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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 09, 1910, Last Edition, Image 11

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l 1Jif
f f J ii 1i ib
C = = r E E f 1 z < J
iS iMff V At tS c J 1
R 1 nnM J M N AJnN 1
i Extensionof < SCORG of National
k iiLaWsVifXt 6c No
> i = i
oC c j
General Abiillslnncnt ot licit Tape
lijli Jl d iiJi
1raullcat Politicsi
formi Washington extension Dec o tho S Currency scope of the ic
national banking laws n tho I event of
no Immediate general changes In thfe
monetary system civil service retirements
i Jt 0 CN
ments n custom sqrvlco free from
practical political businesslike meth
ods In the dally transaction of ths
government il a geilera aholltion of
red tape whcrevor lt clogs the i wheels
of the governments business ais
among the recommendations contaln
rrtln tho annual report of Franklin
MacVeagh sccrrtaiy ot tho ticusiiry i
jrescnted to Congress today
Tho expenses 0gClilnin litlntilc
llbcat > eII191fCfciJilciJI1wHC
Ionor Congress JIlIInSIct to nppro
prlate aie estimated at 6304V
011U Tho estimated expenditures ot
tho Panama canal are Icnis56i
< tl0817GD making a total oCG8i
41ISCOS1 The estimates If carrleii
out represent not aavingi of raboiit
1S00000 Jn tho executive depait
n inlsns comiiod ivlllll1 appto
prlatlons for tho current IHcal year
VJille tho secretarys repoit esti
mates the total expends jot govern
ment ut 087411SBO tlp estimates
I Which have been transmitted to Con
gress askfor 71811 lSGO a difference
of 61100000 Congress asked to
appropriate this extra 81000000 to
mitkc the sinking fund law effective
It would be an appropriation to per
mit tho treasury to begin applying 1 I
per ntairClrl the discharge of
the natlonardcbt The law aiithoilzlns
such a procedure habeen a dead let
j 3 l
0 ii ivifjafeiiHl ER I
HeallnychUdrcnjBlocpJsoundljv Any j
I jid 1ti il Isf paused lijrfanill tl 1
i s I i uTchgencratopolsons
Klckapoo Worm Killer Tibo Jnico
I itaofing ctindy lozenges produces
1 Bound pojsona childs restful Uonlc ami impurities Bleep and t < by strcnsthbulldcr It clcnnlng Is a grcal out
Price 2Ec6old by druKglots every I
whcroj nnd by
scnStAMaijoiixsox c nnucs
1 FIvifStorcH iWlicrc the Cnrs Stop
iter fj some tlmo SIB Congress luui
noverapproprlated I nny money
Receipts for l12j Seoy MacVcagli
i estimates i will be OSIOUO000 which
Would lcuva nn ordinary surplus tora i
riiunU 50000 OOO If the treasury
should l continue ifojlflyr f the
iPanumuJcanal out4 ot the cash drawer
as at prcHCnt such a surplus would bo
turned thii ileliclt of 5741188081
Secy jMacVeagh jsxprcsses the liorM
that the monetary question will como
Into j Congress detached from bectlonal
or political considerations
Our system rcun fairly Jje called a
panic breeding system ho says
whereas every other great national
hanking ami currency system Is panic
preventing As tlong as ve contlnuu
nmler our present tystum we aro llabla
to panics and the > devastations of
i 1anlcs resell 1ii I lien lIa and Demo
crats and all parts of the country
alike Panics arc no longer necessary
and no longer respectable It larOt
the government to Miy whether wo
shall ihavo panics In the future or
not It la a mero matter of choice
Wo hivyu no system of iesercs
our hanking system destroys them U
concentrates In New York what nru
pretended to be reserves and then
forces thONcw York banks to lend and
abolish them Ours > stt > m Instead or
building up a reserve destroys IlIIS
c itriIlt Inclines to accumulate
In connection with his ciiticlsm of
the money system l coc the secre
Wrys most Important iccommenda
tlims concerns future Issues of Panama
bonds of which 290000000 were au
thdrlzod hy tho tariff act The secre
tary renews tho recommendation
made last year for legislation to lav
