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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, July 14, 1888, Image 3

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% rAMBXOKK lists.
H' *r MOK' Umatilla.«)!!« (ram ha
« w ,t,. r«r H.
A. I*il>b, P. K. Mnrpkf. K
;;?!»»», I. M»*ain«tra, J. f. Prtrn.
'» a fg()en, M■* J E 'jardiwr. K?t
Sj (fccrena, tt. ill I'aswn and «!lt, Kr».
;"• fp' *',<->■; and daughter tad two
Cam, M- Mltan. Mrs.
■ &w;l h Hi
Kalile—Thana;eon and wife, Mr». A.
H. © limwh,
Imdm) r>» ci«yv?Q. j.i.
Sjr. JR. Jandon. C. CfcHafavjdier awl wife,
■nM M f'ummiag.*, Mau*-\ i%r
Wm£ *!•- a-Gtiw r A. h^T.
• gfirr' fta*at,6 <;***• Mi** H
T|pi " • ■:-•■
fKoma~-f>. 0 aad wife. a. |>.
S'-IBSS- i- * T. Meeoeer. /. fef
HC, E w floMfttif*ori wife, Mr* te&tr
<33pltT. W. Wrtfb*. M«w A. Faaaeaa*;,
Oft?' 'ii J.ine--!****•*! jlwstiMim
j. ir M-*.-reh«aße, w. w. ria^nu,<
Cbarch. Mfl C. 1. Ha?/ I **. J«hQ T r:
w W B Batch, W. C If Hi, a
8. I*r*ece. W. Ji IMo» «Z|.S fmß|, J|,
Y«Ar, Charle* Kabeaatein. Jk. H. Th-imp
gaa.Charfe»Aldrieh, W. <>'M*ner, Charge
Wk*i*r<: aad wife, lift i arm? ft rant*
Own A €a» farala r—n d Mrtt.x-i
J»A~ La«b. G. A. i It, Jew Jot* aeon.,
j. fe Sherwood, &I. wtfek. J. O.
aad A. L Kink-?, K MOeev., H. *au
feetm and wife, Win# ChNqcfc* J. K. Piekea*.
E E. 1 D**kie«». A. SI. Voor
«K»r. F. Be?*fcaefc, F, ft A. T«rk.
I iowf. o. J. Freeman. If J
frwm«'i. A. R ltavta, S. B. PtrU. lib* I*
Devi*. Mm. A. J. Fairtaaka wl
4mi. Miv* f. If tan M>9*
tU***. Mm <i, | t indt. A.«i
A. C, Xftrgerfefrti. J O, An.
Aa<3 » MTf/od CUMM.
Hefner A IHshofi <uroflbrf»t eei»e Noxi
ntf* s»f'i|»rftj l for
T*V< dteMMT Mauttif l»ft lor Abfc> »l »*•
tKMir jr«pe«rS*T im>rt»iuf.
Hbrltoa A Arw«trooir h*ve fa# Mk •
very i vnfinr froai krt. W-t#
C oo«(4vr»f<k> c<mni*rl*it m**n*r «# # w»t
•P»ri<*i« kiO'l iJ fmioc mlrmt thr
clt>. Tlk* pHin-if*} tU-turminmlhxiM »r»-
*!»*< d«lisr*
A drlrf»tUm </f (ioiMl T"W»|0«r» <*f rhin
Htjr vftl go V> rurh! ti» h>*»ituu
a wwir»» They b«**r U»*
rivl wlu t*-**>• H«rrln«t*m A INnith »
wharf »1 7 M.
i ajri*Jn M»r»oir»c of die yH>tlr« U*rt». won
lh« f'.OO uxrth*nm ytipv. whlrh w«u
off the Mber .Mrenloif. Yr*trrtia\ be pr#
fftr'l the youaif nmu who threw for htm
with a new hat,
Another Ufa*! of ««•! ha* arrlvrd from
X*UMimo tor We s*e«ttl* Comp«nT,
It ww hrwuaht by the Nuif *tram<-r
and i* twirw «tU* barsr*<l on row* «no
urottwT t«» th« gtownrkm.
The «-aat' of Bruwu» rhanr»«l
with roMfin* iobn llurr*-*, a I »wr. attb*'
M. Kimo bofctL of $l4O and a watrb uvt
ebatn, wan pariallf **»»* Into fn Juntlee
court y«f*pdtr aflemoiin an<i
rootina-«l nntll (<Hltj
Mr. i Bor?M»t«»1n of Ik <>oh)*n ftule
Rac«r amt Ur J. A. of th*
Imtf H'ljiw krf? yerttrflijr f*»r Fort Town
u» My «'a«tom» <intr «>n a *hijimem
M C'-kJ* dlreet frotn I <>n*ton vta M«*ntivai
ami < anadian Pariflf raitroo*!.
Hwi»eb Uffbt* have t>een pla>■«?«| oa the
tarioQn «w!trh *tand« of tbeCotumbia A
aft mtlroad. Thw li«ht»bart,
rt*nt colored mo that tbc tr»Jn '
veu can alwa>-« teil in ihr niebt time
whether th»-IwJU'be«thejr are approat-binff
are open or ekieed.
Ik*-eonnty eommf3wii>oer» have eoncln
"dinJ to enlarge the jail, and t<» that end
have bud the nwemary platti made f*»r an
addition to tb« present jail. The a>ldition
wlli he the slap of the preaent etrortwre.
and wben romplete*! will eout Mr vera!
thousand dollar* ftldn for the new work
wUI he railed for at the next m«jetin( of
the board of commiaiiionero
Hvmr*. Thomas J. Humes and W. R. An
■drews, two prominent attorney*, have
formed a <*<»-|«artner*hlp.
Rev. koaaengof Minnrapolls will breach
aext Sunday at the Hrandinarian Lutheran
church. Rev Ko**eu* has accepted the
call to become tlieir regular pastor.
Mr. R. If. <«ove, a prominent menitier of
the Rnche«ter. Minneauta. tar. is the
meat of fhief Justice Jones, who was for
m-wn ears hi* law partner, .w Gove is
4te!Uhtrd with the <4ound c»>«nlrjr and ite
attle in parti'-ular.
lliram Mlbley. the mHed
wtnw death at K<*ch«ter, New York, was
■Baouncod in thv p9lTlllt«U.MtS(KK'ii
leleeranhic columns yesterday, wo a e»>ua
tn of Mr W. R EurfCft, city clerk. 'Mr
Bib>ev «ra« the orfaniz>-r mod ftrst pnaidllit
of the Western Tnlon T»»learaph eotn|tauy.
Mis renown for deeds of benevolence and
phi«aSithri>p>. and bis extendi veeonncetiou
with the •ct'd bttslncs*, rendered hi* na»r
ahonsthoid wor.i
AaajvsL or tiik Paaeiatt.—The steamer
Premier, < a plain o'Rrien. arrivtnl here
from Victoria yesterday moruln*. brineiiiK
A ton* of freight for Seattle, and the fol
towing MSnrn|eft: M. A. MeSbthL i*.
Bruiter, John D Mi'OomM.UfOW ftrhffel,
Mr Mtirry. John Hutherland, 11. Mrkay.
II Miles. J MeXitht. J. K Mimtjfomvrv.
XG Wright. J A McUbee, W M Curtis
R M<mll and wife. J. Modi. I W rtech. K
hhah r. K. !l Fl<hkl, Jtt»n«?s Tiller, P. atwl<».
Marotta. W Marotta, Mi** A Joite*. Mi*" Z.
Jones, J, W Jones. Thomas Ikumefl) and
family. H. Rice and wife. U P. Flotcbar and
wife, JohtLWeatland, J. Ncrbryek,J R »ao
She took on at tbla port a aamtier of wag
on*, agricultural implements and other
freight for Vancouver.
IUIUW or TIIK MaXioo.~The *team*hip
Mexico. 4'aptitiu Huntington, safled for
Bau PranWaeo ycsicnlay afternoon, taking
tti(X> tons of
freight and the following pwnniiin
Prank Kltnch and wife. Tina Kltncb. Mis*
Julia * ramer, Mr*. I*f <i H Weed, datigb
tcr and servant. Mm. P. <►. tirant, Mr*. <» E.
Hammond, M l<ang. P. I* Mfllith, Mr*, J
Keueen and daughter. Mi*a LilUe Uixon.
Mil'* Hattie Cooler, N* M Wallace, i\ E.
May, wife and child. Mi»* Minnie Shields.
Win Imnn and wife. Mrs. ileirun and
daughter. Mil* UJy H; an lev, Mhw M Weth
ervll. Mh* (Jrace Ruckle>. Ml*s J. Motirum.
Witt «4'ilgU*y, John Jobuwwi.r A A.
