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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, July 01, 1888, Image 8

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INUIUIMM* MM» ummmn*
—nail Tti hjrm-
Wgy >ilt-fln tpclw* oea#*
Mil Cvwate la «ha CUtea aa tte
TateM afjtt* »«M.
it rroret <«r rnwt*».
Oh, swset w the eW*»J of the reaper
That Ofsh to my ear through the
libe"h2rn« Vroiu elftar.d tbe wbm
And 'chase each other away and
Deticioosty sweet H the maiden's wmg
That i« wafted to me wa the evening
y »
And tie- katydids chirrup the trewi
While'th" eat serenades at the foot
of the stair.
But the Ml will cease and the » hot»
An-* %h* maid will rrpo* on bet
dainty bet.
Bat that oW tow-it will dose one ne
And growl 'till a bootjack breaks hi"
fiuwiu r»arv.
In tbe parlor" of the Baptist chur h
on Wednesday evening a few M tlie
friend* of Mr Hamuet Haimer sssera-
Uml to pay their re«j>ect • to him prior
to hi* departore tor As'ofia. where he
mm to «i "p' tl»e pfvition of general
aa*Tetary of the V. M. C. A. Those
pr-*<-tit were: Mr. arxl Mr*. G. W.
War*). Mis* Kens Ilall, Mi«-e* Mary
and l.iuie Armstrong, Mi-»es Alice
and Fl>ren » Caldwell. Miss Rhine.
MW* Helena Mcßae. Mrs. Crare Ball,
and Mr *-r-. Hampton, Pierce. Biahy,
Jensen an-1 Walts.
ism rati. u'WCH.
\fr« Stacy gave a small and infor
fnal lunch at her liea'itifal home on
M*di»n street last Thursday after
noon. Those present were Mesdames
Burton, Haine".( arkeek, I .yon, Haller,
Heilhron, Baxter and l>eWolle.
Judge It. 8. < Jreene gave a lunch at
the (Kvi-leiital h >«el ye tenlay after
n*M»n to the member* and clerks of tbe
legal firm of <>reene. McSaught. llan
ford A Me »raw, which firm was dis
• ilv.tl by mXuai consent yesterday.
On Thurs-lay Mr*. Joseph McNaught
Eve a very deligiitf'd tea in h >m»r of
r niece. Miss ran lie M'-N i ight, d
|Uo)inin<to-i, I 111 not". Am > i-r Ui »*e
invite t to meet Mis* M Naught were:
Mr. M irtin, of San Jose, Mr*. Hop, of
Z toe*rii>e. Ohiu. Mr . Stewart, Mrs.
B-»on>. Mr-. Cjuiter, Mr*. Kimliall,
Mrs. Van U-ifrn. Mr*. Heilbron, Mr*.
Grant. Mr« M-Mtcken. Mr*. Snyder.
Mr*. WhitUesev. Mr*. Mrs. Svit
t»ne«r, Mr*. fen,-le, Mr*. Hanford.
Mr*. Middl-t >n, Mr*. Hatfield, Mr«.
Qsrd. a id M -*es Henry, I»ean. l>e-
Wolle, Furili, «itruve, Jones, K.Jones.
Mutt in, of Portland, Hopkin*. Weed.
Mparting. Borkiaghata, of ZansvUle,
Bander<on an 1 Ferry.
Tim Knigh'.s of I'vthias picnic, at
Ravenna park, on Thursday, was a
grand succei*. th" nunil*r attending
beiut several hundred. The day wa*
mo it enjoyaWy sp*nt, and the Knights
and th'-fr gaest* rrtarned to the city
In tho evening feeling that they had
full compensation for tneir previous
rive o'ctor* TEA
On Monday afternoon Mrs. Thome,
of Ileaton, gave a delightful five
o'clock t' i in honor of her coil-in.
Miss • Urm (itimnn, of Portland The
room< an 1 tables were beautifully
j . i.a'.c.i an 1 fragrant, with trch
ft>w.-rt fro , i Mr* Thome's garden
To thoie ac | i tinted with the h»-tess,
it U ura™" try to say that the re
frediments ver> all that .ould lie de
utrci, or that tHev w-rc elegantly
wsne I. The evening WAS most c:I
--jmntilc *!*nt,and willloiii- lw held in
delightful rem-naberane by tbo.se
wh « ware pre-eat.
Amm • th- cacsts were: Mrs.
Parke*. Mr-. K. M. - nuttier-, Mrs.
Ho »*. Mr*. Beach, Mr., Williams.
Mrs. t'otle-, Mrs. sp-i cr. Mrs. Wal :
worth, M» llir.t Wal-worth, Mrs,
t'.ist tr, Sir Wood. Mrs. iworth.
Mr- i»ibbon, Mrs. Hmuttie-. Mrs.
Weir, Mr*. Morris and Mrs. Jenkii-.
Torso MCN'S tssnTtrg.
' The first Invitation eatert ilntnetit,
ball and sam»,:r civcn 1., lU# Young
Men's In- tin " w n lie-I at tie
km r'lUs of 1' thi.i bd! o-i i ri lav cv
oalng. Tiie atteadaice was and
th > ent 1 tainiue t b ;hly su • s fill
in every fCsjx-ct.
