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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, May 16, 1888, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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££SS£2£i l: \ill\ COISOLIDITID II 18Sf.
fartocy. Wne*» I*7*, wh« tt wm ftn»t
■!. ft eerfainly k» pt pa*** with
th+ the ffwirth Atid i«rrMtM»rf«y of +> at tU-.
tivi tha j»rt*prrl- for thr fatwfr wrrr never
W* rfprf««*nl mm intnraif enm
r*olm, with iMrt* of
Among wblrh may be found tbo
or HAitTroun,
HOME, of New York,
North British
German American,
«r M:W VO«K.
AmouU the oldest and beat hi Hie world.
Hie ln*nr»tift* branch of our a»t-nry 1«
Mrlwlvrly by <•»»«■ member of
our Ann* who frlvaa that ilonv t <• ■trlrl
peraoniil uttrntUHL Wr haw weutly add
ad to our lint the
With a paid up
Capital of $1,000,000.
Partlfn requiring Iwoiranw will find It to
their ad* nut**** to call at the c»kle«t luattr
anr ajf«*ii«-y tu battle
Oeeldental It lock. Mill »tre«»t.
Five Acre Tracts
Tract D, 5 acro§,
" 43, 5 "
" 29, 5 "
" 30. 5 "
Business corner on Commer
cial street.
|»lrrr «»f |»r«»t»rrfy In !hi
Two Choice Lots in Belltown.
2IM Coramrrfial si.. SattkW.T.
Tfcf U'rtnhm« of thr < PariA* Rail
**> olfcm fir»! fitum imtucrinvut*
*«l will well \o the i»Uc*\ ami call
t -- VASi OfVKR. R r
O|»po«ite Occidental Hotel.
Agent for the purchase,
•lie and leasing of Real
*lO9 to S3QO * v - ; "
*•* fert'v » , i c \ J or*' *>lt» *im. t.»
- h; nts WA>'tw t»r*
< fttuy «*, . \ u va»a»>' .«'* 'J
- r K ■> » :>«!
■*•»«**!, Rl.: \ * «lw
\rr<»Kxrv AT LAW-BOOK? %
CBIMI mark. Irtrtlf, *M|.
i .<rtmciKM.ro. !as4 as 4
turttlawf taw.
N4*arjr *ad I M«jn!wiwn of f-tr
'«•»*. and the Imrtrtn of < ♦
taaabia. r .aa»«-nv*i a «?*■*****- 1
tr MUOB j, p.rtrk. Fr-r»t •:
*r*Ttle arW ?f }
Kk*:k.. Front ifrutt, Wttb
K*-a» £*?«?•- and io«(l i>i«n« nejfo
tiaied. H»«a*y itir<-«s*«S. wy'^iim
- m M«. in fkwm, Fwftnr In
Admiralty, aad Sotin hil>lk Koaoaa S
and «. tiaiidinf, upntiin. Mill t!rpH.
Peattl*. W T. < owraJlidflNi fn*.
(Utf a 1 Uw fVtiaayiTan?* H*r i
.. 2, CnkiA ftlArfc. fwtric.
mruer of Fprmt »n4 « oi«iiaMa «tr<r«et*. ;
»r»ttle i
Ha* 'LU rl*«OJf. Rt*KV »f kktbl. j
t. «. ' «Bft
Mt firuli*, ('BIT Ac Prmton,
lav **Tlm at lacmwt, Mount V«?f
turn and *caftl« wattir ofUv, Vwtef-Uiiy
Bl«r> dw
w a. ft mjh% *. rw* utrn
flo«>r Ywlf r l/ary r<N»m« a<l '
jiHUlftK r, ji. lanil Oflfr
•('•n«tai»l Notary fgttfp. Hue laud*
b»«nri»t awl P«'WI. hatiiflti bo* £7l, v
»uvk T. I
rnlM lauilK. < Utiin* asa'i)*( tt»«-
l iitt«*«l and tt>*frartit:*. K<m»iu £*.,
I'ltion Bl'w k
law Koiftna 17 adi] 11, pou< in HutUl J
Inte. Kri>tat atr*-rt
<\ K. CAHK, M. I).
, rol(i|{:»l,
T\n»MA. W T
.1. A. COOK, M. I>.
( aOS*LLT!K<« Pl!Y»»fi IAN - Til I ic TV
ytMara* (iraHiff 1 *j t'nlt>*«t
Array 11**7 I'm ilir m mhh . 1 1
W, T . I»r Cook will I** lit HniiiKwli-k, t
M*»attl<*. v%frx Tburxlair an«t Friday.
Mtt. k. m. iTie b:\v\
J. I' hi Mjlllvao - llj'x V. Front I
•troH Nitroua oaidr r»« »'iinjni>»t« r«il. If
ittih*<i. _____
I >H. J. \V. IIAM I I/It IN7
■mm UN. ?•' RUEtIN \M' '.l V i M
I i»|»f ai attcuti >n iftv»-u to
diaeauMMk of th»« K*-rtito. urinary organ* anil;
rt-rfum. Q|R<*»—:CM» Front utrtn-t 1
/ ' KN'KKAI I'RAfTITIoXER l*l<r \-»
n I of th«? ntfnd, n»«rv<rti* fv>t>-m and n«.
un'i 1 M *pvfia!ly. Oflftc**— N«»" .*) *ii»l .'-1, '
I'nion Hlrl. Front atrect. Tak** aflrvator.
Trl< |»h»»i' ':>(» tlw
Dft 11. l». tiOKGAK EH,
I anfrt. i<tak<*« h «!•*•> :a!ty of i.
tlinHkw* of t)w? *'>t\ r«r n!i»l ttir-v«» Tr» at*
phvatr, rhft'iiic and *kin illwawt"*- i'.' |
nmvra ranrrr, Tumor* and u!r« r» v. it hot it
|«iu or u* • i»f the ktiiic.
offlff, rorin r Thtnl and < berry «tr*cta.
Hotira. 9a. to to 4 p w.
T. T MINi'K. M l» ii L K. «. I»
OryK'KX IN ot r.m HT-t BUH K.
T-J«*f»hNu. #V. Dr. Sliti«»r*!»
n^lni-»»<•♦*. N<».
DR. (iKO, \. RKI( K,
Juiviii.' h-funi'-'l fr* m hi* tri|» !«» thv
Kml an«t Kur«»|**, will I*' |»h**at*l to m» «*l
hi* formrr mikl olhvr* »itr*lrlti* bie
MTtlf***, nt hi* f«»nm*r <»Wrt, in tb** Y«*»l**r
Imrv Nl(h k, 8* Atlli'. T Kiflldf nr«'. «'<»r
m*r nn<l Mwrhm. dw
I>!IYKK'iAN \M» ,«»N oPKK K
I'tilon 1.1.4'k, From rtrert, fir*l tl«*»r,
npntnim. Room H».
h<»ur» -I# * *n to 12 in.; 2 t" 4 p
m.. 7to 9 y tn
K. I*. **llll. * f» ii urn - ttU4.%Kt>, * l».
Poll rill'* Blink. Kr**i*t *?tv*t I'fßif
h«»tim-'t t<• I i' hi ntid ~ t«» ■•j* m.
