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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, August 29, 1888, Image 1

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press Goods, Notions,
Silks, Hosiery,
Velvets, Corsets,
Shawls, Cloaks,
White Goods,
W. P. BOYD & CO.,
021 and 023 Front street,
R"H! ATTXj"E. "W. T.
i r. hott. r*mo*>T.
CAPITAL. 8100.000.
Ill:l»t7Ci:i> ItATKH.
.T. HoTT.Matif'r p. Hnrt/m ACo.,B*nk<r» I J. FomTn. Cuhicr I'uzft Bound N««nj II«T,k
lß»m*T,Hrh«»tMWh< r Hm*. ACo i 11. <• rtt«t rs.Htrev*. lU.ur* A MrMiokeu.
•MA. Ball v [vji, I'rtuMeut tkaUlu HardWAK i Attorney*.
Cotsi>«ar. « | A. B xtkivakt. I)ruesi"t
B H I.K. m. T'ir»cr. KnlU- A Lewi". [ i>« T. T. Ml No*. M«v<>r
Ex-Uov. K. I' Kkbkv, Vlce-Pre»iiWnt l'u*rt Sonod >»;iou«! Hank.
&. CO.
> U
Opi-ru l*lo«*K. Kront »•«•«•«.
The Estate ai"rt Mono* Broker* of the
Pacific Co&ftt,
blMie-l>ll IXVITATI- N 1.1 mli V-'Ttiß* H »E*TIU. M r»ll M to tU f t'' -t». »»
<bU»< lb ro®>-^
W'ldJll t. ir. <n. ■ niHRCIM. ' HINUI) D' *rH'I"IVV
1>» 'Hi I- .1 vi i k «MI nt HI >l.'|.'M t> )»i' [i>t~ »' •»
, 4 ,» rUKK if I\ST IO VOf Ao<l 11 »o« .>.-.>ohl *l* W
•»ti !a th»
Future Great City of the Pacific Coast
\fc # CAH —ii yv»«s loM Ul
l rtii. la tb* auawti oil . ni«* .f
««*«r tt.) i i>-» t* btirtt"- t'4 mMmi •••<»! * V-« ttTtrtt
t-j- » , t |t» » )MI t»'L tM« B !-■«
I ''' ! t i.. ,t*ci- «, nu
t-,.tvlff 1 r k —,.*J tlw>i I • v>t • !'mi rt t»n «.•<»».
r* •*»iri i i o > ni> K. i>» <-i. »i-.. m.i»T''»' ■> »* ■ n ■ '* 1
Jl7 ' ■*- 1 ■ t fl*r « rt«»- J* C) 1* . fry »*Care g. f< I• U wfci •J ® *» r -
. jr *•' lu ). h .*» al't, 'IT .1 *t' Nc- nw» •
•"'•'till. |-.CI*C.
The Ripnblifan Nominee for
Governor of New York.
Pretideat CUvelMd'a («ar«# la IHe
FUhertv* Matter Coademofd. and
Al»« «ot. Hill's Htth-Lk*ttM
%'rto— Ignatiu* l>oftß«||j Nomi
nated f«r Governor hy Minnesota
Farmer* and Workinipnen.
HAMTiMiA, Aug. 2*.—The Republi
can state convention met thl« after
noon. Gen. Benj. F. Tracy was elected
temporary chairman and addressed
the convention at considerable length.
Gen. Tracy said that nol since H64,
when the Democratic national conven
tion >olemn!y declared in its platform
that the war fv>r the Inion wa a fail
ure and demanded that it should be
brought to a speedy end. ha* a more
important political insne been pre
sented to American people than that
presented by President Cleveland's
free trade menage and the Mills bill.
The issue of IJJ64 involved the very ex
istence of the nation. The issue of
I*BB involves the continue 1 existence
of our manufacturing industries, our
commercial prosperity.
After the appointment of the usual ;
committees, a rece*~ wa- taken until
4 p. m.
The convention, after a resolution of
respect to HierfejUuTfl memory, pro
ceeded to nominations for governor.
Btate Menator (ieo. B.Sloan first Rained
the floor and placed in nomination
Hon. Warner Miller. No ether nom
ination king made. Mtiler wa- cho-en
by acclamation Col. ff. V. K. Crufer
wai t *en nominated for lieutenant
governor by acclamation.
The platform adopted endorses the
Chicago national platform and the
nomination of Harrison and
Morton, and says: "The Kepu'tlican
-enators in congre--, in the rejection
of the treaty relative to the ti-herie*-
negotiated with <ircat Britain, acted
in accordance with the diet »te» of just
patriotism and correctly-asserted
American rights and national honor,
whde the menage of President ( ieve
land, transmitted on the 2-Sd of Aug
ust. is a confession that his a>lniini -
t ration ha« t»eeti gros ly negligent of
its duties in the protection of American
fisheries, ami has invited new annoy
ance and aggression'* on the part of
the Canadians by a failure to make a
manly protest and to employ the
peaceful means of helf-defeu>e commit
ted to him.
The Republican party favors a
foreign policy which shall do no wrong
to the weakest neighbor aud *-bali
brook no indignity from any power on
earth, and by insisting on lair play on
sea and land shall through justice in
sure pea ? with all nation-.
The Republican party unequivocally
condemns the course of Gov. Hill in
obstructing by hi veto act-* for »n
--crea-iTn; !♦ < «>r lircn *l»y which a
large share of the «*<#«t of government
might be levied on the Ji juor traffic,
ami we approve of the ettorts of the
Representative* in the Inst legislature
upon the liquor qtie tion, especially in
pissing the act nullit.cd by such exec
utive acti »n, to restrict that traffic bv
charges which would liftoff some of the
burdens <»f t ixat on caused by the li«j
uor traltic from the home and farm;
and we l*elieve such charge - should I**
advance'! t » standards similar to those
su-ce. sfulty • nforceu in other &tat
| under Republican control.
