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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 31, 1910, Last Edition, Image 1

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0 3 NltlBB
Was Trying OutHis d Mono
plane Near New
Orleans v
He Pitched Clean Over Fell Hun
dred Landing on
t His Head
AViis Born ni Chicago J80 Aolileinl
olillii Axlutor by IljffiiK Atinsf
JI1gkthCIIttIIIci with Passenger
Now Orleans Dec 13OIUI B Mol
tpant daring American aviator confi
dent of adding tiiiO many laurels ot
the air thoMIcholin cup record for 1010
fell to Ills death at 355 this morning
while making a preliminary flight
L Whlla pVcpnrln TLcTmako a landing
on a special Held selenlejil for the Mlch
r cup trial 12 miles west of New
Orleans along the banIc of flue 11 Missis
sippi liver t Molsant was thrown from
a BlerioU monoplane and < landed on Mi
head S5fcet from whcrc the machine
struck UuJ ground i His neck was
broken produclnfjf death within 10 sec
onds according to thecoroner A mo
ment after Molsant struck fulline In i
hlpJi wecdB totwrlght of the Held
boino workmen picked him i up A spec
ial train of flat cars was standing near
the scene Of the accident nndUie body
was placed aboard ami j brought to thlo
cl + x
Wind apparcntlyrwaajhc scrC the
nccldent Molsunl tijiltcd iby the whlto
bigs which lined thq cdurso rounded
tile circle twice In an effort ttp find a
landing place Tho third time around 1
the wind which was tllh about ID
miles across the course drove the ma
chine toward lheciith Molsant In
trying to get l over the grounds
swerved suddenly at the left then at
tempted his famous right circle con
sidered so dangerous that It Is said
but onoolh r man ever attempted I
At tills hint tint the wind caught the
machine It tipped pointed Its nose
directly the ground and camo down
like ii Hash while Molsant was hurled
rlt L1d1fil head flrst x
Molsaritihad a married sister living
i II
In San Francisco Two tstorwere
with him hereJIarlda and Lulu One
brother Alfred J was the president
of the International Aviators associa
tion Ho WHB not pieient when tho ac
cident occurred Molsant also bus two
b brothers Salvador Interested In the
banking business
No arrangement has been made an
to the disposition of the body but I
probably will be shipped to Chicago
I Molsant was in Reno Barriers 50
horsepower Bleriot monoplane a ma
chine which ho had used hut two or
three times At the front of the ma
chine almost directly beneath the en
gine was strapped n nogallon brass
gasoline tank built especially for the
I Mlchelln cup trial
Molsant ascended at the City park
aviation Held at S3 am and Hew
across the city and along the banks of
J the Mississippi river to the special
fourmllo course lie appeared to have
p91CeC control of the elnc
probably no one 11 ever lie able to
explain Just what caused tho accident
He had Inclined his monoplane to
ward Iho earth for n landing before It
lo ltho fatal plunge I fell like a
plummet nilhutct the propellers In
the s r earth
Ho lanHlln Deal and from then on
hod a series ot accidents that con
tinued for thrco weeks Undaunted ho
lung In his purpose to reach London
through tho air and while the whole
world applauded the plucky Chl
cagoan he pressed forward and II an I
on Sept 6 floated down tit the Cr > stal
palace In tho I irit bob capital V
Molsunt arrived II Now York fiom
Kurope nnOclS last and was one
L of the most Interesting figures In the
aviation meet at Belmont park Ho
took second place In tho International
r aviation rare when U rothoit one Vti Ito
captured tho trophy which Glenn II
Curtlss had hi ought to this country
from Franco the year before
JrahamcWhlto went around the
statue of Liberty In an minutes 2 LI
111 enl
seconds Molsant nnido the flight In
r tl
i2 seconds under Orahamu Whites
record Ills lime was 111 minutes iss
Molsant had a narrow osenpo from
death last Tuesday In New Orleans
After being blown live miles from bis
cOIsolw a 10 mile wind he gilded
down from an altitude of nearly
11000 feet and birely escaped a
lough landing Ina 1lunllof trees
Molsanl was tho Ihlll foullhull
to lose lois life In the development of
wiatlol Of this number 2I have been
killed the present year four were Idled
tn rlOO and one Lieut Thomas 15 Self
ridge U S Aii 1908
Tho death loll Inch ideo GeoigoChn
voz tW IJeinvlan who flow over the
Alps only to bu fatally Injured In land
Ing llilph Johnstono of Kansas 1Ily
ivho had just before broken the worlds
ultltude rocotd Cinihs I Hulls the
popular Ingllsh sporlsman I con Ui >
LaOrangi1 Iho Fiunchnuin and Ceell
Hrace of NOW York who after Hying
Mom Dover to Calais was lost piobibly
in the Ninth sea on his letinn trip
Ie Oi leans lien 31 Tho repoi t
that Molsant who hid endeared him
elf to tliiiuvandi of Nel Oiloans cltl
enc had met wlkllSIIIHII uccldont
rpreud iipldly and when tho speelal
trrlng his body arrived at the Union
> rlntloii tharo was a vatt crowd snr
loinuJIng the train shed
