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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, September 29, 1888, Image 3

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I tsu nitnnrr or thk » *«th
I fm«e'"ns h y
I • * . p, r „«i.*l
I m»tf * m to B "*» l0 ■" < l
I Trial.
I ; «w an** " r - *' l o'clock
I ~..omlait and hla depaftM «n
I filter'" 1 " i,h I' > Mar»ha!
| J^ nioo (,»»th<-»ll»bwWn*iat*re»t to
**Z.. Tt *,r<U; . Nobody. exnepCSac two
«!*•«• " h " *''" , -' ln l>*nl'-d Mr Haine* to
J* Jae* of the arrvat Ww reading !
«<itte *orulnf? W" '- » th »' "« brief
prill""' w«" • "orpriae not only to
at larjre bat to hi« wimeit
H Mtndrt* EseD "i'bont th * detail*.
Mblic jodrment readily bit tlx- rifht
"TJZ —Sitißf Use ■toll' proceeding to
otrat iaoto« of political meievoieoee.
rut cHsWJ*
ti»dav tpon which Mr. Hainea waa
contained in an indictment,
him. E. A '.ardner .'well
{awe here) aud John *■ Stone of Og
fJSar* sc* Vork. found by the grand
KaTtbe fnlted Statea court for the
Cbero di«ri'( of New Vork, rittlnir at
prcaented to the coort on the
Zw|a»L at Buffalo. Ju (hi« Indictment
Si,heba-IRXI »ith a quantity
Sojuim ill the [xwwlun of the I'nlted
Eriesantlmrilic* and held In the custom
r~y ir it (.wdennburr. and llalne* and
23ie» with conapirlni with him In the
JJj. The ai«clflc charge against Mr
STtaes l« therefore one of conspiracy.
1 brief *tatement will help the reader to
a «»dertun<iin* of the caae. Somn
aecth* **" f- A Gardner waa arretted at
Ztßtv Ofden»lmr* and a quantity of
agtia soppowd to he Illicit, waa found in
P&'XSaMttto" " *a» taken by the official*
lajforM'* keeping nUtntl jn the curtum
lUcently, and since
zTrfntr i preliminary examination. It ba>
|m found that certain |«cka«ct supposed
«g (ontair: opium. In fact contain rub
trii Ksaminatioa of Gardner's naggage at
> riiev< letters recently found
is kl* poaaeaaion indicate that there had
imiattilMtltuttou of rubbish for opium in
Mftain perktv- In the <iftdeti»inirj[ ctm
km bnooe arid that It had tieen made by
W. atrinf or through hi« anency.
Thechariti" made agalna*. Mr. Ifalne* la
ttitol eon 'piracy with Garilner and an
lawyer named ft one. impli
ttte'l with Gardner in the aiihiilitutioo. If
Acrr i' aortbln* to Mfcport thl* chance
a dotiMfiil letter, «lle)(ed to
ha*:- been written b;. ftone and
lurtmfi '. given to the public, there I*
|p Smm tolndiiate it. the Indictment lie
t: ttm ahollv ilent a* to the aourceo or
Sneter > ( the information of th** Jury :
by whom it wa« fo'ind.
«?' TtKr i" nathiue In thia indictment
ahirh in an> manner direct or lint>lle<i
iinolvt . Mr. llainex in a charge of amuff.
Vr .Haiti' • »a« mjtaxed hy Gardner la*t
aister «« an attorney to defend him
afaiiot 'iharttr* then and atlll j-endlnit a: .
<Jfdfn»t'iiTK, and the utmost of theehartre
wiw made ai:ain«t him tffaim!a}ia that he
deri««l or atiated to devlae a plan for
UwstippreMlon of the *videnee in the case
aplnatGardner,a» fiirniahed l>v thcofdnm
toon.! in hij p< oaeadoa.
Tilf, ACREfT.
Tie cireum<tai.ee* of Mr. iialuea'a ar
rwt and leading np to that occurrence ail
iadiraU' the motive throuxh vrhlrh It waa
.' kradebt tttioiit For more than a week W.
