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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 08, 1910, Last Edition, Image 9

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11f i1 II
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f f iWliii E f4 clj fM
r 7 = = = r i
0 = M i J 1 < 1
1w rff J ll1Nr 1 TI < r f i
j s BYhnAruruN EH
I 1
h Majority fot I v Co Tr fit e I Say iHei
Has HjDnestlyanaHaithfuity J
Performed Duties ofOffice r
1 5 = jS
r t ij tji r 1
f I Xotncon True tto Ills
I Iriist 1lillrSh thtI i f onic lficl i I
v r
Washington Dec iJii OJalllnger I
Plneliof Inl estlgnTlng committee after
11 months work imaelo Its finalicporf
to Congussjtodiiy t r
In thpjfeplnloiuof aovcn llqpubllcnri
members a majority of tbe committee
sec Halllngcr honestly nnd faltliful
lv i > eiformcdtTie < ilutlcilof his blgll of I
fice tcri1i eye BI luTot li p iiiT >
I 0
In the opinion of the four Dcmocrit i
Jlr UnllliiRer hnHnot been true to the
IlaIHnr hiHn
trltt reposed In him ls7 secrcliuy of
th > Inlciinr and Should ho requested
by Iho proper authorities J9i slII
Uoth icports with tlic Independent J
report of Ilepropntitlve Mnillson In
surgent t IIci > ubllcmi also > uderso tAIh
Jlalllugcr iveio offered In tho sonata
by Homitoi Kelson and In the house
by Jleprosentntlv e Me Citll Their pres
entation followed a meeting of tho full
The ocr members led by Sen
rtor rlttchot of Tloilda agreed to this
method o getting tho rcportu before
1 ttgtlo PQrtHb forc
Congress nftci iheli motion to substi
tute theli p n report had been icjected
1 t GIf
1 Y
I f 1 M I r t > Q i I rltB I i
Il j I
r 9
iII m1 JII t V NNI
4 I i f Ef
i lfiC h IfiiJ1 L r Senator rielchcr
first inlicd tho point of nulor that tfio
committee had nheiiiy nppiovod tho le
portthat Ma mndc public at Minne
apolis This point was o LI I tiled by
Chairman Nelson
A motion was then made to substi
tute the Democratic report for the re
port agreed upon by tho SCVPII liepub
llciii members This vwis voted down
J to i Heptesentutlve Mndlson Noting
with the four Democrats 1 tmr agiccd
aftoi theimijoiltv icporl > Had been
adopted t all three should bo pre
sented ton e In each house and prlnt
cd together
Under this niranjvricnt thc dissent
Ing lepoits mi gheit crtitl htumllng
with tho majority ropoi t before the two
houses An order for 30000 copies of
the report was made by the hcimlc
Scnatot Fletchei < = nlrtInter that steps
will be taken by the Democrats to
PeriHia is Good for
Coughs Colds and
Catarrfaai Diseases
i f
f h i
1 0o i
1 1
Cntiiiiii Jlcliii
1 < Mrs b A Hogers 1c Jooro
Oil writes
I hnd chronic tiitnrili of fifteen
teen Mliis standing nnd loath
hcemed to stare mo In the fnce
1 tried several hocnUed enturrh
remedies nnd without nvnll I
took fifteen bottles of PCTUIIII
find fixe bottles of Munalln nnd
I nm eoiiipliteh c ltikAltio <
cntarrhnl symptomsnre gone mv shape There was nothing which
digestion is good mv appetite is Koemod to do mo much Kood
goodand I lest well at night 1ml I tried other remedies but dirt
hcventv veuis of age and I hope to not gain nnv flesh until I commenced
live mnnv more > I strprnlsu Pc taking your Perunn which built mo
runn to nil mv friends who < suffer rliht up I lmo taken buit bot
from catarrh ns I did 1 tles but have not taken any now
SuiTeicd Iorljllvo Ycms forabout six weeks
1 I am soMnt > thico > eais old I
MrX n Prince n Ill run yel expect to bo ontlrelv well or
gtis NY writes I nmnot vcry joung again but 1 am thankful for
well satisfied vlth tlio plctuio that lwh amt
elsI ththojlc J1liii what Puunajms done for me
nm Hondlng you but vhon the render
looks at tills picture If be could only Keels Ton Yoms d Younger
reallc that tliu original buffirod lor Ml Honr Mora 1503West Kmnk
fortvllv < > ycnr tho best r 1 HIC lln St annalllc Ind writes
until yom kind advice and piescrlp Wlwnl Hist wroto to sou I had
lion iiinid him ho wouldwknov fiom bronchial trouble for four jcnra and
j whence thcsu wrinkles came Next had tried social iloclors but they
niiinth I ahull bo sixtysi yeais old could do mo no good 1 had pain
i XCTOIIS I n and milling In tho uhesl IsoUHho ex
r Inl pectoration osppclalh at night
Mrs Mm thu A MM y28 Graham St ltnlh
lrliI 8Grilun Sf I took Pnruna and can now sav
Leonluster ilrss vrlte s tlml I nm onllrolv well J elIen
