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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, July 31, 1888, Image 3

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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£Xi S£*'» t«PS- h
„ a gfr.v ß, " H L
S2IT rh <i •;••?--■*». - -!>«»,
|B%i4>t.'. M•! »»'. ». 6
w T Htr&eti. A r«at*r. ti
— »-• "» " J «*•«* W*U, 4M
«•■ •*■
PP V. f> •■! K««T H *>•»« * f
MS: LJ W.fr. J 'J»r, J- M l*BU»a.'
#•£,£- * J * : :*r. H I Arttextjr-c
.aZaaMwl ««*». I~ 8 W!n«s»r, t. far
iritoi-r !-«'• • * : - 1 * -"•■'•A''"*-*'* * »
■ yJy **»«*. *«. k. *«■««, K
ian i WMSt A H W-*r» : J. F
St, »- «' "•-*>; '• *
SSr »-•*
ZZ « H <?»*•• : *« •«» ■■ -•»
s£t . J l«>w- aad! wife. J. R !)«»»(
2i «tfc * Is I>ta««e4 aod wifa. ><■»
S!S»T>-i'«a raJrraarf offirUo few fortUwf
IZimma*. V ' *»* tfx-Snt
?. f«r Ta. MM F W <Jnr«a
£Ta" Mr> <> KUX-r. Mm» Ada Mit*-».
rJLun mi i* . raraiirr.cr f" * b». L v .•-
IJL.*.' (Sncii" - .• •-»• i fwt»wn
X- *»4rew», Mia» Kjr«u, H.
ftt.w7 Btj't-. r. aad art law!
f 4. r*j ' - •>!» - f"a*« i M' !fi M
JJT* 1 H • >***. 9, R-ill, H 11
R-. a»*i »(«. . * * ««4, Ur r. a
■=■• -- i. i, f lv A. r>»* «wiwHa,
f rr'ri<i«" M.««rl* Mr« A
- >•- » < (•»!*.««. » M Ham and
»SRi 4 M PMIllJ" and «ite E J
I p Kldr>d«P> M IS TrafUla and
- *ni4M. AwfkKM Mawart.
rT~" irrx l J 1 stmuti miui tiK Km
CS«f J'i~-pb • Mr» A Rucaai,
„ l M'• t L TlWtr. H'lOrr:
*r- * k>a«>i>. K t'aaarn.
TO !»-«,,,:, -r jnti! A HiiklM. Mr I
•item Mr* K ' *' *rltrr. Mt.l J
«Vri >»i Wit. j J f r
MIOMMi. «u>3 II «rrotntctau«
AMMtwl' < f ?'«*•<*!
J.«. II t' ;«•!!. I <i H<**n II r
ki> i It t M*on, J A Han
ggfe i *!**<" f ' fclali-tp. * Ki^b-anlaoß.
4. L B»b- iff, * M A. C. fan),
asrife >• I' *k< ««#, A Fran*~l*
C A At>» ' I- «ra«B»o, #. J
nvN '• * W»«wl aiwt wile.
Htaa (.;• w.-rl- M «■ M Intjrrr, r A. i «:
VK-. A. f Kmb, Hr-rmti. * . A
•ms, Mi** Ourti, i. » tlanm. Mr* f A
'—i— )i AnUioii- wl<« ao*i < btk! a
taHt.l I' llat'riiit, J I: Cabail. »
SH-- asd wilt A I. Mtrtaoit. < II
(jratn. A <» C. and arlfc. J fVot-rt
vlteiad fftiKl. » ' I'atlwo, Mtt K N
Con* *" '. H ' J lUtf.ti an.l wtte,
i.fcWtffl' wl »!*, t> <' »ii.f
■lbs. Si»> f T Km. h A llatkawar an<!
»a«, IIT f. r lll*** ti la»*
AaHMt' aaaortaiiuu f*n*uf*ioi» i«nr l»
A. ( Harvty fi * fa!«l>-;,
«fa». l.iwlaW". Hani*. < W Pair
besav Mr- Vtatr*. 'I W Mitle. and
MliW), Ml»la*(7, Mr* P>r
Mr. M*ml. f i'ainr k. Mi»* t M l
Ur* K ' B*ri« r. Mi« Barber, Met » I!
>l'• i( v » M.«> I: A
i>arUn«":i. Mi» ' K llajnvr. Mr Urease,
■r tar«.-aa.i mail'i. J. * L*V«!«
Coo* 3 *'«> htre work f.»r luo
mmi rtcv wlttftbemtni
TV '\i.- •*
4a> iriif) • toil lUt of
Tfr 1 MlMNwrr L* J f>rry Is vi» th«* heiwh
II We»i b»vlA][ h« r bottom re
A f««il uftftfte* on fhcr VUUnett# i* *fti*l to
b«t> l!"»JMf b*lr to ft Jftr*- 1 fortune in
R A Thofiw'jkf WM $.•
by imifr for turn* *bti*tY*
The M*»»s«*r WtUSe. of Oiyropi*. I* h«r*
Attn? a|», f*r> fjftrfttory to oudewoinff her
ftftßua; IwjiWuW)
A Bk»rrift«** H ftii y«U?r lfty
hj Auditor *»*wl to R '• ftlftek an«l Mi««
!l*rv I \»i«, of K«>ek
H*ut;r *»orth of ebirltetii wen*
ffulU l ftptftHl Jo« ilnMm'ft fD«Jp OH
Wi! itmt rftrly yevtcrUfty morning
*». I. tftmw,« »ttr*jrßt*»ftt «'f»|tio<w*r. dlml
M Uir yt*trrt»)r. lie *•« t*krn
nifk July <ib lf«» kftvrpf h wif« and family
U» <>fe*utt
ttklef of folh I *Murphy took off hift I
ft»4r*t. - : -t. r U' if. •
tOttwiMor. Mr Mitchell, '>* t" ,J 8«* lh otfWt*
to hftvi* mft|>|>t<«l out v. Uft« of policy.
Thr unit of Clwiei Hopkins afraiu»! the
jfoottk* Kktldr Light Coin ft* uy *»*« t*ou
VMtinUv until Atuu«t 17. on h<-
roout or the of CMtf J untie*
John lUyttldDil, Sftl»tmn, Asdltw
< #»;*.'•). A 11 Jnh t«ou an»l ♦ o-onf K» n
yr«t»r«l»v t«et«u fttllt fttfftil»«rt John r, Pbln
ne? for » a,. * «l-. t'*r working in th-- Ur
ter * biggin,* cMtup The rialtn« ft^gngft!*-
Tht> «tfft»r»*hl|t which h»»
tec*rh*r*. rod of t> •• rftrtfi** * »**' -■■ a>u
•h ! j' Ompftny for *rwrnl >«**r», Uto be
on the route between Sft«» rtMCiico
«ixt the Houtul Oft >iu ot>|«»*{tlou boat l»y her
owner. Frank Be rr»*ni
The iii«t»n»tU><» *n«t ordination of Rev
Elliott Drown will take Tn—dfty
vtvtsiiu at * «»'• ,! 'k th»* PI rat f*nx*l?\
ItriftH ' httrvb The ftlix'ftkfr« *r« K>••»■• A
J IlMwn of |'«»r*.l*u*l. Nov. IV»tta,l<l lt«»*« nf
hmlU. au.i K"» <"*«> K Wliifworth
uf thi* rity \ r intift! iuvitfttion rxten«led
I'fcltHONAl .
Mr < Ctoarr left for Mo fmudm
>r«lay. oil a MuuiMai trip.
K x ».«»*eroor W*Ut»U ' rs |tttrr and aon
ah I r ley niU arilte h«me from lb* Ka«t
this rvi'tliufr
Mr*. « V M<*larn*jhan. wifcuf flu* well
know ti r«»nt a«-for died «! her home tit
tbt*city «•*•«»• rdajr. of typhoid fcm.