H. White, t nlted Hlate« attorney, hat been
fonipiDC ntiout 1 aroma and elsewhere
I with alamlerons uneera that Mr. Ilalnea
wMtobe the victim of a criminal proae
CBtion He stated thia ai a fact
•t Tawma Ihitrwiay nlttht, and the fur
flier (ait that Marshal llainlltou waa on
kin way to Seattle to make the arreat. in
brmailoii reached Mr. liaineaon Thnra
day nljrht, before the marahal arrival,
that he waa en route from Tacoma charKed
to arreat him Mr. Hainca preferred nat
Btallj, if he ahoiild be arreated at all that
it should occur under <'{ r'u 111
•taneea iia>: dialrua»lui{ t.. hi*
tamlly. and with that view appear, it pub
| BdT on the atreeta at the ueeideiital hotel
f'l gufeiaewhi ,-r at the time, and after the
■arahai'a arrival. If there had been the.
wish 111 show lilm or hla family the allitht- !
nt ronalil. rnlioii, or If on the other hand
Ifeere had not been the dlatluct ptirpoac of
■aklinf the clrcumatance aa brutal, liutnil
htiiiit and cruel aa |Hiwible, be would have
been arreatcd at that early hour.
It waa not. however, until nearly two
kour« after midnight that the marshal
ruoaed Mr. ilalnc* from hla bet! and In
form.'i idnt that lie muat hastily make
(tadv to take the it o'clock a. m. taiat for
Tacoma. In executing thia cruel and tudc
rent act, Mr. Hamilton «u- liK» vcnalhle of
111 enormity to allow it to pata without a
ptraonal explanation, exrunlnghUcoudurt
ly admitting that it waa tnaplf4d by |hmv|
live tuiesraphle order* received after mid
olßht from Attorney White, dlrectlu* hlin
to make the arreat iuatantcr
Mr. Ilalnea waa hurried alamrd the Ta
coma iHiat, only ta'luu allowed the prhi
lufeof InformliiK one of hla law partner*
(Jn"i!!c Utrtive) of hi*arrv*t.
,< WrUH-fIM uu WIDII.
When Mr. Haines, with tin* marshal, and
•eeompanhd by Judge Hfrtive. arrivea ut
Tftcoma it \\n* karued that Attorney
White bad arranged n scheme by which
Mr Haines nto bp denied the privilege
of giving ball and to in- hurried
•Mm tli** confluent as a pris
oner iu thi- custody of a special I
Suit of the treasury department. Thin
>n, which Mr. White found It utterly
possible to carry out, whs iart of his
SMieral scheme designed for Mr Haines*
humiliation The two-faced character
•f the man was Illustrated by the fact that
after hi* in for iik at proposals of "no bail," 1
atul "high bail' were rejected* lie made a
merit of presenting hit formal offer ttpoti
ttrois suitable to the dlgnitv and character
of Mr. Haitif*. \pparcntiy ignorant of
the fart that his unfriendly
♦Wft* had l>eeu exposed to Messrs,
Bsitics and Strive, he had the
nnhiushiug audacity to assume falsely
fhe tone of friendly, }»ersouat Interest.
Judge Ally«. with »i courtesy entirely in
ktepiUK with the uuusual circumstance* of
the cane, grantrd a hearing of Mr.*llaint«'i
ipphcatum to be admitted to ball in cham
ber* T v application granted with
out argument, and Mr. I lalues was allowed
12 day s from M'sterday to at»p» a? in person
Bail was fired at IIQ.teO. and the follow
raj? uamt-d ntlcmen. who with others
went up to Tn com a on the noon t«»at to
Mr. Haiti any support in their pow
*f, qualified as iKiitdsmeu Mr. Kobert
Mr. Hunt, Mr A. IV Stewart.
Mr. Geo. 1!. Adair. Mr. Otto Kankc. Mr. II
C«. Strove, Mr Maurice M< Hlckch, Mr.
Mm if. licOraw.
At Tacoma Mr. Itaiuc* wa*
we recipient of innumerable
*ymj»atheiie mr* sages. There, as at Seat
he, the political motive of the arrest
•etned fully understood be tUe public,
•Jfci jt»effect w.is discounted in advauce.
