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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 01, 1910, Last Edition, Image 6

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Indictment SubrmttecliSb CommerciarClub Traffic iBureaul
ihjits Statementito thc ecreiary of State Asks
GranoV Jurjr Jte Secure > Necessary E > kfaSls Chargesi
Ajn > eementJBetweenfPi6ducsrsGarrierantd Distributor
t w lf r i I
Unless the toil combine vvhjcli < l
alleged to bo icxRllns in t o tnte of
Utah l dhsnlvecfb > hjnn faction win
be lnltl t ifby < feccrcUij sofStiitc CS
Ting teklnij to 114 undoing j Thu
state sintJten pi ovlde for tlio dlssolliJ
tlon of mich cpmllllllos ho lnltlnt
stop specified belnetthu llUeltiBlof evi
dence ofisucirexlstence beforcthfe sce
juturjof state
JTIils step wnsJtaken jesteida when
tlmConimciclarclultrnfflc > uroiii filed
ii statement wlthHhe Becrotuijrofl8tiilu
liidletlnenthpNfuereomblne usi entity
of groslolntioniof tlio statejintltiuit
lna st ilcrncntyfrom iho ccrctai y of
Htutc ImmullaUty Jnlldvxlriij the first
millcal mooof 1ici traKleabiiie ill Mn
this direction Mr ringey jdeclaiedjhc
would act piomptly on nnj cvldonee
placed before hlni vhichaicLwaH con
vlnecd vumtbonaTffldc Ills next jlul
now thatVauch cyldcncnlias bcen inc
pircd imdpliicPutbQfcna him wll be to
o talte
itctlon tollB olo ith
In brief thojijJWlB > clmiiosind In
formation Vnio contained1 In the state
ment Prlee uf eoal unjustly raised
extortionate prices nedaibltrnrllyand
iinlfprnily by mnderUnmllnif between
lirpflnror earilcrnndi < > cai distributor
transportation liai esincarlyfdouble u
ipiHin > iblenratbf rci omli price of
hlei ton f o b Snlt likp or nlhci
conimmipolntiiln1 He slrltl > should nut
exceed 7f clnrjjc forlocil bundling
niil dlstrlhutlnsWionld not exceed X1r0
atonlumivcoal < a S42i a tonto the
icinsintcrallows rolaller aJustmd rea
onnble pro1t5nlltoad companies In
Tilth principal producer of coal iri tliG
rtnte wind Jury Investlsntlont necos
nrjittoisecuro neceimry details wc
ictarv of jHtntot haBVimpliTliovvpr to
raiie nrttnn to be taken toprevcnt or
to ll isohemicli > coniblnntlon9
1 v 7 f
CltlnKotherJnformatlon cojcitlated to
asslsuthc hocretary ofj totc tin hnt
eCeructlon ho may brlnif the communi
cation follower v
< Hon CjS aMngeiMSecrctaiy of State
Silt LikcCItyiiUtnhsSlr Tlio tCom
mcrclal club rnftlclbuieau n corpora
tion organized nnd existing1 under the
la < Tof Uio State ofUtali for the pur j
pose ntnong1 other things of promoting
tlieltuslpes IntercHtt of ltfi member
and to dls enilnntelnfoimatlon regird
Inc ratesfLliiirgcs and cbanccs In clas
Blllcatlon that in any ay affect Its
members etc submltsfoi > qur con
sideration inidapproprlntoMictlon the
results of Information In reference to
rcasopnble rate for the production
transposition salu and deliver of
coalacqulicdbJVlt while liuestlsatliiB
questions of tiansportatlon anil reason
able frtightirntcs for the benont of the
people of this state
Thelnformatlon we submit herewith
strongly tends to establish that the
price of roil hUTbecn unjustly and un
arrantedly raised nuginented and In
c cased competition dcstrojcd and thu
consumer compelled to pay etoitlonite