thenciiJ I llntO per cent If used
by national hanks for circulation and
Intlmatis as was announced In news
dlHputches a few days ago that It
might be more preferable to Issue tho
noV securities for Investment purposes
oiiI5i tlIriitiJur3ilcl cent
As a ehetk against the uscofthc
Ji 1ilsrisi a basis for a further Inlla
tloh of tho national bank currency ho
suggests that achculatlon tax of oven
2 per cent would havu tho effect of
wlit m i jr llIIJIf tl
l iSw Sit
W ttilfl iJt it i fk tltf i i tlto fJi
it ii ff m rnifm i t ifJ < ii
is Genuine Rogers The orango lsstho most
j enUIn9
lusrfonc and healthful
Orange Spoon FREE rf fruit CaliiCrnia excels in
Snvo 12iSunltlst Oranco or h I qualityo oranges The
Lomon wrappers and send hem oo bc t of the California
to us with 12o to r > y chnrecs
etc and we will present you with oranges nro now
a genuine KonorsOrimceSpoon W packed in individual
ot beautiful design nnd hlchcst r wrappers labeled Sun
quality llecln satin wrap flSi
pcrstoday Send faunklst < fcTJ kist L
wrappers and IZc for each Five thousand orange farm <
mldilfoiml In romtttlniT spoon plonco pon l Jo t Z ers in California do their own
ftArai lost thim whim Sic tho rn ninonnt nnxuinU packing shipping nnd selling
nbote Jld woprnror inonny They grade and select their crop i
draft oraor ezrrfr lioiitBonil > nU rorlinnlE cash into firsts E1 lsetcrho
wo nil l > o Klat to 00 firsli fancy treeripened handpicked seedless
you nblo complotn pronlunu lUt ot W MU I less fibreless thinskinned oranges every indi i
honor ml Red both Jlnll Sunklft vidual orango n perfect ipccimcn of tho finest variety
ten lor prcxulutnv rup of oranges They are not only more healthful and
more palatable than other oranges bTit they nro actu I
m ally cheaperf or they are nearly all meat and nourishment
Your dealer sells Sunkist I Orange1 Ask for them
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pflP lJ per in which each Sunkist Orango is
z W67ttI i packed On tho wrapper noto the label
1 tJl Sunkist Keep all the wrapper
f JThey aroorth money to you >
II Best California Lemons
i 1J Come in Sunkist Wrappers
l if You can ludtro lemons by tha clothes heywear If 1
rl f thoywenr Sunlrlst wrappers they nro juicy ami cooil
t v for they arc not IhicUikinned or pithy They arc Just as flno
I ns SunLlst Oranges nnd thcfr wrappers nre equally valuable
rnJ 34 Clark Street CHICAGO ILL
mMfMmamyjf tstm asft m
tl1f i
D n t ry OJ 1ilf ath
Many a Head of Hair Apparently Healthy ia
f Slowly Starving to Death
Hnir must have sulphur or die j
When tho blood fails to supply i sulphur in sufficient quanti
ties the hair loses its color dies nnd falls out
When this condition begins do not delny inorder to live
hair must have sulphur nnd the > only combination containing
sulphur that tho roots ofthe hair will absorb is c n n
c 1
1 I
o t
f c
I Itwllli v io p J IL4A i jjj1 1 Ijair will rcsJorc ill irt
t to SISAnBSuralcoIorrliySiarcHnq ye JantIrufl flri
Shreei r davn > ihcfilnfest ° hairdressing <
made becauseltmakeS heImirjsoftitglossy s r
and bcajuitIHl and1as nqS slick r or oreosy I r
j 1 J f i
R T J jj I A j
as v U your ilruadrtldoes not keeptlt send GOV InatompijindUvB will send
H I youa lQrBCibouIecxpr U3 prcpaldj > t sFt1f I rfw
1A Ii r74 RT rDTST f T q
inye lemlCa y Iomnanv H1NIORIN ij hi i
fl u > 1
i l flsn j l mjdwccomnfemle idii yll A it i T fii s jDi W i lXJ i iij j
r I
> < t it j
f 1 Vv iI 1 i
1 f 1
I J i I 1 vf
fiBi f >
A 42j
p i c 4 t f J v
j u k s4 t icnir n I i1 t jJIih r rjb kij
j itC r ucprpotoumi t t li j 1 O1
thno you Idimako lhrlnn UJIcU e tulln
i rtor i l t ounurnr l h 2 pirjii l
it bontlsCofSwhlclimordl thun J10000000
Jarooutstandlng Anothcl Inclln orlc
jcompllshlnBjtho stiriecnd the socrc j
itaryHiiggoHi rwouUlbe focOongrcss J Jj
> iiuthDrlzo the > laHUo p CI 150000000 101
