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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 06, 1910, Last Edition, Image 5

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wk s
the rccommendS tlonstlfimtdoln in nut
inessagoJoiijUho subject 1 niii1 coh
vlncedtliattho migrator charactei ot
thepopulatlon ltnmrie < unl distribution
and ltsjHmallnpss of number whlchjthoj
IIPW census shows Jo JJoJabputjrOjOOO Ini
i elation tottlio enormous cvpnnso oftiie
Icriltoi junK9 lt ultogethei Impi
tica UJitolBlvOtojthosaf people whoare j
ImAlnski todn andmay not boithqro
it car hence tbci Ipower to ilect a
legislature tq gov 01111 an Immense
i rltoiy to which the havoi a uelatlom
soillttlc permanent It l tui ibetter
for jthe jdevelopmcnt of the terrltoiv
that ill be committed Uvi commission
tlbo appolntccHby tho executive with
limited legislative powers Minielentl
hroul tomeet tho local jippds than to
continue the present linullldcnl gov
ciiunent with few remedial power bi
toi make a popular govPrnmQiil where
held Is not piopcr foundation Ltiponi
which tourist It
I ho suggestion ihotitri appointment
ofua commission willlend tp thocon
tiol ot tho gov ermnenlibv corporate Loi
tclllsh niuPcplolllng Inloi sts has not
the lightest foundatloi lntact biich
a government woikril vscll In th Phil
IpplncS nmUwould woiK well In Alas
la indjlliosi who ire ii all htcic tail
liilthe proplidevclopinenrof that Ur
illotifor IhcJienellfiof thopeoplo who
llveiln Itmna thp benelltiof HIP people
uf ithc United btatc whoi own It
Inuld suppoit the Institution of such a
GUV eminent <
I luue been asked to recommend tint
the erullt of tho govirnnipnt bo t
fcmlcil to aid thp conjunction of nll >
rouls In Aloslt i I um not ieadj now
to do ci Agical mnn mllllons of dol
Iirh havc ahead bce hiiJpcndcd In lhu
construction of nt lcn t jtwtmalhond
nnd It awsjbeT > as3cdfpiovidlng for tho
piopei development nCVthVreioutecs of
AlaMcu egpeelallj foi tlievopenliig up
nt the icoil lands > I nellcVe sthatj the
rapltul nlicsuH lncstedi iwlll liij
duco tho Imclmenutif mpio cApl
talf sufflelent1 to complete tho > rall
umd building and to funilFlu cheap
eial not onh to AlnHkii tbut Eto Hhe
nholq Inelllc eonst Iictj > asIagcof u
la crinlttlii the leading ot govern
incut coll lajid1 Ill Alaclui nftei pub
lle compdltlon and tho aplolntmeiit
of a Lommlsslon forntho government otj
tho ttnltoi with oiiabllnj pbers io
meet thq local needs will loud to an
Improvement In Alaska and v tho de
rlopmcnt ofshiijicsources tlmt Is lllo
I > to riurprlsc the eountrj
Our mitlomlj parlcsj ha e become J
eUnslvr and Injolv a o mueh detail
of expenses In tholi eonlrol tint It seems
to me that thorn might to bo legislation
creating a bureau for thclr c ire and
control Tho great natuialjWomlci > soC
thH counti ana tho sutioundlng terrl
torj should bo Included In mother na
tional paik I rofei to the firand
Dinyon of the Coloindo
The uniform policy of the govcin
mint In the mattei of granting pen
sloiiK to tboRo Kallunt and devoted men
vvlio fought to sao the llfn ot tho na
tion In tlio perilous dnvs of tho great
Civil vur ih is alvv 159 been of thp most
Jeial Imractei Those men me now
rapidly pissing awaj To tho man
who rlskedjjoverj things on thefleld ot
battle toisavi tho natlon < ln the hout
of Itadheat need owe a doUt
whleh has nottbcon mid shonlcKiiot bo
computed jln ja begriidglng or fparsl
monlotiH spirit But twhllo wo should
bqnotuatcd b > this spirit to tho soldier
himself cure should bo exercised not
togn to absurd lengths or dlsrtlbutp
tho Jjountj of i tho go eminent to
classes of persons who niaj at this
lato dal tiom a mcio merccnur mo
tive seek to obtain some legal Treln
tlon with an old Mteran now tottering
onHho bilng ot tho grivc
Phe leporl of tho BCCrctai of ngrl
eiiltuie Invites attention to tho stupen
dous value of tho jgrlcultuuil product
of this counti j mnoimtlnr In all to
tS920 000000 or this jcar This amount
IK larger thnn that of 1103 bj WO 000
000 Th1 existence ofvsueh a erop In
dicates a good prospect for business
throughout thi countrj
