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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, July 01, 1888, Image 7

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»"h«l «Hra—
■ ffltJ'T" Brown Potter is now on
route for Eoropa. Arxord
llPSsfc*'Men4'*. she will pass aotae
to Pari' a- the gxie-t of her
m STw***t HeUtt*. Mr. Krrto
haa fetbaUy arrived ia Eng-
K SUkr this tim<. as he sailed a few
KlgSlm Mr*. I'utter, hot whether
m SSa be on hand to wri oase her in
■ pL& is eßOjerture.
H Mff. fotter bi* managed to Mystify
■ M frirads ia soeiety. and in Lhii she
■ Z toen agisted by the admirable be-
W* wf ' Mr. Potter. When «he waa
■ Zphßaddfrhia her marked admiration
Kfg Mr. Kyrle IXVw and the persiH-
I: ttr* WfcSeh *he appearwf on the
F; mir- ia his company caastd a good
E ! ;' | «f adverse criticism. e«pecia9c aa
K' took htm to every re
t " gjpMmn to which she was invited with.
I. «■: taquirtng whether the hrsteai
11 wed to receive the Kngti -h actor.
K Aoeoniiag to Manager Henry Miner,
I wfcaaa cwntrart has j-vst damrf with
I Mrs Potter. Mr. Bellew'» influence
V* actrewi was ramnt.
f asiof late she p-.dtively declined to
F «k to anything without the consent
0f her handsome mentor. Mr. Miner
tattt a woeful story of the sorrows of
At aaanagrr of an actress whose claim
m the public ia not her art. hit her
serial notoriety The way be describes
her gradual demand on him to addi
tion to the liberal terms of her contract
and hb> he piefness in case he refuse*
laJudiero idy pathetic A private car,
a asaid whose wages Mr. Miner paid,
so interviews with newspapers. Were
some of the things she ind-te-i upon
and any attempt to remove Mr Bellew
wa« promptly met with the threat'
"Then I stall get a physician to say
that 1 am too ill to piay. M Poor
Miner was under fontract to produce
M rs. Potter In various cities, an l so be
had to give in to the capricious beauty
or forfeit large sum* of meney for
broken extracts.
Mr. Potter Is certainly a forbearing
and patient buahaod. and the question
naturally arises how long he will re
main so. Meanwhile Mr. Bellew is
freed from the bonds of wedlock by a
recent divorce, aad gossips are won
dering whether he trill continue his
influence over Mr<, Potter, now that
their professional partnership has
ceased. Anyhow, it is considered
q*iite the thing now in Sew York to
condole with the Potter family, and
two-thirds of Mr*, potter's friends do
not understand her love for the stage.
Tko Tattwr Ma 4« Salt.
Drakes Ma/axine.}
■•I say, old Wlow," said Blakei*.
isctuoi! kii friend Harry I>. on.tf»-
stteat. "I aaw yon Mit Edith [>**■
, etrh other yesterday «ithout a of
recognition. I thought you were en
s'" gaged T"
"I thought so. too," will Harry,
with a deep «gb. "bat that a off "
"How's that ?"
"Well, lt'» all owing to the** infer
nal fashions aoiue of the women wear
now—hat, coat, vert, collar and shirt
front, for all the world like those worn
by the male sex. They II make a raid
on our pantaloon* neat."
"I don't <|uite understand ex
plain "
"Well, yon «<*, I quietly entere>l
Bob (iwfihig '« law office ;f«>ut dusk
one t»enin* last week, and law Moh
sitting behind a de-k with his lark
towardi me. I stealthily apptoM-hed,
garr him a rigorous and familiar *!a|>
un the shoulder , and cried: '! hare
«ottJf for you, old man! Yoo mu*t
go with me down to Hah hleo's. U>t<
of gay *irl« will 1* there th it prelir
little l lor.de you were mashed on in
the ballet at the lllank Theatre and
i'ai goine for the plump ranctv ling
er that one I had out to lumh the
Other night when we ail got a little up
roarious. you know <'«ine. what
d'ye say* 'l«it a go*' and I tilted his
hat down oyer his eyes, and that set
tled it."
"Mow "»||W it? IH I Bob (fiM you
*wa. to hi* co i>in Edith ?"
"Kavt ,it wasn't lk>t> at all. It wis
the ebarniing K lllh her-e'f, dre «ed in
n tailor tnade. ma •. ulini b suit » d
the Arctic look she g.ire me as alie
swept out of the offlrv without a woid
fetid me that my matrimonial hopes |n
that quarter were everlastingly ola-t
--•d. Well, so long."
Lsr4 ralnsrstsa'a MetKoit of ailrne
litg Trssbleisms (Jasttlsaert.
(Yiwth'i Companion, j
When as-ailed by impertinent ques
tions. it i« the accomplishment of a
rlevrr man to avoid committing him
self, even though he »ts-m for tie too
ment a~ trimmer."
W li il<* electioneering on one o>Ta*i.m,
Lord I'almerston wt< greatly annoyed
by a buteher who wished bini to nip
port a apeeitled radical poliry. At the
end of one of his lord-dilp* «|>ee he«.
the butehi-r called out '' 1 .ord IVl
merston, will vou give me a plain
answer to a plain question!*'
• I will "
"Will you or will you not Mi|p>»rt
that measure?"
Lord Palm»rston lie«<t ited n.l then
replied, with a twinkle in hi* e\e«. ' I
will—" 1 here lio M«|ii*>l. anil the
radical* cheered tremend-i i*ly
•N.ii—" itmlinml kl< lord-hip. tnJ
loud tory
When'ihes*<VA*ed l.or 1 V*lr<ier*ton
finished 111'* —ttlHoe ' |«-U you
And they were ALL an »i* A* before.
■UK IS**** IURK.
film Aha World
Hired guide -We rou*t rro*» the
street here.
Stranger - Wh»t for?
"A wuare further up the wag»n* are
*> thick we can't get icnm without
lodine a leg."
" Well, we are orer now. whal Are
rou waiting for?''
"I'm waiting f<>r A rkinc* to walk in
the gutter. fhi* building i« A tene
ment h<>u«e And tenement bouse
wall* fAlleerrr ooce In A while."
"I'h.w 1 We (t«t *Afely by that
botldinj. See liere, whit are you
•taring in that direction for* 1 '
"We m.Kt walk aroun I thU Ido k ;
the 'treel here In underlaid with MeAtn
heating And they Are alway* ei
|*i«Ung •
"Slop a moment. Itn tired out
•tireat Sott! IKjn't lean aeain«t
t!»At telegraph j«nle, it'» pv>t ele. irtc
light wire* on it. You ran t hire been
wwighl up in thewo-Klr"
ropulatlow of Meile*.
(|Ui*toct Herald.]
