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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 30, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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IWill Sail FromSoilly Islands To
morrow Immediate Destination
Being GuantanamoMCuba
ligOSD Interesting Maneuvers
I During Vojnjjo I 11ji
neuvers of Vui loim Kinds Will
lie mulct taken
jCill c
CliiTbouiJc iPrifricq J D c orhO lB
Clicrl comprrlHlng tlio Unlteil
iHtntes Atlantic JlctTjrendezvoused i
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Kngllsh dreilch
jbyci in the I UUtlnnhlweben
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wlicrethey The First dlvislph Xpmprising1 tlio I
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Stielilgan aiid North U
oclgrli Scliroeder
Real Adniral Schl
command HC
coinmtrndcrMiiycliief of the Atlantic
ICOlilndei lnC1 his port Vt D oclock1
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niorning As the YCssCIUYls
tills nlornlllF Sclirocder from 11jSf fiag <
out Admiral slgiialleil tv epr
Connecticut l
hlp lhoCo11Mcucu ttfo French
fSrtVell tp
dliU irie saje of Salutes wcrcf cx
authorltles Sllufc lio
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The llllc IXiil and VermontT rteai
Idiilio Mlssisslpiii cbjiiinaridlngisalled
wVdnilral kIitOCkC iillnidl aftei
Adiilla oclock this
280 klllsur
Dreslof230 tcl
from day the sbcpiid
In tlie
nopn Earlier of it ho LpiilNlaria
ilivlslpn lo Hampshire aiid Spilth
Kniisas wnnn1sllre lIe
unsu nd Eriglaridwhlle
Gar lna leftP it tho Georgia Nebraska
division rc
fourth ylliii
the set
rhl sct
I i11yrlnll
eall braska from GfaVcseridi England ycstcr
day search jirpblein in
dayHi addition to lh esearc attempt to
which the battleships 11 scput cruls
pscapo the lylgllancoipfthe and soisiir
trs lying InwaltTor shprcs the dl
vlsIbnsVcpniblneili iUnltcd Xvlllundergolicet nia
iieuyersCh route
nd Ensiandiec OrThp1
iprtland rDCC tlie
today to j lhlhl
ond ilvlsloiikalled 11 States
of the United Slaes
0thrTb l the English channel
Atlanticliect In ng1li d
csf prihcd
AlaI ro linesf lir
The ish 1 psjiiia pcl tlirpugh e the
en fc
by ss 6trHvlitchyiriSnncdSshlp7Tlie
crows 1IneIW natI6nali
Anieilcari baiiilsV resppnd
autlienVithpSrltlsliinuslclanB s
XdtwltliIAul4tariKViSyrie5andi I
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fmytjr jit tilt Universitypf pnl5 II
ntms toi tileriKeiie PMWoi l > mill
Vcuriliiiiritd by lII
iiCoillj tnu t
I 1 Smith
of Hiirvnnl tyaur iiiusic
111 iiothlnKabout 1lslc
little or
I know liiorc
there nothing IIr
but Cdoiltnowdhotthere tlin h eil
1 on fit occasions nIl
pIwhn thocotcgo soims
I me
l I IUO rnfm all
viiltilin ilCn nI81 1 I lhe l clllr1
niC 111
i and stripes rI
fiii ibvv essentially tlio snnic en
yiill cxpreaneir c erjualiy sen insplrliifir Home
vlliusliiani and than olh
cnllpgajycllraroirhoreInspiring 1ml ie
ittii i > fciiuisi Is attiiclicdjibiit
Institution to vhlcjione iilil 1 doitlit It
nil serve i their purpose li
I injury <
tlieyTdOj any pcriiiiinent
New Yprlsitbec = TInilr l lnCI
OxfordiiinlverKlty hus nptlfitU 1rvsldsnt
riitlProfColuinbiatiiily rslty that ii 6o
titrvshtp Vtliililstory aiiil hiilllihiiis
IIsI been
Blntes hui
nc itlio United iOxfiiri Meibijf liiid liy Ainiiil
111111 TiiiiisuWcc piAltiiinf he
Klolars lnl
1iin 101r8 lhl ui
Icotypihlir IK 10 bo 011011 llio hlsUiiy oi
United StAtw
u illiiisortlw IHtn
Appointment of HIP lecturer
IIP otilf
be entnistid to ran advisory conimlttec
i liierlqa which IncKidnK PlcHlikll
I jWMll of Harvard i Preslriii lldley
1JIn I rl1
UfOMlJ > fnt Jlutler of niilumbln Hr
Uooiinwir WIlBQir at nrlriettijii illlhl
Him iaineu Br cN1he lltrl Series of
Icrlt f will be clsllvcre din iil
L 1
Marion pDec SO A dl aioC
dcith camo true 1 yestculfiy when Wll
llum lla l63 yiais ohlwnHfound
Oind In his hoiiie appaicntly from an
uvcr doso onniorphlne
Yednotday ho KWld he had dtcuncd
Hint roC Ills frlontH weru tiyliiB to
ent < r his home while Ii6 was dying but
Imo kept nynr by ills fnltliful dog
Vlllo he wad lng ycstoiilav two
friends called IH 1hlmbil his 1161
pi evented cntcrinK for sonic tlnif
r Finally tlieanlmalwaH outwitted and
tho monffnlnpd entrance to the liouso
where they found Baker bieathlns lilts
Insl >
Ivnnsas City JIo i Dec 30 Travel
ing an a hobo ldlig In box cl rso
i nsris1 fildq of her nick olster hi Ban
Iiniiclsco ICllibcth Curr 10 years old
rnlc Tospph Mo was tirrOHted In
lompany > with four men In Huscdnlo
near line last illu When arroitcd by
tiui iiolilp of Itvcilnle the four hobojs
md thc gill no lylnjr Lesldc a lro In
