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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, May 15, 1888, Image 1

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g?y :
Bc-ixnw WAit sever more *AT&
Imrturj Wnn W», >hn it waa tnt
»*ta...l»bert, K ha* certainly krf4 pa«* trlth
Oi- the rmwtb and fxnawrtly of Seattle,
•ad ft» proapert* lor tt» future «cn wttr
bri titer
Wa rrt>rr«mt Mtn Iwinian rmm
paain, ollk tawta af
A»<m| wfairb mar >• Nad U«
HOME, of New York,
North British
German American,
A motif the oldent and beat in the world.
The insurance branch of our agency i»
manatfrd eicln*lv®ly by one mem tier of
our firm, who (tu* (hat alone hi* strict
person*! attention. We have reeeutly aid
ed to «»r li*t the
LT 13 E UTY,
With a {Mild up
Capital of $1,000,000.
Parti*'* reunlHttir Inanrane# a 111 find it to
their adtatifairc to e«ll at the oldest litsor
mac afeney in Health*
Oeeltlenlal Kloek. Mill »tri»rt.
(l ivc Acre Tracts
Tract D, 5 acres.
" 43, 5 "
" 29. 5
" 30. 5
Business corner on Commer
cial street.
4 hfß|>fit |»lere «»f |»rt»|»«*rt y in IN<*
Two Choice Lots in Belltown.
mm & dinhiin.
(orannTfial si.. Sraltk.W. T.
Thr terminus of (Ir t'aua<tl«u Kail
*t»> iilt* r» ftrvl « i*»* iuUuwmetitft
Yo« wtU do well to «v the id*ce, md r»li
vwrorvrK. ii »
Opposite (VflilrllUl llotrl.
Agent for the purchase,
•ale and leasing of Real
SIOO to S3OO ''
*«*©»» | , h
«ikd ci\e t|»ir vhokt twt t«»
p*« !iti>raen!» may t* f»t
*Vi Af* * > • *
"••Wind K F J«h:m slu. UM>
Mhpc!, Kirhnii-U'l. Va. *lw
XtrnmnjAT Law-room* » »,» »
I BIOS Hart. Ifeattle. Wat.
a Corparatton. and awl
marinate law
T. M. f'ASJi,
•* » 5.1U17 awl l «noi«i > «w «f l*e«4a for
'»f». < allfonMa and Ik* Matlfettrf C»
C Jaa n fal miirtim, a »»»rial
tj. 0«*»-*»ra 1. M.«a- ( nrtrt. rnai
Itnxt. Krattle »jni if
IH«ek. Front hm, acaUic. Wa»b
Real Estate tut v>M. l*mm oexo
IWrt *no«j Imnla) a)«n]a
IH A A< ' M. HAI.U
i-aw . »»JMt/ir H> < h morrrf. Vf WXnt in
Adlotraltv, and N<dao fabU'- !•
ami«, prait Rulldlnc. apatain, Mill tmt.
*«llli'. W T ' wmillrtna frrr.
(Late of tike PauaajUanfa Bar ,
(*>rSMEU/>E AT LA*—ROOM* i »«T.
t. t nUc Hloek. *aatt>
nimtt »f Frail and 1 Mym'ria ttrvrt*.

kAWtu> ruvtox. ho at *t
K. a rtu
M«'Hrlil», Curr Ac Prmlon,
law '*»>««« «i lanaMr. Eann! v<-f
aaa awl Seattle. Heattle uftrr, Yukr iMri
W«i dw
wl. >tui> a »'H* » tuutn |
.VF.WI4!* * OROCKirrr,
!'«» Ye»lr Uoi> MMißir: roonw a>l
I'- *- - j
••"It* awl Notary IDMte tin* land,
bought and »,M Foatoßie boi 673. ix-a!
D-. » T |
( hited r*ta!<» iatMft*. etaifa* azaluiit thi
t.ni*ed Htate* and ahatrarimc IUK nr. 22.
I'njiin It
VTT'tItVICY \ SI) ff»(\"ltLU>K AT
!mr !:<»,*>-17 and i», Koorin HuSld
Imn. Cr. hi t .t/.-rl
c. K. CAHK; M. O.
-I. A. COOK, M. I>.
year*' pfartir*. IjU> atorgraa rnit*»d
Stab* Army. 1107 Paeffle nvm.e, Ta« <>iri*.
W T. f I Mr. i «*»k will lie at H«4el flrunawirk.
H*nttb*. every Thiu»Uy and Frld*>
hKSTi<r. IX A'WH lATHi with dr.
J. C. fir****, in hulihari * Rlork, Fmut
street Xttroua oxldr ira* administered, if
I trf Ihe mint!, nervous sWem and wo
men a specialty Office--No* 30 arid It!.
Union Mock, Front street. Take ele\*t<»r
Tel. phone TP) du
" f Pennsylvania, make* n specialty of
t|ia*'AM »of the eye. ear a»»d throat. Treat*
private, rhrtmle and akin diaaw> K«-
move* cancer. tumor* and ul«vr« without
• if tu
Ofßee. funti r Third and Cherry street*,
flour*, •» ■. in j. m.
T T. *l*>B, M t» L B ln»*t\ M- i>
|> H V Bl< I A N> AM> ftl'KtiEOXS.
orrit ta is <»m\ novas block,
Telofkhom-* N'~». Kl. !»r Minor*
residence. No. W2.
1)H. Ci K( K A. U Kit 11,
Orn.MT. Af'Kllfl. IAKVV(.<M «»phT.
ha\hi* returned from bis trip to the
Fast *nd Europe, will to* pi« ns»d to nin't
his former patrons and fltoen his
service*. at hi* b»rtner olfcre, in the Yealef-
U ar> I*b»» k, Seattle. .T. Residence. e«*r
ner Fourth ami Marion dw
I >I : . VNNON,
(»fI N *l4 : w IXD m t.'.i OX OFF* 8
I'nlon IlliH-k. From street, flr*t floor,
up"t*tra, Kixtra in
MlAce hour* to a m to 12 m . 2 to 4 p
m.; 7to 9 p »n
w. 4. ami in, u i> }■ a r\ * v* 1 ui>. x t».
