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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, November 23, 1910, Last Edition, Image 4

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Co7nor of South Trmplo iml Easl Torn
t JJI lSlrC IPflalhLnlOClhU1nJin
1 r j II I lloraco d yhltney Huslncsi MnniRer
I j > U4Jl lh4t 4JIVH i 4 JUMU
Bvotall pn cnri SO X
f J Can lent per jcar i VI
tl gtynlWcckly her year > >
Ir Situidny Newcqicryear i J O
t J i < < dr s3II buslnrsi commlinlcatlonj
r y and all rcinlttnnc s
It < + Ub DISIIHT rcnws
Salt Lilo City Utlh
11 1ii ncoS2
Corrcspniirlrnco nnd other rtiillne mut
i IT ter for publlmllon should ho nddresacil
< r to1 the EDlTon
tt r7Unstcrn lleprcsAntnlI 1 McKln
l li hey Chlcngo JCO Michigan Ae Now
f TiQTk 3ol Mh Ae
i 1nloruil nl the postiifflce of Salt Mite
I r Git r s second cl iss mater cording
I f I lrAcar Congress March 1 1S79
1 f 1i 1
j 1 < J SALT JKgCITYNOV J3 1010
< t ji
4 r < puuaNG TOII 11111 COUNTS
i t
i p Bj the census flguie faun Iranclsco
J sAil i I ins done wcllurlnlthulnsltIIycll
t It now 1uu5 11011 Inhiihllnntx and tho
i ii ih inciiie Is 74130 When It Is coI
rt f I tklcicd th it the earthcunko < Ire
firJ ami Ui u ants that the bubonic
t71 I 6 pligup threatnod Iho lhe of mini
< I x P and that moral rottenness In high
InTr places nl one tlmo was pirtlc ulni ij
H iatue ting the gronth IK nnniknhle
f Hut bun rrunchco has not hid thf
p 11 incubus or H pulltkul part cngigliifi
N tL in tho1 buslncBK of lllf Ing the city
tIJL i nbioud The cltloiiK lmc hoi n united
4 4 V I in pulling for thu cIty no miitloi what
I 1 r ijH their own troubles muIIIo bicn
i t1k + They hae not hail among them a fac
j tion of traitors ignlflng the dangers
h r1 or cnithiitiukcs ami Iho plague Jhcy
tj h f JIINO wllh loyaltY oiighl to minimize
ri j W j those dangers and they have cnlto
lI 1 tlio world IUCSSIKCS of hope and cheer
KIf fulness Their united tight Ins In
tt spired confidence I n the people of other
r IPJr
W ftitcs and the interrupted itoqlopmont
f I Ins been continued
it f t r In our on City things hac been
ki q different Hero one faction has boon
r ti Jt pulling against another Polltlcil Jeal
I tH 1i ousy and religious blgotr hare had
9 ll j Buth n UiI hold among men and
1fi ivornCn othcrulic intlbnnl is to re
oi turd growth Wo do not saj that the
Ih V If lncrei e recorded Is not grouping Hut
ft i ichldllmlltJs not what It ought
V cr tr1r to be O would be but for tho mania
lilf fJr of inllMoimonlbni that has taken
l jjtl possession of some
fV I V Just now there Is IlllllnbuBI V
fi Iv iitso and tthe outlook for the winter
ffts i Is not at blight us It might be her
ir iY Is7iomc < anxiety among business men
V h iiL V Why would not this bo a good time to
r1 l ltl
j V Pli1Sfd c rII local situation from a
J IV r V ifJ broad patrlotlc polnt of VvIevWith
W1 t the object of remoNlng all obstacles
I I iV i to harmonious coopcratlon for the
t common good I
f 2 > Sometimes brothers become estranged
t and V refuse to speak to each other
rvibl lht They lucy bo strangers fOe Irs each
f i nursing a grievance oltIJI grows in
iVh t i V dimensions and becomes hcemliiKly a
il k t > llslcJ which not cui faith vnti V
t V 7 t gC1JlV0llltfIIUX they come to
< i 1 I Bother and they llnd th it the moun
f 3i i h tain is J molehill nnd they look
fhi back Upon their strife and lunrtnchCi
iIr > fYgIWr why the Y wtie Mich big
liJ i fools Such things happen in dally
4 Slch
i 1i t V life between Indltldunls I will hap
Ji iPen In communities too Why uoulil
1 i i Eli a thought for pcnco nnd union be
