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Deseret evening news. (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 30, 1910, Last Edition, Image 4

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Corner of SoutluTomiiln and i il Ten
pleSlieuts Halt LnUiiClty Utou
71orac3 O Whitney Lluslncsa MinJKe
Siltr flii 11 Mail SOLSClklPTlON pjir vcnr < < WJ
J3y Canfen Kr ynr
iSnmHftli SemiWeekly Pr Y < i >
Satuidny r < cvvs per jciri
Address nil business conmunlcitlon
fcalt Iiko Clts Utah
cf niul other rndlnt nul
tcr for puhltMltftn should l < > nddrosse
10 he
1 astern lltprcscnntlvJ P JIcKIn
nej Chlcngn rti Mlehlean AVe Nei
iork SH 5th AVe
Entered nt HIP po lofflre of Silt Iik
City AS second clnm nntltr drcordln
to Ar nf rnnar M irch 3 1S79
PVLT llAKE CI TV DiC 30 19 1C
ft The trnitnient given to the uubjec
1 nf Imagination M Dr Cook of the 1111
< fe Hols State Noimal School jcsterduj be
f > re Utah toachers v as a lefrcshlns
nnd suggestive exposition of in liter
somcwhit well known to educators bu
iUlte generally overlooked by manj
tCaehorfl In their work and still mon
frequently ignored by certain self
stjlod practlcil people who of tor
tnalst that their children shall b <
taught only facts and not fancies
Dr Cook allowed lu brief that tin
Imagination is tiuly the most practic
able of all the powers of mlnd the
verj qurcn In fact ot the mental
it cultles 1 lie cultivation of the powct
to Imagine is rMlly tle cuItivaUon ot
human povei in Its broadest sente
Without this abllitj no person can
make a success ot even the most ordln
U i ar > oeatlon vvhlle all the higher cx
ercltc1 In which the human being en
gasc depend almost olcly upon the
truthfulness and range of this Impor
tant faculty
The Doctors demonstration that one
cannot rend without the constant o <
U cicl o if the Imagining power was both
forcible and humorous and was Illus
trated by man > mirth pnvJoking stoiles
it tint uv point to his nigument When
4 > t V hojtook up thq fcclcntllia Imiglnatlon
ho shoved inddentiillyvtbat the High
> School should bq called the Why
3lM fs i
r fachool becailfco at ithls pciiod Ihc
H L tl U J
jouthful mind slfuuld bo demanding a
reison foi eveivthing Then ho e
hlblteirthcYflctlire of n TjndUI form
ing an lin iglnatlvo theory of niattei
which Is Jlnilly found to bo Identical
with the one which God had coiistiuct
cd and put In oppttlU n In tho vorlil
of reiiljty In this viaytbf Doctor
rcaaiypicvrdJn simple language and
with plainylllustratloiiH onto of the
deepest truth ofphllosbphyi Ho hoW
ed how Kepler had constiucled In his
Imagination n planet Muis nnd h id
tested Its molloiiH with those of the
uul Mm which God had constructed
Hut hepresently found tint tile two
did not move togethei thiough thu
heavens this Imaglnativa Marh hoon
vcnt iiff on a tangent through the
depth of space Then ho tried another
iinii It went oft on another tangent
And o he continued until ho had dis
proved uvntecii different theories n
to tho motion of tho planets At last
however he found ono that agreed
with tho ono that God had made ho
tP that both tho real and the Ideal Mars
imned togethertluoiigh tho trackless
fe w nklcs When he found tint his theory
tyffj VUIH at last Ciod3 theoiy and that his
k JI Inmglnur Jlars moved In unison with
tho real Mars of tho solar sjatcm Is
It any v ondor that he exclaimed In
laptunj and adoration O God i read
Thy thoughts aftei Theo
It was a beautiful thouglt simple
RJSOII ot truth Tho power of the
mind Is measured by they poutr ot tins
Imiglnntlon As Napoleon fald It Is
Imagination that rules tVie world The
dreamci who fctfks to icullzo hH
dreams who addsworks to ili faith
and who seeks to Hvo or accomplish
that which hu h is Imagined Is the only
onu w ho mikes progress or w ho HUC