Daring an interm'ui >n in the pro
gramme eSeg mt r»fr Vnitit' were
nerved. \iuon.. tlKi*' :'le s*i t were
Mr and Mrs. t ~k, Mr an I Mr A
1.. Mi.icr, Mr .1 Mr V J Xi-t.
Mr a I M M t: Mr. an I Mrs
IT ir|| >n Mr ,T I Mrs C<dliin
MI-SM ii rmlrv, Itird, llus-ell, Mnith,
I it HMTM, Cook, M' Intyre, Pi
per, N i"i K ' ii nt • . N man,
Km-rson. M •<, Kane M Kirov
tK»vit, Murray, Jahn, Collins and
ll*yr*, an 1 Messrs i>illon, llyinc.
Cbea-iy. Thomp-on. T. X-.inau. M
Nunan.lV Vun.m. I'iri.i-k, llancell.
M 'riprn-tera. St*-x en . Hawkins, Hue,
Win. Pentir !, Phi-'knc). Shannon,
li k>:!I, J i .. • !': tr. I.vnch Mc
int r■, r M.-Kir-O .1 K r ..v Mil
ler, O'Brien, liu --»■!! and M'Soriey.
ri ssojt 11..
Mr. Ale- «• >r ltc_-r lefton Wedncs
«lav f»r a -hort visit to Vi torii.
M -- Finnic M Naught. wh-i ba
i Y i• i:11I.* her aunt. M-s.
M N I'l.'h . . t I' d«y for a tbrts'
w>- *ks' visit to t'alii..rn! i.
Proi. J«l»n-"on and Mr Kdmund S.
Meaitv left on Tic-lay for • cruise
around th * S.> ind.
Mr- Alfreii Ni ,!'r*ri and th ■
M»--e>Ni ! *-r-iia I' »w lu:it-»:ro\ on
the An c» t- i f Alaska.
M ■- Sittoo, of Portland. «v c'.ing
th=* Mum Jones of this city.
I'M. Anders.m anj wife, of Walla
H ill i. are Mating friends in the city.
11. \Y. lukcr rettlri rd on Tuesday
from Tmum. where he has been vis
it! i; trim*!*
tiov ana Mr Kerry left on Monday
for the Ve'.to* stone park, where they
will spend sever d weeks.
Mr Hove r.itan has given up Ftemn-
Uuting and has tc eptrd a petition
in the not National Rank.
t»rn iJih'wn, * Crawford and
Cap! WirrtMv, «'( Kort Yamottver,
are in lb# * it v.
M.: Kohert Wr .♦tit*'. of Ta«vi:ia.
in the ruv dariny th» veek.
M i Ms Prr\r. o: Purl (ijinlife,
in the city the jvfc-t wcrk
M •■» C: iwford returned on
M • U r : nv ; lt > the homo . (
her >t*ter* m Thur«ton county.
M -» W 11. Ko-j'i® m«I M: •• Turnrr,
o IVrtJ uul, arr Mr. K II
Hammer, of thi* ciiv.
John II M; beU.jr ,of Tvvnu.wjt
In the city l*-t work
Prof. Krrr, of Walla Walla. wa» in
tSe city duruuc the *eek.
Mr John \ Whailey returned on
Tuc*-U> from a riMt to hi« parents in
Han Kran« >nu
Mr ll.iiWr c *me up from Port
TovnwNMl t«» «|eni the
fourth with hi'* parents.
M v< May Comlott. *ho ha« been
tev htnjt in the Seattle p*iMik* * hool<
tor the U«i nine yr<r», hi*
her |xv*itiv»n and * ill I for'nui
JKram i*co in a few day*.
Mr Henry Miiler rrturrwsl on Wed
MpNta* from a r*ree runt t »
Mr Jaoie* MoKlroy. who hat
•t! > * ' » - rtiA- T ■ '
«MNU O. V' • h . Trtuniwl un WED- '
nfak| to apeiHl the »ummer in
M • Mary M i! rov.of "ksjtit, i> ;a |
Ike city.
Mr» CUatit* I . *c ■*;. dcy ,
ter rwMr »• **** * k* i
Mn.ChM.J«hMa. !
Mis. Jtmv* frttyalltioy^!
ml pnrttend. •"> th» foeste «< Ckirf
jJSVtA Joe**'laS^T
* r I !sS o rf l viiu re w^
wrote to the cutiW « WriU Waßa
that basine** mU prevent hua &w«
kmlin* the invitation to team the,
JwartkU owtfc* •* thttg!»ce. f
Ye-v«iay b« received a tetefram
stating ST »h<j
declination ewald sot be M
it bad b«*n imblieiy aftaooaced by the
OWIBSm UMi H vu to be pHWBt
A«ronU*fty be m hmmctiafoetM
a typewriter l*<t eming flower* of
speech and Mirwiit Fojrth of Jaly
oratory by tie yard.
The number of toorita in tbe city
daring the put week baa bca unasu
aSy tarn.
tier. Henry Bate* and wife, of Crete.
Xetraaka. ate ranting their wo. Re*.
H L, Bates Of Uus city, and wiH re
main during the summer.
