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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 14, 1888, Image 1

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coisolidated II iMi.
One lot on Front street, 60
*l2O feet, right in the
center of business.
One lot on Front street, 30
xl2ofeet; central loca
One lot corner of Commer
cial and Main. This is
one of the best corners
that is offered for sale in
the city at the present
time. It is a fine busi
ness location.
120x120 feet square, cor
ner of Mill and Second.
This is a magnificent
One-half block on Fourth
One lot on Third street;
fine location.
Two valuable farms, well
improved; only six and
eight miles from the city.
TV above !}»' of properties arc ALL firat
la * and will pay auy to exam
2tSl (Vnmmial xLXftillkW. T.
Snowflake Flour I
River, containing ab*ttt 150 VM; 'Jt
terea ::i b«p». *<** l residence, tenant houae, i
I kiln*. warehouse. etc., in fine or
#*r. This la one of ti»<* bent farms in the I
territory. MMm of timber land adjoin ;
fualao for «ak\ For particular* •{'ply to
or «ddreaa GEO. if. VAN DO REN,
Whit*- River Poitoln,
Kin* Co., Wa*h. let
(tar for. VUI «n
Couatv Committee of King rounijr,
fctl<! July IH, I*h>, It «'»» « t« •! 1 hat ft
Ooutitv ( ouvrntlon t* heM at Ibe Conrt
Huum- In ifeatUiM TUMIAY, AUOt f HT2I.
MRK, AT 2 <* itdK'K, IV M , for the puriKjae
ijtytßOßiinaUnjfratiilwtste* forrouuiv otfk-e*
Hi'! i» tart I uff Ueb gate* Ui the 1>». m<* rat»e
Territorial (Jtmrention. AH perwmft nj»-
t>M «i to tit<* Republican orniikiMikui of
tag County who arc witllimr to unite
with n« lit favor of tui hoaaat autl Damon
leal atlmiol*! ration uf fmblte affair* aiv in
Thed to |i)iu in the •okjetiouof tlvlegaica to
•aM Couuly * otiveutirm.
It it recornm«'ti4«-<! that Klec
Hon* !«♦ held at the n#naJpoUiui* *»iac«-* on
O'CUK K, I'. M
The f dloWiuK in the fcpfiortioaaneiit,
ba-f •} upon cuio 'brLpgfatf ft<r« a> ltfiO vote*
(or fraction of 40) r**t a? the ceoen)
t feet lon for
ddiTHte ill ('(m^reiw
Artiiur I. APOM t%u> t. IUV View 1.
Diamond 1 cdar KJv«-r J, l>mai» I. I»u
wa 2, EntnacittA 'i. t'tty I,
FratikUu I, firoea Hirer 1, Hottthtou |.
Ju>t iita 1, Hot sprliift M'»«a*tla 4,
l. Remond 1, iWuUm Hmnrtiai*
I. hamamiah 1. Sn*vjua'mw 1. s«juAk t, rai
Hav fciatythvr 2. >«.&•* k —F»*»*
*o.'., |i BeCOQ<i t,v * i ! Wafdl
Ward * T.lwMvitleje, Toil I, L'uiuu
I, V'aahoti 1. Whit* Uiver i
The vot'-ra in the late prtrtSud of Eagic
Gorgi* will go to KnttinHaw.
*' i» KMKKY, Cfeftlrman.
EIV 1. T KHUV. - '-r. T#- , h !•***»• M
I*. A \TIIO> \' t
'liter KtUh* Jowcf h*«» ?*arj Fran
tSfCi) t or»!vf» ciUtL Kr>e'»
Opera Blot k. room* 1 au>'
ironolofcuv, tntftHuein* »lt
AU-<*t«.ori' - m l «* url' '» K«* t ; k* i't
lh -.;rt»at 'Mati I Wl! X I VI-- *IKU.
|*>ur y ■ s" h i* a»» < J * Kfttl't k 5 i>:« »»
rMsim< !.:. Hi A! h x .#n . - "i?
Ifiia. AU4»:-t tl A
ioKvt uir to v\ery hi '»> |»rviM?iit.
T!«*kc'jv 50 c«ttf»
N (/ncn
fMIRCO I'AKI N? .-'air hkiutofouk
X • i) Jinut <« •'■"'k #"l
Wll i«itt H M« •!.! ■: 1 it* f« ft
WU'r t>r«>V- at u? '• W**bh»tfton Tcr
Iftnry. ttiuW t! . r»r- t n*<»s of t«> k A
H<>«) t* f>»!» =' :*\ .y V»> luutunl
\* '!»': iII M »oTV ?0 '"'. i t tt'l
l»«l. !••• •:* • ' v '•> WMMI *'.►
'.?«■* au<! coot'i; no th«» tit)? »* »*.
< iM»K,
W T A»u*
Tfco tmonni of (Minn that *.Uouj?htV**
■Hv'hrr* sfjvc I'm Jr < j'.sir.'U i» Ibo form of
au<i cor' m « ti«Mt «trv |n*'v
l»h. ftvtlu], cro**» »r tmuhkd m»»i wind?
twihhr; * «t attach ♦II*.
*sj b*» r-.' ■••• . «>ii ■ t»y tt-"'-* t« Ur «
Hmt ■ It « f » o!*ltt:n or
»nrt»hj«<* }•.. *!« «* t» i**fc. S*mM *•«" \ H.
*TKI¥ \KT\ }aM It
V < VI N V
• ■
k«'' nil* of
ttr«*itv r,f - 4 , i * i
Iwt'.'i t,» v <-;.•(* «; unt of filth, »:*,rt or
in t >••- vt«,« the #;»i *>k« <w
•ft the » «. \v ; i u* • n
I'm.- ?>.*?« v . rt » h< rvM u> per
•tt* iffH;, V, - a - o« »'*
f.tlltkvk tin; de
itnttiv - i i fct tfm
»»*;• |> ,-v - \* u (»n V • t? ,
Ih* i sctr4f*x ! , w v • ,•* K»%nr*h *"* »••
y>f« -«jut i i i K»>.»rth *tn.*rt to fixtf
«ntt. . k xt i'.. <- sirr*XU> S ith
SUJ !h t.-i > Mh *»!>"• J !«» Ki»i<
•topft: then uv»tr i K >»4»tr»*sto
k.KtPV ; »« • « -4 *2* re Mllf f" p'«NV
•« *K**in?» . t.. «!• !» ••;: * n J
JJtf«*o aa*;:*•. oa n.vic* v»f *U?)\ uw *»r t»ef«vr*
JiftoAtith of Anj;n*t, ISHS,
U v<\ V tt . s-t a«»% Mi'l rti.-.
Jiw;**.'-' (•«,' {> s ,< c%«t to |«-noui «>wi
>J«»* a J.r; - v
A To •'»,» v% 1 t« •'• nt
Wcttel J 1 UlirsiKtU
iMrf «»f
T I J »MR»,
Cbairwiu f* •»» •»t« *- ■:
D»Wd «t > •tl a«> of Att|VC
* ■ » Hi ■
Art; tr W
»!,■ '«!>»,-, » ~*• , rt r. ' Vr tbc
•"M tl*w „f rt |{ , «*••■
*' I i! ■■ 1. « U
nn.-kr.vv •• I**
- - ' • :.
■Mo Uw tu> •- wm u rtM k\t\,
_.*»«''•• « * - > _
Wells Paget Saund liae.
ll! Si iihlfip Jfiaif
1' HM t\)R SV \T
-4 IK « • • . \U«. .
' >t v »r 'ii.
*o I>. .. - - ..
• ii _v •- . w ■
.1 • V
j Siiiigles -fvak,
HUhMbCi iu S.i T.li be«JI«
W. L. CO.
LD. V. SkeltM. 1.1. lrastrn{.
jail Agents.
Farming Lands.
8o acres marsh land in
Skagit county, n?;ar ML
Vernon. This is A No.
i land. Price, $1350
160 acres of rich bottom
land, y 2 mile west of
Terril lake, in What
com county; alder and
vine maple; land easily
160 acres on Orcas island,
l / t mile from postoffice
and steamboat landing;
60 acres cleared, 40
acres under fence; good
farm house and barn;
stream of water runs
through place; school
house within a mile.
Price, S2O per acre;
SIOOO of this on time,
to suit purchaser.
120 acres on Orcas island.
This land is easily
cleared; no large timber;
good soil; about one
mile from boat landing.
40 acres suburban tract
near Hall Bros, ship
yard on Salmon Hay.
Price, sjoo{>er acre.
138 acres two miles above
Snohomish City, known
as the Low farm. Ev
ery acre of this is rich
bottom land, 50 acres
in meadow, and v. I'll
yield annually 150 tons
of hay, good farm house
and barn, with sheds
and outbuildings; 50 or
60 fruit trees, all largi
and bearing heavily,
consisting of apples,
jx'ars, plums and cher
ries; 20 acres pastur
age. Prict\ $5250, ont:
half cash, balance in 2
years at 10 j« r cent.
