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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 25, 1888, Image 1

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Wine Hill
Ub40,50 and 60x110 Feet
Jli to SISO
Per Lot.
hot located, most desirable and
cheap""* suburban property on the
■arkrt ttni-i' - It is cit mted within
U»r« ami a half miles of the
Sttttle. Lake Shore & Eastern 11. R.
s~ j
lad within ten minutes' easy walk
of gosh STATION on that road,
ftear miniitei' walk to
Cue MUe to
Thu> beautiful locality i- particularly
suited for the location of
A» it is within rt\«y reach of Heattl?
neuter by mil or carriage
roa<l and with the
NSEIDIS Haanfactories
Already fituated there, and tl»o ira ,
nnn that li i <re imh nred ►ite* to I
lor.de there within th« next few
months, there will lie
01 machinist*, carpenters, niacin-, and
in fact all kind* of »kilsed and
unskilled l ib rers
Boss PostofEce
U noon to lie established ai i" abo
a general
MiMrhandise Store
Wlu«'h will n«l«! much to the value, ami
a great nlvtntage i* that
On the pound for the children
Literal Terais Offered.
I'iyiwnt HaU \<e rua ■'«> a** (alio**
flal l 1-4 f iht* h.tWi ii.ree
month*, nil the remainder in six
ttoMh>, at f» jier cent.
v#*en*,-< !U;\V ; r ma*'? |Hr\ til* matu
rity if the j«;i < bu er W«
off» r r - p, r <vui. . t omit for complete
c*fch payment
Builders cf Homes.
Wcotfer to ail home- wvrth
not W- than
$250 Each,
Within three t> !»- »ft« r
their U*<* *t from
$75 to SIOO Each
Acoonhng to ;<>c«th>:: Remember'
our lot*.
40, 50 and 60x110 feet
SIOO to $l5O Per Lot,
»W wal: • i x ,}, . b»\i|W.
rr.y tin tin
you BAI.K BY
GSO. F. FAY, Agent.
Room i*. . .nUr Building,
| ®*» Seccud m l Jatae*
Dress Goods, ISTotions,
V elvets,
"White Goods,
W. P. BOYD & CO.,
621 and 023 Front street,
1 .P. IloYT.M»n*r P. Norton ACo .Banker* J FtBTH, lanhier Pufg ul Bank
B. QATtKKT jvfavahvlMf Bm. i< o H.t'TitiT*. ?tnne, Haiuea A M>. MScken,
iM. T>. BALUKf., i>re*ideut Seattle Hardware Attorney*.
; rim win» * t A. B s7k**ut. Drairntiirt.
! 11. U ffwii. Titra. r. Krntl. A !>«. T. T. Min k Mayor.
Ex-Oov E. f Ftnv. Vtee l're*: lent I'uk. 1 .-njuud hatioual Batik.
FBI it; fiOUIIS!
( »F
I I iis w 1:1 :K <>NLY.
<>l>«-rt» ill««k. l-riinl "(rfft.
The Peat Estate »'* Von«v Q> <k f» of the
Pacific CoBSt,
IWnTvTI.S t»*B !:«»• *' f. '1 ».««••! *•* .U
«<!• *• It i o£k*.
..."R.-.TC* «X-** »O ROC M « T« MM WIT. »
v ttl !• It*
Future Great City of *» Pacific Coast
r« to
<TM» t« T*» <a»i-u"*na at ro«« JI ha MSM
522£ ftST. «s».«*•». "•»»*■« to u*
>,« \o.k ot »i«- I--.*
Just received, two car loads of MASON FRUIT JA RS
and one car load of JELIY GLASSES.
E. iIiOBE Sz CO'S_
Interpreted Baldly in Eng
land. < an«da. Anierira.
A €%wr.%l«w* TKA^SrAEINCT.
Tbe Losdoa Know* OOMI
The (snadiaa Pw« Konhaitk.
hmt tkt Turn Ptle-TW
fuudiao ft»Tfiaf»l Hays Xotk
ißf —C o Bdemned by Krpabliraa
WwBTJWU)*, ABf. 11-Tb' president I
meamfe vn> tbe aU-abeorbia* topic of
canetrsation ancoo? member* of tie pre»-
i eel bow* to-day. Party liaes a.-e alnmdy
drawn, tbe Y>e»noerai» prai&in* tbe mes
••«e aa a statesmanlike utterance, and the
Repnbtlcans eenerally ccmdemain|t it as
purely political.
Eepn-nentative Hooker. L>cmoeratic
member of tbe cotamittee ou foreign af
fain, nbich will deal immediately with
tbe Moriran and VUns bill to *ire effect
I to the views, aaid "I think it
a rery able expoaitkm *>f onr right# under
the treaty ofiiMf* f and it five* a very a>
pent reason for inve«tJa? the pre*i4ent
with power to retaliate afbinst Canadian
exporter*. It i* nnfortanare that the sen
ate, when It loan*! it »aid no( agree to
the original treaty, did not proj>o*ea!BeDd
laent* wfc*<h mighi ha>e been snhssitted
| to the Rorenia -at of Great Br':aia, aud
that tetlie by aegotiatioa ihe controvtmy
between the two eonntrt-«k M
*OM iOUTlis TUaS St.' KM Aft Y.
Representative i'ayaon of Illinois said:
4 Witnottt futiy committing myself to it. I
tkink the prr-ideut ba* iiiificien: power
under the cxiMing taw to exprt**s tbe st*n
tiusent of our and Uf>t only gaia
complete rvix/ganion of oar right#, but *e-
CUrv aa equitable adjustment of ti3e
trouble. Thers is aitfr- I :Ucs than aecc s
sary in the mtrsagc."
Representative Adaoss of Illinois (Re
publi'an;, snid: "If he need* the power
Dt a*ks be thail have it. as far as my vote
KOCS. 1 am doubtful about the exictio?
law, however."
waives at* ors ortXIOS.
Representative Crisp of Georgia said:
"1 think the mPlage the decidedly proper
thing to do nnder tae circumstances. The
president waives his own opinion on the
subject of the treaty, and accepts the de
cision of the ser.at a» final as to the
fisheries treaty, but at the -amp time re
sorts to the next best thing, and asks con
gress to all- w him to adm* retaliatory
measures. The country wilt accept the
nenigc as an earnest effort of his desir
to protect the rightsof American citizen*."
Representative Kavne of Pennsylvania
said: **ti i« a remarkable document in
th* first place, the president sent a treaty
to the senate which confessedly ceded
away our rights. After its rejection he
sent his message, in«i.-ting upou haviug
more power to carry out vigorous retaliat
ory measures, iu tbe \ery teeth of abuu
dant legislative warrant for any needful
step There is nothing tn it but a scheme
to recoup some of b.s lo*t political influ
ence. and I predict he will do the same on
the subject i»f the tariff."
pay res of Texas, who has charge of the
house fortification** bill, said: "It'n ail
right. We will take care of the fortifies
Looked I'pen as Set lons—They Can't
I ndarstand It.
htmKMff Aug.-C —The 9L Jhlmtt Cm
« cofflnuMttiug mU Cleveland's menage, says ,
v "The position is a«vkwar 1 and unpleasant
' for both countries. Tne retaliation threat
coco is so illogical and uureasonable that
:t is difficult to understand it* precise
jea t • and meaning. Two plausible expia
: us'! ns occur. It may have been intended
; to iatiuvii v votes, or may be to bluff Can
-1 ada into giaatiag the American demand.-
There is no doubt the master is a serious
j one for Cana la. l*ot merely local affairs
; ure coneerne<i. but iraptorial :utercets sre
! s'v-j involved, England mutt and will
n; t.'._ pr..;.'- r safeguard* f.-r vaCldian
iiiter ,vi- \\\ r;, s -». fl.vait tl>e next *:op,
| It Is to suppose- the matter will M
• f•'' d • " -L»!< iu n perfei sly
friendly manner."
Tar >ays Cleveland makesa strong
| cas« ataiust Canada. it surmises that
Canada will doubtless be able to show
<j ! ".liy a* good a case. If the Caua«i>an»
| bad reje« tv-ti the treaty it WOUtd be easily
! under-rood why Cleve and should a«k f*»r
r. taltatioi!, but it cannot understand that
« cxelaml, a generally jttst man, should
| punish Canada tor an act of the Ameri< an
seuab'. ft a-»kn if Cleveland has attempted
\o !.d i'ir fcri*:. • ;e.
The *»> it ii' suspends opinion upon the
| real significance, t.ut says it 1 K*ks ugly.
