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tvWfttfy VHVi
Enclticers In Jroni Illc 11 ICTIO Ho
poil Rood LooMns Dirt
Trom the reports ot r W Snow and
T1 Jt J Brjant mining engineers who nn
updating In Stntcllne that camp bids
fall to be again listed among the pro
ducers Snow nnd Bryant mo operat
ing under a bond nmlr leas on thu
Dig fourteen and arrived In the city
this morning on business for the com
piny In speaking of their property
they said
Tho nig Tout teen consist of four
patented claim1 lhi > main formation
of that s < tlon seems to bo of porphvry
with ri > nllto forming u lontiict that Is
well denned The iwrphyry 1 shal
tend In places nnd tluse brenks trend
north and south pamlli ling the contact
nf flu rhjollte and poinhMj Our blg
gcsl vein It about 7 feet wide This
vein Ins n slight dip hut a 110foot
veitlciil rimft nits It at the bottom A
win has been sunk li feet on the vein
50 fcol on It A
nnd n nlfo goes Up
ill I ft from the bottom of the shaft has
been run n dstanco of HO feet In ore
nil the way Average asravH ot the en
1 tiro vein run about Jll and on this vein
ft istlmatp from aO to 40
> alone we oan
M ILn j U thousand dollars worth of ore In sight
Other veins parallel this one but are
It1 fissures In tho porph > r > Wo have only
four feet
worked on one which Is about
wide A fchaft on this vein goes down
100 feet In ore all the wu > that aver
ages around 160 pet ton With ims
showing wo havt secured a stump mill
and th imcblneo was moved on the
property InH Mondnj When com
pletely Installed which vvlll be In about
sK vvceks oi two months our equip
ment will consist ot a twostamp mill
with amalgamation plates and othei
appliances with a ciipiclty ot 20 tons
pet d ly
This bond nnd lease Is owned by
Snow nnd Roant It K Gardner W
Wlas of Los Angeles and James Mc
Dopald of Park City Tho developments
leidlngrto the Installation of tho mill
havo been made dm Ing the last jear
the property having been secured from
thi owners at Cedar Cltv Utah
Iti ported Strike I Coloiiulo Adds
Mrcneili to Morning Market
Tnullng on the exchange was rather
m 4 brlstei tills morning with Iron Blos
hOm Colorado and Undo Sam sharing
in fcatmcs On Iho strength that Iron
Blossom stlil has a good chance to
sign up hir oro contract and vvlll
piobably execute the same this wiok
thu stock held up to S4 on tho open
hoard A imported strike vvhkh haa
not been continued addod some
strength to Colorado On th open
boird Tlntlc Standard sold in 4 5
tllntah Trensuie Hill nt 4 and Blng
pSlftr ham Coppei at 15 The total shares
soldon tho regulai call was 20710 with
i value of JiOWBO On the open board
C400 shares sold lortb 1377 making
n tolal of 27110 shares with n value of
7013 50
Listed Stocks Bid Asked
Lifted blocks Hid I Asked
SIIVKIt f r >
COPPEIl rathcxlcs J20 >
COPIKH tcailj lSfitli2nn
Heck Tunnel 100 at I21i 1000 at 12
nt > er CO 500 at 12
Illack Jack 100 at 15
Cedai Talisman EOO at 1354
Daly Judge 10 at 4EO
Iron Blossom 100 at SO 400 nt SI
May Day 1000 at 11
New York 2000 at 5
Ohio Copper 100 at 160
fcven Troughs 1000 at 4H
Tlntlc Central 1000 at I 1000 at
4 hu > er GO
Uncle Sam fiOOO at M
Western Nevada 2000 at 10 3000 at
Colorado 5000 at 44 sellei GO 600 at
iron nio som 200 lit 8J 300 nt SI 100
t SI
Nevada Hills 100 nt 2I7 > 4
Sioux Con 1 300 at 2D
Shares Value
tecuar 20710 J505650
6400 197700
27110 703360
Beck TunnelMOM at 12
Cednr TaliHman 1000 at 13 2COO at
34 Colorado 2400 at 45
Columbus 500 at 27
lion Blos om 2MO at SJ 100 at R4
Ohio Copper 1000 at 11214
Plutus 1000 at 4y
Seven Troughs 2000 at 44
Sioux Con 1200 at 30
So ColumbUH Con 500 at 14
Tin Cent 500 nt 9 1000 at a l
> uvi > r 60
Uncle Sam 00 nt t > 0
Yankee 500 at
runnel Belmr Driven nl Hate of 3S to