I t f V suitable Thnnktgh offering upon
Hr ti V the altar of the Eternal rather
fHi + 6 V V
i tl J i i tfr V The disturbances In Melco seem to
i I have grown to actual evolution When
ndt H llrst fro In tho dlsp itches It was
i 1 1 dIlC < liIIIlliIIcs government would soon
r j be masters of the situation At present
r r r thu government apparently IIJS
Jf hands full Tram many parts of tho
r q1 Iteiltibihereporta of dlsouleis and
violence < and the army Is unreliable
1 h4AI being to a Urge extent in sjmpathy
ttlirq V with the rebellion
I iiVU v i Tho Undid States government Is not
V rrJr V V going to interfere In the affairs of the
111r hater lepubllc unless affairs come
ty N to iuch a piss that foielgn Interference
I becomes necessity In which man no
Kurupein power will bo permitted to In
1 j JI tervene Troops are being dispatched
i4 J li to Hit border line to maintain oidei and
1JJn It pi event violation of international rela
H I tions At the sumo lIme our gov em
inent ought to nol muckraking mag
rt qr azines that the efforts now being put
jtHim foith to arouso public sentiment In Oils
countt > against President Diaz and the
l 7tI
h JICNlcans gehcirniiy Is dangerous busi
ness ut present I hov ought to bo imdo
clhf < understand that the muckrikci vlio
t lr professes sympathy foi the JlCxlcan
t nnd chiuictciUes the government as
ltli tyranny Is an unsafe penon I theio
ti ijViit i must be muckrakln the might find
I1 alhemeln thu treatment nccouled
I VipitI Ijlaclc labor in somo parts of the United
l W fatates and lit Mexico with Its puns
n t alone For In times of excitement It Is
w i not sufo to lay mints that 1 little apaik
V jj ft may ignite
iV Ji < Tho lulu of Dlur Is not popular but
r 1n1 could Mexico liavi1 boin ifdeenud bj
V l V J ll nnj other IIICTIIS thin thosti adopted by
> t j 1111hal ho Is using his power and
11 h I inllucnco mi the it > od of tho people
n rv ilnnt fur thu b < nollt of tlio rwIf
e 1 I Kcncinlv iidmllted Some Illustrations
lii1 1 of the Din tMinnv vns h < HI fovv
t 1 i V inontliK n Oln a cmicspomluiii fiom
i it the City of Mexico
l j A few ells afro tile machinists of
IV I A tin Mexican Cuitial Hallway vvent on
ob Iji Strike Din sent foi the Uidcis
t i j T am In hiutj Hvmpithy with > om
< 1 r cffoits to bitti i Join inndltlon he said
hl You hivo the light to leave your vvnrk
Lj anil I will piotect you In tint V ilidit
t ifJH V Othtis V liavo rin < Qual light to vvoiK
V Vail V If jou attempt to Intnfert with others
pI hIlr1 who aro lill worl r toin places
t I wH shoot
11 1 V fl YOiVi
To be stun thnt IVTIH stern logic but
t1dli i wltlplfl unv other way of piesentltifr
W l jl V illsoidqis and tho kllllmr oC Innocent
I i laboreis
V 7V lahorelf7
ii I l3 i The jute politico of one of the Mox
t f 1 Kan states was called V upon bv the gov
I ii ernor to clem a tcitaln town of thieves
r 1 lie went to the town mil 111 a
fll d r 1i loundup shot seven He gtvvu oideis
I I I I that tho town should bu M > olonn hurL
k T I Vi aftpr that a watch 01 I pocketbook
i1iq4 might he left II the market place for a
lit i r Jttiok without bolus dlstuibcd Tho ex
ic J I lt V Iieiljncnt waj tiled and the onlera weic
l iF bcyor l
fi L r Jo hOI Jcfo jiqltlci called to tho
JHIl u tjikIl aiiothtr place shot seven
litlri Ict thieves Vljen wo do awnv with
j1t lw I h e criminal I wo do aniiy vlth tho
Ii i crime he explained to > his Amoilcnn
rrheiilslsvc do not believe In suppoit
Ing the criminal fII public rxponso Ho
must 1I rf rca o pioylnif upon society
01 ho hunt die T d Illustrate vtho com