I>»nH|r| \\- \M» si -OFFK'K
Ponefn'a Mork. Kr-nit street «
Imhii*—B to < p. u> and 7to * p. m.
DR. \. «i. WIUJAMM,
ly Mirfmn « «t» M liOUia,
4ifl|e**- KiNißit, N»». jil..', Kr«>ut atn* t. Se
atlb.W t
Mr. Hint Mtt«. M. «). ( 'iiatle,
nt.AlJCtb* AND TKAt'IICKH « IlKls
ttati i«*tie« . MiMitai Heoltns oli4l
atrert. ta'taeen s un h aud Cni%er*ity, Se
attle H aahimrton 1 « rr .t«»r\
IIA 1\ l«: Iv, >!< n >l< K v < «
1 ». .ni. ti. r-t I nt.'ii Hl«n'k
r.impU t*' «)«traot« <>f title furnUbetJ t »
Mi U64» d k • .t> «>f iMrttta or kin*
»«< H»N K. At >1 KKli KK,
«•»!■ (iUit in Yolcr !jsi7 Hlo<'k.
MITK« IN m*T!.F.RV Ht lIJ»IN«i
«ftrr!»teut«l Wtitel
(« I\ It \\|» MINJNt. KNi•!NKKK> —< ITY
Mirvr\*>r'+ njUri' R«m»ihs »n«f
t'nion Hlixrk T»k#vifvit<>r
\i;> nrrr.i r if*> M.. un\i>. iux* k
ft'niiif ami Marinii Mrvetfc
For Sale.
west corner, all cleared.
Finest lots on Pike street.
l or. Mill ami fowmi-rtUI •!•■
SKAITIK h k l H 'K. NO T.
TT*>I*AY r.\ B*-ir»
IU1; \ r<H -t rs
.. . .4H k M. mtvr* «»f !**«>•» a«tl *>
)o'«rfitnc N* «r» si&iuhiijC- ***
« inv j!c*i t«» attend.
w \, \3kirs s
I > AWfc K 1 iw^Tu
j kKI»FK «»F Ulli K ALUAW K SK \T
If N - »
thtn! Fri«ta> ■! " » p m .in t*M IV-.ion*
IUII * H'x W %il num heme* pert
e*l to atkud Minn pit*
« KM TvtX.
Or-i FV UK* Or. .*•??*« r
» h%-»
[ * amp So l NtfMie Oftff ttom of
A»r «UfV M' ,r, Uv Ik! *' l l w ■**
ii>* r bail In *tyrra H "i«r Ux*«» * - um-il,
1. t*» »?%*-. i-ii t>« «r i • r- "
,„ , I ■> I . »< l A • .!'»•' iMI (
|alum» t'jarori. }
ninu. «»»fi Trr .MIW, I* »
•»'HI I\H 1 . • ; \ iM »-
| - ■ - «■« • :.A P»:* t
-•■ » » "r" *
» trtttU'' 4 * ' IM '
*«j 1i ■ l**>- «' ]v'" : " r * w
C hanitrablr Nllka, < huoKrobli- Moire WHkn.
Illack and Colorrd Hllk*.
PAHAHOIMamI Hl'K t'MBKEU JU* in brantUill ralorint
I)mi(n ami workmaiwhip unrirsllml.
In dr«iffn and ?lrrant j>r*»fu*k*th from the deepest flouncing to the
narrottfft etljfiu/. Aim* AUover in deliraU* cotortuir, foe
S I» E C X -A. I*:
A great variety tu embroidered ewdames in vwb labfiea—<some novel designs
that are eapveially new and pretty.
by mail will rtcuivr careful and prompt utteuti-jn.
621 and 623 Front street, Seattle, W. T.
Home Fire Insurance Co.
J r Hon, President.
M. D. luiVice President.
Our new line of BABY CARRIAGES has arrived.
They are the cheapest and finest in the market. Ask
to see them. New goods received daily. . Send for
price list of FREEZERS.
j Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware.
Iti order to enable me to irak«* a final settlement of the estate of I- !'. Smith,
1 nill eW>«»- out the t ntlre utia-k natehe*. jew**lr>, etc ,at eoat. Sale positive,
and t«> t»-tfiu at onee Will cive the bext lau*»in« ever oIR-red, «o eall early aud
get ftr*t eh<d«*e. 1 nis«» <»fler for sale all rval estau* owned by the firm.
K p. >r»iith & Son. 7t»» Front »tr»H-t
Kir<>, Marino, and Accident.
Do an Exclusive Insurance Business, representing 25
companies, the best in the world. Prompt
payment of losses.
Ho-rer to hii>' of otir old riiHtomrr*.
omrr In Itutlrr'n Hull-line. .Um" »trrrl.
Watches. Diamonds and Jewelry.
H(»lr afrnU for the celebrated
Ant! other Ktrwt-ohiw Mttkei* Ot Piam* atul OraMnn.
TH« »NI Is tat* ■-«* Monwr Brokers of th«
Paotflc Coast,
rill »' Ikrit *1 ■.
... ...-i ■ PINKI 'HU mMrKODWRipnT*
a I ■,•(•' f • tTTkR «%n W I I® ti.'Bd* mm* ■»
r««« r«E« or hist O voc tad hr* >«" «• rU« ~mr
ui W< »B
Future Great City of the Pacific Coast
t T»I. It lfc« »*«■ »>» ir* rmft >f «• Mt
. v ~ „ mi |wia4 Ms «s •» «M—o«w * «• >*• •
, w >r ...tar'M k ,i.«« * « <» J—' <»'» '• >«■"«
. .| ! ia u- ■<.<• f.r• aHI •»* »• • U-t-« b•• «• •Wl
.M. W 'li.. fV'.-.r -f- •> -• •«» •» •
. t fc > >« • 3 « ' '¥■ **' ** 11 "• •*•»'«>*-» » •*'« •u I#
• < n it . r.«t^
i <>TOpi«M* !itmof the rao^t
J From. Treasurer
Jamks B*»th ei.i., Ser. and Monatreer.
