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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 06, 1910, Last Edition, Image 7

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I t t n > l DESERE P yi r < NEJ SjgJJES I yLJDEGEifHb17nJLfj < l
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i oJoPJ iPW V
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s1 PlqT
i I T i i
IlaAI1 sLS ts
C jarBvJipgJcnj jDranch
i i
patrons Mnrcj f Deques ted 10 iniiko
t 1 f m rcEr lnl
ll C I t ycry n I
k A K
i SdiiclurcAVill Stand on Jraiitj Avenue
i Near Twiuyflflii Street iiml
> IU2 I
pgden Ucc ilio officers pf the
Cinimcrclul National biuik liave begun
t hex ejection of a modern lm lt f bloc l
1 rank nvcnuo near Tweiityllflh
sticct which will lie the t Ioc any
in the newer bultdlngsjn ho city irlI r
Mritctuio will eosUIn tho nelghboihood
HfJIfiOOO and wjll biinthfep stories 1
height Tho Bite In Itmnqdltilcly north
iftfthc St ljjttlshulldlng on1 Twentj
llftlf Rtrpol Piosldcnl A II Hey wood
stales thai tho structure will bo pliilii
In stylonnd substantial and suited for
any commercial purpose Mfllejwood
I nycIllmlcrcalUlose 1IIICwQo <
sajHtlmt Ogdenls a good location for
Investments of this nature
L iHfriD c riiIcc9ef 710000
1lllg s for tho IOSH of his right leg
eorrOj West has started action In
tlffcdlstrlel court aRaliifit thgpenvcr J
Hlo Orando Hallroad company Thn
complaint nllcKcu that on Ian > ni90i
plaintiff was employed In the capacity
of car cleaner lt IIS lih Illrttl
sVccit ami dust putseiifer coaches at
tlw Ogdnu Union station Whllq pii
Kagod In this work It b camenecps
sary toillmb on a ladder to turn on
rtho gas light Tho Inildor being tc7
tlvoji plaintiff wlm thrown to the floor
evercly Injuring ana brulslnghlsfrlght
leu and ankle As a rrsnltof 11IoI ucol
I id ikliJa It
tdcnt blood I IiHt In lniti tlfq leg
was later amputated Wrst values hl <
lcgiil jltftOO ond l iiskHJudgment ac
Pfidcii Hoc C 4vt fho1 icgulnr KOS
hliin of the count bQa flt ciiniinls
l lirHIN Klniball preapiilcd it pe
tition signed by 8T Citizens of Hunts
vlllp asking that 1 liquor license be
granted to Hokcn Oben > Tho pntltlon
ai again lukcn untlcf udylfscmonL
Olsnn has been denied n HCPIIHO rppcnt
Villy for toj111fH years J1 hI
xplto of this fiitt has contlnuid to
carry on tho Irifflc1 having been ar
l CtllUIJtli12 times in as many i
munlhs a
Tho deputy load commissioner wna
authorized to cnnihienco work on re
building thn c brldgoi across Ulx creek I
at Plain City tho bridgo to bo 14 foot
wtdn and to bo cOnsti noted with con
crfto buttmcnt
A petition fuiin tho resldentu ofTiy
Kir ward gllatiLI loaded opened
up for ill oust nom tho now
mc tlnghousi was lend mid granted
Tho Taylor peuplQ offei 1 to donate Jio
land dot110 grading ami build tlio
fpiiyps providing thn comity would
purchaso tho inatcrial for tho fence
Tho hoard unanimously grunted the re
iiucsl and tho material costing about
joO will bo purchased al once
Tho bond of Joseph S Stoioy tho
li lob commissioner JgrOQ tho
bond of JoliU A Clilld snpcrlntrndeiit
uf thu county Infirmary for 55000 and
1oCIg UarrKson sheriffelect
for IO00 > were approved and filed
William Wado was appointed HpeotaJ
health officer at Flpotnnl View during
th present epidemic ot icnrlct fovcr
Kvery precaution will ho taken by thb
oouiity nnthorltlcs to check this disease
Twenty registrars of vital statitlcF
illiL fiom each district wrm leappolnt
