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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, September 27, 1888, Image 3

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mm MUf T»ni'Bi.r Mini to u
ilKilll AB/rSTSD.
y|t Jfvrtbcni PaclUe C< mpaoy Make
tempted Barslaer -Kllae, Ike Har>
j J|ir Xvrvua* and D«*po»Kl«rt.
US auetic; called for i«'<' renin* in
zwideatal moare to dbrun the conditioo
Jt|,f tr*'.T° nilncr. ami Invite the»ym-
K aifcT 0( the pnbile *a« Indeflnitely po«
igeh tt the !«R minnte. A P'wr lsirEj.
Ka reposer a»k.-t a
„t the K»!*ht» of Ijibor la»t ereu
f' ITfte raoiK.' of the (MMtporacmeß'.
only rea*>n 1 can «»l*n i« that the
_««eotatire» of the miner, wboprots
Sto'ittendio >tafe the ruv did not ap
fSr'" ft* the reply, ".nd It U «nppo«d
CfUttcn h»T»- lieen amicably nettle!
S,? with the railroad antboritie. a;
Jl"',. TbMe who had charxe of the
here, on <bl» nnd<;r*tatulinn, um
V Hltt iadellnitely ft ».« .tated by a
Cwetstire of the miner, early tbia
Zrsisl tb»: ia * !l probability a nettle
Jait, rn.ta.ily *attfactorfly, would be
effliatwai the object of tbl« meetinf?
The object, m far a> 1 have been .vie to
W, »a>!" enii*t the aympathy and aid
j the cltirenn here on bebalf of the
-t.>p anil their fauilllei, mo«t of whom
ZHb destitute 'ircunutaiicea," wa. the
Sir "The recent lows .iiatalned by fire.
|J|- —' to cloaely by the cloalnx of tbe
■lgeibaa mach hardahfp, and I
kcarttir hope the difficulty baa been aet
Oft '
Tk« reporter levoed later, on very reli
■Ma atitnority, that the delegate, to Taco
mt wade terinit with the auihorltlea. the
tatlrrazreelnx to employ all the old hauda
*tbt piftaer ratea of »«|(e«, and promla
{M to dlachsrjff the ne»;r.ie» at prem nt
-TPSI be met acceptable new. to the
bkaUtantji of Ko.lyn, a. time, were h«
1 riMlßg to look very dlaheartenlnic wltb
vfster apprr«riiinst anil few »ilp|>lie« on
lae-i Man; the mlm ra bad left tbe
mrn In aearchof employment elacwhen*
]b, BMideßee of Jamea Campbell
iboolt o'clock yeaterday inornlus the
I mWenn; »f Mr. Jamea < «uipl>ell, at the
am'Tof Iwelfth and J.m< . »tre< t». wax
catrreil by a barttlar. A atorc room ad- ;
In which inrplna sooda and boaae
hoM imp|iilea are kept.wa, flrat rtimased.
bat the thief contented blmaelf with tear
IV open * few trunk* containing old 1
tiwi.er and ihe:i directed Ilia efforta to the
kow>' An entrance »»» effected throdgli
a Vftuiow on the Dontb aide, the intruder
apeningatlof the n reen, ao aa to permit
4fcli*it to enter, before truatlng himaelf ;
osthepremi* ' The family bod omitted i
ttlork the window before retiring, *o tbai
aaimirance WB< made without nolae.
the Intru It; mu>acked the ground :
H*rin,''UH, but H.a not aatiafled with an >
»rrrnai! of Mr. Oamphell'a which he fold |
adjand p\fr I ou a chair the open
He thi-u a«ccnd>->l the atair. and ,
ttit r.'l the bedroom nf the aerVant girl, ,
.b, haji)< ne<l on thla iH'.f ti.ion toaleep :
Is the i nlldren'a room, where she careil
lor the youngeat child. Her trunk con
niniiiii weariug apparel, a am.ll jewel
caae and a pocket-book w.« broken open.,
but tbe valuables were overlooked, owing
ftohabiy lo haate. Tbe children'* room
«w Vlalted, but nothing of value wan
imul. The bedroom occupied by Mr.
asdMrt.t'.inpbell unatheu tried,anil Jn>t
u tiir ~ had been nulaeleaaly opened, a
g»t of wind cloned it The nolle .
nMkaoad Mrn. Campbell, who awoke her
Mtiud, callitig oat at the name time '
"Who 1» there*'
Tbe retreating ntepa of the burglar weri
heard iu rapid descent aa Mr. t .mpiwll
«u lighting a lamp, and by tbe time the
latter reached the ground floor the burglar
bad made bin e«lt through the window,
omitting in bin flight to carry off the over
tattlying ready on the chair.
Mr Campbell tried to each a glimpac of :
tkaf"th>w an he runlied through tbe >ard,
but the ahade of tbe trei^prevented.
When well out on the ntrectaK burglar,
•fldeiitly through diaappolnttnliit ami ex
aiperailoii at bin failure to make a haul,
ftiew a heavy piece of rock on the rmtf an
signal of farewell. "Not a single article
•fsay kind i* mining," *aid Mr « ampbeil
lo s I'n-rr iNTKi.i.uiKM kk reporter, "but
ay vest, containing a gold watch and
ehsin. with mouey besides, hung on a
hook directly in front of the man when
It was surprised, I desire to give the iu
(Ment publicity only In order to anppria*
ayoeighiion of the presence of unwel
seme visitors." Mr. Csmphcll carries his
ilfliun!! iii a ding, due to an accident
V&Ue out driving a short time ago, but In
esses tussrl had ensued he could have
aade good use of his left. Ho has been
opp*c<| to kueplng weapons In the house,
aaring the children might accidentally
get hold of them, but Is seriously contem
plating a change of view.
Be ii Evidently Suffering from a Severe
Nervous Strain.
Ferdinand C. Kiltie, now a waiting trial
for the murder of fjeorge A. Hassler, con-'
ttaur« moody and uncommunicative. If fa* .
health teems some what affected and hi*!
•ppetltc is poor. Ho does not ilcep veil I
m 4 «wm* to l«e under n * vero nervous
toulon. Ills attorney says he la In such !
a condition mentally, that ho rannot talk
rationally about hi* r«w. The attorney
my*, however* Utat ho w ill not introduce
the nleaof Insanity a? tin* trial. Nothing
fca*Wnloi*rd from Kline'* sister and
ettcrfriends In Indiana, although they
•ere t'^nununiit»r*-d with Immediately
after the tragedy, at Kllbo'h rvjuea:. This I
M*a sto worry lilut considerably, a* they i
Uatl aui|<ie time to reply, and it was;
Upputd that they would even do so by
trinraph. Thfy are Mid le be persons of
tMniderahlc weans, ami are expected to j
mrn'.sh the »inews of war for his defense
we Mill mvp hi* would rather be hanged
ttd out of Uls trouble, if «t u i re not ft«rthe
tg&»m\ u bit ii won'id a*taeh to his fonr
,*sc> stid his slater.