*' McC'lalre, P. (*. lewl*. aaJ fifty hi the
Thk Nitw !*i*tTK*.—A go*w3-sis-*il au
tliemv witn« the of the
Kew Dauiu** at the opera honse la*t even
tag MeKee Kanktn as Nindv, the hem of
the drama, acted the o»ugn bnt honest
Biiuer to perfection. Mah l Ilert a* Rillie
Pi|i4-r t«a»k her part nuuiually wail. Wm.
wise m* the Jndge kept the
(On! humor hv ni* a(*tlM and ruatJ^-
Mn- i • A*
niisoa wa* the typical wm, The nhm)
sra* good. It was a moat en
|ayable production, and the awttenee
abovred it* appreciation by frequent and
heartv mj .« 1 0W ct»mpany
appear in fh- K inawav M »fc
BPtT* poa EjKlTHgxr.~John i ampbell
yesterday brought suit in the district court
to eject Daniel Graham from the west ?»a!f
of..' IwAKsMfiaMMM
The complainant alleges that Graham
oa«ted him from the posaeasion of the laml
which he owns, and then assumed p«»*se*
a»mi him*elf and refu**"* to vacate He
Wk* that lira ham be rejected and be or
aered to pa* s>*lo Mr Campbell also
jfeaght a similar sait afalsit WOliam E
William*. wh«\ hv . talms, is a trespasser
the we»T half t»f U»t* a. 9. 10, 11 and U
in the iame M«»ek In the latter t 'ampbeU
wik« lltiUO damage*.
Catgr Jrvrtc* Mts' l>gctsioJ«.-~The
ea%> of tSeorge Eldrvntge, chargtHl with
theft from Fms h brothers, h'S employer*.
Wis taken teftw t'htef Justice Jones In
Chamber* vest»»rday fr«»m Justice Soder
Krr< scourt, whew a point iu law wesde
ssfcied t%e < hief i«ft«tk*e atatod that under
the !«« FJdretlgx- coald not be rkaifli
with emN'Stlentfnt, and that the crime. If
woiea&Hted. otuid only be classed a* lar
te»> t'on»o.jucntly. Ja«tice SHterbere
keM the pri*»m r in sli» hail t*» await the
actt..n of the next grand Jury on the charge
at lroen v
Ta* VkUafc: isd MewaOK.—-Is there
any truth In the minor that you have so.d
th* atcam> r* N» i'u- and Mattroe*" a*ke*l a
Nfflrirr, «ti|maine Mm Card Low **The
mart i* but partially tine. " Mr*.
l/>w ♦"Cantaint IK BrowafleM aad Cap
tain John ON-rg** purchase*! a tsn >
fcirdi laterest in the The sale
waa made «'• mt the JOtii of June. I feel
vvr\ thankful r,<: fr. ;:4* of my decea*-
ed hu*ha<id fr tl r Hbecal patrv»uagv of
theUar during the pa-*! y» ar I frs-1 suite
the exnt'. men with rae
otll ktep th- s oopn'ardv of the line up to
Itt oid it ate! a-d. '
ftIYAT* Hhm -Mn ,i . y
Eunk-i! renmeMNl tximratftni hrr
>w the A«ro«r ol Third «Ml Chwtr
lMVfa-nUirt to !h«» of •
■to4fcivi.' <.i - '• \r\ piHTtlt Nvsrx!iM
;■ 'M* Ihtd.ri. Ibo t!i>i Dory wilt be ol
TV ballJißc » be fc!\Ti» h*«« ia »!«f. «»<i
«»!a; :1 41 r«KA« The |»lah« Are <
!!; eoattA.-t r«w the bttiMitts *i!l
•e let a »sib »« t!,e . i. a aikki t> eottt
»«i~T : , ;*' «-«!»tta' tAkeo by
•ibo - v v *" !nT * s bet i*-
<*« em i s - * •», n, »>y
kflir * i S v to • «tt'<
frtvn \ . a !>•<» ptiex- :* &> l
8J"«! b«* ' . i. that UM>jr
a N-!:ir ■ i y than her la>t *ea
*«■ ■>» it.-t $!• <
■T. N.*, . „ ;;; either ebarter
■« fc*btvi!er* t \r a 1 !.I to t'at!
Pwi.ij.imi Ja. ol« or t!t t.l to out hiatseU for
•alihot S»h.. i
'Nt* t-»w y* k m Th».« J Hutae» and
tog * Andt**» b*ve U i a !»a (>Art.ier
vW . aa«4 til n-*w S; ;u of HttWW A
i Aa4ne>v» *i", > >after N i found at Mr.
■«Sr- g**»' for rer o its- *ts tbe Arr»le baIUS
Wotb tije-v:' men are able ia»-
<«•!! kisowa to any latro
tu tb« JH si wtud
tm nwt moon imc wmumwtm
"pfirttlia la the T saasn. Ist
n«»gsr OetlMi Wka H Few rides
Wwr—A *lr«s| Frstsst Wrwm ths
*wmMw Mm« Kaflraad Cs.
Sfayor MUk* did ast ia#»| ts» a^iy
of the city lasr ten sen*
word Hha be wsa Si Hs> absence eaaaad
g'snetal earjtiSry as V> the rvmmxam. as setJUm
Efwit caWr fraaekise h^4
W* from areeftag to m««Uag
to await retssm from Ose F*<
A variety o? S«s4«#im had t*** dXavw-d
nl. and a?>yut tttae tfc* hoat b*od of
tr.<* eh* k plated to the ftgwre i try
<;lerk fortes aa—anasd his wa*
There vaosa t»naßr"* tel'tr*
Aetiiwf Mayor Pttr<h isH ">>wsttScas<«,
are rou r»!| (& the «treet
caMe railroad ordiaane**"
llr. Laic {4wWrdljf,—Tea-
Mr. Rettsse W here s the mayor" We
have been poetlcrg tbh « thin* off for ssm
lime to awafr ht* rmirti
Mr. Prtak—He'* I *«w
yosr Iwjw. tbta h the third tlaae fkh ast
ler has coaae ap for ecimilli rftan. and I
thinn It»»time we acted on it
Mr M"*sr» -I •fca't o* any aa- in fs/tkmr
t* lam ptvpmr*4 to v.#te oa
th#- •fuv-teicja, and taiak is had better be
( at ooce.
rut oabtasacg rafanugs.
It wis* dae&ried U> ena*ider the < nHtllHi l
k atettos» tiy saetton. M frkmk
aad '#r« u looA torn* in moving the adop
tion of each i-ett'm a* raad, prortded
tarry waa sv»aast:»daients. and the
wer ad<7pted without oppcattioa. Mr
Vefcwr'* smee n*4 be beard In any of
the vote* The c*42naaee as s«nrnded
grants to J. M. Tiwnjaon aad his assoc.-
a?es a fraoebUr to t a cable road
ensnmeortag at the interaeciiori of
and MiH street*, tbenee along Mill to
front, up front So Tnioo, up rnbm to
Kouti Sw«wl, ia»i up the latter street to
sMMfMi Thcr»* is t.. I**- a «tonb»e
trark. ami the rmef is to he Imllt of eon
erete and iron and fiat rati* »rf the most
pattern The »|*. t between the
track* is to be covered with asphalt. and
the outside of the track la to be planked Un
a bed on each side The track afcali he five
feet and nis* inches wide brtween the
raila. Retire the track is laid down the
damage* to abutting jrr rperty ahall be a»
aesaed and tb* owner-* co«npenaate<L The
*irr*-U OM to fj»- M fl a* gr*»ti «-of dits<»fi
as before the buiMtng of thr road Cars
moutt he rwn each way evrry half b<eir and
the fare *bail not exceed Sve <ent* a trip
The roa'i shall be completed and in «*prr
ation wftbin fourteen month*, and tb*-
projeetor* are re»|uire«l to give a bad in
the «ura *>f glfoa i * that effect. The tracks
are to br laid a* nearly in the center of the
street* aa p*t*xi hie.
Tag WAV JT TkUTgb.
There was more or less diaru**iou dnring
the consideration of th- variofis seetbnia
After the fir*r srctiou had b«e« acted npon,
Mr. Me«s *tated that tt had been ruahed
ttmeigh t*efore be could catch bis ?»reath
and a«k t*»r Information. He had nrevionaiy
nnder*tmid that It wa* iriUmdeo to make
the intersectbm of Pron* and June* street*
>iuvn town trrmiuu*and wot the inter
seetifm of Second and Mill streets, as
provided in the ordinance
The ordinance did w»t specify clearly at
first how the track was to he covered, but
after an esplanatkm by th* engineer of
the projector*. It wa* decided that th*-
•pace b».*i ween the track* *hoaid be wwual
with asphalt and a diatance of one to** on
each side of the track should be pLsnked.
Mr. Green thouxhi thai the car* ahould
run every ftffesen minutes each way. and
Mr. Prink moved that the car* he re*|ui*ed
to ntn at intervals of every half hour, t 01.
Haiti s, tits attorney tor Mr. Thompson.
Mid the
very frequently, oftaaer even than every
fifteen rniitute*. Mit w<iald not like to br
tied down in ca*e of accident. Mr. Priuk *
motion prevailed. Mr. Green voting no.
After the la*t section hau t*een ap|*ro« ed.
