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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 17, 1888, Image 8

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Contention of Pierce Connty
trctnnn at walla walla.
New* rr«a Ik* fil»
Co«»< j B»r«blkM CoßT.wtl.*-
litffUrr st TM»W"*|wrt<M'>
AmwWlm Kl«nl»».
T»">•»». Aag.
of she e;ty thi < at eroeo-> ta»B*d
tfc-sjaeiee* !<*»«* ia conrer The
Co-sit l«« wa* the «*t*e Tb« p«r- .
J,,— wvt th* elect;®* of da'.agaiea,
ttrra ia bvm'mr. to r«-p-»-ent the
IHiWll iifir **vi- or tbe iody pe'itit j
ftor Ihia osaty at tiw tpr wfiiltott-1
ventre* to be he 4 at ,-po'*a:>e Fab#
V*rfrUm*l l.
4 ;i'M a Ur*» »a«ahef of I .am faithfa]
were [trident early and had anwad
InM watt »tfß. it ! <#'eiock, Acting
be;-nan of tbe CotHriyO/auni'le*
K A ro-iTr-iti-m to
or'.er »'it* dart W. J. Me-ide w.i
--n»l« f«cret3rjr ami Ai*Parkei
Home liU * foti <rw%l. »' to
th» m»r.n»r in wfckb the wifiidat"
Icr- »ho >'<! »j# ajwi M
M. Ta i'»r » motion. t» let
aan»4 by tHe rbalr --u* %rii »hr r-»fi*e*.
wa»ttrried. The th*it tume t M M.
Tay>"r. i. I Ajfnew T. B W*a»
■leftry I>r im au i Th.raia Piwr)i»rt;.
retjr«»! and «t i«rrSe { with the
que lion suit;- ibtt
patieit at the l»*'i»ity that pre-
They were r«»t a'if to *<!) » t
o*>rtditi »a- afi l r« -it i> t n .r '«r
of wtmH-be r iiwti'iate' with tbe
Mr o* delegate- io b» fb(/*en. and ao
Ibry fejjorte.l U)it tbey ha ! » .-ree it>
dl«(m add pre e*rr l that tw ron
tika tbe lab off their basdv
Tni< an promptly and f A
j hit»ths breai h
with the rrm»rk tiiat h» «oalil "nomi
nate the a<"kw»wte.lir*d l-a .er of tbe
I>«m"rrjry !»Uii< (itjr, MM. Kaa'-
This aally was greeted with appl»u«e
an ! no voice was rai «• i ag«r- >t it
The colonel wa l elected unssii." i>ly.
When Ms-or Henrv Drumamoved
lo go on with tb«- w <rk by billnt, tbe
que .t ion arose at to the relative de
serts in th# in itter of representation
between the city and the coonty out
side the city. A» thi< q ie-tion Isa I r.«t
l>e«n settled under a calm review • f
the figures after tbe electi n returns it
wm to b*se been expected that it
wo ild create a h >t debate. Ami it did.
Th? r.Mintry wanted four rep-c erit i
t res and would allow t «■ c tv three
Tbe ri.y wanted four and won d allow
tbe coantry t ir«-e Along d >ring the
afternoon a notion, made oy I►.> igan.
In favof of four for tb» c ity ami three
for the country went thro igb Out of
a large numVr of nominees the fol
io* ing wete rho«ert
Tbos Carrol!. W. C, Hharp tein end
John foihe", (sn-i !e< Coi, Kaufman,
to represent the ci ly; Jo eph Oerin
ger, W. J. Bowm-in and Htephen J id
sto'i, to represent tbe wintry di'tnct'
Alternates were i bo-en a* follows T.
It. Wallace, W i Met.ie K. A C..|-
lins aiid l> It. Hannah for the city,
and Wen. Ktimtn, A K ( ode an !
Hugii Croc'eW lor the r uintry
Tlii* bosine-f. for wbi h tbei oiiren
tioa w»« cadetl twing di-posed of. a
inotvo'i was made th it the convention
proteed to elec! a cbairmaii of the
co-inty committee, t > hit the pi*.»
ma le *a< atit by tlie re ignati >n of
John Pa il Jml-on. Thi< was carrtel
and immediately the name of Col.
Ka i'n tn wa« sw?g»sted The "ngcu
tion seemesl to «ettl- thr qiiesti- m, for
none olher was tua<le and tbe colonel
was again honored with a unanimous
elect on
Call* of Ks ifmin. t tuiman *cre
mado and in rwpoiwi the <ol»a*t
•tewa-d toward on t mad. a rattling
KMxi for a m.in wb>> ebiaa to
h w IWirb m iker lie «ai i that he
hi* Ifeniwrat from "*»v l»a<k " ji-t
m Rood a I'rtmvrat a ■ thrjr make
them, Ivil be h*d heard that onie <>!
bi< kind frtem* had charged that he
*ll a re el an ! all that, that he «ti!l
had blood on hi* hand*. and all that
ll* wnuld take tbi» wt-<i«ion to *ay
that he was ju*t a* lojral a cittern a'«
any in the jart a* lotral t«
hn unite*! ruuntry a. kt*» toll:
party, fend wanted no mi-tike* to I*
mult on that «cor» The m* r-h wa*
yrented with npjilauv ai»l the ronren
tian adjourned
W i 1.1. % H ALI t.
Hport«m»ii'a KlcrUntt -Three M*«»« U
lug 4rrl»|pnl«
WALL\ Walla, Aojr. I Th?
Bp»»rt"«men's A«*ori*tion la*t ni*ht
elerte l the following otft =r* for thf
cluing yr*ir rrfidwit, W l» i lo*<%
KrUiu«; p'f idmUi. I UPII L«m-
R. W rorlUflii. a»»tl
\Y i». f*v •« fc <"rrt«rv an-i
|r<»a irer. A, W n, ScattJr.
Tin n«*t will l»c hcitl al 'l a
On S.
M riirfit rvp wl ile attempting to
tighten a th:e*«her-t>e.t with a rew
drirt r
W m (irrgi', ihp mari»»l mm who
ran away with K«v l North. ape-J
It, * sntn t r «mi wb<» at *r the »e
--lum of tU« irl btd i-» t?;i» \i A*nut *it%*
lo « tptuT, w r* >«rre»te«l Wed
oc-'lnva: ttid )ux < i h« i re
WetUwfaiir J»»hn H v an f r-» <• m <»f
rock wo r k on the A \Va«h
tnfrlj"i Terr;t «rv hvl I • r. ht
band f«Mtrf ally Ik-« rated In a prenui
iure etplou >n Hei«:n the ho|i(al
N-ter ia -t-ter *r of
Vint-r*t * a< »de »«v nere f*«r |«> year*,
baa been transferred illympia m—
ter pacific, of Vancouver, t •'«•*}-
O. W II tot adeerti t
to work on h « rovi
Tht* momini? an a* *ttckin|r In a
beam at kirkman** *!att*rMrr h > *-«•
fell, IV l» Tho'neon the knee,
and nearly a*r<red the le*I e*
Two thoiaanJ dt»Uar« no lieen ap*
|>rop itted to butld n«>n <• oned
atan otticer*' »4rtera at the jearn«*on,
•n.i $ i W for a tvakery.
Cumpanir* Formed \pp«lat*
•%»rt*(a t») tb*» (i»trra«r %«*•»«.
Ounrn Atif Ifi. —The Seattle A
Boulhen* Kai r -ad Company ha* nle*t
i n * ti -.-«o j:v i»ri* T!*ti i> w , h >e
retary OffißT l*> them it i *een
that the capiM -t«> k t* f? CUO.OOO. a id
the t id e arr Wm. K Hr »*n, The
I* r M oyt. l«-«ijb Si. J.
Hn-;t and 11. O. Htruee. t»biec:
t* bud I and o|>erate a railroad and
I ne from Seattle t»» iV'tiand,
Orejeon The ♦t e and » hie; plat >ot
lm«i?tw i* iteil at .v.»ttle.
The I" a\ • tic t *oa t Me am-hip ion,
pny ho jiHftleltt' ati h» %\-
iho v:h ba%i »; i- cn in Iv"
t'alitor u » . t vw it : *een th »t th*»
»-4p ta l "ixk < i the co r
t itviax.>m"a arr^-smr.sr*.
t»o\e n»r ><• ;| f h«• « •.