'*Recent investigations make clear
I the necessity for cue* tual enforcement
of the law tor the prevention of im
portation of contract labor. Th
nat onal administration is grievously
!at fault for this failure t » guard
' a.jain t the degradation of American!
labor. 'J he Republican party de- ■.
maud- furtiwr legislation t«» pro
hibit the influx of pauper ami
criminal immigrants wl*o>e incoming
'brings u|ion our working peoplej
competition both unjust and di a
trou*. In vrew of the recent rcve'a
tions showing ah ;se of our naturaliza
tion and immigration law*, we desire
and ur. e a thorough revision of sadd
laws, in order that our country ami
fellow-ciiisen* may protected from i
the pauper ami criminal classes o: j
other countries "
NM.tK KSf fc 4 Kft&'A ENEMY.
Ignatlu* Donnelly \ >minatnl for
Governor «»f Mlnnr»ola.
Sr. I'aitl, Aug. 2v The >tate con
fereix* of tariri ro -.n»i labor organiz »
I ttons, i?i *e -ton ber<? to-d.»y, with
I ai* ill JOHO delegate*, mostly from tin*
| twin nominated Ignatius flow
j nelly (or gowrmif.
( LKICL.iM) IhlllNG
Little liri tfiilli n ftr thf rrfil«lrul
lillr 4 «•«*» «•«•» Ml*.
VVv A ip. 2 President
OvrUnti has on a three days*
: i;*hir»ij trip in the n»in»t\ of Oil tan
Forge, Mue Ridge mountain*.
Tile prc-i lent has l«een confined
closely to duties* for many
month*. He doe* not e*pe<t to get
iinv rrctatiuQ en*pt when he clear-*
oft hi* i.e k in advance of eongre-* ml
take* a day or two at a tune piece
; meal, as e linr* and promises
to *1.4) until after th»> elei tion.
Wmiiin •• ■>, A -*>. Tli • presi
dent and Col. Lamout. ac< mpinied
t»v internal It** venue fommi turner
\iillt r. let! Wa«hi*u;ton la«t flight on
I a fishing excursion o* two or three
•Itys in the Tidniiy of the Hloe Ridge
! mountain*.
rut: u \*k% *l-41. n^nK!:ii>
The oly lnir<>«kur(ns Fa*<ir
• i»ir Tr*Um»i»y
\V v i n ■ •>%. A "2* ibe Alaska
fur ~ed tisdit ne" r.veMigatson was re
sume 1 -lay The |peneral thread of
the t«-*:iit • * wa% in keeping with
that jrt vi- -lv \ta,.»n an
employee <•! the Vi i*o . ti.oight
\i tx»" J: >remme: t opened p that part
jof leb?t«g *<a the jud*dKtion «.ser
I whit b wat « »*•«• ; t • the I n tfU Ma;e*
t»v RosMt a- a hi|bwjtv to the fl«ps o?
the world, thv re« *'t would b- di.—
la-trou* to tlir *tl fi*herie« All ve*-
j -»el> entering Behrir.g c i he Ifco sht.
i *houM be r» ;-.re : to enter ui tue eua
| torn h u-e at there t • state
| their p irjx.o-e «» «T»te'tng andt-».£»ve
I bond not to v • late th • law* of the
■ nowmuent in tho e water*.
Kll.icn l \ OKirt AND SHIME.
An Afnl llapt'** fl*rf*m»« l>ie«
Dnrtnc tti* W Ivkrd *•«»■*• Trial.
■ >r I. i A'.ijr V>p - ial from
! Utile Rock nntiouftce* the death. u»*
i« er tecMiiir uwl-incf?. of Rer.
' Je*«* Trait, the old* : Htpu t no :*■
ter in Arkansas His *on. J I*. « ratt.
1 » was on trial for a>*aul*ing a * • ..n
• ami the father eipreswe- - a that
he woul t *e be.or* a v« r..t t wa*
; rendered He eftf.ired nee I >.r*
! fore the j -rv came in and is* eii
on v. live }***? iMiprisonmeat.
tirtef and *i*ame h;u*.
(, IKDMKt< * «OirLH 1>
Held la Heaw « Bali Trial in •*' r
Kv.f > »» ' -J" 1 ;p
i li ' C tani W\
j with t pium Mealing were e
j Mmt-ed here l*s~'aT arid hel» in oSu of
J_*. ■>»! r ■ l> to 1 r»r >: ih- "«
, her term of the United States district
Thr Drrp-Katfr CMteatloft.
I'tutiJuf. 2S.—The opera hoi-e
, was filled t- ~<iay with <leseia:e» and
to the IH-»p Water conreii-
Wm. Hon 1. B. Porter called the
n»!:T«atioii to order at 2 p. m. GOT.
Adam-, was introduced and delivered
a speech on the benefits to be derived i
fro:« a deep water harbor apon the
Tmi- cott<t. Et-fiov. Erans waa
avl» teni [ <onrj chairman. The con- j
rention then appointed on 1
credential* an ! permanent organiza
tion and adjourned until to-iuorrow
Suit f"r False Arrrat.
i:wcim>, Aog. S.-i mit for (W.-
' ott) damage* was bepun to-day bv B»r
--thoi.i lireenbatjrn a_"sm-t M. if Seri".
W. A I»a«h:el and Lincoln White.
1 h piaintiif was Chicago asent of the
defendant's. who are California wuve
merchant- Two weeks ago Nevis.
Dashiel A White caused 'Jreenhaum'"
»rre«t on a rhanre of entbezziiig ♦lO.-
'**) of their money. When the n*
was tilled the pri-oner was dis
fkargnl. lie sue* for false ane>t.
I'bicKrn Hrotti C liargrd Extra.
fChieago Tribute.;
Onest (indignantly)— Waiter, there
are feathers iu thi-> «oup"
Waiter (inspecting it) —Why. so
there are. I though: 1 was giving yoa
bean soap. It's chicken broth, "sir;
<t>»ts 10cent< more. -Changes lipures
on the check ]
Another l>nll Day in the Session
of Congress.
No Important BntinrM Touched—
Political Pthrti A Stump-
Speaker Excused.
