labor IcglslTitlon
Judge nnldvvlirsam ho had asked
Co lUiOseveltto ie tiact thq stiiteiiient
nnil that thi lattei had frilleil to do so
The statement iiefeiiijd to was upoit
td to haxo been imulc in n speech lit
Cnnctml X H by jlr UooscXclt nm
Ijwis to the iffoct tliit the position
jjttKen by Judqe Ilakhxln vas rctroi
rMi aildwiii vui avKcd If he hml re
irlxed Mi ItunscxcllS lottPi of Nox
lgned Theodoro Umisrvclt lniloaod
ln a lettei signed Tiiinlr IHrper Sec
Trtarj In vvhleh the latter stated that
jthq letter luidbeen dictated li > Mm bv
jJlr IKiosivilt nnd that he was signing
and sendnr It on Nov 4
JJ Judge Ualdwln then tuld Assuming
this lettin t ibo authentic the inattoi
MuuK thus Jrliivo asked Mr llcioO
vrlt to strict a statement which he
made In a speech In 7siv Hampshire1
as to my holdliii a foitalii view of a
1 jifilnt of I iw Hi dpiilcs he made tho
btutcmeiit In the foim In which It Is
i reported by tha sti noRiaphir and wlde
< y publlslml Ho nlso lf I umleistand
Jnf Icltei of Isov has written inu thai
tlin stntoment jf nude was true
I sliill vxicto lui inoic words upon
him but Intend when I luivo leisure to
altnid to It tii In Ing suit on account
f his niakliiK thq sliitenunt whlih I
Shaxi mi doubt was In rnt cniioctly
repotted I shoulil hivo been hcttii
I plpiscil Jt hclmil iniilp n fnink retiac
l tloiT1 A ho has icfusod tn do this 1
lognrd It as my duly to hilng him to
i In a bpeqch In Concoid X I on Oct
fonlici1 Ilesidcnt lloosexelt In ills
every bpttlejof Cod
Uvc OHyoiT buyf
and only genuine
preparation of Cod
Liver Oil Injhe
Scoifs Emulsion
Cod Llvtf Oil preparations with
out this tradtmarkj are only cheap
imitations many of them containing
harmful dru oralcohol Be SURE
cualng tlig worKincns compensation
mcibine ns reported us saving
1 The Detnouatlc larly of Connecti
cut hns nouiliuitcil foi Bovernor a man
who whllo JuilRLoccupied tho most
ictrogrcsslvu position possible on this
question of workmens compensation a
mini who took the view tlliit It was
competent foi u workman when driven
to titcppt uny employment to bltul
hln cir not to he compens itcil for thi >
loss of life nnil llmh 111 thut occupa
Whon this htatcmcnt was culled to
JjJiIio Halrtulnti attention ho ilsnlicl
Hint ho had ever occupied such a po
sition nnd sint u letter to Ml Roose
velt making such denhil and asking for
n retraction of the statement
The rcplv fioni Col Roosevelt Judgo
Unlilvvln did not iefcnnl us complylntf
Utli his iciucst mill lit1 icpeited hla
ilnm uul for lutructlon His announco
ment of his Intituled action apalnt the
formci picslrlcnt follows the receipt of
mother tettei fiom Mi Roosevelt
which JmlKP Haldwln does not regard
na satlafjIiiB his ilcmiinil
Tho old old story told times wlth
otjUmimbur and icpeated over nnd
ovci niiln for tho Inat IB vears hut
llJrinlwa > i 11 wilconii rtorj to those
Inscarch of health Theiu Is nothing
In tho world tint cures coughx und
colds so qtilcklj as Chamberlains
Jlemcdy Sold by nil denlorH
vv rites Tire Insurance on
dwellings J04 Atlas Hlock
rivjiAi YIHS roit
Mexico tltv Nov 5 Robert A
Clump fonnui iishlcrof the KrdiTtl
Hanking ympTiiy which failed eov
nial niuiitha < K < > wus today sentenced
to 1 > cars Ipipi imminent following his
coinlctlon foi Qinbozllnp 68000 from
the Institution Thin Is the maximum
1 unity piovlded hj Mexican laws Tho
Liink was nn Amctlcan hou = o
The greatest crisis in a womans Ufa
is wlian first she becomes a mother
All tho physical strength of her
naturu is demanded at such times
and it is necessary that hor system
