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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 09, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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r jfm i FKv f j r j Ii SHI FW B T T W You xliould pcnilClTi joiir iorclcr notf n
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i J l n Jl1it 11l11llj Ul tr 1 b Li 1t l for THE CimiSTJIAS NEWS J I
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1 RedmondltesMBrougHti mJMj
j ForceSjftojBearito Effect
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His Defeat
07 < ji
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lie wmlrotcjt tlierlicllon CliiibB or
Woman SillTraKCs Makes <
1001 smi g 1
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London 11 Deo TonlghlSi totals 1
fhow wj it MIC coalition parties havu i
thiisttai secuicd il eats In tho new
parliament nnd > ihelUnlonlHts J07 seutH
The ynlonlsts have gained 1 constltu
lite Llberain 14 ami the Labor
puty 4 r flIIt Y 1 r1
The coalition aggregate JH d rlgcgcf1
Liberals 156 lilsh Nationalists G3
Indejicndcnt Nationalists C Labor
menibcr 29 irctJ it ot J
Thq paillamentnrjr clcctfona Continue
their humdrum couiso the chief fea
ture i perhupj iKslnglho strlklngjiRlml
Inrlty to the returns of Tnnuaii last
linrdlj forult 1 Is oaunUVortrtn u > galn notcdfon UIQ one otliei side To be
da > news of special Intel cstrwnH tlio
defeat of Timothy iIicliIYi1IkJJutl
i lilcii constituency ho has roprcsentc
In the house of conimonsfforUSaeirs
The lUdmondltcs brought all < thelr
forces tp boai In1 turning otit tlio Jinan
who may bivMild nlmost to bea mom
vletoilous opponent of Hhe Irlshleader
tlun OBilcnnilmsclf HcalKjisJtnown
iu the iHhmaelJofSNatlonallst Politics
and has followed ui Independent
course since tlio1d6wiifnll lot tl > urncll
to hlch he laigely contrlbuledi
The successful candidate Klehard
Hnrleton who 1 jcaterday also was rc
turned unopposed olUl Noith clK I
vision of Galway tried ito send Healy
Into letlrcment In Jantnty bift failed
by 91 votes Tho lejoiclngs In tho Itcd
mood camp ovei tho dofenfof OBi tins
chief lieutenant ulte overshadow H the
chagiln at William Hedmondsfallure
in oust OBrien In Cork City
1IY IOt ls sSWon1 sents In Darvven
division of Lancashire and Altrlnclium
division of Cheshire hlle the Liberals
eiptured the south dlv Islon of Lincoln
Ihe cutiso of omart suffrapo mak
IIIR a5iltlabIuBhoHlng Thus fai thej
hae had liuftwo candidates jind of
these emu polled lUtl2 uid the other
33 Votes K
Other Interesting dovelopmentb d to f
1 day were ihu rapture oftho onlytNa
tlonallst seatlnBelfast Clty West by
Joseph jDfUltn Onu oflthoRcdpiond
t 4whr recently vlollpcl vAincrca > inU
ttholTclurn oOSlfEdwaul Giey the
Jiilnlsttirofi foielgnSifriMrsror the Bcr I
f lck dlvlslonof Noijhumhdilartd by a
f1ji ijorlty of thrcahnorpTthan he ob
talncd m Januaiy s
> It Is undeistood that Ilealy has al
ready made 11 protibtraKnlnsttho con
curt of the election nt Lwith alleging
fiio s rorrupton and Intimidation KV
oltliiff scellesm irkedthoijlOlling
ThtoiiRhoutj lha clay thec eie free
lights and Incidentally consldeitblu
dam igc to property Jlcaly re <
quired police protection
Stiatford Conn Dec t < Jnculiy his
bccri opened bj the coronoi Into the nuto
moliilu colllulon lust night In vvhteh Jcssl
ii baundcrs of AIjRtla was killed and
llenj Caflper Thompson of Sk Paul
Minn caplnln of thu Yale Inn club was
injured The preliminary innulo show
ed Hint the iiutoinohllc which ils ovned
nnd VVIIH driven bj Stc vent Peabodj
yale 1ilf of Chicago WIIRIIUn Into by
11 trolley cu The si HemcnL has boon
nrulo 11111 1llie nn aiurmobllewah uiunlntr
tlosu to the ti ticks to keep tree from tho
