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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 14, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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rTr1 < r
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< < W vjii j rfiji E
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aBr WBT srTTPvir ai E rjr7crT rTi rr nr7 il
fo PunisKLyhqhers oftRodriguez
AndRrotectiMexicans Depends
JOh Governorsi
gc < Was Aniciltoji Horn
NotCoirfirTiiciI Dunbtfnl If
Oiiet Isja Jlexlcaii
s >
Y shlngUii Cotvvl4 The fulfilliiTenti
ot I resident Tails Ipromlsc to Prljsl
ilcnt Diaz id brhig nSoutUhc punlsh
inynl ofithc peftiTn vv ho bilnfcd the
Kiipl seiPJMulcaii Antonio llodrfgucA
it ItoclSSpilngs IV nnd toprQtecl
Mexlcam In lhls to ntry tn peaisvto
depend on ttho goodi vll7if thcjgovcr
nors ilf Texis and bklahoma
Joy Campbclbot Tcxiis alieady Jus
riomlsedtOft1nake iih Investigation oJC
tlio lyiiclilngttind a tclegi7im rttclvcd
i InOkla
homa1nia particularly to pi event any
atttmpttojlj nrliSthc nmniBupposeil to
nvi Lineup ii > <
rigusHwasiiota Mcvkanfbut n native
bcinVAmeilcantbut ltisjpeetcd that
ivestlgatlons nnt W progress will
clear up that point j
iA tolcgraminoniHUnlted States Am
bassadoi Ayilsonilnth > CItyor Mtxlto
informs the state depaitment that Sun
day passed without Mm rcturrence of
tho antlAmeilcan outbreaks
Anadarko Okla Nov 14 Still scour
IngAthothllls about Anadarko the po
lite sparchlnsvfor thor Mexican who
escaped aftei killing Chief of Pollco
Wlllam CtTimple Hatuidiy had tound
noMracoVf Itho f ugltiv e this3 morning
Although every effort will bo made to
prccnt > a lynching Irf view of tho
stialnoctfsltuatlon between Mexico and
thoKUnlted Statcsit Is feared thatftho
Mexican If caught wilt fall Sa > victim
to tlieimolj
Oklahoma City Okla Nov 14
Possesseeking Oscar Opet tho Mex
ican avantcd fr thetmurderot Wil
liam C Temple jjf Anadarko have
bten unablojto flndanytrace ofhun
Gov VUaskeinihastaken ev ery < pie
cnutlonlto prevonti thc ljnchlngof
> Kan as Clty rMo Nov 14 Oscar
Opet who Is charged w Iththo russas
hlnntlon of William WC Temple thief
uifipollLo at Anndarko Okla is not a
Mexican t1 In tho opinions of Lcon
Gomez Mexlcant consul heie
If Opet is tho corrtct name of the
assassin ho Is not a Mexican said
Senor Gomez this morning Ijim not
famlllar > wlth the name amri nmtjun
ablultp translate It Into rthe language
spoken In iMoxlco
Consul Gomez said ho had rcccived
rib advices from pklahoma on fiom
the Mexican ambassador at Washing
ton Winceslast night He said he hail
wlredf Mexican frltnds at Guthile
Okla > to5watch dtvelotunents In that
state andi cport to him vs
WhctherOptt Is a 7 eltan 01 not
I hope < io will be deilt with In ie1
cordnncoSwIth1 tho Instructions bent to
Gov llaskell bj tlie Amtrliun au
thorltlcB at AVashlngton added the
consul Tci subjict llm ti loltnce
w ould onlv compUcnto mntteri
14 ni
fourth tlmn tho suprcmCitourt of < tho
United states tcTdiiy pwfsed m Uio
quTsllon otthoowncrslilp of tho so
Jbonolla ihind giant
In southern Arlzotui thNillmo holding
In ravortofhheHstteof mnk m >
The Inniiylst lot itul 111 a Cnnvon1
rmcd bj thyi JjaiilaHRIta and tin
atagonia imountalns teljsttestute
bncamoa part of thiv lnlt ° d btitcs
ibvjitho Gadsdeil titnts jOftl354 1 1 illl
nitlmrd onTtlalmcd < tlt
h mcstexdpit ntsibmiedjjv thoUiilti d
StutrsVpuvloiri to < tiej Uviird ibvAthe
iro priato < lnpd cl lni
Ion u ami
foil n points involved ahu caso yi1
butHtibt > enrbefote tho supiemt
Jcourt threetlmes i >
Ely flnstituted thc vsuH In IgSTJibut
HIon ltoit Jtho l30 OOOfipirui for ItbQ
fistctt loondftilp througn3tlii all tn
the ietuii
Kcf > iilss2j stAa sl6rtiii UuM lln n
vsr s
