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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, June 17, 1888, Image 8

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glial "■ ■*> »«■*•
r*rtr at «*• MmtHrmmm mt
ftmm. 9. 0- *!*»-■•"• Warm
ft« ■MWIot'I lamem*.
NrtnenrUle Jaalr }f^ r „
<-haa« w swiflly fleetmg.
BtJB alone and Iwn w
Maidens **ve m«
Hot they all have passed me by.
Lmw't dream now seems but a bobble,
Xoon or late it s •nre to bun« ;
What I wovider. is tin trwoUe
1 would gladly know the worst
I *ai yonngand fairly handsome.
With • loyal, loving be»rt:
Educated, raodent. aad some
think that I ant "smart.
H:I1. alas! I'm eirht and twentv.
Awl no maiden has proposed;
gweet girl friends I have in plentv,
Bot to wed they re not disposed.
Bo I'm clad that leap-year's gotog.
it will be ended unite,
Then 111 have a better showing—
-1 11 purpose on New \ear* night!
c-i/wacscEiii'VT MBUS*
A iarre audience a»-emt>le.l hi the
*paciou« s hoot rwrti** of the Academy
of the Holy Same- on Friday after
noon, to li-ten to the omimencement
•xert-ise*. The day » .dadt and
alorniv. bnt many bright, eiriwh faces
and fre-b white together with
artistic doral dccration«. made a
cbeerfid and pretty pu-tnre. There
were but two graduate-. Ml— Mar>- J.
Free-e. of New WeMnuw-ter, B. C.,
and Mis» Margaret Hayes, of White
ri T*he »>egan with a piarw
sextett from Ho-fui's " itarbier de
Hevilla." performed by Jlissw Free*.
Conner. O'Britw. Masel. MsMuney
and Msuon. Then Mi« M.
In a clear -weet voice, deliveretl the
aalntotorv. wbi h was followed by the
chorus, Wejovfully greet you." Ming
bv the entire si-nool. The nextnuni
her wa» a double piano duett by the
Mie-e* Mayel. McKinney, Freeie and
< lerns from nature s casket was a
recitation by the reconl ele-.ition
cia— ami wax well reodered.
. The juvenile roundalay »ung l>y tlie
primary < la>«. was atingby aii in«tru
meutal <|uartet bv the Misses M* Nam
era. Munson. McltenaW, Young. She
han. McKinney, Uutfack. MrKed
niond. < armichael, Font-, >a»h and
Kttaulding. The young ladies kept re
niarkablv goo-1 time .and <howed the
effete of careful training.
"Jielf-Sacrifice, the E«-enre of Hero
ism,' wa- the subject of Mar
garet Hnve*' et-av. The young lady
han lied her sul>ie< t in a very .'lever
manner, and read with much expres
*ion. , ,
Twelve young ladfr i then -an g the
quartette, "t'ome \\h l, re the I-:fie
ri loom." "Bondo de t terny," an in
struioenial trio, was ptayetl by the
Mi—e- ll«ve<. Bhu U]r. Connelly, Ki*-i
enbeis fiard, Tvsle, Ffeesc. Font# and
Arnold Tlwn followed "Little Marv's
Wish." a concert recitation by the
pritnarv cla«« s. The little folk"
neettied to enter into the Kpirit of the
piece, and gave it great expression.
The piano solo. "Romance," a
trainer ft >tioii from A'-chcr. was finely
rni ule<l by Mi— Fretse, who i« a mu
ilcian of much merit.
The next number was "Paths to
Happiness." an allegorv. Each of the
two path*, that of pleasure and that
of Wi-doin. «i< repre-ente«lbV aqueen
with her follower*, ea. h having a ban
ner with the anpropiate motto. 11m
one wa* "Measure's l*aths are
Bright." and the other. ••Wistlom't
Wa>» are Meanant." The |>oor I'il
griiii aa« idly pnxzlerl which of the
tw» to follow , but « i- finally per
raaded by Conscience that Wisdom's
path »*•> the o:d> way t i happine«».
•'Man-he diw Tambours/* a piano
duet, was performed by the Mi--cs
t onncr, OTlrien, M Kinney, Fonts,
Mn-el and Ki*enl>ei". Then Mi*-
Mary .1, Freeze, the v.ilc.ii tori.m, in a
few well i hosen m ird*. bade farewell
to her teacher- and schoolmates.
Alter itie diploma* ami medal* hkl
beeu conferred on tbe graduate* atnl
tbr Coronation March and distribu
tion of tlif
with the cn »ru 'Clasp 11 And". l>ear
Friend v Farewell," in which all the
pupils joined.
The friend* and natrons of the Aead
rmy of tin* Holy Same* may well \*e
pleaae I wltn ttk' work of the Winter*,
the result of which wa«« 'early *hown
l»v the way in which earh young lady
did lie? part and the Interest which
•'▼en the tinfr>t teemed to take in the
In one of the iweeption moms was
an art exhibition, the painting- and
embroideries of a number of the pu
pils l»e!ng displayed and calling from
the v.Htior* many favorable >m
4 M&ttoftAftLK IVt*T.
An event which v%sll long l«e reuiem
lered with ttiore than the ordinary
degree of jtlfanure l»\ the society peo
ple of Seattle *a> the elegant l artv
given at the residence of Hon l» <l.