Ointo'i T Ferry \u I \ \ •t
--mo--oner fro'n lb»< tern ory t*» the
VO'Mexpo-jf » at I'r • l>v»
He ha* a!-o appointed .1 N Lewi a ami
Ktaar iII Kit * Wh.J |i ;*b
M (i \ o « Whit- am. K M Cur
fiet* K M - as»*i li IV P*f ei* %n
K>n. J M Kr:naivdo' ""po f < nl
J no. 1 >harp«*iin f U, a Walla U
t>e i\ -;a;t *«
Mr Frank i-r tbam bit t up
from Hia "•» a dav« -o. \
i;»f e »•; V - ) K
A McN . f .I f* - • *.ly -n ->»
uafortunat* a* to he annatrovk. It i*
noo t ti|ht that lae -ant; A p --ibli
Mi T Do-an I* ho a near .v at
ftaru as--.t aami p tor fci 1 • v
fajc. which gyrv it a rrry neat appear
Mr W 11. Knulandof * v helion and
Mr 8 O *s-jrw» of K*»3db», the
t»-> leasing radroai a*a of U*wa
ooir.tr tnalkc caty.
Bee Jobs T. '.wt i* la Taooat*
on a huiaef f.f«
t«»»4 White A»!r*-f*
TaP»«a, Aa®. K-A. Wa*oaws,««r
the HMMfnaa aafcon. aiiC <«e -cr
Wad m. a friend who w*» mfetxkug
t&e .u/t: wi:h bis.. vert robM « i
Uer «»d B»*rr >3 irtor
Wednesday ntfc«. Tae tutf i* «-
Uaoto C»ntjr e«r<M>*u.
SrKMirc, A as- U-Tbe fci) Ma in*
| of liacotn ra«i;t/ met here iubjws
: uck* t>-day, with Wtliiin A. Fi:r
--j w»«tber chzirm -SB and «>ny .*o»lh aec
riur f-.i;-»saar :«fi. were
Aa>.avr, W B. L/Jttmu:.
■fclii# Birhard (Smith; tm'ttxtr Oay
*•» tit. pr.> ate Janice. j* k-on B*oc» ;
anas or. C. £ Wißosiihirt : +rh*r J
ronutM--io-ier* 7 if Ctiiy. )oh( l»|-
•ier. fc- M to «1m
trrr.'Hi li evnteT.tum, A. B* m»r, J.
I". ( am<. Jotiii Huem. P K *pea«.
C. t. i-iact'an. wT A
Tiw i 115 r» irirtad. Ocf
Itail B® PfetaMMW sad t»<«
«b«r Mf ar? («»'«'« etj ullr jitiifc i
betaeen Tarwr ani AJ.«-n
tiiarl *f i|m >: w. p»<j.
rr».ji.*»T, AOj.- H.—The #i ie-»heei
■Maw K w. P'jray *i» toandwi
tmxmmf My at - o'ciock last Bijrtit-
j}*» Faisrwrc A ig. lft.—Cs**mJ
Mr Mexico. ' Victoria, »tr Atwiis.
Nasainto. BrcuV- C«ta Rjci .
Kimuuo; «tf Wc/n.Rjtton. Port To*n
•ead*. *hif> Mi*<aer *e iw-attie.
[i4i>r r Km lioiok.
Brwta! MaHar la ffaeSee hy a Xatwl
Ovrrf' tl*a« *ia»r.
M Aug. J'..—The parti
iaraof a mur le* at C>(toau l amj ie
V> niim from l.ert. are at hand pone
week* ag« a canle-dnrerfrutn Saniit,
name<] Alexander 11. Uanta, tol i E.h .
a «on of Pll jn. a hotel-keeper at
Coteaa. that he aa* eoing to
af«4 wouM retgrti -h <rtly for tbe pir
p>»e of t{ett;n* mariied. Li t e»en
aig fo.iutt PU in went to the 10 o'clock
t r ain from Mont re I and there met
<"a-ea. who. being i onaiiiera 4y under
the laditcnca of i2<juor, wanted Pilon
to drive bim and hi* trunk ami rati.-*
t • the Rlamtl boat.
The. -tarted for the landing, but
when they came near the hotel I'ilon
rr: ised to go any further, a* it wa- too
dark. Ti.n angered Cuta, and hot
wot.li pa «ei. during which i »*i
p .-bed I'ilon o.r the w agon ais<j ki> ke I
Aim. The m>i»* t>ro i*tjt .iown I'dun,
>-nior. who tri -i to interfere, Caaea,
witoo it the le warning, drew a re
volver and fired, the ball striking
I'iV»n In the h art.
Attn the m inler Cases walked
quickly t ark to t 'vtean »tition. and
meeting two of the hand' asked thrni
to have a drink. The? absented, and
after drinking he dbtbofMl a revol
ver at then twice. After that he re
mained lo snging ahuut tae -tati in till
abojt 12 o'clock, when he was lost
night ->f.
IIW trunk and va!i e were filled with
fine wearing apparel and a number of
paper -h wing that he had at
one tins- best tn Butte City, Mont .
and Murray. Idaho. 'ihe murderer
«« seen at rt t'otycarp thia morning.
C«-ea ret int«i last »inter from the
gold lirid« of C alifortii i, where he had
amassed a fortune of tIOO.OOO. He
marricu one of khflwiui a few week"
ago. A life of inactivity wa- more
he < ould le.r. and* lie became
engaged in the ratt.e trade. He was
about 3,i years old.
Broka\"> Fau>. Aug. in. Ales.
Cu-ea. refer to in tiie pre-» dis
patches as 'taring killed a man near
Montreal, was wed known in this sec
tion, In th-spring of 1 vs4 he located
rich placer ciaiais at Dream gulch, a
few mites from Murray, Idaho, realiz
ing several thousand dollar*. He also
located the I'oorman mine, « hich has
sinew turned out very rich property
This mine was booght a year ago by
John M H rke for ia»i, i ,», •!
ceirinc WW for his shire, there heing
two Other |«rtners. Casew left heie
last >eidemtier n th alsmt |IO.I>II in
ca-b When drunk he was verv quar
rel ome.
nr.ni)rii.ti» t>u tki *t«.
Ibex Control the three Voit &lgan
tie Mn»|,<-ll.« in Hie Country.
(Snwark Advertiasr 1
From tlii * time forth xvo Democrat
need open hi - lip* to nay a word
ogainut "tra-st-. lie and'hi* pirtv
are hope'e--ly committed in support
of thi» peculiar form of tnonofoly
The vote in the ho i ron the su/ar
anie- (Intent to the Mi I* hill t;ie. th»-
la*' link in thei-haiQ of damning eei
dence The-e are the three *reat
monopo'ie*, th • manager. of which
control p.-ice* at their will, The Stan t
ard oil tr : t. the v.i-ar tru*t and the
whi.k* trn^t.
TK«r fir loft ei« the m««-t pijrun
ti< ii in the world. It crti>he-«
all oppo*itijti ami fixe- the pri« #• <»f a
ußivrttlirufd «ommoUitwith the
utmost nioptv. No man tiny h«iy a
gallon ol kero or otVr * >al oil
prolu l-» at a j»rioe thrt thit
arhirh the t »i; tr !*t La* ma.le
f>r hiiu. The oil trant ranti
rie- i«t«» erery branch of the porem
ment. into everv of com
tiHTcr It- r : re»* lit.i-: v*r in Mr.
rie*-;imi * t \>it i« Mr. Whitney.
«>f the nary Il« r«'pr» *enla
t*re in t*-e i rnute i< Mr I'ayne. sena
tor from Ohi" !t < re^rH-ej.titive-in
the h*> a e j. Jl. O th*ait<* of To-
I inibut obi v and W. L. N*ott of
Kr;r. l*a. All tLe e gentlemen ar*»
IVftitK rait.
The I ion -umrr of tin plate in
the I nite«t >tate« i* the Quaint «il
tm»t. That - demands that tin
|>liite. u**t for ill pa. kajre*. -hai! Ise
placed on the iree The (Mitnt
servant* «»f the standard oiitru«t hire
re ui r the tar fT on tin plate in the
Mill- 1:1 •» that the dutv I* t• V<
place*! at lowest noteb.
J he demand for the re*l ;• tion of the
duty on tin plate come* from no other
#o jtv-« than thiit of the srreat manv
armed poiypu«—the Standard oil tru«t.
la\ -nnrr waofa to be Incorporated.
Colfat r.«vd» and will «apport a »team
The «uV-et a atreet railway labviac
di#» umn-U m Colfax.
sp»»kan» e*>-ißtr Ivmocratie eoawattM
win be h«M A t hcu»: i4ih
T?t«» r«i!fva I laa !« ar..,»n*t uardeid ha*e
been Withdraws from aale
A ierrt? Tfal r\--tumse ia * rtrena puff
lauds the * fW t etffJ »how*-*
Tb » cx a-.ty K t»n v »!iean coa
tr . .. t» w ... be hei 2 >rf»leather t
The %a. *» •>* »h ■Fa m ; road
of i\»l *i !• oa aad Uivaa lod
V A H »rt-e ki >d a hermtvphra-ilte
b!« k tear mar s bo a*b laibt irv.**"k.
