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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 09, 1910, Last Edition, Image 13

Image and text provided by University of Utah, Marriott Library

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Tsr Edition Do IUXC TTX aJtfSI
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The dellcatemirth tho jj
S Jane Austen Kcntly lilntnd siitlrc thl vcr JI Including his chief Lecture Ad Don
Jowetts tne
T femlnlnu decorous humor Aldus De Luxe OJii dresses and Interviews wlth In
of Jane Austen maka her If not tho greatest trodnctory nnd Evplanatory Notes and a Biographical
Plato I til most faultless of all tho female noellst8 j lark fakotch hy tho editor J Ellis Burdlck Tlrst Impressions Qjuixote
The sot contains complete nocls with piefaces
sions fiom new largotypo plates tjpe simo as
Introductions Sense and Sensibility Trldo and Pro This emblem of quality appear on Jowetts Plato with flxo watercolor frontlspleceb iIPm
Jmllco Mansfield Park Emma Persuasion and North I TJto llfo ando
The writings the titlo pages of all National Ll painted by hand
admittedly anger Abbey thousand aclllovctnonta of
Plato the This Edition of Insorsoll limited to onn
ditions to protect
j w
New Illuminated Edition Do Luxe In prary i Doii Quixote by
ran It among the f J t numbered sets Js In nvo volumes size fixSlxli
most popular as limited to 1000 numbered sets ririt Impie Iortrf of public against inferior on Buckiam extra basket weave dark led color sold Cor > antes New
now largetjpo plates mado expressly for lha National Illuminated Eilt
woll as tlio groat tops silk head and foot bands burnished gold back
Library Compans tloh Do Luxe First
cst productions of
titles uncut edges f
tho human mind Tho Illustrations Includo thirtytwo fullpage re Childrens Own Library Impressions from
jj Tho treat Oxford productions In halftone and K fullpngo dainty wa Published Price 18 Our Price 615 now larffo typo
scholar Benjamin tercolor frontispieces painted by hind Size ofivol plates Iv o polnta
i1 IIYi Jowelt denoted timei GxSxli Inr Hofi nnd Glrlx 0 to IS Throoquarlprs leather lustrouH black with wldo lnrKi thin Pinto Ii i
J his life to the Tull buckram handsome brown shade gold back leather cornprs Bold lino on Hides and corners rich type I3 < Bt trans I 1Ii
t ipn translation and title and gold tops silk head and footbuuli uncut A library which a child may keep In his or hor own tan buckram sldcj onyx Morris Inside cover linings lation hy Motteux
hi explanation of Pla edges loom and call My own Jlbrary There Is says gold tops anti backs adapted from a design by Hoot with n I Ito of Zj
w works his furnlbh bands Cer antes anil tho 9
tos and Sidney Smith no furniture like books thov silk head and foot
edition Is tho Published Price 18 Our Price 660 mind and Authors Preface
S re tho room and they furnish tho eiory par i
cognized standard pnt should see that tho rooms of thilr children aro Published Price 25 Our Price 865 Thli mnBnlflcent edition of tho colobrated olumes Spanish Size j
This now 4vol Slirca qtiat ten leather fast red with wide leathor properly furnished In this respect classlo Is iompleto In four oloeant
edition contains Plato masterpiece Tho Ilo corners and rich tan buckram sides gold linos on sides P Issued by The National Library Company In response CJxD and 11 Inches thick Tho text Is superbly embellished 4k
umo Complete In ton handsome olumcs containing all D Ito uroI on plato
Ofll Photogravures
for worthy iti 36 Dylco
and design demand a bellished with
publlc complete with Jots Ott 8 completo analysis tho ° corners gold back adapted fiom a IOSUn by to the widespread public
s tho best of th6 worlds literature for joung folks sponse worka at a mod of which tho four frontispieces are watercolors j a
and Death of Socrates and a comprehensive Root gold tops Hllk head and foot bands ony MorrH edition of InBorsolln famoun paper
Trial library
complete nearly 6000 PIKOB handsomely Illustrated with hum the celebrated orations piloted by hand Tho Edition Is limited to 1000 S L
linings uncut found ors
cover edge will bo oi