IVmMy there an l.JtaV** 1 white
iiiea, (iiwrrl* m> called, in Mri co.
aim! a< t have shown, they Are differ
entiate 1 am.tag thetu«elre* by i imiate
Th' n there are mined 14.».* 1 * to the
nu.u'er of alout 2><».tWo approvi
inateir. and scattered over the
repuliSii-, ttSrr in many »«■ tlirouch
rtimatic caa-e-. Then come al<out
«.!)»• i»«i In..;jin-. ».>me very ta'jh
oeiUar.!. some senii-<-itliiaetl and i»th
er* bartiiroii- Of the bartntrou* In
4ians. » nie are |>ea eful enough, and
other*, tike the than >*nta Crui In
diar.• «f the Y ■ it.ii it>ninsala. are
fierce and \»arlue The > a>|if». of
Sinor*. may l-e taken A* etatuples of
•Mti-eiell Ervl Indians. The-e Indian
race* >peak duTerent laiigtia^e«. though
tnaaj trilie* use Sjiani«n to a grealer
«w !»•( etter.t »cc> riling to the meas
ure thi r c,> .t.v t with the white
H# Did |kr Hr»; Work.
(r*nt]*m*rt AnJ «i you »r* a n*»*-
|*Mvt mm now, 1 r>r!e lUi>tu<"
rn li* H»«t \V>, Jtftii
*» of de J>-i 'cj» ;nicTit m
, *»<'i.Uru\4n of Um job <!«*-
I'bc* IU iu 4 -Yh, *ah ; I f»m - in
jwl. an' vru'i <ie Ho and »a<l»e
oown «Jc w:r> io*;«, an alt >ii h Un'
«»<lat »ah.
ri»*. brnt Aitam* ott orr.f'J i tiirfr-
Jtraa.l V:t J.v.t H\ !♦ *if !V»»iiivn
Col!r.-r ar» >aki t I* Die only t*ocv»l
nt- «b«|uav The
Imltk- , !aim rw-i.'.fnt H>«l*
« th- tx-iurr )ay r A laat*!» •<>
t!io s(uo«t; n »ituKl !w *» ry tn
>*£-?•* fp father
jbed traa a ndto *«£ to fes «y»-
tom - ? u ■■ «tart*ici»B? PrW
«**"*«- ll* f«B fro® a sea***.
■ WtclUyer. was ke?
J" ? kw mi fault* Pn-oaer—f
*** d * fc*w»«<a gift, u the
trate to-night. sad
despairing k*>k m Hi lict mm k>
«**®rwwl from the h-«»e I fear he
"»** kave kißed btwtseU." "Wpfl, I'm
glad rnrj hi«a said the <dd man
spitefully; "he has jit beabm on bn
straight pubm <M bSHard •." Lift.
"I wo-r.der horn the idea of
inyn-anwith a w.>m originated ?"
•faeried Mi * DeTom of Wf hrotb~r
Axiri-X. -I weally raxu4 &«t nor, »s
--t we»By- I—»w~o»ti«Ja> tor sure.
bat it might have tan tfc.crith; of
some time when a woman saw a worm
crawling near her. and—aw-suiir a*
E»»- h f«>*» onr it a* «he did ow her
—aw -first baa, now."
Condemned Murderer |lu !4eriff>-l
•ay. ilwfif, y<w hatt a rtrna/ poll,
can't yo« a* it ia mv hehalf?
H*nf (kindly)-t'ertainly J wCl—
when the pmyar time romn Xpark
Ihibtov— I nn» j<n »4 be a tadr
killer Mr. »sf«y.
Mr. Hssy <e»mpiarently>—Aw. d'ye
think •», iiawbby T
Itohhy—Yoa mint be; tiara sai-i
that after you left last ni?hs she oral
ly died langhtsg. - f.ftori
Mistress of the house- Kd yon teil
the lady I was oat, Winns' IKivtna
—YI», num. " ltd -he seem to doaht
H?" "lio. mum. she said she knew
yoa wasn't"— Tfere# Afrisfi
Hbe. at a revival- Is it possible that
the little fellow sitting on the platform
ia the boy preacher* He—Oh, no; be
is the l»j preacher's little grandson
Mr lug'itweight (at tne breakfast
taliler- Tne brigands are very bold in
their operations in Cuba now, the
paper says. They carry of promi
nent citizens and demand extravagant
ransom* for them
Mrv I.irhtweight—lndeed.
Mr Lightweight— Yes, indeed! Sow.
suppose 1 went to Cabs and they got
bold of me. what ransom do you think
tbev would demand T
Mrs. Lightweight Well, I guess
about li cents would let you out.—
Trjtt H,ft iitfi.
tConductor t»n fieoegta railroads-
IV> you mean to teil me. madam, that
thi« child i< not M yesr- old?
Madam (shortly)— Well, she wasn't
when this train' started, hut. Lund
alive, there's no telling how old she
may be now!— W'tcAtM Arm*
"jPan'tyou hare a typewriter now ?"
" No, indeed."
"How is that' You had aheaaiifu!
one a year ago."
" Yes, I know. But I married her."
" Oh' Well, why don't you hire an
other one t"
"Another one'' Oh, no* My wi r e
wouldn't allow i:."—sum >Va»cssr« th
flwivr *
" Osrling." said be. temierlv, " I
have ma<le up my mind to a*k you—to
ask y«m
" Yes." she whispered, breathVsdy.
"To ask you to become my wife. "I
know. dearest, that it is bold, it is pre
sumptuous for me to do s». You are
so very superior to me. I am. I feel,
unworthy of you, but —"
" But what, de.ire.st?" -
" Half a ItMif is better than no bread."
/C.t*/rn (WfKr.
Aunt I>inah treading the papery—l
sees. Kastua, by de pap.ih. Dat pou.try
am niioted as werv quiet.
little llastus— Well, I 'se glad oh dat.
an' I reckon I d better negotiate fo'
-ume dit eltenin". l>at chicken »eha>l
las' isjnday. Ole 'ooman, made noire
'no'. 14b ter raise • c hull neighborhood.
.Vest J'w 1 •>«*.
t Ml tint x»?i< ek.
!*t> :o< task • '•aiipesatlor.a! < h ureb >.ssmd
st/evt. Mwr 'ti Jiprlo* aiol a. Her.
Ileitrr L Itat-s. n««tc*—Tbe Cousreca
1:011 a. a*socls!M.u of 'ireron and Washlm;
Ufti, U'iv imidiuf Its ?.>rtieth annual meet
In* In this citf, »1!) Itorn ttie eom
ituiaMo of the Uini't supper at 11 o'clock.
Her jKcathan Kdwanis, of Knit,
r.s-schiiu the «(#>», At T*» p. ro Her
»snit'i slater, of East Portland, "rtrtu,
and Ker. 1 Ml ha uler-, miasiouar) from
.tlntah, Turker. will upcak <>n foretan nl«
si >nt, aotl I ttaplaio K. Stu&lts «1U neti
oa the "Solidarity o< the ruai power.' At
3 p m. Ibnis wtll be a HiUi'.ay trhtsd
ra-e'.la#. sjt.trrwd br set era. Sunday
school workers The other a<*rYt<*es as
usual There trill aiso be a tomrouatatt
WlKl at Tailor Memorial church at 11 a.
m., Met l»r \*"i!ley.of ( allfurcls, prea< S
Inn the sermon, strancers ct-rrila.lt la
Battery -tn-et SI K t'bareh. North -- at
tie, F. ti u»t, pattor- PraacMag at II a.
m tnd '■ t'-p m bj the panir M.trnlag
•lihy < t. "soeklrut a brkte f«r my tsia.l. r "
Kteninc, "feutti, ttr the true s»soas."
