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ittßl »"<>* 1«W"
wffl *.« l"«" A "' C,r *—
i Glt( Up the Prohibition
B r *
UJ| »j Ta<*oma an Invention.
-rnle*s there i» another Roger 8.
| . „ ir in the territory, and if Mr.
JjTof Taconia has received any snch
*"* „ votir correspondent .peaks of,
!rsf«ionung'< P'*r-IsrELLtoEsre«,
ma<t have forg-d my name, "
Jnrtice <ireene yester
"v ..J„ order to give tlie statements
Ending me a* *'d« 8 (I, ' r " al 118 ,h »y
JSred circulation. I have prepared a
IL jbkt. I desire you to pufcttsh."
w ca(D jrix.r <;n*r.*r..
Seattle, Sept. 4.
I, rßi vour di«*tcb«.
a* tW* inoruiTij?. Sept. 3, JWJ, I wee an
IS from Taeoma to the effect that I
5* Hotel Fife, in whi'h I exprr-s a
?L» hope that John B. Allen will be
the Uerc,hlic»nconven
" declare that if he I* I will
.lithe -turn p for hirn throughout the
Z" u , r( and will refu-e to tie a ran-
JjJuteigam-' him on the Prohibition
"'sSr.infa" I have never that I an.
• *ITC Of *" W "*' ' " , V
f.,, i have certainly not written to
L~r any other Fife in the last six
«nv *nbie t » hatever Mv
2Lmo» with M r. tife is not such
,» would ron«i-t with my writing to
fcim on Mfb » *«bjf t. 1 have not re
tejrerf anv word from Mr. fife a«v
kno*l«J(Pn? that ha " rec|, ' v ' < l fro in
ao viiueh or any communUatlon.
Mr Alien and I are warm personal
friend*; but hU view- and mine, an to
Boiitical ilutv of thoite who oppoiie the
Jaioon are diverse. I hnve no hope
with wffaM <" nominated.
I ahall not ntnnip the territory for
faint. I «liall not withdraw from the
frofeibitfon ticket on acco.int of the
vwltiatiort of hini or anybody f'i-e by
UK RepuWir;in or any other party.
IliKir.B 8. <«KKR»K.
h 6f»*t Demand in the White Elver
Yards -Work for All.
Tbe d«nianil for bop pickers remains
■abated, ami a large number of
powers. j»rinri|>ally from the \VhiU>
rinr district are in Seattle, employ
tag everything that <an pick hop*,
gfrentl growers have been supplied
«tth rhinamen from Portland, nnil
other- would employ Chinamen, were
they tuhe had. Mr |'. Have*. in
r eking of the matter, *nid: "I have
at fifty picker* ami I neel 3*t
more to secure my crop I exjic ted
to employ Itritlsh Colombia Indlans,
bat me wa • brought to
bearnn the Indian* on the other Mile
not to come, in it wa* feared the fish
fries on the Krazor river would
»«ffrr if the Indian* left there.
I will never l« caught this way
again. Next year, before picking time I
will luiUd a large house ™ my ranch,
laiti'ilc for white people to live In,
IBtl I will hire all the white* I ran get.
ami feed tliem on the f.it of the land
while they arc on the place. lam in
sore <lUtre*< this year, and will
lo«e thousand- of dollar* if more
er* rati not be obtained very
thertiy, *>| the hop* are now ripe and
rou-t i« nicked thi* month With my
present crew of picker* I cannot (ret
my hoys all picked in three months.
I tin no exception to the rule in my
irtion, a* every one of my neighbors
are in the same fix. The situation i* a
very nerimi one, and I am greatly in
hopes something will turn tip to avert
|M impending danger.
ii Honored by the Members of the
Police Foree.
thief J. I'. Mitchell,of the eity |>o
*e force, was ma«lc the recipient of a
laml «on>« badge of offlct la*t evening.
It larked but live minute* to* and the
lay force had assembled In the chief*
oft'ue ready to report "off duty" and
give way to their night M«ve*sor*,
when H. B.'Albcrtson, on liehalf of the
Member* of the police foree, stepped
forward with 11 -mall IMIX in hi* hand
triii accosted Chief Mitchell. lie -aid
he had been detailed by the tiieniherti
of the force to tell the * hief of the
high re«tiert he was held in by the
force, lie therefore had much pleas
ure in pre Muting hint with the en
closed (ut thi - moment handing him a
small box). Chief Mitchell wn- wholly
taken by -nrpri«e He opened it and
found there a badge of hi-, office
(chief of police) wrought in sottd gold,
witli the eagle of t'nclefvim surmount
ing the whole. He replied in a few
weli-cho en word of the high appre
ciation with which be received the
gift. Alter which he addressed the
force, reminding them of the im|s>rt
ance of their olnce and the part they
should hear in the public welfare
The badge i certainly a l aml*otue
piece of workmanship and one well
■(fitting its proud wearer,
ladian Fishermen Abandoning Their
Ket® for the Hop Fields
The -altnon run *o far this season
ka« been very light, and none of the
caaneri>>- are running more than half
tone Many of th< Indian fishermen
hate become disgusted at the %< ircity
of fi«h and have gone to the hop fields.
