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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 23, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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I two points
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I t MP tuil Plaio
I Jowott devoted umes 6x8x1 Tor Jloj K nuil Clrls I tii 13 Threequarters lrither lustrous black with ldo larger than
v his llfo to the Full buckram haiultonn > hrovvn shade gold back leather corners cold lion on Hides and corners rich lypn Host trans u iirrm rrou
tltln and gold tops silk head nnd footbinds uncut Morris inside cover linings lation by Molteux tl fl
t translation and A library which n child may keep In his or her own tan buckram Hides onyx
r Life of
edges There Is and Imcks adapted from a design by Kool wllh a
explanation of Pla room and mil My own library pays gold tops nnd tho
t l furniture like books they furnish and foot bands Cervantes
tos works nnd his Sydney Smith no silk licild
t I f E1 edition Is the recognized Published Price 18 Our Price 660 the room and they furnish the mind and ovory par Authors Preface edition of tho colchrnted Spanish
i J cognized Simula rd ent should son that tlio rooms ot their chlldicn an Published Price 25 Our Price 865 This magnificent In four elegant volumes S7P
Shreequnrlcrs leather fast red with wide leather classic In complete
Ft Tills new 4vol properly furnished In this respect
thick Tho text Is superbly embellished
In rc and U Inches
11 Tho lie corners and rich tan buckram sides gold linos on sides Issued by Tlu National Library Company 6JxO
contains Platos
edition 109 masterpiece
time Complete In ten handsome volumes containing nil demand for a worths bellished with M Van Dyko Photogravured on plate
ji4 with lowetts completn analysis tho and corners gold back adapted from a design by onso to the widespread public
IlII complete
public thu best of tim worlds literature for young folks vorIK nt a jiiOI of which tho four fiontlsplecef are watercol
I l complete Trial and Death of Socrates and a comprehensive Root gold tops silk head unit fool hands onyx Morris nemly iiOOO pifies handsomely Illustrated with num Ilhrn r t on nrz paper ors painted by hand Tho Kdltlon Is limited to 1000
p prehensive select collection of The Dialogues ns approved paper cover linings uneut edge erous text engravings nnd about 100 run page plates In rILto prlcr rnalo ii Ilaiflo I not 0 thrIUJll sets nr numbered by hand ROIl the two styles of binding
r proved by lowitt The best sot of Plato cvor Issued notes J Kills tOflM flfl C 1
colors Edited with Introductory ins been iiintlfl ing are IIH follows
4 for the student or general render The edition Is Published Price 24 Our Price 865 Bill dick and a general Introduction by Charles Welsh OIIt tilO oli z ImnIcrol ttnt peecii nii vnrIou g Biirkrnm of a rich brown shade gold tops gold
handsomely Illustrated with four handpainted water managing editor of Tho YouiiB Folks Library Slzo to IIICII C I ilik i eoIfrctol Of back title silk head nnd foot bands uncut edges
color frontispieces and Is limited to 1000 numbered Hf 1 ff New Do Luxe Kdltlon of volumos 4 31x75x1 No watercolors OCCflI3Ofl V
1 F Trims sets Size The of Heat volumes Plnfn 6x55x15 Innlnt on Jnntttit i ravel Library sot Iluci ram dark blue color gold tops and gold back tho rt ti factot tIItlofl or the Published Price 12 Our Price 4 10
stamping reader
I The b t of this set is 12 Travelers John liny W P ITowflls Clmrlrq Dudley color
LIlO new largo type is 7jj Threequarters leather medium brown with