taovv and tho trolley cm comlngmp be
html eIR8hcdll1h1J 3
When the troljo car titnick tlie mti 1
rlilno Mlns Sumdcis IIH tlnov n out and i
fulling across the tracks WRH decapitated
bv the ear Thompson arm was brol en
while Pcabody and HUBS Lllllnn Poster
of Mllfonl wire unlnjuicd
Alias Baundcis won a dessmnker In
She vvaK divorced some jcaia ago from
JJristus Chcsobro and resiuncd her innlcl
cn niiinc
v I
i 1
Brgln lusuiloh Protest Against
Ihclr UurluMjuo on the Stage 21
lNew Yoi k DOC 0 Tho1 National So
clety of New England AYpmcn i which
has headciuarters In this city has bo
gun n crusade In protost > ofljthoistaga >
b1 rI I1I eJif f t h 1 p I ul 10 EIli1 Ii lid
w omnrc
i Tho public Is getting fired of 1lTo
coiksciuw cmls which tho stagu seems
tf > consider typical of tho Nqw England Ii
vYoman 1 ls the statement Therciirc
eountlcss Now Kngland playB but
Who ly rs ijiil aireal Novv England
vomnn Inl hestueIL seems strange
Ipr1t ivouldseom an If actors would
rathqi xhavq = a tnio pnrt thih ra Wo
n even when It Is lens amusing
1 > i
Vlncqiineiind lKc 19 NotKuIltj
wn < thcP 1lctlllle juiv tmlaj In the
case or McnloiK Moore miui igcr oWu
circuit of thcitcis I hri vvas chnrgpd with
thu miinlor lit Chailoir12aibk > nnW u
woalthv operator In tliBilniUanaIlllngis
oil Holds <
When the verdict was rinditho crowd
r In tho courtinonitlnoke Into a eheyr nnil
I men riihhod on the Dlutform and carried
Moore from the courtioom Thoj court
inada no cfrm t to ston tha ditnloiislintlon
rjia trial ban bcort Intprgiess foi about
30 1111 v Ilnd vvaa ono of tho mOBt1i IJnsn
ttoimfcver tried Invotttliorn IncUann COVER
T II i i 11
i Sen 11101 Waah Dco r 3MalljndvlcoB rc
I ccIydl hfrotodByBtiit t Imtqnt1 utorm
iifn > Ol Qoorholti tJu J11n M nnd JICo1
Te II IIrIKrIce 1 ottllJIIIP TCllrl1li nnd
roldi n n yrll d rovtlcd Jj 1 011 II T 11 Ifansno
111 63 JJIIennpv 1IsnellllIlnlllgj C30
imnnXvV5re > vv CckidTnr HOtly tIVOJUP
riiiQBejiijo aKKoirnn yvjjrcisaypa i i
I I I t
qX H fm lTf ATnr i
i C f l 2 55
f IllrII PCtIC i6j JO y Ioy I
orYMnhchuria1hasiHo I m rll orlnI1tn
iJ klnSurglngJthjitithojftliioejprov i
h ijthrovvjionQnftolallfnaitloniifaccordt
Bftojadvces rccolycdi lyiretiyestor
i lylJJ posoU3UoffactrJaiancstt
1 l
1 t
1 l M I I
< r
0 Ii e
tr e m1 >
fri lii j ftli l il k t 0i1by
< the Influxfrom othei nations
1 Ivomen orfc killed at Kofti In a
i pitched battloJfoughtJiyJapancio anil
Korean lahorcrit J shoVtiy I i Niiii the
Tambai Iarti p sallct Clio l laborerivor
jpmpojed by theiTolio Bloctrlc com
pany J Sixty Vlorcans1attiicllcod 300
Jaininogo > ifightlnp 1 with s ordijnnd
1uirllngvdynanjltObomls polleo
arrestcdjjfiovcril1 Koreans but their
cqinpatrlots attacked tho JallrrlJ1I
rosciiedl thpm Thn arrivalof n lorBC
forcelof police putanend ioi the
I >
Vlqtorla iqb 9 pThe Iapaneso <
tnibllc wasi surprised when news was
receUedifroni cnslnnd that Iho Japi
1TiV i my department hDd ordeied a
2JOOO jton rulHcr tojiial < o F knots and
mc1untT12i4jnchHBuns from a Brjtl h
firm Japanese now apapei s Ilisls I that
tlil3 < 21Ig contracntlon of the policy
announced otconstructlng allwai ves
sels at homo Tho Japinesp naval de
partments Issued an otllclal statement
that thoordei v as Ucn tOia rjrltlsh
jail In older that Japan might have a
vessel pf the litest typo as a model
foi constiuctlon j atiJiome of the othei
ol J1lnlt1 altJlJlIcqr
Dnailriouglit crulseis
> Some 9 fj the Japane ° e papers consider
tlje onlci nn aeknowledgvment of Jnpa
ncsof Inferlorlty ln waishlp con truc
uri I ThcvAsaHhl says tho waishlps
Tsukuha Ikoma Sitsuma Akl ancl oth
ejs built ln < Tnpan huo more 011 less de
fects in comparison with those built In
Iluropo H
ThoJIJI Shlmpo publishes an all jIJ
lirglng fin therjexpanslon of the Jnpa
