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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, July 17, 1888, Image 3

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mLwMU BUgMtjr InnmM.
Tru-t'MMMolli a
takra any '*ry to
mentioned ia n»e r«>!
£«•( (he TxretUfiMK-** fte&dajr
A ' L ' i * m*wwt imwfcy ,#
Kpltwt. -Y.«. I hare u*«t> «e»e.
flittlMt •» a! I it awntHMad to. Whets (
jpij"" I " " w " uU ' r ■«»'»« I AmUf*
(«m matter, and, ls»»lr.!.«j
"H*rntfv>? *«•» «« **Um I left lor Wnt
-iMMjb, af • «»ork. Tfce <Hrerti *» hi tfcr
GT an tt» «h»r abie w« dk) tot »■*>«,
*>*>«»< tHrtmt.
»**>• tti- »«« la Madrimr land
PHK k.f a!«L WhCTS *» Mktyl th»J# j„ w .
- JMd<»«-•» m»frT. Outj 4a lnnl Owr bad
'•MMI aorttfa* of it. tat rinrwrt u. the A!
P*ata«j »Mrh l>*n»a'* m h»s
•w that afternoon. V«
•f (he and M r-.mrht a*
ant aboot a quarter of a sail* tht*
iHe of tha oM brtet jraM »< then
aawtw-nnwl oar rearrb thtwoefc Ute »or«fe
W«ef>>.wintered netUaa. dent. e*ne MX«
•aery other ap«ri«a of «»>dei*«wrtl» that
•aatalna briar* and acta****. and *t
dlmbwl «|> ,t*-j, l«ak«. •'!«*•) ia «alefc
«*, tore our eUlibe*, wratrhed tmt baad*
ruinel oar dotting, and bad a tarrthW
Urn*, tat no trunk caaM we Nad We
from W«Mt H»a»l< Mint in the betek yard,
whteh h no Mr t**k. and mv. w* were
nnni rmhl In findta* the obja-et «f oat
aaarrh. Ijitr In tfc- afternoon weary. Bwt.
hontrr. and barfly «er*trfc«<f m, w«
iMUfM our boat and beadart tor (fcrattle.
madder II no? mitts* men."
•Why did ;<rd not «** o»* of th« wtreev
Mrreror'" aArn, Imt
Uk»*<r no wrTfTron there who knew
anytbimr <l"™' It Ward. the
mm of nir Mend l>. H Wirt, «« ikr "alt
our of lhe ori*lo*l lUtpinttMl of the
ten<m> tronk.with whom I >u>r<|iulovrl.
and tr Mn( win-lay, he >u »' horn- on
Ukr I did not luoot to hi.
boaae I tbrnwht from the dearrlpUoo In
Ifcr imper of the bjeatlon thai I maid lind
II W- (..liixl where aarreyort, or aora-
OA* rlw hul ( tmH- abort a gowtM ..f a
ml!* thinaide «f the brtek yard, and when
we mw the gmrn te«t ttakaa "till »iaisd!;><
on a tittle iraeeti plat • f--» fee! from th»-
MVb of the U-aeb. we expeetfed that
tblu* would t« tsi" yellow trunk, b«- it
talie.l t" tnatenaliw I apent otte da) In
trying to ...Ire In- mystery, and I ahall
kprtr! no more tlma In wt * vain a after
taking. 'iiitil i ran ar.-ure the a»'t of
sn« at thow a»r*ey«wa who dlarovered the
■twmalm Itnrliitf tin- paat year I have
km ltd «li diiTi r.tit raaea of Ihli kind, and
la c*cry raw the dceeaaed haa tieen aa
. Indian Ido not pretend to «a< that tb»
body In the trnnk near Alkl Point la that oi
* DTK* ■amen,
Aliboilirh, when alt the (arta are known. I
woaid nol In- »orpri.i llf it tura-l out u
bean. Aaaoon aa I ran find a atirtreror. o<
anybody elm- who ran hx-ate the nodv,
will i-auae a thorough ItixsaUaatloti to i»
; Bade, and ifdtem'-d neeeaaary, after a
flaw of the body. 1 will hold a pott Inor
lera rianlnatbui and a roronera ln<jue»t
, Mould the body prove to he that of a'
ladiau. I ahatl alviply have H det esti« in
Two I'oat l>rEi.Lii,t»i
Blued that the oorotwr'a Inveatitfatioi
jfeoold II"1 ~'ltle the matter They remain
benil Uie horror rtrlrken etpreaiiou o
Clare*-e Hue, who cave the drat Inform*
Man rourerulnx the matter Saturday nl*hl
aad derided to aetlle the IruthfulneM o
bl« <iatetu< nt. -bottt 7 o'elork la«t aven
lactlwy chartered 'ieorae Hudtoiii; a nap
- flu launch and (are order* to I* ready f.i
ara iu Ave inlnutea They then made <
luuty trip up town for dtainfevtanta aw
ntber nreewarr adjunrta and on the «•
•Nt l»r H. M. flail drlvltif up Kmut »tr. et
A few Word. In bla ear nidoeed htta toll
Mt ban* to the nvaml bitrhlttff |«ml and
■ fcr* mi 11 nfer* lator the pvti of thrw were
Mated 111 Ihr launch. Ju»l tben pollrriuan
Dartd Wrlwler bova Into tight mid bi
juicily arrepu-d au invitation to areipt
A teal Hi the laiat. TUB line. «re» <•*«! off
Wl (he pail; were off. Mr. Itmllimit ball
.-* died the tiantlia >npplv ami a tr>i*ted friend
had hold of ill' l w ueeJ, The Instruction*
of tb»* newspaper men were t a head for
the ft ml mmyitoke east of the brick yard,
which ikniM be o'tetut three-fourths of *
miles west of Om will And Myer's
WKttfrjr. After round!n* the point, h
aharp k*»kout wa* kept for that *Uk»- and
• drootiitig cedar trw, under which the
surveying part* said tbe trunk lay Poliee
• MAD Webster claims to be something of a
: a Umberninu and lie spotted the free a few
Pp munnitH later. The launch wa* beaded
htH shore and then the stake ibwarrd
is,*-' to vie* A mild land braaa** wa- blowing
\ and I»r llall. who was the only one In the
Eg party not suffering from a coht, nM
From afar. That fettled the matter The
jaanch ua« rim a* m ar shore ae nosaible.
ft«eu the anchor wot dropped and a small
boat lowered. The two reporter* were
naturally the tlr*t oucs into It, and a* It
Would only carry three, they put olf *l*ore
ward with the oar*man. The shore proved
to he shallow. and even the tittle row boat
could not approach within about '2O feet of
dry land. Determined b» solve the mystery.
J." the reporters rolled up their trousera and
made a dive off i he bow. They waded to
the shore and were quickly loat in the
arush. The snaall boat returned to the
launch, and |ji a few minutes l>r. Hall and
&>; fvdieemau Webster were on dry laud.
|V- Then followed a skirmish *ucb as the
j&l Huffs of Went Seattle have not seen for
§§|| many a dtf. Rtitteu stumps awl defective
f- • branches of trees proved »*>me impediment
to proeresa. but "eureka" was the motto
|g- v aud every succeed ve fall simply tended to
simulate the ambition «*f the variow-* oifui
g;. ; ' ber* of ihe party. AH Were hunting In Df
lereut directions, and eacfc one had hi"
> eyes peeled for a new yellow trunk hidden
In the uitdorbrush, under a cedar tree
leaning toward the hay. Kvery member
of the party found a plaee that, n* -cording
to the direction* furnished by the survey
to* party.
was jvj»T TMK sn»t
♦ here the trunk ought to l ave been, but
in each instance it was not there Just
as all hand* were hsitiAltt to become
slightly m« redulou* nil** deeldedly weary,
the sttrlU eall of a police whittle sounded
Several r*»ds dirant dowu shore. All
hand* made a ru>h for the ah ore and with
moft or ie«a bru.ses finally reached it. of
ttoer M vl*ster could then !k» seen waving
hi* hat and KvatteuUtiue wildly In the dl
itetkon of the l»Hrk >ar*l The remainder
of the twrt) s«K>n reached him and he then
said, "it s hack there about thirty feet.