The S'-i- . T. I* t>'t "iiuor's pap»?r. say l ' it
has no f :ar of war over the matter, bu is
' of the opiuioa that serious fr.etion is cer
The commenting on the presi
i dent * me** aire. *a>* Nothing ttia? the
• party lea -er* may do on the cu of a presi
!OfUi »i election ought to astonish. kit id
furloelty is rather the attitude in which
the me**age *bould be received here and
; iu Canada. Pnsdent Cieeelaud h**dish<d
the Kepublh-aus by a ma -terhr move and
mat fairly »** eougruinlsted upon h i
j adroitue**. With h«th part.t*. a»\i«'Ui t
tvt «: U»e lion's tail, no d*mbt the bill w ill
he pureed.
Th< ■ «'* /v 'think* tha; tht comity
; of ualions demand.* that an invitation tie
sent to England to reconsider the matter
before pwoediag further it deprecates
j President Cleveland'* srtion, refuN> e to ix.-
lieve s ms, «my of the American* desire t
art in an n jfrieudly spirit, au 1 treats that
a major-.!'. . { the representatives wiilen
dorss the view that the talk of reprisal* Is
' premsture.
Tlie v*< *ay* Thine* are had
I enough, lot not a* bad a.* to justify the
I faink-: i#r» sihing of a mm or ol war
The fkiiig 7 it*; / 1 tbtuks the pre*-
I dent'?- we-MMUre a pilitii *1 mo\>v probably
: intended to .i* «>u 'ft the rvk'ctor* of
trrat > by pushing tbtir policy t«» it-i Klsiral
rv*n!N * ;-l thronin? ni» >;i them thr
, rtapooaibiUty for the •Mi.aai siid Inter
j y* • i*> atsd i!l Will that swr?i a
i tnenaee S likely to wive, and that, the
■ nu*-sasfe ha vine served Its ttv>th
(OR mor- v»iH be beard a&on* tt The
, # »aiva « }e> c!aud msy d
11«» ;»rini! home to pe ple the wmug
whh h t}.! '-era!«- tofjl*'!ni OpOt) the
j cocntry, but ft i* awrMrw|Mrt>hable the aae*
j iv as ii;f ! «« a v ft rt • n v«> t«> m
. ■ s J . t.
! how -re*» from sea to 'atid. he removes It
fi»«m the aro a of pa>i<»:>, where an act of
| fndtserefloat m««ht eas.ll> precipitate a
? eata'rtjx^phe.
The t*rr«« \ rr* BlAatsrlnf. I»ut
Hu*lnr*ft *l« n Alarmnl
T*»*-'Vto. Ont , a v»2 :'i. -Ilefi*riai to
? rre-«Mkat« tev«-faud'» retaliatfoa
. the imay* >*»• ar. 'ivo to admit ihai
the ; ev 'aatd advises to take
1 awtk) h- a jcra*e •>».- f ( «: "ir N-vrlhaett.
■ a hieh ts now «>n the pmot of <«r>*ainins a
) am.v to the £a*t thro'iih
\ki » in feftitori. The pnsideat is en
jtir ; ani ti:.-'ak we trdnk.
,t» th«- *nppoa£fftCN3 thai the people will be
coert - i nr . sue rend* r of tIH-ir 6»hery or
1 any ot!s» r riiti? He n r^.u»um'ii.i* s wnrw
<»f ac tion shlefa in hi* eoa*c4enee he »t*»t
n terij Iwrtardna "hall t*
. h peri ap* »eve«vi> hum bnt a splinted
*ao i fati•'• "-en! jv.-jde are m I to}* wer
- "'t. ' > t«» 'b r knees. Uy
I the p**-r ffcjt.'T of «i a{>«>n» the mw'J-tit ha*
ulftt in hand.
► rfe* *, - , Ira Isa *'Hfan *>i the
partv.aays It i* the points of »•-:
;.f ' I
' i »i «nr ue:ghi>*r- t'.at .>nr e.maiiftrate
,* )=. - -i-v > • *r* *.«n-u ? ■•'•.«- n- *
of "playiliff O tlx* Ca*lery ' I'resident
i * ni hi* BK**t**e dv> rotli to '.hat
» h ■* f-.ain-i ♦Nap-trap.
de*i£»e*l to the BUiln-' Harrtaon
«»mhinatfoQ fer the ai*li Hrsush vote. *<.
j •-aw: it w«mMI be fooPsh f«i* t'asadtto
d«em b**f*e . .r«aited by anvthicu: Mk:d in
the stiUt tn tfce "oarly bari> of one
~i ••
t>> J- f>r{te<>m* ttHam o« tise fn*-
j'k-4 ■ <A th«*jr ci -,»S «•» ( ar a
<iian 't 'ss-s atv *-< littie pa«4ie aiiiacarH.
tor nth! (V Pfrt iTyriA'W i jeveiand oft
1<» .e iherv a.-e n-.» t-»Us ♦eviod
.«» %ja»< riean vc**ei* pa aim t-wxnash
4U\ > suiUQ ea «*2 tfiaS are n<
The • ee*#eribea t v Tv-ia«Shrßt * leve
a .'aa. a- an elstioa -1 »lw to
vtti v►»ca» asd ii»a! thuppre'-
;*;*i on m» b? ••« •-.•l<ee i* *a_» * tne >a;
r•. tK b»t s*£*t nr^'a, *. fr. -a a>! v
aio- !• tsal sad to pr «vo*« tmt
■ w- igh - - ssd? ia i-i*e w^'*®^
;So ui . i.i t?»re V«*t '■* . O? ■*.- • s s » Sc2ae
jfs».u al> ■< • •• > Huaß |.aii-?»;. e'esttsse
f je A ... W.K,*jr JT"- OT
- . .v.. •. ' • - -«-f *ay»
..... \ . ' - ■ ».:
**•.'■■■ - Xarie he pe»-
t" teal>? any sne.vss to i-aat «••• - . -}
■-> r r, Ss*r srsue bl ?iew
. ifaalt e aetata i*s s-** - • * * t*v j*i>—tr»*.
. * •»-'. * *•*
*4 -»v »;!%?•* a.A; > *h-' awasHlfir ** cv»-
- mwlfd «t of BiOTixiMUiiCTi Mains;
• Canada, aaa ssaltiSie. Cleveland'» own aS-
Dtafc aad NWK in «rfn<ia( and IW»B
--jBr-odiag tbe totem treaty.
Orriwa, Aug. Si.—Tfce raca-« f**i
' Cievel.nd baa IIMIRI Hl* band aad the
fcaad ofthe Taited »»af«a, bat be does cot
be.p kit r*a«e. aad tai. be win discover
I before one month passe* over Bio head,
•"m Hifbtu!! mar threaten. '.st they fan
neither frigijwn nor bolly asd facte
anadian* into an eoaaaJiroi portion.
r»«mxtno.i now tr<m« *rv
ISKSTO, AN S<l—Tbe president« a«-
►age OB ti«e 6«bene* question St the topic
of general diieawiOß. lirain dealer* eh*
interests are very ai/ii cooeemed ia the
did not restrain their diagest with
the tinea'« of interference a lib the COB
.igmarnt ofexpoctsln bood. Others feared
an inereaae in tbe price* of general com
modi He* and is railway rates.
Vewl-osruers ray that the remStt of ex
cloding < aaadian Te«eH fron American
poets will be practically lo rein Canadian
•hipping ioteresi*. a* withoat American
trade at prewnt the reaaels ra.i&ot secure
•uScient traffic.
The immediate effect of elosiag the
canal* to Canadian Teasel* would be to in
jure Purl Artfcnr as a .hipping point, and
ultimately to bias! the future uf that prooi
iMBg past.
.*ir Henry Tyler, president of the tirand
Trunk railway. .aid be e«ald not believe
the Aroer.caa people strioualy thought of
a retaliatory ]»!irf m b as was sketched
in the IMMK. lie would prefer to think
tbe whole thing a political more, which
would srrve no parpo* when the election
of a president was decided.
The President'# Action .Stronirlv
Farther Fotvers I nnecefsary—lf lie
Had Acted Long Ago All Would
Have lleeti Settled.
WASRIKUTUN, -L—ln the wnate im
mediately after the rcadin; of the journal,
the message from tbe preaident oa the sub
ject of tbe rejection oi tbe ftftbeeies treaty
was laid before the -aate bad read by tbr
• Tii<i reading was listened to with clos?
attention, and when it came to a close
Shermia raovt<l that It be printed and re
ferred to the committee oa foreign re la
Edmunds— On that motion 1 would like
to tay a word. ihL> u?h lam iu favor of il.