• •ma •>. )oa k>U ti
Several Important Derisions
*0 THUtmoXE RULIRirn
TW rmsU Trnm* Vt HtM Cw I. D*.
•Mad Utttfr C«m was tW Owt
■■■■ >riW HufcMMrfot Quml
la ___
W , *« It—The suprem
-«urt today rendere i an opinion -us
tuning the de» !-k»n of the court below
' in the e*<e of Mahon. appellant. TS
Abner Ju-ljfe, the jailer of Pite <-oan
ly, Kentucky. Th»« in a u appli.a
tlon for a wrrt of hrtei< i-onm arising
oat of the ceiebrate 1 Jlattietd-MCov
vendetta, ami i« broasrht here on an
appeal from the circuit <-ourt. which
I declined to iwae a writ. Mahon. who
In a <ltura of WM Virginia was in
' dieted in IW by the efrruit court of
Pike county, kentu ky, en three
• bargee of wilfol and defiherate mur
der. tioTernor Wed,uf Virginia, re
fu-ed to comply with the requisition <4
the goyernof of Kentuck) tor Mahon'*
frf*»on. la Jatinar> larit, Phillip- as
agent for Kentucky and other* seiaed
I Mutton tn We?! Virginia, and forcibly
carried him into Kentu kv. Gov
ernor Weill, of Virginia. maJe a for
was then made for a writ of habeas
corpus. It is contended on behalf of'
Mahon that the act of l'hitlip- wis in
vioia'.ion o( the enn-titutiou without
due process of law. while the mntisd
lor the state of Kentucky maintain
that the act of Phillip- in xeizin?
Mahon was unauthorized. 1-tit that the
-late of Kentucky was fully Justified
iti holding him when found within her
I<ordera, and that the question of how
be came there was not one to be con
sidered. Any remedy sought to be ap
plied, it was asserted, must tie
brought against Phillip- for tres
pass and not the stat
of Ketitucky. Justice It.-adley dissented
THE e\TTt TICKET cv«t.
The court al-«i rendered an opinion
in the case of (ieorge Henson, ap|>el
late. v. Juan Navarro, a Mexican
consul general, and the Republic of
Mexk-o. This is an application for a
writ of habeas corpus brought here by
apt«al from the cin uit court from the
south district of New York, that court
having denied an application for a
writ. This court sustains the deci
sion. This suit is known as the Patti
ticket suit.
The court «!m» renileml an opinion
tlrnying the a]>|4i<\ttion of Cov .and
Burnhamer for a writ of hatted cor
' pu*. The?<c cases are better known as
j the tally sheet election fraud ca<e>.
and grow out of frauds alleged to have
I been committed in Marion county. In
diana. in the election November.
Coy and Burnhamer were convii-teti
i of in the frauds, audit is
contended on Itehaif of the prisoners
that the federal court had no jurisdic
tion to try them, a- the alleged ele*
Hon frauds concerned only the county
ticket, ami did not affect the congre*-
sional election.
The opinion wa* hy Justice Miller,
with Justice Field dissenting.
The court aNo rendered a decision
in Ihe case of the United Suites, af>|pl
iant. vs. Mclaughlin et al., from the
I circuit co'jrtof the I'nited States for
the Northern district of California,
i The suit was brought iti this ca-e by
th* government against the Central
Pacific Railroad company, McLaugh
lin et al. as holders of patents on land
! lying along the route of the railroad
between Htockfcfn and Sacramento an-1
! claimed to l»e ptort of the grant to the
railroad company. The government
claimed that the intents were Uoed
! for thi • land hy mistake. The mistake
was that within the exterior l*>undar
ies of the Mexican grant known a
the Mcapielokmasgrant, which forme 1
; the ha is of the eonte-t. The railroad
1 company contended that the eastern
Ui.indarv was only intends! to go t »
the foot* hill*. which would make the
territory de crihed contain nearly
twice the amount granted. The
i grants of that kind, it was
explained, of a certain quantity
i to l e lticuted in a larger area are called
I floating grants. The government con
tended that the land- within the ex
terior boundaries of this state were
reserved from stile or other disposition.
1 being under examination in the court*
i and that the railroad grant did not
' take effect at anv point within the ex
terior limits of tfii* Mexican grant, the
railroad having been located a« ross
the grant. This was true with regard
to the publi** reservations of lands,
-u« h as Indian or military reserva
tion". It wat also true with regard to
the Mexican grants of specific lamt
while they were umler examination.
! but the company contended th it the
floating grants were not subject to
thi" and hence they obtained patent*
to the land in dispute. The court re
• ited that the eastern boundary of the
Mexican grant wa- a* the railntaJ
company < (aimed it be ami therefore
mo tof the land* out ide of it ex
terior limit* and a* to them the patent
wa- valid. Also that tne law of reser
vation uid not apply to floating grant*
. further than to -ati-fy th • quantity'
granted and therefore the remaining
land* in di pute were al-o free and the
patent was good a- to them also.
The dec ree of the court i* affirmed
' and it is further ordered that thi* de
crew l>e enteral nunc pro tunc as of
! October to. 1*77.
Ca-es 11 and involved the same,
i point- a* tho-e e! forth in the above
< and were de* idedly similar.
Justice Miller announced the follow
ing order
It i- now ordered by the court that
all i a e* on the docket not decided and
all other bu me*- of the term not di*
no ed of will be and the -ame are
hereby continued until the next term
of this court."
The court also denied the application
for a rehe iring of the telephone case
Thi* application was made hy the
IVo|«le*' an»i Overland Telephone
companies. who claim that I>rawhaugh
»nd not Hell wa* the fir-t inventor of
the telpbone.
Justi e Miller annottrxtfl the «•pin
ion of the court orally He simply
said that as none »»f the three justice*
who had concurred in the opinion «*f
Chief Justi e Waite. upholding the
validttv of Hell'* pa ent, had reque>t
ed a rehearing, and that a* it wa a
sett Its I rule of the court not to grant
rehearing* unless thi* was done, the
application must l»e denied.
THE ACißtl Ht'titK KINO.