1110 Acres White n Satorbai
A* FOLU>Wfc:
iSO w • N ' 't •«»«* - 1 Tr
H. K o»t*»«n*ii»U on'l**t oM«A«
»t»«l otie tuiiw *'f Wf I'tofii
Vtrtk, on whu'b or:*' tloawts mills e»t»
IH- bunt Tb * l»u*i in tktvh-riAivl with
cwiw4t*sf out Ffitv,
|.iu per a rt 1 , half tiu*n. ImlAiKO o-.i
iotii lirot*
320 " 1 '• 11 •
*»U»' of U-«' ?.lj* iu UMCt'-.iSt]
hlfl |SO pcf »«*nr
so *»-■■ •"■ ' '.•«>' . ■• J ;
h.»ikl» . \N ■«--
rum. mud
170 N* rr •*" * ! V
;1 - * d In* taken, 4» ii
sold «ef)*rftt«i?
iO *<* - • A
m .'.•■» f • r • S ' i*'
29 - *'/!> > : Vl.l "... ,-ri. *v '
f » m h {'..<• vm, • ••• » •. •• '
nnM) t*> l.]r&4w Ft-cj fcA pff a?tt'
TimlHT Lands.
ISO * ' ' • "•'"• -"
»<■ ! » t' l
555 * •* » "
»«•. « . iui «• «'
| I<T ».">
160 « '

wti' n»i' lbiw*& .
M -II ttibtarr »itlh-uT I'.iv ■»■•* »*••
t.-.-,. ■ IV I- 41 »«r ».»<« h*
City i'roperty.
Irt K i J V- 1
I.WD"|'. M»wk *£S?
gn>«4; Locuirs aii Wt&u ta«.c* » ncr.
$1 . c«i h.
3 N * ' * • ' pit- '
. »■ ' ' ' ' » "
Htrdml >»r !io.- M.l »»«
-■! wM tis» n«ir»-
• VtLwith & r*x>w haf4
in IV T lvo.>'»l««'k *1 ink.o-iwv
U< k« (n.m »*« Uu< nwu- Pr. v.
2 . : »trd !• ■" I \» ! ,
" AWUffilx <lur m.*. W-«»
I .j ■;. I' —l-n 1
1 l«»t iti Kaufman ttMiltuo-
SfM S*. "»>* .v fRMn
Mble CM I'rift. »■**'•
• n :-w ,
,il w»'l «»H
Urt*. rlrt«v.l. *i«hin
t .*•' r»*itJ»J 2?~
Pri.v :-.wll»u>lU'f" <«■
h ( . . . .. I>>alh ti ra—J '*
iiiund to» in w«»ai*'K
taa i»v int
« Oi:- «• " ' v ' *
* - j " tht-n*
Xi(aliy * , .tu*U'd. Pt* l ' * 13v>0«*«:
O - "* *' ' 4
t -•-
4 . > ■ • - ; •- ' •*
40 Aa * mU ** **""
w kMM>. rtk*. M» F*f mrr *~
■j . « » «- ' k » .•,,, x
b-i :i - ■«; - - *• J 44
A 4s
-? tnul 8
IR(M liilLßl.Uf,
I SttUlf, lerriterj.
Dress Gcxxls, ISTot ions,
Silks, Hosiery,
Vel vets, Corsets,
Shawls, Cloaks,
White Goods,
W. P. BOYD & CO.,
6:21 and 023 Front street,
J P HOTT,Var**r D. Hortfm A ra.Banki-m ! 1 F: srii. Casbfer Fa£;"t Nat'nl Bank
H i, A TZf*T,.-' !i»» »< !.. ?Hr ►4l'o.M'Mk II O—Titt v*.ytruve, Haioca A McSlirken,
M. I> H >u. IW, l'rv»!.kulmill! H»pi»«n ' AH.if.ip;
COMPANY |A. I: -TK . *L:T. Dru2ci«T-
U. H. U*»«. Tnnw. A !*»!• I D* r. T Jtivm. Mayor.
Ex (jo*. E. I f t> ... v. Vii •-Preala«Bf I'ugt t Sjautl Na'Joaal Bauk.
You will always find a complete assort
ment of all the latc3t novelties in fancy dry
Leaders in Lidics' Furnishing Goods.
Complete line of Childrea'3 and Infants'
Prices guaranteed the lowest.
t .
to HtJd'il I M . »*•»»»•<* »»'! Uralfr ia
Ot>lcr» from the KMIUTT I!*J an.l aatlrfartion riaraiit««l.
! a call anil K»>k through our immenaa •took.
Mill •trrrt -*• < ITI ** » T
iirmnais »>i> wati» t*
1 matiMNtMlM »&***■ w«hiTWtiy fc«i»*»«*—«
«.. a!! aU'! t our »*•>• k atpl pfi.v*
111 < rf In I -.'r''* t. 1 1
The Re*i Estate a"* l Brokers of the
Pacific Coast,
I, M. a A* !«tTT »Tfo* *• •> fT0B« f *VtTI L», aa «*H a* ta at rr-K. i t.
• aali a tt' t
svi-rt vv:«;v.; JJ's-ara*:
rsts vf
■ » aa; a ib»
Future Great City of tha Pacific Coast
*• «a <a:. jaa ia
■ TV., la tka aaua at<a a i .J irmti'-*,)
•V— _ U.-.UJ •. 1 • »'!». i..'a a •< «a !■> ttrrr-i
O? «"a ■ > 9n~f a' ■* jj « „ *4a»iz wa %•» *■?.*■»
a .a' a- '» «•• "*• T*" ** L •* • ' .* w .
i* •* * *** ' ff * . tl-at *-». t»l» •
t» • * '•■"JSSLSr. - y •«- 1
»♦» ?# .t %i • t j .. p £„ ) •)> <> a*■'» * * r*aa-»# *•
1 jus» received. Im car loads of MASON FRUII JARS
and one car to id of JELLY GLASSES.
E. xIiOBB <& CO S.
Crowned Conqueror Never
Was Greeted Thos.
Met by Great Thr««p at Ettry Tom
-Klsdltac a Protection Blaxe la
Sew Cap!ami— Hortatory Speeches
is CoMiectkttt-Sereildfd by Bos- *
tea'i C ltirrns WoikUifinet Waved
Welroxne From Factory Wladuat.
NEW Y<*K Auk IS.— HOU. Jamea G.
Blaise and family i-aa-ed a quiet tun-Jay
at Manhattan beach, and at 5o ek*k last
evening the pany returned to New York.
At 11 thia morning Mr. Blaine and family
a?arted oa the homeward trip via the Near
, York. New l!a.«n 4 Harlem railroad. A
I -arte crowd congregated 00 the aide walk
i oppoctte the entrance to the d«~pot. and
a tea Blaine from h:s carnage a
load about went up. A pa-caev was- made
through ike mas> of humanity, and un
covering bin head Blaine «a:ho]H> |«>Kd
into the depot jard. boring the few
rainutea' atay in la* depot a* id an
informal reception, and wa» loudly
cheered a» the train puiled out of the
Borrox, Aug. u.—When the Biaiue train
ran into it wa* greeted with
cbecra from W JJUO j«eopie who were waiting.
Blaine a*id:
*1 thank this lane* assembly quite be
\ the power of »v expre»»ioii htr the
compliment tbey pay me aa I journey
homeward. In the brief motmn* of the
train stopping I tave oaly time to aid to
I my :han&* an adimmittou, and thai ia.
mat if Connecticut i» to ma:ntain ber
•great prosperity, Is to maintain her for
. ward aoriQOQ among the <\>ir.
j taunitua of the failed &alt m. she mu>i be
! up and the mu»t **-e to it ifcat ao
urn thai! come to the republic or her by
ticgic* tvi the Republican citizen. it ia not
improbable i:: \~n political cvu;e*t now
upoD 89 thai ZL* V— s honor aa l re
apooaihiiitjr afcail rest upon CMUtectirnt.
it i* not improbable that the presidential
election C n'eat of I*VNH may be *eltied on
the M*l of your atatc. My request i* that
iaea an I every one of you shaft ranrd the
ia»k of carrying < "Uutcticut for Barrisou
and Murtoti a- imposed upon hi»r-<-I/. He
living you arc to >our dut>. i ahail
proeeed to Maine an>l a«k her llevubiitau*
to >how Connecfimt the path in which ahe
•bould wa k .A; plau?e.j
At Bridgcx»<»rt the aaaCMoiy was larger
and even uuore tbau at Stam
ford. It was marketl by the «aine katurea.
Biaiue ma<Jc a brief fpecch.
HALf or ytf HAVEN AT Tliß PIP**T
Half the population of New Haven
aeemed to have abandoned *ll other busi
nt>» to co ia waitiuK to receive Blaine.