Mr, RieUc moved the of the
ordinance a* a whole, and the motion wa*
seconded by Mr. Priuk.
* sTaoxo raoTasr
Mr c. II Hanford spf»o/a«*bed the mil
and *ald "Betorv this vote ia taken. I
wish to make a few remark* 1 apnear
here on behaif of the Seattle rttreet Rail
way company to protest agaiuat the grant
log of thi* iwditmnce, aa that company ha*
applied for a fraii"hi*«- for a portion of the
*uiue omte. anU further becauae thi» ordi
nance will permit of anch oompetitkm to
the H»-atlie »tre«*t Railway company as
would be of great injury to the company,
and i«erhap« render Its franehiae valuele«*.
At toe present tlm4' th** property owners
along th* route are divided in opinion a*
to whether or not the)' want the road, but
I am not here to sp* ak for them, but for
the ?*ealtSe Street Railway com
pany. It i* —srtaisd h> some j*er
*ou* that ihi* company Is entitled b> no
confiderst-h«o in thi* matter, a* iiv«|i» ti
tion agaiu*t taenopalies «bouid be fa\*>reo
The public *hyuid have no interest in op
}Hi*iug any parti* ular e*jinpauy, excrpt for
the piirpsc *»f aeearimr g*»o*i service. In
the matter of fare* this e*»mpanv i* doing
all thai can W et|K-rted and all tnat it can
«10. t'nder it* charter it is obliged t»» charge
fiveeeuta, and *f another company i* given
a franchise and U {icrmitUHl to chargv two
or thrv<* rent fare*, we could not compete.
Rcgardtinr th* Service, the puhlb ha* a
right to exact something. The Seattle
street Raliaay company applied for a
franehiae for a road to be operated w .th an
electric motor, and c ! aim«- that with aoeh
a motor a Ijetier service coaM t»* given oa
scch grade* a* Utawe on thi* rouie than
«mh a «ablt* svstem. Tlu* is au aswertkm
but it U canabfe of proof, and the company
intend* to nave within four m. nfis elee
trie m dory «»n it* line* here, and only s*k*
the council to delay action until it can be
demonstrated that th*' electric sy*tem is
the beat."
Mr Tbaajacn submitted plan* showing
a cross section of the Market atrvet cable
line In *an Francisco and * , ate«l that It
wa* propped to construct thi* r«-ad pre
cisely a* t!»v ?iau Prancla<H» Mae. excefd a*
to the width id the track ami the style of
rail* to be used. Mr Moran moved that
the piauv wtth the changc* mcutsoord. t<e
made a portion ui thr orasa&ce and c*>n
•bierabie *li"* n*amn cnauetl. t 'i»L Hain*.»*
*ai«l the company wotdd not wtah anything
that w«»uld etfect the validity
of the «mil nance, a* he feared the tnser
lioß of the plans would. Mr M« r*n s
motktn was lo»t by a vote of 4 to i. he aad
Mr. Grveu v*»ting aye
t ioin ISAM* n stȴ
Mr Prink thcu reuewed the mothui to
adopt the ordinante a* read The vote for
the final passage *a> unanimous Tlmaa
preheat and soting a>e wer*- Mrnm. ljake.
Moran, Priak, Rjetet*, Neiss and Green
Mayor Minor and Mr Knaseil were ahaaut.
and Mr Purth occupied the chair and din
not vote.
TUB NtXT aovg.
The city attoroev rep«»rtt.d an ordinance
forfeiting tbc franehiae of the rent tie
street Railway Company on Ftont stn-et.
and it was taord nnanimon*ly Bebmt-
Its i*a*aage Mr t' H Hanford »tate*l the
com pan* would wt*h to a%ah thamselvas
of the srivlleft contalaed la the
juvt granted to Mr Tboaip*ou. b* «**• his
tracks to operate an electr.« railroad
s aaaoMtnaaca
Quite uumerv»u*ly *igne»l against granting
a franchise *m Third street waa r\ h Tvd to
the stre*'t conmlttee. The rea*»n* urge*!
on the rvmou*tranee was tliat Third street
for vcar* to rs nie woald be a residence
street ami that it afford- at present practic
ad* the only good drive in the city Mr
!> G. Wheeler, one of the appiUant* bw
the franchise, stated that the projector* d
the enterprise wouUI
Third street a fram hlac for an exteuaion
fo»m the h.»r*e car track oa street
to t uion.
A MR* W fcttV >
The Madi**»n street eatens-.ou and ihe
Rireh street Improveaaeat iev.»w a ere an
proved. The bwrnicr t* niius or
time* the amount of the aaseaasst taiue of
the i«e*»pert*. The aawmaMat •»* and
the coat of the imnrweaaicat
The Rvreh street Wvy La »T aaiUa
jk rt<»x> *>t «i*fpr
< itv » l.v!m*a taMUMiI tbat
oßitut to the tar*«* araouut of »tr««et trait
in* befu* <K>ne. 'be aiarkel bad been
flooded with *'■ "• • >if« than it •»»»«
-•«n4. Am *
eooMWet'H* ha.l >»va UOA!.,r «n»JJOW of
their arrtM. He though: the imiXi might
bo helped to v.|K ! ir rttflTV.} «wp
|.i»X htiw! £**llll4 '»»■* th«- pwo! >—'■
K HVX Ma< I>f m•» b<-•■ •iwlerwl
the mailer a »<r> mKhh "Bf. attd
L » free d.~- i».!.-n The waafiS had
ontorvd •mount at
TSte interval t>a a part wi i< »•« provided
for and ta oUrn okw not
o_ |, >r lirt»>l. #w.jtb K'rrvatb and c*beT
•ilwett had Ih-vU OBAbJ» l<» eMbeir
wlw! He UstxutM Uk" eo«»e<i otwbt to
make <*«!!•■ arrange ateiii foe "el"'
», r!-.t, a»<i ihar ft ett*W ttat tobeaUwt
t > i'» moeb l«r!n» V" H< " ■Vi'*™ ;!lJ "
aa orjinaae* raigM V 'it>(W an*iioriMl£
! ■„. pa<meot ««( ifce tat»w* '
out tfi' Ihe ariwrral fa»4 5 \_
, har*»d •» !h < uyrtt»«wf J*** ~
~,imaa >«ivl he thought
.neb a oeur»e ro«M »* b* rfu-A
Ilr .lt.i uo* better* that one fund euaM
bewtww f">« aaotbgrfttud. .
tf,inw* Wata». r»»r*aM»UA* •>>•!*•
C®ii» » h? <•«-*
an «#«t\ r*!-*. <*»« IU3JWX * np* I*rt- *
lor Bet«eoii :*.■ * Artd Vu* s i<t • y-mrl ■•£
:v in Itft"'**' 1 ' *',« •<
eisai eontraa* woakl bar* »»V 'brj-"
lltv I>." WMnfti'" M-1»* t* * '
«itb the vi ft. it tiw)
tn r\* n'* <ra
-t I*' i>»««* "i jf""** ,£?. tJK;
mml v>< the
SS«IU h. b«d >«•
mcuurr tbrouiit ;•« tSI T
- ■ <- vr ' "'.r v.- .
• .. ',\SL 1.. V** •.iIvH'UK'.S n . ■
tiJt U woatU
to IV . oalrn-tMCJ
!b*t She »•![< «v«ia
At t-*. II t!> - :ai.ro»t *•** tiroTfcV-J hw
he !tl, • ,-i t-X«t li»< «uts pmttifi
vas te teae Vaads fee earh street
sseeees« «aiMa, paeaMe semi
•aaaaßy.attaeVd. He tfSa
* ae . ngt '»?» *«w4rb act nam tt»
g?.*. l *' S** ,r ** ■««*»«<. a <■„
WfcttMja,. Afcr **mt tmtka
oa Kta «f *t, *!««. tb*
2**f't» Dw'Wmn M rtu
faaaei aad tt i*f&c!ary eommu-otea
«4 xSi»rirf mtt,mtj. to r» mUSk ia mt
h»M«a «rirh <M. fc. Haim **4 C- tt
fUaJapl. to «>-wt te. l»e tmx
taa rot to n twrsorta
►elidiat* mat
PDia* Hiant&f cm ikr srpnrt ol
I** f*-'* mrti)
3W! tile ,* m> fm tartkr ta
<A thr- ►*.-*. iw plat** tt -Or
et »r part •xKumimiu*'. i
MCWiit a*» in rtrnt'
rnrnt X. A. tt mL, lot f rml rv SUth
t vji t» Bek
r«i» f» k Jo. iim< artma «•
«nw. fa* at
fma Jut. f mlr. tar ft tocimt
*»J *9* l i«» >Uart«, *a i mwiif ntte
?>=« Pw ttnvt.
