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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 08, 1910, Last Edition, Image 5

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jfijr4X ijti flt
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I i WftfJi Aa 1B 1l WWI r r f 1i
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r < r
J n I S
Ie t J 1 v J rt
1 n II ffJ JVi ilt1 il j 1 S W P1sm lJ j AJ mt kgjJQ it I nJ1
iV 11ffi lNmiRfSffii
t I e Ams 1 rR H OU m t
Stay atiHomeVoters1Permit
i E l fj iit tOrt partisanCan
idJ fe 1ltfiel nt
r >
T < < 00
NonPartlsins Successful lnt Knell of
The Ollitr 41ojir Ircelnct
1 E
< i > cliilJ aUVotc Light
Nonpa i tlsanSlitathomo tcts In
tho Pirtli precinct peimlttcd hoc elco
ttnii of the otTlyirirflsaii candidate ho
st c In corning within shouting
distance of sucecas at l 5 osterdays
sehoiif bouidiclectlon vhci DriC I
nnugl istcan led that prcclnot over Di
C P PfoUtz the1iionpartlsanrcandldatj
1 > a majorltyvof J37
Tluoiigliout the dav Ameileans
nnd autoniohlfes hoisediuwnvehicles
ind convcjanccs of all descriptions
busy hauling voteis to tho polls while
tho unoigmlied nonpaitlsun voters rq
h and allowed tliu
malnechat home w cClil
elldatc of the nonpartisan combination h
to he dofeiitod f
In tho other four precSjcts onl the
boclallsts Jtteinpted to placei tcani3l i
eluic In tin i tinning The Socialist
vote tbo light to picvall In evoiij a
partian election mado scarcely rrn
showing iRilnsl th combined foices
of nnpubllcanspemocnita and Amcr
I iiiir Gelod intn had been nomllmlijl
lneie jojl11 their party nftllUitlo is
it other times ami the election of > cs
terdaj vvaM 1 meio formal continua
tion of tho action of these nonpaitlban
In each Iiibtanco c two tho men
elected vvlll ucecud thcmselvo only
Di Ci T Dou lilslt the Fifth and
n lliorhlrd
HBralfrt tc
lg nCI nl lhrfJ tll qiirdi
1hctofc l c iWh i1om Inthc
11011 il t h
iiL r
i iI f II
li ri 1 lJ r I
Hhdlslrl t 00
i J t iJiWM J t
sth distrIct 41
1 V
lh1thlthstrlctsi 6i 1
i 121 3Ii 1Hhidtslrcl 38
t i i tft j i
I jorJ fJ ah4p I
mh < 300
ISlhdstrl t 3 iG
II 91h iIHlrlct 38 4
ttt llHtrJct 55 1
Htdh tl t 48
IIddIHlrlct 79 3
3rddIHlrlct 36 i
iih I i i i tjj 1il i
Sth < lslrlot 2 0
9IiIIHlrl i
1 a it 1 i
iX P Nci1 P
hhtlPI lllL
llllIHtlctH rt
311 35
36Ih 23
381 1 tfCIH
3ith Plr39Ihdlstrlct i 1
nr 39ltllt9Iri Ii
Ih 10 hd trlcts 9
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rl 11 sff i i
1 r
j > 1
FIlllh P C I
t11 U i
41Ml 12IrlltIJet l 81 r
1 1IJIIlcL 1
Ith h tlHlrlel
111tlcld i
lh lIMtlct 26 0
I Inl > 7
33 11
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fiTI 3 V
m m
i 0 c 0
1 <
f 1 Iti PIccllct d i i 3
I I p SI i1 f
h 2 6
thtEISII HI I Z3 I i16 I
i II 0311 Iy
j I urrol1I hl 111 15
jllj rCr D ulln L
l 1 i j e Jt
91 iJ WIGYiPW Yl O rt
< fiN Jp nif
Mis D Gllkeson < > JG Ingles Avc
iiiiingatottn Ohlovgalned vvlsdoniiibji
I experience l Mvflttl6 IfccmI so
> 9 colcl < vaiul Flrl n
Irl n r eoiighcd1fnliiHiBtHcon I
II > >
i nnuously
UiJU My L alstc r jrocommendcd