paper SOj Hero
select collection of The Dialogues as cnito prlco s
prehensive Hi approved v iCrous tot engravings and about 100 full iao plates In P1 made his name known thiough sets numbered by hand and tho two zt len of bind 1t
d I Tow Pit The best sot of Plato over Issued tions and lectures which
proved by o
pros colors Editedwith Introductory notes by J Ellis
Published Price 24 Our Price 865 dltpcfrw whllo no attempt has bpon mado log are a follows
for the student or general reader Tho odrtlon Is h it tho world and S
Or Burdlck and aagonoral Introduction by Charles Welsh
tir C C flfl a on ra r uc n ar es o i To of his numerouu speeches on various nucltram of a rich brown shads Bold tops sold
handsomely Illustrated with four handpainted water MMMMMMMMMMH BBMV I < managing bdltor of Tho Young TolkH Library SIzo to Includo all classlllod collection of baclc title silk head and toot bands uncut odgofi
and IsUlmlted to 1000 numbered occasions wo believe this now
color frontispieces nri Ti w 1 New Do Luxe Edition of volumes 4 34x71x1 No watercolors i
sets Size of volumes 6xSJxlJ Innlnt on Jynetin I ravel f his workB will bo found sufficiently js
Liforaiv of tiia Masterpieces of
A ave rary Buckram dark bluo color gold tops arid gold back cdlllpn for tho
IrOn The Ilent Into j Cmllent American and decidedly tho most satlsfaclory Published Price 12 Our Price 410 r
The of this set is 12 Travelers John Hay W D Howclls Charlci Dudley general reader I
new large type is JjaWD medium brown color with
Warner Henry James W E Grlffls and Nathaniel Published Price 2250 Our Price 740 f m i ni I Orcatcit HlKtor Threequarters sold linoi on sides and I
point Scotch shown by these lines Hawthorne with 283 Illustrations from tho pen of Gibbons Rome I ° yirl cvcr ery wide harmonizing leather brown buckram sides eold
Josopji Ponnell and others SI volumes color buck A L trittcai corners
v largo typo Threoquartera leather wlno handsomo Riviere edld tops silk head ik
design byfliIero J
Buckram of a dignified dark groon shadewith cold extra paper Sire of volTimcs EJxSxlJ See catalogue ram sides gold tops gold backs silk head and foot baclci from a
hack stamping and Gold tops silk head and foot for contents No water colors bands r Now Illuminated Edition Do Luxe with six superb nnd foot bands onyx Morris Innldo cover linings un 3 i3 4
I vQ Complete In six volumes > > S d
bandsuncut edges Threequarters leather green with green buckram v watercolor frontispieces cut edges
Published Price 12 Our Price 426 tops sldou gold gold backs lines on adapted sides from and corners a design sllk by Root hoad gold and PublishedPrice y 30 Our Price 1030 contrasting Three q1lrterH buckram leather sides dark gold wine tops with and handsome full cold Published Price 20 Our Price 720 i
foot bands uncut edges i backs from a desjgn by Cross onyx Morris lining
Three quartor leather dark groan with harmonising paper silk head and foot bands uncut cdses
have lens
and Sancho Panza can noor
buckram sides wide leather corners gold linos on Published Price 25 Our Price905 World s Best Poetry Published Friceh2 Our Price 905 than Don a Quixote world of admirers and lovers Where they 3 t
sides andcorners gold backs aAnpted from design there will over be laughter and sympathy tho
bv Tll loro gold tops silk head and foot bands uncut naH
the other according to tile capacity f
1 edges onyx < Morrs cover llnlncs Guy De s Complotefy and auccessfully Ills tho Ionsfelt need Ilrst Infallible
1j y e Maupassant of a classified anthology of tho bost pootry of all tevenson New Illuminated of the reader J I
j Published Price 20 Our Price 720 aces and all nations Nollbrnry Tshoujd be without it rdlton Dc Luxe L
4 Completo Novels and Edited by Bliss Carmen assisted by other scholars 4 Containing hli best standard works
Short Story Alastorplocos Elegantly Illustrated with the contents of thOrlOvolumo Edln
JUntod from made
thoj plitcs byjJohn D
51 Complete aorl Including her Life and tho Complete contents of Iforrls Co nowcontrollBd by tho National Library ten watercolor frontis ip ing Society edition see caUlog