nese navy and reduction nli tho aimv
The TIjlKafter itcaiiltulitlng tho build
Ing progianipofv the powers sa8 that
by 1917 the United States Germany and
rriinee will each be able to assemble
SO battleships and armored cruisers
lln Uha Pacific against Japans 19 rio
TIJlsnsthl1t40OOO000 to bo voted
for1 naval v Incicasc Is not nearly adequate
Oaklnml s IPC 9 Theclty of OTC
Innd jestenliiy adopted itho cominlsslon
Jfoim of government b > a vote of 5023 to
fi i t
It Heinle In Villact of jSjrla nnd
Killed a Hiindicd Cliristliins
All for Ilcvcnsc
r i F
> Constantinople DccA9 A telcgiJim
jfrom Jerusalem today states that
Bedouins have massacred tho Turkish
garrison atICeiak aatovn In the
Turkish vlllUjet of Sjrld and killed
i mprejthanY100 Clirlstlan InhabltantB of
that place In revenge for thc cxecu
HlonVorfatBedouln thliift T
Tho Bodouln I jtho dispatch ndds
now hold tho fortress In tho Mclnlty
of i whlclrJtheioM hiitgrbVBnKdteBiiltoryi
llghtltig between thcTJtrlbc6nfrf and
vtie goveinmcnt troops Ith last
year llrriiliJr
Kcrak formcijy the capital of Moib i
hris1 a poimlatlon of1 8000 of whom
iMooiwo l l i11II1I1k tovvn Is itliJ
last on the troid fiom Damascus to
Jlcccn where Christians may reside
It stands on the miwntalns of Sloab
and mav be seen fiom Jeiusalcm 50
miles away J < u
There nip no Amcilcan missionaries
the onlv mlsslonarv station being that
of tho British Church1 Missionary so
ciety foi Afiica and the cast This Is
n hrllrt It1Ctlle organlatlon atgR
Stilt and H comnoscd of one mlfision
arj his v lfe and pno native worker
lr nit Hi KyiDec 9 + Because tho
drjs of Powell county Ky used tho
Bjble ns an emblem on their ballots
hi a rccpiit local option ecto nIII1
cniricd tho county tho Ktatc I court of
rappeals yesterday declared the election
i HlOl each bnllot was the plctuie
of an oponlbook with thq words Holy
Bible J undorlt Tho wets jorinn
omblcm used1 tho picture ot a whisky
bottleaml ra glass out iOhicli prO
truded tho head ot asiuKo t
At tho Hist tilal wltnojses testified
that they woio told that If they wanted
I to go to heaven they should nmlco theli
mailc under tho Bible One iild he
wanted to xoto wet but toarcd If he
i did not heed thu sign ot the Bbh > that
thfc Almlghtv would wreak vongeanco
upon him In the opinion handed down
Vstciday It Is sala a htatuto prohlblta
jtluiuso of the Blblo as an emblem on
N oi l nIIMHi i
VJnStedConn Dec 1 Caught In
the vvTcckngo oftwo cars here his leg
cuished nnd a largo bcumplnnlni him
Intso ho coulil not move thu Bovver part
of his body J h I30Tiowbridgo of Buf
faloilastnlghtsiwcfl for half tIn hour
btfoio iho cuff the beam awaj 0h11
could bollfted out by lollovv workmen
lie wns tiUen to u local hospital where
hli egwU lIonmpullt 1
Seattle Doc i S Nan Pattoison mem
bcrfof tho orlRlnnP Florodora sex
tctMvhoiwus twlcolilod foi tho mm
doi of CncseiAounc In New Yoik Is I
lilng Itj Seattle tho wife of Capt Sum
nerPrescottfnjYctoran of thoRpnirlAii
Anellcan vvar < Cnptiand Mrs Prcs
c ott vv orq sec etliM married In St Paul
the lattm part fr October coming to
Seattle shortly dl afterward
Capt PiescitlkpptJthd Identity pf his
wife HCCI et < not oven telling his painnts
wholvolnChIcnijo and niosald to b6
J 1 Jani i eoiiy rl secret has become i
Unovvn J sald Cnpt1 Proseottlllnst night
yc8lt < ls f trtiji i iMlnsiPntterson tls my
iwlfc JVoulmvo been living 111 n 1 r II
ourliipnrjment and arc err happy
Wo hodbopcdfthafno oiiijtwould lopin
ofiMrs Prisqpttfi5ldcntjty ii but Itnup I
PPSIJ1IJ II 111 e rtlCqmo rqu IJtm
CpptV ProBcptttIshcnd of lIlmn n II I
factirlnijjcpmrif > y nf Mai Incite ffls
Avliore he fprmofl llyod 18n fDYJS1
jllB toScattlo1huHibgon connected1 with
allariroflronvvorltsv i i
1 L
oC < i zj