the iiillroad yuds v
1 Iliklrl who i jLllresHcII181illli
I lold thn pollctj licr ulster Mrs Ora
ainbilok tljtn Fiancibco yini III and
she wan tryjiiff to A1tlllhnl city
Tra cling au n hobo sluv thought
would I I gioiit fun One of thermon
John mll 1fC Strjosoph hnsMieon a
llfqloiiB tilond and was actliiB an her
puilcctor tlie upr ways <
1 Jir j OPi IISJ mf CAUGHT
Pprtland f j6t1L SO riio1 < ilsticr
i mn 1 JoJtnlnocW I Gilr bal r
I durliiir1 sthe yenivlOlO toft iwtilcli tlieiv
I iverqipaUVil4 > 204v > accpridligto tho
r fishery fcQininlsslonprSrepprt Tlilsv ls
I 3QpOOQOt rnprpitliaii thpJpvqylpUBi year
ili itlifiiQntjilfj hii Ilfl00p0pt riiij1
t l I iKrca g iii jt t h oji pa t ijli i 1 n l ji jjfg
1lEi Ilir i
0 uarB iIsyiltilUulcrlibyy thcuiiiiiif
iiv iJ t i r In I i a tjpro i
j II t i91iIl Sl ti i Ie Jtntoi Cd lh be kr
1 terrjShforceihbntJcifJsthbliahOrtjilobstciVj
i P If 1 > itiv vi V f r 17 1
i fr < 1 1 i
i C t i Jj i
Xot Adnilltcil to rniiuull JIall liecansc
Tlint Historic IJulldliiB Is Alioaily
Ocrcroifcl AVIIh 1orlralts i
Uoston Doc i orli leis ns for tho
failure of the munlclpalart commission
to apptovaa plan iplncca memorial
painting ot Mis Julia Wfml IIowo in
hlsloilc Faneull Imlforwhlch tho
pufillc haa tubscribed nearly 3000 are
Icnhiuntllcl letter from Chair
man Thomas Allen of the commission
Ilo says
Yielding no ono In Its icveienco
for the associations centered In Kaneull
hall thu botrd of art commissioners la
torccd to dccldu that this Irill Is al
ready overcrowded with portraits bome
hung BO high and othcis so badly l
cd U lllA Impossible to iccognizu
either the painter or the painted The
only spacu left Is along the gallery
balustrade and when a painting Is
hung theii It not only Interrupts the
outlook of persons In thci gallery but
lvl gtocrOs3 lights and nctuil Mack
9 t light cannot Itself bu seen to ad
vantage Thciarchltecturni unity of the
hull moreover Is destroyed by hang
Ing pictures along the balcony tall
l urlhcrnoreCxpells wty lh llhe
palnllngi In Fanrull Viall aio subject
to destructive atmospheric conditions
1liiCIiIIilVf Injured Some of them be
yond repair In these circumstances It I
seems traltM undesirable to add more pot
Chairman Allen suBKests thai a mar I
bio lrminlen Howo be placed in the
public library In place of the memorial
< painting planned
i C
> New York Dec 9lu the first Intcr
Vluw Mrs Augusta E Htetson for
merly a director of the 1list Chinch of
Christ Scientist In this city has given
since the death of Mrs Mary 15aker G
1tldy = ho made the positive statement
tonight that she expects Mrs Kddy
will > ct demons ate over death
I bolleye she said that Mis Eddy
will make a manifestation that Bho
will reveal herself to mo and otheis to
the outside world The Tame situation
when Jesus of Xazaicth
exists todny as 1CIJC1s nzalch
was burled
After tluoo days he manifested him
self to prove that there lulfe after
death Mrs Kddy will do tho samo for
she occupies In tho world r tuday pre
cisely the same position that Jesus oc
cupied In his day
It may tako longer for Mrs Kddy to
pasf through theexperience of I ma
terial death to a demonstration nf evcr
Tll i
lastliiB life It may not occur for jears
lastn may occur tomorrow but she will
manifest herscltnnd all men shall know
of it I c
j Ji tli I1i R iri WAltD
Seattle washDec30 r > r J c
Crlchtoti cltyhdulth conipiisslouei will
Infantile paialysls
a Onqp establishan lnfnnle parl
hvunl In tlic muiilclpal hospltul
Comfnlssronef iCtlcliton dcclaicd In
his announcement yesterday that mucus
the medical profession does something
for these cafei children whose limbs
liavobecn paralyzed by the malady
may bec6inc public charges > r Economic
vffoit now hosalr may prevent more
sorlotiK andHiiolonged treatment in the
after llves of tho sufferers
Thero il no dlMKulslnB the fact
CrichtonaHsei tedthat In this dlsense
the world Is facing a serious situation
which yearly grown worse Statistics
prove this Six years ago there were
250cases In the entire world last year
It had increased by leaps and bounds
Jo more than SOOO 2CO of hleh ale In
his state and more than 100 In Seattle
Detroit MichDec SO One ot thn
last olllclal acts of Cov Frederick
rllcils the iinnouncrment today
thntho will parole two prisoners con
victed of murder ami commute the
sentence of another who Is scrvlns a
liteterm In Mnrquettc prnltonltnry to
40 year1 Thcfi latter Is known as
mncknn llllchll11nnd1 llolzhay who
was convicted In 1SSO of holdlnir up
n staBo In the woods neur I ako
Oogeblc Mich and Ullllnp A K
Klelshbcln a banker
i When RontPiiccd 21 > cnrs apo IToIr