An ilooiitthi rIco anil sovcnil surgeons
w rl In wiiltliii and pa to irrJn diow
n sini > nil men inpod to the platform
hllr11111 > to tho ambulance told tho
JUujcons Llui JTo ant was uneon
ui oils lout frtlll alive Tho Irst HtirBOim
hirrvor Vto 1Diiilied the flat cal I l I
that tliii fvtutur was dead
lit I
Now Yurlt Dee 1 Inlin 1J Molsanlt
wtiu was killed today In Now Orleans
won t1io heart of every lover of tins
hiring spoi t Wh11JU > OI30hcf1
from Ilclrnonl dluiJunU1 tho Statue o r 1
Itbeity and back to the avintlon icl
thereby wrestlnu from tIn Kriglluhmun i
i t
Claudc GrfiliamAVblte one of the k most
highly prized of the trophies offeird
C raerlalCeutl < reld
Interest Ill the
tli young man brcamn
sojlntonso locally at that time that tho
news of the fatal accident caused an
unusual shock In this oily Expressions
1 Expiclllol
of grief followed an announccmiiit of
the news In the
local headquarters
the Aero Clubiof hcfd Uiters of
e Molsant was born In Chicago In JS70
i and lived there until he was 19 17
olo He then started C rthe Pncllli
coast < 1rjftcd down to Central jrnerlci
became a woldlor of fortune such tnulor
rUdi finally was driven from San Snlva
dor when tho general under whom he
was lighting met defeat
Molsant lit that time wa wealthy
but his property Wenlhv
i lroPor was confiscated hy
the government Soon afterwards
went to Spain and later appeared II
Paris when the Wright
tle brothers
loChell wen
there exhibiting thiet 111
rooxhlbltng their machines it
was told of Molsant at that time that
ho Cit to Paris to buy i aeroplane
with the aid of which he planned to
sail Into thc country COn which ho
had been excluded and In I spectac
ular manner revive the drooping
isplrits oflho revolutionaries Slow
IIWerso the storj goes Molfnnt be
camo so Interested II the possibilities
of tho flying machines that political
luffairs In Central Ameilca Interested
hlm less and less Arelcalnlroslet
avowed aerial enthusiast and Jilm
iselt making ant jlln
inliinl lights
From the start his
carper sis nn
javlator was marked with daring ex
ploits He Hiit came Into the worlds
prominence so reccnth as August lust
when he started on a light from Paris
to London with a passenger Albert
Klleaux lie successfully crossed the
Kngllsh channel being the first aviator
to accomplish this feat with a pas
He made the trip over tho Straits
of Dover In the face of storm that
Would have turned back a less bold
adventurer holr
11os Angeles Dec 31 Tin1 tragedy In
New Orleans which cost John it Mol
snot his life left deep Its mark of Mir
row In this city In addition to the
do7cn or so noted aviators lends and
associates of Moleant now In Los Ange
lcH Stanley Molsant the 14yearold
ion fthf dead aviator Is crcarolc
Inf friends Ha camo accompanied by
Barton XVcyl Inn attorney of Han Fran
cisco lioJ the husband of a sister of
John Ii Molsant
Today the boy was ntlhohofelon
tho summit of Mount Lowe He had
not been Informed of the death of his
father and Mr AVoyl requested the
newspaper men not to let him know of
tho tragedy until he returned to Los
iVngolcs tonight
j ° Tho boy ha been enjoying hlniholf
iso much that t anthlllo have one
more day before bo learns ot the rage
dy said Air AVeyl
Expressions 0forrow were heard on
all sides at Aviation fluid ocr the
death of Moisant
Glenn H Curtlss said Molsant
I am deeply grieved I hear of Mol
sants epIYrrlCed knew him ell
1lnIng first mot him at niietms France
tthe internatIonal meet In 1IO9 1
was then that Molsant first became In
terested In aviation and wo nletnt my
quarters on sovcral occasions and dls
cus scd aviation Ho was a most Inter
eslngamrnmlable ithoIwhsiopti
lull with everyone At Ilphnont Piik
last fall wo renewed
fali werenele1 our acquaintance
He seemed to delight In Hying for the
spoit of the of accident the thing and therefore I know no can details give
no opinion as to the cause
Molsiiit was too doling COa man
of hls experience with machinery and
aeronlanes lie look too lan chances
and ever since I alhll wrfoim at
Behnont Park I have been expecting
his death
This was the comment made today
by James rtndley the EnglIsh aviator
lIen informed of Molsants death
n HUe drives a lilcrlot tho sam type
of monoplane Moisant was piloting
when he was killed today
Once at Behnont Park Unilley went
on Molsant dived reIn a great height
with his powerful mote going full
speed He stlnellw ghoul ial with such
terrific force that his monoplane ie
bounded nearly a bundled feet in t hoe
air No air machine can stand that
soil of thIng
New Yordk Dec SIAll iinlilcntind
man was instantly killed and anotlirr
fatally h lJ U loll shoitly before mldnlglit
last night Ahcn an olevntor car In ia
npnrmcntliuseon Aest One lluniliol
and Twelfth street In which both men
eic 111 lag ascended rapidly to thl
top of the shaft snapped Its cables anil
dropped eight storIes Into the cellar
Tlie noise made by the car as It
struck tho cement foundation tho