El 1 0 L I Letters ln ten volumes Illuminated Edl tholargejtype 10volume S j Cbmpanyf 6ni extra tOpaquakBlbloSpappr corn late In pieces painted by hand and 3COO i
privateay ed1tIo c forty fullpage halt tonoi prlnttd Jn flvo olumes on ojaquo Blllot panar
edltlonv paie
J3S u
tlon Deluxe 4000 pagcsprintedln Qvo f nv T01uroe9VBlze V S7ixlv7dwMUUminited Edl original drawings pagcs Now Illuminated Aldus Edition De Luxe limit
Illustrated with forty fullpage Illustrations Including volumes on opatiuo IBJblo tlon POVLUXO < wlthfld handptvlnted watercolor E made expressly for this edition ed to 1000 numbeied sets The Illustrations Includo
cluding ten handpainted watercolor frontispieces I r frontlnplece and 96 beautiful fullpage halftones n nvo ctqulslto handpainted watorcolors as frontispieces
paper Illuminated iAJdus tIonb3ohntBacorI Excellent
pn plato paper exquisite works of art f > and colored plates One of tlio most valuable and and pieces with 32 halftones from originals by Bolles
Edition Do Luxe limited cellent larBO typo high
i The typo In now and extra largo size of Plato to 1000 numbered s6ts beautiful sets of books over published Eormorly sold ci9 grade raff paper Slzo of Klrkpatrlckand others There aro two stjles of S I
J b agaitijitjiIgh Eiibscrlptlon prices S
shoftn above and the work and r in binding nd followsi
S press paper supor Size of volumes 4Vlx71x j volumes SJxSlxlJ This
fflnc Edition limited to 1000 sets Size of volumes 1 Water color Illus miclcrarnterra new edition of Stevenson Buckram a handsomo green shade with Ink and
OxSJxlJ BuckrarVi rich Broeri In ten volumosls published gold back title stamping gold tops silk head and
Buckram gray color gold tops silk head and foot With burnished Ink and In two stylcu of binding as foot bands uncut edges
bands gold backs uncut edges gold back titles gold tops S 7 follows r
Published 18 OurPrice630
Pripe Onr Price630
S silk head andfoot bands > Buckram rich brown Published Price 15 Our Price 475
Published Price 30 Our Price 1070 uncut edges > Threequarters I r J leathqrjffaot > h redtwlthdark K K < green with burnished Ink and gold
Threoquarters leather wino color wide leather buckram sides gold lines on sides and corners gold I back stamplnggold tops Threequarters leather blade iwlth beautiful contrasting
cor Published Price
ners gold lines on side1 and corners with handsomo S backs and tpps slllfhead and footbniida onyxMorrls ifiR silk head and foot bands trasting green buckram sides gold lines on sides and
contrasting strawshade buckram nldes cold backs 1 A 1g paper cover Ilnlnge uncut edges > f 6 r IA uncut edges corners onyx Morris lining papers full gold backs In
PS <
15our Price
SI from a design by Macdonald gold tops silk head and LIJOUI rice Published Price 24 Our Price 2250 Our Price 825 design from Zaehnsdorf gold tops uncut cdsos 4J p
purPrice 825 Published
toot bands onyx Morris paper linings uncut edges Three Quartor leather blue with harmoni log blno Published Price 20 Our Price675
sides gold lines on Asides and corners full
Published Price 40 Our Price 1485 gold backs In design after Zaohnsdorf gold tops silk Threequarters leather fast red with contrasting
linos sides and corners h
head and foot bands I ihIf flOV Do t Ufl brown buckram aides gold on
onyx Morrls paper Inside cover Irish Meraturel
linings uncut edges 1 ri 1 era ure Edltlpn contains ov gold tops and full gold back tooling adapted from a IT T > sand Cdrrospondenco during J
Famous translation by Henry Wade < orythlnKij complete design bv Orrofk silk head and foot hands nyx Jrepys Liar tho reigns of Charles II
J ante I worth Longfollow with voluminous Published Price 20 OuiPrice 6 75 by tho agents same as oxtons In tho cly original at high tenjolume pdltlon Bold Morris paper linings uncutedgcg and James IIi as decipher l4
1 notes by tho translator and additional prlccsIStzdpf volume ed by llev J Smith from tho original manuscript
notes by Charles Welsh Printed In Hero at last Is tho best English translation of De 0 14JSJV1 Printed from plates mado byTphn D Published Price 30 Our Price 1070 wlthLlfeof theAutlioriahdNotes by Lord 13raybrbokei