prices arbltiailly and unlfoimly fixed
or established by somesort of a ficnciil
understahdlnu or acquiescence between
tbo producel the cairlci and the local
distributor Ourrea ons forsubmlt
tlnir HIP Information to jou otHclilly
which l undoubtedly well known gen
erally iro the following
1 rhlKbiiteau Is powerlesstoobtriln
rcdicss foi thofinnnlfLst ronei being
done to the people In this statoln tlio
Hspett iefcrredto forwnnt of legal
authorisation to atti and Its Inability
to obtun nuch uutl orizatlon undu tho
laws now In existence
a It has been bpth publicly nnd pil
tcl suggested to us that the accie
tarj of state IULS ample powci and au
thority pursuant to ho pmUsloiiH or
recllons liuMTlU of the Compiled l iws
of the Stale of Utah to takoror ciusa
to ho taken piocccdlpxs to pievent
loinblnntlons wlmeby exorbitant VilccJ
aie being charge and exacted foi toil
mined tianspoited and sold vvlthln this
itiitpv TJiln simetrontcntlon hus 1trt
tofoie beciDHHide wljunove addition il
legislation has been plight to cstibllsh
maximum iates fortra importation wltli
Itrthls Htntt an iHitliorlfcdlund dlrcot
A by tho constitution
That uncFS tho < olllccisjof tiH
stale hno theiculsltc powei and nil
thoiltj to acflnlhe piemlscs thfiii the
people if Utultjip wltliont nn ndc
Itiato iedicisffof thejViDpresslon foiced
upon nnd suffpipd bv them
t ror the fuithci rCTon that Miould
It befpuhd bv > ou and tho n1torne >
gcncialnftel caietill conoldoTitloh and
Investigation that the incscnl prol
J CSfif 1 4 1
f j J A
Tolhrf eni afoi esaldij Q7aubmltr O rj
flSi piJcar1
Now do notwiit unljlyourhairiofuTl
tbemv LiT JC J ntf rf < tl >
f f HAYiqiTHAtn TlnATTHlwill lnrn
n > uf A tw AK r jiA A TiiljC8tOrO
rhemtothclr n tur lcolorin notfme <
mWJ M k
y free rojni
nVPnll6nay8n iCoNenarWNJlU A
jtjana G0cboilleotot
ifns conlnccil ns that
liilfonublt transpoitiitlon Lhaigcs for
lump toal flom UiainlncHtlti Utah io
Snlt > IipkoCiMiuuld notiexceed 1 pci i
ton jthut nny clinrge n cxcpai of that
sum IH unreusonnbie nnd exLessh o foi
the hCIVlttK IKMfOlllHd Tills IS llppll
cnt from tljo data hoieto uttiuhed
marked ihlblf showing the
rates fonttuiisportiillon of coal In other
jitntes tin no greater dlHtaniejiml un
der no IQSH fnorablecondltldtiH
Out Investigation ha i furthei eon
vim cd us1 tlmt < i reasonable prlei for
lump < o from tho milieu l this state
fob earsnt Knit Ilakc City phould
jioHn miyeascoxcccd J7 per ton In
i upport thereof wo submit jherew lib
< Rhblt U showing pilees at dcxtlna
llnn ftir lump coal haigtd otbci eom
liiunltlcs many of whleh urn much less
fiuoiably filtiKUu to points of pro
dncdon than Is Silt lnke CItj
JJor h indllng nnd distributing lump
toiil at SaltLake CItj a chnrgo of not
pxpecdlng 1 rO we llnd upon lnculi >
and nvestlgatlon to bo icgirded nt
reasonable and Just affording literal
remuneration to1 tho distributor Upon
Ihc foregoing lisli lump coal should
leach tho consumer at Silt Lake City
at 25 per ton allowing all coneerned
the pioduqer carrier nnd distributor
each a llbernl margin of profit
TUB roriMnn HATE
Oivand prior to Nov IB 1003 lump
coal from Utah mines sold in Salt Liko
Cltv Utah for i per ton delivered
