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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 09, 1910, Last Edition, Image 5

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rom lilsjsjc kXti t o1wclI q ngo I i
II c lclr njAt IIg 6 m ni1 sfpi1cr4 J hl
Wioss n J e1l n clnJ pjca gng IIM
with gru ft undsliiuillcd toSthoCana
IlIunl1r il C
Amlcuon wiqtaken directly nom
the mutton to1 the 1 county = I c
It WiIUY l ltocl bv it I 11l Anderson1 JTho
wifes Brief whin < sho was llnallyrcori
vlnccd hei husband wns really Impils
onod and that JioTcoulcl nottgohome
with her uns pathetic
t Tho prisoner iw as uncommunicative
with nnjone other tlrnn the sheriff anil
Mi Anderson Ills talk withthem
was dliccted ounrrt the cliaigosHtandTj
Ing npiln ° t him rind Jiq seemedIn
clined to lay tho blama for hlstioubles
upon Jnnltois mid rcrvnnts of thecoun i
ty Infirmaryv hen ho as superintend
ent of that Institution andt directed
the Installation of qtlng machines
I The pilsoner hiil lost about SO pounds
In his weight since leivlng heru less
than t two weeks ago IIo claims to be
a ictlin of abdominal troubles which
begun toafTeet lilmfenily In tho spring i
Th < ptomaine polsonlngvfor I which Dr
11 G Odellj i treated him on election
ay nndrfor some tlnte thereafter tho
phiflclin declirrscould not have boon
icsponilble foi the rl liyh Rutto
where White and his chnrgo were de
tained bccauooftho lattors Illness
Tho cnu iJor the ptomulnr Dr Odell
njs could not havo remilned In hN
slitcm > for o > o igY 1 time The doctor
i lmllncd to believe the trouble of
whlcli Anderson complains has been
biought on bj wprij He recommended
that t ho pilsoncr bo given u day ort wn
toiicenpeiite from thn trip befoie he
Is questioned closely legardlng tho mht
torwmcn Drought 11 utllIwt troume
Regarding his Jllght Anderson ad
mits ho left when tho situation looked
ominous to get avyay from tho grasp
of tho law He smarted fiom SiItLiko
ho declares with the Intention of visit
In Ills I ltcjIi Coihlllc i as Xt wiii
nnnounred before hlwarrostho hurl
O 1cUpon arriving In Osden ho
e he still felt the annRcranilpur
rhased a ticket to Jtnymond whero
he expected tomeet frlciids l w
raoMisED TO nnrruRN 1
LA 1 fl
jGoorgo Uuddr a foimer Salt I > ako
I j1 b tgtI tlWit9 dominion one of province the first
and1 according li > Ruddh Information
Blvon to Dqputy 9hsriff < White the
liicstloiih put to Anderson by lldic
KinilnB his prcscncoln Canada seemed
to lirltato tho foimcr Infirmary super
Isor Andcisctn declares ho r lttli <
whole woild was polntlriff accuwliiglv i
townd him when after less than two
hours In tho remote Canadian village
the town marshal Informed him t that
he was wanted back In Salt Luke to
face ehaiscs of graft
Raymond having no place of deten
tion of any c l i l1c tar Anderson is
peimltted tor remain thltliririle of
Muilil until tho nrmul ot Whlti He
tould hae lied even then but had
given his woid to tho maishal that ho
would not with tho further promise
t1 tthtl would letinii to tho United
States without extiadltlonrpapera
All efforts to get ball for the prlsonei
last night IIClli Sociiil of hln ft lends
wore cfininumleated with but w ero un
nblo to make unangcnicnts for tho
ball w hlch hat been elllit509
Pioneer Hoofing