Sabtatfc sehciot at 12 JO p ra. Youn*pes>-
tte ctle.jr st * i"< p. m Prat nutting
TSi irsday esenlas. Ail are Invited
F.rrt ♦ , hnrr%, |'««url!s near
Jmrn- *. K % l» J >mj»t4*r—l*rr»t b»t»<
it I) • rw by Rrr 1 K- (ItM. y**tor
«>f Firnt t i»|pt««!ttit>tl i-hnrvh. rjflkiwl.
ttrvgint ia the nruittf, Ur Ker K. ft
)»*tor of « tH2grvjrati'*r.al rhurrfe,
\\ iill* Waiia. o;hrf wrvn-w u*u&<
Str*i;<vr« cordially wloin?
I'eilsrtu «cnk* *> Pythian itaU si !I a.
IS Prra<-!4o* b* K*» Mr iiT!6.n. swb
jvvi. "Tlw r*eoanltii*n *f trienjmhereafter *
Minjsr achuol »1 All irv n«>i.4lly
!n> 114.
Mrthiall«t Pnlestaut Chor>h. e.>rn.-r of
fits-will hn.l M %tli».n street*. Ke« « lark
liavti, |**{<ir-hwhlin It 11 a m t»j
K» > II V Kuoiinger, of Oregvo,
aa4ot«p to bjr Rtv T W Waiter*. of
t.a»t -ni w ashlßgtou. *u li<tar seh.s.i U Lv
Yottng t#ople'« meeting / |* w All are
nTiisal!) iiivtted to alieiel
Thcrv will he a ■«».«• mectier «t the
Method)* PmtntaM rtrnreb lht« <nrn mm
at 4 o'clock nnder thr aufpi.e* of the V
X (' A The »;;f>)rct will be. "National
Religion tddreww will (» made hr
judge K > tiww and Prof. J. I* Mr
taruiry. of lieoe*a college.
Sraudlna 1«« Ha|>tt«t t'barrh, F>urih
•trrs t. N-; ween Pioe and olive. He* K
Vrln. il, |««t ■<r— lYrai htn# at II a m »ikl
Sp. m At 3» pi m. the pa-tor will
prmih a l«ptl«roai »erwKKj at tiw Fir«t
American itaptM chnri b at the rom :u
«ioa of whtek the onltoauee will be ad
mi nittcred to «e> > ral randtdase*
Cltrlatiaii tlmreb. tvnera «wet. between
Third and »Vnrth Il>*-tiii« at 11 a m
ami ? |> m yuada« VW! a! 14 a m
Y-'titi* p. -i>K''f meettii* at •|» m ITaycr
meeUus at . »p m. Tharwlaj
Oerman Metbodstt ftjrtwpalObnreh.ReT
II llauwn and Kev J Itreui, t *.i. r»- s«ef
iilmal the «we>it«.i JMMMCknrk.ua
Fifth ttreet. between Pike awl Plue — fiuri
.iar stehtud at i t M rrewrhin* eier*
i»uu«ta) at 3 p w
Mrandanaviaa Melhottitt Krii*vj«!
rhuirb. rt.'th atreet, between Hke and
Pine. K«-V o E. (.MaiHirr. fattor-Dinw
aeryten* ever* Sawlai at Ham and ? C
p m AJI are tvrdiaut tti
v itrd
Free Vetl»«iL«? i bnreh. p!»« he
twee« \inth arid T> fith-Pn-arbin* at It a
m and : » p » !*e!><«»! a! » li A
at. Pra; er ii-e W .■dn.'wlay ag* !i
l\A X C. lU,m-. o/ Vfc* Ftrrt rejimros.
svafe «M*•■»'="•'■« J"**'
C«tMfiuiy E Flr»t WfMaU E. !* OihflW'.
v—. > * 1 - w.'THI*, f 4 A J
r>-k<n .» * Willi—wn
wr. r*«t. E ft M K. *.
}»oh*u. VI V . R R Aifrert*.>n
*<a«-t Lj u*"b.
i i« t M! (-rtm * s ""J
J I- i Rjo. <• I
tv» v!i i II -• ' <t»*r»r , i *.•«■-.. •
i M H »«-t. «t>r*u*a'.*,-% S >«'!
Yl BiMNtf*. r < l K t< W*:tw
(VaMi; 1.-»i-« «er.-i-*ri. »n> <•
r B.or»^X
ArtUHl J tv *tnaJt"-. la™ BUa|» '
Jm-m* W rtarttf cv«T* •*»»•■ *m. ~
r t\, . '-in' kutv. "rrxirc- l_
*"tv-FlpX t«WW r ' r * rTmh - ,;
.■Uv.iu, » K- M.-U . vi .. *«««*
* « I'Mttl,« t «;!«.«> H »»r*-na.»»t.-f
.- U xmtm*a \
«tvw»t>. u B- V—*Mn. N k 1
1. . i-i4Rlit« a ■*' r •
were tr*-w ji- BU» r«-<. . a i-t &m
at <i (I\,M W c !«»«».. *■ »
Y,.Bnt <f I IV, !»• Nr <v«c»as»a£f «er
Ji-al »»•• «n l» J »a»». <f ' J*
klVf •< r*v»-j; J »I»a«K«, ** r• » «*
*!»*«« t frwl
t* k.l pctteraS W*<
Stlu^afAe jSf
•w bam, xsd awwd
„'*'* the momisi*
»Methe son. the iairt.tr tjntinei of
wfiojty. moved impereptn-ly. TW
taHacy wax at lart exploded by as In
novator—and it came near casting km
M» m -becaa* it (hocked the «»-
The traveler win starta as hi« jocr
[ o*j «t aUgigbt ha* far not lo fear
during thefcr-l few boon IK (fefet
bi< way thaa aster the pcrpimg wt
heraHstbe iffKirkgt iity.nwtla
f«ar during the uncertain light of un
fitting daira thaa a.'ler the golden
•phndor of the >u foods hi* path
With radiance.
