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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 09, 1910, Last Edition, Image 2

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Iii hiii iJ 5 1111 f It jJ I 7 I 4 2tt h l JfJir1t
f h til rl 1 < Jc K v
Wi f Arir fO ii 1
it < l l 2 DESERET jf l EBWS L t G At11f1
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iiw 1UANorHnWHRnv
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Jf J Edward caco rlilhltloii Tavlor nctnrnd In Enthusiastic TVoinCht
il < V rininu of 311ml
j State Horticultural Inspector J Kdward
tW 0 fff kt
Tajltn nccompnnliil bl H 11 jlolbrdok
iiV icturncd lout iilhln from the Uliltaiio line
j1 c nhovv nhcio Hii 1e bcn In charge p C
i tlie titah bootli Mr laMor In spcik
J Ing of the iTiul how Mild
IJ 5 fhtt luiirl show hold at tliu nudKorlum
VOHn SUCCCNS In cvviv rceptcl ami tliu
i nttcnrtinca WIS fulii tip to expectations
l During l1ClltJla > a of tho BIIUW tlivre
t i VVTO uctv eaii H0iOo and SJ5tW paid nd
h i missions nnd th > show vns as illvo and
nwdkct as tha one a jeir aio Tin clis
i of noplo that attended Hni show vas
curnpoMc l of somn tho h sLnnlmoRl
uplodTto citizens In tin United Stales
i Tho hUll was of girat benefit to tho
t slate fui two reasons In pnrllcul ir I he
fi first Is there were people In Chicago who
have Investments of some kind In Utnli
i Including Irrigation nnd ilnnr projects
3t nnd the were pleased to we Buch a BUO <
hhuwln as was nude by tlie state ho
t g ontlsthalllnh bus got to look to
J tho big cltlih for litr iotO thiougl
N1 the liml Rhnw o lonclud a lare part
q of tlm consuming public Duilng tht
r Id dajs Hint the show VMS In piogrc s
I there WHS not a day when tho npiclous
ir < bullilhig was not rlcdOIM capacity
i clc iltc the fact tint tho vvcitlici nt tlmch
VMIS cy dlsTgrecibli Uht laigist crowd
eamo iin a day vvlteii snow was coming
i down hi a icgulir blltid
Utah da > was cclcbnted bv dcrvln
1 l hot biscuits with Utah alfnlfa hones
i This popuelllon made n decldtii hit Iht
i cm illt > of our wcstcin honav Is fni about
I tbat of Uloolsliunillho Lonsumcrs VMIU
1 quick lonoWel iw IJds of Inquiries
W tu
H quiries were made as to whirc It could
< be obtained locallv llaJ TOT dozen bis
cuits vvcro Bcrvod After the show f
special n quest was Into by the innjor
r of Cbicigo ntil ueveial piumhicnl citizens
t for ajnples of the honey Through the
ii oourte y oCD K Ilmlev of the pi CJ
irfr dcnnrtmciit of tlio O HI rillwuj
oveiy facility wni > placed nt our 1PO1
1 vshlch hell t greuti lu thow the suite t
resources to tho best possible advantage
1 1 flio Utahexhibit was plilced bj vir
i r Tn > Joi rldH I llolbrottk Mr Hol
j brook hns lipcn placing Utah cxlilblls nil
mer the 1nlted ijlntei ever since the
iwJ Wlnncin St Louis fair and Hies havo all btcn
W 31 Polcron Complete < IIIDCC lion
1 In Dceii Cicck nnd skull Viillo
I t iln Ma icport tn the department of
IW Indltn affair W i M Peterson super
fl > visor of In linn schools with headquar
l ters ror < elhO returned this
1 > < morning from Deep Creek uul Skull
valley will recommend the erection of
< < > un Indian tchooj for the Skull valley
3i I Indians and thr equipment of a H ChO II
i co which Is now belnp built In Deep Crcuk
by the Indians theniKelves On his tour
of Inspection Mr Petcrhon found that
Pj the Indians In both settlements had
iy taken up land and were cultivating tho