cd to servo for tlui iicxl two years
OgdtiDccrII Fritz luun been
RI ll al Interlocntoiy dpcrro ot
11olcoln Iho district court from Otto
< lstIIC1CourlroI1ito
JJdl7 on tho grounds of nonsup
liorb Tho ronplCij wcro tninrrlcd at
lark South DaloluU Inly 1001
jfrK Fritz wns awaided thn custody
ofa minor child and allowed to 10
sumo li v her maiden name Inn Thpmi
I Ogdcn Dctt1 Judge CJeorgo A
Aldcn of Uostou dellvorcd a power
fid address lUw Wobcr academy
auditorium on Monduy uvonlng on
Tho JsPcdC ot tho Hour Mr Allen
is i an oloquenl speaker illhl talk
was a straight forward convincing dls
cusslon of ml uiiiI Interesting
problems now confronting tlio Ameri
can people A pleasing feature of tho
lecture was tho splondld music rcn
d red by Iho academy band preceding
Uic addrccs Mr Aldcn mrpcurcd
undqr tho niMplccn of thn Ipctliro
iuurio commltteo of the AWbcr Insti
tution and helped to malntalntho ever
high standard of that imrlciv
pltl yrrn tlq
Oedont hKt Headed by Hurry
11 ortol < iComi > any In avlover play
let Uncln Loins Dlloninui duallng
wth ihn rmatrlmonlal ttinglu > of a
prosperonn York isiato farmer tho
Vaudeville bill being piasented at Ihn
II IIbo l fp t i
Orphoum thoiiter this week ranks with
thq best A > Been horo thlKscason
lrqiqlG 11tJmlqnn
Qffdan Uccv t Jnduo Murirhya
cpiirtfvyius uinifiuully busy on Monday
thorn1 being i0 offenders on tho bench
ToniV iltlful clmractois admitted
havlngfbeen drunkof Sunday and as
IIi t
Ihpy would not tcllwiero HIP liquor
wius putchiiHvl thov Vlllhefvo tho
lt xtIillililljiili
4qLlhq lit Vagrants gathered In by
tho iiolltc drag net on Saturday night
nt lipvnrlousj gambling resorts novmi
woro dljimlssed four roxlnl to I
work on tho city rock pile for 10 daysj
audth9olhjlMwo jifireboy V > und
1IId hi 1WS 191Q lSci11
111 yearHot ige werohold for furthnr
t HeadOff
a Headache
Fc cache
Nothing ii Better than
Dr Miles AntiPain Pills
They Give Relief without
Ead AftorEffecU
For four years I was subject
trf almost constant headache At
times so severe iwas unfitted
for work Through the advice of
a friend I apcrsu didtotry
Dr Miles AntiPain PH sand
thc result has been that I have
entirely eradicated my system of
those continuous headaches that
followed a hard and continuous
mental strain OLRilsseU
Agt C N W Ry Early la
FOP Sale by All DruBGlsrts
26 Doses 26 Cents
Investigation It being learned that
they wore drinking In a saloon Tlio
officers state that If It can bo proven
thlit liquor WIH sold to these bojs a
ceitaln saloon min will loose Ms
line license and bo mado to pay 1 hcay
1 i C Udlton charged with vugrancj
> m HIv n it suspended senicneo of
> 0 dajrf the officers stating thit 1U1
tbn luicl hern picked up as a suspect In
CQI n cll rllf3 rob hey In AVjomlng i
Two offenders had foigotten to tlo
tip their teams and were lined tjj
eachVlnnlo Gibson a denizen of the tin
dcrworld lorfeltcd tho usual 1U line
Ogtlcn Dec r36i oleclJOO al
Ipgpd loho duo as dercn enl sllr
jilaon the pnrrhan ofa stallion
Thistle Chief r hlch cr ptiYchuscd
M defendant and 16 otheii WH1
Sell doing business its V iJINoH K
3ros has sturtid action In tho ills
tilet couit against A A CJiurcli Tho
complaint alleges tbat on III6i 19111
the hoiic i wuhltolI defendant and
hll in tncrs and Ittlhlut1 has
ailed to pay his pprllon
jtlGlnrE9I tilj
Ogden DccC J A Hmltli and Iv
8 Jod still architects luo htarlcd
Mill In tho district court nenlnit tho
Jiphcnm Amusement company AV1I
iiiil Hcowcroft and J Ie Garrctl to