DR. \ ( W «l I I VMH,
IIIIYsit I\N \N|> -! iii.h»N K« »HM Kit
ly hnrvi*M I 11.-*|<it«l "»t MO.
N'XV l' 1 * Fr»»t«t
HtU'. w r.
Mr. »n» t Mi - . 1 .1.1
linn it*net*. Mcßtll HfHhiii
Mrwt, hrt n oi'ii .vno n att«i I'nivvnlt), >-•
nt (l«\ Territory-
It \ lv 1 1 Mth»KK\ i « »..
SF:\K«HKRS or kkporiv*
I \ JO. ■*>. tbir*t door, I'tilmi Block
» taMltto aMtrucM -»f lit'r t*» 1,
■sty Im»hl* In lit.* rtt) of kittle or kitu J
ifnintv ,
\H« llllh IS AND **' IKIiINTKND |
« »!» ill Y«**h r l«r*l7 II h* k.
Ft*nit Mnrt
KIMII Kit .V ri.AKli,
4M M li■ II M I ! I R*9 HT u ZHSO,
,'\ Jttnif* *t . tt»'i'iif>*i>tnl H"U'i
iI A KPN Kit »V lltM•< • •
( *t\ 11 tNP MININti »:NI»INK£R* «TT\
Stir\***«»r'» Kuomm 3» iu«l J7,
t'oloo H Wfc Tttkf rtevtof }
11. KIKIN M AN, ,
\Kt ItITK« T Kf'M . UKINI<; Bljih'K.
rnmt *.l M*-'. - *tr<« •*
Exearsioi Tickets.
Parties holding round trip
ticket". Northern I'aritlr
Kailroad iv>ue. ran exchange
same cood for return »ia the
Canadian I'aritlr KniUa),
upon application to
invHtf Agrnt Cl' K * j
—| M
Fine Japanese Goods.
M| Onuimti •»* j
, ur T r »i
II vk - El r hrt K i M:nf. •*
In,'man «V Hjii f "n! v . an-l P. I(».
* KNtn r m r;;r
W'liiti* Slniiilanl
V. \ :rc mk*» (u r*ci ««<i- «« i
.> ? HUti *" U»RIU* A XAX-.'.l*.
rrnrf I "t »ml * hrrr*
. kßitUOr IWPUt %il VN fr -I AT- j
< >
. » • .. ■ v m* m . :•» • • ■ •
IUSI. livi. 4U*KUk«#M««*•>
" i"c'Sw wsi rm Mk j
«>TTO K" 4>n * ? * : * r ' 4 rr%*>urwf *
< Hv* yxK i <rrl»» I
IkBUCI AK JISETIVi O. » AilllliMtU.l;
t\ ... "| n
iV;.r'i t-t.U ■■
W. P. BOYD & CO.
I hungrnblr Milk*, ( hnniifablr Moln- HtlkN,
Illack and Coturrd Nilk*.
PAHvUHOIXand Ht'N l' M lIHKI JIAH in beautiful cx>lorin«
jDeaicn .irul workmanahip unriralletl.
Xj -A- CES
ID exquisite d«-T»iarn and tierant profn*lon, from thr dwpa*at flounrinjf to the
narrow<e*t edyiue. Al*» AUorcr lau-v*, in delicate culorlng. for
A sreat variety In i-mhn»idiwi eoatamec in wa»h fjabrtea—tome novel de#i?m
tha*. are new and pretty.
by mail will re<vlve eareftil and prompt attention.
621 and 623 Front street, Seattle, W. T.
Home Fire Insurance Co.
J J' IIIIYT, l*r«M.'nt. J rc*TM. Tn-N^nn-r
M It HAI.I.AKI>. Vic.' I'fU't.-nt- I'. 'inuru.. st, auil Manager.
Watches. Diamonds and Jewelry.
Ami «>thi»r Kiivt-i'lmw M ilifnot I'iniKw anil Orgunn.
Our new line of BABY CARRIAGES has arrived.
They are the cheapest and finest in the market. Ask
to see them. New goods received daily. Send for
price list of FREEZERS.
- LOBE & CO.
i IN
Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Silverware.
In cr'i r i.» ,-f »!>!.• r;. In mak » f i:* ! <m tti« m. Ht of th>- t «t.v of I. I' *mtth.
I «(11 < !.'«• ,«ll tlir . til.r.- .to. k •<( J wiry. ,tr . nM. -n't- 1« ■> tiv«.
■ n<l to «t oorf Will** lh,' U.t t»rv* :m rvi-r otfc-rrtl, »o . *ll .*rlj u'ad
gvt lir-t choir*' 1 *'.«> ort.r fur «»!<• nil rval witati- owned by tbv firm.
Kire, Marine, Lite and Accident.
Do an Exclusive Insurance Business, representing 25
companies, the best in the world. Prompt
payment of losses.
H r r rr to nay or our old ounlom«-r«.
omcr In KulUr'. J«»r. .Ir»l. s»a,ll>.
The llMl ■"«» Menev Broker* of the
I >t*r.-»«»•*« l*r:T\T|OH lu: V«'Ti R« t»•£ mi*. M .-'1 mt. »U t.
•ill »• 'll. rofcf,
, , Mnfm»DMrHipri»«
i.»,Ti«r -• Siri k »m* w i««im.i.'> < ,« r -m, »■ .«
»t rste ur iOsT >o v,.r. *..4 « >•« -■-* «° »»♦•' »
m u**
Future Great City of the Pacific Coast
K tb *l» I** MOO'li H' « *•'
- -«1- •
O* h 4 „ ,t «. » '* ■"» 9 •
'•* " " U , _ t , • . . - • »«■♦* l'»1>
i aI f »V- # % , i y«• t* «fc •• •
l ' „ -mr * £' I V ».ri» f * «... «
«- * ' * h . * r ... - , ' <• ft • J * • »
c * 4 , , », fa al »i m • l « I «
« 1 ft V« I * P»«*
Complete liuei of the «ao»t de^raUe
DKtLKK 151
Holr aK«*nt<* for the erlrbrnt«-d
I. IV Snuth \ -v'ti, " «* Krotit «tr«-vt
•►•rifle Coast,
• » r*c •»
Washington Admission Bill
(iiven a Date.
C<w«idrrablr Laaflitrr Is Created
by ft Belag Kesd from
the Londoa Times Skoviaf When
EagUnd Likes aa IrUkmaa.
W«Mi9t(TnSt May 15.—1 a the sen-
Ate this momine after discission
the committee on privikgei v««di-«*
charged from any fnrtlier considera
tion of the Turpie cat*.
<>a of Mr. Stewart tlie bill
for the of Wa«!iin:to:i Ter
rit »ry as a Wale was- luade the special
order for Thur-dnv next week and
* ib-e juentiv the Mil- for the admis
sion of North Ihtkota ami Montana
were also made >peiial orders for the
»amf day.
The p»'n*k>n hill wa< taken up and
an amendment was reported increas
the amount of the appropriation
from «M» to S*MT7,«4JM *a«
agreed to. The next amendment wa
to strike out of the bouse hfll "'that in
all pension* to wi k>w* payment" shall
be made from date of »,eath of hus
band" and to insert in tin of ft the
< blowing: "That all peiuooiM which
have been or may hereafter be granted
under the general law* regulating p?n
*k>ns to widow> in consequence of the
death occurring from causes which
originated in service since March 4.