rour yiais ugo I hud nervous pron cnrs ounger slnecj
l tintlnn T emplojid hovetnl doctor using xonnJulsllOj vpxul < li I
I I nnnTOHt Ono w ° < l aV 10etorstslHPLrun to > JAI > oiii
I I > Ttvviin sntnirh lld bowels of tho htomncli another nil my friends 01 I aslnbad condition
iiirvotmneii of fhe nnd nnothei cnlnigmcnt 1 am an old soldlci and am socntj
liver My
u thoJJYerJ stimrieh was In u bad soven JOITH 011
Mv goodH < and not my pilnclples nro for faie wan
tho biulntM motto of tho great New Yoik merchant
IIoiaco13 Claflln All through life from thn day when
AUUirnUlhUfof Iri
OH u boy ho loft IK fathers little store at Mllford M len
until hu was lecognlod us tho giant diy goods picrcbant
of America thlH mm kcfit tho courage of hlH convictions
1 c Twenty ycnr after his 111 it venture In mircuntllo wares
tills huslnetis i cached the
iChil enormous annual total of thirteen
1 millionKin
Kin watchword was Look out for voui future and
j tho time of ills otili Now York Chambei of Gom
I mcico pnlil u gloulng tribute to his character
T Ha watchwoik tt tn Look out t yom future and
to this dny lc motto Is more slgnlflcnnt W tbo young man
who wants to get ahead
account ThWo Is no greater security of ipplncss slln1 succeti tlian a tilings
It Is the MHO friend In P tliobour of need and It safoguardK you agaliiHt
y uncertalntv that mav atise i
DcpoMt vhntoMl youhtuo to piiro and wo will gladly aid you In your
ntn rt t
2115 Main Street v P In The Duslncss Heart
i 1 icllri
I j t
I k
ft i v T T
i i t i r 1
to i 1 hi
M 1t B
1 U j > rnn ens em j t
AW B SSi v i a i > fnuiclscgt
OP f r ittfjp It 1 r V Va T j 1
1 < J v vttV T I Ii > C t Kf 1
4 > lrl f I
V 1 W I P I < jflUll i I
ii J ij s 1jj
> I
I j
fftTSkln orJlBeautyla a JoyFbrovar
Oroam orMoaloo Boautlflor1
rril WmplH
ileth F tc V
and tikln luarea
and crerjr blemfcfa
OD beauty and ile
bottom the ten
of or fearf and
Is 10 hurralew we
tastelttob aQr lt
U proMtlf IUM
Accept no counter
fflt of HaUti
came Dr L A
B Jf6 I Kid tO B
> of lljfl haut
> a WltOt
s ron jJadlei
trlll tJS8then
Ivni cumBmBo
nomnurfii Cremn at the Urt binofnl of Ml tba
i ikln preparation Forailo bTaUdmjrcMs and Fancy
Uoods Dealer In the United fiittu Canada and Europe
FEHDTHOPHHS PfkTW Ored Junta Sbd KewTot
bring about HoljI Injaccordance wlih
tho recommendation In their report
The recommendation In question char
actcilres Secy liallngei as not de
serving of i public conlldence and
iccoimnemls that ha should be ie
fjuestcd by lie proper authoiltloptOTc
sign his office of secretary of thc In
terior > <
Tho repoi Is w ere accepted in both
houses without lomtwnt Tho plan of
action to be followed by the Demociats
h s rot been dctcimliud but It Is un
dcistood a icsolutlon will be presented
to carry out the recnmincmlnilon for
tho secretaiys removal Kuch ajrCBO
lutlon probably vIll call flatly uponthe
president to dlscluige his cablnetiof
fcerhe Democrats hell conference on
tho matter toiln > The characterize
lie mnjorltv JOItf O ikr while
tho Republic in members of tho com
lilltlO siy It bus fnllj answered all
charges against Uilllngcr uud liis dis
posed of all testimony piesented Inthp
loiist hearliiKS
Aneffort undoubtedly will be made
to ll lCthu house on iccoid as to Its
opinion of thu majority report Some
of the Democratic memberh favorjdu
manding consideration of the report at
tho first oppoitunltv foljowlng lip
their demand with an appeal from the
decision from thoahalr should Speaker
Cannon rule them out of order
Officials of the Interior department
Inclined to make nnv comment what
ever on lie mnjoilty report
In case the speaker permits maters
AOtulcthclr course It Is held by par
lamcntarlans that i resolution rn
mrindlng ti vote would be necessary
Such n icsolutlon would have toIO
some standing committee foi report
nnd as no puch committee would relhh
tho tcspouMblllty tho icsolutlon would
probably bo pigeonholed
The general feeling Is there will bo
no action on the report at this session
which means not at nil for the report
los os Its force with tlfn expiration of
the present Congress In March
Vindicating Sccv of tholnterlor
IJolllngei uion all the eh irgcs brought
against him nnd eondimnlng < his ac
cusers as having been iiisplred hy n
deep feeling of animosity built upon