I've seen alt I want to and if you will just
take a walk tun k there I think you will
•own tie The snweatimi was
acted upon and a moment later I»r. Hall
eiaculated. Hello' Here it la. 4 ' The
euitm of the party crowded around
and there three feet from them, they
«aw the sight that bad so startled the
earvryinff party It was a human
akeleton eiu-lo»ed in a nrnffh wooden
, box The |Mde, with which the surveyinf
party i.».t Mn.nr.l the eowrtu*, toy near
at haud. but th»> a. tual fa« ts were some
what diflVn nt from those relattnl by Chea
Irr Rue. one »»f the men who found the
body, as related in Sunday's PwplKTllU
ttm kb There was no nickeuinc amell,
evrn when I>r >mklt turued the tawly
« mrer It had evidently heea fipmsd to
the eWmeuts lot a year or morv aad but
Utile more than the skeleton and the eloth
tat remains) The nknll eould m»t ta*
? found and
fi|| la the tnlml* of the |*rt* thereby |»r
Ail matk a erttieal eiAmfnatkMi ami «Ie
mK 4M*d that the he«t had been *eeer*Hl fn*m
Uw My, rv idt iitiy by «iiHf heavy blunt
Rjp IWnimetit Hie retaalftdef *4 the *k«-le
U» was nttaet, e*«ejit that one le* wa» de
t**h<*l it the km•»• and »W»wr*l iSmiik «44e
«K th*» to*!* ThetfcetotiNt wa»
- 11l blueehevk petal
m. ftv The 4eMraM« twnieU fewmtne
uaiU. which the mrmWrs %•# the Mfvrytitf
H<t> rt jxift.Ht finding, ecttfcl mrt he fmitnl,
•fid it was 1-vkWtit lhal the oHflßll §B4«fi
•erv m thunmjrhW h<»rrtfl«J by the *Utht
Hut th* y vti.l u A »toj» to tlfeOTMtchly lure*
the matter. In the iiNAmi>'ti vhilt
Itjr at hHHt «f\rn feet a* art VfM
M»h'l, au! the IvrmMßSiCKa p*rty
| 4erut«.-i ih«t the wrvey-era Veil t»fe«*l
iMoutKlr whether the easkel
• ctv , „ ~f a tfiiu v*:oe*i
Vwotir- :*«* v few U»t:g hair», t»erfeetly
IMiMrteU »n<t
• *«f % u»>tors nut.
{Ni4«tthi fa-! that the p« matw wen M
Initial . I*r Hair* oflatott U
ttta* to* dci i v 1 vtpa \».i: 11 n"t ,>f PHHIrr
W» an.l m • lt> a Mm# The
**>-1 .llh". ! w»Tfh fni',»! re»«i the
•till |iutiht!ts- K oit. trhrti hv
«»"'.« the r»- .. i tin- IVHtlitilUh**
<**\ r»i*.i ... «i!| Miak.' a wtwtd and
SNVF «o»-i ;> att<-i»|>< I" flri.l the H«a
•TO »f lb,, r alt» Th«- IWr IMUIWX
•tl pa-, rttttrU'-d to the rity aNnit »
igm •>K» s, !a«-,■> rl; tsiJ
v saTWvth.
Death «.f th. | ittl. »>.» or « »|»«- *"«•
cfe lira. H. li. Ballard *nn.ta> M«M.
TW '■■ n.l- o| t'apt. awl Mr» W K
UM erirTed >,-»l«f<ia* tour?
lat I* icaru t it the . Infant «* Wither! R
Jj>., k*4 4Ust »u ?u»,<*r te :ifh». «IW « Wri
«■ I ii,.. Wrrtt\rm«al U
® «•>>. It u-i! - ,f,.wrthd..;<i In Ihr l»»Ui
aftS. Jhhifcihr, . , s rv and :.»> In* raj-u *od
Mtv MUni . ttlfcUms. ttr rM
«m >4 Ih, : . \>r,-ti. dH'-t »l Ihe w«j
HEk WtUf*. a-i , h, 1-, aflrf ».(rth A tittle
«hu livrd l>at «»*
BHi, •»>> h»t St ar, and sw* thr liu* *■»
lu (hi'ir cr, rtl aim,# t'ttt and
*J* Hailar.' hlvr tl» »> mp*th> «M *"*"!
SB? thai liirlr Wltbert »m«M
g& <R,» up to I*- a Knuftt lo thorn
m» ia ekithiKf al iw
(HSffKWa. MUj. ranti «. <V,
1 JS* >• A- Pn«*h aad
f. js£rta"iarsis
* *■ im ]£«££:
C.f <Htwr». Hum H oner mtxS iJ tnmwi-
P.iktf *a4 *•!)*, r ft j |US"e*r ;„
• ' **■ ** f "** " I 'l SEkSsywr* m.4 to
f tMMtHUI i- far TW)«; A t- B*t«w.
U ? e .*- »*'"n. -» r»nnU. A.
gnflagrfLc.«. Wfcßiwy and 4> immigrant*,
t n—td 8n«tBK)w1 cn tnio I ) r
frrrta, W.«. i i®a«k Mi*. E. I- *a«rh. H
; * Hsrasrd tai H. Jf )*,.r»e, f f,
*"'•> srwt wife, Jr. S«**. Mr. « ft
Wbifford. Mortimer lITJ. M l» WhttfavL
i M«. It a CMefe. M 11. *. Me
, Uw. H, K. Hortwr. w«t Alien. >. P
Thoaaas Mts* Mi» Thorn*, ivtfc L*liy
! mr fl l» 9SU kertoa. Nwtir manager of
IV4r> i»>4* *«t«t Sir. Hubert Itmat,
Ms mem tbr Mr star* paaaa m fnwi
arreet M*pn I'aSiii and Pike. »Wn k»
will r«rj oa * Rwnl Mtllm an 4 m
mlamum baata***
AheiM * Araotr.mg have far sale a r«7
ttlaaMr »««froat M. « Utf
A nurrtxr Hem! waa tiaa-d yrat rr<hi
to Kirludi4i«l aad Anal"- «Uam of this
The l.adl*e Aogiltary of the T. M C. A
•ill ami la the [•ifVir to-jay
at 1 o'eioek
Mr. Mantn **Bdl<wh«Wßleiio longer In
tb* «/ t uoi A mi e#
tat* broker- •
Hrtwf A IHahoa ba\* tkn*>l«« of
Wtf <" whleb tbej laift* tkr
atteatloti of capitalists
>»■«• p AI«-<«5*, of this rter, was ns.it
*>l la unlaf> to Bertha Wild, at Helena
Montana, laat Thursday.
The .teamer lino. K tttarr br,,ttgbt 31.#eu
fart of eadaf lumber from -he lower mwl
la a fina in tbla etty )i«irt<itr
Tb* aehooaor MotHa Adatn* hat arrived
ffom lb* Cap* arltb another tarifo of M,M»
f.iltxta of balKxit. for ihlpaKat Kaat.
Tb* aieamer IMpbln »rrl»*-l (mm Port
laod Matnrrtar. aod loadetl rati for a return
ranro, for the Itaraevi Team N*\ izatloti
• otaiMnjr
Mr. M. K. Murphy ap a railroad
tleket from Portian<l lo Taroina aiKl return
on i ora me re I*l a(ra*t ie.ter.Uv The kjacr
way ravorer »>t parlux for tbla tKjtte?
The fteatarr Politkofak) ramr orer from
Blakrtejr r**terdar b> reeelrr tme of tb*
lar** *»jHoe» na<lc i>r the Waabiagton
Imu Wurk< tor tb* mill at that place.