Rpld Kid nnd guaranteed by
2 > mil CINT IIS qW l
on inenK imioklns Jarkots In fancy
wool mixtures W n Flfo Co 166
Main Sinel t 9Y s f
= AuciUUo
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l J JR
iilii K lrZ
fl1It r r 1
i 11 Jm ff fiJ 1iiT T
J ItJI ili
V Alnny v persons aio
1 S icoiisiIufingti change i of
their banking conuec
j f i j
tion willi he bcrriniiiniv s
of tiic year ilje > v
donl of1 Mich action depends
pends entirely1 ion
whether pr not thc7 tle
jws itdr is gcltiifglf roth
his bank tlio courtesies
and Jjenefits < wliich a
I it 1 t l t tcill
bnnkbliodld aToid iu i
1 t PC N
1 iTnen and
1jl j ii
pllierj jylibyue thinking
tor making hiich a
> cIiaiifjcKyHJI do > wellto
i t > J C
consider the aclvnitages
J tionYJV ofFcrcclbyIhis M institu i i 1
> Sniiiir accounts ywclfi 1
comccii J st v I
i I qSOIt1C I < Ii
j 1 iI1ilifJUNii iJi fllljjtl
ti1 I pt
Ii D hm1
I j 1J11I DanR J I
i1 ld JJ iiililk1 fo iiit1 l
o r nNlli J II
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1 I 1 F iK Jr j I t
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r jg i aiKi IT TT r in ii ffiTMtfAagdptfifflI UJlA LI Mjcaste l
1 l ji Infb d 1D iDem U I I 1
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i i V v i A good piQfNr
i halffapneal l Y poor cupvj
l + r 1
L of TTea willfsproil i a iJ
i i
meal i
l Je c I ji
i y I M l y it f I S i
Delicious Tea1
r Will i make even a i poor
i meal b aste good
t mle ii s Polly r of tho CIrcuh1
winds up ills season at the SiItTt ite
thcateri tonlshtr tomorrpw aftcrnbon
IIi lu evcnlne r Tho net attraction will
bo the famousJJollai Princess whleh
Salt Lake Iauconsldercd by Charles
rrohnmnto cT quite ali guod a mutlcal
show Uown > asrfany of tho eltlea In tho
cast and In arranging his totns this
jcar foi The I Dollu Pilncess and
The Arcadians ho has booked them
i each foi thrccmlios at tho Salt Lake
f Coloulalr Thq ca oil luctor Air
Willlani Faversham his wife Julie
jOpp iind Hell full New York company
wlllbevseen nt tho Colonial this cvc
riliigt tonioiTou afternoon and evening
In ThoMVorld and His Wife
< Orplicuni Two great vaudeville fa
vorites Augusta GInso and Ida ODny 1
I iT idlffcTcnt acts I will headline next
wcukablll nt tho Orpheum Thojblll
now runnings pleasing good audlences
Tonight the regular society night per
formance will be glven
GnrrJrk The advance si Jls now
going on nt tlfo Garrlck fOIlhc Pris
oner of Zeilda Puddn Head Wil
son will be fi c 1OI11litit tomonow aft
eincion and evening
r tnoiic Rumor Is once more
busy with the names of these phiyeis
They are once moro I In town and HCOIII
to be once more friends nnd once
more negotiating for 11 Joint appearance
i ut the Shubert I
TI Monstoxs ANDTHE
An Interesting compilation formlna
ot lie history of theatricals ln 8nlt Take
by tho late John t H Ilndsay for ealt
at tho DescretNe < sl3ddk Store Pilce
Wef will mail It and a number of
holiday catalogues of miscellaneous
o lfsgl books and ir catalogue
of i ourJNatlonal Library 1 salo of stand
ard setnfrco on application
r Main Street
Bnrnnrnr Thlrhflr t IVnrcl Proilns
II c
Ij <
yiuit his oery Indicatlonof liclngla
recoidbrrnkor in Church ward bazaars
Is now under way at tho Thlrlyllrst
want With twnj more nights to lun
and receipts over tho 1000 muik al
ready thinfCLlsit maiked success
