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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 15, 1910, Last Edition, Image 7

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J i l MI
i i eo PESEThEOO EVfENINg NEWS TOTSDY NOVEMBER 15 1910 r iiliffi iti1i
n U R om t I NORfl
I < JnJN IO mrNi
U n cEiyjs Successful Flight
I From DeckfofCruiscr Blrming
j hamRrovesfhis
iirudd l WnteriTt StnrlJtoso Iiiinm
illilcljjiiml Ilcw Jho
t JHIes
Fort Monroe Vn Noy U Acilil
M i it1
navigation proved vtodi > Hint It Is a
fsctoi which must bc dealt JIIJnlhp
nnvnl tuctlcn i of trie future Mr fie suc
iis ful flight mado bv Eugene BE
fnl Curtlssj biplane mm tho deck of
thr cruised nlrinlntrliam can be tukiii
es n irlterlon
rl <
From Hampton Iloads tho cceno 13
jcniH nro ofanother Ji Illtho hls
itorr9rll11 wnrfnie vvliin nn Irnn
clnd proved Its superiorly ovir the
foriwt tvpe of lighting vessel thiMivl i
tor today nil neross the Ibwci end
t of Chesapeake biy landing on tho
jliore opposite tblK foil
i In weilhei conditions unfavoiablo
for II Ing the nvUtnr
ljnlthci Jlt hhoitly uftci i
I oclock1 this afternoon glided from tho
i plitform erected 911 LUC front of thn
criilsei swooped down until he touched
the uitor ro0 inpldly and was off in
i the dliectlon of the Atlantic ioui
f minutes Inter he was lom on tho cist
ern horizon nnd nn Instnnt Inter had
landed Hifclyon Wlloughhy spit
The Impact with which the iinchlno
struck the vvntei lifter Us 17fnnt diop
from thocrulfer split n vimll plcco
Ktronn propeller blade Hut tho speed
of the ncroplnne > not lessened and
t It diitcd nway vvlth expicij train rap
idityon Itsflleht
Intermittent rdln tlirfiURhout the day
ievoralfsinallhaiirgiiovvcr < nnd acon
tinuous foffinlmosf compelled till al
ator to postpone hlsj attempt IJUt li
vias deternjlncd i tcTjpiove 19 hosild
after the IllRhtf that he Jcould accomplish
tlJ1g clm
3 plish more than hnd beenipected f
rurthcrmorcJic Hd not wait for tho
Dlrmlnglmm to get In motion which
would have nildq < l to his momentum
l < i
r nnd tnutHlinp aided him bufxelzlng
nn opportunomomcnt bctvecn showers
hoinIR ri t r Ii thoac on thejshlp with
him nnd on the olhor vessels stutloncil
nenrby to follovvand assist him In case
of need were i ivvuio that ho wi
icnily ct
Klj today said It would be an easy
matter for an ueroplano to alight on
i vessel either while the l telus
moving or stnmllng still Naval ev
I > ett3jnhavltnessofltho light oxpress
rlt their belief thit the navies of the
futuro mu l take the aeroplane Into
lnsld ton j
Capt Wuihlngton I Cluunbeis o
as brcn I t Eton tho navy clepirt
mcnt as clialrmnn of a board for aero
nautical Investigation nreitthc
Ilight was more t1in ihc had nntlclpnt
td and is eonHdcnt the mols near
when t itlljcout cruler < i will bolcqulppcd
< Ii
with pevernl aeroplanes They would
not bo for battleship use he explained
but foi hcout duty
Starting out from the Norfolk navy
aTJ l I 30 oclock this morning on
tho Birmingham closely followed by
tho naval vessels It was full > four
lour befoie Mhs machine was work
ing toiltls full sitlsRictlon f j
ThoJinachlno In which ho levy wis
t o cne that Glenn C IIF5usolanhIR
AlbanytoNevv York light U had
rcn1 two previous cro = wnter nights
one ovei Luke Hrle from l > uclld lieacn
to Cedttr Point and hacle1 distance
of iOrileRtio other by Mr Curtlss
himself over the Atlantic ocean off At
lantic City where It covered 50 I e so
The distance which Ely flew tod iv
iuis nearly live milei EIfOI 310
oelock vvhen he kto the nil nnd
five minutes Inter he was afc on lnt
slnla Oll u few miles north of Not
folk Mr Ely aftei being biought
b ck Ji c launch and placed boa Il
the torpedoboat destrojci Koe sild hI
C c e 0
With a bolter understanding of the transient nature of tbo many physi
cal ills which vanish before proper efforts i ccntlo efforts rlcacant
cliorts riijhtly Directed There Is comfort in tho knowledge tret co many
forms of illness are not duo to any actual disease but simply to 1 consti
pated condition of tho system which tho pleasant iy laxative Syrup
of titrs and Elixir of Senna promptly removes That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families and is everywhere esteemed co hmhly
by all who valuo rood health Us beneficial effects aro tohirply