shaft shook the building and innn > nf
the tennnts rushed Into the street frir
hog that the building had collapsed A
el Il I htampcde vas n vetted by the
10yenrnld gIrl telephone operator who
icmalned at her nal at the switch
hourd In the hallway only a few feet
from the elevator shaft until she had
called up eveiy apartnunt In the luiIM
Ing and asMired the tenants that there
was no danger
As neatly us thiS police have been
able to leain the car was In cluirso
of 11 inexperienced operator who rm
I timviri nl ton sneod Bo that It
crashed ClnWt Mccl suppoit at the
topof tho shaft sumMilng some o tla
mechanism so that It dropped down
ward immipiiji tod Tho police dug tlK
operator and his 111anlol out o tli
Wieekiigo In thu hasenient The opein
toil was dead and his oompinlons hall
was broken nnd hIs shiuuil fiactured
Chicago Dee31lnnt lends of
the demise of hioi Into Wife Walter M
Jacson lila published tWI announce
inents nf her death The reasonfor this
unusual procedure vu s fmulshed by
hue husband Mrs JncUnmi was known
by two immcH Mrs Nell It 15 lacksnii
and Mrs Nellie R Tyler
llcfoie we mail led a vuir ago my
wifes name was Mrs Tyler said 1
lackson Slid was In Iusnie umler
that name and she continued to use I
professionally after we we 1 married
Mine people know hoi bv tho name
of Tyler than Jiickinii I I had UJed
only the name laekiion in the city only
a COl pcisoiiH might lime lecognlred
Now York Dec ill The city of New
York and the ItupM Tunslt Suhnay
Construction < company haf arrived at
nn iindci > tandlig aftei JOUH of lltlRi
tlon by which tho eitv saves 4514405
lon company linked ISU5Hrnl extra
work Tho balance struck will now
be u payment by lhm of IMI109
Claims and countcrclalmi have been
In alltthfl tOil for a year aIHI hut I f but
the rcp 3onlitlves of lhcdlUIHIll
111IhorVlfJinplJ Tianslt compiiny
collie to mi usucmnt without tin norv
CIIli lf U nruitrators and announced
thiiri1 cio1ilflthuoughu the pubUc service
qlln I
Million and a Quarter for Establishment i
< f
lishment of Foundation
German LifeSavers
In nloi > apli Letter to floiiliJ50
preM Deep InloreM In the I
Heilln Doc 31
Berln Annouiibemeitt was
niule today that Andrew Carnegie had
Riven f 150000 for a Carnegie founda
lon for ICe wivcrs In Germany
Tho conditions and purposes of the
tndowmeiit are similar to those of the
hero funds previously established by
thu American financier and phlUn
tlnoplst l In the United States Knglnnd
nd France Tha annual pToe
ant hCnnluul ccswil
he used fur the benefit of thosowho
luvo been Injuied In the performance
of heroic nclHIUdhllht event of a
heros of
denih for the suppoit of surviv
ing dependents A special provision Is
made for thieLlcaUono the chill
tcno those who have sacrificed their
Some time ago American Ambassador
IIuttheleJUcslf i Carnegie
approached the emperor on the sub
Jiet of whether such tgl would bo
neoeptablo Ills
nl Hs majesty thoroughly
uppioveil of thcIIljC etiintl an auto
graph letter to the donor exPI8RCl
deep Interest In the benefaction I
The necessary details were soon con
cluded and the fund placed In the hands I
of the emperor who as Its patron ap
pointed a commission ot 12 to adminis
ter the same
The president of the commission 13
Kudolph Von Vitlcntl chief of his ma
jestys civil cabinet and his associates
Include tno Amcrluiri imba sador
11e mcrCr ibassallr and
icpiescntiitlvcs of the mining railway
maritime and Industrial Interests of
Germany and the medical profession
The benefits of the fund will begin
I Icli
with the now year
Germany nnw has piovlslons for the
teller of civil servants who have suf
foicd thiOugh heiolsm and Mr Carne
gies gift will make it
Ilos Ilf wi possible to round
out a general system of benefaction
This Is the both Hi hero fund estab
lished by Mr Carnegie The original
endowment itslim1lll April 1JOi
when 5000 was placed In tho hands
of u c commission 10110 POSNIo 21 icsl
dcnts of Plttshurg Pa who were In
structed tulisclhe annual proceeds of
the fund In tile benefit of dependents of
t loO losing their lives lifceIIClleiIOoC
to save their fellow mentorfor the
hCToefthemsclveslf Injured onlyT The
beneficiaries Were roilflndd to those as
sociated with acts performed within tile
Unlteil States Canada and Newfound
land and the waters theieof
In IOOS Mr Carnegie gave JlfiOOOOO
for the hem fund in Oieat Irtnln and
France sot 1000000 The total for this
purpose Is now 0300000
Washington Dec 11 The decline
in tie exports n foodstuffs and tho
Increaso In tho outhon
JntlolxllltaUol of manu
factures which hitvo characterized
the export trule of the United States
In tho yea about to end are again
apparent In till November statement
issued by tin bureau of statistics of
the ii epa rt 110111 t o commerce and
labor Foodstuffs exported in Novem
ber amounted to but J > 3lfir In
value as against 51121179511 Cor the
same mOlthln1 year
For the J months ending with
November the 110 llgurcF Wore only