n supposed difference In policy respecting
Hlpjos conservation a mujorlly of
the congressional committee which In
vestigated thesocalled UnllltigerPIn
ohot cnse today submitted its roport to
MIi stating tint tie evidence pre
sented related In the main to charges
of various kinds against Mr Ualljiigfi
and that these camo chiefly fr nn tyo
io reciL U Glavls H and Glfford
Plnchiit the majority ann Unced the
following conclusions JJ
The evidence has wholly failed to
maki out Rense Nelthci any fact
proved nor all tho facts put together
exhibit Mr Halllngcr as being any
thing but mi competent and honorabH
gentleman honestly nnd faithfully
peilormlng tho duties of his high office
tcrobt with an eye Ingle to the public In
The icport was signed by Senators
Knute Nol on < 1halrmnu Frank 1
rijnt Oeoigo Sutherland nnd Hllhu
Root nnd ncpresentntlves Samuel AV
McCall of Masv iciisett vice chair
man Mnrlin 13 Olmsteml of Pennsvl
vnnln and Edwin Uenby of Mlclilgan
all nepubllcans
A few months ugo the Democratic
ugl Dcmocrutc
members Senatoi D II Fletcherand
Vllllum H Purcell and UopTC < tu
tlven Olllo M James of Kentucky and
Inmes M Graham of < Illlnols togeHijr
with Uepresentatlve n II Madisonot
Kansas liiiurgent Ttcpubllcan put out
another report which thcv maintained
to bo tlie majority opinion condemn
ing the conduct of Mr Balllnger na
secretnrv of tho Interior
This report was madu public follow
ing a meeting of tho committee In
Minneapolis last September which was
not ntlcnded bv some of tho nepub
llcans who now have exonerated Mr
Hiilllngcr nnil therefore dhHe jiiaturnl
mlnoilty became a majority and the
nepubllcans who were present with
tho exception of Mr Madison with
drew and bioke the quorum
The members who now sign the ma
jority report loimulatcd thcli cqiiclu
slons ntn recent series of meetings
In speaking of tho anlmosltv created
by differences respecting the conser
vation o natural resources thola
rltj the committee raid that thc
accusers evidently had this policy
deeply at heart and were evidently
disposed take n wr unfavorable
view of tin character riHlI motive of
anyone w liom they supposed to be op
Ijo ell to their views They thus came
to regard Mr Ilalllnger with suspicion
and to regard thc most natural and in
nocent nets occiii ring In tho ordinary
course of depvirtment administration
its furnishing evidence of some sinister
purpose r
The reporTinnkcsjtho following spo
cllli I
That the chaiges nnd Insinuations
ngilnst fceey Halllnger In regard to
the Cunningham coal land entries or
other eoali land claims In Alaska f
not justified and bis conduct In respect
thereto Is not justlv censurable
That bfl was fully JiiHtiflod In re
voking tho Indian cooperative r
thl lnleo agree
ment iU0iiiio
10ntlat tho restorations tat pow
ci sites by Secy IJalllnger wore mado
In good faith and not In enmity lu tho
government and th ltnn Injury ap
pears to have been done to tbo govern
ment and tbo cause of conservation
by eltbei the restorations or WI thd Ill 1
That In view of tbo opinion of tho
attorney general ho vas Justified In
abandoning the use of tho socalled
water useis cooperative certlflcativs
In < nnIl0C lIon with the reclamation of
mill Inndsi > jj i
That administration n of thore
ilamntlon law presented fcaturesJtist
Iv subject to criticism No unfair criti
cism or Improper conduct on Secy
Ilalllngois pint lias been shown ior
any action by him not within the sound
dl l cutlon of the bend of the Interior
department In the faithful performance
of Ills duty i
That lit Is tnI enomy of or hos
tile to n reiBonnblo and Judicial policy
9I conservation andttlay no 1 ground
Svhntever has beenjvuhown jtfftlfylns
thovopinion thnt lit Irititll unfaithful
and cfllclont public officer1
Aftei setting foifb thnt tho entlro
Know ii coal < Holds i of Alntkn fcovoiln
mori than 8000000 acres hro still In
goveinmunt ownership tlie report takes
up the bearing upon thn strlfmbetween
Sccy Balllngor nnd other officials of
tho government Including several at
Ills tnlboidjnalcH and Mr Plnchot who
was deposedas government forester
Tho report then says
n 4JYnurcsnnrittcoiilnii tbiiC heln
tflrOHts of tiopcqpt > i rns l ovvncraof thu
or cndnng9icd I n d rcxIS tin erirdl
rfteuai i I v O 2 1
i fmlNNlNOIiA jnCLAIMS3 j
J m aklng4irjjtrieiCitiinrngiinnjt1nima