i land Most of tho families ULO built
houses and erected shelters foi their
f uvttlcj and horses f
The Indlaiih of Deep Creek hnvo be
I Run construcilve nark onlL l school
I house Theyt will spend the vvlntei
Y vtsPlctJO
t months In the mountains cjcttltiK the
J tonlJ nnrtcxpcct tohaveflt completed
In I the spilng Hs belnir built of IOKH
t tr Ii fPetersonRhopcs to bo abloto set
tlie Koveinmcnt to ceiulp tho school jind
< furnish a teacher Tho Skull valley If
f j dians1 have no tto roach i and nn
r effort will bo mado to havo a slono
f choolhouso erected o there
1 J EtEE
iJmliro 7McMn > lcT Does J > ot 1e 1 It
t v Names or AViirils to Circulate
iff np yrlsloCrculnte
d > Judgo Alexander McMauters annual
W report ofthe uoikot tho Juvcnllo court
l a report coming1 jtl a com t desig
l nated by the National Ansoclatlan eif
J Charities and Collections ionoot tlio
N best JuvcnllOjCourts In the nation was
handed to tho Juvcnllo court commis
I sion Thursday evening
j The icport Is conch o nnd eompleto
if and indicates tho thcirouBhnetm with
i i vvhlchitho > Juvcnllo Judge executed his
if work It appears Inful clsowhuc in
this Issuo of The NOVVH
Speaking of the woik of various Ju
1 venllo couits Judfco Molliistcr said
jestetdayj after handing In Ills icport
Onmaii > occasions 1 havei had mng
J uzlno wliters como to me to ask poi
nllsslon c tuko plcturcH of my Juvenile
1 court wardb On all such occasion I
rufuso the icqucst 1 know 1 In tho
eiiHtom of many nhjmlj juvenllo Judges
j y nlojudges
to Jmvo their plctuius taken with tholi
il bo > s > and gills foi publication but 1
> cannot bcllcvei It ib light These little
1 people aro only beelmiliiK thch lives
lif Some of them pet Imps many of thuin
i vvlll Homp day attain pioniincnco and
tlu blight YliICIc would buiiluted upon
y Inch careers by the dlhcovery that they
wcia onco > wauls at the Juvenllo eouit
would bu Incalculable
I appreciate tho respect the nOn
papms of Salt Iako havo shown my
opinions in thu matter I havo ex
plained to them thu detriment I feel
would rie < iiently usult fiom tho publi I
cation of names hi connection with Ju
venile court matters and in nil Instances
my opinions aIIchcct uspected n
one Inttancef when I believed the case
had sums bovond lemodv I eth
noHspapeis the story and follow hip Its
publication the boy was bofeno me
nffiiln on jinotlui complaint lie told
mo ho had fully Intended bolus good
but the newspapers told all about bin
troubles ant now ho did not Intend to
try any more
c u <
o i bfe
JFQr llrHsimS
A fine variety c clqnc a
gift of quality tliat will give
unlimited plcnsuic and satis
faction to tlie giver Conic in
and tec them
The Pure Drug
Dlspc iiMir
Soutli 111
nec hc
J rolIJI
m 0
iil7nhclt EhIIISlnSht Vn > Itolihod
Of Her Hotel at Point
Of a din
Not firtticntlV In tho history of
courts does a case of burglary come to
their Jttenllon such as tho ono Instl
tutid UJitirdiv by Elbabcth IJIilcr
In which she charges Dellui Donald
SOl of taking her holc1 away from her
at the poll o1 pistol Mrs Ehler
who n conducting tho Midland hotel
U the corner of riist South and
lllchardfl street charges Mrs Donald
ton with entering tho heitcl forcing
icr to deliver a lien and then eiravv
ng a gun forclilg herself and ten
ants Into the streets
Mrs Donaldson wns accompanied
nta the htttel b > a man who pnrpoit
ed to hOIII officer By IrlcUeij sajs
Mrs Killer Mrs DonaUUon procured