100 Jcct Pel Inv
n A Tavlor who with J S Free baa
He contract on tho Snako Creek tun
icl reports that they are far ahead of
heir schedule time In the work Ho
aid Th faco of tho tunnel Is now
n a distance yf about 2000 feet which
ins been driven at the rate of from
r 0 to 400 feet per month The tun
lei will tap the Dalj Judge at depth
nd will also bo used to unwater tho
Treat Western ore of the Knight prop
riles The company also khas secured
ilncral rights along tho course and
t la but natural to assume that them
g a possibility of cutting nome oru
caring fissures
The tunnel Is 7 bv 9 feet In th <
lear lth n 3iJ by I foot waterway
nder tho bottom of the ties which are
feet long and et on 3 foot centcis
he tunnel Is being single tracked
ow but eventually it w111 be double
racked Three shifts are kept workliifj
vlth from 10 to 12 men on each shift
oday no ore bearing llssuus havo
oen sttuck but some that look very
> romldng bavo appeared It Is about
000 feet ahead of the face to where
ho porphyry omes In and then wu
an bettPt look for values Tho
hole countrv thus far traversed bus
eon In lime which Is well mlnerallz
d carrjlng considerable pjrlte Nn
mportant water courses havn been
truclc nnd tho tunnel Is practically
James 1 Callbrcath uecret < uj of
he American Jllnlng congress who Is
n tho cltv onftrrlng with President
> ern of that association IH of tho
iplnlon that the present leaning H > R
tfiu under which rnanv proputles In
he wc t me being developed Is on
Irely wrong Ho does not propose to
iverthrow the Hjstein at one time and
bus Htlflo the industry fot It might
uiik a hardship upon tho Individual
mil let the monopolies get a tinner
ginsp than the hnv nt present His
dea Is like that of the people In Iho
ust who follow thn sentlmttnt e
pressod bv Abiaham llmoln who said
hat the public domain should brf hold
is n public trust for nil people hut
Mi Callbrcath thnkn that In the e
cutlnn of this principle that Iho west
rn mining InduBtrv would b the chief
Tho plin proposed b th Amorltnn
Mining ioiiirck IH to auk ihci mitloiiiil
governtnnit to i route n commission to
dine west and to ntudy conditions
mil then to make u now sot ot laws
governing those condition Wlls aro
low bifoie Congress provldliiK for n
hiiHlng Hjstem whlih v lll mnkn
t possible onl > to lease mlneial conl
Ind oil lanlK nnd phosphate deposits
tho government and to pnv tho
nine west nnd Btudj conditions
rojulltcp to tho fedeinl government
W I hnvder was nn to tho Park
igaln tho first of thn week and spent
tho lime between tialns at thi > Onil
foinla mine na > 8 the Park Keeord ThJ
ccntlcmiin l much clatnl ovei the
nromlslng prospects of that iiropdty
and ho him xurcly good reason to be
Woik IH being pinseciltcd In tho lower
tunnol nnd over n foot of high grade
nro Is being followed In a well dtlliud
fissure AHSHJH fiom this oro show
silver 006 oiincef lend 37 per rent
gold Jl 0 nnd copper B I per cent This
finality of ore Is being piled up cm
tbo dump nnd a development pro
gresses conditions stendllv Improve
Only a small force IP nothing at pres
ent but tbo chances are very favor
bln for It being materially Increased
with tho prospectH of the California
becoming a Htracly shipper gettlns
brighter nil the time Ihonos canvnn
Is destined to make a nolsn In tho min
ing world
mii IN siAvibii romc
Spivlul to Tho New
Provo Nov 23 A quit claim mining
deed from D O Itldcout to Herbert n
Heed convejlng for a consideration of
Jl the Tlnglcy Crocker Forrester Bait
Uiko NOH 1 2 3 and 4 and Hideout
mining claims In 8panl h Fork canyon
has been filed with Uio county record
Coiillniiallnn of Ilnil iif T n WccU
Aco llcturen tin > mid 300
A new strike was reported In th <
Colorulo this moinlng between the 2i