# stt>l f *hall v,<sttmen«v <s**»» the date oi
the death of the hu*hami."
Mr. Harris made the paint of order
that the amendment wa general leg
illation in the appropriation hill. The
-ame objection applies to the house
clause. but the onlv remedy in the
senate was to strike it out, as the point
did not lie against it. Alter a long
discussion. by a vote of Yeas *22. nay *
lH t it wa* agreed thja the propped
i amendment was in order. The l>em
ocrats generally voted in the negative,
and were joined by Senators Kduiunda
astti Ingalis.
The pn*position of Mr. I'ockrell wa>
agree*! to. and the bill went over till
t-►morrow, leaving the amendment
>till undecided.
The house bill to establi h a depart
ment of lalor went over without ac
tion. Ttie house bill to limit the hour*
of letter carrier-/ work to eight hours
via« pa->e i without division.
Horst PH«»« EKMNLS.
WA«IIISOTC»S, May l.">.—The senate
. hill was pastel granting a right of
* way through the ('cur d'Alene Indian
reservation to the Washington & Idaho
Kaiiwav Company.
Th? home then went into a com
mit tee of the whole on th»* tariff hill,
and was addressed by Mr. Butler,of i
Mr. Butterworth, in hi'* speech. -aid
that the palace of the law would I*'
a dlrei I condemnation of the pro-,
tective policy. It indicated to the
country that whether the tariff was
perfect or not the Democratic party
wa* not a lit in trument to p-rfect it
The minion of the protective tariff
was to pla« e the people oi our countrv
on an equality with the produ«*ers of
the old world. The protective
tariif dealt with conditions and
not with boundary lines from
these rati'>n» against which the VniHl
States held the e ugn of vantage. No
odds were V-«ked, but when tne Re
publican* found conditions which
woul i strike down our inuustrie-, and
the rate of wages of our workmen,
then they erected the wall of the pro
tective tarirf. In skill ami cunning
the American workmenasked no odds
The capital, the plant and the skill'
were here, but the starvation wage*
were not he e and never wi 1 he so
long as the llepublican party wrote
the laws of the country, Capital had
! the advantage of labor. Capital co ;ld
wait longer for its dividend- better than
lalior could for itsbreakfa t. 11c made
a compart on 1 etween Ohio, where
protection prevailed, and the State
where free trade philosophy e\i te i i
greatly to the advantage of his own j
state." He created much laughter by .
f reacting an extract from the London '
| Times dec laring that the only time J
K gland has any use for an Iri hman :
is when he emigrates to Amen a and
votes f«»r free trade, which he almost
invariably d<»es. In condition he
said that the issue has been fairly up
i let ween the two parties bt there 1 e
no juggling. Let the resolutions in
national platforms so fairly pre ent ;
the i - e that they would attest thatj
they were drawn l»y patriot i" tates
| men an i not temporizing, huckstering
Mr. Bucklev. of Pennsylvania, auj»-
ported the bill.
Mr. Henderson, of Illinois, opposed
• »♦
Mr. Stone, «»f Kentucky,favored the \
measure. li t* north. I;«• Miiti, Mid
wanted protection hut tlie hand writ-j
ing vi .i* on the wall ami the protection
: idea was hound to pans away grace
fullv l»v the effort- of the people.
Nfr. f»rout. of Vermont, compare! j
, the farming interest- of Yeimont and »
Kentucky, quoting statistic* to show '
that the eastern State was far in a»l
--! v.inee of her western rival. The only
thing" th.it Kentucky had more of j
than Vermont *ere i literate* at the j
j al<*>n* and mules and as-e*.
Mr Seymour, of Michigan, iipoke in
mpport of th*» j»y-tem of protection
'•ehind that frets which the small in
Shi-trie- of the country have !»een
! i iiilt up and become strong and pro— ;
I lie committee then ro*e and the
hoti-e t K»k a rece** until * o'clock. the
evening -essjon to be for debate on the
: tarirl ' ill.
At the evening session, Mr. Ablert.
|of Texa s|*»ke m favor of the hill, ami
Mr. Owen, of In.i ma, and Mr Jak
; won, «>f Venn viva? ia. opj)o*ei it.
He Add* the li»»t >n Herald to a
I.one Mat of l'ropertlea.
II »" 'f, May 15.—John Stetson, in
addition to owning t.»e Police News
j and <i lot Theatre an i running a bar-»
room, has late:. purchased » targe in-1
terest in the Boston lle:ald. \
him the pracli al cont/ol of that pa
per For vea r " the Herald l:a< i«een
owned hv II M. P<tl»ifer \ Comtany
Ti.e company <- insisted of '
Ha* Veil and Andrea*, both of whom
have reti.ed within av« ar A not! e ar
iimmmml Vtl »• .eel *d li-t yridty
! HM the NNr b-g m under
It : ;ne-« Manager K. I*. Wo nh, w-,;le
C «'o:«el Pal ifer i* the ilent pirtner ;
: Thr reorganization of the p «rting d—
piltMH IP® !• nnder John j
personal s jpervi-uon.
Bad Day for the i»r Mkl>n flaadi
\rw Y kk . M iv I.V—T ><"• horsemen
are looking decided.lv ginm. Hain
h.»« be**:. Jaiii v steadily. and onlv the
ij;.«d will l«e prominent in the I
fam- n- Brooklyn handicap The hit
e : *et"i.ng two on lis over an
! three <m Hani. fon* on VoJanteand.
>avny. J ve on »> i liinme and H < h
mon«i. si* on K »vor and Kl-*o«J.
' nrven on >ir !Hx«>n, on Orove
Cleveland an 1 Kaivolah. ten o * D v
M op*ie Itanhrime. Kxile. |Can ; ary.
li tr . and o*r« >Li. twelve on To ay -
and riflee <n Heiv -ieu aid Zen lon.
H»e drinun: rain i* -• itl falling
The tra k »nft an I m i<M \
g eat crowd of io» r lr. h wever, s* in
attend* • man* - la ie*. ;
The B ooidvn ha uSi ap i- t e aa •>'*-
• r ing Upir. Ha over an Bird e
tn: h«;Ti v Et.li i< also j
f.4V© itr. Xlkeoo* arul I.' II Todd
ha<e bee \ »eri?( h€*l.
The a-e* re tiled *<» ' *1! •* I -
r: r !;vr- • .r= ' .*■ I»ri: *ir»«
* wo !. Puke <•( l"o riv . J ff
-1 giar«bM;tlK«, 1
Scoo'ut rtc *. and and on-* xteenlit
Di!le«. Pry M oriopoU" won;
Jur.e *ecoad. Arso third. utnr I a
Th:r>! r*f—Oreson fir«t Raddhf*
•ecwn.i. M:r-.r>* fin>wn, cult. ih:n:
tunc U w»!.U.
j The Brooklyn han<ii< i|> *a« wort hi
Thr IUM t»y one fc njrit. Hanort-r ,«r
ond. Kiiie third: time 2.15.
