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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, May 11, 1888, Image 3

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(tonne. m
Oregon Bhr rt Mne HJ|
R F Tickernm. J. M Oral an, P I.
Cohen. J. Kohler. J. H. Mci wy. John
Jtodden. H. M. Clark, C. I arpenter.
Ifm- Gafiner, Wm 11. Jo
■Mr. J. O, Christ man. D. P. CWW-
Htn and wile. Tbomae N-nta, R.
J wSSbch, F. K. Sander and < ife. C. D.
Twiner. Frank KimbeM. E Vußaaw.,
Rran O. WiDiam*. Frank Bruce. Jo«.
Aurtin, C. B. Prewott. W.J. O'Mal
W Jame* A. Rrown. wife mA eMI,
(- JB. Keefer, J. U Katvl. A,*T Wear
bom, W. J. Oray, W. It Maekenafe,
Otto Breyman, 1. A. fioodmta, Robert
Windatan and 5H entigranta.
Oregon 4 California— ?»*m4 Med
(rnd on Tli'ir~l*y: 0. W. WHRain, J.
fi. Atche-/n. Mr*. J. F. liftt*. J. U.
pirker I'. Htooe. C. Howard. Totu
Oafiagbcr. I>r. i. Kowlaml. Paul Ma.t
'» ««, 1,. Wood«rar>l. E. I'. Bonmrft,
r M. Woodman, H. C. dwMr, J. 4!.
r" BaaenJ*"'", Mr*. W. Hea«ir>Mr. Mr*
p. W- Bailey, J. M. Ja-ota, Mr«. M
Taspin and two ehlldrea.lßwXn«fnl,
V"' O. H. Merrill. J. 1. Bawtelnl arel
% «jfc. Pari I HmiUi, f Vmktag. W. C.
k, - Mowlev ami 25 aeewttd r-laa* paaaen
it | There will he a May nrx-ki'in Odd
•~i Fellow* Hall oo Front awi Marion,
II fiaturday. May I}, atKo'daek p. m ,
1 by the lialtle !>»tge. No. tts I. O. O.
T All are cordially Invited to attend
'# Ajpxxl programme will l<e |Nen and
)i| refrcdiment" free of rharM Mcamli
| Baviarii are e*j»ciaHy invt«4-
The revenue Cutter Oliver W 4< (dt
j wa* in port yeiterday.
No Imtdne** of g*-neral eaa«equen<e
Wjr wa* tranwterl by the tlMrii-t court
liavi I lianlel, being drinik and di*
m ©rilrrly, wa* yesterday filed V by
?T '"'lK''
||Ceor)rd Ilothwell. of Ihrthwetl'*
Utmling, ealoe to Seattle yiwterday
for »urgi< :il treatment, buviag *plit bu
{pot with an axe.
tlen. August H. Kautz and Captain
Havage. V H. A., who were iniSealUe
bid week, have inxtriirted agent* here
fc to invent fAli.'W in Seattle real e*tate.
Health Officer Smith Mate* that one
' umallpoi jtatjcut ha* been discharge.l
and that all of tl»e other* are <rut pf
danger and on the ra|>id road to re
Member* of the V. M. A. willliear
la mind that a grand reception will tie
given them in their hail tni* evening
| bv the member* of the Metliodiat
Jack Bum. while liaiking for land
near I'urt Orchard yesterday, half a
mile from the whore picked up a large
cannon ball, whiclrhe Irrought to town
and left at this office.
John and Ole Nel*on and Aine
Even*en. native* of Norway, have de
dated their intention of becoming riti
jena of the I'niteil stale*; al.*o Mai
coltu J. McDonald, of <>reat Britain.
Eight new vein* of coal have lieen
4i»rovered al*>ut aix mile* from (iil
nun. One of the vein* i< nine feet
wile of the de|*>*K* are the
best kind of coking coal.
The county eomml»«ion«r» wHI go
L over to Va*hon Inland to<la)' to ha ate
| a wharf There are several |>oiiit*
f\ which are candidate* for tki* wharf.
amoug which in the I haiitaJciua har
Tlie oteamer Harry l.ynn maah- her
Or*t trip on her new route yeaterday.
fci and left here in the afterno<ii with n
K full of freight and wpue forty
|g pa**e[iirer* for |>»iiit* along the »r*t
Mde of the Sound.
B Slicriff Cochrane I* endeajwllii; to
■ have the janitor'* salary tit the jail
f raise !to sllO |<er month, fhe cum.
5 mtusioiicrs think that is t<x. loirh for
V the services. Here H a cn.«e where the
aberifl'cannot »ue the count J.
F A hricl. wagon, while la inglet down
P the WashiMtum «treet slip jestrrday
[ look a start anil iuni|*-'i <aerln>ard
The man WIKI wa* holding be Jjrakc
i at the time, (wain out, but a) liL*t ac
[ eounts the wagon had not Itfert reitiv
A new caw mill i» Ivlng frecteil at
L Rlmuiiils. fifteen miles nogh of Uii*
p dty, on the Hound. It will lie imp
plied with the liest and latert mm hin-
Eery. Including hand *aw* il»l a h*»-
hiirse power Corlis* engine, the only
one on the Sound. The <«pacity «»f
the mill will lie almut ,K»,»X«teet dady
The ship levy <l. Burge*. Captain
Rock, arrived here ye*terilai /rom San
Franciwu. under charter tolutil Black
j Diamond coal. She will l« taweil to
k We-t Seattle today bv the (Jneen rity
to dix harm' her Uil[ust The (Juren
I City will then prix eed to Ttcoma and
tow the Norwegian Imrk < karle* llal.
> loa'te I with lumlier for A 1 straha. to
FfAt KarrAte K*«m He
ir ittle Ural K«iUte K*» hangi* tpeiMwi for
E bu*itw-*« yesterday In their i*vr prem-
I $ i*e* In the ltnUer building 40IMI of
[ Jwnw and rtrwt** In addi
tion t« a fiiU rrprfmititii)! of the
titrmlirn of the rvrhanp ikffv wrw
t\ many *pe«-t.itorv n* well a* I Itttmher
of outsider*.
[V in the |>nM «nliii|{H of the (Jr*f Minyiw
iMunuf tl««* U>ard Hut I ilk*
l ' x . ert v changed hand* lwiwrva, »vlit|,
mlt i* -mill. to the d:iTld«*n<|i uhi.h
■»am of the tiit'iubern frit il dealing
by thi« i»t* method. In iitiry few
faky* when thi* constraint tfi) hare
worn off, there will I*' doubts** wore
MrirUed MtMiit»r. A* it «at ihic jren
firman refuted «ii offer of »iV«" f>« it
pini- of jiro|»Ttv whi. h lit heM at
tl3,tiM liul a *eek iir *ti a(fu Hh* Is r-.t
a«wt*r of thr 'om. ial t all brtoflhe
Bwutle Ileal K<tale K\. hangi" imnle
lt» ftr»t appearaiire yeMerilay.