Rev H I ft* tea nut! i' It Rag ley and
family were among the «• veartiowlsts re
tsmlag from Chautauqua y«-«t»?rdav.
Itr fhoma.* R*f 4 »WnU manager of
ih«- lUluoi* Siti tttabUahed in
t*v. at *prtaffleld, luinois, w In tl»e city
Mr A <\ Hnrdifk, who wii injured in a
raflruad accident on the Nrttftefii I'actttc
la*t week, na« *bJ* to be out oo the street
Don t'urlKt!. formerly wnnwii^
Vlth lb* prwif of thi* v Sty, but uW re
iMing a*. V;l< n*trttrff, is spending a f«?w
&»«« tn HeSttle
Mr. R V Ankvuy of In* Holum. low*,
|ffi\f<i |a tlie city a <>* rday< and a«sttmed
Ihf portion of »>
Smut. I National flank
Prof Ifambaeb of gaoiogy, ami
t»t chemUtry at the
it hut* I'rlU'frtfy spent yesterday in
Acattle »* g-- *t« : f Mr Sfeinman, and e*
twe *s! them* *os a* driifbtea. They
hot'* promtsc4 to return
A (4tt\ 'vi *l*ti()JE of A W Eitftf autl
•iff 1 M Rfpd astd wife, Fred K B*ntlw
•n»i wife, t Uti" city, Uvairnant John 1.
Ha d< n of oivmp h M *» forl>e* of Ta
emaa *nd M- « *rk »«# W*ll* W*H*, will
C»nat. they expect fx - * »p*«« a week
hs&ting *n4 flabing
ft(*Tt* Nkki>*P thing
tba' •• Deeded said Prosecuting \tu»rney
Cohier«f Tsooma. while in Seattle >r*ter
4av, "t» a tctri! rial board of
Tbe pre*»'iu law r*-quirvs that alt property
•*»*?! be a**i+*»d at it* full talue. an»l 2
<all*t on the dollar of the a«eetfw4l valuation
shs!i U* t a(«l inti) tb« ronnty treasury
of Uie rountten. to inii4 MfN
4®r *rt*f* riu<u it»t«>»he territormllFWtf«fy»
P<»'« the vaina'.iott low antt then wake the
fet* h**h etioafh !.» g!*e the count* all the
fftvewo* Nrarlv ail the mate* ami
been ohU*v«t to erratr
ko«r*l- ikf er|ualtnation, and ft is high time
w* IM •«> Mr « oi«i«r t'vi a 4nveover
tbe eity. a»ii »«• »urnr;ani at the n>an>
of prv%rr»* \ iatbto
fiyi Mr John T lU«t lb«n>,
of V**bon li?an4, n«nt tome jeafbrt to
tfci* rtty >eat« rday and they were VttpVffef
ia eaUvr » and < 4 nal in fta* or t»» any
tfts frjttM -i from i 'allfomla Mr
iaektmrn «a. Ac ofteo hear It waid
tkat r. f I* nai*d la W a»hlt»t
tHwrniw* I a few irae* a* an
•*j« "*went \u i l*H, and I«t««t
•a* tree* «<o **U* r Thi* »• the third year
tbet kare Vitnf. The tr»e* are the
tv » Crawt \amt>. tui4lkf fruit, a*
yon can»ee. t» very fine."
t'k*vtit«io fwtaiitttt
Lyon fives a«n:ee hereafter, the de
W*en window v !se oft ned ooly frvna *
% *». to 11» ?n The wiU jwrovt a
f*a' taeoavrr to sab»»rtii«
until t t iori and haveheenln
tk» ot t .• m the eo
W«t v»m«' * y "*imaster ly<Ki ha*
w"tw <TW|>ei|<d to dl«ehaffe three elark*
«f in- t»ey *-= oay th«-»o and yet
»tirAls}N « t aiior.al iivwar* rwii
Ah nrcvix, 4 - < i*n>r!!uj> jwih4ie
<Ao» ; it was;»« a |w'!sttf-a! ll«- will fcaee
?, 9-- • ,. f4 ;ix» pupfj* nn«Sor
Wia M K u i» -'1 - iiKmrt.
wtt" % n v. ; -«':* at twr>s-a
MW|a*r :b. •. ',h. w • > a *- oct« f a mi#. 1
with the sro«th \>i \» a V*.v* aiittty*
»(r -w-nj 1 »-.#x * eh«*dret*
**** tiv«- a.;-" id x and ' n se? iWifttJNHl*
mra-' a«v
A # i h*k« » MeArtbwr
Clr st -- were arreted
yer-mta* Uyf netHrig Ue-ttor to India®**
ftwtPk-f wa» h I fo? the Of*! pHMi
Wby Tfti? -,? i -on o«» K'wn.
jf*vr« \lar»iiaj a
**eiy et,a*%' x. r v anriSni.
-* >KT A •; - ff. JoOv* ar
a wv®4;> <->*4 \j., j- i«n st tk?
fcltt.' ,*• .. " Nt M *
«jf *• - >;. j. h fr- *r» the
of 2 •-i » *,.. % . w . ; jfe>r Mr»
a.'l—. d ,-• It r ntouev and
**• tiaaed is to
hamt v' si. 4*umo( a«t»io
'»* i wef* >j Jn lb,- e«?ate of Itinus
jwn j. ;o u t ,a«d| ve»?^nta*.
*ae . aoiouuTS t- | eaah ami an »«
JJST* l" v {2SS llertvea of dt»
5> «*«** »na<V ia Usa i-»taie of lid
i 4JTao i liaattah ft. Tottie
®B*fo trj Jsr Pacim' Cinoni.
A \ alnable and Int*r
pxtinar M«wage.
Home of the Canar* of S*»at-
«U<* '"»t> '< Fiuneiai
< "nditlois
A C'MMf rr Imml m of
•mlH*'# Pn(f>M tut ilk* |rai
l*»»t .4 Oortmni ttrr| —i
,l "»w K»"»<l I •r«rf«»ljr and D>|r>!
All of t*Hr IIImI Uicir • m >•*'
revert* wltti the «ty ele»k mtrntej
The* »»'!. . ; nf. irc«?»..s
».*><• fvid*ac« n) th* *<>t:4'rfc;
adTSftri-mrni (Imm tfc.
p«»t year
Mm?wr minor* nrprrr
«w»Wv 4g-- -umctt?. asm! I? it w *«t> l-riow its
Th+ M< <.. c A
• -«■ t
■ -
Mm k .«!'.'-A>.» .au»r«
tb»! h«Tr ii» for pa*! T#-*f
4ID of * 8M!
* ! - **£*'*» *#. and ;n tbi*
JMrfearfe *f that duty I he? U> prwnt
beer win ra» tiintti! m mayor. re
tHr condition and tffaJr. of th*
city that bu hot».»r~j u« wHb * fctefe *d
aiiftWniU*. (|«|.
He fort- ur-'« * di«ru*»io« of tl»r
matter iiu biiwl. jIJow t**. gtenilrmeti. to
return ta> hrmn felt th»s.k# «»r the court
e*y and »* u»> ji' .-r, which
ha%« •»-<•<•rd*xi Kf
•» 7«« l»r#»idi»« o«rvT The deliberation*
©f your body hm*+wrr t*«en by a
•flllt®! fi.aHl Md WtMal food vil!, tn4
it may w* 4 . tic to aii o« a. * tatwt
WlWctlf»n lUtt IK» tMCfBh hirt«fin|» have
Jarred our p*?*»t>a: or durturbed
the eVtfft of our of!H< >*i way. ]
ftr.-ft. 5 ; **?er k- »l*>w Jo bear wMucim ftwjrr*
o*tr, bi tt»* Maury *nd MtUty of your
cn*ira*or» in th» btihllr hehaif Inv***l«d
with wi)Dki|>fiii honor* at * time •< you
were, when Nmtnxft »d
for mwli at your band* I beheTc that tb»-
prcacnt condition of the ci?y in all matter*
wi*Mn tins ncope - t j ->ar powvir*. for
you lb* marital tftcomiu* ©f hsvisf bet a
I rue to your responsible trust.
ottffEaaf. asvisw.