579GG1531 as compared with 5102
Iri421i7 for the corresponding period
of 1901
Prude materials for use In manu
facturing manufactures for further
In fOCtil lh and manufactured
use II manufacturing all 0111111 I
ed artcle1 ready for consumption
showed big advances over last year
nttclCe November hit for tho
11 months of this year as compared
with 1 09
Ball IJ N V Dec 11 The peo
ple of Saratoga Srings are so
p ros hCl Ills and happy that tho town
authorities are coiis Id oil hg an
ordinance to ubol1 the ornceO pool
master At tho nnniui meeting of the
town humd II was was reported that
no appllltlon1 for assistance hac been
made during tho last year The money
In the poor fund will have to be 111
voted to other purposes
Purpose Is to HiIng Oniiiiilltci Boom I
i Scsloiis Into Light of Publicity
New York Dec i1hnhictI changes
In legislative prnccduic In this state
designed to bring committee loom sea
siona Into the cold light of the public
gao are purposed Inn joint petition
to tIle state lawmnkeis from the New
Ytnlt Citizens union and tho City club
It IK piopo ed that committee clerks
required to keep accurate < minutes of
all proceedings and that such minutes
be always acce slblu to thu public Pen
alties for failure 10I port al transac
tions nio recommended
Another section prohibits action tin
any bill by any committee unless a
majority of hue committee are piesent
nnd requites that the names o those
pretent and a locnrd of each vote ac
company I committee ropoil to eltchr
New Yolk Dec 31 Theslock piaUot
nponcd dull and with general fractional
declines Southern PnclHc and Gloat
Noilhcin QIC celIleuleHIolljetIll
each and some heaviness was shown
by such active Issues as U S Steel
Atcnlfion and Amalgamated Copper
WcMnin Maryland advanced > < on
cxtiomely moderate offOll hugs
With speculation promising to bo lIlt
d1leltCol weeks past all Incentive to
t ratio Was lucking and execution of
some small MllpgA Olllqh5Cllt pUoes
down a fraction Union Pacific South
ern Pacific AtuhlHon U S Steel and
Anialgnmiited Copper averaged Vis be
low yesterdays tlh10IlOgotilll showed lit
tle Inclination to hardenwhen the sell
Ing stopped
The market plosed heavy
Siicculnlloji 1 threw to unclose for the
t 1
< iii 1tI Vi11 stock exchange withprices
on8a down guide Not rH lhl Impretvdon
jwas made on values hut the absence
ofany demand Impelled the hcaripio
fessionals to mako I feeble domoilstra
Itlon as the session endcil 10
I J v
i Denver Dec SO liiigGon Karl D
ThomiU i Commanding the depaitnient
jOftlie > Colorado today ordered to the
Mexican frontlet n company of Infantry
and one tioop of eiivalry from Fort
Douglas tJtah Port Iluachuca Ari
zona nnd Whlpplo Kanacks Arizona
GPII Tliomas said the duties rthcf < o
troops will bo to keep Mexican revo
lutionists loin crossing the border rim
troops will be distributed at several
Aldorshot Knp Dec ICttpt
Fiank Cod heiil of the ballooning
department of the war offices today
won tho British Jllchelln cup for dur
ation and dlsfunce for 1910 by flying
10 miles In I hours ami BO minutes
The flight ended when Codys iiero
1lnnolfelll < lI1tall touched tIC ground
1oIIWJrthlllsn cdtiipcting today
madn 150 miles over marked circuit I
Tho best piovlous flight In this compe
illtlon was made bv A Ogllvle who i
Hew 130 miles nn Wednesday last
Went Union 0 Dec 3lJlldge A
C Ulalr sent five Manchester men to
jail this morning on vote selling
charges These are the first jail sen
tences actualli rxcciited although n
Mispended sentence has been huns
over uveiy one of tile gulltv men In
the wholesale bilbery Investigation
Court opened at 530 oclock this morn
ing the county seat being filled with
voters from the extreme eastern sec
lion whu had walked In traniplnratl
night to auive carlaIHII make their
pleas of guilty The total Indictments
toIInle arc 1141
Leslie ifendeion Kelly Henderson
Jack nentley Thomas Smith and Wil
liam Parr were each HdiUiiccd to a
line 01100 and eight months In the
woik house with dlsfninuhUemenl for
thc years
San Francisco Dee 31A t
ell lh tremor was foil lucre About 4H
am today continued several sec
Other tnu his noith and south report
siimewhat heavy shocks No damage
San 1MI Cal Dec 11Al carth
tiuake of considerable foico ynn felt
a throughout Santo Clara vallor at 4ill
cl clthls morning but it wasnot
sufficiently IlcntoHsturh furniture
or cause alarm At the Santa Clara col
lege observatory both the vertical and
tho horizontal seismographs produced
line recoid There worn no picllmln
ary tremors The record showed 30 sec
onds of shock IIndu maximum and
double amplitude of llii millimeters
ntampes Prance Dec JlllJnrl
Farman who won the Mlchelln prize
for the longest sustained IlIghlln 1505
Is out today to beat the iccord made
yesterday by Maurice Tabuteau who
covered iGM miles
Fnimnn ascended nt 725 oclock this
morning and wns still in the ah at 215
oclock this aftirnoon
Brussels Dec 311 Iinser hue
iFrinch aviator left Saint Quentin