mon uttltudc toward this tl ctthne1lt
tony be Bitted thut when this jefo poli i
1 tico left town hI was presented vltha
niomorln signed by s nen hundred lead
I ing qltlcns asking him to tcmnln
I I This Is stern Justice possibly unsUlt i
I able to II hlghl clvlllred caniinunlllcs
I but Is theio any inure contemptible bO
IF on earth than n thief If anybody
Is V unfit to live It Is a Ililcf nnd a liar
A twclvcjeirold gill was cnt by
her pircnts to thin bikcHiop f < H hi end
about nlnu clock one evening SIte was
iet upon by four Mexicans and brutally1
mlstuvited My lxoclock the next
V multi log the four hud been anesteil
hilebti lieu shot nnd burled The MS niq
imples of mlllt ir elfspollMn In JIo
Ini Vhcrn nbuso of Mtuh awful priwoi
occurs once nlnotynlno times It Is cx
crclKCd vvhnllv In the public Intriosl
A ounsr Spaniard of harming so
cial accomplishments WIIn rompnnlon
at poker of the Jcfe politico iefcrr d to
and his Ainorlcin frlond One tv en
Ing tho Shin iihii1 thought presumo
uj > llhlH pnsltlon liy rldliiR his hoisa
Jlexlcin shop Ho as arie od
Into I li wnf lrcjloel
iirul thrown Into prison The friends of
Iho Jofp politic n Opill < Uol his release
Ve must haM > him nt tho poker garliC
Ms pvtnlnr thioy sold wlilmslcvilly
11 Ito shall stliy In jiil nil hlnll
IP shah hay a hue of fifty PI shlUil
inoinlnp rosmindod HIP jifo polltloo I
I oannnt DPI mil im tferso11 filondshtps
tn Intcifeio with my dutj
Mexico todnV V II til Iii not have liecli
Avhnt It Is but for 11 despotism that has
been exorcised In the Interest of Justice
and respect for laxv If thin Mclcant
hue Krlpxincos jot them light It out
amoiiB thctnsolxcs without any uttompt
1 the part of foreigners to crenlo 1
u public imlnlem against the govcrn
men mil In n favor of tho rebel
rho Interesting st itement Is made by
the Innima Cam cpmmlsslon that
Volt hna been successful In provuntlnir
the increased cost o living that has
bien general elsewlurc
V Could not the same commission favor
tile world at largo with a Kry to the
secret How ivns Itd nc1B what
means was the Inliiultv of high prices
axorted 7 If this could he elomi In tho
Canal zOne why not In othar parts of
tho United Stitcs
The Canal 70110 Is part of the United
State Tim National V government
manages it Tho government collects
thq tapes Itcolf and It does not JaI
a cent of tribute to trusts There
Uncle Sam la the housekeeper and the I
emplo < r Ho bus In the cheapest
market wherever It may be nnthe
controls heli Ics and koepi them
down to vi reasonable IPX el
from which It would tippcni that It
V Uncle Sam would undertake to do tic
nnrkcliiiR the buying and Rolling for
all tho pooplp In the sime IIuBfnr
tho people in the Canal one there
xvould bo no high prices anxxhcie nut
Utal xvould bo paternalism V nnd Social V
V SOUTH AriucAX vnns
V Consul AVakcneld now In Vort nil
zabeth South Africa has sent to the
American Department ot Commerce
and iJibor sonic Interesting figures as
to prices and wages In thilt t p
Ie sn3 that the cost of JlxltS In Port
Elizabeth Is high and would eminl that
of American cities of cnmpnratho sire
The cltthas a populationof about 33
000 and Iinnthe modem facilities
suqh as electric inllwai and watei
md lighting sstems
The following are somqot thj quoted
wh heatc market priced foodstuffs
Apples tiO per 300 pounds bacon 1
to JJ ccntn 1crJiUidbcnfIIO to
t 0 per 100 POI Rhrcal > cents
iur loaf butter Jo to 5 cents per
pound cheese tolonlil l to 22 cents
mpoited 22 to 32 cents pel pound live
ChlICkilI1S35iO 55 cents each live c ducks
oOJ5Scenlnonclt eggs X to 75 cents