From «VTB«aa Jtnnrr et
at T'mti* tm *smh Esr»-rns* mr—t,
Tmm ?»-rar»t aJ_ tor cc-Kiac
Mi-, swi. I >na toiaaabu i»EM «'■<
fmttt 0. « « a l . *r*rra-i.u*
«*-'."war TMi* rtiwt
rrma A, ». S'ißtsa.ra, ttsr aianiaiartim 't>
rmt*ra »*nw«.
hetvmi Prhtti. 5:»t« uH T«rtfc «w?a.
* K «' n a*> fcsai »f a»r baMtatina
f rva A. A, »»!( tt al. for , 'jn'.ktv *d oa
B-!! rtr»rt. between From a»4
*Uft» IMerntl
from A. *. NSVr et al-- for
Sj pwte *art-«i km. (mm Fourth to
rsftk mt ibetr „«t, pen--, voder
the nptcrr Hue at the city aarr trot
Trnm R. ) CaaykaU and V P. Vmbl
<j*Ja«. tor Urease.
Meorw A Whipt-ke". ant ad
nifiuo *a» aa»rot«4 turn msieißenta!
|>)« Wort* A. B and C. Soli BUi addt
Tbe plat tt A A. IkrsßT'. Eirttn add!
tto« »«■ rejertef 1" It* pnaru;
•ii um T.< ai !*<-**.i«n
On »oii«a at Friek tie
attonev waa ordered to draft
and aotrtnit an orllßaare U>m»
in» the «aiar> of the eit> attorney u>
)ÜBper mont!j. (Btr rlerk tt • per month,
•-hlef of pidlee lli» per month aad city
Wea.urerto »IJ6 per mocUi
a-tyvnto.-l oiiti; ThamSay. July
1», at * o'eloek p. n.
The KfTert of (>prratia| Ik* Kni
tsast Bo a* I to
"The annouuc-_men that regalar train*
will cimmenco running betweca Rjratt»«
and Suohomlah City oti Monday, is very
gratifying." said a bnsfaamman
"Hemtofare when the business men of
wanted to go to Snohomish, or
when the people <4 ftnohoraiah hare want
ed to come to Seattle to trade, it ha* re
quired two days time, beside* a consider
able expense. After Monday our people
sriil be able to leave Seattle after breakfast
in the morning, go to Smdiorn i*h. tran»».-*
their has!naas, and get home In time f*>r
the e%suing meal. Where one person ha*
visitctl !tnohotiii*h In the pa*?, there will
be hundred* In the future. He*id*.-« that,
the r«*ad ooens np a rich country, rich in
timber and In agrleniture. ami wfli *»ry
greatly stimOlate the settlement of that
country. The land along the "iine of the
road is being rapidly taken up. aud aeverai .
thrifty little trading pc*ts win so*>o *pnng
ap lietween Seattle and Snohomish. The
logging tub rests on thr road an* already
being devehxped, and a number of targe
camp* have been opeued up along the Hag
of the road. Snohomish is a thrifty little
eitv, which i» growing rapidly, and ow;oe
to it* location and entcrpn**-. W.li c«.mtinue
to he the centre of trade for the rich valley
In which it la bicatcd. Nothing will t**ud
to strengthen ita p«Mitlntt and establish its
prvatige w» much aa this through rail con
neetSoa with the outside world, if I owned
real estate in Snohomish, I would consider ,
it had increased 2> per cent, lu \alue In
the paat few areka, and on the arrival of
the flrat f«af*etiger train, next Monday, I
would ju*t aud «*n another 10 per cent. "
Dave Fergsaon, the Watrkmaa. Hub
Over and Hadly Injured.
The Ure which occurred at the Mechaulcs
Mill, on Yealer * wharf, yeiderday morning
waa caused by a defective ash pit. which
allowed the tire from the furnace to fail
through under the floor of the dry house.
All the matvriaf In the dry room was de
stroyed. and all that *aved the mill from
destruction wa* the fart that it was built
of corrugated iron. The Iron in many
place* w as
sen not
Wheu the firemen arrived on thesctne.
and roiatnenc«-d niaying water on the
i ulldiag. About six months ago the Me
chaub * mill aa* turned down, and when
tt was rebuilt corrugated iron sheeting wa>
used in its to—iliaction This materia!
not only would not burn, but t-oahued the
flame* aad prevvnte*! them from
ing to adjoining building*. The damage
from leas of materia! In the dry room will
amount to 1430. fully covered by Insurance.
The fire was flr»t dtacoveied by Mr. Have
Pmnmon. watchman on Vesler'a dock
Seeing that the flames were beyond his
omtroi. Mr Pergu*»>a ran uptoa n and gave
the alarm He to a«m»*t the fire
maa ta pulling their h**e cart to the wharf,
but le>ing an old man he could not keep
up He lost hi* footing, falling to the
ground directly in fr*mt of the h*«ae car
riage. which prt.«**od over him. !>ceaking hi*
collar bone and otherwise bnii*ing him.
The oh! man was to hi* fe* t and
taken to the hospital, where he I* totalling
the m«»*t tender care
—a a a
A High 4 la** S»»firty I k lay to lie
libra To-night.
Tonight Mr. Rankin produces his laat
and greatest sates, a play of the "llaxel
KlrVe * and "Banker s I*aught«r" order,
entitled th* "Ranaway Wire." whii h ha*
everywhere been a succese. It is of the
highest cwdar of «oetetT play* aad will I*
cast to th*: full strength of this excellent
The *tory I* briefly told a* follow* The
hero *»f the play, a young American art!*?,
fall of enthusiasm for hfea profession, fall*
In love aud is h»ted by aa Eneiish he»re**
a boy is born to them, and wh«*n the little
b!h>w reache** vo»: -it »yi.o«*l * age the
blight of bUadaeascosaes to the arti*t. wh>*
has groan faauMts a* a painter Tbeti f»*l
lows povertv. the wife clinging to him
aith the tion of «he early days. A
sister of thr artist, with whom Ms family
mo to live in their artSictloU. comes between
her brother and hi* wife with veaomoaa
faia**hoods of i landfistinr meetings with
her **arly male a< qnaitltance* This
creates sn»plcion au»l troubb* The lav
hi! wife leave* suddenly to accept a «itua
t»ou whereby she can caru a livelihood for
her hUiland and boy. The blind
hualvand I* led to belie* e by
his *i*ter that his wife wa* fa!«e
and a runawa? Years follow and
the *cetH- is transferred to En*land, where
the N>v had growu a* hi* father, to be a
faiaoa* painter, and ia hi* atudio In Ear
land whlW painting the picture <*f his own
mother, whom he did not know, the de
tenement com-*, and with it the meeting
of the long separated husband. w!fe ami
child The runawa* who had been
taught to believe tbat her find love aa*
dead, had remarried In the interim as ladv
Alice charnleigb l-*>?d Chafaleigh's sad
den death Is announced at the time of the
•trange meeting of the Wind art;*:, his
wife mad son. and with it follow* »he res
toratioa of hi* «aght the oyration
a| an umliniil oculist The play
out I* intensely interestiag. and the cli
maxes in the >a*t two acta id the play are
sm3fclly kadklm. The play .>ne of
th*.' Mi*: effective doaMOtte drama* now on
thr •tag' It* moral tone t* «ol the les
*oa i? teaches ises. vllcht. sad in the hands
of *«ch a company it I* true to life.
The CSerha Attempting to Make
fr'arly (lo*t*c ICffrrtlte.
Protective Assawiatiaa met
last eight, and headed by a bra>* Naad they
marched ap Prout street aNva: a haa*lred
and Sfty stron*. The M iof the turn
oat wasta induce all the merchant lo clase
st *p m. tfter j«roc* J e*iins up Fiant s'reet
Seaeoa they returned w A*iaat <<rth'a
shoe »ro»e where they stopped and *> ra
v.aiSfl him ftr*t with mn»!c and then wtth
h ama and irvao* l v rcs«deo': BairfeanJ
then br .•«* agatnat th- mesebaats
keei'ioC oocO artr * p. m. After Mr
KLaachard had ftn'ahcd M* .! 11. l.ewrs
»a* called and rvep»»nded bv «ay «
thA! be **»t!»eir frread Ami « «!-! fclv *
tlw-mlo !«e ceirtlensen acu t>*-t trr
to .!.■ Aa<tt>us b* f»<re, Nat to rssneiatwf
tbAl tfcef m>wt rt*»r\l t2» !»*» of th«ir
*e.<l w,v l tb« isvtom * l.S< h <
• rr> m i>rOt » tber t, <;
naiU'A *o« * •'-" v "here lie* «(»m!tt»ed
,a,t rtev wirrSsed to Use i>oe:
det>:>l bote! wbetv A Aef»uA<ie (of rncw
n« t>n>W"*«l tb? ne
Bt*rr« lb# ». !nVr» Joditr"
ibe ei«*e» toekl»« ie t»« <a >
ek«ia< >e,ve»ei>t be w*yelio«iß* W
wnkAso wW k.<fi epn m.