cerds in the affnliH of men or who
llko Tsndall or Kepler makesprogress
in reading tho msstcili s ot the unhorse
t > ir the affairs of the Creator
Tho movement of cmlRiation Is gen
onilly aieittd ati 1 true indication ot
the financial h tut us of the1 eountiy
AVhen Immigrants lloek to our shoies
pro perltv Is vvlth us when they leave
> M times iro had This senir n treat num
i ber of laborers jiavo left for the Old
countils The dopnituies fm July
numberod Jlr ll and 2J375 for Aiifjust
Thetotal foi tho tvo numths vas neir
ly Jvvothlrds at Uto again as It vas
for tho suno period thu ell befori1
The pereentaRC of ineicaso was mueh
si enter than that for ImuiigiantH ad
It has been asaci ted that the outflow
of labot has been greMtei this yeiu than
any yeir slnee tho List panic riom
IlttsburRh U IB itpoitod th it since tho
op nintf ot Pceembu 10000 vvoikors
fiom tho sreat steel and lion dlstilet
hive cft that i enter boeautu of tlaek
oned ietlltyiii tho tride many of
them bound lor Uuiope Some siy
theIncuigiU In tin deputuui of labm
iia fm IUirole lit thistime Is duo to
the nun il Chilin is movement to Hi
homclipd but others attribute th
movement to the i educed actlvlti of
In 1107 following the punle 1SJCOO
aliens loft tho coilntiy followed In tho
llrat M months U 1iOS by 3IOMO more
vhllo only 2liOCO cnino In In the
ummei pf 1003 stecinHO niilvals iv
i Kicied onl > SiOQO to 10000 per month
Hut wljh bettoi Industilal tondlllons
thu tide hoon turned Jty Ucecmbor
tho tHnl had inountrd to blocfi bv
Fibruar 1000 It VVIIB S OCO niul by
Vpil 10C eighteen months iftci tho
pinlc thfc hlfih recoid of monthly Im
miijiatlon vvas leached with US000 ar
Spoeiilatlon niturallj h rife con
cuinlnK tho eauxos of tho depiesslon
tint has again turned tbo tlda of enil
jjratldn bapk Some ate of the opinion
tlut lho panic of lio wis far mom
lerlous than people wiio vvlllincr to ul
init and that the apparent iecovt > ry of
5903 vvas Ic i of a reeovdy than bin
been nupposod Thnso i imlllai with
tho history ot panlCH elilm that pie
elEClytho tame featmos hue ac < om
l pinioil itl cnililliat p cm t ircil t i
frilii tstci resume ilK previous boonv
ijig wero witnessed l in 1S55 In 1874Uni
fn nr > 1855 icacilon And precisely It hi cjfalmcd ihefami5 overtook second ai j
the markets before they had rcallj
begim to build on stable ground forIm M
great achievements of the future < t
No one seems to Know just w hat th <
inattcr Isvthough the depression Is Ml
generally Is It that the supply of the
products of Industry exceeds the de
mand and that labor therefore must
h 0 Idle until tho supplv Is exhausted1
Or is It that agitation has 1111I < 1fljf1
goose that Hid golden eggs i Senseless
agitation necessarily 1ms thateffect for
capital Is timid and IB not coming but
from under cov er as long as tho bat <
tcric < of demagogues are belching forth
their flre Nothing InirtH business
wor ° o than war upon legitimate busi
ness Interests That is the lesson of the
pi stYcir the future our policy ought
to bo to foster all legltlmnte business
enterprises nnd If difference of opin
ion ensues to settle them In a civilized
manner b > negotiation dlscustilon
ana not by < lIthatdolnoro In
jury than the damage It Is thought de
sirable to rcpili
J xn ix CHINA
Reports received In New Yoik are U
tho effect that the pfople ot two prov
incps are suffering from famine ami
that about three millions are affected
The government k trjlng to send re
lief and private persons are doing theli
share but usinl such contribution1
are Inadequate and foreign aid Is so
A Prcsb > tcrlnn missionary In China
describes the situation as follows
We arc passing through another
time of famic here The pist jears
have bncii marked icpealed Hoods
and this jcar In both the spring and