r < ftl rIJZir91151mf1pJ <
r t Bochum Prussia Dec 9 + xp lc
iBlolltQ nrC1W nPpciu In 110 U1
In q I I I 11grJ IY t 8lx imlnDisr < weie
iIIH1l1 n 01 otl nr lis i3usynnjllrci1 t
rv i vi
ond ono Ua mlsslns I
IIc t s 1
j 1
V Ii 1 i
f tl > u tt
BOH HomEL j uI Hi Ii
George 0 Relff of Kansas City
Secures the
> 2 fL1
With Capital of 3110000 Jcasc to
lltm for TcriV r jjfCJ
< i Ycarh r FPrr
u i
Ihe executive ccimmltteeof thu UtnJi
Hotel company conslstlng of Jlessrf
Romncj Jackllng Cutlei Nlblpj and
GeOfThegan yesterday jcloseil aj contract i
> >
tract bj vvhldi Ihe managemenCof the
Ilotel Utah will pisj Intollievliands of1
George pi elof Kansas1 City for vn
toimof five jcars from the date of Ils7
opening 4
l vet slnco It became known that tho
hotel people e looking for a suitable1
landlord they have been submerged 1
with offers from every point In the
country and t many prominent i hotel
men have visited Salt Lake to makojj
applications for securing tlie manage J
ment It goes without saving that the
hotel owrieis vwmld negotiate with no
one who did not havu a gilt odgo standf
Ing bothflomri financial viewpoint
and that of hotel oxperlence and 0110
after anothei tho nppllcutlons jh
been turned down asvltibeciAtc 2cvlj
dent that tho applicants 2It nolenicas
uro up to the standard required by the1
local company M1 J
> lrIlClcamc not only > wlth thoj
strongest soil of references but his
piopohltlon was such a thhglble one
that It was clcmonstratod Immediately
that ho and his associates wero v > Hllng
to show theli faith In tho enterprise
and theli vablllty to managojt bv gIv4
Ing tho most substantlil Buorantccs iJ
Tho termsron which the contniet vvaa
closed are nofall imde public but Hpi d
John C Cutler w ho spoke fortlio omj
mlttce statca that the condltlonsftirbj
such as will be satisfactory to the locdlj
stockholders Tho plan Is tojfoim a l
separate company foi operating jhoJ
hotel i the capital of vhlch w l amount
to 300000 andfwIlllbQ ralseiltJointly
by tho hotel owneis and Miv Jldt and
his associates Tho1iotCIc company Is
to Jlnlsh tho building and tho heating
plint on North Temple street thltwllU
require nn outlay I of Jl700000 the
greater pait of twhlch i has already been
raised nnd Is now being expended Tho
operating company will inlse > Its capli
tal of 300000 aa rapidly IISltls needed
putting the fnll5nmoiint Into the most j
complete i claboratQ and uptodato fur
nishings throughout They lt as < o the
property of the HotelUtahoiiteims
vhlch guarantee that the stockholders
of the company will lfavo aifnh reJ
turn cm theli Investmpnt foinveycars
ami afttr that an Inciease v Mr Cuti
m ift rJf 1J T G
Ig o fJ Liiff t 11l
OIDO tjR ittHO
= m
i v tho i AVnlls gf Joshuas City
rcJD lng TJnucoveicd by Austrian
isWiliustratedartlcle bj Fran
O Carpenter whlcii will appear
S ium ra Wews
ri1iiiiJ 11I n tI7I T
> C
Other fealiires ft this Issue are
11 foflows
li ri ill i in ll < I Isol1 Now
tho c ieatest < Llvlng Chlnam in Il
Trade Now the Iashliin fot Swoll
EnsljshjiAfi tocrats Illustrated
General nicctlon Spoils IIUHcr
Ameilcuir Hostesses In London
Intlueiiceof nngllsh Elections on
The SnUTof Novels
Splllivnesi Hell Romilnccs of the
Buslness World Illustrated The
Bride VAlio JTecamo Boss
Icr introducedMr Keif to a number of
the h tockhbldors of the Hotel Utah j es
f fBfF i + f X +
ii J j GEO01 iEnJfJ v
J Iiandlcnd orthu Itotcl Utnlir 1 t i > b
I terdoyijund lol ir JlrJ Cutler Stated
that hot felt that the company > had
everVjruason to feel satisfied wlththo
i arrangements I made > < v
i Mr Keif w hilo still a j oung man bo
Ing only 34 j eat s ot age has passod 21
yeais ofhis CoIn actlvohoteUbusl
ness The greater partfho has spent
lint giving personal attention to all the