Hut hi ••ale 1 oe> worth of J welry
f»» We,'ttteli »t ItaUee. t'hehall*. Saturday
Tbe point ra »e t tbat nofariea are n->t
le«a ♦errtuwial uabl euafinaed by
th«» lef s^'a-lire
The Pn'bihaiOT* I *!* of Spokane r*mnte
hav# n niua:."*J a tieket, Tiie part* «
««ry faebte tn r ai »r{-twin.
A It y. »r *»M bt»? ri .» v! !!»-r Gribbta,
at \ olni. »SoW a |V-> 1 fro;*»
tvt«r io'iaam, aad \so a baatnled a to?
PirkaMt an ! < Ketnl, fa ja l
a? f.afai »rr »a d t-> t<K>nc <•» fhf ra:j« « f
ih * ve» * t *rm ?sy «tnk ii b«a«l of »* :>
» .• ar uatkra »*:'*> !
te»t HSabv, a «• Frant k»stra. m«
e\sT aa4 k Unt r - a train at •-♦arfle'd oa
AttfaV t, llr **« aa tU) tIwUM
a irvote I*'l thr >ts«b in * j tfcal
ih<- ta% a-'r*»-» r:-a- 4. and Tie ci
[ taatttaafo «e.aa wa* a artf « a: ia ?a.x
| TV*a»aa R of hiUaaa wa% *e
eetri* levari J a week «p> tt,r>~
ot a bcxir*. by wht- b*« *a« i
A^a''a*i a itl-ra?h p**ie. One a-ta a.td
•ia h j w«f«? t*r ■*»*■, a-isd the Wft a-p '.-ra
fa** it* »*-wk* •- Uf it yt a s aiMt
may wot rw»*tf
Um- »"a evsr/r £V«t*era' • v.*
T M T^eraaa
Li :* aid Pwitwtt, R H t'blltoa a>ao
». ir lV K X tVnwaal. ha> JuJer. I'&JUI
K» : ntnvt-v. A<i. Nitr^aa;
•• .. *WL« *■ v*?. ?,j». k. Wrap PJMIf,
1»r II eoaalaiiarrv
v- haa. ttebrordcr M Bn*^as
Reunion of the Ancient and
Army Telegraphers
B »j<Wn u4 llcrstoß •# tW
rratott D«ri>{ th* E*Mli«l-
Tkrlr (MywibilitlM-t Cr»!
at 1 run »f
E:«t<rk JuUilf m 4 n«r «f bß
rtifiea, A;ijf- W.—H was a
B*»ry. pnl twjrti.-;i eotd wtirfs
lklO!t((d tbf dßts <Sf CtpL DltTid
l"«dra«'> t!ww. the Joi»o A I> I
tti« Ttoe reprrwntafcre
cf :te p. er*-! is the b;4orj of liw
l'ri*i Stitw haul i«n tetnlerwi ae
rxrar-ioe >m Lake Mt kifaa Kr the
locA t'«rj!i(n. in-i it not at A3
priate that a: !ea«« ooe of tlx
orptrozati t«i prcneat -bo-IJ Jjke it
otstirie on a boat named after one who
had -si i that internl iie*th aicn*
cooid t!ot* for any &re>pn to the
A mericac tiajt.
The rrr»wd on this orea'iem was cotn
t>r>»e4 of the rejwe-entatiTe* of the
<rt J-Time Telep-ajA Operator* arsd the
rafted r*uie- Mi'iiiarr Tel»graf«h
Corp-, fomuwl d-jrisj? the ciril war.
who for two day* hare met together in
Joint for the f inheraive of
?uoj-feilow»hjp. The Gr-t of th»-«
■ rmatuzitioa- repre-fnJ* the entire
lel»*-aph Mrrvi;* i-f the I'nite l
>! inajr the first 25 year* of it* ei
i-tißce. It iattwfai in it* member
*hlp tie liK/yj who h»ndle»l the f.T*t
rujf ir.stnitiients at the time of their
inv<- tion by Mow
When the wrote of the I'nion
ittpt :»cro-s the n«l IhtiKr of war,
- .mf in (be far Wr«! along tfte Mis
sissippi. some marching oh Atlanta
and other' lighting on bloody fields in
Virginia, it cu to keep in
tweret e<Hwmtiitiratioa with heuiq lar
ters in Wa-hintrtoo. This coold only
He clone hjr tn • in- of th» telegraph,
Kai h army had its < orps of telegTapb
>t« «;th it and t!:e;r dutie* were par
ti- liriy ardaoi- None of the reiax
atiwns attendant upon the incident- of
camp life were theirs. They worked
e*rlv an ! late receiving an.l sending
ii-pat. he'. trandating cipher* and
keepins; in eon»tint communicati in
with detached corps and with head
(sometimes the operator wx« tipotel
to |ie uliar danger'. Often during the
retirement of an armj he would V*
left ir« the rear, exposed to the enemy,
until the last momer.t. moriii-r to t .ke
advantage of any hope which might
lie sent in the *av of a telegram that
reinforcements w»re at band. After
the operator climbe-.l the pile-, ami
connecting hi« indnuiem with the
wire wo ild holdcommunication while
exposed to th* sharp-hooters. He
-lept in ow.imp- and lai i hi' fife down
on the biulr jield as bravely as the
bravest soldier.
Itat the peculiar responsibility of the
-•nice lay with the cipher operat;»r».
Th"re were about five of these in
Washington, and each general bail one
with him. The cipher ope-ator re
ceived and int 'rj>rcted di'patche- of
the mo-t momentous nat ire. After
lie he »rd the password long in advance
of the time when it was to be used.
Mr 80-ewater,e iitor of the Omaha
H". had the password of the '-orp
which he was connected for weeks in
in advance, when not even the general
of the army had it. Daring the great
civil struggle about .»,<**> miles of
»ire were in operation, ami over 13.-
oon.eoo mes.-ages were e-tiniated to
have ireen «ent Anoat 12W> operators
were eaapioyed, and nearly snr» were
kilksi. wounded or capture 1 on the
held of lialtie.
Through the effort. of t.en. Ko-t
--cnui* a t ill wa* introduced in the
hone which recognized the Talue of
their -ervi'-e« durimt the war and made
proTi«ion» for peri-ion* Thi*wa« re
ferred to a committee of the hou*earvd
finally wa< |>.i>-<d with the exception
of the pen-ion clauj-e. No more re
•ulted. »n I lirudlr it pot to the -tnate,
where now. with "the ex «*ption ol the
pen-h.ji provl-ion. it lay* awaiting
parage by that body
Among the many present at t'hi
i are the following R. 15. Wool
*ev. It. A. Taylor, K. L. !atfr(i-«, R.
W lliiKan.O. K I'uran, J. II White,
K. M K'-r'.z!e. \V. W. Smith, J D.
i rHi ■. \V, II Woodruff. < fiarh- New
ton, W. I!. I>p;dv manager of the New
York branch of the Western Union
-ervi e, John llrant. T. R. Fuller. Jo*.
Knttlei.. H. G. Stephenson, L H.
Jone-. A I. lve-,Tho«. Kin. R.
M. Tomliti-on 11. J Hiitchimn, I
!> Ki i t. i . Ch ne. I> K. Mnith and
oth<*r (tentiemen from all j* int< o: the
I'nion who hoUl po ition« ol re*ponsl-
I ilitv and tru-t in thr Tariou.t lotal;t'e*
in *hi h thev re i >.
Ti>i« nii>rning the OSd Timers ha>l a
brft < r»<M»inp t.he fotloniing
er- I'ff'Meiit. i"m. <*ha!<. Ta x lor.
l-fiinkfort. Ky.; D.J.
Sntitb, Kan-a-» City; «»e«retary and
treu'\irer. W J l>raly, Ne* York.
The annual meeting wi:l he hrhi
i!i laonistrille, K\ . »i ! ir n# the third
wwk in J-eptember.
After the rrtnm frorii the
both i>rg mlzalkm'* -at down to a ban
qjet at KinsleyV.
\ I'lajrr InjurH -Nm York In-
Hrr l.eact.
b. A up. 1* The Bean Eater*
were a -oft mark for Krook to-day,
ami won with ea*e. Thorntnjc wa«
-tru k :n the head by a pitched ball
in the firnt inning, and was
oti-alonff time. He willl*e laid up
K>oe da\ " at let, and may be lon re r.