Cmumkul fittest iiul the Proposition
to Widen It,
Cottttcrelal street is being replanked,
sad a* a eonseqnetn e the usual crush of
traffic i« aggravated, a* In places only one
side of the street can be used by teams,
tie work of replanklng I-* being consider
shly delayed t»> tusttity to s-vnre the
teabcr fast enough, as all of the mills are
JJJrod with orders. There seems to be a
•■gortUon to adopt one of the tdan* *ub
■itteit to the city coundt last Friday even
t#i to relieve the pressure on Com nitreiel
•mst* One is to widen the
etaet SO feet, and the other is to extend
"Vflt street to Washington street The
P^perty owners seem t<» have awakt-ned
wthe nece»»lty of doing something ami
■ft almost unanimous iu a desire to have
w. wideued. The oulv question
jJlpvllljtfQiisbly stand in the Hay will
■ttheentnpensall »nt«» be paid by the city
wustaofe* resulting to property-owner*
«jr mufjug th«ir buildings be k Id feet. If
CHUm« are not excessive or more
w«u the city aould care to a>eume, there
«£!! IT dl*p*«sition tm the part of the
waiHil to Inaugurate the improvement.
»vr*« of the prop,'rty owners are eon
,l :r erecting good hit si ties* blocks
«.* * a rede ut it fri-ut the »aKs)Uf,
"jwtlltn and ale in the drift of busines*
Ftoat and Second
tsil ihe Nor.hfrn Pmi9; for
Ttc»aito( H-.whitiict.nl c. Katt«c*s*iiwt •
W\,irts.ru r,,« 0 K.ilr, «.<«-. 11 *>v IV
»»«!.»«, • ,i,uv n, thTlmt.-i
(rt>m -I t'nul !u I'utt
eaadismissed in Justin s>MScrh>rg*a >
?JMgsteidav, ou ir >t? g rottnd that the 1
a »ut bad uo t'uN-n properly serve*l •
*' c*»pjr of the >inp:aii*t. tnc Srerv
m'-. t} 4 V: " il-li tt .* I"UCr« N, an!l
kwwV»V'.r,'s': I ,' r l .
!v . r| ., i:v ; t Mth , ,J„ UI> t
KutVr .t.,1 hi, friends
,id jT.' ' 11 1 1 IVrt
and delay occasion <C
Iht MiDxTtoN *T vr.i.uv>s.~r hasbten '
thas a !ei of Ital ans acre to tv
replace the dlsaatla«e4 Oil
and in ihv I ,„ethelaho:
■KJu^Tb y i i T* 1 " T "
<iOew\t matter This they have
liWT ! "
•'« hfiutinw
ItK'. V , V.'J" 10 ~« 7 ,rJ u t';
•m ihJ rr, _*v 1 " 1 v" <N '"™P" a T wti. ]
***>* i' i- ttVl. areas
c> van t ,n a pomt»
•wiV x '■
wi, give attestei ,
Sjtet »,• . n**ot of Js kso:. ;
«J, on natttffta>
l>f '"V l *'t ' f '
w la: * TS" iirr ? 1
an ,v *•* w«»o attend. The
-i se".*'! t'ekcis . .
t? I for Piietwf' Ctswrli
The steamer Wilniaftoo will Imih .»
fl9 o'clock thU ntoraiiMr. with txumtnrm
; and freight lor San FriSrtiT
' will be held
I at the conrt souse Monday evening for the
! «*«ai*ln« a Hantaan and
perted> flnh A •»** attendant ,■ b «
JndgeAUya has red or-d the tail of
irfttL •■■Hl* trial for anaaalt
wltb a deadly weapon, fr>m »i.iio to » aa
fr " ot •* l»*ter
several months a*u. wltb a
/ *rnK>ry IMB The
L.*' ao^" Kl ,b < I, * k - r « wlil
f* The Rifle. Intend to
wgrtthelr room. «»n, pat In decks and
•* ap feaerally la keeping
wltb their reputation a* the Tr-altbieat
r ompany iii (he territ*>ry
Crooked Traaaactioat of Jame, Btuk.
Alia* Newton Talbott
For tbe past three or foor yean a man
known u Xewtoo Talbott baa driven a
"'a*'' oat Madison rtraet to lake Wash! at;
ton. He bad a very lance acqaalntanee
»hlp ID the eity and wa» generally con
nidered a Tery honorable man. Two or
three day* ago be sold bbi team to F. H.
O*good. president of the Seattle Street lull
way Company, for tiv>. and quietly left
J?*"- *'• I'a/1 m mtirh r onfl
dencein Tal bog's honesty that be did not
take the trouble to Investigate at the audi
ii" ~tu. "V" nnt ''** h « found that
J. J. Mc<<llrra had a chattel mortgage on
SnSSu "?*!• ,h * "agon, which
Www did uot own. for tl-iO. and that
th *
Ta!b.>tt « u b&A been a»-
(h«t he hid been livins iu He
•ltl« un<ler mn iu'im-'-i uam«*, and that hi«
rem! name is J amen Ko«k. Three or four
?e*r« A*O ( TO « flfbt in SFTO Bcrnftffttno
county tftl. .he cut ft man'ii ear off. He
Wft* iDdirled for mayhem. tl»e puuishment
for which i« thr»«e yearn iu the oonatjr jail.
He managed the officer» and came
to Heattle. It!» «al<) that »> time ha*
e.apted that he r*anuot now be pro***uted
for may hem, aud by «MM it U »um>oaed
that he ha* returned U/Caiiforuia. 'itbert*
believe that he ba« gone to Britfeh ro
iumbia. Tek*(rr«in« have been »ent to
various plar-s in Orerrm and ' alifoania to
arrest Kusk, alias Talbott, if he appear*
there. Itenide hi* crookedn**** in 'iNjuw
ii»f of the team, he leaven qvft* a number
of mourning creditors in Seattle.
A Hew Mercantile Company Under a
Familiar Title.
Messrs. John E. Chi I berg. Korval H.
I*atirner, Charles a. I'erkins, Frank A. Mc-
Rae and \\ illtam A. Dickey have or|ioiz«d
themselves into a corporation to do busi
ness under the name aud atjle of N. Chll
berg 4c Hon. The article* of incorporation,
which have been filed for record, state the
object to be to carry on a general merchan
dise business In any and all its branches,
and to do any and all other thiufpi neces
sary. The capital aUiek la ftt.OUO, divided
Into ':**) -hares of fiou each. The duration
of the corporation shsli be *25 years. The
incot portion are named a* trustee*, to
the affairs of the busioesa until
the flnt Monday iu March, lw, The prin
cipal place of business i* Heart le.
1 he trustees held a meetintr last evening
and elected the following officers: N. H.
latlmtr, president; C. u. Perkins. treat*
nrer; W. A. Dickey, secretary, J. K. Chll
her*, general manager
Mr. H. Chllberg. founder of the business,
will retire on the Ist of October, and turn
the extensive grocery, provision aud crock
ery huniiiwu ©v er to the corporation, which
is composed of young, active. vigorous
business men, who are barked by ample
capital to keep pace with the Usacs. They
will do bo til wholesale aud retail business,
aud will reach out for trade wherever it Is
to tie found. Mr. J. K. Chllberg, r
of the corporation, ha A been connected
with the business for a number of yean,
and wa* one of the principal factor* iu
bringing it up to Its present high standard.
