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Deseret evening news. [volume] (Great Salt Lake City [Utah]) 1867-1920, December 31, 1910, Last Edition, Image 7

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fil ffl l iJr t M W r D
sEH mlffiVillN NtN VS
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ncrof South Tempi nncl Eiit Tern
pie Streets J Salt Lake City Utah
raco O J Whltncj 11 us Inca anal r
suiscnirrioc rmcis >
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I Suit liHo CltJi Utah
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rl pp nnVI nltoer re fllnt mat
for pnlitleMInn njould b artdrwicf
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islern Rpprracjilafhli T P iF
ChlciKo MO MlLhlEfln Avo JTet
h SJt 5th tJ IIIIaj r
itar j at tho rmstofrtce ot Snlt LI J
r A3 fepccfml AI l lInCt9llpl
ct of sep ro srircli 3 xJ
FT iAitrj CITV one 31 mo i
l > MV YTU t
iYi < f
another few hour ho voar 101U
1 oinng to tin 11 tA happy now
r to iuiiY ptnpp ami prosperity
> ottr constant attendant I
ic years nro rolling by pretty fait
nro living in tJia ago of sppod and
very Globe on which wo dwell socms
IQ spinning fnstci linn It used to
rcfGAt least the jonrs scorn to
hortoi A week seems but 1 rno
ti A month passes quickly nnd
i now year cornel almost as u
rise Time la Miort There arfc
tant fluctuations and changes and
ire reminded of tho end if all citrtli
ctlvlllos and pleosuics The los
of it all Isthatlt we arc wise we
treasure up tho prcclouw time and
titcnlnRsl for eternity Aa one
1 r ban said i Tho moments of
iu ftho mn lot tho seashore
scattered and separate But Hand
fbo fused Into transparent glass
Into lenses that will icveal the
dn splendor of unseen and distant
i So may a splendid purpose
s cd of God fuse the separate mo
s of Ufa Into a souls achievement
inrnctor which shall glvo to these
li eyes a s imps of thu eternal and
10 p
bidding tho departing jcar adieu
welcomlngtliQ New one we con
ilato our fellowmen on the ptog
mado toward a bright future Wo
fthiil tho New ycnt will bp better
the Old one has been that there
I bo moru peace ont Earth amongnll
losjof mcu that brotherly love may
fW9L decisive victories over strife
icntentlon tlmtlho Gospelo C Jesua
j bo morewlrtely diffused jind that
iayipllffcoljthat < tlro MlUtnnlum It
happy f
o 2 A t
Tius cHuncir GROWING
Dii ito r EG t r >
tho closOj of tho4 old year < tho
lh ofj tho nowcentury lhe mem
fofJilipChurch offJesus Chrlsl of
brday Saintshavo every icanon
trratflmlc c and Joy whether c thoy I
bnckvynMjipftnJwlihthgs beon nc
i1c t I
lilshouVor forward toward tho
k yet lo bo don Individually tho
< ts mny havo many fallings nnd
r comings < they jinay hewoakln
1 f respects nrid far from having
1cc thegreat Ideal set before them
tie revelations many mny oven
fallen y lira way side but the
Irch has remained true to Its mla
l lo proclaim Iho second advent
Lho c establishment of tho Millennial
of tho Son of God and the pros
of tho iolllnlhG Church Is
r fesl now ns always Tho Church
founded Barter the most glorious
ifostallon of the DPlty over ouch
cdl man This was repeated In
lt emplo at Kirtland And thai pro
3 has never departed from tho
1iCl Under the fostering cnro of
ivcrpresent Ilertecmei tho Church i
been Jofl through the1 wilderness
1 irnpl of Joldto a iand ot promise
3 oxpindod and became establish
MJla mountain tops its mes i
> nvlravo gone < the < uttermost
ts oftho world Irr membership1 the
lr clnlias Increased tiomcrr to
In Intelllgonco nnd 1 clearer
rstnndlng o tho wonderful mes
dellvored through the Prophet
opliltlill advanced and Is still
nelng Spiritually thero has also
ellcvo been m irked progress The
11t us a rule nro faithful and
d nnd their confidence In their
crs ns mon ot God Is Him
llirss IIm
Iio world itself testifies to tho
lorf ul grow th of tho Chin ch Thoro
a time when tho world fondly
rlslotthe Idia that pusoiml nn
IIICrDt the Prophet Joseph would
pol tho Illusion But it did not
ont WIt olght that moks could
oy llio Church Hut mobs
nIgh thoy did their worst were
al ipolntpd Ihoir tho machinery of
governments was tumid against
Chinch lull that too proved
IIi Tho lenders of tho nntl
non propaginda halo trled tho
irfiil machinery ottho United
1or11 mueilner
ltl1 government hit to no mal
la v thero booms to be n concerted
Ht to stir up torelgn governments
Iln tlhlChlehWoIIlO mot
lh such efforts though feoblo In
lant In or uUfnswerlcl In
rla An antlMormon ngltatm
Scotunl I P Treeo leumtlv got
mectng In Edinburgh to adopt a
utlon ailing tho attention of thp
mo Secretary 10 thn ptosoly tlzlng
Ill of tho agents if Mormonl m In
nlBrltaln and asking that as
rJln had forbidden tho Mormon
uwcute tholr rop ganda In
innv so also nhould Groat Biltnln