An Intoiihtlugievlevv of the icsulls
ot an oMiMilrntliin made bj the depart
ment Into statlHtlcs and pi lees shows
that on the ivcragei olnco 1S01 farm
products have Inci eased In v ilue 7J
12 pel cent an Indication thaf lire sent
fanner bu > s foi nsi have lmun eit but
U per cent an Indlc itlon that iiisint
conditions me fivorublo to the faimlps
ronrsr s
1 ha cnlieidv lefeind to tho foipsts
cf thu Unltid btfitps and thiliextent
mil liavo n < I d iililn tho
rpmoval of the limitation upon tho povv
ci ot tin lueeutlvo to reserve othei
tirtctH ofshind Insl vvchtein states In
which withdrawal fui this pmpose Is
now lnibldilcli the secrotmv of agrl
cultureiglvis nveiv full dPMilptlon
uf the dlhtstious 111es that occuncd din
lii tin list ummnitln thoj mtlon il
forest A dioUKht moio Inleitse than
nnv ncoided In tho hlitoi of tbovvist
md Intioducidini enndltloii Into tlio
loi sts which Hindu Mies almost Inevltj
iilih ahd Unomollvo spukMnettllbeiit
tmp s md lnMii 10 ensies Incenilluilc
uiniilHil tho no1 led Imniedlnto enuhc
Atdiiii tlfnijUliPHKS verosii etindcd
hatuho lovored u latigotofa humlred
mill s and lldi seeiclai i stlmalcs tint
t lidlng llmbei of tliiiMilii1 of Vr OOJ
fliwhi destirttd Sovintslc peisoni
in theiemiilO ot the fount spivlce wcivs
Killed und nnili < luoicilnjiiicil anil I
resr < t tAjjiav tlmlvthcrpjs no piovlslon
lu JipTInU h which tho expenses iu
Illch hpiipltttl tieatniint 01 of theli In
trrmenl cnttld bo met out oftbuipublli
funds The Kgd ipioss LOIItilbuteil u
IhouMind doll u iv mid tbo icmalndei of
tho neccjiai ipPhhCH v is imuloriip by
Pilvate roniIbutlon cliklj lidin the
ftrio of theforisl t cnleorand Un cm
ployis t > icfimmcidthit < siiltabli legi
islatlimtbp7ndpt8dto en cbleithii < ep
ittnn or agilcultiiio to mt t tbo moial
olillrutlonjknt the nueminent In this
iiapcOtv i
triUUr IG11T1NO I UND >
was onl nbolit Ua 000 but
Isted dlscicllon In tho Muitniy in
easo off ah onieigcncto iipjij otlui
futidsilii lilacontio to tills inuposo 0111
hidld50 to tho extPiil of ncailv a mil
llonjjtff dollms which v llljhrvoUe tho
pre > 0iitatlonof aCdellclencv isilmukoi
foi ithorteurriiiti lUtil ioai fofi ovor
100000 The damage don6 iwasi not
dueiO auJbltniivnppioprla4
loiincel lliCji
piotectlon nrecssltiitcs as tho
yfponts outl1ttioopoiidlturu ot
ft = H denIMnoro mono InMthivdav eli
nplncntot < ioitdndndtrallstln Iho for
wnjbo scciijid j j
sl lioiinwuntiof ji eforc tlitltnshovv nlliij
ort o tle Torcst iscrv Ice only
< f T V T s
about ID 000 uciis as compiled with tho
lGOOOUOOOroffacics of national forests
secnij sinnlland I am glad to note thil
in this legaid tlm bpercldry of airl
cultuio and the chief of thoi forest sciv
lec are looking foi ward to fai greater
actlvlt In the uso of avallible gov
ernment land foi this purpose
Progieis has been made Invleainlns
b experiment tho best methods of ro
roiestlng Congress Is appealed to now
by tho secretaiiof ttgi culture to make
tho aiijjroprlatlons needed for ciiaiglng
thp usefulness of the torpstscnlce In
thin ngaid 1 hopo that Congiess will
approve and adopt tho estimate of the
societal fot thls putiiusc
iho cciotaiy ofthc dvp irtmcnt of
conmidco and liboi Ins hid undci
his Immcd ntg aupon Ision the appll
tntlon of thu meill Sstemof promo
tion o i largo n mnbei at inplojps
mid hi discussion ol this nifthod of
piomotloni bicd on actual experience
I leeoiimcnd to the attention
Tho taking otf the census has pro
ccpdel with promptncasmid offlclpnc
The kecietniy bellove and I lonefir
that llfulll lie moro thoiaiihh and nc
cuiatc than an census liMi has heie
tofoip been taken but llIs nolpeircct
Jhq motlvo thnt iiomptsmcn with a
misty civic prldo to Indlico the padding
of imihunjiptfirnsfincoider to Inciciise
thij popiilallon of a particular city has
bPenjstiong enough to lead to fraud In
icspcxt to ajfuw cities in this country
ind I hiivo dlroitpd tho attoinoygen
cial tOfpiocced wltliXall the vigor he
can iiilnnt5thoicVvho me responsible
foi tjiese frauds l lip have been dls
Coveted and they will not iiitcrfoni with
thinccmacj ofthn census but It Is of