WtiHiKiTos, Aug. 25.-In the sen
ate the resolution offered by Hoar
calling on the president for aIJ corres
pondence between the Unite 1 States
and Great Britain in regard to the
fiaberie* troubles, together with the
amendment offered by Edmund*, was
agreed to. The senate then proceeded
to consideration of the conference re
port on the sundry civil appropriation
.Senator Allison *aid the total ap
propriations for the current fiscal year,
not including what are called perma
nent appropriations, would amount to
; that, including perma
nent appropriation*, they would
amount to 1-121.000,000. The estimated
revenue would be $410,000,000. He
also furnished a table to show that
the expenditure of the government
for the f«»*sr year-* of ClerdvidS a<l
ministration would cxcee 1 by s!i\ooo,-
<OO the expenditures for four year* of
(iarfieidand Arthur's administration.
Hale commented on these figure* bv ,
h remark that thus one by one the il
lusions about the economy of the
present administration are falling
After close of Wilson's speech the
balance <»f the afternoon wa< con- i
turned in a debate «»f a general politi
cal nature, in which Hale, i'e. k and
Blackburn were tin- principal speaker*.
Pending disposition of the confer
ence report the senate went into secret'
>e*Mon and soon afterward* adjourned.
Campaign At»#enteea—Tlie Oklahoma
mil i>i»«-uft«**d.
WashiN'.tox, An?. 2*. —The hou»e
went considerable time in debate over
toe question as to whether a member
should be granted leave of absence t >
take part in the campaign. The ques
tion c tme up on a reque«t for leave by
<«ro*renor to "peak in Maine. The re
quest was tin ally granted
Holman introduced a bill to suspend
ill l.tws touching the disposal o! pub
tic land*, except the ht niotcad law. i
tteferred. 1
Monday's fltroid in the Bvnuro
fannon controversy comrted in
accordance wit'j the no«e> of the offi
cial stenographer.
The hou-e then went into commit
the whole *>n th< Oklahoma bill j
I'.ty on of Illinois to »k the t'o >r i:i
-upport of hi-* amendment requiring
thiit land thrown open to settlement
hail be disposed of by home«tea 1
entry, and not l»y pre-empt ; on, a*
proposed by the bill, v o a- t<« e ure
enough money for satisfaction of ]
the Indians f«*r the lands relinquished
After some the hou-e ad
' journed.
The lluu«e Committee aud the Mr*-
W oHtHtiTo)!. Autr. 2^.—ln the house
committee on foreign affairs to-day,
the preltniinary disi'ussion haring
impre-se\ the committer with a feel
ing that there might be fair ground for
dirterem e of opinion a-* t • the et!*ect <»f
exi-t ng statutes based on the treat)
of Washington, it deci >d that
the nre-*s ieni's 111 «-.ue a: I the Wil
son I ill t>e re erred t » a subcommittee
consisting of Mct'rearv and Chapman,
to in t-tig ite the sul)}tct. collate all
treaties and hearing 0:1 it. and
get together all the information neces
- iry for the guidance of the full« m
usittee. The i< under
instructions to report to the full com
mittee Thursday.
Tl»r DeathWat«-h Over Ma
mie M iirdrrrr.
Fh\mj • Vug. Sheri f
McMann ha j laced a death-w itch
over A! !'» -on,the muniereruf
M Hi) e Kelly. t«»- ny.
The date i»f the exe ution is Septen
her li, bit the natch was to
day owing to i««4iienson** numerou
threats to commit su.m ae When hi*
clothe were changed toniay 20 grain
of morphine were f-»und in hi- poclt
etv and a num'-er of letter*. in«h
eating that he inter. »Ed X * take hi"
tfe In a time.
Amrrlean Aid f«»r t*ar*»elt.
1 • n V \rng J- I* » ■ •
I t -era i »' the !ri-h National'
ie o America ha- addre«-e i a
letter to the di.ferent ite >n«
revieamg the Parneil- 7»(«i imhro- •
glto. and making an apical for the
Parneil fund, lie re*j ;e-t
--th * fun *-» Iti tl i- nterest l<* rea itted
to Dr. O'Reil y. IV-ir t M h
r,ai!r>>a<l Aectdrut in Ohio.
I. **,o Aug. V co'ii't no
v trrel on th" lUyt»i \Mu h-gtn rail
ru d near here th - foren oft, between
a r« iiiht traia and a special from Ott «-
wa with a military c<»h-. pany on Ike
way to < alumhu*. One or t*o car
wt te brniten, and two p.i*"enger«, one
encineer and a c*.*nin tor "U'tained
slight in juries
Three Mm hllle«t at a l**»!e-2lai*inc
• u%K N V Ui: D.ir
inii a Harr:*oa and Morton po;e-rai
•;. ar Morti*. Ot*eijo i?oanty, to day. a
,n n was barrel pfrmaturdv,
D <.• >:j Al'ert - . j
and Fred scage.
V Hnnawajr t-leclri»* M^tar.
Pirr<r-T r». A 1; A motor an i
.a-onth 'So ith > ee e tri r*;! «_y
ran away th. * m>r wnz ani was con
ptetely irre.ked. S-venpe*» 'n« ae e
-eri »udy tPjtire-l one prob;l4y i.»t*liy
\\aate«i to S« t the Trap \(aio.
N, f 8B •:
AMi *!• I|.t 1<» . n (rti .'»•<»*
an i *hen *he wis ten
pouml fttash wi entingiesi in her
>• ? » t' :»ie Her has'-an,; wat- i t»
«<et her af bat -Le woaUl nvt coo*
. en?
Two Men Drowaed Near
.U India* Throw, a Blind Squaw
Over the YietoHa Railroad Bridge
Sailing of the Abjulala-Vaa
eon.er'« Water Supply.
Vicmu, Aug. 2S. Two young
men. Wm. Hern* and All. Hether,
left for K~i]uin>ault in 3 sail hoat Man
day afternoon, anil the boat <a< found
upset near the enlranre of the harbor
late that night. As no tiding* hare
been received >ince, it i.< thought that
Kth hire been drowned. They were
recently from England.
l>. Menrie-. charged with procuring
Chinese girl-, was scntence-.l to eight
month-' impri-otiment.
M L. t'antrell wa- -entenceil to one
years' imprisonment to-day for entic
ing a girl under 16 years of age from
Seattle and seducing her. The girl re
turned to her parent- a week ago.