Tie owner who left hla watrh for inaw
on tbe Emma llajrwart on July i. l»*l. ran
bare tbe name by apptrlnf to paraer of
Km ma tlarariM. ptvrlag nrapert} atxl
paflnx for tbla adrertiaement
Tbe (rune bulblju* on tweonil atr*et op
pna)t« the Boatoa btopk la to be eaile«l tbe
("oioalal bloek Thr nan; feature* In Ma
arehlleetnr*. and tbe e.,km arltb wbieh It"
li painted, being «ha aanie a< In tbe old Oo
lotual h'«w Id Maaaacboaetta
It araa crnmeoaalf atatrd a dar or two
a*o tbat Hberiff ( oetiraw raralaiied >*!!
for Charlaa Itrown, aeenacd of robbery
Tb* cbertff Ixurohibilel by law from goiac
on a wrna i bnoda. and fttrtlivrtnom waa
001 of town <m tbe day Mentioned
Mr, O. K. t aokin. of l*ortlaud, is in the
Sir. W H Llewellyn left last Hnnday tor
a abort viait to Man rraifcksco
lira. Captain Hlater, of fian Franeiaeo. is
viaittne friends on the Hound.
Mr. and Mrs l«rA NoWe and Noble,
of l>ee Moinea. lowa, arrived in Heattle
Mr. F Toklas. the senior partner of Tok- {
las, Aingermau A Co., fta spending a few *
weeks in tieattie.
E. W Elwell, who has been %itUtiog his
auele. Auditor Wood, aiarted to return to
his home at Humboldt. Nebraska. rester
Mr. Bennett, a hotel proprietor aud
banker, and Mr. ( lough, a r-ai eatate •
dealer, of Hpokaue Kalis, spent yesterday •,
in Reaitte.
Messra. K. H. Yewsell and J. A. I>iuwiddie.
of springfttdd. Ohio, aod C. f. Hauke, of
Taeovna, were in the city rMaoday en rotite
to Whatc«un.
Mr. Wm Mptesekie has resigned his posi
tion a* foreman of the i*«*rt Rlakeley ma
chiue shops, n ptautioti he haa held for the
past four years.
Mr Arthur farkharsi, who has' been
spending a couple of month* on Hood < !
river, Ownii. for hia health, utirma yea
terday evening feeliug very mnch im <
Mr. John Campbell, of Port ftlakclev.
wa* In Seattle yesterday afterno<»n lie i
»tatos that the near mill nas been running \
for a week, and ia working finely It will ,
be several weeka before all the pia:>« r» ,
and otlu-r utaehiuery are in runulng order. !
Two I'sraona Fined for the OfFenae
In the Polftes t wort.
Fre<U»riek Caroline and Herman Aehwedd
wen arrv'stcd yeaterday on the eharge of
stiming «»hfa Ze« how The complaining j
c<»art that the defendants ha<l eherished
a grudge against her for teatlfving against
them once in eonrt. They calleti her vile
name* and she bore everything until they '
tiegau throwing m»ek* at her. C«matabU*
Thornton U»»k<<d at the woman's ankle
and teetifted that I! woe retl and
«wi>Uen. < ar»>Une was fined f't *
and lit r:;»» fJ. !
defentlant wa* dleasiaaad. Their attorney |
gave notice of an apt» al to the dUtro t
•Hrtirt. The plaintiff Is the blion young j
tierman woman who recently creat*-d a •
seusat4ou bv deserting her hu*t«ud and '
e(Opine with one Harry Price. Constable j
Thornton pnrsitcd tht-m and«vert»w»k them ]
at Kent after they had retired. He placed i
one In one room and th«* other in another. |
ll»* then t*M»k the clothinx of Nitb awd him
*elf went t«» ilsit. supretnelv <onddent
that there was no danger of their cet apiutf
4 a|il. Hophln. Mania Ik. Uee«r»c [
l.lahl C«. Is Milt Oat.
A null »a- bnxiKhl jre.l« rdajr bf Ckarle* i
lli>l>ktn« afalti.l the Kealtle Kierlrir I jsht I
. CiHnpanj' |nr an Ilijuaction !«' realrain tbe j
etimpany from Injorin* the I.Mililin* tt mt
<U|>tea to abate Ihe nulaaurr rauaeil bjr ,
the manner In whteb Ibe bualneta t» miw i
ruu. tu raarel Ihe leaae and for MUO dain i
a#e» alreadj done Ui Ibe balldlaf The '
in.>H..n f»r toe liijnmlliin will be maiie at '
i Muni.lii t.xtav before Chief Ju«ke June.
Captain Ili>t>kln. thai ihe reaann f.>r
uklui .och action is that Iba Kleetrt.-
light Company. In«ead of |»nll(»* It*
heavy Iron wheela on frame wort, a» It
ahould bat e bm-n done, ba» fa»ten*«l them
to tbe kd»t» ninnlnii aer<»» Iheeeillait. and
the treat welcht ha» a (eii-lenry to pull
downward and wilb Ibe nxtalant jerkin*
of the tiell* ou the wbeeta la k»oaenin* lb«-
framework uf Ihe bttilditw The .
wbo live ui«ta!r* in the buiblin* aajr thai
at lime, it shaft*** *> thai the dtahe. danee
aronmt on the table.
»>iTirtr Br i Ll>.
Hal lafartaaalflr fat »ll«a*lf am
lltkrr P..pl«' Uad.
Ijhi week aime men c\v»meneed tbe
inmntrurUon of a wooden butlJlu* »n Ihe
properly of Ihe ColaabU and r*«"tiVmnd
Railroad Company la North Seattle Tbry
were nolifK-d no! to proceed wilb Ibe btllld
inc hot paid no alteutionit- tb« mMfb a_
tn.ii t'n >atur>lai )(r thm MDlcr. and
half a ifcitcn r*ilr««d «-n»lilo>ee. want ta
Ihe acenc of and after cat .in*
Mm propriidiM' "<t ibe raaf. pnjonalcd Pi
tear the ahantj di.wn, and d"M tha material
..ff lhe«r.«ad v> . .*iier bad they Sefl
than Ihe own.r fallward n«vtb«r what
material wa» Wit a»d pro.-eed«Nt to erect a
thantrialcMn i4mt. in-a-H.st rtny-t
t ltUru.
aam.yed ow thi. matter, and h»f*vhet
the .tree! "»"««»'• *T|
in rvmovlua she abawly from tbf atreel a«
the as nl» of Ihe l company wwe
la «ctoin« H off t"« • '"**•
THK ri*-T T*U> rt.e •>->' rnptlar Irani
f.>r stxdKKWlall City lefl realise ve.tcrdai
at 9■»a- m Alawt pawaten avail
,-l Ihonwhn of the booor of r|dln«_on
the "Ural n-eular " Tbe
rout." I> very pMtßßMyta., AWw *
itiwa «tat»*»n. the road rwi.» aUmg the sftotea
M laii- I'Klo" * aahtnttoa to
<1«.I Jwaetion M.wtnt Kalater aboye forth
ab..n .of l*ke Wash lotto* trn«ta<at
live 'ntsetion the 'rain waa dl'tdfd. OIW
t»;l for t.tlmau. aad I've .dh<* for
!,h rht» fart »f't" fv* 4 J
i-mde raaitlM. h«n« *
lane Kwee of no li are fiapluw"! .
Z£ r and the defcet aUI auwi he ivmedied
l„»a« <»a » ..V t i>.» .awwl to
)« >r<H> Irtithteaed three women and a
Utile «M -n Ma.lt—. 'u"'" -
SSSS wra-w IS
r.t 81
evtey cd.rt f captare
Ihe asaa ...
;*e~.\U wi*W Jcr*-ja. pWrd baek
lug out tale Cbcatee I teary
I.real wwwci («*, art*•&**
Ttvm aae to tie toklaa. y.nerrmaa *
He arc einata* owl«« "nrtaln -fa
I WmDOF $2900.
' •»» ftajal ta -i 'IT T1 >n
Tarkar PM wy —CM bat Hla
-rrt»a«>" hat Cbarka.
city b> pmty fat! of gnabim asd
"•«• «A» aa aim.