fall crops have b en an almost total
falltno In lirgo sections
A region thlitythrce miles wide b >
ncarU slttyseven miles long Ins beei
swept by tho worst Hood within the
memory of man The people lost everj
thing they had The Imperial govern
ment has Voted 10000 tnels for the
t elvc devastated counties hutltlso
mero drop in the bucket
Taking ChhmHsl whole this pai
lculai dlsttlct Hooded is a small one
ml there are also famine conditions
hi other parts of China and the 1m
riorlal government IHln such tralts
Inanelallv Uiat It Is very much to be
cured tint adequate assistance cannot
bo given
At the best It will bebnlv temporary
ind will not strike at tlo real difficul
ty The people nietdcspcrutc It1M
mid to pnjnch a gospel of love to those
who ire starving or on tho verge there1
if unless at the samo time one can
lolp thcr phi Meal need
ftc should not h no mary for any ot
Sods children to suffer < foi want of the
neccssarle3ofllfeJI would tbe
jr governments true tp theli calling to
oolt nftei > the welfare of the people
woulil do this Instead devoting 1 tlvcm
jolvos to tho service of the deltv ot
Will I hero Is plenty on HarUi foi all
he necessities of man It the bounties
oC nature VVCIQ equitably distributed
j In out Country AVO have just had a
ocordbreuklng harvest of corn A
iop ot 17J00000 hUsl hIHlfjliecn
alsed this vcar In the seven surplus
I iroduclng states U IsIrtiho aggrc
Kate the irgost ever inlsed being 182
00000 bushels more than the crop ot
ist year JM000000 bushels In excess
> t 150 and 33000000 > bushels more than
he Immense crop of 1000 A smill por
lon lor this Immense supply of food1
6nt to China would relieve tho sltua
Ion theie Vhy not send some of It
liS aNn Ycarh gift Undoubtedly
ho fled Cross society would foiward
con Irllm tlons
nance In all probability will soon
lave a law ptovldlng for compulsory
irbltuitlon disputes between public
s < rIco coiporatlons llhelr cm
pi osrho govtrnmcnt Is about to In
Lioilmo a bill on that mibject
Thla bill us reported provldoh foi a
maid composed of icpre entatlves
loth of the coporatlon and ot tim
Linploves All disputes arc 10110 ic
Ccried to this commission If the com
mission IH unable to settle the dispute
It Is to bo curried to a compulsory
arbitration bontd bleb Is to have
full and plenniy powers If tin aibl
tiatlon bonid finds that hlghci wages
should be paid for Instance It Is given
tho authoiltj to older the Increase of
inllvvay latos pioldlng It finds that
the Increased wages would result In
ImpUiing the reasonable dividends of
the coipoiatlon r
The commission < lhlciollho
bIlLsllrsIIS now conceded as i prin
ciple of Jurlspiudonce thuttlie state I
In conceding public service monopolies
does not waive Its jlght to Intelfero
and compel thj > concessionaries to
gnnt ameliorations In the Interest of
publlo good and the prelll rl Ion eif
public ordci
in this Country the principle of eom
juilsorj arbltiatlnn Is not geneially
ipcognl7d nmpl ijers and employes
alike demand tho pilvllego ot Jlchtlng
which me ins too often tho destruc
tion hc propel and tho Interference
with biislness And jit the only civ
ilised was ot settling disputes Is
arbitration 1nlIIYllle affairs the
duel ami tho mid have boon abolish
ed and eouits hive taken theli jilieo
fhcimrrwi prlnclph > Issuteto he roc
ognlod In liuhisulul disputes inHIn
Intel national quarrels U Is oulv n
luestloa of time
Ticmh leglblatlon on this subject
vlll be watohid with Inti rest all ovei
the w ollIantl i specially In this
nc GNOMIC VAiiUi or iiuaviiov
IMmuiul Jamesof tlio Unlvoislti
of lllineils In his adduvss be
fon > the convention of tho Amerlcin
rionomlc soelulon aiSI Ixnilt
ciolw ot the economic slgnlfleilnee ot u
eompiehcnsho ustom Of national idu
lallon Ito di lined thoM tcims thus