ptaLy3ygijc ay ij i i gc
ooirAncr Ills Arrival He Uoniacd n
Colon Nov H Preslrttnlj Tuft arj
rhtjl heio tlila morning Thu urmoicri
cruiser T IULHSCO and Us Jwinvoy tlif
cruiser Monlina an hcit Ir ll j hai
boi at 730 oclock i lejlOV doethai
and the othcii 5f Iho refslMng puity
eio waiting oinboaidtho lup CrisUj
bal Vhci the i icsklcMV eb el
icachcd ilicr aiicliHiiUic the tug drew
alongsldiitand tlieretelv Ingiai ty went
aboaul aiiil ffrmaly welcomed the
picsfclent to Paiiama
At Jfil oclock President tTaft and
Ills party Charles P Tuft icty Norton
Cupt utt mllltaivvaltle CapUPalmci
naval aide unil thi picniflemH pbjsi
tlsn boaiilnd thu tu and taint ashen f
Ab Iho president left the Tfimcs fc a
naliitcvvil fired
Xneslflcne Tcfft left WnMilngtun aT
410 ocli ck lat W JnCMlay afternojn
nud ntltl fiom ChailMtjii S C at
10uOa in Thursday HI plans to b
here foul days his sciedujd tailing for
his arrival at Chai lesion Nov 22
r PifsldontTaft MXUI artii his arrlv U
boaided atraln foi Culebra cuti
Montpeller Yt Xov 14 The stu
dents at 4Mlddlcbury college Middle
bury t have been feasting on veni
son for ithe1 last weekwith prospects
of continuing that diet for home days
Insplto of tlio fact tint
tho price of board at the college com
mons Is 3 n wepk The explanation Is
that Just at present Vermont venison
Ischeaper limn Chlcago bcef
Dining the open aeunon for deer
huntingwhich closed last i Hatui day
Jhe ftudiiiU devoted thclrtlcsurevaft
ernoons to hunting and as a result the
college house become well stovkcUfvvlth
deer meat while the local marketwa
overwhelmed During the huntlnghea
son when a college youth wlsho to
pay tiv graceful attention to soinoyoung
lady he does not send How ens but
trusses up a haunch ot venison ami
presents It with his compliments
Morp than 3MO deer werei killed ac
cording to tho estlmatcwof the flsh
imd game rommlpsloner ito whom TO
port must be madoof everyjkllllugnnd
to whom thohead of tljo animal must
bo sent It Isj only Jhtthc ilast fevvv
yearsthat crmontjhasihadjany < open
season for dcerihuntIngviTwentyllve
years ago the decrlhad bccirso nearly
exterminated byruthless huntlng that
a 20 yeais ban was placed on the sport
Five iyears ago huntlngjjwas permitted
again No seriousInrpadsthavcas yet
been made on tthe stock
Chicago Now 14 Wj K Rowley
carjvYlth > hIi < 1head1ori5npallVaf ailo
comotlveiswaSyabout tojbackjlnto thu
tlio latter grablwd him by tin hair and
cheated tho oionbr of an luoufst
Idid liavo afraction ot a < > > sec
ondrto lose said Tlelmcr in court to
dayianiyankedjilm out 1 V the hair
Tlicn hoisailed into jne with both fists
andabused mo for intcrrupllng his
i Jtelmer entcred a nhttrge rf trcspass
and disorderly conduct against Cow
ley 4
1 Dcnvbr tNpv Hi Jdbing to build a
houso for the mother remarked Ed
wardjGamble a youngi painter of this
city totltls friends last week A lif
tlo frame cpttagi she an call her own
Wish r could glvehcr1 a brick house
liutTIhavcint gilt thefmoney
GamblcJs friends pfactlcally all ott
whornaio eigaged In bulhllng trades
got thoir hoads together with the re
sult that yesterday 31 brick layers
comiadcj oCGambledescended on tho
sltoof tho proposed cottare and by
night tho brick work ofa compact
little house was completed Tscxt Sun
dav u almllai forte ofGambles friend
among thp iarpenters will get the cot
tage reidv foi the phustenih who will
clonatct I hell libor tho following Sun
da v The bilek house with tho labor
donated will cost Gamble about what
he expected to pij for a frame cot
tage jili onb outla being formaterlal
The house will have a valuo of about
Helen i Mont Nov H Theie Is
little clmiw In the polllleil situation
todav bothildi4 mofcsslnir to hive
contiol of Uiq IcglsHturo on joint bal
