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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 16, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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Ifyyou Iiavoin < Icgltlmntc > propo8ltlonS
j the NettaSivllicnrryltMb7thVpVo3
porous homes jofUtio elf J
First DivisiomofCruisihg iBattle
tti1 Arrives at Portland
AceoidcttHlihllcROs XovcivJU roro J3
3Icn ol
Portland I ns Nov 1C Tho first
ulvhlon of tlie American battlcbhlp
ciulslng fleet wJilch Includes Admiral
feliroedcrs flagship tho Connecticut
iirrlvedlheio this moinlng While com
I Ing from Torjiuay the Ameilcnn war
j shlpb paasciillic second division ot tho
if British homo licet wJilch wan passing
out Salutes wore exchanged The
vlilting vessels made the customary
ralutcs as thoyentered Portsmouth
1 Vice rdmlral Sli William Ilenrj May
commander of tho homo llcet vslll en
tertain tlu American admhal and cap
tains onUils llngshlp tho Dreidnaught
tonight Tho inujoi ami the eorpoia
tlon vxlllBlvo nbanriuot to the Ameil
can ofllcers iwhlle a fancy hall and
other cntertainmiiits foi tho Amcilcan
and British bluejackets have been ar
Imrnedlatcly after the American bit
tleshlps Jmd imoored In thu berths
usuajlyvoccuplcdvby the second division
ot the homo fleet which left this moin
lng forjhc express purpo o of making
loom forthe visitors In the overcrowd
ed harbor VIco Admiral Jlav put oft
In a barge1 to lslt Heur Admiral
Ho was recclvcd at the ganuway of
tho Connecticut by tho Amirlcan ad
miral nnd the two retired to the lal
tera quarters Latci Hear Admiral
fcchrocder icturncd tho visit aboard tho
Tho mon of the visiting llcct wlll be
givenallvtha iprlv lieges of tho naval
canteen ntPortland and of the sailors
homo In AVe > mouth harbor This is a
courtesynovel before granted to menof
foreignslilps The naval iccreatlon
grounds hao beanplacv nftho dis
posal of theAmcrIcnn and row Ing and
silling matches between crews of
American and British seamen have been
VISIT Anousisirivxrv
Ixindon NoyjJlBiSriio tvlslt of i the
American warshlpsHci5 English ports Is
cxeltliiff thollvollcHUInlciest In Eng
land It Ihlexpected London will bo
ncxtfow weeks nnd arrnngementH have1
been made tollentertnlifithothousands
of blue jncketstwhp vlll conietliero
from Portland nncKGra pseud i
Commando Kdwjiid ShnpsonxAmer
t lean naval nttachCjatLohdiinTihas la
J called offeis of hospitality from Brit
ish penmens and sailors clubs nnd tho
proprietors of mublcal halls and theni
tors >
Hen Admiral Kchroedcr commandcr
Inchlef of the American Atlantic licet
Isfriot expected to visit London but thu
Pilgrims societywill give a luncheon
to the officers of llcar Admiral Mur
docks division the third on Trlday
Tho third division arrived at Gravo
end today
Oravcsend England Nov 10 The
battleships Minnesota flagship of
Hear Admiral Murdock tho Idaho
Mississippi and Vermont comprising
tliQ third division < of the American
Atlantic fleet arrived hero today
Mayor Davis boarded tho flagship
and cordlallv welcomed Admiral Mur
dock his olllcers and men on behalf
of the borough Giavescnd Is gaily de
Tho Third division experienced a
varietv jot weather on the tians
Atlantlc oyage Last night tho batflp
bhlpsjanchored oft Deal This morning
theyteame up the eastcoost through
a thick foij but tho weuthci cleared
as tho river was i cached and tho
division was welcomed In tho Thames
wit bright sunshine The health ot
the offlccisjand men Is excellent Tvo
deaths pccin red among the foreign
born blue Jackets during tho voyage
Thocrcws will bq glvon fnm days
i > horo1lcav InLondon > ln hatches of
lOOO Thu IhiBBlilp Is anchored off
St LnuN Nov 1C Cupid keeps girls
jrnm Joining labor unions accoidlng
ttj tlipiwonipn delegates io the Ameri
can rcderntlonotlLabfir convention In
kesslonjiere f
TJiojiobJPCtion that stenogiaplieis
liavoHp Joiningtho unlon said Mils
Mabel Hudhonof Chlcoij6 jestoidiy
is thatthey do not Intend to be
ftcnograplcrsjfnllltheli lives
All suspcnder workcrsV said Miss
May MIillf International stjcictaiy of
Iho suspendoi workpisj think they
wll work4oo < jJioit n itlmeto makeit
0rthA hllotoJoliulio union They
pNpcclitoinKUiy Onr most nulo BUP
