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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 14, 1910, Last Edition, Image 4

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i r Vtit
lli iv
t vijjimw
sisrapti V
jl Mv
it jtWil
ifj fe
li ttoV
I Wi
CornerofSotflh Temple nnd East Tem
i UJlal
iJIoncoJO Whitney t nunlii 3 < Mnnaj < r
SS <
By Canters < r ijeir
PomlWecMy per Vtr
Saturday Nens per jcir
Addrpssali business communications
> n d all remittances
V THE bcsnnuT NEWS
SHlt riko Cllj lUfih
Correspondence nnj other rtadtne imnt
tcr foi pnblliitlnii should bo addressed
to tho EULTOIl
> Eastern Ueproscnlntlv J JP JtcKln
nej ClilcnsM IWi Mkhignn Ac New
York 3 t Sill Avc
KnlPivij it lido pn toftlcq of Salt 1iUo
City ns second cltus iriAilcr according
to Ac 7nf Congrfsi March 3 lf
AICn C1TV NOV 141910
ritiqis IN ititiiAiv
According in tho London Hconomlft
Ihcroins recently bpcn a marked rlcq
In the prices of most eominndltips dur
ing tho last thrpo jiar in Britain
Only n few articles show lower juices
vhlle Iho majority of tho ll tfroni the
jninufmturlng lijdiilrlps nnd also the
food stuffs Indicate ti stejdj nppiccla
tlnn In snip values
iSevcial Items show n jlicreso In
jjrlco Thus Cleveland l > Ig Iron per
< ton In lf07 was silll In Ijindon and
fn 1910 It Is Jll 1 a dpqiiase Po tin
ivnnt down from 7SOO to JJROOO per
ton dining tha time period Ont
ililoted nlfl5Q per quaitcr 111 IS1Is
now at tea fell from IfJ to Oil
cents per pound Pouthdoivn wool fiom
27 to 24 cents lanlln hemp declined
from JlfiO 59 to 1Q220 per ton nnd Jute
from SCOO to 12 On pctiolcum de
clined from in11 lo 1115 cents per gal
lon coals went down from 33i to
3 9 per ion coppei from 3S 21 to
J2CSR2pEngllshMoad from 10 81 In
J6J87 whca from 770to J733 per
qiiaiteV superior beef from 59 to Bl
ccmKl for elftbj pounds mutton fiom
Jlr0to5111 far plght pound
Tie arllelps thattdvnnced ln prlee
durns Uic e three ypaisvvere chiefly
steqlralli nhtcJu rose from J12S > to
J3I08 ppr ton Miailey fiom 6U tto
fi 7P9rquartci Jj coffoe frdm 5705 to
Jl20 pprI12tpounds Ameiican mid
dling cotton from 13K to 15VJ rents per
rViund jaw from 1 2S to 21 Jt cents
pot pound Uallnvv fiom 7 > S9rto 19 OG
for 112 pounds nax from > 15a73 to
Jlin 4B periion anil nibbcrfrom II 064
toriOpcr pound
ItIs al o Inteieslllp to nojutiiat In
Iho first1 nine imonlhs of Iho present
> ear Ihu nToney publicly lscd fioni
EngUshj Inxcsfors Jiai reaehcd lhe
pnormous sum lot JIbo3000000 That1
Jouinil adds
It must batunderstood Unit this Tlg
niorepresents not nominal capltnlbut
nclual capitalreceived nnd thnt onlj
ithosiitpiospcetiibcs nre tiiktin Into ac
eniint which arc1 publicly advertised
arlyato IssutVs are neglecied and the
loigoamount cnpUal raised byiprl
nte andilocnl negotlntlojiSj hao no
pUce In this calculation This tccoul
at crijltBllstlc cnkrpilses goes ahead
nf any liguro fioloiisly > ictonled tor
tho full ilweho months of previous
ir t f t T i
jcai v
HJnthe Jrsb nine months of this jeir
thetgrCjit borrovveis of Britishmoney
hacbecn foreign Killvvajs in total of
nVci 200OOpToOO having bqen lalscd on
llicli account thlon > on tin bonds of
Ameiican nllroads Second In size ate
life British g6vcrnmcnt borrowings
vvhfch amounted to 5120000000 and co
lonial government loans 112000000
vT4ilIe foielKn government loniid
ninnunted to 7500000 As to dcstlna
tloii of capital by country 337OQO000
lunti lo Ulltlsh possessions and 1S >
jbflOOO to tho Unltei States The niti
de coneludcs ItlPllilb sialcmcnl
In thu next few > eitrs we mav ex
pect to find Canada tho United States
and Argentina all competing foi big
Supplies of English eapltal to cairy on
and develop thcli rallroid sjsipnis
As tho cold cithor upproache tho
public buildings lll ho aimed nnd