T»k T.vki iuri For nineteeiinionthii
Oil- Meamer Ktui|(iJ ha» eovtrvtl one
of the rout*. on I'ttirrt
without |1»- <>ut|av of «««• ihttar for
or|irnt<-r work or lita» hinUt'* tepairv
Fr* .teamen runtihiit ««
a* «lte ha. ean parallel * mli a vwortf
Wie *>U remain on the tsitie, al
feough m nee-l of ri fMirt, until
fee itMmi r Hri.k |i rt ii.lv lor a-rvue
when Hi,- Evuiti'l will I* Utftl tip anil
Uif Itri. k laker her nla. P. ihutag the
Maimer month*. •\V «• t>ro.'At !"•
day." saUl Captain Tarte. ' .jMte a
htg loa.l of freight to Seattle, «o«i<i»t
htgof '.Xnm «liinglev.'»> iuirei* of
iitu* an>l a lot of protliiee."
Ntw l.tvr Kia* Mr \V W. Sew
tin ha* a** *-iateil with him in tin
fnetier of »"
i,? Crnckrtl >• r' i i,
tateofWv s I v. i.. i
I y»»M Jiro-o « ■! V t\"*
| fount v. am >• ' i.
| * North W i > > i «
| . He in»wa-1 -i i «.
t Wi<l to lit 1 .1 .N\ ; - V .\»v
P kmli nti in >. »♦ i
[ ti w.l U«
I JWv with ' ■
i. M ' »
t SlaU t lahli r. r. ," T «
a *** tlrm of 1 h - »' -
y vti *it!i rtai .» «
B lujitm o V
li! I :** liurr, > *
'W it one of th ii
m *i'atth-
I »a. . V-
S pi>-t»ti. no w
® ®f taken t 4 *
B li|n ~ , (HI
9 k»4 K*'i N I
t lfci< her ill
H n«t<al tto , '
K lu>n> n*h« t i
Um- Wishi
■ Tut Ahm
™ •erwvt-! t. r
«tro'. t,
IWdl'wiSUf 't ,
n*v-t. „ > .
'■•atiwrri'' . .
JKtWlio V k t w
fee liriji ISMtI
f fcs V,,.; v -
«e | > » *
«». it*..,. « - a \
fegswtirh I t »,•>
tm tnwrm it 111 sun mv
A«U«» «C Um Mam aHkaat leri
•aa f«M». amt tk*y «n gipnuj
»• I CMiy.
Three h.ndred and fifty men are
idle at Black IHatn. rsd,» utrike having
Iwen ordered at Ulat plane by the loral
AweraHr of the K "tight- of Labor.
The trouble, a* near a* ran he learned.
t» dne to alleged injuatire againxt one
nan. A cording to one of the miner*
who line to town ye*tenlay morning.
tl«e rtr<'im-tance* were abont a* fal
low.*'. A mlwr name! Finrvegan i-ame
to Bfart I >i.unorvl «otne week* ago
and applied foe work. Tlje mine beinc
-:ipj4te*l Finnegan wa» put to work
on the o«it«4de and allowed lal.irerV
wage*. K.SI per day. Afterward* he
aakrd to he put Into the mine, and be
wa.* put at rock work, on Section
Twelve. When pay day < ante be wa*
only allowed laborer*' wage* inArxl
of miner*' wage* for W* work, and h»
reported the matter to tlx; loral a*
semUy Actioh wa» taken in regard
to it, the aaaemhiy holding that be
Extituii to aitm' vi«».
For the time he worked tinder
ground. Wednesday evening notice*
were poote>l on all the ectram e< to the
■ulne*. and when n.orning came all
hands refused to go to work until the
matter wax *ati*fai t.>rUy aettled, and
all day long -IVi men loitered amuml
the 1-amp awaiting developments.
Aa ««« a* the new* of the strike
reached the city. Mr. K. H. Martin,
loral agent uf Uta <-on>|iany. went out
to the mine to find oirt the <-au«e of
tfie trouble ami do what he could to
adjust matter*. On hi* return to
town in the evening, he wa* seen by a
Hoar laTM-Liorv ra reporter In an
swer to a <iue*tion a* to the cause of
the strike, lie aaid ■ "I must confe*,
that although I have liern to the
mine*. 1 do not know the cause of the
troulile. ami I think if the matter wa*
sifted down, no <au»e would I* found
to exi*t, outside of the imagination of
a few fertile Hrain*. I a*ke<l fifteen or
twenty of «xf> employee* whom I inet
on my arrival at the mine*, the
r»r«* o» the tnoraLE,
And every one of tliem aaid he did not
know. I Uien asked them why they
were not at work, if they had no
grievance, and tbev aaid lerauw the
Knight* of Labor had ordered a strike,
and that the edict of that organization
in lllack IHamond wa* the law."
"Have you many agitator* and dis
turber* at lilack Diamond?'
"No; our ramp ha* alwaya been re
markable for it* freedom from *tich
fellow*. Our men are almost all good,
sober, honest American citizen*, and
are generally on the right *lde of every
■ public question that come* up. While
all the other mining <-ompetiir« were
having trouble with their men a year
or SO ago the lllack IHamond company
had no troulile at all, and I am wr
prised that the men xhould *trike at
thi* time, when everything was work
ing MI barmonlotialy."
m ar ran HOOK.
" How long do you think the strike
will la*t?"
" I ran *ee no reaacm why It should
have commenced, and ron*et|uently
cannot see any rea on why it should
last nny length of time. I feel confi
dent tlie men will all go to work today
from what I heard just l#forc leaving
tlie camp. But few of the men knew
' what they were utriking for, and I
understand that the »i|>|w<el trouble
or misunderstanding in regud to
Klnnegati'* waaes has Iseii adjusted
and *ati*fneturay (nettle I It is safe
to predict we will lie hauling coal
! again to-morrow.''
THE V. X. C. A.
A Iteport MhnwlMK tt lMt the Amo
rlatlnn la Iwnf la Seattle.