Tbf Administration now surrendering
th<- rc.m of office «*-«utn«d « «)<WroI a; ft
moat critical |* r1o«l In thr history of th»-
rst) Th« ronrtaacy of the prapir <»f
if*ratti»* ha*! b**»n nvrrtly tr*t«d
t?y atabborn ytan of advert
< ommcf in! ronftdenee wan yet t>at mt
tiall* VMlorwt real rotate vaiu*» had
a until mum lrv*;s. the infiui of
ntw nil inulaiinx forcea waa hut juat com
maudiu* aud ail culerprtaca
in the direction of ȟbaLaiiUa! improve
merit wer»- d«rri«l by j«alou« iv*m of the
•JrviKgliuif city a- rminument«of iiwluntrla.'
folly, «r a» pertUmn pitfaiii for tb*? uu
Hut th«- soreet MM of adrertity have
>xreii most happily exeuinMfk-4 in the de
U-rmlftMi #j»irit and welldirveted energy
with which Uip nybfc« work of r*dce minis
the fortunes of the i »ty hm met and
mastered by her iU iupJi aud dtrold p«v
pie The crisis of the (JIM »!.« eleariy •}*
l*»• - t.'J* 1. eud the effort*. put f.»rtji t<»
aetae every opjmrtuitlty at band have
proved grandly eoual to th<* emergency.
The lipae of twelve short month* hiv«
wrought a resolution in the materiel in
tomb of Seattle that will mark the pero*i
s» a epoch in the annals of the
future *reat igatmyoUs
I <-«UO«>t }>Mtuu< to • illgie out the (UStm
intOtiUtiff that have contributed to thin
bhetionetttl devr bmaetnt. I>ut I i*iie\e
it not improper In i- cognise her* as «*hlef
and foremost auuong the agencies
that within the U«t year have given ae
eelerated impulse to th' 1 uitM.tnl march of
the i-it>. that notable pr(*Jt»et »f boiue
geuiiu, enterprise and pertinacity, the
Seattle, lak*. Bbore A Eaftcn railroad
The rich tribute already txeitijr laid at our
(ioorf through the medium of this new
factortn the fortune* of feat tie furnishes
« cratifyiug index of what may be na* n
ably etwvtnl from thedevelopment of the
tutw iu&flt 11M into the prof tortious of a
transcontinental system The unt*irn>d
con fld« nee in the future of our city Hlig
ually au<i reasonably expressed. imparted
a 4imului to the varied local
bttnnm into t -»ts, that should also be
srau fully |xirti« li» The lakr >h«-re
A Rest era read vu the bokt am! aagartons
prccur»«#r of a b-n* Hue of hardy enter
prise* that at or. *• r>a*!*ued to establish a
!tK;lh<4d •« our luidst The unrivaled
resnor<»s of Pocti m hwl have at length
gained a measure of Kvofnittonthroughout
the country. and the tide of immigration
dcteloped by this general enlightenment
ha* v, i :rrv»*tlbly toward* our city tts the
nttitriiruaswttill center of tht« favored
quarter The official census of the rit»,
but )u«t completed. ibOVI thf* present set
t led imputation of <tettlr t»> be aver I9JQ&.
and with the largt* floating element added,
the actual Inhabitant* may fairly be reck
oned ** t.i» ral thousand »u excess of that
tiamber When it i< remembered that a
*ear ago th«* population rlalmiii for Seattle
». ft -i !•;••' i\ U I*l' *«•». '• • *"• V ■'
. < »sty prassuta e reniariaMe
" i ■ ' fy
Farther »-i« for • ou«r f t'ats»n '»i the
character of the at:ract»*d
w ,
ing fr» n* that srmree Th" i im4ihg iu our
mfd«t ft branch hottten by l-adlng
meretal nta of >an o,
Portland and oiher -arge ritlea may b*» cited
a« * peculiarly Mtgnifteant and encoaragfujr
deveK>pm?nt .»f the »a*t year In ftketek
ius the general progrcm of the city, I could
«'«• fairly jauw »ver without mcotj- n th«
improvementa begun and j>ru}e<*Kd in
i»uarten» emlwa«-vd within our
iimif The tnv»-*tment*4 a tjaarterof *
million dollar# tn Wwi battle by outnide
capitalist#, the OfH'raHon* of the lak*>
shon> A Kaetern fc»Nn*a.i lompany at
Mmlth'* t'ove on the north, and the efttab
i?«hiv»rntof nummotii imn aorta at Kirk
land on lake Washington *re all aignif!
cant movement* that eager for tfee city a
»ym met Heal and well rounded develop
taent ■■ 1 emaenitude that ever froat upon
even the a»»ber«»l fauey.
nirul«< fn>m a genera l , survey that nr
] fold« actuation »t>plea*ing in ttie retiv
•pert and m> fruitful <»f bright omett», I b*g
; to invite your atuetica u» a brief remote
of mattera relating to our own official ad
tiTv nwattcea.
rpnn cuter in* «>»ce th«« pr*aent eouneil
hmi the g'**t fortune to find a balatv-e t«»
the cmtH of each **f the general fend*,
wtth but one exception Reviewing tb.
•iatn* of the»e fWKh a* existing on th* Slat
da* of M*v, the . nd of th«- Racal year,
tt»«> official r*e»»rd» lto« it to have been mi
that time a* follows - ...
Net «urp';us to rredit of etty fund |lt».MO 0.
• ! ftre ** 1*
~ «• fa* ** *,O» .10
0 «« •• watrr" l.v*4 19
*• •* •' rem '* -4
j Total Indebtedness of read fund S 4&0 >
Net jiurp'u* rv.-air .;ig June tat..
Net »nrp»ua rvmaiu.ug May -ist.
tnc I ox*
gain for the i scel year liell? »
This record is one which the city
may welt b? txiagratanued, in view, e*
neelalty. of the heavy expeadttures en
tailed i>y a nerttwi of ntiwuated »cti%lty
JWt*«en th«* <S«t dav of May, and th*
; Ist day uf J-m»e warvobt* asainst the
abo>e tamed fnwdf were i«s«e<l to thr
amoont a# I and the warrant
aetnalli paid dunnc tbat period ae«r<«gwse
ll2Bv*W-» «f. Waving . uTstandmt at toe last
named date warrants of the total amm of
I v|jv\ it ma,* be mentiy>ned that of the
amount paid frv?m these, f > ids - j
~ »• on account of warrants out »4a?*d;; ;
.«i «•» s»* f Tfc» *e*m
rwrtpu c( <!>* >'«J tl»* #«*■ J«J*
-i k»K ap tbv.am . r •«
TIM- * *.u.' ot Ihr jvrxtfw-rt) »»f UH 1
«>tv at time o# the )»»*> aieeiHaent tbs*
im" wa* being aa im -saar
<4 sl.ti over the aw*o*«ut * i the
*ble property of the preceding
l«fPK>at vsUue of the yn pertt within the
♦ifrt •übjwt to taxation caoiwt wow oe
Searaed, the taewor ha v ng not yet
pletrtt the r*-il.