Tbe nee Vn e*rr*e«l b*t.»eei wtlh the te
- -We »-~v :i.4 tlAVe* bttt »•■?*
•-W l'rt' «"* Je*nAa«t : fc ~~l*a4 r* A
Int. Trr b*wJ -*e *="~< **«! «>* «""■ "
Ea,-,« ritmtm «* >* s " I " ?»«■
«ta* K "'lSwit r*f»«iKrt«w«
twi* « y». ts ' : •
ZZn*£li£ lb*«
tberr *.»oM V WJIVr ;*r*-ie frfXt T-,e»
d»;- • •
4er*™»« «w»-
ilroet, »ill !>e .>f*n to ih* f~>» ' *•
m k &>. W- «ivnsw
A» rej>!«<fßS*«t LUertr,* I*l f*a
A,J tt» VOW "ill »«i« tv.tem-Atttj
iMa| a *f • f-K
--•jr*»fcw t > Mtffcu!- tU3»iß| jo«
live r»-t **l •* *=
_ _ * y vy ' r - » "* * T 5 -f -- » *-> *- -<*
WWert"' Isarfl« Bar Skan sf
; A jgartlraeaa t:y rwaoac*(< with
r «fc»#ea«;c. Lak* «wee* Caatera EaEway
caepaa; .aid fo a r*jr«rr "Tie *rw SB
. aite smwa ii «tr rmi tm as of tie asss
<tiw Wfa tw ia eperwtiteo wjUtia tforacxt
• <ay,. I ailadc to &e malum trtm
Talis. We kar, atusi U» aaae
r*ia!jet of mtiitm «-omps.«»ed fram Aswttte
-asteet; and aeetioa ia m
<h»r «a»t?a(-L ThJa r>«4 wiu -ma throagt,
t*e tr&a! jsaia pcwiariEr sertSnu ..<
taaterr. w asf.ji»t.«u aat tt sa aanarai u>
"Wa* that the rwad wfea»a ew»ptrtf«i
wfli. has4i* a tarrt tt she (rala «f
that pradartlre r»<;<M. Stjw
If the pewpte of mrattit tx peer to bao4ir
tta grain hasled hy mt rasrl lltasiaas
'fer * xtz nuuzat mm arnt.i?rana?»
that ead. Thr roa-f wiU has; a* enaia.
b«t tfee fmf.tts. storing ar.d i «f it
mam ha Ana* by oa&s*—» That th» «j«s
. paay wiii hate MShia( to do with, t
w«mid So see a Sfasahw of tm Jtvt
Uoaiaeaa ana
a atu&jr* >o«r*aT.
Aad to aware the aecesaarr water frwj-
S*e f-sr Urse grata waKrh-tnt.whirfc
ahowSd be s>«ia befort the r nxc-letias of
Oia,»Md. 1 cossMer thi. a trry Importas!
matter, and al! the nor? ?*n C.. r* baearaae
TaMM ha* hen with neoL.au 1 )-
farfMiaaiot han ;ltag and w*a« grain,
and I hare rrea heard It intiaaaled taal as
esfart would far caadet-> ht«e Ihe tm fain
haoicd a ■•ram HJe mwontai :n by she weailie.
t«k* *h»-*e aad Eastern rallwa*. ah:pp<r>i
frota the a sn ImHaa a! Tarawa »t ewar*
! do cot think thefw is aay
»ikh or sr. a a mn
Being done, bat aaiewp Ihe iwwdaewi men
of .•iewtt'.e snake arrangement, n handle
the r**i« of the Big Bead roema-y. tt wiU
he haatfied at Taruma. at same .jther puiis!
on the for that grain will *ad M»
way to the market., of the world thrvuth
some port on Paget -on a<l. aird Ike Keattte.
t*ke and Rasters road ia going ta
haul it. There b nothing which wowM
tend more to
i>*rt«t m?nMV t
la the alnds at all claaaca of people aa to
Seattle', ultimate greatoeaa. than to see a
strong wrp«*atton farmed of leading bnai
aeaa men to baild grain warehsmsaa and
elerat tm along tmt city trout.
*he Seeka to HMa the KrMaarsa sf
It for a Tine.
Mr Alexander Allen, chairman of the
board of county commissioner*, received a
su«am*>ns from Providemr hospital Mem
•hay. There Re was predated to a buxom,
healthy-looking young w.oca;» with a
baby in her arms. She gave the name of
Mia* Whalon and her borne as a little town
In Western Minnesota. She said sfce* wen:
to -un Francisco la March to hide her
shame and there became a mother She
remained there an til last week, when ah*
wa* iadu<vd to come to Seattle, on the re
port that ther»- wa* aa orphans' home here
where she con id leave the child until sh*-
ch<*e to t-laiin »t. However, when abe ar
rfved here, she got into a carriage and wa*
driven to the ho*pital, although In excel
lent heaith. She had
eihai>te:. aca rt*D*
In San Pranci«v> and had only |3 left. She
took Mr. Alien s breath away by informing
him that *he wished him to take charge of
the infant and keep it for a couple of years
until shr ahould be able to claim It. aa »he
waa In great haate to return to her home
in Minne«**a for frar her brothers would
begin to investigate the of her ab
sence and she wa* ft arful that if they did
vime one would get hurt, she also wanted
sufficient ready cash to enable her to re
turn home. Mr. Allen informed her that
the only aay he could assist her would be
to send the child to the county farm. He
said, however, that he had fieoueut appli
cations from respectable families for In
fants, and be could probably find a good
home far the little oUe provided she would
sign a paper reieaaing all claim b> the
child. The m*«her spurned both prnpewi
tion*. as *he said ahe would not thiak of
sending it to the county farm and did not
want to release her claim, as she hoped to
be able to return and take the child home
in a few year*. Mr. Allen informed her
that be could offer nothing else as R would
Por the county to undertake to provide
for the child's support in a private family
Ycatetday he received notice from the Sis
ter Superior of the hoapttal statins that the
county would be heid responsible for the
support of the woman and child at that in
volution. Mr. AUea *fate* that the county
will refuse all rasponalbility in the matter
unless the woman and child are sent to the
couatv farm. He *ays that there has Iweu
an epidemic of similar rase.- recently and
unfortunate women seem to be dockiug
here from all quarter* of the country to
have their o!f*i>riag provided for.
The Grand Lodge A. O. I* W. Flu
lahes Ita Busiaeaa aad Adjonrn*.
When the grand lodge. Ancient Order of
rolled Workmen, convened yesterdav
moming. the first bualaes* transacted was
the installation of the offleera previous,]}
elected, the Installing officer being Past
<*rand Master T. C. Van Epp*. The officer*
installed were Orand master workman.
E. Smith, of Hood River, Oregon: gra u i
financier, P. A. Stephen.of Portland: grand
organizer, 1». H. K«a, of Victoria, H. C..
grantl recorder, J. T. Brown, of Olyrapia
grami receiver, R L. Durham, of Portland ;
grand tru*tce, William Armstmng. of Sa
lem, Oregon, supreme representative*.
<«et>cge T Raaaetl, of Oakland, *>reron; W
I). Hare, of HlU*hoto. Oree*»n; and D. T
W heeler, of Seattle.
STAXOWO toWaiTTtti:*.
Immediately < f n assumiug the chair.
Grand Master Workman E. u Smith an
no u need the following standing commit
Piuanee —Bern Kamsdell. Marshall and
Ijiws an** Sap* rvi»ion— Rros. Armstroag,
dcott and <ireeu.
vppeais and flrfentta Eroa Hurah,
Inmau and Shipley.
Jndirtary—Hrt»*. llare. Iturham aad im
Transportation and Per Iriem —Bros Bar
ker. Myers and Jonea
>tate of the Order—Broa. Weir, Haw
th**rnc ami Kelly.
Petitions Bro*. McKean, <haw and
Pr Browne, of Portland, was appointed
crand medical director for the ensuinsr
rt \« k or * urn *u.
It was agreed that the next meeting af
the gran 3 V«!ge shoakl be held in Portland.
Manvof the delegate* werr aaxksa t*»
for their home* by the 2 30 b*>at for
Tacotaa, and to enable them to do *o, the
£raud aia«ter witrkman pu*hed the bus!
n««** ahead -o rapidly that the laUe waa
char shortly after nooa. and the graad
U>«!ce ad>vurce*l
ijuite a namU r of the deh*gates left for
their homes, while others male arrange
ment* To \ iait Victoria and other point" on
the Sound, before going hack to Oregon.