lot ItetuiiiH fiom Custei county Indi
cate hul > ripcmaii ncpubllcnn liliu
Bullied 0 otes in live preclntts ovei
leirctl Dpmociat and th it he Is ip
otilj H votct behind > vlth n pinlncts
icontaliilng 110 v > lcs to hen fiom Jho
scountj iliarniun wlipd the hito chulr
iinan that riceiiinn wllllvvlu out bp
> vomlpeiadviutiuev as the missing pre
Clncts aie stronglv i Ilcpuhllcau Tho
olllLliilinnii 8 was started1 todaj In
nllfcountU < < aiHl It Is ixpe ted that It
notVaVfeusiffwliliiftnayjbo altered
Ilj Paij Texas Novv il Robbcih
eirb tblHmninlng dvnamlttd the vault
QOiclimnkiaJJTexllnoUcas llt l
explosion aious d > thetovv n and tltlonC
drnveVUIuXrobberS awav bcfoio the >
lipcncil thfl afe 1ho explosion Wretketl
thav iiiUitnd bank lullldlnif The bank
Is a lbranthjuf rtheDalhait National
> > P
VwYoik rfItf Is
nouutuli atttiuoiuinunv uiu rian
t tliatPtheiovUII ie an ttHpse ot 11191
Hiooiu on Vednei daJ night Th
etllp Doccsurn atnVtlmo convonlcpli
kfoi obipratlons b ginning akv344
iMriVltoiBtc n jtlme and beconilngf
notaifatvDsp r
MTIv moon romttlnsMlmmor ed
utll TilinvvhinJItibeglusitoienlergftS lcnpsolliH5 fc1 > f 4 J
V Ipseliaiita mor < nirtthiinllhrprt
1 inWrbioltinl
So Advises restiDavilajinciSig
nifies HisRdadihess to
Eifded Ukc nif Oiieryi T5oulTej lcmler
American Protection
JVffiiolgalpn Nov ll den Jos Val
Indares ivvhp hasvbccn opposhig the
Roveinnfcnt at Amapnln it vvas hn
nollnced todayi has sent a tilegiam to
PicaldenLDavlla acknowledging defeat
and savinghewas ready to0111 render
tehe tovn llo br gs for guaiantees Jort
the troops undcr his command and
asks that he bo Judged aeeordlng to
s of Honduras Tlio government
foices arc expected to occupy Vmnpala
immediately <
Washington Nov 14 Closings days
of the little revolution hiKHonduras In
itiated byGcn lose ValladarcapiiTlio
Islandof Amapahi arccharacter zcdby
fEometlilng ofVnopenijbouffejuTr Tlie
valiant general wluja week ago was
truculent threatening everything
Americanon the Island has been
obliged to ImploreCupt Anderson oC
tho United State1 gunboatYorktown to
protect hlnvfrom Ills own people and
thQ naval officer forgetthiK nil that
has gone before has placed a guaid of
Aincrlmn blueJarXtts around the boute
of the rebellious leadorj v
This Informatlon comcs to theiMate
department fiom United StatesMinis
ter McCreciyat Tegucigalpa the Him
durm rapltnl who IM > confirms the
preps repoits that Valladaiea hius of
fertd to suriender President Davlla
his directed Vulladires to turn ovci
the command of affairs at Vmapala to
a mitrehspr wh > uojin will arrive
VaJladares then wllIKIiave tho coi
try In exile
The lebclllon Is now at an end ac
cording to Mr McCieery 3 > 0 otValla
darcsh follow els having laid down thelr
arms last Saturday These armse are
being guarded by aallois fromthe Gor
man varBblp Drcmenrtiie1conimander
of which apparently IslactlngMn har
mony with Capt Anderson The town
of AmapaK I quiet and well protect
e < l by tho foreign sailors
The landing of American bluejackets
at Amnpala vvas precliltated by a
< runkn ofllcor of the revolutionary
forces shooting a telegrapher In the
Washington Novi 14 The culinary
depirtmcntpf jthoi White House h is
anotliei ohlefexecutiveAfter lomance
and ill healthtihad i emoted tlie Inst
tvovlncumbents if that position Mis
Flora Hamilton a joung woman ot
ScotchIrish descent was secured from
tho kitchen of a prominent New York
family H r
Miss Hamilton has anlved to take up
a most Important post Desldex super
vising the cooking of food for Presi
dent Taft and his family sho will dl
lect the maneuvers of the kitchen foicc
w hlch prepared food foi about 1200
persons duringthe wlntn snisonot
entertainment at the White HoUse
Prior to the coining of Miss Hamilton
