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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 06, 1910, Last Edition, Image 10

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rSjilfS v >
if Mi VW
1 li fO
A Srlllfant nffilr marked Uie opening
ofthe Utah Art Institute1 hist night in
the Ijlg reception glvciint the Vermont
building about So people bqlng1 pi s
cut I Beautiful gowniwere In 6vtdince
the > trans of delightful muilc pervaded
thu walls hung with beauti
ful pictures perfected hit wv a most
insplilng scene The attendance liked
the Keen Mnterot taken by localart
ldveninnatlvo talent and tho work
about the room the genuine merit by
whlfhftls wrought A touchlnif trib
ute of lovaltytp John llafcnsimcmuiy
Is shown In tne celjcnt pliico accord
ed i collectlonof p ilntlngstdone by the
arthtand on ill hands Hicovldi nce <
of ronnlnlng artistic tilent are een to
spurjlnto material acthltv some ofthe
inpprecKitlon manifested by locil re l
dcnta ln local vart They Imlude oil
nifid wiiter11 color Hiulscape marliui
rpicce jHguies and HovvcrsT a INt of
subjects too mimiious to mention all
obnlllch were revleul with Int iest by
the throng nsiembled last night
jThe ceremonlea vvere openeil oHlelally
b > j Ireildent EdwinUvans of tho In
ei Mcrlvn AmerlcVs greatest au
thoilti on Utnltli iul Bcnitty Cnltuie
ndvlscstilicpjlirenthlng > ctci morning niicl
nliiht linusTiKlng tha parts < wlth Mclo
rota Beauty Cream each night iiniloitli
tnornlngtbitho thephits with roldCsolt
ivitcr Take Whltoht Vaucnlro iGnlegT
Tiolqts four times i day drink water
frc9l3MnilluIllhn ic ery rcnoonablo
time cxcillent usult nllllK > notice It
Is c > s nllil thit > m tnk > the Vnucalrc
icmedythat contains tho GnNLTJNn IM
ilOHTHD liALiCOA mich as vVlllard
White C6mpnn > s do s and to b on tl
sure Dhlcfiask for thK brand take no
8llbslllutes as they are worthless and
n wnxte tot time
TheitolilelMuia more or afood than a
incillclne and arc perfectly harmless
IJnsy to tnUc j
Not only does Mile Murlytu Indorso
this mctliod but alsonil hlih authori
ties ioa ilicnuty cuUTAnil l uiity iwrllcrs
ind thousainlsbr womcii > ihoc > havisuc
fORSfully used thoni Whllon Vaucalro
aie no newvbncrlmtnt
Infoga Tableta for ideveioplng tlve bust
n < luarui Kineraltoiile andjflnshbnllder
iiiirtmalntiilnithuttlhejvnrcmuch better1
jtliati tliq Iliiuld SeltriiimJohnson sell
ithih XohdirfuHnriiparafcm nfJtCO tho
box JiiJwllKflll null orileis
< >
Cured of E cm After T1irtvSecn
Onb Box IJld Sloro Good
Than A11 Klsc
Mrs Dodd suffered ivlth eczema
for thlrt > seven jcnrs writes Mr
WIIliaIn P Dodd Neva ln < l I 1licnt
over 300000 In doctoring It
got mo to trj poslam She Is now
cured One flftlcent box did her
more gpod than all tho doctoring I
had idone
Thcrols no doubt about the edlcacv
of poslam It Is probnblv the most
wldels recommended r < mcd > avnll
nble to the public soft l because of
Its remarkable power to heal alfccted
Un curing all tcemasi acne tetter
btabk Itch etc IJacterlal Infections
so prone to spread uro checked at
once Itching stop and minor trou
bles such as plmplts undue redness
rashes complexion blcmlsho1 etc go
qulcllv when poslam Is applied When
ever the skin nils poslam should bo
used first hcforo rinv thing lss cer
tain Is experimented with
Poslam Is sold In tvo sl7es trial
50 cents regular Jars J2 > > all
drugglsK pnrtlcnlaily Schramm
Johnson Drugs Tor fretj sample
wrlto to the Umcrgtncv Laboratories
32 West Twentsllfth street New 1ork
Mltute vvho In a brief spcecJi expressed
jhls pleasure1 both In the exhibit and In
the Interest nhovvnibj the ipreaence of
the luige asschibUgt Jte then Intro
duced Judgf W H 4Clng who spoko
of the Imporjame of recognlzinggcnlus
an a part of tha true1 wealth ofa stite
He nunlo spoclal p < Slnt of the fact of
Utahs many exponents ofart tho havo
had so llttla encouragcmont hire ats
j home as to have been forced to go
libroad for means of subsistence In their
chosen vocations
Wo are ey cnthunlastlc In our
loyaltv tb nome Indiistrlcs said Judge
living hut llltlo thoughtIs given to
homo art Wo should aa u great state
bcgln to make provision for the foster
ng of tho line arts and assist In Kcep
ng our artlsts musicians and other
f lftul gcnluses In our midst Kvcry
ihoin uhould havn atjpnst onu jialnt
Ilitg done by ur homo artist In
fthls vvay vvo can fosjcr art spirit and
art entcrprlBtt and genius In tho state
Tito cxhlbltK tiro In themselvts n