extra larffo x tipo on extra fine paper Now Illuminated Maupassants brilliant works In a 6harmlng edition nt MorrlH Co now controlled by National Library Co Now Illuminated Edition Do Luxe with four watercol
55 Edition Do Luxe with four exquisite watercolor a Veiy low prlco This excellent set should not bo Buckram dark green with gold and Ink back titles Same Printed In 10 volumes on opaquo Blblo or frontispieces painted by hand and about 100 full
confounded with Infeilor magazine editions gold tops silk head and foot bands uncut edges Edition limited lo 1000 mimborod sols Size of
hand halftone from
frontispieces done by and 3i full pag halftone paper page reproductions fronioriginais crathorod
Illustrations from celebrated originals Complete In volumes Dx7JxC8 Samo Illustrations as described verified and described by Charles Curtis Blgelow
1 1 0 tI D P ir
four volumes Size 6 15x7 34x1 14 O l K O I The bcst < lntl only com Published Price 18 Our Price 660 above Limited to 1000 numbered sots SIzo of volumes Cix
iXODert burns Pluto edition Edited hy
Threequarters leather dark green with harmonizing Oxl D4
rod with gold back stamping gold
Buckram deep
ing green bupkram sides gold linen on sides and cor GeorgokGelbio ow l Three quartorn leithor dark groan with handsomo silk head and foot bands Threoquartora leather rich dark green with beau DU
ners gold tops and gold backs from a design by lumlnated Edition Do liuxo with slx watercolor buckram sides gold tops full gold back tooling silk tops Iful Imported shot silk sides also In a green shade
lu ire Morris lining paper silk head and foot bands frontispieces and about 100 fullpagp half tonos wood1 edges bead land foot bands Morris paper linings uncut Published Price 1750 Our Price 590 Thole are gold lines on corners and sldps of tho bind 1 0 4
uncut edges cuts etc Completo In sixvolumes Size > 68xll S 1 W ng gold backs adiptod from a design ty ZaPhnsdorf l
Edition limited to 1000 sots Asp raid tops silk head nnd foot bands on x Morris
Published Price 20 Our Price 720 Threequarters leather dark green wItir7handQmo Published Price 25 Our Price 865 cover rull stamp flexible gold English back leathor title silk rod ribbon color marker with blank silk Ining papers uncut edges >
oon buckram sides gold lines sides
on nnacotiieyni
and foot bands gold tops T
Buckram binding dark green students edition sold tops and backs from designs after Qrtjt ffti > TT O 7TT 9r O t
Published Price 20 Our Price 720
Bamo frontispieces contents an above having only 40 fullpage without the halftones watercolor Edinburgh paper uncut silk edges head and foot 1 bands MorrlnMTnlrtir gbossings U b HistQry Published Price 30 Our Price 1020
Published Price 9 Our Price 330 Published Price 2250 Oiti Price82 tOlSJO Latest byBenson uptodate J edition LosHlng from LL thn D Aboriginal Fihlr volumes Times Defoe J Completo tlon Do Luxe works limited Now to Illuminated 1000 numbered Edl
w 2COO paces Illustrated w Ith over 1000 engravings 80ti 0St beautiful octavo volumes
Si Now Illuminated Edition Do Luxo of H TLongfe1lowJ T1 O C Dxrloy and other vtellknown artists With Shakespeare 10 volumes excellent now tvpo plates
Vilde his complete works limited to 1000 reproductions of tho ceebiatod Brady collection of The Illustrations Includo eight cxqulslto watercolors
numbered nets Printed from now photogfnphs loaned by the government for tills work Most pantod by hand nnd numerous fullpago halftones
Including UIn completely nnno
complcto Manyi fullpngo colored plates and maps No wator
the best edition ever1 Issued In
largotypo English plates only Translation of color aled Shakespeare In tho Tho with1 America
complete and authorized American edition In ton oo Prose S world Buckram gray with burnished Ink and old back
See for
and Poetical cataloguo
tuvo volumes With handcolored frontispieces and works LoH3lngs brilliant work stands today tho most fas f till Hies silk head and foot bands gold tops uncut edges
excepting aifew description of notes
many halftone Illustrations SIzo GxSixlg iB anuVinstiuutlvo In Amoilcan history In olst