ho thoroughly prepared for tho event
ill order til at hor health ho preserved
for future years Mothers Friend
Is womans safest reliance ifc is a medlclno for external use composed of oils
and other JuBrcdionta > jhlcli assist nature in all necessary physical changes of
tho system Itsregular4mo before tho coming of Taahy prepares tho muscles
isndt tendons for the unusual strain aids in expanding tho skin and flesh fihros
Sjivnel strengthens all tho memhranes and tissues Mothers rriendlessons tho paia
nnd danger at tho crisH andlcavcs
tho mother in such healthful con
Vdltion that her recovery is always
liaplrt and natural Mothers Friend
Is sold at drug stores Write for our
frco hook for expectant mothers
Atlanta Ga
Why when ovprylliiug wo havo to pat isiso high
shoitld AVO npt tlcsil where we can savocthe most
The Ensign Groqcvy Co qertaiuly docs more for
ihoiivcnstomors than any qthor Grocery They give
you tickets on qadi iurchasc where accounts arc not
cent arid ke p your 11101103 The Ensign giAcs you
3 per cenf and full value for your money
SiAo 3 cents oir100 save 30c on 10 save 3000
in one year save 30000 in ten years
You Avho deal with tho
151 East Third South will get rich
Bell 1078 5511 THREEPHONES Ind 3145
Mo etilbl9ies are rubbed out
than woriiout GOLDDUST saves
rebbing and saves your clothes
Do riot use Soap Naphtha Borax Soda Ammonia or
Kerosene with GOLD DUST
f GOLDlDUST has nil desirable cleansing qualities in a
perfectlyharmlcss and lasting form The GOLD DUST
TvVINSneed no outside help
GOLD DUST lathers instantly in hot or cold hard or
soft water converts itself instantly into thick vigorous
suds thatlremove grease grime and settled stains and
clearjOufygermXand impurities It leaves only cleanliness
and wHolesofneness in their wake
GOLyD DUST spares you and protects jour clothes
Vw1 jr j > it
irm washboard
Saveyourself long hours
of wearyvdreVy toil
j double tHe lifekof y
DqSTnext asH day
Dn not
bodn Ammonia gonKeroaenei vvitli
I CioldDmt Gold > u8t lias allideair
ableclennsinr ouiliiiea in a perfectly Letltha COLD DUSTtfWNS
narmle hndlaatlnt < orm do tour uark
Lumps Seven ofjIisQuestions
lntoJDne and Says Hejs for
Tariff Revision Downward
TclK Voters Issues of Campaign Arc
Clear Cut mill fur Iollch
Of Go >
Xe York Nov 6 Twelve questions
addressed last nltfht to John A Dlx by
Henry 1 Stlmson were answered to
night In ti statement from Democratic
Htato headquarters In this cits where
Mr Dlx was In consultation today with
Chairman Huppueh nnd their asociato
advisers Questions ono to seven he
lumps and answers In a p irngraph
They relate he mild to ny posi
tion on tho tariff and the high cost of
Ilv Ing To them 1 again say that 1 be
lieve In the nrcesulty foi nn honest and
downward revision of tho tariff
To n question relating to labor he rc
jilled Tho best ovldcncn of my atti
tude toward labor Is found In the fuel
that therq has ne r bicn 1 strike In
tho mill which I control tint the men
regulate theli own hours of I ibor
that they uro free If they choose to
Joltutho unions of their crifl that tho
wages we pay are nt least equal to the
highest paid by ans of our competitors
nnd average J2 33 per day
Before answering the questions sev
eral of which lelnte to state matters
Mi Dlx In his reply says Yolir In
sinuations that I am attempting to
slide Into tho great oftlce of Eovemoi
on a policy of silence1 Is In line with
> our conduct In calling mo a feckless
liar nnd an upstart
I do not connlder that vour qu s
tloni nre naked In good faith oi that
> our communication was sent to nn foi