Tfce WitHiSH t» til# Win of Mrt
r X. Th«r|HP
1. A. W«»M an*) « F thr fiHwiw*
t»> th« will of Mr* F N Thoq*. late of
drfubtrr. Uee In thia county and the pro
late Jwdge .• now engaged in taAinjr their
t«*tin>oiiT Thl« Will, it will be remein
bered. was the dirrct rsaw of a ttorided
mufiit'n in this city a few werks aco
Mr* Ttu»rpe Mlkfretilif Irsterest in the
e?!a:e to her haaband. *fco is an exTeraire
*u*k r*i*or well akm* in vcara. living
n*-*r Klknslrtirv ThU dt«p«wiTK»n of the
pruprrty jnati) incensed a *»n and ia
law of Mr Thtwpe't and aranr-ely ba-i The
M lady been »atd in the rrmr*. when they
peiwtatittf their father aad :sna!r
-threatened to have bias arrwted on a
chanrv of ootagtaf a half breed ctriif be
did not d«c them a certain portion of the
estate. Vfcey hoaoded hiw w that be tied
ti> «fca*t3e iWt t ar*ued him ami Nr«e
hia to uoroer. ifnay that h«* attempted to
eweape to V tctorta. He plal»«4 fa bare
given C. H Crocker |W take him to Vic
toria in a rowt iw<. Insuad ?u"ft?liac
hi* oowtrart C?veker had the ;4 man ar
rested «>a the char** of ixmnity He was
r-mnpUy discharged <*tk exasr. :aatkwi. and
ih«*r» had • r»>ekrr arrested '. *• et*a.«af
munflj uoikf fa3*e Nyf«w, and ca*e
is now |K-ndto( in the district «mt Mr.
Thorp* thru drrkled to return to Eltaaar-
Nar* and faee the »n«c. The boys
carried oat their threat aa t had him ar-'
■ T'. «»n the chance of crialaailj aa»anU
nf haif breed fir! and fee was prompt
It discharges! after the trial
Id tnj*»r<rd Ma*«»«s W sat* •
fur Tfrnoaal Injurtr*.
Fred A vers yestetday hesrao 'U t
1 N BSj|ek»w» cato Ranke and the Meehaa
Irs' Mir, eooiraetflta and thswr iss'ei-anca of
the cou-traction »>f the sew YidW hSoc*.
U f~'4£ aaetatard by a iail whik
ewp«-. *cd «ws the tyer* u a
B>«a:a, and alieges that fcr *n4 fiflpar
<*tfcer w-wactev were p#e* 4pita*e4 to the
1,1 ana it h\ tht gfviitt a way •>? a fcrtcfc arch
whfcch hacl beea air*»: jv u-;, * and m>t
itficitßtl) The a
ie*e» tae? he w»* UmiWl. h»s n oe was
t'zi*. lUa s<*rr'-sead wobtided, his
«j»v>uy4ff hrai*rd. ffnu-ue) aod IsnM
aad 'T»Mh knoea 'iasswed and w that
he h»s sr. f.?eoil an 1 >r*iets.?%-;M» iv aaffrr
freat h>xil * h»» fca* t% arftd
rilii'r tiwxips has for
«*- \ e»tv <!«:• • and <#Jil fuMiUiiart to be a*
a.>'e » worv s- h*- trad*-
» — Mr. V If
Ha* at*, the t uaawil'l'iw, wul (xx*
9«*;e h:« lahs«ca a»J ftse h» (tpat next
weeh. little wet w->rk rxn&aim he
tjorie, as-i It fo«*hio t.* ynettiafly
tbe P-«wrr»- Mr oi.
anywa thof h > wieU will aho-it
i tXTm e.as»ess, di'"d«*! *» frCk--ari. F??*J
ward, tfiiv <e« Third, an i
tte Basil al Bay Erse Eaaaa at
tb. OMsa-ftas Basdkr
Half a WHIWw l.atrw
wtaU ladsllag *d Dsads.
The hrst pors-sjwa as the aaffit.tr ,
•Stt wars Seafcra both Is the
Vtt.' staUrul isusratmmi* and Che lu
te el de*»ia Sled for r*«*d, ta well » ;a
thr «ge-r«at» amount of the rtm«4e»atioo»
saassd ta the deeds. Tit* rSerts wei* kept
tet rwewids-mSii; ™rer tiw ht <-;-erliig
the ißßraaaessSs on the f-e- To* natal
atsmtcr of iwK»«» SU-l wa, ** i*i
tbeaa. -A * af»>« tw-Rtlhi et liar wk-3*
natalsrr. were deed* Ihere were rery few
m>.*u*sta »e «ww:*rr*ti .c» cautrrd is
thr '* deed. aggreg«ed Irtfijea tf. aa arer
ar- cf ISiSffT.TJ each. Ta* mam ntwacie
traasfer. aa well a. oae of Ihe lasprxr trer
taasV hi Kin*, was a deed front Thomas
Ewnag to the Woi *enttte Land and Im
w«seaaeat «"iw«p»a* few taM.tac worKh of
w at -Sentite This trawler largefr
wnhaii*. all t.4 the .ichers. The neait
tardea? -feed reeorSed was fnon Z. c. M rs
lo Use Ba.wdway l»<twtnten( C<«apaay. It
rorera aU>sl B* low in the adtitwes of
Frank and LiaC'-'a Pontln.s, aa-i the con
mdrrarjon I* Mr. Miiea ia a mem
her of the rotapaaj- aad the titie to lite
property had been vested la him ami! the
raaiway r>«ld be incorporated- The day'a
bwsjatsa was alao trtatiy swrlitd by a
large n-jmhrr of dr«ds to Kirkland prup
erty The complete list of to-day's trans
fers follows
tieort* W. traawurth to F. H. Whitworth.
It-ta 4.1.4,7 and «. bioek «7, Nagle a aJdi-
U.-n. |ZMX>
E. C KilbsxinM; to W. * Swank, lot 11
Work a». itell and IVaay's addiuon. qwit
claim. JH)
Edward C. Kllboarne to William W.
Swank. :ot li bsoek a», BeU and De-nay a
H T. »c..u to una Klemeot. lot 3, block
1. Ross addition. «11*
J. > Lorraine to Martha E. Isoaglaa, lota
B. 11 aad 13. Uark «. Crown addlt.->n. fvm.
Ranko Prtkorits to F. Ustkhrana. lota i
aad «. block a>. v T Denny'a park ad<ti-
Ooa. tl<W.
Frank nhott to Franklin M. }:*>**, S«n,
of Se*. J4. Tp. a S , R. T E . »s>. «
Edward Blearett to Henry Pahl, lot 11.
block 1»: lot 1. ■fcbx-k S; lot 18. black :G lot
5. bi.« k M. lot «, hW*k»; iota« and T.hiark
S, and lota IT, is and 19. Muck TT>. tienny
au-i Hoyt's addition. fIOOU
Edward ElewcO to jnlia Hahn, lota * and
19. Work IS: lot 7. bi,.<k li lot 13. block it:
lot li. block 3»: lot H». block JT. lot 7, block
-3«; hj( T, block Tt. aad lot. £i and htork
73. lienny aad lioyt't ad<liti,4i. tJOfs-
Edward Blrwett lo Aacnsta liahna. lot j,
k 2*; lot V block 30: lot 17. block it:
lo! li block *i. lot a a and ». block 37: lot 3.
block Tt. an 1 lota -1 and 21 block 7S,
l>enny tuxl Hoy t s addition, IVNO
Benjamin F <>«T»n»eto IVt'-r Efen«>n,
lots i, t an lj, block 11. McAlecr's addi
tion. iliKjO.
E. H. Kilhonrne to I. J. Uchtenberx. lot
L S*. 7, Tp. -> X . K. .1 K.. f WOO.
John Jchtl to treorje H. Heilbron. E- 1 2
of *E. U of Sec. 17. Tp. 35 S . K. i E . HOW
Carl Lodwif to (swpi H Htiltcm. SB
arrw ia Sec. S. Tp. 24 N,. R. S E., law 9.
Adele Mcinle to E. M. Can, S. of k>l 1
and N of SE. of S* < 4 of *c 17, Tp.
S> X.. R. 1 E.. MWM.
i..-..rrv- H. Heilbron to Leigh tt J Hunt,
E. '-of RK. of See 17.1> A K- i
the XF. Sec. «, Tp X. & St. the E.
1 , of the aE. %of Sec. a, Tp. "fi X., U. 3» E-,
aad .16 acres In the »E. of Sec. a, Tp. £
X\, K. • E . I»
C. t Calkina. H. E. Kelaey and lieorge
K Bel! to 'icon?* H. Heilbron. XE. 4; of
Sec. ». Tp. 25 X.. K. E-. Ml
Clark Smith ta larlfh S. 1 Hunt. 8. 1 , of
SW. of Sec 32. Tp. *S. R. 5 E.. »-«*■'
Dorr Forties to Leljrh S. J. lluli t, 'iota .1
and t and s. ',of XW of Sec. t, Tp.
£>S., 8iLI»:i
N 1' Andrews to Leigh S. J. Hunt, the W
of the XE of SE.of Sec *. Tp. '£< X..
If. '. F- . »IJW
B. K Wilson Pi Lrich S. J. Hnnt, SW.
of the XE. of Sec. 32. Tp. * X.. K. 5 E..
John Met'. Kepnerto larlgh S.J. Hunt.
S Wof XW. ', of Sec. 32. Tp. 26 X.. K. S 8..
Charles H. Kitteaierto I.cieh S. J. Haut.