per dozen live fowls 30 to 43 cents
eachr flour South African 320 to3iO
per cwt ham 10 to 18 cents per pound
fresh boef8n 12 cents muttons S to
12 cents pork 12 to 1C cents per pound
corned boot American O per dozen
onepound tins Australian corned beef
J173 per dozen tinned roast beef iO
hot dozen cans atone pound eich Aus
tiallan 2 pound euns3iOpC dozen
fresh milk 10 cents per quart oats
13O to 140 per cwt onions lI5 to
175 per cwt oiaiiBeM GO cents to 1
per 100 pnnrs J40 to 4 per dozen
best pineapples CO cents each potatoes
pei 100 pounds 11 tints to iSO pump
kins C to 10 cents rach sugar vxJilte
44 cents popj pound sugni yciiow Vt
cents per pound sxvect potatoes 55 to
C3 cents foi 100 pounds tomatoes 1
cents per pound turkeys from 7i cents
toJSi each
rIte WOBO scale Is likewise Interesting
IJakeis receive 275 per day p
er average 8i poi month bilckhiers V
32 cents poi hour carpenters 3C cento
clerks V per month composItors 3 23
per tiay horsoshoers 1 21 machinists
3W motormen 200 painters 25 cents
pei hour plasteiers 30 cents plumbers
111 cents stonecutters J 50 per day
fuller 210 stenographer 60 Pet
mo n th
Those aro all iiveiraBes of tIlt wages
neither tim highest nor the lowest
For n now country with compaiatlvely
fmx dexilopcd IcnOUCeRUld fur dis
tant fiom the iciitiiM of tho worlds
tiade and V population South Africa
stems to be doing well < In both prices
It < xyngis V V V
Art Is loIgnnJ uls IIf Ice V
V A hermit cannot bo Judged hftlo
ompanj he Keeps V
lhoCn lone nl list Inll hlsOrter nay
shi 11 smnI1 lik ome
V Those Milean revolutionists would
like to bo able to stiy Din non V
After coil xvhttti asUn an ex
eltHlo The coal b itons of course
Champ Clark Is Keeping eo iiulet
for a man xvho expects to be speaKoi
While involutions novoi go hick
wards sometlmts t 11111 go all to pieces
Handle xxlth an rCthe la Tolli tte
fair picslilentlal boeun so jountr and so
In a hobble sit lrIIllld bu almost
ImpniHlbk for invely womin lo stoop to
V 1 Tio JngJKhjsuffraBettos httvlnrftlred
i of PtrlMngntllitfdeshavo started Jil10
strike the l rune minister
The CommcrcfnUclubs lost blllfnrd
table haxp beoinfoiincl They wire In
n pocket foi a = loin time
The price of tuikes has been tOO
high1 tOj penult miking Thanksgiving
JiikeV about them this year
i n r151jliodlmISci r of living
causes people to I olnh i and losll
V people to look up Is omcthliiK
It Is nald that HfoOs w Ir301i make
la Alt tlliit Is what hucksters and
V i butcher wiy about food prices
lhop MexIcaiH rexolutlonlsis 1 0 ni
seem 16 htiWIhli1UtIIey xxant x c p t
ill lhC3 dont xxunt Porllilo Diaz
again I
I ri 1 V i n V
Preirtlerniland Ii I Premier AHqullli
tan exchange eoncinutation that
cliii ilngIIUIltfli It
was n thing inure serious than I slap
In thu face V
With the Wthu Man It was No ex
V cellence1 without labor With the pub
lic talltl Nooflleleney without
moro noneyr
In the ommons tlodGeorge chan
cellor ofirihej i6xchequcr asked when
I the HrHlsh arlaioeracy started to despise
iiciK fI
spise American dollars AVIion they
failed tomarrv American heiresses who
had them f rfrJt = t8
In the next house of represcntntlxes
ndxtythre the DemocratsjxIII itt comfortable Imxo n majorltx majotlty of
Still the Jtcpubllclin imlnorlty vv 1110
nil itscaii to make the comfortable ma
jority uncomfortable V
Alner inns xxho hivi moved to Alber
ta Canada object to lining Itulo
Bijtnnnla stint mjtho pubho schools
1 he objection Is not Sa dhii Ilrltlsh
colony The remedy to rotuin to thp
United States where the public J school
dilldien sing Tlie fatu Spangled Ban