M er*nio«, -*mi I andentud t'oer» h, a
«*rwd «f aery week twMhkx atea frost
Montana tee. I able n M J they are
dßtef <ptKc well. '
A» iMr t«lw a UK. ariMU'wil fummg
man. datk reaaplexSiHiad. a»ootb Sar*d.
w-trtai a grey «rit. a Mark
•ak hat awl a wtlj dUato*! wis.
tob» »b* Po*r
o®e« and iaoolivj Ut the ettT edkor The
atraager bad a «»atVw*n!y Nwfac, aad
and »~>km d- re '»r«r,«d t&at
h *i. U ! r f r T*" r4 '» htxary. He waa
•awW aad polite. a:td there waa a f-»ok
SSi *
»**« P f*H WBSW
A <«mr
"Ihaaaa Ml of pctauual eigedtatt In
ntarte «*sd he. "aad I tea (J, a»t Chat It
neaeft m* bag that K aaay prevent
«ee«»e whole w* aUa to «a«fia<rba
if? *T" what I hara gas*
*T.raai u Harry »later*. I
Bee la <ra Tortt rtty My Mhcr dted a
!fw yaaraajKK aiet left ate rerj wealthy
Bafce* ny fath**'. death 1 made di uipa
to Xwroar. aad atne* hiadrslb ibare aaaie
[hree trip, art a* tb* oreae. making mr
beart'tßarter* la Parla A few week* ago.
"hen I returned to lira Yark. I deelded w>
«art Alaaka. and Kaned weal I arrlred
la Seattle a week ag->. oohf to Sod tbat the
Aaron bad aaiied. I had letters tofapfata
Carrol', aad of mora* wasted to go north
oaMaateaawr I apeat a few dare looking
about tb* dry and Making abort trips
a boar the twiwl I waa a total lHaagii i
her*, and began t* feel satta loaaaueae.
<m .Saturday wbil* aitttag la the tasting
hotel hare a Sneloakiag. weß-dmaed
yoaag lell-rw appnaehed ay and patting
oat h". Land, aatd -Why. Wfbtera, yoaarr
tbe Urat New Vorker I have ia*t en rb* ruaaM
lam awfully glad lo see you Uoo't jroa
remember me* J. O. Jarkaor. la nay uaflte.
ben the bora rail ate Major Ja* kaoa.' I
roafeaaed that I
"» *<rr titrnt ir»»u hi v.
Bat be waa an aiaeb like a Sew Yorker
tbat I waa delighted to meet bfm. and be
•idea he knew aw, aui 1 araa Voire f bad
aeea him hefor*.. After ae bad rhatted a
lew mlautea, be augacMed tbat wa have a
entail bottle of I ronaetitrd
readily aad I then opened a bottle, aad be
fore we bad drank the contents, another
rather nlre kmklng young fellow stepped
in, and waa tntrodttred t.. Mr aa tjeneral
Clark. 1 asked him to Join as, bat he de
< lined, aaylntr be bad war la with hi*
friend Mr. Kamoad lor a aaUle. and that
w* Should all Join him I 'nought I had
atraek a )olly < rowd of f~ilows aad would
SO orrastu* TO FTIL LOMgLT
Again daring my stay In Seattle tteneral
Clark la a aou of one of onr wealthlrat
linker*, said Major Jarkaon io me. ou the
aMe. and I am 1-e-ated in Seattle, where I
raate to bay and sell real estate for aiy
father 1 got rather tast bwk East, anil
the old man thought be would atrmightrn
me oat by sending me to the territory. I
bad a little moaey oa BIT arrival, aad by a
lew larky deals I made qattr a stake.
Thl« pleaard the old man ao mueb that he
aatboriaed roe draw on htm for money to
•peeulate on, and ! think I'll route out
witb enough |o go home on la aboot two
years. If 1 can arrange my business I
shall go Bortb on the Aaeoa with you. W*
will have a Jolly ttaae
I wa* (iLAii t • sag.
We had eight or 10 bottlea of wine and a
swell dinner. Finally Sir Kamond one of
the party, sngjfested a little game «»f draw.
I am very fond of card*, and especially
noker, bat I never play in a gambling
hou*e nor with any one but gentlemen if x
know It. and I told my companion* «a
They all declared that they never played
in any thing but a geutlcmanly gathe and
only played for amusement *Come up to
my room,' aaid Major Clark. 'I have one of
the beat room* iu the hotel and we can
ftgve a sittln* there undisturbed ' We had
another bottle of wine aud went up Hairs.
OM of the party borrowed two or three
decks of cards at the bar before we started
The game was to t>e $1 ante aud no
limit «f wanted to make it 12 ante, but
some one objected. I was a winner from
the start, and we kept
KAiaivo THE A arc
Till we got it up to fIM f had won S3OO.
aud thought to my«e!f that my
trip to Ala*ka would not coat me
much. We sent down stairs for
more wine, and th.- same progressed.
Finally I got a queen-full tie fore the draw,
and as stakea were rwnnina high. 1 bet
fftOOouAem Kvery hodv oiayed out but
Major Jaekaon, who, to my surpriae. raised
me ST6O. 1 *aw his raise, and shoved in
all I had before me except slt> in silver.
ka< h or rs had vr KtJOO.
The greater portion of Jackson's being
represented by a eheck on one ot tiw ?teat
tie banks Mt wag**r was all tn.currency
and gold Whet* we showed down, he had
an aee fnll and I had a uueen full 1 had
loat 12900 on the hand. besMe* the
g:«0 which "! hM won. Tha* was the
largest hming I had ever made on one
hand, but it did not worry me any. 1
a*ked them to excuse me for a few min
utes uutll
t COttD Bft s«c»*a Mt>ag Mojrsv,
And went down staffs where I had I'JOOO
in the *afe I rot that and on my return
up stai«. I realised for tbe ftr*t time that
my newly made acquaintances were
coyratwx *aa iiwtiap or oejctlrsk.h
They had stolen the aixteen dollars 1 had
left on the table aud disappeared and I
haw never got sight of one «(them since."
"Did you report the matter to the police '*
**! So» mini you, I am net squealing: nor
do i want my money ha«-k. hot 1 Coo alder
myself pretty *mart I haVe traveled a
rreat deal and seen much of the world, and
If then* are men here sharp enough to take
me In, they are sharp enough to take In
young men who ar»* u«* so able to stand
their work They are smart and yet they
art* f»*>i* They cottld have beat me out of
Ju*t as wHI a« had they re
mainrd »nd kept The gentlemanly mask on
a lltUe l<M»ger. but a« aoott as I left to act
more money, they
rr.taxn i gun *c*r«*"THi> thbw
And fled like cowards. It is humMiatine
for wu- !•< make this but if It
shonM be tha mean* of protecting some
young man from being taken in aud
feeeeetl by thr*e »harper*. I «hall gladly
anffer the humiliation whieh it me.
I fthail irmaiu in battle until the Anrou
sail* f<>r the uorth. and if in the mean
time I should run aertiasaone of those
sharks who tank me in, I will put the
officers onto him, aod hare him driven
from the towu I would make no eflVwt to
get nyltjiio bark, but I would like b> see
th*- thnv of them went np for stealing the
sixteen dollars whieh 1 left in front of my
chair when I went down stairs for more
money " s.
A DUtnaral from Mr. l-ardwei Kal
ian r.ae.rala| Krporti rrlaled
****** fKtarrtx. Jaly M.
To THI KlUToa Voor puWl.hnl ac
count of Ihe death of Mr Wri*ht say*,
"Mr K«lW* will probably laant ou a
thorough evaiaioalion by Ihe roconer. a.
he cannot afford to real ander tbe impiica
lion that Mr Wri«bt .death w.. caoaed by
a mi.take made In hi. drt« Wore " Ja«l
wv Hail Mr Kelt.** or eilbcr of hi. em
ployea erer tiven or »id Mr »n*ht aay
morphine or medleine of any de»'ripti«»o
and that mi-1i«-tne wa. the canai- of hi.
death and Mr Kel».« wantod t»i clrwr hi.
aktrt. be would inai« on an eiamlnati.m
In the coroner I»n tbe contrary. Mr
Writ hi ha« nevi-r nurehaaed or heea «tren
h, cither Mr Kell.art or any of hi. em
pliive. miirphine or medi-me of a»v dea
erlplioti He ha.l uot !>e«n inalde K.ll-** «
•tote for a week prior to hi. death.
