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j J I r I OS Ii 6fif R 18 mioR iD1
h < <
i i I 9 ImRBrmHBMU
I I 1 rlder AMiiSchulthessjandPresI C
r lS nifh t
1 i TheTalfernacle
I Men Dcnjlnpr llcllef In Supicmc Iltln
Do Xot Possess Xomial Mind
U < li iliioi God
I c < l
i afternoon The Bervlco was at presided ihejabermcle over by Sundaj Presi
dent AnthoniSH Lund The t sann
thoh > mn Zlon stands with hlll > < sur
founded1 Prajcr was offered by Pa
tihich Angus M Cannon The cholt
1 tl I ti jll
j fang Iho hvinn Though doopnlns
Kldcr A II Pchulthets of the presi
dencj of the Xlberty Ktako uut the
Ilrst speaker Ho sald his only dcslrt
> was to l speak the truth nnd to preach
i the rospol ot Jesus Chrht Tho gospel
i i or ChilstMs without mist ikes I eld
ers make mistaken IiI lepiesentlng It
i it s bccau JOtof the il bl toClhu
hpeikcrsumd not beeAuse of mistakes
in tho gospel r9JI claimed by many
yho arc not ourifrlends that the Lit
terd ly Saints fe ir 1 comparison of tho
uoclrlncl bCrlho hmch with those
taught In the Scripture1 Moi monism
IH not a in mm ido Hllglon but wan
taught by Jesus Ohilst In his day and
l J <
Ins been icstored asaln In our dav It
vsIJC <
lsjJiisttlnr8ame BOspel and wo n only
d6 > Tnot fcui compirlbon but wo to
t fh r aie 2000 elders In he world
jircachlng the gospel and for this serv
ice they receive haliry Ihey pay
their i wriil tho toward they seek
being tho feeling that thcj are aiding
In spreading tho gospel Ithns been
estimated that theso elders spend cich
vcar fiom their own pockets a C 1 l cr >
op a million dollais Illcll mainte
nance Tho Church also publishes num
i erous peilodlcal and maintains a bu i
itau of Informationwhcio l 33 Intelli
gent find well Informed men and wom
en give their time answering the many
manv questions of touilsts all without
icivird but that tho gospel might bo
I lil
preached Thuspcakeu lInll from the
fouiteenth chapter ol Kevolillons re J
garding the piomlsed lestpratlon of thn
gospel hi an angel from heaven and
testified tint the anucl hart llomi hcai
InKjKlic gospel to all nations kindreds
tongue and peoples as John had
predicted There Is nothing to lose
tIC thing to giln by belief In tho
Jlvlno mission of Jesus Christ Iho
speaket bore a strong testimony to the
tiuth of tho gospel which embraces
the pilnclples without obedience to
which nono can entei Into the kingdom
of God rocli the menage of truth
vvhlch < JI 500000 members lino hid
hrought to tl1 innl cvcrv good lat
terday Saint will testify that the
sospcl IH true and they love It moro
li U9n1
than tin thing HC thov possess In life
Tho choir sang tho anthem Grant us
J > ice O rord
President John TIcnrj Smth said
that Ifhci were judge ho would I sas
that rldor Schtiltho i had won his
case 1hcrcIs nddoullt lnlheinlnds
of Latterda fcalnjs 01 nnv reasonable
IT If tho existence of i supremo
Being 01 of tho llfo nnd mlnl ry4or
Jesus Chrlst i while men with nllnds no
deranged as not to believe In God are
not endowed with all tho attilbutoi
ot the normal mentil imKoup Evcrv
thlng about u testifies to tho neccss tv
for a governing I slllcS Men who claim
ni Cto believe Ii the goodness of our
and of government are controlled
Father atI OflO inllnl arocln
their appetites and laS
trolled bv lh lrIIpCmCS lprl
slpns The npoihcr dwelt IlppnUI
command given to mankind Thou
shall not llo thou Mnlt not Kteal
Rnltr l not bear fnl cullo5
against thv neighbors thou shall not
commit adaltervj ns11It not Kill
Z all thc c commands aro disregarded
liv those who dOIlot hellove In
God OC course there are exceptions to