nnd 300foot levels drifting north am
west along the foloux line Colorad
has opened up well within the las
month Running south of the Khaf
towaid tho Sioux line on the 300 tin
old ore body HBB picked up In n dilf
that ran writ from thn pld worklnpi
and tint gavo them 300 or 100 feet 01
Its strike toward Slouxt Thfti In tin
houthcaat end of the propel ty IKJII tin
Sioux line they uncovered the same on
on which SiouxhaM heen working I
has been generally understood hut no
confirmed that n drift on the 250 wa
being drlvn northwest to catch BOOK
ore breaking west and from the b si
information obtaining this Is the re
ported new strlk It appears from 10
poits received here that the stilko 01
today Is u continuation of tho sblke 01
two wcekH ago H begins at the soutii
cast coiner of the Colorado line ami
follows the Slotu line It Is estimated
that theiQ are 300 oi 100 feet of the
new ore body to work back over to
the shaft
That the big mergci1 In Ploehe xvoitM
piobibly be nuide this week was the
word ifcelved today by one of the op
ctatorh In that district It Is said tint
this meigcr will Include thu Nevndl
Utah Prince Centennial Pioche Con
Holldated Plocho und pethaps tbo Ploch
King If the ptesent plans niateriallo
A H CJodbe and Eincst K Woolle > arc
In Now Yolk working on the deal and
it Is the idei to innke Plocho n live
camp lite NevadaUtah is reported to
< > shipping from tho Day mine and 11
strike Just reported In the Centennial
Moche adds ncwjntctest to the opera
Jons Somo of the local operators think
Shut If thls is consummate that Plocbe
s destined to bpcOme a big sllveileid
producer Other work Is also being
lionn In the district Local people bavo
taken an option of the Demijohn and
iropose an active campaign of devel
APEX coxTiwvnnsY
It Is reported hero In local mining
lrcles that suit of the North Butto
igalnut the Tuolumne Copper has been
leflnltely untiled nnd tho officials of
he Tuolumne have gone east to con
er with the North Butte people
The Tuolumne Copper was organized In
Rutte In TM6 vsltb n capital of fOOOOO
iharcs of n par value of 1 each It has
inlv about slv acres that He between
he Speculator and Jesse claims two
3f tho best mines of tho iNoith Butte
The Tuolumne has over 500000 In tho
treasury and con ° tderahlo high grade
ire Tho law suit aro o ovei the
if the Nottb Butte vein
James A Pollock Co banVirs and
irokcrc furnish the following received
over their private wlro this afternoon
AHsd Oil 1100 bid Brookshlrc 130
bldi Claremont 115 askid Illinois
rnide 3iSIO Monte Crlsto 270 bid
New Penna 58 bid Palmer 1 42 13145
Premier S91 Silver Tip I 30 bid
nosTox COPPKU nAxan
James A Pollock Co banRra n
jrokcrs furnish the following iccelvei
over their private wlro this afternoon
Stock High Low
yoiiic srocnvn
Stocks High T > v
Golddeld Consolidated
Novada Consolidated 20
TonnCHsco Copper 37 36
Utah Copper 41j
Tamea A Iollock S Co bankern and
brokers furnish tho following received
ovor their private wlro this afternoon
Ophlr 1 07SftlilO Moxlein Wfifr Goulit
K Curry C iskocl Con Vn 81 bid llnlo
t Norcrnss H Kkoi Yellow Jacket 31
bM Ilclchor li bid fonfldenco 60 nsk
ed Rlorm Novndn 1 bid I xcheqm r S
bM Uiilnn K717 Ohxllinge n bid Chol
Hr ST nsked
Montana Tonopnh 1 ffl HSkod Tonopih
lxtenslon l021fflW MacNnmira
iikUna Mlil a5 15 bid Tonopnh nelmont
4 bl < l lonopnli North Stir 536 Ro
ciif Hfll2 Um Iliitlcr 2S bid
Col Mt SITS liimbo nt 23 asked
N Con WHR MMli
10 State Dunk Of Utah
10 7 C M I
6 perct fcavlnga Hank
6 OaAen flavlngs Biuik
10 First Nat Bank Ogdon
Amal Sugar Pfd
Sugar Com
Edward L Barton
< South Main St rhonei 07 <
i i
3T NOVEMBER 123 1910
Private Wire to All
Markets Correspondents
New Voik Stock IXchanrfC Chita
go Boml of Trade etc etc