tho windows closed How shall these
InllldlnKi he entllated is > ell as
viu mi artlrlo on the Ventllitlon of n
llniaij ilr H C 1lgul hhoni
Ihul no rntllatlng cfiulpmcnt shnujd
ho designed hoc clllclencj lll hj
dcocased hj tho optnlng of vludon
Anjiloi has Rout foith thai lniloH
rannol Im opened lthnut Intcifcilng
Tith the operation of tho cntllatlng
Hciulpinent Ihln Is an mroi nnd Is
c mscd N a mistaken judgment 01 an
incorioct design of the > cntllittln
1 lr t clns tntlliitlon Is ontlrclj
possible In ucll flllid KHims llhont
frins hut that vntlfallnn ultlmut fans
In tall buildings may tiKt no much
Wee on tin door and walls foi Hues as
to liccome Impracticable In bulldlngu
of moderate height siieh as most of
iur lipiibcs and meetinghouses cntl
liitlon lthoiil fans lit cnthcly feasible
or this puipobq Jlr Inggait gles
tho following explicit details
There aro socn Impoituut efc
tnents In Mich Installations Iho eii
lllatlng appuiUiu Khonld ho uriauged
In be liin In the inilliiim ciitl
litlng oilulpintnt tb5 yptllatlnir up
paiatus In Itself a dill rollei loi IIuu
mnnj librarians Itnou n tluy liiiyo
In Uheh b isomcnts Uo fov llbi ir
lnnK ould not protest If thoj illil
knou In nomn bulldlngii Ilia
pliins of itjie nnfllitlnKtapparatus ap
peir In thi fifBfRate like n collection
ofN orms Ulils is > ronsr All hpil
rontal iltttts Khonld bo laige liny
sliould be snillm to corrldjMK through
nhlch n puson pnn vallc nnd which
tfan rnsllj b < > liopt clfnni VhciP
the1 all whlch Is to bo hen tod Is
v blought from outntfloar < < It 13 usunl
hcnrIed > jthrough ductirio nues It
IH belterjtiot to u q neit biitflo hrlng
Dip alidlr < cuy Intochnmbprn In which
ithei lienlc 1 Ipeated j Thoao rooms
jwlll not IIB diiHt ottllnR chambers Thu
fllroctfhpVter wltii a abort connection
to tho vertical flue > A laigotdoor lntn
Hhe hoodBhouM ho provided and placed
ipnstnhoieadllj opened Thcro should
oVa colfl nil na well lisfa1
heti the llbrnrj roonisj roeiulre
tluniVrhlaullovNHaimUture of
1 1 j J
irooms hV imoderatp oathqr when a
mixtures requiredJn order totOewn
thctpmperaturewllhout lessening tliej
of tho air s Thc bottom
llnlet to the ertlcaUalr supplynue Is
HhoTptnce lowhlch dlrtlriMho vertical
Thls inlet should ho
JIuo will Mt >
left nntlrelvoppn The dirt may then
iboircadily seen and easily removed
It should also be rfmcmbercd that
dust Ivdangerous and sriouldj notbe
allowed to accumulate In cither the
rooms or the air flue Tlie best1 of the
aircleaning devices cnn remove only a
portlSnof tho dust Therefore the cold
air chambers mentioned should be
rooms thnt can bo easily cleniied They
mould be finished smoothly on tho
lnsldc There shpuld be bolh a bottom
outlet from tho
tom nnd a top
orillnnry room but In all cases tho
lover vent outletshould be an open
enamellfcT outlet box Dust In all
jvertlcal lues vvill then fall to this
open vent boxwherp It can bo easily
seen and readily remised This ques
tion of cleanliness Is one that has Its
Application even when the most elnb
orate air cleaning devices arc ln
have established a
In Brooklyn they
childrens museum in both the adult
and the Juvenile rwrttons of the popu
This museunialms to employ objects
attractive nnd interesting to children
nnd nt thfl same time hHpful to
iincher In every branch of imtuin
study to secure an ajrnngement at
once plcaslne to the eye nnd cxpresslvo
ofa fiindamcntal truth to avoid con
fusion from the use of too many
specimens and the consequent crovvd
ng In cases to label with brief de
scriptions expressed In simple lan
guagc nnd jnlnlud In clear readable
tv pe
Groups of animal Inscclsi or birds
that children read about are placed
where they vjll attraotatfcntlonV Liv
ing animals and plants are kept > In
many of the rooms