this rule but It Is prellv well es
tablished that liIH thu rule Iho
HpcaKcr related the instance tl visit
phld to himby an atheist who ac
companied lij his litle bovf boasted ot
his unbelief declaring before his child
thntthoio was no God and tint he
had taken llfo The bov repeated after
his father that there wn no God and
thai thcio was no sin In taking life
nngcied t his fcl
In caso ono became
lb W asel turned to this bov and asked
him not to repeat those uttoiincei r
told him thcro was a God and at Ill
moment hlsrfatlicr Knew tbcto was a
God nm1 > nviis fiuffcrlns all tho torments
ments of the damned because the
faces of lliboo ho had slaliuhauntgd
him tint the day must come when
his fallief should IHlho1111 Uho
father luincd lo mo hllll f afienv
oXjiIeadlng aiiketl meto sivohls child
fI cuiilrtthatVm words voie tine
1chonsslfferJ1L tho torments of
hell Ho > sald he would glo his own
life Ifonly his child could bo avcd
nnd that ho < iW ho must riv tho
ponaltyAbcforOjGud for the crimes ho
had f committed Theie Is ip clwnn
the tlmo will como when thera will bo
thISl 1
nyrockonliiR Vhen God IIo oil
Judge and vvo shnlP pa 1tht last
farthing I foi tho deeds dono In tho
flash >
1 JJLThe gospel of the Redeemer lsCrlli
God f the views of atheistic men aro
fallacious IIver > being n Oncetlli
God f and thq justice of his Judgment
The commando > lveii am i just as true
Iir IS I i r1
tttfvv asjwhcn thev welol uttered and
not llt hem with Im
injcn ma vlplate Itlhh
WIT II QCI vson and i daUKhtci CjG HI
nustsmcot bl or her icconl iuid rn ust
fjmwtho bills Tho speakoi hoio tostl
9iri to tho trutluof thq gospel nnd
closcdfvvlth a blessing upon all
> ThevBchoir sang theanthemSons
of lhpltedceniod nil f tho benedic
I tion lwas pronounce by President
tlohard ViToung
it 11UcharllWrilln f
iPE lF n1
I Tyo thousand InvltaJTons are being
iprppiredi for sthi opening1 of tho new
J3onimcrclnJJcluh lmldrfc vvhleh takes
pjace oniThanksglvlnB i eve Each piem
tr 11iW Up havQitho prlvllegoiof lasuliiB
oCcaidjtosome popmember pori
Jchcstrasw11lfurnhhsthq cfol the
owningrreeeptonsat tho new building
Thp 1 old u 12 rooms i wlllSboclofed next
j Sundiy The 1 rtovaitJOidcr of IMpoao
lako tho olfli quaitcrs for < club
is t
11IAUJnI mww L LL c
1 1
1 i > l
9i T hA i1 rQ 1g 1 f J rl 1 e t
f lf rNgnP Jf 9J p IyI W
haII < aEaemblyJ m1JJ jlJ rlfIg
prosnram viiHnrrangedvJilch Included f
anaddresjilnn I Phyilcal lrqP J by
tls liEf Jr v iIVlri ipractlcal I
hlnljor tlo ltrrooNlil II bI cho
Ind j
t SrItSllt1IScurlfILprnru
n tdri 1101c16i rolifo nUtl nlr lldlpn
r J tPp 1cCj gr i
1 r
r lt tollccrhilnwhati rlnn8w
I J rrUC al rI8
gJnr 1f Xf Jf 1 w gllcI j i
4 1 1
f q ii
I r 1 I r l l 1
il I i Plf t
> i t 1 t j t f i
I t i t i J fZ
u u ti
Y < < I
77 r
< rc fl
Hp = = = = = = nES1T m EMEN7 G JN > WSi M0NDW 0 WE Er ti t 1 O 5 rf I
1 F7
ij t
J 1 1J
j k dft i
ThedaysworkiSlauilD i
I j there is nothing more
refreshing and restful i
i i than < pot of
< 3
R IAi e Ls
I od T
Dccomjjcr 7to be Iho Date felcc
lion of hlv Iloiiid
The Salt Like Cltv hchuol election
Is to be held Wednesday Dec 7 ijnd
on that date hlx now members of thu
school bond iII bo chosen
TIM boird consists of 10 mombeiH
andotdlmrlly only half of these aro
elected at one time but on accounl
of the death of one of the muiibirs
fix will be chosen this jeii Thu
rifth ward will elect two members In
tead of one
Icdjard M Billey and V J Bar
re tte aro tho ictlring members ot Iho
1 Ifth ward Mr Bailey succeeded the
lato Joseph Obemdorfcr and Mi Bar
rttto succeeded jlhoIIIO JUdgoHendci
son Tollovvlng tho curtom Judgo
Hcnuirhon wis allowed to naino Ml