ind Wjomlng coal nt 5 23 On the last
mentioned date the price of lump coal
vti uniformly advanced to 1 Ti ier
ton dellvcied Tho Commeiclal club
oti Suit Lake City undci the lender
ship of lts then president Col Edwin
Ti Holmes wii the able asssinnceof
exGov Heter M Wells took tho nval
ter MROiaujIy In hand A innsonal ap
peal made to the Hlo E II Hairlman
the then head of the Harrlmnn svstom
rcBUlted In t reduction In the price of
Wyoming coal at the mine from 2 > to
193 pel ton nnd tho retail dealeis In
SalttLako City thereupon mide a rc
iliiLtlon of 2J cents pcrrton The llnal
outcome of the efforts with the Denver
Itlo Gnindo sjHtem H clearly shown
by the telegram from George W Knv
mer then vice president of tho Utah
Fuel compinj and Ileasant Valley
Coil cmpany rending ns follows
SunnsHide Utah Nov J7 1003
It Is with pleasure thiough nnd with
the concuirenco of General Truffle
Jlunngcr Huglvs of thu D H Q H
U Co In matter of reduced freight
lutes that wo arc enabled to an
nounce to the public that effective
Nov 2C 1903 tho Utah Tuel company
and Plencint Valley Qoal compinv
will dllvci lump and nut coal at the
price nit prevailed piiol to Tsov lo
1003 fcilt Lake Cityand at other
polntt Axlthln the state whert a freight
rate of 2 or more per ton has her <
tgforo applied on lump and nut coil
This will be n reduction of 25 cents
per ton on the freight rate also a 10
duction from 2 25 to 2 per ton on
lump and nut coal it tho mine Lump
and nut coal will bo dellvcied by oni
compinv fiom Its jards In Silt Iiko
Cltv U Jo per ton Parties In Salt
LakiptClly who pnlrt < J57I per ton on
and after Nov 2G 1003 w 111 be refund
ed 75 cents per ton through our Silt
Lake agencle Dcaleia who paid In
excess of 52 pel ton at mines and more
thin the ievi < ed freight rates will
lit lefundcd the difference tluoush our
general snlas department Signed
In the 1104 the price ot lump
coat dellpied to consumers at ilt
Like rty was advanced Horn five dol
lus j tp live dollnis and twentvllvo
tents 5 25 per ton lhlc advance
nVcoidln tn out best Information In
uicd to thl local dlstilbutfjr Incieis
Ing the charges from one dollar 1 to
one dollar and twcnt > flvc centrf 1 5
Per ton The same vrtr lump COT
wis dellvered at Toit Douglas1 it tluco
ilollais ind eighty cents 3 SO pci
ion vhleh Included vvayon haul
cliniii 6C one dollni Jl6er ton
On Jlnich I 1597 the price was unl
foimlj advanced to five doll ire and
fifty cents j3iO per ton lump coaf
dellveied to consumer
On Sept l11or a furthei advance
was made fiom llo dollrti s and Jlfty
i cuts 1500 to live dollnis and ev
cnt > llvo cents 5 75 pei on
On No 1 1910 Hit mxt change
nnd ndvinco was made On thit dale I
the prlto of lump coaKwas inlspd fiom
llvii dollais nnd osventyllvo cents
5375 to nl dollars and twcntynvo
Miii > t fC i5 pei ton Undci this last
mid ipiospnt schedule the dlstilbutlon
Isa8 follows
ITodiuor JV 1275
Kielght ial 1 1 7 >
< > I v
lOn Jlllj 1 iHO thu boaidvof cdu
catlon > f > Silt lLaUeCitv opehert bids
fqi anal sK eoiliCompanlcs having
prosented blds The jpilco quoted by
PHCI cpmp iij vviislp Identical ns will
appeal by statement fuinlshed b > salil
V A on Aug T22 IU10 the