XW of SK 1, of Sef. 32. Tp »X , K.5E.,
I Maa
Rowland laaploa to larlfh g. J, Hnnt.
sW '. ~f SE. of sec. a>. Tp. ai X . K.5E.:
the X. '.of tt-e SF. of the SE. of Sec.
a». Tp. 28 X„ R. i E., aad the S* of the
sE ',of the SE. ', of the same section,
X, P. Aatlrewa to S. J. Huut. XW.
>, of SE. ', of Sec. *, Tp. 2S X , It. .1 E-. ex
cept . acrts, 11T.SV
P B. Bowers to Leith ». J Haut. SO acres
In SW of SE. V, of Sec. S, Tp. 25 X-, R. 5
E-. aT.
B. Macteady lo Morris S. Bates, lot 17,
West Seattle .Vacre tracts. £XUO.
Albert 1. tirdetwi to W'illlaaa H. Uew
ellvn, lot 71, West Seattle Vacr-e tracts, is.
Thomas Ewlnt to West Seattle land aud
Improv.-meut i\.uijainy. lota 1 aud 2. See.
Tp 24 N . R. J E..excepl a tract described
by Cietes and l.»uuds: also U>ts 1 and 2.
Sec. li, and the XE. 1 , of SE of Sec. 11.
Tp. i 4 X., t;E,; lot 2, Sec. li, same Tp .
ctcepong 23 a.-ros thereof: also tracts 21.
i:!. 42, tl. 44. v>, », 38. K,.** atld >7. West;
Seattle ".acre tracts. The conveyance
cners th.- sawmill, buildlut* aud wharrta
on the lands, and all riparian aad littoral
rtuhta pertaining thereto. J.idJ,aoO.
Morris S. Bates to Seattle Land and
Imprmern.-ut I oiapanr, lot IT, est scat
tie 3 acre tracts, |2tw
W H. Llewellyn to West Seattle Land
and Improvement Company, trai-ts
IV. 34. So. 60. (si, ft*, TO, 71. I<X. 1.2 and 13J.
West Seattle i-acre tracts,
A. Plphcr to Alfred E Briggs. lot 16,blick
3. Motor line addition, 4o
Puget S.»und Chautaii'jua Aaseiably to H
E. K-. is. ~ tot J), block IA Chaatauqua
Beach, ?-■
S. P. to R. P. Dsiiicls. tots 11 and
12, block IS. X.,rtb, rn ad.lition. !»«>
i it Bagicv to Xcttie f. M.«ire. lots » aad
». btork 2.C. B Baglev's orient addition.
t'. B Baa,ey to Kmcliae Walker, lots -V
aad 4. Mock 2, t". it Bagley's Orient aid,
tion. I.*'
Audrcw slorah to Joseph F. MeXaught.
.jntt claim to tot 14, block F. Phluney'a
addition. >■-
Vio!a A Kenyoa to Terrcnce O'Brien. 33x
73 feet la block As, It a Maynard's plat,
Jame» MoXaugbt to Emciiac B. I»at!*n),
ouit claim to I.ns 7, s, 9 aad 10, block 21,
Pontius addition. <juit claim. 129.30.
Edward rtrowbridge to TtTWnce O'Brien.
.13ita) fi-et on the west aide of Xiath street,
commencing at block 4s, i). s Mayaard a
plat. I«. 30
F VI Joaes to Ivter lialla 'hcr, lot 1». ,
bssi 22. tiiiman s addition. |3t»i
7. t Miles to Braatlwa; Invest meat Cum
pany. IJQ lots in the addition of Frank and
Lincoia lVatiua, to-Oeu.
I. M * arr to Leigh S. J Hant, X !, of
block 2. and N '. of SE ! , of XW of j
sec. 17. Tp 35 X , ft. 3 E. »10
1 J. I jehtenberg to Leigh S. J. Hunt, tot ,
1. Sec A, Tp. 28 X.. R. i E-. |IT d-« 7.
Chriatiau P. Xeltoo to la-igh 8. J. Hnnt.'
lots i 7, a and the SE.«, of SE. >, of Sec
>l. Tp. » X . R 3 t.taw
William If. Ultaaon to s. J. Hunt
SE. ', of Sec 4. Tp. 23 X . R 3 E., WT.*.
Andrew Xe3s*>n to Leigh S. J. Hunt, iota
S, 4 »:- ! 3, ~cc. S, lp. 25 X. R. 3 E . I3:*.t«n.
J W l ist to eaar'.cs Poff. lota 14 aad 25.
hh*k Xorthern addittoa, *SW)
p. A McKeaaie to John P Soaie. tots 4 •
and 3. block 3. Eastern a»ld;tb«. S3M
John Hoctor to Leigh S. J Hunt, SW
of Sec 4, Tp SX.R.S£, W<»
J V 'ioa'd lo Leigh ». ) Hant. X" of
<W 1, of See 5. Tp »X.l»t, KOX
J W liemott to H. J Httnt. I.* i,
and SE l , of SW. of Sec. -x Tp 25 X , R.
William 11. ABortgh! to Leigh s. J. Hant.
as»:gcraent oi bond for Sand not described,
<> Walter XeiWHi to Leigh 8. J Hant. XE
. of Sec 4. Tp. 25 X.B.S E . t».f
Mania H t iarkto Leigh 8. J Hunt, hind
f.rthcE >. of the XE',of Sec. S.Tp. 25X. t
R. IE , a»d the s 1 j of the SW >, i>f ihe
X • ,of s,v 3, Tp. X.. tit. C l **!
IS.nw.s- W WaAieirh loj F M Vaaght.
l.<s I. i S. A. 3, A, a. ». M. 11. li U, K. 13. W. '
17 is, 38. 21. 2i. a aad 24. bincft F. all of ;
fci. e, li, tots I. 2. a. 4. > A. 13, 1«, IT. IS. IS.
A>. 21. 22, 2K aud *4. t'.oek H. lots 1. 2, A. A
21. A S3, ac.d 54. block <', ail in Ptinoey s .
addition. llT.S?fi.
I>. T I»i -any to Merr-': Turtier. V>( Mock >
"» r. T lh-4<RV'« rmrfc J" »'
T\. !> T ywi Lion. K »X
T • h< Built on .l*rk* a a» i lU*itr
Strrvt* Iddlli* b and Vway.
Mr. H SSeiaAMA
a»4 for Ihf hoam to be <
«**rted bT H tc4 U-o w
B. «a ttur reScNnia*4 Jackson aad
R*a i« • *{rwU ifJ'l;ts»«. Thtrf *rv desUrsed
1> t« N<h dnraH«* aart «*rwaaM»tai. ft w
of Ikvj*» wia t* t>i \r;r<» *tv.<«.
two -:.w* ia fcri*fet. coaifalnltm aisrfet
r *>trs*» aad •fi ttnf ut**trrn «awa- :
i*v*Wfc Tt« feftkuM* wiil br <*f na-mirra ik
a.*..--. with espcviai ckv lonrd !»•> ti
B-ii» l;i tfcey a ill t* erJos*
*j*l fcaartauase, awl will t* pc&tc*
tW «sytw*f W? tw lewwl «t par
•iuur; «** * >oC i* tfci# a4<&ft*»a wii! be e» ,
titled f J a rfea&W fv* OT.' ! «f \htSM
OartaK rr«icr4fr raaa* of ?&<* k*« w*f*
4i«7<«Mr4 sw ««fer w.rkaier* Tb*
aaraxt of 4r*wia* ftt tak* s4as-* m*rn**i
av.j t&* dlwycwa' i km ka*. a»-i to
a tax ; is-, r as *".*#• k*'rv aaa*>*ae«d.
Hitai at ttrribfei toh fwrt U*e mut-r
b** <<a ftoe '«jaeiatt» J&assa. Oaly a
kfL i'* *. «■»< bgj»uar «JV Mil ffome- ijltf
F-awh tfc* fr*ner aJw4*» teaJu* it a
to j.- j* ftae s-waet. i*s»y fc*a*» a&4 mmrr
trial Emt feava. Etrtery pi«* »f Mtf
gbafasrtccvi _________
iftt nca tkf «c*> Tt*j»* <ieis«if«* to .
*1 F?macfc**. _____
fltt «-rt for Tb* **&*« tfgfc
fi>r L&eaa. Tkft 2*ctow kasa# at r*» &
Um> §HKBt**«.
« 3**h '..f «s* it«. fc iiaiy, *>a4 ai.
tte *rawm a ja*r, aov 3 pair* Sar
sde, dcrtet Ckwy.
"frah* «r Ik. «m Cmmt* t»-rt
fa* r»m«gn <ti ihat
CwwartieMwtof.tiw AwWa, Lake
Aere E*4rrs Rat-war <'spa..T aa
a«ar« the r>t jierr iotVwi
hjach toraMKT mere**. <rtriat on
ris±a«»ti>aaewa*«f naehictc *nwh.-i»iat
aad savr-aevfcate ptrtr. aix! manuar t&-
aaaatda. Atea <a> thai iaar foe. ia»
r«e«-! . ctJMßeof taijjr «mriat fax
• tt»e ao.l iwrrvaaed tawxetr farUtoe. he
tweets aad Gftoaaa.