tbnicommltteo flndsiHhnflt nouMibo
> v < J
r IIi 11 1 t
1 >
c = T
I ii
limproperfor Itito pass uponthe merits
ofithiiscclalmsvnndtlius lUejudge them
htllll olIIIII11J
1 while thcyara penillng >
If they lireTegular the report
says l patentHi should bo alloued If
they aro fraudulenC clnlnm should
be eaircelled Tho claimants ate en
titled to an Impartial Judgment upon
their rights in tho premises
ILJlraldWI committee found no
reason to ddubt that the commissioner
of thegenornl land office will an ap
peal top the secretary of thr Interior
r would decide upon tnero cases fairly
and Impu tlnllyV butibecausu of tho Im
putations H hcnj > edAupon mtIH rec
ommended that a law be enacted for
tho transfer of theso nnd any other
eases Involvlng claims to Alaskan coal
lands to an npproprlate co rftor a
hearing nnd n decision
Concerning the future of Alaskan
coallandSjHhe report makes n detlnltq
iPcommcndutlon I nfa jloC the leas
Ing syfltcm whlch also wanfavored by
President Taft In his mebsifip to Con
giOs ThoKietommcndatlon follows
Yom committee leligxu it would
bo the height of unwisdom to peimlt
these great coal fields to be monopol
ized or gathered Into Jhe private own
ership of f few for speculative pur
poses As they Increase Hlyallicthc
Increment should Inuie to the benefit
of all the1 people i
To bring about this rrsult nnd at
the sime titnuj pub an end to the un
idisenable condition now existing your
committee recommends Ihatt the gov
cinmonL refuse to sell thu lands but
Ihatictntnlifg ownershlp it hall
grant leases at fair royalties for limited
periods long enough nnd covering
aieas largoienough tq Justify tho neces
fory Investments uion ul buslncpa
principles nnd thus secure tho opening
and operation of sufficient m Inestn
mcqt < the necessities of Alaskan con
sumption nftoid relief from the pres
ent outrageous prices paid by consum
ers niid > at the Mime time afford s0mn
ifvctiui1 to the government We recom
mend legislation to that end and that
rending such legislation l thu existing
withdrawal from entry of thu Alaska
coal lands bo made
Sto the conduct of Mr GIn 11 < In
the long period In which the Alaska
coal claim cases were under his contiol
as special agent ofthlJl land office the
report declared he had sufficient time
and abundant assistance to make tho
field examination which hs h ul de
In this connection the committee
says If his demand was In good faith
Glivls was grossly remiss In ills duty
ln not having the examination madu
Commenting upon tho blanket with
drawals of public lands which vvcre
made by James R Garfleld when scc
ictary of the Interior tho commlttcu
ins this action whs taken by him
after he ascertained that he would not
lie rcnppolnted undei Piesldcnt Tntt
hI is bald these withdrawals were mide
uipbazaid froinHhe nero Inspection of
the landjofllce state maps
IMtin1tlhesolands were icstoicd
totheipublle domain by Secy BalIn
g and a poitlbn was again set aside
The rowlthdiawals according to the
committee icrcu mule by Secy Bal
llngcr after ill caieful surveyUId
It Is held that tlio rewithdrawuls em
braced nil the powci iHltes In the orig
inal blanket withdrawals made by Mr
The wcakniss of the then existing
laws In the subject of conservation Is
recognized by the committee which en
dorsed compreJienslve blanket with
diuil3 i so as to prevent monopoliz
ing of power Kites
At the sanfo time the committee
j It Is plain that such withdrawals
should be made only for tbepuiposu
of permitting Congress to nit nnd that
blanket withdrawals me Justified only
upon condition of Immediate examina
tion nnd rcjtcritlon of the land not
needed for the purpose of inaklng of
jfectlve any action wJilch Congrcbs
Should sec fit to make
The continuance the excessive
withdrawals could not be justified
day longer than was necessary to ns
Strength Counts
in nil lifes affairs Strength comes
of pure blood good blood comes
hen stomach liver kidneys and
bowels are kept in proper condition
by a little care and
S ld Eef7whe ibo ilO lIid25C
levelQ plIt iJ ust
andCh st
Mile Merlyn Americas greatest au
thority on Health and Beauty Ciiltme
advisesrtccp breathing ouch mornliiK and
night nuiiKacliiK the j > artH with Melo
rose Ilcauly Creini eacb nlffbt and each
aml I l N
morning b itho thp parts with cold halt