Struve on Thursday evening in honor
of Miss McCrackeri. of Portland. who
has for muf time visiting M s*
htrov* ami Ur. struv •. of ••emuny,
who is for the first time visiting hi
brother. Hon. 11. 1 • Strove. Mr and
Mrs strove ire famous entertainers
and when the invitations for the (tarty
of Thursday evening were issued. it
*a- known that the gathering would
be «le* idedh the event of the aeason.
A glan e int » the ap.nioi* parlors
of Mr. Strove"s rwitleno'ThnrsUy
evening would have revealed a charm
ing •eene. I>ancer* glided over the
floor, keeping time to the perfect mea--
or* of the imumc. Here ami there were
gr\» ips who watched thr daivcer- whirl
ing near them or devuflM thenrsclvc*
to the tptiet enjoyment «»f »«»nver*a
tion. The rooms were made i-e&'itlful
uith flowers, the dec
hueh as are rarely *een in Seattle.
Everywhere dower* and plants met
the eye. and the tank <•» ro"*r>, which
covered th<* nrepiat*e and mantel of
th • rear parlor was* work of art which
«alle>i j'«»rth of delight
frofu all saw it the
KCftM was one of animate.* and beau
ty Hot ftton to »-e forjr«»tten. Itv the
upj«er rooms the J .*rntlcn.en to wltom
dan ing did m*t oiler *•„ h n Iti v
ments a- «hi«k their favorite
game, listening the while to the
strain* of mtt>i> wi»i* h asvadei front
The t l**ttes the ladies nere un
usually 2« aatuul and eieirant. Among
th.-e tutted w»rr
M - MoCr»> s'en *h < • iwl'iTf la>*
M •-. *ii; e -.irah -»li i |»f
M'-- k«(Mtt< >*hi:e .1' > t jrtrllu*
( hm* «tii
>1: < M\r* S: ker-o-! Ma> k I ~ie
|M * W r . * t
M:»> Kurtli wu !>• n-in «* e ic
Mt» \nnn M< r; t. ] ->k VrUel
Mi-> K»r;*-, Mw n in « tr i.v.f
\li-» Kuirry. V| ie hi rah
MM' Naught. ;• U<* *»hmr»
auit la v
Xlx F'.int, white lace jvnk rr>U>n«.
M;.< ii if kin|tt>aii< jwie bill* tulie
Mi-- Henry j- ite 14 e nun's rel'. : n*
Miss Ferry. I nk - ik.
M:-> Atkinson, white nun'- vesliup.
Mr*. H-dier, whitesdk rw *
met with w lute ami crimson hwraib
V* v*:
Mr-. !i» • n>M wh-le -; k ,*
Mr« M Mi. v white *iu". • veiling
Mr» Hames M.Uwcii>y *ei*et.
Mr- B irt«>n. k» k -:>k.
Mr* I'arkeek Ma>i silk.
Mr>, Hai •• black -ilk
Mr» J»r*--v s k la.-e
Mr-. Ilinttmtim. hia* k laoe and ;et
Mr*. Weed • e fcrwn.
Mr- H itret.t. Wa. k -sik.
Mr-, ki l-nffT n;'« pwn - i! k,
Mr- ."-parting white > «-hmcre
Mr-, Mici girnet >:'.k
Mrs. Wii.iixr*-. i a* % -Uk
Mr-. >trave. U.wk l>e »ao|.i. in- t
Mr*, he.! VK hi ok -Uk
Mr-. H.«v. hlt. A -Uk.
Mr-. wnun - \f. in*. j
The Bat of thnve intM iartaded
ytr. and Mrt Jobs Learr. Mr. aad
Mr*. Befly 'iateert, Mr. and X». I.etfb
Hub; Mr. and Mr*. J . C. Haines. Mr.
.and Mr*. G. M. Hsßrr. Mr. and Mr*.
G. H. Heitturen. Mr. ami Mr*. 1. S.
Wilroxen. Mr. and Mr*. A. B. Stesrart.
Mr. and Mr-. M. J. Carfctek. Mr. aad
Mr*. David KeUogjr. Mr. and Mr*. J.
r. McNsafbt. Mr and Mr-. W. A
Jnsnp. Mr. and Mr*. J. t>. Lo»-
maa. Mr. aad Mrs. Maurice McMirken,
Mr. aad Mr*. T. A. Haliadie Mr an.)
Mr*. K. P. Ferry. Mr. and Mr* T. M
Seed. Mr. aad Mr*. E- L. Terry. Mr.
and Mr». J. C. Gra*». Mr. and Mr*.
W A. Harrington, Mr. and Mr*. C. F.
Whittlesey. Mr. and Mr*. F.
G. Osgood. Mr. and Mr*. 8.
Baxter. Mr. and Mr-. A. fc.
Bruoke- Mr. ami Mr*. F. J. Grant.
Mr. and Mr* F. S. Sparling. Mr. and
Mr*. 6.6. Lros. Mr. and Mr*. G. B.
Kittinger. Mr. and Mrs. J. A- Hat
field. Sir. and Mrs W. E. Boone. Mr.
and Mr-. J F. Host, Mr. and Mr*.