» r Hainc«, with his friends, returned to
"tsttlebythe night boat, arriving at *• V
o clock. It i* his intention to start for Bnf
t*w»esa Monday morning next. He will
aemand an immediate trial. i.nd expresses
folate confidence as to the result
a mutk ai run K
tHreutastanco* demonstrating jUie |K>ltr
rest snd personal motive of this arrest run
thr»Mssh the wtuil proceeding The
ajmwful and slender connection bet wee u
11 sine* and the crime at ogdeashurg
wa« as well kr.own in August as a! the
I"®setti tine, but at that time Mr. Haim*
*s# net the chairman ot the territorial lie
fwbil'.-an committee. His election to that
Mutton u the circumstance to w hU'h must
™s credited ail the proceeding* which are
to injure him bef»»re the com
These . f court*, not the tlljrhtcvt
**toee of co»vt«uoa. Ihi» Ja
•w hut it i* tooped to proton ir
w - *n>t \ i» make fi # aa«sa2
««* cimi h* i ®pc< lathe e-«mia* UfritoHftl
wtMtt. rh> a) of attoiury \\ bite, with
an !t«ti. -uc! aoh«-i«e ** hN»j>v
u a tact of itself ten«ttn? t«» *h«»w
** »g*v* back i.f thl* arret*.
Anouirr Mirmrtcant fuel in In etwisuv
«ou vvn!) *] a . m<|i<"tmeut r» a*, Htif
J*- Whiii,' Mr. I{auio> :« >.»K; t,.»
ntt«ut;s»fh»u, Ut}ury *«»! insult u|xw th*
■treat ftUatltiw of a cvmwtilvin with «
*»»«, two IVui* .'!»!.«♦ t'l»H'UUo| »V«tva»
M**t2 Mt'.r au4 Ct*mit)»ki, the nrtui
F*n*ft?mtor*. i |'i oftvtte* . have not *v»»tt
2** 1 todlekt! The hew
JJown js cK *rl> a
JJ i tnirt* oflleiat « n tt*e »Mie
JJw. *iut iKmioetatu »h i?y tdßee hold
*>• t&fc OtUf C
,tjr- -•. are entueU 'i* v\ii-
JtrtrUh M lialneS'seon »Tti *n \t U?s l.if
1 tianlaer raa*. Th;t
Wg»eti<m srrt »r out of hi* vivfet*k*'.tal re
i •£ lrt w " 31 !j»W)» r
Itt W»t» sort ft A 9 i„ *4 4 ,f other m
JJMm e*, Mr lu.no* * < alletl upon to tie
7, * *»»« «hanre»t with a crime *n<l, In
JJtiup |,* what U regular *n<i
MlMefec.t atwurd to »«*-
£»* that ;* hi*h Mwfeatiouai
\J!i " x ' v * *"* " { ' ,A ? 4 * fv *n«lwtlrs ftud
iu } tx i * J '» [ 'f" N'VU |*r\*»
»'i<i i <>tar«U*.-<t >•* A bmigUof
! t ' tr.efr * f *wt>
™»if H lU-f;»! » HWtte •
'VM tt«ttte» i» U»a*
R kttvtwti, f.>t « momriii
— ' K* rir niShif a»>lh!»t
•wseitty. i ?Mr H»IH # tU»M
JSSStj. 6^. '.! IT"' * ! '™"" -!r
. . """
'' 4 ' t K*>» f«ejitty t h*4 »
" «* «;-.<* ctmut- cmmhutot
2? V »- -n the & a\9o} o>aßh
£?■* • ••!..< x<st ~i*y Vh*it
. ]r* v ' !a ■ -. ■ ?e.>rn Mr.
K'i." '• fgJ2«» tb«t he Hwl
iv. k V * j ■ U-JMU «t r»r, mi-4
& S?«K -•4 W*Wltttder urtmct^ed
ss-* .. }-»t «via
I'/ Keatjf t^asMud
nreitae to Utt rty jrttf#, imd
w ■ ' W tt?i tliirfv ycikr^
CiAii rti \;he»lte C. »ry
"eamslu;. Wills met?- railed for
Portland yesterday mom in* with JK» tom
of coal. -•
Postmaster 1.700 states that thp nrM. f
fice will beln its new quarter* is the Km
ton block by November 1.