If such action sePinod warranted
I thu > tho antlMormons aro
tfIII to tlio wondeiful giowth of
Church In their ft > mlc cflnrts
tpskth1 piocricss if thn klnidiun
GDt < thf > y now all > n the nuit
IICICl goMrnmonts of thn world
md thorn a 1nnd and bopornn
Tutors Tile fet hitlnctholv
I bnlh Individuals nml mnhs nru
1lrcs c
Iri tho l attoidav Paints Hi1 ls one
0 slgiiB rUlln time They i an see
I Ii the fulfilment I Iho pro Ih CCIIS
1 concunliu this woik from the
inlng ft should IIP nn lnp titlvo
loie ratlliUll woik for the dlf
lpnof tiuth among Iho children of
n hconilsu thoso efforts are not In
In b lbc iliSV fiult Tho vvotld
r a1frB 1 i ilf J
needs tho Churchiw n leavening In
fluonce for rlghteousnew It needs ho
Church as a light to shlno tfHo
day shall davn In Justice lhcciY
ii cartlr
lovo and peace on
Mr Gcogf Cnrptntor who toda
tfpi out of Uii position of tlty cdlto
t tic Hccrot Nov Itr pngagQ In Jour
nulltUc vorU ilSPwherp Ih ono of U1J
old employee Of thll paper Hchus
lipori connected ttltlr tho IWRRlnco
JSf 1A t thn hcCJohn Hannpn
hrv tiiceiitttd tin position of city editor
whlih h has llllPd wjth efficiency t
nltUrulncja v He Itivos the NottB1
with the bpt wlHhes for Jrls succeit b
hi ciilllagups or the staff as well 8
tin1 < rubs and cinplov es of tho imslncsi
ileah other departments of h
ostolillchnisilit It > < generally fill Umi
fho Institution by Ma departure lose l
iiI eftlrknt orkir Those who hate
bwn most tlniclj onnct twHhilh1
ftcl tlu loiK of n gpoil contrenlal corn
Pvinlon iuid tt imp frlnnd
Ml 1V > Hoy 13ournf nho surccedt
IcnIr ierJa city editor has been
ctVnnoetPd ulth the Nim s for About
four year1 lIoI9Il cipablo jnunij
man and we fool that the News Is tu
be congratulated on hiving secured hit
services for the place
Success to both
Do centuries generally open with
events that give tho key to iiibso
nuent history Tho nineteenth century
certilnlj begun with epoch making
catacljsms caused by the Herculean
exploits of Napoleon This century
tho tenth vcar of which Is about to
expire bos been ushered In with
equally Important changes In tho
general contours of history
During the decade passed Japan has
humiliated Ilussla and assumed tho
roloCa llrstclass power Hhal ab
sorbed Coroa and Invaded Manchuria
Abdul Humid hIs been Cll etan
Turkey given a constitution 1crala
nnd Cbmii have followed suit and
Russia has a representative assembly
In cmbrjo Tho Scandinavian union
has been dKsolvPd Finland has lost
ho last vestlgo of Its autonomy Port
nl has proclaimed a rOPul Unnr
Spain has engaged In n conflict with
Lho church These and other events
mark an epoch In history as well
is tho beginning of a now century
Most Important development In tho
llrcctlon of pcaco ustalsoho noted
Lha organization of tho world Into a
i large family has actuallj ybegunA
ivorld federation Is no longer only a
Iream It Is nn Ideal admittedly
ivlthln reaclrStatesmen aro working
or1 It and lolo kings are cuntrl
mtlnj millions for < pronrotlon Mr
Surneglps ulca Is
crtciI t j t
rivq nations cooperated In quelling
ho recent Chinese disorders and
rescuing their representatives In
Ioltln It In perfectly clearthat theso
llvo nations could banish war Sup
pose oven time of them formed a
League of Peace gII other
latlons to Join and agreed that slnco
ialo In any part of the cKHired world
iffccts all nations and oftenr serlous
y no nation shall go to war bubahall
rutO International disputes toho
inguo conference or other arbitral
h odj for peaceful nettloment the
jcague agreeing to declare nonlnttr
ourso lth any nation refusing com
illance Imagine a nation cut off to
lay from tho world Tho League also
night reserve to Itself the right
hero nonlntorcourso Is lIKrty to fall
> r has failed to prevent war to use
ho necfsary forco to maintain tho
icuco each member of tho League
igreelng to provide the needed forces
ir money Irr lieu thereof In propor
lon to her population or wealth
tD populiU
Icing experimental arrd upon trial It
night be doomed advisable If noces
iary at first to agree that any mom
ior could withdraw after giving live
enrl notice and that the League
ihotild dissolve llvo joars after a ma
orltv lyOootn1 tho membors
Turther provisions and perhaps some
iduptations would bo found roqtilslto
jut tho main Idea Is here
Our own Country has made satls
actory progrcssj Its population has
ncroased rro l5D94 Sir to very nearly
i2000 000 or If the Inhabitants of
laska irnwall t and Porto nlco aro
Klded to about 91700000 Tho exact
lumber of people In tho Philippine
slunds Is no known but a consorva
Ivo estimate fs7oOO000 Iho total
ruder tho Stars and Stripes then cx
cccls a hundred million RDulsWe
arc still behind China thc British cm
lre and Russia but a nntonn hun
nllllon strong Is n srcat power on