ccoer the Film rS 10030 alleged to
10 duo for certain specified 8CIhc f
lerfoimed bctwfin April laIHIDcc
31lDOt Tho complaint efts forth tho
ctntcin nt that vvarlous plans specifi
I cations and bine prints woio piciaied
for the lemodelln of tho old irand
opera lion c Into the present Qrjihciiin
thoater and that this wink wua worth
1l230 nJlII I o1909Lparl11C1It
of J400 was miidoand Ii tern credit of
Sso wa allowed lciilng tho balance
as pcclflcd
urvni or INFANT
I f Ogdcn Dee i > Orclcno lO20
months old dnphteroc Mr and Mrs
I r 1ceAVnli DyKe died lain Sun
day menlnp at the family icsldence
2043 Karr avenue after a brief Illness
from inomnonla Mr Vim DjkQIIn
deputy In the county clorkH office and
hi numerous frlendi cMcnrt their
deepest Bjmpathy In this hour of sor
row Thn funeral will bo held at Iho
Fourth ward chapel this afternoon at
lOiTi oxJ sU n llmTIXl1
Qgdou Dec fi A nnctlng of stock
holders of thR Amalgamated fugjr
company recently ealled has been
postponed to Ifi Secretary nla IIi
of the companv states that an effoit Is
being mddq to retire tho common stock
of the companv
Considerable opposition to tbls pUn
was doNOloped at tho bilef slim to
day and thin faut utuaed the adjouin
mcnt Jreit confusion has icaulted as
ii roiiseiiupucq of having tno kinds oC
Htock nIIILIIailo l ldlhllP1I
In futuro that tho mpntlne was cilled
OgdniDrcrcNlpaH of jnOOOO
was coiisumimitcd today by lIill
II Prery estate from tho Kcinltablo
Life Insuiiuco company of New
VoiU This money Is to bo iiBPd In a
III tIh 11 rig on the newh 0 lie Hud
sou avenue whurn tho Icory estate
hold 2r0 fcot fronlnge It qlJald I
that this Is UiQflrsl 1I1I1eoTrIf
ablo ever loaned a largo aum of I
mnijpv In a city of leW than no 000
Ogden Dpct County Plnrk S G
13jo hif Issued imuildKC licenses to
tho following couplea
James 1 Cttdn and Virtue Bel roll
both of Xoith Ogden Vlllom lion
tn > n and Mary Hdltli Williams both of
H l i 91 r JCI C I
ConteivlIlP Dec r Jlr and Mrs
Samuel J Pnirlsh wbo ictiiilo here
WPm divlug IiI Bountiful today when
omi ortho horses bee mm immaniige
ablci and a runaway ensued Mrs Pn
rlsh Jumped fiom tho vohlclo and
alighted heavily sustaining painful In
juries to her backnhd limbs She Is
q trIt this evening as a icsiilt of liPr
Injuries nnd KOIIID alarm Is foil by her
r i v a V d li in
li r fi
rQRt n 9rl tUu
i t f JwtWt iUHAW I y
1 fc W ef DENtJT B > I
tl i P m
kv r 7 ft db ri 1IQ9 1 Q
f rtT > cs < f
c i >
J t 1 t g rlB f st
I c
1 = J
jPTW i Irn 1iti l r St1ii ijA 71 j rM W t k ri1th f
i I S j t i jii iW t rni ri7 s Wj n Jf i tj w t1 tlrOrni f
> K y L < < j CHOV < i r I
sldJIIUCI1tS IJCI1tluRroUrjllUllhordcl j > n
l rrr Ft 1
i lJjfl l
i i I ill i T
CI Tb i Neaj la L deliveredbycarrier
evcrynlght Sundnyiteicepteel nt 73
I iConU1 per imonthr All payment nnd
complalntsjroardIngi houia t
TeSmael8 to David Johnson ngenl
i It > r I Daily Saturday and ScmlWeekj
ly News lidc Phone 373A Orders
taken for Church works Residence 417
South FIr t West Stret
Carrier coat tide of Academy Ave
Ind E12I < W
Currier west side of Academy AVB i
Ind 4CCA d
Connli Coniiiilssloni r li Oidlnattxc
Alined ill Pn MIII Illli It
Cp clil CiurcRpuiiilciic
Piovo lccJ < tlhe meeting of the
lountj com 111 IRsllijCCI < jpstrnlav in ot
dln inc > was p it R d tl1111 IsPxpirted H
pi event the sih of Inloxli tints In poo
UJulhllllanihallslniho eountv out
side of cities IillllIolitRWhlih Imf
been lnllrmtHfI piovalpnt in dlfftiPUl