any purpose other than to set fiom be
neath the destroylnB shadow of v < iur
nominator and to Impress tho people of
the state with the notion that > ou ind
not ho Is mv opponent 4
I have dlcussed nt length and fully
the IHSUCS of this campalsn but lest
there should be In tho stute uny CHIP
who Is In doubt as to my position on any
question I repeat for his Information
that I stsndanuarpty on the Rochester
platform nnd unlike youl nominator I
nm not apologizing for the tariff oi any
othoi plank In the iilatformon which I
New Yoik Nov 6 Tlio Republican
iiomlmi for iiox rniir Heniv I Mlm
hon tonight Issued what he railed bin
Mast apuoil to the voters It will
not hoxvcAci he his last public uttcr
nncc tit tho campaign for both ho mnl
Theodore Roosevelt will he dinner
> jiiestn tomorrow nlsht of the Hun
garian Republican club on the East
Side Thu statement In part reads
Tho Issues of Iho campaign arc now
clearcut On oui side vvo stnnd for
proeiORS ejirrjlng out tho policies of
the administration of tlov
We stand for an efficient alato govern
ment dolnff Hi duty to the Individual
citizens and JstnndhiB n the surest
safeiruard against undue fedeial ox
tenslon nut we bollovo In keeping the
public service corporation nut of poll
tlcH and iPBulatlnp It In the Intercuts
of tho flllzeiib nnd tho nubllr
Ve hellcvp In the moio efficient ad
mlnlatratlon of our luboi lav In bet
tei piotcctlon of the lives nnd limbs
of our workmmi In our factrles and
upon our inllioads In mnro efficient
child lalmr laws in the workmans
cimipcnsatlon net which practically
provides him nn Insurance nsrnlnst ac
cident In dangerous tradns We be
lieve that the state his a positive duty
> help ilie working man not only
aRalnst phxhleal accident hut hy RV
Ing him a better ehancp In llff with
better hours and better worklnff condl
tlOHH Against us nrn nrrn > e < l tho forces
of leactlon Theli orfriiui boast that
we nro wltliout funds nnd the Demo
crats hue all the moiioy they want
This means tint wo aro flRlitlnft thn
battle of the Individual citizen and de
pend on his vote and that behind oui
opponents nro certain powerful Inter
ests which have a distinct adxnntago
In a loose und Inefficient state govern
ment Tho enmpnlgn of our opponents
upon the state Issues has vlitually col
lupMd Mr Dlx who boi < iii with a
Vhilllpplc against tho waste nnd ox
tnivnfpnce of the Republican lulmlnls
tuitlon has utterly failed to ijlvo any
specifications of these charges To
cover this collapse upon the icil Usues
Of tho campaign ho Is now tiylng to
rldn Into office by appealing to tho
discontent of tho people irlslng out of
tho Increase in the cost of Ilv Inc He
chaises this suffering to tho trusts
nnd tho tariff nnd w eksto lay on my
larty the lesponslbillty of tliese evils
I am willing that thn people should
judgo between Mr Dl and me oven
on this fnlse Issue I hay boforn them
my mcoid In ilRhtlne against the eh
cioachinnntu of apwlnl prlvllegp
I hnv Cj a keen xenso of tho tremen
dous icsponsllllty which goes with the
office of the chlef ecutlvq of this
ulnto with Us nine million peoplo If
elected I shall administer the office
with nn earnest and conscientious aim
o be theKOvemor of the enllio poojilc
without fear or favor with exact and
etiual Justice towards rich and poor
alike nnd In tho Intel est of nil
Wiuthlnirton Nov 5 General Mnna
r Walter A Tost of tio Nctxpoit
NCHH Rhlpbulltlliiir iV Drviloek com
pany accompanlpd by DeCouucy May
and Henry H Groxt preHldenl of thu
Now Vork ShlphulldliiK company and
tho Cramps company icspectlvely