l f Wnrncr Henry Jnnics W K Grtllls mid Natlmnlol Published Price 2250 Our Price 740 irrntcfit Illflcir leather corners gold lines on lihles nod
t point Scotch shown hy these lines Hawthorne with 265 Illustrations from HIP pen of Gibbons Rome 1 MnrU < > cr corners vorv harmonizing brown buckram Hides gold
ft Ioco > h Pennoll nml others Six volumes IIITKC tj po Thrfpnmirtoni lonthor vnr color Jmmlsoma huclc wrlth n design by Illvlere gold tops cllk head
backs from n
I I fliil nfl of n dignified dark green shnde with gold extra paper Size of volumes r iS < cJ Sec catalogue ram Mile gold top goM backs Hllk head and foot Morrla Insldo cover linings uncut
with MX binds
i back stamping nod gold tops silk head and foot for contents Xo water colors ha ml ft Now Illiimlnated Kdltlon Do Iue o superb nnd foot b onyx
watercolor frontispieces Complete In six volumes cut edges
4 9 4 bands uncut edges Thrcoqnnrtori leather Kreen with green hnckritm
leather dark wine with hnmlsomn
A alrles sold hacks mlaptcil from n deslsn by Hoot pold Published Price 30 Our Price 1030 Threequarters buckram sides gold tops and full gold Our Price 720
contrasting Price 20 JOur
Published Price 12 Our Price q425 foot tops hands fjnlil lines uncut on sliles and corners silk head nod backs from n design by Cross onyx Mori Is lining Published
Threequarters leather dark green with harmonizing edges paper silk head nnd foot bands uncut edges Don Qulvole and Snncho PuiEn can never hnvo less
i buckram Hides wide leather corners gold lines on Published Price 25 Our Price 905 Worlds Best Poetry Published ice 25 Our Price 905 than n world of admirers and lovers Whoro they
sides nnd corners gold hacks adapted from a design pass there will over be laughter nnd sympathy the
by Rlvjerc gold tops silk bend nod fool bands uncut llrsl Infallible tho other according to the capacity
edges onyx Morris cover IInines Guy De Maupassant of Completely a classified and anthology successfully of tha Ills best tho longfelt poetry of need nil R L Stevenson Now Illuminated of thn reader
Published Price 20 Our Price 720 ages and flU nations No library should bo without It Kdltlon Dn Luo
hln best standard works
Complcto Novels nnd Kdlted by Bliss Carmen assisted by other ncholais Containing
r i4 Short Hlory Masterpieces Printed from tho wellknown plates rondo by John D Klegantly Illustrated with KiplingContaining of Urn KMoUimn Killn t
Complete works Including her Life nnd tho completn contents of Morrln Co now controlled liy the National Ilhrnry f ton watercolor frontis irgh Society edition soo catalog
JLillOt I 0prs ln lpn volumes Illuminated Kill thu largetype 10Volnme Company on extra opaque Hlhln paper complete In pieces forty full painted pao by half hand tone and printed In live volumes on opaque Hlhln pnpor tr00
i lion Do Luxe privately printed edition tj five volumes Size 4 347M New Illuminated Kdl j from original drawings pages New Illuminated Aldus IMHIon Do Inn limited
I IOQO p ges printed In nvo De Lue with five handpalnlod watercolor
tI Illustrated with forty full rage Illustrations In volumes I5lblo t J made oxpresslv for this cdl ed to IIIOO nmnhered sols The Illustrations Include
on opaque j frontispieces and beautiful fullpage halftones J
cjudlng ten hnndpalntnd watercolor frontispiece paio lion bv Tohn R Bacon K llvo exquisite luindpalnted watercolors as frontis
Illuminated Aliliin I
paper f4 and colored plates One oC the most valuable and UI3 II
celjent pieces with 32 halftones from originals by Holies
Ii on plato paper exqulslto works of nrt IMItlon De Iuxe limited large lype and hlgh