France at H25 oclock this mnmlng and
arrived here at 1140
Iansers started from Paris thai lath II y
In an attempt to win the automobile
clubs pi 120 of Jl0000 for a trip from
Paris to llrusels and icturii with a
passenger A di patch from Saint
Quontln yesteiday said that he had
abandoned the competition
New YfirK Dee 11 The Society for
the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
announces that 100 odd hordes were
stricken In the streets last Tuesday
with a otiu rIot Tuesday followed the
lillie Chiistmas holiday and azoturia
may roughly be de crlbed as the eiiulno
riilvalent for lintoenjammor At
leaHIII comes from too much holidays
and some nf the symptoms are anal
ogous They Include loss of Clhlt rId over
tIn html legs but an attack Is no light
matter II Is some times followed by
death often by permanent weakness
Tlu > disease develops among working
hoiScs from lack of C5le iSO and too
much fond The society expects nn
othcr outbieak to follow New Years
mid lecomniends that owners out down
the a 110 III IllS nf food on lie second
day uf lest and give half a pound
salts in brin If the winning Is ills
iigirdcd serioiip loss may bo visited
on man > who depend on their bnises
ifor a livelihood
Dos M iliiH Iowa Dec SI Farm
er limns after II forenoon ciih
leronce with FIll ii II notch at I Oil 101
hol 1lln which In was unable to
persuade dutch to tot II rio to tho mat
srld ho would back M eli In v II I against
HncUoiHihmhll In place of Gotrh
ci o5ehl tll The News
1wlavlllo hill Dec 1IlIss Della
IllIrttIlIIrIlljOC State Senator John
W Hart was Instantly killed last night
In n runaway accident She had at
tended a dance with Martin Green of
101111111111 at the close of the patty
nurompanleil him to his vehicle Ho
assisted hei to enter tho buggy and
went to untie the team The horses
becanin filuhtoneil and ran away dash
Inr furiously aboiit 300 yards when the
vehicle was upset and Miss Hart was
thrown mil and Instantly killed She
alighted on her Ian1 tile slclan
who was culled stales I H 1llel nncl
niib broken Her death 1lIs caused
profound tuirow among her relatives
und rrlcnils
L l t 4 t nuisi i
Resolutions to be Adopted This
Afternoon Score Existing
Say They Aic Not Pracllcal and ICnmr
Nothing About ICciiiiircinciiK
Of Slitop Oixncri
Condemning as operating to Impede
and retard lie settlement and develop
ment ol the western states while com
11 icI ill 5 a vigorous enfot cement of
laws intended ptovont frauds con
nection with the appioptlatlon of pub
lic hinds the Utah Slate Wool HrOICrs
association in convention this after I
noon will pass upon resolutions re
specting tho pnsent policy of the gov
cinmiiit of suiifjunillng tho new settler
with an army of special agents who
hound him on mcio technicalities to the
extent that a poor man cannot feel
1 sale to undertake to use his public
land rights
The resolutions to be presented this
iftoinoon will also chin go that the
rangers employed by the government
on the national fnicsts lire men of III
expeilonce halng 110 practical ideas In
itho hMmliltlld grazing of sheep and
tecommendlng that In future men se
lected as tangent hi men familiar with
the sheep Inilustiy
An appeal In made to tho goveinineiit
to reduce to a substantial extent the
ptvsent glazing fees on the Utah na
tional foiests for theyellr IUl on ac
count of the poor yenl for guizlng ex
perienced dining the winter of 11HWIO
causing a dopi eolation of weights and
values < if mutton and a heavy loss of
lambs estimated at fully 5 per cent
The lesiiliitliws contain a protest
against the icductlim by the fotcstry
dcpailmcnt of the number of sheep to
be permitted graze on the Utah na
tional reserves during 1911 and a pe
tition also that tho number ho In
creased to tIle full capacity of tin
0 The foiostry ilopai tmcnt Is commend
ed for tho work done In > extol initiating
preditury animals in the Utah na
tional forests and in tho construction
of roads trails bridges and tollphonos
Stating that through misleading state
ments the people of tIle country have
been brought to oppose that poi lion of
the PalneAldrlch tariff hib I Iqinwn ta
° Schedule and fenrlng that through
such misunderstanding will be made a
l educlloii In tho tariff on loollhoas
SMclatlon rl 1 be asked to adopt a lest
lullon approving of tile present tariff
on woolen fabflca oCly olnf tIle first
and second class and demanding an In
crease on wool int the third class or car
pet wool
i The thIrd session of tho State Wnol
gioweis convention was called to order
In Armoiy Jiall at 10 oclock this morn
ing W D tandland presiding in the
absence of Piesldent K II Call1 tel
After lo selections by the Hawaiian
Timibadoiirs oichestra a paper pie
irt1 by Piof II c IJutfuin of Win
land Wyoming was iead hy Secretary
C II Stewart The paper 10111 toil on
the subject of developing Impioved
lock foods for tIle west and recnm
inended tho ndoptlrin of lie recently
Impnrted gialn called emmer as a tIe