Jsck Simmons, who two years ago
niade9Moin two week- fitting, left
w the hon fields \e>ter<iay. He *aid
wis willing to remain and fl«h, but
■e could not get a crew, a* the In
<u*n« would not w rk unW * he could
potni*e them s.l |»er day euch, and he
total not u o that the way the lish are
vunninir at present, and'so he joined
nop brigade Cannery men are
■v weotira. Ed, for they know that
it the fish i«i not run now, they will
nm later In the meantime the\ are
•*«#» tht ir trap** and >cinc* reach, to
s®pa big harvc-t when the ti.-h do
&Kf Mitclitll Protecting the Eights of
Wterdav the tolne force inatugu
rs«"! a, i , ■ ... f ... :s \
»««foriliity with the ordinance pro
■""ting that nui-anie recently pn-sed
I? 'he cttv conn. il. and already there
* »n apparent diiiuii..tion of this evil.
I :<Yr RutteriieM »a< detailed to
whlon the inti'i«. lion of Mill and
mtucreia) ttrccti and inform all
awn" v ehiclen not to en faMer than
*t this po i \t iir-t. ratny
"■ oth to hw I the wamine of the
p-jju I eing arrested,
J*? «e Nted. i Mitchell v.t - In
T v, ral |>ai«te«l,
»>> will i* hum: m ron-picmmi
thi. |;m and a f.*r that
»ers found violating the or>imanee
,* prose. iitc i to tlie full c vtent of
Tnt VVtru li. .*T ii r Weed*
three «tiry fr;:mc I" iliiinc on
.orr„rof Front and I'nion street*,
**», v »..«tog ni|>h-tiou 11 i- a
ten. r"i V"' 1 " lv .iiit v. .<hl<-!I Mruc
and }i r \ V< , , „, < ;v , rl „
rj,, tU'elet tt. • .ormtotheiK iicr.nl
**■*<* *Uening Front -feet.
«ot>u i, >7,7, M ; s _ Kavter.
in...">e It. ; il.'i:. an central
far ' i:l " ce i for a »j>eci.d
•tain *. T' " :i 'be regular
tu._. mor: : t*i carrv tt c
ftahnil. ~n,| ir I'- d- t.i tlie lie-
SS , 7 n *«>*mti.>ii ..t Ulenshurgh.
* til " al u ' i r-"-
(WT, ■"♦luni «.>!• Hi rate will i*
Jlojlr !l tho-c *1... ri . ic certificates
tisat ik,! °" : i"e rv Of the nv,vention
* >S ' *' delegate.
The lighthouse tender Manzanita
' ame into port last evening.
The -teamer Alaskan brought 175
ptMtexgm from Tacomm last evening.
hv tTi ,«*»'« b««i com men ed
*i r ~?Z.£ ntr ,? cior : on tbe
* fter * few werk " »«spen-
, Tl y " Premier imwl yester
day from \ ancoaver with a large list
frei^n'* nge "' *" d thirt . ,: ton " "f
by the
Alki ye-terday were the D*-sen**r
sa- r 3S , f ° r »■>«■
Seattle itje Line ( ompanv.
i.Jj* ltean ,"' hi P I'laho -tailed for Port
and yesterday morning with 9)0 ton*
•lifEl' a? t r ? u 2 10 ~eattieanl
sail for Alaska on the Elder's date.
Burglars enteral A. Carter's neeon* J -
TV?*" 7 rtrwt -
evening an«l *to!c about fIQO worth of
f ' r P°*'*^ n K of revolver'. cut
lery, pocket knives. etc.
i 2 tm,T in •\noiing
<*** '"!'5T Mit/hell toorerninr
the und< sirabiiity of awnings on the
business street-: but the remark was
or*n."rt wf,eth " th *' < hief made it
Merwiri Gently run
into the Anderton and hvi her -tern
badly «ma»hed. s he b a « been laid up
for a few day, to receive a new one.
The Quincy ha- taken her ro ite in the
The oteamer has >*en in thU
port several dayj. unrleriroinir nee«led
repair*. Mr. John H. Kineth i, no»
captain of her. The f-usie wilJtow the
steamer I'urdy to Port T..wn«end to
day, to receive her ma. binerv.
The steaioship Alki, Captain lien
nett, arrived here from Han Fran.-i-vo
yenerday morning, bringing 47< tons
of Seattle freight i.-ft ij&lnd bv the
Meiico. The Alki will k,ad ewl at
Nanaimo for the Hay City.
People going F.a t shouM hear in
mind that thi< i« the last day that
tirat-cla-sM round trp ti/ kets can be pur
chase<l to Columb i-,obio. and return
forsy of A. Chiiberg. ti> kct agent '
Northern Pacific railroad. Mill and '
Commercial streets.
A colony of 21 persons arrived
yenterday from < to locate in '
and about feattle. They brooffat
with them their household
tente. etc., arni are at present lo« «t#si 1
on the corner of Ninth and Jame«
where they will remain until
they can secure hoiae« U> live in.
Mr l'harle« K Boyle. who ha- been
appointed chief justice of the supreme
court of Washington territory, i< a !
resident of Wwlm Pennsylvania. and
is said by tboM who know hini to lie
an able lawyer. lie repre-entod hi*
district as a member of the house in
the l«tb and tilsh congress. several
gentlemen refilling in Seattle are per-'
sonaily acquainted with him, and
think he will give «ati*faction to the
people as a judge.