pltues HIP paRI > eu slnee prohibition
oidlninces went In 11tfTell 111 tho cities
Tho ordinance pint Ides n licensee vt
30 a join JrjoolOI bllllnnl hall
and bowling HeslInll11l1kcs It un
law ful to sell 01 dispose of drinks of am
kind In such plices to nlmlt minors
to keep tho places upen between thp
houis 1 1ln andTnm Violitlon
of tho ordinancp punish iblp b > a fine
of J100 or tlucc months Impilsonmunt
or both
Couiilv Trea > iiiei TiJinsonipportcd
on countj funds showing the following
balanpo on hnndupc I fiuiPial fund
SJ961720 county school fiiiul 24 rjl Si
coin lo superintendents lontluscnt
J2i26t JuroiM ind wltnisses GO
Th countj ollleeis teportcd the fol
lowing fees collected Nnvimbn
I c < r lerJ3545clcrJ < JJ11 OS trc u
uier 2J50
huptvof hchools GcoiiO N Chllds re
signed bv rcasm of having iccpptftl
an appointment ab supoivHoi Inthc
Salt Uiko Citv bUiools T IIP resUnit
tlon wils accciJ lltulultorirfcclIC
23 when tho schooU ndjouin for tho
holldiij aeatlou The ho ird will hold
i special session Wednesdaj to appoint
a successor to Mr Chllds
Clialrmin WiJI Hnv nnd incmbern
of HIt ProvoOImted boulev ird ion
mlttcc and P X Nuilii appiiiPd IIP
ore thp board und c tiled ittPiitlon to
ho fact that the rail IH being dam
iged by iiason of heivj louin bplnn
Hauled over tlln mrroiv cfro wagons
This Is chpcilull tine now while tlm
inplovcs of the Kpunedj Constiuctlon i
ompnnv are h inline IIPUJ louls of
giavel over tho rnillrol the CPinrnt
cl onstiucllon on tho i Itv s itcrvvoikb
cx leiii l jnrJlic miittci of stopping till
iiivel through conference with the
ocal mattdger Cthl Kcunedj Con
linctloii con 111111IIIS nffriid to
lull mine II Ward of thn bo ml nnd
Chalrnmn II llti ulltlDrJo A
Tulur of the bnulovatd committee
hoIIIlav thn iniltei bpfoio SeCtc
aiy Jeihn O Cunnoi of this Kc nnpdj
onstiuctloii cOI1 ja 111110 Is In cliaigu
or tho woik heie
Uio in itter of drafting an oidimuep
piohlblt beavllj loaded vehicles fiom
Irivlng over the boulev an except when
irovldcd with wltlo thcs wni rpfoned
to committee consisting of Countj
ttormj htcob Hvans and pi N Niinu
nolI thplr report will bp considered by
ho bonil nllts hpeclal meeting to
The houlpvard commlttpn ilso HPIP
icnted thlillt would require ib6uIJG I
iOO to coinpletp the loud mil piv a
1300 over diaft nnd isked for nil up I
roprlitlon of that imount TJin hOI
iistcad of complvlng with this tcquesl
II greeel to p ijr an amount equnl to whit
cvei tun mav In collected b > the lom
inltteo fro Indlvldml Mibcrlbcis foi
the completion ot the icnd
j roOnpI > j Citv rngineci 13 A
Jacob prpsentpd pstlmato oCcoHloC
Idowalk paving In Tlihd yVt street
203133 nt tho imotlng of the cltj
council lust ce iihig and recommend
ed the condition ncctptiinco of tlu
woik tho cngimiii icpoil WIIS
udoptcd and an otdlnamc vvas p issul
Ipvjlng utx on tho abutting prop
erblqlera tho ppenses of the
pavement rhClolollnxIRI WO nr
556 tents per linear foot tho ills a
portion being tho dlffnronco between
plhe tvvo amounts
The boaid of equallz itlon for snvcr
dlstilct NTo 11 presented collected as
ses nnent and rccommcncUd tint It
be onltrmcd Keport adopted
The committee on iiricatlon rcpoit
Ing on the complaint of 1 A Bonn
tint hN land was being ovcrtiovvid
and imaged bv watci fiom tl one
torv race lecommpiulpd that Hqovei
Uios bo lequistcd to ippnlr tho banks
of the fnctoiv iacp Adopted 7
Water taxes to thoI I1 nntof4 20i
were lemlttcd on ri commendation of