Martin of San Jo*». Mr, «a-l 3tr»,
Snyder of Chicago. General and Mr*.
Kin*. Mr*. Brown of £an Francisco,
Mr* Klettber of Fort Town*end. Mr*.
Utter. Mr-. Hoc* of ZanesviHe. Ohio;
Mr*. MiHer of iHympia. Mr*. Newlia,
Misses McCracken of Portland. Nick
er-on and Mvra NMterson of Boston.
Stevens of (Oakland. Norville of Cali
f'irnia. Buckingham of Zanesvi'Je,
Ohio. Forbe* of Tacoma. Harden of
Olympia, McNaugbt of B'twro
ir.gton, Illinois, Flint of Cal
ifornia, Forth. Anna Sparling.
Emerv, Henrv. Ferry and Atkinson.
Dr. "trnve. ' Governor Souire and
Me*-r* H. L. Yesier. W. W. Newlia,
Alfred Hoi man, C. H. Kittinger. J. K.
Bothweil. E. b Homing. H. L. Loom
i«, E. A. Strout, Jo-iah t. ollin«, W. A.
Peter-. B. Felly. Herman Chapin, G.
H Preston. \Varren (iazzam. G. E.
Miller. A. Fi-kin W. T. Sharpe. F. J.
Church. It. B. AlUwtson. (ieorge Fav,
Alfred Flckerson. Jr., J. 11. I>wi*, H.
H. Baker, H. XulJe, J. Gold«niith, E.
M. <'arr,C. L F. Kelio?jr, and 11. C.
Washburn, F. A. Alfcertson.
Aptiietrce Cove, in Kit-ap county,
wa* thelocalitv of a joyous marriage
*eei« on the IRth bi-tant. when Mr.
W. P. Spaulding wa* joined in holy
wedUx-k with Mi-' Eleanor Jakins. at
the residence of the bride's mother,
who, with Mr. and Mrs, Colon Spauld
ing. were among th<>*e pre*ent. The
ceremony was jicrfomed by I>v.
John F. Damon of Seattle, after which
the company -at down to a wedding
fea-t ari-ing In time for the newly
wedded |»air to catch the Kliza Ander
son for Seattle, en route to Or *gon on
their we-lding tour. Mi— Spaulding
wa- formerly a pupil at the Cniversity.
and was a personal favorite among the
pupil*, who a!m >-t universally . ailed
her Nellie. Manv, indeed, nho join in
heartv go<j<l wishe*. would scarcelv
as-oi-iate her in their memories with
any other cognomen. Mr. and Mrs.
Spaulding will mak" their home at
Appletree Cove.
Korsc wARMIXO,
Mr. and Mrs. 15. K. t'il«on gave a
delightful |.arty to (heir friend- on
Friday evening. The event was in the
nature of a hoiise-warming, Mr. ami
Mrs. <iil-on having reccntlv moved
into their residence at 101S Eighth
-trect. The ladies wer« invite<l for an
early hour, taking tea with Mr*, (iil
son. and the gentlemen ca.ne in dur
ing the evening, thus making up the
party which participated in the houne
warming. Dancing and games enliv
ened the evening, ami it was not until
a late hour that the guests reluctantly
dispersed. Mrs. fiilson was pre-cnted
with a number of valuable presents
diking the evening, and -he. as well as
her guestwill accordingly have rea
»on to lo*)k upon tbi- event with unal
loyed pleasure.
Anions those present were 11r. and
Mrs. I. Cochran, Mr. am! Mrs. tirun
k.anz. Mr. and Mr*. Svtnonds, Mr.
Mrs. Mon. r-ef. Mr. and McCord,
Mr an-1 Mr*. Bradley, Mr. and Mr*.
Pe.-k, Mr-. Frame. Mr*. Pea«e. the
Mi-s«"< Cfv-hran, the Mi-se* Smith, the
Mi—e* Cox. and M Calhoun,
Co- hran, Myer anil l!ro»n.
Mr. ami Mr*. Maurice McMi.-k.-n
entertained a few of their friends in
formally at their residence on Marion
street on Friday evening The gath
ering v.-as in honor of Mr. and Mr-.
Ilallidie. of San Fram i-co. who are
the guest* of Mr. and Mrs. McMicken.
Tho-e pre-en t were Mr. and Mr*. H.
<i. strive. Mr. and Mr*. J. C. Halne*.
Mr and Mr- ti. M. Hal -r. Mr. and
Mr-. A. K. Stewart, Mr. and Mr*. A.
\V. Eugle and Judge K. A. Jonc*.
Mr". Charles Hopkins {rare an
elegant lunch party a * her residence,
on Front street, on Friday afternoon.
The afternoon was enjoyed by those
present as only ladies tan enjoy such
occasions. Those invited werj Mrs.
Martin, of San Jose. Mr-. A. P. New
lin. Mr-. Eben Siuith. Mrs. J. P. lloyt,
Mr-. \V. A. Weed, Mr . A. B. Stewart,
Mr-. W. I*. O'Tool*. Mr*. F. J. l»urn«,
Mr*. W. H. H. <ireen. Mrs. J. A. Hat
field and Mrs. J. F. M< Naught.
\oTrw— al ANI» otherwise.