faJhatitis tho only remedy which promotes internal cleanliness
vithout debilitating the orcans on which it acts It is therefore allIm
portant in order to cot its beneficial effects to purchase and noto that
you havo tho ccnumo article which is t rcdbythe California
FIJJ Syrup Co only
It is pleasant and i rcircshinij to tho taste and acts nently yet promptly
on tho kidneys liver and > bowels cleanses tho system effectually prcmjty
colds headaches and fevers and assists m overcoming habitual constipa
tion permanently also biliousness and the many ills resulting therefrom
Tho creat trouble with all other purgatives and aperients is not that they
fair act when a single doso is taken but that they act too violently and
invariably tend to produce a habit of body requiring constantly aucmentcd
doses Children enjoy tho pleasant tasto and gentle action of S > rup of
FIBS and Elixir of Senna tho ladies find it delightful and beneficial
whenever a laxativo remedy needed and business men pronounce it
invaluable as it may bo taken without interfering with business and does
not cnpa nor nauseate When buying note tho namo California Fig
Syrup Co printed on the front of ever package Price SO cents a bottle
vna not fond of tlio water hilt ho hid
overcome Ills feirs long enough to iuc
compllsh his purpose
When he struck tho wnttr on diving
off the illutform on tho Dlnnliigh un
suit ntci dnshcd Into his face mid
SOSSles lt ho Ilm tseorO sev
eral minutes In which direction ho was
going He hid plinnod to take u dif
ferent courso from that ho follow cd
and to land fuithci to tho noith The
highest altitude he attained was esti
mated tt 500 feet wnsest
His striking the water he said after
ward was due to 1 miscalculation Ho
Ind plinnod bofoie he left tlm Incline
to drop noai the wntci MI as to Kot tho
momentum which he wanted to ciny
IlhnI mark ullbut hi ovcirenchcd the
1miclulclo Noifolk linme
dlii lillier the Might and If weather
< ondltlons tomorrow are favorable ho
will attempt 11 IfglncrtIH > cltv
I Is undoi stand Ely hy his Illght won
I 500 pilo oftereil by John Harry
HSUI for the first night of nmlool
moio from am hip to land Further
lli rlie itlofn slmllai nituieK
Ijelltved will bo conducted soon by the
nivj depaitment
To bo really ilunblo must show
equally good results from each mem
> er of tho fnmllj using It < Telexs
lonev and Tar doc1 just this Wheth
er foi ehlldreii or iron persons
olejs Honey and Tai libeslnnl
s ifcst ror all coughs and cols
SchramrnJohnson Drug Co
Hot Lake Oi Nov II Gov
clrct Jnnics If llawlcj of Idaho had
nothing lo siv tidn > icganllng tho
t In en lined content n bis seat fo gov
ernor Speaking of bis rntuio plans tho
povernorelect icmiiKed I am hero
letting up and ery relUlouhlv follow
ing the Instructions of my phvslclans
r am not woiijlng about politics or
rn > thins else
The UoO Tolev Kldnoj Pills Thev
nro upbuilding strengthening and
soothing Tonic In notion quick In
results SehrummJolinson Drug Co
leslngton Kv Nov II Bid lnki >
Noble who shot and IIIled lallei Wis
le > furileoC blood > Hieathltt
count In Jackson lust Tuesdas VMIS
I lilmMlf shot to death by n sheriff s posso
lie Iviiott counts late lodu > lnn th
jutsso railed upon Noble to sutienddr
lie iislsted nnd vins ntliilid with shots
Jtcwiuds nggregatlnj 47W had been nf
feitd Noble viim vsnl but 2ellrs old
had killed font men
If thov did millions would vote Dr
Kings New Llfp Pills iho true renicdv
for venieii For banishing dull fngced
fecttgs backache or headache consti
pation dispelling colds Imparting ap
pctlto and toning ur > the ssstein
i thcjre unequalcd Easv safe sure
rent7C M I 112114 Main St
Salt Lake City
New orJiNoI U The fallowing
statement bv Tli odora noosevolr his
flist comment since tlip recent elections
will ippeni in the foitbcomlng Itmie of
tho inaKnrliic of vvlikh ho Is nn editor
On uvcrj band personollj and bj
coricspondenee Ihuc been asked to
miko n itejnent le aullng the elec
tion So fir us I mil lonccrned I have
nothing wlutovei tu add 101 to dike
WIIfroiutlie dcclniallon of the prin
ciples which I hive Hindi In the Osi
valomle speech and elsewhere east and
weit duilng the last tnipp months
Mho flglit for piOMcsslve pbpul u
ovornnent his increlj begun nnd will
corlulnlj go on toi triumphant conclu