f100000000sifrtho boiulif ut3 per ccni
wJt1 lIt itlq i clrculntlpn piovlHlons 1rl
there jls tno piOspccU iqfi lmincdlato 8
tchttiiBC i InHhe monetaiy system the Hcc
Sretnry thlnksi JJhc American natlonu I
hanking ijystonKshould ho developed to
perform an International function
Thoie la n clcir need of banking
fucllltlCH In i foreign countries uhcto
thciejs American commerce ho nays
lrlIhIlHnoOcIbo IlCultlltJl1geU
commercial nation ho continues un
IcHHwe have merchant shlpo oC our i own
Jind forolsn bankn of our dwn AVe
Hhould havi banks at all ports thit me
Important to our commerce
Thu tioaiuryH leluUIons ovlth the
buslnu8 < communities aiu unbiislncoi
llku artlllclnl and burdensome the
secretary ilcclarcH and ho rucoinmonds
Icfrlslatlon to permit the payment of
revenue to the 1o rni11entJyi cci ti
lled chcckH gimulln < tho government
iipnlnit loss K
The icuommcndatlun lihtlt the trcifl
uiy he authorised to issue trolrt ceitlll
catos against jold b Ul nUl1il foreign
gold coin la renewed
Ie lowing tho > discovery of fraud
and the subsequent icorgniilzntloii
the cuatomu tervlcij ScylIieVelgh
urges appropriations tor rewardsyfor
thoe who aid thogoernniciitlk
Thu ruhabllltatlon nf Uieftustoni3
service at Now Yoik has been marked
ho FiyB by n decided elimination of
spalls influences and practical politics
American travelers aio more and
moro loallzliig thoj hidefqnslblenc3jOt
smuggling Its innk Il9honatyiniilbad
example and influence1 sUysthp0report
llecoiiimemllng study of the classl
ficd system of cmploycK the srcietary
doctaro s that a civil service retirement
Is nbpolutly the icqulhlto rll satlafac
toiy system
cyntrhutory systrni ot retiring
allow aiiciM the secretary recninmcnds
as the only one which has a chance of
adoption as the best for the inc and
women of tho service Ho urges their
fitcndu to concentrate jIIi that
movement A or jrll test tlJ of cfTl
clency in tho Bovernment ilbpirtmcnts
lift pays Is Impossible without some way
of lotlrlng clerks hin Just and humane
Secy MacVeagh strongly iccbm
mends that all nonpolitical olllces bo
Included In tho classified icrvlce As
sistant appraisers of customs should be
detached fiom politics for the efficiency
ot tho service ho aysThe secretary
pnjs a 1iIillt tribute to the men of the
Ufa saving heivlce and urges some form
of rctlivmont for thorn
As the economics of administration
which have boon Injected In the treas
ury d department 1f reviewed the scc
retaly pauses to takp notice of a state
nif tit made by a United States senator
that the business of the government
could be conducted IUin saving of
WOuOOOOOO a year
Secy MacVeagh says
1hcPopuln Impression as to the ex
tent of posblble economics In the ad
ministration ot executive departments
Is slngulaily exaggerated and this mis
conception Is very harmful jAVlicn tho
public expects that the government
can save 300000000 a year such small
laborious savings as can be uI 10In
the cxeuuthe departments hardly seem
worth while And It Is astonishing
that under such circumstances as these t
ic iii irihllll Jy small savings can be at
tained Theso savings can only be dis
appointing to theliubllc who hao such
figures ab 300000000 In mind that
they cannot receive any popular credit
for they can only i emto be small
ti flings with greatthings Andyet i 1
thcyj can only boproduced by labor
oiiH1 palnstnkhig nndkpcrslstent methods
ods and devotion < j
When It Is thofactTthat ftha entire
ordinary expenditures of they goVern
ment List ycarwere lofcs than 6GO000
qoM aml when u fen tIn ot those i cx
pundlluics1 Is not icduclblc at all as
for example lie interest on tho debt
and the pensions one can readily see
that thcio probably JSIOt crYl much
moio than 200000000 gross Jcttn on
which to save 300000000 Xow to
l effect a saving of 300000000 when tho
whole cxpendltnics amenable tb any