Mr c If. Klttinger returnrJ Thurs
day from Victoria.
Mi-« He vie Cox i* vi-iting her sifter
in Taeoma.
Mr". Captain J. 11. Parker, of Olvm
pia. wa» in the city during the week.
Mr. >amuel Hunter, of this city, i*
I in San Francisco.
Mr* T. 11. Cann is visiting her
sister in Oregon.
K igene Norton, of Olympic, was in
the city during the week.
Mi-- Jennie Forbes.of Taeoma, who
has I teen vi-iting Mr-. T. M. Res i. re
eurned home on Friday,
Miss AUie llajilen.of <Uympi&. who
has l-een visiting in this city, went to
Port Townsend on Thursday. to join
tier parent ; for a trip to Vi tori a.
Thomas T. I.ittell. laft on Wednes
day for a six weeks visit to the ea-tern
1* O. Wakefield. of the university
student*. left «»n Wednesday for his
home in Chehali* county.
Mr»- M J C.»rkeep entertained a
few friends at lunch on Tuesday after
Colonel C. W. «irig**. of Taon:a.
in the city fur a few hoars on
Wedne day.
Mr*. J U. L a man and Mi-- Emery
returned from -n.voialtr.'.eon Monday.
Mrs. Stewart K Smith is at
Hon. T M Reed of Olympia, was
in the citv \c-terdav.
Mrs. M M Miller a Mr \V ' k
Miller, «»f olympia. in Seattle
during the past v^ctrk.
Stacy gave an enjoya -le lum h
at her resident. con:cr M idi
son and eleventh street, on Thursday
Mr W H tV.ieron - iperintendent
at anil -j*--i»] correspondent
for the Mn Francisco «V»ii. ■ >
-|*n<lme a few a*. - iti >e.it*ie
Mr i I'. Metsh. erf U.e R.
1 l\j*k directory rontpanv, i, m the
i !v From him we l«\i'u ;hat the
I'uret x-und ditrttwrr for tl* current
>ear i« n»w in t<re>« and that it will
- »hi be ready tor ilhtnl>ut».
N S. I'arie of Olynipia. who ha
'wt v>-« an exu-nded' triji through the
ea-terrt >ta!es. ha- re: inie l ; > the
n.l an.! yesterday 1:1 Seattle.
t>r t ale of New York, ij*m ye-ter
.Uy in Seattle. He i- on hi- war to
Victor!* to meet Mr Arm-Irons of
the tinu of H |i. < "tafiia ,v « • These
iticmen will <pehd Tu«*~iav t:i Se
t'aptain I iim Wilhams, of th« t ,£
TA. or a Was rtrieken whth par»lv-i«
*>»« it t<n etn as>». an I t'af t., n > I>.
Is'i v. <»l thi* t it; is now in
n a-">! of the tua « aj>tain Wilijata*
i- a ureat rafiw hi - face terri-
Uy arawn
Mr- ,r:-»n ,e;t v, :, r v
for her hom-,-tes-! at West I'j.-aic
where -he will rusticate f*»r a month
M \i 11 W tvlJon. v.!
r> a:i-. I are !he .Uy r
*! - ■ An cita IV lion, who ii .\t:er.u
the Aca.iarny if the llolv Nan e-.
Ii •!> ft. - !i|i,«rji-i«. H M !>,.rt»r,
"'*»( A scr ,J >- Kotwri.ani A >.
How .uan i>'> tuinent Wat;', \\. 'in-. !
were in Uk city ye*-tentiay en rvuiei
t.oiae from the meeting of the Masonic
; Grand Lodge at Fort Toraswa.
Mtww Iwßie and Bod Dorffl. of
Waits Walla, are in the city visiting
the family «.f J. B. Bros**. .
Captain F. 8. IVWotfe. Mm. De-
Wyifeand Miss DeWoife. returned
Virginia, where Miss De Wolfe has
been attending school.
Hon. John C. Coleman and hi*
brother. Mr. Edward Coleman, capi
talist- and mine-owner* of Nevada
r.f«ntv. California, are in the city en
ruoteliome from Vancouver, B. I.
Be*, <»eorge Herbert Watson retnrn
ed yesterday from a ten days visit to
eastern Wil>hiniton.
t apt. Giimore and family hare mov
ed to F. H. Whrtworth'* residence on
Seneca street hetween Fourth and
Mr. Eil. M. Keed. formerly editor of
the Takimm Se»ti-»ri u stopping at the
ladastrtoas t»*«n.
Her work with cetdle and with thread
Seemed all her thoughts engaging.
Whi-h made me jealous, and I said:
"I wish voud ifnit yoar edging."
Then when a4leh« work she laid
And love I got to pled ring,
Mv chair somehow got feet; she said:
• Now, sir. you quityonr edging"
—Detroit Fret Pre*.
DoH>c* «r a»etety Last Week—Brtl
liaat Eatertalament by the Ctrla*
I Ualld of at. take's Ckarek—Xstee.
I Tudu. June I<>.—The event of the
week in social circles was the enter
tainment given by the young ladies of
the tiirls' < iuild. of St. I.ake s church.