portqri > iro Hho fgljIs who Joined thi
iinlciniibefoio getting married It Is
the mairled uonieiiiAihp nro golng to
become the bis force I tho laboring
Jwv i S 1 f M J M
Newv York Nov 10Tlio Unlleil
States governments ordeis
ij nomoro trcet enrs will bojal
sOrton t o mjlltiuy resei vatlons1 at
> ttr i 11
T fMJ iilivt Itv v7ll JPlVi l
tures of guilii andtthcli loeatloniCoplcs
of thci spictures tho Bovernment
AVashlnglon Nov 10 Iull bins
ot coin nnd oats have luul much
to do with the fulling me it iirlcc >
In tlic opinion ofiSccj ot Agrl
uilturc James Wilson
Tfie present break In me it
prices said Secy AVIhon In dis
cussing the reports from arluus
cities Is hardly a normal tnarKot
While It Is true tint we should
expect a downward trend ot jrilccs
because ot the gicit crops ot corn
and oils wo have had the picsent
sudden diop In meats Is too pui
nouniod t be an effect from that
cause altogether I believe this
drouth In Ihf southwest and the
consequent shortage und high prlco
of hay arc io = ponslblo for nn un
usiml movement foi the se ison or
farmers rushing to market lth
thcli stock Thcj see It pays bet
ter to > ell now tliun to feed
Ihrough the 7v inter They irrobablj
arc also Inlluenced by anticipation
of a luwei mnrUet
° Uu loo soon aftei election to
connect politics with the decline of
plce The countiy Is full of corn
andoils thats the leason fun
damentally for a lowering of
Government Will Introduce Lords
Veto Bill in the Upper
House Tonight
tonsldeml to lp n Point Tot OnpoM
llon DlwiRaiilliiK IMnns for
London Nov 16 King GCOIBC sum
moned tho prlvv council o meet Jo
day piesumnbly for thepurpose of ob
taining thoadvlce of tho councllois
regarding his course In Iho mailer of
giving Premier Asciiitlh guiirantees to
Incrcaao tho number ofv peers suf
llclcntly to support the government In
Itspolio of icformlng the house of
lordsx 1rnl < summons JTbrougfttto
BTCtheivtho leaders offboth pal ties Tho
cablnotinlsc held sesslonB1today
DThoieurl of CiowcXieqrctarjVofStato
for India and igovcrnment lcndcriln
thot house1 of loids7Jiannounccdvto tho
lords today thatthe government would
Introduce the lordsHelp bill In the
upper house tonight
The lmprcsslon > lsTwldespipad C I
meeting with Premier Asqultli1 and
with tho prlycouncilors the kins1 SUR
sestcd that > the veto bill bo sony In
duo coursosto thoviippcr clmmber for
consldciatlon This probably coin
cided with Mr Astjulths personal wish
Tlio earl ot Crowe did not place any
specific limit as to tho length of the
dcbite on tho veto bill but said tho
government later would consldei when
the second leading of tho measmo
should bo taken I > ord Umsdowne the
opposition leader thus cored the first
point liutho political game and dlsoi
ffanlzcrttho governments original plans
for tho Immediate dissolution of par
liament though there Is nothing tan
gible to show how long tho dn > may
Vic defeired Tho earl of Ciowo said
ho did not agiee with the belief ex
piesscdiby Lord Uansdowno yesterday
that future conferences might be more
successful than the ono just opened
That conference has shown conclu
sively that It Is Impossible to settle
this question by agreement Tho carl
added that the govcinment would not
amendment to tho veto
accept anj
bill The cto passed the first leading
Bnssneld Miss Nov 1C llarvln
Hudson a farmer living neat heic
ill ced a stick of dvnamlto In his
pocket yesterday with a view of taking
It to employes In his Held
Hudson stumbled and foil That ho
wnlinot blowni to piece i when the
dvnnmllo exploded Is considered mai
elouV He has TV slight chance to re
covei Jrom his Injuries
New Yoik Nov 1C The American
horse is the finest In the woild andtho
United States now leads all nations n
the breeding of horses according to
Geoigu M llommel chief of tho ani
mal Imetmndrv division ot tho depirt
ent of ngiiculturc Di llommel who
I In New York for the lurso show
declared on his ni rival that > ° Uilng
would load
but an ancient prejudice
Importedstock when the
people to buy
Amrclcanbred hoiso Is obtainable
Di llommel paid his compliments to
is to whether tho
tho old controveucy
automobile Is driving out Uie horses
Well ho said tlgurob show that