4 lau* spwkrU mmjm he Has Oaljr
ki« I. If* H »rk
Cmh * Mo It « law* HpCfrkel
• Koi 4tt« •>' >4i *i' i hi* in lie
htm cntnt t me« over
sa»d la« 4 «aJgfbf **" •br oi.lv <n t he
g r a V • fe the etch h
■Mwt Ni 1* ikr kft '•u far :n
tlu*tr% *** tb«: will pe"t»»an
entlt • • r i *i(.iral mtere t-
In .-inUiS it • lw< porpi* t % anni
hilate th • If »r ' I«t T"Ui.»rrow at
i'h:l»>iHt>hu he m .11 meet the engi- !
neer an 1 «;ra jght»men whoareat w rk
on the pla;. f«r hi* new refinery ir.
til t ittl ■■>• additional
facilities Mr >pr*s kel *atd he wor.M
soon 1* able t » supplv h df of all the
• irar ime»i in the f* tailed
SlHll II gai • ; t ;* r.t h*
t;! i raak« <■ u*-ar • lur-p-r taan
•.! . |«* Thr fan", J s»e MMtflhi
p\T fip nn ia Ante : a he at
tributeu t,> la* k «»f expr kmce. The
few <t:l'e*t vnrkwen imported were
n«>t familiar all t3w *tep of the
pr t*- Th -i- where- Mr
ciaim- t* h*ve the ad van tare. He
trai' - his men illy fs>r each de
purtawfit. aud hi* nak i "ft root s i
era -n <** » i < aiifofniau I~ju »liy
results, h-. de iare* fan e o>»-
tair»e»i through jut the and by a£-
forjiiyr a m»W markrt he i? pret*ar mjr
*> prove that tbe farmer who - ei
tremor fortunate if b*- set* $lO for ui
att <« wheat, BUT jret si*«» for th~
arrr if tbe «"rnj» i* rjfar l*f» v
ind at thf »*me Imw enrich ar 2r? *:
impoverish tbe *. 11.
K#Mlati«4M and Rrporl*
•re Art(>o».
Skw Yo*k. May l{.~Biilm
ri'l pre«i»le«rJ at se-«j**« \»f t; »
Metf<oii«t o.-nff t-./f Th«*
lomnnttee on fj»!- op crn- .-k<M
to report «»n Tu<4d.iv ut»>!i the re
tiou to ekvt i.-r a tr".w .*?'
Mpht year*. At Uv» bi-h \ »
h»»W "rt>f *«•- l2t>. A* .1 matter •*'
o*ig+. a re-«»!ut*.>n m.-. "'fered to the
f M th.it thr o»i;feren-<• «*\|>re>s all
r>fMni<»n that the I*!a:r eh;t ark>i:al bill
i> a measure. The re-ohitioti
**i referred to the on the
«tate of the ch-jtch.
Rev. John Wiley, of the I>rew theo
logical seminary. "read bis rep««rt 90 a
fraternal deU-srate t» tn«- M'etu<* >t
i hurch, nwith. aiv-l He v. ftaac \V.
Joy»e <»f Citi. !;»;sat:. r.- s i hi* rey«»rt
a* a frate-rial delegate t • the gt i.+rA
1 inference of the Sfethodist churrh in
A resolution intrt*lu<ed the
committee on tfH«*"opa%*y to provide
for b&Uoui&for i islam? <. »i that one
randkUte >nall he b3u tc i for at a
ft** I* * fT S '
«nha(it :te t«» the efft- t that th<* vote i-e
by oHer- th&t the lay *2elecate«
atiJ ministerial vote -*ej*a -
•tely. Thit caused a general an.l
rathrr excited tiis« U'-vjon. It *a<
-aid th.it there was loHhvinic .going on
tor the • ajwiiil it*.-", but th*- nien>i<er«
denied it. Finally in order to end
the - 1 « is.-iori ex « >overnor < .:m?>.ick
of Indian, move the pr«»vi«Mi* question
A number of amendments a ere <*f
fere 1. When the vote w.t> taken,
everything w.v v<»tei clown and the
discussion ck^ed.
The Southern California conference
offered a resolution that the tSerman
on the Parifir coast be organ
ised into an annnal < onfereme. He
ferred U* the (omxuittre on b<Hin«ifrit**.
Grrat UUn«t« of ISurntns Oil Float
Down l*a»t Oil City.
OIL CITY. Pa.. May 14. Tbe oil firr
t-* now believed t>» un«ler control.
The ffreat overflow watehed for with
so much terror ocvurretl shortly be
fore k 2 oVloek this morning. The tank
vomite\l it* flames and content.*, and
hu£e inlands of burning oil, >onie of
them hundre«N of f<rt in diameter.
floate<l down the rreek*. The boom>
!»roved and the fierce maas of
ire awept on. hununj? several dwell
infi>. the \\'e-tern New York »V lVnn-
railroad bridge and a larjje
barrel factory. The K»sh is cstim.nteii
at $?-.».«■*>. Then* was very little «Wi>
in tbe « ity list night, a?* it was feared
the town would be destroyed.
The fire has burned it-elf out, and
ail danger WH- |>as>*d. The firnt re
p«»rts were generally exnL r £erj»t«s|. and
the loss will not ex«"eed f 100,000.
The Manta l> Thunderbolt Drtnul
lnhes a Frrlght Train.
I>KNV>:U. Mav 14.— The NEW-* hn«
reached here that the "thunderbolt"
on the Santa Fe collided with a freight
train near Fountain at 6 uMm k thi*
morning. A car of powder in the
freight exploded cotuiuetelv wrecking
the train* and instantly killing ten and
wounding many more.
The "thunder!**!!" express wa-*
standing on the track in front of the
station when the caboose and *otue
the breaks of whirh got 100 ein
some way. ran down from the -ideof
the track and atruck the train with
terrific force. A c-ar b»aM with nap
tha explode I and the train on tire.
While the men we e endeavoring to
save the * ir- and depot another car
containing powder ca 'ght lire and ex
ploited toinnletelv demoli hing the
dej»ot, several dwelling and a number
!of cars. One dwelling ami the depot
were consume I. One woman and two
men were killed by the explosion and
some twelve or fifteen i»er*ons were
wounded. none very aerloudy. There
is a hole in the ground where the car
stood al*mt thirty feet in diameter and
fifteen fi-e* deep. Two ear*. wire
burned and sixteen together with a
i locomotive were more or wrecked.