thu hUhest Importaiicol tlmt official
ImiuLv of this soitishould not be i m
b mashed by fraudulentf conspiracies In
some piivnto 01 local Interest
Tlio icorganlzatlonof tlm llehthoiHo
board jliasjcffcctod a eiy > consldciablo
waving In tho ndinliilstratlon and tho
estimates foi tlmt soivlia for the pies
ontlyeu aic SI2SCOO lessUlum foi tho
piiecUIng cat 4 Tho seeretury Is now
HskltUfoi a hiiga sum forHho addi
tion oC llghtsniji uthciJiilitHdto tno
comrsarc of tho teas Including a num
bei bi Alaska 1 Thu < < trade along that
cinfttt H becdmlngholmpoi taut that I
cj cojnmtablcim f o cofpoValljms has
is fr riffM r
> i i 3 a I
AVIIUlfolpi olidoltinctter
i I > >
J lliijToMfiiVlffiisoiii
W Ji X js > > IJK J
Jjtijt compjotcdiftlip lirat tmrUofwn ie
6rtonthplumber Industr lnithejUn
HcdSjtates This ipart docs fiiot jtrciil
oflho ijuesllon offajtufst orlcomblna
tlbif In tlio manufactureofjumber a
stibjcctiloi dealt wlllnlater Iho
conimlsslonei iloesjlliidihowevora con
dltioiiiln ftlie ovvjiershlp iof thq stand
lnBr timbPi < ofJtlio UnIted > fctatcs othei
thanitlio goernm6iittlinbeijthal callsi
for seilouH uttpntroii the dlieot In
Te8tIgatloiii mado h the commissioner
covered un fiTpanhlch cont ilns SO per
centvof tho pTrlvutel owned timber lot
theVomiti Hhi icport shown that ono
huiroftlio tlmbei In IhH nrejMSovviied
b 00 Individuals and cofjioiutlona
that II pcricentls owned1 by hrec cor
poration mil that there ill verycc
tenslvo Intqiownership of stocklnn well
as other clrcumstancesall polnllng to
filemllyMilntloiiB among tlio e who own
a in ijont of this timber a relation
ship which might lead to a combination
foi v tho maintenance of a price that
wouldbe er detrimental to the pub
lie Inti restmid would cicnte the ne
eessltv of removing all tariff obstacles
to the fice Impoitntlons of lumber from
other countries
1 am1 glad to note In tho socrctarv s
icport the Mitisfuctor progress which
Is being mado In icspectto the presci
allon ot Iho seals ol the Irlblloft
Island Ver active steps are being
taken bv tlm dcpaitmcnl of state to
secuie an nirangement which shall
protect the PilbllorC herd from tho
losses dm to pi lagtc scaling Mean
time the cfvernment has seemed eal
pelts of the bacheloi seals the killing
of which do < s not Interfere with tho
imilntemiiicu of the herd from the
sale ot which iiet month It Is ex
pected to realbe about 340 000 n
sum laigclv In excels ot the rental
paid b the lessee of the ovirnment
undci the previous contract
The coosl and geodetic stuvev hies
been engaged in iiivcliig the coasts
of the Philippine uihlpelugo Ibis l <
n hei woik hccauc of tin extend
ed Phnractpr of the coast line In those
Islands but 1 am slid to noli thai
about half of the npcdcil survo hi
been pomplPtpil so I irto L pirt of tin
coast lino of the archljlagv bus booif
unmrvcved as to make nav It illon In
lhi > iiPlghboihood ot a nuinbei of the
Islands and PspeclnlK on Ihe cast
side particular dangcious
1 IIP rommKiioner ot I ibnr has hi en
actively ditaged In lomposlng the dlf
fuenees between emploPis and cm
plocs ongiibed In lntir tuto tnn =
poitatloii undei the l > dmaii act
Jolntlv with tho chaiinnn of the In
ter < tiui commercp comniKiion I
einnotspciK In too high terms of the
niicccbs of thesi two officers In con
ciliation and settlimont of contio
ver < Ies which but for their Interposi
tion would have icsultcd dl astiousl
to nil Interests
tJnvltii attention to the cr serious
injlir cuispd lo all those who no
engaged In tho maniif ictiiie of phos
phorous nntchps the diseases Inci
dent to this are frightful and is
matches can ho made fiom otbci 1111
torials entlreh Innocuous r believe
tint the Injurious ninnufnctiire could
IIP dKpourigcd and ought to bo ill
eouraged bv the Imposition of theav
federal tax I recommend the adoption
of this method of ntamplng out a ver
soi Ions nlnise
In 1S12 the present lighthour
lav wai passed whleh jirovlden tint
Iho hcrvlces and emploment of all
laborers and mechanics who are now
ijr may hereafter be Pinplo ed b tho
government of the United States bv
tho Dlstrlcl of Columbia ar b anv