horses are not diminishing n fact
In the coun
lint there aio more hoises
the automobile has
tin ovct
driven ry out tho saddle and cnirlago
generally why Is It tjut thews aio
ilgherpln prlco than beloru Ihq auto
who before
obllo came The people
tho advent of the automobile weio tha
icst uhtomcrs for saddle horses weio
such n could nffoid to have both horses
and automobiles When the automobile
Tamo It rove out the cheape grades
iut tho prlcis of tlm better ones went
sky wind I Thorojs a bcttet market
foi th good horse and a >
than cvoi
noorVi thanpvorifot thoWr one
Hrecdlng Isronfitantlr lmprovlng
The farmers aio coin In fo raising
Irauglitjiorses and for good ones llipio
market at pi lees
si nn cagci
liavctastonlsliel the farmer of a
rtoli ThomSst Int611lgent bleed
> nro
Is be nff > dono In Kentucky Thern
hey Ihitvo haduloiiK cxpeilencc anil
rnrmorBkunrtorfctnnd Uio prSnclples
ractlcilly no drauBhtthorses howqveri
aionojbpifoumVIn thaU legion
Tliolibesl diaught horsca i this
country auJfbredM vhatlskno nas
thocorVl it which runs fronOKansan
ohrasKiion tho westto Oliloon
They Must Have Economic Equal
ity Declares Wife of Socialist
Congressman Berger
Maigaut ICclly Thinks Mnrrleil Work
Inif Women Aic Huliilng Amurl
ean Imbor
SI l ouls NOV 30 Mis Mcta licr
gcr wlfo of Victor ti IJerger of Mil
waukee the first Socialist to be elected
to Congies Is not n dclegatp to tin
convention of tho American rcdora
tlon otjLabor but Is hero because sha
Is a Socialist and a suffinglst and at
tends all public meetings In which > her
husband has part 1 > t5 JJ
I nevei had an opportunity to bo a
mcmbei of a union Mrs Berger slid
yesterday but there Is one union that
I am going to Join as con as It Is
oiganlzcd That Is the housewives
Women have social equality with
men now and political equality Is com
ing but wo must alto have economic
equillty A housewives union would
c a good means to this end It would
do foi u staitei anyhow
Why shouldnt thcio be a minimum
scale of allowance from tho husband to
tho wife I think It should be at least
half of all ho cams Tor If Iho woman
did not take full chiirge of tho home
the man could only spend halt the
lime he doeh now mallng money So
you see onehalf his wages really be
longs to tho wife as his paitnor
Women do not receive tho same
wages ns men simply because thoy
havo not fought to bo recognized Wo
have to light foi everything wo get
Wo hid to fight for social equality
Now wo arc fighting foi political and
economic equality
Mrr Bergei Is tho first womnnlevcr
elected to public oftlco In Milwaukee
Sho is a membpi of tho school board
having been elected on tho Socialist
St Loulf Nov 1C That married
working women aro ruining tho condi
tion of labor in tho United Stales Is
tho very Inn conviction ot Mss llur
garct Kelly one ot the most pi eminent
women delegates to tho American Icd
eratlon of Labor conentlon Miss
Kelly Is repiesentlnethe International
Boot and fehoe Workers union and Is
ono ot the tvvolwomen whom President
Gompers haaixutunailLJiatlfiiaUconv
mlttecs being a < member of tho or7
ganlrlncrCommittee of the American
federation She Is a spinster but has
studied closely the conditions of mor
ilcd working women
Married women aro the ruination of
labor today They ought to stay at
dome and takecnrc ot their husbands
l ui o ibp declared yesterday
They dont perfcoveio thoy do tho la
boi less conscientiously they take any
piy A dollar a day s good pay to
them and they are continually under
mining the wapie standaid because
Lhey know thpy nlwavs have their hus
jands eainlngs to fall bark on
The devastation wrought by these
women In labor circles Is more aggra
vated In thp pastern states than It Is
out west In the oast says Mlsb Kelly
t Is a general thing to ee married
women woiklng In factories
I dont think they show sisterly love
01 Christian charity when these mar
nod women who hae husbands work
ng deliberately tnkev tho bread out ot
he mouths of poor girls dependent on
hch efforts to make a living
Daw son Y T Nov 1C Three babies
were burned to dentil and one man was
scroualy Injured In ntiro which do
stioved a road house at Tolovanu
Alaska jestPidij Jack Vnchon who
was Injuied was fonnerly chief of tho