« "iTZ '"J*™*" 11 w»» committed to jai:
for »days by Justice Jones yesterday far
stealing a trnni frota lb* roramereia' ho
Tkc' orTn «i "Tuning °* tk * ■'•ekwn ami
Mill street cabs* road will take place l».lai •
at 11 a m Extensive preparation. hare
been mad-' for the event.
The new whirl for the creottXe
works :» pwlr fompietirf, t»4 u vxm u
it 1* planked wer, materia: for the tmfM
ings will be delivered there.
Marriage Uee»ea were lawd yesterday
for iiajtißil fcucahffi of Seattle and Mi**
Annie Upworth of fteftuw. Mich . and
John Phillip" and Miss Ella Oaliacher
both of Franklin.
The t«Il came today between the two
military nine* will t* enjoyed by all those
who took an I.terest In the national ant
before the day* of curved balls and the
time when the pitcher and catcher bad all
the work to do.
W.L. Mount jo;. was repairing ihe side
walk on Second utreet In front of the Bart
let! house ye*terda . when the walk ca\c
way. He was pre. tpitated 10 feet and
when found was nncooaetoM. His shon!
der bone was fractured.
The published statement that 1 aj.f -an:
Biair of Han Francisco formerly owned the
ftlack diamond mine was erroneous, <*»p;
Blair owned the Sewcastl- mine, and sold
K to Henry Vlllarrt at the time the Seattle
A Walla Walla railroad was sold.
Prosecuting Attorney Konald yestenla*
accepted the Demo- ratlc nomination for
councilman from ihii district Mr. Ronald
says he has not changed his views about
desiring a rest and a retirement from pub
He life, bnt that be COB id not refuse to
make the run when asked to do so by so '
many of hi* party friend*.
James E. Houghton, wiuw wife died 1
some time ago. yesterday brought a salt In
equity for the division of the community
property. There are two children. Iva H
and Justin F. Houghton, and the latter i_-
a minor. The property consists of lots 1. 2. i
». 4, 7, M, 5, 10. block «. and all of block 27.
H. L. Yesler's second addition
A half-witted negro who said he did not
know his own name, but was always
'•ailed Jackson, pleaded guilty In Justice
Hoderberg's court recterday to robbing C.
Davis. an Indian, of 15, and was fined 17
which he paid Davis owed the negro
Mine money, and be said he thonght he
had a right to ap]*o|>rlate the IS.
Sheriff Cochrane and Xr. Allen Brought
Faee to PEC®
rbtlnnm Allen of the board of county
commissioners returned yesterday from a
trip In the country and Sheriff Cochrane
hailed him on the utrwt with the remark,
"Hare, Allen, what In h— it thin talk about
your going to have me arretted?"
**l I*Here I Intimated something of the j
kind," wa* the reply. "What did you fo I
aud cut away that railing on the bridge out
at your ranch for?"
"Why you gave me permiatdan.*'
"I didn't do anything of the* kind."
"V%>U, rou said it ought to he done."
"That Ik not so, I simply told you that
when any cutting wan to be done we would
attend to ft ourselves. You promised to
give us all of the land we seeded arid in
stead of doing so, as aoon as the bridge
wdi completed you moved your fence right
up against it and gained from a half to
three fourths of an acre. You had no right
to cut that railing away, and if I had found
you when I fir*t heard of it, I believe I
would have had you arrested. You will
act wisely to repair the damage at once.
The county paid HOOO for that bridge and
did not build it for anyone to mutilate at
hi* nleasure."
"Well, Mr. Allen, you Just go out there
and look at what has been done, and I'll
fix It up again."
The Owner Suspects His Rooxn-Mate ?.nd
a Japanese Servant.
A hartcuder named Lawrence, who
room# iu apartmentsover llamm's coffee
house, on Washinglou and Second streets,
claims to have been robbed of a gold watch '
early yesterday morning. It appear* that ;
Lawrence ha* s room mate called Flynn,
aud it is understood be suspects him and
the Japauese servant, who attcuds to the
rooms, of stealing his watch.
Mr. F. Smith, partuer with Mr. Ilamm iji
the restaurant busine**, was seeu by a re
porter last evening and slated that he had
doubtsof the truth of the reported stealing.