If 1 bad been five or six year* younger than I
am 1 should have been surprised at that
message, but I am not, aud 1 am only very
highly gratified at the patriotic expression
of the hopes, wishes. almost intentions, of
the president of the United States in refer
ence to the protection of American inter
est# and American rights. But the peculi
arity of the situation, a* it seems to me. i»
that, having had a statute providing for
approved by the president
of the United ;-tat< s and pasted by
a asMaatiallji unanimous vote of
; both Jhoatv>—if that made any differ
ence ia bis duty ia faithfully ex
renting the laws—and after full considera
tion of all iu points and bearings, the ex
tent to which It should go. the objects to
whic b it should be limited, and the cir
cumstances under which it should be
brought into p»#y. Month* (in round
numbers) have gone bjr and we are now
►informed by the president of the Cnited
state (for I take it that is what he means,
although no word of that kind is in the
message) that no step of any kiud has been
taken to carry Into execution the plain
provisions of said law.
"Jt i* true the law did not require the
■ t> resident to y*ut it Into effect in the way of
self-defense until a rase ihould have
arisen of injustice which should satisfy
him that American rights were being; un
j justly deait with. If there has been uo in
j rftance of injustice since the passage of the
act. the yiresident ha- been right in taking
,no step in respect to the matter. If, how
ever, in his opinion, as be uow states.
I there have been instances of the denial of
Just rights, why i* ii t- at the prevalent l as
uut taken any stej*s in the exercise of the
| power imposed upon him: iu the exercise
»of th»* high duty which the constitution
imposes »»R him. of seeing :hat toe laws
: arc faithfully executed? Why has he been
-ileal for In montis, with the whole power
of The law !a bis hands. I rau»t express
my surprise, not as a partisan. but n* a Cit
that nehAs fai ed «o tsVe any p«,
.ii: 1 . bow >eiids ft «nCft*M-xc asking that ad
ditional powers be given him.
r; e Caaadiau government has not re
fused to tranship fish on the ground that
article Jt of the treaty of Washington *as
i wit in force, it ha* refused to tranship
h.-h on the ground tnat the article did not
asrree with the convention of lsl*, by
which au American tKhing vess •» waa not
? . inmc within th- three mile ; i ui!
; "When the Csuadlati authorities denied
to American tisbertneu the right t» tran
ship their fish from Halifax to Boston or
N a York, the presideut was Justified in
; deuyiug to Canadian fish or «>:her goon*
j t -ansportation acr<»s# our country. T.'at U
the fact, and the nreaideal tells US that it
has existed now lor two year*.
"Nk»wißg that fact, which the pre«ld<'at
naji & in>»s outrtpi-, 1* « statute of tae
I u !fd S;*U'S * h:ru mivi if in wilM
such fact eifags he suai! Apply U» mttns
«>f redr* ** which the statute bus pot in hi#
hand*. Why df l <be not do it * Ala*, Mr
I'resideut, I think it is an Infinite pit? toat
in^asimtilf aoa*ean adequate ai.d foil
Matnte wnlcb ha?* never buen by
the nr«t *!cp *heul i remain unexecuted,
arul in a itftto of 'inuaeuotts desuetude"
until the president may see whether con
gr* will not put more ammunition into
hi* naods."
Senator iiiaar -Ai-I th< «e«att>rs on the
Ih'-.r. .«-rati* sldt had fairly laid down be
f..;, the demand* and threats aud preten
tion* of the little Dominion of Canada
I hey thought they were lytag down by the
*ide"of th-- to comfort nim in h!«
position. hut now. behold, the president
oaderi ->k ta get op, and. shaking ioe intid
fro.n ais own coau, to leave ttien where
they hrt l plaeed themselves
W.>rran said that evident i» clearly
e«tahlc>.iv-d that the purpose of this opwwi
lion H» the pre*idvnt in respect to these
b«ue-*c* had not been to & *« the jfovern
n.cnt Into better *hap«\ bu: t » e i ap tk
. \> -n iw a:ti pot him into a ** uiffht
laefeet, vrhere he woaM do the biddivts of
m minority of the i»eople of the t'nited
Srate* in this ohawiber. Th* y had even
threatemd the pies#dent with impeaeh
ment if be dared to dis »hey their com
r.iand* a.i ito countervail tht ir wilL lie
thought the eotmfry nc»uld app*vc jate t?'»*
r>ftitnde of a man who eoold ataad n 1
onanist H ■ nturauce* of the «oatnr from
Vf?:nont and pt r«"f.a Lis doty without c
MoffMßsaid hi haddi*cus*ed thereto
iaiioniawa* a law, looking to the treaty
a* a result; the s*-;iaT<*r from Vermont fca>l
d»seu-**d ita*a la«* *hsch I'toked to war
*« a re*«!t. The r from Vermont
ha-J the law. and if he ha<l knoan
of ra*»-a then recently occurring that sit>-
y . m :■■■- ' - maty of I*l*. be ou«hi toba>t
put them i » and ma«le thtani thalasi» Of
the lev' action. Tue pre»vdeut eays he
<m!s a statute ta ttse «ay of retaUatioo
• I desire, ** h® *a.« s, **to e*e?u»i»? fmm the
.-. •; of trai.st* t the t'niu-4 Mates
u-e pT»->dm ts t:4 Canada and the eo-.xt* tua
am:>nntinf in the last lit years to neariy
> r. : • sr. : i
a r. under coiap«l«**a to retaliate, k<ai»
-heavy part of the Mot «S(I fall
««a the pfe of < ana la. and not on my
on n people. * The president a*k» eougrvn
la drelare whether ne haa the right to do
that nmicr tue saw a* it *hand-. He aays
"m move that dilfu «»ty if yoa «a»t refali
and 1 wi i pcoliib t tue j*"-ajeet-f
c »««t> between the l airHl >?ate» aad t*at»-
aUa oa ta«-ae raitf»sad*."
• itnt that i. n»»? th shinu which the
senatotson the ot !f»'«fe want to hate
d«ne. The ra;*r--ads been pel* of the
Ttw* •enatews eoaapel the
lire*:dent to r»-tal:«te. and yet take jrood
ear-' toat certain of xour ir-eat
•bad n»t t* loti-rfem'd *iUi Tonrcaa
dpiate- f *r e« e a director in
one of tbese rsUawi ronapaniea."
Krye .nformed llat|Mi Uat 3sforton ha<S
some tia-e ms» rcsiuroed his position as a
fa: «-+, d director.
M'Tffan intimated that the nominal «lstc
el -- * *«atio» m-xht aM be an actual one
Mr Edmund* r*»e::ted that iaanHenttoci,
an i aaid Mortma pla>e<l no rnek* on the
p<"yt*e of the I'uif-cd >ta*e< or aayU*dy
Hale tkarark fixed the president * aaea
.r a* a «se*prra!e expedient lo ree*»vef
?« »• efonnd. an*l a e»inf. **k>n tiaat the atti
tu v *ak' n by U « adminMnrtklti a* t" the
tr- at. waa a.i attitude that had no aceen?
or ta if After biiitutfai cdinfhe
treat* lh« pwsldent foand fanlt wiia the
Statase al m« Hia w» irtary of the
tre**a*y had foond power emangli fn the
♦iaS -i*e«. t-' to BriUnh ir.4
t 4 . t aa*'--Sa ra s .r Raiir ai pet - •
- *« pood* c*«r Aii-enean
•« .•>■■■ t-» »MVf Ar.<r>*-»
I-,. .■ •. a :4 ihr-»»w to ths- faanltn at that
jghejr ■- antlb sr-»t ?te * wse-jowstf
v** * na-jnerH-*. : lob->- sr :od
If be h«d ba*e«i tWsrcaiy ajoa fia prta-
nfe. d desu i '3l »j»-' as;e 1* wsaaS
tVe eosorw t# a>4 a- i
tJ*e C'anOuUa to t...<-xs »n 1;- ir*
TV awee* <.
• .. .-s. a'--s i:. *•« :'* . • • -
1; ■ .r-Sos >».* taor*#: 4 .-.isi-; rtgr f.-*hei
■ A.- " '•>, - l 5-*
a\u ten-»i*o# itsrsai tod&iM rise fcaa?e
is* *». ii'.e afcd a-* -4
srlS fer us ffc-'-ia 10 urax f taa
«..ac r. of ataeiv a a»c*ie vould W tte
I saioa of Canada and tbe raited State*,
aad that w vuld he t- at ft* ail.
Oeorge Uwt tbe S-«r aad tbe Blatter
west over w thoat artieo. Adjoaracf
Wmuwmb. A sue St—Morran rntro
dnced in tbe tenate to-day a hill identical
With ih*s intnxsored ia the battle vest* r
day by Wbaoa. lo r:re effert to tbe presi
dent s message oa the treaty.