ner Hihl 9IilliiIni nnd America
I Jat our llll on ThnnkuRlvIng and
forget AVlley and the microbe 1 be
lieve that the eating public Is entitled to V
emu diy In thq jcui lupon xxhlih the
nn tIlll ahull bo satlslled vxitliout
thoughts of germs H OS Wi Wllej
foxcrninent lirml iIHLchlr food In
Kpcctoi Hut xvhy cJinnot the people bu
nlweill ltlhehlin 11111 forget
Wlk and the microbe Ov Dlla ln
Items or Interest to All Farmers
In the Sirate of UtaK
Ihe follow tug ugB03tlons have been
II1dehYI piomlncnt to irmei of Utah
count In xxhlch Iw jHilnts out the nc
cessltx of hiwj iii the le vlituie of
Ihe Ptite nf Utah compdllng fnrmert
rardineis and OrCh1i111 II throiiBhoul
nHlurhlJI ihout
the stab to t ik I vaie uf weeds and
Ut her obniixlous articles pel milled to
1owonto Linns gardens lndol
Lhnrds of the people ot this great state
Ito Iolnlsto the fact tint there1 are
nuiii very careless fanners In this
fctiito who are jieimlttlng eeds of xarl
om kinds lo glen on theli 11101 laos
this cm lulling theli crops both In quill
tx and eiuantlt and at the rio tI lilt
stuttering seeds which effects the
crops and lands e fhls nelghbois and
dofs Injuries to thin county at laigu
which will > take n long time to ciadl
V If the farm products are V In future
lohnphucdOfllhc irleets of turc
county undci the Mime tests es fruits
and are noxx being tested and only
the host can be sold at top prIces then
It behooves the farmer gardener and
oicluirdlbt to remove from his prom
Ises nil obnoxious weeds and other
Krottth which arC now so wldolx per
mitted to groxx Intttiil of healthful and
paying crops
Merchants me beginning to realIze
Ihlilfndln laany Instances are already
Importing into Utah carloads of grain
fiom ndjolnlng blntes because of the
siiperloi quality of said grains
This on Us face looks bad for Utah
farmcis and If continued xxlll bring
ruin to lha locllllies which mil such
conditions to prevail and Is bad from
1hEruloxswiTit SIEXlO
V Portland OreBonlan
The ImmceUatc occasion of the out
break of JMeIcan Illfeeling toward
the United States seems to hue been
the burning nt the st nklr n citizen
of our sister lepublle bv 1 Url of
Texans This pistlmo has become so
Ilp li In Arkansas and Tevis that It
prob ibly excites surprise In those quar
ters to learn that It Is relented In Mex
ico Isll nil rather straining tl
gnat to pet nngrv tsuchl trine I
Doubtless tIlt prlinlllxe character of
Latin clxlllritlon nccounls for the sIn I
gulnr csthellc deficiencies of our neigh
bors In this dhecllon But xxc must not
oxorustltmto the Importance of the
binning of Ilodrlguor by Iho frolIck
some Texnns of hock Springs Very
llkel this fesllxe excnl was no moro
tItan a match applied to 1 fuse which
wits already well prop ired For many
eais thcie has boon no love wi isted
between the rough and daredoxil ele
inlion both hides OrlhobprdC
Their mutual hatred leads to numoious s
mm din and kiC ISlpl pretty con
st ml state of petty warfare p Cattle
thieves fiom either counlr find ready
protection In the other Incursions of
aimed b inds of coxxbOs and other haul
cases to take summary vengeance for
xxronBS suffeicd keep thin tire of wrath
binning and ot late years numerous
Mexican political refugees have helped
stir up trouble Many border Ameri
cans Sinpithl7o with them The Mex
ican authorities naturally seek to re
claim them Perhaps no recent mutter
him embittered the Intern itlonal feel
ing along the border lucre than this
trouble over refugees fleeing from tho
cruelty of tile tyrant Diaz as some
of tho filming noxxspapers put I