Mr. A. B. Randall it vi-iting friends
and relatives in Ottawa, Canada. This
is Mr Randall's first visit to bis oM
home tor fifteen year ?.
Mr. and Xn Robert Marr. or War
renton. Virginia, are spending a few
days in the city. Mr. Marr is con
nected with tbe U. *. geodetic and
coast snrvey.
Mm Clara Cllratn, who ha- been
visiting Mr-*. Thome and Mr*. Smith
em at R ntnn for the past two weeks,
baa returned to her home in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Bigelow re
turned from tbe east yeaterday.
Col. J. C. Hafnrs returned from Ta
coina Last evening.
Mi»» May Silvester, who went to
Tacoiaa to report the Gardner trial,
accompanied by her mother, returned
last nifiht.
Mr and Mr*. W. J. Martin, of Oak
land. Cal., Mi** Vira Burnett, of Kan
Francisco, and Miss Norma Ityland,
of San Jose, who have been vi*iting
Mrs. I». J. McKinnev.of this city, left
for I'alifoniia la«t Wednesday, accom
panied by Miss Marguerite McKinney.
wh>» will visit in Los Angeles. , S an
Jo*e and Oreville before returning to
Hiss (Salliher'a Bmat-Fmasal
Ottwns, June 30.—The complimen
tary benefit whi< h was ten.lered to
Mi's Hteßa Gall:ber, of Tacoma, by
tl»e St. John'* Mti-i al Society, at Co
lumbia Hall. la«t Fridav evening, was
very largely attended an l nrove l to be
a most pleasant affair, fince the so
ciftv btgan to rehearse the "Chimes
of fformaiidy" and "Mikado," sev
eral months ago, Miss Galliher. who
had charge of tbe or healra, hasejert
e*t her utmost eiTorts at ail times to
make the undertaking a success, and
»he now has the satisfaction of know
ing that her eff irts were not in vain,
bui that -he receives a very large share
of tbe credit for the sucee-s of the op
era. It was to show their appreciation
of these ex e'lent services that the s«-
«iety de* i*led to give tbe benefit which
proved so great a success. Miss f.alli
her was once a resident of Olvmpia,
and she has ho*t* of warm iriends
here, who nre always delighted to have
her favor them with a visit.
I.i 'Ut. Frank M. Gowey returned
h<>i«e on \Vednes«lay evening trorn
California, and will now remain here
(•ermanently. Lieut, tiowey, on May
w! la-t. graduated from the California
Military Academy of Oakland with the
highe-t honor*, "and tdn"e th it time
ha-* been visiting friends in ><outhern
California. He will probably accept a
|>ocition in the firs: national bank of
thi- citv.
Mr. Inarles Wilson, of Seattle, fame
up on the Fleetwood on Thur-daj
cve-iing. and w ill vi -it his many friend's
in this • ity for some days.
Mr. George K. Corycil. of Seattle,
accompanied by his wife and little
daughter, were i i this citv during th'
wees. Mr Coryell, during hi* brit-f
re-idenee in this citv la t winter, made
many warm friend*, who arc alAays
t » se-- him.
M; (). If S-idler was a guest of
Mr*. A U. Whitney, in Seati*. during
the week.
110 i. C. H. Aver made a brief .husi
ne<* visit to l\>rttand during the past
Mi-s Annie t'owies, after .ipjiearin.!;
with St. John's Musical isociety in
att e, went down t • Whatcom" when
-he will l>> the fiest of Mrs. Uent
Mayo.on Isiard tiie urveying scboor.er
Karnest, for a few da vs.
l ap:. Alexander W'ood, of the Fleet
wood, accom|>A'del bv .Mr*. Wotnl,left
on Wednesday v-.orning for Portland,
where they will visit frien<!s for a few
dav . (luring hi< absence!'apt. Hatch
wi ! l oOiciate n- m ist-r.
Mr. Alex. McLe K! and wife, of Shel
ton. were in the city on Thursday.
Hon. John Y. Oitrander and wife,
of Seattle, were m tie city during the
\\ e— !<.
Mr. and Mr-. A. T. l.ak-ru visited
friend' in Seattle during Ihi' week.
« >l. C. M. Ander on of Seattle
in the city durinp the week.
Mrs t'apt. Mi Micken made a vi»it
todown--ound friends la»t week.
Mr-. A. IV Whitney of Seattle was
the par t •( Mrs. li. 11. SeiUler, in thi
city, last week.
lt d; o Hopkins, of Seattle, visiti-d
Ins numerous Oiymj>ia friends during
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Klwcll visited
friend- in >noh'Ciii--li ( ity last wtx-k.
Mr Bates t avanaagh bus pi--ed his
final exsniinat.ou at \V**-t Piiint. and
is ui'W enrolled a- Washington I'erri
tun J cadet in the natf >n.d military
a'-aiemy. His friends here have gn.it
hope* for hi< brilliant -uccess in the
f it.ire. He succeeds I.icut. J 'i;n L
llavdcn of tb:- city, who graduated a
-b'-rt 1 iiae as So. i : .
Mr. i. ( Van Kpps made n visit t •
Mmte -au i during the week in the i:i
t.Test of the 1. O. O. F.
li.o S. mp!> . accittupar.icil by Mr.
and Mrs.iiwin Hi ks, went out to I»c>-
chute- river la-t - m-.av an.l ret'imed
on Monday, an I. as a re-alt, t'aere i a
smaller number of trout in th,* river
no* than formerly.