Mayor l»aily he aded tfie delegation of tik*
Republican town committee vbo tame To
receive Blaine. Blaine was escorted to
tbe platform ouUide tbe depot, a here a
lan;*- assemblage cheered w title waiting
for the speech. It's ne said
"since last 1 bad the pleasure of falsing
through your beautiful city 1 have teen
mucb of the countries beyond the *ea. but
iam «arv ! have nownere aov body of
I<-ople associated in any form of gov eru
meut constituting so goodly a model com
monwealth a* tbe state of Connecticut.
Applause ] In the asin§ which hi r peo
ple have cherished. ia the ends which
they have a eompJlsbed, in tbe rreat I
motives which tave inspired them, I mink 1
you stand a" a mode) goverumt-nt. Added
to that, gentlemen, you have for
the ia»t <jt.ar • r of a cer.tury >ti*at pros-1
perity.and you have •atuoalatvU man
i i.nary u<- ■. c u l meai > whi» h .
. .= to h ?:;a:» w» ifsrv and bun; an
prom a>-
" lUe industrial sutvm under which all '
this tutu aceompo*t«ed i* now threat- ,
eued, and the people of Connecticut will 1
be a-feed in tbe pending etection whether
they desire this eo«imouw» a!tb to be
launched oa new exfa-rin ents of fret
trade ferie* ol "K«, bo. 'j or whether tfc«-y
desire r- a there to tfte> o>o map. th» a:
trany isn marks * Hch bsve proved *afe.
Tui» mil be submitted to the people of
Connerth ut, as d an t-«eir response will be
probably determined tbe fate of tne ques
tion. Ido not duUbt. I < anuot doubt, the
verdict that will be given at the hands of
your people It only remains for me ?<» ■
return to >ou my a»n< ere tLauks for what
ever of p* r?.<nal compliment you may give
by tlis* large tuetabii, hut all persuna!
i•»".?• .intent whieb I may »»ot take to my
self, ar«? tnbordli ated in every re>peet to
tbe isTts? end of rallying the people of
t . .. c - -t to the support of Harrison
and Morton [prolonged cheers], who rep
re etit in their pwlit cal record and in tbetr
per*w:>Hi history all tr*»- great s»u».s of the
national <ampaign." applause.?
At Mer. len, Conn . jOOO people aelconned '
Biaiuc. He »>poke as follows:
"1 Kg to t. nnk you « I for this corap'.i
.rem i;i greeting me so cord'alls. I hare!
time on v to say t. at. Important as the,
vote of Connecticut *iwa>* has bean. It is
Unfold mor Important thi? y«ar. If we
4 oti bare every Kepttbin au voter in Con- j
in tieut fully compn heud aud appreciate
what the vote of thi« state mav mean, 1
shall reft content aitn tbe reau.'t whit h
your understanding will br.ng. Trusting
that the vt te« *-f N< vt-mber may chronicle
a victory fit Connecticut, and aa a coose
•jueii'-e a victory in the i a'lon, 1 return
| your greeting with al; the cordiality with
wbicn it has been leu<lered.
At II an ford there was gathered an en-
U.ii-iasdfc «?o -* >i. Ka'or iltwt mtrodwed
: :v viius gueat, who responded anfoi
**lj•.-» than a fortnight aco I in a
fOnutry which, accord:ug t»» its area, s
•:aiiedth« rn nest in the worM old t. us
;«a.i A laree number of counties in Euf
haul have i«eb a aTtoa jtnaU-r It an
I teal oi ti»e wtt'le s.a-v ».f Couneeiicut, bu? j
! I wish >on could o»n:jare the statistics % f I
Connecticut with any county or of any'
levtna uujty of toU.Oue jttipk; an
Tbe << would give a .-harp test
wii'.cb ti»w CK?u peo)»U* of connectleut
t uld «i' ttrm.r.v the tft t oj
ifreetmdc mta tlMr m*i-< • f lat«or»ng men.
i Yoa a.e &<»<() now change the fartC
s * n., under a bit n pr*«p» r;: > ba*
j even a*ta oed. The country wi*r c* to
f h-ar jour * >we: that and
awa: > 'o bar it »:*h confidence "'
<« Mivutn in n ,v!ftuc*rarrrs.
1 At Springfield tbe ?argrs< of
i t;.v • .i. was la waning. Amooff th- •»«
who b».jrdeO tin? train to srer< ttiaine aere
Mayor Uayward, es Cro*em«'< Ib UuMtf
aud EIM» Morgan B.aioe ass &ntr<>
r dnred and said
I*tieD'.kfneu. t ibe sheer vanity in
u : n» »• tste th* a-sembiajpe of this %s*t
k masse: Ms-m- ::•»**tts vtdera t*f*»re tar tn
!' m * -f 1 'r&e It ndber as an indea of tbe
sr, • i - ' wh'en >-a feel in "h*
ji. nd i- 4 utv*L In that *«.>rtb;: and ja
' t.-: Ik j ar { - iam heartily ac.n you, ami
I si irv > war H-elinr> aud hul ««4
i spet d- A jifOCtbe nationalntdtc>*» wh.rfc
|na.c So a«l«anced yoor »ta:
IMh ng th«* «aie» in tfc* t nian. the
jot pe»;itHf . has been the ctiiedf. That
j- . :ty m rtprts* in this eontesi by
! ifarris. :» and Morton. Von should ro'i up
i% i<M>tr;tv f. r Hama>n and Morton <*f
i ia«»asa4ii»*aa4 b«joo*t that, tn every pra"
r?<»" *i: i proper an. *ui shOttm beip
your '-i «■ »gti bor* L t\#naecUeut."*
" At tr*- of BiStse'l speech
I three ii» r# were given thrice over, with s
at s *A*pr*«~TCßi3f« crrv.
Be fen- tbe c;ty of Worcester so rear be*!
there were n from the train ttirones e>f
cmkingmes >n antm-ron* factcwies ou
ieitn» r»ide of tbe nuk<a»i. alto bad mm
: pr. vted w».sri an t ax ?be factocr w:o
uoas for Blame's train lop*»»
v%Lro:be> mv «t thr > sitel their hand*
and cheered When the d«-pot at Woree»?er
t aa* ■> a* ;- -d and t.la.n * as
i nix. d on ?be rvar platform of the train tbe
sin eocifnet-ta*. i?r Kjsr-i-x; orf
:be K*; ah* <aa state committee of Ma*-a
. L-.awtta performed t '::e c-.'reau.-ay of latro-
Mr fcjkifce uud
■ i been real;f eKiharra«*ed tbe
I «t< day by *n» h demouatcatione
a* this Tfee <tovd) have sot feves
targe, bat vntyvkts wefcoenes
a- in -. a - I rep».-.st here* wha;
f I to OfrtjfS&id; I am n"tva2a etH«ncb
•to a-it f*» -a- th.s t«n a«a a lag* » *i».
• piy a* a petwMßal to It is
■ rather,and far ia«gei* an evb-V;'-- o
1 ; <4 the diets s taj-a-'.hy cb tbe teepuh »-
i, c'aas i - base ia u.•: nen-i>i*c
t ••".•te t !->? fiarrswwa an » M jrtfje,
» an t£o this c<
asM is of he c , can km
j tae •.< t -'2 tt. • vOtefC w-c -i »sa-:
{rr>p',i . sjk party lo sail jar fosw ar»d
• m-ar' * |»c"\j»Af» n. ,• of a pro?ec
rtie *•*? 'o the inbor&og men of tbe
-iaftes t.;*-is.'-g ?--o p rw-maif*
e b»*«;*.-««• eMails
ga* ■•- r : U in*<
#rd m wvSefci Ifn ; rvetpem stte» I
Ve»,s < -1 spewdsmd :ar*-- at--i |
an- - e, ft * irr 4 ajeer-iv*. ]
A*. • • -a s cng ~*»«£ s ♦***!!«« >r:t n>'
««» is *<s r gatbettisg «*» ?
b4a*rae'* eoaa Whv n traia *
a »ut;3e g.ri *a~ pSWNN fc^ssWJ
• ! h** ee .# t-i, t"-ea» »aij aSnrft on s»e* eXttea**^'.
A." OJ* 3 i 4 •Jk.-T <ca -* •£-*-' *"f i
was asftlt'd ta#c*
-v v r a
ITa, r.e iiEL* g.eL o -®ae *aaw? h
Aist- Pen, v ga. a pr* aiti
' t&* "Mr. Ka ttw '»ft« of Soafb
i Frai*l»|Efaa p»**st yau I hi*." bM
wa» cot J 6 Cravtetd. of
(CUOMO, wto HstT»«ju<~d Mr Blaine. Tie
| fia*. tr, »w m«ited v;U> tie raraai
drmotueratMios of estbsiiann He twca-i
his *K*ct by myiut. "Ttie n»«r> 4
! w b->■ bi* uaitiujr acd :a*pir;nr tfce firpn:v
Hcaa part} ererr»b«fe 1* be»t itinerated
\>y the j*oc«*> «uxl hi«>.rv of Ma-*»
rb*»*t«. for after k Mas*acbawtt* p«»r
fcapa farul»b«i tfce £o->: < lamp* of la
dantnai |innn— is tbe tailed Mates."