The docior fean a «-erfou*< c«mcu
t»« ti»e brain. t>re IVtwt,.n «, t'hl as?o
ISatte?ie« riark-on and Kelly.
kr.M-fc and Paler.
Nit Vori A-jp. 16. -Keefe was in
-rUnd.d form today, and tlie
alieceil champions ro ikl no nothing
with him. Sore: New York S l>e
tr»«it 0. ttattrrie* Keefe and Cwing,
tVetiei' and IVnnett.
W%ams 'To*, A c. l*»-0'I>.ay wa*
a my-terr to the Ht«o*ier». and they
were whit»'«'a-bed. \V.H«hing
t n X Indi.map li- 0. Batterie*
O'Pay anil Deaalv. <>urke and Pa'ev.
Pun %!«■* rm%. Ausr l»i—l'i'.t*borg
defeutrd the Phi 4 t?J|>hia thi* after
noon hv tetter all-around pitting.
orr Pitt«h:irg Philadelphia I.
IVtttwifr. ami Jltlier. flirting
lon and t lement*
T.• j it tr.e «ta'". «if *h**ev.-nil
IrMiK clot* up u» JihU*, ia, y«
terday*» «*«f»
•t'Lt** Vl«»n U«t. iltftfii
S«-w Y«*i « Si po
< hi«-#c > »2 s» J« »
t 4? 4> *7
Pbi.ad* {»«; * 4? *3
fe»t*>a 44 « iO
.« 4i » ffl
WMbtmt -■ at : * M
lrvtVn-"«t" » m
Anjp 1 A,—Raring <ntn
mt'He- Three-foTTtk* mtie—Eatelia
won in l Tornado wroorvd. Von
Lotnp tksrd.
O-'* ; • ' i nrle*»—Lelet
w-'ti ti i V*v Little Minn:* second,
lu - st'
On# ard ' TMirfjth< — Lc*a
\ns'-.c* won : 1 'T t . Peewce *ecood,
Y«* * £ >*«p tb rd.
Ore won in 1
Be«-ie J mt tcooJ, Royal Aidi thiru.
w.vn i 1:1 ft, Khan secoaj,
Leclatr tUirt.
M.nmath Tark
M SM i! A K. V e ! ■ -Thrty
for n i.«- Mri #-A*iy won »n
1! I Vr.iu nd. LeuUa l>
Thw* «purtrr taifi won
in I V t *\ -w *<• ond. Fide* Uxirti.
**erer.-eifhUi» Biili-Oetaa won in
1:3. Getirr? Or-ter atari. Awfia
I M3e aad aa nchth-Baaraa woo ia
j I.K KaUb wciKsd. Rupert third.
Dhitur &a.%iap oat asd a quar
ter a»X»-»—BeNidcce wi,n. C ■ -Lmara
acetad. Mara A third.
Miie—LackrH woo ia 1:M, Ma
ians secacd, Wa. C Laighhn third
Pa* Kiltea rkallrafM Kllrata.
Ckt hj. A 2. ItL—H. A lam« has
rrc»»ej a Sdriiit o: Ji»W from Pat
S.i:le3. of St. Pa rt arwmpsiajTa* *
ch.-iSe:ig? to Jake K1 raisa to felfht
t f~ HiiimTi 111 I i ill w:th '.R? »isa£!e*t
a fc»w» 4e/r4,'*e-. wi*h;a SB? a»iie* of
{ Caicije. far tß9>t)CM* aMb:
i aad t«e chasati --.-hs:- of t e wjrii.
xu WUKO came.
Aatlrtv* FaiteJ t • Ttlefikoaa frasi
the Svlrtxa-
S'a Toa*. J sly 2V—C >-irtJan<it
Pi. -.Jtt aa ; >t«ph<a Peari Ars-irew
bad aa syret m*t!t tost tiie C"e wb -
died er»i wa-. -J p- i 1 let >
eate tram the '{n'lt last! with the -3"- j
r Tor. A year *>s to t-e ailoaed for ,
the eonH»umcat«o*t to be b .-d. ami in
ca * th-y cil r.'H the rcadivsoa w>
to be that the of sffeitua&rta?
inten'.'ur ewa tahe.
A&dns - wa* a ipirit-Jaiist, Palmer
waist an :;n L <iaeT:r>ff He
aa>l Andreas. ®h . w» <»maK.i.!T
raKed the " Pjt-urrh." together fomna
e i the I'o'.ii-eni. a society of pbi;o-i»-
I>ber- of direr* ii»w* to saw* tor dit-
Thtt was the origja oi the
Nraereensh t'rntnry Otsb. oi whi-h
P.-.!mer wa- !.,e p-e*i.!esS aa.! the
thief financial «a-taicer.
th z 7Err WFseaci.
Tbe two men were atrsioat to *ett>
tne •J.ue-t: n wt'i*. at iea-t. one lire i
a- to whether th» -jarit* of tbe d»a-i
ommaci attti *itb tbe Krirp. «o tbeT
nia-:e tbe ajtreement describe-i. Eas-a
n-eii onze<i a sentence, and thi- was. if
piis-ive. to be *ent by tbe one who
died to the one who yet' lireil through
»onie n-edi jm mile* sway.
Nobody e'-t- was to know what the
words were.
Andrew- dies! la.*t antamn and
! I'jhoer. aithoueh without faith.
! a waited for the promised message. It
did not < ome. fbe -patriarch" wt<
fr«j»ent!v rt-prr*eut-l i<
thro itb rarioo* n>edi'iui- her* and
there, but he did not mention Palmer
or the compact.
* » wets cane.
Sot long l*fore t'ourtlandt Palmer's
death b» talked with several friends
about the unkept protnUe maile by
-tephen Pearl An-ire*-. and declare.l
that if the expiration of the ye.ir (lid
not bring the proof to the contrary, he
>hooM -ft down -ptritnali«ui a> a
-heer delusion. A* he died be.'ore the
end of the year and without, so far «*
known. <lio !o-inz the te»t -entern e to
anybody, tfci* atteiupt by two mem
l*r- oi "the Nineteenth Century Club
to ascertain the truth of sp.nt.iali.-<ai
com?' to nothing.
Two Hundred Police Besiege a
Farm house.
The I'atterfos Hani and Fire ftroucht
Into t me —The flnmeless In-
mates Arrested.
Dntus, Aug. lft.—Eleven persons
were arrested to-day in connection
with the eviction of a farmer named
sorrier-, of Coolooe, who oTere l -tren
uon» re-i<tance all day. Somen had
fortiiieil his place with earthworks and
trenches. Before o[>erations were be
g in he made an otTer. which the mag
istrate advise) the landlord to accept.
The landlord, however, refused to ac
cept the offer. Iwo hundred police
men. with the aid of a battering-ram,
! then began an attack.
After three hours of use'ess conflict
an American gentleman offered to pay
half of the rent, but his offer wa« re
At lip. m . seeing the gaMe was on
fire. Sir. Uedmonu and C. Boyle a»l
--vi-ed the inmates to surrender. The
defender- came out and were arrested
Mrs I'arnell Knows Her Son's
Methods Are Honorable.
MYSTIC, Conn.. Aug. 16.—Mrs. I>elia
Stewart Pamell. addressing the nation
al convention of the Cniversal Peace
Union, now in session, avowed full
sympathy with the ]s*.,ce meeting and
-ai i tne home rule party always acted
for peace principle- Replving to ques
tions, -he stated -he had known the
-ecrets of the home rule party from
the start and the Times charges that
Pamell and his colleagues have con
nived nt a-sa- ination or violence are
to he- knowledge o .traceously false.
I'arnell hi« Ku(ll«h Sympathy.
Lo.xn IS, Aug. IS.—At a meeting of
the l.sverrxwl Reform Club to-lsy it
wo-re olved to-tart a fan J to a--i t
Parne 1 in meeting the expmsn of bis
ai " on ag iin-t the Ti It i, i:it -tid
ed to make the movement a national
one. Many prominent Glad-tomans
attended ti.e meeting.
Alinndanre < f ('rape* snd a Dearth
of f£«-<t Apples.
Sj-aisorrrLD Ma«*., Auj. 10.— Re
port • to the .Vrv Kngiamd llon»tst?>id
covering the fr'lit-growiitg rejrt'*n« of
New England, New York and Mi h;-
g.tn. Kko« an enormous yield of grapes
in all section-*, and a remarkablv *hort
crot> of pea he** in Delaware. Michigan
and other *ection* where« v omu»erci-dly
grown. with a v< ry limited producti >n
in tbe p*»a< h orohar » a of southern New
High pri e« are intuitively
certain tor pear* and with me
diurti vainer for grains and pearhe-.
but held for the winter market
•*ill douStie** cumman.l eomp;iratively
faney price-*. The apple crop on the
*hoie i- eon»iieraHy !e-* than even
the prorluction of a year owing to
«lrouth' in "■onie cold weather
at the time of blooming and premature
dropping of fruit.