The fo?egw4ugttate«WOt of ie«etpta and
exnrnd bas ro
l»» tfce Owet «rrad'" 'WW . ai.t at
til * iu a*k your a*teu?um to the fo-nrta
• ol matters ss that rega?*i
eresrt titfliov t w»>t
-1 . • • • ••• ■< "••■<■*•>■■ ■* * ' •
caoros !»( n.t • ' S-;3*ine*« limits Kmns kv»*
tm»« vment h as been espoe'iaUy
akmg rrwjt and mtevos and as *
e*e*qttrttee the t nkiJrt* ol howea la
more »nbor*-«n has rerewtiy he
,s a vrt> eeiveral waitwy daoad
vublie Ob* io«atfy rctawtMi p*ery
i m*MWirsi f mifrni be irut to this of
iwid*e<e limits. Many el tfce us' ** de»Jc
' *aw «« wii*res *-? >m*ty oMe»
f wete b"*wg nasraiiabie f• r th*J
I.mi in < iiri w * * * wQ
r«* Ifct' 'fa*
, Djutt .a ad«» 4 .*-- paMlv -r»
vMot!l<( ill MCtl tt ••»>«»
ifc» •!» "i tfc» rtit p>ttr.i«.t«l »*
rvrao- u tm' *» !>»» -Ui «r«*
is, * To !t r oi
-IK* !U«t* *«}«o4 ifcv CfcitVr. at
•r»-!p »i«t im-i-i, t>J » *a.l nwcr.**
■ !»« .«>;»,•» rr.pr. Un« «i«rt !»«*<.«♦•'Ol.
i (Hat ilv* «< w
<Hv uit' kit« *<*
me «»i UW ».<*H ****<•>
t. .h. i *.n,l in»« »'»»
IS., a#
•W oardnj Cl>ra U Ml 53w rtmrvrtrr
tt ik-a- f-ab V <.« KM*
of Hawi t*** <a tt«t
femntr V SS# eSjr j,s4 »erk wi*rN*#=»
S«« W« ia ««M* JaaJaw*., «. S* ?■»»■
*a.-;4*«a as»e«
rr»l3»i«f *3"; mi**> at aar)>
*»d ssaraitJwS* TV mCrm4 ft»
«fco»» -fca" 2,«W li»r«r bet «rtt m£*» ft
»» «o|>j>M SM ««w.
a»4 !6« ».i« hwar ««-. ar T 4 ailn at
r.4*wa3l «a* «««*<»<!. ISR »%m: uf
*'«*< sjw r--»
twrlHw Wa -a-Awiwsi a ■&?».
*a-J el «4 v*aa W» I 3*» a miir. Tk# i*>
yorttaftVr M U «|.TstlMu «wq
"•*» few «w «< C (» iinv fc«.
®» «a «« «sr»»-< MM :,«<!*!• Iwrt. a*
I- * Mlifs st awl MS i,;s-«r f«<
*2t=3 twa^l
jh- >«wr. ->* is
&t> * JMBPjiJiy ««k»| = •'-'4 *&vi *?ii2 pr-vf^n-me
if : Onrnmnmm !»» t** c '-wßug «(
ft*? «rtsHT£«tt ft i2h<
«M»HW&* of aU3» fer? or <L»
*-?k v wvrv
wtefeii %*•*« fi«? ai let
N»®»|{ tfet- t-ftri^raf
+an*i*., tjfce •wpnrt
>liiin i-**? r&* w»-
-; -># : --«np
<m tn« ri»s «** «>; «br
if tfef t *„fc dtroiotlte
tmm to s»f i UK IJAT: I?.
* u&*~ ifufciliiKtacM «i :i»«t t«w »«f
JTS fir ««*5, (« «>f
ifcMe Jy»4i ih* >*»* c»saM^
m»4 to« its 4a? of Ja»e. W»«. mm t»
*».TTJ, U, »teirfc Ifef Mfll »awi rtf fl*»m
24 «•** fcftpiiWt to tfa? |m»; »s -sftti o!
S3*S« wr«pr»st* «f*4 issrrr**
ilMt TV- w*rr»as* dcrti^s
tte- w t«f ihe
fti4r Mtffrentr
tewrtac «Armnt» «wt oo Jl»t
4«* «f Miij 2MM, to fot+l r4
$)J*A3b K>. witti r*»h is tlw- rnwyrr trt th«c
«>f Km nuiliac tf4*i »tm4
ff*d« IrtikhMae* »' itm'- tlmr th* *uk iti
iVZ4&fr.mu li t> !m a t tfe«t ?%< ta»
ittd# ttwp ««sa of ffcl.3E3* «MH on »r
"mat of fyflt ft H rel U.te
«»# a*» ♦•* l*ry fc**
mm-U m*k>u? tfcr
oo MM tUy tbr Vim
of il Um* bvtrw
m« on tJjr i*>t dxr of Jtioe.
I inier ?fe« fc«-«d of «rwt Imn; reni< > nt» l
I «Miy «1*» that. •* tftovii by tbr r*
Mtt of (itm't ( iiffltaiaKf,
lb»* U*mi *nm of hu beetj e*
Piadtil b» ih*» rttjr, to »h«- matter of «>|*n
iJur. rvfalnux and jtUuikiUtf aatl
ns*»ii tin? eMMnadhft «»f
i»r ilu-otkui has bwii to ihe n;c&
Bion aa'l vt rhv »r»
»r>ifc». Hot U-M tbau h*;: i>f the
•bovr to<«! *am hiuu; hceo ®p
la tb*t
Kmjh"!liv tbe import**!? of
*trtrrt pavement. I would subiMit ti,.-'
ci'.jr r,«t« t«.»w Ktt«iz»c«( a of growth
t>i«* j »a»i mi the n*r
of m*?r.n*i t,tr that frot* cmftvr
it«f »i*«S fterrtreaU* lfc*u tlx ikin* aov
cmpM*«i Tb«? v*m *»f rrMirfu« tb* ptf
*nt »t«odeu wnemrot* fa a heavy ei-
I" iurtirrttl a! ictrr»a » reaii n*
tb< ocr <>f materiai «.?
p*:\U;y, nea fr%»ia tbe pa»tnt <»? munmn .
wbil« to kerp tbr »amr in tb« Mate re
by lb»* puhtic t.**nU is m labor io
vol v in* con«t«ot are and attention
Fr«>n» «bat invcutiaation I have b*e«» abie
to *ive the matter, t am ktf to beiieve I hat
the mibititut.>on of Ar«~brick for these
wooden make «hift», at lea»t a.onjr the
ni*i«t fre«jaenle«J quarters, would be a pro
gt*MUve and judiefocw movement. The
cA:*t of thi# cia»a of pAo-mcnt b not out vf
pr»|>ortiuxt to vxutiug condition*, and
ntnuerous oUwr cities have adopts th*-
»yatem with very «aUfactor) re*uits.
rial t>KF*aTMcxT.