sion In spite of Initial chocks nnd lire
hpcxMve of tho perform success or fail
ure of Individual earl ra
M Otto Paul Milwaukee WIs sns
rolcvT Honej nnd Tar Is still moro
than the best Ho writes its All
those that bought It think It Is the I
best foi coughs nnJ colds they ever
had and I think It Is still moio than
the best Our baby hlulliricold
and It cured him In one dny Please
nccept tl inl ijSchramll1 Johi ion j
Drug Co
j ru
Dovs to sell the Christmas News In
ovory < town In Utnh nnd Idi hoWrhc
Circulation Department Deaeret News
Salt Laka City for terms
wt rnitcn ix WASUINOIOX
Washington Nov 14 rinnlc Pleici
ilrst nsslstnnt iccretar of tho Interior
icturncd here today iftoi spending si
month Investigating conditions In Cali
fornia oil fields near nakersfleld Ho
Is piepailng a uport to bo submitted
to the sec olrljy
q b 1m tJ Af 4 ff Ir
8t Dsthne1t 1TIake
care of yourself This is generally the first symptom of some organic de
1 rangcment and often the fault of indigestion If not corrected off
color is followed by blemishes lassitude dull eyes heavy head bad
t j breath and the symptoms all arc familiar with who have a
disorganied stomach The whole system soon gets out
j of gear incapacitating one for either pleasuie or
Work The backache nervous spells impover
ishment of the strength and blood ate
easily encouraged and developed
unless something is
clone to restore
and invigorate
The worlds great
est remedy
I wilUcbr i
1 rect this condi t
1 tion The fust act
is to assist the stomach
and liverf enabling nourishing
food todigest and become assimilated
t by the body to icslore the nerves and
blood to proper rdcrEnergyand vitality II
dispel1lassituderricli led blood courses through I
in the whole body Ihe
i the veins and soon shows itself m um MUH w
eye becomes l al1ndkccn and the brain vigojous If
you t tak Beeclmms i1IsgoopI1ealtI1wlli be established andS
IS ur Yr Wi Return or f
1 i S I r At all Druggists lOc and 25c i
e rArAaT
I >
< tv rr
1 mwr
q A 1rcti u 0
I M i
4 1 I > J jR T m Q 1 I II > t ai J I
1 i f m 1t f I I j < ID t i < T t 1 11
I L t bladder trouble on unnorj t 1sr l J ft 1J j
I idncy
I t gt 1 tI glli1 i 1t tt ft l bib t or stOrclSt 1tnJI tYl1n YHforIR tu fsubstitut s > I
I 11 JFoleY Ei1 Jijurif Mi NYSALTiLilKEJCITYh7 1 j l I
I w 1 E rs T IliIyW r SORRAD JkOHNffo NjDRUGC ii p 1
I m r t f
t iJ r lo V
I r1 I < jjf i I if f t I M I
if1G tii kit IMh < L 1 < = J
1 1 n 1 f It I
til1 tjj1
o I L
< WreBHfiB MBS
pnB Ul Nr iTNFT
Tells Federation of Labor Convention
vention He Has J Always Op
posed Labor Legislation
Snjs He Ilist Im01 oil nnd llien Op
piiotl the Moon
< 1111
fct r 1IRN6in Till AWrJcnu
Fllcrut lonOCpLbiilWhlthl lonvnind
hem todaj will gctdown to actuil woik
tomorrow TJio npoi L of tho i intent I iK
committee hovui that the Ifjlhcratloiw
of the body will be cunliulkd by thu
inlneis1 unions of tin county that
brunch of laboi liavuir 2107 oteH
while tho carpenters nr4 iiixt with kU
votes flirt delegate vile lli sttuiRth
of their re peCtlvo omauiatlom onu
olrocach eioup
See Tiank Mculmr s n jKirt
bowed that be convent m iCprcents
lTiiil151 trades unlonliitt
Prcxldont Samuel OMUICIH paid
that Pieslnent Tnft nnd luntlnuously
opposed labor kglslatUJn lie told how
the piesldnt hivrt llrst favred and
then nppwd the Moon bill ftailng that
Congress bj fonslilailiiK Hint bill t
op il tho way for amendments that
Inhoi wanted Aiming otnet things In
hid adilros President CiiiiiHl8 sild
In splto of oui best endeaoiH it
Hcemed Inipi sslbla to obtuln consldei
tlon by the luwe commltleo on Judl
elnrj uf UIl 30S0rIHlt was with
labor advlio latei rfllntro Hicel b > Iteii
nseiitatlvo AVIlson a H H 2MSS Thu
majority II1diih < hlp3thul lommltlce
w is LOinpoCd of tho mOt ilcillo lepre
sentatlves whom hlvkoi Cannon
could possibly hae selected Ills
liiKenulty In Ills uoCI1ls mo = t
Important committee MII cbincterls
tlell became the obje < t el deilMon
of the blxt > llist CongrcBS I
Onl of KM mcmbers Mi rouben O
Jloon of Pennslvinin ul > c > cd orders
and lntrrtduicditlic nriniiiilstiatlon bill I
H nJ334Il was a bill providing
Jedl authority foi tll < Ih uance of In
junction < nn authorltv which does not
nOCJclst The president it list ui id
him nnd thi cornmlllce > lepoit the
bill but partv exlsrsney evldentl > for