It- feature was a -eries of tableaux
which were nicely conceived and ex
ecute.! with rare arti-tic taste. The
Aiph i oj>era hou*e. where the enter
tainment was given Thursday night,
was crowded with the best people of
the city. The living picture* present
ed were an "Artist's Studio." with C.
J. limyser and Mi«*es Parker and
Amy Hail; "How Happy could I lie
with Either," Margery Moore and
Ma«ter< Hunt and M'insen; "A Belle
of Chili," Mi— Emily Evans; -Bene
dick and Beatrice." H. K. tJoOdwin
and Mi— llowen; "Hamlet and Ophe
lia." C. J. Smyser and Miss Ramsdell;
"Lydia." Miss Hall; "Mary and Mar
tha"." Misses Holt and Gertie Munson;
I"Migixm," Mi-*Gertrude Holt; "The
springtime of Love." Mis* Bowenand
E. E. EUi-: -The Oi l Man's Darling
and the Yonng Man's Slave," a doub
le tableau by Mi—e- Young an. l stew
art and Messr-. Pritehard and Ellis.
A game of blind man's,buff inhrhich
all the young ladies named toot part
in costume, concluded the entertain
ment. The receipts were for the ben
efit of the fund for the Episcopal
pari-h houie.
Arrangements are leing made bv
the committee* appointe.l for the fifth
annual picnic of the Northern Pacific
employe*, which will lie held at Media
next Saturday. A very great time is
A reception wa* given by the ladies
of the Central Woman's Christian
Temperance t'nion. at the Y. M. C. A.
hall. on Wednesday evening last, which
was largely attended and very enjoya
ble. There was plenty of good musk,
vocal and instrumental, hnd a general
good time.
Mrs. Tewk-berry and Miss Blake,
both of Portland, pa—ed through the
city on their way to Ala-ka. where
they will lie the guests of the captain
of the I*. S. guiil>oat Pint*.
Mrs. Judge Allvn and Mrs. Judge
Turner returned Wednesday evening
from a visit of several davr to Mr-.
Montgomery of Portland.
J. B. Cromwell ha- returned from a
two week-' vi-it to Wisconsin, bring
ing with him his aged father, who is
an invalid.
A. 1-. H imer, a retired lawver of
Wa-hingt hi, I». i* with hi- daugb
i r visiting in the city.
Hon. W. J. Thomp-on, delegate to
the Republican Nati mai Convention,
left for Chicago on Wednesday uiorn
P. .1. Mann, of Portland, wa-in the
citv the latter part of the week.
I s . 11. Kee<i. Jr.. late of Olympia Vest
n nv of Seattle, was in this city on
1 btir-dar.
John Macreidy became the father of
a bouncing baby girl on Friday la-1.
lie ha* had a imx of > igar* on tap
ever since. Mother, father and baby
are aii doing well.
Hon. El wood Evan- ha* accepted
the appointment at the hand- of the
gnverrior of the office of judge advo
cate-general of the National Guard.
i ieorge Dyer wa- the recipient of «
handsome gold-headed cane on Thurs
day at the hands of the men in lii
employ. The occasion was a birthday
y.T-. Zerelda N. McCoy.«»f this city,
ha- Ikhmi elected vice president of the
Natiomd Woman's Suffrage Associa
tion f-»r Washington Territory, and
Mr-. Barbara S. Thompson a memlier
tf the National Executive Committee.
c. M. Forbes ami family, of Port
land. were visiting in this city last
John Stevens has gone on a vi-it t »
I>etr»«it. hi- former home.
JllMge S« ar- will vi-it the Yakima
country this wet k in the interest of the
* li
Uoltert Mottau. of the|Villard House,
is away hunting in the mountains near
Hot Springs.
Judge Wingard, of Walla Walla, is
visiting in the city.
Cart. J. C. Ainsxrorth.Jof Oakland,
Cal..is visiting his daughter. Mr-. John
A. Baker, of city.
l-un White, of Portland, with his
family were in the city La*t week.
They are making a tour of the Sound.
<«ov. Sjuire t»a-«e*l through yester
da v. on hi -* v\ av ea^t.
Nlr. and Mr-. W. T. Peikham and
Mr and Mr- J. A. ltoundy. all of
Milwaukee. Wis., are in the city en
route to Ala-ka. and will take the Rkler
t»?i Monday from Seattle.
Mile** 1.. < :rft»nl has gone to Imiiana
t»» vi-. t hi- old home, and will take in
tl»«* Chicago Convention on the way.
l\t d A Keetl. of JYakima. wa- m
tli- < :tv a large part of last we*-k. and
will -«»*»n leave for St. Paul.
The Hall Ciltrn In ll<in«>r of the
<.ran«t Mxtonlrl.ndfp • Oreat Sue
-Minor Kventa—l*er«Mtals.
Pout T wv«em\ June l*». l^s. w .
I\«a' ti*s. many moon** wi!l wax and
wane again before Port Towncnl will
again witness phasing an e\*ent us
the Masoni> bail gieen at l-earneJ's
ojn-ra house oti Thursday evening last,
lu-»dfs the visiting memWrs of the
fraternity, whose attendance was
»i*nte general, over a h<indre«l eon pies
of t«»wnspeople a—emMe»l t<» take part
n the fe-tirit:e«. Many ««f the leaalng
s<k ?fty ladies donncsl rharaung co--
tames for the occasion, noticen!4e
among w h- »m were
Mm- Minnie Hastings. r*>se •'atin
lace trimmings and roses.