Just m>. tar hack in the history of;
aaedictor they blundered tk»|. er»- j
ploying the mad htnk measure". the
ovjrt deadly mineral-, the mo<t loath
aotfci coocttrS. m« that the braia ct>uld
eorstMre. mo 4 the iegsrie* or brirtooran
bare been araioud y defeaded for cea
tariee. oajy <!n«ar.Ur,|r them when thr
ianovafm ftb»tn by tbftT
torxxrm to reluctaatir niimmih their
ijcMmj hoi>i
v b<«oi.« of medicine, dad ia
the aju-ient man lie of atter rotuerrat
t«a, whote aiapie rohei. have, a* ther
•wept down tiie corridor* of the rea"
tune*, t aueht and bell no mi: b of the
•fachit;*- (d Hipporr .Vv i'dna arVi
'ialea, huary wlta ar>* r, nw re»-
erentlr the '<j ,fse the>
invariably lomhatted u»
and viewed with eyav d >kej>tic!»m
*»■ b aew daworery. Caa »o« h a hodr
be recarded safe to trust one'* ahyat
j f»l hapj-iriew with *
! Every irrecnlar move in medicine has
l«en a prvte-t against the i*art«ritie*
of the <Md irrational rocetomerate. It
maat he remeaatie-rad that every »tep
taken haa bten Utterly con Jested s<y
tbo-e in power, but alter failing l">
tru-h the tenftrul innovation they
have been ruupelied to embrace it.
Come, wake up and move on »aid ]
the people to the old »chool. accept
the new hing or we will leave voa
to ntarve. and thu* in apite of tkeir
cr>a»erTati-m they have ha.l to tw>ve
on, to be sure alwaya awav l*hin>l the
tiroe«, hot *till they mwM snail-tike
and painfully along, far hi the rear
of the atarted ataadard bear
er" of progressive thought. Slowly
and rebellio!»dy they had to accept the
ui coverie* of th«« whom tlirv de
nouaml at dangetoas qaact«. Slany
have been the rude aw akenings that
this time honoretl old school b*? sui-'
(ere<l from progressive thought.
But fame is earned, not merely by -
thi«g» written, bot by ardaou rreat
nese of deeds am»upii*he<i. Every j
a«>ault np>n the impregnable cita<id
of true wicr.ee has addetl om«!r;irM
reenrita U> its cause. The ati«\ial'.i<in
of calumny has been exploded The
•iea4Uy projectiles bar. itvU«ed
their destination. The shaft- a . .ir
rows lie broken at the feet of vi -tory.!
Ami when Aurora's rays t-hall hsve
taerced the smoke of ibc 'U-aut I. the
name of the histogenetic »\ <te:;i of
me<li< ine will glitter a bright au<l im
perishable sun in the dludetr. of ai
ence, when th-v«» who tried to wind
•heir 'limy coils around it- «r»owjr j
throat have mouldered in obtiv'on and •
their eptU|-hs have vanished from the
face of the earth.
BrarrLC, Waah. Tv., May 27. 1»W.
My little boy, wbrn tour yeara old, 1
was taken sict with M-arlet raxli. We
hail competent meikal aid but he
n ver fully Meovere»i. for 3 years be
was sick, could r.-lsm r.<>tl:itig on his
stomach, sometimes wo - ..id vomit
oia*lt»-ly for a week not retaining
even water. He dwindled away ti:l
but a shadow of his former M-lf." At
la.-'t his mind pave way. For two
weeks he clung to me liesying me not
to bury him ia the ground, lie recog
nized nobody, not evt-n me. We all
concluded that death would 1* a relief
to him. There was no tt.«e trt ing the
old school doctors, of that wefiave had
enongh experience. Their medk-ine<
failed to kill me when every one of
them gave ma up with consumption j
saying that I could not live a week. ]
That was three years uo. They.
would have hail their say. too. if 1 hail i
not called in l»r. J. Eugene Jordan. 1
I had then !>een f< Jfa*t forever a year,
could not turn over, suffered with ex
cruciating pain and spat bloody pus.!
A# by the aid of the »rod-j«nt llut*-.
genii- Medi -ine* I recovered from the
verge of I'm grave and »as aide to do :
con-ideral.le »f my house work in BU,
days. Well we got I»r. Jordan's medi
cine for our little loy an I his reason J
returned and so did his health, and in ■
to lie-nth* from tr-t taking his mcdi
cine be went to s IhkJ, We are con
viwe<l, a« is every one who has ti-ed
the unprecedented 11 i-t. Mtsl.. that it
at complishes the apparently impo»«i
--l ie and that to compare them to all
the otbrr medine« it is like copipar
ing bright sunlight to Egyptian dark
nes . Mauotx M> I»t3txt_
1 have lieen sick f..r th« la«t fftcen
years with a complication of diaeases. '
Uheumati-'« and kidney troubles were
very !>.<•: »-it heart di>ea«e was ti c
worst of all. Many times 1 I
would not survive it. The sharp, j
I agonunng psin in my heart wo dd take
inv 1-reath and make Btedixzv. I had i
tsrtkh At thing* to keep from falling.
In fart I wa [ an utter wreck. 1 trie*!
dolors in TerrA Haute. Iml Blooro
mgton. Ottumwa, Chariton, iuid Wur
luigtoo- allopaths . homeopathic. ami
every other kind of doctor*. They
use-I batteries. t«th<. anil All manner
and kind* of na*ty U'liaj drug*. but
I receive*! no benefit at all I pave it
tip in iii»tf>t-t. Krery doctor t«ld me
Another tale L< to what he thought
wan the matter with me. bet that did
not cure me.
Uoing to Seattle. I he.inl of nothing
but the new Hi-t'*genetic system. An !
of I»r. J. K'tgene Jordan. its Author.
Havins tried A!! the tdd,l concluded to
try the new. And after A few week*'
u«e of the abore nadictM I complete
ly recovered. This waa last Oc£rd<er,
And I hare had no -i;n of the ret irn
of the trouble*. and hare been Able to
attend to my dutse* ever since. I
make this statement from gratitude t»
!>r Jordan and the bistogenetic »]n
tent, and a!*o from a spirit of sym
pathy for kindrrsi h-imAraty.
Janrii l'tsxistiniJi.
Sdciond. W. T
me ■• «»«•■« » *r*Tr«r*T.
Dohnbult, King Co.. W T
t hgee b*e» badly I rouWe-i with my
thnvit for many rears It would gire
n:e no re-t at ri">:ht far the torkling
an.l ha. king Sim* lA>t IVretu ! <er it
was Tor<t thAn ever, and hiring tried
*o many thing* which did me no gwd
I felt pretty he'ple - I I*l-1 a friend
o( mine. John Anderson. cattlvniAA,
! lit I Iliongtit. as a last re o:t of po
ing to » iMornia He t.d.i n-e He hs 1
1-een in the rime llx. an ! went t-> t>r
J. K jew JoriiAn. took hi* wnli
an.l k- v and completely nx
1 < ; .le"! to tri !,jm. And I %>h to
r* cord the la t tbit liter a wtrk'i use
of tlie perfectly U: <teless h;«ojnetn'
irte I entirely recoesrei I niAke
li;< ti er:t for the benetst of of al!
a:2k te.l in tit -ante was.