PiiocEFss lNJVSThiY or OUR IHCT suaut V
Xexx YorK Sun
Txxonty eara ago Ihe bcelsugar out
put of the United States was about
3000000 pounds a year The depart
ment agriculture repOrts the produc
tion of 1909 as amounting to 1021000000
pounds A bulletin recently Issued by
the department says The sugar In
dustry Is lapdly assuming great Im
poi lance In this country Xo mairufae
lurlng Industry ho Intimately associated
xx I Hi and dependent upon agrlcullure
has ever shown such wonderful devei
opment such fal teachIng Inrtuence In
the nttmul itlon and ttpbuliil i jig of Iho
whole system ot agicultuie In 1001
there xxoio In opeiatlon 36 factories
converting Into sugar the beet product
of 175CS3 planted acres In 1909 63 fac
tories handled tho yield of 120262 acres
Ciillfoinla had factories In operation
V C lor lot Idaho three Michigan 11
Utah live Wlsconnln four whlltt U
stales including Now York and Ohio
hud one aehrhutotnt Fiigni con
sumption of the country In HiOS Is 10
poited as amounting to G4S579 nut
lon obtained front tIlt following
sources Oonnstlc beets 1112 percent
Domesilc cane 12ff per cent maple
i rII poi cent Hawaiian cane
per tint Philippine cane 141 lie cuit
Cuban cane ITS lar cent nil othet
613jwectll In 1391 about SO pet cent
of pur supply nf sugar was imported
Tho Inciiase In the cane mil Ixct out
put of Oiu United States II npr a nil
the acquisition of Hawaii Porto then
an 1 the PIt iii fliineti have now reduced
Hint peicnilnge to about roo
T ors roi
ipilugni Hepubllcan
Despite his IiieoiiMenclcs eccen
tricities and inns Tohlol has been In
iniinv resiyctH piophot ol human
Irolh < rhooll whoso nobllllv and sIgn
lien neit are not I HItch to bo diminish
ed bv till passage of time What the
worlil xxltnessei Is the lust phase In
the life of the greitfsi of modern
Ti tiaCin tie Moro thin anx man of his
tlmo III h is Imainatcd tho lexolutlon
ii ry spirit xxhlch has distinguished tin
Itimla of the past lull f COil tii ry and
whose iitiiiKBles foi expression linxo
been so pithetic nud enthralling
ioo jircn Nioxnv MMINT <
ritclibtirc eiitlnol
V The iiiturns ot TOIM 37000 spent
tilt inmpilen eonlrlhnllons and of
Drnner of 17000 shoxx still that too
much money Is required from candi
dates Drapers looks small < beside Oio
JlflOOfl hosrcntlo got lhol > mlna
tlon tit lleutojiantKovornor rosss Is
small comp red with the ovor 100001 i
the further fact that It shows careless
ness and Indifference ntho part of
Ihefo Who allow xxccds to ghl Ion their
In addition to this great evIl existing
among fanners of this count1 the ad
vocate of these siwrestlons justly
Complains of the slothful and unvvlto
con1 iltlons pievallliiB In n goodjiitln y
local I 1 lea xnhereln users of Irrlgiitloi
Water me Hooding licHHs toads am
alleys In the dHlrlct with xxater from
their fnnns which ought to lieu on
t ho faun JlselfIn n great many In
stances not nearly enough outer Is
oxxncd to Irrigate the fann
V This misuse of xxntor not only brings
V loss to tho farmer himself but destroys
xnluable roads a great deal bettoi off
xxlthout tho xvnler and also after stand
ing for sovennidaysin pools holes etc
along c the roads bccomes stagnant l
breeds disease
Ho R ig slsithnlhe laws V of Iho
rtate lnailebyoltrrioxt leglslaluro
should deal properly with these Impor
tant questions and should bo so framed
as to make It a misdemeanor to nllcnv
such conditions and to punish thoso
xx ho are so careless as to allow them to
exist by fines Imprisonment etc
As tQ orchards this suggestion Is
Unit peopl should bo compelled lo
spiny trees no mallei how many 01