beautiful nets of hooks ever published Formerly sold tTZJ
others Tlicio iiro two styles ot
f Tim typo Is new nnd extra large slo of Plito to 1000 nnnibered sets by agents at high subscription prices grin o rag paper Slzo of Klrkpntrlckand
I shown above and thn press work and paper superfine SUo of volumes I 3lxK 4 volumes OJxSlxli Till binding ns follows
nuckram torracnltn shade with handsome Ink and
Duckrnm n handsome green shade with Ink and
I i fine Kdltlon limited to LOOO sots Slzo of volumes J Water color lllus j1fr now edition of Stnvonson
t l ixSixlJ Huckrnm rich green uncut gold back title gold lops ncad nnd foot hands in ten volumes Is published gold hack title stamping gold mps silk head and
t edges
j lluckram gray color gold tops silk head and foot with burnished Ink and c I N In two styles of binding ua foot bands uncut edges
bands gold backs uncut edges gold back titles gold tops follows
I 1iI Published Price 18 Our Price 630
Published Price 15 Our Price 475
silk head nnd foot bands Buckram rich brown
t I Published Price 30 Our Price 1070 uncut edges Threequarters leather fast red with dark green with burnished Ink and gold
buckram side gold lines on sides and corners gold I back stamping gold tops Threequaiters lenthcr black with beautiful con
vIte1emtIwr Published Price baekH and tops silk head and foot bands onyx Morris silk head and foot bands trasting green buckram sides gold lines on sides nnd
I jV3 i neri joI4 hues on iitde iiiiil cornri is Rh tiinilii not paper cover linings uncut edges uncut edges corners onyv Morris lining pnpers full gold backt In
ci t oiitrnstlng straw ihaclo lnickrain itde kold I ti3cn 15our Price 475 design ft out Znohnsdurf Khl tops uncut edges
jii Published Price 24 Our Price 825 Published Price 2250 Our Price 825
4 Tin quartets leather blue with harmonllng limo Published Price 20 Our Price 675
buckram sides gold lines on sides and cornors full
with contrasting
fast red
I Published Price 40 Our Price 1485 gold backs In design after Xnohnsdorf gold tops Mile Tliq iiii Do T t Tlircoqiinrtora buckram sides leather gold lines on sides and corners
i L 1 I liead and foot bands ony m Morris paper inside cover Irioh Literature i ilIttot i Ontitfiiii ti jirown old tops and full gold buck tooling adapted from a ami Correspondence during
I Famous translation by Henry Wnils llnlngf uncut edges crythlnK complete leslgn by Orrock silk heid nnd foot hiiulf onyx Pepys laXyO tho reigns of Charles II
the snniens ln tlio origlnll tenvoliimo edition sold Moirls paper linings uncut edges and James II as deciphered
Ltnte I worth Longfellow with voluminous Published Price 20 Our Price 675
by agents exleiislvel at high prices Sle of
volume ed Itev J Smith trout the
i t irk by original manuscript
if notes by thn translator nnd ndilltlonal li l4kf > llj Printed ftc m plales mide bv John D Published Price 30 Our Price 1070
Huio nt hist Is tho best English translation of Do with Llfo of the Author and Notes by Lord Hrayhrookn
t notes by Charles Welsh Printed In Maupassants brilliant works In a charming edition at MorIs t Co now controlled by National Ilhrarv Co Now Illuminated Kdltlon Do Iuvn with four sit torcnl
r extra largo typo on extra lino paper New Illuminated a very low price This excellent set Miould not bo lluckram daik green with gold and Ink biclc lilies Printed In 10 volumes on opiquo Blbln or frontispieces palnled by hand and about 100 full i
j ji Kdlllon De Luxe with four fxqulsltn watercolor confounded with Inferior magazine editions gold lops silk head and foot hands uncut edges paper Edition limited lo 1000 numbered sets i tin of pigo Iiiil f I one roprod oct In ia from originals gathered