Thadiieus llarper. stock raiser and
miner, has a- isned. lle:vy l<w-e
--from killed stock in the winter of IH'W
.md the failure of exten-ive mining
er»terpti-es is the cause.
The fact of an Indian throwing a
bind «)Uuw from the railway bridge
into the harbor a coupie of week- ago
ha< ] i-t been developed. The woman
feil 40 feet, b.it -av»-<i herself by cling
ing to the iron work for hours/when a
canoe picked her up.
Sailing of the Ab> i»»lnia—Water Sup
ply Seen red.
Vaswvib, 1». C., Aug. 28.—The
>teant>hip Abyssinia -ailed thi> even
ing for Yokohama with 3D cabin pass
enger-. -06 Chinese, and a cargo 1330
tons t»f freight, including tive carloads
of paper-mill machinery, .11,070 sacks
dour. bale • of Canadian cotton
goods, and miscellaneous freight.
The pile acros* narrows at the en
trance of the harbor was sticce->fuil>
laid to-day by the water work'* com
pany, insuring an ample supply of line
water from the Capita no river. The
work* are now we 1 a- vanced and in a
short time the complete svstem will Ije
»n operation throughout the city.
A C*«Mtd Day f»r See««nd - Grade
New Voek. Aug. 2S.—Titcomb o :t
--[i: (ie<l t lark-on. bat the ri-It r-*
K:ive their twirler pood snpj«urt. llok
lever. Sew York iii:»le err. r-> en->ujsh
• . e the ;.ame. Score: New York
1 o«i<-ii 2. Butte! i. -: For New
York. Titc.-tmb ami Murphy; for 80--
ton. < larkxm and Kelly.
CuttAoo, Aug. Chicago was
1 out|4aye-i at all points t'Xlay. IVir
ehers pitched hi« l*>t game, but the
rapport wa* weak and blundering
Score: Chicago 2. I*itfeburg!). liat
terie-s: For Chicago, Bonhera and
Daly; for Pitt.burg. Stalev and Milier.
Pitr it. Aug —ln the tenth in
ning a fnmbSe »>y Bassett allowetl the
home team to take a safelead. > ore:
i'etroit 10. Indianapolis 3. Batteries:
For Detroit, Oruberand Sehaffler; for
In-iianaf oli». Healy cn-i Daily.
\V .v-hiv«r< • n . .\iig. 2-t. In the
<ilth i:;ninif the vi«iror< hit Widro r
freely, and aiitd hy Mack'* wild
throw - wri easily Score: W;i.h
ington . I'hilaiielphia !•. Batterie>:
For I*Mli>!elphia. Sander* and
- lir v.r: for Washington, Wilier
and Mack.
Ctevti ASD, Aug. 23.—-t. I/'juii 5,
J Cleveland
' i'un.it rxpiii \. Aug. 2S. —l^onisriile
Phil tdelphia V
Bxs.tim ke. Aug. 2S. — Paltiinore 1,
Cincinnati S.
Sis York. Aug. 2<. —Kansas City
BruoUvn !2.
Monmouth t'ark IJaee®.
M nm t'Tii Park. Aug. Racing
result': Three fo .rth- mile—F.»vor
daie ro't won. Fitxroy second, Fred
li. thir l: time. 1 1"»
Three-fourths n>i!e— Favordale <*olt
wFre-no second, .Stephanie third;
time, 1:10 s 4.
One :-?»«! one-fourth mile- I«o* An
gele* won. l»a<ige second. Ilaceland
tlimi time. - IP
Mile <»ri-e!te won. Eurus second,
Sj>«". i.dty third ; time. I:4*.
One and one-fo :rth ndies—Rupert
won. Mollie McCarthy'* l.a*t second.
Ten IV-oker third; time. 2:11.
Three-fourths mile—Raoiant won,
Ganymede second, O.jraliala third;
time. 1 IT.
S -ven-eurhths mile—Orrnaiier won,
Himalaya second. *t. Valentine third;
time. 1 JO.
SN-r-p! .h1 e. *hort co ire Ment
more won. Pinitan.«e »nd. Wellington
third: time. 3:11.
Saratoga l»a«-e*.
?■ %r\t<h. \ , Aui'. 'Jr~ Racing result- :
Three * »urth» mile Bell wood won.
7.v\ e VV. r i second; t;r»1 ITI*. 1 *.
Or.»• and one-Milte th mile- Vo*h
l»n*g won. Ittltia second. Oarsman
third ; tin e. 1 *o> 4 .
One an ! mile Mon
tros- won, Peeaee wconti, Wary
third; time 3 07.
Five-eighth* mile - t he*tn it Bell
won, Vedette-ec md Penman third;
time, 11'l 1
Oie : i* tiara P won. No nda\
se • : 1. M lie t ;ir i t nr. I it.
(.mint i irrtiit i:«rr*.
Ai»*a*y, N Y.. Aug 2S. The Grand
Cm . t me*-tins: U-ga:» at lland Park
to-day. The »cither wa« cool and the
tr t k dry. - .0 » !.;»♦—<»ol'en R'sl
first. <ir. <e B. *ee n i. A Hie W third.
Charley M. fourth; best time 2:2 i.
2 -»2 cla*«- T. T. S. J:r-t. t'.ara «e- -
or i W K thin; Jean Smith fourth:
be-t time. - 20 l 4 .
Il«»w the I'rinre of W *lr« Ualtirt-
Loudon Truth ,
You w:-h to know how he handle a
sir] in wUu ng? Weil, he i* aito
g. t l ier re**e ilul. You know by ner
»«>ml e *h..t I mean by ta^t
N.»me fellows ftab their partner* a
tho jrh they we their wire* or their
ac epted sweetheart-*, and hug; them
covertly if not rerceptiMy. The
prit >" <1 *e* n tdo thi'* at all. There
wa- b >th<ag carrying in the tirni bu*
convents nal encircling of Ids rifht
irn. the han : oi whi» b *a- t lacei
i«i iaftly enough t » «• - pp >rti*ig t »
the rl it c my b l . k. With his left
hand lie held mr n-ht. extended. } *t
we .'•# m here, and «ith
iust jirsO enough U» make roiffd safe,
r>ut »itn no pre-- ire o( imjproprietv.