Fifth w* Aamai fir»t Sine',
' Stone »te«nd. Ultif lUrv'.»>t th rJ
t:iw .V, second*.
C A VIDIAN vtrvMri:v
THe %>>>*•!»<» Unti at S» I ran
'!*«. H Ithoil tmablr.
Sis KRVM I» »,_May L.V— The -turn
A"> fr til
Vmwatfr. the >-evond «.f tht C n:i
dian P*Mr Company'* iine to arrive
at lhi» f-orl. T.f aih>wed tj dock tin
morning by the quarantincoiiieeri*. n<
trace ft *mallpOT bei;ij> found 0:1
I oar!. Thr arrival *as followed I \ a
v it iu .■»' in rale. t.} Yokohama a i.r*
rmht i-cine made of $ IS. by thr i «•, t .
dian company. and it i« raid ih it I'ii.
company intend to uihy the I'acitu
Mail. Occidental and Oriental
panie« to divide thr Chin* tra.tr wi*h
them by bavins their -teart.er-' to . h
at thi- port on their bonirirarl voyage
lefore proceeding t» N urounr, t i»u
landing frrutht an<i |>a»~c»per- here i n
le** time than at pre ent mule I>J the
other colliliantr- In |>iir>iumf 411
that plan the I»am*ie«i. which i« now
on her way from H<>n*kon>:. nil! land
here firM. It i« mute rktoxd that tiie
I'aciUi Kail and CKvuleutal and i »ri
ental companies refuse to form a j*»oi
and will meet the rut by a further re
duction in rate*.
Vote* of Kaitrua.i ttdUtu. liwr<.
ml tVr>vnl-Brtrf<.
VTvtLA \V,uT't:,v is.—Xfiirf
pre|*arations h ivi* bwn conwaent'edun
the Oretri.n Railway Navigation
branch from Kuek t«« Jl- ppner.
The .nmimwiioner to divide the
land* to the Cmxtilia LIIUIANS sevrr
endly. HA* completed hi-* LABORS ami
left for HI-* home on Monday.
The Stine HOU e lea-ed t > Mr
II UNVEIL, of Pen :letou. Oregon. ouS.IT
urday EVENING,
Tne concert* L>y the Second Cavalry
hand will shortly begin in the <ourt
house park.
Mr*. J. 11. UEE*E. of .\<lnm<, Ore
gon. a pioneer woman, died at A>h
lam! on the 10th.
A skeleton. >upf>o-el to lie that of
John Cartwright, who tnystetiously
ten ycar> ago. wa* found
at Pa *OO on Sunday, it I- thought
that lie WA> muroered for hi?* money.
In a free for all foot race at the tire
mazi -PI nic Stin lay. "Hroncho Hi.L"
won. L«eutin: K. I>. MlN^rn ami Ben.
Wingarti in the 7-Vyard rae \
I Judge (iinchard* IS regi-t rof the
lam! office. and will leave lor Phila
delphia on Thursday.
Ijirunph ern»r the Oregon RAIL way
X Navigation company will L«es;in new
to eondemn a righfof w.iv
tlroiitfh the Eureka II.«t.
Charles Hrowu was re!e »-ed from
the |»enitentiarv on Monday after
-ERVING a term 01 eighteen for
hor-e He WAI immetliatei)
turned over to the military authorities
i as a deserter.
frank Fielier U ill IM* ap}M»ir«ted pen
itentiary clerit v»« e A. H. Thompson,
KRNEST CooVv, eonvi« te«L of
>t aline, and Char es Hall, mnvu-tcd
frrand lareeny. urrive<l ;tt the |»eni
tentiary to-tlay iroin I-ineoin » >.
.I.rry J. iHihenv. of Seat tie, I> here
on a visit.
In an .K ident on the Northern Pa
cific at Sprague ON Monday si\ lox
I and two rtat cars were wrecked, hut
no live-* were 10-t.
The continued LARK of rain < AUS;»S
DISCOURAGING cn>p re]>ort-« in thv Kast
Orepon counties.
It I- helieved here that the OREGON
Railway A; Navigation MILL haild not
ordy TO*l.ewi-ton L» .TON the comple
tion of tlie Sna e river hridjfe they ill
lea E the ferry and will EXTEND the LINE
northwa.d on the oKt »oad to Pamp T,
i connecting with their Palou e hraiu h.
Cre EN V I iriven to the r. J>ort tiiat
the O epon K iilwav A Navigation wi;l
not n.:ild thio «gh T! irc-a t lit T«» Wal
luia hut w;ll join their main line at
PRESE T. tt. Karne t E MITS are making
!to that end hv prominent citizens
1 1.0.0
The May musical festivals commence I
hereon the IMb i'Wtant.
The Northern Pacific railroad satis- ■
fa« -torilv explains their ref i*.d t«» allow
the distribution of Walla Walla lit ".a
t ire on their trains, the news agent
' having full control ot such cases.
l»r. I>. S. Ua*er i- serin ; ly ill.
llids for the construction ot tlie ad
uition |»ro|»«» e l t > be b nit to tin* p ni
tentiary were opene i ti.ii afternoon.
I Th »lowe t one- exceed the appropri
-1 ations.
C(insrr«imaii l.airtl Kriuimi;iKlr<l.
I.INCOIN. Ne:».. Mav la lion.
James laiird has been renominated to
oa*res> in the -e*ond Nebraska dis
Nrtvmarkft Karr«.
L Mav la The Newmarket
1 second spring meeting opened today.
The race for the Payne takp* t«»r
three-year olds, was won bv <»a!<» r ,
i Patvhoali *ec>n 1, Sceneshifter third.
Kailruad CollUion In Riu«U.
ST. PFTERSHIBI. May l.» Kleven
|>ers«»ns have l*ee*i killed and thirty in
j ired by a collision on the Moscow <V
K<ir.«k railway.
ijurrn of Career# <• dng t•» Ru««it.
ST. PRREWBIR-I, Mav 15.— The
q ieen of <»ree e, it i* e\pe< t»* ». will
- H»n pav a three months' viot t«• this
citv. Her daughter, Prin< e*s Alexan
dria, xs\ i niarrr <»rand Duke Pa d, the
* iar's youn ;e- brother.
Invitation From Itnsala.
ST. PKTKK ai K ■ Mav ir>.---Ru»«i *
| has invited t »e po*er« to twelve
.■ del »'.i> a lo attend the A
| military man<e iver*.
Ilajid Shooting <Jun.
ST. P TK«I-M *«., M\y IV A War
stw en*'in«»r has invente*! apin ca
pibleof tiring *itty hots a min it -.
Nurx (anal niildrnd-
Pan May I.V- The Sue* canal «iiv
I i lend wi»l et*o franc , an in<rea*i"
•of ninety centime*. Ti»e rej»ort c n
jrrat date* the company on bavin.
. witho .t I<m« * lrniij in ted one «»f the
| most intent and prolonged commer
; i i ll and ma itinie cii-e* recorded in a
' long time.
Ohio Delegate* i horn.
I>%yt *, O: k). M»y j.y Th#* third
' di««t it t I 1 Mrnoe; it»«* conj? ♦»« !-»tial e in
vention n» • n tied I» W. Houk i*r
»ong e< . Wm. Ho 'man and s. k
Kerr deletf.it U» the na iona) conven
No rM«r«frr« Injure*!.