Mi-s Lillian Miller, rich pink mull,
cut ue.
M;-« Har.rah and Beatrice
James exceedingly tasteful white
mull dresse* a la princess, feather
•tc. 'ratiOiis
Ni;>- Kdith lVatn. garnet satin,
Ua» k l.t-e t.• j-.
M'.ss Ro-«e Shechan. V«eautifi;l pink
mull tirvss, Homl 4ecorations and dia
M:-s Km* Pavn«- white *mxin \&ith
laee trimmings and flowers.
Mrs. F W. Jaim-s. black with
All who love to step to the measure
of a tune, have only words of prwi-t*
for the ex.client moik by i
tlw» Port Townsend or* best ra.while the
ar.; :<>us d of rt«s»r manager »arr
disrharged .n a ver>- IdUcitious and
sav-fa turv manner by K A.
Kostein. The cottati .n by
Warner and tiriUo. wa» a
• -hot e aiie ami everything went merrr
as a marriage i«8.
F.-i owirijj j. a li-s of Uie !*ort Tonrn
se->.; pr. -er,! Mr-. KK. latimer
Mr- 1> ts -:er Mr-. J. K s-hwhan.
Mrs. K V." Jam.-. Mr-. I>. H Hill,
Mr-. A WVn .mth Mrs t Eisets
-I*l Mr- C. "H Wood. Mrs K Lev
»i ri Mr- W H H Uarne ! Mrs. 3.
Tucker. Mr-, ]. K. lUnltit. Mr-. J^A.
Searig. Xr«. 3. P. Trimble. Wm Sfary
Hammond. llin Eiith Beam. Miss
Elasa Pin*, lii«« Lillian Miller, Mia»
Neil* Wermout h. Slks Luct LittW
fidil, Miss Hannah and Miss Beatrice
JtaM, Xin Siffic ScannelL Miss M*r
tha Kcotrr. Hiss Emma Polfcf. Miss
i Lottie Hammond. Mi«s Daisy Uwnfd.
Miss Rose Sheeban. Miss KeUie Lewi".
Mis* Teresa MeCabe. Mis- EubyShaw.
Miss EUaThorton. Miss Anna Ki«sel.
Miss Lena Stockand, Miss Allie Hay
ilen. Miss Nettie Sweenev. Miss Qoeen
Liniefield. Miss Aiice Weymouth.
Miss Loo Stoekaad, Mis* I.itxie Cox.
Miss Libtie Trimbte. anil Messrs. W.
I. Hastings. Rer. J. B. Alexander. B.
V. C.. W_ F. Fennituore. J. W. Mc-
Cabe. L. H. Pontia-., H. H. HUI. V. 8.
Hammond. C. B. Wood. D. H. Hill.
W. H. H. Learned, A. Sheehan. F. P.
Lnftoi. A F. Learned. H. Hammond.
A. Dobhs, W F. Learned. T. M. Ham
mond, Jr.. W. J. Jones. T. >*. HaUer.
Theo. Christian. O. Shaffer. I. A
Wool. L. A. Bwstein. A. C. Phillips.
0. Calhoun. Geo. Butler. C. Eisenhe:s.
Geo. Korter. Cari Sweeney. B. L. Mil
ler. N. ii. Sweener. Arthur Attndge.
J. S. I-atimer. J. J. Stockmnd. 1-
Ei-enbeis, Jr., I'. H. Stockand, A.
Liind«troro. A. A. Plniumer. A. _H.
Wintrode. P. K. Latimer, G. B. \\ ib
lock. J. Mclntire. J. Fotdhum. J. A.
Harden. X. S. Snvder, J. Wiltes, I»r.
L. f. Searev and W. W. Wiikev
Mrs. F. W. James ami daughter.
Beatrice, returned from their en tended
California trip Monday.
Mr. F. W. Hastings and wife re
turned from Portland Thursday.
Mrs.. Van Auken will give one of
her enjoyable entertainments early
next month.
Mr. E A. Thompson arrived last
week from Taeoma to represent the
Tacoma IMptr at Port Town-end.
Editor Lisgett.of the Yakima Signal.
it in the city.
Hon. N. i>. Porter, of Olympia, is a
Dr. J. P. Minkler i- attending the
Baptist convention at Taeoma.
A vo'ing men's debating club will be
organized Monday ni>rht.
Kissed to Death.
A St. Louis maid threw her lover a kiss,
A St. Louis kiss, which they hrag on;
It hit the voung man on the side of
the head
And knocked hiiu eold off of the
The coroner said it was hardly worth
To proceed to impanel a jury.
Since no man could stand being hit-by
a ki«s
The sire of the map of Missouri.
—Vetnil Free Ptefs.
Commencement Exercises at the Col
legiate Institute Sunday School
Oi TMr; June I<>.