A Meeting of Those Interested in the
Tree Planting Movement.
A meeting of the Arbor Association
of Seattle wo* hold at the residence of
Mr. W. If. 11. (irwM, corner Second
and Marion Htrccls la4i»\cning. Mr*.
Uracnc, president of the association
occupied the chair arul Mrs. ('. U.
Baker, the wrctarv, was present.
After listening to the Me»*r*. Burns
ami Niex, who were pre ent on liehulf
of the city council, and Mcmtr, Law
lon and Boone, who represented the
jurk commUsiotters, it was decided
that maple. poplar, aih, linden and
chestnut were the kind* of tree* po.v
-»'s«ed of the greatest longevity and
therefore most adaptable for Street
ornamentation. Mr-. < <reene then
proposed that the association ihouUt
give a concert the iir-»t week in Octo
her. the proceed* of which were to be
devoted tow trds the Arbor Association.
Mrs. Storry, who is already known
aa one of Seattle'« leading vocalists,
was appointed chief of ceremonies of 1
the concert, after which the meeting
ad iourned.
The next meeting of the association ;
will tic held on Tuesday evening next
at the residence of Mr. W. H. II
< 1 reene.
califorTia "politics
P. B. Cornwall Says the State Will Give
Harrison a Big Majority
Mr I*. 1). Cornwall, president of the
Ulack Diamond coal mines, is in the
city, lie ww seen by a reporter, but
rtfiwcd to talk regarding hi* visit to
the Sound at tliin time. "You know,
said he, "I uni chairman of the lie
publican campaign committee in Cali
fornia, ami a* all the people are inter
ested in politic* ju*t now. I would not
mind answering —t>»i!C questions of a
nolitical nature.''
' How is California going at the ap
proaching f>re-idential eh* tion ? "
" You may say mi my authoi ity ,arul
1 am perhaps a" well informed a* anv
tnnn in Jsie *tate regarding th« *entl
ment,(K the jteople, that California
will give Harrison and Morton !.*»««*>
••How do California W«HJI grower*
feel on the tariff question
"Very much a* their brother* felt in
Oregon, when thev demonstrated
their feeling* by giving the Republi
can ticket 7** i» majority
"Will the Democratic howl about
Harrison*s Chinese record lose him
any vote* in California?"
"No. Ilarrteon's record ha* been
thoroughly investigate*l on that jn»int.
and is well understood l»v the people,
lie 'tund* opposed to the iut|»ortatton
or immigration of any class of for
eigners who < an not assimilate with u*
and l«-«»me good Vmen an citizens;
and that d<«ctrine suit* the of
California tir t rate The Republican*
of California will hold a afreet
parade in f*an J'ranei*co this month
that mill ec ip e anvthing of the kind
ever attempted in that *tate. Whole
clubs, who never vote*l anything cl-e
Suit the ti ket, have ap
plied for pla<e« in the proce**k>n. and
will not go in under the name of Re
publican but a* Protection club-*. Put
California down for 13,001) Republican
majority, sure."
SiKprr-Cvu AtviMXT. In the
street -car accident on Front and Pike
streets Sunday afternoon. Mr-. C. N.
Byle*, of Montesam*. one of the |vt*«
cnger*. was thrown off the car to the
ground, and -stained a fraeture ol
the ankle h<we. Mr ami Mrs. Bvles
were visiting the family of P. B
Ward, at l.ake In ion, and were ar
ranging for a trip t«> the Ka*tom *tate*
rhe accident will lay her up three or
tour week*. The tar was heavily
Km.l with p.(-«nger«, and in coming
down the heavy grade on Front "trecl
the brake refund t.i work, and the i ir
mule a straight nm for Iti* < ftrn.r
saloon. but -topjied before coming in
contact with lh »t building. I lie only
»<irprt.«ed Mpw-wl was that more
jiersons war not injured
\»,tv Fur fit* Clerk Kurrt-t ha
had placed in hi* ofli.-e a new and
handsome file ca»e, for thr reception
and safe-keeping of thr city »H'hit»«.
The case is wade throughout of wal
nut, and contain* in ail "»> (tie- The
framework wa* ink!) by Hall .k Pa >1
sun. <4 thi* city, and the files tlteni
nrlir- arrived from tttkWO Ihe
ca*e i< without flffptiwi the hand
N4.mc-t of it« kind in the city. and
will prove a very desirable impwft'
Uient l.i Mr Forrwef.-t otlice.
A* E*ta\ M Ml*- H « 0« vr
Morri« arre-tcd three men on loin
menial street ye-lerday morning,
ami kicked them up on a ■ harge of
drunk and The pri».>ner».
who *n-*ered to the name- of W»
CoMello T i>a!v and Hand Ander
son. were I r. ujrlit tef.re Jn*ti"e >"■
derherg and fined V each a-ui cost-
Tabl* limMi*. i'lemn
- rirtin
Ckildwa trj for Pitclier's CuioriL
hwtmim w muTTunt minn
»»»lumn law.
Cnilsutlw of
mm* xirmli, of mm tefr«?«4
Vwnrsj. »j«t»»-4 Letter that
Eierjr Cltlaea Hhnuld Uead and
f arofallj Consider.
SiATtLt, Sept 4, lM*.