Bailey to succeed Mr Oberndorfer and
It fell to Ml Billevs lot a llttlo liter
to name Mi Barrctte to succeed tho l
nun who had named him The mem
bers so chosen aie selected to seme
only two jeais shoruterm hcnco the
ncccsMtv for tho election of two mem
buib In the rifth ward now
A successor to H lnnlcl Is to
be named In the rirst municipal waul
In tho Second waid to faniuel C Park
who succceded the late M J par
man In tho Third to William J New
man who has icpresenled his ward In
tho h oIhoiirCoi 15 years i thu
rourtli to James T Hammond no ii
hoard president Tho holdovei mem
bers ale Chailes S Martin First
wall Ainold G Glauquc Second
ilrc Oscar W Movie Third ward
Mathonlbah Thorn is romlh ward
Ij P Judd clerk of tho bonid has
been instructed to jio ii dwIthllie
aiiangcmcnts nccessno C IUIO clce A
tlon The membeis of the boaid vlll
select the polling places and choose >
tho judges In their respective wards
fhi i ribel0f polling places has not
vet been decided on Paper ballots will
bo ucil In this election
Do Ihorlshtt thing If jolt have Na
sal Catinh Get Klvs Cream fDl1lni
at once Dont louch tho catairh pow
ders und snuffs for they contain co
cnlne Elys Cream Balm leleases tho
secietloiib that Inflame tho ni al pass
ages and tho throit wheicas medicine
made with mercury merely dry up > tho
sccrctonsand a coun j better than
vou jWtrc II1n word Kljs Cieam
Balm Is a real rein d > notIt delusion
All druggists 50 cents or mailed by
Ely Bothers 56 Warren Street New
Mrs ilkcr avsSho Has No Desire j
To Claim Entire Kstntc
Airs Althci Walker widow ot the
Kto U r Walker who was Hcied with
1 papers last rrldav In fccattle at the end
of a 1200mile flight In an automobile
citing her to appear in iiilt Lake be
fore Judgo John A Marshall anil sho il
IRIISO wh > fche should nol be punished
for contempt oC court savs that she is
IIlIl1uloshiirc tho estate She de
clues that sho tiled to compromise but
that the othei heirs refused lo accepl
n reasonable division of tho piopcrtj
Irl Walkci declares the entire es
tate < Is not worth 1000000 and thu con
tcllng heirs declare that It Is Dallied
Wo aro not contesting the willdc
slarcd C C Dej counsel foi Jlis
sirali Paul and tho contestants IIllcn
i nfoiined ot Mis Wnlkeis wllllngne s
lo submit UndiM thcIl11IufClllb
fninln tho will Ih cntliely satlsfactoiv
to tho children bv thoHrHI wife
1 hough Walker left the entire estate to
Mrs Althcy Walker thcio was no ex
press clause b > which the chlldicn of
tho flist wife were dlsinbeiltcd nnd
iindoi tho California liw this means
that theyshare equally lththo
Jho point of contest Is the estate
Itself The defendants have possession
tit a laigo amount of securities and
hao Indicated thoh detenniiiatlon to
hold on to them Thch plin Is to un
dervalue tho estate therobv escaping
an equal division of lhlttd part of It al i
icady In their possession
Mis Walkci Claienco Walkei and
Margaret Walker Smoot i togethci with
Ka Hitvhould h 1I1IlJ alleged to
IITVO Jcft bait Iiko 1lh1 largo
amount of sccutitles belonging 10lho
estate me ixpected to leturn some
tlmo this week to an w < M the iltatlon
foi contempt In the federal court Ilaj
bould whoG1elcllusnn agent of the
widow was served with the citation
papeis In San Matco counb Calsc
cral limiia after the iimaray heirs had
been located In Scittle
The fact that caffeine
The drug in coffee causes
Many otiscure annoying ills
Has induced thousands of
Thoughtful persons to
Change to wellmade
1 Jif1tf 1mlM
1 ltil
Iticontains no drug
Bui slti lit the necessary
Vitalizing j food elements
l j itHJ fi lrrg iBi3ithht