Mr. «XIM mas interr*p<ed i>y :hc boek
in* up of tiK ear, abirh ran«r»t a grtser,;
•rattertoeof the crowd. TbmX • tat way."
'•id Mr Cianae. "Thai t5» Hlr-joa ioeu
»®tiT* :• goiag to (raster tb<
«»'«• t!*T rd eol of the way to aroi:
belaf hart."
Mtt K: B!aioe bad time to pick ap
rhr Utread of bis rtmarr« to* train btaa
to move, marti to tile dUappojctiaeot of
tbe ar>rr cp&«d
Sotsti Farraiccbais wat tise lft.it »tation
at wbfeh a Wop w»« made The traiu «ped '
on at a hit h rate to mala up !.,r k«* t.me. '
and deapue oooieroiM delate it rolled it.to
the d<-p>>t at Bnatna only 8»e minute* bv
biad sehedu.e li»e.
A lluuaing Rwiptloa In the City of
Htfb Culture.
Bowtojs. Aur li-On aiijrhfcng from the
train Mr. ii.aine *»» •"ooducted to an open
baruche. tad br Borden. chairman of the
Kepuhlifwn stale a •?*; be
sde htm. Tae kmr borsca attached were
driven siowts ak>ug tiie «n*et* to the Hot*:
VtndoiK. Mr. B.U:ue aprn-ared tired and
; worn. n« and anoa strok:ng ht*
rbey arrived ai the fcotelat 6 o'clock.
From tha: boar on to t o'clock pe?*pfe»
i gathered until 14.0C0 were abt-u: the hotel
? baJouar. were bands of fire
work* mn4 cheer*. Wben Mr. <i)d j
i »MKa-. eaoorted to tbe bwlc*>uv, ahieb \u
» Maa iod be tbor.xbt inscttirv. br I»:
Bunleo. Hearj C. L»*ls?n A. H Beard asi«i
i otber*, bis *p } «earar.£v evoked trr»rnd<va» .
; cbe»-r*. which were fMrved and »
j *?aia. Mr. filaioe turned to I>r Banlec
aud remarked of the balc> tjyoa which h<
atood: "There is •ometbiaK Imecurv
about tbi*. * Dr. Bftrdea rm«sr«d btn>.
however, aai a'ter some liuie time
it was asmia »ocslbk far I>r. Burdeu to \
csakc biiit?»e!f heard.
Watte iatmdncmf Mr. Blahie be uned
amoajf others liioae word* -He /ti'aiaei
come* amone u» Dot with the
pt'tnp «a 1 di>plaj «»f a pt aeral, oaf as a
i>r»%a»e soldier in the rack*, rt ady for r*r- .
der> ( heers btk! oar c« acrat (Harriaoa) •
[cheersj, wilt not allow him to remaia iotig
ta the raaks. [Ctwcn.] He will iu>ae to ! (
U\m ICtHßoituoß as *A. uinjacder ir> «. bu f,
of tbc Kepnt.'icaa for«es *n the tieid.'* j
[isrest clieenat' j
Mr. H!aTre. rxplyinif, raid: 'My v.-Ice
bcea so tancb worn to day by socakinc . 1
tba* I coubt if ! may be heard to the hmit i
t>f this gnat assemblage to (tive :or
their jrreetinf of me to New Eodai»d. But
for all the »b.-eacc and feelia* of exile
tbat dltli* io • man beyond the sea. J atn
cviapearated o%er and over again by the
magnificent welcome 1 have received since
i touched ra> Dative >»hore.
"From no town. < ity #r stare has this |«
been more grau fal than frcmi !U^t-a and
the great leading state of MasfSchOvetta. j
Ever since the Kepabhcaa party came into '
txlatence, mort laaa a gtat ratiua ax'o. at .
no time, on no issue, ur der no rxtemef, :
has Ma>Kacbuae:t9i failed to respond for the 1
right. [Applause.} Severwaa M*«s»rau
setts emued on to perlumn a more important !
part, nor :i more henehcient. than In ibis
>car of grace i»Vi. In eie«'titig Harrison and
Morton. 'Cheeraaad cries of "We can do
it." aad "And, we will. ) What •
Maasa* hu*«>tt§ utfs she can do she
will do. ' Kenewed applause : Already
our opponents have tak> n alarm, and the . 1
Young Men's i*emcx ratte C lub of Matt*
cbu-eit* ba*c si t for themselves the task to
prove thai j« u can iatroduce free trade ia
the United States without reducing the '
wagrsof the American laborer. Tbev are i!
alarmed (cries of "fhev ought to be">:
Pre%idect Cleveland is a*ar:aed; the sup- 1
iH-irters ot the Mill's bsil are alarmed; tbc 1
foem«» party is alarmed, becaase they «
know the mighty power of that host which
earas lis bread by the ywtaT of it* brow,
and it will resent the attempt To place them '
vu tin? low basis of tac £urop*.au plan. : i
••W«« will let the Dem.v ratic party ;>
ksow this i*i no fight for the maan:a<- 1
turer* They can TakecarcoC tbems». lres,
[applaud j bat this is a ftgnt fv»r the stroug
arm and sUirdy hi> art ol tbc Ar;> an
'ai«-r." '• rit *• f ftfOi'*] If we 11
have free trade the factorii-s wi.t cot be
closed, but if keptopm they wiil be run
at hslltbeprtSk'ttt wages. {Lr.ag appiaust* j i
i'hal is the i-sac wh»: :j suouid be pit Med j '
home on the Dfuuoeratic i-arty. They '
•hottld be arraicued at 1 arrag-a them, as j'
coDifpiraf*" *s «.;s'i-M tr.e w . iart* of f-v? ry ' <
•aMoriUK man (Cheer*.| Ix--l tbat be the 11
is««it aad the watchword of the Republi
cans aad def a: i* i»po*»ibie " i
Tb acting to crvar gather; ag for its re
ception,llr. hla -c w<uidrew
Blaine Arcej l« an Invitation.
\ Coxmm 0., A tie 13. T. B H arrl«
jtnaaurerof the Ohio ceo ten n al rommi*
! aton. who went to New Y-rk to roaiult
| with t» Blaine as t»» bi* afftfUow
I of the InvitattoD to tic one of the orator* at
j the opening of the exposition in tbi* «H>
I * next, teleyrapltt thai both Mr.
Blame and the
' surely attcud lie Ohio atate centennial.
HA Kill HON (inix; FISII IN'C,
Between Bite* H» Will Write LIU
Letter «.( Arrfj tancf.
Iftr>!A!>AroLt«, AUK 13.—G : flfrJ^n
fca* fixed up«m the iime a.i i place for a
<*ouple of wceki' va;t'v«.:i a d r-mar. At
by hi* ton f:• .aw, i: *
i aud one or two other mt-mU-if of hh family,
and tr -ud*, be will a'art a - u: 34 ■
4t|, MM J tn, {■■: Middle I Nta* a.tnd, near
Pat-in Bae, Lite Er »• While* on L;» vara
tioii it is tboaght he w: I prej arv U:» Utter
i»f accv piano-
Democrats Not Ready for Trial
iu the Fisherit*-> Case.
They V ant it To <io Over Till Veal
Term of Court—"* he Repub
lican Warwick."
: W *®Hl!*t»Tf■ n, An*. l . -Tfce r t
! anmed consideration ol the fisheries
I in or«co executive aets-ion. attd **- a .
drr*»ed by tali in *upi« »rt of rat. ft; v.. r.
At tbecioae of i a s apeecb, P,-vO-.;?>s;
ftcer t*«»chiaU anHMWiced to». i-.'j t •
be ► Marfto's to po»t|Ki.if
|e atWn of tne treat* lit I>rreatber. Mr.
j H<** ralkd for the >ea»and na -
• Mr omy taid hedeaMsM to*t% soate'hjnjt
jon Ihe ir,. In*i. arsO then i« s* * ape*-< n m
i of the }K4t|«o«rnetit vf
( until iw-i . jbcr. <.ra* aaid il b*d t* t
) r*. idenf, frtjiß oStTiviup >n it*? ICmv-sl>:?
I fto of the pmffllxT, thai the In a* y
j *a« cot to be ratifi dai tbla »e*- !»n Ih<
I treat* w«* «ii»cnaia<-d l* the mldat of
inu e'xcifed po-HKai eawtjaisn, aad the
!p«ntrntle • uav<-r* bad been i.»id tr ; *y
w**e arfruinsf the BrHUh tie of the cm* .