[ TsthEki#*; This »eem- to me
| an opportune time for citizens to lay
j i<efore the public their views ami »ug-
Ipertions concerning the ways and
| means of advancing the growth and
prosperity of Seattle. I take it for
granted that no intelligent man now
| doubt* that Seattle i* destined to be
come a large, rich ami famous city.
Its progress this year has exceeded the j
most sanguine anticipations; next!
year the progress wfll be far greater. I
! It will not be many years before 100,- j
people will reside here. This city
wa« not originally laid out on a metro
politan plan. Like Topsy, Seattle has
"grnwed. ' It» growth ha» l«en the I
evolution of a sawmill town The j
day baa arrived when the town plan I
must 1* improved upon. Every!
month that the improvement j
is postponed. Seattle lose- thousands!
upon thousands of dollar-. We are j
soon to have a hotel worthy of "-ealt.'r. I
We also nee<! a business street worthv
of iL The city council refu-el awhile
ago to give us such a street by th»- et
tension of Front street through to
South Second street. This extcn-ioii
would at that time have co-t atw it
$75,009; it would now cost over three
times that sum; and before long it
will not be practicable to do it for less
than ten time- that sum. A few vears
ago Commercial street could, for a
mere trifle, have I sen extended in a
direct line to Front -treet: it would
now co-t at leist sl,oft!,ono to accom
pli-h that extension
The present situation at the intersec- !
tion of Mill and Commercial streets is 1
intolerable Helief must be found for '
the pre—ure at that point. If the
remedy for it mill al-o give a continu
ation of Front -treet south, it will be
an incalculable benefit to Seattle.
The owner* of the t.ro]ierty bounded
by Mill. Main. Commercial, and South
Second street- are alive to the iraiiort
am-e of intelligent and early action in
this matter. I know that wveral of the
large-t owner- (and I lielieve nearly, if
not quite all) favor the widening oi the
alley between thc-e blocks to 58 feet.
Thi- would eivc the much needed ex
tension of Front street; it would al-o
give to each lot within tho«e four
blocks two valuable frontage-; and it
would give effect to the natural ad
vantages of that property as the l«st
bu-ine-s site in Seattle.
This improvement will nece-sitate!
the rai-ing of the grade on Coinmer- i
i ial street at lea-t 3 feet. It will admit
ot ba-ements under all buildings, thus j
utilizing the most valuable portion of j
the property. Basements, well venti-1
lated, are not only u-eful for bn-inr--
puposeses, but ore also of the highc tj
sanitary value.
The consideration last mentioned '
suggest- n train of reflection-; but I :
fear that to pre-cut them with tolerable
fulness would involve too great tres
pa-s on your-pace. I have great con- •
tldence in the intelligence arid pro-!
gre-sive spirit of our city council. It
must see that Seattle i- iu urgent nee.l ■
of an efficient system of sewerage, ami
that delay in providing such a system i- '
extremely dangerou-. The situation
i- already critical. The council should
spare no pain- or expense to provide a
permanent remedy. I.et there lie no
mere tinkering makeshift-, but intel
ligent and systematic action on a large
scale. The very best professional aid .
should be procured ; it is always the ■
cheape-t in the long run. Nature ha
licen bountiful of her favors to Seattle;
but nature cannot supply, ready-made,!
all the sanitary means and appliances
proper to a city. It is-aid that "the j
tAird helps those who help them- j
selves." It i- certain that nature will I
l>e a powerful ally of the council in all!
judicious scheme* for the preservation j
of the city's health. Abie phvsicians j
are always prepared and willing to!
give important advice on thette matter-, j
1 aiu -nre that in devising sanitary
plan-, the council would do well to;
consult the leading physicians of Se
attle anil give hee«l and effect t.> their i
views and suggestions.
The pre*ent council ha- a grand op
portunity to promote the symmetry
and well-beingr of Seattle, and I tru.-t
that opportunitv will In- improved.
W. K. U.H»sK.
The Well-Known Architect Seniles to
Mustatements Concerning Himself.
Scam*. Se| t t.
To TIIK KMTOM:—In reply to an ar
ticle in the Smith /*»«/* Time* of Sep
tember 3d, 1 wish to Mate that it is
untrue that I have taken plan* of
houses to Portland with the object of
having the *anie built by Portland
contractor* here in Seattle; but it i* a
faet that 1 have work done for Seattle
building* OOt only in Portland, btif
also in < hicago sal« m, Or., and
St. I.oui*. I would advi-e the Mn7y
Timrs to Mart up factories here in
Seattle «apable of introd icing work
exei utel with a certain da- of ma
terial which my client* require me
to furnish for their builiting*. I
-hould l>e only too kISd to patronize
tho-e manufacturer-, I would l>e
enabled to superintend the works
every day, and would not therefore be
nt the mercy of manufacturer* thous
and - of mile- awav.
1 wi*h furthermore to -ay that it i*
one of nn principles to "five my client*
every doflar po->ible. Part of my tee*
arc in compensation of thi- very duty.
If I find the price of a certain doss of
work t«H> hnrh here in Seattle. I ar*
hound to go abroad in order to find
cheaper market-.
i ft is evident that the writer in the
llmfy Timfj ha* never built a house
for hiutself. or he would know i>etter.
II STEINW %NN. Architect.