tho commltlio on Inlgntlon
Thn committee on judlelar > ippoited
piogicss In the drafting of tho pro
po ed search l1dsclzuroUIlllJr
Chulrmah Ueebe Ie Iho eomnilttco
oil watpnvoilfs lejiottcd that llenr
Smith nov I1skctIS750 additional
11i6 amount tigroid pJIiXc lhc
wnterworKs pipe lino ilfcht f riII >
ovir his land Ilcfnrcd tri tho com
mlttfp on Avatciuorlfs and the in
Iho girbago oidhuineQ vvis ami nded
HO as li < requite a covered brick or
nulallli ipceptirlo lot giubnge In ds
trlct No to ho kept bj ouncio nnd
Ouiipints of Iu II fIIIIIIlhr garb igi
removed nt least onpi1 nwcck t > ri
oj A bill vns iiipfiPiiltd to amend tho
pool bill nrdln inep so as to in ilto II
unlawful toi lit ppison coiporatlon
i lub association 01J soclpty to conduct
pool or blllinul rooms and bowling
IPJH where a choigo s made directly
or liijllioctb for plavlng without pay
ing a license which Ii 40 a ycai undci
the roscntiil ll a h ceo Tho proposed 01
I dlnanco lit Intended to leaol clubs al
leged to hat been oiganlzed for tlm
purposo ot evading tho pajmuit uf 11
cepHe As Ii8 thought tho icgular
license wOI1I I hQldolIIli to clnijo
clubp and as furthei Infornntlpn wus
wanted the matter win refeiied lhaClc
to tho conimlMro
Tim conintlHco on streets nnil allnva
was ln trtuled to lonfoi with property
owners on list West street between
rlfth llli1 Seventh i North streets tvlth
a viovv to having 1hlilrc opened
> rio Anvnunsn ntovo
Piovo Dec i A iiumbpi pf promi
nent business mun met hint evening In
tho Commercial club loomst eOnsldoi
a propoKlllon to tnko spacojjn tlip West
cri linnil Products chlbll IntOniaha
Jam is to S l rIro otherulse ui j SOI
tlslng Ita nwmrcoH and uttiactloiistln
thq east The nutter was t kpn under
advluementi A crimmlttco will piolwblv
bfi appointed to InteiCRt tho citizens hi
tho X project r < 1
i x J V NX c it oi I J g
l gi2DbG r Xrfi n rl o
tion of ithq Rex Thcatc compan h II ytl
beon nlcn ith the counly clPik The
111 C I111t0 114hU ibS11rfrI1Ic d I alrY
iOlltl me1 rn I 111 U nlCn l JU h 8 III
cJItIlulIjJmoqt rJIstn r9L aloYifIm
rI IN F t I SiI ti ii Q f P 1i Ia
f + 1
iofflco iiI Ini Pravq City Thp capital
istock l f J15000 in1 shares of thopar
Valijoof Jl ench
i Tho Rex rSmpanyjtakfs over ti
n x thpatertnthHjClty Thedlrectors
laiidofffrprs are Mbtm B Ashton pres
j IdPntmiid ilrCL urcrESJinhoadlc
President titJ > Stanley stHrctary r
K Cromo and Nelllo Ashton
Prfivo Pec 6 Ac miirrlnge
IIJIH been Issued to Don D Iliiilsen u
Piovo nnd CHTlo Draper of liovt
pIt <
1 1JiS 1J 1OIUAI
Pr 0jip c f3d opeiti hou p was
pacKpd lost evening pn thn occlusion of
Iho Ellis iiiemoilal eervlcps itnnj
ppoplo remained K l dining thj
pntlie fprvln rathfi than miss miv nl
thi linpiqislvo ritual 1Iiut hoiutlfnl inu
sli and tho fn phliig inenimlal nd
divis delivered RcVEImei i Go
SllPII c
Mi Ooshnt tet VUIK The ntppuil
ii d Is thy Hfuge and underneath urp
ovPilHStlng arnii HO delivered Tin
aniest eloquent addlcs In which thp
bejuty and giandfur of Jlrian1 thp
piogiess of tho iacp under Jods piol
denio and ovrriTitlng love wore poi
liavpd ami thp pvldPiuc of futurp per
foct lifer deduced
Pro A U Lund nnd a lirgp rorp
of UFsIslints iciidpinl delightful mu
sical prcigiitin and the solemn ritual of
tho order In memory ot theii dpnd was
tcndPied In i very offcctlve minnci
ijnoyo Niws xonx
Hldei Mlicrt Bnteman of Alplnp
stopped off heroyestpnlas to visit lel
nllvpi on his icturn from a mission tj
tho Southern State