Oh be -«as very nice indee-i! >fv
rsght ear was cl*>-e to hi* mouth, and
tie ' hutted a little at first, until the ex
er< ise made him scant of breath.
Wbee *e were thmuph he left me with
a. <» ;-tiy bow -nd the remark. Y**u
\n; ■ an ladies are certainly tine
"How * tfeat for a *q?*ee*eV a ke*i
(m>rte Htatse f, a* « ne V n? an !
aa» t:ier • ra* and powiel, ar-t
J before be unkx k*d Lis arm'*
ami sat up <r- u'ht. "*!.;<«» ryt" said
1 Amanda lfe*>e * drawinetbe k>nre-i
breath »be had taken in three u.onth
\o > hare ?<rr. t. km,» 'e* -on • of tht
I new hydmattc futtoo j'e** D ' tou
take r.•« for a hale <.-! fcav 1
Tan* Marked and The ladahltaat*
Put to the Sword.
l»|i ton, A tig SB.—A dispatch from
Tangier *ay* the emperor of Mororroi-'
determined to wreak qtrick and fierce
rengeance on the rebels who tna«-
-a. red P:inee Muiev an i his fi4-
lovrer- recently. Troop, were xnt
: again-t toe insurgent! and t:iTen free
!>■ en«e to butcher. ravage and burn-
Neither the children nor the aped
were «pare«l. the women were outraged
and murdered.
The emperor penetrated the disaf
fected district and it i- reported
that he is surrounded and by
insurgents. The European power
are being ureed to -en 1 -hips to Moroc
co to protect the Chri-tians and Jews
in the coast towns.
H.i l-» Make a <hand jgatr
The original shandygaff wa« roadp
of ale and ginger al<\ It is often made
of ginger ale and •'tout, however eve'i
in the Kng'i-h cbop-hou«es in town
Hut !»th tne-e fonii * of it are too al ie
hodi&l for hot weather, and »bar.dy
gaff« are now made of equal parts of
champagne and gingrr •Ue. or of ale
nle. or of lager beer and
pint-er aie. The la-1 named conib n.i
tion is popular with moderate drink
er- and women, but t'H> hearty indnl
(.•vme in it nr >ve. it t> be productive
of reform resolution- the next day
Chifapo Merchants Revolt Asrainst
the Transcontinental Tariff.
The Freight (hare*** From That City
to the CoB«t Double Th««e
From New York.
Cbiciso. Auj. 25.—Not since the
interstate commerce act went into ef
fect has anything been done by the
rtilronis that so much excite
ment an<l ilMeeiing amonjr Chietgo
merchants a* the recent a« tion of the
transcontinental lines in making rate<
from Nevr York. The merchant" of
Chicago fail to comprehend why the
Chicago road* should con-ent to be
come par tie* to an arrange men t that
uiscriminates o outrageously ajfainst
| Chicago'.* interest!*, ana i* ca!celated
t> j»reve'<t Chicago from competing
from the Eas. fur Paciiic Coast traffic.
Even trunk lir.e manajrer« T who have
ail the advantage under the tariff, have
emphatically refused to ioin in the
new through rate-, on the ground that
j they are contrary t*> the interstate
law and that thev could not afford to
join in a tjrilf th: t inakes rate* from
interior point* in their territory to the
■ Pacific coa-t much higher than rates
from seat»oard points.
A moat energetic protest against
the adoi tin ot the new tariir ha*
i.een submitted to the railroad man
agers l»v .lc»hn V. FarweU A <««.. Mar
shall Field A: Co.. J. JS. Kirk A Co..
and many other prominent tirnis.
Some of them declare they ill refuse
to ship any kind of freight by lines
that accept the new California tariff.
( These threats are having the desired}
effect. a:»d many of the leading West
ern road* declare that Mr. Midgehy
has acted without anthoritv in aiv
proving the new tariff.
Thre* of the roa is wired Mr. Midge
ley and Chairman Leeds, of the
Transcontinental Satur
day evening, that they repudiate the
ne v rat •- and would not accept them
unless revl-cd so a- to give i'hicago a
fiiir sho v. A reply wa* received from
Chairman 1 -e*'«j > yesterday, saying
that the t .riff had If-en reVi*et'. and
that the on commodities pr«-
; ducetl in Chicago wouhl he made the
•*ameasfrom New York. Thi#.however.
I comprises onlv about twenty-tve
! iirticics. while there are thirty
!of conimoditic on the tariff from New
' York, on whi» hr t - are not mue
than one-half of the rates from Chi
, cuuo. Among tho e are dry goods, j
cotton, pkee *.oods. sugar, gluco-e and
many other leading articles which an
j shipped from Chicago; consequently
; the conee sion made by the t':»nscon
tinental roads does not l»etter t:»e sit
i uation.
The leading merchants here declare
tbev will j t• »t at m i tbcdMnfaiition,
i ami that they will n«»t jro U- o e the
interstate comiuiiMan with their)
grievance*, but bring suit* in the
I'nitcd i again*t any r«» :<i
that chargt* discriminating and un
lawful rate-. The indication* are that
; the mails lH ttctn t ide ago and the 1
Mi**onri river will repudiate Mr
M .1.-eh y - strange action, and will 5
; imitate the example of the trunk line
ami reauire from transcontinental
i roads foil rate".
Mr. Midgeley his sent a p:irate
cornn.tiM ation to the n;etnbers of the
Pa- iti ■ e!oa-t A-sociation. with an ex
planation of bis action. Aceoruing to
Sir. Mi'geiey'f e*planati«n. Mr.
War.; hard an«l members of the com
mittee took derided grounds against
discrimination l> the picitic c »a*t
He :»«ivise i that local r-.tcs f»e mad."
t»etween < hicag»» and >t lis. and
that no 1 il *■ «»t irg tie given un!t"« !
the t ran scon tii: ex tal lines would e<-'
tabli-h a tariff in the way o itlined by
the trunk lines.