Frank A. Mcfcar has been in the employ
of the tlnn for several yean, aud now goes
In as a stockholder Mr William A Dickey
has been In huslneas in this city for two or
three yean, aud is well and favorably
known. Messrs. I'erklns and Latimer
have for a number of years hern em
ployeaof the banking house of Dexter,
II or ton tk Co., aud will for the present
continue in that employ. The capital
stock la all paid up. aud the new corpora
tion starts in under the most favorable
Preparations for an Active and Enthusi
astic Campaign.
The first campaign meeting of the tiraut
Club was held last evening at the Ileal
Kstate Exchange hall jatid a large num
! ber of active and enthusiastic Re
publican* gathered together for the pur
j pose of discussing the subject of campaign
Preaident J. C. Haines called ;he club
to order in an earnest address, briefly re
viewing the issues before the peopl*, and
emphasizing the imf»ortaat bearing of the
(tending ejection upou the country at
large, aud taperially with regard to the
i political interests of this territory.
Governor Kerry aroused much entbnsl
| a*m by an eloquent appeal In behalf of
1 Republican principles, and was loudly ap
j piauded during the course of his remarks
I he necessity of thorough organization
on the part of the Republicans ot this city
and county was pointed out by Richard
t *si orti, \V. W. New tin aud other spcakeia.
The meeting being called for the purpose
of taking steps in this direction, an iu
formal di»cus*lorvof the subject followed,
in which vciy active Interest was mani
fcated. As a result of this conference,
nnmerou* committees were appointed to
take charge of the various branches of
campaign work,
j It is proposed to orgsniie clubs in all the
warUs of the city, and the Idea of uniform
ing this. « nbs was favorably considered
i Arraugetneuts Were also made fsir holding
a grand Republican rally m thl* city early
in the cai:i|migti. A large number of
! names were added to the mcrnb nhlp of
the club, and the vim and enthusiasm dla
played gave evidence that the Republican
« impaU'ti will be conducted here with old*
time earnestness and determination.
The club adjourned until next Wodues
day evening a! h o'clock, at which meet
ing the various committee* will r port, 1
and further step* in connection with the !
enmnaign will be takeu.
Mi. Geor«fe W. Stetson Forsake 3 the
• Yes, I am a Kepubliean," said Nfr.
Ueonte W Stetson, superintendent of the j
Umv's llarhor Mill Company, yesterday j
"Heretofore I have affiliated with the
Democracy, but some months ago 1 made
up my mind I could not swallow thi-« free
trade doctrine which the Democratic partv
i* adv«watlug. and told some of my luti
mate friends that although it was late In
life, I should chance my political com
plexUm. and hereafter affiliate with the
Republican partv lam no ts»Utician and
would not atvept the beet office lu the gift
of the jteople, and hence I have nothing to
fear iu thus announcing my change .»f
heart The last county election
me and set mc tbinking. and lam glad
aid, for I feel latter since I Joined th*- Ii
publican rank*'*
Ml James and Marie Waluw right, *up
ported by their own company, will present
. sheriden Knowlea's trag* i dy of "Virginias"
iat Frye's opera hou«<.' to night Following
is the cast
Loots James
Applus rjaudlut Ettol; Onubar
t'a i« t audins. \ » u
Ictlins f. 1 MosJey
NamitorKm* V i Uwn •. t
l.ueins E'sner
ntita V<»?ney Kirt»a»;*er
Maretia. liaerlee Clyde
First AV.uier Harry Leigh leu
Serv .4 Ni ws Kate M- < k
Ke .>a'e >"a v v M'.** Alma Aikeu
V.rginis M s* Mari* WmoertfM
rsßtjsKKsnir t'btalie*.
\ John Corgtat a;;J Antwuf t.umbardiuo,
the proprietors of the Louvre reetaormnt cu
>Va&kingtv%n srreet. feave K- ome
.< a par? * :pd»s ,».*• -"nev.*. s«d vest; r
■av. > :\ application <»t < hialles. Jad?"
\Uyn Andrew Suadt receiver.
, The r«ataurant baa boen d ,»;nt a vtry pro3i
aM# hwainess. and It l» »aixl that Cwfial,
{ beeoHt mr deaircKts of ousting t hialies f rom
the firm, t•dto e» rlnee hT*n t l >a he ha t
no infer, >t lu the bnsln ** t«ccatt *c he had
oot as much i". it he 'CoffSei)
uad ll< ordered Chiabea <^at ««( the p.see
and told him Hot to return. The latter re
-1 x vrted wfth an app! cation for the app»dnt
Yttont of a receiver
Wux PtostTtP -Yexterdav the w A of
PUvtaH. th H. la»e of New York,
v, *#admitted to protiate onappUcation
fHnlUlvr. th» eseentr x. Mr*,
ji *• jv»edef iisexi in New York, June 10,
I b avtnft a large instate, incbadiag property
; In ihl-s < t> whi-'h i? » »sr very xwlwa>.e.
• Among the vuiMiei>as lathis elf* is *ome
very deairalde Front i'. rvet real estaJe. Ihe
. executrix devtrra to diepoa* of ibe prep
j f»tv In vatt:e to oomply with terms -f
; \he will, a id it is for this perpoa* tha: ihe
■ will Is probated aerv.
j* ritKii.HT rv»B
"Hie Sreftle, iak* s*iWwr' - asd Kastern Ra.i
j way Ct)<9p*!u havingoossplctodtfce brSJg*
aenMW the *h n%er are now ready
! u> receive fw'gfci for t*mtdty.
v CiHdrea cry fe Pitekw'j C*i!wii
stkuhcb mrn atm m bo t*
imwi n m inrrw.
Tfc ' AffMfil UdH iUO*a-«M«
Arrwcnnntt for |k* Victoria
Rowt* S«,t Vet ( on|iltit4-Otk<r
»t«mb<.«l (iimlp.
Yesterday »nra:BK the steamer T. J.
Potter mad* the ran between- feattle and
I Tacoma la I boor and 3 minute*. break
tag all prtrlrm* itcwk The be«t prrvloos
Ume "*» mad* by the Alaskan, In 1 hoar
awl 35 oftia-c«, «nrj u»c wz t Imt by tbe
olympian Id t hoar aud 87 minute* Tb«-
aetaa! distance traveled is z<>, mile*. to
that the Potter did tetter than If. mile* per
bent. Just before kavin* the dock at
Seattle Chief Engineer Thorna» rimltli
ordered the fireman to carry iff. pound* of !
•W""- '• IS pounds lew than she l
auowed by law. She left the wharf like a
•hot. aud reached wr,«; .~att!e point In six
minute*. Kn.rn there f» the math- a hand
wroe ran, and iWhed Point Robinson la '
» ml nates, and the aharf at Tacoma a>
stated, la I hoar and 29 minutes
f'aptain J. W. Troup was 00 the main
deck from the time sbv started to the
BQlaa, and took great prid* poiutinir out
the beautiful manner in which «he aUde«l
thr»>ujfh the water w:th<>:it making a t>reak.