The Industrial progress of then
ton has been as wonderful as the Irr
reaso In population In an Intorcst
lag artlclP nthls subject In the
iVorlds Work It Is stated that tho
tDtnl value of manufactured products
ins Duhlelln 10 jcars In 1000 It was
en billion dollarsIn 1910 It was twenty
illllon dollars Our nRo has truly bo
como the age of electricity According
10 tho magazine article referred to
n Country there are more than
hlrty thousand companies firms In
llvldmils and municipalities that aro
iiarrufaoltirlng olootrlcltv for ono corn
nerclil puipnse or another They rcp
resent a capltallatlon of moro llr in
17000000000 SPVen tlmesl tho census
Iguto tDI capital Invested In tho Iron
uml sleul Industries In tile tenjear
iprlnd the amount of pigIron produc
cl by the furnacos of tho nation
orrblcd from 13000000 tons to 2bOOO
00 nnd tho iniount of itnlshcd Hlol
iiodiirts ran up from about 10000000
nns to 21000000 T lip value of cotton
Ilk and woolen goodii turned out bv
thl looms of the nation Increased
AOIO than hall Tho printed Output of
ni tho nations presses doubled In
alue Tho mel ot tho n itlnn spent
0ncI0lhll about CO per mirt more In
310 than In HOO while tholi wives
Iml daughters tan their bills for
lothlng to more than double the cost
10 years ago Tood products were
robabh worth at marKet prices near
ty fnurnfthB as much again In 1910 as
In 1500
In aviation the Ion voars of tho CPII
rUlrhlo scprr Iw most rernaikablo
i ogress The Pngllsh Channel and
tlcAlps havp been crosped In aoro
lanps Altitudes competition n with
tlw agio hue been reached bv avla
tIS HoNsty rpcntl > soared to thc
olrht of II4T4 ret at Los Angules1
J1lnJlaglmUDn falls to foresee what I
ltitlon mar jot moan to the human
IlciM wo jirojrosBO morally as well
s til olhei nspoets i Tlml Is tIIUCB
Zt1iif j <
> r
tlon Irr some respects wo iliavo It
sot d
would nol I j be LPOS I blot7 enaet sucl
srpnos nlho burning tat tho > sfako ot
I joung KlrVtor ICln ii rHchT afte
n fake trlafconducled jrl Catliolli
bishop ast Inutile case 0C Joanjof Arc
In 1431 but mobs aro still occasional
burning negroes without trb jlntho
most clvlllzetlt countrj on Karth Per
Jury Is still common < on thojw lines
stand nrul by ofllclnls iri nwcar ti
perform duties thcv nev Crimean to k
Itmd to Thieving Is aboul ascornmor
us rIHI history S the world
nnd hjprocUsj pelim ut aocletjfron
top tol bottom llkd tho odor of iifusi
a stable Iho tone of tho > press ba1
nol Iml Lil much The
not Impro vory paper
tliftt rern ln truo to1 hlgljer Idonis Int
endeavor to glvo tho people Informa
lion Insjeid of oxcltemont truth ln >
tead o J stories are not Incrc aslns
In uuntbard rapid lr Tho dlvorci
Ijyntnoss IB 1 nourishing moro that
ever put thoro Isthls to say
that therp ure signs hero ani
lfro o nnna vakenlng of the publU
acntfmenl Ilnbbors are no lorer ntt
behind their rrlnnov bags People art
IH klng cwritvhcie wdlt jou get
ItJ Cnptulns of Induatrj must
prove their rlgrl to thai title or
stand condcmned In public tolThs
Is one of the signs ott moral awaken
ing May It continue for unless the
moral Improvement keeps ICU wltl
Industrial and scientific advance the
progress of which wo boast will bo on
t road to destruction and not to
A rjcw VK mGUtS
Tho total war debt of the principal
European nations amounts to J20G17
504541 Franco owes oer 3000000000
llussln J 1000000000 Great Britain 3
600000000 German states 2900000000
and the Gorman empire 353000000
Italy 2700000000 and Spain JlSOO
000000 Turkey Austrl iHungary Bcl
glum Denmark Netherlands Portugal
ill are loaded down with war debts To
gether these nations pay an annual In
tc cst of I13I2 > 6179
Tor tho wake of comparison tho lotal
Indebtedness ot the United States Is
129514748204 In ndl tontD this
there Isthodebtcrcltcll by states
Bounties and tosnbDut 115 pci cent
Dt winch U assumed to be Incurred for
military purposes Theso figures chow
tho enormous price nations aro pajlng
Tor wars nnd the maintenance of pcaco
hO means of armies and navies
Tho commission appointed by Ihe leg
slaluro of Massachusetts to look Into
Iho causes of high cost of lllngr re
iiorled thai a rnosl farreaching In
fluence in enacting fostering and per
petuating high prices Is militarism
with Its incidents of war and waste and
Ils consequences In taxation Tho com
nUslon shows In Its report thai In lire
120 years of our nallonal existence wo
wvo had three foreign and ono civil
var They lasted but ten jears he
ll war cost about 55000000000 and
tho war with Spain J11C3000000
According to the same report wo have
spent since we became a republic de
rOted to peace JlGiiG7G7713 > for mlll
tarlu p scsnnt 4031194210 for
ther activities Tiro money wo have
ipent for war oxcoods the gold produc
lon of the world since the discovery of