Last night tho Inigo mectlnghoiiie
class rooms and amusement hall wore
ciowdcd again to their capacity The
featuioof tho entertainments was a
hilarious hplnsters convention which
biought down the luiusu
Tlc contest for ij Uen has reaehed an
acute stage with 10UOO votes east and
0000 being held hi leseive for tho
elo e tonight At piescnt the conteht
Is between I1Is8 Inez Price and Miss
Vein Feugar with Afton Eldredgo a
strong thirdv Today supporters ot the
ilva1 candidates liuvb ben nistling
hard with the result Home 300 has
oles been sulJscilbed K for Investment In I
A grand ball will bo tho rchlc
tomonow nlpht oflleem of tho Kanga
roo court of whlqh Atty Carl Badger Is
the Judge iIIIbc pioUded with auto
nujblles Invlilch they will servo wai
lants n ril haul deliiuitidnt citizens bc
C I hl > nqr Jo s r t m
i Ilcifl A liN Vnnt Itcsort In
Residence Scctlon
ResldentK and tapa > eru living In
tho vicinity of Fifth South and
Seventh Eibt to tho number of 1
liavo jictltloneil tho city council to ie
voka tho license letently ginnted to
a poohooin to bo established on tho
I jloC1
coiner of thes < streets The locution U
dli petty opposite the Phillips Con ie
gutlonal chinch nnd thp icsldcnts F
this vicinity both church members
11lonrqmutIIlro proto < tln
against the icsort being o tCljllS
pioposed Many of those signing the
protest are not Vo p p ci1tu tho opera
tion of pool rooms but hold they
should bo conducted In tho business
district <
Land Hoard Will Surv j With Oovcincir
Mdnbiis of the Btito land lionid will
moof with OovWilliam Spiy nett week
to HOtile thu mutter of opening to entry
J iIWrfWJ irllt nn Ilnll haforo
C lcly to
lrcU Nninlnll 11
i 1 S iIJ uJg t
i V41IIULU > U AIJI Vi imj ljiiia u iju tt yiinynui f
Sindkc usii ljY vvilQilivl5ilpivioifijbplnlon
Certain tic tlio boards members declared
tliuprpipBltlmiinfilriintlio groimil that
JlntJoJ itonn oPl oltlnlt lOj IIIHIIIII
lhoIllt IlroIMIrhhiltl r Itvon
1 nndH +
ehnc 1tho Oth Irlel CII tho
1II I II I I1now wusj nn l I udlc
iin > rcsi
lhls land j In UCKtloii will 1 lirlnniiboiit watel
IIHh t rlomUloT 1 tIt CIUiLI 111 COHt tho
ll1 Owncl lnUCI bltngln tho
ttIL lrlofthlalltori
1horonI1 vu tc d IY tho memhers
j n rt ho hO1 Ili Iln iCn vor d I apo1 t of 1 ho
IIlclfplup uln t1 tJ his 11M Is tlM
t hn Cu 11 rul Its sIlu nro n ll for
t I 011 I rr1r III flrlJ lC t rho cl ni 1 s
b W l lloII to L i th OC01 l 0 C
C j i
1 g1 sgMQPJrfEJ1JLIPi
j I 1 li pH fi i iO i j
JUt I 1 98R l h J i
1Iu 1 ltllIr R J rtl J n lIfll
tho Selin n W
ii ro I 1hUi c i
11 rli rt i tel
W s 0i 7i mt i tici fa 0
r r
y I 0 9t ll
sa II 1 tPJIIItlf
OnI Il 111 m K
nt 1IFt Bt hla
iJ r r w1 IYji + i ll
4 > t t h
I > I i
D v t i
lfiJj l ifOMD IM N Ij j
f u mr J j
mm < mH M RIHANiJ
j =
jiM i Hisf F of Interior Oliver Tour i
any Uniled States to Make 1
i C <
Due Acknovvtedgement
VTCHKO Tiikvii In Ilonic tt ds and
iiciiiiillons dcater Tlmn l
Of Scotland in <
t5 1S
Sptxiinl CoVieipondenM5
Chicago Dec 5 Tho tour1 of lon
Fnink Oliver dominion minister ofthe
Interior through the l VIp Stales
fiankly Is for thq acknowledgment of
what tho Amcilcan settler has done
in Canadian development en lrc
lIl chr
9 JgjnI > j
new piovlnce toll the map dtirlnrthe
last two ells tincw < tovn < Heated
oveiy week a new church built every