details especially of thc iiincrpart of
hotblnmAnagcmint HIs greateht ex
perience Intho hotel buslnobs was
galmvl aa assistant manager ot the big
Midland hoteland latci of tho famous
Baltlmoiu hotel In Kansas City Ho
had thrgoI1 propositions tC him In
various parts of tho country li t1io
camoto Salt Lnko In September and
waslmmexllatoly fired with tho pojsl
Wlitlcs that lay Iii tho future of the
I Hotel Utah so ho and his associates
nt once decided that tho Salt Lake In
vestment jvraa the most tempting of all
Mr Relf will imkoihis headquarters
i hen from now on undfnlll Immediate
ly go to work 01 derlng the supplies
furniture linen dlsh9S etc1 with which
tofully equip the groat hostelry for
next jcarHjtraTfle
Wnslilncton Pec 0 The Dopuln
u dd
I tioI of tlio states of Uttjh i Is 373a5f
laceonllnc to Hnthjflcs c rtho Thir
teenth CQIISH Issued lodav This Is
mi increase of 00002 lr 31 910 per
1 cent ovcr270710 In 1000 Tho Increase
from 18110 to 1f Olis150aOi0I
J 1 iIi per cent Ii
EN nSHla tlFE
Young Man Suicides at Albert
Hotel by Swallowing Bichlor
ide of Mercury
IllS 111 u1llcICj Induced bj Uecliiced Clr
cniiistatieos mill 111 Health Sup
posed tnhi Ciiusu ol Act
Joseph W Kvle aged IS jrirs who Is
Jlll comirfiom a wealthy New
said to luut < II1
Yoik family coimnUtcd nulelde at tho
Albeit hotel on West Ttmplo btrect
c irly this morning by tailing blchloildo
vcrcilul 430
ol meicuiy He was
by tin night oleik who In making his
lourdb n ti rIthi light wius still bum
00illHo < inppod on the
Ins In Kyles loom
and on
OIl obtained no icbponse
Invettlgatlon found Kjlo Ijlng dead on
the bed
iccnlnthltloib of Iho
K > lo wan last heen
hotel about 2 oclock In tho moinlng
While ho appeared to be In good spirits
tho day
complained throughout
ho had
ot suftcilng with an attack of an aliment
him consldcinblo
ment which had given
troublo In Idaho dining the past few
davs nnd It was geneially known that
ho had 1ecnsluirtoC funds forjome
months lllISSUPP08cdt1utttheso
two causes led up to a nt of despond
ency wnlch brought about his rahhact
Captain of Detectives 11 M Beclc I
stead nnd Detective Jnnneylnveitl
and found nothing un
nvtfd the ease
Ssual abdut his loom There was rio
not 1 or other evidence that Kjle had
picmedltated his act On his clothes
woic found a number of WllH and let
ters which were lesponses for icqucsts
for nnanclal assistance
Kvle was a bright appearing voung
man and was mannerly and courteous
at all times showing that hoa1
brought up under the best influences
Ho did not drink heavily and had
falliv regulai habits Ho had boon
coming to > tho cltv for ahrql two
vearsille was engaged In promoting
various enterprises and iloatlng > stocks
lie beemed to have an extended acquaintance
quaintance cuilolljithn buslne j men of
the tohlstlllhc had no particular
friends and there weie few who Itnevv
a great deal about him i
His fnmllv ilhi New York and
both parents aro dead Ho Is Ili
havo boon loft with a largo estate but
ho lost his mones in speculation rrom
New York he came to Denver and
later to Colorado Springs l roIL
lkvsniWt5dpbtstorHW friends bev
llovcT that thKfls hf only living rela
tive Soonaffer the death ot his pur
cntHiho studied to becpmo a Catholic
priest and Father Cushman of Chicago
was his guardian iHlsnrrnJrsi were lat
er jlr cedlnd I riectO orgoV
Hallngs of New York who Is engaged
chi the stitlonerv business Kilo attend
ed a law school In Boston for two
1 vcars and Ilion icmovcd to Denver
Hastings and Kvlos sister In Colo
rado Springs have been notified of his
death The body was icmovod to
ODonnolls undertaking pirlors and
Its disposition will await advice from
the east Polleo Surgeon H B Sraguci
Investigated tho case and pronounced
It suicide