I oleys Ilonoy and TnrHTliojnrst dose
I A Yl hsrreHc tI02IlIH1
InI 1 1I f11 UI
t hlttlll throntAnnrt nm Uung8vvoroVii
k t U9ijrcIlrpnttnQ W 12jllte S i
i1nn RuUstutc lll Wn r thtI rnmJo nson >
DuC 0 < 17 Y
> 1 t L
it 1 h >
I < 1 it j lE
rily baking
made from Royal Grapo
Gream of Tartar
oAliimfJoLime Phosphate
t KSiMAE pa
lll Icnvo lleic cm IVbinnrv f for
Annual Callfcnnlii
Til ii
The Halt Lake lodge of IJIKs has an
nounced phJ as the date of leaving
Joi thohr clxth annual exclusion lo
Ios Angeles and Cillfoinla points Foi
o cart ceurslons have been
the blggoit that Jiavo llttllc city
and each unu mado uo of at least three
specialtrains which carried ovci 1000
The details of the extuislon vtro
sonetover at a luncheon held Inthc
club looms jeslerdaj at noon The
plans Indicate tli it this excursion will
iollpo any of tho otheis In social Im
poitnncc fclzo and completeness Ar
rangements have alreldy been made for
foul palatial tialns oach to be com
posed of sK standaid Pullmans a
dlnei n bapgagn car and an observation
car Theso will comfoitably accom
modate twelve hundred people
lhClthicr jIIjiHI oth r cars i
Includo all points ot Interest In south
ern California Tha return trip may be
inhdp pltlibr bv way of the Salt Laku
Jloute from Los Angelcs 01 by way of
an rmnelsco Piovlslon will also be
SII Ilsobu
made this jear to pcimlt the excursion
ists to go to Portland by boat and ro
tuin on tho Oiegon Short Line
The Salt fiko Eli will lie Jolncel
lillhclcI midwinter ecuislon by tha
lodge membeiK nnd their friends from
c tc
Uutte Boise Twin Tails Ogden Piovo
Kuieka nnd Park City Special cms
IIbo made ut some of these cltie
which will bo p Lon the excursion
trains li slit ikcj1 u J lira gloat
numbet of 12IUH will boolI hand to look
out foi the comfort ot < their guests din
ing the excursion
Secretary A W Kiyhould leaves for
Los AngeleB thlb aCteinoon to complete
the final arrangements In Los Angeles
Illl nriniiBoToi thov numerous nidi
trips Tho c nimI cofrOj the local
lodge that has tho excursion In charge
Is composed of Exulted Itulor W iG I
Homnoy Secietaiy A i W Ra > bonld J
AV Qollins k 0 Shorlll Frank Ij Gird 1
nei and AJ Davis
WANIS TO lmm so > m oxc
Toi thlltr cars J V Hoyei of Tor
FOItlltYccnrsJ lhnnl couldnt find
It Thats why he 1lu tto help some
one now Suffering so long himself he
feels foi nil distress from Bncknchc
Nervousness L 2SCC Appetite Lassi
tude and Kidney dloidertt He shows
that Electric Hitters woik wondeis for
BUch bl siFlyo bottles hu lies
wholly cured mo nnd now I am well
aill heurtj Its also positively gun
lan teed foi Llvoi Tioublo Djspopsla
Rlood Dlsordeis Female Complaints
and Malaria Tiv them BOu at Z C
M 1 11211 1 Main St Fait Lake City
Firo Insitianco on buildings In
com so of construction 204 1 I
mo Fi
Tho mucous membrane linos nil pas
sages and cavities communicating with
tho etterloi
Catarrh Is an CCCPSVO secretion
nceompnnled with chronic Inflamma
tion from tho mucous membrane
Hoods Sarsaparllla acts on tie mu
cous mnmbrnno through tlio blood reduces