The most attractive rodmj to tho
ounger children Isrthe history loom
vhere charts IrnplcmGntitnnd dollh
represcntsccnes anil types Geography
Strcprcsontcd hy minlatufe homes of
irFmltlVQ nmlrothcr people l
Tjiollbrarj contains about 16 000
oluines Thjs lsji careful selection of
hobcst recent books onrnafurnl hls
pry In Its broadest sense and Ls not
conflncd rojschildrcnsi books ilt ilnisi
o prov Ido1 hooks of refercnco for Iho
nitiseum slajlf to furnish jnformatlon
o visitors about specimens models or
plcturesiln the museum uml to offcri
carefully choson books on almost all
he subjpctsof school work
Thoso wlio > arc iold enough to re
caft the educational Importance of tho
early DeserctyMuseum undertho able
upervlslon pf thq scientist ifr Bar1
ootuwlll reiidlly understand what the
Jrooklyn museum forchlldren imust
mean to thecauseVr education In lhat
iChcap plcturo shows can be com
jated more successfully by Interesting
the people In tho natural curiosities
iuul products Than bjj trjlng to kecp
hcchlldrcn from seeing whatever Is
The former Dcseret Jluseum of this
city iwns located n > we recolicct the
Just nbontfvvhere the new one
win be nearly south of tho south
gate of tho Teniptotbloclt If It can
bu made to supply tho features of a
shlldrena museum Its mibllo useful
less vv in be vastly augmented Such
v museum moreover should be
nade available ns soon as thlf can
10 clone by the school board of this
city and pf olhcr places
liC KXIVfl 13XG LI bl I
Ilepoits from the little coimtry of
niiEuaVj In South America Indicate
heinpld spread of the nngllsh an
uage amonc thnt Spanishspeaking
ieople i
It Is said thit there aii strong pios
pecl of making thrtudy of English
compulsoiy In tho public schools Tho
ntroductlon will ho gradual of come
iiorcocr the Ungllh tongue must win
Is vnyitheie In the fnce of slrong Oci
mnn competition
A ipcent lslt of the American min
ster to Asuncion the capital city
Uth the Interest nhlch he manifested
n educational mattcis
there has np
aie ntly produecd a veiy favorable
upon tho people nnd Jias
had a happy effectalso upon the popu
larity of tho English language for
practical use
Tho great commercial Impoitnncc of
English Is becoming recognized In
Paiaguay nnd ho fact of Its greater
directness simplicity nnd flexibility
tends lo emphasize its superiority for
commercial purposes over the moic
Involved German literature wlti Its
complexity of structure nnd tcclmicill
Itlps of
grammar i
Con ul KcirlH reports that tcncheis
and students complain of ran ehtlro lack
if sultahli textbooks ontho s ihjeet
Hooks which aro helpful ti teachci
as well as students are needed as he
Icarhcii nro not pioflclent In both Enc
llsh nnd Spanish consequently depend
ing much on tho Berlitz method of In
Htructlon Thun while the more fncllo
English language caelly holds Its own
against the heavier Gernmn speech tliu
Gcimnn bookmakers who have the ad
vantage of cheap pulp paper and other
raw material for the manufacture of
texthooks make a icadlcr appeal to
tho public by reason of these facilities
fpr making less expensive books
Nevertheless isays Mr Ferris HIP study
of English lit asmimlng nn Importance
in tho capital city which will benefit
American pub shprs and pave the way
to closer i elation with KngHsh > pciiIi
Ing people It advantage Is tnken whilo
Intciest In tho subject Is still fresh
r It Is gratifying to lenin that Iho pub
lieschool authorities nro considering
i i in KnRllsh a part of the regular
course ofstudj Inone of the primary
felioolsas jirpll as giving It a rpgulnr
placniln thehlgher Institutions of lenrn
ingnvhero ItJins been studied In a dc
Bliltory way during tha past few years
H has nlrpay betn Introduced the
jfpvcrnmentschool of nayal mechanics