Utah Mining and
Investment Stocks
5 g M I S2liOO
C Stnte lJnnk SJ > >
8 Ves orct National Bank S2D8IIO
10 ijtnh Savings T Co 511100
1 Merchants Hintt S 8800
1 Utah National Dank linoo
1 Aero Ut Mcx Rubber 12000
100 Hevlor Motion Picture 1 100
Dootli < G9 nliio Hull M Silver Pick
7 bill Hluo ncll 3 asked txin Star 2 < jr3
Atlnntn 13iilt fit Ucnrt 2J3 Florence
175 fM 0 Comb Irnctlon lffK Ot
UomtKxt 1 nskcd Gt Hem Annex 1
rskeil Kowanos 7Tii Portland 2 p
frnckcrj ick 2 asked Rut Hlllp 15M
TlKr 6 linked Grandma 4 asked Gold
field Con U2J0Sli O field Triangle
1 oakcd O O U 12 asked
Uonnln Clare bid Mi flower 4 f5
Tiiinn Cons 2 bid
Mnnh Cons 2 bid Dextoi 8 bid Mus
tang 1 bid
Knlrvioiv Euelc 35 lurt Novmln Hlllf
JJ71 Ilttsbiinr MI Peak S75ftfl Basics
Nest r asked Hailstone r asked Hound
Mountain 375iiaf Rnwhldo Coilltlon S
Amalgamated COjJiS i N Lake 8
8 B 7 < 3S G 0 704 Hancock
2425 U 3 pfd 4G45if3 < Mkh 4tH
Roynle lOHSfO Adventure S bid Nl
plsslng lOaiSTt I ke 36 4 8W At
iintlc 704 Osceoln 1294 31 Su
poilor 47404Si C II u SoffS 00
Santa To w < Si Utah Con 234 < f24
vVjnonn 04J5B Alimcek lSOfi > 00
Gas 33i5f34BEIy li < iV5 Clilcf 19M
Cortez 2 T National 1 I51S
< fM Inspiration B WlSie Majestic 49
50 Mines of A oOffGO Nevada Utah
lg > llfi Oneco 24JJ > S I ikc 7 < g > 4
Haven 6052 Yuma 2025
Inc 29mS > 4 RIS Con > 0 < 5S
Tranklln HO1 r n IS1 s is
P 14 < iVJ Ia Salle 7 fS Heh jn
< Zf2 Island Creek 32tfcJ Mohawk
5 > 0 K Lake hiffS Allouer 43Jifp
4 X n Miami 19ai5f20 4 B
Coaln l > Sfr20 Parrot 13ifl4 Tima
ack C05T61J C M 7 S Shattuck 2Ti
Tin Utah Cop 29U jJ WolV 120
30 A M 17 ink 1 Mtn 30 ask
n L 10 ask Dals DUy MdK
Gt Con smi LaItoae l ieM M V
Oif5 National 35T4 Ohio 1 AlCigi
116 llhjollto Coalition 2fiT3
> eaf C7 Tuoliimiie fi 7lBifr1
Cm bin IGlSiTl S Utah 1iiiTH Grni
y 14 45 Glroux 7 U S com
3534 lass OHi10 Indlani 155JU
Creek pM S61iflS7 Nov Con 20W
Kew 3U Az Coml S i < gi7 Old
Dom 41Hff42 Arcatllan 4 bid C ft A
4U5J55 Qulncy 757e Trinity iiVail
U nanpe 71072 Shannon itS1
lotorla 2il iai Wjanclot ntOU Be
ole 115513 nohemla 4iJiiIl5 Cictti
1 26 Con Ariz 1 2 Ely Con 35
Tin Florence l < fsi Oak 25 naked
IcKlnlcv 13lCif X t ZUl TlG
Rnltlc 7 < fV = Ha > Cent 2516 S
C IS asked Yukon < 33i
Mamicei rrn < > T imhournc Is at
he DalyJmlse In Park City
Tony Jacohson returned from the
Colutnbtis Consolidated at Alta jos
Tied A rilncll returned > cstonliy
torn the Mason Valley and repoits a
ICH IVnel uf ore on thu llilrd tunnol
Morrin P Kirk Ins kecured a leifie
on the Last ijhanco Mine at RlnRham
vhlch Is the property of tho Nevada
Utah and lll commence an actho
campaign of development nt once
Tho next qiuitrrly meotliiB of tho
dlroqtoia of tho GoliinclU Conuolldatcd
lll I held Dec I In the Waldorf
stoili nt Ncx York It Is anticipated
hat all of the membem of tho hoard
lll > P present and will declaro tho
iiual 30 cent dividend with an extra
0 cents for Christmas
I S Connei of tho Magnolia and
Southern OH company has Just leturn
ed from a business trip to Chicago In
ho Interests of his company Ho re
lortH business conditions Rood there
and that sentiment N strong In favor
if developing vtstern oil Holds Mr
Oonnir will bo hero n few davit and
hen will KO In the cdmpanjs lirop
eitv at Uahersfleld where thcv have n
ell down near thn 1000 foot mark
Geo Veston superintendent of th
White Hock In the ftar district Is In
he cits for Thanksgiving I11
irought some samples from tho vein
in which thev aro drifting vvhlrh
isii > s 14 per pent bnd and as manv
ounces liver with some copper and
gold values
The following quotations wero received
this nftnrnoon over tlic direct prlvxto
lro of Jliilgcr llrothors
Amal Copper 70J7J
Amci IJoot Sugar ISO J7JH3
Anier Cnr A r < s Co 700 H3M Mi