It -T •:«. May l.Y— \ telegram from
Prr-;d**nt St-onsr of lh' 8 inta Fe R oi
roid, says tii ;t n > ;>as«engers wer • in
j r xi hv the amdrnt at Fo inUie
! Oohrado that the loss wiil
t* ie-< than partial y insured
Hrtanl'* DrJlh Arri«lental.
Sis F %i.i « •. Mav l'i The in
|Oest in th-c iseof ex-May >r A. J Br)
4• ,t t* o wa 1 l»y falling n
ihe ferry «».t KoTinal la I Friday wa
lie d tooajr and t k <e jnsv «ie* uied thai
tJ*e .eath *»« •- i -ental.
Mfllrr r«Bflrin«l.
W u% T •*, Msv !."» T*>e r««» \ i
n i f W Br '*n»nj to h
me«ter l> *nye . i oloeal ». was «on
lutcu-d by ti»e -ena e t *d-i
l.tjioc la Tar I I V>ata.
\\Y*. 1 T <s, May 15 The -r-n.it*
J committee «*n tnanoe s :fbortte»l t ?
* ai man to a a dr- *oniruHUt
Ui inve t-»ratc tan matters. ihe a«
tion 0i TFI<- MNMBIMMM b N«<"- T * T<
: look lite at»o o '• r> j ir ink» th<
- land' w;th tfte prol*a iiit
f »t 12 the b<> ie *< i over t e ti i
!-• 1 Vw committee # i!
u[*» i ;nt4-
ne s i»f time will rt t tai j
to the -«na The ia-. ; .i ies w, S. ?
a t'jonaei v t * « r xtr e le.' n a
once- in fa t i "i ie a *e s ore
data hi* tl rad.* aid in a
> foaadaik>n.
N>w York Ifopnblirans Talk
THI c.tnroKMA pimrßATo.
The Drmarratir *Utr (on\rnlin »t
Y»rk th* t*re«i
-drßl-.lUHamai llrp«Mlrin« Mrrt
at HußtfnnrrT.
May J.V~The ;ate cmb
. aiitw will neri tonight b> tlx apon a
temporary organisation for the KcpuV
limn convention tomorrow. Tbfir i>
said t»l* a disposition to lailf War
ner Miller temporary chairman. £x>
. Senator Ark ell favor* a
oi 'the n.»ti'»na! delegate* for IVjpe*
He want* lVj*v» to t-e the ean iidate
of the tie legation c.ntil he is nominated
or until it i* clear that the we-tern
<ate> will not have him. and then he
would have Depew arie ami turn the
delegation over *oiid for Blame. t here
i* ilereluje 1 among Blaine'" whilom
ami even hi- present sdhereni* an im
patient petulence at what i* termed
the harrowing tactic-. by which many
delegate* feel that they are leing kept
in the dark or being raided a* to
whether he i* a candidate. The state
ment i* made on good authority Unlay
that Depew will not attend toe con
vention. tienend H'i*ted an t mmy
other* oppose any formal declaration*
or roiumittittgof the jurty at thi* con
Thoma- t\ Tlau mvt he see* no
erfort will i f made to pledge the dele
gation for any man.
The Aenlrmy of Mn*le i* (
Nm Yoks, May I.Y- The iVmo
rratie state convention to chw)* dele
gate* t«»the St. l-oui* convention w\h
• ailed loonier at 12:45o\Kvk in the
Academy «*' Music, and Frederick K.
C aide it was cho>en temporary chair
man. The building tva> vrowdel with
prominent Denun'ratv
Condcrt, in taking the chair,
made a brief speech. lie said 'll>w
different i* the *mtlook U» what it wa
even with our sanguine lu»i«e- of !>*d
Then we could only make promise*.
Now we can >tand u| on fact* and «c
say to all our felloe citizens oi thi*
, country to whom we made pledge-,
p> <int a aingle one that we have brok
en. AppSaue. You were tokl that
tie l>i iiHx raU victory meant finan
cial di*tre-s and ruin* Look aliout
you now when ha* our name been
more honored at home or abroad.
When ha- our treasury been guarded
more intelligently or honedly. I a*K
what promi-e we had broken or
pledge- we left unfulfilled. I leave
you to read the hi-tory of the la*t
three year-. Iti-ca.-y to dr.tw up a
platform and prate al>out moral
: idea*.**
The >]H*aker sjioko in tern** of prai*e
about the courage and 'honesty of
President Cleveland a* cxampliticd in
hi* tue.*" ; ge.
At the . unclu ion of Chairman fon
der t'* a Idre— the u*ual committee
were ij*pointed ami a rece-* wa* taken
until 7 u'cha'k.
At. A ISAM A ItKl'l lil.lt \NH.
Active i mite*t Itrlw It la I tie su«l
Sherman Men.
M -nT'. mi:ry. Ma.. May IThe
Republican convention wa* called to
order at noon to . y. \ colored man
named St -ven* wa* electe « t -mjH»rary
chairman and made a long speech,
lie urged the nomination «»f .i full
ticket. He denounced the federal
office holier* in Alabama during the
term" of Have*. tiartiel 1 and A thur
.js politic d reikis along with the Demo*
• rat- in the sen di % t • keep free negroe*
ont of their political right* The - oil
vent ion is composed of three hundred
delegate*, one-fifth white* and t ie r«-t
colored. There i* an active <*ont. , *t for
delegate* at large to the Chicago nm
vention l>etween the Blaine and Sher
i tunn atiherent*.
The convention wa-* a *cene of wild
ilijn»rder all day over an attempt Jo
-e it a tem|K»rnry chairman ii> the
place of Steven*. Finally Steven- va
cated the chair id favor of Arthur
Bingham, chairman of the executive
committee. The Sherman men
that a trick l»a* l>een played upon
The National Com ratlin i« tailed
to 4lrdrr at I Inclnnati.
( it'tn*» \t May I V The national
. convention oi the I'm >n la or l'.-irty
was called to order at noon in Odeon
ll.dl with twenty-eijrht State* icj tc
rented. S. F. Nt»rton.of Chicago, wi«
U tem|x»rary chairman. After
the o|*ening address and tlie «p]s>int
merit of a committee the convention
ad|<»'nrned till - o'clot k. It i« clear
that the chief diificult> U-fore the con
vention will l«e the preparing of a plat
i form.
The ker" at their confer
ence last night made but little progress
toward merging into the new party
The drift of sentimeut was in favor of
holding fast to the name and leading
principle# of the organic ition. The
I nited Labor faction show more
anxiety to combine but their cardinal
principle of land tax is repujrtiant to n
c eater j»c»rtion of the I nion
At 1! o'clock th'* delegates of the
Cnit" i Lalair party were calle»l to *»r
. deT by John Mackin. of the executive
c'«mndtte**. There were no conte-t-.
Wm. Bagiey, of Kentu ky, was «I t
ed temporarv «h airman ?«nl e -or ted
to the «hair by Mr Cow I rev and
l»r Mc< dvnn. C. A Kenny. »»f
Kansas, and John F. Iluiscan.