HOI »E rKoruDixct.
S» Q««rs»-Very Little BantarM
T ra a xaeted
tumnoi, A Be. 3t-Tbe relation
introduced la the b»«iwr by Delicate Oaboi.
of Hah . requesting tbe aitiOTtev-ceaerai
to fvratsh the boose a list of pardons
granted *:twe IB to perwa. coot n ied in
Crab and Idaho of the oScnae of illegal co
habitation. was rejected aud a eutwtitatc
adopted falling for the number of pardon*
granted to per*..s. eoerietcd of tbe off? use*
of adultery, polygamy and unlawful cohab
itation uadcT the act* of I!K2 aad amend
meati tberetc; a!*o the number of pardon*
framed trince I*2. and tbe rea»>3» therefor
Tbe boose then went into committee of
the whole oa the deficiency appropriation
tall, tbe pending jaewioo being on tbe ap
peal tsken by Dibble from the decision of
the ebair ruling oat a point of order oa the
provision for j ayment of tbe Fr» rvrb fpoila-
Uoa claim*. On a call of tbe hoase there
was no qaoram
Tbe *erxrmnt-at arm* aa* directed to ar
te** and being fa ail ahseatee*. asd the
bonse took a recesa till evening.
The hos«e at the evening *c»ion passe.)
•5 private peu.ion bill*, aad at 15 ju ad
Mirkigrau People Line the Track
to See Thnrmau Pav-.
Mr. Harrison, nesting Hit Arm at
lla*« i«!aad. Defies Hi*
Friends to Approach.
POET Hruw, Mich.. Aug -A—Judge
Thunnaa aad party left for L'hicaxo thi*
moraln«:. accom|anud by a delega:i-m
from * hicai».K
Fust, Mirk, Aug. 2-L—Jndge Thar an an
will be received at points along the mute.
At Flint, in response to call*, h? made a
brief spec* it.
Lax* is*. Mich., Aug. >«.— Ex-Gov.Begaie
aad a committee met Thurmau at tbe
edge of town. Several thousand people
were waiting Thurmaa briefly 00
the tariff! All akm£ the route, at towns,
! haraiel* and couatry side, the people
| waved bat* an<i baudkerchief.< ami e
other expressions of benrty giuMl-wIIL
CiiAßi/nrc. Mich.. Aug. -A—Nearly the
whs.de town tamed out to see Tbarman,
! who made a felicitous little speech which
< put the ycaple In rood humor aad
them to cheer him as the train pulled
CHIC AGO, Ang. 24.—Judge Thurrnau and
| parry arrived here in a special car at 6 to
p m. At Little Creek, CassopoUs, South
Bend and Yslparvso be -a:-t I leave
the state with a higher opinion of it tbau
ever before, and if you find it affreeahle to
vote the Democratic ticket I'll think some
more of yon."
At the depot In this city a large and en
thusiastic crowd wa« In waitin*. The
judge was escorted to a carriage and driv
en to the Palmer House. At the hotel au
iuformal reception was held. The judge
made a short speech, but tagged to be ex
cused from further eflort, as he had ai
ready made a dozen speeches to-day.
After he had retired to his room an en
thusiastic crowd fathered iu the rotunda
and shouted uutli they brought him once
more for a good night ap)«earance. The
commercial travelers expressed tbeii good
will through a magnificent floral offering
four feet tojuare, in the design *f an im
mense be mi ana.
The Splendid lietrrat that lieu Har
riott Has Found.
Tou?fx\O., Aug. 24.—A Mad> Middle Ba«*
special itjs: There is not another summer
Nttrt in America where Gen. Harrison
cwuld have fcund more perfect ivtt and
s«tch complete seclusion as in this spot.
.Several persons came in from Cleveland
to day tnd asked to "be allowed to see th
general, but members of the club steadily
refused to disturb him.
The Peroocracy Accused of Delaying
the Territory's \dmisslon.
W\i gaTo *n. l>ak . A us. li -The Repub
lican territorial convention met yesterday
morniiof. but the committee on credeutiab
w«s unable to repott until ntght Then
Cot <#eary of Fargo was made • hairmau.
The platform accuses the a Immistratlon
Of keeping Dakota OUt of the Cnkm for
partisan reasons. Harrison I* endorsed a*
a friend of Dakota. The platform deciatrs
it the duty of congress to admit l>ak"t» as
two states. Revision of the tariff is fav
ored; tiie Mills bill is declared a tMlonal
measure, and banishment of saioou* fav
ored At lo'cW*k this morning a recess
was taken.
Storiew <>f Richt-s in Alaska's
The Itlchest Ulue iu All the World
All Section* Doing Well—
I'.ootu at.laneau.
ViCToaia, B. C. Aug. 24 —The steamer i
Pnoev>s Loune arrived from the oor.h st
i Naiaiioo tv-oay. having on tv*ar«l k. t»a:
U-r>, »i ui norm at t&t «.mt* of the Indian
troii »ie. Tney Will rea» v h to
• morrow.
Toe at earner Idaho arrived st Nana.mo
from A.H'la A t aaaiar trader « . «»
: am red ttown rvp ta tnal mioiae in thai
Uiatrict haa l*tn very uu?at.»jactory tAiS j
j }ear.
rrv>m Thomas Sowell,ln the i>tmg:aM i«:
• and and Silver H«»w Hasan qua t* district, ;
tin? foiiowiug wattfwt-nt i* rveeirau- **i !
I have every rtawu to IK lie v a w«- ha*cj
tae rtehvst mine ever found in
Aia>ka. it will sarpflee the old *4Ser?, and
1 wnl lar the old Coanatock nuue*.
Tm- Ui Ilk ; us the iaryest amount • f higa '
irade ore they e\cr »a* in any msne. \
\ "niht B»w haa ao entirely different for
i maliou lrom islaioi, and a
aa:ount of orv ruiiS fr.«,a *au to IhAoper
ton. l'ae average |»tac<icai STorking will
\n t:* ui U> ♦ l»o f r is 51. Weba%e»uua}»
• jijiii* under »;tn a wire j
«hn aled *. rant aay » a tea wi tl ma f rot»
jibe mne to lae miu. a «ii*taiMe of at>>ut 1
taomik*. Taemt.;» *iii na»e a cap*/st>
\d iihjiou-% per day, and we *sii ha\e it la
} c*peration is 12ae -;« - ug. Ilie eie* ataon of j
|me is a&a*u ~u feet above ti«». water,
an J we na%e»o\a«iy *.►« the damp sevem* i
iij <>ni-aad ton» ot ore nhieh we niuol 1
txu» -Mk*oi; ot' are aow rooaing two tun
aeis M the pnipoae of detttaping tne i
»mine —oue al i«oKMt level an-i tne
otm-r ai ibe ioi lw-?, and have ailtady
airuvk )a) %*tv iu Mb, id the »atne cfc*c
artvr ss tiiat now t* wg Hi:ned on th«- *ar
lai s-. it x* tM»u>aled «< st tnc«e are AmO l
i loot >1 t.cc tltat t*4 fee taken oat ai ever;
' foot of level.
% *l ata o«h *0 *angnine a* others less in
'.ervsted i:* the niio.-, nni 1 know we nave
I straek rtent*t m;ne evet knoar, *» I (
a.o aasa.'t'-i b> old minvrs who have
, lug do wit a" u« that taere 1* nothing lu
j Amer.i ato «»iib u and tt is re
' k*r .;. d ia Aan»ka •* the mothvr KaJe of the
coontry. wh.cn *»1 seientUKe »»-v pr«'
julal existed. Taia is essuslks bv
•■he S4-UJ suackhvdd*rs ai ta
| .stand aai is under ine *a«n<
! manag.aient.
- Vovi n« doaht heard that we were e<mo
I relied to sftat down toe t Uitm mine, «»n ,
I i*i>:is'So iStsod- Ti*al s ai. iu'. »t will
*:art up a%a-a in the Spring, wdn tine pfts«
: p«i *.
* iher» ha* t-:*ec s n*a«y ad>aroe in
j real f»iate al Juneau, an *x*mnt «4 the
i4t>thtisn» a»f pr«^a-rl|.*'
-j uiuau, whitr. •> a- nsajf * a «|Uiet t«wis
it a,. w booming, ana uaaea are ania-i
• iwied.