Klrable fond for shoep Prof nuffum
says of emmer
His a con i so stiong rowing Jiaidy
grain belonging to the wheat family
It alliS two huge plump kernels III each
splkelet which lomaiii In tho hull when
threshed more In the nature ot a liar
loy Tho hulls mako animals chew
the grain thoionghly to set the ilium
they separate the food particles
in the stomach Instil Ing better diges
tion and pi event the animal going off
food from over eating as occurs with
wheat or coin Tho hulls also tend to
widen the ration thinning down the
high nrotoln content We have often
been asked whether wo toll slllerell tIn
a t llOIl of any value and while wo have
no data from which to judge have con
sidered it too cniiiyc and harhto ho
lolMiod However tIle ierell I hat nf thr
department of agriculture tells 1110 that
ho has n report fiom n fanner n
Maryland that his sloelcate winter em
mer straw in preference tti other rough
age The chomlst nf the Wyoming ex
periment station has agreed to nniKu
an analysis of the stiaw for us this
winter Tho pilng emmer has given
bit losultt when fed with alfalfa liny
and It Is In this connection that wo lot
llevo improved winter emmer will
pitnv nf greatest value No doubt this
giiin will mako It unnecessary to ship
corn from hit middle states cither for
cairylmr sheep IhlIJUHhth severe
weather of the winter or for fattening
fur maikot and with a plentiful MIP
ply lalsed a I homo wo should develop
piofltabli winter feeding Instead of
shipping tho bulk of our feedir to
ashtern fceil lots
Pi of L A Merrill agronomist of the
Utah Agi cultural college whn was
down tor a talk on Possibilities of the
Uesert took occasion to differ with the
conclusions nf I of Huffum on th de
sirability of substituting emmer for
winter wheat He said that emmer
had been tiled atllw cxpeilniont sta
huh In thin state and that It hull not
given tho yield expected and the emmer
tontaliiH iicentding to ProC Merrill no
feuding Ill hut not found In winter
11llImte IallIlcll looking for > eiis
said Piof Merrill for omelhliib that
would iioln lull nnr deserts Hxpeilmonts
with wlntei wheat at thIs dltiVtint sta
tions located In different parts of Utah
have given Jesuits fully equal tn onimei
havi given
and some MIIlottos of bailey
better insults
Prof Merrill told of tile expciinients
miido with different vnilotlos of grain
samples being selected flail drouth 10
slst IllS countries and after jiivon JOUIM
ijxpeilmentlng the station has achieved
some icbiilts and has recommended the
adoption ol the Turkey wheat for tics
crt 1101 Il try In thlo state It had been
demonstrated Hint this Variety will pro
oh I ISO an avciago of 10 lunhelH per aero
altcinato years and this amount will
pay for It production lie also told of
experiments carried ouln grasses In
which Itwan demonstrated that Drome
grass was not pipfltahlc but that ti ill
othy planted on the mountains would
bring piolll to tile grower Ho nald the
conservalliin of the moisture In tlm soil
is tile greatest conservation problem for
th c fnrniers of this state and that soli
l urbtJ oomorvcd and hold lriUI I
griu lId for two and throe years has
been proven
Mluu May llorchnm sang 1LenBoILl
0 i k i 4t a f
ill II beautiful imiticr iccclvlng a
hearty encoie
I II Amloison member of the state
board of sheep commlssloneis then
talked on the subject Scab and rIck
nnidlcatlon Cnmmlsslnnur Anderson
said tile bureau of animal Industry of
the government had done a gieal deal
to assist In the oiadlcatlou of scab in
this state until now the 11 In cry lit
tle loft The state loglslatuio two
yea hou ago appropriated the Mim of
3000 to help In this direction but the
division of this money between about
27 counties resulted In cutting lie
amount available for the purpose veiy
small but the assistance was appre
ciated al flUa1 it went Mr Ander
son expiesainj Lila hope that the coin
Ing leghlatuic would appropriate n
latger amount Only Isolated cases
of scab illS known to exist In tho state
at present said Commissioner Ander
son and we tiust that all sheepmen
will assist In ilulil lug the state of this
pest and In lifting hue nunrantlm now
enfoiced against the sheep of this
state because the existence of scab
A discussion on the eradication of
scab and on sheep dipping generally
eiiHiied among those taking pait being
lleoigo Austin of Salt Iako P 1
Clark of Parowan P Uioutlay nf Ton
cue T W Jones member of tho boud
of sheep commissioners anil othnis
Tills afternoon a paper will bo lead
by 1 D Noblltt II prominent sluip
man of Cokovlllo Vii Oil Coopoia
tlon of Sheepmen In Neighboring
States an iitloi ross by Knos Ilcnnlon
of Vernal on Sheep Conditions In
Iiistoin Utah hun Winter Range
liy N P Aagnid Fountain Given
Needed Hnvlslon of Laws Pertui ill I ulg
to tho Sheep Industry by John C
Tho committee on lesolutlons will
tin 11111 I t Its rtpoit which It is uxpcctod
will CJiuso considerable discussion The
election of officers will alo lie bell be