Amor Cotton Oil lf > M 1 lt
Amor Smelt Rof lorm Mi 711
Do piofencil m 10 u ICfj
Amor Mipir Itof 30 1171 1171 1174U
Anm ondu Mln Io 4U
Atclilhon 1700 1MJ m5
Atlantic Coast Ilnc 117J
HultlmiMO Ohio
Caniidlin Iuclfli 4CO
litKfipriiKo Ohio S13
Chi A Northwestern 14 J
Chi Mil H St 1aul 2COO 1241W mi 123J
Colo ruol A Iron 1 W til
Colorado Houthorn 30 ill 511
Delaware Hudson 169
1 inner v lllo Grande S3
Do picffired 10
M lo TO t3
Grnt Northern pfd IO
ct North Ore Ctfs zno
Illinois Control
InterMot 1100
Do nroferred linoTO
Loulsvllln t Nash TO
Mo Kan Tex
National Illfcult in
National Irod
N V Contril A 44fln 113J 13i 113JM
Not folk Western ico M
Northern Paelflo 2 son 117 1K4 HE
rnmiHjIvanln Peoples C1S 200 1M1 l j liw
Pnllnian IMlnce Cnr ies
Rending 413X1 IMl liM 1531
Hoiitlmrp Pielfle 3400 Itt 4
boiithorn Railway j 300 27
Union Pielflo rrooo 1781 lsi 178
U S Btect 76100
Do preferred coo 113 118
Wtstern Union 100 12
2 700 731 725
Total eales 251300 money oponod 21
High Ur low 21 last 2i cloao 21 ritlltiR
late 21 t
Special Thanksgiving Dinner 100
er plate The Ioum < 4thSqland
H l r
Newr York Nov SU S Steel am
Unlon 1AcTflu opeifedjodny at last night i
i losing prices and Heading advanced 1
Tho stato of jthn market leotlcm wai
torpid tondltloii o
uharactcristrc of thft
tlic wbulu llst Thu majority ofiiiocki
that soliJjjuU all lueioiiuolcil at In1
nlBhtBipifces CAmtrlcan Can prefrru
letctcd iufiom ij iitc layii advanii >
AintrliaWSm4ltlntf5 declined Sj and Na
tional KalluuaforMixli > B oiiil pr
ftrred 5 Slight recessions untojeru
Inking ordTi ind the market iilllcU
within th <
the nhule moumciitjoelng
limit ofl ttpolnt Amcrlcin Can pro
ten cd ivftB bouBhUniolnfllrt aavnnccil
oveFlistnlslit rf n
to 1 4
Oanadinn l clilo lsolniproVed a point
AcMms nTpTtMrfoU pohitVandfNallon
M Hallwiiv K of Mexico flmt prefefrcd21
The stock market WHH uirpld
nent tocls fliietudted n dls
thun a point
raiiue or Ivss
ildeias In Mcxko wero slbl ° 1f0
wtiiknci In nuricnnjSine
doUlr < M U and mi Unltc1 UiillMivh
Melio I pcrwnt < bonil twliliih fell to 91
iovloustdXtIllsyseelctlieUonds iluu not
sold lo et1 nHi2Ainerlian HnietcrH
AVfeirnir S dec ncd U
sccurltloH Hteol
Noith Aniei
riuforrod 1 lun riil J otrlo ios 21
inlcrimtioMl 1apir preferred U
Union 1ailtle Morthun JVclftc
ilit prcietrvu 1 nnhjlviuiln
Vestliighouso Electric 1 1rlccs wtre rla
Ing grnilually al poon
lioiulh vscre lirogvilar
Trading grow moro restricted when
Iliw mliluay upward spurt In prlies waj
litfckoil H nd subsequent fluctuations illd
rot exceed the merest rraciion St Puil
ind Centrnl Loiltbcr lose 1 Ontario
Western lost 1
Thi market droopce beroio s o clock
aut theru wotu no rttesslons of IOIISD
lutnce In the iictlvo HHIKS A hundred
ihare lot of Lmkavvanna i > olil nr iJ > oin
iued with 575 the pretetllng sai last
month Iowa Central rm ott 2 points
Hid rcdcral Mining prtrfircd 1
The markot clown barely stcadj liod
wan almost Idle and pilcts diiltiil
haulcnlng ttndoiiiy Amer
iMtli a Hllgnt
declined 14 adn U A II a
referred 1 North Amcilcin inllleU Jl
in a
There vvm a pcrceptiblu sag at the last
ChlcagovNov 23 CaitioRectlpts es
Imited at 16 UOO manic steady to shade
in Ueuvs 4BOW7 JJ lexns stecis 4 20jj
wisteni steers 2 ff6 W ftockcrs
ind fcertero 8 ajffo M tow i and helfcts
2oSt > S tilves 7JU0Ufj
esumated at 21000
narket slow ut jesteidaja averagu
6G5fi702 mlxoil CMI7H heavj
Tbelfl rouBh 67W6 twsoort to choice
leavv bMSJiiJO pigs uVi7W bulk of
ae0 SheepHcceipts cstlmateJ at 5000
narket stcidj to luc higher Native
2o5i410 western 2 50i410 jearllngs
limbs native 1 J5tf6 20 west
rn 4 S3M 10
Kansas Clt > Nov 23 CattlcUocelpts
CC market strong Native steers t 5W
TO nutlve tovvs and heifers JiVjjji
tockcia and feeders 360W533 bullK