Vmerlca by about Ihree billion dollars
Promlnenl business men are looking
Into Iho fuluro with anxiety They tell
is thai soon men will be looking for I
vork In vain all over tho country They
varn legislators and administrators of
lublic affairs that extravagance must
casv and that the utmost care must
ho exerclsed In public expenditures Let
hero retrenchment then In military
ixpondltures That will lower the cst
if living and jlvo Ihe people a breath
ng spoil
Thc recommendations of tho com
11 It too at the Utah Teachers Aasocla
tonon thophjslcal basis of education
vlll wo believe ctyUI general
1 r the
icqulcsccncc excepting perhaps
> no avhlch suggests tho malntalnanco
ofw state institution for tho feeble
nlnded scparato and apart from any
other public Institution and that
svhlch alma to Introduce all at once
ichools for the defective throughoul
UU State
I Is very easv for a small state to
iverdo tho provision for the dependent
md subnorm il persons whom It may
rave within borders Wo have al
endv found that the cost of educating
i comparatively small number of deaf
nutes example amounts to a very
onslIcrablo outlay In comparlBon with
hat which Is made for tho education
at trained specialists say in agricul
uro or in teaching for Instance who
nr to deal with the whole mass of tho
> opulatlon of tho state by way of In
itructlon and training Kor the sep
irato Institution for tho feeble nrlnd
d nn Immense sum would probably
ho required nnd while II would ben
illl thoso defoctlvo classes would
Itdols much good to tho greatest
mmbcr of tho wards of tho State as It
lould If expended In developing high I
erskl on the part of those children
jWho are well rlttPd to exorcise It
Tho second recommendation that I
I iw be enacted providing olthoex
luslon from tho regular classroom of
mbcclle and other feebleminded chit
MCJ and at least temporarily of oth
er children whose mental or plnslcal
ondltlon Is mull as to make their
nosoncn In the icculiir elo HrDom
erlously detrimental to their nvvn In
lerestsO to the Interests of the other
hlhlrcn will not bo antngonbod The
hlrd that special classes under truln
d loachors bo oiranbod t h rDU gl 0 t
our school sjstom tUInl mentally
ubnormal nnd sluggish children not
lassed as Imbecile or feebleminded
Ind that ungraded rooms tInder teach
rs especially nuallfloil for such work
he organized for batkwarjl children
nnI such other chlldrc i as may need
fmporarllv the benefit ot Individual
nstructlon and help will we fear I
ncit with somo decided opposltlorr Ast
toth third and fourth that provision I
ho made foj medical aunervlblon In
11 of tho hohools of the State both
rlvato nnd public from tho klndir
arton to tho university and thai free
ledlcnl and surgical treatmenl bo
rovldod for such lndl ont and defec
Ivo clrlldren as give ovldenco
uIocl r1emanlt
ot the need of such treatment those
I Ilso scvm reus9inblo unU neccdunry
stops to bo taken by tho commor j
nlliThO nfth nnh sixth lhnta
clinic for study and research work r1
latlng to tho care nnd treatment c
subnormal children be established II
the state unlversltv as a dopirtmcn
ot tile state normaUschool and that
tho state board 0tH education mak
provision through printed Instruction
for tho careful obaaruitfon of dcflclen
children and by me ins of prlntei
forms lor tho making of careful fini
accurate records of sircli observations
feem to grow naturally out of the oth
er recommendations and slnco the
would occasion but little additional ev
pcndlturo no reasonable objection
perhaps can bo raised against them <
Nearly all pirents v e should t lflt
would bo gratified to see Ids mli
taken hold of and dealt with by th <
legislature The number of subnouna
children Is much greater than would ai
first be suspected Many a homo mas
have therni and the patents may Mip
pose that tho children are simply pecti
liar In ono rvsncct or another Not 1
few ato phjFlcallv defective nth rC
glon of the pharynx and nostills ant
often the ejcslght vvlihout tho < dcfocti
being known to either parent or teacher
rhls there should be medical
er This is whthero hOlell
cal Inspection ana SOMIP sort of simple
In all schools
bvglenlc regulation als
hlsls an expenditure thai no one
should begrudge because II will be re
paid many tlmcsi over In the efficiency
ot thu future citizens
cllldent tiro cltlen the
Ihe more l ccntUi clt7eni
moro powerful and lire more wealthy
In tho State which commands his serv
ices States do not lobe anj thing by
rendering tho members which compose
It as efficient aJ possible That would
be a short sighted policy which should
neglect to sKo to the normal JJor
subnormal tile
to thoso butslghUrsulnor li
pover to shut for thenibchca to pro
vide for those dependent upon them