Confcicncp Held Helvvcen Mr Tnft
And Senator Smoot Ypstcicla >
SICCIllitofhO New >
Washington Dec 5 At a meeting be
tween rrcsldont Tnft and feenntor Hood
femoot vesterday the pici > Idcnl express
oil his approval of tho bill prcpaied by
Senator Smoot on tho codlljlng and
amending of tho printing laws The bill
fr imed bs Senator bmoot besides b liKn
irtnt convenience will result In largo
ocotiomliJ A meeting of tb printing
Investigation commlsBlon of which Sena
toi > Smoot Us chairman wiis held today t
which the bill was also discussed
William Illlngsvvoilh Mai Die IVoni
Ills Injuries
William Illlngsvvortli a teamster
wnj perhaps fatally injured InIUl nc
Udent on tho cornel of Second West
and First North streets at 730 oclock
thlH mprnlng Illlngsworth slipped
fiom tho scat of his wagon crushing
his bltull and icnderlng him uncon
hclou Tho wagon also passed IIiYcl
J I 1 c 77 c u
< I 1
iji7 Y > 11 J Lj 7 Jt
JJlldyg Q < g j ccl lW WLV
v Will Be Issued
1 I
v It wall contain l in full and complete fashion
The Record of the Year o 19 Win Salt Lake City Utah
f r 1 l jandIdaho c
I i
OurMines i and SmeltersourReal Estateand Building Record our Agric
< H
if tufal f and StockInterests Dry Farming Mercantile Banking Home Manufac
ftures 1 i1IliqtliEiI branches ofc business will Tbe fullly and authoritatively
treatedr u
7i i LlJ i1ift
fllh li rBf gZJ11e rljJ1iJJ lJ 4p eGtl1t
< i C
The cover will be
as the size of the issue
r J
vvill prevent11 the printing of aisecondicditioni
t if f > V
N f 4Ericer16rcentsf InWagazine drin 25 cents
his right hand Je was lumovod in
tho polleo ambulance to fct MuikH
Illlngsworth who Is a driver foi tho
Utah Scavenger company wis return
Ing from work with hlfl wagon when
ho rounded tho coinoi of Second lcsl
nnd rlrat Noith streets Seeing a
Waim Springs cm approaching h
whipped up the IlOrsest1 get out of
thc way when the wheels skidded on
tliotracksJlo wan thiown lrloln tho
dilvers scat to the pavement sust iln
Ing his Injuries QlCJnendllit
was summoned to the usslstancc of tho
Injured man nnd ho was later treated
by Surgeon H B Sprague
Illlngsworth resided with his family
at SCO Thlid East sticot Ho hrUlI
wlfo and four children Al1l1alcdlJ
Edith aged 10 Uiuia ngod 13 and
William aged 1C He 111 brotheiln
law of Policeman M Woods
For FhtlmclueclIIitI31 IIIMon
Jniv ComposocI Jliitlicb of AVoincn
Kin Franclbco Doc > lrthc first
time In tho history of this country a
jury of 12 women aat tod ij In a aupeil
Oi court when Judge Graham sum
moned that number of fall spectators
to IWS upon u modlllcitlon of a cleciei
of dlvoic vvherebj lrKIUry A
IJIick ncqulrci thc pustddy of hot
mllioi son from Owen A Black
Jlioro vviis 14 women present and the
two that failed to get Into tho jury
box cpiessrd much disappointment
Not being iccusiomcd to Juij service
tho women failed to wait Instructions
from tho couit nnd ariangcd tho vrr
diet without leaving the bo Tho court
oidei was entered In accordance with
this verdict
Phoenix Ariz Dec > rinil leading
of the new Arizona constitution XVIH be
gun todav In the constitutional conven
tion It Is understood that u majority
ot the Republican members will decline
to lgn the constitution though a fur
ther confnienco has been called to de1
cldo definitely what action the mlnoilty
shall take
Tho convention will adjourn sine lIe
At Pan franco ST Lccagiicn A > I
cundul 10100 Tcct Using I
Blerlot Monoplane
Pan France Dee 9 Ascending from
Itliol via tl9n Held here to lIlM Legag
neux broke tho worlds altitude iccord 1
rising to a bright of 10139 feet Thcl
Frenchman landed half fiozen after a I
remarkable plane downward He used I
aBleilot monoplane
Tho previous official height record
was made by Ralph H < Johnstone who