bade It Pi f sklent Taft 111 an address
at Pnssilc XJonllII V after ills
cussing the provisions of the Jtoon bll
Tho gient dllUcnlly icspect to
the nuitti It that ICthlloIlIIH ic
ported fiom tho committee and put up
on ItH passage In tho house there illI
be i movement to Intunlucc amend
ments In accord with the leeommenda
tlons of the rcdcritlon oi Liboi by
which n julj tilnl sball be uoulicd In
contunpt cihos and bo > iuUs sh ill bo
ill lM legitimate His 1C mil that If
tuch amendments weio pioposcd they
might liiss and thu > iimiu tho bill an
obnovlous cue Whether a pirllumcn
tarv condition can bo eieulcd whlih
will pi event the submission of such
amendment i or Hot ls > a question that
I can not anticipate
I In other words tho piehldenl was ap
prehensive that IT thai bill which ho
favor tamo before tins house of leprc
sentatlves amendments would be offered
secuilns to the woikon the rights to
which lalwr Is entltliil equal with all
otlv > r citizens nnd th u those nmend
mciitr wouHi be adopted by the < house
Further he hoped that n parliamentary
condition might be cioatcd < to prevent
labors nun ndmonts belnc brought to
tho con5IikrnUono the houso Of
course llhl a ml stitomnit inoic than
llkelv unintentional ono when tin
piesldont iieoHrod tint liboi had asked
foi a Jurv trial In confmiit cases
The presidents mlsinfoin atlon upon
this mibject Indicate i lirl1rUinthe
has not undoi lstolllltho piovlslons of
the Wilson bill HU21bS
The so tlon lioins tiien well ad
vanced If was found Impossible to ob
tuln further attention t out a well oigan
Ized portion of tho hound members w is
propaicd to attack tho bill If It cunc
up and nlxo to add to It as in amend
ment the Wllxnn bill Ifi ti in158 This
information mining to tho president hu
relaxed his ongerne s to obtain the
passage of the 1iinbiILH feared
that K that bill cam before tho house
the npnortunltv would fine to cany
tho Wilson hill as in amendment and
by that means extend to n itlie legi
timate lollcf foi whli It It hiH been con
tending and to which ho is apt rcssivclS
Tho prcsldint nirled his opposition
to such an extiemo tint he oxerclsed
tho ItOC bis power working with
nIl his might nnd main on June 22 nnd
luno 21 to dofo nt the nmendliipnt oui
rllndMIHurheHofNriv Jprscy
pioposcd to the section of the sundry
civil appropriation bill on J iiOi21IO
Tho section piovldod lIlir appropriation
foi the proccutlnn of tho criminal
trusts Mi Hughess amendment Ava j
as follows
Piovlded furtlipi that no put of
this money shall be spent x In tho
liiosecutinn of any organization or Iii
dlvldiial for entering Into any combina
tion oi agieemcnt hnvlnr In SliiI thn
Inoreii lng of wages ih oi toning of
hours or bettering tho condition of
lab rolrornn act lonOln furthei
iinca thcieof not In Itself unlawful
This evidently angered tho piosl
clent nsho Immodiiitcly took tho njnl
ter Into his own bauds Ho suspended
otliei public buslnoss and mvept nsldo
oci > onKagemcnt Ho called waver
ing lepiesontntlves tUWhU
H Il onnII Insisted upon their active
opposition even going so far nn to Slit
tint Ir It CMt hhnthOslppnrtor
i ociv InnnihiR man In tin country ho
would not nppimo of such a proviso In
the law
1TmIB SUXWAllliX ii j
Philadelphia Nov 11 Congn sumnn
lleuben 0 Moon of thin city who WIIH
assailed hil3J Louis todn > by Samuel
Hampers president rthtJ American
l e 1clltthlnorrnblllln his annual re
port when referring to nntltmst In
junction this afleinoon losucd n 10
pLyMiv Moon sayn ton peiss Rlnlcmoivta
are entirely unwarranted that tho >
injunction bill pinhodlcs In It tho uni
form practice of the best federal Judges i
frii opr n century Ho sajs further
Urn bill Is dctlgiied to protect the la
boring man against the abuse oJ of tho
Injunction process without notice
rr J mTHYr1 Ifm n I2
lit tho nnmo ot a Gorman chnmlcnt
miu nf Ihn miUl ValuabluT ingredients
of rolejs Kdney Itoniedy Hnx
amoth > lcneletrnmino In recognised by
medical text bookH and authorities
Iii l iiclt solvent niid anttHeptloi
fpr itho urine TnKo Foloys Kldnew
Tlomcdy promptly atjtho < nrstiKlgnSof
ihldnoyjtroutilo anil ToiL a sorloual
malady ScliramnijJphnacin oJ
rf j it 1
L >
v v
= i
BL l iHelHe
Thats the wny 7 to feelEVERY ONE
doc that lakes a CASCARBT nif < ht
BEFORE Mvheaihe looks nt the fellow