contractor or sub conti ictot on ajiv
of the public works of tho United
States and of the iild DUtilct of
Cnlumbh is hcrcbv restricted to
eight hoiirt In nnv ono calendai da
nail It lmJI bo unlawful otc etc
llils h v bus been icnstrued to limit
tho ippllcatlon of tho leiiulrcmont to
thoso who are dliccll emplocd b the
goveinmcnt in to those who aio em
l > loc < l upon public works sltuite upon
land ovvnod l the United State This
construction piovented Its application
to government bitlleshlps and othoi
vessels built In pttvato shipyards ami
to heavy guns and minor plate con
tracted for mil made at prlvato estib
Ihhmcnts The proposed act provides
that no laborci or mechanic doing an
pail of the work contemplated by a
contract with the United States in tho
emplov of the conli actor or un hub
contractor hall be icqulredoi peimlt
tcd to work more than eight hours a
da in an one calendai da
It si ems to me from the past hls
tor 111 it tho govetnment has boon
committed to a polio of eneouraglng
thp limitation of the das work to
tight hours In all works of construc
tion Initiated b Ithelf und U seems to
mo Illogical to maintain n difference be
tween gov eminent vvorU done on gov
i nmient soil and government work
done In a pilvate ostalii liiuit when
the work Is ot such huge dimensions
and Involves HIP expemlltme of much
labor for a considerable pcilod so that
tho pilvate manufactuici inn idjust
himself itnd his establishment to the
spccla1 terms ot emplo nient that hn
must niako with his workmen for this
paitleiihu job To require howovir
that qver smiLlI contnct of manufac
turo tutored Into by the government
should bq can led out bv the contractoi
with men jorklngut elghthours would
bo to Imposc4an Intoloriibla burden
uron tho government b limiting Its
Bources ot suppl and excluding alto
gether tho griat majoilty of those who
would otherwise copipeto for Its busi
ness V
Tho proposed act 4rceognles this In
the exceptions which It mikes to con
tracts f >
Toi transportntlorj by hi nd 01 water
fin the tiansmlKslon ot Intplllgenco and
lor buch materials 01 nrt1clesvas may
usuall bo bought In the open maikqt
whethei mado to conform to particular
specifications 01 fnotrtorj for tho pui
chaso of supply by the government
whether manufactured to conform to
particular speelllcatlons 01 not
I recommend that InstcadjOt enacting
tho proposed blll tho meaning of whlch
Is notcleai and definite andmlslitibp
glvcn a const uctlon embarrassing to
the public Intinst thofi present act be
enlaiged b ptovldlng thatjmbllc works1
shall beconstrucd tolncludu not onl
bulldlngsfnnd yoik upoji public ground
but alfn hhlps ntmoi add huga guns
when made In private jards oi > fac
> Onujjof tho < great difficulties In en
forcing this olgilhout law lStlmtltB
application under cut tain tcim rgcncle 4
bcconia exceedingly oppoaluv
theiols iiigieat temptat to nuboi
j evndo It u Itthlnkr
thitTUwouia boMvIsei to allow tlu
piosldcnt by oxccytlvo Aordei tplulti
claro aiijOmoiBcncy In special Instances
In whlclulliOjjIniltatlon might not np
plyt land1 In such cases Uipprmlt 4tho
patnent b thejKOVcrnmpnlof otia
Compensation for tho tlmoswoiked each
dayiln exceBsloc elghfliourt llvmny
add thatrm HuggcstlonstlUjrespoct to
this lcglBlntlonhavoithtulI concm
o coninihisloner ot laboi
j 1lnilevvioflthn Keen wldespieniHIn
itcrentnow ifulttln tho UntcaStnesln
ujsyfltom of compcnsntlonHpriinduiitrlaU
of iwhlcli ConcteBafhas j
< i i iA it j f V
ncccssiryjexpeiidltr < is 6f orgahlzliig
ii in I iiedK jiff llibVsa 11 I sr u nilorii t pod
iSiiV be conlVdentcthatVtlie1 vvlli be licl
tci CdjsTrlbutedplliroughu the x iinlryV
coinimnlw i I n 5 hctejit I ri g I iiiin Igran
Cpi it I iui I n iji lie sa ys The reii im men
datloii ioRtliStecretary in jvhlch1 bii
1 an ibiinieiidedBO
asf to dlBemnig ith6 separation of fain
rrisidentjTaf tirrenowliig I
mendatl6ii > f6SthXcrentioiV6f a bureau
of lipalthiVWiysi ihdi regrets o 8ertlons
made ihtlio
df rnedl1
eliicf Itseems3 t6me he siiys that tlils
assiimptlpii lshqll unvvarranted and
tlial those responsible for tlie govern
nient canlertrustedto secure In the