4 "fM TrcadweU M.aing« omfmny ms a
argv -i»*iaiap wtSi man ag. ana an- «twung
4 t -ii A uew o*' rsuntt-^
i taane-a pceparx . wy w tae irccUaa oi
§x*mps n%:it j%a.' Aao*E»er eompasay are
Oefewaptng tne Ifiafcex* at.ue aa-i are «roo
j u-atf laiiug tae asvst**aa <*f an >*Hita--.p 1
] :n twa spr'-aa. _
j "Tee fdartr m.nes Ist the «t»w •
• ba*;u sc.tJ- a ha c a«*dr Unit ' .ts* c^eaa
, a-iu . a.i ee.oa*»-a lta»in-; sanialae-»
j t»r> twain. _.
• >,.» paws has been r.-og- <d t>e
: Vu oo otmtr\« b-*i *t «*» * tf*ev»u n
» I xrft us. w» weal i .af M*e«i*ea
|gt«irAt4 bcdlMtN.. Ask«U; Jomi9*r*
| a t at .mW t . at > t «..»■* yr#-'
■»#*fliac tay fnifin, **er<? «rtmtf¥]
: iScs< Wj»m.'.*Wi if -* *a< d*->o U-t* >»* *. na* ,
J dtefe**-" ■ 5 41 la .lic-cat ■'• y to'*
1 * *!>"*"«•• , cit iO»S of . at Si':
j . a.. <X. lOei- •- -• • -' ••■» 2: '-**
I .... f, ; . p , ■ .* W#U <-'• £•---•
: - . • Aw i ■- -« ot w. 1 ■ i ...
• j ha&vK*SeS— i» i~~ S9a*"iiit*, i^-*.
, a<a< >• K» U? j ;• r
i the tatatiaßg «d a a^-ka.
» Si,. . A SK.'.i aSi WS4 l-irf **' i t£t i*
ItStiS BVIUlit. ~ i':-_
| CUM.
He Stole the Opiniu Seized
at tHrdenOonrsr.
Kabbith t<» Replace ih« Stolen l>raf.
tbe OUI Trick-Acquittal Will r»!
lon Trial, and a r-rtaa- be Ileal
l»fd from tbe Opium-Hen One
StrrtM trfeda Criminal to Final
I BrifUflk V v.. An*. it. -A deputy mar
shal of tht* city caused A waadoi ia **#
densbur* yesterday. by arrcatingr thereof
it* Most rvputabJe eitiaena. John V. gtoae,
a lawyer. Nathaniel H. little, Jr . deputy
collector of customs at v>fd«;o«burjr. and
W ra. J I anrinaky, >aaitftr of the custom
b°aw Warrants for Their arrcot w«R
, sworn out before the raited Sates com
j mltsiocer here by special of the
treasury dqartarat at \\ ashiacton. charv
in* tb ra with ateaHng ??» poond* «*f pee
pared of4am from the ctwtut bouse at
Tlit§ is the outcome of the arrrst of Er
win R. GwJwr, which took place at Of
densburg laa: winter, when he and hi#
cousin. Ephraixx; Gardn* r. were < aj»'ured
with nearly vwttt of opium in their
j Erwia (-ardaer wa« arrested a
•day or two ago iu t hicago in conn
; with the>a »cra*' It was found he bad
been oifcrtas »»{>i uai Utr *a*e there. and it
did not fait' long for the ffOTerniaeat
officers to discover that it was antac
*ied. sad in fact that it was the
identical. cooda, or rart of St.
which had Ken found in hi* pos%e«s m
ami thai of hiiO'nv.a, lt«t winter. TU»
J led to sensational at
The opium had b*en piaced in thtf ca*>
tcvin hotuc at <>* d eastern: f.»r &af- keeping,
and sow It ha* been fou:; i in < htcago.
fcloae. Lhtleaad cnwii:>kv wrr-' brought
f to Buffalo au i Indeed la ]sa l . to wa.t exam
■ *OW hi pntfftH
Fu~thcr exaramation was postponed and
ihe prisoners rem*.ided.
Cmaoo, Aug •£*.—The third arr vst at
Ogdensbtsrg in connection with the opium
conspiracy appears to have N* u due to dl*
cove ri* a in Gardner * papersc.spt nred here
Among the docam-ni* wrere letter* fr.»m
■ Stone to oarduvr clearly cstabliahlttf the
fact, it is said. that there na« an agreement
between Stoue. ihe twrdembunr, lawyer.
Nathaniel Little. Jr . d-patv MieeUrf at
'•jr'ienjlißriiaad J. W. Ctimln«ky. janitor
of the custom hou»c. to **shifi" opium
jin the cusfttdy of Little. This wa* the stuff
! confiscated at Ocdettsburg la*t winter It
had been *mugalcd into the Tailed States
by Gardner. ana he was under bail of $i.V
000 for the offense
The *j.h»ft" m*. nut that the jro*ernm- nt
was to be rubbed. The disposal of it by
t»ardner would make him audeonfederate*
rich, and with it* disappearance evideuce
|of the oricrinal crime for which he was to
be puuisbed would be pone
! From tiarducrN letter* it appear* that Pep
uty Collector Little was to receive |4«*)aud
i Janitor Tumiusky flow) the fpoii*. The
. scheme was to put little blocks in the
i place of the opium can* in the itovern
; merit's vault* at i>ic.kt>*bunr until the trial
|of (iardner. wht-n th*» discovery of the d«*
(Vfetiuß would undoubtedly result in his
. refeaae.
Determined to Hold the Maxwell
Oraat I laimant*.
j TKINIDID, t'al.. Auff. 24 —fntclii|c«'nce is
; received from £tone Wall, la this «tate. of
j further trouble bet weenaetUer* on the Max
I well land smut. Settlers burned a dwell
jiut aud content* tielonfdnc to E. J Ran
dolph and wife on account of tJfan - a
< the authority of Maxwell by
Sand from them iiaudolph and his wife
J arrived hate this afternoon. ba\ine is
i caped with nothing but the clothes they
j J. W Llew" '•''<» • «»
; for th»- Uixwvli t ompany, was also waited
\ upon l.v hw settlers, most of wh«»m were
: taa»ke«i. and competled park his outfit
au-1 leave. The tcttlemsny they Will hold
; the country against the Maxwell claimant*
! at all hazard*.
♦ viu.tcirs HOVKHENTS.
He in t»acke«l by t itlimited German
N r YC-KK, \uir Jl. 1. *yad!« ale
which twjisrht from the Northern Pa tfit
company third mnrtcnge bouds
, has M>ld the same to ilenry Yiilard f'jr tiie
IH-utw. :v bat:k of Bi rli,» and associates.
It i* rt'|*»rted that Yiilard {« a'<i.>ut t«»
< »o-e j etrottationa for |3.uuo.wo Montana
, bnach line* a? W.
Uurlal «f Ten * t the I>ea«l l»y the
S run a if. Wis . Aug. «4.—Ten of the vie
tira? of yotenlav'sexpUw ou were hurled
to-day. The shopa were all ekaed here,
ansi at M» ua>ha A lanre eon -ourae of
eiiis i s snd town ofljclai* followed the re
mains The funeral was at tbe cit? *■ 1
{ansae. There h|ve been no additional
a eat lis.
A Kate War Averted*
Xkw Yor.g, Aug. Si.—Recent action «.f
the Northwestern and tfaostfintltiental
linea mas avert a threatened war in pas
•eager rates bet weeu I.astern trunk line*
Comtaistion* r Pivraon ha< r*-." i\ed word
that the line* mentioned ha .*» promiatNjfo
resnire f.ta; ewaa rat* » and eon the imtai
praut war by cutting off romn;ai'»o*
Eastern amenta, ?»f«»o condition that other
hue* of the Western Aanndation, which
shsreiotbe trade, will agree to d > Uke
Independeni »>r«ler i.f Ked Men.
laSACto, Col , Aug. -A —A thirtl coSBCfI
wa* held he*\ t*>-day between the I'te
Indian euflftmiaaion and the liidian- The
Indian* > i*terday recelf'd the over-Joe
gratuitv of money and ft wa* ext>erle«t
that this would pot then iu good burner
aud fa< ill'ate IK* buaineas 00 hand.
Speeeaes were raaie on !vth *idef. Nut the
chief* w ere obstinate would not con
sent to removal. Anoifcer council will b«
held tomorrow.
Arrlvaiof Aoianie l'r<»|»le.
\r, v Yoag. AO7. 1M », i>nreV, \ U>'.h
rop, ei miu sler of the ©Bited *»tatea to ?<t.
Peter*bunr. arcowtaalei by hi» *»n and
tw« daughters, arrived froia Bremen to
The Prince** Henrietta von dchleswig
Ho stetn. ausit of the pf aee«* of (ieman>,
arrived fr >m fc'reineu this mnnaing ou the
* tamer Trare.