Daw son fire department llellet par
tics curving medlclno nnd supplies
msp set out with log teams from Fair
banks for Tolov ana
Damson Y T Nov 16 The first au
lomoblle to travel to tho Interior of the
Yukon from tho coast has Just com
Metcd a run of SO miles from Whlto
Horse to Yukon crossing making as
ilgh as 20 miles an houi In places In
view of the rough rond which shortly
jpfore had been washed out in many
> laccs by freshets this Is considered a
emorKiiblo accomplishment
Thin machine Is owned toy a transpoi
atlon company which hopes to dls
ilace sleighs vv Ith automobile1
Wichita Knns Nov 10 A I Chlt
tomlcn 41 years old a wealthy real es
tate dcalet and Miss Jesnlo McCoy 20
years old both of yichltn last week
secuied a marriage llcenhc When the
eitlllcatc wns Issued Miss McCoy
isked that the eei oniony bo pprfoitned
> y the piobito Judge at once but Chlt
cndcn icfuscd s lying ho wanted a
ninlstei to officiate
Monday Chlttpndi n appparpd at tho
narrlnGO llcenso ofllce nnd returned tho
> apei naylpg IIP hfid no use for It but
nsltcd foi another entitling him and
Miss raiinlo McCoy an older slitei of
MlsK JiMle to wed Thls vvas Issued
ind the couple mauled Immediately
Today the jilted girl filed a breach
of promise suit fai 55000 against Chlt
pnden This disclosed thp fact that
Cliittenden and Miss Fanny McCoy
md bicn cngagcil foi a number of
years TliOiCouplo quarreled a M eolc
aROamf sho becamo engaged tonnolhcr
ituPvvhcn Chlttcndcn proposed to tho
oungcrvsljster hoSiwjis iiccoptodnAfter
ho first license iw as Issued tho quuircl
vas sottlcd nnd the couple married
coni unoooun
nochester N GcOrgo
SchuchHrti a groeei ijvvis mhot and
Illcd by an unidentified assailant In
nil storo hcrqjlaal night Twobullots
weroilliied both ofjXwlilclj took effect
ltils bellevedrby llKk Jumlly that itho
murder wan thcivvojkofjfiomo onojwh
indagiaidgo agnliibtrhlm > iihdjnotthat >
of Jaiburglar No monoyoi mclchaii
dhio vvnsjHakeiu Vj
The Dcscrcfc Xcvvs offers a
cash prirc of 50 oo foi the best
story bubniittcdfor the Chri tnlas
issue to be printed SiUtuln
Dccenihcr 17 ipib
Tlic story must not contain
more lhan8oqp > vAorcls or nliout
seven coliimns one page of he
Dcscrct News type
A prjze ofi25Ioo cash is also
offered for thc bcsl Christnms
poem submittcdto consist of not
more than i2Oonords >
All manuscripts nuist be de
livered to ic Nc > vs office not
later than Saturday December
3 1910
Stories andpocms should be
sitrncd with aninitial or nom de
plume and accompmicd by a
scaled envelope containing the
real name and atfdrcss of the
author Thosc clcsirinp manu
scripts returned should enclose
the necessaiy postage
Any persons who have von
three or more prizes in previous
Christmas competitions ate
barred from the present contest
Address all contributions to
The Bcseret News
SalfLake City Utaii
Contest Department
Attempt to Put In Opcrntlon Advanced
Kales Mccts WItli a Suspension
Order Prom AVasliliiBlon
Wnshlngton NoV 1C The attempt ot
about U railroads operating between
the Mississippi ami Missouri livers to
o ad
fed today by a > KUSienslon order ant
nounccd by the Interstate commerce
commission In whit Is known In tho
Burnham Unrma Munger casoof Knn
siJn City
Thp suspension lnvoves a lonif Rtrpg
gle of Jobbing Intel csts In Mlssourl
river cities and affects rin Immense ti if
lie fiom the east The ultlmato deci
sion will be of ltal Importance to not
only the Immediate business Involved
but ns a piecedent to rato mnklng
The commission oidered lower class
rates from the Mississippi to the JIls
bourl applicable on shipments moving
from points In tho ast t These lower
rates wen to remain cft6ctlvofor two
ycars I
TJie railroads appealed to tho rcourli
and when the supremo court of tho
United States sustained the commission
tho railroads put Into effect the do
creaied rates The JItlgatlonTextcnded
ovei almost two years and then with
tho near oxplnipon of tho period fixed
bv Uie commission tho roads gavp no
tice of the contemplated restoration of
tho rates which had been condemned
Fhllidclphli Nov 1C Tho flrstjWorlds
Christian citizenship conference began
hero toda > The movemont for tlia con
ference wis suggested bj the National