The r* rotcJs of this department show that
the total lon by tire throughout the eily
during the pa*t year ha* reached the sum
of HSK.7l7.stf, which wa* utf*et br a paid
intarauc* of f34.oiC.Sft. makt&f the net to
tal Ur** Ut the owner* of the destroyed prop
er?. tne snm «»f Athough the
rwtifiairratioim of the year have proved p*
ceptionai!) di>a«tn>us, I do not fee! that the
fire department «an bt- justly bold rtspon
Mble f«»r the lufwawq l"» I'nuMial at
tention has t u paid by the clt> govern
merit during tb»* j>er.»td in qnestiou to the
nautsof thtf department, as exemplified
In the expenditure of s&,&*• on areount of
the fire fund. The department wan never
before «o weil e«uipi»-u. and the meruit of
the active meinbrrship leaves but little l<»
be desired. The heaviest l»uL%t !« of tho
year were mainly referable to the want of
an adequate aster *opply, a* notor!
ously tbe la<-t In the rase of the CVnUai
K-hool fire. The dauger from thii direr
ttun can be against, at least in
»ome degree, by proper supervision of the
water system* by whieh the city is * up
piled. and i would urge tbst sll wafer ct)m
pauie# eoßtrarting with the city b held to
e» constant ami ricJd account It i.« my de
rided conviction that, at best, it U tnisafe
to rely u|H">n the h>drantsystem for the ex
tiuction of fir» * that may occur ia the more
ilevated par!»of fh: city The strongest
pressure aitalnable froai the maiu.« iu
tln sc Quarter* islikrlr b»prove insuHjeieut
f• »r th«- purpose, and. in my JtidKnnut,
m>lhU» but engine nower can develon the
bead of water required in event of such
conttngenclca. Ovrlsg to toe distance and i
the precipitous grades, the down-town en
ptines are practically unavailable for work
on the hili«, and 1 would therefore recom
mend the establishment of an engine house
snd the neeefc«ary c* ncotnltants m'
jH»int on Ninth street for the proiecth-n of
« m unjarect projK-rty.
Sundry «uggestiou§ relafimc to this
branch o# the s*'rvl<*e sr»- tnade by <>srdner
Kelloixc, Ksq . in hU otii* fa' report now on
file, which are worthy of careful consider
at lon The plan of organ ixiug h j«art»a<l>
j»aid department, to exist in conjunction
with the prt wnt volunteer sefvir* , is elab
orately »uhrattted by that officer, among
other n » >mroerdations While event'.iall>
s wholly |»aid fire department mu-t take
the place of the pr* wut provisionals rvie*,
I «!«» not believe that thh fadi< al and costlv
change • hoi; Id hi yet he attempted \ mod
ideation of some »aeh natuo* asthati>r>.
p*»svd by Mr Kellogg would ondoubbdly
add t«t tne efliciency of the service ss now
c«»n»tituted. and 1 would • •■•mrornd the
matter to your serious atknfloa.
H \B»or Rl»H'HnoS«
Amoc{T timely meaMjr** c aried
during thf j.ast year was an ordinance re
daring to a well regulated nyatem the Ittw
peuv'iaiou* before prevailing with ref«rent*e
!o the harbor Interest* «vf the efty A ' ».m
oreh*n»fyt? code of n»J<« and PHgulaUona
M« betpo net itx tba? under
•alnTary rcntratat and «iipervi>j«m the
movements of atl shipping In th<* harbor,
*nd promise»• a n-nro- of revenue lor the
that, wrlth U;t* »r<-m th i>? > >t maritime
•nt» will become a laaferfal f; tor»;f
the mnniefp*! fund? The long ht*igniS
rant ofßce of harbor BMMtrr hah been ele
vated info the dtgruity of a responsible
troaf, sad the department at now organ
ized ia already much more than «rlf-#us
rt stic raRK«.
The eity ;■« to tve e*.r.j(rratulate»i upon tb«
eff >rU recently ma>Je to e*fabll*b attrae
live pablif snmntti. a very important sub
ieet «. af hung suffered abaolnte negb-r * A
board of i»ark commissioner* wa« cheated
•■i a!« e, ami f ••«» the ia'-f .-f
♦,. #*f •» - n*.n f; ne« '.♦••! Imp-c
tt. m in th'.a directum tray be esperted
to folU»w aa occaaion perinita The bean
ttful er«»nn.J* formerly known a« W a*belli
cemetery have N*en, bv action of the coun
rtl. et»n> erted InJo a pnblie park, and
tkmttb the liberality of a geiseroua land
prt«t-rivtor of the Clt*, «o*>rge Klnnear.
r' vj . a valuable and alghtly tract in North
s*a*tle ha* t*een devoted to the *aat«< e<»m
mrn la We pimwff It ah'-nM be the policy
of the r;ty to rurniah the joirk
unstinted fortbs
general improvement and ort amenlarlon
of the elty park* and other public eronnd*
In (ht« connection, I woo Id further nrge
tha* prompt itcpa t* taken in the matter of
planting atiade tre«s a»ong the thor»mgb-
of the efty The tare
man* of our ftreet* in thia rrnpeef i«aeoO
«ta».st repeoarh to the municipal author*
t;e« WhiW laviab Nafare to
Seattle a * tc nmrnrpaaaed tn srenic iffbuls,
tt ia left to the cwltars of oar oeople to *«»n
piemenf eharmt b% all toe cm beUlslh
mrnN that ahooid pr«>perly grace the
protid ** af *«ch regal *wTcnndinr«
I a;j: gratified to note, la this general
ri«n. thai the preliminary »tepa
have brrv, taken to aettf the o|
a grand public avenne a?«tjf the «boe-a of
the twu brautiful lakea that lie at the feet
of our fair Quteit City 1h:« is a
matter in which I have taker; rhe
<Wce«t tntereat. and the advaafc
s.C»» ? ar;-e fr%-:n
the aork at *o palpalde a« ?o make any
affwrnent ':««.•?» th»* su^eet« aiirelv sr.per
er It la my vam« w»«b that «itir
#-:t«'er*v >r* in office mav fwrrv on »h:a pub
-pirtte i cot rpri*it»a MM
v etf«n» with a", convenient diapstcb.
t»* •iWntr casrmtfo*
pus »' - aitb |gc»'r»t» a*tr«t that no rf-t
es*ca of a * im'ew t*-rm bate beeo epi
demic in ccr m;d»t during tbe saat year
4 fr* tawr* of *mal;s- v Hroagbt frrxn eiae
a he?** (Sw4 n*tne alarm at on* time, but
prompt «r-Jv taken so check the
*p-ead of the ma Sad * and St aei» mm»mnsd
w-H, prop«»rtK*o* It ha* made a
duty <«f the aarbor master to yrohiNt t>-
, . a "-'r.tacv » ■"■ •
C««e and I SNPIJd «rg«-
be acometly and rigoroeely r?>
fmnJ The healtn of the nty t* ai*o
•a-gely thr rva»ditt*»a «<
tb< pab?tc aewera The yawst arwerase
«v*tcm »M 4 he g*va»ly e\t*a4e»i. and too
tnaay rrecaatioti* canaot br v« keep
wasac -»d chAer. Tt- hearth o»rer
one of tbe »v#t iwpiasklt and a?
the tam& time ooc of tiw ie«< vw*
ocraiice M«itl«ai atsder tbe city rovera
fne«t I wmH r--<=ywaioeo4 that a salary
be sua b«d tbe «#*» tbat )a*tify
•h." joraiabeat la citing tbe fafl a»d «trWt
*t>> attea ft» i-A datses thai tbelr impoet
mnca ppfßir'f
I have boooe to trasjftiiii berewtth
*be ajKiua"; r>f«>rt* oJ *' k city
rV-rt K. A T'-acr. city ntuiutt AIbWS
. ,a.f%Sr.er. *arvey «*arus<»r Kc»k»g*.
rb-cf of tba «** LawTvooe
» - m , < aid erf L
ot r3*a.eiiy s»«a«»y T%c J'nH r»yv«rt
of !>«-a th Mflheee tu*> M! *«t hwen «wa
pi«c*t Imw at ikos mf nits 1 ba*s a 1
rewd« Mr'fv.l!» lay
a»d it ia jw*dkw* »
«a»w '-Wt I an.
tlfce »t % tad* of wisaff f feav* %eea titer t*
I? wish aaesS e.afeafxw-d 9t£we*- '
«*e • tfcaft I aamsMadt th* ur*-|»jr «£*&£** <4 .
the <vCbec t * a Wow to xjsgmt e.
fhe . e {sin Miii a&kf mj *£a- •
to ?&e t&SavcNt* &i
£ atxV fcartwtfe t» dretlae it* kirh trws
ecvmmtt&si v« aty Syss. ds If wit v4g* ias es
siews'ws 'as re a*r- yd la afff d*atr»or tto> prv> .'
ssoftr tJnr well nt the rilt &ka? ©a*
ste wftk sa €*y<w»4«stt o# :
©m*SAca«*.» 1 sfikall asapSy SMMM k*
ail *ar*rifie«»s I ma? &a* e UMktfi* !a aw mV •
fee la wCans*** **» jwr: t a?« &ie, > ,
r ahaJl feaarWißl m>* %*>,#? vasae a*?~'»e e*«-
**ra ist ail re ;.*£*-» % the of
th»s I )u<<r errfvea j
fs ma&ifea* a» chief aMtftstxahs ?*? th? e.ty.