and to sorve tho Stato In any capacity
whether as a private citizen or as a
public official Tor besides his w Af
producing capacity In which the Stale
Is especially Interested because it can
tax tho wealth or Income of Its people
In our country each citizen exercises
the ballot and so takes par tin the gov
ernmenl of Stato and Nation We can
not afford therefore to rreglect tho
training of tho owh are to furnish
tho wealth or who help to direct the
policy for continuing the affairs of our
For thciio and other reasons tho Stato
Is bound to do Its best for all thoso
whoso training would > lold bncletoU
us much or more that it devotes to that
purpose i
The churches of the world are hard
ly advancing In proportion to tho
collected mall atlendanco nl
money colected mnl nlendnncont
s en Ices and lack o suitable ministerial
material aro loatu iles causing concern
In denominational circles A few
iionths ago this thl mo as taken up at
0 Methodist thl erenco at Pacific
lirove Bishop EdUin Hughes In his
an u lnl r sssnltln pnrt
Ruppljlng the church with minis
Sulplrlng a hit and miss
inalter Wo must help tho Lord
nirter men Many men are called
to We preach
to preach but u oJDgo
> rs must quit talking aboul Ihe lard
lmes nnd tho sacrifices of the rnlnlstrj
ind talk about tholrlglilsldoo
Breaching tho Gospel The future ot
hu church depends upon the right kind
it leadership
Tiro trouble with many of tho
hurchcs today Is that they have no
hit t i ve mission no peculiar truth to
innounca with which the world ils not
ilready familiar They have rro special
nessago As If conscious of this fact
their altentlon to old
hey aro turning thelraUenton to <
ihllosophios Attention was called to
his peculiar fat some time ago by
Hey Herbert Syrnonds vicar ot Christ
Church Cathedral Montreal when he
ttated In a public address thai the
jhurca did not pay enough attention
o comparative study of religion
vas speaking of tho Edinburgh confer
onc on missions on which occasion
L congratulatory letler was roceHod
t rom Iho Roman Catholic Bishop of
3remonn a personal friend of Pope
lus X In which the prelate said that
lo realized tho significance of a gath
ering such as the Edinburgh confer
ence was and alluded lo Ihe link of t hit
gent religious truth which binds to
rolhor Christians of nil denominations
il Syrnonds added that from what ho
md heaid nnd seen thoro ho Inclined to
tlcYlcw that not enough atlentlon was
pnldbY tho church to the great roll
lions of1 tho world Ho thoughl that It
would boot deep Interest to consider
how the principles of Du dhaundlo
rammed could be woven In with thoso
if Christ as had been dono with tiro
ihltosophy of Greece In tho caso of
Jhlna ho said where 400000000 souls
woo to b won an Immense benefit
nlghl ensue nnd Ihe empire bo Chrls
That Indicates 1 modern tendency Irr
ollgloua circles Tho question Is of
Illutlng Christianity and moke It palat
iblo nnd then Christianizing tho
lorld with the mixture
Wo find In tho Northwestern Chris
Ian Advocate an article on Method
ISl In which It Is pointed out that tho
Towlh of tho Methodist church Is In
dcquate to tho money collected Tho
idvocate Is a Methodist paper
In the article rofoirod 10 1ls stated
hat the Methodist Episcopal church
utlng the lost jear raised 49000QOO
or all purponcs Of Ibis sum 15000
000 wonl to salaries of ministers Bui
tho Increase In memborshlpdurlnr tho
lnnf both
Inr was but 63000 counting l
n t borne and abroad That It IH point
d out Irs only an average of three io
congregation and the question i
skod Wern th returns cotn rstro
nto with our outlay ot men and
ionoy7 Wo ha > e no doubt that stocktaking
y most of the churches of tJro world
ould reveal a similar result Somo
hurch membors aro growing prospor
ousand donations are Increasing but
tho growth of tho churches IsslrW1
fnCdOlvCslonlos tho exception
raternal organizations and business
lubs grow faster than churches As
the wrlteMn tho Advocate expresses It
u r 1Cdtheroseemstobor decline
Andr Ole will seriously question tlw
tatemont that unless wo shnU1Ion
ulckcnlng of rl spiritual llfu of the
I 1 1 I
cburchns and Li pcntccostal baptism
upon both pulpit nnd pnw resulting in I
ri wldpsprpod revival wowlll notlong i
maintain tho Increase In burcollectlonn il
assured that giving
We havo been I glyJlg
result In a
i0 i IYIDllel1i
110openlnA spiritual1 lift In tho church
Alas Sue hoj nol been Ihe case
If tho sl rIItlc religious world
were thoroughlynnalyzed tho us 01
tho trouble would bo found to bo com
In tho first place religion has not become
come a reality to many of its profes
sors and therefore they nro nol a
religious forco community Bust
neRInrallisomo poIIUcs o
others Somedevote all their time lo
moneymaking irrrirSyii study monev
making Theyjnoasuro jnrccess by