One of the mtlft ma ietii-H
in .Seattle tiwlay I* tin- Ynttltf Mm'i
rhrNtian AMioeialiofi. Krom the
monthly re |oft for Afiril, wsrfe tt> the
n««ii-iatlttti l»y f*e< r*tar> farter, the
following fart* are token The averatre
atteti<lane« iliiriiix the month at the
mitig and Ko*|fl Mfrviiw fur luen tmlv
wa» I'M; avrr«n« at the ytmnit iiien'«
meetinr*, JB»; nvemiro ait.-tvlan. e at
■the Itilile iiaM meetiii(r>. H; averaire
ntu n.liiii.r at the yoimr men'n tr«tti
in if flaw, l.t; lm> »' tneetinjr. IS; lioth'
j (ftrnmftMiim t la->-, I!'; tilee t luli, "j!>;
vUitorntti reai|;ni; rotmi, ilailv a*<-r
--! ajfv, 98; average atternlanre at the
j oung men'* k> mna.Wiim i-|««, 10: at
i iemiance at the one ri'-ejiti.>ll hel.l
•luring the month, ]'3*; roollf- ftmilt!
' fur young men. IV. letter* written l>>
' >tmne men, t>i, ami re
ilctrw for young met' HI); ivrinanent
! em|Movtnent fouml for voting men, II;
eommlMee T; young men
eonvertetl, IkiUk taken, JM'. newr
iMttiWn. . isUangei from other
,i*-t>. ■<; total amount of < :»-h
i ollei tloli-1, Sft.
I'kk**tv«*. A K'ntleniaii from
I'ort llUkdjr, who arriveil la-«t night
in referring to the item of the Mg tug.
•aitl "Your I'ort RWwlj ittlonnaal
was a little |irein*t:ire in to that
tug matter. Il IJI trnet aptunt Kenton
< tinteni|>late* huitiling a powerful tig
at lllakelv. ami for all I know, the
• ontraet /or the hull may have Iwen
let, but the work ha« not vet leen
l«'gun. Mr. t'ann>»iell, a n-latire of
('aplam Itenttm. i« hiiiltling a tug at
lllakelv. hut »he i- not to lie a very
iHinrer/uJ affair, t'.tj.lain llent.in ha*
l»en rtudyini over thi» tug prolJem
for «everal year< ami wlteii Im> tloe-.
ImM, you m«v (leuen.l he will have
the must i*i»erfiil »teamer on the
t ut*..g or Kaiin t'harle* Smith,
a Imartling hou«« keet*-r t«f lll.n k
l>iamotnl wa* atre»te*l in thi» eitv
ye»ter«l»y afternoon l>v tonitahle
i al.twell U|MM) i t«h-gr.t|>}teJ w.irrant
Irotn lUat-k Ihani'to.i eh trgmg Smith
with ilefrainling a rre.litor Juliii«
Kinkier. kutrM. Aifnnlin* to the
eontoUiat Kti. tl» <4l hi« fwmiture
anil nou*elt«4.l . 4ti t* in.t tmik Kren. h
leave of the |4a.-e with "It tir«t |>i\ing
hit rv»|<e<l- an« *TJ I* to Kuikler
.Siibw*tuMitly to ki» Wfit smith w.v
relea»e«l on a w tit <ti h«he»» mrpiiv
i».» " arinir U
«if tt n iiVlm-i
>w «tea m •
Kran. i-« o
. er«alling
er of the
. . trture ttv
•Will get
i . i *hort
tlas that
ttil after
, . tleiav in
on time
i .- . t .leet-ie
I -1 in get
, . i i-1 satt
<*' «' A v «** ' trtiih.
4 ~-n . n*n>evl
' ' 'iV-wt * - -. f •-* .-Ity to
,4 b *
< k<, • " ' nil Ut«
■ v t >n
t • t!» bi»
■ a*, f) $ l*>•* ti #nr*
i f . t t > - v :•* .»■*
\ ' t ;?•
. \H • * *':•! i •
vt % tli,s, »" V : tv <V*J>
: • *•„ M - *•».'>! * 1..%wr ,
fltea&Mr 1 tf of u»
A t *¥?> ■ ■■ ? IU,"oaJ
f • rr -i- -n. t.U>frr
,i> . . ■ mi*-* -|
.»v ft,.t V. -i !
u W- "Yam^Mmi*
Captain Merrifleld. of the tteamrr
Neßie. and Captain iatk Brook.«, of
the (iM», r< into a little altercation
at Snokflaijii Vnlamlt;, which n
• llled in noUiin* mort *t*kk tiun
the low of the nnrtbcM eoener of
I jpton Brook*' Wt ear. The two
gratiemen are mvtm of riral «team
hottm nnmnr on the *ame route, and
the fentnwrr«T grew oat of Captain
Merrifield running bin l.au into the
(•tide in making a landii.r rantain
Hr>«,k» *av* h- asked Captain Mem
field to pay the damage*. hot instead
M Awif «o be sai l that the next time
he woiid c it the (HHe in two ami
rink her "Thii (t< too much for mr
Irish Mood." said Captain llr.«k<.
"ami we nimninirfd righting. I threw
him, bat he roiled me or« and hit a
corner off mv ear. 11 wa* a sort of a
•irawn hattie. thoijfh I think 1 gift
the best of it."
of Caryeetem to UUrIH
tIM Jilac-kcu Kale.
A meeting of carpenter*. held in
North Seattle, for (he pirpox of dis
cussing the nine hour system. was
largely attended. about IX person* be
ing pt»*nl Many »peeche* were
made, all of which were temjiered
with moderation, ami finally, when
the question wa.- put to a vote, every
body present held uf> tlieir hand* in
favor of mn«J hour- constituting a
day'a Work for a mechanic. It in
flnallv derided that another meeting
should lie hel l in a few -lay*, at which
the contractors will he urged to he
present and »et forth their objection*
to the nine-hour »y»teiu, and show
why, if there lie a reason, that »u< h a
*y«tem would not prove advantageous
to all concerned--the journeyman a*
w.dl a* the contractor. After I hi* wa*
decided the meeting adjourned.
The Day Devoted fkMr to the
Aadltinc of Rllla.
Following i* the record of the pro
ceeding* of the hoard of county cjiu
mimioner* yesterday;
Ap|4i<-«lion from I'atCulham for a
public road from hi* farm to the
county road. Granted. Viewer* ap
piinte-l. T. M. Alvord and John
A number id bills were presented
and allowed The following t* a list of
the moat Important; J. IT Parsons,
service* a* an expert, fid. F. An
thony, tax roll*. pts; C. B Hagiev.
blank*. |fta; Haley A Wright, mer
chandi*e, $!.<•••. Schwabai herJHro.s.,
blanket*. $;«; M. McDougall. bridge
*ign». tILTi; It. H. Calitgan. coal,
**.»■ A. W I'iper for brrul
turnished to Chinese on Ocean
IKa'k, 913.(1); latura K. CoflVnaa.
lax pail on city property, $19.71;
11. Jonea. water, fill; Toklaa A
Singerman. carpet*, p'd wi.^Jolindauig
ston. livery hire, pH; C. 'Miles.
merchandise. $131; F. Anthony, mar
riage license words, I_l IVi t'ounty
Farm bills jwid. IKJ.-'m, Sun Set Tele
phone Co.,f |H; Hughes ,k < 'o.. printing,
ttt.7.l. Wll Hughes' Printing<'i>. $.!•;
R. H. Calligan. coal. s*l; R.W.Cragin.
service* in colleetiug taxes. $107; W.