Miss Amelia Howard presided over
thn AVhlto Houso kitchen but lllthealth
taused her toabandon tho work It
was M s Howaidwho succeeded Miss
Martha Peterson several months ago
w hen tho latter took Cupids adv Ito
and married James Mulvoy 0110 of
tho blue coated corps at the executive
mansion c <
Nov 11 The tlilitietli an
Jnual convention ot tho Amcilcan Fed
eration of Labor began hero todayand
i will continue for two weeks The
morning session was dovolcdtto wel
coming the > jdelcgates andK honoraiy
guests some ofpthcm from England
Tho afternoon session was devoted to
i oporto of the president SamuerGom
peis the secictury Frank Morrison
andfreasurer John 13 Lotinou V
nlngsw 1 f jk < P
An elaboiatesentcrtulnnientjpiogram
has been provldcdifoij < thq1 deleBatcs
They vlll not bq roiiulied to pay ntrcet
cai faie whllQ eniouteXto the meeting
plate In tho > iesldonccjdlstrlctoff the
tlt Meals arc to bojsijived Ina hall
adjoining the convention roombsofthat
the delegatesvvlll fnofUoso anytime
away fromthe oiuentpn1
The iicilentlals arid icsolutlonstom
inltteo vvUl ie70itplato In > tho1after
noon < ° r t < k
nii insurgtnt politltaigrally byiOwen1
Miller pieslddntfot tholMlbsourlil ed
eiatlonoC bor 1 T Srt
Cannon jand1 loudf applause vveltomed
of AvClcomeT > betuusetl hgovernedtbv
prlntlple tisf rfliVHjnatilioi itself Jand >
betaUsei > itcxpresscstlioldlscontcntofi
theVmasses k V 5 J
i Siiqnt > nvc womciitveiOln thoUon
veutlon us delegates Oneof tlitrn Is
WtlHS Hula Tnyloif Zftfynnrn > t aga vwlm
wllWcasUitlieifciitlre otHor thq > sln o
f lCapsas ia ini < boon ielccted tlio
plcsaniatlVQJtortlu KansasiFcdera
Who Stttftrdayisliot Mid ktllcit < ltCfrk
JioulsjOlirrtClrofAIVothfoidi apparJ
iPlttsburB Pa Nov 14 Sjtrlp
plug onVjIior coatv Svearold
Martha Staurrcrofril llswortli a
iubuib JUmpedjInto u pbmlves
terdaynriiU rescued from di owning
iher Jjeaioldbrother who had
fallen whlleUhrovving stone The
child swam tojdho bunk tn four
fectfof water supporting1 her llt
Slrnnzc l8lillntlieSincllcr City Tills
SlOMiliis VlslWr Sllll Alive 111
bplle < ot > Jtiifli Cheating
rir n few minutes excitement
iclgncd supreme nnioii tliu rcsldints
of Mima omly > hfsmorning when
four dior eame downrfrom the moun
talni to see whattclvillatlon hail to
offoi them Tlio jjuarttt consisted of
two fawns > onedoei uul a buck As
Koon as tho doer ivvera sighted hun
dreds of peopfotinned out to try
their luck with guns Old men who had
not shot lUguniTorKypats took down
lheirrold lllntlocks and muskets fiom
tlielriiilacLSovcr Jnodoor and took a
shot utithervlsltors inven and chll
dioii JolncdMmjwIth ithc men who hud
mined themselvestwllh every known
sortjof weapon1 The dccr after fotty
or fiftyshots hadbcenflicd by the ox
cltedjcrowdtdecldcd that pqrhapsnfter
all somebody mlghthlt them so they
toolcHo their hcelsjandj escaped up
Neffsjeanyon VihllcUho people wore
looking Ftratghfat tho r they vveio
HO cxcltnt thiitSlhoy were Shooting up
In the air Fromllutrrcpoits the deer
were still going up the canvon with
at few of those vvhofhad htarted after
mm ILL
1 CrocUcrv
uurlinenVSflwjJ VIlli Heart
James fSa Illovvh9 for jenrs haa
been mamigerofjfhe cTbckery of 7 C
Mj 1 vaHjseizcfii vwlth heart falluie
about 2 jYlocfc ithlsigiurnlng and Is
seriously illati Ids homo at 25 > Fifth
avenue IJoVtiio pastwcek ho has be n
ill having contracedtasllght cae of la
gilppei vTh altack of heart trouble
came on suddenly and tho members of
the family ivcro summoned to tho bed
side this aternoonVf
Mr Savllle is 60 y irK old For 3S
jeirs he has b cnTconnactcd wlth55 0
MMvlloln nr s ofiUiov6ldestcinploycs
ilnjheistore1 and IsWOlHknovv nilnbufcl
ness and social circlcfstgrtUTOcltyjDr8
lleiv MUldrMon HeerjindtVOdrufLJ