An Itllnol* ilcriiirnt that tVa*
tirratly >t»c»i
• hi» \oo, A nr. ll—About 5 o'clock
thi* itiorriinif toe train on
the lU&nots Central ral!r*>ad due here
at»» 45 a m . ran into a tlrarid Trunk
freight tram at the South Lawn cross
ing. wrecking the foremost car- of the
pA"«en£er train and several freight
Aa far as a.lvi.*ed no lo«iof li e oc
curml. but two postal rlerk* an»i three
pa-M*nger> were Imdly injured. A
wrecking train and the
phy*; ian-H were at once di'patchevi to
thr * ene.
The fir*t reprt' that re ache i thia
cjty were of a terrible < j'ia>ter, w:th
many killed, ami the gravest
apprehension- were felt
A It ILAX t. l»| E.
A fTlae Prum»»r Wh« Kkklfd to
Kf nit f *r (fwodt
S ( Hicaoo, Aug I**. Bertho!«ii
hanm. wnn of Henry
the we!! known private hanker, w »-•
arfeMe I t >i« evening, charged with
er.» It appear* that«ireene
ba im hM !een representing the Kag-le
Wine Con.pmy .» > oriw -nta, I al,
cnce la tMa . Wine *a-* shi T pe Jto
him bv the cwl >ad an I of by
bur*. Ct roaN» ?t two werk« IgU he
ba i re w rth of «.i eand
the company had recrtved l-ytITS.
Tbi 4 n:«»n :• g Lincoln White arrived
from o*li omi i representing the «m«
merchant*, and a-* he was unable to
get a *aU-t»»tory -etUemrnt from
lireenehaun* caa>eti his arrest.
Northern T» Pa -ei Heron on
th«* lifl-ilei eafress I*, puna I-av.d
\j. MitUn.c. MK I'jfa • S>r«
Mr-. John H. F«v* A • «kj f. 11.
II Lee. ¥ Mm \ It Harder S. S.
IVifer. L M r.tag -e. F Muler ar.d
K» ?ecor;d-cla>s. N- h x.* 41 aecond
class through to thf toa-t
coaruMiD cscrsxi
Aa latntl -• Vy WkM Um Oo<
heeaSM OrtuHslai.
PrrrwrsM. J O!T 2; —A Pitbiwj
rhy**c an nasteri Cooler has appJis s
!s>r a piten: o- a pro to ■pr&errc
buaaahodie-by cuioore* km. mseil
by a carioas V- ra -: aati »a of -rf
1 aa.j hot roU -r«_ U: exctaJei
' al! the mi«stare aai redace-s a :a i
rr»w body to tbe -lie of 12 by 15
reis-lennji :t a» hard aad aa
(vfi: ha&e a* curb e.
He ha* ma ,e ««mi mer.t'
with pervert -a.xe-<*. Tb# Jort r aad
others, who bare i .t'tjf.t'J tbe p.«- ,
ce*s. ::iak it wiii Hiper-e .e eteaia
ti :.ts, a* lb :. are n l
oisiy sot oSen ire bjt caw he made to
a <': nt rar»u* ornajcental shape;
-r.i kept aw con-jtazt r oiir;.:er- a." u.e
ihe dot-KH- bas oa his ceater-tabie
tbe reauix* of a ch;«i prr-- od tato ti,e
•Jiape of a ct.«**. 11 i* highly «s j
taer-.tal. i* pccfactir od>)r e*. and
wmUti be Uk-a for :h? p;- -t surtfe
bv o,t« who did not know what it w»i
"Tbe docror pr.p >* ■ to place a Large
aOßtber of -pHr men* of
e«erre-l ia thi- way oa exh; -itioo ia a
few uay*. A comjwny wiil be formed
to pii-b the ijsvfnsj n
THE KU> ic tunsri.
Keei-injp Alive th* t{itxll«a fa PU-
Iractr.J i riMf.
PIE:-. Aug. 16— Two thousand of
the leading mwTfaU«t' met in th'-
c:ty ve-trr av. Vegoax presiding. A
patn-jti- wa- ro»i to rriste
A« a bmjuet which followed, the
greate-t enthjsia«m <a. mar.i:etted.
fearoa who delivere-i the
orati-m. received a touching -jvatien,
particular! c o:i an oust of h: many
year- and iJ heJth and the fast in
coming known that hisfriends for these
reasou- hal ttied toui-s-uadebim front
similar demoastrations
wiil be held throughout the country.
LMM« Ai»«at Kiar*loß \\ ill Itearh
Haifa Miltlow.
Kns<i«Tos, Ont., A'i?. 16.—BushSres
have l*en racing in this neizbborho d
and already nave done dam .»e to the
ex Wit of nearly half a miihon. The
whole is dtT3s«tau> t and com
munication cut off thro :?h t.'.e burn
ing of corduroy ro.ic- jn.l bri ipe .
The Ontario government will lie ap
pealed to.
Tkt Track Steamer of the Thing
valla Line.
NEW YUM. Aujr. 16.—The
wa* an iron «crew -teaiuer of l'l' tim
burden, .-ho »j- 321 feet lon*. ''< feet
!«m and 22 feet ..eptb of bold. >he
wa-built in they srii* of Burtitei«ter
and Wain, at C -penhacen. in 1-* l.
The <iey»er wa- one of the four ves
sel* own»-d by the Thinevalla line, and
was con-iuered their crack ship.
Hanlan'n S«m Burned to Death.
T->!:f>sT >, A'lg. 16.—E lward H
lan. Jr.. a yosing son of Hsnian the
oarsman, while playing with m iti hes
!a»t nisht -i»t tire to his clothes and
b irned t) death.
Mexicans My«terloa«lj Murdered.
Nocjurs. Ariz . Aug. M.—Two men
were ki.Usl last r ijht at a railroad
camp on the Bisliee roa 1. near Fair
bank. north of this eitv. One man,
who had hi- throat cut. is - ippo ei to
have been murderesl for the purpo-e
of robbery, and the otfii-ers vi far have
iailed to -ec ure any clue of the mur
derer or murderers. The other man
was stabbed to death in a general
quarrel, but by whom has not yet
transpired. Roth men were Mexi
The Joint Lfa»f Not DiM-uivrd.
NEW YO*K. Aug. I'". —The North
ern Pacific directors' meeting has ad
jo irned. The otticials state that the
matter of the joint iei-e of the Ore
gon Railway .V Navigation was not
diseu»sed. Only routine buaine.-s wa
Heroic, but Dead.
ROMK. AU«. 16.—General Ra!dis-or»,
in a telegram from Ma-sowah. ex
presses a po-ilive lielief that all the
Italian officer- were killed at Saganeti,
and prai-«- the heroi conduct of the
Knsaia and Turkey AsalnK Italy.
ST. I'ETifcsßrß.,, Aug. Iti. —Rn-sia
joins in the protest of the porte again-t
Italian claim- to Mas-owah, in the
R d Sea.
A (ireat Kftclish Itaee.
L'.M> IS. Aug. 16,—At Kenipton
Park t!.e great international Breoiers'
stakes re-u;ted in a dead heat bftween
Speck and (iratton. Chittington thir>l
1 he -takes were divided.
Great Fire in Cayenne.
Lisecis, Auir. 16.—Advice* from
Cay line. Freti h Ouiana. state that
the bu ine - portion of that city h-s
been burned. Los-.
When Eaby was sick.
We gare her Castoria.
When she was a Child,
She cried far CastoruL.
When she became M-ra,
She clung to Castoria.
When she had Children,
She fare them Castoria
———j T
Mo Mercury,
Nc Potash,
Cr any other Mineral Poison.
It 1* Mature'* RrmeJv. m-vl« tnJuslr»:j
frn Root* end Hrrb*.
1: Is perfectly HarmlewL
It It tba ooJj remedy kaowa to the
that tutf rrer yet Outrd LUod
in all it* ita#**.
It cures Mercurial R2vMima't<*n. Cartrrr.
Scrof-Ixaa-I other blood dlscaaca Leret«jfora
otmsidfr l tar .rab>. It ean* any diaesao
cause*! frmn
arribed by o# tbe bt-vi j hiaa*
ta tbe Caitcd State*, u a tonic. We append
tbe tfatezaeut of a few:
•* I hare &. a ft. pattest* aie*o
fn - fr*»m f«-*vr nut tr< -rn nmalf* wtta tut
best J. s CB«»*T. M
EUavute. Ga."