hay was1 sullen and Intrirtllilc until
nn operation removed a hit of bone
that was presslnc on Ills brain For
Fovernl years1 has been In charge of
the prison library lie has become an
expert photographer
Hue1 Franco I t3oI1lnlc Tab
contesthiB fortho Mlchlclncnp
today broke Hho worlds aviation rec
ord for illPtance covrliiR 362GG miles
hl contiguous Illsjil uf 7 hours Hi
llu Vtn > Gnu nflhl1 Principal Charac
ters In thu Cronhi Mitnlcr 3l > lcry I
Clilcuso Dec 0 A speula from Now
Orll ltlllorhc HcrurdHerald H < IVS
of the
Dan Coughlln who wtin on
In the famous Di i
piinclpal RBUICS mIIvhnllI
Cronln murder mystery and
now wanted In Chicago 0111 chareo of
Jury bribing Is lle ulII San Pedro
Two decades apo Dan Coughlln
was 0IlOtCUIr central llurnres In the
at Chlcnco Dr
liiiled CJroiiln cane
rtlrlrll and
Cronhi YIIS jnurdorcd
thrown Into a sower Conghlln was
roml1I1clllnU t1
edftli complicity
rcstod chaiBcd
elImp but Was freed 1 + the
siipipmq Irle Indicted
later ho wan
Several yeaia
uchrirvOr bribery In a iiillroad
on acharre
Couflilln 1111
damage suit
In exllo
rt lt few ypini
duras hut after n
teturnqd to Mobile Ala where ho was
arrested technicalities
lie escaped lhlIIIlhlclIllcchl1lcnl
ities and returned o
llomo DejSj 30F Tliq hope of the authorities
thorities lIMt lluoatemd
cslJir the talcowned
strllto of p iiloyes of
not matcrlallzp rc
rallroadsv may 1l IIU
chlely3tmdl3senslnns among tho IIIPII
Tho latter arc divided Into two capipa
onoof jwhlciradyocates violence whllu
the nther < twl8hlngtoHocum the prpm
lspdlncroasey of M0fx000 1Ilhl tptal1
liiH x 11
U 11 1l 6t Cttl son ccIJI
manner Im1 which tllncrMll n shnl1
Ibitdlslrll5 llc ltidirF rp hold
g oc J H r > I
m > t
Recommends Changes in Corpor
ation Regulation and Powers
Of Commissions
Tux uCl1 InlllgCuI I < II < Says Slioultl
Uciiiiicil on DJITcrcnt Jitiiiiilanl
Tlmn Xov irovliicil
Hrcdmm llliluri thiit authority bo
taken away from the stale dairy com
mission aml bo vested In i the legisla
ture and that power be taken from the
legislature and hcgllentotlw state
land board tho biennial report of
AltyGcn Albert S Barnes nied wltli
Oov Mlam Spry late last evening
can be called little short of radical
hi nature
In record to thu dairy commission
the attonieyBeneral holds that he be
lleveslt unwise to allow the commis
sion to make Us pwn resiiiatlpnK and
I to enforce them lip thinks the func
tlon of the commission should be to
enforce rules and regulations formulat
ed by the state Icgl < i1nturd
However tho matter of disposal ot
public lands below the high water
mark of Orpat Salt Lake he would
have placed In the hands of the state
land board ivltli full pmyer to llhh
action taklng the authority awav from
tin legislature
In Intrmlucliig his roport Mr BaVncH
sets fortli that his deriartjneht Is over
worked and askK for another assist
ant He also recommends that the
salary of tho assistant he now has be
Increased to SliBOO a year that tile hew
one be paid 1200 a yearand that the
salaiy of the steno rapher be Increas
ed rromF20IoIflOO a year
In his report Mr B 1rnR1IICM
with Kecy of State Charles S TliiBcy
In that he believes changes should he
madcinthe arihnal cbrporatlon Isux
As the law now stands when the max
imum of J50 his Ijccji reached the
capltallxatloii may rim Into tho mil
lions higher but no more than 50 can
boo demanded
Under the present liiw the report
Eels forth In tlfc matter of corpOra
tlbns stock1 in a doinestlo corpoiiitlon
hcld anrin resident is subjecb to
fax cannot be traiisrcrred until
rsuch1 tax Is paid1 An amendmerit 11
TpeccssaryV tlcclares tlie report < to furr
tlifrr facilitate tho collectloni pf this
tax He recommends Ihlltlhb
amendment provide that stock held by
i ti hbrircsldenti cca elcaHlOt be
transmltsdtroihtthijstdteiAyithout havj
iMhff mJt libcn prraeriVert to thf slnlpi
treasurer fof Ills examlnUlqn befortf
forwarding ltlo thoi executor
Tlie present law regarding laloll
mining claims the
bdllever too inflexible Under Its rio
vlstons the tax Is designated by tho
price paid tho government for the
ianU Regardless of the value the land
whether high or low the
liilL prove
may 1m iltlooall
mail who the government
man pays
for worthless land Is taxed 5100
while acre the man who pays but J10 for
to be
claims which proVO
pays but J10 tax
iccommended for the
armory Repeal loan law This law piovldps
boardMiiay ncBotlato
that the armory
of SS5000 with thestate
u of an armory on
ltheIcclllln 1
board for the recommendation is
Capitol hill This
that while such a
based on the fact It
loan will be a state Issued and
> t bo a properly
would not