13 mtliinal idueatlon I mi an 11 sys
tem of u lucatlon no extonsUi In Its
pnltoilal icach us to bilng Its faclll
llos and onpoitunltlOK to every child of
the nation lij a comprehensive system
ot national education I moan fjstom
no flutnllocl and ta incluilvo as to dls
rovii rill forth and train o tho point
of hUhest cillelonc all tho talents and
capncltlcs ot all the rhlldicn of the na
tion 11 > economic slgnlllrnncu of such
1 i svstcm I mean Its r itlon to tho pro
duction of national wealth
To somo II appeals aljsurd to say that
education has nnj uconomlc slgnlll
> W2W 44 < gwt
JoIII IIf i1
canco > toitho nallon JJutllfshouIdjncc l
I no argument to con ncocvcn the most
cation conscrvallvrtlnUhematter ttlmt f thoj eople are i MJJ
Sbisth physkully Intellectually antf mor i
allj they nrp Fn fii 1 better condi j
tion thaiu those riot BO trainee
to tJIIzcT tho icaources of tho worl 1 i
for the enjoyment of life and happines
And thespeakir auld wo arc com
Ing to recognUo morq and iinore tcarlY I
from a study ot history and practlcs
present day politics that siich capn
cities nrt iib dlseoveredand tralne
to tlfclr fullcsl extent except tl
sjstemaJlc carefully considered com
p rehqi I u national < purposo Incorpor
ated In a dellnltu nationalpolicy
3ust n9W the conservation of natlonq
rcMiitrceis Is oneof > thu great quen
tloh us ItoUfiut1 > be FoV a natlo
can as little afford tocjndulgo In slnft
wa to of mean ab tin ihdlvldual ul1d
If it docs there Is eiici alf torIIY
In dim tme n tthe development o
the Individual IntcIHgunce s stillmor o
Important Ihe coal supply may glv
out nut If mcnand women are Intclll
gent enough they wljljlnd some sub
btltutofoi that fuclj and the world wll
be all tho bettoi for It Even the foo <
supply may be augmented through th
Inventions tnd dlscoicTies of Intcillgen t
men nnd women as tho human famll
Inci eases and agriculture becomes mor
and more taxed to supply means ot ex
tn orhe oceans may bo giaduall
drying up and the Earth may b
doomed to an existence without th7
abundant supply ot waiter It now Iu
but Oven then an Intelligent race wll
know how to utilize whatever molstun
may be found even If they have to
conduct water from tlip Polar capsns
the supposed Inliabltants of Main an
saId to bo doing through a wonderfu
system of canals
Uhls by way Illustration ot tin
fact that practical education has econ
jmic valUB to nations Life on Earth
from tho beginning has been a flght foi
xlstencci The method of warfare hai
changed since the day when o ran
cstors wont out on the sl rfacociCtho
Earth nnd conquered it from tho wile
animals And as the methods change
more JM1I moio Intelligence Is needed
To supply the facilities fot uequlrlnf
these must bo the concern ot states ant
Ihe Manitoba rice Pres Is in tile
mblt of sending out aChristmas sou
onli It Inist1 ncHoforthelast ten
cur Its llrst souvenii was a minIa
ture sick of wheat Then panic a mln
ature suck of pcmmlcan In 1001 the
ouvenli was a quill of a Canadian wll <
goose nlerhls vear tho Press sends
mt n roll ot pilntlng paper Ithn
Ittlt book describing paper maklnp
torn the ancient papyrus < down to the
nodcrn paper mado from Canadian pulj
woOdTb little pamphlet contains a
licit deal of Interesting lcsTIle
rClI on given for sending out this me
mentols tho pressing Importance tc
hU whole continent of tho question of
nilpwood supply as part of the wldei
mattel of conservation natural re
lources which Is compelling tho attcn
Ion of the peoples nnd the government
if this country and the United Statca
tlln outstanding fact In regard to pulp
vood being that th Dominion of Can
Ida having the fircatest paper of pulp
oodoC the best quality under the
ipcratlon pclentlflc forestry method1
fOI the jrorpetuation ot that supply ol