P*r**-w. Oa -Wi'-iie White *ai
wiu» »cMfu a «*v. a ;• I prescribed a. i
and Uhuj he ta a (at and n»6uat bo*.
C. W. Piuua. K D.
ItHTnr-ftv. VIVr 1\ !%X.-Ih**e %a\m
thrrt» UtCiir* loe for •*< aauv?
U <od p»boo. It a>-ra mwfc beaier tbas pvt
cua wr vher rw-di I an*© t»<c
H f Vvi*m«xn. II D.
Fctly vt SoMMca c«.<, v a.
I*%. r. J a ira. I'm weJi kno*m drocC «t
an l |io«iCt*a. •* >"-»a*U»a, Boward
ark . «rr1«: - HU* *g t*«in kn« » k <Mg* •• ta
Wbat a ft a HoC 1 ran «ifr!y
nw»liti>a!bc rrw *dy t ra. nbo.v
>; u-aivor* o a wbat nacw may bp."
bar# &
vrfwlerfiii ju»d its cur*. tr>*m all
ever worki. whxra will fonnnre - bat
aU we »nr i< tr*je t aed wbk-h we wi lualt
f-w> c>n 3tot fan ' y bo
w.tnoptlt. we t-a««r aT:«ther onCoeiaftons
«rntn mjne ortan
Writf us a tftory ef eooe enae.and cur
nhnk-ttl wdi - ita by k-tter. U»
crKv*t We wul nc^t
T<* aaic by aXi druc; lata.
Tint .*wtt Srmnc
l*rawer a a'..ant*. Gn.
?c»w y *'a R^atiwy.
)/« •- *r- . ?6 n»l\
friHii S.id Francisco.
>*a .• tM.
Ha«"-,ae* cut. »t ! -hed, tie . 12.
ra*, *ent*
K'arofr.-aa ta,.or ruie lanrht w v: of
fit ne & lU*vra Ift. bi*.ek.
Adopted by the Republican Conven
tion at Chicago.
For PrMidrnt-Benjunin H»rn*on of Xnt!i*na. Wcrr Vioe
Prw.dpnl" T*. Morton of Nrw York.
Tb- Eep .11) ■ ins of th? Ue,:-dStat•*, axsen.iilfti b" - tb-:r ;n Ni
' tioail ftKiTsatiu pitn oa fie torssbatj of thru- pro.waiinss to honor the
me xrr of t«r£ -< great 1 ;.t.l th- iaxiMi lii njija o: liberty aa-i th«
rgiiti o'i the pr*pli —Ahrahara Uacohi; aaJ to tanr aijj «i:Ji wrtiiai of in»-
prntiii ? re K:a> riao.' aai gritiradj ;hs her.)i; narjea of Liter leaden, who
hive i>e«a m>» rKiaiijF cilied away from ©ir eoaa. .!•>—Grant, OvMld,
Artonr. Losaa, C jakSag. Ifay their m -roari.*' be fnaf jBJ cb!rnhKl.
We ai*> re ali with oar greniaj» ul wi.h priyer for Ms lawtiy the
name of oueof oar livia»henw« Thou> netaory will be t-eisared in the bi»t..ry
both of Republicans and of the Eepabiie—the name of U-at noble soldier ami
favjriie vtuid of fttarr, Philip H. shrridia.
In the spirit o: :ho»? great ieaJers. an-i of our own deToli m to ham an lib
erty, an 1 with that hostility to ail forms o> de*io»i ra an! oppre *md wh hi*
tlte fs'ttlanentai ilea of the U.»p .m pirty. we -end (nt rnal con.-.t ila
toost > ov/»i!9» Aateriraas of Briai, aoa to •.? greatest->f * -.am :iptti»-:.
which mtm?lete4 the abjiitjja of vMjry t :ir»u ;ixov. tis tw> A.aeri. la conti
nents. We <r irne tl. hope that we a»ay -000 cn£r at slate oar fe.low-ci:ii?nj
of Irish birth apn the psrjfnl reroTny of hone rsile for Irrttmi
Wt aSra ear uiMwerviag d.'votioa tj th* National Con*titofcon an lt -
the indi—«>iu ! 4» I'nioa of ihf ; to th? autonomy re-erved to the .-Ub
uniiert'a? Coostiiatioa; to th» perms d rijht« ani it:>Tt:e- of cUixen- snail
the State' and Territcrie- in the I'm in. an-i especially to the >-;pren.e «.>vtr
eign tight- of every lawful citrxea, rv h or fcor, nit.ve or foreign born, whte
lor bUc-k. to cast one :ree bail t ia |-uia>» electi »n«, ami to have that ballet
only coantoi. Weh .-la the tree and honest ropu ar ballo*. and the i .-t at.-!
e-)aal repre«entiti n of all th • people, to be the ioucdation of oar republican
and demand edrciive legislation to « TJre the mtegri y and
pitity of ejections, whica are the fo.iiitaint of all pttblic auUmr.ty. VVe
■ hjrze that the p «-ser.t a4inini«tnttioa and the s ratjc majority in « .«>-
gre-s owe their eii tesce to th- «npj>re«-:t>:; o< the t-al-ct t-y a < rimmal nu.!;:.-
catiim of the Oon.«:ituti a an t la* • oi the (Tnitzd ."tau .
We are unconu roaii mgly in favor oi tile Amen an «rslna of pnotef tron.
We protest again-t its de-tr Htr a propose! by the I'.e. lent and hi- |a/tr.
They -erve the interest- of Europe: we wi_! - jp;-ort the ins re-: < of An.-ria.
We "ACCEPT the is«ue and conti ;eot;y appial to tje pe pie tor I heir judgment.
The protective system mu-t !«■ maintained. Its abiadoanKn<hts«tn>> been
foiowei l»v general di-a-Ur t» ~1l :nt'-.-c-t- ex .;>t th of the i-:rer an i the
Sheri 1. We denounce the Milj bill as de-t.-ucti.e to the reaeral ba>iae«, the
labor and the farminc inteer-ts o; the country. and *e heartily in lor-e the
enwtntud pitiotic *cdm> of the Kcpre«nuurt.< in Corigre—
in opposing it - pa--a,re.
We condemn the propo-ition of tae D*aix"ratic party to place wool on the
frcli-t, an t we insist taat thedat»e« trie eon shili be adjust*. and mainta.tie-t
so a* to famish fail and adequate protection t ■ that iad ;-try.
The UepiUican party woald effect aii needed redaction of the National
revenue 6» repealing the torn o» t-Aatro. which are a. .uuwyaisr* adbnrne%t*
agriculture, and fhe tit «/*/« rpaitj u.*eri i« /V arti awl fm merWiasrai parp<M«*-
ajui bp mch reririo* of Ike tanlf Um at will lend / > e\eck tixpvrti of tuck aitir-et mi
are pmiitred bp air people. the prviurfjt* of whish gne* employment to OH r lab*, and
releate from import tiut-rr time article* of foreijm p.r*i*et "H ( rjfrpt Ivjtt tetQ tie Itie
oftrkick COM I,U be produced at know. If there t\ali stilt re a larger rerenue
titan i» requisite frr / V leauti of the Gorerumeit, wt filer titer Jitt repe-i: »f internal
t'trrs mthrr than the mnrndei of 'in* part of our < tertipe rtf.. -n at txe joint behest
of tke wkitty tnutt and the atteult of imeign man uf-iturers.
We de< lare oar hostility to the intrmioctio.i into thi- country of f .rei?n
cor.tr.wt labor, and of Chinese labor, alien to our i ivflisatkm and our Consti
t ition, ami we demand the rigid enforcement ol the exi-ting laws against it,
and favor such immet-ute le-i.-la;ioa as will exclude such labor from our
«hu: e-.
We declare our opro-ition to all combinations tit capital, organiied in
trust-or otherwi-e, to • ontr l arbitrarily the condition o: tra.ie anions our
citizens, and we commend tii Coi:pres- and the Mate in tfctir re
pe-five jurisdi. tk>f.». - ch lep ,ati<<n a- w-ll prevent the exe> ution of all
s hemes toopprr-s the («op> by unduechat^eson their -upplies.or i y unju-t
rates for thvtran-p rtat:onof tlieir pro«lurt- to market. Wcapprove the !• -_:s
lation by (,'ongrc - to prevent alike unjust and unfair discrimination*
between the M.ites.