Tho University Dramatic club will
Present Tho Piofessms Courtship
fl1U Opera House Irldiy evening
Dr H A Wlridshlp of Uoston lec
lured before the teachers of HIP Provo
schools > estciday afternoon In tho
Sixth vvaid nxspmbly h lIIIIIJdllca
tlon Many of the Hpilngvllle teach
crscumo over tbilieiir tho lecture Dr
Wlndshlp addressed the pupils of tho
Ilghth grade In the Cential school in
the furehoori
OL t o
Tho News la Delivers lbCLrrler
In Logan Every Night Sunday 01
ccpteiS at iTS Centa Permonth All
panncnts nnd eomplulnta regarding
delivery should ibe mado toJ M
Blair Agent for DiUly Saturday
nnd ScmfiWecltly News 118 W
Flr t North Street Phone 300K
Bell Ofllcn with Cnrdon Company
IlenI Kstate nnd Loans m North
MaIn Streot Phones Bell and ld
roijf iir Ilioiiiimt Ton of Ucrls
bopped YlcldlOc I IKavv
I Airemu ofSugar
i Spec Itll Corietpoiiiloncc
LogUi cr The Logan Sugar fau
ory closed its campnlsn for t hi son r
S csterdiiy nf let 1iiuHIld tho cleaning
p ot the seasons run has been com
ilotcd During HIP mn the factory
ut up npproxIpiatPly HOOrt lo lHOC
octs nnd Uio ylold of sugar was fill
ibovo the n crageu the Lewlston
uclory which is also closid them was
clil up about 4CW lonsoI l1rilspr
about 00000 tons In nil The shoitngo
of the fnctoilex was due IOIL decreamj
In tho jlcld r ther than to a falling off
In theacreage planted This fact Is
mphaslzed by the pxpciicncc of tho
apaursp colon > al Lewlston which lost
ppioximately JISOOO this ueasonthat
1 s after thev had paid thn rent for the
and Uipy tilled and their bale expenses
or food and clothing they worn that
inch behind Owing to drouth the
leld diopped as leivv as fgur tons to tho
ere In Mimo parts of that district
xhll In othpr jeais the averago had
eon above 12 tons pci acict
Iigan Dec rrha Alumni astocU
lon of HIP Otlghum Voung colUge will
ippt Iti this city next aaturduy evening
leietofoio It has been the < custom for
lie association to meet at tho close ot
lie school M > ar elect Its officers and
Jl iap thp annual buiquet tlIlitlthil re
ii ut lias hepn that much of tho I pally
mportant hiislnets of tho association
hiis bnen neglected In the rush So It
ins been decided to hold a business
lectlng and soclil In December of each
ear and HIP annual banquet In tho
IprJnA A feature of gathering on
atnrdny will be a basketball game be
ten a pain composed Cthl l alumni
lajcrt and the first tvani of tho col
I ege ItqskPllcy Vangogaid Jpnwn
iiifstrnscM Wllcos and other stais ot
pa8lt tcauif wlllplurwHh the alunin
nd tho game Is already attracting < a lot
i f attention This rontpst will start
ho procpedlliKS on Satuidny it Itit Its
lose theie will hon business meeting
lit which the new olllcers of tho nssocla
Uiii will be plcclPd Aftrr that thprp
vlll bo icfrcKhments reived nnd dauc
Inl The editing larolhQII association
as been busy for somo time picpdilng
a dlipctmy of the alumni of thu col
pgp and II Is aniiouncrd that thn pub
IIcaUonls now practically1 ready for
Istilbntlon H will contain thn names
and nddicsses of nil tho grnduatps of
tho colcso slnco tho parly eighties
Wcdnpsdav will Iw parents day nt
the vVhlttlir slIHl lInd Itll expected
that then will hn a laigu mimhor of
tl patrons of tlmt school hI tittciid
A young innn I ljmi not yet di
vulged his lianiO Jias been auostpd for
uppiopiluting somo clothinfi that did
not belong llhll11lttlillhi took neai
ly Ho woith of wcnilng nppaiel and a
chargo of giaud laiccny may therctoic