St»i Htre May S I-^i.
t|i bo*. ten rrars oM. n< bfnken
Joan wttfc rfc r'upiat)«ta. Ml* tins In
alt 4i-i rte ! (>')t of-ha|*frvm
Ow hanefoi f»wi; If » ; SMvd r*«t
atvi c>«U«l nrt tan in
Ttw wont ,>f all. hi - h*art **' rrejtJ.v
*«*. t»-4 {:..nr #nJ i« »ll>HVt st. pjw.l
hi- : r»-.ilh We pave fern «r, aK- ,n.l
osr rtfisfcivf*. A* * rwort 1 t«il
t_» l*r /. fcupesve JorJon. wfcow
inc wriwmfti ipjmwtij !rt!{*'.--.Ur
. 4»r«-n *»ar A'ttr fijr.ri
rw* bo\ p.c- '«*" !» three
V- fe ■ wuwiwl. ki*fcmfc*
»li atni(Mr»4'«<il »C*in, **<. h* w
perfotW »*: mCTrrr «av. TUt *xs
u»-i . .
A- fcw ■»*»«. 1 Ha l nn tnjorT to
m* fniwr *Vi» h turret! inuj ■.-*rr. of
thi U»t-« s<tml dortor* wvt* «u
--.*.v«u («>• tic- rr- ijj «* »V hps*
jr. 4®n r*u«g »»/■ At
Dr *Z*m^L
taiaed his aM&jae.aad to two weeks'
*i>»« * eared the tone ots« iad I
Wta;r.ed nsy finger. Hew m«ch wri
farfee and espease «• mig&t kaae
sawed had we katm of tie
efc Xedaone asd Pr. J. Ea-rvne
Jordan. >'. knuucic.
toaiuii. W. T.
i» r** ixtmrLoct
Tiers Was Vt« tks Mam n.ws>
VssM or n«
Tee hsatao race aftorda ia itself a
most negaiar stidy. There are ansoag
toe many clans of thisk«rs. tbc-e wh».»
repose too muth cooJSstesue in others,
too little ne&kwt ia thercseives. vr
am eonfideece m anything. The
soaa siho knows it afi hiStseH, the
man who thinks somebody eSee know*
it all and the m.ta who think* be
knows who knows it aIL The egotist,
the simpleton aad the sker*»„ Ee
engnidng the fat t that peopie require
more sabataataal evidence than mere
word* and promaiev I>r». Uarrin resort
to toe most legitimate method of ad
vertising themselves by a-Jrerti-jie
their cures. That among the
commnsity stay be allorded an op
portunity of investigating before call
ing ia person upon the doctors the
foilowstig testimonials are pitsi-bed
bearing eviden- e of the doctors' abiiity
and skiii aa well as success.
mriM 'rxre i* ras atarria.
Ma. Enroa— liear fir 1 reside in
North Vakima. W. T.. 1 consaltod
I>rs Parrin foe deafness. My left ear
was totally deaf. With one operation
with l>rs. llama's drctro-maroelic
cure, of ten minutes. I was made to
hear as well a- ever in my life. Can
be referred to aa to the troth of nsy
statement. C. T. F«wtia.
as ores iirnt.
iitimx, W. T.
Pas. r»»lata—Gentlemen: 1 now
take tla pleasure of writing you that
after a full e»>ar*e of your electro
magnetic treatment I "am entirely
eared of a pain iu my clg t. wbich tut
troubled me for ever eight years.
Having been under treatment by doc
tors of Liverpool, Ulasirow. Calcutta
and San Francisco, none of them did
me any good until I came unCer your
treatment, which 1 am sure has per
manent v cored me, for whkh, {to
tleme:. 1 leg t.> retrain.
Yours FTatefully.
*«Tna\ «!«p eric* nun ••"rain, j
Mr Ewtis--liear t'ir: I have i*en
troubled with asthma for the pa-t thir
teen months, so bad as not to be abie
to do a day's work, and have sufTered
■ torments of the damned." The
paroxysms were so severe that my K J e
was many times thought to !«'de
paired of.' I had tr-ed everything, and
a great mai.y physician'. In oTdrr to
get relief 1 had to resort to ruortmine.
until I had contra* ted the habit. I
put myself under their electro-mag
netic treatment. Sow. after several
treatments. I am entirely eulfd of my
asthma and the morphine habit, and
I have no craving for the drag. I ca:i
I* referred at the McKer.zie house,
foot of Marion street. Se.ittle. W. T.
11. A. JOH*.*»S.
tnm or rvr.tEkn tsc *A«I<-OSE vtiss.
To THE Praue: for ten year- I
hare heen trouble*! with a very disa
greeable catarrh end bronchitis' I fin
ally got so bail that I had to give up
my tusiuess oi ranching and riding
for niv stock. The catarrh «itrailr<(
to my Inngs anil stomach. My physi
cians gave roe op as incurable. llast
Oi-tol«T 1 came to I»r'. Damn, and
now, after three months' treatment. I
consider myself -o far restored a- to be
able to do all my own work. Before
treatment 1 had'to give tip hor-eback
riding. and could not attend to my
stock st all: now I can remain in the
sa idle all day without f-ttijrne. My
wife had al«o been troubled with drop
sy. milk leg and varicose veins, so she
could only walk with the preate»t in
convenience. and it wa* painful to the
touch, and t naliv luoke out in a run
ning sore. l>r-. I>arrin sent her medi
cines. and. to our great jo\. she U en
tirely cured.
Refer to me at Sprague. ff. T.
raipraicx Morn.
The at<ove gentleman. Mr. Mobs,
owns a farm of 2701) a rc- and hun
dred Is of cattle and horse-: and these
statements, coming from a man of
undoubted integrity, and wbo-e repu
tation for veracity is above suspicion,
must be admitted as positively true.
orrirE hoi KS Ann ntci or a-sixes*.
The l»r«. J>amn are located at the
Ini : national Hotel. < herry -trcct. Se
attle. \V. T. i onsaitation free.
Office hour*. from 1" to i daily;
evenings, 7 lo S; Mindays, W to ft
AH curable chronic di-eases. k>-*s of
manhood, blood taint--, syphilis, flee;
gonorrlwea. spermatorrhoea, seminal
weakness and Mas of desire of sexual
power tn man or woman, catarrh and
deafness are confidentially and - Ul
ceus: uliy treate.!. Circulars sent free.
Mi»t ca-es can receive home treat
anil after a vi-it U> the doctors' oßb e.
tTI-e l>rs. liarrin also have a branch
ofti -eat 3j Fiith Mreet. Portland. Or.,
where any in that vicinity can consult
One of the best of the re>er.t rcfer
erente publication* is Appleton's En
cyckij»<lia of American Bio«aphv. It
i- the first complete work of the Vind
and is a nece-stty in every comiJcte
library. It contains a biographical
sketch of everv per-«>n prominent in
Amrr,. an civil and military hi-tory,
in law and p»!itic>. in divinity, litera
ture and art. in ->aence and in inven
ventvon. incloding .ii>tingui«he>l t«r
sons boni altroad that are related to
oar national ht-ton. and em bra- es all
the Ci'untnc- of North and ."South
America. The work is sold only bv
suhsrriptKin Mr. W W. Beck is
!«>• canvas-ing Seattle for it.