vyho didnt For OVEREATING and
DRINKING nothing on Earth cleans you
out as a CASCARET 1rensili I
without that up ct sick feeling i Dont
IIcglcctnll cdtlmc9PMjodA M II
no difference youll need it
CASCARHTS loc n hot for n wtcks
treatment all dmsRlsH nlcctsl Kller
In the world Million boxes n month
Ioinsvlllo Kv Nov friArtel
Tan 1 till the ban wll be i laceil
on all llrcworlts In Louisville Ihov
are deemed In the gcnnral council n
menace to the pulilk and In the p ist
havu caused a long death Iht
iuissnn rx IIIACIC AVD
Not football Go I qriuhu I tho color
iorthl carton containing Iolevs
Honey and Tut the Lest and safest
eough icmedy for nil coughf and
cold Do not necopt a substitute but
bee that > ou get the genulnfi Iolejs
Honoj und Tar Inri > ollow carton with
black letters Schrammlohnson
Urui Co
Dool1 want oir Tiro Insurance
lAoked after UK It hoiild lic7Ihen
secWneullllg204 Atlnf Hlock
Now York Nov 1rI1nM have
been tiled here fin tho i rcetlon nfn
46 story office building at the corner
of Dioadwav and PaiK lace opposite
the cltv imstofflco It will measino
from the street I yclto tho cupola
OJ5 feet and will cost JT000000 Tho
foundations aro ilreadv lompleted
and tho building will be furnished In a
vcar The builder Is r Wool
worth The new ntiucturc will bo 11
feel higher than tho Singer tower t
will milk as the 000111 tnlleit build
ing In the world The architect Is
Cass Gilbert designer of tlm Now
York custom hoUso and and other
public buildings A novel feature of the
plans Isa 100foot swimming pool In
the basement
You want him strong dont joul
Then atop doping him for fits weak
heart fever Incipient consumption
nndnlot of other scare diseases
Clva him Klckapoo Worm Killer nud <
untcli blm gron It cleans and regu
lates bad bowels tones up torpid
llvcrn nnd purIfies thc blood Price
I5c sold by druggists ctcrynbcre
and bj
Tlio Never Substltiitors
Fho Stores W liero the Curs Stop
jinxiCAN CITRUS nUll corrin
clpul place nt buslncos halt Like Clt >
Ctnb Notlca Is bireby Riven that lit v
meeting of the Do ml of Directors at the
Mexican Citrus rrult Ciimpnrs held on
tho loth dn > of Ocober 1UO assessment
NolorS10pelrshllre nnn levied on the
capital stock of corporitlon Issued
Ltid outhtandlnrr pujnble NovembeilOtb
gINn IIIIkd J oAf
1910 lo H U Hatch J rensnrer at nln of
flco at lliniilicr flrotliors llink lXSin
Ltnli An > slor f ul which this TSSCSS
nPit ma > reni iln nnpntil on the lOtli dav
of December 1910 will b delinquent nnd
advertised foi FIC nt public auction and
Boldolhc 0th day or Decembei 1WO
at SrclockpI11nl tho lesldenee of tho
VIcn IrPsldcnt 1 W I1to lrlcliSnl
Itlchrnond lit ih to pij the rlolliiquint
CesSmnllh rroll together with tho
cost advertising and uxponso of sale
11 C IIIJAIVSccrclaiv
Notice Is hcrcl > given lint nt a moot
ing of tho boudoC directors 1OU
HANrlUI MINIMI CO held nn tho
24th clns of October 1S10 in tho office of
Young A Moj le nn assessment aCU
mills per share was levied on the capital
Mock of the corporation outstanding pnr
Eabln Immedtnlrl 10DnltIsnwlllosc
rrtarj at lie office of Voting A Movlo
Dcsoret National Ilnnk Dulldlng Salt
rako Cltj Utnb Any stock upon which
this assessment mnr rrmaln unpaid on
the JSth di > of Novcmbfr 1010 1111I110
delinquent nnd unless nijment Is made
on or hcforo the mil dny of December
towlJl be sold at 11 nm In the office
of Young fi Moj If to paj delinquent
nsscssment together with cost of adver
tising nnd expensn of sale
I SMIIMIK Sccretarj
rirst publication 21 1010
In the District Court of the Third
Judicial DlHtilct Inflndror Silt Lake
Counts Slate of Utah In tho innttet of
William II Hills A Sons ooUco of
Application William H lllllh Hons
Co a Corporation foi Dlmoluljon of
Corporation Notice Is hrcbj given that
pursimnt to an order of the Ihhd Ju
dicial Court of Utah Heretofore wide
roll o Is hereby glvin Hint Wllllnm II
Hills Hons CoIls CllrIlnlhosrild
Court Its putltlon and nppllcitlon foi dis
solution of tlm said curporatton nnd any
person objecting to tho said application
or tho said dissolution of the snld cor
poration may fllo with tho Clerk of tho
said Court during the period of tho pub
lication of ttilK notice surh objection
MAiiuAiinr HANI wiTqitnn
Sejil Clerk of the feald Court
Hy rrcrt C HisMlt Iicpulj
On ted Npv il IO