hnnd U halftone
4 i frontispieces dono by tin and fullpage t one S7rS Samo Illustration ns described
Illustration fiom celebrated In volumes x verltled and described bv Charles Curtis Hlgolow
originals Complete TT3 S ITS TIto bet nnd only com Published Price 18 Our Price 660 ibove
I four volumes SUe fi 18x7 S xt 14 Robert BurnsIll Limited to 1000 munhcicd sets Slso of volumes lijx
with 0 UI ns with gold hnck stamping gold Jxl i
Threequarters leather dark green harmonis TIir lluckiam deep red n
Threequailers leather dark
ing green buckram sides gold lines on sides nnd cor huckrim quit sides gold full green back with unit Isotn tops ullk head and foot bunds Thrvqunrlors leather rich dark green with heau oJ
I ft ners gold tops and gojd bnckn from a design by lmnlnatfel IMItlon Di > Lun with sl watercolor tops ii gold tooling silk lful Imported shot silk sides also In n grout shade
iii and
Riviere Moirls lining paper silk head nnd foot bands frontispieces and about 100 fullpage halftones woodcuts et henl ge foot hand Morris paper linings uncut Published Price 1750 Our Price 590 Thero aio gold lines on coiners and sldes of the bind
t IlL i t uncut edges cuts etc Completn In nix volume SUo iSJMl ing gqld hacks adapted from n design by Xaehnsdorf
Kdlllon limited to 1000 sets leather red color with blank gold lops silk In ml and toot hands onyx Morilu
I Published Price 20 Our Price 720 ThreequarterH leather dark green with handsome Published Price 25Oui Price 865 over rull slump flexible gold Kngllsh hack title silk ribbon marker silk Inlng papers uncut edges
green buckram sides gold lines on sides and cornel ignd and foot bands gold tops
nuchrnm binding fdirk greon students edition gold tops and backs from designs afti r Oirock of Published Price 20 Our Price 720
i Kdlnburgh silk head and foot bands Moirls Lossingfs S History
samo contents an nbovo only without the watercolor itntlfOothnIiOttiMiIflIflg Published Price 30 Our Price 10 20
paper uncut edgeb
frontispieces hut having 40 fullpago halftones
I Published Price 9 Our Price 330 Published Price 2250 Our Price 825 to Latest lain by uptodate HeiiKiin rillllon 1 Losslng fiom LL thn D Aboriginal Pour volumes Times Defoe Complete lion Do LUNO works llmlled New to Illuminated 1000 numbered Kdl
I 2600 pages Illustialed with over 1000 engravings by Shakespeare I 10 volumes jiots eight beautiful octavo volume
Now Illuminated Kdltlon flit Lute ot H W I 1 11 7 P O O Diiley and other wellknown artists With cellent new typo plates
It tti VV IlOe I llls cutup o a works limited to 1000 V V e Longfellow rcpioductlons of tho celebrated Drnly collection of The lllustiilloiiH Include ulght exquisite wntercolois
4 1 C photographs loaned
by government for this work
I numbered sets Printed from now Many ii I I loloitil Moil completely animated painted by hand and numeious fullpigo hnlflones
Including his completo ii y fullpage ci plates aim mips No watercolors
edition Isit
The best Issued In
0 iii America
ho over ii iii
tho only
i la rgo typo Kngllsh plates o Translation of Dantu colors ated Shakespeare In the
I Ii In ten lluckiam gray vltli Iminlshnd Ink and old back
edition oe
and nuthorled American
complete Kco catalogue for
I Wilt
Losslngs brilliant CO ogito or
Proso and work
f 4 tutu Poetical f stands toilaj the most fas 1
iii tao voiumes With handcolored frontispieces and wont ii excepting a fnw I T cinating and Itihtructlvo in American history in exist iii full description of notes Itles silk head and foot bamh gold lops uncut edges