cniinu six copil compinli < uponrcfiiicsl
iTgi jiei bldi75nfotpdjtto the bonidiof
educutlointllcfjiame pilcon1 pitvlously
iiH > tcd7J ite on Sppt lSt lajoruiio
SeoJettotJfromEclQikofiboird of cdu
ktntloitjtvUtliillHljOf bldsilietctonttafch
JedasJexhlbltllC > <
cv i ivift
Hjh cow ofUjtnem6iandumfui
i MJJ I Kiu miu uiui ifiiitiu > lliapc
Jtoij fshoxylng tlKjJpioductlon dally of
rcoallfrqtnlminesMiMthlsjstatof and tlio
pjlee Kpuldunlneisfri jff
Jl ictoattachcdnmrkvd ehljlt i
sh6wlnelievcnuo otltlKjJtDeiiveivA Hlo
fton eoikfiiMuu i uu iJH
PhOf rulltoi1Vlilicoinpnnloi >
Jpolts of iHixltl1 railroad comp inles
lAn1kyiCoal > compnny
M l J V i
a < f f t
agreement or undeistandlng between
the unl pioduceiH thu tJiTleis and thu
dlstflbutois orvvhethcr It Is brought
about fubtljvand Indirectly b > the pow
ei of the rallroul companies over tho
opcntlnn of the coal mint i now owned
by the ralltoul companies by withhold
ing cars nnd adequate wcrv Ice or other
wl er niil In the c uo of local dl trlb
utms b > thu viarnlng of tho conse
quences that befell D J Phurp several
A ear igo when he assumed to cll coal
at Suit Lake Cltv below the prices fixed
Jij the combine this bin can Is nnnblu
to Xiirnlh any data but tho accomplish
ment of that result necessarily does In
volve In fome manner th combined co
operation of I IIP coalproducing com
panies Including tluise not owned by
the rnlliivjil romranlc and f the rnll
rond lompunles tnn iior1lne tho coal
nnd of tlm loenl dealers or ililrlhutoi
It Is annaient that the dptalN cnn be
ccmed If nt ill onlv through tho OT
oiihe of the power of the stato either
In n grand tun Investljntlng or po > sl
Idv In nmp annroptlate proceedliiR
broii In th iinme of the tatP under
the rtltPPlInn of the attorney general to
annul the ciiporate finnchl ci of the
ofiVndlng corporations pf by prpeced
Ings In etmltv to prevent and lestraln
thu violation of the law complained of
It Can re idllv be understood how
evci tint nnyfjuchnctlon 01 proceed
ings will be niigntory nnd unnvnlllng
without authority Io compel witnesses
to tetlfj nd to compel nroductlon of
the hooks and nipprs of my party to
Fmh suit And even then the witness
mny shield himself fiom testlf > ing or
pioduclng bookK or papers ns we arc
advised by he claim that tho tcstl
mony or evldfncp Foughlmnv tend to
rlmlnate the witness unless the Icgis
Isture otherwise first directs and pro
v Ides that sych ev Idence 01 testimony
cnnnnt bo iKcfl on the trial of any
cjlmlnal mocerdlhgs
In thefoicgolng statement foi Ilhr >
tiatlon slmph vvc have referred to Salt
Lake City and lump coal Sub tnnll
allj tho same basis will be found mi
piled to the lovcial classes 01 glades
of coil nnd to all localities within tio
state nispectfullv submitted
I5V S H Love jufsldcnt
JlcCnrlhj secretniy t
Snlt Lake CityUt ill Nov SO 1910
Shovvln iates Iniffpct for tlio trans
poit itlon of eoal a distance otU ml lei
nnd nlii Indicating lipvv Hiich rates weir
establlnhd wlielltci by therailroad
eomptny or by RtitcToLniiinj vkins
Illinois 0yi < nxlliohu
T HnilioTcl
Icuvn t u 1 OlijConimlviloii
TCXIIM t N IOO ioiiTmls lon
Nurlh Dakota 6 < i Cgmnilsflon
Montana vil10 pommlssUin