Young 8i Snow Attornejs for Peti
Principal places of business Uvanslon
Wjomlng and Salt icko City Utah
Notlco l < bcrcb > given that nt a meeting
of the Hoard of Directors hold on thn
10th diy of November 1010 an
issebsmcnl of fOll4 mills pel
sliaro wri levlul on tho cnpltil stuck
of tho corporation payable Immediately
to Henry T McHwan sccretars at ItU
office at thn State Bank of Utah Snll
nIce Clt > Utah Any stock on which this
nnsissinimt may irmnln unpilrl nt the
close of business on Monday Ibn 12th
day of Dccimbor 1010 will bo Illnauent
and advertised for silo nt nublla auction
and unless pasmcnt Is innilo bofoic vs1ll
lv > sold nt In oclock am rrldaj tho
SOth dn > of Decernlirr 101010 pav tbe
dcllnquont nsscsfmcnt together with the
cost of advertising nrid pxponsn of sale
IinNUY MoIlWANi S crctan
At State nink of Utah Salt IiKo City
rirsl publlcntlnn 0111 1010
COMPANY1 Illinlpil pined of buslmsi
fcnlt Uikn Cllr ft ib Nollre Thoio
are dcllnriu nt upon the following dc
ncilbPd stoik on account of nisoHsincnt
1107 loled on the Knit day of boptnin
bor 1910 the sevenl amounts net oppo
sltntho mmos of tho respective share
holders lowlt
C 011 Name HhrM Ami
No No
n rnFlI1pon WM GZj
73 Harry > Johnson 1337 1 TJ
M 11 Simpson M SM
M Ocorgn Vlnsns k j
Ml CcoiKo lnHiies < 0 W M
AnJlnI atcorilnncc with the law nnd Ihn
crdoi of tho Hoard i Directors in inn on
1 IIO2inddnio heptomiioi 1W i > mam
Blnirqs of each parwl of such stock as
mal b iKocHsiry vll hoIInt nubile
nuctlon at Itoom 712 lloston Ilulldlng
Rait l iko City tltah f111r elllNo
vembcr Xna1 1110 nt S oclock pm to
pay lIio I dtl I nllllnlln nssonsmcnt loRvnher
wlth tho J cosUofjndvcrtlnlng nnd oxpenss
ot alle ii r
i oj WMIJTrnBATSSecrelnr I
on DuldlllsJItLi o
m p
6 rl1 t b j
i 1 11
i 5ij tii j
t f t I r i 11f ttt I WrP M4 r
In the Uhtrlct Court of the Thlid Iu
ICIIIID sl rlctIILlHI foi the County of
balt Liie Stnlp of tJtnbf In the matter
nf the Veluntirv nukolutlon of the
STnipon MlnlniT Company Notlco No
tice Is hereby Riven that tjnmulnn Mlnlntt
Connnny IL cornorntlon j > rsanl7Cd nnd
existing unilci < the IHVK of Utnh Ins
filed In Hie rtbove entitled Court HH vol
unni niipllcntlon lo br OIH OIMM An >
person Imvlnir ubjertloiiH to tlio Sll hlnl >
pllcfttlou inty fllo tho tame In iild Court
nt nnj tlnio within thirty 11111 fion
the flrfil publication of this nolle I
1lrst luibllfltlon of notice November 12
ScnO Clerk of Aliav < i Ilntltled Court
Uv Krcd CV UiMclt Dpulv
falrU iC Urnircl Altprnejs for Appli
in tbe Third Judlclil Dlntrlct Court In
nnd for Silt Like County Htnte nf Utah
Piobnte Illvlslon In tlm in liter of the
Htalo of Iiv 111 M DivlK Ii > c < asctl No
Ucopf Irlvnli S lie The undcrslRned
wilisoll nt private site an undivided
onolmlf Interost In Iho nlup Itlrd Ixirte
Mining clnliu dqilKiinted II the Survej
otGenprnl HH snrvov nrH2 nnd plttl
nto In section 32 lovn IUp und tonnshlp
oulhInnK3 Unit Snlt Liiko MH
illfln In tin Lltllo Cottonvvood MlnlnK
Dlhtrtrl bill Lnko Countv Stito ot
111 all contilnlntr 17 C acicw
Also an undivided on1Ialr Intcroit In
the Skv Lark 1O1t > Mlnlnir claim doslR
lutCII > the Surveiorl rniral IIM No
fS Zt1 and situate In ifetloni JlU low
thlp 2 south Tnlll1 ail Fill I iko
Meridian In the Lltllo Cnttnmvnod mln
Inc Dlatrlcl halt likp CnnntJ Stile of
Utah rnntilnlnir 1 SOS ncrc on or after
the 26th iln > of Novcmbei A II 1910 nnd
vvrUti1 lildn will ho recilvod nt Ihe of
Ice of Movie t Van Pott Dosorol Na
tlonil Hank HulldlnR Suit Lake Clt >
Itah torni caBh 10 per cent nt lime of
bid nnd bal nice on confirmation of sale
bl tlio court
IImcourl1II nl JIOnOAN
Admlnlstntor of tlm citato of Hivld M
D iv H DPreamvl
MoK JL Van Colt Atlorncjs foi Ad
nlds will bo ucclvcd by tho ntnto
board of examiners nt tlio office of thu
UndarslBiicd utilll 12 clock noon of
tho 1 lhda > of November 1310 for llio
2 spcikirs ivcls
17J I 111 II roC I ICcjatona BInders No
GIJor other suitabli fllo leclslnllve
Jail IIIn I Irtttr on cover
172 Improved Hlonc Hlmltra No
t4IJ or other Miltnblu rIIo for IcKl1
live bills IctleriU on cover
72 bra acdKe rulers n III
2 dozen wire vasto paper bdKketn la
In high 12111 Hero top
1 pross lelnII tablets neutral tint rul
ed 1 cross note tiblot1 nentrnl tint rul
ed M reams Linen typewriter piper SI