The Chicago p#*oj'!e have nothing t*> \
do with the i-er-onal quarrel tietween
the trunk and the transcontinental \
road*. They merelv demand fair ami '
equal treatment and the prote* tion o!
their interests
Perlalon In the Suit \£ain*t the
l»»»r a Coiuii
I iw* City. la.. A c. 2S -Jiwlpt*,
f'airall to-tlav file I an (ip;nkm in tttp ;
i-a-c of the lowa railway- ntrain»t tho
i lowa railw.tv oonilni -inner*, the tr t
oa«• l>einp that «f thr Chi a&o. Rock j
Islami A I'ncilic raiiwav nzaimt ihe '
, iromml'.><ioner. to res4r»!n thrm
p-ilt.nj? ii't-i eJV tUwp-cfceJ rat*
;Tepiired by tb<* r >ninii-- ; in pur
. . ot tbf rfCfDt !:»W trf t itf low 1
Ugi-1 itine. A» t-» Ibr j -r. : .1 <■:"
tiie court i v. r the ful>j«t!t-matlrr of
the anion, tbi-wi, *u-vair;ci, on the
ground that while the lOtnr. i ner
ure 1 ithoriie 1 I • cxen-i e 1 retkm !
! in t)i ng rate>. yet when they lit c.i h
' rale- -o low that the e are t««>
. l«».v toenaVe p'..iint;lT to |>»y the tixe ".
charge, an 1 < |«*ratiti)t expes.-e- then
their act' >ntra*?n* t.i- «|«ni of
tb* -tat-Jte. v.Lirt h rc| ,re- the .
iit rea-o-iaMe aa-i ja*t, an<l i-
v .■■i.ition of ttie ron-tst it ion al t>r<-
v. i<-ri which ti»« tu aiaoti
oarri.-r to a rew.i'J for - e
Tbe rou't further bol.l« that the title \
it',: aiithoritv o< ieci-lation Iwtaeen
r il**. »b>< b are ::i;*n-av ry to tho e
wh: h are not. am! <vbcn not a t-o .rt (
„f it.h .- a ithorit,. u> :nqaix* into :
tbe matter. ;
Tbecomiui—i^ner-at w ctf a;,;*aleU
to the ,uprrTnrrv:rV
Tltr. r. MtMtOßt IHIMB.
Term, »f tbe tjre»wie»» With the
Oof rrnaiot' f 1
WiJlOft Aue 2i.- "n,eiee; ]»ttir
! to-day The protinetal
. p-vrmmfat irote p Uic the ajrree
ment wilb tb« Nottbem I'at ific. Tbe
s .remme-.t «Jl < «mj4ete the *1
i K'»er \ oler ro■■.! fn.ni t'em- nato
! Winnipec. with a bran h to Portare
i la I'rair.*-. bef r.- November, an:
. t rj -. »r to tbe Northern 1\» tfie at
i rf»-t Ihe Northern I'.x ;« wttl hwiM
t•• within a fn» !t Mo-*n-cti on tbe
Bed Riser Vai ev r > .! to »!r - toft
1- p. l»ri#r a-i ■> k totbt Cana
i <j:an P»« • ar. . —'* -*a IDu . »r
ti>- t•. •! •-* i i to: .'.e :.
» '
Sixty-Seven Yellow Fevei
Cases at Jacksonville.
1 1
Ckflltn Urportrd KafißC In I'mqnr
Isle County. Mirhlgaw. and
i»t Away the Helplrat I'optilaUoa
—Am Altrsiai Iteport.
J«ciw«nux Fla.. Aug- sk—An
ifScial yellow fever rep*>rt yesterday
»ho«s 10 nr*
death- —A. l'.allar I. Albert Fbhw.
Burton May*. colored; total. Iltrnf
IT death*. (2 under treatment.
Jacks sviu.it, Auk. There were
six deaths from yellow fever during
the preceing noon to-day ; 67
ca«e« are now under treatment.
Cholera Keimrlrd in I'resqae
lale Conntr. Mich.
Smfs -outs. Aug. 2-.—lt i- reported
here that cholera i racing in S'. ewjue
l-le county, ami that people are dying
like sl.eep. with no phy-n isns in* the
neighborhood. Sine person* haYe
>.ied in one day. While the report
uiay be exaggerated, it is known that
a -ho:t time ago j>e »ple were -uifeting
with bowel trouble. The ' tfi ial* ut
that county will investigate the matter.
A Peculiar Suit l>i.mUtcil.
B.t» Katsctsco. Aug. —ln the «-uit
brought by C. It. smith. [strt warden,
against the oilier three rncm'tn of
the loard. to re- over ?UfW. his pro
portion ol the !ee- collected -ince he
has l-een in office, defendant* alleged
that a re-oluti n was passed by them
which allowed each warden a district
fur revenue-, from wl.i' h he should
keep the receipts individually. Jus
tice Roland taniny decided such re-o
iution valid, and "di-missed the suit.
Stocking Factor* ittirneri.
Ciscihsmi, Aug. 'is. — Herman
Klein A' !v ns' sto 'king factory burned
this morning. Lo-s, SIOO,OOO, partly
steamer Arrival.
QvnicifsTOwv. Aug. 28.—Ship l'er<i
vian. from Baltimore for Liverpool,
has arrived.
\o English Fi x-Itunt fan Compare
With It.
s;. fouis Globe-lieraoeral.