bo ihade against him J
A young man of this city who took
a revolver and wpnt out shooting In tho
upper pait of thecity ycsteiday wan
anestpd und taken befeitei Judge Brang
haiii today Tim hearing was continued
in order to allow Investigation to bo
mado US to the boy pointing tho j > llIi l
ilt another poison
Remcmbir that when your klduprs nro I
nffcited your llfo IH > In danger XI i
Mnypr KocliPBtpr Nt Y says My I
troublu ntnitct with a sharp shootlnf
pain over my back which glow Ro1
dally I fcIISluSHI InlItlredilh
kldnpy 1 cllunyas1 Irregular and Infro
niipnt I started iislng FolPy Kldnpy
PI1H Uaoh dorp seemed to put new
llfo nnd strength Into mn and chiT
am complete ruied and fpol better ami
jitiongpr than for ycais Schramm
John onIi rOo < 1
you EEl + r J
Ton nPPdnt i cpoll fooling dis
tressed after patlncr nor belching nor
experiencing nausea betvyepn meals
In pthcr WQr3 you neednt keep on
being dyspeptic nnd you certainly
Hoods Snraapallla cures dyspopslu
i It Atrnngthcna mncl ton J s itho atom
aohtpcrfpctH digestion creates anor
mnl appetite 1111 J > u lids iip tho whole
syttcm V t i 2 i J 1
i c H j
V Todays Weather Chart lor United States t
wJt j
VU S Department of Aricultur 6 I JI
et x fft f
LWfeHofC WILL t MOORE Ch f f g
5 fe QJ J > > tl t
> < 1 r = r jy j
r ji i r r
t GW I I l1tl I I linJt I f >
r f i v
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Q T1 r lit J JI r I
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t 1i i f
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rl1 J r I ri
f l I
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tlf II fh
d I lnlli1
f 1 t
pi rv tlnnt tftkcn t8 ralMkT > ntrfltlhnridUn ttm t j Wtl t G
IwjttAiiinr conttnuocs line pau through point of u l ftlr J jj f
prtmiM 11ft
UornEnUBordottii UnMpitK throtiRhpolnuoe au U it
peratur th 7wlll bo drawn only lor ro1frwittnBxJ A ° Od1 1 li
6twotH tableau Ut of nenlh r O cleort lIPArI dji
cloud7l0 eloadii jalQ stnoi i 8 report inUiina
f 8
Arrow flr with th t rltfl Flnt llur mlntrjium tetat rfttur 0 4 it I IJII
for rnit 13 hoar conit 2tfiour ralnf It it quaJ > M luchi i Oenerlly and t IHW s
lor t2
third inao velocliyof 10 mllM p r hpor or more l nlI1
Wednesday < t r ill R i f
For Siilt I < ake City and for Utah To
night nnd Widnesday generally fair
The storm or low pressure areaven
tral yesterday crlhcso hasrdpeii
ened considerably mti inoved off tho
North Carolina coast This storm vaB
accompaniedby lioavy rain anil nol
In the ciuitorn portion1 the south Iho
Ohio ynlloy and all thn Atlantic coast
states This storm ya followed by tho
Ihe vvoatcrn high pressure area which
Is now cciritral itver Texas attended by
niiicli lovver temperatures In tho castr
ern slope of the Uocky mountains and
Iho western portion of thn soUl In
tlio hprtliwcst pvesaiirc lias fallen at
tended by clpudlhcsi with temperatures
Tho IndlciitlniiH arc for continued fair
vvcathor tonight and Wednesday i
The highest temperature jyestcrdiiy
Wts IT degrceif which HeartyeiiuaUd
the highest In Decemberlast year
tho mean vvjis 3S degrecH or 4 degrens
abovo normal Tho lowest last night
was 0 degrees Tho teiniierature roc
ord slunvs mi iccumiilated excess for
this hlontfi of 37 degrees or a dally ex
cess of over 0degrees The excess for
tho year todata 850degrees Tho to
tal precipitation for the year Iw 1011
inches representing il deficiency of 479
Inches Hio rulatlve humidity utli
pni yrstcrday was il per cent anil