On snnday, one week be#t«re his «!e*th
ta right * ame into the store ami behind
the prescriptive counter, where Mr shaw
sra* e*»mp»»umliO« p«wcrfi»tH»n*. and
a*ked for wssr «alni?se «"d to!d Mr >*>hav
he wanld help himself Mr fthnw handed
him a»owner can «\f qnir tne and wentt *>«
ats.H.: hi- work Mt W nght then
f.»r a box. and M - t,»ld hit« in what
drawer he wool I *«d them The morphine
is in a piiam case and wa# no* ope red by
anv at that tiww, n*>r txmld a mrs
take happen bv a novice. m*rh bus tu Mr
W tight, who wana drwggWt The qwintne
u in a nnind quart tin ca« aad ftf twe
ph'ne ui a sejmrate p>iaon ease and tn a
»Otail *!a»* bottk, a rft* one W**ek elai-sed
tri m !■)!« .lair to lh- -ia) death it
r»'r*.ainlv rv.. u '■ • a .trrlc# of ta.afftnatj*m
to nwarn l»<» a>orr ia anv manner wllh
hi. dratb * htir rrsretun* the unlortwi
at. .ilaatton and Ibe ntr»a«wm of Mr
*r«hl » death, t ranmw **,tbai I m_fe
than aay idher l it «>• t »b.>n>dbe tnteiwte»t
to aa examination br'oce
«i»aoa«s fcai-t a*.
FivnuiorXi »*in«T—ThehiTieralol
tbe law Albert «t«MM plaee
afternoon from «> C -h.wry A tV» nwder
takliwrvHrta. Mr Writbt was a member
,-i V John* lodte 1.1 A M awd w*«
t-wrricd b» that order. Rev Job a T lmaa*ir
(aatarMl tne »rv leea. Tbe dewaw.'d wa.
, arialet of ibe A. 1.1 afcd hi.
cotrdrrawiU order
Tbi- lie- 1.0 W.JW i;-a: *- *rwbi «
4raih aa. the fe.aU o# a nil.saic rather
tr.au jnieattoa.
«» name la Joe Mtft-tta have »»eB :a
aeatl'eet**; vwan. tawisb'. I waa P*yi»f
"bank tn < '.a» ii;. Wk «i
Waabtttflofl »tT**t. The dewier .t ie aay
at.wev -one doHar I
>ic* oiß-T. and .dTwed to »akr
complaint a<ama« ibe bow Tbe "peer
I haven., psweeto <b> aajtbis*
aad walkcl away
seaisle. J»i} h.
CliMns «T fa hicmi Cnnm.
"***s> •**'"*nrx wtrii Iter JE {
Kewwocthy frc tw IfatJcMak
Ifanrtt In as psatrfe: Uaß
• »ia» »»wirtelin .mad •-" "n -IT 1'
AtaMnoiwtrf rnetatklitami.
*w*d W *» Kcvwwhy aad tn* ban
fare a anr c-nsrso is hi* e*a aaaa with
Tfae ptaioti.T tka- afirrward Ca3w vM
t%c itkmt Hi the fan ta
«»»Itmx aad twwived thmrfnee
W»ia ""ash M-i all «l Mas* SI. Bwfe'a I
aeroad addJfc™ t»a» t'sßfa m<ia(ialHl
tfca <yufc ud tai t!w tf; Se of Oka JS» t*
•mrß In kt« ova name. wssh the tanvUoa
"» defm»4i=« ike fi*n:rs9. that the eats I* -
a»d«*fc#r aawrts 4 tfar Bna were l**itt
t*a*ei* dtspoaad ot k* the pteSsflff aad
*3£r* ** *• Mo that
a*»r«* rr, otiio anrniK
•X the aflhln at (far |«KHnktf and fa- i
taant»M]r(fa plaintiff hi* ttaeofthe
'ash and to Osaka war to him hS» interest
In the lot*
n iimunt a*. Bar.
f4pca*we fanhre aQejsr* tkat last Maniay i
I*7 represented to hfta that if fee wuatd i
e*ae«rt« a wait claim dead to its* fcftik be
ffaj wn(4 pttrrhase «te™ Irvm t olHc
and aonid make sack • sr'tlrmeai with i
the latter a* wtmJd mHe the plaiattff m i
ahta proper *hare of the proceed* si tka ]
. tkat •>« mch mmrwatlax hr dear- !
e**4 V> Day a nan tfala ted to fi>e tota. j i
#toe* nature*;. however. tka piainr!ff i
*-etaa to have txfednml
* cmUfii 11
Far to tka enaaplaiaf he *mtea Oat aa '
«lca'< name was taeattoaed la tke '
tkat be cifaed *sd that h« received 1
tierntKideraifctoi: thai i*ay did aot art la I
C<**l tattk, hat colluded aad ronmrfred J
with <ortts to enahlc the latter tcufl tke ,
tke Ha free of tke v-iainti*"* rlala. 1
wait TM( nuitm nm
«Hane a»k» tkat the quit-claim dead he
•et astde that tke 'o-partnechip tir dla ,
wdeed; tkat tke tot* be aotd and tke pro- ,
ceed* aad VWM «aah bt- rlaaned a> aawla.
and that ke he pah! hack hl» ttJB and ooe ,
half of tke habutee of tke iron
*wa Braaa Itaada riajrlac A«ataa»
■ark Other.
Maaie. they my. ha:h rharm* to anothr
ike aaragt- breant. If there ia any tralb in !
lhe adace tke aavacta in tbia Tirtoitf j
•kooid be prcwrf a*alo«t Irritatioa for a i
W>a«, lat>K period Two Inll Oedsad bram 1
baada rtein* wltk ea. h other played lant 1
evetria* la Occidental M}aare till ther bal '
aa maujf of the lorn people around ikcm
on atdearalk*. door a!epa. lu window*, na
top of Tallinn. W**i>n« and other eol<na of I
>anta«e aa rxmbt »«t within «llht or aotind
of the "maair " The; arte rfral outSta J
from the two local variety fhow* Each
aaati-d to knock the other out of tane, and i
the way they pounded drams, claaed rym
h»laand Jaannl wlud wa» nroply *taa-
Uiuit. They piayed difTcn-tit tane« of
coorae. and it la aeedleaa t» vay the effect
wa» nprxarvHuly Indlcrsax. • rc»retHl»
and Marattoa, andante* and furtfaalmos. <
•harps. r«t» and all the feat of tke nn <
traata were vitorowiy and oimaltaaeoaaly 1
erea. producing a medley that wonld '
i*e made a tribe "f t'viitra! African* 1
green with envy. A Quudrv-1 or ao of <
Mark Iwaiu'a "niod-dobber* on the «
planoa" wcmldu't have been deuce high in I
rompariaon. t
one of the band* waa ri*jred oal in a
rorceoaa ararlet livrry. the other wa* In I
"mufti. ' Kach had it* liannera bora aloft *
by their paid tatter de mallotu who *rtn- I
ned with dvli«bt at the fua. Xot ao with <
the musician*. They pounded their draioa. «
Mew their bono, and clashed their rra- 1
bats till tke prespiratioii n>lled down toelr «
face* aad tkeir cheek* were ready to bant I
Tker alone did not. after the first ten 1 1
Bute*, rufoy it a bit. for the day was hot, 1
ia. hot for Seattle. Whenever either '
side *howed simn of fatisrae or flajorlua the '
partisan* of that aqaa<i would shout and
< heer them, and tkeu with tedoulded seal i
they would again "let tbenuarlvea out."' ,
Finally, wheu the plaxa bad become black t
with people and tralllc wa* all hat soapeud- r
ed. the majesty of the law In the person |
of Chief Murphy and three of four oScem, i
bade the wind-Janunen to move on. One ! <
of Ihf squads made a bee line for beer and f
the other* rarrhed off triumphantly in the f
oppovue direction. Each crowd claimed <
the victory It was a novelty, ceaulnly, I
and judging 'rota the guffaw* of the
crowd, was hi:«lv enioved bv the latter
K. Thowpsoi) ( harcrd With aw At*
tempt to Murder.
