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Snfcs for Year Drop Im1 Behind That
Accomplished for tho Youi1 liHIO
Trndliic for Month Sloi
tlio close of trading this morn
ing tha tmdlns on the Salt Iako Stock
JIlnlnB exchange closed for tlm yeni
190 wltji a loss of almost 75 per cent
nS compared with the amount of money
that changed hands for stock during
1003 which was thf beat year I the
history of tlioMjojril TJie olllclnl fis
ures Issued by tho exchange thlh muin
Ing show that lor the jear 1910 17 > 129
50 slmies of stook chlitiRinl hands nnd
tlio iiinpunl of money paid out Joi te
curltles was ftSI239tG <
Tlntlc CJential and Ccflar Tillsnuin
ycic the slu pcifoimers fin tho > eu
moro shared of ttoul in tlwe sectltltles
eliringlng handh Ilinn inly otheis
Trading oil tho boilnl this inoinlng
AMIS quiet In Jow of th6 holidays TJie
nuinhef of fchlnoh of httouk that ehaiiKod
hands today van 2J700 for Which i
S1J2o ds expended
IrdnTilossoin was slrongci today and
leachrd S cents ngaln Coloiudo le
tmiiicltiiliout tlio iniiiif whllo tjlouN
Cfonaollditod was Hllghtly weiiker
Jpn7tccoiint of Xow Years duy filllns
oiu btiniliiy this jeni the board will
flebrato Monday Insteul Jot that
deacon alltr TJnson ol tha local e
lluinKedechircil thoio will Tiqno rfcshlon
of tho exchange on Monday
Thorp Vas bu little happening on the
cuih inaiket this inoinlng Und only a
fcwfshaics luniRtil hamls Tim sales
itrlo 200 till Her ot Hold Chain at CO
cents JOOO shaiCK of Ulntuli TILUHUIU
I Bid Asked
Hid Asked
Colorado 1QO at 3lLi 100 at K
It tin Blohsom 1700 nt S5 DOO at SG
Xoiver Mammoth 100 at izi
Jlountaln Ixike 500 at 5
Opohongo 1000 nt 20 <
Sioux Con 1500 at 33
South ColUnMiuH Con 1000 al 9i
Tlntlc Combination 1000 at 3A 1300
nt 33i
Tlntlc Kmpire 1000 at 414
Uncle Sam 500 at 16 scllei dO
Carlsa COO at 15 i
Cniwn Point 1000 at 5i
ISlnck Jack SOO at 11
Tist TIntic Dev 500 at 1 f
lion Blossom 00 at 83
Jlay Day SOO at 1i 5
Opohongo 500 nt 2Q
Tlntiu Central 1000 nt S
Unclo Sam 1000 rt 4t3
Slmios Amount
Regular call 13500 3211 2i
Open hoaid 9200 157100
2 700 184121
Weeks totnK 2111371 1058710
Months totnlH 1571404 531970031
Tears total 17129if 0 4S42D6 63
UTAH T rouiiTir
Montana AiUonn nnd Mltlilenu Lend
In Copper
Vashiiiitton Dec ijOTho activity In
iho piodui Ion of ooppet lead and hie
fiom pilmrtn souues In the United
Stales was giiiler In 11QI than In any
previous jeai Complete Iguies have
Jiihl been Issued by the United Stales
geolorjltal suivm
The total output or copper fiom
smcucu aw lu9yillCJl pounds The
total iimntltv in icllned ioppoi In
cluding doinistlr and foielgn ores as
lillOJI4 > l pounds an liieienw of 1
031011 pounds ivei the piovlnus von
The total iiantlty ol lead smelted or
relliud In the United States In 190 nls
457013 tons Tho appiiont i onsuiupllon
of lead by Amu lean Industilus as
370013 tons
I he tiitnl inniliMtioii J Klne as 25i
jWMons tthllo the lonsnmptlon was
In the pioductlcin of roppei Montana
led all stales lh Ailotm second
Michigan thlid and Itah fourth The
United Stales produced 3S pur eent of
tho lead of tho
vvoild ami 30 per cunt
of tho sine
Deo III Honey on call
nominal Tlmo loans dull fio davs
and nlnetv dn > s I per cent six
months Ji4iji per ent
CJIiisa Prime mcicintllo paper 1 4
< n per cent
Storlliii ochango Ktiong with actual
Vnslness in hinleis hills at I 2
< IS25 for GO dajs bills and at 4S1
Har sliver 5 p
MolcaM dolluh 15
Govciujnont bonda fitoady rallioad
bondtf Hleadv
> jt terlullu icmblllub SIlllDLUULiD
uu p < itiioios lain
Tin inrlnls noic dull and
iiiiniliiil In the nlisciicc or v
Tin 38lllt815
ell ctrlf 1275ltnO
rcail IJT Ii3v
Surlier > I0fi > il7JJ
nisutven of Kncl aimlc Wllliln Three
Mllcs of Cllv Appears to IK lni u
cln of llHiimiiion
Atcoidlng to upoits from Ml 1leas
mtr n good vein of coal has been dls
coveied vilthln three mile of tho city
Ahleh monilscvs to develop Into a Lugo
oal mine On the suifacu this vein
gives piomlw of being a Juigeonc but
hus far enough work has not been