lleform Associntlon of the United States
of which IJr Sjlvcstcr Beovil heud of
WaofctPi university Wooster O is
president V
It Is expected that resolutions will bo
adopted favorlntr a uniform dlvoico law
Tho while slip traffic and tho liquor
trlfflo will also bo subjects of discus
Rev William Im sons of PortHnd Or
was amoni the speakers at tho mornlnK
session He took for his loplo The Mor
al Accountabllltj of Nations
Washington Nov lC Tho population
of Indiana is H700S7I according to stat
Iftlcn of the thirteenth census mnda pub
lic toilnv This Is an Incic iso of IIUM
01 71 per cent ovei 2016ITO In 1500 The
nercafio from 1SW to was SM 058 or
14 S per cent
Cohunbu1 O Nov 16 Capt Natlian
Slunshovver national commander of th
Union Veterin Legion todaj died nficr
in Illtjoss of lvo wecKs
Victoria II C Nov 1C Tho steam
ship ZcaJimlla vhlch arrived jeatei
dav troni Australia had on board a
California batnvnrd owl > hlch allght
pcl Satuiday SCO miles from the nearest
Anothei feature of the vojngo was a
chess match bj wlieless between Capt
Phillips and foul passengers ot tho
Xeahndla and Mr Trick and four pas
sengers of thu Mukura The game
which was von by tho Zcalnndla In sK
moves began when Ihosteamers wcro
In sight of each olier nnd tho laU
movo took plaqu when thoy weio 4pO
mllus apait
T on iv
Now Yoik Nov 10 The voto cast In
New Yoik city for tha constitution
amendment piovtdlng fortio Issuance
of riOp000 In state bonds for tho de
velopment cf the PutisadcHpark pro
sented by Mrs fn Hi Tlairlmanvir
tually assures tho passageof tha meafl
moj Tho vote lilifdlstrlctHfroutsldoTof
this city has not yoWboen1 fullyiran
assed but HIP preliminary canvass In
thl jcltyvshows ninovxrwliolmlnB votq
In ltsfavor r
Kan < 5na CltyNoyiJG FollowInpi a
luirrel In a saloon jer asainoofrilco
> for drlnksySanHielKetchum 2lyearn
oldl afarmcr fromxrnlidaleKan vas
Bhotvand tklllediltwtinlKbt1byan unis
ldcntlfloU neBro J > > VJ >
J H >
Will Greatly Help Him in Dealing
With Problems Connected
With Panama Canal
Ollltfuls Vice Him to Itcoonimeiul to
s Single Ilracloil
Ono for 70ic
Panam i Nov ll President Tafts
visit Is bearing fault In tho matter of
the first hand Information secured
which will help him to deal with the
pioblems Invoked In the construction
maintenance and contiol of tho Pant
ma ii mi I
Offllclals on the ground ure urging
the president to n commend to Con
gress a single headed government for
the canal 70110 and full ami pcimancnt
government conliol of tho waterway
and the supply depots
President Tatt Is grxtlfled over tho
icsults of his thici da > s inspection
Today ho wont deep down In the Qule
bra cut glvlnt o < = pccHl attention to
till the most difficult part of tho con
The president was surprised to Inrn
that tho zone was not Included In thu
opeiatlons of the postal think livVv nnd
that Home of tho workmen believed
Wall street Intlueneo had robbed them
of the benefit of this legislation It Is
probable MJ Taft In his special mes
sage to Qongress will ncommpnd tint
provision bu made foi tho i stnbllsh
ment of postal JhanltH In the zone
During the dnv tho president heard
delegations of meihanlcs and lieboiers
mho aro asking Increased wages based
on Increases In tho United States Con
ditions here however dlffci from those
In the United States an the govein
ment commlssnrj has been micccssful
In averting tho high cost of living that
lias been prewnt elsewhere
It Is doubtful if higher wages will be
paid In the zone
Tonight tho president will leap Uni
ted btntes tcnltory to enter Panama
City where he will be the guest of
Pmsldent Arosemcna nt a banquet He
also will visit American Minister Davv
son who lecently returned from a spe
cial mission to Nleaiaguo wheio he
assuicd provisional President Estrada
of tho help of tho United States In or
ganizing a now gov eminent of tho re
public and In solving tho financial dlf
ilcultlcs of tho country
Ashtapovn llussln Nov 10 UI > phy
slclans Jiliv afternoon diagnosed Cqunt
Leo Tolstois Illness as ci poping Inflam
mation ofthovluneh Tho condition of
tho aged author Is critical but not hopq
less lip nxperlenced an Increased tem
perature during tho nlgtit hut Into