ppffiiinne tliebureau tlie uppolnt
nientV of rcprcsentatlvefi1 ot Jall rccog
nUed > Bcjioplsofi5mcdlclnp and In the
inainagenipiit pt5thebureauentlrc ifrejj
lom T roiif 1iorrpvyjiroJui1leSJIh this re
Bhahn < SiT5iU iUiyQiiirew tliu lirfsl
dent vvai mitborlzod to icxpciid u inlllloa
dollar to coiiHtrtict Hi i deil work to
provenC hfjiiry Jto the landw ot lho 1m
eilaYaimfiOintlio overflew oth
iiilthorlty i
posesloWsiJtuailnrtbCftvvork by lumllrtg
matiTlal at costnirwe niiil UJ boPPd
i i alKr romihl i S
flooils lii feirlvtX lMie > voikHbclnKi
ilntm iini tiloaVlllGlVlsiOll Of lllf rtftCTQ
Wry lilHconsnlllng
Involved Is tho
tho a nly
Toso ibleivaliil oCthp
recomiiwiul thajpiiynient
a sum
Of ilie4 i > istrlt of Cbruml Tatlie prcsl
d < t snys rcKarabiK
Irixtloir of authority In respeut to the
iScompllsliiHcnt of some > i these pur
ail ill tlonal
sii ciSllonni to acquiring
finds W il ce lnVlhB piibl6 parku 111
tho district Isiiiadcria1heronroJnlsoAS v
crul recommcnUaUons lor Improvements
fvvltli tbo school syntem conduct of cor
Iioratloiws ln the dlstrlci iaml for botter
iiinltatloii In tho coiiEestedt section o
1 rcnowiuy r 6minciiilationr
pliilms of the dcposltora In tlio Ir Pu
nana r bank bo
by tho
llmt subject
I alacr ronuw my iccpmmeiidjilloii that
Steps bo taken looking to Uio boldlngjot
a negro pxposltlinln celebration of tbo
flftlotiiiiniuveKaryiof thu Issuing by Mr
lilncoln iof Hhc emancipation proclama
tion V y X1
The civil service comnxisBlonilins con
tinued lts useful iliitlpsiiirnc the year
Tli6iiecc 9lty for tiel inalntbiiniico of tbo
provisions of tlio ijlvirservlcoi Invy vvas
greater thrih tpday iOfflccrs in
lc for tho piille > viofthoadmlnls
tratiou and their linnivdlatapcrxnnnl na
slstuntSOr deputies Nhpiililnotbe Includ
ed vvltblii thp classified service but In my
juilKincnt publlu oiibiiiin has advanced
lovtlioipolntwhoro It would Biiporta bill
providing a secure tcnurodurlnir pf fl
alemcy for nil unruly ndmljllstrntlvo L f
flcliils I c iilcrtnlrilli < proioun < lcoiivlc
lion that It would Brtntlyiild thni cniina
f ufflolciit nnd cpnoinlcnr Bpvornmvnt
mid of better politics IfjCongrisn could
enuct a bill providing that thn executive
sliiill have tli power to Include1 In tho
plasalfiid service nil local officers undtr
the1 tronsury iloiiartnlenli theiidcpiirtmont
of jUNlIct tlio postnfflcij d < imrtmcnt
Mtlic interior dopnrtin out H and the depart
moiit jbt commerce and Inbbr appoint
jnfintHUowIilch now retiurro thq cpnflrmn
tloni ofuilui senate and thal uppn suoir
clnsslflcritlpri tlio ndvico anilsconscnt iOf
tbfli senate shall censo to bW required
ijrsucli ippoliitmcnts jjythelrccrialnty
of tenure dcpeiHKht ontiroiHl service and
byMhclr frwdom fromitupvhecesslly for
pOlfIcul iiLctlAJty tbesei local1 officera
vvouhl bo hnJuctd tu becomo more cf
fleleMU public sorvants
The civil sCTvJc luvvj lsannttoinpt to
Molvo tliii priibloin Of lae proper KClec
I16a of thosu vvlio entnr tliCiTsOrvlce A
belturi syslein iinder tlmt law for pro
niotlims oitKht tn ibouevltcd hiit given
the1 sultcUl employe tlero rcmalns still
lheciucitlonl of iprpmotliiK bl iefflclcncy
ntiJhlHusof illness tofthogovormiieMit
nri Hint can b brought nliqut jonly < by
n carefid honipurlson pf i utiltworkdono
bytho Indlvlilunl and Uj polntlngHOiit of
hcc siilly for ImpriivenKiiil In thin
t4NDE iciENcy
> runw WWSWg
ernnienlhiis bcentHp4rnpUUii iilS isreiit
tlmt tho time liiwicomoftorclnejtitheex
llini uiw iii
f nVIUllti > uT Inwll w
lltMllS IHJU MI > 1 llllmlQ l tIJv y r
< vle 101
Kr < aty rb fmidi nintnl roi8on rprtHoi
rcNlslehco uiiiUt ct odvisle itlupllca1
M7 ii i 1 nnt ootTinnriIi tlKVilnHrXrir
bfistho bu iricsa0iolvvpujdiknovv7 pre
clflOlywliiititbo5diitlcskan < ltthactlVfttcti
uf7coulrbiienuiOr dlv slonawinorder tp
plivtd ind clisslflcd alike llic first
slcp i to reiluee nil lo a eommon st did
mil foi el sslricnltoh nut liulgmiit and
tllli woil Is now l iig done U hen It
Is completed tlm foundation will be 1UU
for a business II c nation d budget and
for Kiieh a Just xompuilson of the econ
om i lid aflcliury vvltb which tho