Buckram burnished Ink and gold back titles gold of his later ipoemsl e < Qllvor Vjohdell Homes said of him that ho had at bottom of pages Published Price 2250 Our Price 790 1
eluded because of r none Now Illuminated Aldus
tops silk head and foot bands uncut edges copy 11010 than any other man to make history In
light restrictions teresting ahfl populni Edition DoLuxe In 10
Edited with notes by Kujl bucknim green gold tops silk bond volumes S400 pages Threequarters leather blue with buckram sides i I
i and
Published Price
25 OurtPrice 865 Charlos Wolls llluhiln bands Ink and gold back tltl uncut edges Largo toxltypo sanio old linos on rides and corners gold backs from a
aled Aldus Edlllon Do 4V 4 t Blzo as Plato from tho dqslRH by WorBfold gold lops sjlk head and foot It
Threequarters leather dark rod with tan buckram < vvollOcnownbest tihnds onjx Morris linings uncut edges
sides Luxo limited to 1000 t Publislied Price 16t Our Price 575 plates
gold lines on sides and corners gold book tool ot Blirelow Smith Co
numbered sots In R vol t
foot Ing from bands a design Morris by Bedford gold tops silk head and times about < 4400 pages t Threequarters l ilhoi bluo with gray buckram now controlled by tho Published Price 30 Our Price 1070
paporllnlng8 uncut edges largo typo Printed Hides KoldVilned marbled pnpor linings gold tops and National Library Coni
carofullv on special Bilk head bands uncut edges pnny printed on special
Published Price 36 Our Price 1240 opaque Bible paper SIzo opaque Blblo paper Il Now Illuminated Edition
of voliimofl 4 34x71x1 Published Price 21 Our Price 740 lustrated with 10 hand Victor HugoNow Luo of his Complete
Itbmancos Poems and
The Tho Illustratloni In painted water colors
Siv complete Wn
tJJUT cludo flvo very beaull nnd 100 mezzoRravures Chief Diniims In 10 volumes limited to 1000 numbered
torloy Novels with ful walcrcolor frontis HIzo of volumes 5 1Sx sets with 10 handpiilnted watercolor frontispieces
all Introductions pieces nnd over seventy milpage halftones from De Musset 7 GSxl ind SO halftono Illustrations Lane clear tjpo aupur
and notes Printed In large clear typo on excellent originals by Heglnald Bolles iOtlo Cushlng and other Now Buckram dark led with Ink taml Bold back tllleo loi paper PJro of volumos 6SJlj
paper complete in 12 volumes Illumln uncut cilgCH Bilk head and foot binds
comp a
j Now Illumin artists atcil Edition Ue Luxe e trii largo tspu printed on gold tops Buckram a rich green shade with handsomo burn
ated Edition Do Luxo limited to 1000 numbered sets Buckram binding light bluo with burnished Ink and Biiporllno paper bnperbly Illuntinted with 41 full Published Price 2750 Our Price shad Ink and gold back stamping silk head nrid foot
Illustrated with 12 watercolor frontispieces painted gold back stamping uncut edges gold tops Silk head page photogravures of which ho frontispieces nro bands gold toux uncut edges
S hy ihand nnd many fullpage halftonen Buckram and foot bands r beautiful viatorcolors painted hand Complete In Threoqunitora lotthci rod with light brown buck
green with burnished Ink and gold titles gold tops live volumes Sle 0aU IMItlon limitLilto ram sides gold lines nlclos Published Price 2750 Our Price 8
silk head and foot bands uncut edges Published Price 15 Our Price sols to 1000 on nnd coincis full gpld 865
475 numbered < backs from a design by Bedford fibld tops silk bond
Published Huckram wIno color with burnished Ink and gold and foot binds Moirls onyx paper coer linings un Tluoarrunrtpin leather tod shade with beautiful
Price 36 Threequaitera leather Autumn 4
Our Maple leaf
Price 1285 rich brown buckram widen cold linos on sides with and titles gold tops t silk head and foot bunds uncut cut edges conlriintltiff dark greon ibuckram sides vvldoj leatlior
Threequarters leathor green with handsome buck cornern gold backs In design by Macdonald gold tops edges v > < t Published Price 36 Our Price t 1260 coiners backs gold In lines on sldos and corners gold tops
rice gold dcslrjn from Hlvlero
1 ram sides gold lines on sides and silk head and foot bands onyx Morris lining 1 1 1 A 4t1 0 1 PUU silk head and foot S