I * *s e**y is the tifrfae?«sT eii <ss t- a* an
ers «? iiittfmfiftaedl prowyartr* >.a* '*a wae I
apsm am * -* *- •
3* poJKI v>3 c»try Ss> fhf-*
Arrri^oteis*. a«4 I® r»« Mfevfawcv »-?
y«" ?t.- S*.
I !■ *»«• liw h**&nr rvmasa, .
alhfedfSiat pvbiu «rta»t
T *!»<>«. >
♦Jlrjr AttsiroeT Of&aass *ha*
irtsitai »»n- f*"-sdiajf is Us* •-«**• at
ti* odF u **ar a»d ti»at
tK*t feiv? jiiscv W« oe Jalj
- ?= ra»r« pendtitsi in u%«
4s*trr«t c»i«n ia Gm «it? »»
v tosr «js4 *»sw« th*!
slate 39 new *aita ha«e r»-R»«rw!wvd fr-r
tiw ««iS*rJi»a (A «ri»t crwiv
a3«wr*c>' *at». mmhiftf »*«» •?;
hj€ x «f fUv CPIBaMWI b»»* bwfl.
tak«*2 f*W> tW i r»3ft ta the d:»
t.*H <wTt tod 'dlwywed e<T tevonUy to tb#
•sty «>ae <■**« SMT mrtiem were
fr»*a* tfcw ?Sd«tie« as»J to fav<«*
of *b# eit3>: oa* eaw w t«k«Q up <>• t
writ of ft*rpm and tfce oefeadaat
tliiH ftar*e S *?> d **** e*n e*T*U*rmr\ ai»*i
I'tn* writ osh; fe? fr*® daai
a** 4 * *»« acd tike tJemurrer To tl»e
cvmf»fc*>s jt »ad tb<* rms* J» tikelr
t** be mev.lfd for a faad >aa: et«btT ;w»j
a»r uow ia th* iflTnef Will
in > >•!*!»« KUhUH, QiM ♦'ape* towrivStw
feave b»*eii settled *n t
feave m*»i» for the •rttk-nwiw «f mrar
ly aH of t!n- pessdietje SMfta «uita
Thr elet tnJ c*tß' en» aud c«»nne4J»
own wi'J t«e Hwero in at the m«-etiu< of Vfee
iwnndl FrWti eteaiaj
The Cu«Mtj < amoaiulimrM in Heat
tie A I'rojMMilUoß
JltMfi. A F TaUia. of T*e*a»a. T.
Fay. of MJci'.tcxHß. aad J. Kiacaid. of;
?-unii«f, the I'ieree county nomm»AU>ucr». .
amved in .Seattle Sunday evening a* iroe«t»
of Mr Aiexasdrr Alien. eitalrn;aa of tho
Klai eotfltj contmlaiuam t otarai*-
•iooen WUkctaad M» «» rame to she eity
oji the aonia| train and joined the party.
They drove out to the ronaty farm end l
thoroughly int|Mtet*.-d it The visitor*
spoke in ec*aalimentary terms of its m«n- ;
•tfrmtu' bnt Lboujjh' the
:;.sd***iusu tor a couutjr of Mavb
tnrc At preheat the Pierce eonnty j«ior I
ate let out by contra* ; for If- a week and ;
tb<* authorities arx* tuiuki»« of establish |
a poor farm Mr Aik*u adiikcd them thai .
about five m* r**oi uT"od laud with a baild
lug %urtl« ie:»tiy would au»wer the 1
purp"M* fully a* well as or better than 100
sen—of ian«i Tlie visittaf commit«sionertt
: . a*ed »t the arrautfem.'iit a. J
.» • <>t ihf , .art Li''.iv hi.*
tiie county jail terribly cratnp*>d
for tl.tr number of prttoncrs it con
tic ritar* wrwf Bor*DARY
i: r u,|. r:nsl c- uvvr.-atiou was ).a>l rv
<*:lM< tli*- Urju :»ry U?u- lK*t#er!j the
two «• Mr. Alien told the visitors
that l*e ffcll suite *urt* that would be
no o}>i*»4H >n in this «ouutv to granting
Fierce county aaitteieiit land t«> give the •
iatter coottty control of roatmeuremeat
bay. through which the boundary Hue be- i
tweea the two counties now runs. Mr.
Allen *iu«tf*ted tfiat the boundary Hue
be so changed as tt» include all ot the
Pu\aHuj» reservatiou in Pierce county, and j
said he thought the authorities of King
county would willingly recommend such
a measure t*> the next legislatnrv*. This
would give lu '-'ina Coutn>i of her harb*»r.
The Fierce county c <mmis«iouers thought
the proposition was a fairiy good oue from
a busiaesn stsudtH>int, but no
dee<de«l opinkaa in the matter, further \
than an intJmatit'n that Fierce county
a. uld hardly U- «atiafle*l with the amv>nut
proposed to be ceded to that county from
The visitors left for home on the S:SO
boat, and were delighted with their trip
and their treatment here.
Territorial Kuutlay School Coniru
tii*u i lo*iu< NcttHion.
Ibe Iml * i>{ the Chautauqua con
mention was presided over by Kev. T.J
Watson. of ttpokane. Mr. iieoffe W VS ard
ami daughter led the dinging- After prayer,
by Kev Ma«'key, the chalrmau introduced
Hev. Jordan, of McMlnnviUe, Or., who
■poke on "The Mod* I Teacher." Mr, Jor
dan i* a voting man. full of energy and
*eal for the work, and hag the happy
faculty of enlltdng hi* audh-uce iu sym
pathy "w.th himself. While he ill traduced
Vi-ry "littlethat was new, yet what he did
say wa« presented iu sueh a con due man
ner that »t refreshed hl« hearers' memories
wonderfully, and they felt a new impulse
in -abbath school work lie said that the
model teacher, first of all. must study hi«i
!e*»on. not from the leaf, but from the
Ujble, the commentaries, mt>l when pre
pared with the lesaou he should a*k the
quesli »n from the Bible, and every scholar
, have a Bible TtM%*eak*
whilst wasnecetaarjr fora teaeber toknow
his lesson it was jtuttf u< essary for him
to know his scholar*, their needs, their
aims, their trials and surroundings in
Mr Jordan vuof the opinion tb»t the
Svu4i) wdooi should b*.- held la the morn
and uo matter when it »■ hrld. the
tta.herahmld ?i-<? his feet to the work
a..-i s« f there o:i -:r.- He should Vint hi*
«eht>iar* in their homes, and have them
vi*tt him. tha* showing that he ha* their
latere*: a? heart. He must cultivate
p .Utcn. «*. becauw-be U dealing with Ira
ni srtai touts, and erery art ha* it* in
Tbt model teaeliee must bring hi* eye*
info use if ho would be sueceasfur Ih.rre
a-v achelani who bmo watching. and if
their attention is not secured it will make
trouble for the entire cla**. Further, the
true teacher will go out In the highways
a:vl hedge* and bring in tb<* <-<txt~ca*t child
ren of the world, tho*e who think the Stjb
<ia* tehool ha* n«» room for them, thiw
con»iituting him* if a home mi.*aionary.