lonu to fully demonsttntc 1th value Tho
vein outcrops In Twin Cieck can > on
Bi 4iop AVIIIIam Davis iho has had
consldrrahle experience In coal mining
ltli II 1 Hrown Nielsen Tanner and
ndrcnv Uiown uto the imnois and dls
covcreia ot the property They are
nepailng to open up tho vein and do
crmmu fully tho prospects of opening
ip a good coal mine
The discovery of tho vein Is some
what Interesting For yeais pel sons
uuq been In the vicinity of the vein
uid have oven walked over It It 10
mtliied for tho Hood waters to dlsclosi
he coil The rectnt freshets tore away
ho debris Ir > sufficient extent to dls
loBCthc oal it is j the bottom ot
he cinyon In a place that Is almost
naccesslble on account of tho rough
ie fl of tho country Tlio vein thus far
cposed is about threo feet thick nnJ
csls upon a solid bed of rock As
eoal Is governed moro or less by pies
surc the heavy pressmo on this has
undo an excellent quality of bitumin
ous coal
Av great doal of prospecting has been
lone In the vicinity of the vein Just
IlKcovciecl It has long been tho belief
of one of the residents ot Alt Pleasant
hut there was a good vein fifcnal In
he vicinity For that reason he caused
o bo driven a tunnel of considerable
ength This tunnel Is now within 12
feet of where the vein shows
An eironeous Idea has iiprnnif up
n the cast that tho No 1 shaft or
he Iron Blossom has been developed
> y drills This Is a working shaft and
las been developed to the 1000 level
ind Is kept open for operation to
that depth
The Advocate Atlnlner company
mcked by Tllchllold people la Mild to
PC In a very promising condition
Wot It Is being continued ami In order
o push this during tho vi Inter months
in usseHincntof n third of u cent has
jcon luvlod
Amrng Iha people to bo remcinbcicHl
iv tio Ifitgo corporations on Chrlst
n s dav wero the CJoldlleld Con
solidated Mines compaio tome 700 In
lUimhoill rjveiy cmplojo received a
ttirkcv Tliov worn all flesh from tlm
ranches In the Cm son valley and
Hlshop county
Leaseis aio getting somo good ore
fiom the Xev impli jtato Mining
company propeity at Fallview
Xovada A laigc ledge carrjing gold
and allvei valuew Unit outciops jias
been out bv a tunnel The vein Is 30
fiqt wide In the tunnel Voik Is now
piORiessing towud tho Diomedaiy
V T Sheltoi bus tho contract for
Iho Iompletlon of the ascssnienl on
the Copper Butto on Deer Creole be
tween the Klmbeily and tho Mar > s
alo mining dlstilets It Is the inten
tion of the company to sink a shaft
seventy feet doon on the ore vein nnd
conMldorablo other development voik
tj planned on this pioperty
The Utah Apex company declares
that It IK willing that the lilngham
Mury eompanv make a survey of Us
giound It Is fuither asserted by 0110
of tho dtnekholdeis of tho Company
that tho Hlnghim Mnrj company has
lioen In trouble with the company once
befoie At that time It Is said the
ningham Maiv tried to show tint
the Apex of lit veins was on tho
Blnghain Mary ground
The Silver Shield Mining and Mill
Ing company has just made a con
tract with the United States Smelting
Kellnlng nnd Mining company for the
tieatment of Its Icadrlnc oies Since
the Tlntlc Smeltor closed the Silver
Shield has had place to ship Its ores
As the United States tlucw open Its
Huff electiostntlc plant to custom
ores tho Silver Shield Is tho first to
take advantage of It Tho silver
Shield ore will nveiago about
111 ounces wlhei in per cent
lead and 10 PIT cent sMnc
Tivnr OKI smrMnvis
The following weirs the ore shipments
out of the Tlntlc district for the week
ending Friday night
Uokl Chain 4
Hlnclc Jack 4 1
Lower Mammoth 1
JMnmmotl 1
VlctoUn 2
Giand Contial 2
Cpithongo i
lion King I
May Day 1
Uncle Sum t
Centennial UuieKa S
Cllft 1
Sliui Consolidated n
Colmmlo t
Diagon Iron 10
lion HlOfiim 11
Total OS
The leasoii for this stnUI output of
tho disttlet Is the fact that this was
a holiday week nnd not near the full
complement of men weie at work at
any of the minis
The bank ilenrlngs for the euriont