authorized obligation ot tho state
AVest Union p Dec rA dozen
lifenwhenJIid Blair opened court today
men rl1oouill 1t1
tlil tramped Into the courtroom
day lIsoltivolcsfol
onfeb ed that they had sold votes
tiillhiK sums
Twentythree ttne bills the
while were 10
11 work for n long
potted the gniml Jiny today
ing the total Indictmentsup Jo1Qjl
Of this number 37T have already plead
ed cullty
Unicplona Spain Deo 30 The strike
12000 dock men and coal hcavcn
of of
thu JiU
ban tied up Ol1
loadeil or
this port No ships are being
Tho American lihdr GtHlIl1lniner
tl the government
tile houbcs linI > petitioned
ernment to send troops to the water
ronune Ihc accumulated
fionl lo enable thorn to
cumulated merchandise
iiilcport 1 tHsDec 30 Aftei rescuing
mob bent on
ing his prisoner from tn
lynching him Deputy Sheilft M Williams
liams arrived lhori today
Oilom charged with minder at Bond
111 placed him In HIP county
for safekeeping Tho prisoner hears
two gunshot wounds 1t1I lrtlljthll
before Williams assisted by other
ortkefs mob dragged him Into a building
off tiers
and htood off thn wouldbe lynchor 1
with drawn r v l iIIThe
attempted at Bond last night hllc
Williams as was on liHvnytotilo train
with his pilsoner Odoms wound aro
not erI II
lipruif Btatoimnl
IMrls Dec TO An official
the Oiink of France todny explains
from miajuiHloi or Mm
tb it tlie
nowlno dhvcttd
was In
sale of Kold sii mrosuri for
l1alnsLmerJclblllI aa a mcasiin
ngiln piotpctloi Oflhl1 hllllllslnhlreo
tho to tlit dcmandH proilucil as
> mvtng
MP which
imilt of bad cuips In Fraiitp
ncclsslla led thn purphaso of foreign ce
iPnls d orricl11f
jlciNoel1lllf Pild nn offlcqr
Hnc <
the bunk tho II ink or Trance has de
cllncrt lo furnlch K0hlv Wo icfusod a < ir
faw days IKO
nians nnd AIi 1 rlnIIHIorowlnys
llollniili Om wold ofiQrp utniuli at MC
0fXW fr nvs beloWI hut oa jeni ago
Trancq Is now piuclmcint laigi fiunn
icrf Of rcicrK fron tho Tialkans mm
sio1 nrrt America to supply1 the Viqiirli
deficit ftiul fot llmt v 1PV oOltlh
needed cllus nHitMil i wxplniaofUafjo 1 Fnc
Imnk hi < now discontinued Lbuylng Km <
for ItSforolBniportfollo but
tor a different J rensonr namely t that the
rnte of illscounJJniaclc lttiiminoflt blc <
lt L j 2t rn
t Nij1JBl QnEX
d t
iPrcparatiohs for Ninth Yearlyr J
EVeiit f ComiTierciarci
HavefBeeiii Elaborate
IreSt Joy If iolinon to Preside AVilli
Jinlgu O v Powers iwTonsl
nnistiT 1r Hrown nGncsl
The Salt i ake Commercial clubs
ninth annual banquet takes place
this evening liv tin elegant new
qitartcrs of Ihp club Elaborate pre
parations havoAhccn made to enter
tain the four hundred members anil
other guests jvlio will gather about
tiie festal board After the regular
luncheon was served at llio club at
noon today aV score of waiters went
to work < airaiigns the tallies for thc
banquet tonight The tables will be
set iii rows > across the banquet hall
and the speakers will Occupy tables
In the north end ot the banquot hall
nciir the toastinaster and olticers of
president H Johnson will open
Ihc proceodlngs Vilth a short talk and
Introduce 19 lloyartl as chairman
iof the banciiictscomniHtec Judge O
Ws IyowprswlUlii turn be Introduced
as toiLstinastoi l 6C the evening
P I Williams C o G Good win
losopli 13 ncttW Sloan K
Crltclilow ri H Roberts and Cap
lalii Pahher of Port Douglas will
peak In the order named
Dr B E lirpwn United States coni
inUksIpnOr of education has accepted
> uii liivltatlon to tin banquet lie will
Vcspond brlefly to a tnAst Thu llrst
served promptly at
will htji >
3 PolocJi In order to concliidiv tho
prograni at a reasonable hour
Intended for vMctropolltaii Opera
Ilouj1 10000 vVlc Competition
Theft a M5tcr
Xew York D clOlhOlostupeli
scoits Jliu9 Metropolitan Opera
hpnio 10000 ze competition
iftolonf rom rtii i la 111 Jil l i i ti
wagon last Saturday nayo ucen
recovered John lieivwtio handed tlio
fouriiiamiscrlyts totho Harlem police
sold Ills llfu had betii ihrcateri
ol It lie jpld liow hi obtainid pOs
thcnii Detectives
tcJislon of
hlmJiowcver aiid then
ly fI1CRllonidhlmH toiir of
with him 01111
started out
investigation Lust Saturday AValtei
h the orchestra lender and
Judgcs In
rullloneoC the
Hiel one
comIl which Is for tho best
composed hra native1
grand opera
American shipped the foiufiiperas
to Ouprgo AV
x lr Js company
the express
XC Eng
CliiuVwlck dirpctpr of thoNow Ilg
le In Boston
of iriusilo
hiiid conservatory stolen fioin the
l Vas
rile puckagp
wagoii while tlie driver lpllycrlng
11ag pptcctives werc unable
another package traou of tho Vnlsflng
able to get any
operas Rea about whoso
Early today