"At any rate, if the watch wa.i stolen.'
said Mr. Smith, *'no inou ha* a right to '
kick who leaves hla lied-room door open
with valuables lying around."
Mr, Smith spoke iu high terms of Flyrn;
Who, he says, ha* always acted a* a jreii
tlemau, and > atedthat Flynn had always i
paid the room rent since both the men
came to the house
The Japanese servant has been with
Messrs. Ilamm *% Smith since they opened
up business, and the supposition of hi*
having taken the watch i* scouted hy Mr.
Abandonment of the Attempt to Re
cover it.
The schooner Allie I. Alger arrived from
1 destruction island, yesterday, for another
cargo of material to be used iu the new i
lighthouse now being built there for the
government by Messrs, M J ami Steven
Csrkeek. Mr. Moore, th<* submarine di\er,
who has lieen ou the island f»-r a mouth,
locating the wreck of the Emilv Farnhmn.
which was l«»»t years ago with a partial
cargo of railroad Iron, came home bv the
schooner He says that he located the
wwk aud the railroad iron, but that the
appilaio e* furnished hint to work with
were Inadequate, and he gave the j>b
tip iu disgust He states that it was th"
original intention of the Messrs. C'aikeck
to build a wharf on which to laud their
material for the light house a- well as the
iron from the wre. k «»f Um Karuham, h'.t
no wharf would *:* nd wht re the Iron!*
submerged, and that part •>/ the MS
gramme has t>een abandoned, "I have io#t
a whole mouth's time mid not made adol .
isr,' said Mr, Moore, "aud I* will be a loin*
time before I undertake a ).»h of that char
acter again unless 1 have everything in
readiiies* beforehand. I shall now *tart
iu again on the wreck «»f the Mississippi
A portion of the old hulk i* still in Seattle
harbor, a menace to shipping, and 1 have
orgaulwHl myself Into a committee of one
to remove It, free of ««>«? to the cttiaen* of
Seattle. I can make a living from the sal<
of the old iron* and at the «a»ne tine he
doing a gnat benefit to the city."
The Olympian Only a Neck Behind the
T J Potter
The fast time between cattle and Ta
eomarecently made by the steamer T. J.
Potter has set old steamboat men to rum
aging through their books for previoU"
rword*. Mr. li. C. Usrs>n.chief engineer
of the steamer Olympian, who has a com- ,
plete record of the time made by that
steamer from the date she flrat reached the
Sound down to the present, has prepared
the following for publication
"OB Jul? iM, I«U>. the steamer Olympian t
made the run from fleattie to Taouna in
one hour and thirt) Ire minutes. July 3d.
in erne hour aud thirty rven minutes Jnt>
*tt». in one hour and thirty four minvte»:
Jolt th, iu one hour and thirt> >»\ miu
utes; July Mb. Tai « ma to Seattle, one
hour, thirty-five minutes, and on the l?tl»
of the same mouth iu one hour aud thirty
five tain utes In maiing these runs
ahe earrieil au aeeragt* of rhtrty »eren
jHtiiud* of steam. ai»«i was allo>«e«l i»
pound* Uu March .*•. the Olympian
made the ntt* attle to Tacoma In t
hour an ! minute , and on Mareh ,t»
the same run in I hour and S» minutes, on
io|situi4au( sU k cn, a&4 this tl miioUa
after being in the dry dock I feei certain
that uwier fa%orablc - ..uditious, a d with
a clean bottom sh - Olyteiaan <au make
!h«' came run in 1 hour i»v* mmutaa."
,\c. ontt 'ig to the abnie oAdil figure>
the Olympian tsalc her i»*«t run l»eiu , n
**v*aUle and Tacoma on March I**, sn i
honr and minutes, ot only mfnntes
longer thai the Ifest rx-* v *»rd *<* the T. J
IVtu r
rsal estate tk \nsfi:rj
Ds<«j Recorded *t U« Audnor'* Offie*
I *«!*»■£ i.H »vff (IlrJ f«r t\'t-un! )r»
terua*. -:ie f. * «
trio (vmilnius 11 »T??vc*tiDJt tH v. »•.-
•venule of ITrA K<»ilowiost U the I4*t it*
fortti%he4 !>v W «1 4 iWrwfari
of till* *
fetal t* Mrs- ? -VtiHeo, )<& t,
14k =. I* T. iv.Mmy-*Hfc|r<|
A iin|. *h to \vin i Mar a. ; !I,
li, |l aii4 ii. Wk Hnlnf *4d .