Were iifi rrn the po!i»"v of appropriitinp the public land-of the Unite i
to lie homestead* 'or Anierican > ituens and >■. tL'er-. r,v< ai cn-. whi h the Ke
pubik-ju party e-taUished in He*. agaia«t th- p ri«tent opposition of the
PeiMK-rats in Conpre--. and which has brought i«ur great c-t«*rn domain
int<i such mapmbcenS developmeiit. The restoration of unearned land grants
to the public domain for the ••*>- of actual «ettWr>. which wa- beg in un .i-r the
Administration of President Aithur, should be • ontinoed. We deny that the
iHrmocratic party has ever re-tored one acre to the people, but declare that by
the joint action of Republicans and Democrats about t-fty millions of n res of
uneurnfd lairds t>riginally granted for the construction <■; railroads have been
re-tortd to the pnbiic domain, in pursuance of the conditions in-«rtetl by the
Republican pa:ty in the original grants. We c harge the Democrat:* adminis
tration with failure to execute the taws sectuing to -etiler- titles to their bome
tcad*. and with u-ing appropriations made for that parpu etohara-- innocent
-«tt;e's».th -pie- and pro-e nitons under false pretense of expo-ing frauds
anii vindicating the law.
The government by Congre-s of the Territories j< ba<ed upon necessity
only to tl>een<l that they may ln.-me State- in theCnion; thereiore, whenever
the conditions of population. matrTial resmrre*. p il-lic intelligence and moral
ity are such a- to -ecure a -tabie local guverr.meut therein, the people of -u. h
lVrTitorie- -hould I* j ermitte«i, ai a inht rent in iht m. to form for them
selves constitution* and State government • ar.d le a..iu.tud into the Union
Pending the preparation for Statehood, ai ot&cers thereof should bestlecte-i
from the bona ti ie residents and citizens of the Territory wherein they are to
-eive. S.>uth Dakota should of ri,ht be immediately admitte<l as a state in
the Union, under the con-titution Iran el -nd adopted by the peop!e. and we
heartily mdor-e the acti i:i of ihe Republican senate in twi e {a-sing bids for
ber admi-si m. The refu-1 of the Democratic House of Representatives, for
partisan purpose*, to favorably i-on-iiler these bilis i< a willtul violation of the
-a. red American principle of local sell-government, and merits the c mdeinna
ton of all ju-t ntii. The pending bill- in the senate for a, t- t ■ ena!..e the
p. ople ef Washington, North Dakota and Montana Territories to form eon
-tit -ti '|i- and esta:ih-h St >te government- -hould tc pa- ••••d without ur:'C- c
"Srv delay The Republican party pledges itself to do ail in its power to
L.i .litate the admis-ion of the lerntone-of New Me\:o •. Wyoming. Idaho
and Arizona to the enjoyment of self-government as Mate-, -ti li of thein
as are now ipiali.' tsl as -oon as p .ssilile, and the other- a* soon as thev tuav
become so.
Ihe political powerof the Mormon church in the Territories, a* experien< ed
in the pa t. is a menace to free institution- t.-o danger > to !>e long surtVrnl.
Thereiore we p e»:ge the Ilepitb.i an party t > appropriate legislation a-sprting
the sovereignty ol she nation in all Ter:lto- IV- where the -awe is qae—
tioned. and in furtherance of that end, to pla e upon the statute lwok«
legislation -t.ingent enough to tlivorce the poutical Irons the e- lit iastKai
power, and thu- -tamp out the attendant vichednts- ">f p 4jgamy.
The Rep lb.ican party is in favor of the of b.th col; an.l -ilvcr as mo
n'-y. and c uidemns tne policy of the Demo- ratic atlrn.n:-trat; -ii in it- etlorts
to demonetise silver.
AX e demsnd tire redaction of letter postage t > one cent per ounce.
In a rep lUic like ours, where the citizen IS tl*e soverrlgn and the ofti ill
the s-rvant. where r.o |«-wer is eier i-e,l except by the wil of the |» p i-,
it i< important t.iat the sovereign—the people- should p -se - int. .-
The free school i- the promoter of that uitell!gen> e which i- to pr -. s»
u- a tree rt i>n; therefore the State or nation, or Is th oon . - sij ; i
suppoit free in-tititions of leirning -utHcicnt to afford to every .
arowing up in the laa 1 the opp>rtunity of a go si comni n i -1 e-; i
We earne tly m-ommeitd that prompt action t>e taken by * *>ngre«i in the
ena» tm. lit of siich a* mil be.-t >ec :re the ivtiabilr.ation of our
Amerk-an n>e;< ha: I marine, ana wr protect ag.>i«-t the |«a» -age by t.'otijrv**>
11 fri o *bip bi.l, us calculated to work t • labor by the
w.»»e«of tho»e engage lin preparing miWriti 1 * jm well a> tbw'e oire-tlv em
pl./yed in our "hip-yards. We demand appropriation- for the early rebuilo
mg o i o»ir navy; :or the constrncti »n of < oa>* iortilkati»ni and modern ord
r;an e. ami other approved modern mean* of defence for the protection of our
tlelensek'-- harbor- inddtin; for the paymnt of juat p : »i >r to our «o]-
«:»t rs; for net e**ary work** of national imp »rUnce in the improvement of ha-
J>»r- and the channel-* of internal. < \»a>twi ~e ami foreign commerce; for the
enemtraeement of the «hip|ing inure t- of the Atlantic tiulf an.l Pacine
>tate-«. a- vie.l a-* for the payment of "the mat'iriug put lie debt. Thi- pt-h- v
wiil give emp!oyiite r it to our lai*>r. activity to our variou* indu«tric*. im re.t>e
the *<m urity »f oar country, promote trade, open new and «are< t market* for
our produce. an«l cheapen the (0"t of transportation. We athrm thi« to I* far
better for our country than the I>e;wot ratic policy of loaning the government
mower *>thout to |*»t hank*."
The « onduet of foreign artair- by the present administration ha« l»een di*-
Unguiihed yit - inetti u-ncy and its cowarui e. Having withdrawn.from the
>enute a-.i persumi treaties effected by Republican ad mini t~ati »n< for the re
moval of burdens an t upon our commert**e and for ita ei
ten-ion into letter marltets, it ba-< neither eft e nor anr other- in
th< ir »t< :*• i. I*ri>i>*«inn a-Jberem-e to the Monro:- doctrine, it ha* aeen with
idle complacency tbe e»tei;>ian of foreign in-Suen e in < entral Amerle* and
of for. -.)?n tra.ie everywhere anion fr our neighbor-. It ha- reiu ed to ■ barter
-iti t: :i or encmran »nv American orjtuniziti m for con-tracting the
Ni. araifita t'anal. a *ork of Tital importance to lh.- m 'iinterian< e of the M .n
--roe doctrine. and of our national inrtnence inOntral and Month Aatetka
and tieriy for the development of trade with our P» iat territory with
Mouth Amer. a and with the i-land- and the further coa-ts of the Pa i <
«• »rr*ijn> the pre»cnl Urmocratic (or ;:h weak aad anra
tr- .tic treatment t.f tbe li-heri?« qoe-tion. utd i«< | a-ilUniti .1 "trier. >r 1 f
the (~«rr.t ai 1 rirU-te-to »hi, h oar ti-hini Te--eU are entitle.) in Canadia-
J>trt« uo .er Ibe treatv ot I.J«, the recifHWJ maritime ies: 1 iti.in of Iviit «.„{
f n . al .' on "- * l "' h , fi hine re. eive in the port-
Jf. ? ; " uir " We roodetan the poll, yo! the j.re-ent a'imini.tr't....i
and tin- i>e>Bocrktt< majority in Congress toward our ri«berie» itiifne- <ilv
y .»ni«tri.4ic. »ti »■ tending t„ de -.mv a raiuaU. al
inan-try. ami an indi.of>en»ahle t»f defense a fortiori
The nr.me <,{ Amen, an appKe. alike to a)l citir»n« of the Remiblic ard
impo up* ail a !Ke the -a uxt ofeiiffaUOß* of o ♦..:en<e to the ia«. At .hi
sanie Übh that citizenship i smt nj i the the panoplv and -afeffuard of t "*,
.r t r ' ro l UH ' * he!i »* r high or low rich or j«K.r, in ht< . ivii
If. fi m l "* t him pmtoction at horn -, and follow and
protect him a roa 1 in whatever land he miv be on a lawful erran i
, n >aßdo ' lrd J b ' L R<,p^b !ln P art l «a «*»« and continue to
a here t # the iK-mocra i • party, have desert* 1 no: only th of hone t
(Toreriiment. Oi aonnd IjiUKt- or freedom and parity of the ballot 1. t e,-
p -s'»aUr bare de«erte.l the r » of re'»nn jr. the utii »ervi. e. We *1 not
rf.' JS. K P wl f^f es thev hare broken their., or be ao»e their < ~r.