duces InfKininntlon establishes health
catairh aoilon and radleallj cures l cases 3 of
Tour Hundred Slltrr fiiov bpciul
IleisaiK Hour at the Klltc
lictilfiJkHn Salt Lake weio tic
llBhtfulh enlertalmd at the Ellto
tlieatei on south Slate stuct as the
fllests Iil Ju eh jiI tnlhCllll
agei Mi Tnlspttiu cxtendiil the In
vitation thtouhh tin Old IVIUs contial
eommlttoo nnil noailv 100 of tho old
pioplc accepted his hobpltnllt InII
dltlDii to tho inuvlng plttuie proguim
djnliig vvhlch bomo oxcolleul films
wcie shown Oeoigo Mhigutti and PId
Cliiwrpn lli guvu a clever vaudeville
ulcll i
natlo3 win worn Indicating the ago
of the old ppuplc iho ml badge whs
voin by those uvm 70 the blue nl iso
and tlcMo vho vveie older tljan 0
nJ tlnl O
ycais toiifed vvlilto badgos Ten peo
lilo In the audiemoe voia white badges
andithciu I Hil huge u 11 uelqr bl 10
OI Everj thine possible was done
orblhqi plensmo ot Iho old pooplo and
1 tho11 m burvot the commlttco weie on
hand to lookout for theli eomfoi ilAf
the conclusion of tho prom am they
pi i sed a vote of < tlmnKi 10 Manager
thinF II1
Talsotta thIH lltitl was one I
oJ < tlm best entertainments Iint tIC
1 I j
I11Ih r < scL
11Ih ovMnUcs s ilit Iloeiev In
l II
lllsCliu < cn ProfesVlon
ir >
t neulKir < GIiiik Ji i > whose nninq
VMIS Beut bv1 PrehidintTafl to tho
hjiialo Ttictdajvteji contliniatlnn IIHHO
lleitoi j fejri tlici Hliito depnitmunt in t
native of Oiaptafllle1 Tooelo county
IItHtOXItsYIHe J rJ Kcubcn
Clark poslniaRtor ol Grantsville Mr
Clark i entpHd tho liiD S unlveiHltjw
I i j Dr Talmnstj vvnn piesldent of tho
1 hQIi Aftoriard ho wasus3lstnntln
llio DesereU niuoeuin and lateton
vvhciiiDr TalmiBO ynM > piosidftit of the i
UnlvoiHltyjofiJJtahjhewas hl pll vii 10
socrotnrj1 hiii I it In fI liT that ill iihiil tv
untjl hQ 111lrl ii I ii11 CIO thaatnlvcislty
Ilom Utnlj < Mr ClaiIc vvjinltojRolmnd
biilitinlvSiulty remaining there tll
1 ifijl j leeolvod Ids dcgrop of bachelor of
I uv > s 7Mtt I fsiadintlngfromfitIia Ce1 i
I lum bill II IIIYUIi I IloAwalInHIAiln elt
r iJmq1J1r9 f qc t d t l lJj f6r1t JJ Ci
lrl1 IIell tL lt9 i rw u h 11IR ntt u l p
111 r is1 Il tJ 1 1111 ct I 1J 111 I l1tn PI1J ijt 1
i n i ll ol t I Ii 1 lII1JiI jl lIeI L
i f r
Lit 1t J
< J
1 1
I I J r I
j r d r r
iUi H1 ARflH rn TLB
Program foe Competition on High
i School d Plans J Announced by
Education Board
llils Sum to IK Auaidcil fiinct In
Cliitl sf1t11 I lire e oilui
Prlcs ti > 1t WCII
sin c the iuilvil of II W Ittnei con
sulting Jichlloct for the bond of edu
cation each duv has v > on preparations
for tlic building of the new high school
advancing rnpldly Mi > Ittnei decided
ImiiKdlatcly upon viewing tliu site
fhoxeii bitvveiMi niijhlh lunH Ninth
futh and between dcxcnth nnd
Twelfth Ensttliit tile aithltcituiil
cliinnctoi of tho bulldliiB hould lie
slmplp j
To piesonl l piosnitn lot the nichl
tejts lompctlflon lo the cthoul boaid
f mooting of that h clfna held last
nlrlit l llilchoudsirnccsinthc city
imj rountj building at which Ml Itt
noi viis piescnt
1 he chcinc tii outlined In ti souciiil