I'. Stanley, stationary, s•_*•; la>»mati A
ilauford. stationary, $U*; Seattle tias
Light Co , ticket* for taiitpera to
llHnoi*. SU: M. Iluerta. FJO; Shondy,
Perkins A t 0.. support of county poor,
s'jn, M. .1. Williams,,ll. county pau
mv,|9; -I r Hammer,county issir,
s•.'». It. A Merrit, county |*>or. s»i
Annie I'ook, county, |M>r, fjl; Annie
Kdiman. nmntv |ss.r,s)o, Mct'arty
and Manning, aid to leave the county,
SU; I'ikke Knu4diMin, county i**»r,
$J<; Mary Plough, county puur. H 1 ).
A niimlier of minor Vifl.« such as
M-alp IsHintles were presenteil and
< Porterfield, of San Francisco,
is in the city.
Mr. W T I'ill man and family leave
next month to visit I'riucc Edward
Mr*. Elwood llummer went to
Olynrpia vesterday to visit relative*
and friends.
Mr*. Bolert Newlin. of New York,
mother of W. W Newlin of tlii* city,
arrivisl in Seattle mime • lay* ago and
is at the Oci idental. she wiil hereafter
make her home with her sop.
Mr C. law will la- a pn--engcr t-.v
--day by the Mexico for San Francisco,
from which jsiiut he will proceed bv
rail to laiuisvillc. Kentucky, to visit
his mother and his *on. whom lie ha*
not *een for several years, lie will re
turn in Julv.
ileeil* wrrr f«»r
rw ortl ye»trr«lay in the oift< «• of the
itKinly Auditor, the ajnrreg&U' eon*i<l
of whit h w»r* fIT.TVH Ilfi. an
rtvrrw' |77t for cacti «Uf. The
»»rti !■* ft»!l<»w -
AlU*rt S hlo-'fiuat her t«» S
florian. lot* 5 aiat <», Mock 12. ronttu.<«
A. H. Ue««Uyn \.e+ MHin-w,
loti X! intl 54. bliK'k Madbtin
-trrt't AtltlUion. s!*».
J VV Kiwrrwrn tt» I :llian M Kilo-*
lot* ■> auti ♦», hi«H k !«», ricntiint \ allf v
itiMithit). Il'f.
J. W. to Hrlcn K T.i\li»r.
U>t•« 7 Ainl M. k I*», i'l* i*ant Villfj
addition. $!»»»
pHvitl J |Vr -ft«» •!»!#• K IvNthcr.
h»t 1, I4vm k *i'». Terr> «• u<hbtioti.
tlam* P FrftJ* hto I»cnni« II lit-k
ti**ll, about ♦» arre* rtmimrnnni at >\V
corner kit 4of S\V s«-t. .**. T|». 25*
H •'» K..
r. f C«lkin<tn IV S;ira*e. 5
addition. r.'4t»V
K V \to r«' CalkinH. 5 acre
tract*. Il.vilfe M4j4c ad
<MH>rire K lVarU»m to ll.»n* Ahren
atollt. fractional lot !i» Mock w, l*liin»-
mrr * tit ion. ftiM.
Nt»rtliern Paftrtc Railroad t«« Paul.
N >tri»et. nt»rthwir*t »% northeast
t;on K. 4»'»
i' 1.. \ft*»n !«»< K W lk»arf- .*»
at coin j itencina »t < <*rn<*r »»t s K
fets th»n > iv.» V. $Io-»
i\ i raJkin-* to T laed
imfi f*. acr«*« '*•s. tract „\ a« re I, trait £?,
M n»lr u ii addition,
s I, « itttvtrd tf» T1«». V. IVwdi,
U»t- '♦ to. i4o> k !»*>, l>. T. Uiiiiy's sth
u idition #?••»»
\Vni. t ti« hrane, sheriff, t«> t»r-ffitli
M t I K Af ,
A, it«i 4 >K o! -W 1 j tun I
t«> a- 1" I i-^ v » -=>
Jkdia I 1 HiU ct .»! toTheo N *oJ.ti.
IJvfe w 7, Mer tr - aiditnm>
I C. Calk?!i* to t»f » K T i)-k.; Jr.,
-re i, X t tX! &A :\U<ir\.
J II Rt - ,-torff »o Ahhteti. i.iih
h>t- 1 Mk ' lienotorfT« a.i sl»'
A M M KarUne IN * : -n ltrt«wn
lot I, Mk V». l» T ISwn - .«t *1 !■>*»•».
|V«km 1 torn, ft to M»'.«n tbt Nebr
Iwi-.*.' lot !". 14k y, 1». T. Ivnny'*
a I *1 >«'
jaturi Tawc* to I, I* >n»-th. i- ; t I.
14k ii. lit «*i»4o* » &<i I?* 1
I Morrow J 1» -i.UItJ :»1
lik Higetow " sit
K. W r. -it: I tl 1-1. «
rw. tleetl «4 ot.e «l»t.' Mi - . I«—> *1
\ r K to l>» 't U-Ittitrv lot I
* T Tp -'i, K» K i< \
Tut Rt' UT or K>t«t V «;it for
.iaiita/e-. t-n> :*lit hy Krank « hun h
again-t MM for toreftte entry ant]
,V ,swr trie.) yeiienlay afternoon
bv a tun In J .1-1 r<e Ji*it * ytwtrt.
t%ui< h h-1. X fcea-v-a > ? tai.t
on M j street «v <t«e.t fetr Iv-tfel. a'td
t'te l» u ret I ■ v* ate the r'fm
oft. T «* ) try retv*ie?cd a verxtwi
iS -'t.-i, at«c>ia.P
|4h« yr. * <i. k}ittt or
n a }£•<
n i mto r v.. t*^.. 4<• tT * ii \t. ■
tzi, s V- ; * Jli'.'i t• • '5-' T
Sliw I'.-atf << .'tii-ajrjt I 4t»l k
lUat I a y Utarttev t a
at*.-:. - , . .
■im caw.
I*» ■—> 4 Twwi
»■*«» tar l—i Ton.