month now passed amount to more
than was anticipatedIn fact they loom
up In tho nnlino of a plcabunt MII
prlso Tho December clearings exceed
thoso for tho same month last year
by 15372140 when It was feuied they
would full considerably behind Tho
estimate of the December dealings
made lute In Nbv ember by the local
management was 30400000 whereas
tho actual llgmes turn out to be 33
24092265 or 2S404C5 In excess of
tho estimate Tlilw irmken Iho netiial
clearings lor the > o r 38li T07B31
TiHiMOSHiii Mailer GlvciiJ ln liookle
Jsneil In ItroUcraco JIouc
rmuic Iixils liilcht
A short Interesting history and ge
ological conditions of Plocho In n bilef
concise manner me given In a pamphlet
Issued b > the brokcmgbMiause of Dern
i Thomas on the Eastern Prince Gold
Silver Mining company In pait the
statement says
When tha Indians In Lincoln county
Ncv In tho caily GOS led llamhllii
n Moimon inle > fonniy to n rich outctop
of ore In Mcadovv valley where later
tio famous old CMIIJI of Ilochc spuing
up none of them knew that they were
lifting the lid to one of thn giclte t
treasure boxes In the woild Hamblln
located the flist claims It was not un
til 1SCS that that fanious ot rrench
m in and argonaut F L A Iloclui of
California wlm silkd the Hoin In
seaich of treasure vvlfh the fortynin
oiS purchased those claims on thn icc
ommendntion of his nnglncer Chules
13 Hoffman and formed tho great
Meadow Valley Mining company thu
Illrat to start mining in the famous
The great bodies of rich chlorides and
bromides of silver attracted the world
From 1870 to 1878 tlm great camp
boomed money was as fieu us water
and things lolled on untamed nnd un
checked violent deaths weic an rom
111011 ns from natural Causes nnd tho
district was then 200 miles fiom a rail
road About Ploclie wei 10000 people
u dally paper with Associated Pi ess re
poits dally stage lines fast muji
fielght lines with n pennlt > for not
making n certiiln dlstniKe a dav llv
eiy stubles nnd 30 hoists putting over
shafts Dm Ing that period no lens than
Sl0000000 v ere taken otlt so the rec
ords show hut It Was probably much
Then fiom 1SS3 to 1S91 was the fcinelt
> r eia under AV S Oodbe and his sons
illis inn and smelters glowed until
tha panic of lS > 3 put a Muietus qn tll
district Duilng tlwl period 10000000
more was taken fiom that gicit jni
net house of riches
A new era was hlartcd In Tluche IP
90S with the finishing of the bianih of
lie Salt Lnke Route Into the camp
ilncc then thousands of dollar woith of
oik his been performed and millions
f tons of ore blocked out At no time
In tho Jilstory of the camp has thcic
been as much oic In sight or the dis
trict better undcitood than It Is today
Tho camp Is now on the eVc of a gieat
meiger which will again put the dis
trict In tho limelight us a great ship
per dividend payer and producer and
In iv way that has never been known be
fore Only the ilcheht of oxIdUed oto vuis
extracted in the early days mining and
extraction wero thu crudest Tha ul
phidcs of tho camp aio probably far
richer tJiim nnj thing cvei taken out
and me untouched Their Is still a
vvorhl of ovldes left and It Is iita to
say that manv n million moro will bQ
taken out In the ilch carbonates bro
mides nnd chlorides
Duilng this period the gieat Pilnce
mine was developed a mile and u half
to tho boutheast of Ploclie
Tho buried treasure of tho Plocho
camp vvns found along a rather low
appearing rapgo of mountains which
inn In a northwest and southeast dl
icctlon On tha north bide of tills
lunge Is tho town of Ploche nestling up
close to the noted old produceis ot
early days Along each slda of this
langc there is a sjstem of Ilssurlng that
makes tho big mines On the Plocho sldo
Is tho famous Ynbu dike iin Intiuslve
porphjiy healing millions of dollars In
sulphides paralleled by a lich fissure of
oxidized 010 known IIH the Ilaymond
and Kly tixsurc from which millions
vvcic taken On this sldu tho BUI face
has been eroded to tho oimrtilto In
which the rich values wen > found