distinct lesson In illustration of tho
spe ikers remarkn and strong enough
In their appeal to build up Rome sub
tstantlal materialization of his plci
ThereTire soni exepllent figure pilnt
Ingh not ecn before and the entire exi
hlbltlon Is among the best et seen In
tthe Institutes offerings
Jinny of thu pictures are merely ont
cxlilbltlon but foi tho most part tho
ollcctlons are placed In competition for
prlrfs From now until after tho
iiiolldays the exhibit miy bo seen at
ithu1 Acrmont building and Is open to
Un n Good Trade In
Siul diCoal
Arthur Post aged 15 > cars will > piy
serious conioquoncca for aclllng coal Ji
loV thojtrust pilce Post had been fn the
hibjt fVatlieriiiR tilo ipleccs ioficoalthnt
feHfrom the locomotives along tho tuicks
of llioIJenvcr Klo Granila and dlspou
lnKot4the ueliJur 2Gcaats > a i < ack lHlll
reason or proapcrlt > vcame to an nbrunt
loMo yesterday iv ncn lollocmanjj i
Woodard loJd hands on him iillc ho wis1
calmly countlngi his daj a earnlngs
iinoimtlng to JjM Poatspent two jcirs1
nnntlio ColonuloVstato reform school bo
fora coming to Utah Ho will be turned
over to the Juvenile couH authorities
o funeril of Sharp S Wilker who
tiled suddenly Jn his offlco In the Drooks
Aixnda building last rrlduyvvns held
from the residence lOM eaKt South Tctni
< plo street Jlonduy attirnoon nt 3 jf
oclock The services wereMuder tho dl
lectlon ofJ3lshon Iranklhis Spalillng
of Bt Miirk cath lrnl The palll Icnrcrw
° f
J n V allier D r Wii ker Poised Jr Walter we
> Wakcr John II Walker C AWnlkSr
llulhlV Si101 ent took ptacj
In tho Sit Olivet cemetcri
Tor Information lending to tho con
Diction of persons Interfering with or
Avmrs SIGNS on OTHJJH pnopl
MHTV belonging tol tho SALT LAKP
fFor Information leading
4to tho con
t lcton of persons PUIICHASINO
folhor property bqlpnglng to tho SALT
o n SBamlidrgor President
City Council Resolves Jh at Legis
lature ShouldEnact
Striiigent Lavv
City InlhcTS Dccllnoi to Waken the
Slumber Kriolntlons Introduced
Some Time Ago
Haying resolved with ccry other
cllc body In the state Imploring thorn
to take notion against the coal trust
the city council In Monday nights
sessioni passed nnotlier resolution toll
Ing the legislature which will convene
next montli Hint It believes It the leg
islature should tnko definite action
looking toward morn stringent Itjvvs
governing corporation1 m general
Thu following resolution was unani
mously adopted
Vhcrein Section 15 ot article 12 of
tho onitltutlon of the State of Utah
provides us follow s
Tho legislature shall pass laws
establishing reasonable maximum TBtes
of charges for the transportation of
passongeis and freight for correcting
abuses and preventing dlucrlmlnatlons
and extortion In Twites of freight and
passenger traffic by thoidlfferont rall
loads and other common carriers1 In tho
staff and shall enforce such laws by
adequate penalties and
Whereas notwithstanding said
mandatory provision ior the constitu
tion and notwithstanding that 14 years
have elap ed since the adoption of said
constitution no laws have been enacted
by the legislature fot tho purpose of
carrying Into effect said constitutional
piovlplon buteach succeeding legis
lature has failed to perform tho duty
enjoined upon It by said provision and
Whereas by reason ofthe failure ot
the leglslatuie to ennct laws In accoid
Jance with said constitutional provision
the people of the State of Utah thavo
for many 5carsnsufferod sand continue
tOjSiiffer from excessive and unreason
able transportation charges not onljv
upon coal but upon other necessities
and commodities and
Whereas the time has come vvvhen
the people of the Flute of TJtih should
demand and insist upon theli represen
tativesIn the state legislature doing
their plain and Imperative dutyby cn
actlrig such tleglslntlon ns will carry
nto forcoand effecUKald constitution
alprovision and ti will protect the
people from excessive rates now
theieforu be It
Resolved that this council lnbehalf
of the people of Salt JUikc CHtykdoes
hereby respectfully nndi earnestly ap
ncul to and petition tho Incoming lepls
luture to give this Important matter
cnreful Consideration and Investigation
and then enact fnitlflaws In pursuaneu
of sald constitutional provision as In
their wisdom jthoy mav deem Just and
properjfortheprotection of tho pcopli >
andsfor puttlnsrlnto effect said provi
sion and boIt further °
neroheil that the city recorder1be
ind he Is hereby directed to make a