b 13 medium wclsit
15 roims ciiBrosami pnpor cuinmc
for enrolling bills
1000 sheets LlttleK Cobweb cirbons
30 lltbORrnpliPd Uncut letterheads
2 OX printed letterhpndi
20000 envelopes No ll printed
1000 envelopes NOH 10 primed
2Oft envelopes No It printed
2C o onvolpea No II printed
envelope to bo XXX No 1 steck
1I08S tubes niste AVels
0 urosa Tubers pencils ussortfil Hum
1 cross medium hanl rubber penliol
1 KtoiH laritc rubber pDhoWiM
10 oiurtB Arnolds wrltlnK flulu
6 pints hinfords red Ink
27sros rnbcrs No 31 rubber bnndi
72 sroHs Tabors No 16 rubber binds
4 Krosn Fnbcrn No XVXJ3 rubbci binds
gross 10 hers No fiuOOJ nibbcr binds
2 Bross rnbers rubber bands i IP
wide r In lonK
1 cross Fabora Kmernld erasers No
111 C pnlrn 12 In bonkers shcais Booa
J cross J rtocers Sons knlfo bl ide
steel erasers rubber bnnulc r In
4 D llrChnllenc itlct presses No
15 onl2o7 boxcfl Challenge cj clots
Xn 1
5 onl > Rq bise safety Inkstands
medium size
f onl > 2W pace hroid cap records
clothlcnthcr backs and corners eod
piper nusslan i ornerfr
16 onlj 100 Dace broid quarto records
clothleader lucks and corners good
S onlv Ironfrimo copper wire pen
dozen Chnilenco envelope openers
2 only Victor noI lIHcoles
2 dorcn inkvvills for IPBlslntlvo desks
1 yo printed mtnuscrlpt covers 12 I
Ifldno votlnp IlstH
The above to bo delivered at the of
fice 0fIIII Seciclary of Mate on or
liofore tbe 1st daj of nrcomber 1110
Jliterlilo prirlfnc rulliifr nnd blntl
hiiT assessment mils for tho mvernl
ell untie of the State for the enl 1311
nnd 1912 bids lo li nt tho rntc nor
alieet for which sunn will bo furnished
Material prlnllnr rullnc onn hundred
sheets mom or less assessment net pro
ceeds of mines
Maleriil prlnllnr numcrlnc and fold
Inc taxpnvcrs Hlilcments for thn ellr
Ull nnd Itl2 bids to bo at thn lite per
thousand for which simo will bo fur
Mntcrlal printing numprlntc nnd fold
Inu stntementB fur tho nturn of the mt
proceeds mlms foi the jcu 1111 1111
1112 < lIO be nt the rnte per thousand
foi which Fime will be I
Bid foi nsmsstncnt rolls nnd tnxpi
oi R ulnlcinrntu must nclijdo vvinpplim
nnd dcllverlnB In tin expifss or frUnht
office reid for shipment to the ncv
cral counts olerl and must Ira deliver
ed on or before the 2nd day of Jiuuaiv
1 1II1illlthc 2n1 daj of Jnniinry 1112
Mnlerlil nelllnK t > pi > and nrtsswork
for iirlntlnir Ibc lournalH of the Senile
all lIuuo Ilepresoiitnthcs of the
N nth Session of lire Ijufllnliire oClhe
htnto of Utah In small pleaspy solid
M copies of eich to be piintfil ilnllj
tho forma to bi > held until corrtetcd b >
I ho respective lioufies when o id
dltionnl copies of eich are to bo print
J1IOIl the iorrcct < i forms IP bo
bound at the closo of the sisslon
Material t > penciling nnd press work
for prlntlnB tlic 1 BlUtlvo bills of tlm
ninth msKlon ortho Legislature dmnll
Ilui tvpe open lines section lines
numbered consecutively
Matrrlil OpisutlhiL nlIollrCl9 work
foi printing < copies of IhIII1I ot
the ninth session of tho glnlnturiv
rich bldilii must snte it what nrli o
1wlHclllolho public copies of Urn
i said sss lon lawn
Mnlerlnls nnd press work for printing
on oni side of tlm pipi 1000 copies of
mipli nmcndments as are made to the
miipllMl Inwa of rtuh 107
Material tjpcpettlntr nnd press work
for printing corl iln reports of rtepnrl
mcntn of lilo BOveruniPiit and pub
lie Institutions In smill pirn xolld to
bi > based on fflft In 1V coplcH Also nt
whit into additional roplei will bo
furnished per thousand
Material nnd binding M copies each of
tho lournnli of tlio Hoiio nnd Senate
In law sheep
Mat rial and binding vo coplea of tho
Liws of the Ninth SKlon In law aheap
Material nnd blndlnr In p Pi tho
kfpurnte icports of depnrtmcnts nnd pub
llu Instltuttims tho bidder to furnish nnd
pi lilt til roverx
MulctInt nnd binding In law slincn re
porta ot departments nnd 1nbllc Insti
tutions 1SO volumes
All prlntlnir nnd hlpnlni must bo In
Bccordanio with the qualifications on fllo
In Ihn office of tho undersigned
Samp must bo submitted with bid on
all articles oxcent thoau tint nto
definite itcccrlbed b > mime
All inntcilal and work lo bo deliver
ed at Iho office of Iho Serrelnrv nf
htiit1 oxpnpt lh dnllv minutes of thn
session which nro to bo delivered In tbo
ivhpcctlve hoiiHoa and tlm assessment