fore the completion of the afteinoon
session It seems to be till general
opinion thin PiosMviii Calllstci mil
Secy Stewart will bo loelocted no
opposition having developed to the
noon leciH
Tho set nf lesolutlons as drawn up
brtlll loniiiituo and which In all
probability will ho adopted without
material change fallout
lSflSO 11 0 iONS
nthe mcmbcis oClhe 11511111 1 lion
committee beg to offer lie following
losolullons for the conslilRiatlnn of the
memboiti tilt Utah State Woolgrow
era association I
Whereas The winter of 109alld 13IU
was an unusual severe one causing
heavy Iocs and Inclining Increased ex
penses and causing light wool clip and
Whereas The following slimmer hIllS
been luc drye in the history of tbo
industry causing a dopi eolation lit
weights and values of mutton mil
heavy lamb IiMes and
Whoiens Duo to this oxoecdlngly
bard winter the wool was of mi 111
feilor iuality laid maikot for It poor
sheepmen theioby biiffcihig a loss at
about per cent Thcrofoiu bolt
Keolved First that during those
haul times we roll Uist n 1411 laitti a tin I in
duction of tho present fees charged for
grazing sheep on the Utah national
Hecond Wo piotcst II gui I lilt t the prus
ent fee for grazing sheep on the na
tional bleSt as being occsslvo m llltit
In proportion to tho amount charged
for the grazing of other livestock
Whciens The grazing season of 110
was exceedingly dry and Jiotr causlng
II diy IIfof feed III tho Utah national
forests and
Whereas Tills condition gave the
range tIC appeninnce of being over
blocked and
Whereas Years acquaintance with
our range us II sheep glazing uh hat sIc 0
convinces us that the capacity of this
lange In ordinary seasons Is adequate
for stock as in season 1810
nierefoie ho It solved that we pro
test against any reduction In time mini
IHT of sheep to bo permitted to graze
theieon dining the season of Itll
And we icspeotfully petition that lie
niimbor bo liicionbed to the full capa
city of the ill ulgo
Wf3 locommoiid the loicstiy dpart
incnt for the work done In oMcrmlnat
hug pirdntory wild animals on this
Utah national foie ts and In tIll con
tinctlon of toads tiallf bridgus and
vrMui rufi
Wo locommenil a vlgoious oilfoioo
inent of the laws Intended to pi event
the commission and to punHli the
perpetration of fiiuds In connection
with the appropriation of public lands
but we condemn as npetntlng to
Impede and ictaid the settlement and
development of the woslcin states Iho
present policy of surioundlng tho nnw
settlor with an armv of special ngenl S
wlio hound him on moto technicalities
to tho o tont that n poor man cannot
feel safe to undcitakc to uisi his pub
lic land lights
Soo rooluticiiis ailoiited
Whereas tli laugh misleading slate
menu and without Icnowledgo of facts
the people generally nf nnr oounlrv
seem pnrllcnlnily i > ppnsod to that por
tion of tho PaiiioAldrlch tariff law
hIll 05 II us schodulo K and Ills 10
15 due to this misconception of facts
them is Imnilnont tlangor that there
will bo matin a eduction In the duties
on wool and
Wheioas Hiuh eduction would af
fect tho general piospoilty of our
country and loud to ruin our Industry
Thcioforo bo It resolved that wo
appiovc of tin prosoiil tarlif on wol
Inn fabrics and wool of lie first and
second class ami wo demand an In
eicaso on wool of the thlid class or
carpet wool
ltesullvCd 11111 t tIle II uns hit lmllllllniuuli
Ivelghlt OIl Iunihiut Ill CIII Ituts In touo lIlgil
21000 I DII 111 13 II 111 VO ilillIli II oh a 10
I II elton tI Ilot Oxieiil 50000 11111 111 5 for
Itosrilvcd Thit wo petition Congiess
for the oiinotmeiil of law that will com
pel Interstate rnllioids to tiansport
livestock betwctn feeding points at a
speed of not Iocs than If miles nftr
hour Including all tops
NrMinit NINI
Whereas The bounty law has pioven
to bo tIlt only practical method for
piodatory wild animal destruction ami
Whereas we cainostly belloxc that If
all the stales affected should have a
unlfonn bounty on ptedntory wild ani
mals especially llni coyolo ami wolf
their iteimliHitlnn so far as they are
n menace to till sheep and gout Indus
tn will I Ill nssuicd
Theioforc bo It lOMilvcd That ott
hvaillly favor II unlfonn bounty law
and lint the stale and national associa
tions ho appealed to do everything In
their power to tCll Ill tho passage ot
such a bill b > the legislatures of tile
statfs affccKd
Wo comment the wool storage move
ment Inaugurated at Omaha and Chi
engn by the National States association
as a great wove 111 the light direction
and appeal to the wool glowers at
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J s I
riioroerln jmiIIlc > and otllhIl1g
7ifou5ciiirtlio NeB makcHItnn1
j alisiilutetnoccsIIV1 tottlie nilicrflwrj
1 1
His Secretary Marquis Lavrado
Says He Was Warned but
Didnt Heed Warning
Was PinIng IJiItlRC VIicn
ilic Kcvolu
lion ItroUc Out but Was
Very aine
Paris Dec 31 Rumors of political
intilgiics in Portugal the Insccuilty of