WS 433 calvcB 4 OoiiS Oj western
leirt 4tW 560 western cows J 7oJ
ljOKSnecelpts 7010 market stcadj
3ulk 7lf Sj710 heavv 7 05 < B713 piick
r and butchers 70G1fW light 70 > Sf
10hbeop Receipts 7COO markot strong
o lOc Higher Muttons 3 00 < a 3 r lambs
fOti6 SS fed wcthirs and jerllngs 3W
Jl lo ltd western ewes 27oif W
Omahn Nov 2 Cattle Receipts 4o X
niuket strong jMitlva sloers 1 Siff6o
ows nnd nclfcis 3 IWfa 25 western
tecrs 3 11725 range cows and hell
irs 2 Siy 4 W cnnners 2708340 stock
irs and feeiters 3 MttotZ calves J t > t
50 bulls stags etc 3 ffiii I M
Hogs Kecclpts VQ market 5c high
T Heavv l ffSIOO mixed 6 Mr7 W
Ight COJulU pies o MP7 W bulk ti iio
Sheep Receipt oCOO market strong
Iearllns1 5 WS < i 00 Moiher
iwzs 3 in < Ef 4 w Iamb iJ3SSfC
St Iouls Nov 23 Wool unchanged
femtorv and xvostorn mediums 22 23i
Inn mediums ffli21tne 12S13
Hoston Nov 22 The Boston wool
inrket showed a falling off in the
iinutml of trade althouih vnlucB con
Inued firm lerrltoiy wool In fairly well
iikon and moderitu nemanil continues
or Ohio halfblood nnd quarterblood
Icecca Ubero la sonui nctlvllj also In
Icxas stoik cspcclajlv In 13 month
coiircd but Calltornla vvpoi moves ilo v
and pullpd wool In dull
hcourtd basis lexas fine 12 monthn
WWc fine G to 8 months 62j65c fln
ill EOc
Callfoinla northern E6567e mlddlo
lountj fAij > TOuthcrn 161M5 fall
rcc 43f We
Oregon enitnrn No j staple KfiVic
asirrn clothing COW61ci viliej No 1
4 ui B5i
loriltoiv finest tuple hT iCiic fine
clothing r7W5So alley No 1 HiftBac
lerrltoi ilmst > staple CiJiCV cloth
ng iSiiiSt hilfblimil nimblng 63fl33e
marterUlood combing filfflWc
Pulled cMrns C5c A flnt tSSMa A
hupcrs KOMc
Chicago No St With In threaton
ng In ihe drouth districts of Argentina
ho wlicnt niaikit liort weakened todny
earlsh fctllig VNIIS InciPuscU 1 the fact
b < it Hiiuioi Ajrts qnoatlons hurt lost
vhterdava iidvuniu nnd that Liverpool
itIces weni lower Locally commission
Slllng wi general
Tim opining was i in Jiijj down May
started at ICJ to 17 n lo s of Jiffi to Jijfj
nd dellnid to K lino weather and ex
pcotrd larger receipts lid to lieavln < si In
rnm but trailers wcio Incllmd to cover
Mo opened IQ to JfjJ off at IfJ to
y nnd tallied to 4bO
Although busliipsM fit < > its wis sinill
ho iniulipt h ld compiiatlvelj sMndy
Muy Btnrtcd t cosier m 3T3 and tccovtrcd
o S1J ml
Offulngs of piovlaloin wcie limited and
lomand fair Klrst s es were 2J lo 7J
ilKhei wlin Jiinuar > at 17271 for pork
ml 9 SI for lard and 0n for ribs
Wieit A dtHpiitch dcelaihig 170001X1
ct < or wliMt In ArRcntma to ho In bid
ondltlon milled tho markot The cloio
wan iHfl net higher at 678 for May
Corn A rumoi Hint the Ironrli duty
n corn would bn roiuovrd turned prlcM
ivldcdly upward
Thu closo nan cnty however at 4fKi
7 foi May a not Kiln of 1
ilic No No 2 white
WSW NO 2 3 el low 41 JfiJ No 3 471W
PI No 3 now lljitSS No J white 471ii
61 do now UJWB No 3 ielIowSlff514
nfvv 1M4H No 4 47 do now 4S J
No 4 white 47ifi47 do n 41 1J No
jellow 4 < UWHr do new 4111MI1
floic It Caiii 731 to m
llarlflv Canh CRiaiM
TlinothiCn h S frtfiin ffl March 03
Clover Ciisli 10 OOWlt no March II ft
WhwitDec till May 07BI Tulr
CornIXC 448W5 May 45ffM7 July
onto Dec 3 ll31i Mav 341 July 11
MeBH Pork per bbl ran 1745 Mny
I Co
Nnw York Nov 21 Haw sunir firm
iruxeovado 80 tent 3 SO centrTfi ga M
eiffnSfJBSS3v M
Coffee Spot firm
CblcARO Nov in Tinttnr
Crenmorlftii 2430i flalrjcs SJ027
8 at mark
Js o UJK
Many Improvements Made With
BifjAddlfions to ocal
bunt lilfo Sajs Ills NPV Additions to
Salt lnc OPlcc Wlllnrln
100 IVopU llirc
Thij Westein Union company Is mak
ing rapid progress In this part of the
countiy Inihi way of development lit
fact so much la being done tjiat Supt