Across the iinge a mile and a halt
southwest of Ploche Is thu gieat Piinee
mine In which there hus aliqady been
blocked out 8500000 worth of ores
Here the lime and shale have not been
moded but stand about 530 feet above
tho fiuarlzltc Illeh continuous and
huge bedded 010 planes and lltsmes
foim in tho lime and shale at the
Prince mine The fissures nro found
to he eontlnuoiiH Into the undcilying
limrtzlte and englnccis are of tho
opinion that with depth should be
found even greater and rlchci ore bod
A similar mlnoial dlstilbutor to the
Tuba dike has affected the Prlnco ulile
of the camp A glance at a map will
show that the Gladstone claim adjoins
the Helen clilm of tho liistem Pimcu
Striking northwest and Houthcast and
cutting thiough tho Gladstone claim
IH a porpl iy dike thiough which tho
Milutlons have undoubtedly come fiom
below and icpluced the hods of lime In
tho shale with a heavy sulphide oic
Later these beds ot 010 weie oildlrod
by deacendlng wnteis and wherever a
portion of the bed Is found that Is
In an nnalteied condition the 010 Is of
a voiv high guide limning ovei 0 per
cent lead and 1000 ounce In slhci
Uoik on the Haslern 1rlnco Is being
pushed under the management ot Mur
ray C Godhe The new holt has been
ejected at the shaft and no time Is
being lofct In sinking Tho manage
ment bUlevc that tho mineralization of
the rastem Prince side of the like Is
as gioat as on tho Pilnce Consolidated
side nnd It Is to prove thlg tiicoiy that
the shaft Is being pushed
Chic i o Doe ill Cfltlle IlccclplH es
timated at 0ilj mailed stiMdv UervPH
UOJitO Texas steeis laiiiOIO west
em slnirs 423fW otnckors and feed
ers SCOIinW LOHS and hclfeis lojft
I clhus 7WS9 W
Ilogs lleeclpts estimated at 9001
market fc hlBlicr Ught 7UiTi7M mix
ed VViiSM hcnvy 703i7C lough
7 n > f77 Bond to choice heavy 73ti
< f pigs 7SO < irsVl bulk ot hiles 7 y <
shofln Kccelpts estimated lit 1 OOiii
Klcidv Native 2l < H4li west
27TTi4 a vearlings lTfi5J > o
himbs native IWi540 western I7SCS
0 10
Oinilu Dee ll Cattle Receipts ICO
mniket unchanged Native alters 4 7firn
CM io s and hclteix 300ff i cst <
o c Jt i
0 Stato Hunk of Utah
M Con Wnpm t Meh Co
SO Amal Sugar Co ptd
10 Ondon Sav Bank
W Rocky Mt Boll Phone
12TJtuh Coml Sav Bank
20 Cont Life Ins Co
47 South Main fit Phone WjJ
1 Ncphl National naitlt JiatO
2 Acres UtahMe Uubbcr Ho M
lOAO Elk con1 10c
1000 Jumbo faster anil Cc
mcnt I l ISO
1OX > Independent > Coal S 120
2 IllahMejr HubberCn 24000
i C M I l W
5 con Wagon 12200
Badger Brothers
100 MAIN
All Ulah Imeiitment mocki all
I uoi iiniilii 8octs New ork
slocks botuls i niton Boston Cop
pus Chicago grain etc
crn stetrs J 5 < Hto 73 Tca steers 12TQ >
rili range cows and heifers SWSMio
eanneis Ml 3W stocKerH and fieders
Uifi5 calves WSW bulls stags
ell 32iff 4Jj0
Ilogt HecitpK 1060 market f c high
ei lloiv 7 > li7N mixed 7U3ir7SJ
light 750S7EO Digs 673fr775 InllK 1M
fl M
Slippp liccclntJ 10 market steidy
Yearlings 4 MJM etiii > rs 3 W5 > 1 10
fwcs tjf373 limb J > iWl 10
KHIIH is City IHe 31 rnlllc HcioIpti
IW market steady Native tct 5 oOSi >
liM nllivo tows iiiid heifers 2i > fci > W
sluclierH and feedtrx 4 i0 10 bulls 171
si 5 t calM < uOfiSMJ western fctoela
l7fifl VK lenijco i I75W3 00
Hogs Itccelpts JWJ market Be high
er Hulk of sales 77o17s2J heivy 7 VI
lirKi imekeiH and butchers 77oir7S3
lights 7707fO
hhecp lift tlplfc none miiiKot sleadv
Muttons aaliT3i lambs Mnfili fed
wethuis and Marling 3 COjlOW fed
weatcin cvca J ttltf 3
bTi 10 II I b
Bl Ioulf U c 11 Wool qillft Terrl
iiy and < Htirn in diuinri n ii tin
inPilltlnit 17 < i U fine l a U
rtniton Doe i Tlic Ciiiiiinticril Hul
leiln UIIIIOIKIU will MVIOI tbo wool inur
kel Jlvlldty Uilncsn IMS bien in
oililcneo thlh wcul lint no to me same
oxtint that Ih fi iienlly Hit sv A
cunsjdiiible anioilnt o i iihy and nun
pllnu on thv nut < < tlio mills N In ol
dcnto and tbuio Jna nut I 2n i dtarth
of nuttnil IniklnisH Quo fali of hUipli
Montniia imnhltiK 11 ilf million noniuls