two days and a new 16h lluuf rr
day these things taking place In west
em Canada will bi r 1 l ill thetJo
mlnlon minister In eulogy of the enter
prise of Canadas new blood
Eight bundled and nlno hompstead
EJgh jll n stlll
entiles wero made In September of this
jear by American cltlens said Mr
Oliver and In the last two years In
tho prahle province 100000 homesteads
and 40000 pioeinptldns have been ta
ken up Tills means lf contracts
havo been mado to put under cultivation
tupulncer IIIVI
tion 5000000 acitis of land a tiact of
35000 Htjuaro miles laigcr than Scot
land or Ireland Tind nearly as largo as
tie Statu of Indiana a nowawcnlth
pioduclntr provlncccrcaUdAwIthln two
5ears from wild land i At the lowest
calculation the populationof this new
pie tenltory Is from 0000 to COOOOQ ioc
Canadian officials attribute tin
movement to westernCanada Ltowhit
theylcim the pitssuro pf population
The moxcinont Is dueithey my not to
dKatlsfactlon on thupar of Amer
ican farmers with their native sui
loundlngH hltto thq extreme pros
pciousconditions of things nt home
this piosperity having resulted In rais
ing the price of land in some states ni
high I200ICr acre In former years
tho farmer with several sons could
slait hlflho In business with
boys butliloslwlh reason c
able capital Ho could buy landnear
his own and his sons would move on
as thoy becamo of age Now how
ever the capital lerpjltcd to start two
01 tluec sons In the agrlcultuinl busi
ness Is too great for the average farmer
tc sving
To overcome thisT fdlfllcuHy tho farmer I
from tho inlddlo west Isselling put to
tho fiirincr coming from the east and
With oriertchtb the capital rcq ul red In
tlie states starts each of his sons In
IniKlncss In western Canada So OII
most of tlielmiiilgratlon tbJCanndahas
been from the middle Syest Tire SOO
heads be families wlio vvent to Canada
from this country InSclti li rot ls
yciir vvcro dlvldcd as follows North
Dnlwtn330U 45
lishlii n 4 Mlchlgnn 38Vtc ib
slni 3nIr ls 334SQllth nltot 3t
Sonicipftlieso InettleraijrenatlyeiArner
IcanF but most of them ai9 of foreign
birth many In fact being Canadians I
returning across the border A largo
percentage are ScahdliiavIaris aiid ia
larijo German strain Is found ncaclf
Tlio selective restrictions of Canada
which several years ago ceased to
welcome all the settlers who wished to
enter Its borders were expliilricd by 1
pHvei In tho fact tliat tlio iundcHlrnblu
sbttlers icreuted condjtlons whl hrld
not appeal to tho nioTe desirable cllr
zeh and tho gbvcniincrit deternilhed
to liialiitaln a standard f citizenship
regardless of Immediate gains to population
Ini majorlty of the casjcs thisettlcrs
aretlipsoj vvio liave Hpiiip tlfrio In tlio
past cxpcrleiiceili pioneer yllfftcultles
they hdvp inrlycdj nt leasrrqnce lcfpro
froin fixed conditionsto neyone iahd
tliereforpjlnd Itoaslci tbVpaclcriiiV thplr
tiires arid Penates and laynew altars
by now flresldes slidOyticvnla a
Caiiuillaii Iminlgrntlpn nifcci ii inan
wlip lias moved piico jliulsIt easier lo
< F >
That Isone reason Why vyc gut
10siot bur settlCTs from tho > vest
crnlpart lot tlie iJJnltyilStniosi cpii I
tlmiedtjils samo plllclul In the vvest
tho farmiirs liava experlojiceil the
ploiUer stagp a lltIOU tttil lien ltr