moneymaiTfmT They haCc no c > o for
any other blessings than those that
can besecurod by rnonev Others are
politicians They are giving thplr very
soul and their energy to politics RP
llglon Is to them only a side I5sueI
they attend church they do so to keep
of respectability but
up an < appearance
their thoughts arc elsewhere No man
can iiccessfullj divide himself between
two Interests that each claims all 1ils >
encrgv jN nlan canserve two masters
encr fn
ters That Is evident In the churches
In the second place tho pulpit lias
caught the same spirit of Mnrnmon
sprvlce ton huge extpnt Many min
isters aro In the pulpit only for the
alary They have no parllcular spir
itual Ideals and If they have they do
not dare to follow thorn Ihoy havp
probably a family to support and for
the sake of the family they must keep
their pi ices look for advancement
As a consequence they cannot bo pvcr
serupulous ns to whether they ipeak
tne truth or not If the truth Is dis
tasteful to thoso who pav them And
BO wo find ministers sacrificing truth
to popularity Imitating the yellow
press they make their pulpits as y Pl
ow asftpossible or they will If they
have tho neccssary education and train
Ing preach jihllosophy or astronomy
or any thing but fho gospel ot Jesus to
jo well spohcn of They dire not ro
liuke thOj sins of tire rich for fear of
osngpttlan gohoYllnrouOl tako
the o i Irr reform for fear ot becom
ing unpopular
Of late years what Is known ns
higher criticism has become a fad
lth many ministers With parrotlike
nonchalance they repeat tho onesided
conclusions ot nilthe negative critics
from Spinoza and Astruo to Elchhorn
Davidson and Brlggs hoping to mako
an Impression by a display of ad
vanced learning But souls aro not
rescued from error nor from sin by
tho criticism tint consigns tho Bible
lo the class ot Greek or Koman legends
or Scandlanvirn myths It used to be
upcepted as an Indisputable troth that
nhat Is prohibited Intho Dblels
nrong and that what Is commanded Is
right But as far as tho Influence ot
higher criticism goes this Is n
longer so The Blblo may brand steal
ing lying killing aSBlnbut under
iho rules of lhal crlllclsm who Knows
jul thattho jwrtlons of tho Bible con
alnlng commandments relating to
hoso crimes nro forgeries J Cvcry text
must bo Inspected analyzed dissected
is to its date authorship and circum
stances under which It was written
ind 1C It oclot stand tho scrutiny
it the ratlonalKllo school of crlllcs It
mist bo rejected la it to bo expected
that a ministry that glories In such
rncertalnty can havo spiritual influ
once Tho Master spoko with authority
ind nol nf tho scribes and Pharisees
Many of His professed followers In
ounlospekas scribes and Pharisees
and nol as the Master They havo even
Icnupwhnt little authority Ihelr
predecessors used to derlvo from tho
Tho ejjprolic very largely miss the
mark Ounago Is i Itnesslng a gigantic
struggle between different classes of
tho human family for tho equitable
llstrlbutlon of tho common resources
I Is w Itnesslng a gigantic reform
movement fort lightening of eco
nomic burdens through llio limitation
3f armaments and tho eventual cessa
tion of all wars and tho cstabllshmonl
> f peaco on earth His witnessing a
struggle against tho wave of Immoral
ity thai threatens many modern cItes
wIh thcCato of the intodlluvlan
world Aro the churches leaders In
these rnovcmcnls Hardly They have
missed tho mark Christianity when
It first appeared cnrno as new forco
for freedom and betterment of human
conditions as TV ell 03 a spiritual system
tem or truth In fact tho spiritual
1110 It Imparted to Its follow cis mani
fested Itself In an entirely now vlow
otlto Through Christianity men be
amo brethren though before they hul
icon strangers and enemies Through
Tlulsllnnlty tho slave vns elevated to
tho level of Iho muster and woman
ivn3 recogntral In her incred mission
is mother companion friend Through
Christianity democracy conquered Im
perialism Chrlstlanlly In ono word
pcrlllsm ylnanolord
jocamo a regenerating for re In tho
world Even In Iho hocallcd dark ngps
tho domlnanl church tried to direct tho
ourso of events to somo little extent
Into tho channels of betterment It bo
amo tho custodian of learning arrd llt
iraluro I gave to tho world mon
vho became inventors and discoverers
it exercised somo Influence for peace
UR for Instance iliho establishment
ot the trucototvOod by i which feujls j
and ware wcreiUniltcd tp elgjlyda I fii
fthe yrar gHIng the pcopl6vsome Xii
for nKrlctilluroandi similar pursuits i
But what nro tnVcnurcliesSolnR today I
J9ii solve th ° Iibor question to Ughlen
thV burdens of < fnxatfon 1 to hasten on
tho movement for universal pjnco
Nyirat rj they doing to p lynchlngsi