loseislon of t Itr lease through hot
ompanlon whom tho proprietress sup
posed WIt Iil officer Tho chamber
nuids were then eoverod with thn gun
In tho hands of Mrs Donaldson and
orccd tn dclivcM the kojs tthlsi
ho lenantH were driven Into thc
treots accompanied by Mrs Ehler
nndtho defendant Inlho suit lllcd
ook possession of tho place
Mrs Ehler allcgeb nho has been
damaged to the mint fro and
isks that tho Judgment liiUmles 1
ental of 20 a dav until hho regains
lossesslon through the procena of law
It ciiluslon occurred on December
ASk dI Addles Mcejtlnir of Ceiloraelo
Springs Cliamber eif Coniineicc
John T Burn0 hecretary of tho Na
lonal Irrlg itlon congress held nt Scil
tin some time ago and whoset hcad
I marters Is nov at rolornclu Springs
Colohns telegraphed to Sccj Joseph
E Calne of the Commercial clnb that
flti meeting hold at Colorado Springs
jcstorday Mr Cnlne was invited toad
iresar mooting of tho chamber of
commerce to IIP held next Tuesday ho
t l riJTI received by Mr Calno Is as
Cliamber commerie Colorado
Springs Invites > ou to address annual
meeting Tuesday Dec IS on General
llsafulnosb of Commercial Organizations
tions and Methods of Advertising a
City AVo hopo wo may havo thc
plcasuto C entertaining jou Would
appreciate an Immediate icply
Mr Calno Is now sirvlng on tho Jury
commission and tlio work of this com
1lgs which must bo dono before Dec
1r will piobnbly mako It Impotslble
for him to accept tho Invitation
W 7 McNamoo of Lincoln county
Nov is a vlsltoi In this elty
Ii HonA W MrCuno and daughter
hailed fiom Lima Peru on tho Oth I nsl
for New York v lu tho Isthmus of
Panama Mis McCune Is now In Now
Yoile CltV awaiting them Mrlc
Oune expects to sail foi London latei
AtfJ JI Hamilton has p nlto
IWo Jln defend L I PoP iho
Is charged with muidett As Pope oiuo
lived In this city theio Is MJIIIO Inter
est taken hero In his case
Judge O W Pmvers hab gone to Snc
i imcnto foi tho Postal Telegraph com
pany IIlchsce1eslo condemn right
of wnv ovir tho right of vny ot tho
Southern Pacific and TVestom Union
l Alj G rI < JE
Consrciis Cafeteria Breakfast 630
to 10 Lunch 11 to 2 Dinner G to 8
Luncheon on biinduy only
r1mr <
fJv > rn tl
youll stop buyiug the wcaroui kinds and iiy m a
c supply of
tIt ler1tt fHQsii JY
your troubles in that line will lio over
> Six pairs 11n lumclsouie Christinas box
i Guaranteed from Christmas ay
UntilJune 1911
We have them in all sixes ior incis women and
These make a nice Christmas gift and will prove
1 J the wearing qualities of >
F = =
nI rG uRimrN BYiS j I
Complaint 1ml Issuedfrom the ofllce
or lliu county attorney charging AVll
Him Atkinson with exhibiting adeadly
nuipon The complaint says Atkinson
Uruvi it ncapon cm Amanda Atkinson
1 cousin hy mnirlngei of tho dcfend r
1l1tiI anil Jtci daughter ndrcnce The
ioiricn occupy Atkincons house and ho
Uoirds with them Out of this compli
cation nroxc a fnmllj iov vUilch led to
tho alleged drawing ofa gun on tho
tun women When Atkinson was ILl
rosted nml placed In julloI fitin vvis
found on his person Ho was released
on his own rccosnilnincc
RELEASED ox novn
T Kubo ivis released fumi custody
lu JuJo ijovvmans division of the city
court thli mornlnir on CO bonds
cluucd with contributing to tho delin
quency of minors Kubo thu com
plaint ROJS i pumltted Mosea PcttlRrcw
and rrcd Wpodhavo to play pool In
hlH poolroom at 11 Commoiclal street