Karh r?a*» should have a room f-*r itself
where it cannot be by the notae
of the school.
Mr. Jordan illuat rated hi* remarks by
many incidents which awakened many
tin ier emotion*
Mm lUniott then spoke of ber work in
thr Firm Methodist Sunday school In
showing what grva! rare and
patience w*re required in teaching little
Mr. HoigatS gave an account of hi* ini*
*ion work and prored that a determined
purpose aided by the spirit of *i»d eould
irctxaplirii much In frontier work
After ringing. the contention edjv»urncd
MiHT *hf.
etiaumsx T. ni»r*son.
.-afurday morning- The Young People's
&»ctetyof diriaUn Endeavor met it* the
Million at 11 a. ro Her. t headlv took
chars* «>f the meeting, Prof. l»olgonikt
pr«**idsng at the piano.
T e first ipeakef wai Re*. R. B Dilworth.
who ppoke of hi* efbrta in the *ori«ty.
Mr mi worth, in aiming to be original, pre
tented *»wne views that were highly ex
trnvacmt A structure. bwilt ac*M*rding to
Mr l»Uworth t srntimente, might be com
pared t<> the honae bnllt übou the sand*,
unabte to itasd the starmi
Mr DMrt Of the TftMWa Ysa&f Men's
i hfifftian Association. urged that ic these
norietSea everybody akMM have some
thine to do
R*\ Pierce awoke of the *Bcre*o of the
Younc Peoples b*ty of « hristian F.n
Jeator in the First Baptist Chareh of ?*et
!•: 'X Watson, fa reply to Re* DiHrofth's
.'atemcnt thai there shootd be no organ
uatlon said he had found with or
mtitni'.if-fi and tbc without it.
Abont Wty mem bet* of the Young Peo-
Vle's SorieSy of ChrMtan Endeavor of
acoma name over in the naorning and
as i-*i very maieriaiiy in the exerria.-*
-**nfday Kveniaa—A en»ne*Tt um!er Use
direcrfonaf IfiasVani giren by the
ontted *orietlea the foilowro* *w the
VI qrtf **The i»ptrrt y * Cow
Wnslinrn ra Ward, the Mi«^ea
< Mewr*. Hon! a; J iorie*
K ~< booi s."
Mi-* *»baw
11 ■ •*' '>» ii "If 1 were Mamie.
♦ tract* Perry
; G**ru mental s*oie Htwi a*^oder
EacStatioß Tb« Monk's Tiaioa,*
M:*> Mamie LoeeiJ.
vi ■».. Ar.oe."
Callsass, Wart, Uw Mi»<»
I'aiMMiu Hard and Jkmea
«rssnT fltsrtnn.
Snndar nwwats** dawned bright and
Waalifal Kaata #r»i tfce wafer* efciflemoml
jft *he raomtn* »aa, aboee the xmtid thp
•» ■ *ofM* c.a?NilW»..-. »»?-{ tirtber
. ,r. t- -«Aa. il e*»*adw ■* A 1 eat i
tov«r»d the fSaki; M»*«<it Rain.er. )'»««■
twit r *bedtn eieruai whiletwaa itwaaa
dav of rest and panes.
l«„-* of' :••' ■■ : •. . a
wnfc..?t tr. thf f-av '.'»*« aJ IS am. from
pmwTfe* H-H. the *»d,Hmre *a* targe,
arvj idTan iWT good, flaming fw
»*««»t in th# aCirmooa. weeper
and tfee yoaag |K<mki*a *t»rieff of «.
14*n tSndoawvr, na tharfe of Has. Turret
and »yeaJklng wwan I»suige6 in
ike an &o«r, a-eJ the wisai
the h«ma W>nti be With Yon «tU we Me«t
«*t**a* araasawr a&4s dj
*e»«ou and rt-gnaai*a the bawail
Clliirta ctj ler Mcber i Cisiwit.
-*•*** I*4TS on FT««T ftrncwa."—He*
JL Jl Pwayli * rkwwNcr Day* oa Pupst
_ Scaaasd ' caa aow fee ha>4 W. H Twm
' pfcn-y 4 fs., Uasi ciay. w%a JMIT» «rart?d
the vsslzT- tlrl ia w> Vi«»we^
• OvdteM wtJi br and i-R
as rr- i> lre4. TW is He. tibeav.
tsai.t. *6r. >y3fic3a3l
A #ajth fcav* '
«*ver*.: of tsayjerfu wag
«»*. rvaad air., a»l c«ssw£**siT in in*#
the cat! as tfccfcr wareisottsr* aad
tanwct the : - »£ock AsySs«d* 4»-*s«a* t*?
iwrchasr a Sar? t*MOCT « yharinw wffl ead
It u> tJferir taf*"?r-«t v> five t&e-ia a call ja2F?f
* -sT*»«;aH| Parlor, Main
and #T4re*-*s. »aa|«dtt s&d tau?
w*»rt ef on; iiarrffrMia oa hand t»l •
made to «*£e\ aj»Tww
la--p caps sss'l we a?* rkatef -
tjs -: ia oVBT pr **t>* kii the dw#ter *
The lmbi<£* cry lor them. ladies »lgh
Jtv C2W9R. TS*w tascl<Kus st Fmeb |
rtw ;m>w f t
What a terrfhie run the grocer
has can tb»*p {wsclottn ba»v Oaly a few
hfft. Get <*ae lefas tfeer siv aIJ e?®*. iyl-ttf
Frasrh tj?e grocer a!ways makes it a jwrf-ss?
to ke<-p Sae. •wcet. |ul* > hams aiKi fancy .
brew*fast haeva. Every piece of naeal
And rtF.I they p» Those •e!h*ioua hams
at Fraseh s.
We are «Ma| ofet our mvslin underwear
and chrsdreo s dresses < heater t leary
cent te inch dress good* to ckwe.
Chester fleary
K***p coot. We areekwiUK oat our fan*
* fceste? i Urmrj.
.tT, cents to d»M> oat a lot of summer
silks CheMer * lestrr
We are ckwung cot Ul our lawns Price
tbem. ( heater t'leary.
Wt are riosiag o«t oar hosiery Chap
ter < leary
et nts to close • line of all pure wool
Albrstros* eSoth. t hester I'leary.
1-ace curtain nets >%«' eljHitng them
out as low as T cents. < heater t'leaxy.
W> are cloaing out oar parasols, Chester
♦" leary
£ cents to close a tot of tO inch dress
goods Charter Chary.
5 cent white t*leary
10 cent iineu towels. I'hcster v'leary.
"-?UU » £ IGHT^
Its superior excellence proven In millions
of homes for more than a quarter of a cen
tury. It is used by the United States Gov- )
eminent. Kndoraed by the heads of the
Great Universities as the Strongest, Purest
and Most Healthful. Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder docs not contain Ammonia,
Lime or Alum. Hold only iu «ans.t
y«w YORK < Ht« aoo «t u»>ria j
—or [Hi-
This (Toeaday) evening will
jjlvo an
Excursion to Chautauqua,
ftMMIi The L*»at will leave the
west end of Harrington A Smith'* wharf
a' 6 o'clock sharp. Reluming, leave the
cr. 'HU.is at 10 o'clock- Fare for the round
trip, fl
C. P. N. Co. Steamer
Princess Louise
will sail on the lOt-h of August next
Victoria to (»nei n ( harlottf lolaiuU,
Fort Klinptnn Rnd othrr j»«»iiit«
•»f interest »»n tl»** N«»rth
n e*t ( »n«I.