nnd to rescue the j white1 slavesfrom
bondage1 What are they < doing for tho J
purification of politics and tiro removal
from officialdom oftho ctlmetofgrafl
Theso are pertinent questions and In
tho answer to them wlllrbo foumltho
real cau = o of Iho troubleto which the
arllclo In theAdvocate i callsitfentlon
Christianity toVo worth anything
must bo practical If It Is practical it
Is i a force the Influence of whlchrisjfcU
upon every phase Jiotfo And Itll is
true Christianity Its Influence Is mra
than human It is the Influence ot God
upon human
Tho gond resolutions die yount
Evoiy man may have hlb piC tit
few get It
Tomorrow is dlj glad new year
Arent sou glad lct
Whpn a man Is a bore It doesnt augur
well for his success
Ihcre aro moro statesmen by trade
than by natural gifts
Even a woman with the sharpcsl wits
can seldom sharpen a pencil
ExBanker Hobln bids fair to becomo
us famous as was Cock P obln
No matter how often an alarm clock
mator hOlvDrnnnnlnrcloclt
goes off It can always come back
I Is a poor way to solve tho riddle of
jxlstenco to riddle a man with bullets
To make nu last dollar go a long
vay get an International money or
+ =
If people stopped to think most of
them would bo arrcslcd for obstructing
tho highway
AIf Angeles newspaper hasrnado
irrnngemcnts for the cloIYDsls
iiro by aeroplane < doubl the iapcr
Wll0 wafted downward as a feather
rorsct I you hayom Jon
Yum botch ot 1910 If you feel
rnllmcs that II hnsheenn failure
th tDhrYi floundered
and blundered and havo done a lot of
foolish things If you have been gullible
rrudo Imprudent Investments wasted
your time arrd money donl drag1 Ihcse
Ehotls over Iho new yoar line lo handi
cap you and destroy your happiness all
through tho coming year Havent you
wasted enough energy rilnS over
what cannot be helped Dont lot these
things sap any more of 1oill vitality
waste any more of your happiness
There Is only one thing to owIUihlt
tor cxroripnces blunders and unfortu
nate mistakes or with memories that
woirv us and which kill our efficiency
nnd that Is to forgot them bury them
Orlsorr Swell Marden In Success
Different Marry Socialists on tho
lsotCDntnonl of Europe are
Socialism not Collectlv Ists at all
but men whose bond Is
tho desire to ameliorate tho condition
of the mosses by whatever steps ex
perience mav recommend In Germany
for Instance tho Socialists ot the
north are mainly Colloctlv Ists and
those of tho south nro largelv what
wo should cal Progressives Tho at
titude of tho Socialist Party In Franco
toward Brland has not been widely
understood In Iho United States Tho
criticism of him Is not < that ho en
forced order but that In making
soldiers of railway employes ho
stretched to tho breaking point a
law Intended only tot military
emergencies and as only part pf tho
railway employccs obyed his call ho
put himself In tho position of having
ton thousand or moro deserters
tochnlcallv speaking on his hands
and being unable to punish thorn
What tho Government ought to havo
dono according to many moderate
Socialists was to have offered arbi
tration arrd thus concVntraled < public
opinion agalnsl the sldo refusing It
What Socialism Is to bo In the United
Sltoslsiul yet undetermined Its
great success In Milwaukee was made
possible by the fact thai Victor
Jjerger has boon always moro Interest
ed Irr tho next step for tl general
welfare than In manufacturing In ad
vance nn ultimate Ideal Ho accepts In
< tho main tho Marxian creed but
wears II lightly and deals with tho
world In which ho lives Colliers srjr
December 24
IVitlipr Mr Brandclss brilliant
1 > onorrrv critique of American rall
Posslblo ay operations andhln I
proposal to save million
dDllnraclnorI substantially 18 pel I
cent of tho picsent dally expense bill
of American rallwavs Is based on a
fallacy Yet thero IH a modicum of
truth underlying It
Wo agree with Mr Biandels that tho
ond oC economies In railway operations
has not boon reached as has boon
pointed out In theso columns at vari
ous times nor Is It likely to be Tho
great difficulty with railway opera
tions at present Is that the men In
clmrgo aro so overburdened with
roullno mailers that they havo as a
rule no tlrno or energy to Hriro for
tho studv of now means and methods
of saving ovet thoso which havo been
long In use
Tor notwithstanding all tho remark
ablo achievements In economic trans
portation which our railways havo ef
fected thoro aro ntlll many direc
tions in which further Improvement Is
possible Thcno opportunities for
Is wafted Downwardfrom anrcagio in
iils JllshYtV
itmayibo wclUlOgtvo tlroJdovIl his
luo bul1 peoplei should moo to ft dint
nothing Is duo him
1C E i
Nineteen cloven doesnt sound quite
so euphonious as 1910but it will an
rBver every purpose
Because ho said there were Incompe