Mr J M C ir-o i vi-i ed down -ound
c:t:e- during the week
Jadg M. A. Hoot wa- in shclton oil
How t<» Marry.
Merchant Traveler ]
\Vil :I pretty, JS' itii.g ::;>S -a_v "1IO."
lHm't KO
And blow
TOW Mm tmt to simply show •
II >w deep you're plunged in mental
And ;>ain:
It it hid 111 I'tlpi i's amb'.lsh lie.
Nor rv.
Nor »:gh
\-.r sa :.il j*o has pas - 1 you by,
\ "id » hen a i h nice i 5 offe ed, tr*
Minister (limini: with !?*<• family)—
S»NO r maxima d«>c«n't «.int TO t to
cat m«»~e than one j«r. f .>( t»ie, Bobby ?
iU •!. • \«» nir,cufjilwQfn you ire
v Then i can liuve ail t »».tt
\ ) <4%.
I i l».t ir <»h, Jack, you *aid a had
*■ r\| j »>t no*
't,k.<who hi j »u«t hit hit tin vr
m :tli a hammer} — i don't care if I did.
I It hurt awfully.
Charlie Hut you aaid a cu*> word.
JA. k WPU, crtndpa doe*. often.
Charlie—Oh, Jark. he dketat; hut
it wo :idn't matter if he did. because
he «ioaf and can t hear himself.—
T*i K«/«
M NnjMody. who i< not «*>yoan(t
a %he **•», the l-iil hafore the
«iature requiring «evtt»day*' notice
or to marry i* a very unusual
■ «-a»urc. >t»Trn tUfi, imleed!" he
>**•••» >' x 'it iaailwrunj?: I never did j
| «I the«e kmi( •afftgNMiita;
. are y* ry apt to amount to noth
/»'•/»■» Trtiwrripf.
* 't!i c K tto country editor —Man
e. -jr. uanM.i theed "or.
t: .. . UIJU ■»; What d e* he
want of the ixiiter?
U o >4) « h>.» wants to mop the door
K I:t *r i tv»vevedM")h. «ho*r him in.
I *4 vr !:t i.w iiuue to
rjtew York TAoe.j
Samuel Fes*endea, at Ctmmetiemt.
relates a story of Gen. Grant which B
tntoto the ceaaorracy of hit nature
aad h» strong and lasting aoMty.
It has been said that ha never tonot a
name or tare. Mr. Feaaenden, who fc»
Cqw a leading Repab&caa aad one of
the moat successful tawye. jJ hu
Kate, was apnvaia to
1 H« waa Pfterebai* with his
' companions in irt». when he «» »
briet ftutoogh and wwtowto Wajh
ingtoa. iaat aa hi* trade, cx-senator
wS&im PSttFewenden.of Maine, who
waa secretory of the treasury. was
-tirfcng with a party for the bead
aurteii of the army, on board the
steamer Northerner. The pmuig prt-
Tate waa asked to go with them, and
accepted tbe inritatkxt. At head
quarters a tog dinner wa* given to the
army officers on board tbe Norther
ner. Simeon Draper, who waa then
collector of New York, provided the
feast. Tbe soung soldier was intro
duced by his ancle to Gen. Great and
the others, aad then sent off with the
midshipmen, when presently there
came to him a me-sage that Gen.
Grant would iike Private Fesaenden to
join the party at dinner. Going to the
dining room, he was placed in a seat
next to Gen. Grant, where, aa he says,
he ate enough for a giant aad listened
with all hi» earn. It waa eight years
after, that Mr. Fessenden, enlarge! in
proportions, full* developed, ana con
siderably ( hanged in appearance, was
in Washington on private basiness.
As he walked down Pennsylvania
avenue toward the White house. Gen.
Grant came out for t walk with a little
switch cane in hi* hand. Mr. Fessen
den Ufte l hi* hat in salutation and
said: " Good morning, Mr. Presi
dent." He ha-1 no expectation of a
recognition beyond a return of the
courtesy, bat. to hi* astonishment,
the general crossed over the pavement,
extended his hand, and said: *' Why,
how are yoa, Mr. Fessenden?"
I'reaekiag ahd Practice Didn't Con
[Boston Herald.]
It was at the Institute of Technol
ogy a few days tiefore the close of the
term. One of the professors had been
troubled l>y hearing some of the stu
dents indulging in -dang. According
ly, when his clas' had assembled to
hear his lei tare, he gave them a ten
minute <:iscourfe on the use of slang,
told them how it was corrupting the
language, and that its u*c was, anion.:
per->on-> of cultivation and refinement,
a sure sign of ill-breeding. Then he
went on with bis regular lecture. and
at its dose called the attention of his
class to the fact that some of them
bad been remiss in their studies and
that it lehooved them to make up for
lo*t time, or they would fail to (ass
the approachingexaminations. "The
fact is," he concluded, *• you've got to
brace up or you'll pet "left," which
«hows that preaching and practice are
oft.-n wi Ic a;>art.
A Little Experleaee.