Amonff the various public nnd private
schools nnd Instllutlons undpr goyern
incnt4 patronage thcrci nro at prcBcnt
half n dozen classes In English
i J3csIdes InatiuetlonJ In th dlfferont
ocjiools there uro now lO to SO persons
jfrom school children to
business nndi iprofrsslonal mon
studying English ithls year Ilcrc
ifcfoie ithc Instruct has sHown nij
practical icsult but ihesubjccthns be
ciimc pspeclally < jopularwithlnthepast
tcnMnonths sothnt wlth IhgibpKlnnlng
oftho nexttschoc l jear ln JIarcnflOil
good work mny beexpected
Not cvri heaven ovcs a ichcprful
giver of advice
Sagumoiq Hill hasbccomn Illvt unton
towpr of
Thai nit that > ls to rave lr Crippcn
has lostiti caor
The pood deeds of many men are In
posse and not In cssc
As a minority leadcrtlnclcJoe will
be a ery Tell Stewart
Consciously or unconsciously tho o
Mexicans arc breeding scabs
One should meet his obligations as
ho meets his friends cheerfully
Thn tramp calls n square meal n
square deal And If he gets if he callsl
It Is as hard 19 get anything throuKh
nn empty head as through n block
If the number of saloons Is rpduccd
tho license should bo raised to even
things up
While thcro aro no birds In last years
nest there are birdmen In last scarfs
aeroplanes i
Not the wise man butvthe fobHsh one
tells all he knows and somethlngs lit
doesnt know
During all the years that Jo Cund has
driven his team afield never once has
he Joined a strlke
Thomas Vanco unniiirn third trial
Hero Is a caRe whcroJlt inlsnt bo wise
to let well enough alone
Vfiy ishould CounttTnlstotNujsappe
EO suddenly and myslprlcu iy Ho
hasnt lost nnv north poloof election
American orMcxIcan bom the l > nch
Ing jvnd burning at tho stnko of
Rodriguez fi a disgrace to Texas and
tho United Stales
Itils saW that Belle Elitiofo Is sund r
iwllce mlrvclllnnco at All Alberta
Buttheevldencoln London Is that slio
Is under the sod Li
Chnrlos Armour finvs thnt prices of
foods will he lovCer flint they iavt
reached tlelr cllmn Cant he lowrij
th prlce of bcefo Ilttlo lo > hurry up
the anticlimax
i s
It has been suggetcd th it CaptalrR
Peary bonttachcd to tho diplomatic
corps If there Is nnj thing strlkintjlj1
nbsont Incther gallant cat tains makq
up It Is tho diplomatic qu illtj i
Tho govcuiment li i < kstoppyil Ihe cus
tom of givlmr complliraijiaij baths
at Hot Springs tA > kansaV Kovv If It
will only stop tho custom of giving
Immunltj baths nil vlll be better It
not well i
During the u Inter Avlatpm John B
Mol anl John Bany llyan niu Clifford
Haimon yill delivei a toru of lec
tures on aviation at Columbia unlv ei
nlly This means lhat HKTH will > o
bomo tall talk at Columbia university
Jllchlgan tilbrarjCommission Iteport
If I were1 a teacher al should ton
Rider one < of my greatest asKets as
the subtle povvqr which lies In slorj
lelllntf to > rrcntQ tho bond of friendship
Ihe atmosphere of comradeship whleh
makes your htandauls and the chil
drens one and gives to all relations n
nowibrendth and understanding based
on a point of contact entirely oulblde
tho sense of something to be learned
I cannot cdncoive of tiny one refusing
to lell a slory because Iho ehlldnn
had been disobedient but It has oc
curred to mo thit there might ha times
when a bit of fun In lh foim of a
story would more snlisfnclorlly accom
plish n dtslied reform limn any amount
of discipline I know story
Idling Is much aluid for the po l
bllllv It offers lor a ictuin from tin
cljlld In tho foim of reproduction that
linn Its placo but it should not bo al
loued to usurp all storytelling Some
stories ought to be told Just for the Jov
they he nnd not pulled out nnd dis
sected the very next time opportuni
ty offerf Too much storjtelllns Is nl
mopt entirolv Jacking In purpose and
seems to consist for part of the icpc