,of Michigan, mere • then elected
Secretaries. The temfn>rarv oifher
were then made permanent, and th«-
•*omuiittee on platform, one from each
•*t it«*. w.«* aho-en. The chair was au
thorized to apjwiint a «*ommittee of five
to confer with the I nit»n Labor com
mittee with reference to the union o
th«* two conventions.
Adjourned until to morrow.
The <4nflrr»«Ut* Nominate I'.elta
l.ofkwimxl for l*re«ldrnt.
I Moihib*, May t.'« The conven
tt nof the e*| t d right* party mei in
th .:v■ th» ■ afteriKion and was calletl
to order Mr- Nettie Siuford
♦ hapin •»:' Marshal Ho mn.« airman of
the nitionl committee Arrange
ntetita ha J leeu made *o that dele
irate- ana 1 le to at end «*«>uld -en i i»al
ot* by mail. The c«»nventi«»n pro
• ceded to <-<>unt the allot of tho e re
;ve»l with the foih.»wir:/ re «dt«
For pre ident of tin* I nit*»»l
?»tate». B-dva A. I>» k» <od.
of Wa -bington, ami for vice-p e ident
Mfred H Love of Ph;I» iephia. r»-
»eived 310 vote# and w- re
i -minate l There were to v»/tes *tl
t« i f for lUain - Allist*n. CHil
ton. I> Fi*k, I3txftbeth Cady ManU»m
> «an II Antbonv and other*. Tbe
convention a*h ided a plat'orm favor
in; - dfra.e and twn*i <n* ft*r a I needv
.«,! j.-,-. a*ei -ador tariff Kith free
jnt % r«d I mVr anl a repeal cf t i
fax «*n k v snd U# v a ■o:r d ' r<-
i trk<i k8Bil;r:4!i )ii. Ttse. onventi >n
hen adjourned .*ine die.
Th<> *it&U < moiU n %®%etnMe» at
!/>• Aiff^lH*.
Lo- An tit* May 15 Wk n the
D-*m'»r»!ii r ate c nv*Mi . net In
Hax-.rd*' pavj ion. at I *) « • •«ck his
i after ?nw»n, th- hid wa
' cr w 1 ■»! frr*m |*;t to «1 m *
li BL M ndi-ci. 1 4 ai»n Vr*'*i c
1 ni mtn tied a»«*t 11 F De!v.» ie, "J
and ti- ejec*i >n wa* jatJe onaxi m*j*<
J '•> K . iumjtion am>.l . Wrjnu.
\V K?y* an,l Jjm ~. V *!. o
."■'ii Kr.iiwi-cu. ai>! John T IV»\ le. o!
. Slivlu.n. tmrlfttnl Irn'jxinn -er
i rrt.-< rvr.
After the a!ipoint!wnt hv the chair
man of comtnittre* on erftießtial"
platform an.l resolution* ai*l pernt..-
. i nent orjranuation. th* convention >l
- until tomorrow. aivt the ■
r i-'ilr- left oa ait to j-a »ta
0»r for RUlne ami Om» for («rr«h>m
1 St. 1.-'t - May I.Y Tlw fJeventh
1 V r»ri.tr 1.. !V RoV-in
m>i t*» thf n.ttion*l nwTprv-
CHMP I"« for <irf>lwkia *!ui ihr
1 Other fi>r lUainr.
\ti«4f*<ari ItrpnMir^nt.
SrtMUt. Mo Mav 15. Tht* Ilrp V
11 -ui w.i- rtJvlto
or>;<*r at i|v m. ll«»rrr\ LamN «•«
ma ir ttrraffctrarr chairman. t* r
aj»|» »inlment* » omm lUvi Ihf con
vfM-on a»l}<>'im«si until ."*» p ?«
folorttlrt Kt'ittiMimn*.
M,«y IV. Thr <\U»»ra»K»
RfpuWi<a» «U\* '»!h»« wet at
ttviay t*» iu»minate 'lrle
cato- T »thr national (\>nvrntii»n. 11 >n
H. V W 1
tt» or.!»»r at 1»» in a
hr O'Uhnfsl th*» work
i*yrr the rujiv.rTi«>n, Xilran
K>!wai\N WA" |vrntanrnt
oh:.i'i»tan. nn! Hon. T. N >i«»v<»n
•**N rrtar\. thrn aj»-
pointn), an i the convention |<h»V a
re» r«.*. at .'5 On
the f«»Uo.vin>» were
\\ R \V..| • m W \ Hamin, » W
Win«U\ T. \V. !1- u -*Tt. r M. Dt>u
altl>4>u an.i J. M. lle!»4ier^«»n.
lrr»«finK f.»r thr M. f«a
-\*l tv Y >v.k V.w "■ TV- <r{") ':?■• •■
,«»f -even vl by the N t:.»na!
IVmorratic r tunke t.
ranjjrm fur the N <tk>nal rontrn
tion nut here twlav. W. II llaninm.
of iVmnerti. ut. jwhlel. The eon>-
jjiit'et' *eleete«i !l«'n Hi. liar 1 J
Hri rht. of i ntliana as rjr» ant at
arm*. an«t t'.ipt. I>an. Able, of s«,
%v * ehiel ♦l*>i»rkt'e|HT. of thr
iVmoeTatii National cor.venti »n «t
St. lA»ni-«. Tho«r will
Ik* - ii' : o tto the approval OF the IH-M
!• '.iti National commit!***. wht« h
will submit them to thr convention
lor ratification.
>nllor Hrwtrnrr«l to
S n I; w > o.Ma\ 1A • irence I
lire ta the ship Hrua.«el« with 4'harlr
K. Ba< hn»:tn. wa» venUnceti to titt cn •
> imprisonment at Folium totlay
Vr«tfl I. i tv«* 11 «•«! ft>r Hnl\ngr.
S\n Fkxmi*' », May I The own
er« t>f the tWhinu "teatner I' S. iSmnt
h.tvr lihelle l the John !>. Spreck- ■
rl*» lor «ialvav»v The I S. (irant towci
the hritf t»fT Mile litx k la-t month an»l
t!;e sjiiltvr'- place her value at $iV*M
ami her carjro at f
Klrr tn lam Anfrlrt,
l.o* Axifi.o*. Mav la. Fire toda\
ile"trove*! Hro e'» k'rwerv. Silve, U<r
oi-r »V Mall I'to's sal«H>n. K«»utza«in «V
♦ iiSkryV tailoring atnl
t»thcr -m ill huil'tin*.'-. Total low sl7,
»»; insurance
\mrriran Con«nl Mi»r«lrrr«l.
Sw Kkw - May 1*» The New
Zen I ami IleraM of \ i»ril l«*th. re eivei
jr« in -lean rr Maine ia. <*ontain> an
a»voun! oftlie m »r;ler«»f the American
i«>n- il at Nrw Hritain. The
of the Inland hail U*en an 1 )
thev n"ke«l the «H»n»»ul to arbitrate. Ilr
wa- attache.! I»y one «»f the party an.i
ha I a narrow e« ajx\
thnrtidi the l»ru««h. Thr natives kept
after him, an«l finally kille i him.
Northrrn ISiiiltvjiy i omjiMiiy .