Edward Thompson. charged with stab
bing John Bergard »t Vashon island,
wavted examination hi Justice Jones' eourt
yrsterday and was committed to jail in de
fault of f 1/40 hail to await the action of the
grand inrr Bergard appeared in <>onrt
aud is rapldlv recovering from hi* wounds,
as he is a *trong healthy fellow. He say*
he engaged Thompson to take him home
on the afternoon of the Fonrth. Arriving
at VwhoD inland, some dispute arose about
the compensation. Hergani stepped »>ut of
the huat and fttarted toward shore. leaving
a bundle containing a new suit of clothe#
in the hat. He looked back and Thorno
son was bending to the oars, evidently
intending to set away and take the clothe#
with him. Bergant ran out and grabbed
the boat. Thompson reached iu his pocket
and. with a vile epithet, struck th« pursuer.
Psergard grabbed his assailant and pulled
him out of the boat aud held hJm under
water until he was nearly senseless. He
then walked to the shore, where several
persons had collected- Th<**e ou the shore
noticed that his shirt was saturated with
blood, and that was the first knowledge he
had that he had been stabbed lu\» slt*a
txm showed that Tnompion had gashed
him in several place* and bad bmkeri the
heavy Mad*- of a large woodsman's knife
in one terrible thrust wtuffi he struck Her
card s collar tone
Deeds KeeoMed at the Awdltwr'a
IHBee Yesterday.
The week <»|*ned rather quietly in real
estate eirelca Only seventeen deeds were
filed tor record, aagrentinic |l«l?U..'A. an
average of WN1?1 each." Following f# the
A B. LJewellyu to Puncan Graham, lot
22. block 19. Madison street addition. 1100
Franklin W Jones to Ixmis K M«dine,
lot at. block JPi. Gilman's addition, rtn*t
v luioo.
Benjamin Kosenatein to Henry W Aucns
tine, undivide-d *• of lot I. "ummpn ilie,
la*tgh 8. J Hunt to A. B. Mewart. krt I,
block <7. plat as laid out by IV T Dcnuy,
guardian of the estate of J. 11. Sagie. in
sane. |K»
F. 11 Whltworth to A B Stewart, lots 1,
%X, < 4, 7, S, 10. 11 and 12. Woek t7, plat
as laid off by l>. T. I>enny. guanlian of the
estate of J H. Xagle. an insane person.
Neil Mclennan to J. V. Wallace, lots 2. 3,
1 '• and «». block I*. Northern siMHtlun.pOM,
Nell Mclarnnan to W. A. Mahoney, lot 1,
block I*, \«»rthern addition. )2MJI
l>. T t.» Klisabeth V Jackvm. lot
ft, block 17. v. T l»enn**a Park addition,
IVntecost Sjthom to R. M. McKntiTe. SE
l 4 of SW *4 and the SW Uof the SE '« of
Sec «.Tl» »!f . It $ E.. #3300'
Krauklin M J ( *oes to James Evans, lot 17.
bhick C. Oilman's addition, first sab-divia
ion, 1000
Franklin %l Jones to John Eh>hsoa v lot
l*s bhwk 22. Giiman » addition. f.s»
J. f». Fr**sl to Anuie G. Smart, lot* 3. 4. S.
a and 7. block 4. Crows addition ffcx)
Puget ?*onnd Assembly to
«> ?» Jones. E S. II <». Kollcn
beck and J W lnd-rs.»?s, all of block 14.
rhaufa>V|ua beach, sli»i
F. W Mills to Fnrth. kw 4. K «. 7. S
snd •, block is. Burke's second addition,
Harry White to Kirk land and Im
wrovemeatrocapaay aasienment i*f tK*od
fn»m X P Andrews f*»r land not deacrtbed,
I* Kaufman to the Seatlh- Ijiud run
pauy. I. of lr»«s 1 and 7. block 4, Kanf
man s n U«**.
REAL EsftfrßoitMlNii.
|.«»4e 4ellksg iw %'artow.s
Lake W ast»iagt< n at
The real estate market coot.nor# active,
ax?d town lota are s* ilisut with Lightw ng
raptdtty The b«s.H». If %o«h It can b
tefmesl. has turned to tne sham of Laks
W * ngt#u and real estate in this loral
lit is iu tvady demand
rtw bwiid.og of the Ja la»u Street Cahhl
has to a tnsft. gfXten« aceclerated
thts aonyrat. f«i It shourd rw.'t be f**r
that thiayasttM of the city Is ad
mlrabiT situated h-r aud homes
aod fa the natural ncd«f oi things, must
•t*Liner or later br tire choice of am a*n;
peetty sabwrW
t'swn of property, too. in this tormiity,
are wide awake to The necessity
mc their poaawwtkwMk and as a r*.«slf . tin
sh«'ees «d latke Wash<»urUu;. eifCOslb
arioitd the terminws ef the cabfc* n*4, ar*
N>s>uti&g thick'y irttlel
i ksrksU fer and rwt
B KMhipr. who are tSw pnaMMMom c!
the Irbrated Jacks.ux a2s«! Baiii.-er strevl«
mMKhm, and aii**- to the imuMjeaey oi
tJam feour. have thawwa this
trad ou the market f»w the bewefit <rf p«e
• has* ?v Thev ha«c coatracted to
na»> a:»rt?u» mai Wines up*w>
lb* ImA si] of wkk-h Witt be gtrea as»a?
with the and The price of the ktf* hai
k«w& places! at tJM earh, thoa piarini
Vr m withtu t{H- Orach of ail.
We are c l oatwg «wt o«ar laces aad em
broidery * heater Char?
CkiMna ctj !w Pitrttr s CtaeU.
n». l. •ittu.w rant. aoaU'
nkanw irfoinsßnt
tOmte. rttnk and H<(hn, sSm
memfcen at Ot «M M. adattkt
adhwtrf Cowry Ttaannt t\»«iat yeatwr
day a&arauoa, j*riarfj*u : , f.„ a* parpen
of aefertia* <rmr&*~t for the rear ■
U Iw MM SySe wan ehcarn
teadettt af arltoaki arithaet
TV!. aetkc *iU AsoStk™ esau crnnM«*■
Me amrio*.. at e* mm aouidi- of the
wMtnitf Mirw* ti h>n>t9»caa( kit
iwaty. and he lim iwin tni la
*ear<Je. KovOTtt. todgias tram Prof
grte'» rredrßttafe. WwffipSw* a hi*hir
o.«m|*hr«U crißciaL an&-a*km ferSg
porittaa ««*mui>psMW avatrrno*
cv-uutsr unm> or ur>aiii»iii H
Wattana lirm'oxm, IX. 6, )mfaaer of
pnStirai and •urtaJ selenee at Y»V Cot!r*e.
Meaka !a the hhrts»t Vrtfc. »f rn.f .xvir
™ W liHam pnatdeat mi the i u
vmto af JVntrTiirania. «aj< Ural Pnjt
:•} Ir IM the jn oI lamnrti* iEoc
Bah at that la>tUttUoß iur two <ran a»J
jawed Wanwil a highly rfertm't Vcariwr
thm the rla 11 and*? h<m aak cmJhM
fmrturn a ltd (ha: h* aniataiaed dunafr
If fo<*J V «. Curtis, Jf. A., m-
Mrinfewkatof aheula af Winona. MJn*., {
tartttaa to the arhotarir aStaismr *t« ai>.|
bich awral rSararter of Ptwt Syle and that
meat* from the t'alTamlj of haMiha
ate and that ha had f»Oy aawtainW hla
Tpartal'.ia The latter of the 800.