fIIW material Is destined to become the
vorlds gieatcst paperiruinufocturlnK
Among the statistics gl > cn arc the fol
It has been estimated bn Qci
mari statistician that the total amount
Of paper of all sorts produced annually
I n tho whole world Is 3000000 tons nnd
it thin total 55 per cent Is produced In
I uiope Germany producing 17 P ice t
Ireat Britain 11 pet cent Trance 7
ici cent AustriaHungary 5 por cent
Itiisia nnd Finland 34 P31 cont and
way m per centotthoA3 pei
cut el edited to this con entthe
Jnlted Statos produces nearly 40 pel
cut and Canada about 3 per cont
Canada It maj be noted has the larg
st consumption of paper per head oJ
jopuUtlon the statistics being os foF
Iowa Canndi 64 pounds ixsr annum
Grcllt Britain Bu pounds Sweden l3
lounds Finland 62pounelspnlted
Slrlt8 fiO pounds Geinnny IB pounds
soiway 36 pounds Switzerland 33
lounds Holland 33 pounds Fninco 30
KiuiulH AustilaIIungary and Ilelglum
pound and so on dovin tho lint until
o conIc to llosnli which corsumeB
> nly a small faction over onu pound per
icad of tl populatln
Dont pin your faith to a hatpin
A school and Its money aro soon pirt
dd I
Politics < make stringo liod fcllenra
and liars
ToiijCant rut down a butchers bill
with a cleavci
Pcoplo mav havo wealth and still be
lit the cheap ort
Urilslng honey fts a business Is the
sure > t was to get stung
Di Cook has felt tho public pulse and
found that It Is ngln him
Two can live cheaper on love thin
ono can hut on nothing CIAO
The Adams count > Illinois wooli
no full eit vote sillers and buyers
lo people count the cost but usual
Wnot until aftoi It his been Incurred
Getting up earlv doesnt worn some
icoplo f Ilhe reason that they dont
Ihe llamlurnn revolution cells un
uhlo to gi t a good start AVhy not
liy thu shoot
II In as haul theso da > s to hold on
o aviation nltltutde record as It Is
io hold on tt a greased pig
Where Is tio modern village school
master who would deem himself
usslng rich at forty jrounds jearV
Every time the Mexican insurrection
s crushed It comes Illhthn kha6
nape ind bounds off like an India iitb
her ball
baiographs arc no more trust
worth than gas meters lhelrielter
= Itt t
altitude records aretoshoitaken < vvHh j
r By all odds = let us 5 have 1 i rcclproclt 01
ltli Canada J It vTouldi bo oHnlg
o eftoh i l itiri Ii fijo inl t n1ieil n t hjj
relation i J ffiii
i A Chlcago pastor has hod 1 call
London Ho vvlllfflnd the fogkof Loi
don not unllkq Ihesmoktoihlsown
1 dear lakeside rM
I i In New York there are half a doze ii
jralra of feet thai hope to > > lMrnfo
Senator Dop wijshqesAVhy vnot aj
jllr the Cinderella test
Why do not 0 Jho J unlversal reformers
undertake tno task > of reforming thoi
trusts There is a lIeedciltctotm
worthy of their b 40 st efforts
3lr Bryan hesitates fo el1 < talt
rtolL Jickson dn > celebration t
crend lest It prove itdl i cordati
note Ddes the gcntlcmali notInow
that to hchltatejb to Ije lost
Swimming Is to ho irmdo compulsor
In the New York schools It thCi
Ions If things cducatlonal keep on as
the are golnff before there will b
nothing voluntary In education
A Pin rinncltco m in preferred ROln
to jail to pajlng alimony and has hce
Incarceriited fnr nearly a jear JI
IIIHIsJ llbcrtyln1 on nnCriieiitoDi io
evils he chooses the lessor
j i
Jlcncon Is the name chot > nior thri
newcity wllchJslo Include tho town
of iMattenwan nnd Fjahklll Lanjllnf
New Yorlr It phoiiUllobk lIUcltiLlt
new lighted on n hcavenklsslnshlll
Frank Gotchs sweetheart Is iindtcid
ed whether or not to brciktheir H
gigemcnt since ho has announced hi
determination to return to thc mal
Sho will doubtless decide the samc a
the Virginians lady lovo did vvjien h
went out to do up Trampus t
Among the patilots of Ohio who a
the last election sold tteir roles rQ >