todav the doctors said his temperature
had fallen to 1S C
Tula Kussli Nov 6 It Is lid that
Countess Tolstoi wished to remove hoi
husband on n spqclil trainIioni Ashti
pova where he Is lodged In the hut ot
tho railway station to YosnavaPollana
but that ho refused toioturn to tho
Jioine which he left voluntarily to seek
solitude elsewhere
To Assist the Knlscr In Improving
German Ainiv Acrlnl Hqiilpiiirnt
New York Nov 10 Orvlllo Wright
the aviator has sailed foi Europe to
help Empcnn William Improvo Uio
ncrlal equipment of tho Imperial Ger
man army >
At present the German army Is behind
that of Fianco In tJio lino of heavlci
thanah fighting equipment Tho Ger
man goveminent Is nald to have placed
a largo order vvlUi the Wrights for tho
new designs of Wright racer and three
passenger touring1 planes
Chlcigo Nov 1C Cvery tenth jouth
nnd every tenth maiden In Zlon are
hereafter to be dedicated to tho serv
ice of God according to an announce
ment tnado by Wilbur Glenn Vollva
In a sermon n tho Zlon City tabernacle
The will bo sent out as missionaries
Vollva sajs his deslro Is to put tho
church on a business basis and ho has
Intallcd a card lndo c sjctem to hovv
at a glance Just how onch member
stands In tho matter ot tithes He now
utnts 27f 00 to cancel tho mortgage
on the Zlon college building
Santa Fe N M Nov 1C An unex
pected harmony meeting1 of the con
stitutional convention icsultcd last
night from the session vvhlch consid
ered the icpoit of thu committed on
apportionment The Democrats were
so pleased with the concessions madu
at theli icqucBt that they refused to
turn In a minority rcpoit Then sev
eial speakers on tho minority side arose
and declared their satisfaction with the
constitution formulated iiml pledged
themselves to woik with the Repub
licans foi its adoption Clmlimnn W
13 Walton of the Democratic territorial
central committee look tho lead In vot
ing for the apportionment This con
cluded the work of thn convention ex
cept thu adoption ot miscellaneous pro
Uilomi and revision of tho constitu
tion The constitutional convention by an
ovpiwholmln vote overruled an ad
verse report of tho Judlcliiy comnilt
PO nnd adopted a provision prohibit
ing the Incarceration of Juvenile of
fenders vslth adults In Jqlls and
Payottp Ida Nov 1C In a collision
this moinlng between tvo freight trains
on tha Oregon Shoit Line I miles west
of hercv rirpimn James Pry a and
Urnkenuin William Lynhorst weio
killed r Tho westbound train crashed
Into the caboose of the pastbound train
imUhOjlattoi was takjng a siding Tha
Qtigliwofftho westbound train In which
Krye nnd Lynhorst wno riding was
oveiturnednnd 10 < caiHwcro piled vtf
InXhcap TJieiwrrck vvlll cause aHlo
upvo 1trafllctmtlliilshfj jfj
i 1L
ljL ± r
Chlcaco Nov 1C One thousand
dollars was paid for a cup of tea
last night In Chicago
The mark was sot at the charity
baaar at Orchestra h ill the pro
ceeds of which
10000 nt a
rough estimate will bo foi tho
benefit of the homo for destitute
crippled children
Jhomaa Griffin a wealthy mami
fuclurei of Chicago stepped Into
the tea mum conducted by Mrs
Graeme Stewart and two dozen
prcttv debutantes last night and
oidered a cup of tpa
Ciilffln tool a sniff
Great Isnt It commented
the young woman who served It
Yes indeed
Uhcn Sirs Stewart supcnlsor
of tin tea room canic along Mr
Griffin drained the last drop then
put tho iur down and filled out
a check
I want to pay for my tea
Mrs Stewart took thu check and
berntlnUed It
Ono thousand dollars
Nevei mind tho change said
Mr Griffin
Canvassing Board Find Little
Discrepancy From Original
In Plvo listrlcl III Count Kvory
lliliiR Was hen led Up Kcqiilrln
Ortlcr of Court to Dlhtnrb
At noon today tho county commla
sloners had completed tho canvasso
the election returns of tho K strlcts
In tho city and hid commenced on tho
44 county districts Thus far there
has been llttlo discrepancy between the
canvassed count and the original 10
Judgo C W Jloiso gianted tills
morning tlo applcatlon of JIrs Mar
garet Zano Witched for nit order to
open a4 sealed package containing HIP
official returns fioni five districts In
tho county In thpso llvo districts the
official register list of voters chal