Columbia Hall was filled to its ut
most capacity la«t Wednesday even
ing. the occasion being the commence
ment exercise of the Collegiate Insti
tute. the ttrst exercises c>f that nature
which have ever taken place under the
present auspices of the school. A class
of nine was awarded diplomas as fol
lows :
Classical course. George S. Hopkins;
normal course. Flora M. Nettleton,
Hattie A. Menzies and XinaL. French;
commercial course. George H. tabby,
Joseph F. Menzies. Andrew T. Ericfc
son, Fred W. Stocking and Woodbury
J. I'oane.
The exercises liegan with the "Over
ture to Caliph of Bagdad " by Mr?*. ,S.
M. F. Jones. Prof. \\ . H. Robert.*, ar.d
Henry Harris, which was well received.
Then" followed the essays of the nor
mal class, which received very favor
able comment, especially that of Mi--
Flora Nettle ton. The subject of Miss
Nettleton's essay was •• The Teacher's
Mission," and at its conclusion the
young lady was the re< ipient of wild
applause and numberless floral trib
utes. The classical coarse oration of
tieo. S. lluptin* \va> also very enthu
siastically re eived. Prof. Morgan, the
territoiial superintendent of schools,
was present and added to the enjoy
ment of the occasion bv a short ad
dress to the dasi.
Then followed the presentation of
diploma* by the principal of the insti
tute, L. E. Follansl>ee, A. M. An * 4 Ode
to the Class," prepare*! by the princi
pal. the music of which was composed
by Prof. W. H. Roberts, was sung with
very px>d effe«*t bv Mioses Clark and
LansUale, which closed the exen ises.
The ISaccalaureate sermon, which was
delivered in the Methodist church last
Sunday by Rev. F. W. Lov of Seattle,
and the music, which was furnished on
that occasion under the direction of
Prof. Roberts and Mrs. Jones, are very
favorably commented! on.
The annual picnic of the Episcopal
Sunday school was held la>t Saturday
at Butler's Cove. At eight o'clock the
teacher* and scholars boarded the
steamer Willie, and half an hour later
they were rambling through the 1 beau
tiful shady £ roves for which Butler's
Cove is so famou?. No pains were
spared by the ladies to make the affair
a thoroughly pleasant one for the chil
dren. and they succeeded to the utmost
in their endeavors. The merrv party
returned to the city about 8 o'clock on
the Willie. *
The i lass of *BB <»f the Collegiate In
stitute have formed an alumni society
and have elected the following officers :
President. t«eo. Hopkins; vice presi
dent, t»eo. Libby; retary, Mi-s Flora
Children's Day wa* very appropri
ately ob-erved at the
church. la?*t Sunday evening, by the
rendition of a well arranged * pro
gramme consisting of music, recita
tions, tableaux, A«*. The church was
verv tastefully decorated with flowers
and evergreens, and presenter I a l>cau
tiful appearance. The concert was a
very enjoyable one, and reflect* great
credit f»n its manager*.
Mrs. p,. W. 1 laker, of Seattle, has
been visiting Oivnipia friends during
the week.
Maior and Mrs. J. R. Hay den left
here Monday 'iiominv for Port Town
s-»nd. where the Maj r uiil attend the
«* f-ion of the < irand l.odsre of aeons.
From Tacoma they were accomt«anied
by their son James K. and from Seattle
bv their daughter AI lit*. and will
all spend a week with friends in the
port of entrv
Mr. John K. Aver made a busine**
to Puyallup and Tacoma on Mon
Mi— Kate Fearce. of Seats!*. is
injr a few «lay-s »ith her i-nreiit-i near
ttij. i-itv.
to!. N H. ft, ins* ri»ite»l friends in
Mit-nni <%iintv on M.m.liv
Mr> M A. F.iti- and li«-r ilaiiphter,
Mi« «' ira arrive-1 ftwiu t'ulihimia <•:>.
T ie~.iay arui will pass the summerwith
friend* an<l relatives i:; this fit).
Mr- Ilnlliits-. of >.in Franc; >-o i
the pue»t »>* Mr- A A. PliiUi;w in thi
Si.«< Anna Tarheil vi-!e<l friends in
Tar.itiui last SaHnlav
Mr Thomas » onnollv. nf Sheiton. is
t»av«;ng a few day* with friends in ibis
Mr 11. 3. Ei!i- visite-i Seattle during
the *eek.
Mi-stiertie rbi.ii}«« visited friends in
Taronia la»t sat;ir>Uy.
Mrs. A. A Phillips rave a delightful
iiltle y, rite party at MrAllisterereek
la-it Monday in honor of her )Tte-t. Mr-.
UoDMay, of San Frai. isro
Major F. K. Sears ni Tacoina, wa
in the citr on Tuesday.
> aft. W. J. Doarte made ahu»ine>-
v;-u to Seattle la.«t Monday.
Mi-s Muilte Davis vUiteU friend* in
Taeoma last Tue-iay
Mr- l ift. Pratt, -if Srald!. is viait
tr»p frh-n.i« in the i ity.
Mrs. <.,.».*y lie.-jht . . !.v -..i.n-•!
• number i<f friends at »!i-:on Wn!
ne-<lav ereninj:
MrjFred A La»- s.in Fran
®i 4 ill the ity ii..nn* the »eek
■d.aki: .j hand* »;;{) ; ltr ...