way bv tho band ij to Iniuiguiato
a competitive conteot In which nnv
icputablt Utah archltiet shall be al
lowed to riitci With this In mind Mr
Ittnu prcpaiLd the foituips of the
piogiam and thtse were ptcscntitl to
tht bo nil and adopted nt last nights
Tho pm pose of this uontct Ib not
to select thf most suitable otuf
pi ins for the building hut meiUv to
determine uhlch of Utahs architects
Is best equipped in tei hnlc to handle
the wmk of making the drawing < and
supervising the ronstiuctlon of the
building whon ththo plans have been
adopted The winner of the competi
tion will lerclve 5 per cent of the cost
building Ihatcost having been rc
fitilcted to JiOOOOO as a basis upon
which to tlguio the niclillcxIV coininis
slon Tor tbo three next best draw
In 03 prizes of 5300 300 nnd 200 will bo
siuLcnov or PIIXU HAWiNG
Mr Ittneri pioguim idoj > tcd list
tdellnsthc method of pocking
drawings subnjltted and labeling them
EO l determination of whoso draw
Ings are being considered canhcim
ilved lit until aftei the winning draw
ing has byn xelectcd Tho dravvlng Is
to bo companlcd by n card be irlng
tho nun oOrlto aichlteot sealed In an
ona < uo envolojw addreised In tvpn
VMiilng to tho board unclcncIosedln
tho amo p icknge with the cliawlng
Those scaled tnvelopos will be nniii
boieil bv tho bond llio diawlng num
bcied aicoidlngly and tho envelopes
plurod n the boirds deposltfiv In Me
Cornlcks bank where thej Mill lomaln
until aftci the vInning diawing has
been selected The program birs the
use of svmbols or muilis of any sort
which might be used distinguish the
work of any particular iirchitict
No modification of this program oth
er than at tbo Instance of tho boitd of
ducatlon will bo mado Any Informa
tion not contained In tho prepared pro
gram of tho competition v ill be ad
vanced upon icquest upon the office of
the board This inforniitlon will be
glvon out until and on Jan 15 but not
nftci that date
AH meqsuromcnlH In the program nro
based on the unit ot b72 squate feet
tho equivalent of a room MxiS feet
Throughout all instniction rooms in the
building tho pHns rlr Ittnor pio
11 lJrolll otJpacot 17 square feet
per pupil
Specifications of the building to bo
thoroughly modern in overy inspect
nnd to bo constructed of flicproof ma
toilal nro given in tho following list
of requirements
Lunch loom to acconimod SOO nt
tables with necessiir > kitchen nnd
service coii tel and service cntiancu
domestic fcclence loom with pantry
and model dining loom not less thin
twol nlls1 urm iJlIot ICFS thin
10x80 Including ollieers quaiter = EO
lockeis and showei bath 1 gjmnnslum
foi ghls 1 blcle room foi 100
blcjclcs 1 lunch loom foi TO students i
not less than r units 1 book loom not
less than 1 unit Jniiltuis loi1 about
1 unit r disinfecting room bout 14
unit mccsiry allotment or JlIICJlo
accommodate a steam plenum mstcin
of heating lIl ventilation which shall
bo designed to delivci the following
all volumes iacli minute Auditorium
75 iiiblc feet class looms labamtm
loi < tcIO cubic feet corridor etc