lenged tho poll book tho tally sheet
and the dfflclal oaths of tho Judges
with the ballots cast vvcro all scaled In
thu ono package
It Is prescribed by the election law
that the ballots cast shall bo stcalcd
Mipaiately tho othoi offlci il documents
to bo ictalncd Intact by thi county
clerk for the period ot one year and
lor this rcnuon It was necessary to ob
tain an order from tho dlstrltt court
to open the package
A pccullni situation prevailed In tho
Twentjseventh dlstilct In this dis
trict clthpi the machines failed to rec
ord the entire vote east for the Social
ist candidates or the Judges failed to
put all of It down or tho votes wcro
novel east Tho general run of tho
Socialist voto was 11 but In numerous
Instances tho tallj sheet siioved only
three Tho difference of course will
mnko no change In tho general result
Because of tho long lists the canvass
ing Is proceeding slowly nnd will not bo
completed piobably until Filday at
least The county vote It Is believed
will require a llttlo more tlnio than
van required for thp cltj owing to
the fact that many of tho county dis
tricts use the old Australian ballot sys
tem thorn being1 only eight dlstilcts
where machines aro used
Now Yoik Nov Ifi All the 13ng
speaklne countries of tho world will
Join next vear In colobratlng1 tho tcr
centcnmiry of the Klntr James version
of the Bible As tho day and tho month
when tho Klnsr lames version vvna first
given to tho world aro not known tho
date of observance must first bo set
tlejl by nn International arrangement
Tho plan Is to have a celebration on
tho kamo day thioughoiit tho English
speaking world
Churchc colleges and schools will
Hiold cscrclsos and there will bo ex
hibition by libraries ot raio copies
and of tho Dlblc
Washington Nov JC William Slew
art who hud spent a small fortune nnd
tiuvcled fai In quest of a euro for to
tal deafness has suddenly regained
his hearing by accident liln case lias
been pronounced hoSolpxi by physi
cians bore bluntly lifter getting up
yesterday Stejuut sunerpd a iovero
pain In his head but it parsed oft
quickly and left him with his hcarlnt
completely lestored
St Iouls Nov ib Wlllard gamp
boll 30 years son of James Campbell
wealthy broker and president of the
North Amorlcan company died ot
Urlghts dlBotiMi hero today Ilia
death leaves his slstoi SIKs Lois
Campbell a school girl tho solo hci
to what Is considered tho largest
Individual fortune In Ht Louis
PltLsbtirg Nov 1C Follow Ing the
liquidation of the Imperial Gln s com
pany he Incoiporatoix ol which uei
nn l In1 thp United SintM district
court last week and ordered tq dl
solvo on tho ground their hiislnosi
oporntloijB ffrn In violation of tho
Shprmnninntltrust act tho prices of
machine mndo window glass have been
advanced by tho American Window
Glassvcompanv thq largest producer
ofmachtnojfmndo products i
f < i r < f y
i v
Salt Lake Market to Benefit From
Reduction in Eastern
Local MniUcl Man TellsWlitPricei
Have llecn So High nnd
llicj Will Como Down
That thp icdiictlon In prices Inbeef
and packing houso products indicated
In thn market quotations from Chi
cago Knnsaji Cllynixl Ornha will
affect prices of those products In Salt
Lako Is conceded by local merchants
and market men but It will bo 30 days
01 two wcclvi beforesuch rcdiatlons
will go Into effect
As a matter of fact tho wholesale
price ot beef 1ms advanced on tho
local market during the last week ac
cording to n local dealer butthls Is
due to conditions heretofore existing
which havp kept tho price ot beet and
pork sky high and which cannot
last when tho downward movement be
C A MlntPi foreman of tho Palaco
meat market In speaking of tho situa
tion this moinlng nald to a News
representative Prices on pork nnd
packing houso goods will fall within
thp next 10 days or two weeks In tho
local market but not beforo that time
It will lequlio that length of time to
gel rid of tho high priccd stuft now
on the market Pork and Its products
should drop from 2i to 3 cents apound
on this mnikct Tho reason why wo
have been paying such high prices Is
that tho packers of the east
bought up tho available supply of
meat placed It In cold storage
nnd then held It for high prices