S\cknmkm>. May l.*» Article, RF
incorj orati«»n a?i«l c of all
the railroa.l- i»i Northern California
ounel or hrrrt«»fore lea e-t hv the!
Southern Pacific, were iilel in the of-J
liceof the secretary of state Unlay. The
r«timaUsl lenjrth of the roa«:> ii
miles The name of the corporation i
Ntirtliern Kailwny Cotunany of Calt
fornia. The capital t«- k i-*s:*'i,l7">. l>, '>
of par value of ||i*» per share. The
.lire tors are l«elan«i Stanford,
F. Cr<« ker, W V llnntimrton. Timo
thy llopkui- ami W T Smith. Thr
principal place of liiiMms is San Fran- j
ei*< o.
i:«llrrta«l C'a*e In Virffinia.
Ku ua V.i . May 1*». I*re*id<»nt
an«i r. I'. Huntington, of the
t'he^apenk#'*V Ohio raiiroa«l, are here '
t » attend the foreclosure pr»M ef.ltii|ff<
untler the r«»:ifrs ion of judanient to
Huutiuiitoii for #l.7*» *». Adolphu««
r Whitomh. of l*:»ri-«, representing
him-elf and other laifgr U»iiiihoi »er»,
!<• aNo here, lie will a*k to la.* ma le
a jmrty in the ca*e for the pur|«o'*e of
re«i-*tinj? th«* f«»re« l«Murr and *ale of
the road. It in stateil th it Whit -omh
will prono-e to pas the i;i'lehU*tlm*« =
of the roa<l to II tintintfton.
Thr Tjngler Hrlllrmrnt.
\V M iv !. r > \ rriMeme-
w;ii delive e I fii* iiHirning from
I'rytwl Co'Hul la*wis «| Tnn
imit*. saving tii.it -dl of dla
.iifrwment l»etw>"en M ro«*e<» and the
t"uite«l States hive lwen nrttle l and
that he his pnine 1 ali the poiutn eon
tented for.
( aiitlle Kurtorjr Iturnrrf.
( ill* Miv 1"». I'he eandle f ie- ,
tory of Fitzgerald .V '"inpany han
liee'n burned. IANW
Annual M»fllii«.
W\(-i!is< To*. May !.'» The Amerl
< ay \Voiii:*i;'n Baptist Mi *ion So» iety ,
had itx •-leventh annual mertln.: here
t'iday. I heri fsirtn of the ms'retary j
and trea-ur«*r wi-rr read showing that
the MM'iety 1* doinpe ini|»oftant work. ;
parti ularly in the n »uth
llralh «*f Hriilini*.
Mav 15 Thin montiuir
aft r a painf il illne««. of i\ we -wn, •
An Irew llenllne. of the tioii<force
of th»< city, ili'-tl *t hin home. The
. created was a native of tlfifon and 1
almnt 4- year* of apr ll** hi* Iw-en a
me 111 IST of the p(*li< a e fort** f««r ten
ye Ir* and wan n-rally re-js*' te l for
hi- integrity, etti i«*u- y an I hin p«sel
nature. The .:ea 1 olff«-erwhen in IMMMI
health wei<rhr*i about '».*u ponndn and
w;o nat ire-.l\ t- rtsHsl the
'1 mUi ' or "t*ahv" <»f the f*»r« e. *iw
intr to hin jrre.it weight and stae. The
f uieral wi I ta e |4aee on Thursday j
under the a i-p» the Iridrpemleut
Order of o*ld Fellow- (irand
\rtnv of th* ItepuMi. of whit border-
Uridine h%l t>eefi a niem»s*r.
( !•«• Uprerkela ami Ml* I'twais.
PHI: \MUMIT May 15 The «*«lr of
|»r»pertv Ht th f*H»t of Keetl -tr»-et to 1
1 lau* Mpreekeln wa-* diully eon-um-1
mate*l ;»t n-»«»n Uiday, Mpre- keh pay
ing th* eof th- purcha«e monev
ats»ui WtX***. Mr ,-pre« keln -aid
Ihi' "The money in p&id j
and th** property 1» ionjr to me I
—hall RO .»h«" el with the work and
Imrd tie refinery a ***»n a- jK»ssihlr.
I expert V) hare »t in operation in a
year '*
Kiver an«t ItsrHor Amendraeat.
W May 15 SfntorHtan- j
f»rd today int'od neil an ante id men 11
to the propu r*l river ami harbor «p I
propri >ti MIL aaakin< an appr«*pna
tin of flOD.nrofor the improvement of i
tf*r har!s*r at San
Huildlng f »r Oaklaii'l.
W%-»fi*oT"* r Mav 15 - HemtirHtun
f< t from the conimittee on p it'li*-
? u;Uiin?n ai:*t jf*o tn-i«. t «lay rrporte 1
| favi> a Iv a Mil to aj pr«»t»ri tr $ .V\<m
for the ere tu*n of a p building at
; Oakland. i'.Jifomia.
Thr tmivrtaa IrMtem»ltjr.
W May 15 ** r? Kv
art* t-»!u i' tr««l ; e 1 a re^du
> !.•» 1 a thoriaiti?.' t e pre » ent, in
■*f ft al fail re of the uipi -rnatir e tort
to «fle t an a-ui-'at/e -»t.i*mer*t, to
take * tch *»tJie m*-an ire* a in bi'
j uAtm nt nn ee to cot-e t
an tade unity from tfK* Ve e* elan
f*. t pi.' - tiierit to jo «-r< « tti -i yt e
iriun el i'i t rn t a t«po tat >n ■«» -
pn ,v *4 N*"* Vo?- *' 'ei-oti o; tie
U'f'i lr mit re ant #mpi«< - mrnt n
war (> that rompanv a *l*>atners Jleru,
Hi.u F«f nan , S trianbythe Ven-
I exueian leiiifrereota in l"CI.
Thr Tendency is Toward
IHm% t%n« Hhai Our run «.f Ht %W-
C»nlf»ti. n rmpmiM- M iaiy
»»«• Other tlran<hr« of i hurrli
Work are to he f . mMnett.
MKtn>mi*r r<»\KKKK\r«.
Kovrvaataallna au.t I nlna ef Metfc
o«U«t (hnn-hra Dlwaun),
N«W YO«*, M«t I.V-AI STXUY'a
*>«»k>n of the Me'hoh.t Kpj.tt-i.pa/
.MnVrtn.*, HiUiop Amlrew* occupied
the chair. The mil catl of the, >n
leronoe W t-t-lkrn np .m l u Wil ,
i trtl thai thi« shoul I I* the UM ,-a!|.
Ik ollt'TV lik rr-i.'' tt.-I
• n « '» r "tfn !in„- iti i iirv a, t > the
t«l*n «n .» j .-iiir a tni .n \|oth>-
ili-t l.|«-cop»l ch<ttv:t »t;i| further,
.-m i inchi lf the A-.icri m MethmlUt
Kpi> .tpal ch'ir h .m l ail }», imlt»rie»
of Mrln.> ti<m in the m uil v. lie
ferre i t<> tin- r.mn>itft>e oi *t <t«« of tU,.