We are furnidied with the foUoiring
re<vnl of the weather for August In
Mr. IJ. M lltMkinwn. volunteer ob-1
wrver at r.»rt BtakrWy directly acri.*-
the Nvtn-I from Seattle:
I!Ub.-! tupiwtrr darios the amtk.
lah. -«>»
I/)«rr»( twxnofUT vlu?ia< the month, Tth.
llifheft tetnprr«:utt tluriug the xootitb,
Vf»mprr*!ure daring th< 1 month.
m», m-.
Me«a Xcmj**mtttfv <fur.cjf tin? m
I'VrTmiUnc »i >a t»orth *ail •rtttlh.
rtintell i*r tnr.U'i not.
Nun'*t el 4*%# on *lt . 'i 1' I t*f ifi' i
T%i.i »uow Wl.
NutnU r <»f .1«\» no which : t» Jinrts
av« riC'4 * «»r m-Tf on • • -f tcu. ».
W intl* ft4V>«c<l by nun, aiwtl*
Win*!* (oiU»wrtl hf rlv»r or fiiF wr«?h«r.
Well filial f«»r «hr € h«*lr.
Mjtis-tr * Vvi ir i »ery
Sn»|»|*r Yrv »iir i- ! m thiriWinj?
«f having her !. the church • h.. r
Mini-ti r—Th it - et*>i I««heatine
-na|i}*'r She .an t - at all l' -t
she - fvt a devil of a temper.
j»v«kf S«n >p Co>MirN't Tlie
I'uget sound eonfetrnee of the Melhiv
.ii-t Ktiixropal chon-b »iil convene
thi* • ;t> to-m irrow A ro-eption wlil
far given l!i«hop Nlnde and the dele
fit*- to tlie conference t.i-night at the
ir*t M K i hurch. where, al*. the
«e-M..n- of the eanftlfW* wiu i* nr....
Xe« ntWiiw*. c«wry
SjU».*r lo I <vot, CJftrr,
Hon. P. B. Cornwall of San Fran
cisco is in the city.
Mr. George H. Emerson, of <»ray*«
harbor, is in the city.
Mr. J M. Blaine, general manager
"the Tacoma street railway svstem.
spent yesteniay in Seattle.
Mrs. M. C. Thayer left by this
morning's early train for the East, to
be absent about six weeks.
Mr. C. E. Meerh. minager for the
Pacific coast of Polk A Co -'directories
is sending a few days at Seattle
Mr T. S. Norri-. of Tinmii. rejsre
seßttttg the Miminippi Lumberman.
-pent ye-terday n the Queen City.
Mr . Tho-. W Prccb.wbo has 1 e- n
( v:-it:ag her mother and sisters in T»-
wma. returneil by the I'rentier last
Mr. C. T. Conorer. citv editor of the
FcwT-fiTLLLioKsicsa, i« suftering from
a slight fever, which will confine him
to h»- room for a few tiavs.
Mr, T. 11. Cavanaugh, of« 01 rm' ia,
is spf-ming a few days In Seattle, iook
t:'g afu-r his intere-t- in the Belling
ham Bay Railway Si Navigation Com-
Captain W . H. Taylor Hi rHcnlt;
morning overland for (*altform.i to
1* ali-enl tr»:n Seattle (wjr vttks.
He will combine business with jjea--
nre, stopping at Saerem-nto to attend
the stale fair.
»| ,Mr. T. Reyooid*, of Virginia Citr,
, »r_. is at present in Seattle re tie* iiij:
o'.l atqiuintiiHW. He i< great! v
1 j pleased with the <ioeen City. and «av<
j that if he moves t > the territory he
| will locate ia Seattle.
, j Mr. John <i. Harne-. chief di rk in
. j the law oiß e of Burke .t If alter, leaves
| to-day for a two-months' visit to his
home at Monticello. 111. On bis re
turn to sexitie he m'ill be aeeompanied
bjr one of lllinoi-' charming daugh
ters. Mrs. Barnes.
Ciarlei Koenig Falls Into the Hands ef
a Bloodthirsty Woman
Charles Koenig has been employed
at the Bay View brewery for the ia-t
three mooths. (In .Saturday night
j last he drew his wages. amounting to
■ Ills, and came to the city ostensibly to
have a good time. All went well until
( yesterday afternoon. About 3 o'clock
he wjs accosted by Fanny Hermann,
who keeps house" at the corner of
Fourth and Main streets, who invited
j hiui in ile. Koe nig entered the house,
and on leaving he searched his ptK-kcts
and foun i that f l'«i in gold had been
taken from them. He returned, but
found the door locked. He rapped on
the door but receiving no response at
tempted to break it down, and failing
in this he smashed in the window
Jn<t then a policeman came along and
arrested Koenig. who immediately in
formei him 01 his loss. The odicer
returned and arre-ted the woman and
brought the two to Ju-tire Boderberg's
court. At the trial, Koenig most
solemnly allirined that he had been
I robbed. In the absence of corrotior
j ating witne- es the charge of robbery
acaiiist the woman w.is dismissed, and
Koenig was fined f '< for breaking the
| window.
He Absconds from the City, Leaving His
Wife Destitute.
I .lames D. Plummer, a carpenter, ar
rived from lioslyn on Friday last with
iiis wife and rented a small house at
the corner of Spring and Sixth streets.