Everything wq have been selling hero
fot several months past has been froz
en stuff or Bluff which has been
placed In cold storage Tho pnokersi
bought In largo quantities at cheap
prices and n theproducts would not
spoil they simply held until they got
the prices they wanted nnd then un
loadcil Tho last bacon wo bought we
paid 334 cents per pound wholesale
which with shrinkage packing paper
and freight made It necessary tovsell
the meat for374ceiits per pound by
tho slab or 40 < cents < tho pound sliced
and theie was very little made In It
at that Pork Is plentiful nnd has
been but the packers were ableto hold
the prices up nnd did so
Beef must nlo come down The rea
son Is thnt tho stockmen must clean
up their ranges Tho fact thai the
prices in the cast aro down will not
encourage tho cattlemen to ship on a
falling market and It vv 111 not p ly
them itovfccd all winter and thensoil
nt nobettcr prices than nro to be had
now ao n reduction In the pilcu ofnfcf
on this market Isjlnovltable Tho prices
on beefhmvover will full gradually
perhaps > i to A cent pcipoiind per
week until aboutJ2Wcents per pound
has been takonyoffthojprescnttprlcps
Beef costs SH cents wholesale i lWhen
the prico has got down to tho normal
loins of beef heretofore selling ntli i
cents will bo sold for llir Tbones now
bringing 25 cents will noil nt 20 t round
steak now worthIBjCents will BO at 12
lib bolls now selling for SH will be re
tolled for 614 nnd chuck steak which
brings now 1215 cents the pound > mav
be sold for 10
Sugni la another article which has
dioppcd considerably In tho last few
weeks It Is selllrtg now at < 0 cents
per hundred pounds 01 Snenrly half n
cent a pound less than during tho
suinmoi and Is tower In Salt Lake
than It has been for many years
Sugar however Is onn of thp hery
few necessities of life which has not
advanced nsother commodities had
In fact It Is from three to foui dol
lars per hundred pounds cheaper now
than It was 20 joars ago vvhen thu
first of the local sugar companies be
gan business here Thofrecent rodtic
lions are general all throu h tho
United Stales
SUIoulB Nov 18 Resolutions which
havp been presented to the American
Tederatlon of Labor conventionwere
read at this mornings sessions He
ports ot commltUefl also vvcro made
Because of a visit to one of tho larg
est brew cries but one8esslonvvns held
Tho delegates before adjournment will
apt on tho recommendatlonjoft the cx
ccutlvo committee that the fwlcratlon
erect a building ln > V1a hJngton D C
for Its own use and with space to rent
to business nnd professional men It
has nlso been recommended that the
convention meet tho third Monday In
Novnmber Instead of the second The
dclogitcn claim thnt the convention
comes too soon after thu elections In
different parts of the country
Will Ilcslsn as 1rofcssor of TurlHnm
dcnco at Princeton
Pilnculon N J Nov 15 A letter vvn
mmlo public bore today from Woodrow
Wilson novernorelcct of Xen Jersey
In which ho announced thai ho hadde
cided to resign as professor of politics
and Jurisprudence hi Princeton unlver
fHv thereby severing all connection with
the toothing body of tho Institution
Di Wilson ban KOIIO to the middle
for a short rest
Ohloago Nov 1C Robert 13 Wilson
of Chicago inelected ax a state ropr
sentatlvo was Indicted opnln by the
giand Jury today Tho Indictment
against Wilson H an ampllllcntlon of
tho old chaiire of x > rjury upon which
ho was previously Indicted
It Is based on tho snmo te tlmonv
that ho gave before tho May ernnil Juiv
when hi denied havlnff been present at
thodlstrlblltlon of nn alleged Jackpot1
at tlm Sauthoin hotel In St Louis Julv
15 ISC The old Indictment was bc
llevud bv the state to bo Insufficient
Tulsa Okli Nov 1C Th reported
lynchlnsr of a negro nt Manford Qkin
last night vvas without foundation1 Si
Dmlng a dispute ovei the vvelghtof ai
bale of cotton John AVellandno farm1
er v us Hhot nnd killed bjanjunknown
rgio noni OUve Okln vestordav a
Bud Ilicjccroon pan arrestedljTori
ton on suspicion pfi1iavlngcommltte <
the cilmc Aftnrn1 brief examination
ho was released Excltcd pcrspnsfcbo
llecd ho wasV taIientavvayTto bo
lynchofl 4 f r

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