called on tho acting Hecretary of tho
navy JleeUman Wlnthrop jcstenlay
to seek a chanKo In the specifications
or tho four now torppdo llestroyc
blda > for which will he opened next
Wednesday S1
The specification call for trlalH of the
vetsels In iv nter not Ions than 40 fath
oms deep The nhlbulllcra mentioned
VMinleilHhom chnnRvd Iporder to per
mit hci trials to bo lelil ovjr the
lyev esDelayriro course vx hero hero
U only 2i fathoms Jt vvius tho Intention
of tho department vxhen tho specifica
tions vvflrOyrtrAwm tor haYOHtllor trjals
held over tho HoclIand Me ioast
r Mr yinthrop said ho would takotho
matter under eornd
> j v
Croup IH most provalontrdiirlntr tho
ctrycold weather of thejearly vvlntor
months Parents of Voimff children
tdiould bo proparcd for1 Alt that Is
needed H a bottle of Chamhcrltilns
COUKI Iemed > Mnny mothers arc
never without It ln their homes and
ltjhnsnever disappointed UlfomS Sold
3V M n ftfM wt ff H > T i
Miw i
Urnoi of VVashlnBfuli for the relum tp
thlH state of CurOH nohr undei ar
rfbt In Seattle riimrvuitited In Vnter
tovxnj N YJ on aT clmigo of embes
zllnf 13000i of tho funds of the Na
tional vUnlonJ bank of that city In
vUilch ho vvasemplojed an a cleik
jHay dralnrandiCoal 110 w lit
Bo BomPhono12B2Jt3Ind 1404
Notice Is hcichy lvrn lint a special
stockholilera meeting of tho SUPUhlOR
MINING COMPANY acorpoiatlon or
canlscd under the lawa or the atnte of
Utnh In cnlledand will be Vlil nt tho
office or the company No 612 Tcmplcton
nulldlnff SaltLjxKO City Utnh < llonday
November 7th l910 at 0 a in
Tho object nnrtpurposa of mid meet
Inn Is to iconald r and vote upon tho
proposition to amend the Artlcc of In
corporutlonJofjenld company In the foi
loxvhiK iiartloulnrs tovxltr liy slrlkhiK
out t rtlelo nix n It now appears and
InsorJnR In lieu thereof
< AimcLn vi
The amount of tho cpllnl stock of the
corporitlon shall be J10W1 dlvldoil Into
1X0003 shared of the par value ot 3 tents
each And for the purpono of transactlnc
any othcf business that may propcrlj
corno boforo the muetlmc
Dated October 13th 1910
To tho stockholders of tho GRANT
hereby slveii that iLupcclnl mpcthifr of
the Rtoukliolders of sild company Is
hereby c tiled and will bo held at the of
fices of the company at 22 South Main
Street Salt Lake City Utah at 2 oclock
pm on the 12th day of November 1110
Tho nald meeting l called for the pur
pose of considering and actlnc Upon tho
proposition to amend th articles ot lu
coiporllon of said Giant Gold Mlnlnn
Company to reduce tho capital stock
from 11 000000 W to 10 00 bj rcduclnc
tho par xaluo ofUha Hhaics from Jl 00 per
tharc to Ic per share and to consider
nnrt act upon any other matters that may
rroprrlj como before the mcothif
October IS 1910
Bids will bo iccclvcd to tho slato
board of examiners at tho office of Hi
UnderilBned until oclock noon of
November 1810 for tho
tho lith day ot
2 Bpovkers avels
172 Unproved iKo > stone Binders > o
C 1 01 other suitable file for leRlsIntlxo
Journals lettered on cover
172 Improved Kojstona Minders No
14 U or otherBultablo fllo for leulsla
tixo bills loitered on cox or
2 biasHcdco rulers 10 In
2 dozen wire waste piper baskets K
in hlRli 12 In icros top
1 iro legal tabluts neutral tint rul
1 ross note tiblem neutral tint rul
3 reams LJnon tvpewilter piper 61
bv 13 medium vvelKlu
15 reams cnKrossmfj paper suitable
for enrolling bills
1 000 sheets Llttloa Cobweb cirbons
MOOO llthocranlicxl llncnt letterheads
OUO printed letterheads
20W > envelopesNo01 printed
1000 envelopes No 10 printed