In speaking of the veatel hr «aid **l feel
sure that the Potter ha* tii«e finest taodel of
aajr ateamer ou the Pacific ««»avt. While
enraged in planning the Potter 1 roUeoted
a great number of nMv!e!s. In fart I
«tidied every one I cmM get bold of.
Amniig the collection ta« the mrtdei of the
f »lympian, ■ -.<! I liked that better than any
of the others. *0 I worked it over. »moot hed
down all the rough edges and changed it in
a few minor parnrßjar*. and built
the Potter from the result. The
chief engineer. Mr. Hinith. Amd I hate con
cluded liotto remain longer outbe -Sound
at present, and before we left, we conclud
ed to make a record for «peed for some of
the fa*t boats here to run a*aiu*?."
• What kind a traveler 1s the I'ndlner*
"The is a good one. and if Uatch bring*
her to the sound there will be wm? fun.
-She is the only boat ou the river that ever
worried the Telephone until the Potter
came oat. and she them all. The
I'ndiae U a mighty »niart little boat and
we would not object to nee her and the
Telephone both quit the river."
It wa« the intention of Captain Clancy
to run the Potter between Tacoma and rte
attie and the Olympian fr»»m Seattle to
V ictoria, but when the Potter arrived
here yentcrday morning from Tacoma she
had aa immense cargo of freight on board,
and rather tbau transfer it, she was uent
through to VicUiria.
An examination c! the walking-beam of
the Alaskan yesterday, showed that one of
tbe braces in the beam bail cracked, but it
is thought tke break can be repaired so ax
to last until anew walking beam can be
ordered from the East. As soon as she has
been repaired sufficiently, she will be sent
around to Portland.
The Haywsrd has been recoppered and
thoroughly repaired and strengthened. Her
stem.which had dropped down,was raised,
aud her engines are now beine lined up.
She will be ou the route agaiu in about a
The winter arraugexnenta for the Vic
toria route have not been fully consum
mated, and Captain Clancy has two or
three plans in his head, one of which will
most likely I** adopted. One i* to have
the North Pacific and T. J. l'otter perform
the services, each one maklug the round
trip every two days, or in other words, the
Potter is to run to Victoria on Monday and
back on Tuesday, and the North Pacific to
go to Victoria on Tuesday and j
back on Wrdutaday. There is one
objection to this plan, and that
Is that owiug to the extensive upper
worka on the Potter, It may not be thought
best to run her across the ftrnlts iu the j
winter season, and to avoid this «'apf. j
I'lancy thinks some of running the North
Pa« ifir from Ludlow to Victoria and hack
every day and the Potter from Tatoma
and tieattle to connect with her.
The finishing touches are cow being
placed ou the North Pacific, and she will
be ready to go into service by the flrat of
the mouth.
Is This the Way Sheriff Cochrane Pays
His Attorney Fees ?
I- V. tfchuyder, the proprietor of a well
known road-house out toward the race
track, was arrested a day or two ago for
disorderly conduct growing out of a family
quarrel, and a matter iu connection with
the arrest does uot place Sheriff Cochrane
in a very enviable light Mr. Schuyder.
who was iu the city yesterdav, said of the
matter "SheriffCochrane and J 11. Lewis,
the lawyer, drove out to inv place and
Cochrane said: 'rieknyder, Ive got a
warrant for your arrest aud have got to
arrest yon. However, I brought Mr. Lewis
along and if you want to retain him as
your attorney and he tells me to let you go,
111 do it. Otherwise I will have to take
I von to jail/ 1 did not want Lewi?., for he
Is not my regular lawyer, but did not
want to l»e dragged through the streets by
the sheriff and thrown into Jail, and of
course 1 retained him as the only way out
Of the serais'."
i A subs'autial hnsiuess man, who over
heard the conversation. said "l believe
I Cochrane was following out a preredent
j he has established of letting men off when
[ their attorneys agree to become personally
i rosponaible for them. At least he pnrauea
1 this coarse In certain ea*e->. but tfii* one
I seems to have some peculiar points about
i it. I don't want to secua** any one of
i Jobbery, but must acknowledge that this
\ business don't look very straight. In the
| tint place I«ewl* is Cochrane'* regular
I attorney, and is employed to defend and
t counsel him in his tempest nous career.
' Vow. be takes liCwia along with him when
» he goes to make an arres* and practically
i forces th>* defendant to employ Lewis by
■ telling liim that he most wo to Jail other
i wise What I wonld like to know U
! whether Cochrane pays hi* attorney by
throwing other business In his way iu this
kind of Ntyle It is « very peculiar pro
i ceedure t>» say the least, but nothing more
than I think my friend William capable
Something About the Identity of the
New Register of the Land Office
James Hamilton Lewis recall* John l*.
fclair of Georgia, who has been appointed
register of the laud office in this elty to
succeed John Y. Oftrander, who has re
signed, and last evening said of him:
: "Itlair liv» sln Atlanta, and 2a«t year was : .
a member of the lower houv of the state |
: legia!atu*e Ho is a local opdOfiist and «
! wet clecltd on that isane, as I remember
jit Atlanta, you know, has had a remark
able fight over the prohibition and local .
option questions, and it haa split the Dem
i oeratic part * there. After his term In the ■ -
Jegts'atnre Blair »ao an appheaut, I be
!ieve, for the timed state* attorneyship
for the southern district of the stale, but
, withdrew In favor of flupout Gearv of
Amcrlcu* He is a Methodist, »a are a'l of
his fa.-ailv Ihs grandfather wa« one of
m W Ihe Hate. Be wm appointed
register, I nnderstand. on the ?e<H>mmen»
•lotions of .Senatorst"oiqultt of Oeoifia and
iHirnaa of Maryland. I thtuk bis aopliea
ts»»n for the position grew out of the visit
v r Carroll of tleorgie, special pre'al
inspector, to the tfound some time aco. ;
Mr far roll was very much tdrssed with
tbe climate and reaourees of Washington
terrlt*>r . and cspCCiallv with Seattle. He >
hi« enth'usasm Mr Blair
and mant other* in Geonria, who IM
| have the r cyea turned t;il« way lam not '
' very »r!i actualutc i with Mr Blair's
a auding as a !awver, but the Atlanta bar »
is so overcrowded that I do not wonder;
that b»- is anxious to remove to a mere
premis njt field As I remember him, he
ts a rather otoul; man of medium hej*bt.
a dark bruwii mustache. He mwss
l»e at»out 48 years of age.**
jEievts Vagra-t-3 Caught in Its Meahcs
and Committed.
LVly y e*terday nottftif the police ma le >
a tboroegh ic* peril on ef the box cars j
j sac-ling on sM- tracks la this city, and,;
a< a result eaptnr k i eieve i vairrants, who j
j were stealing free lodgings. In Justice
j J t >: s's court yesrc day thefmen answered
; tot'C names of Frank -rr.it*, H. c»9hr<l,
Taomos Murphy. John Morey, Fred WiJ
u .-s es r . v W.iifcm H >,
) Jame* Mc ormick. James I>reer, John ';
' Qainn sr. i Dris 1 Th two 'ast ,
{ itteatiotie-J were sent nt» for ninety dava !
jeaci-. in d nail for their k- x>d
j tvSiftvfctr in *»»thers em- 1 1-** each.