Transe iatlnesital Freight* A*l«anred
Iln*ataw, Aug. H.—The t»cw fft-itht
tariff to all fuci&e r.«»; ja>io r * aa* issued
and wiH go lotoetfrvi September 1.
Tfce r&tet fcatc tan s« sdv aa«*ed »ugfcUy.
rOHTi.AMa !fKtV».
Two I)iai*tr«*« Fires V Tiaoer**
Terrible Fall.
I'ogrvsif!>, \ -t Ma ui W35 '#•»
night tne craw of tug Uerraa.':a
which aa» lyine ai anchor ia the i'oiom
st* mile* !> lo* tb* mouth of the
Willamette, were sas«»-ned b* the rush
and roar of fir* a'wwrd tne N-at. A bar*.
wa« la«ked on * tie r «ide of ti»e ileraaaa s
These wen- rot loose sod saved. Tbe Sr.-
had gained vacantr ut.4c beadwav whe.>
diaruvere* , and the tug was burned 19 the
a»i« r * *-dgr tap* iridon think* ti»
U»i'» f 1 ai<') machinery are tKd bad!* dam
seed The Hertnanfa w a* the propert7
the cilf of For iaad. and was valued a'
a«»*.Jt »i2W.
Tbi* afn-rnoon l>au J. Flaherty, a tinner
enraged In resaidng ihe awof «»f the Kd
w«r-..n» nni»dius. e.»r*4* rof First and Yam
hill streets, batt hi* foot tag and fell feet
to the rronnd, snstaining a 1 naaprmnd
fmactuiw of tlie ekwo waa mn e> *-1 to
.' * hvepttai, where be M still
ahte, bait it it leik- cd bis injuries ar>-
Tne ereamatry belonaing to IH-* A
O'Reilly of tht* citv. •Haa'cd r»»-ar *« sj
ptmar. c« the 1 «»>uwib:a, wa* huened *0 tr?"
;*rtr*u«i jaafeeday ; f/tdß, foil* /mmred.
tbariea Prar-t la Adams party belt f.*r
A«i -na tbi* evesius
Mr* Chick of ?eaul is in the city, as f«
alvo Mr f l iaary
THE HTK.mi r.S f asriM K.
%gre«-m#aat as th*» %»**-
traitsr* Mails.
.<*9 Fstah Ar ' .j —R. J » ?■...
ten, agent f>-r tb? Xew aband rw
Meat, has received a ? ah&e
*ir fla're ai'lrf-won.
\ew //ai«S 4 tr.e - ay
- a • ;* l l* ■■ - O
Chi. »•»« * %-ar*.
PMUkWfat, .«.uf "•-•?. 2.d
W-mAssH w&a'A <. . a~*l fcy Jt,s i 2 -
de .i ,r
-ti" 1 * Leon 4 •• 6sV-f 3'". Oftiv'*. '
HIHIIMti ' «rj»fce. v-i-.iLl
He Hald* Hit OwaTat Jarb«on%ille
* >i«rw Ca«<*4. *9 iVatb*.
I lafiMmu. FU.. A a*. 3C—Ottoim!
I btlieiia Pw: M curf, M;
dtmihtk 2. recoveries. 2. u-«kr trealreeat.
j Namber o| rase* lo date, TV* deaths K»
I dale, 10.
W A s*i!«ciT':»v. A'if. :« ->"unrPon tieaera"
HasaiTtoa ferlecrapfe- from JH. Mary, Fla.,
that Tbe < asap is in fio- roaditktn. Tnentr
2rv n;ftkf«e» are there.
Tbe rbe»ter l>ua»trr Utile Mary
Meeeb Found.
ass Aa* 34.—A little cfciKl
; tbat if MoAUsster ttt fee# ouiti, for
I since ibr coiU»n«a v< tbe < 'botvr ami
>ceaaic ba» Uva a> Mary liitie
Mcerb. of xs»t.i. IlutaMdt county. Her
father hves at that jdarv Sir* Mreeh aa«
*OkXkf the lost tbe cbitd i* r
froat a hv*b fever aed I* ia a critical con
Tbe total sum tier lust is fticd today at
13, aad tbi« Sailattes Ueary Sntitb, sterr
•je i-asaeafer, aad C. Myrt »:ni A. Smith,
cabin t-a
BLOU N I'd aio4l
Fl\e Wen Killed bv an Kvplstiton
of Ten Tnn* of Fonder.
>4* Vaascis<\\ Auf 2A—An explosion
oi Jw.WO poaad* *.< bisc k p*.»n a*?r 'WUrrvsi
:n ta«f dr; iaf b»v.iH of tbe «»ia»t I'mrder
j 4'otapant. At Fkrmins's p»tnt. oeat Weal
i«e'k';iey, before »kiti u»-day Two
a i«lie men aad !!iw i-binaavu vrfa
Tbe a bite men were Jo»epb lew Is, na
married, atnl 4'. Hun re. who »es\t-% a nile
• aad thive children. Tbe baii'Unf aat
hk»a a to aromc.
BtATKX WITH ACOI 1*1.l\«*• nV
An Arlii-M Afctchant Brntally
Kiilotl and Kubbffl.
Nc<M4it>, a. T., Attg. Ooht. a
iwoMtieat dXT-cood# rocrchai.i. «ra« beat
cu To OtaUk *biW HftKtjs r*riT Uii* tnora
iuf. iu a r»x»m !u the rvar of the by
a coupling: pit: in the hand* of thioe*.
fbe r»K*m pteeeatt d a horn hie appearance
The roefcer* *ecnred a goid watch and
a'i-»u: 93R> iu money Ofliceci are <»u the
fail of the murderer*. * ho are thought to
te two Aurrirau*
The Ctiloe«« Judgrt.
WjifinniTos. Anf. hooae com
raittce ha* t&fiifd t!>«" California mrmt»er*
to apt ear before Jl to-worraw to exprv*«
upon the nr»«)rUi now ?-»re tr-.
comißltier from a dtixfttt* ium» meeting
at >au Francisco, r\< ; uevUag the tmprsu-h
kmi of Jwlgf«Miv}«i ml sabin for ad
mitUug Cbiwtr under writ* of :taU-ai
corpus*. Tbi* heart un \%i\\ l*t held, a* there
It nothing before ttie comuiilt'..<v npon
which to pr* 4 oate m tiot»
Hrltlah t'olumt>la Defaulter.
VlfMlli, Aug. it-ft in rnmorcd that a
young man na ned t«IH. employed
drummer a tut collector by the Hud«on Bay
romjaay ID this proviner. ha« ilmmped
with au.ut flO.Ouu eolieeted (.tU wu a
bkithlc itK'Bt 5 » iochea fall, weight
i::» jx.un-S. ha* a louf. light m uitu.-be,
ami fail round fa f.
Adrift on the Urran in a Heavy
Lomkjs. Aug .4 A tug wa« tow In* ihc
attamer «.reat E**.»crt. from the «'!ydc to
LUerpool la*t cvtums when an eoortnoot
aea nai encountered. the hiwa-r parted
and the Great Eastern vauiahed in the
darknct>* in the direction of the aea, labor
iuc heavily. ________
(■entiau %«ltan«-e in Africa.
LoM>o«, A«g. 34. Advice* from Oeera,
iu the (>otd t'..a«i.t colony, *ay tbat a fotve
competing of h<* k* and Kroo boj*. cow
ma n<lcd l>v itcrvaan officer*, occupied Ad
deiar, to the sort beast of Hataeh*. wear the
l>a'*>man territory. The In* ader* hoisted
the Germaa tlae. built a fort and named
the place Miman k point.
The French Naval Aloaemeata.
TorLOU, AO|. 24. —The equipment of the
Ironclad* ordered by the mmtater of ma
rine for reinforcement of the Mediter
ranean eqnadron U completed. They will
proceed at once to Ifyvre*. Fonr dUpatch
U'WeU and a torpedo boat will accomparv
them. Admiral Amet will direct #•
Cholera Break* Oaton u rwtojwew
A e»»el 4 l>r#ll»«.
!<a)Slk»!*, AUjr. 24.—Cho'era broke OCt on
(be IVrtueJie«** MMtatt India, white
bound from Macao to Morambujtie. and
within is hour* there wt-re . cam,Sl of
which proved fatal.
Stanley Fall a tieeapt ured.