\ t<. to I- II «*rtfttlj. !i'WX I *»•?
ts blk U. lot* i. .4, * «a-i *■. Nk li>:
|MV« J » *44 .
I; to EL i» iota 1 au>l 2.
ulk Si. ivnay A Heft » *4« i .
» It. H»kt rtni T«*?m#n I •;» 1 *u \
\ h i iis rnUtiue llii
A IV t SeurvHye ?>* * A l>utK "
b.'k \\ M«4ira ♦tlKt * !♦? ,sl->
j/»;m < uualn«b*m I.* £. F, !• j
i©. t««k I>. Harkt > t^t.
j<4ia ( uuolaglHkM t > J S Meveu* iottl.
hlk i > Burke **- f.
It r Dfty«c ttl t«* a-i
lf«rry White, ow of § «*• J 4 oC we 1 4 .
» of «s* K < f *e \ «•' <•? *' »•
| «i«l U *ene* fwf i» 1, if > i
0. <"i«rk lo*iet« tVTfIVt. M* 4 «l
"V* <fT, tr» «. t■- e, li'W-
Ai»elU skocWker Vi ; *
lot» 11 P» t* *a4 1\ Kk N .?» k»:«« #treet.
mß«w . it* ntt ■•■■ i
?i;k 2S He«To». «**
Cllii'cs erj t«r Pit£6#r UsurU
Tb* Clllril Kefw* t* itfroke A.
«. f kaaa'a Lir#f»» r -\ Corporation
OrfAuirwl to Operate St»rk Yar«l«
'DlvMlag t Haur.
Mayor Moran *M of town yesterday
and did not return until 9 o'ctock la*t
evening. Consequently it vti sj*h ? u
the council was railed to onler and the
Mayor stated that lb* special order of busi
»«** »w fonnieration of the petition
of a la rye number of Narth Seattle citizens
asking (bat the liquor license of A. «
' be revoked. Meter* Pearson A
Faben appear*< 3 for Chase and stated tha:
lie was ready with witnesses and anxious
for the owe t proeeed.
J. H. Paine was the first wiioesa f»»r the
proMcoUott He said That in passing
Chase * saLxm he bad frequently beard
vulgar and h»isteror»s talk and « ursiag in
the saloon ar.d urea person* inside playing
card*. one evening while accompanying
his flinfblw to elturcb, he taw four women
drive op to the saloon and join a crowd of
hilarious young men at the saloon. The
saioan keeper came out and "ail hands
drank something with Umm on it. He had
aeen women at the windows of the saloon
but did not know whether or not they were
respectable. He a< knowledge ! that he
would willingly sign a petition to eksw
every saloon in the city.
Policeman E. A. Harding said be eon
sidered the «aloon an orderly p!ace He
had aeen lewd women drive out there and
have drinks brought ont to the carriage.
He bad a'so seen women go into the saloon
and remain an hour or so. and frequently
at night. He had never known of any
fifthti of there
Policemau J. W. Huff testified that
Chase's place during his three w-c*eks'
service on the North Seattle beat, was the
quietest »asoon be had ever seen He had
seen women drive up there and get
drinfcsand frequently go in the house.
W. R. Brawley. the ovnetof the property
which Chase occupies, said that chase ob
tained the lease by agreeing to conduct a
restaurant and not a saloon. He had been
told by residents of the locality that the
salt ion was a noisy, disreputable place, fre
quented by lewd women and tnat pistol
shots had been heard there. He had seen
fast women visit the saloon.
Everett Smith, the Prohibition caDdidate
for prosecutiug attorney, testified that the
residents of the locality bad informed him
that the upper part of < haae's saloon was
conducted as a bouse of ill-fame. One
man had told hint that he had been
awakened at night by the voices of men
and women wrangling in the saloon. This
closed the testimony for the prosecution.