JUahomi lin Commission
Jllshourl 110 fommlslon
Utah 1 Hillrojd
nxinniT H
Show ins thcv prlec oHttmp coil dollv
cied on tracli attho following named
AtlantlCj Joi SJ <
Oubuiue Iowa LCIJ
IndlanapolN Ind ICO
Iollct 111 f 00
KaiiMit Cltyt 2 SO
Uttlp roel > tAi > i 2l
Louisville Kj S > rQ
MeinphK TennV 1 7 >
Aluscitlnc lo vai LI
NashvIIK1 T ni > r 12
Sioux Gllj Ioi 227 4
OAi7rort sqnoois
Bonid of ldiicntbii Salt Tiko Clfy
1 Nov 2S 1910
Hon SII > Loveenie Commciclulclub
Peiriili Attthe icqueit of Jlr > S C
Paikmember of tins board of cclucitlonI
am lnCloilnshi cKlthifllstlsof hldifrc
yiHujn < rngo hcalh > i > nian < or jwomnti
h iimlully VuBfiyto bo bnayintl somo
lioldrpf onc umrallToiHl9ivoi bcccmics
< J1 > pSivingOilnftcr irecovo ilnfromri
alii operilj5n vCrltcsj a MIchlRnn
lady my atomachfamljlnici veB bcgaji
mvnppqtllo was voracloui
bill when iindulBOd lncilsestlon > ifol
low d Otjier < tlmeiJl1liad iolappotltS >
vvlmtcvurli Theyfood IjUoolt dldTngV
nourish inoandi inferow
fenr r
over 1
vvould npsctjmo nftd liilp onfa violcnt
IhitacliolieJx AVnlUlng acrosa tliUfrooiivi
Svyas nteffortvandf prebcrlbcd peielscf
w nsVotit °
OniiofJiits < Tjnin oniTCir < work
nRaln MVjStqmnOi clvei mu noliou
bloriijxviny nolvci nro sjcndwiiHpyQr
ntfd lntorest > llv1lfiVaJldlainlltio ha > o
comoilmcltwlthttlioietufn toiheiltlu
yiiairTli Roiilfh jVilvlllcy ln
pkRH hiiiei 1i IteaMpjr > i
lJrTiei niuliJiiill pjC liTiiimn1
i clved for furnlshlngcoil to the schools
I foi this Hchool jear Hespoctfullv
felgnetl L P JUDD Clerk
On Sept J lilO the Weber Coil
companv made tho following bid Mine
coal from the Wlis > itch inlno of tho
Wiber Coal company at 150 pur ton
fob piui Salt Like City Utah
Midi fot coal oiwncd by the board of
eduiiitlon Aug 2 1010
Citizens Coal compaiiv Central Coal
vV COKC comixin Hambeigei Coal com
panv Jcremv Coal company Pcdernl
Coal comp my and tho Western Pucl
company bid as follows
Slack por ton 350
Jllne run per ton
Pea per ton 175
Lump per ton 575
Rlchnid P Morris made the following
bid on Hiawatha coal
Slack per ton i J1 10
Mino run pei ton 500
Lump pei ton 350
Sugar House Coil Lurrtber coin
panv bid 3 50 per ton for tdnok Jl io
on mine run 4 jiei Inn for pen coil
and 5 2 for lump for th6 Sugar House
Hamilton Emei oii and Waterloo
Tho Duncan Coal company bid 1 50
for sloclc and pea conl and 3 for
lunip for the Waterloo tind Jefferson
Bids for coii opened bj the commit
tee on buildings and grounds July 12
lllda foi coil opened bj tho cominftiec
on building nnd lounds Pept IllO
r3 w
rcdiinl Coil Cv IJJIOJI r 7
Ijinbd ei Coil Co t M I 077
VVeMun iicl co 5 7C
Jeicnij 1ucl inn
Ornln fo 3 CO GTC
rcntriil Ciil ai il
Coku Co i 3 rt < >
CltUcni tnnl Co Hi7 II lit 5 Tu
Ihc Alllince Co TW f K
11 P Vlouls
Hiiwalln 4 p 5 J5
Memotnndum relating to eoal produc
tion In IJlnh proquied from Mi J K
Jottlt state eoil inlno Inspector Mon
day ov I 1310
Iiali Tuel compinj VInloi Qu li
ters mine Carbon iounl > picsent dallv
production tuboui 1700 ton1 miners are
paid II eenti per ton of 010 poumls
mine i tin
Clem Creek mine Carbon county i
prifftnt dnllv pruduetlon jibout 1100
Ions nilncis me paid Jlcentj i > ei ton
of 2000 pound inlno run