;J j- J £is>- Ja -i
Absoiutely Purr.
tMB FV«ar W amr rarle*. A t»ml of
p«r-«ty, *•. -v nfth aed w b«k**>r»e a«-«a. Mow
or «okl ib vo*aprtiXti-a milh itr? sal
ttwde of low aata or
: **p.ha«e irt rai»
It j1 xi fclf wali rttrec
V«-» Vort. vr«»iM\r
« njrMc the a:>i brat, «C «Ol
io K6 per f«wai
iHtarduefc and Japanese •!«&««, very ehensv
Hru k •st*r. Tlturd and Waahlhglon l
ttnrn je»
MCia PfiTals Baartiii
?!», ' •>J Crag KOAB. i«f <*-»»,
' <n> («f nj>
LiA-Torm A 00.
TJ riusual Bargains
First-class Goods at the Lowest Price!
fttelfailtSKieiiSksayjissi Myopia.
Opem niook. Front »rmt.
v*"»—*jy Vr i# *V'
%.«*•■ lM|wl **—
Bolt urou for Brile of oid Kemnrkr Bourbon: t'uatter Oak eld
kciuuOfc? Ituoxtwii. lw*n Diaatonb mall wlaske;.
La PerU de Galfo and La Morgana Ktj Writ Ci?mr».
3 * 3 P——™*»« «- *-»—■ »-"»>. W
J". !L£. BletrLOiiarci <Ss Co,
JokWt la Tafrtri tad Paanaatlu
Wines and. Liquors,
Yemler Learj Block, Front ?m*t.
■-«* Mwrnl fi«ri oa Sjato, SEATTLE. W. T.
Iron Fovuiders and
Mill and Steamboat engineer** supplies. Inn, Snap an 1 Copper ripe an ! Fittings;
Steam and Water Bras u»>od»: Machine Boits; top Set and Lagr-crrws, slra® and
Hand t'uxap*. Hose Fat kin* and Weste: CyHaarr and other Lubricating OiU; Steam
h«m:i" - (<>r psbiie an 1 private buiMinjn.
We have the roost cotnpiete pi;* rcttinr and threading machinery north of San
FraneUen. Lu>d and nario* inrut*. and all kiols of machinery bailt and re
paired. We b»ve on hani anl for sale low. weoud-baud engine" and boll era
ftp* Kill street, corner Railroad arcane. Fouoffirte tets
On May Ist, the wholesale liquor store of
M. & K. GOTTSTEIN was removed into
their new quarters, in Marshall's Block,
corner Commercial and Washington Sts.
A* foe vi*. we bclirTe to tt«
Icwpliits aid fiMmiffl
la is; iifle ef basiscss.
Vary Trmly Toan.
Haley & Writ
6i2 raoirr mm.
P. O. Box ♦« TMJtraoot* S
ta In- 1 tar Gimmt Prle* 1 !■>
Snowflake Floor
Have too Seen it Yet?
• ___
Ir sm. ca:j. at oxer *?n> srr m
~r» iVy hw frcai' tn" *' *r. r
nxl !a taaia <£il In.
Pi» Lkr a f'-ft. For f.~*r tj
UcEUt tX * HITS,
jell »i> froct itrrrt.
Address to Householders.
Tbf wanuitw in charge of ;fee F.rarth
of July eelefcriltn ire makSn* Hrrr. m.u*
effort* to |>forkSc for the tlMMtali «ho
ar* to b*? with and of n* on the <mf hna-
Jred itinlvvmrji of Ute Jo<k
;>•'.' ■>-' « ' • V ■Jf*"-' H.'i ?-• !-. J!:
*V:;bat no 41**ati* faction m*v < at3»-«j:£
ffafton who wouM lpg otberwi»e nc«bie to
*eexiv a«To7'inj«Hjatii'Q% ywr r»>anpin«-*'
■pwtl to the loyalty wf the citiwM <if
Srattie. to aid thrra 5u ibrir effort*. by
#-nij>»e to the nemury thf tamhrr of
rooms they rta f|*re [.v the 2»i, Si, 4th
tad .>tk of Jttlf, or ikt of theee Tts<*
hotwe r.»ni»itt«* will arc that uoof bat
c:*ob}ertio*Mih)e persona will be aorurded
tht**e »w«tßoli;iitns, wh jxartii-* fur
niahistg tbc*\ who «> <k*ife, t«& ch«rf«
£r«: <: !»** W'cl rtUt for the -unr
Tb* pro.fai connlßat •ajjooj im-pr-m
tot> ctrrt&jr!; upon the cUista* of
ttu»; tht* of the comiax feJehr*tim»
tie|*etid» ilwmi ctitiwiT U{m»u the tmti
vlliU; efT«*rt* oi e«rh rmident ol Ibr
(tacet CUr, tod their fo-cMwrftHoo
•11 pl&a* u>rmn)*Xv<l by tbf <. sinmfttee will
mature lut an»*:l«2«ctitin)v. We bm** th:«
to re«i«le;s!ii. rvljin* on ibe yride of
Mtth rtUerri® lo make ythmSrwr the
Qotrn Cite fittdrrttkes a mwiDf wffm
Tbo»c VM wiJl rootn« at the <U»
poml of the t>»ma'tter will a! OM
the •eeretan, eitlber pemonalfy or
by dcj ft. C. 11.
PaTL t Hour. ?Spr retar>
R*K«m JT, Kwbanr BaiMfDC )«21tf
Dry aix>ek axi> nR wood ctt A!rr
realty Coal delverrd auj _part of the
city. Order* rwttr»»l at !JK Fmot rtrert,
or at yard ob iioffcias wharf, foot of oeueta
mhiS T.
Cootity, Wa»WiMfT«>r Trrritnry
la the matt« 9 d the wrtate of Hiram
Olney. .VretwA
SMitr fc ber# y |hfi by the
u'caed. aJniaMfator of the ratal** of Kli
ramohsey, d««A*«d. to the of
and all fwrmoo* rlaiau asain*t the
«*>4 «kf a*d. to ritiibtt thna. with the
r>i cetaary v -->eb<ri. within o»s*- yenrata*?
the |»*at i a.i c; of ?hi# to the tnid
adxaioiairator. at his o®<* at Oaalnd?.
Itlaad «c*maty, • •ahinr'a Terrtvir
E. W. Pl Kl-T.
Mm'r-. i*trator of fe« e*ua*- of Hiraza uiaey,
a*.-*! j
Ita?rd i"t*a;ady, ffffdoiy.
May a. lw f*£ lm
Saw milk. woW ul i.-ra work
!■( aaeUMtr. U(iaw. Mi
an ui WltlBg: Kill ui
t*et«T nppUab
<bea& tar r*i* jM*r.
a t. it ro ,
i».ln Sn t N <rth «s. Portland. (»r
WlaecMMtn Ortttmi Line for traaapartn
t>a o/ freSfiu aa4 fa*-a»ir» t*-te«ra A
Pawl. V bb 11 <* Aafciand aad If !>van
hot vr CUM a*o and Ka*s aad Socth.