Auk 21.—1t i« oflkiiily nu
Bounced thai the force* of the «.'ou*a
State have recaptured Stanley Falit »t«-
tion. _
lion the Harrl««*n Army la Uelnx
Felnf.trred Fr»na the Democratic
Han ha
I A KmblfencMi of Z+* wnbM mi
f •rmnl m P»>wm!, Vt., rereatly. 0 of
ffboin weft formerly tat*
K. Il.»cauder. of Arkkf, In.. after voting
the lk-mocratic tfekvt durtM tn® IlKiii
1 Ytara, ha* becotae with t.'lere*
itad amj wIU vale for tiarriaaa and Mtnon,
Tie Aral Kepabllrtu rlttb ever fortw Jat
Btf Side, i. I, «M orvaa:*-d r** ratty,
and about $0 incmik-r* enrolled, m«*l of
! wt.om hare herrtcfyfe hn.-u IVumctlU.
! The Rrpablimn etili of Peon#, H. Y.. in*
! c)ttfie> •even «kl .in<- I>rmwr*u aod lire
Prohinltioufvi.*. At Kaale. JL V.. four
I prorotm-ut fr»hlbitk>:ti>U h»v« Ctmieaul
' iur lU:r!^>u.
The following ar« tbn new tonecrt* at
j*bar»»n, Pa.; lloailaod itKl phi h<*h
uid-tiiao l»etn<K-ra!*>: C. /. Hi-ydrtek. who
a a* m»t ton# aiocc a lb moeratfe rami imi
Km* the legislature, wml J. I» Fry.
Wright T. ft»r\' a. the ftarel* wanufac
} luter, *a?a in an Interview that he cauuot
aland the I>ero«*-ratir platform. lie em-
J htnya l*uu men iu hi* vork» and ha* voted
ts-e lk*moeratlr ticket lor forty tout
Iwlil do to M longer.
Iu the drr ff-M'-it bouae of Tefft, Waller &
!to , .v- .* York, there are lj» men who will
v««te for IlirriMi and Ikiriiiit, and of tfcuw
voted U*r Cleveland iu ia*4. t»ue of the
m : - - !
are Kefftitrik-ftn*.
J. t. IWAtli, a lending Prohibition!* of
Kciti eouniy. uhio, an? * he ran «a;> longer
U-f wfiv a taint party abou.d fight the
Kt'pMwttM iftd h< i|k lb*:* lMttOCinS» Into
He Unrttftire arinonm ta feia tic
term 1 oat fern to tote for Htiftea.
• The W. J Han rlub, a» organisation of
I ||> bfvwa in the F»m want of t k«vtla»d,U-,
formed three teart a ;.i «• a I» m wratle
kftyiVim to follow liirrho!! ami
, Morton tnd ha» hern rwfjAMlM4 *« a l£*~
pnbUean eiuh. It fca»«« er ,«? roambera.
A imminent No* York bn«ine»a man
wfco vaa In Uetlfoioca ye*:* May »a':d be
| t(H*W |» r<MU«I!; of <«) ifemoetata JU hi*
toealit/ nrtoo had fww - osi? f»r Harrt*on
ti«l lie hotter**
i« a»« will tarry New York with an over
| Whalml .* major.li.~f*ea < fUgiAtr.
I:. H. harry of Utfayettr, (lA, will vote
j the HefttthliesA t,f avt th;» >-ar for \h>- ftir
| po»e, among many other «»f
■ ex)<r fMsff i«i* "Mwl at agalMß t?»e
J pt«f»M »lxnlnia?rar« a for tk- •. a!tug to li*»
! tvifc'h•■>-: f*oaltloW to tis*- *.ft of tbi» rrpwb
»-• . men * r»<» arti w-M i'««k
j the fpevrnmeat AS/! »br>ar ttvmg
5 a ho with tao«e in ttWfltoa"
Jcrrmlab M»r| by. who wa» rhairman of
i the Ijh!*« fny In the «»t aaa»-u«Wy <ll*
1 !rtrf (S. Y > !n 1«, when Htnrr
•kit for mayor, i« o-U for liorr!*on a:>a
• M-fow. If" t* the
IWrlrt now, an 4 tiiecti i>- *lve th*
otmt* a nar»4 6<r t t.aor- The onranjsa
tk»s * rend> nt» »it- a meaiaer» t
an 1 Worktagjaen'a
live tnacWtea.
Yhi- fialllmifv A j*r »* trptrt* a
Ke>M»b-;e*» rnu«i am *ng Ine Wv>rm»no»a
la that cniy A* a *au»|rie It
«*vt»a e>*n««rantlon hetw««en f-*« lk»o
«t»i* in whlea one remark*! "ft kx»fca
! bine I Uow af one lanre la
tA eot RaHin»r ■&<"«' t*> .» -» are c m
ph/yed, ar»<l more than one fcnif <rf tbcta.
who were Dmorft?*. #a> they nU *♦*«'
| tor llamtfuj and iwrtcd n
Wa<»hlo*»4»n Mark't in th* tit jmi %**
York hv* *.;* ay« aPtamrat* fciway
hot fj*tns lMlrrvtaw« w«h Jeadloß
mcrrhaht* the feeling t. bj tttfu
Jlajt ia»«l Mr. **i!k-r of W Mnwl MM*
far na in any that 1
• tala >*i:h > f»- HarH**n a »d
tbere an* many fr.'mortal* who hnm
alwaf* \
tftil toK {«>r llarr>aon to* fail '"
- M ft' r 11 wa^fa.hi
wxik a ma&w a •? of
sfce j-'h prt» ef, a t mNEhe* •« fc-'t*
. -v. - ' w 11 Kcwwr*-.
jbe h:- tiw-ria-limaii tb#
{ t* wee al» I'.--' l* *»/**.'at® vn
j tP '* ■ * '■> *••.■£ f'-a
, j-. ; a« -«e n> att's
i-. .••• • •/ v g »eve^|wpi>
• r?*s > t > *>■"»
ifAttt: -I-,- v. r, : v. x J tesr Mr
• -V-'.k i-- i*♦ . •» - . *!»..-* « rub a ii»"
' iMt ' .. -a rrVur -Yi -. - sta, n« V
... : - - t" «ma
i»q.. &. malign.-*-
: i nc* '!,»••, t , tNtißorwglg raartfr
; t>lr &*■■■■ nl a • m#w
t*--. 8S- i*-\• f w fc'- .. *'• ' **- JMNW^hai^
fit * Ka»* fasl, "^-s
. . ■ i <?'- ■ J ' »a * * • ?Ji -
VOL. XIV—. »>;>
Pet«» Jackson Knock" Ont
Ueorjfe fltHlftfy,
Tkf (ttatlriuaii frvut i»c*«t«n I nftMt
»• Rpwli tl»f Biff A* -trmlUn- fi«4.
frfy Tfrrlbly — Turf
E«mU CMn|f-N«« T«r| *nd
< UU-Affo I ea«tiwff lw*J fr»n (he
Kfmaimtcr »f the H**« Hall I «>«(««,
fun V»S The &£b;
t«wu tVter JtclMß, WrfWfrl ctmylm
b«a*y w*A*hl of Australia, -tad <;*erfa
(Unfits, M'KvrfJ pujfiliwf of Bc*?oa, u ttld
Nw th» erwJttp, hat bean
laotoMl for with the grrateat interval
»|KtrUti| tircki fc* »otv !h au a
and m * c*m«*Hiue»ce the rootaa of tha
California AflMl Club ww rr\«w<Ml
the men into ibe riaf.
Tt»e raotrtt wm under «(
nsk«, for a p:i~ar oi t-.W,
il r«m Cook of lhi« city crlvd a*
The fretl HAfllxt in (br n«f af Ums taa '
wen vm my noticeable when tK't f«e«4
each otb< rin the rtus Jarkton appealffj|ll
m foar laekeatalier than lrti typo-
uent, and u •." eel mor«* Iq
addttloa to I hi* h « lon« reach fate hh» 1
ta advarrta* whkh (.odfrry could not
Ofitcwtte, and wish s* few tha
hard blow* tw *lmp4 at the fit!)
( Both men aycw4 th* £,*>.«* with a
whiv'b aa# main;at . »1t; ! k ;;i<- Wane. fha
! only kuoek-dawn .jccurred ia tin* «eewa#
j rouad, when iaci. oa laattal * i amver et»t
, oa bi* n>ywMßt, aud aam t bin la tht.* :Joof*
I in lb,- fir*t ten J&'fc*. i had
nic«d a
►' txxy male bun work • -.* rd. In tha
| UnlthrN found* U*e ik&u.«:iMeat whidk
t»odfrcy received wn« terrible ."akaoa j
rasfced him MOb»4 the « d f»wve<t I
bint *v'atoat the rop**, all the time racing 1
fearful b?o«« upou h:« head and try iuc ia
\ *ln to beat bin to Ifif
Blood wa* flovtot very ftwiy front (Hal*
1; fre>*» face and in the niu* . • nth r>>at»d IM
' •' w»v there wra* no |H«*iWlUy ol hi* return
, auv of tbc ;>nnl»hment aq>J save Ufa
i • the
1 % failure Hjr AxtfU'fl
Swift Tim# Not liecnriUhlf.