Dame Nature c requires for
Rebuilding ody and brain
ii tv i fdaysFfti i l show i
f wou 1 t J7 s r
I T ier s > a 1R J aSjmJj
t < Z 1 i
PostumfCorcalJCo < Ud i
j Uttttlo CfooltMfchi t i
i it vi J
1 li i
j fii I k
I f II t
r r 4
i f V A t
> i
Ii HEnN m nM 1 wrru i i
I 1r I
His Resolution Designed to l Clean
V0ut Dives to be Called
Council I 1 Doubtless Accepl Counter
tOIJu > Uotl
CC llnllghf
Councllnmn r S rernatrom will de
mind the adoption at tonights session
of the city council of hN resolution de
hisncd to break up tho salpon power In
politic It n likely that tho council
will appoint a nn ltccCI1i pur
huant to u piovlsfon tho resolution
to Investigate Miloons In the city will
a view to reducing theli numlior
Mr Ferns trom declarci cmphatleallj
that the saloon people have bcenuiied
d Ins i In polittei and that thtlr jowcr I
uust be curbed He with iithonftTjI
levcs that theru are too many saloona
icie by iro to 75 If the commlt1
tCCl of live Is appointed It will leport
trick chaiiBes Inl tho city ordinances 1
iicccssarj to lulnpr nh i tlhc dc lrecl
icductlon in tho number of thlist pir
ors High llccnc with strict regula
lon nn < lth weeding out of dives will
lJelhcial hll lrJUiei loformcrs
1tls likely that the counter proport
ion of Bothwell MeConauBhy tp I1X
ChI IgC ground owned by them near >
t he high school lte for ground owned
ly the city ncir the icscrvatlon will
lie accepted Tho city has offered to
s ot nsldo tho dedication of Sunnjpido
lieuue and two allevo splittinp the 1
lilgh school site Into threrMpleces if
Hot hwc Il t McConaughy the owners of
he site wJll jive the city S3 feet of
ground offthe cast bide of Thlitecnth
Ka slstrccf between Eleh IIi South nnd
Ninth South httectMo make Thirteenth
But tieet there tho regulation width
ot HJ feet Dnthnell McConaughy
havo igiced to this proposition If thn
city will gUo them four lods oft Eighth
ISouth sti tticJni Thirteenth nut
street to the rcseivatlon adlstanco of
19 lodu l idltls Mild that 1 majority
of the council looks with favor oilMhe
countcrpioposltlon i
TJio law i ommlttce under > the city
ittornej 4 opinion his commended
that tho petition ot Silt Lake negroes
for an oidlmneo maklnfr it a mlEde
mcanoi for a theater lodging hoiio or
citing place to discriminate against It
ncgto and providing a fine of 200 100
ocwlllchIstoClo the city and 100
lo the aggrieved negro bo Hied and the
iccommeiidatlon IIKcly will be adopt
ed The city attorney sajs that At Js
a mattci which Is 1I1lohctcICll1l
com ts to decide it SS
HulhzTcnklns for negro pitrol
man has been IndoiRcd by a number of
negroes of thu city nilllsl appolnt
lin nt by thcchlctt police will
doubtless be confirmed tonight 1
It Is probable that the petition of tho
llojal Aich for an ordinance allowing
only ollos iloon foi each 1000 popula
tion will ho Illed the license commlt
tio Imvlmr lecommendcd hiich action
Tho llojal Aich would havo tho drug
gist and rostam ant laIUfJ it llconscs
each limited to ono for eacJi 2EOO popu
Colonial Tho Time The Place and
the Girl1 will bo jcen ever > night ujr
till Thurhday Inclusive with matlneo
Wodncedav > Following this comes tho
biggest engagement of recent weeks
Alola Allen In The White Sister with
her huppoitlng allstai company
headed bs Ml OXelll and Mlna K
Gale 1
Oinhciini Tho headllner on the
Oiphcum bill this week Is entitled
Dlnkclsplcl s Christmas bj Joo
rial l ckThI1 nCJ ncr flon b >
William Ingcrsolls company will run
through tho lJth the u ual
matinees AVednesday and Saturday
Ho You 1iljoj Music1
IJverv evening and Sunday noon
Congress Cafeteria 25 B 1st South