Iho provisional government a plot to
restore tile dethroned king Manuel
have revived stories of the evolution
and today Maniuls Lavmdo wlio was
lilt ooeroiniy of tile Poitugueso
arch gave an interview
that IB do
scrlbed as Ills
first authentic account
of what happened at the Neccssldndes
palice on the night of Oct t
The niaiqiils says Unit the king and
o mliilsteif had been warned of the
conspiracy against the house of Cia
ganza but they wholly misjudged tho
gravity of the situation They count
ed Implicitly on tho loyalty of tIle army
and navy King 1l
lIg Manuel was playing
bridge with ills companions pt tho loll
aco when the
revolutionary signal gun
was fired at 2 oclock In tho morning
Hilirlod Investigation howod that eve
iy toleguiu loll wire to the palace bail been
Consternation prevailed In the loya1
home Tlie servants to a man desert
oil leaving a slnglo loyal regiment to
guard tIe petsnn of hue inonuich Soon
a moswigi camo fiom Premier relxel Ill
Do Sousi advising tho itt 015 to depuit
it once Manuel icfusod the advice
and donning the 101
115 uniform of the com
maiulerliichlcf of the military an
nounced lila Intention of placing him
self at the head of the loyal troops
When lionoor
n second
message ar
rived notifying him of the impending
bombardment of tIle palace tho king
hanged ills attlie for civilian clothc
mid left tilt palace unescorted save by
a fow companions ami walked through
tho excited crowds In tho streets uiiino
New Yoik Dec 11A Susan Ii An
thony memorial week beginning Fob
15 Is planned by tho National Womens
SufYrngo association to celebrate tho
blrthdny of tlif great woiker for tIle
Chi fua rlCllhIteIIlcflt of women in con
nection with thIs celebration an en
deavor will be made to raise if memoilil
fund of Sli0000 to carry on tho light for
equal suffrage
Contributions to tins fund ate asked
from woman stitfraglst cnthuslasts ir
sqt sums us follows
Doctors lawyers journalists nctrefs
cs artists and nurses Jl each teach
ers ami stcnogiaphers 50 cents bush
ness women I department store em
ployes and factory employes iO eenU
each honiomakors according to tlnlr
ability to give collcgo women 1 col
logo students 25 cents each
New Tinlc Doc S i uprc compa
ny dntectlvos and policemen are scour
Ins New Yoik today for some clue to
the wlieioabouts ft gown which Mrs
Nicholas longwwth
honos to wear at
President ra fit Now Years reception
lit thin AVhlto Mouse Monday afternoon
In anticipation of tIle leccptlon Mis
lonjrworth camo to Now Vork come >
time ago and had hoi drossmakora
measuio her for a gown Tim gown
was Ilnl hl a boo days ago and
shlppotl by exptoss to Mrs 110 gttnrt ii
I I irih I tie I less Iblhll1eri locelved 11
tologinn fiom MIB loiiRworth asking
why the gown hud not arrived Ilur
iled Inniilry of the oxpioss tompauy
socnied to Indicate that It bad been
stolen troin the wagon during Iho holi
day rush
If no trace of the missing nppaicl Is
found befoio tonight the modistes will
put a special folIos of dressmakers at
woik In an offoit to construct a tlupli
tate of the gown In time for the 10 1
coplinii Mrs fxitigwoith declaies thai
she will not attend except In a hi and
new govrii
Now Yorl Dec 1 1It l explosion ot
lyle 11110 In n tunnel 100 feel below thn
surface of f5ist nAer between Man
lilt tui II and Brooklyn early today ic
1411 I tOll In the Injury of sIx 101Il lIlt II at
least one of whom will die The tun
nel a ticmemlouH engineering Project
Is being buiod through tho mud and
jock of the riverbed and when llnlhcd
will contain n huge service pipe to sup
ply the Island of Manhattan with gas
manufactured In an outlying suburb of
Hrooklyn Tlie six men core nt work
In the tunnel when Ibo explosion oe
ctiircd They had set off a number of
dynamite blasts during the night but
seoial of them apparently failed to ex
plode Hie men thinking they had
gone off when back Into tho shaft to
woik As they entered the explosion
came hut thiowlns them through the
long haft into tim open along with n
mass 01 dobrlh and mud
New Vorl > Dec 31 fie who rides I Ii
I hI 0 Vow York street Cars may hence
forth gain a I I born I education bv
studvlng the hacks of the transfer
slips which tho company distributes
Capsules of philosophy and crums of
advice lilt being delivered dally
thereon for the bunulll of car I lzt I
rs Formerly advertisements wore
printed on the hacks of the transfer
dips but now tho wayfarer may loam
almost everything from tho cit 101 of
tIOti I I mIg children to the effect of
alcohol on the system by simply
reading hints on tIle lovorso sides of
t I Ill rod gioen and white tickets
Kaon day a new bonmol greets tho
glances of careful observers Health
hints at1 a favoilto theme and disser
tations on etliiiotte aro common Ono
ioecut heading was Mako thlnprs
pleasant Other texts Include ailvlco
on the war against tuberculosis his
torical facts and quotations from
rhsHlcal authoilUcs

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