water Take Whites Vaucnlri GaeL
Tiiblcth Jourllmcsn diy drink watii
freely and vltthn a Aery rvasoimbla
lImo excellent icsulls will honnllccJH
Is essential Ibal you take Ibc Vaucnlic
remedy that lontalna tbo GENUINE IM
PORTED GALEGA eh ns Willard
Wblto Coinpiinys dcu H and loboon the
snfo side ask for this braifd tike no
substitutes as they aro worthleis ana
a waste of time
Tho tablets are more of a too lllinnn
medicine and aro perfectly banrtless
ISasv to tnke
Not only does Mile Merlyn indoisn
tills methntl hut also nil lllfrh authori
ties on bcautv cull and beauty vrltrs
Hid tboiioiinils of women who bavo sue
CPssfully used tbenu Whites Vaucalre
Gal IIl Tiiblcls me no nnw expeilinent
thn vvoilds irrcntest writer md lecturer
nn Ileallb nnd llinutv Cull r coinmi nils
only WIHiiul blto Companys Vimcalrc
Galoja Tablets for iluvcinpliiK tlm bust
nndusn Kunoral tonic nnd flesh builder
nnd maintains tlnil they nio much bottei
than tbc lliiuid Hchia ninJolnmon soli
tills vvondtrful preparation nt JlOO thn
box nmnlll fill mal orders
to aslt for
Will ird While co s
Jnlnl Lt ts
rur PtQL1H
Ilosh Ilulldti
Tonic JlW Box
t n 1C
1UJLjm lLJ
nii ns SUMVINU <
IT IS Till IlmiKCT SS0l
and toilet cream Imn no caualulJxeel
In tJOIt thu crml lcx lOll lemovrs wrinkles
and blncklicails Kecpx tho skin soft
and smooth hilr nnd will not i j li50c
u oiIULVSK on
ri NAIL POLISH 0 j > c
FREENAJ 2cjvstninp foi J siunplo of
mjioiiiHricieani Meloiosoracu
Powder also boklot > ij
Wlltn to W1LIMHD Y1 llrJJcbibM
camlHn iiilr 1
The NiJverSiibstltUtors
r > i iilivni GooUfatoreav
t > u < I <
i n
I r
Coffee creates a
thai leads tOil
continual crav
f Ioffccl satibfics
ythc natuial ap
petite that stop
hcn it has had
At All Grocers
1111111 111111I111I11I1111111111I1111 m 1111I11111
certain what lind actually constitutes
tho supposed power sites
I Kxplnlning the exoneration of Mr
Halllngpi because of his nbrog Hlon of
thu Indian cooperntlvo agreement icl
nttvo to logging nnd lumboilng on In
dian reservations the committee says
the secret ll found that opeiations
were being curried onll tbu bureau
of forestiy of a wnstoful natura and
entailing loss to the Indians Much of
this work WIIH being done by employes
of the Interior department
He held that thu contiact betwoon
the Indian olllce and tho forest service
mado during Secy Girflclds ndmln
Istratlon constituted In effect thu trans
fer of one depai tmunt of nn appropria
tion made to another lie held time
this was Illegal and was < supported
an opinion of the compttoiler of the
treasury the leport says
Ior questioning the validity of the
cooperativc certificates by whicJi sot
tiers within lirlgatlon districts would
be pcimltted to piy a part of the
against them In work Instead
of cash tho commltteo says that Secv
Bnlllngcr had been n < mlcd as nn en
c l of conservation In this connec
tion the finding of tho majorltv Is
that ho was fully justified In taking
the course ho dlL1Jfh had done
otherwise he would not have been a
faithful 1 public office
i The secretary hold that the issue
the cci tllicitos was In contiavcntlon n of
the piovlslon of the reclamation net
that no contract can 11001 for nnv
ilurtofL project until tho nccesbnry
funds are available In the reclamation
A substitute Is a dangcroiib mnki
shift especially medicine Tho gen
uine Toleys Honey hI lTul cures
c lhsnn < 1 colds quickly and Is Ina
y ellou package Accept no substitutes
SchrainniJohnson Diug Co
noijiins MICTIXG
Notice Is hereby clvcn tint a spec ll
mcitlnn of the KlocUholilerH of the Jlk
Coal Comp my corporation will be held
ion 1rliluy tho 9th day or IVcemttrr A 1 >
H910 at the hoUlrocloclc p mi or
said ay and will continue fiom ilnv to
dny then iftoi If netcHsuy ti > ffect ald
purpose nl the Iouitccnth v nil AniUHe
mPiit Hill No 147 Wihl Tlrst South St
Suit 1UwCllSlateO Utah for tho
transaction of the following business
1or thn puipoto of sellltur and dispos
ing of tho entire 111I1 1l1lllInndl propelt >
of tho Klk Coil Company to raise funds
foi tho purpobo of tying debts and ob
IJlallonsof tho company 01
For effectlnR home other plln or meth
od of raislni the funds with which to
pay off tho gold Inclfbteonohs nnd
la tiansact such otlui buslnc < s as shall
propelly come her io tile meeting
lly orilei of the pretiiiUint