Two or three .lays hark the Pcsrr-I*
TCLU»x*ra friaH ■ dispatch from
n*n Knwisoi noting the urinl of Ihr
Miinn wi«wtr from filou
cester. M«w.. tsnind Urr Seattle. Fol
lowing i* a report [tinted in the San
Francisco «"hronicle of Sunday last,
giving farther details. The Webster
sailed frimi Kan Francisco for Seattle
on Tuesday last:
The schooner Edward E. Webster
arrived on Fridav nijfht, IV) dat<
from liluocerter. Ma--. Htie was vis
ited by the quarantine "#i-er 00 int
imity. who f«.u n.i the vessel free from
contagious iliei*. but several of the
crew were found to be suffering front
some complaint f..r which they ruuM
not account. One <rf tne men. who
«eeiwd worse than the other*, was vl
v>*rd to go to the Marine Hospital,
ami he was transferred thither in the
afternoon. The report of Captain
Harris *»• very meager, anil nit no
(letail» o( tbf s'houwr 1 fuyifir
Hearing of the sickness and that
the vesxl bail put into Montevideo
for repair-, a Chronicle reporter went
out to the schooner yesterday after
noon. A more
Has not nalltii into the harbor in years
than the Edward E. Webster. Her
head (tear is all (cone, ami her exterior
appearan.-e gives the impression of a
vr-i-cl that has been lying <>n the I teach
for months under a ««-orvhing sun.
When the reporter stepped on board,
he found that nearly everything wa
in keeping with the boat's external
The F/l«>nl E. Wei titer i* oiranl l»y
■Hilotuon Ja<-oi>*. anil *u litl.it uut by
him at Gioaccstrr (or x-al ti-hin>r at
I ape Flatter*-. SUe left t;lom*e*ter in
rompany with the Mollie A'laru*, an
other of J wot*.' vhoonrri.oß Ortobrr
JB, IW7. The Mollie Adam* arrived at
the I'ape without aeri<ient, making
the |<a**age in I2i day*. The Wefaeter
iaile<i uniler an tinlurky star, for when
a few .lavs out *he enrollntered roujrh
weather, wbirh *tav«*l with her for the
lw*t tart of her voyage. About a
month after leaving (OoureYter she
«tru»-k a heavy gale, during which her
foremast was carried away. She
Several i^ay« later and remained there
for almost thirty pays undergoing re
pair*. Site left Montevideo UK day*
ago. and her evil genius seemed to
pursue her. She reacbe<l t'ajie Horn
in safety. Ixit hovered about there for
nearly six week* liefore she could get
away' During her stav at the Cape
(he meat on lioard was spoiled and
had to is* thrown overl*iard. Tlie ves
x l finally got away and started for her
destination. On the l"tli of April
several of the i rew liegan to losi the
u«e of their leg* aud could not work
on deck, and most of them were
oMiged to turn in. On the l"»th a sea
man named Kdwnrd Kitxgerald was
taken sick, and he lingered until the
:Wth. when he ilied. It is th«mght bv
the crew that he was a victim of con
|j-ng liefore his death everything in
the sha|>e of provision* had given out
except the flour, and to make matters
worse ihis last turned musty. Mean
while the crew were attacked by the
new complaint which nobody i-ould '
understand. With mo*t of them the
ailing was in the lower portion of the
i body, but with Mine of them it was
more *eriou*. I.uckily the weather
turned fine, and the men * service
were not much needed on deck. When
only a few day* from San Francisco
Who gave tiiem some |*>tatoe* and
other vegetables, which were eagerly
welcomed by the nearly famished and
almost helnle** crew. The siekne**.
whatever it was. did not lessen the
men's appetite*, and strange to say, a
few day* after tbey had revived the
donation from the outward-bound
l>ark the majority of the men -honed
-ign* of improvement When the
t 'iironicle re|*>rter reached the schoon
er vesterdav the only two men who
were on Ote ve*,*el were the mate.
Frederick Werdertnati. and a -ailor
named Jame- Mc|*her*on. who were
*till -* arvel_s alile to *tund. the matein
particular l<ring obliged to crawl from
jila- eto place, and xultered so much
that ij wa* painful for him to talk, and
the foregoing - lory wa* learned from
MePher*on. who a|*>logize<l for the
ap|*'aran>e of the ve**el, and ex
plaiiuil it liv saving that the men were
in *u>'h a • onilition from their *i. k
ne-« that they could w-atrely man tlit
ve»*el. let alone x raping and painting
her into a re*|*-rtuMe condition liefore
coming into |>ort. She |,-,t in tiere for
repair* and to g«'t * -apply of provi
-ion*. and it i*expei teil that she will
leave thi* afternoon fori ii<- Flattery.
M' l'her-on w a* one of the tirst men
to I*- taken with the new -e kne--, and
in describing the symptom* yesterday
he saiil that hi* fret liegan to swell,
and thi* wa* *tid*eded by a weakne--
of the leg-, w hli It refu-cd to snpjs-rt
him. F.venbo<ly on boaril, with the
exception ot two men. had a d<we ••i
the same complaint, but the nittn
named Jo*hua lohn-on who was
taken.to the Marine Hospital on Sat ir
; day, had the worst attack of all, hi*
entire body and head -welling to ab
normal -i/e The -welling wa* unac
companied by any pain, the part*
nffli. ted l«-mg seixe-l with numlme-*
ext ept in tlie ea*e «»f Mate Werder
man. who suffer* terribly. The latter
-aw l»r Mur|»hv irf ttu- city, and the
phy«irian pronoiim ed hi* i a«e sciatic
rhe'imati-iu. He will lie unnl4e to
pr*»ceed with the ve-*el.
Tt»* " Irtiurf" Hr-.ngM dvrr from
Ihr rnlumMa fttt«er «»n«t Vnl
U4 ShwUi Mr J < Niv nof tksn
rity went ovvr to A*t«ria an<! pur
the <lee]> *ca wh«w*ner
Venture. am! fitte»i h« r «.»nt a* a *<ealer.
She wa« n»rth aUmt *■»••*. bat a> no
one wante«i her Mr Nix*m p* her for
'•he *« in command ( apUin
A Rolling a man «»f nwifntt in the
«c*l w Mr \iaon al*«»
»«ill Ihf Alii* I
>n *ewUiig «'?f the r*a«t. He
Ka« «|e* t« (he Vent irr north
truMinf t«» her h<»m*i> t«>
protect t*er (mm j<ex* ire. Then, k
*uie-, -*he tmly (t«| hsui •! •«» while
the Aljfarctwt him s\!.♦••• and -t the
govetnment cunti*«atrH rather, he *4
> <H»r*e voukS rather it get the
i heafier
In njiaml : njt h'>* r.ew re%*«£. Mr.