lm biiui Ilia chlut sale nf the week
Tim Kilt wan inuile at S2 cents Hev
oril otlici lots of loXji to LMOOOu pounds
of on intit Montana V > ominir and Idi
lo Imw alto flctiroil In tbc tiidlni wldlo
there appears to a tendency to iilbo
he on flfecf wooln whluh aio huirce
Thu tfimniirclit Uullcllii In Hi annual
rulcw ii d lomrrrnw will > all atten
tion to thu fact Hint thn Block of wool
in lioxtnii Is thu laiKott in uei IX years
with tlio cxceptlori of ISM
Iheifl rennln In JiOHiOii at the cloao of
mslnoss at the cijd of thu jear KiGGO
pounds of iliu estlc and 1362 > o
l > OundH of loiclin wool against M
CH pounds of dc nestlc and 7SI1OUO
pounds of forclRii a jear a o
ThQ totnl stotk > f all kinds unsold III
the United MUa Is 1C2C2IXX pounds
BKahidt U73224i7 p unds last 3 ear This
liaa been exceed d by Jan 1 1M1
when It was 233 8 3 000 pounds on Jan
1 1MO with pounds and
on Jan 1 1SOS th 17fi7S7000 pounds
Thi records of iho year show that
Boston leads nil tl o worlds wool mar
except Lond to which It Is a
bccond Ne rlv twothirds of all
wool In tho tailed States whether
produced hero or Imported Is now In
Boston warehouses
Chicago lK 31 Crpn darmiKe leporta
roin Indlt llrtid vvhcnt prices a lltllo
today Sevoro cold la the Iimjiub vras
said to hive InJuiLd the growing grain
There Was also grbslp thit lth tha Inl
ed States Lousunihig at thu present lato
ho outlook was for a much bcttei raili
ng deiuuid In Janiuuy and rebruniy
The tint thu nit offciluss veio small
iciufiU IIMivvli 10 glvn the market a
julllsh toin1 Tho opening vas tho tamc
is lust night to a shndo hlghei 3Iav
started at W3 to WlftO hhowlnir tho same
arlatlon as tho market as a whole rose
to 571 and reacted to WJ
liusciH though fev in the com pit
> crt > more numetous than scllcis and
them wib a feeling ot firmness In con
Miinuiico Mav opened unchanged to 1
Bhndi off at 4S1 to iSlUfB and advanced
to 4SJ
Otlf reflected the slieiiKth of vheat
ind corn but had scaicelv any other sign
of fe May begin exactly whore it
closed lfi3IJ and IOFO to 31
lioislons ere haul to get hold of nnd
attended with hogs 1list sales veie 1
sihadu to 15c hlghr with Slav options at
IS1 for pork 1017J to 10M for 1 ird
and 9i > u for libs
heat73eailsh crop figures handed
out by tho Canadian government led to
a sllgat roacion lint veie offset by new
of discouraging piospectts In vetern llu
rojm especially France Th cloao vak
film vvllli May at 3Wfi cents a net gam
of a shade
Uilcr the bujlng foixe such oa It was
n corn glow liss and prlcus fell off
omehit The close was steady with
Mav i net lncr at 4SM
Cash eorn No 2 4jJfK No white
GJfi 16 No 2 vcllow IOJCT4G No l white
4 < U No vcIlow llift8 No I 4JKij
No I white 4JfiS No 1 jellow 421Q2
Close live Cash si
Biilej Ca ill iiOSfW
Tlmothj Cash kOuTt TH March 1023
Clovei Cash 100DU14 2S Jlnrch 13L1
AVhtit Dec l225ii Jlav so34P9l Julv
SKrt Hcit w
CoinDec 411 May 4 e Julv 40J
Oil Dec is uy < j Julv 3J5
Jless Pork POI bbl Jnn IlCo May
II til per 105 His 10 r Tltay 1020
Khort Illhb per 100 Mis Jtui 1032J
Mas >
ntiTTHu ANP nacp
Chicago 15ee fO llutter Steady
Creuinciics IlJTlflJ dairies 21 2Ti
Hggs Stendv leeelpta 1M3 cases at
Ilk cases Included ISiftSJ firsts 23
pilmu Ilihtx 11
Cheese Steulj Dalslr loifol Twins
till Voimg AncilcaH 15U5 lon
loins 13111
MiciAit AND corrnn
Now York Dec 31 Sugar raw holl
Coffee Spot quiet No 7 Hlo 111 No
4 Santos 135
Tho Uutler Ait Shoe company 1ms
led Incorporation articles with tho
ounty clcik Tho capital stock Is HO
00 In flO shares nnd tho oltlcerK me
homns nutler president Thomas S
Hitler vice president George H But
or seflietHiy and treasurer
Tho Homer Optical company with a
apllnl alock of 2000 In SlOft shares
ins died articles of Incorporation The
officers tire P W JIndson president
C Fornsworth vice presidents AV
J Homer trwiswer
For tho week ending Saturday
Dec 31 IDIO
1D10 1009
Dec 27 1J92C6S74 10389545
DOC 18 111011071 10110 IRD
Dec 2 1OUB7164 101414773
Dec 30 00817I9S 1035 039
Doc iH 101C1274G j Holiday