5 complete ah changes pel hour
rillST ILOOll
One pilnclpals office abnut U unit
1 ieeretaijs olllce with leceptlon
room 1 ltl1 rnc ltrr1oin2 units
1 uomeiis rest loom J unlti 1
nudltorliini which jIllts Ballot v
will beat about 1800 persons in opeia
cllllrlll boj s locker and toilot loom
JOO lockers t ghls tolltt nnd locKoi
loom 3j lockers
Tvo studv roomrt with 100 single I
dixKs In each loom 1 llbuin not loss I
l li t t i fliY 1 ri ill lt 11i Jt
Y tllJJcUlJoc11lH ll rr I i
i hllek lIlli 19 C IJ 11J c Q clcs tr
If trl t Ilq9t 11 Ic Q I 13QO ll It
l prs tl audltoiluin gallerj mentioned
Chomlntry I1 lahoralorj not less
jthtin 2J unltsj i 1 demonstration 1h 1
unit 1stemloom about 5 unit be
tween labonitory and lecltiltlon room
and opening Into each
f > Physics 1 Jaboultory not less thrfn
2Jtmlts I1 recitation loom lUlllt1
diirk loam and apparatus loom about
° unit between Inborn tot v and ree iiI
tlpn locim
Biology bolnnv and phjslology 1
Inbnmtoiv with conseivatory not less
thin 2 units rd ill oliiI I UUlilClon1 1
null J Storeroom Wfnllll between
laboratory and deinoitstiatlon room
nnd opeiilngjlnto each
tioology and phvslologv I luboia
toiv noith cpos > urc not less than 2
units 1 demonstration room i 1 unit
1 Btoriioom ibout < unit between
liboratmv and demonstiutlon loom
and opening Intel each l art room for
drawing 2 units with slvlight tart
loom foi modeling 1 unit f mechaulcil
drawing loom units 1 music mom
to sell not loss tluin ir1 bojs tollot
nlltI loekor loom < 200 lockois ghls
toilet anel locker room 300 lockeis
1orty general ela s looms Iurilt
each divided lr rooms foi Cnglhh
capicItV 3 piipll 1 unit eieh ilejors
Inile 1Q rooiiH for matlicmutlcs
capacity 10 pupils lewis Inn1l26
rooms foi hlstoii capucltv 17 pupils
lloois 121ilitla 10 looms foi lan
guages ctipacllv 30 pupils floors 2
and >
coiiriiDons AND si AIRWAYS
llIilile rll ortobonot less tlun IS
feot wlllf8 ClnJurI cmildois 1 fcot
wide Htilruajs to IIP manned In
double flights located to mlnlmlo
tiavcl distance
Ihe basis of the competition Is lobo
a cost of 1300000 foi the building eX
eluslvei of fixtures ind cepilpmcnt
The boaid will hole another meeting
this Thinhda > fifteinoon n at 4 oolocl
vvlion in asieemont vlll bo diaftcd to
be eiiteied Into between the 3iiece sful
competltoi and tho be ud
IIovs ail appalling cilamlt In his funi
llv was llgIOId IwA D
McDonald of ni > ittev Ihe N C no
l D XoS M flster h id consump
tI1I1h < writes She1 was vciy thin
miu pile IinU n apptlto and seeiiuc
tb glov weikei ocr daj as nil
lomedlet failed l till Di Klnga New
Dliovoiv was tiled and KO com IJlelc
Iv cured hCIlhal she has not been
troubled with a cough wince Its the
bojt medicine I evct saw or heaid
of For coughs colds igrlppe
iibtlimn croup hcmoirhagc all bion
chl 1 lioubles It has no equal lOc
J JQO Tilal bottle fieo Guarantcod
by Z C 1I11211 Main St Salt
Lake Citv
Ifnvo Ilrl Photographed Utah Photo
Materials Co Phones 1452
on mens smoking Jackets In fancv
wool inKturus W C FlroCoi166
Main Street
IJ nlcIolh of tho CIrcUs Is