tolls nnd tnxpapcrs stitcinents which
must be dellvirtil ns directed
l aeh bid muft be nccompanled with i
certified rheek rniinl lo 19 por cent of tbo
nmount of the bid to bo held upon con
dition tlmt urion Ihn nwnrd of tho con
tract tho bidder will fnllhfully nnd
promptly oxccuto a roori nnd aufflilont
bond pn > ablo to the state lo be ippioved
by snld nonrd conditioned Hint he will
perform Ih work or deliver tlm Kiippllrtt
fOi which he has contracted under such
ruins and reeulntloim nn tho board nny
prenorlbo nnd for Iho filthful perform
nmo of tho contract
Ihn Hoard rcservea the right to reject
nn > nnd II bills or tn awnrd tho cm
trict fpr any clnsfl of work or supplies
State noird of Kxnmlniri
ny c s TiNonr
R G Dun Co
j The Mercantile Agency
iGeorso Ruet Oancml ManaK < r Idntio
Novada Utah nnd Wyornlnst
Otncclln Progress BulldlncuSaltLakn
Clt > tltah JtSii
4a i
in MAKI umtr iimo
It Js ncoissiri to be a Rood cook unit
lo hac tho b < st of floiu Yon are
nit doubt nn experienced couU vvo
inuko tho wollKnown
llllc Iivui I loin
which Is the bct llnui milled In this
state If vou will combine oiir ex
lierlenco with 0111 Hour tho result Is
nun to In llKht whole some bread
IA1CI3 V lOltlAN MILL s 4Ji
Denver Rio Grande R R L FF
In rrfect Tune istli 1910
nn PA IIT D A 1 1 A
Provo Mnntl anrt Mnrjsvalc 7 20 a m
niiiRlmin nnit Mlilite 8 W n m
Denxor Chlcnro mid Cist 8MO a m
Jirk Cltj 8 a m
Opilcn nnd Inlormetllito Points 10 21 n m
OBd < n ntl Snii rnnclico jlWpm
Ociton ynn rranclsco and Port
land 2Spm
Ocdon fa in I rinctfico ami Port
Hnil 2 r 0 p m
Milnlo nnd nlnKhnm 2 V p in
Denver ClilciKO anil Kist < i 03 p m
Proo Tlntlc anil Jnttrincillito
Points C OS p m
Ogilcn ninl Intcrmcillats Points C 10 p in
Denver ClileiRO nnrt Knst 710pm
Cram Junction md IntcrmcdHto
points 7 CO p m M
Onun Sin I rnnclsco anil Port
land 1130pm ill
OKflon San rrnncl eo and Port
1iml 8 00 am
Osiicn nml Intenncilliti Points 1000am
Prove Untie nnd Intcrmeillatc
Points 10 a n m
Jllnrnin ami Mldvilo 10 50 nm JM
Denver Chlcaro anrt Kist 1 30 p m
OKdcn nnd Intermediate Polntx 1 4 > P m
Denver ClilciKO nnd Knst 2 M p in Jfl
Grand Tunctttm nnd Intermcd
ate points 230pm
Ogdcn and hnn rrinclico > a 33 p m
Pirk City COOpm
UlniTlmm and Mldvile > 5 n m I
Prove Slant Jnrjsvnlo Ucber 603pm
OKdon him I ranclco and Port
land 7 00 p m
Denver Cbtcnco nnil Knst 11 15 p m
ORdcn Hnn rnnclCo and Port
land t 710pm
National Bank of the Republic tjlt
rHANKKNOX President
VT P HAHl Caohlerj
IJ A CULIJKRTSON Asat Caahlcr tjltm
Capital and Surplus J < 3000 00
A tliorouBl > l > mod < Tn savings de i
partment conduotcd In connection
with this bank Sfuty deposit boxes
for r rit m
Merchants Bank
277 MAIN
II P CLAIUC Prwddent
JOHN J DALY Vice President
A H PEADODY Vice President
W H SIIEAKMAN Cashier fill
natabtlsbcd 1SSO
Commercial i
WM r AHMSTnoNO Presldent
Commercial Hanking In all Its If
Drnncbes Four per cent Interest paid
on savlnsrs deposits
W W filter President Georce
noinney Vlco President Ellas A fi
Smith Cashier 1 > j HUls Jnhn It
Ilnnics John C Cutler David Fc
clen A W Carlson fc6ren Suther
land llefld Smoot W 1 James C W
Nllilii A W Ivlns ill
4 per cfnt lntre it paid on savings
McCornick Co
Kiubllihcd 1673
The Utah National Bank
Capital nnd Surplus K400MM
Accounts of Hanks Corporations
Klrmn nnrt Indlvduals Invited 4 per
cent ou Sivlnss Deposits
W B McCornick Prest It T nail
cer Cashier T n Cutor Vice
Prfst C II Wells Asit Cashier
> VMS 1 t yitUiif < j >
Continental National Dank
Capital 25000000
t Ercrj branch of n modern bank
J n Co BTlI Iics V P Noblo
VIccPrcs T W llojer Cashier
Deseret National
Salt Lake City Utah
Capital 350000000
Surplus 50000000 iff i
L S HILLS President
JOHN C CUTtiu Vice President
H S YOtlNCJ Coshlor
E a HILL1 AS3U ClilitC
L W 11URTON Aast Cashlnr
John It Barnes V W RItcr
A W Carlppn George Ilomrey if
John C Cutler K CiT Smoot
David Hccles lohn c atmrn
L S Hills II Whllne m
W H Mclntyro It D Mlllot
rnncls M Li man
Safety Deposit IJmes for Kent
The State Bank
KJtublUtml In ISM
Sollclti accounts at Binlcs Flrm
and Indlvlauals nnd extends to cus
tomers every pnsonablo courtesy
and facility
ANTHON Uf LUNDVIce President I
H J CiHANT Vlco Prcsldent
II T MeCWANi Aiat CnshlcrJ
> v v

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