Totals 536395163 Ml397 673
Incieasc 122120170
Clearings for tho month of Decem
ber 1D10 3334092265
Clearings for tho month of Docem
her 1009 3303720125 f u
i Increase 15372140 ft > >
Outlook for Future Contains Very
Many Elements of
Sfluntliiu Improved iFnnn
DhldcmN ljpcctcrt to
Help Mnttcus
Xew Yoik Dee 30 11 O Dun
Cos Weekly Review of Tunic tomor
ov will say
After vt satlafuctoiy retail holiday
rude buslncss In nearly all branches is
inlet with tho usual yearend adjust
nelits Tho outlook contuhiK many ele
nenlM of strcngth Tlm Iron and htcel
mde la still confronted with a con
iiiniptlon of only half the pioduclng ca
ladlly and the dry goods business with
ho problem of costs but there Is ran
ihsonce of demoralization speculation
ind ovoistoeked shelves In all nieiran
lle lines while the general feeling of
onaervntlvo rontldence makes condl
lons better than trado statistics indi
The financial altuntlon Is Improved
mil the piospeet of the heavy dividend
Mid Interest disbursements duo Jan I
mparts guater biiakness to tho strlct
y Investment market
It us a seasonably iititot week in tho
rlnmry drjgoods muikits with values
ell niulntalncd but Mill gcneiully close
lo or below tho tost of production
In cotton goods curtailment ol pro
duction Is generally billeved to he lo
rn Itablo utter Iho tnin of thu year
when piient contiacts expire Tho
dimness In vvidu griy goods Is miln
talned and thoie has been n fair busi
ness In Htnple prints lor spring dellv
ei y while blenched goods me Him but
with bulnoss light
Thoro K a slightly llrmer tone to tho
market on most kinds of domenlle
hide Tiido In leithcr Is dull and lew
sales have been effected outnldu of odds
ind ends that lira being sold nt loy
prices although sonio wales of upper
leather at very low rates nro reported
Theic Is no ehango to report In foot
wear conditions
Now York Hee M Bradstroefs
bank iteailnm report for the week end
Inir Uee 29 ohows an aggregate or
J24620 100 PS against 311S12DOIX last
week and 2 oO841000 In the corespond
Ing week list year Tho following IB a
list of the cltleb Inc Dec
New York JlW 110000 249
Chicago 22T 3inOOO
lioHton 32SC1SW 113
Ihlladelphlii 14424000 120
St Ixmls 64323000 BT
Knnsis City 4 > 4200 3 16
Pittsburg GI
San Fianclbco S 241WO 06
Ualtlmoie 25172000 44
Cincinnati 21507003 7
MlnncJipolis 18800000 Si 2
Now Orleans ItSSfOOO
Cleveland 17fZrOW lol
IMS Angeles
Louisville 10933000 55
Milwaukee IlXAK 170
Seattle S478COO
t Paul 9f 4WX 44
Buffalo 74
Demei 7T72000 C2
Portland Or SS31000 288
SAIf LAlcn CITY B4S3 0 7s
Tacoma 346SOfO K3
Spokane 84Sfi000 4 8
irolcna 67
Houston 24KHOOO 33
19204000 124
New York lice 31 Tho statement of
dealing hou e banks foi tho week fve
days shows Hint tho hanks hold iSI2
more than tho requirement of the 2o
per cent rescue rulo This la a deciease
of 1J223 KO In the proportionate cnnh re
strvo as compiled with last week The
statement follows
Incrciso 10431200
I ncrLaJO > i
Deposits I 1201BM400
Ineieaw 12519 MX
Chrulution I 23101
Dfiqnfso CA100
Ilteivt S
lnoic se rKXi0JO
Reserve ceciulied 300orCflO
Incrcvso 1l000a
Purplua Hri
DecreihO 2MMi
BxU S deposits J5M5
Bccrcatu 107000
Actual condition
liaiis 123S174COC
Incrcnso 13 SUMO
Spcclo 23b711MO
Dcciaso 2miiVl
I egal tenders TlOiiEW
Incroaso 3M7A
DepoMts 13XH SO
Ineieaso 17OCiOfl
Cireulillon 47OJkiXI
Incieaba 203400
llchcrve M77S7000
IJcServo iciulied
Incioaso 4MtOW
Shiplus C1MCOO
Uecieite 3710000
nU B deposits lC7uSOO
Suininii v of stnto biinKa and trust com
panies In Gi cater Now York not report
Ing to the New Yoik clearing house
Loans 1107021 MO
Inclose 1219100
Srcere 1175973X1
Iiicicise Jt 452WO
Legal tcndeis i 2l129OUi
Uccreahu 2Vi10 <
Total deposits llMnSW
Decrease 121100
The following quotations ueie lecolvcd
this afteinoon over the dliect private
vIro of IJidgsr lirotheih
SnlcslHhIx > vvClo3
Amal Coppci 1800 KISI nil
Amei licet Sugar
Am Car Fdy Co 100 503 oOJ 50
Amer Cotton Oil rs
Amer Smelt Ilef sm 713 713
Do profcirod lOii
Amer Sugar Rcf