saving Is 300000000 Is of coursonot
easy I appeal to tho sense of jiropor
tlon pof Qpngress alid the Anierlcan
people 0 iltJs very Imptirtantto have
these Impressions coircctocl n order
that therefmay bc oinnxencquragcmpnt
given to thoH < IJIetq sca tternd thiough
j the departments lib Xulrcto bring
about all tho ImproVementiposslble
Supernuous customs hoMscs mints
and assay offices bhould bo II hoHih I
ll reports y Thore Is an ovcisupply
ftlielYUcr and the mints hiS n
TYanclsco Denver and Philadelphiaaro
not fully employed ThprseifGtaryn1so
promises to send to Congre < 3ia lljl or
cust6ms houses which he says arono
use underthc sun t
The peculiar properties of CMmber
lalns Cough Itemed have been thor
oughly tested during epidemics of Iii 6
flucnza and when It was taken In tlme1
wo have not hoard of a slnglotcaao ofn
pneumonia Sold by allyaeaIer3jS5S
> t jlt 1 >
1 Ami Health insurance ot men and
women 91Xj ilimo Iiril <
ck J
> T
r tJ r
1 tq 14
y 9lilliM II jpc x I1nl Jr
KCII I IY I to ix Jf d1 te 1 PI I r9 n
InndJurJfatSl1kalll NIWJ 3
wllllhlLcuIIBh Clmrlls McKcn7lojoC
Seattle and four Iiinonon ci rcs
of t OnSIlrluYiIJ defraud tlio fcovcin
ment of more than 20000 acres nc Alus
Inn coal lands wnafariflstcd < hcnJ2 to
nlKht He was admitted to tIlfL i i i < >
Mr JIcKenzIc flciired irominciitly < rnt
cllffonnt times Inthe IlnllliiKbrPltichot
Injulry liuliiR mentioned Iouls It
Olnvls In an affidavit In wlilch McIConzIo
WHS llldtri haclnfol mod Qlttvla tjml
llio ifiiuon James U Qiirflclil was not rr
tulncil li thp cablnut IIB Kcrrctary oC tho
Interior was bceiuw of Garflelds ltIlo
III liiKonlm to Aliixkan coal vlalmnntn
Tlio Indictments to which McKonzIn
ndtho othors Incllclcn with him will
linvo to answer chnrno that the sK
mini liad nu aKrooinoiit nltlfcaal clnlm
ants In the Kayak field of Aliuska where
by they worn toh1lonllnJC Intercut In
tlio minim claims which It wna nllccod
would Klvo them more land than tnoy
were entitled to <
Srahlnston Dec i S The population
oftin Btate or I > oulslanavls lSliSSSS an
Increase of 27470 or < 19 per crnt ovor
1381823 In 1000 ffhe Increase > Uroin
ISM 0 1900 was 263038 or 23i > por contv
< Tho population of Sp6kane Wash Iii
101102 Thlsjls Incicnaa ofGTSSIior
1833 per contfovoi 3 SiS In QOi
ThQt population cjf Tilsmarclc jNujD
lafi443 vcompnrnd wlth 3319 n1000
jiltovUcd Btatlstlcs of tho population
of TniripafFlaV BhowMts population to
f 37782 nnLliicroaso ot 21913 orlSSli
percqnl ovpr iloSSD In WOO Ajprlvatc
estlmatOjBavu thn 1910 comma i as < 3S524 i
A sprnlned ankle v iti usually disable I
ahe lnjurcd personl for throaor four
h Wl ItIILThJIII Is e clue to Oid ofi proper
treatmentAVheriiChamborlalns i Jj 1 ill
niontls1appllodta3Uro maj b ieffected
lntthree > r four days Thin liniment hi
ono of tho bostandmdBtjrcmnrlaibIo
jpreparatlonslliuuso hbrn1 deal
> r
r Y1j t i tL
lgWJ 5Q i1i 3ffiI IIJ 19 t
9 I II I JI i r I pilW 1
n 1
1 JI
I q
4 1
1 I I
r = u =
I j ftJ H
i W fWJ6
f GotMho Origina li and C Geniilno
1 HiD1IR 1 I
1 I I
II d 1 I
Jll IGtliS
iiM 11 ejMBJLK
The Fooddrink for < All figos
PureNutridonu p Building the wholcbody
Imgortc nurg mol her and theagcd
Rich milk mailed fprain jn powder form
A quick lunch prepared in a minute
Take substitute Askfor HORLICKS
i In No GombSnef of Trust
Waihhigl nbccs Two important
nieoitites Intended to bettor tho postal
service and carrying e Indorsement
of Postmaster Genral Hitchcock wero
taken up In tho senate but considera
tion o them was put over on tho ob
jections of Scnatois Hcybuin and Ba
con In thc house practically tho rntlro
time Is occupied In consideration of
tho Indian appropilatlon bill
More measures Intended to affect thu
tariff were presented In tho Iiousie Mr
Smith of Texas offeied a bill to admit
lumber free of duty and Mr Clink of
Florida Introduced a measure for the