! Vk'.i> *uou o u t onwdt-rtUu) ol »he
|:ria > t»: i r : t *eaaon
>*? inlere»r» iiv«irdi eo«i*l • t* a:
icjari«n»i7 hy ti>e
} The fcn&ersM Q. wtw*#* t
I were* the »ntjkd ft:all*-r of ti> aty, arrrr
• j u'iu ■ c Iheir :j toomy,r*u-»i
(an 4 sadtftarM. xaJcr ihe j*rotsx*4 a;
9 t«» the iri »n
A» to the i*ant that the Dtmor ratie •cw*
j Ator* ae'e arjru.nit the < «*r of t»r* at bri;
; auv. Mr tira* *a.i4 t. so tasj.u »o Jr
| ntaf-na a* tfta t- a 'at The Kw-
J crai-'c k»1 n» teowtilit) an 4 *
Ma n aiKK*. to totcira raaiier* that ti wm
<»#. It had a? way* te*cti ready ti>
f>re«* t » ss tittfi f ihat roa
i the *» rlyhl and L*>nor
• Kev k. Uf eon* at «»f <iray. rtftjiw-i »me
I iwl »Ari* F ry-r*a« (• Uwwirtkt^
,:rjȣt:a:: iles4ini
' int.* th* market ffee «f 4n y t*i<
.Irr t! r *anf? e'jwwa »f *JjA free foe
t a!<? ar»4 «M<l tfcfct a« lutS
*« ;'- •*& ■.»!•. e,iv-.id r» a-.-r» B».a •>» atK!
iVc aad as. l e U«ere «hea^-
> f r. : wa» : rr.unc.sly »tiifyter> to tfc»-
: New fcn •enaS"r*. ?>ol fa a«
&«h cowi-3 i* »mt :o < »n«» Kentaek* u
' then t*ea,»e an ofltefM* io n «-• The
Uhos? liit)* wa» hi lb" iater»r«4 of % t.he
I tilowetvter »?ya«lk*lie, whien ewsite *
hcsrfcs *a« n ol tte w«-re prt*e»*in*
A«a<n«t a# a ♦••t fratt-4*. H * referred in
that eoamt-tk« to the *fn?> <»a Biswewee
4 *r -el, by wh!eh *'art e<je ta*4 tin» a
.«t» of ami i.ow an i a
that h« e«oM cho*r4es ami
*.:4 tva'4'-it- on hi* fwrn«-«e izr*MZ
- -ta». « arw. CtJ.rf thr ri-pli
K»*v. the p*?wer bctuxi tb* tkroar Who
»mt ba» ato f"ofcs:;t*7 r o oe
Qttie a»i ti>r fwt «f Bet'ss ,iemj**
(.f«rpf h*» S**w aa»l rrai 1 - »
the Ur6W».-.«ii ry&-<?l*4 a ■;
. Ueeo<a a L+l**?. u«:
[ ~ *•?>■ r a< i - ' a-' ; -
r i MmaAfiUtf tho Mi tnws a»l f»r«e
--t iir.i th* 1 cai-t* ats»««2y
•' »» ■ tr-a^a
»• How* ia&tl tSiot fM&ber
''us M<♦»; » '
: / ih** '<■"«! 'thss |M>t iffll W
■ ; fh.*£ V *># ' / & Btf S-B O?
I - il UM
k: 4. a« oi il*- 2*"« en * «Ml -r>
: S»* J wm 1 ew& U.i 4* # -
• was a •»ia^**i-'" *-•« a» aif
&! Tive' «»* •? a t-w- *■ i «r-.J « «•*_ fc- H
WiiHO*" ; M.a-' - < *- ' " . »-*v
»> xAe r •.>•• {• *> i *.>.j *»" ** . i»--•- ' • -a
»i trtar ao*J w«4 «■.
»j aj<i« l<o v t-. iv •: A U ."-4i"
.. I tiic tmfffr- -ii a* we"; jp" - •?•* 5
• w t*i* Kb 11 uliao fcuc • —a»
Six Hundred Italian Anxil
isries Massacred.
Tbe Alert Abytaiaiaaa Annihilate
aa Seat from w ~m
wah- Tbe Italian Oflken All Maia
—Treachery of Preleaded Frienda.
Roict, Aaf li —An official di«p«tch frrta
says that auxiliary troops
anian the command of Ital.an oOccfv.
has been destroyed by Abya»iaiaa«. The
killed taclttded all the officer* An arta?k
was being ma-le by the aroHarfae npom
"agaaeti. The catastrophe was due to the
freacaery of a party of native alliei* who
joined during the fight
The following details have been received
of the tnaraacre at >* -aaeti The Ab>i»;n
ian Chief KVbeb had awnblel a force of
43) men with the intention of raiding the
Arkiko district. The Italian cwnmaadrr
at M«t<owah. heanng of the inu nded raid
lent *OQ Bar rnks under command o?
five !tai)aa officers to try to surprise iV'beb s
forry\ On the road the offic rs ca*»<e4 tlw
•?rvice of 290 members of AwHtin tribes.
Sagaaeti was attacked on Weda*aiay
last, and it aas found that Debeb had been
warned of their appr^arh and iatreoehed
h a An attack was made ly the
lta ;au f. •ire,however, and tbev sucees-d-d
ia earrjing the but du ing the
tssauit AsMu>rtius pntved
and m«dc an anack oa the Italian rear
The Ba»hi -hat «iks tiecame paukr str>k»-n
s id were maasarred while eadeatodag lo
Kortv Aseaortint have been arrested acd
are held a» ho*»a**-v
Tin* PoMi-Mi-s «f Haunvak.
Home. Aug. 15.— 1t is semi ofSe:ally stated !
;l»at Germany En eland. Austria t
ind Spain sappoit Itai; a declaring that!
he capituiauona da not apply W Mae- ]
wwah. "
Kn»*ian flnitlng la Albania.
Losposs. Aur. 12. — A di<>iatch fn.rra \
Surharest «a>s Rtu» a i mlai»ter '
htce, is dreaaizinf a piot to incita aa ;ij» ;
•i»iag ia Albaau
% Stirring C«tnpaig;n -Fi%« Bullets
AA hla I'ast the General.
Paris, Aug. I?.—While Gtm. H
*as driving m an Ope a rarna:e at >a;ul '
lean d'Aagely to-day. I'ror Perria, of the
-jece. fire«l e shot* a; htm from a revel- :
rer M. Ka'apan. a friend of the evneral j
usbed forward and manaee<l to turn the '
seapon aside. The resalx wa« tbat Ka'apaa
limself rire?\ed a bnlkt in the ba< k of the i
lead, but the wound is aoC »eriot s Tao J
peasants were a!ao wounded. Gea. Bouiaa
fer was no? touched.
Prof. Perria is a friend of Mayor Lair, j
he « audidato aominatcd by the opportu:.
sts ia op|>o*itioa to Ikm'anger Tt»e affair
H.currevt at the height of a pitched battle !
•etwecn the rival pH>litical parties. When
:hr gen d'armc crargcd. Count Dillon re
eived a blow on the head from a stick.
»ad other Boulangista were rouebly •'
Gen. Boulanger hss issaed manifestos to j
he elector-of tbc Nord and Chareate iu j
ericure def artments.
Paeis, Aug. 13.-OM Boulanger returned i
0 Par:,-. a«t uignt. After examination the |
lag *t rat • f tt. Jeaa d'A agely • r
d the release of Prof Perrin, ckareed
rlth a*' attempt to shoot Gen. j
t is Mated that P» 'rin waa knock-d dowu I
»y t «rti»aas of Gea. Bou'auger, thai he j
ired a: bis a«»a iaats ia self defense, aad I
lot at Maay participants in j
be ftght were arrested.
AON XUiTKE Kfc. i I RE>.
fhe Aged War-Chief Succeeded by *
Gea. AA'alder»ee.
BERLif. An? I^.—Gen. vou has [
x*en ; a<*od » a the retired list ># t';« ar»«tr. *
ion. von rt alilerK'e saccecds him. Em- i
Hrwr WiSttam writes A*on Moltke a era '
rioasand affectionate leiter, nominating |
iiai pn-»ldeat of the c antry'* defct.se.
A leather t <nri:iit«ry Keoi> i > .'«•
Ia»«i»os, A' 12 —<' hamberlai?.' a r • "y j
I to rir:,« i:'% *»• v'.it K'ter j» pT. *'vl '
I moraiar Cham he rial a "I un4er
j aland tfcei FiraeH «leuie* that o*hhen ha<l
! an> aaibortty to *epre»cnt h 4 *
j that h»* repudiate* a/1 rMpooalbilttT I<-r t&c
j •chcro- f.»r a national ooußCil suhmiHod
I (o roe by O Snta."