somij ministers of the Rospe So th
dispatches say iach received th
magnlllccnt sum of500 These minis
ters now ought to be quallllcd torn
mission to Utahtoheiplls11tln
agilnst Church Intcifctence In politics
Will Street Journal
Out Waehlnston Jlngots wont slcei
well until onehalf of tho iblcbodlci
men In this country lire supported bY
the other half
Philadelphia Record
The feebler the evidences of love o
peace on tho pnrt ot the inllltnrj
governments so much Ihegre ter tho
r a on foi Andrew Carnegies Instltu
Cfcv eland Leader
After ill tho explanation of Dr
Cook does not look ao Improbable to
thoml nwhohnl to get up at C
oclock to shovel tho snow off his
sidewalk before ho goes to work
Philadelphia Ilcildrd > <
Tha fat manovhii ltIcHutblnlo
an uppei berth will hereafter havfc
a Might pecuniary consolation for hl
acrolmtla efforts He will pay 20 pet
cent less than the man on tho ground
Iloor Mr Lano of the Interstate > m
in commission ettlmatoa that the
cllmbcis will lI1vca million and a
half annually by this but the re
duction Is not so gre it that tho Pull
man stock holders need to ftir an end
of tho watermelons they havo been
cutting dining tho last dozen jcars
Denver Times
Nature never Intended the otor
some of tho tasks Imposed upon It by
modern civilisation Oculists have de
clared that half the Htudlous and
closeworking clases suffer from
mvopla astigmatism and attendant
nerve troubles A method to lessen tho
Injuries resulting from tho defects o
tho e > o has boon discovered in proper
artificial lighting That the state
should jUpenlo Illuminations In
factories stores and other buildings
whero workers aro omplovcd IB tho
opinion expressed by 13 Leaven worth
Ulllott who write on Compulsory
Protertlon of tho Lives of tho Public
In the Illuminating Engineer publish
ed In New York eltj Mr nillott be
lloves that there should ho an over
lapping of tho work of oculists and
illuminating engineers
Do you beilovo In Santa < L Glaus
aM < ed ono small boy
You replied tho other I nearly
aw him one night only father caught
ilm nnd he tinned out to bo a buigl u
AVashlngton Star
Ernest Pilgrim Plcaso send a largo
bunch ot rod rose to this address and
cluugo it to mo
CJcrk Yes lriandYPlIr name
Ernest Pilgrim Oh never mind the
name shell undei stand IIi varll
Yes I finked my husband for 2 and
he gavr mo JI
Doc join husband often glvo p you
more than you ask foi
Not often This time I told him I
wanted to buy him ome Christmas
cigars Louis Illo CourierJournal
Fair CiibtomorHavent you omc
book that would bo especially suitable
lora yotmg m in
rt hiII dont know How would
Hints of Hou ihold Economy 01
Young Man Why Remain u Bach
elor or
Fair Cuttomoi Iot mo see that one
please Chicago Tribune
An nstionomer avs nclenco doesnt
recognlye the star ot nethlohcm
And If wo remombor light science
aIm failed to lecotnlze the llalley
comot Cleveland Plain Dealer
I want my IIfrl < bellevo Jn Santa
rlnu11 Why tob him of his luumless
And do you beilovo In Santa Clius
flet mother think I do answered
tho urchin i autlmisly Why rob hoi nt
her lnnnle s Illusions 7 Washington
What aro jou going lo < glvn vour
I think Ill give her n W check and
then trv to eonx It away from her aftoi
Chrlstmas Louisville Co irlel J our
1rOfll orwiWdl1 you conio to col
lege nn > waj You are not stud Intf
Will Uahnh Well mother savs It Is
to fit me for the prehldoncy Uncle Bill
to sow my wild oats lsd i get a chum
1b i t 1
lforlhorHotmarry anelijiS Hobankrup u f
lho family Pucjk > 1
Ti havo boon Spending the wool
training What a Tor waitress <
1 For the family sheIs now workln
i for t Life <
Artist Madam It Is not facesialom
that I paintirisisouls
Madam Oh O jou do Interiors then i
DS gh f FStl t t u u
Mrs Hoyle Is there much room in
your flat e