The Union Pacific pot neatly bung in
anooseof itsown tying. The Nebra-ka
State Board of Transportation under
took to rep date the charges of the rail
road for freight, to which the company
objected, applying for and receiving ah
injunction front a United State." judgr
on the ground that the I nion I'aeitir i»
a government corporation over which
the Stale has no control. Then the
attorney general of Nebraska appears
on the rcenein a «uit ton* laimsl
! <JOO worth of land Ncontl by the com
pany under State condemnation pro
ceedings. This brought the company
to its sense*, and it turned around and
asked for the dissolution of its own
injunction, stipulating at the same time
to abide by the rulings of the State
board. The t'nion Pacific had the same
erperiince in Kar.sa three year* ago.
Stales are stronger ttian corporations,
and the latter are, one by one. ac
knowledging it. Rochester (_V. }'.)
This waa in New Turk-
Sew York Sun.]
"I want to put tip about a 5-VW)
house on that vacant lot," he said t->
the contractor. "Can you undertak,:-
the job?"
"Well, 1 gue-s so. About hoar much
da vou want to pay?"
"\Vhy. VXM.
' it can't be done. A SSOOO hou-c
will co-t you 571XU."
A Himmnrli for Itafi.
(Christian Advocate.]
On a summer s morning our little
UUie W3< walking with her u nit ami
di-covered a tpider's web. She was
■ltlighted aril ex claimed: "<>h, tie.
here's a hammock for hups!"
Gov. F>eaver, of Pennsylvania, is oj
eo <• I to :.U |K>pnhir superstitions and
ridicule» the idea of Friday being han<r
iii in'< day. He i a disbeliever in the
Proverbial unl i kines of the number
;hirteen, and often has thirteen per
sons at dinner. He is al-o an ho*.or
iry niem'.ier of ■ the Thirteen t'iuh of
N w York. Recently, in respiting a
murderer, he fixed the day for his ex
ecution on Oct. ij. As M>on, however,
a- lie discovered that the date fell on
Friday, he changed the date to Oct. IT.
In an interview tlov. Beaver said that
the fixing of Friday as a dav on which
to execute the law in capital ra«e< was
ministering to a popular superstition
that was very improper, and that
■ here was no real basis for s.ich a sen
The new criminal code of Italy, just
promulgated. abolishes the death j>en
«dty for murder or any setimi < crime.
It - ilwtitutes therefor imprisonment
lor life. The first ten years is to be in
* '.itary confinement at hard labor; at
th end of tliat period, if the convict
lias conducted himself well, he can
there:i:tcr work among his as-o-'iate
■onvict* but is Mill condemned t • re
main silent. F"r continue.! good be
havior he i- to Ik- rewarded by i emis
sion to speak occasionally. In case of
dueling the court has tir-~t to determine
whether all the laws of honor have Is—n
complied with, nn.l then the penalty
is -ix raontn-' imprisonment for mere
lighting. Kor death. five \ ears' impri--
• >noient; seconds in the first ca» • to
hive t'aree mouths: in the srcond ease
two months and a half.
M.s, lloxana I'inkerton. boarding :.t
the Palmer House, Chi- ago, went shop
ping. leaving « pair of diamond eu'r
ri•;■ i th- . open trunk. When she
r et anted the d «>r was still locked, but
the til.!;- were gone. The coirts have
I- < ! i that i'ottcr Palmer must pay
♦ tiO for the jewels.
perfect MAD^
Itt ««t prwrea la mißioot
I w hover* fr»r more than a qaarler of a ee»-
niry It is o«>(t by the I'KIMNI GOT*
crnvteM. En-!<ww»4 by tbe of the
'•rca: I %* l*r
aa»! >f<wi Dr. lYir* » Clean 1
i akmc r*!tr A** ■ »t contain Amiaoma.!
L ase or Ahra M oolj ia raiiaf
>«w tvti <mreach. rr Locia 1
A Hw Qwutlia
Bad I the rigfet—
I wish I laijXt-
Think you thorn iijw I d to.?
Do yoo ttftw
Can too coKciTC —
Could I bat *«
That Iwwlw , .
Who might ber tage defy.
Do you sumxwe
That I would lorn
The time twoold take to trj^
A «"t" 11 n WNk Af«.
[Rttubarg DfagMtdk]
Recently a lady of wealth and no
liulr exterior reSneaaeat came to ay
friend, the tator of paiotiag, anl said
that the had a daughter about to grad
uate from one of the Kastern ladies
schools, whom she de*iwd to acquire
some acuaamtancw with the inward-1
ness of art. Would the tutor take
this pretty nass into ber studio?
The tutor said »he thought she
could stand it, and the lady with the
Uz purse was about to depart when
the delivered herself of this injunc
tion : " Understand, I want Julia to
learn enough about painting to be
able to criticise the pictures 'be will
see when «ke'« abroad neat year. But
I don't want any child of mine to be
made an artist—l know all about ar
tist— untidy. careless creatures with
out a penny in their pockets—so be
careful not to let Julia get too far."
If Julia's ideas about art are de
rived from ber mother there is no
danger of her ever being an artist.