, ' Ckk aoo, An*. 2i-ThCMt|h there weft
; three eood9Vtut> CMS th»» at the Norlli
*v»c«*ru Hpwden' trotting wwtlttg W4af,
the ebtef Inter* *t centered \<\ Jo^inM^ae 1 *
t wire atalDit hi« <*wn i>r*t Mmiof JSO4 3
The kome ma le fool itmc up to Jhe h me-
Mreteh. when he vtakfOfd. roaMOf m*4hnP
I thi* win* in »!n><*M a w»!i in .
) Hie Tr>bf*r will claim tomorrow tbaft
; the twvyear oiU coll AxWll> nhenomeaaft
Iter formality yewtrriiay ef j v 4 4 eaimol «<•
I tK> the rwHjrd for tho re**on that tb«]a*lffea
; •mioautv<t in iiitrottaeini; the h*»r»e taat
• he waatotMt hi« ova oC
. for a cup. Thia «ru done in lbe flrwt
» beat in 2 an*l the foltowtex yv-rfi»na
i ance. tn which »he »urwri«iT»jf retsml wai
I ma.lf was ariiapki cxbsbitioa* and ha* ad
• place *»n the record.
ttA!»h tii t.if
New York and t kicaffl Itach Seora
lndianap«>lla Doli)| Itadlyr.
ftttuOKLTBU, Au. 34—The <>ianM
1 won to-day by limeiy bittJnx in the eijghtifc
■ ) inula* an«i on erramaf fotparty. »* i ci»ra:
■ rhiladelj-hia b. New York e. Hatteriea:
! I t»lca*o-i and rlv:m*uta for rhilAiielpUk
I totdeh ami Kainc for N* w York.
U«TR"iT, A air. it—Tbe rkdtor* f-.»uod aa
; trouble ii» l*a:t>n< t»et«cin'B italwry to
day and won with hand* dowa. ikMMfat
'! IK ir*'it i. t'fileanw 14. lialt. rka; ti. tiw4a
a and Filat far
, Chicago.
15 to 4mun*,T'->. Aaic 2C,—Whua#*asteha<|
i | a pfitendid smur of Lail axiuuKt the Baa
too*, but k»*' ibe «amo bnaii* <»f a
j throw in the thbd ami hi«
, judgment of t»a** «i Hc*>re: W-inuinfton 2*
-i Boaloa t. tiaih rlra; toihltpef a«> t Mack
I for to loader* aud Tate for Boa*
PrmnuAu« 24.-Tfe* «!t»-
plajvd I U' W£n ti>-
and « ligr'MHHMMPT^^y'
z «■■??
42. t
Sliunui« Aw, 24.
mile-Sj*f'?••<'•■ w<*a it
I ITS* Utile Minnie WOtlHil |
«>ue ftttd
won in 2 02. Von Tr&u? irwiwl, lelitt
***** **
1 i'^' % . Dai*> Wi*xirt»ff mNMt rariten
2 h»m. M
Mii«» aad 7# yartte- foettelto woo In
I it?'Mfrtiu MWfc>»<l, tbird.
HarOK I li-l* mifcw - V*il>f*ut wntt in
lOkcfo *w»d, fYrry atfi *3
It righto !J«rh lU<#».
H nun TO* HMLUM, Ao#.2i- Turing mm
raftrir*: rhrr«»-«|imrU*f ml I»IMP* <1 watt
I in t iK>4,(ii>l4iii|('. *h°oo«§, UMW »Wl»-
-MUM Ihlftl.
acrvenctfhtfta»Hn-|M| BHw ml*
1 »*%. HicMllt * <*o»d, HI AiUn* ihim. Jj)
. <Hm kiul i»m aik» -Tm watt
in I >2, Kink ttroud, Wonderment third.
Oat mm! «»«•* siht-Emt4 wo®
jJn i:!# I*. 1 *. CtiutnMa# aua Toia lawyer <le«a
hcnX for « c*««d j»!are.
Mite-Wiifrrd m>n In l:Cr> % . lljyomnd
W»h ud, Pilot third.
(iraiid f Irewli Kacea.
ClVi, N. V., Attf. H—4»*a««l e:rrttik
. -a c'aif, tfotuuc--MninCfen Wfttt.
Arffßtlff wcona, M»hl» Jfc. 'hl«l» K«*Jnk J
fourth; brat tlm«- i; 2 4 v 4.
i 17 c!«a*. pnHng—-liaaafn ttiike* won#
Kl Monarch M . onti, ritwrlia Trial tfcifdt
Doctor M fourth; heat Mm*, *2'.Mf*.
N«t a VI nifßl to
Journal j
On*- <Jij tbffe iTlrtd at tb<* fletw Mia
kUm. Ik»u «. a !*iat«r4 fcat&f<cr r»f uu»ntt- 1
ilif U MtilttllMcMn Two
of the Iftdhn gmvt" ufe ihetr »iw a n :*«**-
? wriiti t*» X«v ami ffltip tK flower*quUkif
im.t tn'Utfi'irfn. m.i'l ttHtt »Urt«4 to twka
. . :«.iib •
At the am shop tr.v «irtaa «lua«*
ally grateful. au»f il»« two S«4i<r» h'irtwm ga
on to the- M Mny W" fake
flow«*r« in atvi rive thaw U» yon* aewittg \
firi*" waa a«k«*l "Mo* }<MI «*«f not,
wttthc wttrr "B«t» ' w«!i not inter
rupt tik«n, <»tw lady i»i»d. "I.ook Nir
;• the f tow rrtamwl, **l hir* 4 ttKMO
tb+ hour, fend I v*n'l *o**A i t |«njf tn»a> y
• wtM« tnH; tiiue l<*>kinr th-ir
• work to»«v '«n*nk V?»a may put to#
| ikiwf** -iown i;y tb*> fur««u*« i/ y»»n wnar
? to B id th« «lr'.« fDAv Uke ihein W»mr» tb«f |
«u >*«.»»■?. ' N<»w, ifc* ««r
; j t»n i«-r i • ITtfUWk it * s
bint htvrnt tmth.
Appear*tM-e% Are flwrylltr.
ftVw MQtoict,)
-rn Wt rmi h*4 ffeJ •*§! tor
thN m'»rallif.'• rrwflli *»«•
' t.» wh.j :« r*tlwwtf(»f
»}y. Ci- • !*or»s» v wUefv* yflt
,k< ■• ' *■■"». tiff "*
I ' ' ! «J«re «ttv, w* Naijiiaß
■ Hrrakf«*| <Uf '» on
} I >«»r| Irt ll|j* Ul-VftiWf. Ott .
: »'<u me liow nu]i U i» to be vf
I sppvttraocfw?"'
t.t(tit t nmrrwiUrtii.
iC-crlar K*i*W« ijj
• Wh*. *ni'i * FM **''*s?
w» ihtT. m #H«- <
v »a - fvm palUki ma i«r»4 no low' >ott
•A ili h irt »t'«sr rtr» io th« 4Sm ll«hl'
- Hinna," rrvflrd «hc «Jf!, *» • *>»«*•«
IT of V4.»M r. ••-?. ra l*>w* *M Hflßf ■•
•- n»« !»!•• <it Witt* 1 ?' I'f* thai * ? t
f ptrirriljr tkriigbtfiii ' '
tfor# Than *>»• A«*hl«if llrart.
fymx+it Ur fail !«4y
wt irafortn wiKt f ?«"*-* .'afc- t* it*4m
• baiM oaf, «»»•! rfw W«l» **f J*®
«< tii< i* *-if *. How pa*
;4Qit aw#f»"' _ , i
r/va«iat Iwr »w y .-h al- .-if-.JJ-Wfi-*
«lif| t»i»r fai r.p M" *«§«»*.
(«i an \s-- OaWarj . i
*lw—mr et I 'a«9M l» Ng .i
! ►*.••*» a man a* '» f «n *1 'w|WW!li^B
J 'II tot ' » ] M# ]ts| eiMW WliA HWSJI
«•> h l_ * "'• l * m - I
li Meet tilMte
' j ®'"' i
Jkii »* r -lf4t Bg
■eier-j- «.i V»«1
-;® «s» B *
un4 V Unflftff*
(Pwk-I ,
T -l-atn-i i-i-ir ;» «- -•'» t • ■*
i iTfiv. :«S) a»<4 XHhW. "«Mt >
j ... ~«t H- /'fjg.

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