Ate STT-S f> arw«j»d E«
• Mtaic »t t&«tf
K a fo:i ia;<wicat>«a. l»w»a* rataa,
bel!:>. <t.. to ur at-et. «r artitxa.
Ik a. Manr; Ocs PM4I TVAft(l
CXt'l.S *lTn'.<»»w»;«fflt*rl JlltC
;« WtMi&rae d I'irUt I, »J*
MWIII uU lMffll MM|
O*"® ***** STOAT. hatan,
V/ wrn. ami mum farther BMW. MM
*2B « a> Mm. mMia
«r»9BBa» atth mwiunLxt««m£
«arf R<f Kssrk <waa* «r*»-
* •■* *T Wra* iaaer watj* V? *sa«v »
****** «a na<* ste«ai tf i » p. m
WW 4fcT
"S" 4r<? T nm< jtag-U*-
tM««wl K«—>4.
' Diiav.
*U Aj< A <S 2*
***** S*» ! Li» L*« lm
„ .... -s* * aa. -is *ra_
SteiSk*C«T* Jj» £» •Si *? «
??*■ -V » * 5* 2 H T «4
E4s**w.r a »;.-»# #
L"* *^ T -. lifiis > » • ta> « li
taiosa r«k. 'as ; ss . is
s*""*' »*»• I* 2» » »
JJ*""- liSlf tUm Arrr. at*
*«n»- Eh» wi
*>ks- E?» s3
WwtOwttHeernSu n|
R*£a»- «<i, l«iiU stJ
Ultau tekaii
( 4-rtrr | ft; jflpj
Wwt«»r< >«»»<.
[» SSSSrEaa (itn
3 T-*lav Tna
*|l Bib H t!
!«**• " Lr*j I.*r Lrr
—— i-W * ra>B| r .B
wilaaa ». i I »
Xaoobxa Si-
Adrian *
KrOaaotxl. tei ' i a:
Y«t. £i
W«* ♦'«•»» Jtart'a Ki 4
Wiamr 3B > < a
*«.•«• a i« Z
Im« V«i i 4 M
>K<4U> • S3; H-» S » 1 S-j 4 ST-
Ravrca IVk . : tJ. *,»*.«> J. *1 $.»
tai<« Ba* li. >s j
Extras, r >; * 4 SS Stf »«
*»•- hr » «*
Mtisa i Corr L«i $ U S U i Mi I M
ScaHi* fe » » J S& (3 « M
ArHr» ■ L>m Arr< An' Arrr
W. R. THOESEU. Waaao-r
Tim* Table, Taking Effect
Sunday, May 27, 1868.
_ t««. A-rir*.
Taroma pvnrr.tvr ; 4a,a. m »>»p a.
Taruaa tailed)' : D|ie 12 i.pa
Stork jKartioa <aix'd:.32& pa. S*Ba.a
Ji\>»iwrt» with ttw X. P. K. U. for Part
land and l>c ta*:
•t'oonreu with P R R fir Portland
T. J. MIS-VES, Mai.ajwr
TinwTiM*, Taking Effect
Sunday May 37,1888.
Train* im« aud crave Seattle u fol
I.env*. Arrirt
New*' - !* ■*'4 war/ T ;a a m I]a. a
ma.HB il4 4' p « b
Fra.k.in ati-i a v ,i« , *r (Cam *1 *> p. m
nalot« I a
•Kilted. noai
T J Wil-VKR,
Aatatant Eufnan-odent.
For train* and steamers arriving and
departing from
C«lukii ft Pi|et SesEd RtilnU Co.'s
Drpitf. font of Main St-atli*. W T
Pacific Coast Steamship Co,
*traT»rfif;» MEXICO and TMATILUt
Brttaui? Ma>r*tv'« maik, artU
fail fn>ia Rn«daav wharf. San Kraa<-'.i«xv
ai» aa . it«y Fndar. R-ramio«. !«av«
M-attle at 1 p a. rrrry Friday, aud l*»n
Towawod tn aflemonn.
O W. Eldrr. Janr Jl Au-on Jaw 4. O. W
Eldw Joae I*. Ancoa J«!y 1. <J. » EMri
Ju!y IS. Abk-h Jalr .w, i, W. Ridt r
li. AUt'in Au*n»t -T, C. v> Elder i-wa
l*r W. Al'<® j«.
and p*-«iase app!r to art-at at
Colnatda A S,mul Railroad offlr*.
• lu eff«t Frt<Tiar) 3bUi ud atitll ftutker
Northern Pacific
Cawidt Dlvlilot. Nov Cii
pl*to<L Makiac At th« Short
est, B*it amd Q«lck««t.
*n»e Wniof Car lime. Tb* IHrr-rt Root*.
No Ifhyi Fwtf*t Trtiu*. L»we*t Kau*
to Chietto n:»«! all Ea#l. Tiefcet»
fid to all p^taJufot
Ea*t as 4 h<»otii«wi Thwart Piilnto
Drawing Room Meepiut? tan Rt-ncrva
xiun» can be *eeurvd in advance.
T# Bast Im«4 Ptntfini:
Be cmrrlfcl ami do not make a mistake,
but be sure to lake ike
Harta Facile Railroad.
And »e* that j\Axr tieket reada via. tht»
line. si. Panl ««r Minneapolis to aroM
fhaujw an 1 neriou* delay* <xran«K<i by
oUn*r route*
Tfcr**«*fc emigrant ttaepln* Car* ran on
recalar train* faii k*t.«ifa of Um
line. Bert&s frea. luwrtt rnlea. qttiracaf
General OS** af the frapaay, U f Waafc
b»fft«« it, Ptrttaai, tfmwi.
A. D CHARLTO!f t Awt Gen ram Aft.
No. 2 Waahingtcn SL, Portland, Or.
Twket Afent, mitie, Wfcart
Tiefcet A fen!. -enttJe
captain n hartvan,
<4 Wcdacadny and "Sat* rda? tnom»n* at 7
o»Mk, for fiaait River and nay f tu.
Rvtnrainf. learn* bead of navigation
erery aiwt Tfcnrwlay
. F«r freight pa«*a<e apply to (TROR&R
y« or on l-*fd.
Excursion Tickets.
Partis holding round trip
tirkct.s Strtitm I'ari Br
Railroad iv»u«*. ran fxrkantre
same rood for rrtnrn tU the
Canadian Pa rifle Bail way,
npon application to
E. W.
icylStf Agrnt C. T R j.
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iLa*rty nrfiftrd
To AisLSlca,
WO mil f?Kfflß Srafir to j
Tuesday, July 10th.
*f "* * • Vf*t to rt» to A sua
thts&A a*a-l tliinighet of t&J* «-
tty »j1 weatt rjoa<« enrty. R.-«>ma «n
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W. H Afant,
Jtarton dW*t
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V,*.-LaK;m t.oo*»»wii l
•a. a. |r «.