J M JE SON President
I S WOODlllJIT Secretary
xo ncc
In tho District rtofthc Third Ju
dicial District In and for tho County of
Ball Lake Mate of Utah In the matter
of lle Voluntary Dissolution of Iho
Sampson Mining Company Notice No
tlco Is hereby given that Hainpson Mlnlnc
U ii j
Comp IVcplr corporation oifjnnlzed nnd
existing under the 1aor U tali I lias
fllfd In the above entitled Court Its vol
uniry application to bo dissolved Anv
person buvlni objoctlons to tbo snld np
pllcntlcin miiy file the simo In snlu Court
at any time within thirty i30dI > s fioia
the rirsl publication of this notice
First publication of notice November 11
1910 <
Seal Clerk of Above Entitled Court
liy Pifd C Hisplt Dflputy
btreet tDramcI Attorneys for Appli
a loipuratlon Piincliinl plico of busl
neSh IS Uast houlh toniple btreet bait
I iko City Utah Notice Thoro Is do
lliHliiciu upon the foliovvltiK described
stock on account of assessment levied
on tiiA Hlhdll of hepteinbei 1910 tha
boveral amounts Mt opposite tho imtnos
of tho icspectlia sliareboldcis as fol
Name Cert Shrs Aint
John Anderson KIT a s H2 O
nebcecn B Cartel SOi R 7 M
rrnnk 11 DansloHI1 10 ISM
rrnnk II Dinlo ni T 450
BI m 4t
rrink II Dansle 1S73 SO 41 00
Prank II Oiinsle a > n 5 7 M
iTiinlt H Dinslc 131 n I lM
Krink II Dinlo t S7 u 2 3m
Wlllltm Mlttendorf Win 21 SI M
Joremlnh Slocking U2 > a 2 3 00
Joseph Willlnuifl 1037 2 StM
Joseph Williams IKli 2 300
Joseph Williams SG7n 2 100
Joseph Williams t4 n 6 750
Alma WiHl S3ja 4 600
SJT Ai MVst 928 u 2 3 0 ° l
And In accordance with law and tbo
ilei of thu lionrd of Directors made on
tho 17th dii of September loio so many
shares of oach parcel of Mich stock as
mllbl necchsniv will be old nl tho
Companys Office IS Kisl South Tempi
Stiect Sill Ijilin Cltv ut hon the lth
iav of December 1110 nt the hour of ll
clock am lo pny tbo delinquent UH
aessmenl thereon together with thu cost
of advcitlMnir nnd oMensc of sale
nuonNi xtCANNON se ey
18 3 lIst South Tomplu Hticet Salt Lako
City mull
< iQUixT xo rrcn
Il pi iee of huslnesn f > nlt I ike City
Utah hero aio dtllnciucnt upon the fol
lowing desnilbul Klook on account of as
6 < s8mont No 11 levied on the 2lth diy of
October 1 9tOIII1 fieoiHl amounts set op
noHltu tlie names of tbc respecllvo share
boUlers as follows
No No Tot No
Names CI1IIShrilIltihrsAII1I
C i k1llllelUS 1000 J15
Gns Hilmhnll 12o 17M
aIt 8 Dilmlutl 24t CIS 1S 295
Dell Whenton M 1 COO
DOI IVlnnton Io4 lOOi
IXH Whenton 51 1C < < 1 3000 573
IJnvlil P Anderson 1S1 1W
David P Anderson Itl 2W
David P Anderson 22S IIS 51S 440
Annlo H AniKrson 111 S r
Annl < S AniUison > XS2 33S 123
Kcanis Urothorrt 3 OT
IWaniH inotbern 2Jl i7i iTC > S4
Carl J Suulir m 1CH IW 13
Julin T bmdlio 20S SWJ
1ohnno81111llIl21 11141
John T SlI1olUcri II W
John T Sm II2lIil00r9DII 7191
And In nceoidilico with la waud an or
dir of tho boaiil of duectors iniiilo on
thn 24th dny nf Qctpbr loio to inliliv
whales of eaoh paicel of stook an nniy bo
necrHsiiy will herolclnCtho office of Iho
secretaiy lit Young t Jtoyloa office Dts
rn 111 ink llulliJIng Salt LUco Oily Utah
OIthIth day ofj Uccenibtr 1910 at
11 am lo im r tditllmiuentiaxsciivnanti
thenoil tOKOlberVNlth the COSIB of nd
AcrllhlniMindiuciitnties of sale <
PfCIc pesereloN 1IUuilII 1a nl UU 11111 ni
I I 1Iegl UllII
12 i
may be found by oidoring tiio CPC
brated White 1awn brand of our
grocer next time All who have used
It agree that It makes
TIII rijsT mtiru
that It Is poll > lo to make which ex
plains Its rapidly Increasing p pulnr
tv Wo nsk yon to trv It utter that
you wont have to be red
nE NJtco
NOIICC TO covniAcrioits
Notice Is hereby hen tint soiled bids
will be received by tlu undersigned up
lo 1 pin December 10110 fr tile m >
tirlals and labui required foi the work
below mentioned and according to Iho
prns and < npe < lfl < allont which alolch
for the Inspection the blddi rs at tin
Office of Dill m < Iledsjis In the Bes
erct National Dank Building at the
corner of Main nnd Plrst South htrcqto
Salt Lnki Cltv rtah and ill bids at tbo
alioio tlmti will be publicly opened and
lend In the offiru of thu UeFcnH Nation
al Jnnlrlnllalcll
All bills must be addressed to the Uni
versity of Utah Pill Lake Cltv Utah
and nmikrd on the lower Iffth md coi
ntr Did orsnClI bids may 1 K > ilnllv