tent teachers rtho teachers regard him
nil the doubting Thomas
The loud laugh doesnt speak tho > a
cant mind airy more than does tho
loud tone of olco In talk
Kaiser Wllhelm Isflho master of six
languages nnd the greatest army tha
tholwrirlcl has ever seen
In Its suits against various trusts
why doesnt the government employ
Arch Hoxsey to go after the man high
er up
What would TUKUitha think of Adams
county Ohio There not only was a
county for sale but purchasers woro
A now form ot water power permit
has bcenapprovcd by the secretary of
ngilcultme II still permits water to
run own hill
If people would only nlr Iholr bcd
tooms as much as they do their griev
ances they wouldnt havo so marry Ills
to complain of
AVhcn an Ohio father pays his soa
ten dollars for his voto whllo the rul
ing price is only five dollars ho is guilty
of nepotism It nothing olaa
Mr Jack Johnson Is willing to fight
any man In tho world for thirty thou
sand dollars win loso or draw Thero
are hundreds of men who would bo
willing to fight any man In world for
half that sum and tho same conditions
The Massachusetts legislature Is lo bo
asked lo pass a bill which forbids any ono
not belonging to Iho mllllla or pollco
force lo buy hlro lease receive use or
carry firearms without securing a
special llcenso for thai purpose Under
such a law whal good would the men
ot Concord havo been
further Improvement need to bo
studied bv real efficiency engineers
but they should bo men who aro prac
llcally cxpcrli need In actual rillvvay
operations who know what can ho
dono nnd what bos been dono who
know tho directions In which Improve
ment Is possible and who know tho
paths which have been tried again
nnd again only to find tho sign No
thoroughfare posted at tho end
Thero ought to bo a largo field for
tho emplovmerrt of railway officers
of experience and Initiative lr > such
consultln engineering work En
gineering News
Jtlsc of Most ot our very wealthy
Moiirmi men started In bnull ways
Uvnnstv Carnpgle was a messenger
boy ilockefeller trampoil
tho streets to get a petty clerical job
II II Rogers and Kussol Sago wcro
grocers plerks Hnrrlman was a bio
kers office boy James J Hill was a
section hand or something like that
But fotrr generations of tho Morgans
havo been tooni In the purple so to
speak Tho Morgan dl nasty runs back
to the days of the American revolu
tion Joseph Morgan after fighting In
Washingtons army proceeded to lay
the forlune of Iho house It did not
take him long to rise to the control of
the chief transportation linos in Con
necticut They were nothing but st igo
lines but they were worth controlling
Just tho same Later on he figured as
one of tho capitalists of tho Aetna Tiro
Insurance company of Hartford His
grandson Is J Picrpont Moigan senior
nnd Young J P Is of course his
greatffrandson Of all Iho mulllmll
llonalres of our day Morgan the elder
remains the most Inxcrutable All the
others nockofoller Harrlumn Ttogeis
and tho rest have at ono time or an
other thawed out In Ihe presence of tho
newspaper and rnngarlnc men Morgan
luis never thawed out Ills personality
is ns far removed from public scrutiny
now as It was when ho was the center
of the whirlwind contcsl vlth Jay
Gould forty years ago Current Litera
ture December
Odd Jobs Tho best single reason for
Tor Law direct election ot Senators
Makers Is ono ofteh overlooked It
Is thai electing Senators
Is a demoralizing often a coiruptlnj
business Tho legislature thai his a
big Senatorial contcsl on hand Is of
llltlo uso for legislation AVnon It spends
half a session choosing a Senator it
loon little besides
There will bo a notnblo series of Sen
atorial fights In Legislature this win
ter and at nn unfortunate tlmo Tho
State Legislature ns an Instllullon U
on trial In public opinion for Its life
II has been Inefflclcnl nnd exppnslvo
and lo Its failures must bo attributed
largely tho growing demand for morn
centralisation at Washington Tho
publla expects real work fiom Legis
latures this winter it wants them to
ratify thn Income tax amendment to
tho Constltullon to pass enabling acts
under which cities may generally adopt
tho commission plan of government to
placo moro rigorous restrictions on
public pcrvlco corporations to do tholr
shnro low aid regulation of carriers
trusts and corporate capitalization and
generally to got Into toUch with tho
march of nallonal progress Tiro Ore
gon plan of solocll ng Senators ought to
bo adopted In a dozen States this com
ing winter nnd report Is that Initiative
and icferondum measures wllllravn a
good chance In halt as many From
Success Magazine
Monday we ceIebrateNew Years Day and Tuesday
we close all day for Stocktaking
l <
otm nnuo sTonr IB ATI

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