Irs Doyle I ahotildisay not Ther
Isnt room to glvo nnjbody a broai 1
hint Judge h
Cnil fci i toI1o hofTspent lt prcclou
hi If h being pleaCmt to old lady
Well goodbje Mis Smith Ihop <
youi husbaiiil Ibjixll right
lrrS T hopes lioslrltUbf sto
months come Chilstmns since e died
Mr Styles I seo that on an average
over sixty reputed centenarians lIe
each year In England and Wales
Mrs StlesOh tlijIO bad DC
jou suppose l those heavy fogs thcj
have over there havo anything to di
w 1th It Yonkers Statesman
Q 5Ju i
Saturday Matinees 20c to sli
A coinedv In four nets by Jnmos
rorbea author ofVIhe Chorus I ad >
PrlceB2V to JIM Wfdnosdav and
4t13 f oI lnn r
i Ii 1
Lower Door 51 rO and 75c
rir t Tlm < J at Lsa Ihnn IW
f I
1 GinLSrnxsoxos
JIatlnc < SntuuHv 25r nndmc
f r
Both Phones 35C3
1 Q XCJFO Y un gyuW E
Matineqs 215 oclock Every
Kvenlng S15
iOfib siONr
Orplieum Motion Pictures
Qrphuini Orci hslra
Mntlnco Prlcen 15o 23c 0
NlRhl Pflif 2 croc 73
Spec XMAS AVnHK nttrncnuii
Tlmt grlnilj pictuicstiue and nlenl
lossly fiHClimtlng Btoiy of tho early
vdti from the genluotouclicd pen
ot Divid Bclnsco
Regului GarrlU Prices
One houurs cnto tnlnmcTit of hlBh
cliiBs lifo motion pictures Illustrated
und spot llglit songs
Continuous from 1pm to 11 p m
A portion of the tlinnter reserved at
ill times for Indies without cbcurls
7p nm 7
C i I i
5 C
YillJiiy a gcnllonians
Jinosilk 50c Jourin
lifuul tic at Cutlers this
week >
All Xijias ftoods must
ho Isold boloic stock
taking begins
Special sale on Knit
oocls and boys flotli
ing at 20 discount
M Irt if11J
VA Sti
Vnlniblo Information vUilch cvrrr
firmer and cnrdcner should h > o is
contained In our new
Garden Guide
of Seeds Plants and Trees
Copj nmlltd free to address
Alor cSceilsSuld Ecrywherc
CjC Morse 5 Co
1 the grcAt California bcrcl Homo i a
if jJIarketSlrDct I S n Fmncliteo
ri 1
1 I rIll f
L 101
11 <
= 8
> r
h I a <
Sr = 1
fftl jlfJse 1i1li JljriflflY I
< C > Jij = t
Ff l J1 l 7fU < IiIl1 f erxt
Monday we celebrate New Years L Day and
all day Tuesday we close tor Stocktaking i
Great End of the Year
Clearance afe
Ends iI
Entire stock of suitsblick
na y ltfoa clbroWIl
broadcloth seigcs and chc L
Aiots boucles fau mix
tures and rough weaves at
Half Price entire stock of i
ladies and missesDresses
in silks p ll l1 isscrges
fancies marquisettes chii
fou and all evening shades
and party dresses at Half
Price Coats atgreat re
ductions many at Halt
d P ice entire stock Chil
idvens ltsilto6 and 6
yto 34 at Half Price also
i included > in theimpelling
reductions are separate
skirts furs syeaters
PoTI > lV n > i < i
llS s kimonos dressing
sacaues sliayls steamer
rugstraveling < coats chil
Jcjiens petticoats hou c
> liif r Jf mJi
dresses Avrappers etc
Suits and
1Jetc ats
Onefourth Off
Our entire line of Suits and
For Men
Tor Youths
F Boys
For Children
Including the famous
Eff Eff Clothing I
See Our Window Display
GfttltN WY
B ar a in C1al e
Jt TOU want bargains for our olCorNew Years Present for a > j
friend como nnd seo on Saturday what wo are offering for sale I
A limited number of Ladles and Misses Beaver Hats must bo
cleared Somo splendid tilmmed hats sacrificed i 1
Fancy scarfs ties and many glttB suitable for New Years presents J f
that will go at birgiln prices i < 1W
Our Shoo and Rubber department h teeming with bargains for tho r
whole family <
All winter umlcrncar menu nnd jouths ladles and mlsites mint KO
at some price i L
Blankets Comforts Pillows and all Turnlshlngs for Bed rooms Wo < iU
have tho goods at POPULAR PRICKS i ih
The remaining tojs crockery etc at great reductions Paitlcs
Hazzllrwcaler dfor i
at the
TBJJe OfJ Z e sGa P
1 Eh t cr + 1 j
yo 0 Vll jti
42 to 48 West First South I
= =
1 hll t I tr llf

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