free admission of all food lid food
Senator Taylor of Tonnesseo Intro
duced a bill today to extend the pro
visions of the national puro it law
to tobacco In whatever form It may
bo offered for sale
Ills bill Is designed to proxcnt tho
mlslabollng or mlBbrandlng of domestic
tobaccos so that they cannot bo of
fered as Imported stock to prevent tba
adulteration of tobacco with any other
substance tho tieatmcnt tortobncco
withany poisonous or deleterious sub
stances or the offering of packages upon j
which tho lghtIi not conectly
stamped Tho measure also seeks to
pi event the substitution of another
grade or kind of tobacco In a box or
Another campaign for the establish
ment of prohibition In the Hawaiian Is
lands began today with the Introduc
tion qf u bill by Representative Miller
of Kansas for that purpose
Senator Cummins next week will In
troduce his resolution for the Introduc
tion of the senate rules in the Interest
of legislation looking to tho amend
ment of Individual schedules of tho
iPayneAldrich larlrrItl1Hc gava
written notice today that he would
press thp 1 measurp on tho ntvt legis
lative day uhlcli will bo Monday next
Pure sriril1 Proscriptions our
specialty Holiday Drug Company
Y 2 OO I mii iii
i 00 1N1m ifDinr li rt fT 1
i JItJIljiUiJ ir lJt t
c if
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li > f
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c j Tf
t JjIIiV iofiU t
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< t iJ
ril tl < Ii
hr t
I j ftJ I
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t I ill ifJf I f
l 1t jI ii
M jA fJiJj
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1 f1 if 1
t 1 1
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i if
ri 1
I t
t I i Ilf
iV n eliCi D St 1 41 1
< f OU S al
1f if
Food cooked with lards
hog and i
compounds is so thickly coated with grease as tojI m f
give the gastric juices little chance to assimilate an di t < t 1f1
digest it Cottolem contains fat i
no hog It does riot 7
L VT coat the food with grease and food cooked w thit is = I
V easily digested Jli
< From the standpoint of health there lSnO com
1fV < r parison between food cooked with Cottolenc and f lifLi
4ft We cooked with lard Lard is just hog fat Cottoleue lsa J
c I vegetable product of Nature iir
test Cottoleue makes food ii
Nfe which any c fSr
i a stomach can digest and builds up 1 1il 1 1
the tissues of the body > P r 1 tl
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v 4 IK 1l J t
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M i l
V JI tl
JS b 11 It
J Q 1iI fI
I VA mulW v ttt1
i RUII xa tsaa KSO essa j i
a WFf caa ass em sss IDS i I II
Ki t lssa 5 33 JTf a ISO sm HIS 033 rrS 1i H
U D aa cza v l5I taa mSS tsra J 1
Imi tiU mIl mt a
r tImEau cmsm mmILI i
nma ess ssa tzai ESS E2H caiJSfia usa caj can tnsnsi BEB < f J I I
41 EH E3 E22J ES3 SQ3 EE3 S23 CE3 EK3 ES13 EOS tS23 JSS3 ESO ii > a
JJJ KnEaESJ E23 EH t33 323 CH3 E3 tea mIlt EU E2J lil
ofa r lsIrvm Ima wJ 1E9 E W rsIZ nm Ja 1
J G1 1m1 mm cwa C73 DS3 BiH EiU SC3 B3n5HSl S i 1411
sfisssa o 45 m111B E3x OK2J Vtftjvn S2C3 = 1 1
CB mlifBl1m2lmiZl tml11Jf l r
4C Gi1Z1mo CS9 SSZ3 ICI CSQS GSSS W < tai
I I 1 VffiSl amD nmrmJ t i 1 1 Mil1J
I tmcmrmlZm1mntmJ esa h
j 1CNsmmQrom IfimimJ i
tm1maQlUio ttm l mo f I
1 cmmrWIImiJ 3 SSSS 1US1mm Pq
eaj W t 11
J f I I h
j v I
j 11 < l f I t 1 j IiJ 11 J
j 1 v rP jtl
w l 11 1
tJ11 g tl1 l1S l I w = = I g j j 2 ± s tes a lt a MHW ili
> U f 1 l11 va zj T I
f1 1 J kw
i kfiM if tf1 Wj r rff wli
ml < f if
< b r ttr IMlJ jwIF tTfd n > 1 i
b i i 1 r1 I t11t I 1i1
f iIWJ < Jij t i lf y H j j1 frJtrJ Jf ilJ ii1iJi i 1J t 1 jM
ift t
< i i 1 1R J1IIv j J
t 1fl >
IPikt 1lJitffr1i rV 1ffJ cjk 12t > s
l c > 1 1 it 11 IJf 1 1IIr I11iJ 1

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