f many halftnno llluMritlonii HUe ilxSSxIj of his later o x due Oliver Vondell Homes said of him ul hotlom of pages
poems he had
li Published Price 2250 Our Price 790
Buckram burnished Ink nnd gold hack titles gold eluded because of copy done more thuii nnv othtr man to miko hlstorv ITli New Illuminated Alduii
I 1ii I t tops silk head and foot iii ii its uncut edges right leslrlcllons I ti resting and popular Kdltlon DM luxo In 10
KdlUd wllh notes by Iilll liuttkriim green gold tops silk head and volumes S 100 piKiS Thiooquarlors leilhnr hint1 with buckram Bides
Published Price 25 Our Price 865 Charles Wells Illumin bands Ink and gold back ilk uncut idgis foot lexttype simij gold lines on sides and cornels gold backH from a t
ated Aldus Kdlllon Dn tlzo an Plato fiom tho leslgn by Vorsfold gold tojis Hllk head and fool
Throoqiuirters leather dark red with Ian buckram Luxe limited to lOOl Published Price 16 Our Price 575 wellknownbest plates lands onyx Miii i Iii llulngt1 uncut edges
ii ti I sides gold llniH on sides and corners gold hark tool ntitnheieil sets In r vol of Hlgelow Smith t Co
tii till from 11 design by Bout ir i gold lops silk head tutu umes about 1100 pages Threequarters liillior blue with gray huckrim 1ti now controlled by tho Published Price 30 Our Price 4 1070
j foot biiulB ony Morris paper linings uncut edges lirK type Printed fIfffL sidex giildvvlnid nmihlcd paper linings gold tops and l National Library Com 1
lk lirid binds pany printed on special
uncut edge
carefully on speclil t
Published Price 35 Our Price 1240 opaque Hlble paper SI opaque Illble paper Il Victor
t of The volumes Illustrations l i4x7Jl In Published Price 21 Our Price 740 palmed lustrated water wlh 10 coloiu hind Hugo Homaiices I nr his Tocms Complete and 1t
rho ci mplnto W m clude nvo very beauti 9 nnd ICO inerogravuroH Cliki lrniti i hi Ifl iiIitino Jiritileil to I 000 nitniboreil
ir a er co verley Novels with ful watercolor frontis iltileti pron tm in tirsti Size of volumes fi 1Sx lit to It to i ii tsittel qoltir ft intIiiptAci
all Introduction pieces and over seventy Aillpago halftones from De Mussct u in t 7 KStl cleor t
PC ettICi
nnd notes Printed In large clear typo on excellent originals by Reginald Holies Otto dishing and other il translations Now Illumln riuckram dark red with Ink nnd gold back tiling
I S paper complete In I11 volumes i > xSli New Illumin artists titeil Kdltlon Iff luve tr i large tvpo prlntud on ncut odgot silk heil and foot bands gold topn lti lit tnt ii t ii Ii i rot it qttit mt liii illinhltonlo I urn
4 ated Fit I tiori Do Tiixe limited to 1000 numbered pet ttlt ek ruin binding light blue with burnished Ink it nil superllne piper Superbly Illustrated with H full Published Price 2750 Our Price lilteil I tilt a nil at ii liii i Ic thu ill p I ti tI tic Itca ii anti toot I
lFl Illuutintod with 12 walercolor fronllnpleccs painted gold back eta top iig uncut edges gold tops Silk head pit go till tiart vii ciii of whlrh nvti frnnllnplorijH are bit ii Ii gout I opli ii neit t utlgi
tt 1 by hand and many fullpas halftones Uiirkinni and foot bands beautiful watercolors painted bv hand Crumiletn In Three rio a rtc ra leather red wllh light browp buck
tt Lt green with burnished Ink tutu gold titles gold tops It ilitilie i I I i riltion limiti ii to I JOt am sides gold lines on sldos and cot norti full gold Published Price 2750 Our Price 865 II
iAit t I Mil head and foot bands uncut edges Published Price 15 Our Price 475 tiiiiitittrtii iftn hacks from a design by nedford gold tops Hllk head