Another time a young lady came
into the studio and announced that
she wanted to take some lessons in
painting. She had seen a remaikahle
painting by one of the foremost paint
ers of the Old World, a picture in
which a monk figured most promi
nently. and thi« had fired her imagi
nation and started an ambition to be
come a painter.
'• You see." said this impetuous
to paint everything; I just want to
learn how to paint a monk. That
won't take but a few lessons. will it?"
I'm afraid she retired from the hat
tie eariy in the 'lay, disappointed and
disgusted with paint brushes and the
length of the ladder she had to climb.
Gertrude Cunningham, of Bangor,
caught her band in the mangier ut the
Bangor laundry, and the hand an l
wri.-t were stripped of skin and flesh.
The hand hes been saved by skin graft
ing : three young women friends of the
girl having allowed ICH pieces of skin
to be taken from their persons for her
"Betsey," a noted performingele
phant, died on the street in Richmond,
Va., while en route to the train. Pneu
monia. cauzht in the blizzard, is sup
posed to have caused his untimely end
at the early age of ninety-three.
Recently a number of miners at
Matthew 'station, N. C., on complet
ing a grave fdr one of their number.
wb> had been engaged in gold mining
all his life, stfuck a vein of rich go'.d
(Supreme Court of Minnesota, May 14. ls*S.)
1. Riparian Right* Nav ignbie waters
Soil below Low Water Mark.
Ai the title to the soli under the water be:
tow the low-water mark in our navigable
lakes is in the star**, the deed of the own
er of the abutting shore, purporting only
to convey the soil un<ler the water below
the low-water mark. Is lnonerative.
2. Same—Severance from Abutting Shore
Riparian rights belong and are incident to
the abutting shore, and cannot be sev
ered and traasfered apart from the shore,
to as to lie rights in gross,
x Dane —Quisling Title.
A grantee of the abutting shore may main
ta » an action against the grantee (from
tne same grantor; iu a prior deed, pur
porting to convey the soil under the
water, to remove the eloud upon his ri
pariau rights created by such deed.
(Syllabus by the Court.)
App« at from district court, St. l/>uis
County; Start, Judge.
Phelps & smith, for Thomas P. Emerson
et al., appellants. White. Shaunou A: Rey
nolds, for I ake Siipcri(»r Land Company,
Gufiilan, C. J. In 1438, the owner of
what Is known h* •'Kice's Point," a point
of land extending into that part of f.oke
now called the "Bay of Dulutfc."
platted the same s* a tow a aud recorded
the plat. On the plat there wen- deli neat
ed certain blocks numbered 04. 75, M. and
f5. The streets sej a*a(iug these blocks
have since been duly va ated. so that they
now lie in one solid parcel of land, which
is bounded on the cas J by the waters of the
bav. At the time of tue platting, said par
eel a* platted extended to aud beyond the
lo.r-water mark, and th>'lay front c»f the
parcel was then, ever since has teen,
and now is under water. There were a!so
delineated, uu sa:d plat, iu the water be
yond the low-water mark, and where the
person then pi&tting bad no title to the
land. Among the block■* so delineated in
Ahe water, aud below the low-water mark.
was one numbered I_\ The said owner
thereupon conveyed Mock* 64. 7">. M. and
s*"», and plaintitf now ha" the title so con
veyed. On the same day. said owner ex
ecuted to one Wilson a deed pur
porting to convey to bim block snd
Wilson subse<|uently executed to defend
ant a deed purp convey said block
to him. PZaintifTls In the autual posses
sion of the blocks so conveyed to it.
The chief «ju 'stion in the case is what
did the plaintitl's and the defendants'
grantors respectively get by the deeds from
the said owner? That owner owned the
land only to low-water mark. The title to
the soil beyond that, and under the water,
was In the Mate. The only rights he could
have beyond the low-water mark were cer
tain riparian rights incident to land bor
dering upon a navigable stream or lak-.
Among these were the right to enjoy free
communication between his, abutting
premises and the na\ igabk* rsof the
lake, to build and matutaiu suitable land-
lugs. piers and whan es on and iujrout of
his land, aud to extend the same therefrom
into the lake to the point of navigability,
even beyond low water mark; and this ex
tent exclusively to occupy f<«r such and
like purp*»ei to the bed of the lake, sub
ordinate to the public j a'-amount right of
navigation. Krfsnine v. liailroad Co., 2t
Minn., 11-t: 1 Co. v. Brunswick. T'.l
Minn., jIC. 17 N W. Rep. 635. These rights
all pertain to the u*e oi abutting lan i in
con net-tl on uith ihe water, or of the water
in contieetion with Trie land. The to
♦i-e beyoad low-w t%u r mark rest* q»HI the
title lo the ban K , and to the bed of the
water. Died rick v. kii'wiy Co., -4 .