Have It P Photogiaphcd Utah Photo
Material Co Phones 1152
Puro Drugs and Prescrlntlons our
sncclalty Halllday Drug Comnanr
1 Ai T B1A ilN1 1
j I I i r 1 I I Rs i I i I
= =
No Ahsworing pfthe Telephone i
AtjtheCJounty Treas
Illg Itiili < Now iiL Prloi to rio lnc
JJnv and Siiliscqnciil dor111 ns
Of Delinquent
Theyre not answering Iho telephone
this week thevro too busy
This Is Oii unl irfpbo the Jiello
gill to Inqulhltlvo tapajcis who defire
to call the county treaaiirets mile
That County Treasurer J A Groosbeck
and his L ors of assistants aro busy
raking lri111C I1ls shown hy the
fact that they have alrcadv taken In
il boli tLIO OO j n fnxcs
l l rl morning until closing time
tin tho aftei noon long lines of iixpujcis
BtaniUln fiont tthjJ three lecilvlng
windows with Just as much patience
asjho Hue In front of thc boxotllce of u
Bioadway attiactlon 1
All last week Itwasncascof fall
I ill and wait jour turn nnd Judging 11
from the crowd that lined up this fore
noon conditions IllIhcthc mime
throughout this week Ihero Is haid
Iv a minute during the day that from
II 0 to 7B people are not lined up waiting
to get rid of tbclr bunches coin
Hitmday Is tho day flcd hyhln1l
the last day for tho pajmcnt of taxes
After that taxes will become delinquent
and tho taxpayer will then havo to pay
23 cents additional as advertising fee
County Treasurer Groesbeck thinks
that theiworst Is > et to come Judging
ifr ITtthc experience of pist jenrs
Many people are lfIhc habit of put
ling off tho pajment of taxes to tho
la t minute nnd these will be strongly
In evidence about TJiursdaj 1rldaj and
There Is another class of people who
believe In gutting the uscbf their
1 n jso long as thev cm Ihev be
lieve t ri IHls better to wall and by
thus waiting keep their tax money In
nic thin to pay up nor before the
legal idatc They figure that J3 cents
Is llttlo enough Intel torlhcuscoC
ilt good sized amount foi < olhiY5 And
so the appearance of a name on tin
delinquent tax list docs not incan al
wavs that the peison Is hard pressed
for tax money nnd cinnot come
tluough with the pa > ment
Wo have for fialo 275 Hams bred
from thoroughbred Itamboulet ewes
and thoroughbred Cotswold bucks
also 30 rtnmboulctf
These rams vvo used ourselves last
oar They aro great big fellows nnd
i an cjiceptlonally line lot Como and
RectlicmIo will glvo jou n bar
gain Only an hour and half ildo by
auto from Dvanston Wire us and
wo 11I meet > ou Tho Ncponset
LriridLIo Stock Co Evanston
Hood IIvcr Annie Grower Sets Out for
Xntlvc Laud
Special Correspondence >
Portland Oi Nov 12 Going lo claim
tho xnccthcirt of his juuth whom he
loft 10 jeirs nRo to come to men a
Go lf cy Mongeit a prosperous orchard
owner of tho Hood River district hns
left Portlind for his homo llInICJlil
Switzerland HR expects to celebrate his
marriage at Christmas tlmo and return
i to Oregon carl > la ho spring
Rfe hl IfiiJJicnlie
Mr Mcnserl left Switzerland when he
was ISenrs old Seven rears ago ho
came Oregon nnd acquired lIlplccoof
land a1 Hood Uiver Hf net out a fruit
orchard and wnf soon In a position of
comparative Independence Confident
that Iho affections of tho girl of fond
roomorv remain unchanged although he
linn not SPOII her for a decade Mingeit
wrote to hoi nnd In ictuin iecevcd tho
rcplj tint sho K still waiting foi him
Dont Ihlnk because > ou have taken
manj remedies In vnln that jour case
You have not taken Hoods Sarsa
parllla u
Ithasclllcl1manyII reemlngly hapo
less cases ot scrofula catarrh rheu
matism kidney complaint djspopsla
and ceneial Il1cbllllrl11an cases