It is fluppo«ed that tramp** let off the
brake* from the car.
Thr Profile In Ihr Sny llottoiu* art*
Lrailnc their
ST. Lot is. May, II The river is
steadily ri ii»g here, and the inhabit
ant- on the American l»ott »m are
moving all portable property bat k to
the highland*. Report • from the
north are alarming, and if the levee at
Madi-on lake breaks the los will l<e
million . A regular exodus has taken
place from the Sny l»ottom. Th«* en
tire town of Alexander. Missouri, i<
inundated with five feet of water and
the damage is very heavy. The peo
ple are Iteing t ik»'n a-* fa-t a' po*-ihle
t<» the highlands, a couple of mile*
back of town. Sny levee is now being
patrolled for mile* by aentinels who*
duty i« to summon a when
any weak *p"t i- observed.
No Candidate Yet.
N\snvnir. May 14. The Demo
cratic state convention met at noon
■ and proceeded to ballot for governor.
The thirty fir't ballot resulted Tay
lor 7-7, Trou-dale 4<». Md'onnell 111.
neces-ary to choice Hflfi.
It<»nd« Parehaaed.
W\SIIIXOT«»!<. May 11 The secre
tary «»f th** treasury today accepted
in bonds. Tbe otters amounted
to rjir.cm
I nsneeessfal llohherjr.
KLX ». Nev.. May 14 The store of
Hull. Well-* Fargo at'ent and couuty
treasurer, wa broken into la t night
A l*»x containing fcWn in silver and
flOfln in gold coin was removed and
i artftl on a vhffl harrow to thef««»t of
a hill, a quarter tant. where it
fouxni intact this morning.
The thief .lastlee Nomination.
W May II The senate
i committee on \ »dici*rv «lid nothing
upon the nomination of Melville \\
Foiler, ex- ept to ptMtpone action up
on it till next Mothdav. The rej*»rt
that it was w»fk re/erre«l to a **ub
eorumittee w.e premature The mo
tion to refer it was made la*t M«mday
bv Senator IngaU*. but a €lesulto«-y
, dl* ustion followed, during whi< h the
hour for the a*»setir4ing «»f the senate
arrive*! and the committee adjourned
without action. s»me mem «r- of
the committee l«eingof the impression
th «t if had la-en referred to the -ule
I.ahnr Journal* t haaffe Manacrrt
PHU.w-ELrHT i May 14. The Jour
nal of t 'nit si Labor. on< i d organ of
the Knight* tA l-a»**r. ha-* been |4«-ed
in charge of A M IVw •> . ptr ii-her
of th«* labor journal at l»etr«Ht The
pa(«er lu never -sen a flnan* lal - ic
ce althottyrh it had a large cin-ula
T«M Labor i «»n* e«»ti**ns.
Mav 14 The •<elee.it-**'
to the two national tin
!".'*» ti Li *»r \U'\ l"»ltsd f ctw*
are corai'ig in rapidly. The t"nk>n
»r <> tve>iti'»n w it at w»» i
tOii!om»* at <>!n«i Itafl. Th»*
I ::U-
at the same time *t ibe Oe*n i Of* a
II *u«e. iesse tee mo t pioroi
netit man in th< v t ni'hl l.ib-<r I'art ,b
here I Jr. M< <Mvwi i the f« e
mtett of the l uitei laK *r parties i n
the ground.
Wa«iis<»T»>v. Mav 14. The p«rp*v
dent Uxliy sent to the senate the f«4-
rowing wwfiaatkM): J-*hn \V Hro»n
ing of r<4t>ra*k>. metier 14 the mint as
Limited Time for the (»mit
Tariff iVhdtf.
THl* wtu It THE LAST.
Th» taM Ha* T«u EmMJn «•«.
■i-at-Tkr Tmlln Ar» (V»M
--"«1 »• »Iml «rtl*a U Takra
—.«t*wpt »» DlmlxUk «h*
W\«wotoj. May u ~Tber* wa>
UkJJIT a 1411 prxkposing AH
imfmlnK'n! t« Uw .t>n*titution oi the
11nttcHl State- - a-t*» reduce from two
thirds to » » ajority the vote in ,*ch
do'.w overt* iir.jf the pre-: ient's ve
Mr Hoar. from the committee on
f*rmle*e- and derttOKß, : » which had
:*en referred «vrt.un resolutions of tf.r
limiaiia concert-i?>c the
taction of Mr Turpte a-* t'nited Mates
'erator. m »»:* a report and «ske i to
>«* discharged from farther ctmfidera
-5 »not thr resolution and tl»e» memori
es confirming the title of Mr. Tun ie
k> his seat.
Mr Vet oflVrM a resolution for the
• ' t of. j <.•• \ • • nimitfere to
rxamine , arrfuE H aft qne-tums tou« h
fjs the meat pro.act of the I n ;el
am> e*pe«<ftMv a* fo the tr .n*
tot? at ion and >,ile of !«wf aru) cattle,
•ml whether there evi>t* or h t exSt
si any combination of anv kin,l by
va«on of which the prices of leW and
attic hare Uen -o controledor affect
si u- to diminish The pr»«-e p i ] i,» thi
»r«*lueer without leaning the cost of
neat to the consumer.
R<H« rftftfKXMSt.S.
\V\>iits<cr ».v May 14.—Mr. Mills.
.«mt the committee on rule*. rejtot
ni«i the ho iM- adopted without «!»*■
ihMon or dirbkiii a resolution pro-
Min? that the general debate on the
arilfbiU should < lose on Saturday.
Mr. Wt*»h|!»un}. oi Neva t.i. intro
lued a t i;l Tor the erection of 1 pub
•> building at I'eno. Nevada.
The house went into a committee
•f the whole on the t arid* Mil.
Mr. Hatch, of Mi ■< uiri. s.tkl thi>t
li? protective tariff had inured to the
H-netit of the manufa. tw*rs alone,
md the farmers an! consuming
had no sh ire in th<»-e U«nt tit*.