tltlon ibatlm of a few stories which
have lltllo or no iclatlon to the life
of tho child and less to art n It
Iennsvlvanla Llbraiy Notes
It It no longei niprely a place of
rcferencn for tho educated or a resort
for natural hook lovers but It Ins mil
ted with other oivle and municipal
forces operating oiitflldn thu home
Tho llbiarv bus changed from tlie1
sought to the seeking H Is ntrelchlng
out Its hands to draw In and Interest
and e < lucntei not content to bf > pas
sive nny longer but eager active ag
gressive Tho Importance of
stocking a small library for a hinall
town seems to mo to overshadow nil
other points of Iho work hvisimich as
tho demands may bo as varied as In a
metropolis even though fewer the nceil
for Isdom In the choice of n small col
letllon becomes grcnler After the Urn
great purchaoo Is mido emhrnclng
titles pvery llbrniT must have nfter > thi
llhrarj Is In working tondlllnn ihi > n
comes the llhrnilans study of the needs
of her own particular community as
she finds It the beginning of her mis
sion Thoro Is of course tho recognition
of demands along the beaten tracks
Tho demands for outsjdo reading for
the school children from tho time th < lr
Krographv nnd hlstorj days begin on
through thn high school whern the II
brnrtin can glw InvnluaMp anslstanco
not oily In all subjects pursued there
but phe Itocnmcs almost n nfcesaltj In
tho essaj and dehatjng work
Asldo also from tho varied general In
foimatlon for which the community
depends upon Its library thprf como
tho rfiqucsts from tho literary and cul
ture clilw which the townpossesses
Kvery community 1ms Its lino or
linos of interest rwhlch with n llttjo
foresighton n librarians part may bo
Btiinulated nnd fostered grcntlyr Nor
does It have to b < some deepl technical
lino of work AVhorc a few ears ago It1
would not absurd to find lna llbrarj
anything butnencyqopedltf articles on
such ordinary things as cooking dress
maktnffPand nUlllncry jarlousHradea
nnd Industries Jnqvv pTlodlealSj ol
ithese nctlvltlcH havo thSlrj rightful
rplacoron life Mlbnirj Hable4nndltltltcr
KstlngI authoritative and1 technical
booksjon thesoisubjottsjnrijjplacedlnt
tractlveljjontheibook shelves tilsls ol
fiievvJbcokflnrc c onprlnted InrthettoVMi
paper Innsmiichlns thollbrarj
In asmnllicommunltj Is undorvthetdl
frectlon of but one poison whoimust
Jlooksaftci nlltlta7plnses lUlsqilltc Im
possible to give meh child or4een n
fi vv ofithe children aiclocsupcrvislon
comnjrlninsthe > Trio jlnaitroop aflcr
school h urs or Silurda afternoons
Such i llhfirlaiurnn onlybe nAvaro of
iwhut other libraries wlthVa eoips of
nslhtnnt llbrirlnrtf ajedoing vvlthtthp
Children the results vgalned for ex
ample b tho children s oivnllbrirlnn In
theiston ihour or othoi subterfuge used
to invvakcn a love orlonlnr forjtho
best stories Ttut cvcrj > llbrarj inot
wtthslandlng Jrecognlzo its jspcclit
mission1 wilh Ihe children qt ils ovyn
tovvnand put forth extra efforts ac
cording to the means it hind to do
this work At Li IIrunev
thin work Jit Ij iHrcrnc
S lint mnde the king pick his sult
casejind stiirttln such n huro I tasked
one Portuguese1 courtier
IjSuppose replied the othci 4 ho
vvintedi to igct out before the piss
lssucdbj our lallroads tonrojaltv wua
canceled Washington Star
Atyii ertrtlnir
Doivou think the brldo loves the
husband i
ics Indeed replied Miss Cujcnne
Whylsho ooks it him with as mueh
affection amUndmlrntlon issho show
for1 the vvcddlng tpresents Washing
ton btir
Mother Aln t you goln to ash tip
thcmKtea things Marianne before ou
go out7f
DaushtcrJ o I aln t T m late
enough for mothers elp elnos as It Is
London Opinion
Mother What me > ou crjlns for
IJertlc Toinm hurt mo
MotKer How did ho hurt jou
Uertic I wnsgolnp to hit him ind