: aid in defanlt wer- commirted to jail. ,
The count J jail la so turevmwded that jnly ;
i two were seat there, a j i the others were ;
furnished accomaodatiooa at th«cily Jail. 1
Just at present there appear* to b*' more
than the usual qnora ol vagrants in the
■ cityr They an 4 mostly hard ehora'-ters, ,
'nb.»onlv want half an «s»p>rt«aitv to
1 > iopteto foot pwds and
'| <n the past w*»ek two **r three cit!*en« !
jhe ,t heid up at the point «>l a re
. I - and made b hand over their ea*h v
| and \ s'.aahlea !n each fortanatcly.
! the v-,, Ufwaonly ha t *»ail aasownta on
■ f thv it person, bnt the crime ii ?>*ne the lesa ,
1 aggravate i rh# p.. tee w'.ll probacy now- *
j • ane a vlgi-ronacn)«ede ara i«*« the oh-f
! | te« t/o-nahla e asa Now tha? winter is<N>-«. «
• • Inc •»» taey are Socfciwg to the e*tf f and it '
!w II rcqeiiv extreme wwtehfalwesa to keen
tne city free ol them
i mad* Witt I
rr-ia '%*«paay and]
-avlftga Bank. Mili ihvei, Com- ]
(atrtisl, will begin to draer ntasa (lata
brr I _____
OitidrM rrj for Fittl«r's Ctstwu.
•*' - ■ ■" - ■■. . . T, ' iVflittTl
Mrn. Tbeodore Handakker will leave this
moraine for .rtetrrf, Jew week, at her
farmer borne, baa Dtego. Caiifanßlß.
Mr. G«>. H. Park, brother of Mr. J. A
Park, sgem at tbe Seaufcr. Lake Shore A
Kagtern depot in this city, amred ye.te*
i day from Keokuk, town. Be win aaate
hi* brother Sn tbe office wort,
i. *- Kanfmao. tbe Deaxwratie war
nocse of TBCOBIB. i* ta tbe eity ia eotaalta
tioa witb tbe party leader, ben aad at
• tending to bßMaeaa matter. He will re
tnra home to-day Xrau Kaufman i* vtait
! tat her mater. Mrs. P. Mngvrman.
torn PLAIJ TAix
Between E 7. BUiar aad
Caaaeilaaa Jentt.
t ouaciim.n Tbo*. 1 J oar. was .topped
j a day or two .go on the street by E. F.
i Bialae, tbe fv-mocratic nominee for prua
J etutiag attorney, and tbe following coN
loqay took place in the presence of several
~1 »ee,'' naid Mr. Blaine, who was con
siderably irritated, " that the POST ISTBL
u..rrs< ra publinbea statemeau parportlag
to come from a prominent laemocrat. who
informed a reporter that be woald not
aupnort me. owing to my action on the
iCTade wrip ijnertioa. Now. this prominent
Democrat who i. ao larxelt interested iu
the city , welfare, must bold a *eal ia the
city council, and I therefore attribute the
•tatement to either Mr. itarie or yonraell"
•Well,'replied Mr Jone« coolly,l "think 1
am pretty sere that you aav omit Mr
Unrie's name from the list, aa I think be
ia inna^ent; and aince yon want Informa
tion oa tbe matter I beg to inform yoc
that 1, for one. will not support all the
candidate, on tbe Democratic ticket One
of the men whom I shall not support is
the person who is tanning for protweuung
attorney. 1 may change my mind before
election, bnt food reasons must be fur
nished before I dose, explaining the action
of ikat gentleman la hla attempt to run the
city in tronble when be adviaed the con
tractors to atop wwrk, nnder the prttenn*
of protecting the workingman, wheu in
truth he »«■ aimply trying to pot up a job
on the city."
"That U plain enough. Blaine." naid
notneofthe ear-witnesnen. "A man don't!
ieoaire much time to understand auch
talk." Mr. Blaine made no reply, bnt
tamed on his heel and walked away.
Difficulty Between Sheriff Cochrane aad
Commissioner H*ss
County Commissioner Mess came into
the city yesterday and reported to Com
mlssioner Allen, chairman of tbe board,
that some one had removed sixteen feet of
the railing on the new bridge over White
river at Sheriff Cochrane'! ranch. Messrs.
Allen and Mesa say that the matter will be
thoroughly investigated, and tbe guilty
person punished, tiherifl Cochrane naid
to a reporter 1.-it evening: "I *ee Me*« is
stirring up a stink about that White river
bridge, lie came out there this morninz,
and when he saw what had lieca done be
wan very hostile and came on to the city to
consult with Mr. Allen. Now. I arn
the n- an who fixed the bridge,
and I did It with the -'in-ent of Mr.
Allen and the road nnpervinor.
i did not ank Mess's permission, for I did
uot think It was neee*.«ary. lie Is a pretty
good baker, but be don't know anything
about mechanical work or building brtd*en,
and he wonld not have understood what l
wanted done if I had put the question to
bim. Originally, on driving ofTthe bridge,
one had to make a sharp turn. I gave
some land ami straightened tbe road out.
aud every one acknowledge* that it Inn
public improvement I don't think tVe
commissioner* will hurt me very bad."
A Seattle Visitor Surprised and In
A visitor from Seattle noticed two China
men yesterday walking leisurely about the
streets of TMORM. The stranger was sur
prised. ami approaching the most intelli-
Kent looking one of the two. asked him
what they were doing then-. The China
man replied: M We come here to attend
court. This other fellow is a smuggler.
He smuggled 10 pouuda~4»f opium and is
out on *.'<oo bail. A friend of mine went on
his bonds, and 1 came here with him to
see that he don't run away."
-Arn't you afraid to come to Tacoma?"
"No, not a bit. The United Statesgattorney
m n! f'-r ua. I am a law-abiding man, aui
never interfere with anybody, and am not
afraid of anybody interfering with me.
Sometime* a hoodlum says something
saucy to me. but I don't pay anv attention
to that kind of people, but go right along.
I believe if any one should do me a wrong
in this town. 1 could get justice. The
people here are not so much excited as they
were a few years ago about the China
Deeds Recorded at the Auditor's Office
Twenty four deeds were filed for record
at the auditor's office yesterday, aggre
gating $45,960. an average of $1915. Follow
ing is the list a> furnished by Wood A
Osborne, abstractors of titles
Thomas Norris to J. W. Norris, part of
lot 12, blk 12, Hell heirs' second add., SIOOO.
Thomas Norris to J. W. Norris, part of lot
12, blk 12. Hell heirs' second add., 11000.
S. W. Ballard tor. J. Garland, lot 4, blk
O, Ballard's tirst add. to slaughter, S9OO.
T. K. Eusminger to R. B. Williams, lot 1,
blk .SA, Denny's park add., ll.'ttO.
A. A. Nickerson to W. E. Lovejoy, lot 13,
blk 2, Ross's second add., J260.
A. A Nickerson to H. J CroffUt, lot 4.
blk 2. Ross'a second add., S2OO.