corners gold backs Published Price
SS with design by Macdonald gold tops onyx Morris UncUt edges < f 1IMJ51SJLCU5 iice 18 Our Price 660 Same Complete In 20 bountiful volumes of cbn b ands onyx Morris paper cover linings uncut odgri i
maibled cover llnlnga silk head and foot bands uncut Published Price 20 Our Throequarters leather wlno color with vonlpnt ela B 18x7 C8 less than 1 Inch thick Published Price 35 Our Price
edges Price 705 dark brown buckram sides gold backs In design contrastlnc from iStiporbly Illustrated with 20 oxqlilnlto vvatorpolor 1210
Durvnnd gold topx pllk head frontispieces pftlntod by hand and oxer 150 full
Published Price 50 Our Price Complete Proso and Poetical orletnflvo and foot bands Morris mozzoRraMires from originals tho
1780 flvo lining paper uncut edges by worlds Illuminated
Poe Ed
L volumes 3200 pages printed from extra gro itost artists Les Miserables
larso clear typo on supcrllno Bible Threequarters leather binding dark red color with L3CS ivRaLfl pn A
opaque Published
PublishecLPrice 24
TJ Th 1 t Complete Edition Do Lue paper SIzo of volumes 4 ice Our Price 865 rich contrasting Kioun bucKram uldcs gold linos on Masterploco Mis
S c 5 ay with ton ilanl painted watori Tho Illustrations Includo five 34x71x1 cornorw and sides gold tops and bac Ito nllupted from orables In llvo handsome volumes Sire 6J7 14x13
color frontispieces and numerous cd watercolor frontispieces tlvoiiaitiful handpaint a design by Qrrock silk head and foot bands onyx Thorp mo twcntjthroe full iugo Illustrations of
DUO full pra half tono engravings In ten volumes halftones This Illuminated ce nna Aldus tliir Edition two fullimiro Do Luxo QjArine NMVtlCoinpleto Edition Do Luxo Extra Moirls lining papers uncut udgcs Which tho llvo fioutlsplcccs aro hand iaintod water I
octavo flle Is limited to 1000 numbered w 34 LCator jo volsv Ten nuporh watercolor colora being reproductions of originals by famous
rr sots
Published Price 60 Our Price 21
ice 85 Trench
Buckram dark blue with burnished Ink and gold Buckram rod nhndo vvilh burnished Ink nnd gold lUusfiatlohs painted hand nnd numerous full ice artlitn
bade titles silk head and foot bands gold tops un back titus sold tops silk head and foot bands uncut pagej halftones from originals This Is tho best Same Aldus Pock t Edition 40 volumes siro 4Jx In This th edition limited to 1000 numbered not U Issued
cut edges < edges I translation printed In largo clean tspe 0 34 and i Inch thick requisite hand Htjlo with 40 ° with following bindings llmkram dainty blue col t
r or hnmlGomci
f burnlnliPd InU and gqdbacktit1j t1
F Published Puce 27 50 Our Puce 9 90 Published Price 15 Our Price 4 75 Published Price 4250 Our Price 1485 laid Van Watermark Dykn Photogravures paper Bound Printed in semiflexible on Aldus Lo maroon Duo gold tops silk head and foot bands uncut edges titles 4
Throcqunitcrs leather redis buckram sides gold Thrcoquartora leather handsome gropn nhafdo with t Saino m 1Lrt BucUrwn Bola btclc9 nnrt Published Price 12 Our Price 425 L
bl JJtrii
< lrain sldqs > baclcp tops
E tops gold backsadapted fiom a design liyinoot sllk < alllc head and gold lines on1sides and corners Published Price 48 Our Price 1260
hoad and foot ljand Onyx Morris lining jiapor uncut foot bands onvx Morris lining papers PublishednPrice 35 Threequarters leather blue color with wide leather I
iS i edges f v 1old baclto In design adapted from Zaohnsdorf sold OurPrice1165y Aldus 40 olumo edition In full flexible Ehgllali cornel gold lino on Hides and coinors bluo buckram
kj topsr uncut A1rr VT >
eathor sold tops silk ribbon marker Bides backs
v Roll gold tops on Morris paper linings
k Published Prioe 40 Our Price 1400 Published Price 2Q Our Price 675 l5umas5ffTfdtIon Da Luco rctra 31 Leather 18 Published Price 96 Our Price 2520 uncut edges
> Published Price 1650 Our Price 610
i pBnfi UrNoVlllumJnatodDoXuxo iEdltloi Ex J Goethe Do Luxe Edltloh Illuminated Edition Do Luxo S4
mtarCffi 31 110 5 0 J leathor 7 vols Published Price 60 Our Price 2280 Leather C vols
By Martha James A humorous
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