running along tei vvoll ileasod
ludlonces ami will icintlnuQ to do so
all the week The customarj matinee
will Riven Saturdav
Manager net big attraction
looming up In the futuie Is Tho
Dolliu Irlneehs vvhloh Kill bo seen
for three nlghu > il tho Halt I ake
theater comnicnclng Dee 13
Colonial Seats uie now Belling for
the engagement of William roversliam
In his Immense 1 HUiccssful play Thp
AVoild 4inllHls Wife rrhlay and
Saturday 1lgh Inn d Saturday matinee
Seits go on salo tomorrow for tho
engagement of The Beauty Spot at
the Colonial lthcnrst four davs of next
Orplionin The advance inlc foi
ooeletj night tomorrow cionlng
Indicates that theta will he tlio usual
big tuinoiit of people who ifseive
their patronage foi this spcclil eve
ning of tho week
Damon and > lhI tsphlllln
Keene a coust actor aided by his own
compan piesented Damon li ami
P thlnsclIt the Colonial last night to
a fair slcd and ppioclativo audience
The two star lolea were In tho Immls
t CrKC ilOaiulAS Jackson ana
the Io son e > f friendship taught by the
famlllai old stoij vvaB ImprcsRcd
upon tho auditors As ojtIHl mip
iwrtlng ia t It IslmmlluO fiom
criticism by reason of the chaiitable
puipoo s of the oiilcitalnnicnt other
wise theie might hOa tilo to toll
arrlrU Tho last foili pel foi m
ances 01 that Interestinir plas Puddn
head WII oltI1 tho Tngersnll eoni
ri ilwln ho given fiom tonight till
Situidav The > piesentatlon Is
tboroughlv enjovablc ami will bo
followed bj Thc Pilsonoi of Xcnda
nct week
Hr A J Holierloeni of Sind vv is e > leel
C litnlCtllh of tlio board of ediicaUon
foi the Toiclui TOhool district vootcidaj
hv a mijorltv nZia Hnidv was
his opDOslng rindlilato put up b > tlio In
dependants Mm Iat minute In pic
elnct No llhl towns aro scattering nnd
tliu vote 1as not lieon thorouglilj nJl
v impel III vet Selh Piston Is declirul
to lmo won In I his precinct
M e a dW 0 tflDl A
1 >
V lnS
Just as Ihci soiliicfiuircs cinichment to yield abtmdani
Clot so the Brain jcquircs pioper food > including the Phos
phate of PotudiYahtl Collier vital 1issucfalts gron by Nature
in ihe fieldgrainsxrt > > k
Gra le jrHI
scicntificallv made of vhoat ami bailey e f stcdlpJ food
expert lo meet the lequircmcnis of hrainwoillcr
c GrapeNuts jfopd is concenuated partially piodigcsted
aturijuickly nsiimilatcd i It contains the cssentia elements in
i light foriuTqrcplaccMha daily loses f rom llrain and body
fctivii v 6 Tf f1 f < rat
Tli r s aReason
at >
1irin Ccrcilp > rLtIf Battle J
It 1 J
i J
t k
CCC = c = =
7 C C
Todays Weather Chart for United States I I
I CrfE S1 Department of AArJoulture
l J NlLLfS t MOmr chd f
2 4JQ i
J O r j
f fiIJif IJ Co > or i
< tJ M cJO 00 I fA j 1
r LO f f
02 Vjjt7
i ka
1 if Q I V 1fo
4 I h i fJ iI
10 o I iJ ao 7 1 I
30 i Jt t P f
J j
r 0 6 c P
p O O 14 < GM
d I M fL 1 HIGH l M v 1d J7 cQi H 2 I > 1
I 10 1 D
I I h G o r POIG 14 > d 6 < Y
b 2 1 00 I < t t
4 Z o
tJ n 7 lojo f fJ4j J j 1 V 02
024 011 c
I I q
0 W 7 t I O 0 O y Or 9
I 1 O ISo J
0W v HtGH
t r
i I V W
ir t i t 3 E M fl j 1