hcicl uconaultatlon > liitefthls afternoon
In regard to Alr SavllleH case anil
everything possible IB belngftdiineito
suvwhls life V r
Special to The
Provo Nov 1 1 At a meeting lield
bore today of the directors of the
Knight woolen mills the icalgnatlons
of 1 Will Knight as vicepresident and
K sll Allen as a dhector wcro aor
certedrln their stead Charles W Nib
ley was elected Icopresdent and
JohntC Cutler as director
iTftcijDescfct Ncwoffcri fi
fn tJiatii8 ovor nf
Stor ii P l sHoffiijjl
NqMalte What It IsCalledSays
SethLowNew Legisla
tion Is Sadly Needed
1 Interminable Conflict Hctvvoen
Slates Tlicinschrs nud Federal CJnv
crnniciit 011 Certain Matters
Now York Nov II The new na
tlonnllsinor the old moralities Is lo
be one of the siibjefcls of the discus
sion at the eleventh convention ot tha
National sClvlu federation which wlll
meet In New Yoik Jan 1214 The call
for tlie meeting has just been Issued
by President Scth Jow The call saya
ofx tho workto bov taken up
1 Whether vyc call it new national
ism or theVold mnrnlltlesMlio fact re
mains that there is an Interminable
conlllct between the slates themselves
on some matters and between the
states and the federal government on
others Introspect to many of the vital
questions of the day Which can only
bo terminated by legislation framed
after serious and sane consideration
The Importance of this situation to
all business commercial and Industrial
Institutions In clearly recognized when
we consldoi > tlmt our larger corpora
tlonsiarc subject to 16 masters each
with a nilnd qulto different from that
of tho others
The diversity of > the state1 laws on
ordinary commercial matters michns
warehouse recclpth hills ot lading and
negotiable notes the urgent need for
a uniform abor legislation tho Inter
inlimblojlitwsr delay arising from lack
of unlformity In courf procedure the
conflict between tho states and the
federal government on tho question of
pure food und drugs glvo empliasls to
tho seriousness of our political chaotic
legislative situation
sWhlle the delegates of the federation
rc here the state councils organized
by tho federation In1 the lust year will
have their firstj national meeting
blnathmH legutatlon of rallroadK and
municipal utilities compensation for
Industral acts and arbitration and
conciliation The potash syndicate ro
centlyi established byythoGerman gov
ernment will be taken up The strcot
strikes In Philadelphlapnnd Columbus
and thn express mcns strike In thin
cllywlllbo idlscussed atlength
JUnliridgclpIaasNoy 11 A note
ofjJwnrnlngiorjmbniJpollsthrtbntrol of
thot nations1 resources Is sounded by
Dr Charlesw Kllbt president cmer <
tUs ofvHarvuid university Addressing
a large assemblngesof citizens at the
Prospect Union last nlglitUie said the
two principal rUilrfgs to > bo1 consldeied
In the conservation of natural re
sources werethe aggrandizement of n
comparatively few capitalists and the
necessity of collective torce for legis
lation for the common good i
The government Dr Kllot assert
edshould iiot parf forever with any
of Its resources but shoulil bestow
them on others only tempqnirlly Con
gress lie thought had been altogether
too plow in making provision for tho
preservation of tho forests
Now York Nov 14 J Pleipont M or
tKnnH laten philanthropy conslhta < it
tlio erection of a free tuberculosis hos
pital on modem American plans in the
French watering placo of AlxlcsHnlns
ivvhoij Mr Morgan has gone for treat
ment nt frequont Intervals slncolSaO
Thoibulldlng which will cost upward of
J40OGO will be asubsidiary department
of tha AIxlcsBsilns municipal hospi
tal to which Mr Morgan gavo JJOOOO
sonio years ago
Dr Pttul Gu > enot one of thn brat
known medical authorities In Etiropp Is