Yesterday niornin,; Mrs. Plummer,
who i- a comely woman of eight and
twenty, applied to Chief Mitchell for
; assi-tance, saving that her husband
| had di appeared the day previous
with all their earrings ami she feared
he had left the city. Inquiry at the
ticket offices developed the fact that a
man answering Hummer's descrip
tion had pureb red a ticket to lios
lyn the day previous, and Mrs. I'lum
mer's worst fears were confirmed
i The lady says Hummer had SBOO
alKiul him on arriving in the city. She
j cannot believe her husband has de
serit 1 her. avowing that he has gone
to the mines U> prospect and will re
turn to her at once. In the meantime
: Mrs. Plummer is left destitute.
They Carried Off the Honors at the
Labor Day Picnic.
The following are the prize winners
; iri the sports at the Labor picnic at
; Ravenna park . Foot-race—Bob Del
| fel. lir.-t prize, $10; R. Johnson, sec-
I otnl prize, bo* of cigar".
(tiff's foot race- Sadie Pratt. tir-t
prize, >ilk parasol. Katie Watson sec-
I oiiil prize, album.
Sailor's race —T. Carroll, first prize,
a hat; A. Mathi*on. second prise, a I
boa of cigar*.
K «-M pin-race <•. Moore, first
prize, a hamhome |ol«1 pin.
I.idi*-' r.ice Mi«s i'tinninpliam.
j tii>t pra fan ; Mr*. Peckham. sec-
Ion«! prize, l»ox of cologne.
H«*|t-»tep and-jump- <». Sharp, fir>t
; t>ru#*..» muffler; f Moran secjti«i prize.
» U<x of cigars.
! ihe tujr of war, let ween the sailors
ami '.iingt»h(»reruen. wa> won by the
ai.nrv Mr- IV, khaiu won tbe tir*t
prize for waltzing, a gold brooch.
n Tktir Labors Almost Completed - An
Adjournment Until Sept. 12.
The county commissioners were
Viuplutnl y«-tenlav in closing up the
!) i n >so( the j>recent te**ioii. At
jno »n they del ami business off. and
pai 1 their quarterly visit of inspection
to tli«* * »ut»tT far in.
Kxaiiiination of the plat of O. S.
Wright'* addition to the city con
! vin«*nl the commissioners that the
i tract was wrongly |flatted, and the
j plat was ordered canceled.
The treasurer was ordered to trans
| fer two milts on the total valuation of
county property, amounting in all t«»
■; $ ui.rttj <*). trom the county funds to
j the road and bridge fund.
The petition of A. F. l-eede for a
J road wagranted, and H. Braneman
and John Thomas were appointed
| viewers for same.
The commissioner* will meet this
i morning and formally adjourn until
i Sept. 12next.
29c~-Ba:t«tr. 36-im-h. t'U*rr.
Will be epeated
! \» ntwvlr rvfßiM »lis be cowl:
anr to Prof. IHfltft.
I*r J > hn A. Marten. Prr»»*le3l Ifodiral
«*! Sure** ml lMtitn&e. *a,r* "I aae«t
Af|tr» DmfMfa Tabivta tor lattfatkn,
• u-i take ffTvnt M>l iu ItronKrOttttt
tbr «mi' **nre u«me <bi» remedy I fen**
ftpnx rifetfd :i to yiiUt>i t M»1 ft»
e% rry ♦ fc*re h*.i food rt*ntt* '* Acker**
Dnwwi* TnMetai arv funranterd ai»*l **ld
Jl £ StWART >O4 U
r Nnn wot in mi mwh
•Ua Action ■ Complete Surprise to
Ike School Board-It is Not Known
Who Hi* Successor Will Be.
Prof. E. 8. Ingrakam -ent his resig
nation as principal of the Seattle High
school to the board of directors yes
For more than twelve years Prof.
Ictgraham has been at the bead of the
Seattle public schools, and has always
labored esrne-tly and faithfully for
their advancement, and he tad the
satisfaction of seeing them, under his
administration advance from a rerv
I -mall t«ginuiug to a I la.* in
j the Er?t rank of the school
in the territory. For sereral yfar-
Pro.'. lngraham bas not only W-e:i
principal of tbe High school, but *'-o
city superintendent. t-ome si* weeks
agj the lio ird of directors M* fit to
name another person for tbe oflioe of
city -uj«rinteniient. hut reappointed
Mr. Ingrsham as principal ot the high
-etrool. At a nut-ting of the board
yertu Jay, Prof. Ingraham o;li« iallv
notined il.e members thereof that he
could not accept the protfere.l honor,
and re-ijued the [Million he had lillci
for so n .iny year*.
I>r. Mlx».r. a member of the board
of 4isrctor- of Seattle school district,
*»• '«a by a rrporter with referem-e
to Piof. {ngrahaiu's re-ignatu.n. He
sai.i: ' Your statement which you say
come" directly frwu Prof. Ingraham
is a great surpri-e to me, a- the hoard
hm receivea no iu'ormation of that
kind, whatever. On the other hand,
we were in:otmcd that Prof. Ingra
haui had notihei the new city -uperin
ten ent that he uuuM continue as
principal of the Central M-LOUI. and
"*c had not loaked for anvliii..g
else, il Mr. Ingraham h; resigned
he probably sent his re i,-ri.«!;.>n
through the postotßce and the board
has not yet receiver it."
"Who will be appointed to -ucioed
Prof. Ingraham?"