D. T Denny toC. W Franklin, lot 1 aud
blk i*7. D. T. Denny's add., s&io.
W. D. Wood to C. C Calkins, uud \ Inst
iu ne of ne *4 and lot 2 and see lot 1
and 2 see H, lot and 7 sec 21, tp 21 n, r4 e,
95531 2ft.
S. A. Moore to C. C Talking undivided
*4 interest in *arne property, 16631 2f>.
B. F. Day to Job a Wenxler, w IJO f<trt of
lots > and f», blk 12, Eden No. 2, f 1000,
(i. M. Bowman to A. E. Holmes, lot 11.
blk 11. Queene Auu add. 1200.
u. I'. Anderson toil. M. Bowman, lots 1
to 5. 1»* to 2P, blk 9; lots 1 to 11, blk 11. and
blk 2. Quevn Ann add, S^OO
O. W. Crane to w. A. Dickey, lot e, blk
10, North Seattle.
J. 11. Rengstorf to Helen Vcier, lots 16
l'.». tik s, Rengstorf add, 0.
J. II Mctiravr to A. J. Baker, sw '»of ne
' , see 12, tp 22 n. r4 e, |2onj.
J. Weed to R. 1\ Daniels, lot i. blk f.,
Jackson street add. •*'
K. Blewett to A. W. Miller, lots 11 tj It,
blk "W. Denny A Hoyt add,|4uo.
S Kenu**y to Mary A. Sc*»le, lot 1. blk 1,
Eastern add. 11300.
M J. Wright to W. A Shorcy. lot 1. blk S3,
Denny A Hoyt add. ftViO.
I L. Wold to Elizabeth France, lot 11,
blk I, EnglcVood, fl*>.
W. D. Wood to Susan Moore,
est in lands in see* 12, 11 and 24. tp 2t n.
r 4 e. '*) acs, |ft762. '«0
C. C. Calkin« t«» W. D. Wood, undivided
1 , iutcrest in 90.&0 acs In sec* 12, IS and
21, tp 24 n, r 4 e, $11,025.
F. Hlewett to Johu Thompson, lot 7, blk
21, Denny A Hoyt add, fIGO
Buget S'*und i hnutavqua toO. W. Luca«,
lot* 1 and 2. blk :'.4,Chu nauqna Beach, S7O.
Excursi »a tickets, good for six months,
•till on «ale going via Northern Pacific
railroad aud returning via Canadian Pa
el tic. Union Bacitte and Denver Jk Rio
Grande, the great scenic route, and Oregon
Short IJne or nan Krancii-co, or Southern
Baelfic, thnmgb California, aud by rail or
boat from Han Francisco t > Puget sound, at
fr>m IH) to $122 0. Tickets now on sale
via St. Paul, Chicago. Omaha, Council
Bluff*, Kansas City. Denver, Halt lAke, OR
-l, ix!-»is. El raao,Dvwst,San Diego,
san Francisco and other principal cities at
the Union Ticket office
A. Cni-Rtan. Agent N I*. R.K..
•rner Mill tud ConMfQfell itrctti.
r*rr*o:"* UertvierDt B**ttirr Afxrlt-ut.
bt"*t family medicine for roe*, women eod
rhlWreM _____________
, ail: is cn for Puettrs' (atom.
'ivj if
ffi sk
XiM j&itJII
:<#f -^ls
- V >
|r , s pl
lIA «"U"- ? •- T; TrsJ .UOa*
Itoii'i [nr TOi>rrtf.«u * hS*" ""** * c, " n
; tanr. It t« n*rt! by tfcc Cofta«i *t»w» («•*
cram-T'. Ksdnned "oy ttm tfc<
<T«*: Oatrvntti** *a «»• r*n»'
tad Vlo* H.-iinftii- D?. Fr.<->-'» rre*K
Kmr.t«-r 4<v»»o»*««s«fc.B Ataaaci*
Umc »-• SoW oolj lo
PRIC* BAtlSii K)#W 00.
»** To»t. cssc v xs. ST. tccn
New plaids. Chester CTeary.
Sew corset*. Chester Cieary
New cloak a Cheater Cieary.
Xew Jacket*. Chester deary
New fiueek ChesCe-r cleary.
New blankets Cheater Clear?.
New Cofafortets. Cfco-ter Ctoary
New broadcloth*. Chester Clear?-
Prke oar spreads. Chester Cleary.
New deem roml# faft opened. Cleary.
New Cashmere hosier?. Chester Ckary.
New dress tr.xnmings. Chester Cieary
New fall and winter style ctaafcs. Cieary.
Xew hosiery. Eastern cash prices. Cieary.
25e ladies* all wool boae. Chester Cieary
New fell styles in soft and stiff" hats.
Tokias. Singerman A Co.
25e: great sale fine embroidered hand
kerchiefs Chester Cieary,
25e fine embroidered sbear lawn band
kerchief*. Chester deary.
Table linens, a big pure base just ia. ex
tra value*. Chester Cieary.
Xovelties in drees goods Monday morn
ing. Tokias, 3in?ermau ft Co.
Xew silk umbrellas, metal and natural
stieks. Tokias. ?»inge» man ft Co.
s®c—French Coutille corsets, all sires.best
value ia the city. Chester Cieary.
Eider down and French flannels, very
new patterns. Tokias, sineerman ft Co.
Our own importation—novelties, dress
fabrics and trim mines not to be found else
where. Cheater Cieary.
%-inch ladies' cloth for 35c. per yard,
ail colors; 36-inch English suiting, ICW- '
Tokias, Singerman A Co.
New millinery by express, Saturday
morning 23d, ready for inspection Monday
morning. Tokias, ft Co.
Prof. Dillon's dancing school Mondays i
and Fridays at 8:30 p. m. Juvenile class i
Saturdays ut 2 p. m. at Turner hall.
Oar cloak and wrap department—l2cases
ready for inspection Monday We have
the correct thing. Tokias. Sincerman ft Co
We carry a fall line of Dr. Jaeger's Sani
tary Woolen System Company's goods. We
are sole agents for Washington territory.
Tokias, Singerman ft Co.
Parties wanting business propertv will '
find it to their interest to call on Hefner ft :
I>ishon, as these gentlemen make a spe
cialty of this kind of property.
G. R. Miller ft Co.. successors to Comp
ton. Miller ft Co., loans and insurance,
have removed from IWU James street to
118 Mill street, in the • accidental block.
We are crowded with new goods from
the floor to tfte ceiling. Prices lower than
ever. Chester Clearr.
Buying for ea*h fur two. houses and pell
in* for cash enables us to wnder*ell every
one. Price our dress omxß Chester deary.
I .ad fo'Hair dresaiuc i'arior. corner Main
and Second streets. Shampooing and hair
wvrk of every description on ban-! and
made to order ap2.Vow
Opening of new goo Is—We are showing ,
compute assortments in all departments.
The largest stock of dry goods ia the !
Northwe«t to ««el"ct from at cash
prices Chester Cieary.
I»r. K. «i. Johnson, having returned from
New York city, where he spent eight
months in the priueipal hospitals and
lead in* medical colleges familiarizing
himself with the latest and most improved (
methods of treating disease, has resumed
practice in this city. Office in new Yesler
block. Mill street. Sec card in this paper.