I A Yllloy cC1un > ellorXewcll II
Cli > ton In tho condemnation suitor
Ilio city apilnst Clavton opposed a
motion In the Third district court this
morning before Judge Morse permit
line tho cltj to enter tho land and con
tinue the work of dredging deepening
and widening the surplus pending
adjudication of tho suit Atty Wiley
b icd his opposition on tho ground
that the city has never made Mr Clay
ton an offer for tho Jam
The motion In question was proposed
by Asst City Attj D ily Counsel for
thc defense argued that oven though
tho city had not accepted the offer
moilo bj Clajton to tho city agreeing
to sell tho land to the city r r150Qi
It was In the nature oC un offer which
cove > r all requlrpments of tho law
Judge Morse continued the case until
this afternoon desiring hold further
conference between the parties to tho
PMIntirr asking for judgment In the
sum of J53J2J alleged toblJduCJ for
merchandise the cult of the Planters
Steamship conipanj against the RJIBII
Ilov lance Irult company was called
before Judgo Armstrong In the Third
llstilct court this moinlng Tho de
fense makes tho plea that a of
t fjult shipment leeched bv thorn was
lamagcd In transit tocr tho lines of
t he plaintiff > company < to the extent of
lIit > recovery askod nnd Ctluil
itnount risf deducted ufrom the hill
hat the balance of the account
6297l was accepted hy tho plaintiff
In full pavment of Jlc account
SUIT IN roREcrxsuitE
Action haH been filed In tho Thlid
llstrlct urbY lliiry J Brennan
against Eugene T Morrltt to fore
loso a mortgago ghen In security
un a note for 12000 This note Is for
tho balance on tho purchase price of
certain jiroporty In block 5 lot 33 plat
11 tho original amount ofthol negotla
lonhclrigJ778S Iii addition to a
court order permitting foreclosure tho
plaintiff nsksjl500 attoinejs fee and
hut a receiver be appointed to take
charge of the property
Harry Walkers light Index finger
I sortli3OOOto him according to
ils complaint tiled Thursday In tho
rhlul district court seeking to recover
hat amount from tho Utah Copper
company for the loss of that member
hlle In the employ of the defendant
corporation Tho accident which ho al
lego was duo to < tho negligence of tho
company occurred while hotwas coup
Ing cars for tho company at Illnghnin
on Sept 23 when his hand was adly
crushed between tho bumpers tTho
ipgllgence ho alleges was In thocn
rinemen starting up tho engine while1
110 was making n coupling
Involving valuable water iIg 11sl
suit has been dlritho Tnlnl
llstrlct court ind was heard Thursda >
by Judgo Morse In which tho Fnlr
noilnt Jtealty company seek to ro
sttulu Fu jolDiJulinl1 thy Toitat
Dale Water company from piping
vnter from the north and south reser
voirs aciost Its land nnd from enlarg
tngthcr pipes already lIIHOtOIBilth
uipo < c Torost Dale has lied a cross
complaint asking that llba adjudged
Hulu > owner of all watpi In the noith
eservolr and twothirds of that In thu
south reservoir and that the building of
tho pipe line bo allowed to proceed with
out Interference
Isaac Scars a luborei ctL petl
tlOItor voluntary bankruptcy In the
United States district court > esterday
afternoon Tils liabilities amount to
r bfl 41 while his assets are figured at
Ii IISO Tho debts consist of prom
Issoiy notes Judgments nnd mercantile
oB Anderson a carpenter and con
tractor tiled n slmllai petition He has
debts amounting to 1191 50 and ho has