that mav havo been worso than jours
What this great medicine has dono
for others It can do for sou C
tJt it
I KifhOBi e Company
< Dry Goods
1iili J tlR
Any article purchased will be ncld and
delivered onChristma8 eve if desired
t Note the following prices
Oak Hoekoi Turned or Hnrlj l X T 1 tt rr ti
English rinlsh scat and back I v alUC Z tDf
upholstered In Chaso Leather <
0 back upholstered with a soft loll I TOT 5i35 0
> A lino comprising clovcn patterns qf armchairs al i
tyoav linmlsonio frames oak or mahogain all splendidly
D upholsteied In either No plain leather or Spanish loath J
rer1 Honii t plain sonio tufted Prlcen range from 25 00 I
to 45 00 These must movo Prices follow that cannot
he duplicated later
i I JJSOO IlnlrHJCJr138B I 3000 Chairs for 1075
rOChlllrstor i 1KG5 4000 Clnlis for ol 2150
M 4500 Chairs for S 2060
i i i Mission i i Styles1 Art Graft
Splendid oak frames Fumed or Early English Finishes
Chnso or Heal Spanish leather Rpilns neats furnlturo
Li i g t room Furniture
Settee H1BOO < for 1000 Chair GJB for 4il5 y
Ii Settco 513 50 for noo Chair fiBO for t4ro
I Settco 2500 011500 Chair 1275 for L S65
I Rocker1100 for 710 Chair 85 for ron
docker1875 for 1235 Chair S50 foi J MS8 r
Theses prlcesjare on < only a few Hems You wllftlnd 1
thfi iontltobalance of the stock leducyl for this room
ng I >
t = < <
Ii 0 J J fi tD ii r i to i 1 > O f i J r i P < r w 70 >
f f 6 5 W V
> < i J f
r j
1 1 1 J
f Ai
1e iW 1 it hl llliJ
1 r I > <
1 I
I t
o = b
i i nuq
1f r1ir iwirl y i
= CCC r
iIV United1 Stated
i8 Department of Afirioufture
pbxrrttlontljikniitSn m wwoti flKh ni rJI nllm
ItonABB orcootlntjouiillnw paMtbroughpolnt of auKlalr
l r etbejr lllb1e5r lnoi ori r < Urteilij PjndIul > n0ca Forecast
8IUDOM lodlotniui or wwlhwi O cln CP Inl
cloodri O cloud r lm IDOWI report ml ln V
Arrow Hi with the wind Flnt 0 nr minimum KratrMoro
lorrut 12 houni oconrflhour rlnUII If It rooill Cl Icctii Generally fair vndcnlder foniqh t
third wind teloclu o li rnllr pflr liour or mom
Wi1I1I nFon cASr
I Tor alt lyiko C4tv and iclnlt > Gen
erally fair and colder tonight and
T iiosd ij
Kor ttah1 lou hwHhralnorl1ow
and colder tonight Tuesday cleirlng
and colder
The atmospberlf piessure Is low cast
of the Mississippi rlvei with the ccn
tei of depiession over Nova Scotlu I
I IXimperatureK aro about norm il In Ihe
region cxcepl along the Gulf eoist
where they arn higher than usual nl
this hensnn Hxcept In the raulhwest
tho piessuro west of tho Mississippi
rivci Is above normal tho erest of tho
high pressure wave being ovei llhc Ui
kotas Temporatilres aro bout norm il
In this section or < pl In the soutlicn
portion where they arc unusually high
linin or srow has fall < n along the
lakes In tho upper Mlwlsslppl and Mis
souri tnllcslInlhi Colorado
Tho Indications point to rc ne rail fair
woathct In this vlclnltj vith 1hlcrlo
nlijlil and Tuesdij
The highest temperatuie icslerdav
Wits r > degroes the mean lsrOcir 0
degrees above normal The lowcsl
tomperaturo this morning was 44 de
vices The temperature lecord for tho
month shows an accumulated iXcessiCJC
10 degrees and for tho jear of 759 de
grees The relative h 1inhll jcstcrday
at I i pin was f3 per cent nnd this
moinlng at tho MIIIO time was jGp r
cent Ilio 10Inll precipitation for tho7
month to date was 002 inch which 11
051 Inch below normal Tho total ton
th vcai so far was 112 inches which
Is I 76 Inches below normal >
The sun rl ca at 7ilo 1lLnd 8 t
nt il p m
The moon tets at 4OS am rises at
3 M p m and sets again at 527 nm oC
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Secllon Director