cveral bnreiiiis ulil divisions me eon
ducted ns will t n ibli die puildPiit mid
tbo luuds ot dipiiitmcius ti delect waste
eliminate duplication encourage tbo In
itelll nt mul elfklont civil servants
wlioxo i ffoiLs too of nn go unnoticed ind
sciii tho publU scrvlei at thcAlowcst
rosRlbln cost
m DUCISCr llLNbl S
nppioprlntlons i
iho committees on
tonurc have dlllgcn 5 worked to in
duco tb CCPCIISS of Kovcininenl mid
Ivve found theli cffoi ts often Ilocl id b
luct of accurate Infonmtlon tonlnlnlni
i piopir niMlhlb of ipiiutieniems mul
nl ncltial mid icnsomiblo costs 1 ho n
sill ot till tnaulis slKnild cniiblnitbe CN
icullvo In hi eomiiiunlciitliim t Con
ciiS to ilvn Informulldii lo which Con
irss is entitled an I which will cnilil 1
to promoti idioms
I bnve miUPstotl tin IIP id ot each uV
uirtnicnt to iiipolnl r mmlltpis on cpon
< tnv ami eiflelemy in ordoi to xiciiio
full ci opciatlon In tin miivemonl bvihp
uuploos of thrt iivcinniPUt tliimelvis
I m BO Iho i ontltmamn of lb niinrupifC
Hun of SIWW i iUf < liil foi the use II
Mv cxpirlcmo l < i On nJe Hi litlfpvo tint
while covpniment niPthniK nrp miieb
iltlilziil thi hid usnlts lt wi havobnu
lOHiiltsnro nut duo to a 1 iclc of 7 il
Ol wlllhmm i on the pint f tin civ I
hPivants On II < conti irv I belitnP
Unit n lliu soli It of willingness tit work
ixlsls in the peihonncl which If prop
crl cnriuiiikcl vil m > iluco rpsultn
eiiuil to thoso seemed In the best mnn
iced pilvalocntorprtses In liundllm h
trmmnt iMiendltmts the ilm IK not
I roflt ihc hn lr HIP mi xlnmm publlo
DPI v lie til the inbllmnm of cSt i vvNH
lo roiluee the expoi dlluios of HIP vern
nifiil and we wish to sivo inone to eu
iblo the Mnumncnt to KO Into HIIIIIC of
tho beneficial projects which WP nro Ic
I u rid from nking up now IIICIIII P wo
Ought not to incr is run ppcndltur > 1H
At in enl > d lie 1 ntiull send In Con
jri ss L spci I il mctsa c on this subject
y It Is htiposslblo to prococd fir in such
an hivpMiMillmi vlthont i ciccllni tho
noed of n siiltnblo means of eliminating
fiom tho service tho sliiKiaiiiinatcd Ihli
pan 1 dono In ono t two wajs eltliPi
b > tr il ht olvil ppnslon 01 bv some form
of coiililbutor > pi m Ihc piPsldcnl then
dlHCiisaes tho objections to a civil pen
tIoii and tho pxpoilcnce of I i hind and
other coimliicH with pension plms and
iiah J 1 p Mmplcst and most Inilepenileiit
solution of tliiv problem for both emr
ploo aJid the itoveiiiincnL I a compul
or > savings in itmeincnt HIP pmnloQ
to t isldo fiom his salarj a bum suf
ficient with the help otia liberal rato of
tnterPst from tbo government to purchaso
an iidiauati nunull foi him un rctln
cVcnl thlKloccumuliitlon toTh > lnnltennbly
bis mid clalinable If he Icavis the f > crvJco
botoio reaching tho ictliemcnt agu or
by his heirs In ca c of bis death nils
Is the pilrclpic upon which tho Gillette
b 1 now pending Is ill nun
Ihc GUI tie bill bowovei goes fur
thcr mil provides tint tho government
dluill contiibuto to tho pension fund of
IhOMj einpUei who arc now so mlviimcd
In nc > that tbelr pcr onnl cimtilbutlons
will not be sufficient to cieuto their in
mntlps bPfon reixchmg tbo rctlromcnt
C In m Judgment this provision
nuM bo amended so that annuities of
iwo employes shall bo paid out of Iho
fcilarlus approiirjatcd for tlio positions
vueateil by retirement anil tlntt tho dlf
fpienee b twecn tho annuities thus n mt
ed and tho salaries ma bo used for the
emploment nf efficient clerl s at thu
the lowoi gnidei If tho bill can be thus
amcnileil I recommend Its p ussagi as It
will Initiate a valuable icm and ultl
mntPlj result In n great fcttvlng in tho
1 ubllo cNpciidlturcs
ilnre bis not bcm tlmo to test the
benefit and utllit of tho amendments to
the Interstato commorco law contnln d
In thu act appiovid Tune IS 1910 rno
lav as cnuited did not Contulii all Iho
featuics which I loconimemled It did
not Hprclflcill ilouoimco rus unlawful this
piirolnisp bv one of two puallcl ami
competing ronds ol the stock of the
othu ot did It subject to tbo restrain
In tnfluciice of the Interstate cominoieo
commission the povoi of corporations