The M ri.la wild cat. when fully
i-T >wn, weighs about "o pounds, is a
urge as a good-sized fox-hound, and
when in f-II chase of a pack of hound
i- an object to stat tie mid bewilder a
Northern hunter. Wilh fur thrown!
hack, claws extended, leaping wilh
great springs through forester swamp,
the oruinary sport-man, at the tirst
-ight of the animal, turns pa!e ami
wants to leave in-tanter. The cat will ;
; attack sheep, lambs, young bogs and
poultry, but the hum.in family, except
voung and unprotected children, need
1 have no fear of him. 1 know oi no j
sport so exciting an.l demanding
ertoit so hard and long continued a- a
! cat-drive. The hunti-g party having
been agree*! t:pon. they meet an hour
and a half before daylight, mounted
}on their liest horses and attended
by hounds, often to the num
ber o! forty. The wild cat i
generallv found foraging at this hour,
and, being surprised, runs tjui kly to
the cover of tt.e neare-t swamp or
climb- a tree. If he seek* a tree he is
not sii t. but the tree i- cat down, or
he i other* is* dislodged. Thehotindf
are held in leash until he gets a pood
start, when the leader blows his horn
and the pursuit is resumed. If th
f it enters a swamp. the houn Is follow
him there and ultimately drive him
! out, and the hunting party, guided by
i the nobc of the dog-, is teady to t.s t
•ip the chase near the point where the '
g it: e emerges. And'O we go' Over
the hill-, th o •. h the farms, jumping
fences, leaping ditches! No KniHish
fox hunt can compare with the Flori
da 'est drive,' and few ate the fanner
who can resi-t leaving team afield and •
running to the hoti-el'ora -udolewben
the having of hound* aril the l-lowinir !
of norhs tells t! at a 'cat drive' is on.
The hound* of everv farmer hearing
the din leave their fcer.net-. and an
■, fo ,nd ioude-t mouthed in the porsti-
I ing pa k. At last comes the end. a
; all -port* must end.
After an nil day's ehn-e the wild est
t :it I o'clock in th" afternoon, or at 5
' (>' lock at the latest, can go little fur- j
ther. The snapping jaws of thehoundsj
con e closer and closer. He turn-hi
ll a ting eves a moment I" hind him
and stagccr* on. The park of dog-.
that ban l»en in full cry in the morn
ing is now broken. Only the hardy
ones have kept up with the long cha-e.
Horse- and ri iers are worn anil Jaded.
The cat can r n i!« more. He pre
; pare- to batUe for hi-life, lie t rn
i>n his back, rai es hi- feet and -trikr
his hmg claws viciou-lv al any
jho md that date att ick him
| The battle is long and Woody
and liefore it ends hounds are frii:ht
■tiily - arrcd. nr,d often lose an eye
M:,nv a time a'ter a cat chase have I
i.t»f I up the > ar- of my dog. The
; cat . rive is the Florida man's favorite
[ -port It i< not pursued with the ptir
pi-e cf exterminating tie animals.
; Indeed, bv a state 11*. a h iet r *r wb ■
.nil "h'<it a cat in front of I i- dotrs i
fined 125 and by a rile of the Hunt
erV A-wcittion he i■ fined again for
t l e same , tfen-e Vu'i tee it* a eat l
killed by a bullet the hounds that have
j followed it arc forever -tsiilei for the
iha e Their proper di-ci|4iiic ;nd
1,1 ire n-eftilne-» rjspiire that tl.ev
j should kill the cat. On this account
i sin t_- II and rirtts arc u- ally Uft lie
' bind."
\n I akaeaa Fish.
{ulauta Coastitation
Judge Henderson ha • the queerest.
: specimen of the fiiinr tribe at the
Agricultural IVpirtroent which w««
ev r seen in Atlant t or an', a here ei-e
| It is e'irl»d up in a l-i • b ittle of ab o
hol, an l w - ejpt :re 4»ffl>rui-.swi« kby
M-'James i'a-r l win) presented it t.>
<vmniT * wrirr An o!<l
fi«herman. w bo ha- r might ail wrt« of
ii-h in iKr Bran w:k * jteni for y«T«
i-.i-t hit- tii >t he ha« never -*en any
tl.iljf l:Se thi* Bperitoen.
The i •!> i" ol»' t two feet in ler>|tth;
x* tl. k »< an «r "nary afaisgle. ami
.•«. t half a- »t »• a <i r«j| tin m
lenti- in nt the buck of the
-Tii.'lit rt '*n tbe back t" Within a
•rv in h<> of the tip of ttie t.id, which
i« lons. *erx" ►lender. and tawr
iiie that of * iatee rat- The
heat! i- flat, like tbe bo ir, an ] ;» of
about the «ame thkine -. It in
a'-o.a three inche* l >np. inclwiirigr tbe
mo jUi ■♦>> h t«-tiaj* i -oroewbjt like
the le-ik of a bird Tbe un<:*r jaw
Koje>-t» a'o st tte eitrhth of an imh
tv-' tbt *n i h ti- at the
tij: a lafjte. -troiii? t->ot!> «h.- b ttaa'U
upright :n fr.it.t of t»o !*'**■ t«-th.
tk-peti-iiriX from the upper j»w 1 bere
are «*reral verv -null teeth rtten -ir
h:k on bi>tb e» of tbe )•»» • Ti.e
color • ! thi- qoeer fpc ' f.'i ii a p
-ii»rr and a» f» lie" i«W up in hi
pecenaiai dcqM hot tie be pre e«U
li e ;.ppeararce of a ionjt, aiitu kkly
m» kefrt. bumfs!; tbe bead. t*il atnl
Ar. toSrr of people U*> e-1 at thi
r-.". <itv ir-Wrl >T. bat nobody <u»uh
trU to what «|«. it hehn#»,«l, to
bo.lv h-W «»tr aeeri
\V; IS t i» it
VOL. XIY—Jf 95
T*ej Will rsallaae as
Tfce roatrart EatetMied.
Ntw Vok. Aug 2v The agents of
the OceaM Steams), ;f , c> mtxanv
which eames the n ails si*
rrancisrn ami the Hawaiian i-lan<ia
and the Au-traliancoionie- th - moot
ing receire I an official cable .tn-pateh
aoMlying thetu that the Au-tr*lia»
goverament had extended th* mad
contract with their < inpanv f<» one l
ywr frt>m
it havl been -tate<i that the seivicw
wa« likely to b»- handeil over In a line
of steamers running to Vancouver in
connectjw with the fanatitan P«ci«e.
> «nnounc*ment di«M»»
of that theory, ami the n -iils mil ,on
; teyto le carried thro-.gh t!,e I n ted
states tn \ ;,t >rt* bv %tner an -tim
ers from Sai Francisco.
lilt ten bj m Hear.