now In Now York at the Invitation of
J Plerpont Moigan to study the meth
ods used In this country for Isolating
tuboieulosls patients On his icturn to
France next month he will take his
plans for the erection ot the now pa
vilion <
1 This country Is very much In ad
vance of Europe says Dr Guycnot
In Its cure of tuberculosis The hos
pitals 1 have seen Impress mo us ex
ee < dinglv piogiesslvo tmd thorough Of
course In Europe there are not such
jlargo uipis of money to be expended on
thefo Institutions The New York
lylngln hospitaland the Rockefeller
Institute hospital are the two finest in
stitutions of their kind In tho world
t Dr Guvenot will visit hospitals In
Boston Chicago Daltlmore and other
cllleH before walling
Wahlngloni Nov II Paints and
varnlbhes annually used In tho United
States exceed 200000000 hi value ac
cording to tho United States geological
suiyoy In a chapter on mineral 10
coitrces ot ihu couutryi lulhpads of
tho country alone will distribute among
tho p ilnt and varnish manufacturers
during this year between 20000000 and
J30000000 In this vast trade the
United States Impmts veiy little min
eral neatly iivoiythlng required bt
lug pioduced In silfflelent quunllty In
thljf touiitiy Wlijte lead zinc oxide
and ilnseml oil used annually amount to
imwily Oono QOf Nntuiil f mlnprnl
plgmenti arid metallic pilntH fnd moi i
tar colorp produced during 1909
amounted to J613133 xlnc oxide xlnc
lead sublimated vvhltn load andnub
Climated blue lead 7903332 and chemj
lcallymanufactuicd pigments JJ4233
SanJI ranclJC9 Nov II Battered bq
yondilcjOBiiltlon the bodyof a woman
vvas found today iisldp the Savoy
thratcrjiiiMhls eltyr ItilluKnnpp an
oxfconvlctihas been arrested In cojmco
llon wlthUho death of thprvvfiinan1
When lierbody was dhcovcre < l > Jo
was notlccjljwearmg bloodstained cloth7
< p Sf f
jjIeCoy Will Xof b Prcjciii j0 j
ulcs TlihiJloStriivlvltinl < lie
IWIII riKhtKxtraUiiou
Wheeling V a Nov Jl The In
riuestlnto tlie death of ituduiph Muiilt
thctWest Virginia football playerwho
died Satuiday night as > tho lesull of
Injuries received a few hours earlier
vvlll be completed tonight ThoiUaj
McCoy the Hethany collesc playjr
churned with being1 rcsporalblo for
MunkM Injuiles Is expected to como
hero from his hom In Canton OhiJ
and tell hlx nldo of the case
Tho unthOrlties wurc nolllled here
that McCoy had left his borne and had
gone to Hethany where the warnm
iwlll lie served
Canton Ohio Nov II Attorneys Day
iimiiAinmtrinan counsel lor Thomas
McCoy left for Wheeling today to at
tcnii the coronors Imiuest Into tho
death of Kndolph MUnk McCoy pic
pared to go with tliisin but just bcfoiv
train lineJl was decided that iio would
remain In Canton pending dovelop
mentH 116 and his father may leave
for Wheelingtonight
It Is probable that McCoyj counsel
will light extradition It a dcfinitccharge
In mado against him
McCoy said today that ho did nut
strike Munk and that tho Injury was
merely a football Incident
Hethany W Va Nov U The fac
ulty of nothany college met at I oclock
this afternoon to take official action on
tho football fatallty > nt Wheeling on
Saturday President T K rambiett
brought tho matter lo thu attention of
tho students at chapel thih moifilng
deploring the accident ami InuiMlnclufT
that ho hai been unable tu Mind finir
Dothany student wlio had seen Thomas
McCoy btiike the blow sui churged
nesolutloiiH deploring thu nticldent
oroadoped bya tommltteo of tho
faculty thfH morning and thoyc will lie
forwanlcil to the faculty of tlujt Afoi
gantown unlyersltyi McCoy was ox
pocted to return to the unlvcislly tnilay
to resume his studies
Coach J N Townse nl Capt Heniy
and several other piaycr1 have been
summoned to Wheeling for tlij Inquest
Chicago Nov 14 MrsMntidn Hal