hoxv fexx trees they may hae To cn
forco the proxlslons nf such laWs that
max bo eimettdby the legislature It Is
suggested flint competent Inspectors or
other officers bo appointed lo curry Into
effect such laws In every district or
locality of tho stateHOPIjA
xxhlch Storroxx spent In his Boston I
campaign last 9 C itt lJut any of the
sums aro altogether too largo for the
case xx hero tho office Is supposed to bo
seeking the man although everybody
knoxxs that Iho man was seeking the
office Not only are the contribution
too largo but they ought to como
from a great man more people If
the 1VOLCVIS have an Interest In their
inlnelples V
V After a Iashlon
Reporter fceiuitor If I mistake not
oui name has been mentioned once or
twice In connection wllh the Presi
Senator tolsmun Wh yes a Lon
don Journal I believe once rcmaiked
that If the ofllce of Piesldeiil of the
UnIted > IIwaflfosnle I xxould
probably btiy It Chicago Tribune
FUll Alicnil Concress
Wacn Chump ClarKIsm begins to
make Itself odious to the inlnorll how
h rifllItlilll rampant old Insurgent
from Danville insurge Milwaukee
Journal V
A biiKiirContcd 1111
Iioxv did you persuade our daudh
lei to learn kItchen work
By calling It domestic science
1lttsburg Post
I Ills Wl1I1mcs
Well saId he anxious lo patch up
their quarrel nicnt you curious to
know whats In tills parcel
V Not very loplleil tho still bet
HBcrcnt xx Ife
Well Its something for the one3V
< 1cbeflllhnUlho xxoild
All I suppose Its those collars you
said you lIeededHI Louis Globe
T arncil
Waltci said the guest herns a
lul tirCol 01Ilf you xxlll tell mu
lints best lucnt today
Thank yell sir replied the waiter
pocketing the coin 1 he host thing to
eat today Is the bialsed million chops
at the restauiant two blocks down Ihe
llnlilusrI hud your mop of hail
Id keep It cut short
rjle Youd make mlstjKo ICou 1
did It xxould shoxi hhiC shape of our
head Exchnnue V
Oh cimistnnlliil 1 Iv V Idciic
Ihe man of thu house was looking
fqi his umhiclli and not llndlng It
asked tho iuieni hers < of the family If
they had used ll
1 think sisters beau toolill last
night said linirx
t1iihY do you think so lily lIon
salted his fnthet
4 C nisi1 when I IIHlnothohulI hiit
night 1 licnid him I1Io shlei 1110
hove Ill Just steal one Llpplncotts
Inldn Ills Mciils Out
And do ou take you r meals out
flubs the xllliKO jnobe xxho Is gaiiiei
Ins Infonmtioii fiom tho former rca I
dent xvho Is homo flout the cIty Ion a
fit 1un
1 Nut until aftci I haxe eaten them
xein ly lesponds tlio unwilling xlctlm
V An OntAIlXlKlilcr
She reidlng novclIt must halo
been awful for thoso pool soldleis lo
hiir the sentence To bo shot u sun
eHe I dont know Vxo been linlt
shot at situ rise and U nusnt so bad
Boston Transcript
Prompt Action V V
Marie When you Kpokq lo papn did
loll I ttli him you had 5500 IilthobllnlCI
iiUlI did
Maile And what did ho si 7
TunfUe borroixcd It Hoston
1 he Glint
TIm gnat he Is a noUomo mlto
Ho hiYOl3buzz Tie loyos lh bitCV
110 eruxxsupo > i you xxhen puohot
JlluXI the ziutulhityugntnItnoLi
t j a V Suctcas I
< t
I it
l >
r 1
r < = = c
V Vi0h
lilH W
I lQaiclcl t ANPtLT 111Ll Cl
V MAT1l1iiiTqPitY1
L i or i
V V lhSsI3hcrwxont
SO pcopM and Augmented Orchestra
Prices IS toning Me IU2 V Mntl
Ij IJlnl nr V
cV < =
jt iN1A L
V Th e < BURG lEPhhit1
lfiIi Siriro tJiynt
Delighted mulltme il ictv per
jvliiljijlc 7 o Mcv 7c 110
Mallnic Tikes > 3c and Wo i V
Nevl Attiai lion
h II
V A h > 1
iryhJ ti ii 1 35C8
A lANclrkvAt3LEvrLl11V
i MtIlhWeD5IIy ° i V
V am Nlt2OLii7tN8
Bt8irAL11Iri851 t
Fhthil l m mfD
I tm LIsbl