N \«.« %*s»i \\ he the Vritt»i*e r*
not m.» h i«»r i*r« ft. i* «• »n**ler4-
t«Je for *ir+ns\b , ar«<l hv ran Heather
a *a thai «tmM -waraf* an ordinary
*« burner I hate bet a nut M cfcttfce*
with a frwm*l th%t at the eh'*e -4 the
'* woek the Venture * II hai>-
rc*te imtfe money than the \ nr.
Mak?* * <%t « Rej*
frost the rape are t.- the t that
('a{4ain Jaf">b' < 'lotKe*trr
h**>ner M«4i \ : rv.cx.rr^i
in vralm*. i* ah« a*i *>( ail co»f*ti;l »r«.
While tlw AUk I Ujcar w*- itUaf
j»*> »,thai i.oi r< w bttfti
rr%. the with ft rrew *>:
«;loot rter ti*h* rtne«, who »rw *a *
aNf tifi th - h i \ take'
»:v When Mr Vuoo h=-arv* ctf th
he *rnt for the Algptr* Hr
* th <r*ue eifwrjen
hit tno.-e r■ u I!#• that
fee** oiSl he the future *cai pu* t«f* w*
ki- ■ *
,1: . ; Mr, k4 Mr-«. F. a WW
a ,vi; tbmri'M
SV'«»«4 K .
W Hf'jass,/-..
tW S«Mj Sm la m trrj fm
Iter. B. 3. Fierce, president of the
Paget Soond Chatita.iqaa Aswialioa,
famishes the following statement con
cerning the prtx.l;'« and present
statu* of that organization;
< is looking tip. With
nothing bat debts on hand rix months
•go. «he is now bunting a town (Hfi
••iai return* show PC kits sold, or dis
pwl o#, by May Ist, at a total value
of K«B, of whi-h J.tm.ls had been
paid. ments of the satoe were re
ported a* follow -: I.a}«or <m grounds
and buildings, property on
hand. »«S Xt: wrij. and debt* of I*C.
W1I5; expense* of com
niittee. |o<7..*»: each on hand Mav Ist.
f»;l. Total. J3W.l*.
A town tn which every cent paid for
lots is paid in improvement* is quite
sure to grow, and Chautauqua is no
exception. The pavilion—feet—
on the grotmd* is now finished except
the floor and seat*, which wUI accom
moilate 1«W person*, and is only 100
rants from the landing. Lots are rap
idly changing hands at an advanced
figure, and several have been sold at
sl<» each. Lumber for five new houses
t- ordered, ami twelve others at least
must build before Jttlv Ist or forfeit
their lots.
l'icnir Park is nearly clear from all
brush and logs, and' 2SO trees have
been <et out in the park on the spit
and along the principal -treets. Ihe
entire plat covering 3UO acres will I*
•lesli<*ate>l in a few .lays, and deeds
will then lie given to all as fast a* the
conditions of -ale are complied with.
Over fifty lectures have already been
secured, and excursions rates from all
points west of S(»itine at 1 1-5 fares
rouad trip good for thirty days are
agreed upon. The Emma ' Hay ward
will make daily calls as soon as the
landing is finished. For a little town
it is drviil4stly busy, but the o|>ening
of the season in July will transform
every thing. The Skagit Chief will give
an excursion to the grounds a» soon
as the pavilion is scaU-l.
New parasol*, t'le&ry.
Small exjien-e*. t'leary.
Jer-ey*. Chester t'leary.
V. embriMtlerie*. t'leary.
2Sc. gauze vest*, t'leary.
10c. figure<l cashmere*, t'leary.
l>ress goo I*. Chester Cleary.
Bc. sattecn cambrie*. t'leary.
< < reat sale of kid glove* at Latour A
"**■ children's white dre**es. Ches
ter t'leary.
ft heavy white spread*. Chester
Cleary. "
25c. satin damask large towel*.
Chester t leary.
I'rice our heavy Kngli-h calicoe*.
Chester t'leary.
SOe.—Ask to see our new 90e. corset.
Chester t'leary.
Wh<i i - the leader of low cash prices *
Chester Cleary.
$1 buy* a tine canvas shoe at the Star
Clothing Hou.*e.
Stetson hats in all the new shape* at
l>ohetiy A Ma rum*.
Towel* .Scent* each during the war
; at Itoheuy At. Marum'*.
The home of dry gixi.l* bargain*.
Dohctiy A Marum *.
l'rettie*t neckwear in the northwest
at I'otiefn A Marum'*.
i> cent* buy* a handsome silk scarf
at the Star nothing House.
loivdy kilt spit* at the Star Clothing
House. Kline * Kosenberg.
Klttte A RiwenlK'rsr. JCxiluMverlotli
ieri ami leader* in low priw.
Kxperien«etl interior «lei orator* at
(•aizam Jt <'o.'*, Second street.
(Jreat hosiery an i emUroMery Hale
this ToUa*. Blngernian A to.
AII our Iktby antl fancy glove*» at
Latour tV Co.
5 cent?* buy# a straw hat at the Btar
rk>thin£ lfouae. Kline X llo*eiilierg.
Che»|MHt |»la«e in America for ki»l
gloves. Lit our .V <*o.
Kiubmiileriefi at Ic. a yard. worth 3r.
in the »fuall >tore«. Tokla*<, linger
in an »1 t 'u.
Hnr-rm>in anil waiter*' «-«>at< nt the
Star (.lathing llottNe, t'ommercial
Mu-lin tunierwear at IMieny A Ma
mmi. La«tie> nre ttinaxeii at the
l ir »' «*"•
2cent* huv- a han<ii«»me *hirt wai?<t
at the
To.tay M«- han:-v what a line
of j»ant- we are otfehnir at f 1.25. Kline
A* lio*enl<er£.
Karl .V; Wilcollar*) an 1 in
every ««hai»e iuanufactunKl at
tV Marian s.
\\V will lUII ■« < heap
er \>i m tonn. Latour X.
TiWMiB ril> ' "hirt« in«t re
v al i <
'>r("»1 k <«r sailor
i oiimi)HH||M£l
'HHMHh*' l«»«»ininc nt»"
: like a t tainw. Mnall
«- t i <r n
The *1 \\k M am tu
art rrf%^ the styles
k. I-A-
See the tail<»r
matte • l<'U*inf
IIOUKC. ' ir<f>
NV* 10l of i^'ttirf
<rc<i* All w«»tklpSttHHfll fix
buy frt»m first to
for what the Sp WpHHtlic
>aß Knwi'iv .i n t rflb: n| /-'flljLi.s,
X < <*.
l»j«r ItktH an«l hat
err at
Umi* 3H l omnien -
4V. Jre^ieei.