24\ llisa rh:*;t peeuliar to the owrnt vi
the -and bordering «>t» the lake or stream,
iwt by I'theifk. Morrill v
Water INm.-r to". £•• Minn., 222, 1 N. W
Hep. Ml', and ia* H cited. The owner of
the abutting land ha« the rijtht to enjoy,
f«ir the purj**iew of »?aiu or pleasure,
ail the facilities which the IK-a'ion of hi*
land with nfrrou'c t.» the lake a:T*»rdi.
r. Ua.i-i-iy (V>. 42 Wis. 114. It
e*:i!*.jif»r % tfaraf, lvcau>e the land has.
by nature, the advantage of beinjrw ashed
by the *treain !>>% r. Ftuhwntjsr'# Co.,
1 App. ffcs. 66*. The is iutideut to
the land, belong* to it by nature We ha%e
not found any case holding that it mav be
#e\ere<i fn»m the rijcht to the abutting
land, so as t-» become a rieht tn cross; one
per-«on owning ciclusiveiv the «.tn»re. and
another Ibi riparian right itw ident ?. » it.
though owninsr nb «horr. As the owner of
the shore has no title to the soil under tt;e
wa?er, he <an convey BOthinc iu the sol!,
an 1 a* he cannot convey She riparian ri/rbt
*evend from tin? shore. LJ« ue« v d of eon- ;
vcyanee of the soil under the water must I
In: inoperative. I he may rv-j
least his riparian right to the owner of the I
•oil uiider the water,—the state, or it« j
rranJee or licensee. I'erbans he may ;
transfer the right to the owner of shore ,
land, in con»»« t t:ou with which it can tie
uad and enjoyed. thorn? h not
atmttinf: but that is not this t a*e Riper
fan n?h:s fneidcut or &i purtmant t«» no,
land «ai:nt * «-*i*t. N»» interest pa»>ed by
the deed u:tdtrwh:ch defendant claims !
The grantee tn that deed. and hi* jrrant»-cs '
taust be presumed to fca\e known th*-
situation an/1 character oi what th? deed t
jrnrporu to convey, so that no e*t»ppel
eouid a.n*« by reason of it_
An action to remove the cloud on plain- ]
tiff s title created by The deed can be Main- j
tained The deed is valid on its fare. Ibe ,
manner ic which Muck 1~ is delineated
on the plat is pmbab> notice to parile* as j
snmittit to punhaiae that bl-»rk that it lay .
t*k>w the Ww water mark (if such were '
the fact . Hut it was not conclusive of
That«*ct. N-.* withstanding what ayvfwand
by tlw pia? t'» be the situation of the block
with respect to the water, it misht sfll! t>e
:f %a*-h were the fart, thst tte
k <lfll uot lie under waU rV The ac t
maktnc Rk*'« point, as pUrr .-d. a past of J
ittr-« ;tv .»f I»uUith. * e*>nstrue«i as j
•i ror »umnder by the state of r« j
11*. < ?otb* s.> ; tjr-ow low watermark. i
JwiCUrQt *fi.Tur»l
' Ml', t.R- j AN4 t«x.K DO
f«t .a fh< Jkn isi^n. j
Clildrw crj for Pltehtr's Cistorli. s
Ckiidru crj f»r Plicter'i Cisioria.
Ciildrea try fer Pitcfeer s Cisioria. i
or THE
Fourth of July Celebration
- AT
1. Salute at sunrise, IS guns.
2. Procession, to luarcn at M o'clock A.
a. Starting point at intrraectioa of
Commercial and Main streets*
t Exercise* at I'niversity Grove, com
mencing at 11 o'clock A. a. a> follows:
Music by Fiftt Regiment Band.
Prayer by the Chaplain.
National song by vuartette.
Address by the l*re*ident.
Souk, ' America," by the multitude.
Declaration of Independence.
National Song by Quartette.
Music by the Band.
I Salute. com l.ieucing st 12 o'clock. 131
5. Yacht Race, at 1 o'clock r. n.
*. Exhibition Drill, t' R. Knights of
Pythias. at 2 o clock.
7. Indian Canoe Race am! Double Scull
Race, at 4 o'clock.
8. W alkin* Ureas? I'ole and Tub Race,
at 6 o'ciock.
9. Bicycle Race and Exhibition, at 1
10. Calcdouian Club flames, at 1 o'clock.
11. Concert, under auspices of the Ariun
Society, Fryc» Opera House.
12. Naval I'arade and Harbor Illumina
tions, at» o'clock.
13. Bicycle Parade, at 3 o'clock.
14. Military Mall at First Regiment Arm
or* and Fireman's Ball at Tarn Verein
Hali, at 9;3> r m.
15. snooting Matches, at gnmndt sooth
ead t f (j.-aiit ttreet bridge. July i'th
and 6ih.
10. Firemen * Tournament, under aus
pices of Northwestern Firemen's As
sociation. at 11 o'clock a. a. (See
17. salute at sunset. 3S guns.
Moops from 25 to 40 feet, inclusive, water
lino—first prise, JiaO; second prize, lw.
Entrance, to.
Boats from 16 to 25 feet, water-line—First
|>ri/e. t7.i; tecoud prise, 125. Entrance.
Conditions of Roth of Above Kases.
To be Wiled within 2 hours and 30 min
utes over the course, from ofi ship's buoy,
around buoy oft Fire-mile Point, aud back
to ship's bvoy.
1 ime allowance of .TO seconds to the foot,
water-line measurement.
Time of btarting set for 1 o'clock r. m.
Entries to l>e made with the Judges at
least two hour* prior to the time of starting.
To be at Uast three entries in each class,
cr no iace.
Doable Scull Race.