Ckißter aia prpfwdi to that the
| acbeme attribute! u» Pariveil *ppenoed to i
th'a l> u« r wa« a tubj ct of iou
with O'rhtt f-oru the in-1 of Kovfmb» r
[ "It vta" brought to ns in writtniE by o*Bhea
o.> Ja:»'iar> In lJftv. lett«9l|>n)tt*
hi* auth rv. Ip and a'.so that U>i ca *a* a
eonhcivntial eapyoenl of » t* vk-wa at tbv
time. Tbew po«at». imwever, are not dis
puti"-i in ParoeU'a Utter to the
<v>;rc?ps>ud nev a ■»> corrobora'c* ParoeH'
•'afenetit tbit he did n<H intend the pr*>
jmj al :t- & autatitnte foranlr.ah paiiia j
: Chamherfafn *ay* "I underatocxl the
t pr«(*-a: waa <-flTtred a* an at't**-p?ed aet I
' - Jc-n n:. tboofh J felt that uo t«a r efn' *;t •
"road- even by Farurll <c*u!d hi ad the j
! Ina'i people ta the future,
0 theU; a* o«<w. t' ai a !a r ie and j
I mlc extendi•'« of kea! (co*eraaa«i:i woaW I
I reitKtte a;i practical |ritvawr.f|i« whole !
*«M -*-t wa* Jully UiPv-u-Hrtl *;!h ray
aad *<*>< not f»na Iv r*] t ftvd til;
M 4* i®, iot». When a new goveninieut
«aa framed I tried to t a-n w h tf-er i'ar
Del: adhered to bia propoaa* In the nM
idle of Jait. ti Bhfa tae that In
. * nr *,! a t*r*,-d f*i aTa»r« and
S !/>«! < araareoa ■ apee< a, Pam*-: J d >ub^e*l
!( he poiiey of en- umbering the Iri* 1 *
t;.fn »'. b a •aret-rc*teTi«t»n ol leealfloverc- i
meat to !r»- aud than to Enjr.*;> i The i
«jut -n of a renewal of the erirat* art |
iwati (Si!>fctlHed - ;a m l * ;» * ai?h lb*-
| f.t in 'lo »•!•' -of l uv - '»*<b^a :
I t-r Parneii'a rev-atd r-jereioa a« oi
lv».- Pameil had no < to
The then claaaa four and B*e 6r»t beta<
al't-r*"! by ttaitalef from the * f the
definition of .'flen* a. excludinf. however,
, treat »a and Idoav."
; <Jha nberiain aa» a ibat in
f ".'ivrMC :>» be fold bf vt±% - ' t'.'
j •<i.;ukm that ao jcovernmeut could dw
; fwaa* with -offl pr./*isiaa a.ain«»
ing and
. art was UmttHWd to a f«f Phtcll
*t.u:d eocaant t-> mvr* ttriaveatpeu* »>->•-■ -
ff an 5f extended f«* three >««r- f ib- r*
f i- -raprt"a«ed thla limitation »ir» nriy ap*>n
i Other member* of the I ««a»
Ua> that nertb*-r at li. a time nor
loaeutly d**ea il appear to m- tbvr** *i»
; .jiMtiin hi ib.»- «.mnin.'ik-» rt« u«
|«bi. 11 k«l«»lohn»i M!"! I
ta-;ie'«ed ise *a* an.xK-aa t»» tee
»»e irv* dawpetoua agitation t« at t ad
♦to l<«nt
It hi* rha: 1 ui)*errtoo*l b=ta to pro
>a -a ev#mprsaai ae UKweea tn*- eiewaof
f iheaepa tarty and the e* atine of
trm and 1 fcadiiy aectpM tb" rtatfitttl
| jr»de of h a attitude a# entirely e» aaiaiant
! * tb What 1 ktf w of e-s*-ef
a*ly with ht* vffer to GJadvtoae afjrr
Phoenix p>ark n»';r<lera *«> retire from paria
i nent bdi poiltkra I have aiwa^a
eater the opnrctkio that one of the
| mo*t >erv><«a it> t?w gevtrMMDt
j »>f Ire and has been the iao atj.vn o! the
»Clo!e. and **aut of roafttieatial irur
.■±anfeof opinion tetwean Parnei;it»a aad
[the aad S asn« eiMtw my
j rfreat rrftel that tb.-* <t-r®raJt» baa been
1 rarhet than dtmitii»hed by the
: -xperien**e wf mjfleli and athaia wh*> bare
] in recent year* eo<i«aeored to overcome
.ncriDURY riuc AT FRWSO.
Deeiltfth W «rk af Hartctara Law.
t.'DO.OOO- Taa Fatal %e«ideata.
I An? 12.—A a iaeendiary fire
'tarty thm u<4tie( caaaed 4acea*# of
ao<»uS F. amzn y a oarer of the
! wa» rtturn:at I
f o »lot k. a->d when he turned |be ?-»>mer r?i
• K - tr celled «a.nrjw
. ' He eeut to a bttia f/a ac
;'Us>d:n< o» K atrrwt tbtt«ki»s he taw a
thee**, and |:*at a« be fear?%e4 the
*.s»d"'--w Qaaaea
, ; -t-.l lad a*»a.red o-. r i- »:sd •r't on ®re
-At tae m*-t, <• ;w*?aat aaw '*o
iSiea, f«l;» drea*e<i, rn**» ff-b>*%ii4
1 * .tie. Tir.- - *' als*rt>rti w? er* *f! and »er<-
1 ' e* .des? rtMßaafetftdt tor t*ie eottaajpnt
:; ran to 1 < "f Mlar^j^oa
; 1 Hfl&iS tasl • rird "ftre" 1 _ .A mm
i tttMf fet Powe»i cra*be.i th- t
(tfce U .;** i' 'to the b?ar«
| aa4 p&rk*!# the- «san
#*mea «*li «•»*
? et -i »-re fire *a.C -i Ts-«e 'i- 'pas - '.
r miff t raw 1 wiyfl qUfHtty. *«t
1 eoaitf ftrf -t Sat* Men » » WfcuS ii&i
* tht
»1 (K»i*d *0 wfara A msas* ua H-1
„ •
f ttam * tiiiva"* x » «"t •'
m"v *- ■ »»» «*a*e y-rs'taJw yft- er*. 'kle aa* e w
tliqa jt -#ve yet tue
I f i-A-T #
»t Taa fia-twa amah atnaad tht tWKta a
| on tkae aoata a
•f Martjww* r awsH by T.'
>T**e A ( ari *2«fi o? MfneO. which aaa
eat rel*
IV kw to fnaan asea i* a*
lea** SVUSK Tfc* «r* TA« aadoahletiiy
tike work .»! a rate of raea who fcaee brew
ta*f»trf«ii»B hUtf dty TWrib
tea* are t£omo*h>y a-wsaed. Part::* the
Bn* were *n*|e t earer J. T M
«t«re a-*1 ytr * awk-oce.
s«ewe Fmi'l ara* hwdiy horned aiwit tb*
fare. rVat Nhk! aad a:vl ha« ta j
ha*ed the f*a»"«> *•> Ibmt dvash la alaKwt ;
certain. la Jampin* from the *rc\>r*d j
»uej Fro*t; drove hia f*et tip cm to the
i«**. < m>hia* tbe aakle hone* aad drivia* |
the boaaa of the tag till MMh tbe bottom » f j
• tbe foot Ueorsr *Vwe;l «4i badly burn**!
aboat tbe head. faer. acrk, h*eaat. feaad*
; a>d a rma. Ha fare aa* badly rot by i
ff'aa* wtsfrt he cra«ned uuimnh tbe win- 1
d*w m e*rapia* Hi* iw»- wv rat al {
ia*. at off }a»t Wk»f the bridge H»* in
aiv probably fa'*: It may be that,
one oao ia U**t ia tbe ftamca
m»i ranee are aa W j
T Rigga. jrrucrnr*. ';«»*» tIIMOO. lan»wran«e !
I «M> Qaa. } < rahardt, loe* |.*HW. \tt ■
aaraace li-i» Honm.a Brother*. barber
shop. loa» ao iaaur*a*e: A IV«ta
ffaueral aterefcaniifr, &<** H-UUO. tnoif
aace »?#P; W rioter Brother*. drat ttore.
»«•* isaanucv f*wia»: mtbotteh,
fruit*, kja* I«VW, ia*ar*a<v II «X»; K. Ko«v
b*ocn. idihen. kva laniraaeo .
D- IS* rerre. law übrarv. K*a» fLofr\ n-» in
aaraacr; Iliads A Mr-mam. la* library, j
kwa |l Ml, iaauranee 9250: s.ewart A. Ihailot.
law hbrarr. taaa * JO®. ;avranwl-ft' IS IV
Elward?. U* librart. kin ittmmioe
*■&.*&. Brace Ca«ltf. !aw nVary. Unx IIXU,
lasarao?# »taa«l; H. S. iH%on. iaw libcare,
kjas *io.«*.a>, ia»araaee *iJOi; E. W, K;« j «v, \
la* library, to* «ljft>Jn*urau< e s.*«•, !« si •
H risrh*, law a?*l at>*rra-t *M, ia |
w«aru»!t*: H. N". (iriflid, H B. JjkQfoa,
owuer»o- MMHapk ia*a'«aee ■
#l?O0&: Ta»m« Y«a # . jcarrU* a:tJ itattat
eev, UMat^.Wklaaaraa«e lit.W: E. Clar*,;
IPWmUa, k«i i 4v, Ja*t\. ]
Sftl-KW. m»** I >-**oo. lanoraiw-e K T. j
Weaver, hardware. io«» ittiVMMV ,
T U drni sttyr, ka*
jus - j
rhanilw. loaa fri>3Bi !r<sorauca i%*a»
PttIBIKI left i rtR^ACE
The Coweent of tat* Sacred Heart,
Nrw Vwrh. Iturnect.