llngtqm Booth In an address lust night
said she recently fell heir lo js 000 <
and that sho Intended to give It to
ward tlio construction ofanow hope
Jiall for tho caro of paroled cohvlctB
Mrs Booth said that hho would try
to ralso an additional 10000 for the
WashlngtonNov 14 Tho Comptroller
of the currency todayj Issued a call for
statements ot1 the condition of iall na
tlonalrbanka at thoi olosh of business1
TlmrjdayjNov 10 r
ncliqrcxlSenator Aldrlcli Will Attempt
Sunietlilnjriit Coming Session
Washington Nov 14 Financiers who
myo returncd from the national mone
ary commissions conference held In
Mew Tork last week expressed the bo
let today thatSenator Aldrlcli would
attemptto accomplish at tho coming
session of Congress the enactment
of n currency reform bill and that tlfo
central bank Ideawould be one of llo
features Such a bill It was said was
now In courso ofi preparation
A subject of much speculation Is the
luefltluil of what disposition of thoJTOO
000000 of 2 per cent iKinds now held by
the national banks will bo proposed im
tho basis ot noto circulation In a ccntial
bunk scheme Tho market value of
thesii bonds Is nowniuch bcow their
purchase price Whllo one plan of mi
Ing for these securities has been to tuku
thorn up with tho postal havings as IM
allowed by the postal savings bank law
It IE now considered that such a pro
cess might be too slow and It Is sup
posed some other plan will bo piovldod
In the bill which itls expected will bo
Introduced after tho session opens In
New Yolk Nov 14 Four thousand
sti Iking expressmen went back to work
today wealing their union buttons For
thefirst mo In two weeks tho 1000
teams of the Adams WcllsFargo
United States and American Express
companies were traveling unhampered
about Manhattan nrooklyn Jousoy
City of Hobokcni Slowly tho great
congestion of freight express packages
was being relieved
Tho only dispute of tho moinlng took
place on tho Communlpaw dock of tha
United States Express company when
tho company objected to 10 foimer
employes About ISO men gathered
about the placo and tho strikers an
nounced that If those 10 were not al
lowed to leturn to work no one for
merly employed there would go back
TjUer tho tiouble was adjusted and
tho gtrlkorn returned to woik
Tilnldad Colo Nov 14 Tho man
gled body ofJames Young tho master
mechanic was lemoved fjom tho
wrecked Dela ua tnlno Vhls moinlng
raising thu total number of victims
recoveicd lo > with four morn known
to be In the inlnn Yestcrday the body
ot F M Low Is tlm superlntendPiit vvas
found In tho Inain slope and that ofa
Slav minor al o was taken out
Following the action of John R
Palinech representing the Montinegihi
ravernnifiu ln dmandliiKi that thi
coioneiii Juijr take oftlflal action bo
foio 0o hodles ba burled death cer
tificates ascribing an exploMon In tho
Delagua mine as tho causo wcro Issued
and the funerals wcro held >
praiigcy N J Novnll Aiuad
veitlsemenl i whlcii appeals In tno
currcntjlssues of the country vveok
JllcHfthioiighoUt this part ofi Now
jJepey siexcWng wida Intereiit Jt
DSsgusted HepubllcanjOfforB
beautifulCcountrjf j houso1 tostnno
vlctoilous Democrat and Intends tu
His Family Will MakeNotEffortto
Induce Him to Abandon
H Is Mcportcd Tlmt
Hurray Proceed
To Canada and Join the
Uusil N1V HNoeffort will
bo mado by his family to InuWcounf
J olstol to abandon his selfIinposcd ox
c anu return to thl peasulithut at
Wllfch refenlly de
HnemlliJ A U nvwU PUrposo of
oTltl nS i JforelllaInilP < Is days h
Vi Vhes < aro acrc1 to thom
m L s vllo < l evcr has tent a
i san m
haiMV10 t ° J ° n
1011 h ° la
k VV ltje the rntory of the nu
nilgrlnmst t < v date has becomo
Known Iiir company wldiShls phvsl
clun Dr Mukovetsky he went from