"It is impossible for nie to state, for
that is a contingency the tiourd had
not taken into consideration We
will hold a meeting next week, at
which time the matter will come up.
provided Prof. Ingraham'a resigna
tion has been received by that time."
Deeds Recorded at lite Auditor'* Office
Fourteen deeds were filed for record
ye»tcrday, the total considerations being
113.649, making a general average of i»».
J 11. Kengstorff and wife to <asait.« r.
Barlow, lots 4 aud & blk 4. J. H. JteontorfTs
add. MJ).
Arthur A. Denny and wife to Washington
Territory for university purposes, the
university lite in Seattle, to correct former
error of description.
W. W. Easier aud wife to Dauiel Clifford,
lots I aud blk 4. Crown add, IX6O.
Mordecai Parcel ito Kees I*. Daniels, lota
11 and 12, blk 4, Crown mid, HJ.
<icorf:e Dorffel ami wife to Miuta Foster
lot bik 8, Lawler's add, t^sOO.
Frank A. Poutius an<i wife to A. P. Free
man, lots 4 aud 5, blk 13, Frank Pontins
add, SIOO.
.V l*. R. R. Co., and Central Tniat <'o.. to
OiM-.ir S. Brown, of aw !•» and «w \ of
•e ' see. tp -U u, r7e. w acres, £ttu.
Mary Boar man to J. M. Thompson. XM jX
140 ft in bik McNangbt'i lsf and, SIOOO.
J. B. Metcalfe aud uife to J. M. Tlioiap-
M'li, lots 1 and 2, and e '.of lot 3, blk 2,
M< > u itiht s Ist add.
J. M. l lioiii psou » i■ 1 wife to Jacob Forth,
same pr Jisrlj hs tue Inst deeds,
Marcus i- iMtaes aud wife to Luther It.
Wood, lots 11 aud !<:k 7. Hurke's -d add,
Waiter P. Bell to J. A. (;onld, lots 11,12,
1.1. 11, 1 •• Ik aud 17, bik ul, Yeslet's -il sup'i
Hiram Kurneltaud wife to M-'ra Hurnell,
lots 10, H and 12, t>ia 7t>, lake L'ulou add.
lUruey (cr and wife to Hughes, lot 14,
blk 1, town of Knslewood. 11:8'
l>avid T. Penny and wife to H. K. David
son. lots 1 aud 2. blk S. North S-.-attle. SI7OO.
I tut*, Troy, N.V. The old««t School c»f
Engineering in the United fctate*. Next
term betfim* Sept. 12. The Register foriSXS
ciNittiui lint of graduat- s for 62 yearn, with
their poaition* al*»> rourae of study, rc
miircntcnts for a*linia«t"ii, rxyvn***'. etc
Candidates Uvin? at a diotauee may be ex
amined a? th. ir home*. Addretw DAVID
11. URKKNI, Director. j>uw«*fr
Ko Mercury,
No Potash,
Or any other Mineral Poison.
It Is Nature's Remedy, mado exclusively
from Hoots aad n«?rt>§.
It to perfectly Harmless.
It li the only remedy known to the wrlJ
that has ever yet Currd contagious Blood
J\>tson in all its stags*.
It cures Mercurial Rheumatism, Cancer,
Scrofula, and other blood disease* heretofore
considen i incurable. It cures any disease
caused from impure blood. It is now pre
scribed by taousands of the best physicians
Jr. the United States, ns a tonic. We append
th* 1 statement of a few:
•' I hare used S. 8. R. on patients conralese
in« from fvrer an.i from mestsle; with the
Ur* rt-ouiu. J. a. CH.gr.v^iW.-
HannEs, Oa.—Willie White was amtet.jl
with seniKila wtra ? I prescribed a. S.
and to-day he Is a fat snd robust two.
C. W. Paaaut, M. D.
Ts., Dre. ?\ l».-IhaTe taken
tht-e bottle* of Swift * Specific for arenndary
bi MMI poison. It acts much bsster than pot
ftsti ■ rliiiV I'Uier rcawdv I have <v, 'r
H k Vrmnu. K D.,
Formerly Su«»x Co., Vx
P*. r. J Hit*, the welt*no«»n rtrawiist
ai: l pbTMiUui.«f S.-hvllle, How«ri! Coualv.
Ark wrlf'-s : " Having «mio kn«wl»rtgt j
.bat a h 8 I. romfrTnl Ot, I CM MfclX
rrmmrKltlU the rell-wly
it c.uLtien n.< wuat .he imnie iu*J l>«.
We h*n* * (*> k si'ln* » htatorr nf thU
w.>:Kierf.il rehit.ly. <u*t lw cuiw. fn m all
«.»»r Ih.' worl.l, which wl',l <-r«Tlne« >. u tk»«
nH we «*v li true, and .Mill we will niall
fre" '"i »L.i'l eulU»ll. No he
wittxvil lt.We ha.-e another on Coot»«K a»
n...t hi-no. • It M«w term#.
Writ* u« » Mrtory of your mr»d our
phy*i«'uut wtfl » IU»
rxwiftdenop. Wc will laot
you fcaowtnfty.
For by all 4ru^;l«t«.
Tim fwrrt &rrcm- Co.,
iiraww I, AltaatA. G*.