Nt* A a?. 13.— T.je of?
:.d *'.r.v : 1 1, «-ttt an i >;
N .» bo;a» was dtitrjjH by Are U>- \
aiXbL The ire «tarte4 in th»? cafxna.
wa| -hwa« aa.ier*>n< r«ten«i%*e repair*.
Thv plr mb *ta bad left a charroal faraa<*e,
a hie ai* aapp*M -d t.» hae« cau«e*S th ttr»
Tb**re w«v i 9.» aei>waa ia the baiUiine, arj*i I
ail e*r aped w.thout iajary. Loaa, i -UOw .
iut'.irat.ee. #.*j OOQ
increaiu'd l*ea»l»*a for Deafneaa—
The Fortllleatluna Hill.
Wi»iMro)i, Aa?. 13—la the b<>u«r Dn !
bolw uf ldt!»o a reeolat;->u caliitut j
oq tbe attorue>-general fur a Uat of j»ar- i
(Sod 9 granted b* tbe preaMaat to prrmmt '
eonvkted of tbe char** of eohah )
Itation ia Cfah and laaho »iac* Mareb 4, '
!**». RfterreU.
Tbe door ua* thra a<vr>rt!ed tbe eotawit j
ree oa the Diatrfct of ColamWa. Tbe fint ;
bill caHeol U|». aathorlzi->g tbe <HNomi»- ■
»Jooerof the l».s»r ct of tuSumbia t.» coo- :
d«rtno pr\i;>crtf oa Kw k rre**fc for «wark i
j.nrpo* * k *v«- ri*e r«» a protracted <1 * ;u :
woa. The bill uaa f»uai:> rveotaaiitUd, on
morion of Matte»(»n
Tbe aeuate Mil was f.a»<a*d ln<*r*a»iaf t«
15} a immiu tbe rate of pcu«ioa fur tot&?
barren of Miaf>ori a»krd aaaafraoat
cw at '.it f«>r ro;i»}dera!loaof Ihr dcf«adeat
peuatcn bill, bat Walker of lli&aoan vb
JcrUd- |
Tb«* h«*n.«e ibeti went iato committee of J
f *rtj% ■ : *m r-.prja
lion bil! and proceeded to eoaaideraLoa |
of tbe bill by irrtlow.
TowaabeM raited a point of order f
ifafnHtbe section providniic for a jraa fat* j
lory at Watervlie* annual. > ~nJrti'J!njt that
tber>»mmru*e on appr v prU'lon* bad no
juriMiuti- n over tha * j!»jvct, but tbat ft
; e« u;ed to tbe rommittee oa military af
>A>rea tb»« point, and
quoud from \stv ®!«ort <<f tbe committee
un rakt at tbe tzta»- the preacnt rode of
ru'ra waa framed, in cupport of hia a
Pvadln* tbe com mi;tee roae
acd bouae ad) »arav<2.
( >D»er\atiit a favor the Chlneae
Wa*hi*otoii. Aug 3 F-mr membcra of
tb« huBM <-otn<uJUe<* on foreigit afl«:ra to- i
.;ay <Jj«c :i?*ed tUe b il to <tfr* rtTt* t to the |
treaty a!rv*ad» j*» <-i by .be ,a*« J
la tbe aUevov of a<|iK>iam :h«» ds>i not ■
attempt '.akt* any at t»w-. b-it !<>»• tone of I
the d:»eaa»iva ah-*wed that a.l »»*mlKra J
preaeuL, withoat rryard to ftiriy. favor a .
"peed j report to tbe bon «• com mil lee. Hitt, j
a m«*mbera of th- c«»roaii?t.*v wh.» baa berv )
I trtforv ocra]>kt) a vrf> coß*erva:ive f»o»i
tioa J:; tbi Matteryl aai « MiW lejtaia
liuti, tinSiy r*jiM«rtl him* !f as *aH» i. d
tbai tine jkiiJui* W.I m«*l at prvacut tbe
re } v.
May A) Own Cirrltt.
Wiißivoruv, Aug. Ul—Tb« awmary of
the interior l.a« i<»u.*d orjt r dlrvetinf
tha: from Ssapiotaber I sen .Wan agetiia
will be permitted to iMNaiiiafe U»« ; r o*u
rl rfc» aaU utiMT «»:*».• 1 . i. v • v ;•-« I ! •
ai-p-o*. a! of the aerrv«ar. To'* iQper
>-e<J<-a aud rtvi-M the policy intiWlttdM at
I 49 iHgittuitif of lite pr. eut ittlm.uUUu
I mmfno Tract «.f I.and S*i!d.
Santa Aax a, Cat.. An?. IX—lt fa ii >der*
| s?«>K»i tLat ta<? great tfa » J >a<|ain ranch.
|(NVQsiit!iMrfltMtrJ of 1 iviMaet*. ha*
(3 ;a i* b.-eu »>ll to a>i Eastern *ja -lc* tr.
i'<i« parcha** price U aap|aia*rit W b* |l,-
Three Suite for Libel Asrainst
the ••Time-'."
Tbe Irish Ilrfrt me KfftM tka €>m
ntlaalun of t«b« Ably
I ami urlrd.
i Lowro*. An* 12.—t*ara*'l hat rttitotd
rj U fca.four. r > a.rt • o#
' *»<2o iatt<i a'i I A*.."-*, formrrly a..*?* tJOr I
| ■ :»i {-f - !ft :'l. ul't § j
I administration. i<* ouiidoct bl* *<j;? hi flit
I *kM<eh r*»«rta tifeiuDt tbr fimr* at rafi»au j
| t at t*« » Maiia«4 a-* j intor «WMel
Loytv- *, A«< til—if*; aT»<»*j »t t>f dan- j
1 asv farneil a»*a I r la !»»» aa?i
I t»Mf itmt* !• H« U f» hi# :
i Avtii u ktkn wbt-a th«* Time* pnt>»i«h**<J ;
(:i jv7, a> d •>;< It*''t'tn a<xi iu
tv]i;re*2 fcr ibe dvfrsw ©a iit« trial of
U fKMi»f u • » aae ajr«-. *' the r»aar«
Tit ryvua coaif* Ufc.ru a receaa!
null} <>et.a T :«l !t i« i'kcJ* the auttof
, , . « *:.
tr»' dia J- otiaJMl, will be !*« ar-«i is Mcv<a
• mat o'<"*!>oa *ao ncsa m».
| Tfct London Har t».i ttM T t. OCaa
[ nflr. au»J member of par* 'a meat
! ?*r Uv«r|i».>!, ami Juan Rc<i*»•:>'!, M i*
( ; : Wcit»td. Jar eT>t#-rrd a twr*% Ur h&ei
|»;bu»ni:r rraci in tlitf c«art«(
I !h« q*ae«.a • benrb.
THK conmiisioN.
I AKIo I.mjrrt tirlatoerl
AOf. J3-- Th« !ri»b parilamro
j tarv aarty Uea a, Hlf
•< : «•'- •• ■..■:<+< .11 r U 1 KcM. M P.,
Frank l/irkwiMid, M I' .a-fl 11. H 4*<|i«)tb,
!M f- tw4)iiat4!brf<.'fe tint?
••f lcw^ai'>. Koiaiaiwti! ha«'jecu infest la
Th- : r*. i>»- a? parliament
' »ic?rra»t fM>d to appl« to the *oa
j «>»*«? n «f Su ifjirr f.»r t ie aj*£o&a«mtat ♦><
■ a ipida) 'via - to fo C» Anwrica f'r
15 ba |rurpo« of reruia 4<mh
.tmrrkaa Axtaatl.»■ It* I aba.
j MaLHEiO. An* W.—Hwr < A'MIQ fttwrw
j r»* tti «ri!au*-tt b «s»|f <«• id
? Cat A Vllb thr -ta£-cr uf )Bl(ktS:»l
| AtcvrU-a» Mtttletaiis la ?*vi«r of aaari
' a<if*o of ♦ :nsm to ibe Piilnl Slater*. Tfcf
• • 'ttbafi Aifttatlos s<
{ 4iJtf aJt, oatnf to finaa-' #1 titHa?»*^»
afhalioa '.a fa»or «4 tmarwi?.