tlio apllIs liot jijai strpnB JIH Jt Is In I
tliiii older castor l atiites vvhero some
familiesi till the same land their foru
fatheis tilled eneiatlons agq Then
also tho westein farmers aia fi
Kugci penentago of Em ope ilhloot
lhusthoI national feeling Is not so
jttong as hilJo east The uastoin
faimei will mlgrato ltho westein
pait 01 the United States but he will
not jeo icady to cross tln > border
to Urltlsh ten Hoi y UH tlio iiI who
already has changed bis Citizenship
tdYlu cii icII IIHIII
once or tho man vvhfjsa broader view
of conditions leads him to tlio belief
that In Canada his opportunities aie
inncstialned as In the states
In tho piovlncos of Alberta Sask
atchewan and Iailltolmvthe geology
topography and ceornphy Iifr the
opening of a now omplio by tho Grand
TiimK Paclflq along Its extension
fiom Winnipeg to rdmonton and
wcstvvnrd have r contributed to make
that part ot tho coutn n tdltC tenter
of population Influx according to Mr
Oliver Jlj >
The formation Isjthcsamolas In tho
vallnj of tho lied Klvurdf tho North
Jfr Oljver has said Tlio Mine black I
boil of noil found In the Rod River
valley which producestlfoliosl wheat i
In thn states smeadsioiit like i n
blanket to tho noitbwest As It ap
proaches the west It meets tho vvaim
winds from tho ltct tempered rirl
lliu Japan curirnt and ins It ap
proachis the north It being on a north
watershed It gains a constantly lon
01 Ing nltltuder The giovvlns i scason
I s Intensely ivnrni the soli has rsI i
maximum of peislstoncy In giowing
wheat and ivo bellovo lbat acro for
acie tho pralrln pio lnccs can rir
duco KI cater ciops of 1 gi eater1 valuo
than anv other section of North Amqr1
lea Thrre Is ono faun In to Canad c
ian section ofj tho Red River valley
that has produced rood crops pf wheat
I oN81rwJJlltrcrWlz J Ii
Z r 1 i
< for tlio J
cm C19h
iSpDi < y
N v 1
I J i erersrd R s n 6 i i
r n dijaho Roadto tVolIvUlo s j i
wr t J ln J pkjs < 7
UTrcrnrr TITPI mrn arafsntsss I J
ti I K I
w 3 v fc
5 1
Ag < v A te AA > <
ggjS gj apftp
M INORn H f N l I
rN i fN ir f P 1 N H
FinalS3ecificatons for New High
School Placed in Hands 1
jf < t > Of Board
1 r i
Vlnncr In iJJriiMliijr Conict May or
Miij S t bolctnlnc < l to Ovuicc
Constriiutloii i0
qIlW minor changcb weru mado by
thu board uf education In the plans for
the uichltuetunil contest as they weio
recommended to the board by W n1
Ittner1 of St Louis eonsultlng archi
tect chosen by the board to take
charge pf thcicontcst
Tho dual specifications were placed
Intho hands of the board yeUerday
by tho < aichltect and cwtn bo
published immediate for tho bcnellt
orMhoso vlio desire to enter the com
A further proposition advanced by
Mr Ittner which was not In the 01
iginai program prltlcS mat me uoari
of educatloivcaii nt any time pay the
vdnner of tho contest J2500 Inllcllot
employing him to supervise tho wor <
or draw the plans and another provl
clon whereby the board can by tin
payment of g7 Oto tho winner utll
Ize his plans Independent of his serv
Ices These provisions nro Incorporat
ed mcrdly to bind the winner to good
faith In the carrying out of the con
In tlio event jthat tho Winner of the
contest Is employed to do tho work
his duties shall consist of full super
vision of the planning designing esti
mating of all construction lnlJli