Srw VufX. TJS br »x
Knt: iliv« n'.IL
London. Oat.. Canada.
PATEONESS H R H Princeaa Louise
1 \WTIII « Tlo>
Extensive, Thorough, Practical.
Literature. Lanyuag-es. Mathematics.
Science. Mniic, Painting. Flotation.
Bonnets Course. Etc
Diplomaa and Teaching Certificate#
< itnatr eireptlonane health v Net r»-
larta. A. K »»nt -«* re ?cnsp**ral«ir** as Ohio
an<l New York Mk*.
in nttr«Miaar« from nil
part««»f Amrrirn, The nOBsU*? WviM
f-Titiv-'l t barrr* r^odrrate Pee* oti Eo
ronran plan F r eir* nlars
jfeßV E S CSGU.-H. M A , PrtnrtfnL
St-xX >nn brain* Srpf. Mb NtMI
1 v* M Vfto Ivnw. • nntrtl on
* . ;c Rifcr. r*»*ar W. T Thi* *•
an j. ♦ *; Jarcn :n ***ery us» get. I* worth
lx •<*». at.<l i« off-. re«t f»«r fi2.joo
r*«r>. and talaare in three aunuai pay
mm:« a § prr rent per innaa Foe par
ticnia*- iHjairp ol J P MtSAI'GIT,
tie. W T w
With the thermometer registering 86 degrees in the shade we do not consider it a very oppor
tune tine to advertise and put on sale Fall and Winter Goods, and
fill Centime Oor Ureal Clearance Sale of Stumer fails
Prices that are a marvellower than ever for one week more. Come early Monday mominfl
and secure some bargains in House-furnishing and Hotel Keepers' Goods that
have never before been equaled on the Coast.
&£ f ° r »■
SCS5 CS - & ae £,P ron Check Gingham, worth Bc, for sc.
150 doz. Fine Honeycomb Towels, size 16x32, 75c doz • worth y-
PtaTLin?„T„ GU f S T „ oW f'i
iS !! ' I*l k en T°^ cls '
doz - Fine Damask Towels, 15x30, $1 doz.; worth $1.50.
For one week in this great sale that will meet with the requirements of everyone.
150 doz. Full Size Honeycomb Bed Spreads, 90c.
200 doz. Marseilles Pattern for $1; regular value $1 4o
160 doz. Heavyweight Pattern for $1.25; regular value $i 65
No such values ever known on the Pacific Coast before. Wo must have room ami
are determined to replace these goods with fall and winter stock Ode! and
broken quantities in Dress Goods that must be sold in one week. They
are grand bargains, Come early and secure some of these
goods before they are closed out.
36-in. Wool-filled Dress Goods, new colors, 7 I-2c- worth TCR
38-in. Wool-filled Dress Goods, new colors, 15c; worth 2J 5
38-in. Wool-filled Dresi Goods, new colors, 16 i-2c* worth ior
42-in. Wool-filled Dress Goods, new colors, 20c wortf- isc
50 pieces Assorted, all colors, 25c; worth 50c. '
20 pieces, new colors, all wool, 37 i-2c; worth 75c
56 pieces French Mixed Csmels* Hair, 50c; worth B<;c
28 pieces New Style Hindoo Cloth, 75c; worth $1.25]
New line of all shades Zephyr Shawls, 50c; worth $1 2-
New line of Heavyweight Shawls, all colors, worth $x c 0
100 doz. Black Jerseys, all sizes, 50c; sold regular 7sc '
50 doz. Black Jerseys, all sizes, 75c, sold regular $1 2«j
50 doz. Black Jerseys, all wool, sl, sold regular $1 so
All the new evening shades Fine Jerseys, $2.50; worth $4.
The most complete assortment of all grades Cashmere Shawls containing
novelties and colors. Alpaca, Silk. Pongee and Linen Dusters from $1.50 up
sizes and prices. Gigantic cut in the whole line of Spring Jackets, one-half price.
Our whole stock of Comforts, containing 700 dozen, ranging in price from 75c to $5, reduced
New stock of Blankets at manufacturer's prices. 500 pairs 3-yd. Lace Curtains $1 pair sold
at $1.75. 250 pairs 3 l-2-yd. Lace Curtains, $1.25; sold at $2. In Carpets and Rugs our'stock
is always away in the le id of anything in the Northwest. Oil Cloth. Mattings Curtain Polm
Our Fall Stock, Comprising Everything that is
Has Arrived, and neuouM like lo shew \on our slock.
You can buy for $lO an All Wool Cheviot Sack Suit.
Or for sl2 your choice of a dozen fine suits.
For sls we carry over 25 different styles and patterns.
And at $lB fully 30 different lines await your inspection.
Paying S2O for a suit, either in Sack or Frcck dresses you as well as a
tailor would for S4O, and an investment of $25 gives you practically as
good a suit as can be purchased.
We c*n also show you new lines of Fall and Winter Overcoats, Pea
Jackets and Vests and Ulsters, and our Odd Pants are the prettiest and best
assortment we have ever seen.
Second Floor (Take Elevator.)
Is now complete, and we can supply all the boys before school begins with
a very pretty suit, ranging in piice from $1.60 to sl6.
Also complete lines of Boys' and Children's Overcoats, all prices.
iMoney Refunded if Goods are Not Satisfactory.
Front and. Columbia streets.

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