I Or«>(ftii WafM f;**ad r»rWt«r«
wi A«f. i« —TW Jv»-*a <*» a
• *>a pn«M"v v> 4ar U* a
' the wrraatc WJI ft* i~ia>llaji
fiicMitarv of lawb franU'rt aifl la
II <ki||i in ftftn * a--' -'i ia • r a»m
jTi e b-coa*»ftltfw »a« Ja* r j toe <*-
! « .4rr t&c wsmKta bell la wMp
. ;?*as itktrnxtjr*£ tt»f t ity |f»*i *.ar».
; wuicb i« r tt~>- as.«» aa<4 lor ■
{siv -"m <aa< Ustiflaffi >:> a>fifnr»l<iT»cj
I aai ts> t 'pjfv!-» Um lali wa
• i-aia..
i*« twi.h rrltaic frti|bttara>
W A*af' 51 — X''-?
ft La* ' f vl 1 #># Sw I *3 sr*al a ali
. ~<? liariUnfc" *Maaaasaaa
; r~ z.\*A li iw aajaafiai L**
j v>. *; * - ' r-mrrt*C mi 4:> - I r t»w
. • rtsfeA- • «nMa«a®*a# ia». i
• -s'y# * i"j aur * • »-- *T a
i - ia a-» »- 4C5
T«a* &»-•«-* a *•" arti *»
AU m >* a» i: fEWM**.
!a tf r-»a..4 ---« a* r on&t 14
Jr-'I 4"' ; ii-
VOL. XIV-~Sn 82
Florida's Fever Frifht B*.
conies a Panic.
ri.K.HT r*o*
1 •»» 141*. ud Kay
»:»ld lk« PrvrM Rcntrt Martial
• Talked Of - I'nnM ( f Tar
ftoona of riaoH ta Kill ihr l>ratl».
JttKsoanu*. ra., Aat u-nn,MV
raamot yellow fever wtrr drrr! wldur-
U>» iari twrclt to»t bow*. Mr«. W. si V*
i ki'.tad Ka» (l:rJ
JaCMtmrUAB, rs*. Aug. U-r»e Urm
panic n»!l»o.i lYopir an iraiiag th»
e.Xf by «T«ry join mmiof .tortn. bat
'M" ««xl of a? aaj <l;«tmni am
"•< '< -■»' tw9 •»•
<<***>> patral
n. aßfyww Vm
; <Miapb U
* I wwrl ga
* *. artxi -,r.;
r*"**r t! fiun irvun
Runaova o| mmr. %: Uv $
.k** not TPS
*• aoy hour t# U*e ih&mmSmw
remain out of work
E* rrw»n of the ««>!•« ttom the city
tfcf b«ol>* btv« twfa lait#!; <ir«irH eo foe
fuotla. K > 4«|M»:t« ana rorniaf in, «« mt>
chauu tta4 i* imniffMhlf u> roileet ae-
CMMCI. lit* Florida Bant «a 4
Krai tt«:aw Kxchaaf* thH n>< mivf f*w,%d
* NOTICE WO 12K? .JOOR the E#Ms that
prr»*un? ij fcatf forr*4 it to tak< ad
vt the '»«la> re* «rt& rrf#r«©cw
to w:*.b«ira«aK.f << txwita. Ji* fuacU Witt
be <4tt A? {K**tlf Tfci* hjK* Dv 4 attlUrd
* » aole a» ><*. Uti »itt what: U toMMMOI
nune |v«c»».ij k£o«Q.
Lime, »uip ,ur aai ta* have fevn »>rder»4
iu iar*e quaatitief, ao4 to-nlffct •*▼«!■■
hautirvd Brc» wsil be kJixilr-d *u ortr it#
c;t). iwu«r in t.iivt iw <r*4ee
u> kill ib»? fefir ftm« if (MHcibk
To munvw the "u<n( im,«u« lltrot.* of
killing th<* c*ruta will b* fixm a \ r* tieal
ie*t. A Wiiaoa halt <7 with aw jm*tv* of
artillery will bcaria firiu* f-'mlniiwrtr
lrwai 7 o'cTiick f »r *. »«*ral >CHirt,
Hearty ffwf bwti'l. !»«artliß« boaw an 4
rv»taurant iu tbe * t?y baa hrcn ck>K< |Q4
tb« |«n>prtvi«*r» have f!WL
of Ivw art
report, d ia tb« cijy a« iu tt»« last
twenty hours.
A Narttrrer Sk«l fK»wn and ItngyH
Through the Street*.
SHJMSk.iH, la. A a*. 12.- Kraa* o*l- *
Wp, * tu. tnt* r *'( * K ueb faialiy, b-.»«aa
U*':n* bit fatbar !*t« ia»s tiijrbt. A nun
b-f of ctUcroa ini«rk"r«d, when yotM
<ku*epfl«wd tnto Ibf frowd. kiJiio* F W.
l'*r»e ibe unexpected ahol fti>d tilre co»-
Mxi«rar«a fo lowta# it threw the rjtiaeaf
iut». ot.ufi»«i n. bat they *»a rallied and
made ii alvtace t.» the b -N*.. Into nUlcb
yoau* <.a!k*p lad retreated The young
»le»j <'a«K»« apprated revol-
WI aud opened ft fuaULadt with deadly
effect. Tb«* tr*4 iuan to fall »a« !>a*ld
Campbell who wa» ahot through the neck
aud fa'ailt wounded. The i»e*t victfaa
waa ftird 0 Hire, aaot throoeh tbe heart
auidvlng ia*tar.tly. T. U. Wuifrejr w»a
v * «st u.ati to drup, with a bulle* thrmigfc
bin It*. tn th- mi » itime oid tnaa Omikm
«• ••bid thron/b the *bvaiJrr. but it it
kn >wn fee af om
Y«uug tiaio p returned to the bona* and
brgan taakiu* p a'alion# fo. e*ape,
w bvti Slwoejf a *M front a
rifle, which U t»i aafcaeqneotjy
taiod a eat trough tbe d<*perado • two
ftrir-a and 1**1?, tilling biai nmantly,
Tbi» latlrr fat.? wai bu» known totberrowd
until Uallvp'a wife rried out to the <»>w4
|to atop bring; 'bat her haaband wa« dc«d.
i Tbe ctiS rii», tearing trracb.rr, < aiied he#
oat, ami b«-r a rope to*d her u»
fa*.eu It at-out her fcu»batid'» un-i Tfcia
•be did, and the wtmleaak tnurdcrar**
i naked b-rd* ea» <;ra*fed ihf.»e«h tbe
•treee until it vat f« arfulle rnotiiatet*. It
i *a# bna.ly d>-p*>*l>gi or: uw fiorr of tha
| i-iiv • al*. v*l»e»v t
i f clttsen« dQrint a«t ttpniMMNMfe.
r ' :i
I Tiiere »• no<
| t«odjr b-;
. !a tfcf
iji -rUt be fur* f fv» Ha:ib(a
»■» yaroM daughter «*J '''RRHp**
wui» l*«a( bia Uie. for which
(« a «v>at of lar an t Um'
' )Hipn : ao« and fi »;rh n a «T\
trrapb pole unul be c*jr fIHHjIHMRM
lie ftfts t • red to U-swt
ARUCHrKI) AT ( 'trMn
I The Kiflea Were at
at (Iftrt*
CiaaaaATi, A»j; W.—A »
! sriftf horn* * t, Hy . tpeclal
I dajr Cooaiabie D»h> Vr i BSy?!L.r.'
Heary Wauaand 8-t Van
frira Crv-enftirk tfa!<oti,
Civet cbvck, n»ar
mtiea n»t tl tir.«: w«*»d,
Hamlin for KtliM-log a
ijsj* They rhoac tbe - *
tbey betievv I Hxfniju wimh^KiHHpif^
• ofcttaMv r* a-1 u e warrant :
Ho a.td bf < ••»»*€'i'ed to r r >MaBWPRI^
!he r hftil |f4
i'»e pn».»i.» r the> were ovrfl^B*^"
'after d«n»aodod tbe rel aw^^^BflL
i.Slivf* rt (M >il, Ak <«■
deail. Tbe
fir" a i l a trcneral iu«idai^^H||^^^Qb,.
ltr»th tbe #««Rftn» wer<«
Mabla \>»'aH smrrtally w^^BHpfl|pi-
TUE lII'ANMK > |Knfl
Utf iU«ff« l i a ,lf< plQi^Bfj
cirr i !>-; t« khj«EHINR|E
Ci'} of B'dmjr, fiwn Vi
Uia foliowlo* ? •rt.ro ««-*
• . <n
Iti<- t 'i-Ufa -..•«'*»£«*»' • •
r^^'rtvr In ibe ar< ue.
lli« *ll'au»a a ' ol l^HMdw
r v k« * I • attiwjua** frvm
nrJ SHHuj
tau » * a- «i i£Ll_
>' *
i U) fi'x U? 1 the .
)*i'i iiid tvarH) a^^^^HKJ^Bpi
(! *!c afura»» P
< n)*
* .r»d«
if frj irjr %:<'i«'t)t
cf 'iaa-riiiif laws*
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