K -k»ve*i fniK v ein »i i« - Mr:
lv» i ,!j w tnt a white
Uret r> >'<»•* We har^
each Tokht' *• r'n^ni
• J
J»a> pieret all w«»»} rherlt
w 4 arrire Wet lie- . y. w^r^S^^n
M - from
- iipiaw * M'»n Ut Nr Sp9|
v in,,wu;n .t < «i. ' '• .»
fWt* Mit« «mt«
c£'>r?-.<-..„• «t <■■• at f » pr
the "*t ■* ll<* i-e *' vR|
Derby rj^Hkl
h. A |w r f■.
r 4Tfv r-^Hfl
• .-l 'n r t• a-rt w-J^PP
?v .v i» * en.-*r«r
•»i lv-t -e»r;tr I *tth ?
.r Ms jv r*»i> W Dc- v
Yob have ao i lea of the values we
: have in dress goods. The goods arc
worth ; we sell them foe ifc-. New
instalment Wednesday. Tokla*. !«i»-
S*ytnan & Ca *
Call and inspect nor fall line of full
finished hose for ladies and children.
Attend our hosiery sale tikis week.
Immense bargains. Tofclas. finger
man A Co.
We have the rreatest bargain* we
ever offenri in «4,.re for ywa the coming
week. H<»lerv at ISr. per pair, worth
** . Toklas. Mngerraan A Co.
Hosierv sale Mondar morning and
during tee week. Ladte*' fuß finished
fast colore.! bo-e at lffc\. worth *V.
Toklas. fingerman A Co.
Every purchaser who inten.ls to pur
chase a suit of clothe? to-iav sho;tld
first visit the Star tlothine House and ■
see our eleeant stos k and prices. Kline
A Hossrntwrg.
Mothers—You cannot imagine how '
cheaply and elegantly you can dress j
your boy until volt have seen the Star !
tlothing House's elegant spring stock i
and price-. Kline A Rosenberg, 30c •
Commercial street.
Its frop**rtor exevllrnce proveti in million*
of homo* for mort- tb*u a tjuaru*r of « rvn
lory. It is u*ed by the I'ulUhJ SUWd (i*>v
crnment Endonrd by the of the
Great rniver*ltie* m* Ibe Str*»OKv*t. Pure-t
and Most Healthful. I>r. Price* Cream
Haklu< I'owder<loe« not <t>ntain Ammonia,
lime f»r A Unit. S*»M ouly In euui.
G. F. Kkvk . and Manafter
Saturday, May 12, 1888,
JOHN own
New Maid Theatre Co,
fomprixin? the worki'x KTeatewt artlat
The t'ek'lmtcd
The Artistic Star*.
5 In uuralier, X
8«at« now on *ale at Seattle Pharmaf
Tacorna * National Park ani Plfa«*re lie
m»rt. threv in lit** frt>m TatsHii#
Sunday May I'J.
#1 ROt'NU Ttir.
lurtinHnir railroa«l ?ar»* TtT AH \Y
w \ KI» will leav, the wharf at » o'clock
SuiMla), Mn\ I -th.
Prof. Frank Monroe,
—— IS Hl#
eiLLOOX ME\Slft\!
K*«-llent Mu«lc. Jeeomnn«Utlfm« for
•!•*>: t- »!l M
With lh« ro«ppr*tif« ot H*rr»onv «n4
Vfurrn CttT will ft»* tb« ir
Tfinndiy, Jut ?th,
on i*k* !<h *rr X E«*ferti
pe»«sfrawme will
affirar *h«*rt?y.
H> T <*i the (omw»itfec ot Amuifr
my** M
IIW'KR Rfl f.n. W AVK r *»k
I fa • jirT rrt*** ' wef - aa Fr«ii
•:-/ . i .rftadrr *»?*« :?e*i. Fry** •
| Bkrk, r>->ton 9 an ) W
Seattle Steam Dye Works.
fSw U i'-* I
i. T«.
{<*-4*. *'»«!
Rtf to ?!*■** tb<?7 ***** 6r *
tv*n ft*
ra«\H\l FOB SALE
■■m) ~sr half miuh >fc*
lo«r*'< S"'" A«|*l, t*«
'***&■ * *4 'lj k«w#. r.tfc
If Ai (Mv| m*i\ *« tiv*« it ora
cvvvjunt-t 37 «*-**■* «te«rf«4.
ri->\ *r» <Htti */ IMb*
**B, j*ilk j*«i * *rr<<*
i.i jcaM- « fe i**-". -
*?»«* TWA JS* i«*»U
% a?w fee**# #f»4 h«*w**,
- Smet-*' j*.<«** Mi*
fe* A*r &- ~-i «**
riTrax, aw ®lww«i»*e®
vf- «••>•* *
: Thl* J«aw
sr %
i j|^ titaM* fccaiOif.., W"
! Ml r« Mi- rkasaa
.... .X. J
I m
WE '
E"VEE OH 1 H-TflT?. h: I||
Wo bf* on previous occasions given some Wonderful Bargains in Dress
Qoods, fct we have at present the Best Bargains we ever offered.
Thity-eight inch, all wool, checks and tricots, worth at the lowest
price 7*. for 26c. They are the best value in America. Positively no re
duction to the trade. *
Qa Sale will begin at 8 a. m. and end at 8 p. m. each day
)e on hand early and secure the best bargains.
Aiction Purchase
Ho. 1. No. 1. No. 1.
The (access of the Irit of the
[ |&mmoth Atictioa Porch*«e»
unrrised u». A reTo'ution in
i>ricei. Tomorrow will inaugu
rate the &rit day of thi» «peci*l
•ale, which will continue through
out the entire week.
We have 3 more caaea of 24-
inch serges. They will be dis
played on Monday morning at Se.
We an the only house in Beattle
carry the Broadhead woolen
goods. They are 24-inch wide,
, warranted fast colors and guar
anteed to wear or moaey re
turned. TLey are 25c per yard.
w® hlv « attempted to write
the ailk story half a score of
times, and hare never gotten be
yond the blacks. They are so
' wondrous in variety and so satis
factory ia wear that we're never
tired of telling of their goodness.
As nearly as possible, two excep
tions, we thing we're more than
■ duplicated the stock of the old
store ia quantity of what we
please to call our guaranteed silk.
A durable, serviceable, dressy
■ilk, reasonable iu price and sat
isfactory ia results. We recom
mend it with confidence. If it
were not good, we shouldn't put
our guarantee upon lt{ 90c to
12.50 Summer Silk; 25c for &0c
quality We can save you 25c
par yard on eolored Faille Bilks.
! Bushings, Caps, Etc.
Novelties in beaded rochirgs,
tinselled and ribbon rachings ia
litest co'orings to match new
shades in dress goods. Chil
dren's mull caps, original and
novel styles, perfect shapes ia
French mull and Ottaman silk.