lUtih mine Cubnn eounty present
dnllj pioductlnn about 10 tons opein
tlons only reeentlv commenced > <
Castlo Gate mine Caibon countv
piesbtit dally production rtbout SOO tons
miners are iwlil 73 cents pci ton of JOOO
poundb mine run vein Is small < oil
hud nnd undcicutthif method of min
ing emploscd
bunn > sidemine1 No 1 Cnibon county
miners nro pnli K > eents IH > I ton of 2000
poundK mine tun sin ill vein about
llvo foct coMiiff eon I
Sunnvslde mine Xo Cuiboii coun
ty miners nro paid ecnts pei ton of
20QO pounds inlno tun Iniffn vein
about 11 feet piespnt dally piodtictlon
fi9ni Sunnvslde mines Nos 11x111 1
combined about 1700 tons llkel > to be
Ricixtlv lnciea cd fiom Jan ltncjt on
1afiount of no eontreiet for furnishing
coko to AnucomtxJ Jlont leduetlon
Unlpn PacificCoal compiinv Plcns
nt Arale > mine Uarboncountv pies
cntMlullv pioductlon aboutlIOO tons
miners life paid cents peiton of 2000
pound mine inn This eoaUJstshlppod
toHORdenfor use of Unlonrpacinunnd
its ntnihted lines
i Independent Coil CoUc coninaixy
Aberdeen ndne Cn bon countyjlpwseiil
dally pioiluctlon about JCOOitoiiH Nmln
eisaie palrt ioccnts pertonfof2000
pounds mlno iun larg eln nboutc2J
fectShnrd linlidnxtnlng eoili For somo
jttmi > lnfterccimmcncementfofOriatlcjn
byj JthlH company inlnois iwero pald
nvnges by tho ilavbut omoVtlmeingo
aljpv ojpeilo was adopted No rccentt
advanco In vvlises
jConsolldntcd I ucl comiunyJpres6nti
tjnof 2000ppxipdM nxInct nnf
dally pfoductlon of < mlw > n lffl Jin
ctjintyjiilmit 400 tonsrHhpments are
mnda via 1ilcaon Denvei v Ho
Ginnrie niliini1 nro pnldM5 eenlh per
ton ol 2000 pounds mlno rut
About two > caiB atro thcjjtah Tuel
eompaiiv nnd tho Union Iaijlllu Coal
tomp my advanced miners pxrtiilxtut
yn peri cent No ndxiineey haveHlnccv
bcpiit mnclc Infounatlonla Rivenout
< that Bonxotadyniipp In vwngesjlo mln
eiflJvtll iitcui fionijNovIjlnstnnt but
tho amount of xnmn linn notfyot been
curedHtjicmsclvoa Jby mtxklnlrlanvaci
S ier
8 Department of Arloulturo >
ShMrTrttlonttikfa at 8 5 m rontr fifth tneridttn tl yv °
i onAHi oreontlnuom lia pu t tlirruRh tolotof ij
Iiotncnui or dott < l Itne twi throoch point of equal t m
pir turn they will bo drown only for leroJrwiLflg w CmJ oca I Forecast
8rvnotAnllcAUiut of weather ccn Q rartlf
elojdji Jl ctourtri roini gno Q r p
ArrowM fli wlthtb wind Flnt flgar mlnlrnoci
tar pttl2hourai pconaj2thour r lofjlt it It qaaU 01 I fair 3nd
third wind relcwitj of 10 mllM ptr hour or mor
Tor bait Lake Clt > General fall to
night and Trldny
Foi Utah Tonight fnli rridtxj gen
erally fall
Tile tastein stuim still peislsts In thu
oxticmo noitbcist canning iomo pre
tliltatlon in the New England states
The western high pressure area has ad
vanced eastvuud and spread to tho
south tha ciet covering the eastern
slope of tho nockles This high was
accompanied bj generally clear weather
with low tempoatuies Tho line of
ficlng tcmperatme runs through tho
Atlantic states as tnr onlh is Charles
ton S C thence westward to Atlrona
nnce In tho prices of coal and effec
tive on tho data named
Summary of piosciit dally produc
Utah rue company 5110
Union Pacific Conl company 1101
Independent Coal K Coke Co lCOO