ho ducked hisheart so s I hit
Boo boo TltIJIts
Vh > Uofyumako llml pitlent wait
three houis oci > dij In Nour nnte
room Ho needs rest VxpHlned the doctor
ind thntis the onlj wn I c in compel
him to tikoiit Courier Journal
AX nrlinr TO oiuior
MiLobroi docs Jils best to bo
ngrccnblo sad the sjinpithetlc joung
woman Its too ibil tint he has ho
llltlo tnct
I understand that Mlss Coddlcyip
rpfu speak to him lie sent hei
n hov of cixnd > and s > he fed It all to
herpet terrlei So he tried to be still
more kind and thoughtful ind cnUhci
a ho of dog biscuit Washlngtn
I can t sta > long sald < the chair
man of tho committee fiom the colored
chinch I just cnmo to see its jo
wpuldnt join de mlbslon bind
To do Inn snkes honej lepllcd
lie old mnmm Joan come to me 1
can tJ ecnitpla > a moufoigan llp
A O Hart of jNeiv Oilcans tells this
htoo An old negro wuh brought up
before tluvJudBeftflinrBCd with chicken
htcnllng u ml Hvlicn tho usual quistlon
was propounded Oullt > or not gulltj 7
h said I idont Know bo s 1 jest
throw nnself ojr the Ignorance of the
court Ca e nnd Jommcnt
Mnklnir Headway
A reporter was sent around to make
some Inquiries cpnccrnns a new play
that David Belaseo was engaged In
es Bild Dulfl I am writing a
plnj What do jou want to know about
It v
An thing ou can tell mo will no
Interest ng was the reply
cll ns Belaseo a response It
Is to have four lets nnd thice Inter
missions and I e just finished the In
termissions Success Mngazlne
ruo Can I
altcr called the Irate diner
Ihcrt seems lo be a dollar on this bill
I cnn t account for
Oh tint s just iv joke sir apolo
glzcd the vnacr just n bet the cash
lei and I have 1 11 Uio It llxcd rlht
nwi Ir1
What do jou mean about n net
si ed thq dlnci detaining him
ell plr I bet the oaphler rO cents
ou would see the mistake and he net
on wouldn t so I win sir
Ntptiosi I hadn t noticed 117
Hod hao rotten the dollar sr
Oh 1 see OHe me > our pencil and
ho wrote a few lines onHhc hart pf Iho
hill folded It up and handed It to tho
waltci IMko that to tho cnshlei
lilt waiter leaned over the cashiers
Khoalder as ho unfolded the papei It
HI hot vou f > that when jou scud
thin hack vou don t nnd me
Anl llicy dldn t Llpplncotto
I U 111 irrt I rewnts
and The GIRL
A itli Gco Lbner as Hnppj Jolmns
Lvrnlnr Pilcos J c e 7rc Jl 01
MtiUnco I rices Ko nnd KK
Nest AUractlor 1OIA AUUN
Mutliicea dall 515 o clock
cvenlin S I
TomSmith anil thoThreci Icacho
Waterhiinv llros and iTenny
Ili The lphiiH vHymnn Movci
Iino ft O Doiinoll Ooff Phillips
Qrphriim Motion Ilclurcs
Orplteum Orclipstn
Mntlneo prices 15p > 23c COe i Night
Prlcci 2oe We 7oc rf
Ind r37pTl6N > BciliS1557v i
V Illlnm InRCisnll and Company Will
Presehtfthci M08tiowerrul and
Jlcarti Intcrentlng Pl ij of
The Regeneration
By Owen Klldaro and nller Hacked
Ustiil mitlnopH cdncsdaj nndt
Sntiirclas Price 2so to tM iccnlnj
Curtain 2 IS Eonlnff prlecsi KPI
tor1 TOU and 73e t Mrtnln S IS
iln lrcpnrntlonTIinOALl JOr1
COOKING > Isnnartnn
nn urt In which over
human lmsaMtnllnieresi
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people ho would
like to invest in bonds arc
pot purchasers because they
question their own capacity
to passon bond values
riio National Copper
bank1 has clabllicTl if Bonll
and Investment department
through which customers of
thebankwill heenabled to
obtain bonds of the kind
that the bank is willing to
buy for it = clf as an invest
ment and tat the price justi
fied by the merit of the par
ticular bond
1 Tlicsc bonds will he in
vmious denominations so
that the man with a few
hundred or a few thou = and
dollars can be accommo
One of our patrons told us n few
io had burnt our
Jenrs and had
never any fault lo llnd with It and
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