r HHle seems to be1 known
personality containing tho
brought tho bundle to thoEast twcrity I
inisslrisscores statlohi He said
tpuftli street bundle
lllO1111n had glVpn
two lOl
It over to
til1 l him to turn
dcatli It
police tlireatciiliig him
lie Kaye any
nm m
Diego Gal Doc Speeding
San DlegoCal the AlcXlcaii line
In excess
at aiato slid hour liihave been big Knox giam
10 miles an Oldlleid and coif
car driven by hlniself Janos J let
tiiliiliiB besides heavyweight ot thu
fries dltcli neiir National
wont Into a
world tiirtlo arid was completely
tional City kdUolh Qhln 1anll
plclclrxe lhnnvlolenU lolhe
Jeffries Xycre thrown
ground biit escaped with a few minoT
Injures Frllllit Chanco cnp
Acmf 1nlalllln
ot111l1 Chhjlgl1Ni1110n1l1
IR InlulInagcr wlllcI wlitl fol
league hi1HehaU leam IIOltl0cltl
lOWlhg tllO IVllOIy ptltcd procceleU oh
rrrlelalltl llio
aiid Jeffries
to Mexico on a lumtlng
AReviieW off
Th hear 1910
all tho 1tsof world
Touching that have transpired in
hnpWlnu past will bo
the1 tweiyo months
presented In
s nnrtlay Ne NS
il1 iI
1 M i NOfV
THE Asnns OF N PO IW 1
transferred to 1arln no
Son to be
Illustrated article will appear
spclal nrtloleH written cs
pcclnliy tor this IBSUO are tia follows
lows Mrdlacval romnnco flom n Pol
ish Monastery Illustrated
London Society Hos
Lit r Marys
slp of interest t Americans
The Samaritans In 1SIOA Talk
wlUi thrlr high prlost who claims to
bo directly dcsccndpd froni Aaron
tha prophet lilXl il ll 4
tAn nlln Safes a Tleal Romance
of IhcUuslnpns AVprld Illustrated
< i <
blIjU j r
> r
H merE Fenn US Forest Serv
ice DeliversAddress on Bet
terment ofRange
sClulniorOniulalWin icml n Ia
per llistbryor Jlaiiti IVcsliels
1 Jositloii ofSliccpintn
From IndIc llon at the opening ses
lbir of the Utah WoolKioweiB annual
convention whichwas called to order
nt Armory liall Inthis dty at i oclock
nt this
this afternoon the attendance
yparsconvention exceed all former
gatherings of sheepihen In the state
The convention will continue through
concluding wltli a business
session and electron oC olllecrs Saturday
ttoprcaeutatlve sheepmen froni all sec
tions of the state Wliero sheep are glis
at the convention A
ed aro J1TI1Henlal
jiumbcr of papers on points of great 1m
j mi EGrnSBilGE
10thlt1o I nLslCrS wllll dla
1101U11CC 1gUlcm llngs 1 nd It Is
diieCtlfd t1i r iI loriIY mUidlsc lS
l l lilc Ji1ehcliled bu l Uiutrc lu
chl lg norIYI1 Uti
iq liijC il Ijc iunuij tk
heforc thpconvcntlon aiidln
Jl rtntcll llic
t jidoptcd
rA 11pm r
burning IluesllollIt tliu restriction ot
Ihe Ilrn ituitics Inlhe forest re
serves Tho dcUgallpn from Sjinpote county
especially crcli Sdlt Is uiider
slnlorllhl new order Issued hi thu
forestry deparlTuent reducing
l ing the number of sheep graJed on the
Mnntr Tcjerc1iV per cent
number permitted onUe raiigo liist
lairies Morispn president of
Sanpete roixst iGrazcrs assoelatlnii
said the slieepinen cifi that district were
much worked up over the matter f
said Mr Moiisoii
few years ago
there were iiioro than 700000
to graze on the Mantl rc
permitted liiul been
serye last year tlio iiiimber
cut down to IS CCO > and under the new
nriicr the nnnil r pernitUed to Bliizo
oil Iho range licxt year will be roduced
to iriHiOOO Slioppmen 1IIho compelled
to retire from rbiiSlncssat this rate
The ffaluro of thiKarternoon ssesslon
was the address by Homer E Fenii
chief Of the grazing lijpartmentot thu
district forest service at Ogden Mr
Keiiii talked on Uetterm < nt ot the
Haiige and Forest < Service and
plunged Into the very lieart the dllll
ciiltyv Ho said that the ranges had
bccphjo depleted through the gracing
I otsoniahyKlieep on thcrliHIs and that
tho shrubbery of the watersheds Jiad
been denuded causing Hoods and ills
asters to tlfo Inhabitants of tho sur
rounding country 1 lieCn1llcXl ot
Mr Fcnns address follows
Tho icohvontlon was called to order
hrB talllfitcr iiresidcnt of the
lussoclation but oil
Utrih WoolprdwerH
acKonnt of his suffering from a heavy
cold President Calllster did not at
tempt to jiiako anj extended talk Thu
sheepmen woro Welcomed Ilia brief
biil vcll worded address by Governor
yililani Spry JInslcal numbera for
lIiol program were furnished by tlio
Hawnllan Troubadours
I tun very glad indeed to have this
opportunity to meet With you today
Tliero aro a number of iiiestloiis that
1 feel should bo taken up fully and
frankly with the Wool Krowuraof Utah
and the most Important Ininy estl
niatlon is llio subject that has been
assigned to me to discuss mid that Is
liettci Use of llio Range
Tho Intensity of thu graving bust
nnsi In Utah Is 11 byword In tho forest