Orp lmm MotIon Pielures
V V Orphcuni Oichestra
j Jtxtlnivprlccs Soc tOe Night
r Prices S5cf0e 73e
= V VV 4
Peitmorlx Grand V
3737PHONnHcll 1137
A BhJI lD1Jl
In Itob it UdlsortH Great Hncciss
V The Call of toe North
bpcrlnl Jlntlrco Thiinltsglxlng
A create play than The Wolf
And as itood nHrho Barrier
Matinees Wcdnpsdn nnd Saturday
Evening Prices Xc SSc lOc and 75c
Mattnee81c and fV
V Cttrtnins 2 15 and Sii
Next Week
The Woman In tho Cas
No Thanksgiving Day dinner
can bo properlv cooked with
out tIle use of That Good
First aid to the cook solel
excluslvelv Ixv
The Man on Mclslm Street
ronr Vnrcl < e7V12TihIoiieJp
rB n
Between the Public and
the Weather ma ithe
ap particularly happy
j < lIdp < V
Coal Dealers lot is not
Wesiern Fuel Co
Crltchloxv riahcher Sc Kltte
Cable address Wcstfuco
Phones 719 73 Main Street
1 =
Is certainly comfortable nnd
enjoyable wit n cheerful hire
burning brightly Ip tliti Riate1
Mantels set In the liomo com
phlo from
60 Up
See what you ro bu > Ing dont
select from n catalog
A patent radiant grate warms
tho room thoroughly and Is
clean and economical V i
V SONSj1cOMpANy V ti r
d I JI 1A u hGIIrtt t mJ1olmocl i
V V l
l VIt t V aibV
VV 1 K
r i r lsiiii l ji jt8Y m This Evening < iV 11
j i Iy
j llfJiTjfff1 lBJ 7fif1 It TlT pl1 y
I PEJ l f fr t WV1f
V ot5u onua riEiB Tr
I Fb Grealest C1Ot1thp
aoill Gwfi Merthaiullse
fir A LE I
Will begin on Saturday next at
28 and > UplVlaiJriSio
Adjoining t Salt Lake Security and
Trust Building
If c MoffiihfEe the V Freight
Must Be Realized niTliis
t <
V Consighifleiit t f feo s
or 41
P r =
The Famous
V Is the Lamp of Real Beauty
because gives the best light of all V V
lamps The Rayo gives a white soft V VV
mellow diffused light easy on the
eye because it cannot flicker You
can use your eyes as long as you wish V V V
under the Rayo light withe irstrain V
The Rayo Lamp is lovprlccrj and
even though you pay 510or20 for
other lamps you may get more expensive l11514
decorations but you cannot get a better
light than the lowpriced Rayo gives A V
strong durable shadeholder holds the
shade on firm and true This s
ri ev burner adds strength and appearance
Once Rayo User Always One V
V r Dialers Eitryittirre J nst at yours wrttt far dtjcrfpttit V
drnlar to tht ittarttt aftncy efiht
Continental Oil Company V
Incorporated I
111 = = 1ltv > JL > Lim
hiJ > > n w = =
Have your ticket read Burlington
EaSe via 1SceKtc Cokrado
nd DenverV
Tlunngli Tom 1st Sleepers nnd tourist slceplns car mUco elory day to V
Onialui ClilrtiKO St Ijouls Kansas CltA St > oscpli and Iho nast V pononall
conducted nearly every clay of Iho week V V
lliiuiigit Standard blcvprrs and standard sleepIng car lenlco every day to
the fanio eiifloin clllcs
FIve Dull Trnliib frOm Denver lo the castaI high class t dnumoscleclrlc
lighted trains
Atlantic Coast Limited 1
OhscTMitlon Cur Train
I Si
DenverChicago Limited v <
< 0
Sun 1iulor LOUIIKC Cat IainoiH Xo 0
St Louis Limited
Ohici t alluii Carl tain
OmahaChicago Night Express
St LouisKansas City Night Express
A liiirlliiglon lloltcl comprehends the greatest arlcty of i onion nnd Incllidci V
Die moHt InlercslliiK cities The map hhows how ell Jim lInton main linci
to Chicago nnd St Louis lit In on an eastern loura V f V
Iet mo disetlljo to you our nulmIrtloffjrotjii
IUhIlVftj1iDi1 sleepei set lIt o nnd help I rtu chooso our route
H T XCSWV Ocnunl jMnt
aiiyri R07 Main Sheet Salt I aKo CitI1tnhi
Advertisers should use the i
I Circulation Books I V V L I
fOpen to Advertiseo I
t 1t
I I I i 4 1

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