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fcnar. «*«a!*o«>>a» at a <a. raa
tiiaqf rzzti to tt<- ManaK aa4
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B<*a>, Tanvna. fMataoa, MrXcUl
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OaJy buu etaiin Bcmdml lri» «a >aa>i*»a
MA\i.« BOA&P.
Steamer Skagit Chief
I eaves sriTTtx. from visuars
a: art. *»«-.-> -nsswiaj "3 tide,
f«r Lar> aincr. tn»rbic« at t *li.:un. Part
.«a«aa. >JaRw wx| »o>l I'tnU;.
Return ;ri* Moadaya
I«m evx-jn nutraSa? moraine no tide.
t««.hia* at rUHra. tiwperav. rtwjidjr.
lanmuier. Friday Harbur and !Un i« liar-
Refwmin? Frt4m
Ftor iodjwi. potnif or private exrandre*
wp*r>Mi rate, wi'J he rt»«-n «i applimo**.
For trrtftt and rat»-» appl' <>a Saard, or
to ItFNF.T KAfirV. Matter
Canadian Pacific
fine*t is the vartl o»*j.*S»«in« **l Inxtxri-
OttS tars. having d?a« Jttff. Uftofc
!uf sa-i tiath r»«»ra- C.jjrfrtsMe tad
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Bt-rtbi for bcidrn of wittad r'4M Ufkvtft,
and tin? riort rp-vJcrr: «T[|f ni day r<wM
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be*t »;unUt? of fi«*l la unlimited
at .% amoalde Mm.
The Variety and GrawVar of SVvoery
| aloft* Hs 8m i» an««jnaX and in the de
i tall* »f track, train *rfkr, «if M nothiajr la
t that <an a.?d to !ht fafete and
CoaKfort of f*t j ««*?••:»». AH in all. i; rivet
| tl»e brrt and wort «*-rviea&le liw* of inn],
whether for taurine** or jdra«a?v.
Portland. Taooms. SrtttK VMwria and all
ftcttc Oautf f*»rte?s. and Min
beajpolK St, CUctM Lrmia. Otta
n.lw«to, M*.itn-al, Ik«u»a. Sew Yort
and all Eft*un> Cities.
Thrauk Tlekets aft Iwl la aB rHtrM
PaftaU la tba l aiM ft?ate«, I aaada
aa4 Karaya at Unttl Batea.
Fw detailed taforaattou to the (ol
k»vln( agents of tL« < >*ujJ4L«* :
C. g *cca*p,
l Wa*h 4 .a»rtoo ft. IVrtUmd. Or.
E- W HctilNNßtt, AratUe. W T.
EL E. El lauv»«sa. W. T.
». K. EUOWS.
Dictrlet Freight and Faaavtiffer A rest,
Vmtmw. i. C.
< rtymfatiy j^lteit^d
0. R. & N. co:s
\\*llJ. LEAVE ( ITT I>rtrK
'' Ja'iJ, rjv.pl xntdara. lot Ta< "■ *.i at
tarn.. 11 aa. and smp. a. Mixulay*
at ta a and 1.» p. a.
For Victoria—eiKpt Min.J.T, at
11 a a
F«<* Ulriai-'a—Pat'jr, n«ft gaturtJaj and
"uuU?. ■: ii t k.
F. r Tat-wiajr and
Tbarada;. at 11 p a.
at iascrrttf-l-atc pcinti on all
W H. BOirOMR. Gnil Xanicn.
C. W JOir.<f>MN
G*nl P«» and r.ikrt A«rst
El> fONXUI, Uvral Avrai.
' rtv !)»?*.
Stcamhnal Trustor
tatiea r««pai}.
~ rno iiaiijr m«m s*a!ti« and F«t
TotriMrnd. )ra<in( l«ratlW at M)p ta. .tont h
iin at Purt J1..1 «->o. pwt' and lv«t
IJid'x'w Rrlarniait- Lrar. Port Tuvcmd
iailj (ntirpt *iu>da; at * JO a a
Meaner Wnhlnrton k«m NutUf, Hot
day. Tneoia? arid T*«-%iaj at 9 ». m ,
••u<h:nr at Clinton. Cooper!!)*. * »«k Rar
bor.rtania<!y. laeonurr.Au*f**rte«.<i«»eia««,
Snmiah, FaJr?.a»rn. BeUingbam and Hr
hi-me. RHnrniny— L#*rta » batii»w Mon
day*, t«dimriayi and Friday* at & ft m.
Anam Cl*r of <jnl*rj *»•«> for
■Qajrlt klvrr >»4 «|1 J-TW Hooda? *lx4
Tbaraday aanutfi. maruiac Turatara
and Frf-iarA
r« frntht aJw! puur appi? U costft
ajr'» nii» «i V«Wi Wharf.
sc co.'s
Jnekaon. Stattla. W. T*
All efcrooie Wa*a»* of Sf E« and WOVE*
•ri *<%*■??;?* treated.
1/WT MAStl'*'!- Vertf-v* ul FMalraJ
JMiltttj. SjeJmwrMl Vitality. «*Ta!nal
rj»-rm »!oct%»* *-a,
OwK*rfe*«, Cilari. f*rem*tt-re l>*
* i;nr. ticaktsem ':a women, and all Fow>
tioaa! I»e**nafrme«*tatfcas rwrai t from tontifc
fni fotta* or *%f**a !*i aft<*r y«ai*.
IIKINIBT si »*T- redder tr-^tka.
W>- ak Hark «*ot,om*oen. <*>«*4«
Crr»ft*tt. Vaxsr»*eJ*. ?!|»ktaif, *tr-„
ly a»4 wife Jj Sty - iimou eaodirlnn
* ten* nwr ktw b>Ktn«
f-arr«r r-m*natAr.
KflYOliS IMiih*y. f •f V* tjftir. Arminnl
nLiivuj it****. ? v t tw«. im
anenAepey, nr.. rtr , enrod
YQtlkfi MFM from tke efßt—t*o#
lwan iin fn' li «r
tion. thonVS a* ail ffcetnrtrea of pit • "-at
ment, (hf Bind to u rw la d at ft* a>-
tar of #nlk-*inf iiamanity Wiii marantan
a na*» in r*<rry «ne.
HMk-lled lei
MXk»n at tb« * «M r. r M»
nutis: «r txnlti rt'iOan. wi riwh-
MV>* ti« Briar * j.».a a urf
Tartta fr ra • to rr*« ■
few. fIM a rrak
return at it* »«<v» )a a oa«arr fc» racaa*
unwt t» Tt i« HCm »«ik«l Max* at
•miaal wa*T:-** >2W a/ Uiia }.9l
fa:tf. irons'. a» !i« au JL wrfrrl m
b<-ai:br -t. i-aaraawad.
ul«< boon. W a. i« i |i, a «to I ft.
Ji i—ranaa Bsia' f V Vi r*alt v IT*7 b*
, »i W».r ko«.« t7
aud t&atrw ttr»a« *»t fe> taailat

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