Anaconda illn Co 100 354
Atcnlson 1400 1015 JOOJ 100J
Atlantic Coafct Lino 200 117 117 HCi
Baltlmoro Ohio 200 1033 103J lOuJ
Brooklyn Jtap Tran loo 7DI 715
Canadian Paclflo 1600 1M1
Chesapeake Ohio coo 80
Chi it Northwoatern
Chi Mil As Et Paul 1SS
Colo Fuel Iron 100 31i 31 311
CoToiado Kouthcrn I I 5 > 3
Delaware Ifudson 1C5
Denver < tUro Grando
Denver Illo Grand
DoJ 67
Kilo 7iWrr i 27C
Gicat < Norlhcrn pfd 1233 1238 12J1
ft NAWlirttcirActfii BO
coo 1W
1 Do preforied 600 31 53 i
I < aulnvlllo Nash 1 mi
Missouri Facltlo I 40i
Mo ICansim Texan COO 12 31J 31
National IllHOidt 31U73
National Lend G4
N Y Cent i nl COO 111J 1111
Noroik Wcstem 1 001
Northern Iiclflo 100 116
Pennsylvania 900 iisj 1 J
rcoplot aasl 105J
Pullman jFala < 61Car
Iteartlnc3 iscw 151S 1MJ
Eioulhom Paclflo 11C9 115
Southern Railway
Unlwi Paclflo 11400 1703 1701
Ui S Stool 2400 724 72
Do piefoucd 100 316E III
Wcstoin Union III7y
Tptol sales for 100100 > M
J Continued i from
large to give It tavorabljcqnsldjiitition
and due iliianclntsUppbrtlt JT
tAVSiorofis Thfj preserTtnluwHi oP pur
state nnd thelnwalofjiidjoliilifg stntes
provide that where sheep for a por
tlon of the ycarf grao within itho
boundaries of aald states tlfata full
1 ears tat tnhsesscd > ngnlnst iald
sheep thereby caimlngthoTbvvner to
pjyu double tav whlch ISjiioti assessed
against my other class ot property
Whereas In addition to above ex
orbitant taxation special entrance fees
nro uharged nnd unnceeafcary ex
penses Inclined by compulaoryidlpping
of clean Mieep entering these atntes
rThereforc Be it lesolved tllat our
legislators ho petitioned to ptlss such
law ns will remedy theso evils and
that our houd of aheep commissioners
bo requeued to lend their Hid In ad
justing Hime That uniform lavv bo
liussed by our nelghborhi < htatcts > o
that the tuxes vvllljbe proportionate to
the time that the sheep flic within the
reapeetlvo states and tluiLiinlioim In
bpection liws and mips ho made to
provide that vheic sheep arc found
clean from dlHcise that same on nd
mltted lnto these htnlea without extra
and special fees1
Whctras Tho mips and regulallon3
In tho Usn hook provide for the pur
iliiso of permits liy > nevvgrneis ivho
comqnnder Class A piojfldlng thoy
aio pioperty holders of fnfni landsor
grazing land adjacent to Hie national
foicat Ave condemn that put ot ho
lilies which icqulics tho ownership oC
theie lands ax ncccM8it y to aciilro the
puichasQ light of permits but vvould
earnestly lecoinmcnd In lieu thereof
thiifiny property holder within tho
stnto Is justly entitled to purchase pei
mlts bcllovlng that distant conimunl
tles aio as much a factor In deviilop
Ing tho icsourees of the state IIB thooo
living adjacent to the national forests
Vlioreas the rangers on our national
forests are men of Inexperience having
no practical Ideas In handling and
grazing of sheep jind Ignorant of tho
kind of forngo sheep reriulrc bolngns
ually cattlemen moio orless prejudiced
to our Interests
Therefore be It resolved that TVO rec
ommend that for rangers selected In tho
futuro for our national forest bo men
who are more familiar with the sheep
TVhcjeas that at Portland Or tho
National AVooIgrovvers association In
tends to Incorporate nnd
Ticiens Utah will bo entitled to
sonii representation on tho board of
directors and
TVherens this association holds stock
In tho National association and such
stock represents tho majority of tho
vv oolfrrowcrs of Utah
Therefore bo It resolved that wo rec
ommend that tho selection of direc
tors to which Utah is entitled bo loft
to tho Utah State Woolgrowers asso
Whereas we recognlzo tho splendid
and efficient work of tho officers ot
this association and realizing that It
takes money to carrv on this import
ant work and further that every
aheepman secures benefits from tli
Therefore bo It resolved that wo
Iledge them our united support and
urge every flockmastcr who has not
paid his assessment to do so and
all Bheopmon vho nro not members
of the organization to Join the Utah