35* - Ktrthrefi. IL ft-. pnaMest
•nth* Falinrit; af JUaneauta. naWna
the loJS»arl»f awili; "it p m n mttefc •
N"»«r» to teetlfr to thr ttMarl; attain
«mK af ha>. L »-Bjle. Br cradaated a* '
Vale ta ID! when 1 na • praSmor tbm 1
Ha nuMnaM axhuiar and ;
noaUcßt aaa writer. 1 hare bam driiebt
f* »? 1 ». **» yatwaa tiarr rradaail*. ■
I rordtaUy rriawrt him aa a laMar a
<oaa of tha haat of ehamrter an J a wj
pi i aaart Mattlaaeaa."
Varer Mt»or, rhatnaan <rf thr board, taic
trapWfW. Sjte tbr fad of hla aalaetiaai!
bM fimlui and he will doabUeaa arrtvr i
hy»« arau tlae Mw» the Maaamam
A the Ml torn.
"Tit** l HSTsrcrofc* aurttt.
' Khar trarbprn aran aelrrted aa tnlloara
t'entra) achoei: Mtx-lsal. E. a lagra
bam; trie* |<rtnriyai, R. o. Hollrnbark: aa
rf*ta«t principal. K- A. ghuaarar: gram ;
n« drMttaaeat. 1. C. Lota hard. T.J. Km. !
UUiaa BnrnMtch*. Ida St Waaaun; priat
try departmrat, l.ula M. Root, EOea G.
[trVor. C fhrtatty. H. U reams *. 1.
•MitJ, L J. Chiahata, C. H. Mtamarar:
mbatlttrtr tearher. Nellie Harrrj .♦
Dana; whaul: PYiartpal. O. P. Mme*;
rirr prtadnal. F K. Nlcket»: grammar de
partment. JL K Cottdoa, E. E. A<-krrmaa,
nettle t_ tirwae. Unit Want. V. A. Par- !
X. L. AbUr ft Joorr. M. t.
Laoaa. IJHie P. White • M K.telle Harnea.*
ilntith irtool- Mlnta Potter. Viola Haw
kina. SUSMKm,' Ida K. Hughe..*
Jarluoa •trrv-t arhaol: Martina Johnaut*
tad Koae E. DorrtL*
teWTMiL tnntcrmu
II Win be well bom the abort list that
on* ntni trnrhrr hn Imi appointed. mud
(-onwMtneaUr oo« extra craw «UM»M
In the l>eu», sehool. too in tlx Central
x btx.i, and three In the Sooth school. The
Weller street rhspel ka> been engaged for
one of the extra depart menu i>T the South
■vhool, an# two .ither departments will
hare to be provided for fa that part of
Room wtll also hare to be provided tor
the two extra grade* in the Central srhooL
: OBljr tierea of Ike twelre mm in the
! benny school tmiMius hare ever been oc
('Dpied. ao that the extra department cre
ated there will be DO inconvenience. The
members of the board believe it will also
soon be nwsary to establish a school In
th« TieinlQr of the Pontius iMttlow.
j There an already quite a number of fami
lies there whose ehlMren are praetirailj
deprived of; •ehool privileges Mouueaf
the distance.
TBI MUtllli
Of the instructor. will remain practically
a* before. A few of the older and m«at
draerrim; teachers will. lecelvr alisrbt
raiaea. The superintendent's salary is
UNO. The principal of the high x bool
will receive »1B |«r month, the vice prin
cipal and the assistant »RS. The teach
ers hi the primary department reeHre
from to (M, and in the grammar de
partment front |7O to |tt.
The following is the financial statement
slnee November last, according to the re
port of Sir*. 51. A. Haarthorae, the clerk of
the U«rd r
Amount received.. *23.3»«
■ Amount paid oat 24X1 1*
It will ba seeu that the district la 112*0 71
iin debt. There will be nothing coming In
but delinquent taxes until the next levy ia
doe. November 1. After f>at, however, the
district will be out of debt and a ill keep
so. If the valuation this year amounts to
110.000.000, about what is expected, the levy
of A mills will bring in |.*).oooagainst about
f-C.OUO for last year.
•New and additional leat hers.
We are dosing out our jerseys. Cleary
We are closing out our parasols. Cleary.
{'lcnrlnc Mis of lasratf roo>1s: lnwnsic.
Toklns, f llirrrnisn it Co.
We are closing ont oar summer dress
goods. Chester Cteary.
rlesrinit sale of strait hats Toklas, Slnic
rrnu A Co.
We are cltjsing out oar white goods.
Cheater Cleary.
A quarter of a million dollar clearing
sale. Tnklas. SlngMnaQ A Co.
Ck>*ii»g out sale. Odd lots of ladies hose
half price. Chester Cleary.
Save your money by attending our great
clearing sale. Tokla*. siuserman A Co.
Bargains iu millinery at our summer
clearing sale. Toklas* singerman Jk Co.
7 1 jc—Half wool mohair dress goods. To
cb*a 7** c ynrd. Chester Cleary. jyl©
Huttous cheap, very cheap, at our great
clearing sale. Toklas. bingerman A Co.
We are cloaiug out all oursummct goods.
Chester ricaar.
Wc are closing ont our table linens,
c heater Claary.
We are closing out a krt of an4enr«r.
» !.»«ter Cleary.
V. We are (losing out a tot of ladles'
: solid colored hw. c hotter Cleary
Cloning out sale of summer goods. Chea
ter Clear?.
se. Closing out sale, a lot of crinkled
seersuckers. Chester Cleary. jyS
And still they go. Those delicious hams
ai PVaseh's.
The habies cry for them. Tfce ladies sigh
for them Those luscious hams at Frasrh
the grocer's.
Bargains in white foods Monday worn*
in*, reduced from Ite to 4c. Toklas. Singer
man it Co.
2>, Rirh embroidered *heer lawn hand*
kerchiefs sold at SO and The. now £* Che*
A delightful substitute for nauseous pills
and crude mineral water* Is TiiUJU d
Table linens and domeattes reduced to
hall price, yard wide bleached cotton «* a e.
t lysine out sale Misses hosiery, si.ld all
the season st X*. a pair, now 3 pairs for
ssc. 1 hester < leary.
• rents scarf* at less than wholesale prices.
Be«t scsrf in America for Toklas.
Singemuin A Ca
pair for ft We aw closing out a tot of
ISsU- thread mi*ae* hoae. lies! «iaallty HM
all the sea**:»a at Sttr and >1 a pair. Cleary.
What a terrible run Frasrh the grocer
ha* on those hwwitu hsms injjr a few
left. IJet one before they are all gone. jyMti
Krasch the grocer always makes It a point
to keep fine, sweet, fuiej haras and tancy
breakfast bacon. Every pte« of meat
XC. We are rbasing «ot a big line of
baTv<ls>»«4f sheer lawn hand
k» nb;«-fs. aH the seas*>u at «0 and Tie.
now Se Chester Cleary.
laiiks Hair «IT«iM Parlor, oimer Main
tsd siipcutid strretsL >ha«.ipm4ug and hair
w»»rk of drseriptiea on t«»1 and
ns4c tu order. a^£kow
will offer grea* drires m raaipr
got»J» of every desenptioo for the next two
month*, titvat clearing sale of gen is' un
derwear Tok»as- !*ft:affrrmae ACo
S )air> for Ste. A line oi Sfiowi full Sn
mbi all the sta*r»n at XT«c. a pair, now S
pnrrs for jar. i'karter Cleary.
of rasseager rate# o% steam
tfcip PreuLkrr The fare «s stramvbip
I»re«ser lw«*nfter will he cents betw**«
?«eanle and Ta<-oma. >cr3Ml
!toiith hare >wsf rrceifad
se*eiai cart*>adsof pHaeteawk srag
ot>a r. ' a-t.v etc. , a-'wt <**rdiaUy fnrln>
i tIK p«b£ic u» call at wardMUises a»»1
f t&speet their su*k Aaybady dusartiig u*
! ps*rec.«ae- a fin* buggy or j4srtf»s will tad
« Ut their int ***** lo gt«a them a rail I
CliMra crj f«r Pittlw' CuWrtt
w;!i t« «..«£,! a! Ma nna X«.
t, VnkrUcj tMUt Sa; aa4
aiCht TtiffMat So, 1 Jjl» la
I *eißgr~-
R» aaprikj« roriln pacnalnmilttewa
">»at mirnaniaa aXlhnwn. (4m
•nd Meat Dr pStTrnm
Batin*Km* ! rdeeane««*t2BAmmo2r
Llaaa or A lam Md oaly fa rana.
wur* eakhoq rbvpn ro
lw tomu ontwa at. mm
Thirty tkMnairftkefla
est kriek erer auafartarH
« P«*rt Se»4. lirhiH
■aie, with saoeth fief*,
slurp tdsmart well binH.
lack •! Clactric Ligkt BaiMiift.