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Scllra mlblt IR iQrql5ii
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The NeverSubstitulors
The demand on these stores is so great and so diversified that it is a problem
to find room and time to show the great variety of goods we carry We havefa cut
flower department a glove and leather goods store a candy shop and a restaurant
We bought the other day several hundred dolls which will please the children We
sell enormous amounts of coffee for home use in fact these stores are > filled with JI
whatever we can find which we think will please our patrons and accrue to our
benefit as a semipublic institution
CoileeRoomat Numbl r5
This feature hib grown so much in popularity that it mctimcfi threatens to become the most 1
important part of the store Weve 1 wiy of tcivlnfj lunches thcip which bccnis to appeal ltothc
business men and women of the town Weve 1111 innovation for jou for Sunday evening We
are going to scHc a Spanish course dinner from 4 until 8 oclock Youll find this a delightful
novelty for btir Sunday dinner The price will be coo
Our Candy Special for this week is I
Chocolate Cream Puffs J
PAIIK ANI > TIMXJIlllS CAXBIKS V nit < icxelvlnc almost ihillj freMi hlilpinents of tho nou eniuh Ideas
fiom tlicM Ricat New Voik lonffctloneis Ilclnu vei IIII > partial list of dainties to bo found In our cases
Chocolato Cres m Cake t < Bon Vovage oxtra quality per pound 7 100
Chocolato Cocoanut ttir i in rancj Chocolitci oxtia iiunllty very line pack
Chocolato IXIUI IIJInri iO 50 age i i SI fi
r hn Mints i lOoSiUSi Custnllzcd Glngei per pound fiifll
Kougal Montellma UOc Glue btcm PCI pound sOji1
Maraschino Chen Ics co f lUu7ie >
Maple Walnuts O Ko Ahsorlment Chncolatcii per pound HOc
Druggists Gum Drops Iti Assortment Chocolates and Dons Hflo
Chocohilo iigntJ fu In glace fiults wo shovi tne vcrv best that tho
Choeolato Caramel lu market affords Perfection llrochotto Cherries
Huint Almonds i Ji lli Crjstalled Cherrleh with ntcm C rr itnUzcilAaorfdd
Jordan Almonds i > 20c fruit Strawberries Ilgs Pcais and Cherries
nrPIforJLeath Goods
At any of our stores vou mav leao cirdcts for
cut lowers nnd tluv will bo satlsfactorllv niled from
oui How01 department at Number r Our Mock Is Wo havo a beautiful lino of ladles
fresh and rtellvcries mado hv oui own mcs i
alwavs silk and leather 10 ups Ill 1 JOcr
0 llnod beautiful colors and artistically
finished A great convenience for
D a 11 s travelers
We have just received the greatest assortment C ijm Mailc Cross ladles handbags of tho
of doll over shown here Thejre ot all sorts and U very latest patterns being shown at
nationalities different sizes and prices our No I store
Iho noiv ones HIP tho Ullllkon Doll Co
ho Among Habv Dumps the Nowlv Weds nnd a great Do Mark Cross gloves SliiO tho pair
varletj ot tho Cant llrcak em patent taken fiom for men and women
SpecialCQfc rugPriees
QaJ JrsPils j QI9C Klcaj a Cicam if 450
Castorii zs < Sfinlls Tilcum Iowdei 150
Srup of Figs > 38C Mcimens Talcum Powder 150
llcipicide 500 siVe 3OC
Colgates Powder 150
Icrpicide 100 MC 55
WoodhuryN Facial Soap jgc
Icllins Food soc si e 380
ISlellinh Food 750 sic 630 Ichcco Tootli Pablo f 380
Woodbmys Face Powder 190 Arnica Tonlh Paste i c
I lostctter Hitters S c Eureka Cream je
Five 5 Good Stores
for backache rhcuraatiam kidney or bladder trouble and urinary irroBularitics
jFolcya Kidney Pills purify he blood restore lost vitality nnd vi or Rcfuue substitutes
< > i < S
M A I f < l
R m
i J > S f
> 1IW
i 1 i

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