Th- trip v. I l«e made thr • .h the tirand
Scenerv »»f thi*portion of British Colotsbit,
flirt met* The Inner Channels and lnl«-t*tf»
avoid routrh watvr. and will take about
fourteen day *
The number of ftrst•< lass will
be limited to 44 (forty four).
For further jiarticntar.». reservation <»f
S'a'.pr-Hjin,*. eti .. apply to«'auadian Ptdfic
By uffir,-. .Seattle
JSO. HIVING, Manager. Victoria
Julv 22. IHs* jy^t
To accommodate the increasing travel
to that most wonderful country
the recently refitted
It placed upon the roate and vill tail as
follow* From Portland. August 3:
from T aco ma. Seattle. Port iowb
•end and Victoria. Mon
day. August 6
For tickets and information apply to A.
1> Chariton, No. 2 Washington street.
Kirtlaad, W. B ottee O.
I Co.. fieattle. W T Welch, Rithet A Co.,
Victoria. It c. V. Coc»per, oftce S I*
R K Taeoma. W T; H 1. Jr.,
I rt 1 wi.wiv!, w I N rtii -ra Pacific
R K - Paul. M. *
Or f«-r ou!>. « >n*n'.t the
derland," or apply Ui il MfUliia. IH*.
A tent P. C. i*. 8 t'o.. Seattle, IV O.
Bo* 'JO* jr?Ttd
iMVtKsin UF tmm.
Sfatllf. W.ihinftoa Territory
Classical. Scientific. Normal and
Business Courses and Art
m at»tvtitf> a
Department of Music
H*.-* :j oft*s;Bfd u rv*tr *lir<rr
tkw* of
f© Voh* Csltare. Plan** an<J
Harsr iO9T wtli be nnffived.
Mr Lyman WhwW, tmtrmrtor
ia fti<d Mr. (Xto Itmdii. trariif rof
both *>f NVw oo» v n»b^7
• M B- Kt» I
Tiif trrtn c 4 tb* I'tifwity wfU
fin Aasrwt "JSI i*<A. r->r Bf* raralotrM*
thniltf BrfcQOi, Jow of
tnilkix) tixl f'jtißf foil »4
dr*-*« juifct T M «»ATC{I. hmdfttt
I Car? r* > •». 1. I»sr.- ' •** Wkr *nrri« of
Aec-tk-a. fTrry Twwdajr a? 7 «» |*- to. at
Uwir tea*; in Ofef* i§#tt** i^osait
Sn 1 «ktl» mimtii
—f» TlC#—
afite RflKfan Bioefc. 3
Orfwiw ORMMUI in*
; Palatine Hill
1 I
lots 40,50 and §oxllo Feet
SIOO to $l5O
Per Lot. I
The t*rt kv>iri. mwl .lesir«!>)e and j
rhni«si suburban property on the'
market to-.iav It is uitnated within
three and a half mile." of the
Seattle. Like Shore 4 Eastern R.R.
And within ten easy walk ■
t of ROSS STATION on that road.
Four minutes' walk to
One Mile to
This beautiful locality is particularly j
suited for the location of
As it is within ea«y reach of Seattle i
center by rail or carriage
road and with the
Nratws Hamfactories
Already situated there, and the va
rious ones that have secured Nites to :
locate there within the next lew
months, there will l»e
Of machinists, carpenter*, tuasons, and
in fan all kinds of skilled and
unskilled laborers.
*** mWMA •* it 4m
a genrrß*^w«^((Jg3BH
Merchandise Store
Which will add much to the value, and
a great advantage in that
On the ground for the < hiidret
Liberal Tens Offered.
Payments shall be made as follows .
Half down, half the balance in three
month?, and the remainder in si*
months, at fl per cent. These pay
ment* may be made previous to matu
rity if the purchaser dewirea. We also
offer 5 per rent, discount for complete
cash payment.
Builders of Homes.
We offer to all huilileri of horn*, worth
not less than
$250 Each,
Within three months after purchase
their lots at from
$75 to SIOO Each
According to location, flemember
oor !ot«,
40, 50 and 60x110 feet
Are selling at
SIOO to $l5O Per Lot,
Tins miking !hn the cheapest prop
erty on the Market.
GEO. F. FAY, Agent.
Room 13, Butler Building,
I £ Wmi
M9nday Morning
' • >
100 pieces White Pique at 4c; reduced from 10c.
225 pieces Lawns at 5c ; reduced from 10c.
100 pieces French Cambric, 30 inches wide, worth 40c, Br 121 c.
25 pieces French Etamine, in two and three colors, recniced fiom~9oe
to 40c and 50c.
5 pieces White Bunting, suitable for outdoor wear, at 25c • rodncad
from 75c. .•««!, reaucea
10 pieces Figured Linen Lawn, sold at 25c, reduced to 12Jc
100 Unmade Embroidered Dress Robes, reduced from $6 50 and 17 RA
to $4.50.
500 pieces Staple Check Gingham at sc; reduced from 10c.
250 pieces Fancy Dress Plaid Gingham, season's price 12& c, reduce*
to i 3 c.
150 pieces Fancy Dress Ginghams, sold all season at 18c, redan*
W lUC.||
250 dozens Hu c k Towels 65c. 90 doaen Glass Towel., 76«.
10,000 yards yard wide Bleached Muslin, 6Jc.
7,000 yards Fancy Dress Goods, in plain and stripes, worth 400. will
be sold at 16£ c. '
4,0.00 yards 24-inch goods at 2|c.
10 pieces colored Brocaded Velveteens at 40c; reduced from 75c.
20 pieces 45-inch All Wool Dress Goods, worth 90c, for 35c.
17 pieces Striped Camels' Hair Dress Goods at 50c, worth $1.25.
50 dezen Ladies' Berlin Gloves, all colors, at 10c.
We have the best 4-buttoned Kid Glove in the United States for $1.40
Embroideries at less than first cost to close.
Our Clearance Sale of Odd Suite is a decided
following prices will lie an example:
Grey Mixed Al! Ifi&sl iMErii 4fcMIMSPt (fc o^Ej
All Wo:l Plai J Harris - ■--M
All Wool Plaid Silk MixedWorsS^Wk^:!
All Wool Norfolk Jacket Suit, v
Pepper and Salt Cassimere Stfifc, $8.50.
Oregon City Mills Cassimere Suit, sl2.
All Wool Fine Silk Mixed Suit,
All Wool Blue Mixed Beaver
Grey Plaid Scotch Tweed Suit, $7. PWSeE]
Blue Plaid Cassimere Suit, $6.50.
Imported Silk Mixed Worsted, $lB. ÜBS
Norfolk Jacket All Wool Suit, sll.
Silk Mixed Plaid Worsted Suit, $15.50.
Oregon City Mills Cassimere Suit,
Imported Fancy Plaid WorsdßHl
Imported Tweed Satiu-lined Suit, sl4.
Pittsburg All Wool Worsted Suit, $17.50. fl^Hj
All Wool Steel Grey Worsted Suit, sl3, |^HS
Silk Mixed Cassimere Suit, $8.50.
Silk Mixed Plaid Worsted Bumߧ
50 FXJXjXj SACK sxjit&'^S
Imported Worsted Silk Mixed Suit, $20.50. fil
Imported Striped Tweed Suit, $9.50.
Black Corkscrew Worsted Suit, $9. rl
Wide Wale Worsted Diagonal
AND 810 HA KO A INS. KjMfc
Gall and Examine Before You Buy Elsewhere. 40N
TOKLAS, Wffli CH *
Front and Ool*uixxiloia s"tr©€rteL

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