surylcu Not onlylsi tho average own
orslilp of nhcep on tho yarloiiH na
loiial forests In this state mncli small
or than In any other In the United
Stales biit tlioro arnalso more people
living wHliln the Imniedlato Alclnlty
of the forLStH who are drpendent upon
itho nso ot tho national forost ruiigii
than In any otbei section of the coun
try Thoavoriigoi fllrIIIII11IIulMO
sniallir thun In niiy other locality In
my knowledge estimate that np
proxlinatuly SO per cciit of tlio sum
mer rangi for slup In this state Is 1
within tho nitlonnl forest so 1 think
necessity for tho
HO nro agreed on tho
best posslblo methods ofrango man
agement and control If the ran olK lo
bo put to Its most profitable 1130 and
yield the greatest return to those who
either duvoto their nlllohiloltl
sheip nilslng or iriirilv ollnIL > small
Hock In connection with their farms I
that mutt bo sint to tin mountain
laiiKis during the snmnui moiithsll
think most all fyolIltJ familial with
h ltwllIll trying lo dooIiUIQ na
tional loiests In tho wav ot hecuilng
better user tho tango When 1a
national foicnt Is iMtabllshi < d or rented
the Hist ninxo Is a proper and iiuttublc
division of the lango bilwien Hhnon
and cattle A PrOpel division In that
shcup arc assigned to iingp best suited
tllhihusQ by reason of altitude
watur Iaollltips and character ot
forage and tho Ipwpr altitudes wheio
grass is tlu iHcMniiiilmtiil fMir o iiiid
best suitedto cattlo graylnnr aro set
aside for the UBO of this cli 6iot > atoqk
An cqultablo > division In that custom
i A > >
t Ji1 e iiri1t
J < 1 cv N
ary ranges and range divisions re
XogrilKed prior to tho crcatlpn of tin
forest arerespected Iri so far nsr the
proper adnilrilstrhtlph of the forest
and the division oftlie ruiigc will per
After a proper llvlslon of the
ranffoxiaH been iniulobetween the dlf
iercht classes ot stock tlie next stop
Is tho Inaugurationof tlio Individual
allotnient syHtein for sheep which
means the assignment of dollnito
rca lo each ownerforIlls Individual
and exclusive use No oilier one fea
ture of tho national forest manage
ment has been as groat u factor In
securing < a better and more economic
uHtoCtllt range than the Individual
allotment system It hits rosttilted in
tlie llocUmastcrs looking upon their
allotments UK their invh and a usually
jiidlcious lininagcincnl of their range
In order to bo ablo toJultlholIIOSt
tallow on their lambs get the most
grapK and leave the allotment In tlio
best iioyMhlb shape for future use I
say usually JiidlqlouH nianilgenient
Unfortunately there arc some of the
hCCpOIIICrR who arc not overly pro
vident and perhaps lacking in fore
cast AVliat this Is lending to I shall
ouch upon dlroctly Siilllco It to say
for the present that U is not likely
10 develop any iioticoablo increase In
lie number of sheep that will be
allowed to grano on the national for
Another very Important feature In
he proper lisu of the ralllltI an
idequiitc Kystom Of driveways These
ir < necessary In order to provldo for
llio proper IjiKrcra and cgrofst of the
shoop and tlio crossing of transient
herds without encroachment upon ad
joining rangi allotments or nnheees
sary Injury to the range Tho drive
way question many localities where
long distances have to bo traveled to
reach the summer range and return
for shipping Is becoming serious
one Trulls by constant heavy uso
aro iJccpinliiK whllI1IIt wider each
year Also largo ureas have to be sot
aside as holding grounds where owes
and young lambs may stop to rest a
day or two and food en rontu to tho
siimnicr ranse and also where fat
shnep niay bp held a fovy days In till
fall if nuecssary to wait Ole arrival
of cars llpru I may mentiontho ad
vaniago yc hlive1 found our forest
iservlcc tclophpno iimw to 11010 thu
utocknic during llio shipping season
It only too rreciiieiitly Iiappcns that
carsjaro ordered fora certain date and
the men In ohaiKO1 of tho sheep are
directed to iiayo tiio stock Tor shlp
m Mit > iVmndi The sheep arrive bill
not the cani wHh lilt result that there
Is considerable slirlnkagp and con
siderable swearing loss Of money anil
loss Or temper Much of this is saved
MIIH11l a tcliphono jlno nn thu
range and lipldihg ground Withlii a
reiiHohnbli1 distance of the Khlpplng
poliit Tlio mostserious problem that
confronts us with regard to the es
tablished irivowfiys and lioldiiig
grptinds Is tlio fact that tho forage
plants are lining tramped biit along
lhe tritllswltli the result ithatjtherp
1H lieltlieriiayeti j frequent t changes
orels the trails must be > yldeneil
The forest snr lco Is attempting to