Consolidate Tuel companj 1000
Castle Valley Coal company 400
Totnl U60
Nov J2 IS10
Statement showing the revenue of
the Itlo Qrmdii Western rnllwaj now
the Utah lines of tho Denvci i Itlo
Unuulo Kallroad compan > from tho
transportnilon of coal and coke both
local within Utnli lend throuKh 01
Interstate foi the fiscal years stated
dlom all soui cos local joint ami
Year Coal Coke Total
1 > 93 373IS72 Jo7lX5 OJ 17006741
U li JOJ770t Ut > 541 9
1S97 3JS6177J 4WJ 51
b9 > liJJilJS IJb7HI3J 57129020
1VJJ DJ07 > S9 14tUl41 07020Jl
llOO 79117177 15519739 91 > 07J 30
1W01OS Not known Not known
Entlicly loe il within Utah
190J i nojuooo itoooooo 157000000
Ioi tho jears 1SK1900 revenue
fiom small tonnage ctiatcoul also In
The jcais 1S9SI1DOO include icventio
acerulni from vcrj laigu tonnage en
gine coal dellvcied to Southern Pacific
Cumpaii ut Ogdcn uudei a freight lalu
of 73 eenus pel ton fiom Cleat
CiceU to Ogdcn a haul of 134 miles
Tho delivered pilco ot the coil
mine inn at Ogden was 175 lier
ton The Hlo Giandc AVcstcrn rnll
va wns dellveied to possession of
the Demei Itlo Grande Hallrond
lompanj Julv 1 1901 Testified to l >
Ucncial Ti eight Agent Wild ut hear
ing before Interstate commerce com
mission on September S 1909
Copv of Icttei nddri wed to Independ
ent Coal S Coil companj Con
solidated ruel company Castlo Vnllej
Coal compnnj Dem hlr tn accord
mice with Instructions Horn the of
ficers of this buicaii heiein actuated
solch b a pin pose to ascertain the
ieil facts vIth a dcslio to aid In the
nccompliahmvnt of a gencril bcmlH
to the public as well as poslblv to
the coal mining companies conecined
Infoimation Is icspoitfiill soiMht
for and requested as follows
First Dnrlvng tjiu iirrcsent veal
haiu tho lequlslllniis of 50111 com
pany foi emptj ears to ho loaded
with coil been filled with atlsfnc
ton piomptncM bv the Dcnvoi
Itlo Grande Halltoad comp iny
Second If not dining what panic
xilui months have unsitlsfnctoo
dclavj occuuedV
Third To what extent In divvs hava
wisely directed will causo her to
gie to her little ones only tho most
wholesome and beneficial remedies
and onlv when actually needed and
the weirinformed mother ises only
the pleasant and gentle laxative rem
edy Sjrtip ot Ilgq and Elixir of
Senna when a laxative is icquiicd
ns il is wholly free from nil objec
tionable substances To get its ben
eficial effects always buy tlic gcnu
f inc manufacturedby tho California
Tig Syrup Co
f A snnrnntecd CHIP for tlio
Liquor and Tobacco Ilnhlti
PRICE 1250
iy Flo StoreB Whcio thoCnri Stop
and inclo < liig all the westein stales o
ci pt those on the Incillc Ocean In thl
blind inci of freezing lempeiatiiro
this cit > Is tin only station whelp frce
Ing tcnipurituio dlil not ocelli 1 ist
Tin1 atinosphcilc picssiiio will fnJLJli
this Icimty on the appniub of tho low
In the rxtu me noithwcsl nnd genciilly
full wiather mav bo expected tonight
amKTi Id ij
Tho highest lempenitmo yestcidnj
was 51 degreed the mean was 43 do
grccs which wax 1 degrees uboc the
normal TIP highest tempemtuic for
this month last sear was 4S degrees
nnd tho highest Dceemhei tpmpcintxiio
on rccoid which extends hick to 187
failures to fuinlih cnrs gcneially oc