state voolgrovvers at onco
Resolved that we heartily endorse
tlio work done In nnd out of Con
gress by Senitora Smoot and Suther
land and Congressmen Howoll and
In their efforts opposing the leasing of
public ranges and In malntulnlnfr
present duty on wool nnd wo dcslro
to assure them of our keen apprecia
tion of their soiviccs
Resolved that wo sincerely com
mend tho services of our chief execu
tive Governor Spry In his continuing
efforts to promote tho welfato of tho
stock growcis of Utah
The Illinois Control has Installed a
through dally standard sleeping car
bervlce between Chicago and San
Fianclsco via Now Orleans
Klght conl cars aio expected any
day from the eastern fiictoilcs by the
Coiibolldated Fuel company
Consult County Clork or respective sign
era for further Information
UOV Deceased Tho undui signed will
stl at private sale the following uroperty
located in Salt Lako County Utah to
commonelng at tho southwest corner
of lot 1 block 2D tin aero plat A Big
Hold Survey thcnco eust 13 feet thence
north 124 ioda thenco west 163 feet
thcnco south 121 rods to beginning to
EOthcr with 3952 of a shiro of tho capl
lal stock of Lower Mill Crock Irriga
tion Company and i of a Hhare ot Big
Dottonwood I ower Cnnnl Company on
or after Thursday tho 12th duvof Jun
umy 1011 and vwittcn bids will be re
ceived at the offlco of Young A Moyle
Des > rct National Bank Uldg Salt I iko
City Utah Terms ot pilo cash 10 per
cent upon iccclpt of bid balance npdn
Admit Isliattlx
Dated December 11st 1910
Young Mo > lc Attorneys
allon Location principal place or hilsi
nesH Bait 1iltq Cltv Utah Notice Is
heicby ghen that nt a meeting of tho
director of wild < ompany held on thu
30th day of Decemboi 1910 an iibHsssment
of 510 per ihaie was levied on the capi
tal stock of the corporation payable Im
medlaldv to Curlla Y Clavvson secic
tpiy at his office No 23 South Htato
Street Salt Lake City Utah Anv Btoclt
upon which this assessment slmll icmaln
unpaid on Feb 1 Iflll will he ddlnqucnt
on fcald data and adveitlsed for MIIQ at
nubile auction and unless pnvnicnt l
iniula before will ho sold on Pen 20 1911
to pay the dellmiwnl assessment togeth
Ci with the cost of advertlshiK and c
P5I15CS Ot Slle
Hv Curtis Y CInvvson Socrctniy
ptflco No 2T South StatO Stlexsl Salt
Lnlto Cltv Utah
All Kinds of
Done at th
us bidrdnyour work
fc iiraA i vvtfp u
J2000jibjIi iJuMCo bonds
Kelly lonlrose
Suite 101202 Mclntyrc Dulldlnc
68 South Main fit
I7lty real estate can now bo
bought to advantage to tho 13UY
1311 Time place ami prlco H
RIGHT Renii > mbor the land own
ci ls > tho solidly rich citizen
James A Follock
133335 South Stain Street
Salt LakoClty Utah
New Tclt Building
Correspondents Members of Now
York Philadelphia Denver San Fran
cisco and Boston Stock Exchanges
Chicago Board of Trade ana New
7oik Cotton Exchange
Private wires to nil tho world Or
dcrH executed In any market Listed
otocks carried on liberal terms Or
ders In Utah mining and commercial
tock3 given special attention
It is only TWO DOLLARS
A YEAR and is laid on most
of the doorsteps of the city and
uburbs every Saturday after
J Can you expend
16c a month to
better advantage
In These Cities
and Towns the
Is delivered by Car
rier every evening
Urdon Murray
Qrangor Sandy
Hunter Draper
Mill Creok Tayloravill
6 Mill Creek Holiday
Wooda Cross Oeden
Mammoth ProTO
Helper lx > san
PlpnaantVlftW BJnghua
Center BrlchamClty
Superior Add Dnrelou
Spanish Bvrlo Sprlnorrille
Fnrmlngton Oarlanfl
Centervlllo l > hl
Bountlrul American Fork
BO per cent of the towns above
do much of tholr shopping tn
Suit Txilve Street cars or Duin
niT Hnes ninntng at convenient
liouiH connect them with llila
All advertisers may thus be
assured that tho most wide
awake and prosperous classes
of people outside of Salt
Lake ns well < as Vitliin the
city are reading1 your an
nouncements every evening a
few hours after they conic off
the press
Work =
Our Specialties
> K

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