1 1thorccfntmcet nt Belmont pal <
soared 9714 feet < d J
At Philadelphia Nov 23 J Arm
strong ruXeii mode a reman < able hlch
flight and claimed a woilds iccord
When this was disputed Drexel re
quested the officials of tho weather
bureau to cMimlnn his barograph They
did so and credited him with an alti
tude of 9897 feet These figures how
evei have not been officially accepted
by the Aero Club of America
New York Dce9 A middle aged
man believed to bu a burglar who was
Jiot while trjlng to break Into a house
In Pass lie N J last night Is djlng
today at St Marys hospital In that
city With a had looking wound In his
head ho was found wandering about
tho Hticets In company with woman
who aid she was his wife
Two hours befoie Theodore Taplev
a manufncttiVi was aroused horn
sleep by noises at tho window J Look
Ing thc saw a woman standing by
tho gate Ho got dovv n stairs just In
tlmo to sec a man step through a win
dow Tho houscholdei fired and the
burglar turned and inn
On going to an address furnished by
tho man tho Pass alc polleo found liome
broken up Jew eh y and a kit of burglar
tools The jevvolry was iicognlzed us
pall of tho plunder fiom previous lob
tllrles In Pass > alo
El Paso Texas iJc9E Clement
Stiubo managei the Carglll Lumber
company at Mlnnui Chihuahua arrived
this morning aftei a trip thiough tho
region Ilwlll by InsuigentH In northern
Malro He said
Tro Jpsaro advancing on tho Infected
legions f < mall foul directions nnd
hould have tho insuirectlon cinched
In a few davt Gueriero was letakon
bv tho Insurgents on Sunday and they
now hold that place San Andics Pe
dornalles Lu Junta MInaea Mndern
Tomosichlc nnd seveinl othei places
but lots ot them like Mlnaca nnd To
moiachlc wero without soldlcis when
taken Tho Insurgents claim to hivo
2000 men but 1 think lBOO in mod fight
ing men Is a piopor cntlmivtc ot theli
force By Satuulay night the Mexican
yernIlH lit will have four or IHo thou
sand tioops In Chihuahua and should
have the ichels hemmed In > o Ameri
cans have been molested
an Antonio Tevns pel 0 Bornnbo
Ellas a courlei from Mexico to the
fnmllv of Tranclsto I Madoio today
brought tho Infounatlon that the revo
lutionists hid ell l u Inrlquo Cieol
Jr son of Emltiue Creel mlnlstoi
foreign relations of Mexico They me
holding him ns < a hostage In the moun
tains neai Chihuahua City
Carlisle PH Dee 9Two silver dol
lus of Ihu lf < Issue havo boon found I
ficrix by Mlts Mab l Smith oxecutilv
ot tlio estate of tho lato John Comfoit
Although moic than 10000 of tho coins
voro minted nearly all of them
vvoui lost In shipment to a foreign
eountrj Coin experts sny they know
of only four more ot tho pieces In ex
< jttenco and tint the bust tlmo one was
bold It brought moroitlmn 1006
Those of Men Who Are Being
Considered for Appointment
To U S Supreme Court
Ir s
List Contains Nine Names
Which Two Will be Se
Washington Dec 1 1iom 1 source
which Is considered trustworthy It
was learned today that President Taft
has submitted to a number of senators
a list of the men ho Is considering foi
appointment to the United States su
preme court
In addition to Justice Chirle1 L
Hughes who was put down as tho
piobublr now chief Justice tho list
contains nine names from which the
president will select two as the jus
tices Tho name follov
Justlco 1ruicls J Swnjze ot the au
piemo court of New Jersey
Joseph H Lamar of Augusta Ga
formei Justice ot tho Gtoigla supreme
Justice Gordon Russell of the United
States district court of Texas
Justice William C Hook of Leaven
worth Kas now a judgu of the
iUhth United States circuit
Justice AVIllls Yandex enter of Chey
enne also of tho eighth clicult couit
Justlco John C Pollock Toneka
Kas United States district Judge
Chlot Justlco John Bradley Wlnslow