iSdiiinthVUKlcnt CIolBlc > C SI
l > rovlQ > f Kaluga
ul riJ ° 1ncd the guest ot his
HlstcrJHul The latter fo many vcar2
IIUB been a mm at the cloister which
CWILS founded COO yearrtago Tho nui
mlnda with the irlirdovutlTi8he
selves tiii 71101 ivorks iTolstolplans
to stay one VYiekiaHitlieKUcstofhis
slstpr nftep which lie proposes tofre
MinuiHila vvanderingH withjDr Mako
vctsky His jlesthuitlon he rcfuBcM tii
On his vyas to Kliiimardlno Count
lolslol stayed i > veiiightntaiip < nionaa
tery of Optinun Befoiorcnterliigsiio
I urn jtho excommunicated and
anathema tlzod 1eo1 Tolstoi jsi there
iinv olijection o mystuylnghero
The leplv wnsiItls bothaaliityandi
ta pleasure to1 offer youa Hlielter1
Tolstoi Pent the day In thekdfhcus
slon of rcllglo Kiibjectc vvllhtan agedk
monk wbom hcMind metona1 vlaltto
th monasttry 17year rago
Thefollowing morningthoSeunthc
sumcd hla pJIgrlmaKp IIotlsfcIadtln
a pcasnnts sult4otroughinatorlalrand
vyears high boots iHp carrlcfspolpass
tHirlu ntlfl 1lhml llrt tnf ff > ftr iK tnnr
tiuuhJin1 j itTAiiiiunu w iiu iuiii ieurncii
her father1 Intontionsc6ntrlvcd to > e
eiete 150 jlnafpocket of DrtMakoveV
skyH clothesandJirthecountisurferai
for the1 necessities ofrfIlfe ltwlllvb
because1 he electw toJdotsoT Alexandra
has slncoJolned herfather attShamar
dlno t
Count jTolstol and Pr Maknvetsky
iinexpectedly1 left Shamardlno this
afternoon annolinpngxtheyttvvicregolngV
to Iiloscqw However tliqy left jthei
ttraln ata Junction aiid boarded anoth
that tho count IntcildsUtoJjoln Uhef
colonyof Tolstolstb1 > f
f k
London Jiavflt A nqwVagcricy dis
patch from StiPoteraburssays It Is re
lioited that aftera bricCstay In a mon
astery Tolstoi will proceedto > Cnnnda
to Join the Doukhobors followers of hlai
j >
Ticntun N JjINov1 Thobtatut
com t overruns and Uppeals this aftei
no6hroverscd thodeclHloii of supremo
court Justlco Hway < 7 dlcutlng theNa
tlonal Packing coihpany and lheotherf
big packingconccrnii to produeethilr
books befoio the Hudson countygrand
London Nov II Llfut suiiiii
Helm thu uOi inimical my officer who
was authttfi tliurgvil with making
notes and sketcniS ot tlfo formications
ot Portsmouth harbor pleaded ygullty
and vvas sentenced on bondsdoti 515U
not to repeat the offcnsji i
Washington Nov 114 1errnjsslon
was blitnltU iodayto ti stati of MInj
ncsota > y thosupiemu tourt of thus
United Htftes to Inulltuto a tmirbcforuV
tho lattvjr against the Uutfj ot Wls
cousin In order to dtteimlnc Hit bound
ar between the states In Uakt Pcpln i
Kingston1 N jA Nov li XIvvIngs
Wfltteison son of CalifHeiirjxiWa l
teison ot LouisvilleKyvvho shot up f
Michael Martins saloon at Saugerties
last Hummer uiulllnjuicd tfc propritj
tor for which he vaa Indlctcdofor as
saull In tho Hrst degicel todayilnter
posed a defense oCinsanity vvhen nr
lalgned In the county cuuit A coml
mission to determine his sanliywlllibo
appointed by Judge Canljno iomorroW
Spoluinv Vaah Nov H Charged
with tho murder of htsAvlte nt Hprlngs
ton Idaho a 5uekiigo JY ML
Dovell a taleKtnaii in tho employ of the
Minneapolis Thieshing Maciilno toin4 > f
pany va i plated under ancjtjjji SpoJi
hum today I >
Thu McDowells lived on u lapch near
Sprlngstou Idaho > <
McDiiwcll and hlsfclSyeiuold Von i
Iqft thu lanclv eary < lastMonday
moinlng Later tlin son icturned tuj
the house and found hlsniother dead1
King on a quilt on the loori a blanket
tlianclosely pver hoi tlesldoher
body w h i cluiii ui vlileliritoQd iink
lineilet tumbler abouty which coull
bo detected tlio odor of laudanum ln
dilationsweio that tip wpntanhad
coiqmlttqd Milclde Ut tho coroners1
S w v
f itft c TWj nr i
Moutevlileo NovH Thei1 rebellion
Vamp to an end todayt wlththo uu

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