glnncringand plumbing problems Jrtlie
winner Is tti resident of Salt Lakel
he mustbopresent duilngrtho entire
time tho building Is In course of con
struction1 onj must employ an assistant
ntililii own expense i as the boanl
desires close supervision of the work
Mr Ittiicr who has been hero since
Monday conferring with the board
left f rtfshoiiieIn St Louis today
lie will return to Salt Lako at the end
of JO days to assist the board In the
selectlon of tlie jvvlnner of the archi
tects competition
A rareChristmas present for any
ones llbmry WHITNEYS HIS
Throe blg i volumes full Morocco
extra gilt binding
Former prlceJstfOO
Present price J1GOO
Only a few sets now remain on
hand AVhen they are sold this
valuable work will bo out of print
A UmqueXmas Present
That which will produce the
greatest amount oC comfort and
happiness Is certainly to bo doslred
and procured as soon as possible
Well we hivo an opera glass that
Isit thing of beauty and a Joy for
ever that will produce pleasure
and happiness In hours when you
most desire ItIiOto 2700
Dayites Optical Co
7 W PAYXE 3Ifr 55 So Mnln
Wo grind our own lenses
An de l
< Combining beauty duiablllty
I ndccljomFlncst lino ot JI
fj genuine plnnonnlshed mantels
In tho state from
t6 pp
Select now nnd havo It ctnp
for Chilstmius See hntoli J
nro buying you tako chances 1
when you select IriIi catalog
Opp South Gate Tcmplo Block
In laundering IriJQUALITr Our
success lies Intho uso of SOFT
It prolong trm llfcof all f brlc v
Without Is vvooould inot assuro i
the patron of itho cxcellont ro
suits we produce i
J f
I u vi iL I
j ii lATJNDnY jrQuAi Tr i
w ff i
th Pbon IM 1 IV i i
hOliIS1J N1 1 i
j r j r 2 >
< i v
u U s Department of
Obrr tlon takon at 9 oC Mrfcntjflfth
laODABor coatlnaoct lines POM tbrocsb potn
leorncituior dotted line p throaith point of Q J tL
p r turotbcjwUI becJrawnonlforxdroJrtarlDr 1W
STVBOtit Indtcatntiuucf wvAthen O cjeari C Pflrtli
cloudyi fe eloudVl r4lot gjioowf g report mtMlne
Arrow 07 with th wtnd FlMt Dinni mlnlmoin tomwrpturo Tonight cooler fair
for rait if iioun ccon 2hour rtlatftli U It qtal jOl inchi generally preceded
Ird wtadjrilocltr of W mllM per boar orn or by rain Saturday acnorally fair
For Salt Lake City Tonight fencr
Iilly fair preceiled by Thin cooler Sat
urday generally fair nnd cooler
For Utah Tonight generally fair
preceded by rniri in north portion
coiJler Saturday generally fair
The western high now covers the en
tiro couritry cost 0C tho Mississippi
rlvcri cduslns lower temperatiires In
that rctrlon Thelovy pressure area In
the extreme iidrtlivvest yestenl iy mis
moved eastward and now has Its cen
ter over Asslnlbola but extends soiith
w irrlaR far an Colorado Thl hits
ocusfld a consldernbJiv rtsohrt tcnipera
tures lii all thc Rocky mountain states
vvlth llsht precipitation in the nbrtli
erri portion of this region
Tho h Indications that the weather
will be generally fair tonlght and
The highest temperature yesterday
afternoon wnlirQ degrees but this
morning 6 oclockthct temporature
was degrees this > 5 degrees higher
than tlio lilghest temperature in Pc
cimiber last year Thumean tempera
ture yesterday was 12 degrees which IK
K degrees above normal The loycst
this morning was 40dcgrocs Tlio tem
peratiirn record for this mbntli to date