Ob rT llonil k niit8i > raw tr 1fth m rtdlinttn N qUX9 AJ
liOB rorcortlDuo tON onMttrouchp roolooruI lr y 2 c < J1 >
P IIOTUZRUI lbItbodonlfoIro orrtottMlinep bro h po 1 lng Oon4IrJ1 OS 14 Oec Q
8l3JBOL lndlcit t l ot wcntiiri Q cluor U1 pAnIJ 2 < L ocaf rorecasi Jo J i
cloudri O eloodn r lni ino Qi ntan nlnilnj 1 1 <
ArrawB for flr I bOi with lb wind 0 JWoar FlrttOgitrr tlnlll ralnlmam If It < tfmrrAtar Increasing cloudms and wa trier >
llilri irtni tiloollj ot 10 mll Mr toar ormjM c
tonight and friafay yfi mm Itlcqy
Toi Salt Iako City IncicnsliiK
cloudlnoss nnd wnimei tonight and
riidaj with rain Frld ty
roi Utah Increasing cloudlneis and
warmer tcmlght and Trlday with lain
north poitlon Trldny
Tho storm or low pressuie irei ccn
tinl over Lake Suptrloi jesterday his
moved down the St Luwionco vallcv
attended by pieclpltatlon and vvturner
vventiles The western high still covers
tho Hoeky Mountain rgI ntlic Ml
slssippl valle > and tho south where the
weather his been fair and tho tcnipoia
tuios gomrnlly below nOrJlialAlow
lias appeared In tho extiemo northwest
causing cloudiness and rain This loiv
St llillilicl Knockcd Down anil
nun Over bv Speeder
Miss licsslo Ilnslun stenogiaplioi md
liookkcepei foi the Indopendoiit electric
oinfinnj was mil down n talcUi on
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when It Knovlted hei down and two of
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Will lilnck the ch iiiffour claims that
ho was not eLCoJlng six milcM an houi
at tbo tlmo of the atcidont Vltnc ses
coaflriii Mlhi jjnelnnis itntcniont that
ho did not soiiml his horn IVitej In tho
afteiiioon rcrdliunul pinpilotoi
of tlio electric compmj lwololon com
pliint clmrglng Black with spedlne u
MIS ancstccl b > Sergoint N PfcroJ
will move east waul and losult In in
ciQasIng cloudiness tonight and Fildiv
with rain Trldny
Tho highest tcmpeiatuio vesteidav 1
was fO degitis tho mean wa U de
gree which Is S degrees bi low nor
mal The lowest list night was 34 de
giccs The tempcratmo record for this
month to date Khows mi accumulated
ecess of It degices 01 an average
dally excess of ovci G degrees Tho to
tal pieclpllntlon for this joar to date
Is 1011 In ChC mlilch U JSi Inches be
low noiinal I
r lie lelntlvo hiiiulillty it Gpmi wan
03 pet cent and this morning was 72
PCI cent
anil was released on his own rciognl
Hiarlff sh tips iippolntment of Sinfoid
Iloilgen is goncial dcptitv and chauffeur
toho shnrlff VTS confirmed b > the
cnimtj imml < l < lonpt
Worse than an nlauii of flro nt night
IH tho metallic cough eit croup bring
ing dread to iho household C Careful
mothers keop Folevs Honev and Tar
In the house nnd give It at tho first
sign t tIIIIIJerIt contains no opiates
I ScnrammJohnson Ding Co
I an PIU civr wscouvr
em mens smoking jnekots In fancv
wool mlxtmes W n Tife Co 1G6
Main Sheet
aaeaBKaaaa j fftfiimM ra ai yva 3 1I
c cjfiiLjJIB he FJSUA vPi JnPt EIf hBlttr Mflljj SQiPHJflBin C I111 LJJi I
ftt sS
If Xmas Italian Silk Vests
aIIC51t IIanstIkeSISII1RlIlkOIWIutciallsrzC
Scctiil at j119