First class dressmaking—We have se
cured the sendees of Mr>. A. ©. Hail, from
the reuowued mercantile house of Msn- .
<lall Bros, of State street, Chicago. Mrs.
A.O.Hall has had 14 years' experience,
the last two years she was first a«>i>tant to
Mme. Kanpof Maudall Bros. We guaran
tee Sttti.sfactiou in tit and style. Toklaa,
Smperman ft Co.
B. B. Morton, manager for the Singer
Manufacturing Company, 720 Front street,
Seattle, has secured a first-;lass se wine ma
chine lueebatiie. and will repair machine*
of all makes promptly and cheap. Send
order by postal card and he will send for
machine. The !>est oil, needles aud parts
for ail sewing machines constantly on
baud. Second-hand machines bought and
bold. See our new machine*; best in the
world: terms to suit. Satisfaction guaran
Begiuuing Sunday, September 16th, the
traiu leaving Seattle at y :30 a. m. will run
through to Ragiug River, about ten miles
east from Gihr.au. arriving there at 1:10 p.
m. Returning, leave* Raging River at 130
p. m., arriving in Seattle at ;>:£'» p. ra., as at
present. This arrangement will shorten
the stage ride to and from Kail City Hop
Ranch and theioll-pate about ten miles.
SEATTLE, Sept. 13. ISHB.
Having constantly to answer letter* of
inquiry in relation to Dr. J. Eugene Jor
dan ard the many cures reported by his
Hi*togenetic System of Mediciue, I beg to
take these means to answer all such ques
tions. to wit:
I have !i»*i the hoLor and pleasure of the
intimate acquaintance with Dr. J. Eugene
Jordan for several year*. He is a gentle
man of culture and refinement and the
peer of anyone In the medical profession.
Many of the wonderful cures which are re
ported in his published voluuic entitled
"Th»* Entire Revolution of .Medicine." are
personally known to me Dr. Jordan's
success iu this part of the country with bis
grand Mitogenetic system is certainly un
paralleled, and while I am neither a
prophet nor the son of on? I venture to pre
dict that the time is not far distant when
his Histogenetic system will be the stan
dard medicine of the day with the intelli*
gentclasse*. Respectfully your*.
tf fi. I- YMJHL
w. i;. c.
The Woman'* Re'lcf Corp# will hold *
Fair at
Turn Vcroin
benefit of th*» Relief Fund.
FBVE'S (llfR! Hill SB.
jatixF. F»Y* Maiiwr ■
Thmi'tU oa .. mc.mg T »«* *%-.»*-
tember 27. Eu«*nu.a«r]rutc}-
lee "Hal event.
Masasprr Frye lakes in MBsne- »
Sag SB enratewtoi with two of tf*e »o*t i
of tbe leading a*tUts oq tfce !
American sti».
Tw VtfW- • iitor Urißf,
An<i iLe Sisntiia! ft»i Great Expoaect ]
ot HcroJM®,
»apj«re»J a Comr«aJ of l aufa*!
F- s .«■*»-• new.. !
*»*.». l .-- • *ie»p»r«ri'(•
i G-.-»!• «>.-*'i.y 'AS YOO '.nut IT
,cs»iar'«. Bf,'2j OCHSUO!
' li? ■ f. are ' r«. ».n4 if iHc
I tarn- i* R"«i b. ' ~•«• atannv *: the flltt
j Hfi-ame Thttlf . S-w • «*. "I**-* «re
t re*! i?: » t.rcna. 1 dittos* is the
! A-tG» ;* -f. bf CMi. lU»u»ocuj. of Sew
! York.
! A l«J ;■£■?!"!*—To rir-* *3.4 ITkr
i aart. |l C: ttaUtauy. I . rt*l rri. » cr*««.
K«r r*« *%« opts# Tnc»2«y. bepSMttbtl
< ii, «! #c«tt/C
«M._TBia, Jane «. «K»-Tbe
CoawpMy atlaata. Oa.—Oca
tlanil I»i_: Q—a« my ,iWw »*, croabkJ
wttfc linaatha aad boUn tor thoot taru
ssrt«t w jass
jxmr Switfn aproar. After nbc M
•e r«iU bottle, tbe dntnu aO MwaM.
!S? * fce > » myw » b»ie, heanj .tad Oaky
Ctrl twelve ran oM. AirniWr cblkt ban
Jan* baeoaie URv-ted la the mom way. «kl I
M MiMitosts and aaectpate a (rawpc
aad permanent care. X. C Vtaoati.
.fat Box. Wo. Jib; UK-Tie Swift
SpeciSe Co.. AO»i>ta. <&.-6eaUna>ra: Oar
"Ute girt wbea t-ut three weeks old brv k.*
ai'ttai good doelocv bat akfeoat aer
metal benefit w. tried S. a. a, aad by up
time one t> i k was gone bar bead bona to
heaLaad by tbe .uSTIb. had taiSVJ
tutUe. i*e aran eempietety cored, bow abe
» *■! fd.beayy harfcf batr—a rebant.
hnarty child. 1 feel » bnt my datyto make
t-da Baatpeetfajy, H/T. Satai.
.cunuwat. Tm, J no. ST. NR— Tte
Jwtttl BapetAeOOL. Atlanta. Oa.—Ueatlemea:
I. HBllfloatiart*l blood poboa, aad at one,
noaaM a pbyaieua. who treated aae for aev
eraf aaoatha. By Vila advice I amt to Crab
urebard terla«a. t;.. w.x-re bla oocrw of
naaianit n> car. fany otweraedL I recov
ered, aa I tboaght. bat tbe next qatai ptn
betaa to appear oa my tare aad\wdj.
Tbeaejpadnrity fan ri.ai I to am aad nuj
ata* ulcera. I wa» to try a. s. aad
Immediately after takiay it I c ri.meace.Jt .
at BrS. but mora rapidly
aflarwanU, aad nooa aotblag rematnadto
tett of my tr>uhie. My blooi la now tbor
•* K| »7a««m free fn-m
*»*"*• "d I owe my pmeat coadttioa-a
perfect cure- to yoarmedlclMt. I cheerful I j
give thw atatement that other* who bare
suffered an I have may reap ihe name benefit.
Hun W. Brn. Ii W«et Math St.
Horn. LA., May & UK-Tbe Bwlft Specific
Oo_ Atlanta. Ua—Oeatlemen : About two
year* aro my general health gave way ea
ttaty/~l waa „ deuat.ied that I a&ao>t
donalred of ever feebae well agata. All
that the phyattetaa* doaefnr aw broaght to
perm aa ant relief. Friends tantated that I
ahoold give &.&&.& fair trlaLaltbouch I t
thoaght'lt woaldbe j
"ila« a u.i*ough coause. my beaitli
and atreaxta returned, aad I mast nay that
B- a. & alone cared me, a. I discarded all
while aatag It. Aa a toale I can mow 1
beartOy reeommend it: for general deMlitv,
It oertalaiy la a apeciQc. W.r Bucou.Jp!
nomwa. know Mr. W. F. Brldgea, and
will nay that hla atatement ia oorrectT
Josxnt BBBLKca. Droggtet.