sliows an accumulated excess of 57de
grecs nJnn averago dallyexcess of
over 6 degrees Tho precipitation for
thc year to diito Is lOU Inches which
Is 4 01 Inches below normal
k Ol
The relative humidity l6 pm yes 1
leidiy vaj 47 per cent anl this mmii < N UHliij I
Ing at the inme time was 51 per cent j i i d
The sun roso at 742 am arid vvlil i f1Iil Ir It 1
set at pm l i P itJ1IU J
Tho moon roso at 1237 pm nnd will bi lf F
set at 1231 am of the 10th jlJI
i fH
Section Director
i tt li 1 I
NEWt tt CATALOGUE il 111 i 1 j 1 f
Wo wllIlI1nIJltanil a num ert HJq IJfll <
holiday catalogues of miscellaneous 1 t J1
books gift books and our catalogue t jliJf fi
of our National Library salo of stand l i l 11
ard sets free on application rr tIiU
0 Main Street li fWH f IY
1dMft i i
t t lt11
fl D
1 c Oc 1J o
I 1 3 Gnristmas Opjiiig no one aays can so near longer iit off I
WfuC1neatu daYCon e nthefQr nJ O TMehave lliM
Jlv extra slespeople ancl are prepqrM to serve Y01
qUkCklY My two nior e weeks remain so tr i and
out Sat rday fifu
D come J
JULIETS Several stylus to chooso from i
leutliers sizes and widths Splendid t i2R WpMEXS Warm Slippers In our Xmas ii
Wili assoituicut styles find lasts booth JJiSOrrMpnHiehtlior nf different styles or i felt liouso slippers
a splohdlil early Xnias assortniunti
choice of any pair in ur5OQ grade legglns in black or red worth tl00 and lr25
jLUu ASOMENS SHOES A Saturday special nOOTS tan black and velvet tops with pat
I cial only Wo liayo about tvyo liundrod pairs of ent collar I
samples nt this prlco they arc vvorth n50 to Shoes Sizes 2 to 6 A
600 now shrpmcnt of nil styles jiist In
JLacii s1jtts r atllr Specials
200 vilorcd Gloth Siutsiii niix Handsome caracul0qats all sizes f
tiires plain black and navy blue scri
splendid quality Iiicclvliucd
also broadcloths I
ges bloadclothsnrblncuJack i
and bvown Suits are cut in the Arerr Icrigtlv Satu IW18tJO U
e Av stylos Values 2250 2500 Wcvliave list received a new line
H 2950 and up to 3750 for lS75
0fJ our an 1 caracul coats at i 2250
o Splendid values in clptli dicsses Ob39 50 and 4500
rfi for linsscsl also HheSSIZCf1 plain il
serges in blue black and brown Wa stSpec als
smart blaclc and white checks also
< a Cow white serges Values up to 200 Wnlsts In taffeta niesiailne laeo and n
1 I 2500 for ili a5iOO S t 1 r fovv net colors nnd black Values IIJIto JD75
I jjiO or r 0 Saturday special all sizes Saturday special 395
lylillincry at Your Own Price WKARENOiONC5ER AGENTS FOR TII15
1 ijOq KcithG > y3ricn hat carries REGINA rNEUMjTig CLEANER Theroforo
you can buy oiia Jfbr your mother your sister
the iStainp of quiility aiid vcoriStit
pi your Viforfbra XhU > present aiid obtain It
styJe Tlie lalcjidss of the season ac Tor J750 In piiicp of25iOo 0
counts foi these exeeitional prices
Ono tablq of hats at 42i95 c This IHthu riiachiiio that really docs tlio
Ono tahlo of hats at fl9B work A flrstclnss svyoeiior Oiily n fcvy loft
Sop the lliior lints at HALF emcr s
Giilldrens Ijiitsi all that aro left nt ibO fClosliiK them out regardless of cost
Gome and H v Illlb Dinner
fi Us afurdaI
Anytime ircmi 5 to 8 ip irii a fine special Dinner prepared by a
fA i J
l1 l I > i
The ily
j U can serve you

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