niect the situation by a rovcgetailon
of the range along tho driveways by
nicaiis of artlHcIal rcsccdlnir This
York liaii iipt bee 1 carriiid mi pxlen
nlvrily oiipUKli thus far toget dellnlto
results eltliei OnO wayor another biit
I feel roaKonably certain that artificial
rc eedln will prove successful
Fortunately our beneficent creator
fJoiirraiiB ilthe mountains andJvalleya
apd railroads In Utah that long Ualls
Ionllli from tlio summer II ge aro
unnecessary1 This s only one of many
blessings that have fallen Iolho lot
of the Utah flockmasters In other
Ktates notably Idaho and Wyoming
conditlpriH are quite1 different In thoso
states1 H Is not iiniisiial for shepp to
be trailed from 7C to 100 nillcs from
tlio hiniblng groundsVarid sprliig rango
to the siiinmer riiiige Under mioh
circumstances you csiii readily appre
ciate tlio necessity for adequate drive
ways and holdlnir grounds
To suiii lip I iniiy way that 1 be
ilevo the vork of the forest serylco lii
dividing tho rango bchyeeii tlio dlfter
iiit classes of stock prcfecllng the
individual allotinenl system am laying
piit atlcriuaiu driveways has resulted
In a marked improvement In tho riiigc
conditions To thls I belluve tho slock
ninii will aBrec Tho condition of tho
rango dnrliiB tho senspn jiist closed
Attests1 ilio valiio of careful maiiiigc
inent and coii rvntiv < use AVhllc
lambs wen notiiK heavy last year ynt
notwithstanding the sovcro drought
the rango generally wan In very good
condition Indeed nt the close ot tlio
grazing season With few exceptions wo
nro making ho reduction In tho nlim
bir of sheep to lio grazed mi tho ria
tioual irests In Utah during tho sea
HOn oT 1911 on account ot tho condi
tion of liie raiigo 1 think our ex
perience duringthu season just closed
warrants llio statement that with tho
exception of llio Jlantl tlm number
of stock graxcd on tho national for
ests In Utah has been brought very
close to their average graxtng capa
city However pleaso do not con
Ktruo thls statement as a dellnlto
proiniBrt that thero will bu no further
reductions 1 sincerely trust that
there will bo no necessity calling for
such action but 1 niiiko no such
promise I merely slate my honest
belief based on mypersoiinl knowl
edge of llio raiigo and the reports of
tlio Miipprvlnors that tlio conditions
ilurliiK tiic season just closed warrant
the statement that any material re
duction in tlnY future seems Improbablo
at thO present time provided thoistock
now on tho forests aro properly
Whether or not there will be a
reduction of any extent on tho national
forfts In tho futuro Is tolng to do
peiid almost entirely on the llockiiias
tors themselves Tho forest Mcrvici
Is Avlllng and nnxlons to prevent It If
possible but tin solo powei to do so
dots not rest < ntlicl > lth tlm fount
ollleirs irere I willcallattention1to
a matter rogardlng tho personnel of
tlio forest > rvlio and Us illation to
the livestock Industry that has prpb
lilili not 011 in nil to thoso who aio
not IntlniatOly n touch with the work
of th < foidt Hfikc Tin personnel
of tlie forest service Is composedof
men of two kinds of tdui atlonal
training Ono Ki > t Is made of thoso
who prnctlci foristrv In note tho
othei 01 thosi lio pinctlco forestj bj
car 1 h nun who pi iitlc foicsti by
note an th < 5omit follows the shetp
men commonlj tall neoAren1 lhp
mn not appear to know a uat dull
about sheep or tiittli 01 western is
and customs but the hiuo the ei
bist technlcil training and bdontllh
knowledge of forestry that the Breiit
PS olligps and nnht rsltks hi thn
Unltid Stateb mo ablo to tnpnrl Uieli
wink In tho forist sirlco Is to look
out for tlo lice end of the business
I lie nii > ii In tljn roilio uho pinc
llcp forestn bj oir TIP thoio IIUo oui
rangers most of oni puporsorB and
Continued on page two
Purpose Isto Educate Public
Away From Its Hysterical
Attitude Towards Them
Consequence Js That Through Icnr
Anil Terror Jinny Afflicted Per
sons Conceal Kncl
New York Dee 30 Nine Icpcra In
mates of Institutions In the vicinity of
this city were exhibited last night for
public examination at a gathering ot
phjslclnns In tho academy ot med
icine Ono of the patients a China
man was from Paterson N two
woie from Brooklyn two from tho city
hlspltal UUCP from the skin and can
cer hospital and one from the Germm
Tho purpose of exhibiting the lepers
is stated to bu the beginning of nn
effort to educate the public away
from tho hysterical attitude It haa
hretoforo shown whenever tho pres
ent o of a leper became a matter of
general knowledge
It was declared that thyattitude ot
tho people In general toward lepers