2000 envelopes No H printed
2000 envelpes No H prlntcil
All envolopon to bo XXX NO 1 stock
1 gross tubes paste Wcls
6 gross Kabers pencils assorted num
1 gross raedlunT hard rubber penhol
1 gross large rubber penholders
10 quirts Arnold s writing fluid
0 pints Sanfords red Ink
27gros Kaherh No SI rubber binds
72 gross Fabors No > 16 rubber binds
t gross rahers No XXXII ruhboi bands
gross rabcrs NojCOuOJ iiibbur binds
2 gross rabers rubber bands k in
wide 5 In long
1 gross Tabors Emerald erasers MJ
111 >
6 pairs 12 In binkers shears good
3 gross J nosers t Sons knife blade
steel erasers rubber handle B In
4 onlv Challenge lijelct presses No
15 only 2 oz boxes Challenge cjrlcls
8 only sq hiss safely inkstands
medium t > lzp
6 onh 2X page broad cap records
clotlileither ImckK and corners good
paper Huxslin corners S
16 onlj ICO pane broad quarto records
clothleader jbacks nnd corners good
paper T
5 only Ironframe copper wire pen
racks 35 by M
8 dozen Challengo envelope openers
2 onlj Victor postil scales
2 dozen Inkwells for loglslatlvo desks
1100 printed manuscript covers 12
10000 voting lists
The above to bo delivered at tho of
flco of tho Seeietiry of Slate on or
before the 3Int ilnv nf December 1910
JlaterlnK printing ruling and bind
ing assessment rolls for tho several
counties of tin Stato for the > car 1111
and 1012 bills to lm at the rate nor
sheet for which same will be Xurnlslicd
Material printing ruling ono hundred
sheots more or less assessment net pro
ceeds of iitlne
Material printing Humoring and fold
Ing taxpivers statpmonts for tho year
1911 and V12 bids to bo at the rate per
thousand for which uamo will be fur
Material printing numerlng and fold
ing statements fui the iQliirn of tho net
proceed of mines for the jcar 1H1 and
1112 bliH to b at tho rate per thousand
for which simo will be furnished
nlda for sssi sBment rollH and taxpis
ers statcmpnls must Include wrapping
and delivering to thn express or freight
office reads for shipment to tho sev
eral county clerltB and must bo deliver
ed on or beforu tho 2nd day of January
1111 nnd the 2nd dav of January 1912
Material setting tjpe and nrestivxork
for printing thn journals of tho SMinto
ami Jlnutp of llepresvnlaflves of ths
Ninth Session of the legislature of the
Stale of mill In small pica t > no solid
ifl conies of each to be printed dallv
tho forms to > < h > ld until corrected by
thn respective houaH when 2CO ad
dltlonal copleb of cirh aio to be print
ed upon the corrected forms to bo
bound at thn i lose of thn session
Material t > Reselling and press work
for prlnllng I8 legislative bins of Hio
ninth session of the Legislature Mnall
Pica l > pe open lines section lines
numbered coiPecutlvely
Mntrrlil Ispesetthig and press work
for prlnllng W copies of Ida laws ot
Iho ninth session of the Legislature
Hacli bidder mut stato at what pilco
linvwlli sell to Hie public copies at Iho
halt session laws
MatcrliH and PICSR work for printing
on ono sld of tna papoi 1000 copies of
Buch amendments ns are made to ihu
Complied Laws of Utah 1IW
Material tjpeseltlng nnrl press work
for pilntlne certain reports of depail
ments of the Rlato government and nub
ile Institutions In finnll pica solM to
lm bnBPd on W to 1000 eoplea Also at
whit rale additional copies will iw
furnished ptr lliousaml
Malcrlal and binding 250 copies each of
tho Journals of tlio llouso and Senate
In law sheep
Material and binding ROO copies of the
Laws of tho Ninth Senslon In law ihcep
Material and binding In papei tho
separatn reports of departments and pub