no asicls Ills debts consist of mer
cantile bills and a JlCO note
Alleging that no Hw exists whereby
Summit county can legally chaige hm
more than 100 a qu trier saloon license
and that thcc untYlhl charge him 300
a 1unrlinIoHc h Williams Is suing
tho counts In an action which IK now
being heard bj Judge Armstrong to
iccovei SIS 6 The defen o claims It
can legallv charge any license It sees
Answer bus been filed In thor ilrd
district court In the suitor the TUnK
of American fork against Duld Smith
et al by tho several defendants Tho
defense Includes five firms of nhecp
ralpors fiom near American Fork ns
follows Jinsen Codcllngton Chrjs
lal Kiothers Price Brothers H Jones
R Hons ColGiimn Glntwoithy The
five conccins entered Into an agrcn
ment according to the niibnois to con
stiuct a bridge ncioss tho Green river
Just below the mouth of the Whlto
rhcr to facilitate the handling of their
flocks Tho brldgu sncllll 30mllo
dthc lo tho nearest feiry to cro s from
ono side to the other In mov Ing tho
flocks from Miimmtr to winter graying
gtoundi Tin bridge was hullt blown
down and Tension ono of tho defend
ants authoilzcd to draw on the firms
and equally upon his Him to rebuild
Llm Kliuctme This was done and the
jank alleging tho money IK drawn In
tho form Oll loan Is now suing for
JOHNSON ronrcns nlII
Tim trial of Eic Johnson chaigcd
vlth statutory offense was called bo
ot c Tudgn Whltnkcr Ihls morning but
IrJinon filled to appear Hn conso
auentlj forfeited his ballofIOO
Tied Mooro clnigcd with gand lar
ceny for thu theft of SSO from J H
lorvoJonu Xo 10 pleaded Tiot guilty
jofoin Judge Whltaiar thlh nor ltil
mill preliminary henrlng was set fIll
Dec 0 Ills bond was I1x ljLlIoOO
Mooie WHS foimcily charged with
ntrglaiv In the tecond degicc but this
hnge was vvlthdiavvn tjccauo of lack
pC ov Idencu nnd tho charge of ginnd
nrcony Piitered
Miutha Salnsbury has made nppllca
lon In tho piobalo division of the Thlid
latilut court foi Utters of admlnlstra
tII1Jif the estate of Bruce AV
alnsbur >
Tho Custer separate maintenance caae
1 J V l X
d 1 L
iwhlch hnsjbeenon trlaltbefore i JUdg 11
jUltchleffortth67pastSfourrda > s occliplei
the entlrcvd ijftyesterduy nndwasssub ii
imltled late In the evening TlilHtcns e
InvjjlvesaimarrlagelnGcrmany a sop i
oration In tho United IStatcs a sup J
postkl divorce granted the vlreij thr
marriage jif iboth parties nftcivvard
the dlscovcryijthat the 11 oil divorce
was Invallclfand tho pwcnt pult now I
to be determined hy Judgo Illtchle
Heating ciiFJio application r t the
heirs ofMorris Livingston for nn ac
counting In tho i matter of the estate
has beenconcluded nnd Judge Low IB
of the cilmlnaldhlslon of thu district
court nowhas thoucase under advise
Gus Pappns J by appealing his case
from police court where he was lined
i 25 for assault on Hub Smith stcllai I
light of tho stockade to tho district
court managed to reduce his line to
15 Judge Lewis Imposed tho t fine
Several cases of scarlet fever having
broken put In the vicinity i the South
Jordan school has been clotcd for tho
remainder of the week The Rlvcrton
S J1dYinniF Granite schools will bo
fumigated Satuiday
PF ii1J
Mrs O L Snvago Is hostess thIs
afternoon nt a bridge tea with i seven
tables plajeel anil others comlnff Ii
Inter for too Tho decorations nnd all
details aio i cnrrleel out In tho Christmas
leleti tho parlor and llbinry boll iI1cc