Mt. \ ermia Nevt
Friday eve-ing two bov- - >ns
°! Bving ietween the
river and Rearer mar-h ..n the ML
\ ernon and 1-a Conner U-b'trai line
"t 1 ? ,u * c ke lbv a couple of bean
* t " l » walking alone the road. One «i
the boy* was severely bitten iri the
arm, leg and back I* ore the f,iher
arrive. I and put the bear« to IbghL
This ,s the fir-t in-tam-e on record of
bears attacking a human being. A
hunting party i- -.oitring the «ood*
m searrh of the Ticiou* animal. 4 *.
The Oreanir - t'hesior Collision
Caused by Slronsr Titles.
Teatlmuwr of the Oeeanle'a OlHeera
Teads loThrow Ularae on the
rheater—!.Btllow'. View*.
Sxa Fbakcisco, Aug. Js <i,orge
Rridgett. second offi.-er of the strain
ship Oceanic, testified t >-dtv l>efore
the naval committee appointed by the
llritish vicecotisul t . investigate the
Oceanic-Chester collision, that he blew
whistles signaling the City of Chester
to starboard her helm. This enal
was repe ite.l and answered twice, yet
the Chester apparently came on with
out altering her course. When the
vt-seU met. he, with four Chinese
sailors, launched a boat and endeavor
ed to save some of ihe Chester's y as
■-s'ligers, Thelioat was Mink, however,
and he was picked up by one of the
Oceanic'* crew. When he lir-t -aw
the Chester she was half a miie away,
g».:ng abo t eiglit knots an hour. He
lelii-ved if the Citv of Che-ter had
starboarded her helm as sign.ile<i, no
accident could have hsppetied.
John Athias, quart-ruiaster of ihe
Oceanic, Rol*rt M> t-on. carpenter,
and Chief Knaitieer Allen, of the
Oceanic, were also examitHsl.
Ktigiueer Brolly, wh«> was in
charge of the engine- at the time of
the collision, intnsluced his time-card
in evidence, which shotted the
Oceanic's engine had Iwn going astern
for nearly two minute* before the ac
cident occurred, and that the Oceanic
did not -team ahead to keep it- prow
in the hold of the Chester.
l'ilot Ixuii- Meyer, who took chirge
of the Oceanic at H o'cltK-k in the
morning of the aeci lent thoucht that
if earh steamer i implied with the
-ignals to -larlxjanl there could hare
been no collision. After the crash Ihe
engine- remained stationary and
Isith -teamrrs drifted t«-iretlier'till the
Chester went <b>wn. He the
ottk ersof the Oceanic did all po-«ihl*
to -uve the lives of tho-eon the Ches
ter lie etoner.ntc I the O eanic from
*ll blame, as tlid U)tu« Kckler and
Thomas Mirk,engineers.
This competed the te-timony l>e
forc this court, which will render ade
cision to-tuorrow.
Beiore the d in-pe< tor- thi- .fter
toon, Moll I in low, li.lithoui in
spector. testified tit t lie I cheved
-trong tides caused the ac< ident. and
he had -ten te els with helm* hard to
-tarboard thrown out of their course
by the current lie in-tanced the
ca «of the I futrd states tender Ma
i i rone, w liich Itml an experience almost
similar to the Chester's alsuit four
months apt. lie con-idered the plme
dangerous lor navigation. Adjourned.
A Steamer Slxl Crew Lost ur the HI.
Law retire.
STB, Ft tvir. y ie., Aug. S
day last the steamship Rratz'mrg
cojl l tdi n. went aground near Ste.
Felide, ' miles lielow Mato®e, frmu
Ahieh plate ('apt. Ne I son b le-raphed
Snmlay to CJ iel*c lor a i-ttne, \
fearful*storni prang up s :r. ay night
and the steamer bej; in to break up
The crew of 17 men took to the small
Itouts, which were tip-.t, and 15 of lite
17 men were drowned.
\ Horse, a Cat. ami a I.<>t *»f t% iae
lii l;* Atmml Walert .wn.
fCorre«pondrEee N. Y, Sun.j
WaTierows. Ausr. is. —T. it. Rudd
of Carthsge is Ihe owner of a mare
that has a well-developed -nake f.mr
or live inches long in one of her eves.
The sm.ke i- about *s Ktrge round as
a horsehair ami very active. It w
h- I I in a transparent -.e k which
cover* nearly the whole of the eye,
and nh'ch i- tided with a li) ht-e torisl
fluid, iiefore Ihe -nake wa- discovered
the mare's eve wis heoly inflamed.
All trees t>f the soreness have n«iw
disappeared, and she suffers no in
conveni»ni e.
A farmer in the town of Rutland has
a .• that rairies tie n I for him
resnil irly. The farmer's hou«e -tamla
nearly a q tarter of a miie from the
main road. along which the mail stage
roils every a ternoon Ihe driver
brings the daily p'Per- from the jh» t
offite and throw, them on at the ero %-
••a • . where hi' a.»:(- t t .N the . .jg
watting for them. Tne dog has not
mi*-eti a mail for three morith*. and
utiring that time has nol heen re
mindetl of his duty more than half a
dozen tintes. He seems t» know the
right tine, and does r.ot waste his
time flirting M the corners
Charles i radshaw a har'er of this
city, was until a few days *_•, the
owner of a remarkably precociotia
•paniel The annual ba l been t i ~dit
o that • the ■ II of - text he w., hi
jump into a rh*ir. I:<t hi head
• ■tl the "re«t," • i > «• hi- e)e*. ami
> ilinlv »n!.n it to having t. , ? | e
well lathered and wijei off. V ter
thin be woebi j'tiip <.own wilb the
lirel;e*t mantt Ufiofi- of }■ ami
•aii.fartion A Kington nua paid
t-'» for him.
Cat- a« a (Wi i-- il ib
arjte-. even On. i?h they a.-<- K<«at
*;a.n.e: \ man in • djrlaa ha« a
Maltese that i* a:i exceptior Thai
Jtnin.il take- to w *,er nen more
•lii.dly th in a -pa: iel. ll'- will ir»»
into the wa'er on hi • md aerounf.
■adwMK toenjtiy it h ijp'ly. 1. ke a
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