lic Institutions tho bidder to furnish and
print the covers >
Material and binding In law sheep re
poHs of department and Public inotl
tullons 150 volumes
AH nrlnllnir and binding munt bq In
nccordance with Hie quallflcatlonB on file
In Iho office of tho undersigned
Bample muBt lu submitted wllh bid on
all arllclcH cxeept thyso that arc
lioflnilob described by name1
All miterlal and work toxbodeliver
ed at the offlco of the SecrolarvJ1 of
Stale cxcepl Iho dully rrilmitcsof Hie
rrsslon which nro to ha delivered to thn
ivspcctlvo houses and tho assessment
rolls and laxpapcis tslBlcmonls which
must b delivered astdlrected
IJftrh bid must be accompanied vllh a
cerllfled check equal lo 10 pel conl of Iho
amount of tlio bid rflO bo held upon con
dition that unon the awardof tho con
tract tho bidder will faithfully and
nroroptly execute a00 and Biifflclent
bond uavablo to tho stale lo ho approved
by said Do ird condllloncd that he will
perform tlm worker deliver tho snpplkH
Jar which io ban contracted Binder such
Allies and retaliations iiHitno board may
tirescrlho and for itlio faithful psrfornv
anco of the contract 7
S Tho Hoard lvserJveshoVtlRittojrtJeet
any and all jblds or toaawardf thpcon
Itract forany olass of xxorkjior supplies
S ra SlatolIin rd1ofiixHmliiers
tig Kt Byic ayrmonY
business Chloride ArUona and bait Lake
Cltj Itih PilncliMl office 107 Contl
mntal Niiloinl Hank UiilldhiB halt Lai o
flty Utah Location of mines Mohuxa
founts vTerrltOrv of lAilzomi Notice
rhere an Icllnnuvnl upontlit followhiB
described slock on account of Hastssmenl
No 4 of ono cent le per slmre Iovled
in the 52iul of September A D 1910
llio scril amounts set opposlto the
names of thu respoctlve shareholders as
crt > Name Shrs Ami
fjL Mnrtlneaii 1000 10
1D1 fjL Martlncu 1000 IOW
214 L Martlmnu t 400 40
223 Martlneai > 1200 120
224 l Marllncuu W 4 W
CJI I U Maitlneau SCO i 0 W
175 lmies Stelo 109 100
840 James i SUelo 13J Ct
ii Chrlbllm Anderson 1 M 101V
IS > 2 Christian Anderson 40i 40Vj
Kfl Clirlxlljn Andeison lWO
31 I r Hatch fl 4
L r llateli G 101
15 L r Hatch 1 WO IOW
MS I r Hatch 1 W 1000
iii ii j iiutch 200 2 W
333 H J Hatch TO 100
li Wm Cirutli > 4000 1000
13 J t Ithetd 10 coo
45 T L Uhind 6iK
CO I a JohiiHton ICO 10 l
II V O Johnston 1C 10 f
f24 I O Johnston 1lfl
7iM P O Jolnibton 2 jjoo
ii Matlii > x Noill tor s w
S3 13 S Lmpy i lOiiO 1000
134 i a impv i co > 100
to i a itnpy oi 2000
rw i d imij 2 13 00
K3 ticorgu Imls 1100 10 00
647 OOIKV Uivls f < i
613 deorge Divls 1 H r o
I C IliuiMMi 1000
S 1 Itinscn 3GuO 3000
1r C Hancn 1 0 >
S3X r C Ilaiisen in IOW
X r t Unnsc ld > low
4W r C Hansen 1000 10 III
4 4 i C llanscri 14V > 10 00
IM r c Hanscn 1 lOOi
70 T C Hiinscn COM CAW
770 r C Hanscn 4 S 1210
I A i irmpj n 1000
Gil A i ijiupv vn 500
Joseph Anderson 000 a oo
7UI Joeph Anderson 30 K 01
AT f < o Ilrunl i M 5ft
T23 John union 3001 30 01
1 I Hatch B 500
ns 1 I II itch i M
30 Tlioimih A tlielloi 1000 IOW
Ihonias A Shelley 1 V 1000
1 honms A Shellev in 10
Ihomiis A shellej > WOJ
Gio Hill Jr t0 100
Oio 1111 Jr SM
Gco K Hill Ir 10ft 10 0
C4I Gco n HIM Jr 177 17SO
ri2 Gco i Hill Ir 250
coo UaKei Hro noo
117 JoxtUh Cull 1 > > 13M
f71 Josnih Call C3i I C5
41S J H SIe le 37M 37 1
7 J II Steelo M 5 00
HU J H Steeln 1 1100
42T J Jolnson IWiO 100
4Vi J p rmlloj 2oro 201X1
mir i P DiilIey 2000 21100
fit Dclbcrt SlraiiEer li > 1000
lui 1 Hhillcy 7W 7M
C4 r S Johnson 7W
37 i T WlIlhiniH 2M
n Williams M COO
04 n i Will HUB 1W 100
i i WIIII mis < 9 m
s Stantre 1IXX 1000
141 A iz
40 Hosnno v Dinning 20