Mr. Hewett was op}*osed to the
•re>ent system of prote tion ami re
setted that the pending lull pre -erved
very single feature ot that sy~tctu.
The measure was -irnpU a proport
ion of modification ami reduction,
»nt the pri»u ip'es of protection were
aster.ed on the awntiT, and nil that
ouH !»e hoped for today and all that
he hills sought to act ompli-h was the
eduction of the amount of taxation
olle* ted hy the government and put
nto the treasury. lie argued at
[■lU'th in favor of the pending hill.
Mr. Symes, of Colorado, said that
he president ha-1 hown an entire
rant of comprehension on ti:»« whole
ariff ay stem when he told the farmer
n one paragraph that a prote«'-tfw
*ritf was wrung and in the next UK
ittemj te I to «lu>w the man ifa turer
hat he would Ih» tetielitteil l»y the
daeiiij; of raw materials on the free
ist. The president had for*r>>tten or
the ta« t that the nla- injr ot
uv material on the free li-t woul.t
an the &gri<niltural. mining and
»ther imlustries of the country. He
ir«rue I that it was the capitalist, nion
•p.'li t atui the inijHutini; men hant
m l th > e who derived their inev-me
ram Itonds and other investments
vho were elatnarim? f »r fr«» tra«le, an<l
hat it was the emi4oyer t workint'inan
knd tho e who hiiild the industries of
he eotlntry who demanded the j ro
eetive taritf He would make the
of American from foreimi
omis tition the ar< h of American in
-t it nt i uis. H«» would protect the
laboring men of America from
ihe imtairtation and immigration < f
•oiivi t and pau|*cr lalK»rers an well as
roin the imisirtatiom of the products
>f their w irk.
Mr Fen*ton. of Kan*a«. argued in
favor of «lion.
Mr. O'Neill, of Indiana. argued in
favor of |»*ittiluml>er. oil ami iron
>n the free li t. l»eciu<«e he thought in
those produrt* thecitutitr) ♦ ouid eom
fiete with the world without there Ik*
nig any tariff onthem.
Mr. Thompson, of Ohio, poke in
»ppo*itioii to the pending measure,
fiii«l s aid that lh«' surplus should 1«•
levoted to building a navy, t«» restoring
>ur eonnmnrrial marine to the proud
I• -iti*•'i it o!i> »• «m «• t«> the de
v*e!opme;t and improvement of in
ternal tr -tn*|«>rtation, to the payment
»f liN-ral |«enaion<« to the old <*oldfer«
who li >ve made all the promise of our
future j ovniMt- ;tt»«| the |»eople will not
l otuplam. They will sanction ami
dpi trove t all.
Mr Strulde, of Indiana, *ai 1 a:: ong
ixber things thai »ome com mem la hie
am! some despicable tiling" aie done
I'V the present admini tration. At
lea*t three <-ould not e «-ape the *on
leinnation of the |>eople. 'I he pre d
lent hail fir*t atta» ni the
lar, then the greenback ami then the
protective v > *lem, under whi< h the
k'uv»- tiiii* r.t hail grown and pro>j«ered,
mid hy rea-ou of whi» h it hail attained
[inan i lllv . uumen Sally ami intel
Ifl ! ill} tht pro
ed it hy the i ivilized world.
1 he • ommittee then ro-e on motion
of Mr. «'are\. when the *enatc bill
granting to Wyoming**#* aeres of land
on Ft. S uitier* military reservation for
a fi-h hat hery and other public pur
|»o»v v.a taken up ami parsed.
T« «» loung Indiana Farmer* Meet
with Sail Acrlrient*.
I..%r%TCTTK, Iml.. May 14 Frank
Alt ire and Kdward Foster. well known
young farmer-* living in th« northern
jiart of Ihia county, went fidnng with
dvnauiite eartridge* on >.»turday
night at the month of the Tipi*** a ma
river While each held « arti »dgt -in
hi- ri.'ht hand. Foster lit hi* and both
exploded. Filter'- right hand wa
t rn off and an eye wa- pot out A 1
lire* right arm w.i* tarried away ami
U»th eye* were Minded. lV>tli were
severely Horned Alkire i« umon
rkidi and cannot live.
;i»A«kkam. <UMKn.
An«-»n* I olt• Win from the <*ianta
l»y (iiMtil tirner»l t'iajlnc
( I.KVRJ. %*i». May II Cleveland 3.
Brooklyn 7. fiame waa « died in the
fifth inning on a« >-t»unt of -now and
Detroit. May 14 Tljere ts« no
(fame here today on a< • «»unt of rain.
cnic\«o—mew v«in.
i'HH" May 14 An*on** txAt*
woo tod»v % r game hv *uperi«»r paying
all round. nitrldng w t- a
my -te Vto the \rw York ta»v- r\
< ept when K 'ger Conner in fint in
ntng immlc a home run drive over the
wall N.*ore • tliii'v 5, New «»rk I
PlTT«ai k . Mav 'l4 Ihe weather
wa« mi<eral4y eot*l to-dav. and g«a«l
pa- Tit »j« ilnh ait
wild |iiti'hifi{t ami «etac vilUim>u»
lo- the gime for thr home
tram. N»r» t'itt-ia;r| 5, lU*j«tot» li.
IfMjiyimu#, May 14. Hut few peo
|4e itkiutet ibr r»i»f Unity fbe
mtiirr »t< w;j r"W *n<i
Hi- Jv * hini; Um* f«*a* iff«A Ut*-
fimf. Mr. . «im it *ill« time
p'vml 7.
tt vhit Hint 1.