Cijiidr-a erj far ?ii>l<r'
whom be made (taring bis residence
bete, fourteen tears ago. He says
that, swing to the change in the city,
he scarrelv knew where be was when
he landed "bere He will probably re
main but a few day«-_
Ckillm cry far Pitcitr's Cisttrii.
Absolutely Pure*
This Powder never varies. A marvel of
parity, strength an J wholesomeness. More
economical than the ordinary kinds and
cannot be sold in competition with the mul
titude of low test, short wei*ht, alum or
nhosphate powdt-rs. Sold only In cans.
R iy.il Ha kino PoudibCo., 108 Wall street,
N.-w York. sy:gdwly
Attorney at law-koojis .3 and x
Union Block. Seattle, Wash.
Spatial attention: Corporation, land and
maritime law.
Ij»w, (solicitor in Chaaeerr, Proctor in
Admiralty, and Notary Pablic. Room* 5
and ». Port Buildina, upstair*. Mill street,
Seattle. \V. T. Consultation free.
(Late of the Pennsylvania Bar.)
2, fnlon Block. Seattle.
corner of Front and Columbia streets,
habolu rarsruN, hf.nky brise,
' B. M. CARR.
Mcßride, Can- <V Preston,
2\ law. Offices at Lacouuer, Mo-ant Ver
non and Seattle. Seattle office, Yeslor-Ltary
Block. dwr
fl.sir Yesler-Learv bnildlng; rooms aj
]oi»lng I'. V Land Office.
- sitmerand Notary Public. Pine lanfs
bouirht and sold. Postoffiee box 6TJ, Seat
tle. W. T.
i\. United States lauds, claims arainst the
United States and abstracting. Room £2,
Union Block.
■aw. Kooms 17 and IS, Pout-in Build
itur. Front street.
C. K. CASK, M. IJ.
i\. eologist.
J. A. COOK. M. t>.
years' practice. Ul« sunreoo United
states Army. HOT Pacific avenue, Taeoina,
W. T., Dr. Cook will be at Hotel Brunswick,
Seattle, every Thursday ami Friday.
6 and 7 stone " building. Front st..
Seattle. Je2 ti
havlust returned from his trip to the
East and Europe, will be pleased to rnset
hi* former patrons and others desiring his
services, at bis farmer office, iu the Yesler-
Leary Blivk, Seattle. W. T. Ke&idence. cor
ner Fourth and Marion. dw
of the mind, m-rvons system and wo
men a specialty, office—Noa. XO and SI,
Union Block. Frout street. Take elevator.
Telephone i! 0. dw
-1 cologist. Special attentiou givm to
diseases of the geaito, urinary organs and
rectum, office—Front street. inylrim
T Pennsylvania, makes a specialty of
diseases of the eye. ear and throat. Treats
private, chronic and skin diseases.
tnoves cancer, tumors and ulcers without
or use of the knife.
Office, corner Third and Cherry streets.
Honrs, 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
T. T. MINvR, M. p. | L. R. DAWSON, *. D.
Telephones: Office, No. 82: Dr. Miner's
residence. No. X!.
Union Block, Front street, first floor,
upstairs, loon 10.
Office hours—lo a. m. to 12 m.; 2t04 p.
m.: 7t09 p. m.
K. L. SMItH. X. P. ai'Fl'S WILLARP. X. P.
Ponciu s Blink, Front street Office
hours—3 to * p. m. and 7to Bp. m.
ly Snnreon City Hospital, St. Louis, Mo.
Office— Room 6, No. 2818}% Front street, se
atil**. W . T
Mr. ami Mi*. K. J. Cast I^,
Healers and teachers chris
tian beience, Mental Healing. Scc*md
street, between srneea and University, »e
utile. Washington T«-rritr»rv "
O 15, JO, Jo, 36, third fiovr, Union liiock.
Complete abstracts of title tarnished to
say lauds iu t&a city of Seattle or King
ent». Front street, Kenney hioek,
ttooxK ac MKkKEk, —
ent*. office iu Yester-Leary Block.
Front street.
Oppo.it* Owidrntal Hotel.
Agent for the purchase,
■ale and leasing of Real
\»tif t9 Wharf Bailors.
O to n<*>2 cm Satardar, Jon* l«. ar
& wharf •! S«irtis *car*U» for the E3*vn
nvver Mill <i>?npanr. aoi :fi
t-au<>a« arv oa ftk as*} can be wn at the
aC,ee e*l 11. tfteiaxcaa on aa4 titter We4nea
iar. JOIMJ L&. i*s«. jeia
M I 1
We bought the balance of a manufacturer's stock of
all pure wool Jerseys at a big discount. We will place *
them on sale to-morrow.
Lot 1, all pure wool Jerseys, - - - 82 rents'.
Lot 2, all pure wool Jerseys, pleated back, - 75 cents
Lot 3, all pure wool Jerseys, pleated back, - 95 cents.
Lot i. all pure wool Jerseys, pleated back. - - 5i.25.
These goods were slightly damaged in transit
lot 1. Ladies' full finished hose, slightly soiled. 12k- pair
Lot 2, Ladies" full finished hose, slightly soiled, 25e pair
Lot 3. Children's full finished hose. - - 15c pair
Lot i. Children's fnll finished, fine London Derby
ribbed hose, - - - - 20c pair
JjM'k Q*? I

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