rouith Have jour requisitions been
gcncrall filled in full us inndc
rifth If not what pioportlon of
tho cars have been fuinlshed at tho
time nnd in the number iw oider
Stxth Has > our companv leaded
thn curs iromptlvwhen supplied
Seventh If not hovv fuquentlv
and what has been > our probable
avcuige delav In dii5 In that respect
Eighth Him tho Denver Hlo
Giandc Kallroid companj given
satNfaetoly service In moving the
loaded cars to 01 toward destination
when delivered to It
Ninth If not to vvhnt extent In
time has tli it company generally or
particularly been delinquent In that
Tenth Have the mining operations
of joru compnnj during the current
veai been embarrassed or Its ex
penses Inci eased by delinquent snrv
lee In any respect on the part of tbo
Denvei t Hlo Gnndo Railroad com
pnnv and if so In vvhnt vvny nnd tn
what extent
Eleventh Have tho wages ot coal
miners been Increased during tho
present > cnr
Twelfth If so at what date or
dntc nnd to what extent
Thirteenth Have anv causes other
Is Cl degices Iho lowest temporntulo
list night or earlj this moinlng was
degieo The lowest leinporntuin In
Denmbci lust jini vvsxs 4 degiees and
the lowest December temperature on
let old Is 10 dgiccs below 7cto Tho
tcmppiixiuia ixcoid foi tho jear to dato
shows nil Uccnmulited cxcess of S53
Tho total prci Ipltixtlon foi the jear to
date Is 1009 Inchex whleh Is t fil Inches
bdow not mil
The lelatlve humidity at 0 pm jes
tcidaj wan 13 pel cent nnd this morn
Ing nt tlio Himo limn Vvns SO per cent
The sun i one at 7J4 a in nnd will set
at o 01 n ni
The moon rose nt 726 a tn nnd will
set at liil pin
cetlon Director
r >
than changes In wage schedules con ill
tributed to an Increased cost of coal jfciill
production dining this jenr jfci
rourtecnth If anj mav have done
no what are thej and to what ex
tent have thej so operated
Such Infiiimathm as It mny be your
pleasure to Impart will he fully ap
preciated Very respectfully Com
mercial Club Traffic Bureau
Commissioner of Traffic
To many w inter IH a scnnon ot trou
ble The fiost bitten toes nnd llngcrM
chapped hands nnd lip chilblains
eold sores led and lough skins provo
this Hut such tioubles fly bofoio
Buclrleils Ainlcn Salve A trial con
vinces Greatest healer of Burns
Oolls Piles Cuts Sores Ecrema and
Swains Only 2Cc nt 7 C 31 I 11J
311 Main St Salt Iiil o City
We will give to nny boy or girl 10
> enrs or upwards nppljlng In person
on or bofoio Dicember 10 a beautiful
priekct souvenir bank Tree of Charge1
Did You Ever See Such Prices 30 far Under
the Usual lit
i m w w w w w m w 1
For Janurary Goes o Press December 3rd
To get your name among the regular listings tn
the directory it will be necessary to sign a contract for
service before that date
Anyone yho wishes a good advertising medium
witli ovci 12 000 circulation in Salt Lake City proper
ciclTRbpy Lpous ultccl daily bv four or five neoplc for
fcjfTvCjSffiV if I L
thcthrecJahonhs should observe the same precaution
For intormation as to rates and service call
Contract Departmenf
Rociky MoiEBftain Evil
BmKgag tr inrraM inimMinin > < Mmi ii
iJVrwW lS4l tffitSMMwf Tr rriPT rwW1 w M a

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