>t H»T lL -St- Kas-
M< i ity I
IVn.tb, trim May H —The Atlilc-
I!- lu:t.K -f »»> I lu.litUi*
frf fifth tinting oo
t4 tale. N I tod in Uruc
vi Nttniwr
flr»t fitiUf IJtmA Claim PitniM.
y>rll Th* fIOIHiK
.iiMapr t'f Uk iaad o;h-« !<►
i)*j, hy «ll M
th«* u>:<-rlnT, to lU<- >ur-
veyjw Jf'wnl of California for .lehven
i lii the ( J t wph K Kiwrt
. Nathan W >j\anki!--c »'•• - t
of the Malr >4 ANftft R»<rll. de
te»**l. and Mary Ann
(ate! I for the j>nvate la;:,! ilimi
known a* nixhn fan Chiqnito
The item i* l*vate** in Monterey
county and ha- a front on the fa. iriV
i**an of about fifteen utile- It eni
l>ra *» an area of about *,l«i a,-re- It
i* the first California private land
laim patented during the )<re-ent ad
Bill for a *l*-1 ear Tma.
W tamsona, May U.t\»n-titn
tio.ial amendments were wDrmt in the
h.vu-e lir Mr Neal. of Tenne**-ee
invpoing to extend the term of ,-rtv v
of j>rr : e-t and viee president t«>
year* Ukd to make the pre-klent ;r>H:
gibie for a second term.
The funer..l- of the conductor and
tireiu.ni who*, re killed in the Ariamt
train rob'ery . were hid in Soga!e« on
Sunday. Kxpre»« me--enger Hay*
ami passenger Kreti.h are -till alive
but are exp.vted to >iie at any time.
An Allien an nam~<l Taylor and two
Mexican custom gnarda 'have been ar
rested on -u-pi ion of hemp the rob
Mi Ua»l IHvitt. hi n -patch at Uror
pyui ot Simthr mid rwrst emphati
cally that the In-h |«-opie would not
accept {Kiiitk.il dictation from liorne
IVspatrbes from manager* of the
leading dealing ho i e- in the I'ui'.rvl
Mate- -how- that i>hf t;ro-- ext-hangv
for tho wee* etui d May 12. lsw». W< re
f97.V!<»V*M a ,le. ifa-e of l.«i percent
an compared wt.u til*' corTe>pon 111:Jf
week la-t year.
The Lomioii Daily New a-, ;i-c the
government of {.laving a di-creditalde
trick in doutiling Ihlion's sentence.
Dioton - extensive saw work* at
Tacooy, IYnn-.yhr.uila, were totally
destroyed b> tire on Suu.iay. law
s.»>><»■> iniiiraiue s■».«*> Two thou
sand etn|iloyes are artet fctl.
Exciting >.enc- were witnessed in
Kranee along the Niitr traveled by
General Itoulanci r oil Sunday.
The suffering emperor of Uracil i«
somewhat improved.
Thefuneralof ox-Mayor Hrvant, of
Man Krsm i»<». t> a* held in that city
on Sunday
A telegram from Richmond. Virgin
ia. say* that there wilt l«e a grand re
union of the veteran- of the twoar
mr< that met in deadly conflict al
iiettysUurg twenty-live vear» ago. on
the -aiue tield in July next
The create t event of the year in
Kentucky -|*'rting circles, ttie Ken
tuck) derhy. «» won by Macbeth,
ti alii let -eeoud and White third, time
2 •.«>,.
Ikeater'« Vart In ihe lieselm ment
■if Fait Time on the American
From the CUca|!u Journal.)
The tie-ith of letter, the trotter,
mark* an era in equine development.
IT>» did not red-re a- greatly a-* some j
of hi- phenomenal predeee**or* the
*peed of trotting hor*e% for when ho
made hh l**-t effort a very low mark
hn«l already been reached. To heat '
Flora Temple** time of 2.1 ft *-» hy one \
.-ccoml ami three-quarter" a* great
a feat a* to l«eat a 2.40 gait hy
seconds When Mamt S. reduced her
own womlerfnllv low reeord by a quar
ter of a -econd. it wa* reganlcd a* a
more wonderful improvement than
that of one or two entire *econd*
would have IKH'H when her record
, -tood higher and could be more eu-ily j
Forty-odd \ear* ago the trotting
ntwi *tood at 1 v» That (Unire va« •
u-ed in *lang to illustrate all fa*t men.
fa>-t method* and fa-t movement .
Hor*e* had m»t then lieen tr.dried to
trotting, ami the po*-lMiitie of devel
opment in that direction were not even
| faintly imagined. After thi* record
ha»l UKHI for year*, ami wa* *up|>ooed I
to l»e the i c-t that l oiilii lie made, a >
hor«e named Hip|*»,in IM-I, completely :
fractured it l»\ trotting a mile in -.\X
Tliial>o remained for year* the
time made, and again the world int< r-1
e-ted in -1«»rt- -ettled down into the
ea*y tielief that ttie l»e*t |*i**ible trot
ting time hud been a* <-ompli*hcd. tint !
*ucn w»« far from the truth. A few
year* afterward* Jack Ko*-iter, a lior*e
without a pedigree. that had when
young dragged a hotel litfgage wagon
.round the tmt> of a Western city, j
and wi\« afterward* trained for the
turf, trotted in 2.:!2. The next reduc
tion wa*» by Flora Temple, a mare nl*o
without a pedigree, who improved thi* I
time bv 21% *ecoud*, making a reeord I
of 2.10?.. Thi in turn wa I roken hy j
Dexter at Bnftalo \u n WB7,wben
he trotted a mile m 2.17! ~ He wa* !
Umght on the traek by Itoliert I Winner j
for and that remarkable ama-j
teur owned him to the time of hi
death Mr I Winner ha* al*o liought ,
each of the fa t»- t trotter* on tbe turf
a* they have *ime ap|**ared frotn time
to time, down to Maud H., with her j
reeord of
More time, -kill anil money hare
been devoted to the development of a
fi-tt rotting gait in hor-e than to a!- j
mo-t any improvement in machinery
which the Inventive geniu* of man ha* *
undertaken. To increase by a few *er- '
oml* or the fra< tion of a reomd on a j
mile the aiieedof a Mwlc trotting hor-e ;
ha* required year* of training, and to ?
keep and train a trotting hor-e cu t
a- much a* it rot to Keep a *mall :
-ix«d family of m oiler ate de-ire* in the
. comfort* ami nece**arte» of life. The j
multitude and quality of hor-e* that ,
have i>een *o kept and trained Indicate :
the va-t expenditure that ha* lieen lie j
to wis I upon the«e experiment*. The {
l«e*t hor-e*. excent 34midH..havemade j
ih# he t tiiiu- alter they had pa«-ed |
wiiat wa* -upfai-ed to l»e their maturi- {
tv, at eight or nine year-of age, and)
-he may eea-e to k an exception
Flora Temple, twice that!
age. did her l«e-t work. Till* i* an
other evidence of the expen** involved '
in training trotter*. Half the lifetime j
of a hor-e fifteen or -ixteen year* obi
i- required to develop it* Iw-t «j«eed at
Ud* gait, and ofUn the improve merit
i- but a few -eeomN or ICMUI trotting
a mile.