T.u» report ..f »■! ' BPiicri! r -nfcrvm-A
. .imiii..inn 0:1 the c «!>» liUtim, uni
li. iti «n an.l ror >n of th»
<-hutvh I*)wvhl«kv< ».w hantlisl in
ami «»• » tone I i«u ii. | tlr\»i» The
report rec,.nn>«n.ie I the r .n>iilera-
Ifon of Ihe niit.nm.iry ..Vietv ,'(
the i h irch ant the |)u\| of f >ret)fn
i* IWIV. rh»ii»<iirntto«ti|
Uic NtarU ut l*uuat mn.aia tut
"Wft rTt.v«h> i ktv in 1 the ciin-
M4|,lati'>ft of the . !hk.| uni in
Inrt vi, i tv t up, l|
w•« tl« . .rwwuW'n >od that a com
iflH-i.m !*• app >inl«sl ty tictvrniiiM*
what pr,tp rty h -1,1 to the mi>*,ionarv
«h >ll iv i' <nT> ye.l I > the laxtnl
of home mi.-n.n- an 1 church rum
-i >n. an,l «IKO I ' make (in or IUI.IO
of thr m*-eH of the so. tetv.
Ot KKN or TI«K PACiriC.
The riae U F«>nn«t •«» l»#
Sertuunljr Injuretl.
S\N May la Th#
steamer Ovteen t»i the Paclli' w;n
on the ( UHMI Iron Work* dry
«hn*k t»wla> ami the marine surveyiwp#
examine:! the hull, ihry fo'tml her
platen somewhat %'.%• i •-.! in one place
aUv.it niii>hi|» Where the vessel
ri'str J on the liotti>m of the hav nt
Tort llatforl the entire ship*.-. U»t
torn, 1 eel aft'i all, i < rt u he I up ahont
four iuche* A nit ni »e frame-* are
broken, 'the in] rv I »tin* ked i*
riou«*. To repair it an.! *lr tighten out
the U»ttotu «it the vr> el « II t ike fully
two weeks time in thf ilry n k anil
will neces.«itatr the removal of the
ship's t'oiler*. It eitituiUk) that
aU»ut v i\ w.-ek* witl! l»e re pireil lit t>r
«lcr tt» lit the steamer for sea.
lltHEltll.l, i.wtr.^.
Ho«t«n Whit** t hir»c» t moert lfiilly.
Ilftri'lt Uomii* thr St*n«il<»m.
Cmmmm'. May In. Cleveland 7 T
CtJti ts> iii, Mav In. Cincitkliati S,
\a> isville 1
Fiiii. inr.rentx. May IA.
Athietj. s 12,
lMU\N\r ii May IA. There wai
no game today *m ' «» nt of rain.
ST, I. i«, May 15. The v t. l.oni?*-
Kannas ftity tine waa on
account of rain.
h *r »N-« iin vo ».
Cun %<io, Ma\ I'i. The
Chi .\£ »a fearf I «lr .1" in>; t«*day in the
piewu*e of !*>»» > l»e taton*. The
r rtmn \\>Te wr and mj t.lv. Van
llattern « «. I i .'o nothing with the wv!
I all an Ihe frll an i asy pry to the
liean eaters. 11 m s ipi«ort w»i i»«H»r,
t(H», Clarki«on w.t hit hard enough to
win an ordinary game, hut this wa*
not one of that «;♦ * riptioti. It waa
calletl in tlie nirth inttiugon a< ount
of rain, fk'ore: Chi a*ro lto*ton JOa
rinxwßii-vrw VORK.
PtTTsm au, May 15 After .1 hard
route t of eleven today. the
umpire « ailed tin* •. ami- with the • ore
nt r IW.tli |»it• her* «!i«l eieellefil
work, and for the mo«t part the Help
er* did an well. Heore; Pittsburg 3,
Ne* York .1
lirTtAfT- WA«tltMTOfl,
DKTROIT, Mtv 15. The n»l«l, mi*er
ahle weather Unlay kept the audience
down t• a iinftil n lmlvr, The home
tin hit 1 tie v 1 it vert hard, «ml
Palv able to do very little
avafimt them. Score lK*troit 11,
Washington 5.
lloniU llouglit.
»s. M IV »•"» Ilond nlTera
to l.« y'were f I .MW.OOn Th - "m ret iry
of the treasury ac *epted f l t **»7,***>.
litH Anjreles, Cd., p r opo*#s to pay
it" aldermen per month, ami re
quires that they *nall not enfuce in
any titivate bttainea*during their term
of office.
The Iterlin correspondent of the
New York Hin «»a\ * that PrkWN
Ileatri« e wit the '-|»e uicular pallia
tion of the ho a" 011 the »h*« anion <4
U ii-n Victoria** vi*lt to the emperor.
The Kn 'li li itfiftifiH U very short ami
weigh* # 23 d pound*.
Prince-s Wilheimtne. the heire** to
the !>utch throne, i* Ulfif educated
in a very democratic way. Her tea«'h
em a*e forbidden during aehool boQff
to nddre*a her a* "your royal high*
nr*n, M or even "prinee *h»* la
sometime* allowed to j lav with "strwt
children." Hhe i eight year* old.
The Chinev colony in tTiieajw con
-i«t•* of lstiHo. of whom only two «'•
woin' a n. Ah) it Hllof them are mer
chant*. *ev»*ral of whom have fortune#
of SP»M<>O to f3flO/Mm. Four firms
(leftiinif in tea. eolfiee and Chine e icro
c**rtes have an < t| itai of
For fifteen year*, I*7? to IM7 inclu*
aively. the f'nited htatr« furnished
more than one-half *d the a rain aiul
Hour *»ent to Kr«rl wd, the relative pio»
|mrtii>nii frotn the four i < untile* fur
ni hinjc the main ittppHe* l*»ing aa
Per rtmL
I'nitrd Htaten W.I
Il>i*»ia. .... - lif
India 7-J
Their three competitor* i f the
State* have toge titer only
2VI pe* n-ut average*! for 1 decaflß
and a ha'f. while f»re'e*e » ly 'nth* af
IDH7 there wan a «harp e« line fr »m *■
three, the Ini'.el Mute- advan butj*
the proto ti n< f 'A f«er rent. Tm*
lnrrea«e of eiprtn to « n -ti o. tlirta
eotupi lied t» pay i a h .'n tr »d of WP
M |»re J ere •• *• titrwle aith J»
her own empire i* eviden e<' *JML
direet and • riae' 1 « omt»
our wheat grower* with
other country. K
A L»NG frit W»MI
[Ht. l'<» t ! I }a!*
The New Yori. Jejddatfi* h
the • ill Up exe lite m*jr »e er
t i ity A'i wh!< h would
iMfhtniiif U» tfl e New Yor' '#
, ler- wou d eome nearer
feSt want
Cctrl 'U« Inrf"*!. WEE*
{5 Y. Po*.f
T i»*
t! K ».» "i
, t:i»- 1.:,-*h»- • o;?i th»* i.»- '*
; devoi<l of e ei.* th
fire areii beo i' *i.
«ttop -j'ue u h a ma »
th h« .i «. / • »"J P
I e t t* 1 -IJ' ? h J'
V 1 lm r r! »*pf» th^M|
of ■ I 111. I'iA tt= vlt" to

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