dsdat«ha« broken hi- We, theie/ore. repeat our det aration of l*»t to »it
the it. rrn of t.ie • —f*. e *u-t.: It :e«un ut: W the I: •»
»<iinini«tr*tiori. «bonid bec--mrlrU~l by the further esten ion of the r, on>
.TMemah«.)ye.t.l" bed by U.. to aU the of th. , r rl .e I
Vr ''' "1 k P ;r ! 2,1 : P irp'-eof the reform be
aB Exrcatw a?,- n.ti.ert =. , ia ..d U». a: wrUnre »>tb the oWerVerfOi.t
.'"f k VT' h ' t 1 "■* T i **± i -«° ,head «»'* "»<■ •! .nrer to fri
" P 0 "" 01 ofllclJ ma )» *i^| } , na
'lhe tr >;: i.ie osf the North t.» the defenders of tf . t
measured h, U*>. The \rzl< itL»n Congre*< ,hou i 1 '*
P»*Niiger<- ma<ie b> a loyal le. ai: S *o enlarg Isn i * tt--".k 1 l" » - ■
*ide i.-ainjt the j<>- ibi uT tkat any man *)«» hon<.r.» v *o-e the k'/ T*!
o:n arm halt be ne an inmate of an alm-hcHue, „ r ,Je 'e- •• i *
*ate .hat.: . In M» p:e-«nce of an o*ertl<.*ing treasnrv i: u » tlull^
r * 1 f ' '.*■*< hfrew lh ej. r,»-' ; te, ? jr ♦»
tton o pa: me v f i.l parties. ar«d e9p» o( ai*
ia|r»w Kr. - 1 u> ' ad-
- V Cnioo B4»», -van*.. « m ""»*
4prral an mm ?;«• C rfwraua-. - -
«|T<«iwg ta». -«^vJ«Bg
maac M.
VTTOfc.fZ r AXI» cocvtm in. ,_
law. MMlw .a ~ . »»
A<tmira.tj. a-»l > 3*Z~
W. T, f «n :■» ? «y>,
J* UCH'I Kv h i»'nqp**
(Tl» Crf tIM f*»:.i9»ch «*« Bttf )
r-ocx*rjjj>r. at LAW -Moafi ._.
V' 1 l itjM KML . s **
HKMtV R Ltxiii i"S*
y ™ t ~ i ■ • £55
WATSOX \V. I*o.>kk7~
. V law. M 6 i:-~r'. a,»aj«a -'ill
MBit, W. T
n«; *. Bxaat
«. ■ rax. 1 %S
Mcßr. le, C»rr A Prmton,
«* USiW.ti.- «
mm a»4 kattic. 4eatUe ««„ » ». -. -
iWT ' frmmi
». «. St.aj »>»
* TOMmiT rnrn
a a Sootf V r ■ • i I, -
mtatMrff. - *"
khkn HMITH, j
A TTOaXEV AT Ltw & •,*«.
- I ntrattimd »•>- ... p-.a, :.X
v«ht«d t r-'-.5., to, CI.S2
I'. P. fAimuM, -
ia». Room* 17 aal 111. I'oact* BufiE S
-ic. r-f-t-r •
Us* la&aa <!«*!«**» of IJC * .
fc»a »U**U Mm*h:ja- 1I*. /•**
<f«W anestioa to ! «. •>.< of ».«rna3
eaOdfvs. Tb«e i "rnntimal
•r .offern* from art-!-,, ir-wfcSS
*tl tvUi MfMiAil; a*r caJfc
•znweml lay or aijrht . »rsaa!?«iaß |W
ftvatawut fir* for rVv -laaMa m Mt
.''oo S la 19 iKL »n |£
rmaestkal** h'jjrk, UIV, Kro«| ,--~T
| ±5555: i 3»
C. K. CASK, M. I>.
TAroy.». w T j
L»K. *r. V. GOOUHI'K.KQ,
I s aa-1 7 MuM i lu. l Fruu! «.
'*•* TT '.>•■ ?^3
I aK'-, FKmi iMxti >v.. aM
Bar-rv. waul,, w. T.
/ \CVUST. ACRI.-T L IRYN;; *1 r-3£
V " ha - ■<~r
E*»t *»t Enr..;*. w.ii (*■ j »--J m --«*
&:■ lirwr ; «;j.l <>• m l«-«i ,< kt»
«err:or». a." hv ln-wroin In« r-i<(>
Lr+rr Klfwk. SrmUJ*. W. T. h«*!.V i r.car
a*r Fourth »t>4 M»r:oa ,r4»
UK. H. D. U>.\GAKKkT
puocm or THE wrrtßorr cm
I 1 I'ri nitii * t|«r< luty si
of the ejt.«>l throat T>-aai
p rirmze. rhrnaif ani akia dm-am
aoTrt caucpr. Tnr op* ac-l njcen withal
Mia of tut- of the kutfr.
Office, eororr Tfc: nj and Cherry itmK
Honr». i a. m. to 4 p. w.
T. T. *IJK>a. * P. £ UK. BA WBO3I. M B.
omos iy ornjt auca block.
Telephones Office, No **; Dr.
No. *■"■_
Colon BUxk, Frost atrvet, 6«* iour,
apatairj, Room 10.
Offinf hour*— lo a. m. to 12 m. ;2to 4p.
■n.: *to9 p. m.
«. i_ sbiih. *. n. | arm cam,! &
Putu-in'i Bl.»k, Front Brrrt OflHs
>CICT—3 to 4 p. m. iiyl 7 to * p. CT.
I ly Sarrt-OB t y Hwpttil. M. Louii. Ml
••If*—K v.m i, s.v, 313*4 Front street, tl»-
W T 1
Mr. and Mr*. K. J. Caotie,
124U1 feetcow, Meat*! !(•-alios. No. Knl
-eoHMi bi'ltw" and ring,
Wiwfatactow TV*"nt*»nr.
r>K. 11. K. SMITH,
911 Front sr«(, IVnay Block.
U. JO, 3&, 36, third flour, Caiou IT.oci.
Complete ab«trart>ot tlO farai«h«l to
«njr UaJj in itiv ritj of M tibc or K
. au, (*.'-• Front itr-tt. Mo«*,
- yn
\ R'"H:T» TS - BCTUCE-H BCII i>n*a
i l .'uw cl, orfMhi OnUratt! Hold
» V Frout *u.l Marian iimh
Notary fcbu< and conveyas
ftr. R4>ora Is K-w> -in hii-i l;st
A o»tvp*-». r«,
room *. <t«.ntoa HiHwrr baiidfn/.
Clril kid Mining Eatlucn ul
Dr.i'« s hUm.n.
c»l. bn<i«'. *_■». ra«c mad
irainare itiTtro * i-**< ;a: athr»>
tioo. Citr property or Ud'Jd at
iaWivitk'l. Mij* aud oif< hiuica! <lrtv>
'l**- '•W.wilds tod bittf prim* • iiitT.
lovafhlp »n«1 map* iitti* .in btoi.
Ror»m» IV an»J a); block,
**«•■ »■ T. jo* i«
1. 6 DCVUT. | ■ «_ OVKM.
V t'oßtncton. Kaiiwara «t»'i
ie work* 'Minwd and built. Mao*. *p+
dflratlvm and furui»h*-<i. V
inrveri tud mt(>« tua>lo fur auf
i*urpo*e. Hall*fan tfoti gmafaa»«-<*<t
Olßce-Rixiin U, if lor k.
«><« id«»otat. jr6
jSorv<jrc*r'« e. *£<«•><}« jt» «»<i 9,
Cni'm H!f« t Tak* «»leT«wr
eoxsrLnxo KNOIXXSB
A ucii i t iscjt.
furm-H, l u,,IUf Sir Don|l as Fol«
C <'i)«iiii|n|
BP. ID* K- DOCKS. W \ Rr.IIO '* « K«.
1 J j*r» r»» ihr worki
K/>M?n 17 a:*! IK, Olooiak hluck. -*^oM
F »t oar ;Sff«r?*d frknii.
A Rare Collection o? Design*.
A. c. TMOM I*H4 »N".
DE-i«,NtK ASU U »M rAfU KEa OF
• . iklj ot icmArj • .r». in T raa-
Brao*-h ofWa. rouni 17 io<t I*. < ol'iftlal
W- a. • raer jr «'ni *:<u utrH*
**•»> J. C AS*ttt

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