ornteel llnr roses and carnations
nnd the dining room being especially
attractive vUth Its table dono d Is tI ne
t He In Christmas emblems Tlio ccn
terjilpce Is a miniature Christmas treo
set upon a mlrrorjto represent a lake
nnd ccldng this lire numerous tiny
crjBtal candlesticks with red candles
vvhllo on the mirror nnd tiee arc tiny
dolls Christmas bells hanp tr 1lnth3
chandelier above and crowning tho
treo is a small Santa Claus The placo
cards arc in holly and tiny dolls nro
tied to thorn Tho hostess is assisted
by MrstW Gl Cuttle Miss Mary Lu J
man and Miss Maisarot Mclntjre
TUrs Mlltonjp Llpmnn entertalned
nt nn afternoon ten jcaterclay over 100
hclnff present Tlie parlors l vero decor
ated In plnk carnatlons nnd thq dlnlng1 j
rooin In ieel polntettxs tho table hnv
IIIR a basket of the flowers fornccn
terplcco ii id1I the other details be
ing In red undefccn Tho hostess was
I assisted < In cntortalnlnff during1 tho
afternoon by Miss Edna i Colin Mrs
Hugo Druchl 11rsJ A tteevcs Mrs
II N Ma > o Miss Conn Miss Elslo
Colin JIlss Elsie McMlllen and Miss
Ethel Majo An orchestra rcndercc
delightful music during the afternooa
r t >
Mrs I rkItVE1Itltt was hostess
yesterday afternoon at a bildga tea
given in honor ofMrsjPaul LGJottrir
seven tables bclng played and prizes
bclfiff wonb 11tllBrlgtT Cannon
LMrs J DBlllotttic B TUcomb
Wr Ullne Mrs Gillette Mrs McDan >
lels and Miss Mary Marshall Tho dln
IiiBroom was decorated In pink carna
tions and pink shaded candelabra were
i r lohIO the other rooms were In
jellow c
Bishop and Mrs C Wi Nlbley leave
today OIl li easternstrlp during which
they wlUl vlslt their daughter Mrs
Harold Smoot at Washington
Tho Ladles Literary club holds Its
session this afternoon nt Unity hall on
account of the quarantine at tho club
building Tho meeting wlUfboln the
hands of tho tJnlvcjrslty of Utah Di
iKIngsbuiy to spcuWmd other mem
bers of ttio faculty to provide n liter
ary and musical program The session
is tho last until after tho holidays
CriI1tn llIrsTuhn M Palmer en
tertain nt a IJllll ethls evening at
tho post in honor of Brig Gen WlI
L1c fnnef Mrs Hugh Walthall glvo
a card party this evening In honor oC
Lieut nnd Mrs Paul C Potter who
Icavo shortly for the coast
Miss nea Nlbloy has returned from
a thoit stay at Portland Or
Capt Oirrlson McCaskcy entertained
a number of friends ltlIn 1 riIftho
Louxro last evening < 1it ftl <
Mrs Simon Bnmborgcr gives a mati
nee pnrty at the Salt Lako Theater on
Mrs Charles H Wells entertains tho
Cleofnn next Wednesday at her homo
4 JO faccond avenue nnd the topic of the
ela > will bo given by Mrs WD
Mrs F E Mnrcy will spend tho rest
of the winter in Los Angeles
Mr and Mii Louis D Gordon nlll
leave shortly for the coast
Mrs Henry A Monholm entertained
about 25 guests yeiteuliiy Ii tiL tea
the rooms being decorated In American
Beauty roses nnd n numbei of friends
rrind Mrs Wlllard Hanson enter
tain their card club this evening
Miss Chat lotto Holmes has returned
from Los Angeles and Is at the Knuts
The card party given at tho Elks
club Thursday by the wive mothers
sisters anil sweethearts of the Elks
wns a success In evoiy way Over 450
women ivero present There were 118
tables and six Dairies of bridge and
ns many of 500 were In > eclrhe
proceeds of the party aro toIrO for a
Christmas treo foi the poor children of
thc ltThcroolls were decorated
with llovvers and while tho games wcro