ths morning at tho same tlniB 63 Icr
The mm roso lit 73U and willget at >
pm The moon rose ill 1136ai miand i I r1Ij 1t
I will net at itis A pm H THIKKSEtf ir V rg tt W < i
vctlim Director < I tfRII k
1 if r
fi i
C1CT TI1I3 GT3NUINK an s J Iti < iJ I
A Mil hSW III Is n dangirpunvmafe t H
shift esDeclallv In medicine T lio KQn > U tl I i t
uintC Kolcys Honey and Tar cures 1 < j i g J
coughs and colds quickly rtiirt lsJh afe H 1t Iji I
yellow package Accept iiosiibstitutc + III l I
SchrammJohnson Drug Coyv > YHS tj
25 PElt CEI DISCOUNT gjx J < t j
on moils smoking jackets in fancy < dIJ ig
vvool nijxtnres AV Hi FifeCp Jrr i ro l
CMiilh Strent i f lW
Ilavo it Pbotograpbcd TJtali i t iM l
Materials Co Phones 1452 4 f m t Y 41j1
Up K Ji
1 VIf
If If
m 3fi
Ton brine
joiir riiyorlto iiiircli f
music to your lionio vviien f
you ha ye a pliijcrplaiio
A Personal oid from < i t
Mr B yn < es Abbut the Gonsoli
dated Music Go FlayerPiano Club t
I have been asked by tho stockholdi > rH In nur company to inako a per
sonal statomeiit concerning tlio i 00 Whltiiey PlayerPianos bought for
iniir cliib Vlm1 tho clpiil not such ah liiipqrtant uiVo should not prnsumo j
olslx the readers piitliiico with any opliijonst of mine irid ospeclally lii S It
tjiet matter thiil affects our own Interests f
li this cnsp ihoycver r knovv sn wellthat you vvho join this club get i 1
lIch good value received thai 1 vllllngiy assumV tho rlskv it
In this pliiyiirpiano yoii get all you bargalii for nnd u good deal more < fJ
YOU save iiioiipy blginonpyr to bo Hpoclllo 13111 becoming a mniiibor b
of lhIHJIJ Tho playerpiano itKclf Is right Itn a Rpodi hpncst Instru
inenl The person Svho biiys onijjiis good for 560 gets thci wortli of lils hk 111
nibiipy It matters not trom whom he buyw It I kiiovv this frbiu hibro than
niy own experience I iald n personal visit of Inspection to tho factory of
tho large conipniiy wlilch innkcs tlio Whitney Phiyqrplaiio I vvciit all
thrpugh thin Inimenso esUibHshmpnt aiid lioted liartlcularly ithat tho very
cholcost of material tiirpuglfpiit It nsed In llielr hiahiifiicturc I saw that
somo of the most skilled workmen In this cquntry arc bmployeelJn making
ihcso great Instruiiinntsi arid that they aru mndp right
1 also ktuiw n nuniber of dealoru who handlo these playorplaiios nnd
they tell Uio Iliat lluy sell largo ihfmberaof them that they1 nieaiUro up to
every nlntiii niado for hem and thatthoseWho btiy and iiso them uro mord
than satislkd vvlth Uienii
1 consider thisTaii l jportiuit deal tluv largest > ao of niusloaV IriHtni
jiimits vvb hayu over ipiidiictcd at our largo utore And liavlng tho largest
hiiislo hoiiso In Utah that 1 regard as being u good deal to bqiiibio tpsi5r
Tills isalO will savo niany thdusaridH of dbliari to tlio 100 niembera of tha
club inoiiiiy tlify elin liso to gobdiiadvahtago for other inirposes
AM the purchiiso of thcao 100 playerpianos in liitcndcil to stand as aii
rhdiiiing liidvprtlsoinent ° f oiir hpiise I can assure you that tho liistruineViti
llsislf hi my hoiiist opinion reproBpnts tlio extrumo limit of yaliio for thp
price liiul tha liberal conditions iindcr vvlilch it Is offered V
Thu ciibirlcc IH J3S7 on terms of 1 down and 9 a month
Very Sincerely Yours
ov1Sfe 1
v J KV 15
fiv y
H > H
uf i
vSKfrv I
for backache rheumaticm fcidncy or bladder trouble and urinary irrcGulnrities i 1i ciV
8WncPilJ3purify eblb iVaiWiyA A s

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