JSI KoMnn W Dinning 10 10
51 feo A 1115 I < W > 100
47 W I llrdsay 4 01
Mosei rrlht 1 tA 10 0
C < LI Moses Wilghi M f 00
17 Clms II Divtftn 4il I 01
142 Clms Ui Wistnn 1AOO loco
SKI O 1C Wlllier i 1001 100
MO tilnri It Ctancon u 5000 MIX
S7 Wni Ilolmci flCW COO
550 P C Jliamwcll f 1 Ol 10 X
551 Allen C Kiiklii S9 1
And In nctoidaiicu with liw ntul tin
older of Ihu Iloaid of DlreclorH made on
ho 22nd diiy of Soptehiber A U 131U
so nianv sliurcs of oacli parcel of utoch
i mny bo ncctusnry will ho solil nt pulx
llo auction ill UK of flic of the com
pany IV Conllnentiil Viitlonal Hint
1UlldlnK Silt Iiikc Cll Utah on Men
ilny the 1UI I l of Noxctnber A D
1MO it 10 oclock a m to iny the ilolln
nupnUaascsnmcnt tlirraon toircthei wltli
thovfosl of lidNPrtKlnif and cxiwusc1 il
Ilv John V fielcoi A ilitunt Hfcrctar >
Denver Rio Grande R R
In Kffcct Juno Wth 1313
Provo Jnntl and Mnrjsvlle T M l m
UlnRham and Mldvalu S 00 n m
Dcncr Chicago and Hast S 10 a ni
Park City 3 3 a m
Offden and Intarmitllito Points 10K a m
Ogdcn and Sin 1rnnclsto l < 3 p in
Ogdcn Han rrinclscu and Port
land 2 s p m
OK < UM San Tranclsco and Port
land 2 CO p m
Mldilp and RltiRham 2 5fl p m
Denver Chlcnco nnd East 4 03 p m
Proo Tlntlc nnd Intermediate
Points 5 Cpm
ORdcti and Intermediate Points nto p m
Denver Chicago and Hast JO p m
Grand Junction nnd Intermediate
points 720pm
OBIIIMI Snn rranclsco nnd Port
land 1130pm
Osden Snn Frinclico and Port
land S 00 i m
Ogdcn and Intermediate Points 10 W a m
Provo Tlntlc and IntcrmedHte
Points JO 3 n m
JHncham nnd AlliUnle ID SO a m
Denver Chlcaco nnd EIKI 130pm
Ogden and Intermediate Polntn IMl pm
Dpnvor ChlciiRO and Hist 225pm
Grand Junction nnd Intermed
nte points 230 p m
Oedn nnd Snn rranclsco 335pm
Park City fl 00 p m
Hlnphmn and Mldvaln t SMS o m
Proo Mintl Marjsvalc Ilober 60J p m
OKdin him rranclsco and Port
nnd 7 M p in
Dotucr Clilcneo nnd Cist 1115 p m
Otdcn San rrnnclco nnd Port
land 110 pm
Isnlleo Is herehv clxen tint it a inet
Inij uf the hoaid of otrecton < f TOR
HANI IIJIL MIN1NC CO licld 11111 tlio
24th dn > of Octohir 1010 tv tlm iifrlci nC
Vnunit Movie nn noeismcnt of U
inlllh pir him re IB levKd tin thu uipltnl
stockorihe corporation omHlnmUm pn >
Snblo Imincill itelv to Dux Id fcmollh > iec
letari at tho offlco or VOIIIIR Mt > k
Dceixt National Tlnnk HulMliiR Silt
Inku City 1lnli Any nloK upon nhlili
tilts iiH etsnicnt into rrmnln unpaid on
thu 2Slli d tj nf Xovoinhor 1110 will lm
dclliiuonl nnd unl < < s msinont H madn
on 01 hnforo tho 17th day of IVc mber
1910 will bo void nl 1L n m In tho nfflco
of VOUHK i Molo to pn the dellnrnirnt
iitsci mont lOROthor with cost of tulxcr
tlsInK nml expense of snli i
J PMELLIE riccretnry
Ilrst publlcntlon Oct 21 1C10
ftti mi JnpKijl oiup my
CruliB do IJIIMI to
Cub i fit Inillr t iMium i Bfrmiiii i
S > vents f lr itptilinci In the
v t indlti IM seiiKi Irade
luluScrew AVON 11 OH Tons
Jan I 11 ilnH > JIW and up Teh
IS U iloxl 1V and up Man h r 15
llllNM JM Hlld lip
Ihu onlj MimiKM riilPlnjr In the
Vfil Imllus apocliliy tonsilutUd for
Foivloo In the Tropics
toKly MllIiiRs from new pier I
Jkrmudn Culn Jtunilin Pamma
V t Indk11 Aores On alloinitn Sit
in clijH h > Vcst India Mill Sfc 1111
or nn I Intorvonlnu Salurdivs j
the now famous UM S 1 T rent
rf2S tons Sanderson t on 2121
Tho Store for Men and Boys
VlcU QInc Flume Oil CoolcStovc
Retulyntni y niomtnl for cooLln IiLlu
lionlni Does not ovcrhcnt the licli5a
A splendid stoic for MI in in cr cooklnr
IconoiulcalnnleiallyrcKUlatiHl Thrcciiici
Onlv experience cnn mcnsiiro
coal nuillty Touvo fot to burn