entahcd 111 operating Intustato railroad
to Issnu now hlock and bondB not ill
It authoiUo tho making of temporir
nciiimcnlA bctwun nllioujs limited to
a daS Uxim the tmmo ratis for traffic
between tin simeplicet 1 rto not pnis
ho consideration of nil or tbepu objects
upon loiifirem al this session Hip pb
jikl ot the fliut piovlhlon l piubiibly
Kinunlly coveied b the antl tiust law
Ihe second pinvlxlon wis In the act le
toned lo the consldi ration of a iommt v
Mini to bo appointed bj iho executive and
to icpoil up m tbo mattei 16 Congri
j bat eiinmlvlon Jns been appointed and
la tntifi < l In the Invihtlinitlon ilnd con
sldeiiitlon of tho ipiistlon iiibmlttiil under
tho law U conslhts of President ithni
1 lladlej of Vnlo umvcislt as chair
man 1 redcrtcK C Strauss 1 rulerUl
N Judson Prof n II vlPir and Walter
I Usher with William drosnnld ncc
it I try
Iho third proposal led to
construction of Its object that I um not
disposed to pre s It loi further couslrt
ciitlon il was Intcnihd to permit rill
ro id compiinlps to avoid ubPksa rate cul
ling bj i mPic timpoiir ncauieseincn
In tho hTinu intes foi tho samo seivlco
ova compttlni rUhoni with no obllua
tlon whatcvci to nnlntiiln lhoe iatei > for
any time
rim piotectlon of i Ulroud emplo0i
noin poiMiiinl Injun Ih a suhjtcl of tbt
bight t Importince mid item nidi eonlln
mil attention Jjiero bnvo been two me is
Hits pcjidlniln UoiiRrepH ono foi tlm
RUpei vision of 1oik IK mid thtf othPi tor
llin rnlnrioment of iliingciiniK cl m nice
v > Ccrtalnljoiiii moastires ouhht to bo
hilopted loolvlnj to a prevention of arct
1 deilts fiam thifc causes It itiiniH Ip mo
that with iciectlto botei a bill might
vv < lUb drawn renul ngand enforelrik
by peuult a pcoiifr sjstem if Iniiiirllon
n the iillwnv conipanlca thtmselves
which would incoiniillFli inir purpose
Highest that the eoln nlSRlon bo ruu sl
ed to nnilie a Hieilnl ipport na tu in
jviles fioiii ouUldo fli ironccs ixpdXtlil
best niDthod pf r dnclnir them
Vr f t A
They h tiinlitle comincici coinnilsoldii
V > y > > yP f > jr
iSmitlC Famous White
i ji
Dvc Flour vv
i rOJ5
a J 1 triHaUMa ixkxzarlf 1 t JJ <
j 7v VV
yjias reepiiiinciiiliiV apiiroprlatlonsfor thp
Sjpurppsiv oliienabllngjltiUbacntcr upon a
valuation of vill ralhdailiiVThlt has nl1
Tnysbefii wlthliilliiJfjurls < hclfori of the
cpimnlifslpii biiti lharpnul8tluVfulilH Jinviv
1 beenwanting Stnlhitics iotrtlic1 < ilnoi
fofVeaeh railroad would ibevalunbliv for
many purposes speclallyIf wee ultimate
lyicnhct nnyliinltnloila upon lliii power
vOf tliOhilcrstatn rallrouus to1 IssuoKtocks
CnuYbonilsriH IhOpc Ayfl niayi 1 think
Mhorofpreiiitlinii hi ordcrabi permit a cot
iwLyiinderstijnding oCUhcfiiclJ lt woiihl
ilKjwjs to make areasonable approprla
tlphitii enable thp Interstate commerce
cbiiinilsslon toprocepd vylth due illspntcb
tojthiivnluatlon of rillrailroads 1 liiivo
JioV7tlinibt tlinl railroad cbnipiiillns Ithcni
iRelvencaii and wlllgreatly racllltiitiv tJiW
valuation and inilkCj Ithiimh lesa costly
liiiVtlni nnil inpney thijiihns been sup
posed 7
IoV tho piotijctloivof our pwii people
hiid thoiireservatliin or our credit In for
ulKii tiiiile 1 urge upon CoiuiTsS tlio
imincillali enactincnt of a law under
which one who In good faith iidviinccs
nfonoi or oredlt uponViiblll ot lailliig Is
utied liyai commnn carrier tipon n hU f
stiilp or forclun shipment irfu bold tho
riurlcr llnblq 1or tho vnluei of thu gonilv
duscrlbcd In tlia hill uf thevaluation
Kpeclflcd In the bill at least to tlm ex
tent of lh advances mnde In reliance
upoii It Such liability exists under tins
laws 0f manvj nt tho stiiles 1 sou no
objection to permitting twit chitsen of bills
of Inillng to bo Issued < lrThose iiniler
vvhlch a carrier1 slinll bo absolutcly lia
ble as abovi suggested arid 1 those
vvltb rispscl to Which tho currier shall
ussumir m > liability exccpt for the goods
actunlly ilcllVercd to tup ngcnt Ifiidng
tbo lillU Thu carrier niiBbt bo permitlcd
to mnko a sinallvliepariitij specific chnrgt
In addition to the rate of trnnniortntlon
for such gimrrtntwd blllj lis an hiahrmice