ertd to tile Hoard of Regents at sild time
md plice or opening s une1
Hlds must not contain condition1 Quali
fications propositions or any other
thliiKh than tlioso mi ntloned In the
ipedflcntlons contract and bond nnd tbo
blildei mils uso tbo form of 1 If which
will be found In tlie office of Slid archi
tects and no other lllf bid will bi
I ceiv cd
A eCltitled or cashiers check on sonic
Innk In Silt Ljke City Utah for at
least fic per cent of the amount of eicb
bid must be enclosed Each eb ck Is to
bo made ray able to the undersigned nnd
Is to bn forfeited to tIll undersigned In
case the bid Is accepted and tin bidder
dots not enter Into contricl within three
il ivsiifliT llsnrcciitiituc far tbo faithful
execution of the umiact nnd bond here
in mentioned
Ilie pierood contiart nnd bond are at
tbo office of said aiebltects and imy bo
thoru A bond idbP furnished for onehalf
of tbo bid with good and sufficient sure
tlen all satisfactory IOlhe unil signed
The bids me to be for the following
work and no subdivisions will be eon
Por tho complete rectlon ofa llydriu
lli Liborator In the Salt Lake City
Waterworks slto on first houth hlreet
bctvvejn iwelfh aid Thirteenth East
The unrtcrslcned reserves bo right to
reject any and all bids
Consult Connlv Clerk or respective fllcn
ers for further Infonpatlon
bale Division In and fur fealt Lako Coun
ty SlllcoUtnhln the mtittci of the
cstitu IoH n Ilanna ycteasod No
tice The petition of Ivit M Barter pi ly
Inc for tbo Issuance to Ha M IJnrter of
Letters of AdmlnlBtration In tho citatu
of 1011 L It Ilnnni ueeiased han bCm > n Ml
for bearing on Tuesdav the 1llh dav of
December A D 1810 at 10 o clock ntn
at tbo County Court Hotiac In Iho Court
Room of said Court In Suit Uiko City
Snit Lake County Utah i f It i ii
Witness the Clerk of < nld Courtwith
o ii atnlutheriof nfflxed this Snil day of
Decembei AD inio
heal Clerk
1 L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
S Armstrong utorney foi pelltlon
cr Continental Block
hate Division In nnd for Salt Liko Coun
tv TJtnb In the matter of thu estate of
Vrmli T Runic I UcecnAed Notice
The petition or Amy u Itumel Nan ton
and Krnest D Kumel exrcutors urlhiJ
stato of Ursula D Itumel leceased
iraylns for tbo hattlement of fin U no
count of fald exicutors and for the dis
tribution or the residue of tbo estate to
tbo persons entitled bus been sul for
irlnu on Trlday the ltb day of JXecni
UmT A D 1510 at 2 o cloeK p in lit ttio
County Couit Hfu < e In tbo Court lloom
nf vild Court In bait J nko City Silll
Lake County Utah
WltiKSS tlie Clirk of salcl Court vvith
tlie al tiieicof afflxoa this IStli day of
Novembor A D 1D10
Seal Clerk
By L P Palmer Deputy Clerk
IT A Smith Attorney for Petitioners
bnto Division In nnd for bnlt Lake Coun
ty Stnto of Utah In tho mnttnr of tha
cstilo and Kiwidlnnshtp of Walter D
Runiel el al Minors Notice Tho peil
llon foi nppiovnl and settlement of tho
final account of tho BUirdliin of tho per
OIIK and tbo estates of Walter D Rinncl
et ai minors nlto for distribution has
been net for hearing on Trlday tbo IGtb
div of December A 1 1910 at 2 oclock
pin t the County Court House In tbo
Court Room of hald Court In Salt Lnko
Cltv Salt Lake Count Utab
Witness tbf Clerk of said Court with
thn sjil thereof nf fixed this 29th dny of
November A D 1910
SeaP Clerk
lly Ii P Palmer Dcputv Clerk
II A Smith Atlornay for Petitioner
Denver Rio Grande R R
In Kffect June 19th 1910
Provo Mnntl nnd Mnrysvalo 750 xm
nlnciam nnd Mldvalo S OT am
Denver Chlcniro nnd Hast SIO n m
Pirk City S 20 nm
OKrten nnd Interniedlnlo Points 10 23 nm
Ogden nnd Sou Francisco 115 p m
Ocdcn Sun Francisco and Port
land 223 p m
ORden Sin Prnnclsco nnd Port
land 3 CO p m
MMvalo nnd ninghnin 2 CO pm
Denver Chicago nnd Hast 405 p m
Provo Tlntlo nnd Intermediate
Points 50Gpm
ORilen nnd Intcrmedlats Points 610 p m
Denver Chicago nnd lnst 710 p m
Grand Junction nnd Intel mediate
points 720 pra
OKdon San Francisco nnd Port J
land 1130pm
Ogden Bnn Prnnolsco anil Port
land 8 00 om
ORilen and Intermediate Points 1000 a m
Provo Tlntlo and Interinedlnto
Points 10 M n m
Ilniham nnd Mldvnlo 10 SO n m
Denver Cblcaiio nnd Knst 1 3D p m
Oftden nnd Intermedlnto Polntn H4S p m
Denver CblcaKO nnd Hiist 223pm
Grand Junction nnd Intermed
nto points 230pm