TkriKLra l aawnaar traiaa *emt?W
daCy at * »a. m.. arrt- .« ai
aod«slaa»aat t2 vriTrk «a: vttmmin*
■■raw tiiimaa aad jhaohi. aa»i at i,a. :
ar-irt v* * -raaie i-* , n . t«ta« one
taif hwar pataJaat iiaae shn ch>
P«*« lebntnlr-
A siiiM tralß £* *S2I Wavr
■SaTJy eirep< «is>day» aiS t , a . arrt.
atrtCiCn,,: (5 p. m., Uiteas
>s>iattalS.y a ml. trr.\
ia* as >«eTtje 12'. 25 aad will o»ir ra—v pw.
aeasmte. K>dfr<Mß pnJnutwse •; *a»-»r
s»>mrt*n Jraiw for Keith aad
wf»« aUi !mt. *s T Xa. at ami t *> p.
th» '«!ter aak:sxnpaKet»w at \*»Ser
wah «Uaarr f.w p.«ata on Lake Wa»fein»-
to*, retttnuejc ««*=a kr th at * » a. K
aad -• *> pm. n;
*« aw riwwtMt ,<if t-.mnlt. Clmit '
The XotGai !<«**:»■» f.-tpjoed pipule
wui he heid Ue**-^r.,»
s#r— All woo; Jtr* v.. pieatsd CWia
tot nw tax. • he»'j-r • ie« 7. jyW
*r art 'Voalnj mu w lare 3 ortaia aeta
rh«ter ciearj.
*r *f cmiu omt oar mn« dna«
IKwda. i heater t irarr
We are rtoalejf <nt our white conda.
CbrtOrr i'hsary
C ioaia* oast aate. Odd iota of Jadie* hoar
haU pric*. lantat'letrt.
We are eioainf out owr lam aad eaa
fcrwidery. CheMrr ( iearr
7*je— Half wool mohair dresa nwds. To
rknw 7»,r yard t r < jgnry jyK
We air rloainf out all oarnutßcr rood*.
Cheater Clewrr
Wr are rloaiii* oat oar tnbSe linrna.
Obeatrr Clcary_
We are elsaing oot a lot of underwear
" heater • !rarv
Sr. W« are rloais« a lot of ladiea'
roitd rolarwd hone, t heater t'lwary.
Clontnr oat u> of tamrarr {ooda. Chew- .
ter C Jewry.
sr. ("Loaing «wt a kx of crinkled
aeeraoekera. t he<er t'ieary, jyS
For iadiea and rhildrwi, TituMTtEr
n«v» tST ArcatKVT i* the beat and
nxwt palatable meiti< it-,e. }yl« '
-V Rk b sheer lawn hind
ker-hief» aold at 30 and TV. now 3Se. Chea
ter Olrary.
Tafeie !iri-nJ will br »!awthf<-red oa and '
after Wedaodajr m/>nsle(. the 11th. To
kia*. A t o JyK
Anythiiqc we have ta Mann roods at ;
half prire on Wedneaday montiuf. Ureas ;
CO.MI. cvut»_ Tokiaa, Smiftniian 4 Co.
A rrr.t drire ia rWhio* oa Wedneaday
nomlnit. the 11th. Thia will he arleau
sweep, Tokla., .sintrnta * Co. Jy» ,
3 pair for sl. We are c'totiat out a lot of
llale thread mi, tea ho*, heat S>.d
all the aeaaon at soc. and >1 a pa'r. Cleary.
Laoea and embrvtidenea on and after
Wcdnvaday the Uth. Tokiaa. Sincerman j
* Co. Jy>
Ladiea'. raiwe. and rhildrra'a hoxe at |
lea. than aartl'.n price* on Wedneaday the
11th. Tokiaa. yincerman Jk Co
summer er*Hi. on Wedneadar marainK- :
Uriu and white giuda will ta. aold at 1
half of what they coat Tokla.% Sinter
man A Co. jy*
CM.sr fc-mi-auhual fK.nii( ,a!e idarta oo i
Wedneailay moraioj:. the 11th. Samtr.er
piods at half the pnee of coat. Tokiaa.
.-•! uifrrmau A <-v ]ys .
Snjumer neckwear »u and after Wedn.'a- <
day m,,niinjc. the llth. will be aold al half ]
of what 11 ta worth. Tokiaa, gingerman !
& Co. «y* I
Ac. We are cloalas out a big line of
etabmid**red sheer lawn hand- .
ktiehiefr. sold all the aeaaon at M and 'it, |
now ■£*-. i heater CkTtry.
3 pair, for W. A line of Xlsaea fall fln
intraia French hoae,
Mild all the season at 3.V. a pair, now S
pairs for 50e. t'hotter Clears.
**Change of passenger rates oa steam
*hip Premier. The fan* on steamship
Premier hereafter will be 59 cents between '
Seattle and Tacomiu fr&tl
We will mark down ail goods in our ;
store for the next two days. Monday and
W'edne*dav we will be ready to i
entertain von with bargain*, the be« we J
ever offered. Tokiaa. Siugerman A Co.
Harrington A smi?u have just received '
several carloads of buggys. phattrmi, waa
ons. cart*, etc., and * ordially invite
the public to call at their ware ho a*--* and
inspect their stock. Anybody desiring to ?
pun hase a fine buggy or phaeton will tiad
ft to their interest to give tbem a call )c2?tf
Diamonds, watches, jewelry and clocks
at auction In order b> rioae up the estate
*d L P. »mltn, I will srll the entire stock .
of diamonds, watches* jr -alrv. etc. at
auction. !<alc to begin this, Thursday,
evening at T o'cka w k. A. A. Smith. L I*.
Smith A Son, 70S Front street. jyl 2
D*>n*t forget the excursion to Mackilteo
to-morrow. Exc«r*ionist» Snohomish
i ity and the Skagit will meet the scattk
p»*t»ple. and a pleasant time ia anticipated
Thr ground* nave been fitted up ia fine
style. Boating, fishing, etc.. free to the
gaesta Steamars Munroeand Nellie will
leave Ycsier s wharf at 9 o'clock a. m.
Kouud trip tl. Children free.
lu nperinr r*r*ilenre prorea In mi'ilcaa
of bomea for more than a quarter of a cen
tury. It la ased by the Cnited ftaw Oor
t-roment. Kadoraed by the heads of the
• ireat rnirerajtlca aa the SsrcuMPrat. Pareat
and Most HralthfnL Dr Price's Cream
Ttaklm Powder doea wntrontalß Ammonia.
Lim« "r Alom. BoM oalr in canit*
aaw Toaa. rmaw rr. uorta.
Geo. M. r*TE Maaactr
er.rafement of America * Greatest
Kottastic Artor. Author and Maoacrr.
Mr. McKee Rankin
Supported by
And a «fwcn«fi<i nMßp«ar of urton.
FKlPJiY—J<*ja:a *ll «r'» <ire«t
rAT?~HDAY —Mr Rarkin e lucent aad
iireatca? Secreai.
bmw c«a at the
.' rll
fier?a ScaadmaTiaa Society
wtu. Kara
A Grand Excursion
SumlaT. July l'*h, 1"» »
Kemmd Trip.
T%fk*a tas. I* %aE>ecc&t ai tie *«r«aer «
Inn it* coauxizicc.
i E CAXL&. &,
?KUKn Mn'ftkirtMKttart
a. a. i» n*<
Wednesday Morning, July 11th, 1888.
Immense Reductions in Every Department
Dress Goods.
Prices Lower than we ever quoted on any pre*
vious occasion.
Domestic Department. J
Wednesday Morning, July 11.
Piques, Lawns, Ginghams, Towels, Napkins, Table Linens, at half of sea
son's prices.
Fancy Department. j
Laces, Embroideries, Ladies', Misses' and Children's Gloves,
Wool Dress Trimming Braids, Ladies' and Children < flß|Mfißdß|^^^
Wednesday Morning, July 11th.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Hose, Muslin Underwear, Children's Dresse*.
Grant's Furnishing Groocis. 1
Wednesday Morning, July 11th.
Gent's Underwear of every description, Straw Hats of every make, at If—
than half price.
Cloak and Wmp Dept.
On Wednesday, July 11th—Summer Cloaks and Wraps will be
down to about half price.
MILLINERY DEPARTMENT—Wednesday morning, July 11, we will
close out our summer stock of millinery regardless of cost
CARPET DEPARTMENT—AII the short lengths will be closed out t
some price.
On Wednesday, July 11th,
Of all our broken lines of 3len*s and Youths' Clothing.
AU styles and patterns, both in sacks and frocks. These suits ara
all perfect and full suits,—coats, pants and vests—but only one,
two and three suits of a kind to choose from. They will be sold
at prices that will astonish you for their cheapness, in many casea
being 30 per cent, below cost. They all must go, for we cannot
spare the room for odds and ends.
TfIKLAS, Ififfli k CO,
Front and Columbia streetOL

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