In progress punch and light refresh
monts wcro smcr11IrsyG Rom
neiy Iroothu exalted ruler of tho
lodge was chairman of tho committee
In charge of tho affair tho other mem
bers bslng Mrs SA Hherlll Mis
A J Davis Mis E B 3 > wln Mr
Dr S Dvvlnir MD WU Baftei Mrn
J H Manderflold Mrs C S Pulver
Mrs C L Applegate Mis Ao G Ma
hun Mrs Trank L Hlnes and Jin
Gideon Snvder On tho lodge room
loor bildgo was niIIl1H1rOO was
ln > game on the other lloors Mrs
fiink Parker won thc lint prlre at
bridge and Mrs I > W Snultzpr the
flip prIze At 5QOrsJ H Slinna
fciin was tho first prl o w Inner nnd Mrs
Iux Beaver carried off the cup pilo
Ilio ones making tho highest coro
at earn table were awarded the deck
of cards used In thn game
IJOII itANTr V Ill ovrar
first class two bedsteads and springs
malie niii Irgisti IJIUSt Jloll IMlk
Union Denf i CO
3U MAIN Tjr Iff
Painless extraction of Iei thor no
t ItYJAUwarktJunntet4
RE300mEn ua
WeTreat You Right l
cU i b t
< I jl
IR fmI1 FtDN i F1 GD N1I
I i T
AVnslilnetoiutncc n Census Direct i
or DiiniiHl niinoiinccdNtlio iioTiiilntlon
lofOeclcn XJtiili late tills nftcrnoon tlio
HcTiiM Iielnc 25 CRO i j
Wn < ilnctaii iloc 0 Tlio Doimln
tIOIIJr tliu iLfali counties cotttnlnln
> tho nrlncIniiPcltlcs kit III
Suit J > iUe itl120 ffiii 170
Uiali 170J2
The noDMlatlon ot OcelcS l ffit
1 1
< TBf
J 7vV r 7
t tf r
1 j
j I
M n hn
< Incrcn < ieor 1 < n207i < > or fiOSipcrTcciit over
inii JW n nnfi i i i J
J tjU hL OTi I
J <
TliBrffufnoinl or iMrs Ilillen itXiils < Jen
1 nllllt w11 1I0 h 1rI pmT the rcslelciice at
SJIrs P1 P Jennings 87j B ntreet iSatur
clay tnoriiinK at 11ocloclc Serv Iccs wl lIP
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PRTEnoN At Mortensons court
1 thls clty DcCii8191010 f1 pneumonl i
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ffhe romalns nro atithc funoral parlors
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2 IJml from thoUiuititciiilnwntiiiclinr <
i Invited torattend
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iI At BlnpIiam < cnn > oni Utah n
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Uiieltviinqrnlnv orHntcrnientln tho city
t0nicter3M j
n i lE Evan ij Florist wr 36jSslatn V St
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Floral de lBnstt sneclalpy Phonei 3CI
1 i C = = = O I
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fQi the
O th irA
A high grade fully guaranteed instrument t the
r lIJ It le + I1ilfY CUyII Ia 1 n
One to Each Member of
t Our Mnsic Club of 100 Only
at this tspecial price and upon the extraordinary terms of
> Ii V f i I
0 0 0 and 0 0
< t jEJfWm I Mmm
I f
r 1 ts i j r 17 1
Moie than that each member of the club may make us as many advance nfonthly payments asMic dcsiics
and Get Back 1 For Ev ryJ9 Paid in Advance
> Thereby further reducing the phenomenally low > price made to club members only
I c
The regular terms sQn PlayerPianos Iike2the Whitney are 35 down and 15 per i
v month The Consolidated Music Company Club terms on this splendid instru
menta worth 550 are 387 in alh9 down and 9 per month
Go into any reputable music house in any city in the Uniicd States New York Chicago Dciuei
San Francisco Portland and find out Ask the price of instruments similar to Ihjs one Ask
the terms and sec if you can find another offer another opportunity vlike this J
Only 100 Instruments w o r t Only 100 1 < Jvt s