Q.T. r«n Proprietor and Manager
FrMij ut Satufej ligkts. Jilj 10, It.
Sstia— Satarday at 8 s'clock
The great Hcalej Regatta S-ene The
j old church on the Thames. On
Covering MO ruble iret of the stage,
j Weighing 7» tons and containing
A aaawiaa rui uracx:
Real Pleasure Boats, Raring Shells. Water
POwls, etc
The original California Theatre Company
from San Francisco, beaded by
Lewte Morrison.
Reserved seats. 11. gallery, .'dr. seats am i
sale Tuesday, July St. at the Seattle Phar
macy . )yia
j Iwlth, Wsshiaytan TgrriLsry
Classical, Scientitc, Normal and
BMSHWSS Courses and Art
Department of Music
Has been organised under direc
tion of
Pupil* to Voir** Culture. Pino aud
Harmony will hf received.
Helen to Mr. Lyman Whaler, instructor
iu voir*-, and Mr. Otto Bendix, teacher of
piano, both of New England router*ator*
of Music, Boston. Maw.
The next terra of the Cnivetnity will be-1
Kin August 20. itfW. For new j
showing prosperous school. low rates of !
tuition, and giving full information, ad i
dress juKCw T. M. GATCH. President
Timba, W. T.
A Boarding and Day School for
The best tustmctiou in English. French,
' German, drawiug and painting, instru
mental and vocal music, including the
piano, violin and guitar.
The next session opens ou Thursday,
September 13, IW.
For admission or catalogue addrt-as
i hltekwllt W T.
Whitman College,
Walk Walla. W. T.
13CLL oouyeoi COCtSE. AUX> aci-
V entific and titerary fottnen Academic ,
department wrpirw for any college. for i
teaching or Wsiacss. Superior eowserra
tory of music. Instructions in art, elocu ;
tion and modem language* Eleven
fessors and teachers and 190 students. U
dies' hoarding hall. Young men's ball
being built. term open* >iiwtuasht» X
l!». Write for catalogue to A. J. ANl>fcfe
90S, A. M.. Ph. !».. lYwddent.
' Make Floor
Hirer. containing ab.nl ISO arm. »
Kntla baps; good mtilrow. traut boat,
S kiln*, warehoaar, harm. rtr.. in 8m or
der. Thla <* arte of the bent (a rvnt tn the ,
Territory: M 0 mm* of timber iasd a<lJoJn'
In* alto lor ale. For partimlar. apjlf to
White Eirer Pmtofleo,
Clisf Co, W»h. Ter
O, FRED It SAN I)!*,
a» Cor. mil and Commercial HI Seattle.
w««hin« fmm I.SOtn !«6» P«r fntl par
ttraiar* rail «II -«» S. at D K Bai- :
tfr . fwerall. Seattle ;y!i«t [
Will be eioard for repair* for t&e
next eight or ten dsrt
ir*•» OttAUT « OOmOIAT.'
Bjrrsu. ajtd nxwumoj
s*n Mtuu t*
Photographic Supplies.
Fv«at M.. at tie. W. T.
nET Him a-vd ris wood err a*t
JcasMrf iewtth Dry kind lint a •»*-
cAaitj CMI dw!irer*d to aajr wet at u*
ctt> rirGm p*ret-**4 at »3»'< P«»st .treet.
or at >M\2oa H tii" wharf, too* of srar»a
mhll ta T. A EtTSfiEi.l. Proprietor
TO us kkiexih WHO i»>iuiown>
PrMwc* l*r»oi««io» Ki Hiswr.
Altos Lor**, fe? KimsieT. Csseisoc's
me»t»SiTs *««. or eOier miii
treati. e*Vm wnmtW tM mm* y Sr.
<5, A. «nax tfVti
I --a
Monday Morningf
0 -
100 pieces White Pique at 4c; reduced from 10c.
825 pieces Lawns at sc; reduced from 10c.
100 pieces French Cambric, 30 inches wide, worth 40c, for 12Jc.
25 pieces Frtnch Etamine, in two and three colors, reduced from 90s i
to 40c and 50c.
5 pieces White Bnnting, suitable for outdoor wear, at 25c * rodnoefl
from 75c. '
10 pieces Figured Linen Lawn, sold at 25c, reduced to 12} c.
100 Unmade Embroidered Dress Robes, reduced from $6.50 and $7.50
to $4.50.
500 pieces Staple Check Gingham at se; reduced from 10c.
250 pieces Fancy Dress Plaid Gingham, season's price 124 c, reduced *
to 7Jc.
150 pieces Fancy Dress Ginghams, sold all noawon at 15c, reduced
to 10c.
?5°± ,ens J H!,ck Towals ' 66c - 90 dozen Glass Towels, 75c.
10,000 yards yard wide Bleached Muslin, 6}c.
7,000 yards Fancy Dress Goods, in plain and stripes, worth 40c. wfli
be sold at 16Jc.
4,000 yards 24-inch goods at 2Jc.
10 pieces colored Brocaded Velveteens at 40c; reduced from 75c.
20 pieces 45-inch All Wool Dress Goods, worth 90c, for 35c.
• 17 pieces Striped Camels' Hair Dress Goods at 50c, worth $1.25.
50 desen Ladies' Berlin Gloves, all colors, at 10c.
We have the best 4-buttoned Kid Glore iu the United Btates for sl.4s.
Embroider.es at less than first cost to close.
Our Clearance Sale of Odd Suits is a decided succesa The
following prices will be an example: 1
Grey Mixed All Wool Harris Cassimere $9.
All Wool Plaid Harris Cassimere, $8.50.
All Wool Plaid Silk Mixed Worsted, sl9.
All Wool Norfolk Jacket Buit, sll.
Pepper and Salt Cassimere Suit, $8.60.
Oregon City Mills Cassimere Suit, sl2.
All Wool Fine Silk Mixed Suit, $17.60. *' |
All Wool Bine Mixed Beaver $|
Grey Plaid Bcotch Tweed Suit, $7.
Bine Plaid Cassimere Snit, $6.60.
Imported Silk Mixed Worsted, $lB.
Norfolk Jacket All Wool Snit, sll.
Silk Mixed Plaid Worsted Snit, $16.60.
Oregon City Mills Cassimere Suit* sll.
Imported Fancy Plaid Worsted, s2s,
Imported Tweed Batin-lined Bnit, sl4.
Piitsburg All Wool Worsted Suit, $17.60.
All Wool Steel Grey Worsted Snit, sl3.
Silk Mixed Cassimere Suit, $8.60.
Silk Mixed Plaid Worsted Snit, SISJS»
« •
Imported Worsted Silk Mixed Bnit, $20.50.
Imported Striped Tweed Suit, $9.60.
Black Corkscrew Worsted Buit, $9.
Wide Wale Worsted Diagonal Suit, $lB,
Gall and Examine Before You Buy Elsewhere.
Front atrLd Ooliamtoia. streeta.'jH

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