has not In the least advanced slnco
the middle ages and that as a result
minj lepers In fear and terror con
ceal the fact that they aro suffering
from the disease Instead ofapplying
for ami receiving humane and Intelli
gent treatment
There iro at present 33 coses ot
leprosy under treatment In New York
and vicinity Many of these patients
It is said make occasional visits to tho
shopping districts to bunk or to hos
pllalis riding openly In trains stregt
cars nml ferryboats
Six physicians from all parts of tho
United States and tho American icol
onlal posscacions discussed leprosy at
tho nietlriB last night arid all agreed
that In Now York city there Is no
likelihood of Infection They declare in
favor of a national sanitarium with
stations In Florida and San Fran
cisco urging In favor of such mi in
stitution that It was Impracticable for
tho states to take action on account
of the small number of cases In caqh
stato and H was unfair from a na
tlonal standpoint to allow one state to
drive Its lepers across the border Into
other States i
Thcro nre now op record It was
asserted 27K cases of leprosy In the
United Stains 17fl of them beingmeii
and 102 women Five seaboard state
contain almost all the recorded cases
New Yoik South Carolina Florida
California and Massachusetts leadlnv
In tho order named
Dr Charles Duvall of Tulanc univer
sity at New Orleans described hlsex
pcrlenccs In segregating the bacilli of
the disease and his final success lii
propagating the germs outside1of lti
human body
Oakland CnJj Dec So Yalo University
icculves a bequpst otJSOCO from the es
tate of the late Martin KellOBf who was
president of thn University ot California
The whole oi the estato of J1000O3 wont
orixhiilly to the widow but In jier will
filed tot probate yesterday the Rift to
the easternuniversity ls announced
The tunrt is to bo used for llio promo
tion of elojialcal leiriiriiB by the estab
llHhmcnt of ascholarship at Val
the name Of Martin Kellogg
New York Dec 30 Tho central part oC
New icrk city Is billllahl toduy with
man > colored posters urging voles for
vdinen which gaudily dccoralo tPlctriH
poki fences and other available spotn
along a dozen streets All thls Is tlu in
sult ot a posterpasting btp which tljq
mcrnlKrn of the Womans Political union
held last night
Tliey started from tlipr lipadiiuarlevs
Ii sniiill squads Into In tlio evcnlne ucch
bavliiRa roll iif posters aiidit paste pel
UlyUltngi they covered ithoiclty rrom laac
to West Trom Twentyslxth to Fifty
fourth street Wherever there was a
blilldlhg In process ot construction bitr
1LlH standing aroiinil or a vacant spncj
which did not have a post mi bills
iiiiiTiInx they put up their posters
Tho bill posting hep Is credited with
being tho opening gun of the nilitant
viator campaign
Vn ilnglon Dec 30 MoJ C il Diivalli
conuiiiuidlng tlm division ot tlie Philip
pines lias cabled tlie Tar doiKirtrneiit an
1iuiimlltfcd denliilOf tlm published re
ports Unit n wircIcHs telegraph ntation
built and oiMrated byilapanoseiKuriioen
illHvovnred lii tliu Philippines and that
ctuuntltles of arms ammunition and ox
liliisves had been found IllegallyIn thu
possession of JnpaiiK <
Tlio concriil denial was forthcoming In
answer lo an Inquiry from the war de
Coniiiilvloii of Scientists Vounil Claim
AVas > Voll Founded
livrlln Deo M Tho elUni of a
kwjper nem llumburu that hl dog can
slieaU German anil has an understanding
of tin laiigiiaeo sufficiently to answer
uucktlonH liitnlllgciitly has beoir liiktii
co Kcrloiisly by Oennaii sclonltsls that
Irof Ifinipil of liprh linlvctFlty heail
pd a coimvlsslon of invcHtlgutlbn It i
vtiitid i > i i
trial iio scssid ot a vcnbiilary of scyiMr
words which wera clearly artlculatcil Or
tliu number four wore wprdsVpr two syl
liIiKs It IB assirtcil that tlio dbi im
derntanils What Is said lo him and re
plies to tlm InriulrleR of straiiBCrs with
tho limit of his kiiowledgft of the lan >
guago without aid or siigec tlon ot his
St Iuil Minn Dec An unidenti
fied woman was killed anil n others wcie
Injured three fatally In a flro wlilcli
dritroycd tlift Concord aiiiirtmenl hoiim
on liluvintli street bPlwvon Mlnnc oln
iind llnbsrt slrcetH early this morning
tatally Injured
Mrs HOPU Moore
Anna inl
Mrs Annii ilrlitoijhcld
The properly loss Is estimated jit V
iO Tlio flic btnrted hv nn usploslnn of
tome sort nrolulily In tin second story
Ten fiimilUib ivotu ililvvii > Ui Inln zrU >
weather diesscd only In their nUlil at
tire Thice babies woro safoly dropped
Irom tna third floor Into tho arms of fire

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