llfqa estimate of 40 families being add
ed to Salt lakes popitlitlon by tho
branchingout lias fallen tni short and
tin figure now gTven out Is SO fimillrs
Counting llvo to a family this mcain
400 peojdc
Tiafflc Supt U I Utooks of the
Mountain division u nephew of Gcncial
Manager IJcll Htooks of New York is
lere from Dcnvci to make final ut
rangements toestabliih the traffic de
partment of tJie Second district which
s to be handled by C n tdibudlc
whose appointment as district traltlu
superintendent djites fiom Nov 1 Jho
Second district includes Utah Idaho
Montana mid liiltlsh Columbia Tills
will ho undei the gcnciil hiipeilntond
cncy of Mr Hrooks but under tho Im
mediate petsonal supci Islon of Mr
Lnhadle Uoth of these iidlclah on
let ed Iho sculcn of tho telegraph cdm
liany nt the bottom of the ladder um
liy diligent application to business bixvo
norked thelt way up the olllclal scale
lielng recognUed now us experts In
telegraph wink
Another otllclal appointment la that
> f C 13 Thorsen who hius been ap
iiolnted chief cletlc to Mi Uibadlc Hi1
s unothei joung nun who grow up in
he bPtvlceand It brought beie from the
Denvci olllces where he was under
Mr Uibadie U P Cowaidon has been
ippolntcd district plant superintendent
ij U V Whltehead division pltnt
iiipcrlntcndcnt vhoso Jietidciuarters no
n Donvci Mr Cowarden will be In
harge of tho lines and facilities loeat
d in the samo territory covered by
Hr lyabulloH administration He has
icon in tho service of tho Vestern
Jnlon fiom bojhood to that he ha
rown up to his picscnt olllclal station
brought merit
Airangements nro being perfected
or the establishment of mon > In
lependcnt otTlces In this territory
luing to the unusual gtowth of tho
ountr > traversed bv the Western
Dillon wires As an Indication of the
mportanco of Salt I < ake as u t > le
jrnphlc enter It may be stated that
iriangoments wore iccently pcifect
jil and aro now in operation vvhorebvi
jait Lake has the greatest number of
jverland circuits of any city in the
ivcstorn states Theic aio alrendy 1
iverland circuits now runnlnij
ihrough tho cltJ with four uddl
lons under constiuctlon vhloh will
lve tho Salt Lako offices 17 over
land circuits ThH Is In addition ti
nundrcils of wires now being worked
ncnlly frOm Salt I aKo throughout ftc
H HeithcocK formcrlj wire chief nt
hevcnne lias hcen appointed chief
tnder Mr Tow at den As soon us ai
jingcmenis can bo mnde for nciii
lancv bv the Western Union companv
f lt new offices 10010 square feel
if space will be occupied Salt Lako
Mil he thn distributing point of all
supplies for the entire dlsttlct Supt
ifc who Is in command at this point
pa5s ho will jhvaVH work for Salt Iuke
iliv all his supplies here employ
ralt Lake help and do everything in
ils power to bring grist to the Salt
alto mill Ho Is to Increase tho picscn
forci1 bj 200 iT oent nr more
Tho commercial department ii now
irrnnglng for the Installation of umny
tew offices to take ore of a husl
icss which has outgrown present
acuities In fact everv lino now
iperatod In this district Is lo be
Joubled within tho next 12 month
ivlilch means ovei 100000 miles o
Aires In that tlmo Supt Life Is a very
utlve energetic man who Is putting
nt of life nnd vigor Into the Uest
> rn Union service here moro than It
tas ever known before
Tho llittte Klectrlo company hius fllei
articles of Incorporation with the countv
clcjk I lie capitalization Is JXOOOO In i
wliarcc IStlW hhnrca lining reserved n
treisuty slnck 1 lie officers are H Vv
Nlcol preildeni li II Allen vice IIICK
dent 13 II lirnrkr secriiiiry tronsnroi
ntid nnHlatiinL inunnger Adtlltlonal II
lectors are leioy linker 13 Kudd i
f Itoljst H II On n U S rollanil
nnd It J llmvooile >
1 lie PFdel sen Dniihlelica Mnntifuctur