A tri»od old age for an ordinary hor*e
i' eighteen i»r tw«mty year*. The age
of iN xt* r at hi* death wa* thirty .
vear*. Hut -lore he wa- pur<-ha*ed by |
Mr Hottner he ha* ha«l an easy time. '
like any other fortunate and retire*)
imihrbtual. With enough to eat—ami j
a bor«* never eat- too much— with )u*t
therien J- that he r#»«|viire<l for health,
he had ail the chancer lor king life that
the cafutf itie-* of hi- *|*«*»e* and agoo*i
f on-tJtution eonbt have allotte*] to hi*
•hare Tbe old friend* of llexter in
< HII ago. w lie re he waa OIMT owneil.
will be gia»? t«» learn that in hi* death,
ao orditig to hi* magnificent owney*
order, he doe- not go to the Itftwyiirti,
hut ha* a tit grave i » a country held,
where the apf4e hio**om* are begin
rdng U» <ii*|'ia % their new-Mown tint
of leiutv and U> make the vernal air
delightful wltii their fragrance, ami
• here the taH gra * In -ummer will
w« Ve In tlie breexe ataive hi- remain*.
AIM! H nor« LT#r« KM|.
Mlicking Bir-l.f
Dudety (who I* not a- big a fo»»l a* lie
Mitb Hood* ltp}*r ?
jvmat- V e-. *ir.
Ini'.ely- What -ml -lie nay ? •
.•serv ant eHbr l"ki tt-e u> t II you
ir, thai dw w&* worry that »hr wa* .
not in.
IhldeH—Ah, U»dee<t! I*|ea*e tell
* our tnl trt*» that I *4ii#t I Wath glail .
1 oi-tn't c. 11.
If rdre- .ng Parlor, corner
Main an l«le ml « reet*. .
tid hair w k «jf every de*rri|«tioii «n j
. ami ami made to » rder, a|<2seow
vol. xnr—ro.4.
, - •j£
Lord Wokeloy Does Not Sg|
tract a Word.
I Krtllor "tf*H Has a
with IKk Imt lKk«Mk> \jf||p
Mek <<rrmu K«|xr«r
Hrlerer \.»lc
lokpos, m»V M. u is, miinniim
Uwil Wid»kpy. adjutant general to tto
ItnU-h forre*. has temiemi his n. |g
nation in ooi>s»*|oenre of lord
!>ury's attack upon him for makin*
what the win* ntmt-tcr raSjii
pain producing -jwh," ii> irnnJ
t.t the tnmlltinii of the armv. xS
cabinet sni.i to I* -trongiy opn ml
to the M . ept ime of the rvMsmacJuft,
l>R. IVTRRTtnin,
Mller *lmil Hm a Lm Talk ariik
Klin the Mfk Itaivn,,
InxpoN. M a U The Pall Mnli'<!».
lette print* 'lie following iMt'rvtfv u>»
twren Mr. ainiMir. Maekrn**-
"l)r. Ma< k«tuir K*>fce>! worn nttL >
.wrto«« anit h< «tit tr.nvv of (I* I,mis
he ha.- maintain*.! in ht« attenX
■ianee upon the I>urii» tbo
Hitfrvir* li wI- rei *\tu-iiV siim
juune I to Ih - enip n>r' room. lift
-tateil to Mr KUiitl lint his pativnt is
all that rnuM l>e >ie-i,e»i in the v»
of temper. |>.itl«ut ami < hot rfu!ne*<.
Hi- is obeuicnt ami truthful. ami a*
well ili-|»«-ilione>l as a child. He !s*ars
jvtiti bravely an<l ilm not m.,iil|re In
needle** worrying. that be had a-keel
the i h ipLiiii t» prav for In- releaae
from hi- *utfcrta|j> and thai he longed
for death were untrue." "it i- bv no
means certain," -aid the dot tor. "that
he has wadr ««|> his mind that he i*
dyinc. lie doe- not suffer from tile
canula. inflammation ami
-lourhinjf away of |v.rnnn- «rf dead
cartilage came him nu.ini inietice.
Ihe rvjvort- of the Iwtd odor prc v.tiling ,
in the -i' -Jroim are (from enaicxef-a*
lions I'nlil 111- Majesty's recent «e-
VITV illness. In- -at nt the tattle at meal
times ami went aUiul, ami he did nut
dii>vominode any one.**
The doctor said that if the em|ier
or's strength improved, he hoped he
could lie rtnioveo shortly to husilaßL
The eiui* ror m in the hal.it of miml
common to all. broiiics who alternate
lietwecn the lielief that they will iiw a
couple of years when thcv mentally
plan for tin' future ami fear that aH
will he over with them in a few dava.
Although apparently robust. His M'aj* '
estv bas not mm h rec 11 Js'r.tti\e J sitter,
ana bis condition wi iil.l huve ren
ilereii tiit.il the operation |>ro|io-ed in
May of last year. I»r Ma. kcnxie naitl
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that wilt iiiH i -sarlly prove fatal, sooner
or later.
Admiral Hewitt Head.
IxixiKist, May It. Adiuirnl >ir WU*
liatu Hewitt, eonimantler of the chan
nel lieet. iliisi at Portsmouth last
iilKht, a»reil .">1 year*.
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phmphate powder* i>«tv In rm,
lfc»V 41. HAIIKU Poanaafo., lU* Wall Mtrvct,
! Now York. »pJ*lwty
M Kit
HALEY * warm*
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