Kialo or furnace to IhoroiiKhly
know Its superior coodness When
fot Ihu extiomo limit oC Iho besl
quality nf blluinlnotis 001 mined
from Miithei Hailh
Ioi Mile by thu follovlnff dealers
rcilcral Col Compnny
GrldKy Hvaii Coal Co
Alllunce Invcslmenl Jo
Mon Is Hi in Coal To
AVestorn Jui1 Company
Hampton Coal Compini
Jcromr reed 1 Juel Co
HuibrlilBO Coal Co
T A Dunyon Conl Co
WoodrulT Sheets Morris Coil Co
AVnsatoh Supply Company
Consolidated Fuel Co
Jcsso IT WIillc ficnl Siles AsU
Salt Lake Cltj T jih
Denver Sio Grande
Scenic lino of tho World
Salt Lake to Denver
Through Pullman sleepers
to Chicago and points cast
Steamship tickets to all
parts of the world
Ticket Office 301 Main St
Vtoth Phone 171
Federal Coal Co
lias tho onlv conl vard In tho
Mcst with a
Conl handled fioin thla floor
must necessarily ho
Clean Coal
o Amenta for Kcm
merer anil QimnQucaly Jtoclc
Coal when you
want ltv x
OtHco lGO Main Street
rardK 8thhomid 2 nil W St
P J MorariV GiiiieralJIaiiaBiir
r TH OBilUiruGinl Sulos ARt
V x
Grow from small ones
Thai is why we are moie than
willing to receive small de
posits anil then help the < lc
poitoi make his account
woith while hoth to himself
and to Hie bank
If > ou have not formed the
habit of spending less than Iw
you make what chance have fe
yon of independence in later
life5 la it going to be easier
next eai lo break i habil
uliich like all habits good and
bad is becoming more fixed
diiily I
The only way to begin having 11 I
4 Ii
ing moiiej is to Ixgin Dont i
wait until next week or next
month or next veir Stirt
with i if vii cant spate
more then hiibtle to add to
thib beginning
The State Bank
of Utah r = = =
EatabllslicJ in ISM
Solicits accounts of Minks Firms
and Individuals and extends to cus
tomers every reasonablu courtcoy
and facility
ANTHON H LUND VIco President
H J GRANT VIco Irisldcnt
H T McHWAN Asit Cuahlar
National Bank of the Republic
TRANK KNOX President
W r KARt Cuihlor
Capital and Surplus SCSOCOW
A tliorouEhly modern savlnK3 de
parlment conducted In connection
wllli this banlc Safety deposit boxen
for r nt
R G Dun Co
The Mercantile Agency
GeorKO Rust Oencril Manager Idabo
Nevadi Utah and Wyoming
Office In Progress Bulldlnff Salt Lake
Cltj Utah
Merchants Bank
277 MAIN
ir P CLARK President
JOHN J DALT VIco President
A H PDABODY VIco President
Established 1580
Ufali Commercial
Savmgs Bank
WM r ARMSTRONG President
Commercial Ranking In nil Iti
Hranches Four per cent Interest paid
on eixlngs deposits
IV W liter President Oeorso
rioniney Vlc President ElKs A
Smith Cashlor L s Hills John R
Darnes lohn C Cutler David Ec
cleti A Vf Carlson George Suther
land Hcvcl Smoot V p James C W
Nlblpy A V Ilni
1 ner cnt Interest paid on sivlnjrs
4 < l < < < V
Established 1S73
The Utah National Bank
Capital and Surplua EUOOOOOO
Accounts of Banks Corporation
rirmo unit Indlvdunl Invited < por
cent on 8avlnn Ucposlts
W B McCornlck Pr sl R T Bad
Kcr Cnahler T R CutJcr Vice
Print C H Wells Asst CnaDIor
Continental National Bank
Capital 25000000
Etcrj Iiranch ol n modem bank
J E Cosffrlff Trcs W V Nobla
VlcoPrcfl T W ilojer Cashier
Deseret National1
Salt Lake City Utah
Capital 50000000
Surplus 50000000
I S ItlLI President
JOHN C CUTUit VIco President
II S 1OUNU Cashier
E S HItU AMt Cashier F
I W IIURION A t Canhlcr
i John R Barnes V Vv Rltcr
A V Carlson OnorRai Honiray
John C Cutler Reed Smoot
David Ecelcs John C bharp
L S IIIllM H G Whltnuy
V H Mulntyre Tt D Millet
KrinilH M L > miin
Safetj Deport Boxes for Ront

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