Boats to lie rowed from guawule. Course
from ship's buoy, around buoy off Man
ning*! wharf and back to ship's buoy. Ea
tranee, Fir>t prise, si&; second prizt.
all of the entrance money.
Indian Canoe Itace,
Thirteen men in each canoe. Winning
canoe to receive |2 a man.
Tab llaee.
Prize, |lO.
tTalkin? <ireasy Pole.
Prize, no.
To take place near Hell's Hotel. North
commencing at
2 r. M. sharp.
Foot race, one-fourth mile—First pri>:e.
130; second prize, ff». Entrance, fl
Runftihg Kme jump—First prize. $10; sec
ond, s2.;>o. Entiaice, ,t0 cents.
Running hop, *t p aud jump- First pri2e.
$10: k'eonil, fiio. Entrance, £6 cent*.
Running jump—First priz\ilO; sec
Ond, 12.50. Entrance, ?s> cents.
Vaulting with pole—First prize, f scr
ond, Entrant e. 50 c« uis.
Running one furlong—First, fMO; second.
|5. Entrance,fl.
Throwing heavy hammer—First prize,
110; second, 12.60. Entrant e, 50 cents.
Tossing caber—F;rst rrize, |i:>; second,
f2.':4). Entrance, 90 cents.
Throwing IC-nounl stone—First prize,
f 10: second. |2la Entrance, ,"X) cents.
lluuning 100 yards—First pr.ze, JJy; sec
ond, $lO. Eutrance.il.
Running 100 yards, for tiers under l.'»
years of aw, handicapped" free First
prize, *10: second, s2."ip.
Wrestling, catch a»-ea?eh can—Fir*: prize
f4O; second. no. En trance, fl.
Dancing Hlthland Fling In c«4tume—
First prise, cold medal; second, silver
medal. Entrauee free.
Dancing sword dance in costume—Fir*;
prise, gold medal; t»econd, silver medal.
Entrauee free.
Dancing clog dance—First prize, gold
; medal; second, silver medal. Entrance
j free.
Games to be governed by the Caledonian
Foot races to be run in heat*, at discr. -
, tion > t Judges. if more than four entries.
Three competitor* io enter f*r ail game?,
oc no prizes wlii be awarded.
All entries to be made before noon of
Jotr 4th.
Entries <an be made at, Messrs. A B
Stewart* < O S. dracidsts, Front street. or
Messrs. Hardv & Hall's gun store. Front
Grand Procession of Fortjr Wheels.
First rsre. open to h!1 First prize,
racial; second, cup: third, bicycle shoes
(Second race, open t*» all new (lsSft) rulers
First prize, metia!. second, B. B. pedals,
third, two pair bicycle hose.
Third race, open to all boys under 17 I
years, riding wheels of inches or under— ;
First prize, ssodal, second, biejt lo shoes,
third, one pair bicycle hose.
<>rand Japanese Lantern Procession after
dark. First of the kind in the Northwest. I
Tnc mc«st brilliant event of the dav.
Also. «»#ani Tootd anient at the Race
Tiack. July "»!h. under auspices of
City Cycling ciub—Five mile race. Bicycle
vs. Harm. ete.
J CMc soeiety makinc app* a.-ance in
P«ra.l,< Prise SIOO. Judges, i.u i*. Hoyt.
A Mcli:U?sU, Harris.
Trades DUplay
Mercantile dis|i!fty—First prise, S9O or
medal : *eeond pr:i". |*2T. or
Maniifarturer*' Ihsplay—First prire, (3t
or medal; »e< «»r.d j.rtre faJV or mv«laL
Jud?«**. i aptain F. J. Duma. Fred Sanders
' and C. F. W hntle«ey.
| Fifty dollars to be UH 1 ! at discretion of
k»r other meritorious dtsp.ays.
Brst decorated business h -use ia elty— '
Find prUe. |io: second prise. 25; tlilrd
prise 11©
Beft iilnminated l»a.vjn»-*s honae—F«r*t
prise. see»*n*l prise $!': thlM prire. 914.
Host illuminated re*idenfe—Fir»4 prise,
|2&: seeood prise. #!-•: third pris*- #lO.
Twenty ?.*e dt-r.ar* t«* I* distributed 1 y
the committee other meritorious exhs
Judtfe*. 11-s J C Mrs.
Furth. Mi>s Uss.e Terr;.
Trade With Us
lst-"W© carry t3a© largest stoolsL
2d W© do tlx© largest t>"u.sin©ss.
3d "We sell for oasb. only.
4tli~ "W© clo an immense fc>-u.sinees
on small expenses.
Zstl±- "We are on© p>rioe d©al©rs.
Qtli W"e liewe til© "best buyers.
r 7tl^~"\A/ r e lead, all otliers follow.

Bth— We make a opecalty of dry goods.
9th—You can save money on every article.
10th—A child can buy from us as cheap as the best judge*
11th—We sell goods at Eastern cash prices.
12th—We were the first to bring- price 3 down.
13th—You don't ha v eto pay for other people's bad dobtfc
we sell for cash only, and can afford to figure close.
14th— We carry the best line of goods to be found anywhSPfr
15th—We are always ahead.
10 th ""Our prices are always the lowest and our as sort oust
the largest.

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