Thats he limit fII1I those who fnjl to be among the first 100 persons to come to our store and register
will miss an opportunUytwliich Wany people Ilqi doubt have waited for all then live S Those who
get in at allmust get in quickly for there isaHendy a rush for incJ bsr hiP niidthc unpaiallclcd I
riilcgcs it brings t J r f
Heres a superb i instrument with perfect mcchatiispiancl wonderful tone made by the largest t
makers of such instruments in America and guaranteed foi five YCIllS Think then of being able
to buy such an instalment al such a price and on such sBut < 5Ito
You Cant Get It Unless < Youre aJMemjber
Of our Musical Club and you cant join that unless ou are among the first 100 members lo come in
nnd register
r ITi refund the money you pay if after 30 dajs1 trial you arc not satisfied with the instrumenl r
Well take > our old piano as part payment and make jou an extremely clal allowance foi jt 1
iWcIl gi absolutely fiee a playerpiano bench a sc rfa number of rolls of music Selected
by yourself rwcH tune your instrument onco without churgc All this of course if ou aie a
member the club > t I t ii
ion joiilhink would be the part of wisdom to register today i and be eligible to all the = c
1091113 Main St
llf j
v i I
I k
b l c I
i i I
DRUG CO ca D Dun C 0
INC Corner 2nd South and I
1035 South Main State St 1
Both Phones 140 f Both Phones 552 11
1 I
In partlcuhirlj valuable for Its tonic WARDS THEATRICAL COflD OWL i liVXATIVE SYRUP
clfcct on tho digestive organs pro i c v 1 J f r 1 i j < I
ducing a natural movement of tho ORhAJf ti Compound J LaxativeSj nip
bowels and reaches ovory need of Htlonsthons and c rn iim1nlltol1 i
u dcblllatqd system whether tho For softening tho BId n cleansing c thOj C I
ach llvorfanel howelft gentlp cf j
of tho trouble bolntho
causa the pores preventing wrinkles 0 r
stomach pulmonary organs i bIOClwhltcii ngtlic1 crinfl1 llecttvOj anel thorouglily haimlcs i
whitening and
refining the sklnWo
or otherwise Ulsn constructive < p Q Can bo elveji to JnfanBand Invalids
tonlu ami food Wo havo tho domestic can suggest nothing > bettor put up p recpal bottloj KflS I J
mestic and Imported In throo sizes In Be i C0e > and 76c jam
3Dc GGc and 100 bottles l LITE CIOTIt ClyEANlNG
TlilH Is ono of the old fashioned DENTIlRICE
reliable cough remedies Wo can Instantly removes grease f001
nuppli it with tar or without tnr A fragrant purlfjlng antiseptic nnd othcr spots fromf clothing
when tlio taj taste Is objectionable whltenngdentlfrlcoln tho form of Ink rnarksnnil stairiSi from tjio
Wo recommend it with tar per n smooth paste PRESCHVES
fingers Prlco cnclvlOc
bottle 25c
nnd WHITENS tho Teoth 2 Go per
Tor Snfct Ra7or Blades tube t fURE COITEE
Positively strops nnd sharpens
Cilllett Durham Duplex Enders ifTCMAS < > 11 M t f Wo bollovo thoVAcmo ot pnrfcxs
Keen Kuttor Ward and Clark For a evv days moro ou can tlonln Coffoo In remchnd In Plan
safety raor blades Keeps any of buj at tho Owl a GOc box of fancy lon coffee In l > lbnndj Ib can i
them In perfect condition and ready and
Jo uso at all time1 Complete 2 stationery of 40e5perpoundi < airy t t a pound
each for 25c Jjf bo convinced
No Chrlitmns gift Is morer appropriate
ubost assortments ot perfumes and tollot wnters
bottle ConiOjniid Inspect our nssortmont1ofijl
mors Ijareills iWrlghts Dabcoaks rlllcksocltorH
lour Christmas Ahsortir
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