Ladies Italian Venetian silk vest in pink light
blue or while somo plain otltcts enihioidered some J 1
luve lieinstitchetl top all sics at ijf59
Ladies Italian silk vo sthalld cmhroidcrcd in
pink lit ht blue or hitc otheis in white cnibroulcrcd n
pink 01 light blue from 9500 io 875
Lndio Itilian silk chcmi = c comhinatinn = shoit
skills drncrs and knickcibocker
Fancy Linens for Holi
day Gifts Nifu
An Enormous Assortment of Snowy White
Linens and Lace Pieces Jor Xmas
Batkiibeig Japanese diawn uoilr chnn hand
cinbioideicd and = caliopen edge linens and Gcinian
elnuy scat f bqunicb and rounds all SI7e n
Lot No IScarfs square and loumls each soc u
Lot Ko 2 Scarfs sqiinrch and i omuls eiich 7C
Lot tTo JScarfs tquarcs and lotnulb each oSc
Lot No 4 Scarfs sqnarcs alldro IHISClcllL59 D
Cliildtenq white wool lplllts and vests each > jbc
Childrens gray union suits each ssc
Womens fine ribbed fleece lined pants and vest E
each 250 n
Childtenb velour bath tobe i each 980 lJ
Womens diesbin sacques ench 5oc
t Nev Skipment of Hosiery
Infants and childrens wool and cotton hose nil
n colors ipauIOC12 i2c 150 and 190
M Womens black ool and cotton hoc paii 12 i2c
rttCC and 250
t Bargain S D Specials
1 Baby nbbon aICIIIIYlyard all colors Doen Wili
yaids ioc
Coisei cover ribbon 5yaid pieces oII2
cicam pink bine each 8c 5yatd pieces No
Wili cicam pink bine ench ioc
Kauey taTteia moire and satin sttiped moiic all jt
colors 4salld 6 inches idcyanl19c I
Fancy sliell combs anil barrcttcs each 5c
Colored leather belU alue 5celdIJ ioc I
Womens misses and nieitS home slippers Misses
pair 25c Womens and men P1u30
illi 1 11
r 1
I t
i 00S
fli jW l1m 1 1ljiJM ir
> j iI rf 1Jt
> 01111 f Jktf ii1 i J ii 1 ii i 1 t
I 1
The < unro e nt 7il am and set 1
nt J > m A
Tho moon IOPO at 1 3IIIIaud nlll
set at 1121 pill
Section Dlicotor i
nxics ov suur IIIINC vow
Ill novel be without Dr Kings New
Life Pills again writes A Schingeclv
47 Him St Buffalo N T Tncy cur
ed Inc of rhionlc constipation when all
others failed Unenunlcd for Bilious
ness Jaiindic e Indigestion Headache
Chills Malaria and Debllltv 25c at
XC M 1 112114 Main ftt Fait Lake
Puro Drugs nnd Prescriptions our
Ilalltdiv Drug Comuanv
zf soum MAIN ST
An Opel i Glas or i Iilr of
Glasses will make n sultahle pres
Vo can nuiko nji n pah of glasses
and ifter Christmas vour friend
can have the e > cs tested and nevv
Iciwcsi put without extra cliaigo
Dayncs Optical Co
We grind our own lenses
This veek 2500 Caracul
Coats imitation Pouey
Sample Fur
259 So Main St
3 doors So 5 lOc store
Many persons are
considering a changc of
theii banking conucc
lion with the beginning
of the jcar The wis
doni of such action de
pends entirely on
vvliethet or not the de
positor is getting from
hi1 bank the conrtcMcs
and benefits which a
stiong well conducted
bank should affoul its
Business men and
othei lio aic thinking
of making such a
change will do well to
considci the adumiagci
oftcicd bv this institu
Small account1 wel
The National
Copper Bank

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