miniclent number oC copies of thla reso
lution for pieientatlnn tnenchlmcmber
of tho lelslatuic and that upon tho
ebnvenlng of said1 legislature ho cause1
to be jtransmitted to each member
thereof a copy of this rcaolutlpn
Tho mutter of regulation of liquor
licenseswas nlsopatsed n atop closer
to the legislature by being totally Ig
nored vThe board of park commis
sioners deficit of J6 COO took the atten
tion of the councllmon for no smalt
part of tho session and explanations
from the board were listened to Mem
bers of the board arc desirous that next
yearns budget for park purposes bo
made long on one end namely tho
nrst end fa that the 1 > 10 deficit iylll
bo paitlally covered They bPllovo In
ithli manner and hv shortening up on
next years expendltuiei they enn al
most wholly eliminate this deficit
Report fron the municipal laws
committee convexcd the Information
that so far as councUnmnlc Intcrfer
iico Is concerned A O Whltmor
can build as many garages as he
wants on east South Temple street or
any other street In the cltv His gar
ige a twostoty hrlcK s now In
course of construction tit 430 cast
South Temple
ttoports from Chief lTailowv recom
mending tlm appointment of J H
Jours as special oflVer for tho nio
Oiando jaids and that tho liquor 11
rensc of Nicholas Lnmont be revoked
> ro npmoved The latter wns
amemhd lnta resolution by CouniIl
nianMcKlnney cllhi Lamont before
he council toi show cause why his
licence should not be revoked and this
was adopted
riro Chief Ofori g report pf tho s s
pension of Wllllim Schade for 10
Anna wlthput pav was appcovcd
Tho recommendation nf tho com
mltter on public ounds and vvatoi
wavs that 2500tcf allovod the parK
eommlsilon for Installing apparatus In
the childrens plavgioimd on weU
Third South In the renter of Pioneer
park was referred to tho committee
on finance
A chaft of the franchise desired by
tho Utah Light fi Rullway company
piovldlng fOi the cxlen lon to tho
lty limits nt
Tlilitnenlh South was
presented and referred to the commit
tee on mtmlelpil laws
A mlstmderstnndlnsr between tho
council and the Utah Ons Coke
compnnv relative to a city account
for 23075t > piesenled at n irccnt
season of fliccouncil and held for
further Investlpntlon wan lefened to
the llmnce and salaries committee
Thf council was risked by P W
Little If II inulrt not make the over
llciw fiom aim Springs run In the
mor Little declares the watoi Is
overflowing the lands noth ot thfl
pilnifs and breidlmr disease
Cllv nnslnccr McGonagle recom
mended tho Institution of condemna
tion procedlncs to pcimlt tho city to
go ahead with the widening and
deepening of tho sinnlus canal work
on which was stopnod bv an Injime
tlon InsiMd from the Third illKtrlct
court to Newell H Cln > ton last week
This was ndoptd
Pavrolls for the last half tho
monthi of November aggregating
J5Vi23D for tho hcveral ilepai tmiiiUi
icre approved
Amusement ivent InTlilitvni t AVnril
1rovcs Uln Attriutlmi
With n crowd thut oiitolnss niijthlnti
rl > r ccnin th wanl tho holiday bnztai
of th Thlr first warxl opened Innt night
for n tun of a full wec < It Is cstl
inntpd Hint miiro than srt pvoplo attend
ed tlio opiiilng At any rnln tho rooms
of tin nnnis mpnt imll hi which tlio
liootim n id hoen nrrniiKPtl weru ono mass
f inlmflt ° m Cnr3 cvonlnKiunln llcnr
hljnincli rti future or tli > evpnlng
van a moi Ing prture sjlnw n muse
ment lull Th a proved ft big attraction
te > thHoimtf peojivniil t
Lilievnuvuiiivuinu u i Tni < in74
MtVatfcvcHhoafalljdurmjrJthc > evonltigs
thouBandii > to3hersuredltrthusSIe d3
Ing forst eycnlng yrhoconjMtjijj1ur
m fr
iiT1wjpr CTKiraj afo Vlv5aS li i
formanc tonl ffht tmdor thi Wr
r 1
willietlfqyfsspitindhwtiroIttrpiuL IfyfeVjprjEfprv i liIn ijltjwroy f < C vf V
futuredcUyory AVomcn vvlio arc In doubt arc wpeclaljy liivltcd i Vv iSiSi 7Kt i
When salmis strong it is pure salt andwhen it is <
pure it is trong salt p 5
The purity avrid strength of salt constitute its savor
A 1
t i
entire system needs it < fhe palate approves it
salt is adulterated it is injurious to Ae > humaTn
< jj
maladies ° r system giving rise to a myriad or a serious nature
Rure salt therefore becomes an imperative necessity i 1
u < 5 <
> 1i j
2 fiJw
is the purest strongest most wholesome salt on
the market Inspect the label closely and see
that you get Royal Crystal and Tnbt an imitation
Your DealerSells it <
y r v i
fri t j

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