IIIK cnniiiimy of Hiinpi te county 1ms In
corponittd with the Riercniry of itato
wtii a LH < Uull7itloii of KOOOO dlvldid In
to l Muiies Tli i ompanv was cretin
I7d to put tliu Pcdorsen pptlng locli
elavli doubletree device on thR market
T p Pcdeiscn IH president Vllllam I
Heaul vie prculdent iJiurltr I arson
sccretiirj these vlth C r Itolllns A
but H Iptoison and John Koclnch form
tlu board of dlicctors
An imenrhnent to tho articles of Incor
potation of tho Nortn rork ilul > vnr
filed with tho county eleik veiterdny
lloldlng rot n llmltnilon of chili mem
bnrKlilp to 15 tnemlxjrh 11 alto proxUlci
that all members elected print to Aug
31 Ir03 shall pas an nntrincn fen of STI
M H Vnlkir In prtslUenl and John H
Walker seiretan
The Momoe Stoam Threshing Ma
cilno company organbcd with tho ob
ject of owning and operating steam
thieshlne machlms In Snvlet county
bas filed articles of Incorporation with
tho iiectotao of Htntd The prlnelpil
placn of huslnoHs IH Mottroo Sovler
county The cipltallratlon l 3500 In
1 idiatos P P WtiBhhutn is presi
dent Abraham Hotenson vlco presl
clont 1 II Jensen trcasnter Carl
Tuft secretary Thomas A Hunt ad
ditional director
Ahper Noill Co lo Vred O
nuffell pint of lot i block II
Sacro pint A 1 jo
LolH II West to James W Cooh
ranc part of lot S block 84 plat
r 3000
Pioneer Roofings
Sold laid and guaranteed by
Vlco President J H CoHgrlff of tho
Continental National bank has totunt
ed froni Denver whcto ho wont to pro
dido over thn opening ofthe Cosgrlff
Bros nnw hank tho Hamilton Na
tional locatsrt at tho corner of Champa
mill Seventeenth strcettv
Tho Salt IAko Jfooso club has Issued
invitations to lt openingfit thoicltlb
rpomsi 222 KouthvYost JTijmplo fBtroet
onThankaBivlngdayitioroonisfto ba
opcnltq ylsltorsaU > lay
i i
S stores each 23x100 feet
fsood cement bnoemcnts on
natuljllilipd jssj
othl Phones 68S
Now York NovJI Money
on can
asy 2ff i per cent nillng rate it
closing bid 2jtjjffeiPd at Jt4 TTmi
loans eiHy i ind 00 d iys and a
months 44 per tent
Closet Prlmci murcintlle paper RUnp
per cent stuillne oxchango firm wlil
bualneHS In bankers
nctual bills HI
I K IB M foi 00rtlij bill and at 4 SC in
tor dcmniul
Oommerclil hills 1 SUjSJ
Unr bllvcr 55
Mexican dollai < IG
Ctovirnmnit bonds firm ralirovls P
James A Iollock fc Co bankets ana
brokirs fudnlsh tho following icichcil
ivlng J dwaul 1 l5fil Mn on i
ey 10 ilcKlnleyDauiigh
411SC tMontogomcry Sliosh
1lBfffisir Xovadu Smeltei
ilher Queen iT > 34 Tlntlc 100 usked
Ontario 2ifJJ Alice 00 asked Ploix
2ons assyltt Coloiatlo 42ffp45 Iron Oil
Io < om SO bid Cnilsii ITiJTls
Soviwla TII1I SUW3
T no JOB
IIovv Is jour stock of I < oler Head
Envelopes Hill Heads and other of
leo supplies
I ct us flsiiro with you on blink
looks certificates booklets or re
elpts in fact nnj thing In tho prlnt
ng line
Uo guaranteo satisfaction
run DKsuum1 NUVS JOB nnrr
James A Pollock
233335 South Mnln Street
SiH Lnko City Utah
Now rclt Building
Correspondent Members of New
York Philadelphia Denver Snn Trnn
Cisco and Bonton Stock Exchnncej
Chicago Board of Trndo and Now
7ork Cotton Exchange
Private vvlrei to all tho world Or
dcrB executed In any market Listed
blocks carried on liberal terms Or
ders In Utah mining ami commrclal
stocks given cpeclal attention
Kelly Monfrose
201203 Ittclntyre BIdfj
JM UtahIdnho Sugar 8M
1 UtahMexlian nubbcr Co 300 00
Cap block
13 MIIIU Inv Co O OJ
By Orson F Wliitney J
In 3 Volumes
800 pages each
containing in al
235 full steel
platei IVIoroc
co gilt binding
Former Prjcc 30
It is only TWO DOLLARS
ATEAR andh laidm most
of the dporsteps of tho city and
Kuburbs every Saturdayafter
> i
S Can you expend
l6c a month t

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