Summer Wash Fabrics.
2000 pwoea, (ui colored L*m,
at 2c |-er yard; 175, f*r Fancy
L>r*»i atyle Gingham, »t CJc per
yarda; 2WU per «t*ple Gujglama
a'. 5c per yard.
Wraps and Newmarkets.
Our x&agn:fioent diaplay and
iguMuie ranety of Iflici wraj*a»
JackeU, A-c-» cantot be equalled
by any other hotue iu tbia city,
and Ibe pricea appended are de
cidedly the lowest erer quoted.
Our iU/rt beittg v> well light
ed an laapeetio* of the goads cab
be bad at alt time*.
;, TiUis, Siipnai & fa.
Ia addition to our already enor
mous stock of ladies', misses' and
children's hosiery, we hare just re
ceived another shipment direct from
importers, comprising hundreds of
the very latest and choicest designs.
These goods will be offered at
prices never beloro heard of.
Fallowing are a few of our numer
ous bargains for this week:
One case ladies' hose at 5c per pair.
One case ladies' hose at ?c; S cases
ladies' hose at 10c; 1 case ladles' hose
in new shades, warranted fast, at
ttic; 50 doten ladies' fancy striped
hose l«Jc, 2* dozen ladies ribbed
hose at SUc; 100 doxen ladies'ingrain
hose, tail, regular, solid colors or
stripes, st l#c per pair. The above
is decidedly the ben bargain ever of
ferred on the coast. An immense
aisorlment of ladiea' hose In almost
every conceivable Color, full, regu
lar,, from the famous hosiery mil s of
Heinrich Schopper, Berlin. Your
choice of these lor 25c a pair. We
are showing tome very choice nov
elties in ladies' fancy boae, boot pal
terns, vertical str.prs, polka dots,
Uouian stripes, plaids and new aiyle
checks, st 73c per pair and up. Our
lines of ho»iery at 3Uc. asc, 40c. 45c
and 50c cannot be duplicated at the
price. buying direct from import
ers, wc have many patterns and
•hades not to be found at any other
stores. In the popular shade of
black we carry 24 distinct lines in
ladks'sixes and IK lints for muses
and children, miking the most com
plete stock in the northwest. Carol*
dye the only reliable black.
Children's Hose.
Child'a aelld color ribbed boee, 10c;
cbild'a full ftalahed ribbed boee, 13c;
heavy ribbed boee la aolld colon,
uco feet, alaee 5 to Si. l»e; Oxford
and Cambridge mixtnrea, extra
heavy, eapec ally adapted for boya'
wear, 7 to 0, 35c, mie»ee' blaeh
ribbed boee, a bargain, sites ft* to
6IX 30c. ««• 710 ® * lc - 11
oar d. sire to call eapec al attentioa
to onr imported English Derby
ribbed hosiery, of which we hate an
immaoaa aatortmeal. The»e goods
are without doubt the beet aad moat
aervleable made, and are usually re
tailed at from 50c to "V por pair;
we oflar them tbia week at the fo -
tewing prioee: Sine 4 1-8 to 7, Mc
per pair, aixee 7 1 a to 9 18. 85c per
pair; la cardinal, nary, etal aad Ox
ford. Infants' boaiery la all quail
ties, styles aad colors.
Millinery Department.
Thrie t:t mtojr detlreble fnodd
<,fiered in UU department, which
bare en »»teb itbcd *al we'.! d*-
urvtd reputation for quality, itylr
and price Choice ityca of ladita'
UimmeJ b»l«, baodaoniely mads op
with ails riUbot* or Bowtn, worth
fS at $3 75, cbUdren'a Bae trimmed
>.»•« Dm and other »t>lra, worth
f<; 50 at t" 71, la-iia' (bopping bon
net* ia Koti«h *oJ Heady, fall;
-;na»mej With fl>wrr» or itbboo*.
I worth f 7 SO el |-5 73, nod en itumetv*
i -lock of children'( echool bate t'««
| 12 I 2c to sl.
Oar »t>re L-.iag »o wtll liglit
t>J MI *A **>e jfoodi can
be bad at all time*.
filfc SaiaKiift.
Toklas, Siogeroian A Ce., have al
was been the leading clothing house
in the northwest, and will so coa
t'nue to be, if an elegant lint, large
asamtmcnt, newest patterns and low
est prices have any virtue, ted on
Immenee trade since moving Into oar
new store (doublings -sajMhiug
have ertr done before) amns w
they have; and we an now prepared
to catar to the moat faa.ldious taste.
Prince Albert, blue Mack, granite,
or pique suit, silk faced, with paats
of same, $38.80. Corkscrews, whip
cords, diagonals aai wide wslo
worsteds, same shape, with state or
light pan la, ranging from S2O to sß®
par suit. For t working stit w«
recommend fcotch tweeds, of dlStr
ent pattern, fast colore, wort bygM-
Uemen all over the ccuntry, from $lO
to #3l per suit. Also three-battoa
cutaways It Scotch tweeds. Casal>
meres, worsteds, cheviots, pique sad
grtnite, It end!est variety of psltarte
and styles, costing at high as 189 or
as low as $7.50. Still ot bttd *
complete lite of Spring tad Ftll
Furnishing Goods.
Tbeee llaea of OmU' Foralsklag '
Goods an ike beet m oflered tor
the price la this city. For Me IN
doaeo mea'i Ueroatltcked faacy bor»
tiered linen hendercblefae; S for 50c.
Fur Me aa unlimited imrt—t at
saspeaden; and 3 ply llaea wft.
For 50c sea's merino under wear aad
cotton oTsrabtita. For |I.M
all wool flaaael overahlrts, doable
breaitad, liaar; weight. Flee aUf ( i
Kcarfa. alik Uaed, 28c, 6 for
quality 30c. Krerythlag yo«M|S|
for a campiag and yachtlag oiMH
can f urn tab yoo.
Stop. think, we are iMvKKgri
on the coaet thai aells
Johaß. Stetsoa's soft
Yuwmaa's silk hats,
Pearl caaalmera high ''aßPfijn
Pocket Travail a g haU.
A 1 mackiaaw straw hay
■ A 1 milaa atraw hat.
Boya black aad mtA*
Over SQO of tibials* la
hat* from 5< • «> v
Ark to a*** 1 * '*• hjVVI
aew on th* cuaat. Fur
and narrow brim canvass
Fe/ota hata, the latest, •
Mrown, biee, marooa aad
Kcmc mber, we ask ao iMtadft**
Our &,rft tein# «o w<4#»
t l an ie*i#ctbn of the fftaHflfljfl
U, bad »:
Js>i sJgls^H

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