piCiiilnin agulnst loss from thr iidued
risk thun removing tho principal ob
jection vvhlch 1 tnideriUnnd Is miulo by
tilt railroad cbmpnuiif tn the imnpsitlon
of the liabilitysuggested viz that tbo
onllnary itransiiprtathin ruto vvoulil liol
ciiiripeliEiilo tliem for tbe liability nssum
cd by the absoluto guaranty or tlieac
curiicy iif llio bills of lading I fiirtluir
recommend tlial a punlshiiHril of fine
and linprffiohmciil lie ImposedJijion rail
rend a eiils iiiid HhlpperH Tni fraluV or
ihlsrcprcscnttillon In connciilliin vylth tlip
U > ne ot blll iif lading Issued upoii Inter
stnte nml toreliin shtpmitnlH
ICxcpnt as iibovo I nujiot rtcoinnioml
tiny ainenilmcnl In liV Intcnitiilii com
inon Invvms It Ktui > ltt I do not now
icconiiiHndanyi initUilnicnt Iptlie intl
nili thill llio cxliithii legislation With
jpforenoiv in tlio icgnlntlon of corpora
liiili nnd llib ioiilniliit of tliqlr hiiHljhfs
ban reniilivd n ipint vvfborevvi canSliip
ivjijch cirtalnly did nxlstMind vvhliih
riiiViscil tlepiilllc lo deinnhd ieform It
illM l t d volnps n liiTii for fiirtiior leg
IsMlitmwilliiml iioil bill uhtllithenlet
ilKexPiiile wial vvif linvo iJne totbtf
reform nipvcniiuts of the
iu llvvlr lilVTIl IO < l > nlll > Wllll 1110
hi > vv Tlicyjiirb novr nichlng to Jcmnv thi
exact liniltntlons upon bnHliuFs inclhous
Ilnppsoilby lira law itnd tlipsewIILiltinbt
jkjfSlKimiiiliiclcnrCi lly thp dcelsloris of
Stops Dandruff And Eestorcs Gray Or
Jaded Hair To Its Natural Color
Wh > AViin < > uri < ir Out 1 Irlni IIi Old
SxrltclK1 IV h n Ion < un HUTU A
livailliriil Iliiiikof Hnlr
J our y iji
Snloxco rows nil the hair vou waul
Clinnfees 1111 01 faded lull to a outllful
color without djilng 01 sUIiihig Slops
dindriirr ami all lull and n iln tinubhs
Send We la slHn 01 sinnipt to fia fur
lOHliRi etc to bwl wo I lair Ifmcdv
< o j I O SiiimiP Clnelnn ill O
mil tct i Urge fleo tint bottle
bwlssco li on sale evervheiu hi duiB
KlKth and diug depai trnents at Vu and
51 00 i liotllc
1 r site ami luiommonilcd In faaat 1 aue
CUV lu Diuehl t I i ml en O At I
Drug Store
the sun eaio coml In cuscs pending hi
forc It
I liollvir It lo t > ill Im Interest of all
the pcopl iff thu roimtr tlml for Hie
lime litlig the ictlvltlii f cuvirmiuiil
lu iililltlon tp cnfoiclng the uxIMIni law
In illie < tiil tow nd Uio reonomj1 or ad
niinstt iti in and ttic ealar Lincnt of op
1 uttmltlis foi foiPlKtl mule tbo con
servation and linpiuvimuit of nui ipr
cuttm il I mdt thu htdld in Up uL honut
hdusitlci Hid th nliHnlliinlni f eml
tntiiti cir capunl In < Iniic itlc luve tinctit
lli Mhlln lion I Ore o 1S10
WAMS io iiru1 SOMI OM
Im thlitv vusJ K lloci of IVi
lllc 4Mo iidileil liclii and eouldn t llnd
It Ibaty whv ln > vv nits to help Mima
UUP now Suffeilng ho long himself hcv
feels foi all dhti < ss fiom llackaehe
7fcrvousiisn l0s of Appetite 1 i M
tudc and Kldne dloidiis UP shows
that Uhctilo Hitters woik vvondciH foi
ucli tiotiblPS Ilvo boltlp hiiivvrlte
vvholl qnred me and now I am wpll
and heart Its altii posltlvcl gua
uintecd foi Llvor Tiouble D > pp > sli
Ulood DlKirdi rs Tomale Complaints
and TVIalailu 1 rv thPin r 0e at V r
M I llIII Main hi Salt Lake ritv
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Bliick for hcccjicp iJargc sliawl collar vVCJPi
line quality fox > iooksaBfin asr lvn
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irirgo shavvl collarijor 4 2000 miiftsffor iijn > j
tliixivv yery hanilspmc
50 cpllartifor
Large plllow or rig < muff
tpniiitch > N > f i
32500 iiiuffs forjlJin50 Ijirgo plilpvv nintfs 16 X3
JlfiiiiO nmrfs forii iS97r mateli V 1 4
iJripanespiniink necklaces S SuO for
scts rcti fox eetj white fox lcts i6lmskyKctsvislicr
nucl sable1 sdfs V x fev
TTmiiisoiiie niamiot scuplnr csliivl dollar iiiuj
large pillow ijuiff tQiiialcliT 1500 set V i
s fiJeM llj
iI Evirjr Hat ih the
ii hicnt Iricluded
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Our Tii t tig j illintsr S le startsioBa
i and 1lady knows the character
of the goods theUrnost fashionaBlei
s cdrrecfc hats f
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