4t Threeqiintterii lenthnr Autumn Mnpln leaf with Jliiekra ni ivl no color o ith hit rn1hod I n 1 < tutu gout a nd foot bands Morris onyx paper cover linings unlit Threoquaileis leather led shade with Ieau t I itt I
Price 36 Our Price 1285 tUjt lI
Published ti ilk
ice I Ich brown buckram sides gold lines on sides and ierI mci to it ii tittit itticut rut edges cnntniHtlmr dark green bnckrnlii sides wldo lOather I
c Threequarters leillier green with hnndhonio buck corners Hllk head gold and hacks foot In tinndr design onyx by lhii Morrln IntuIt lining gold tops Published Price 36 Our Price 1260 coiners oht hacks gold In deiilgii llnon on from sides hR and torn cornors silk bend gold and tops foot
it l1l ii lines sides and gold backs paper Published Price I
ralu Mdes gold on corners uncut edges 18 Our Price 660 f Ii amis onyx Mori IH paper cover linings uncut cdnf
1 4i t with design by Macdonnld gold tops onyx Morris ime Complete In 20 beautiful volumes ot con
F mirblcd cover linings Hllk lie id and foot bands uncut rhri > nl nt nUo f 18x7 fS less than 1 Inch thick
iii edges Published Price 20 Our Price 705 datk brown itiiartriI huckrun Ifither wine color with coiititistlnK Supnrldy Illustrated with 20 eiiilslln watercolor Published Price 35 Our Price 1210
IJ sides fold backs In
t1i toe a it design from
Durvinrl goi 1 11k rontlHplnees pnlnliul by hand and over 150 full
I Published Price 50 Our Price 1780 Completo Prnte and Poetical Works in live lining paper uncut p dip lni ani fool hnmls m > trI igi mezzogravures from orlKinahi by Ito worldrt
Poe volumes IS200 pages pi luted from extra roateiit arllls Les Z Illuminated 1MI
itg large clear typo on snperllno MiserabSes i it Do liixo of Hugos
opaqii nihlp Published Price f Threequarters leather binding dark red color with
td f Complete Kdlllon Do Luxe papered HI of volumes I SKTJxl LlsaecL I ICC 24 Our Price 865 rich contrasting jfioen huckinm sides gold linos on Mjiaterploco Lou Mis I
i1i lhackerayl with ten handpainted wnter The llUlfltriitloiis Inclndn nvo beautiful hand paint orners and nicies gold topn and backs ndapled from IIIi1
color frontispieces and ed watercolor fiontlsplecns deiilgn by Orrock Mlk head and foot hinds onyx
nmnor I no thlrytwo
J 1r tw
niiK fullpage hut tiiiiii engiavlngs In ten volumes hnItonit TtiIiliiitnthitti dit I ilitton o fulrige L I Sue J IRA Vow Complotn Edition Dn Tuxo Kxtrn lorrls llnln papers uncut edges hlt Ii liii tl o rrontisliiirc4 iit ii lintid paintoti nnthr
liri octnvn Mo ij Leather 10 volt Ton superb watercolor Published Price 60 Our Price 2185 t clirotillctiotia Ut orljitiiilt lt Iotttuui
Huckram dark blue with burilshcd Ink and gold ilnckrii iii led slit to wl Lit I itroIRheil Ink anti oi ii Illustuitlnnr 111 I n I pit by hand and tot nioroitti full V 3
I hack titles stilt head mid foot Ilinilf gold tops un thhu1 iotii it pit iiiIlc liettil tutu foot h trid uni itt pOKe lutlC tone I from originals Thin IK tho bcs1 fame Aldus Iockel IMlllon 40 volumes slre IK Vh iii n tic U I I iii I to I l ll000 niiilliorel8ets In Issued
p cut edges translation printed In largo clunu type 6 aiatidinch thick Uxqulnltn hand stylo with 40 n r ii VillUf P11 llnckram dainty bluo col
f > c1t Published Price 2750 Our Price 990 Published Price 15 Our Price S475 Published Price 4250 Our Price 1485 aid ran Watermark Dyko Photogravuren paper Hound 1rlnted In scmllloxlhlo on Aldus Ln maroon Duvet sold tops Hllk B ° head inul fool Ilt bunds nd uncut Sold back edges titles
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