Ogd n nnd Ban Pranclsco 313pm
Park City 500pm
Hlnchim nnd Mldvalo 545 o m
Provo Mantl Marymnle Ilebor C 03 ti m
Offrten Snn iTnnclico and Port
land 700pm
Denver Chleaito nnd Enst 1115 p in
Ocdcn San rrancUoo and Port
land 710 pm
Doth Phones 171
Federal Coal Co
has tho only coal yard in tho
west with n
Coal handled from this floor
inunt neccssailly bo
Clean Coal
Exclusive Agents for ICom
merer and GunnQuoaly Hock
Coal when you
want if
Ofilco 160 Main Stieet
Tarcls 8th So and i2 nd < AV St
P J Moran General Manager
T J Ollrlfcn Gonl Sales Agt
In tho District Court of tfio Third1
Judicial District In and for Salt Lako
rounty State of Utah In tho natter of
William II Hills fi Sons Co Notlco of
Application of William II TIlIls Sons
Co a Corpoiitlon Tor Dissolution ot
Corporation Notice Is hereby plvcn that
pursuant to nn order of Iho Third Ju
Ulcl il Court of Utah ncritoforo made
rotlco Is hereby ghen Hint Willinm II
Tlllli t Sons Co Ins filed In Iho nald
Couit Its pntitlon and application for dis
solution of tho said eorporntlon nnd any
p ison objictlnB to tbo mid nr plication
or tlt slid dissolution of tho slid cor
poritlon may fllo will1 the Clerk of tho
fcild Court during thii poilod of tho pub
lication of thlH nation such objection
Sell Clork of the faald Court
Hy ireil C Basset Deputy
Uitcd Nov 7 1910
Yotinjr t Snow Attornoys for Peti
Prlnclp ll pHccs of biislnoss Uvanston
Wyoming anil Suit j ako City Utah
Notlco is beroby given tbat at i meeting
of thu bOiud of Director held on tbn
JOili ilny of AovmDcr 191 an
Rtsassment of four 4 mills pel
Hbare was levied on thr capltil stock
of thf coipoi itlori payable Imincellately
to Ilenij T Mcnwan secreury at hl <
office at tin Ktato IIinK of Utnb Salt
IjiKc City Utah Any stook on which tbli
nsscsamunt may remain unpaid at tho
close of business on Mondiv tho 12th
Jav of Dcimber 1110 will bo delinquent
nnd advertised for silo at public auction
and unless payment In m ido Iwfore will
be old at 10 oclock a m Friday tho
KHh day of December 1910 to pay thoj
flcllnqtionl assesiment touetlier vilth tho
coat of iidvertlKlng and ixpense of silo
I1KN11Y T JtcHWAN Secretaiv
At Stall Hank of Utah Salt l ako City
First publication Nov I 1910
is packed in a dusltight metal
box with patent measuring
tube whicn is both safe
and convenient for tourists
Hub Ja Ltj JRt > i
National Bank of the Republic
FRANK KNOX President
JAMiS A MUIUlAYVIco President
W F EARL Cashier
Capital and Surplus 42500000
A thoroughly modern savlnpn de
partment conductod in connection
ulth this bonk Safety deposit boxes
for rent
Merchants Bank
277 MAIN
H P CLARKPresident
JOHN J DALY Vice President
A H PEABODYi Vice President
TV 31 SHKARMAN Cosblor
Continental National Bank
Capital250 oO00
i ETcrybrnncIi of n modern bank
J E CossrlJT Pros WJ P Xoblo
VicePre T IV Boycr Casliicr
Deseret National
Salt Lake CityUtah
Capital 50000000
Surplus 50000000
L S IflLLS PreSldent
JOHN C CUTLnit Vice President
II S YOUNO Cashier
E S HILI3 Ai3t Ciiabier
L W IIURTON AsHt Cashier
John n Barnes W AV Ulter
A W Cnrlson GcorKO Itororoy
John C Ctlef Red Smoot
David Cedes John C Sharp
L S IIIIlJ II G Whitney
W II Mclntyrc R D Millet
Ft incli 51 Ly man
Safety Deposit ISotcs for Kent
Established 13S9
Savings Baink
D > RON GROO Cashier
Commercial Danklnj In nil Itn
Uranchcs Four per cent Interest
on Bsvinea doposlts
H rilRUCTOKS 1 U ii
V W filter Pn sldont Ocorco
Romncy VIco Preilflcnt nila1 A
Smith Cnshlcr L b 1 113 Jolin R
Hnrnea John C Cutler David EC
cles A W Carlson Gcorco Sulhor
Innd Reixl Smoot W I Janica C V
Nlbley A VV Ivlns
4 ner cent Interest paid on sivlnKs
McCornick Go
Kstabllohod IS73
Tho Utah National Bank
Cepltal and Eurplui K 10000 W
Accounts of Bvnka Corporations
Firms and Indlv duals Invited 4 per
cent on yavliiBB Deposits
W S McCornSck Prosti R T Bad
Kor Cashier T Hi Cutler yico
Prcst C If Wells Ai t Cnshiar
Tlie State Bank
jf Utah = = =
Establisbea in 1500
Solicits accounts of Banks nrmsl
and Individual1 and extend to cua
lomors every nasonabio courlesy
am facility
II J GRANT Alco Preniilent
H T MiIUVAN Asot Cashier
Dun Co
201 orncES t
Tho Mercantile Agency
GeorKo Rust General ManaKOr Iilado
t Nevada Utah and Wyoming r f
In Profrn a HiillilliiT SaltEako
City Utah

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