_ Treßtl* oa Bh»d aad Skta Maeaae. atallcl
SuLnTo^ BlTOnc Drmr -
Union Block. Seattle, Wash.
Special attention: Corporation, lan-1 and
maritime law.
law. Rooms 17 and LS, Poncin Build
ing. Front street. •
law, SeHeifior in Chancery. I*n»ctor in
Admiralty, and Notary Public. Rooms 5 ,
and (>, Post tiuJioiuy, uj>stair». Mill street,
s*-attl«-. W T. Con*tp.ltati«m free, {
I-ate of iVnnsy-vania Bar.)
V 2, rni.in Block. Seattle. i
hi KN* KY K. J A )OM IH,
comer of Front and Cotuubia streets,
M c Hride, Carr Ac Preston,
law Offices at Mount Ver
non and Seattle. Seattk* office, Yesler-;
Leary block. jylTdw
i\ ma. W. T.
floor Yealer-Leair building; rooms ad
jolaing V. S. I And offlot. j
Rooms 17 aud in. Sew Yesier block.
; Takeelevator.
J £ V fciouer and Notary Public. Pine lauJte |
bosutht and soM. Poatoflkce box 673. Seat- !
tie, W. T.
i _— .
law. Attention giveu to land litiga
tion, land title# and prolmte matters only. :
Rooms 6 and 7. Cnion Block. Seattle.
1> K. FA N* >T Ih: H. AB H<)IT,
Washington street, Boston. Mas*a
chute Us, gives special attention to diseases
;of women and children. Thoae expecting
1 confinement or suffering from menstrua)
Irregularities .should especially consult
her. Calls answered day or night. Con- :
sulfation f-ce. Treatment free for those j
unable to pay from » to 10 a. m. Wednet
days. Room*. Kennv Block. Seattle.
Colonial block, corner Second aud
Colombia street*, office hours 10 to 11.2
jto 4 and nigh**. Telephone 12H.
TA« OM A. W. T \
Ilr. Mverett (». Johnoon,
new Yesier block, Mill street. Rooms
}59 and third flo r. Take the elevator.!
i Residence, .W Ninth street, corner of
Ifa nan Ofttitltiti Dfannti of women. '•
gen i to-urinary organs. rectal diseases, skin
j dresses, cast* of rupture and diseases of
I children.
a TI Spiritual eci-ace University of Il
linois. graduate of Walter's "Massage" ]
University of Pennsylvania. All diseases
treated. Chronic diseases a specialty. Also
agent for l)r. W. H, Rowland s East India
Catarrh Remedv. Office hours, 9to 12 and
I I to ;t. Consultations free, i Front
street. Rattle. W. T.
I 2W7S Front street, between Beli and
Haltery, Seattle. W T
\ / having returned from his trip to the
East and Europe, will be pleased to meet
his former pstrsos and others desiring hit
services, a? his former office, in the YesJer-
Learv Block. Seattle. W. T. Residence, cor
ner fourth and Marion. j>l7dw
l>»t. A. H. KIIIIIK.
Oculist and Anrist.
Room* 12 and 13.
t'ntoa Front Street.
I>K. H. t>. IiONGAXSK,
V I Pennsylvania, make* * *j»rlalt7 of
il»ea*rt of the eye, ear and thr»*t. Tre»t»
private, chronic and akin diamuem. Re
move* cancer, tiuaom and nWr* with oat
{•afn or twe of the knife.
Office, corn»-r Thlnl and ('berry street*.
Ho«r»9a m. to4u in.
T. T * N * !>. Q L I. Dlfclti)?, K. ».
•rrrc*# in opkra uors* bloc*.
reJepiione* OUSc*r, No. fC. X>r. Minor ®
•**!»}» Jlffv Ko W.
s. .J. HOUIFB. M. !»•
i i »;>>n:A! «»J Colozablm
Off, i) Bonis: W39 to 12 a. >; 3 Mi
at,.: 7t05 T* !" 1* >i»
V.-. t ,B»N!«0N, « I>. J, ►Hi*SO». ■. 11.
I)r». Shannon A; Hh:ixim>n.
1 I'n'oa rrnnt H»!, Br«t floor,
roai iO. Oflo <n«n »t *2l bo«t«.
Dii. K. K. SHAW,
t jijy-r!AS A>»P JUTRGt'iV OITICEj
I C : r- 1 *! i ;.<-t. (.•-!. =-r ««j»d »! «
»'W* 8««t' J -'ore, *U Tbinl
»'n«t- üßfr h-.i:r». »to 10 30«. m., «u>(
[ gs4 *hi»ft n» T. ;--;•>;<«*• 1-2.
lt „,„ « r 8 iffri *- it
I »3Y.-!' !A>- ASl> ftTE<i»)!«S—OFTICI
: I . «
, v —3 mp tt *Q'l 7U> * P »-
, , ■ •» • 'HMEh
i I l» CitT Kv-l-tuu. M. Lo*i», Ma
i ()•<*— S' *. "f" 'BWs fms\ ««el, 9m
j W T.
A»bE£iOS. BEBIEAH3 * 00 ,
I CirU *ad Mlnlag Eaei»»»«
Dratjlrt t; n.
U AILBOAP. ii;si>o. W ATER WOEtn
t- i-xrrm br.-l»*. »wr«* *w!
' 4r*in**L' sti' - *"r: •* '' »T .' -ft *t'" H
i Jiaa. city prvti«rtj t>r Undt
i«b<lS»W»>l' *ud iMrtwifell "5-**
•a<*. <tuct««Co* *»4 biw. fc <*«4A!tr
T\» ati»: P pU;» A»d «*»» «: *»>» «• •*»»
Kaon* » ul <A Y*te-U«J WoOkScjJ
He, W . T Jw* U
• •• ...
Septein bev i24th.
The Newest Designs
'" : U«
Paris and New York
Silks, Moires and Broches. Louis XV. Woolens,
Directoire Embroidered and Rayures
Dress Patterns.
Twelve Cases of Cloaks arrived Friday. They will
be ready for inspection Monday.
Stock Complete Monday.
We Are the Sole Agents for Washington Territory of
Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System Company,
The Fall and Winter coming on we wish to call your attention to
our stock of
Overcoats! Overcoats!
Pea Jackets and VetsLs.
They are all new styles and the latest cuts, being a little longer than last year,
and cut snugger in the waist.
In FALL OVERCOATS we have three times the stock we ever carried before
ranging from $7.50 to $25. In all shades and qualities.
In MEDIUM WEIGHTS we have Cheviot, Cassimer, Meltons, Beavers, Dou
ble and Twist, Diagonals, Corkscrews, Kerseys, etc., running up to $32.50.
We also have a fine line of Heavy Winter Coats and Ulsters.
In PEA JACKETS and VESTS there are Blue, Brown and BUck FUK Bea
vers, Montagnac Beavers, Whitney Beavers, Worumbo, Elesian and many other
kinds, from $7 50 to S3O for coat and vest.
Frort arid. Columbia streets.

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