ot the supremo couit of Wisconsin
Senator Geoige Sutherland of Utah
W D Hugh an attorney of Omahn
Chicago Dec 9 jrembois ot the
school management committee ot tho
iboard ot education yesterday again
drew i race discrimination lino against
tho jellovv pmll In the schools They
decldcd to rescind their previous action
which pcimltted both Japanese and
Chine ic tp attend the school and ask
tho board at Its next meeting to adopt
u rule which will hai adiilt Chinamen
from sccilring a flee education In Chi
cago A H
The new rule which tho bond Is ex
pectid to pass jnovldes that no adult >
bo admitted unless they are citizens
or hivo filed theli first papois ot tx
piessed ni lntcntlon to do so In the
lafter Instance they must filq their pj
pers vv ithliupncf racirithtDr bcCeJccludia
fnmi furtluritattCHdanfco1 >
Although Jhc Cblueserara nnt jian U
In tho reiomnWilatltfni > tliofaLt > tIl lU
they are InclIglplut HlzoilsiiltriffiJctu
ally bars thoinVfroin socurlnglSn edu
cation Tour adult aliens wiio iccom
mended foi admittance to tho Jones
school under the new rule
Noithampton Jlas s Dec 9 After
Mrs Chailes W Walker had given a
job of windowwashing In charity to a
stranger wJio called at hei homo lato
jostfrday with a hardluck story sho
missed her jevvcliy case which con
tained about 1000 worth ot diamonds
and other Jewels The window washer
was also missing The pollen haeask
jet obtained no clew to his vheiii
Newark N J Dec 9 Judge
Tenej ck vv ho has been hearing tes
timony on the mental condition of1
Mrs Caroline 13 Mm tin one of tho
sisters ucciihcd of the murdet of Mrs
Ocey Mai tin Snoad In a bathtub In a
house In East Orango some months
ago today declared the woman to bo
Mine within the meaning of tho
statute In consequence of tho divi
sion Mrs Martin with her sister Mrs
Snead will have to stand trial for
the murder on Jan 9
Washington Dec 9 Texan will not
get a recount said Director Durand ot
the census bureau today referring to
tho complaints logatdlng the census
ligurea on tho population of that slate
I confess that I am somow hat dis
appointed ovoi the result ho con
tinued but a little thought will ec
plaln the situation to anyone Tharqr
hot been 0 very rapid growth In tho
PanHandle section of the stato but
that Is tho thinly populated region and
while there may have Ixen a very largo
proportlonat6 grow th there It has corn
pat atvely little Influence on the fig
ures for tho entire state
The gain iceorded almost 2S per
cent IH large for so extensive nn urea
Tho census vvns Ukon by Texas people
nnd there Is no roisori to suppose thov
would defraud themselves
Our count would stand In tho wnv
ot the reappoitlonmont of tho house ot
repicpcntattvcs and cannot bo thought
Chicago Dec 9 Mrs linn let Adcociw
who opened the first mllllnciy shop 1
Chicago died here
josterday nt the
ago of 93
When Mis Adeock came to Chicago
In ISIO sho inlsed vegetible on land
where tho city hall now stands
iiicucu ijimnuu PIUCES
Seattle Dec 9 Lumbei mnnulnctm
ors opect higher prices within tho next
30 or CO dajs ns a icsult of the activ
ity which has imukod tho maikct ot
lato This buojnncy Is attilbutcd to
tho lingo oider plluod by thu Chicago
HiulliiRton Qnlncy ralhoad which
Instead of bu > lng 7000000 feet tii antlJ
clpatod plneod an older for J0000 000
feet most ot which will be manufac
tured In tho Pnclllc northwest
POPUIATIOV or xnw nrnsEvv
Washington pee 9 Tho population
ot tho statc ot Now Jeisoy Is J5i7107
accoidlng to statistics of tho thirteenth
censim todav This Is an Increaseoti
cr1 19 or 317 per cent ovot 1SS3 CCO iiu
1900 The Incrpnso fiom 1 > 90 to 1900 vyaai
135736 or 30 4 per cent y
+ wit fiArt4K Q

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