Mr. Durie said that the case wa* a very ;
weak oue. The petition bore the signatures J
of many prominent citizens, and as they
did not take sufficient interest in the
matter the case was dismissed ou hi* '
THE cm'* WATER srrrtr.
Mayor M*ran read the following import
ant message advocating the necessity of
the city owning its own water supply
.SEATTLE. Sept. -4. ISM.
To the Common Council—(ic*tUmm: 1
wish to call your atteution to a matter
which I think should have your careful
consideration and prompt action a? this
time—that is, the future and permanent
water supply of this dtjr. This question,
which ha* been agitating the minus of the
citis ns for some time, is whether the
water system of this city >hould be owned
and operated bv the people or by private
individuals. I think that this matter,
which is of vital importance to the future
city, should be settled now and before
other private capita! is invested in such
in calling your attention to this matter
I recognise the rights of those, who, wheu
v.>• were without water for fire, manufac
turing or domestic purposes, had the pub
lic enterprise and faith in the future of
this city to make the investment which is
now represented by our present water
system*. At no future time can this ques
tion be settled *«• equitably aud satis
factorily to all concerned ns now.
I think the c itizen* 01 this ,
city * should be called upon to
express themselves ou this question at a
special election, or the geueral election iu
November next, and determine finally
whether this city is to have an abundant
supply of pure water at cost, or continue j
to pay tribute to private individuals on all |
water used tn the future.
1 would recommend that for the guld- !
auce of the citizen* in oe'ermiuing the t
question inteliigt ntly, you refer it to a
committee of four honorable bodf to in
vestigate and report ou the probable cost i
of conveying water from Cedar river and j
distributing in this city by gravity. This
plan is perfectly feasible. It* rtr>t cost may
I* more than that of pumping engines but
the operating expense of such a system
would be nominal. Hoping these sugges
tion«« will meet with your approval and
hearty co-operation. I am, respectfully,
The i edar Valley Water Company, re
cently organized to furnish water from
springs or the Cedar river, usked a fran
chise to lay pipes aud mains in the streets
of the city and conduct and operate its
water work* in the city. The company j
state that the water is free from injurious '
matter, and in case the franchise is granted j
that they will be prepared within is
mentbs to furnish the city with au ample
supply of water for alt purposes. Mayor
Morau's message was probably called out
by the organization of this company. He
thought it best to define the position of the
council iu desiring the city to control its
own water supply before the new corpora
tion «bouid for a franchise. The
mayor's message ami the petition of tlisH
Cedar Valley Water Company were referred
to the fire ami water committee.
*1 he Pugei Sound Union stock Yards
t.'outnanv made application to purchase a
lot of the refuse lumber fn»m the Jackson
street bridge. The bridge is being rt ,
planked, and the company offered to take
H J.tfOO feet or more of the lumber as it cam<
from the bridge, at 14 wr thousand fee*
Ihe ("flbr was aocet»te«
Wim&h were ordered drawn for fU'Ji 72
on the Harrison street improvement fund
A levy of I'd mills for the Virginia street
[ Improvement fund wa* made.
on motion of Mr. Kciti*, the slreet com
mittee was authorize<l t»contract for the
«ompletion of the improvement of seventh
: street.
Oilleer Willard was male an additional
captain of i*oliis* on «'hief Mitchell's
reeommenda'tion at patrolman's pay.
kx rxxsn b stock yabds.
\rtiel«>« of luc<»rpt*rafion filed \r«-
ter*lay- Purposes «»/ the ('oinpanjr.
Articles of inrorporation of the Puget ,
M*und I'nion Stock Yards t'ompan> were i
tiled at the auditor's office yesterday. The
«»bject* of the compan» are t«» construct
aud operate stock yard« and receive, keep
and feed stoek. cattle, horw-s, sheen and
hogs and charge compensation therefor, to
erect suitaWe hulloiuw*. stal> audeanle
j ens and tmv and sell stork: to pnrebav'
iaud aud sell, convey and hypothecate the
•aire The capital k »• fIQO.QOO, aud
the incorporators and tru»t<*«*sare J. K M
Naught, V t . lU-i!. tSeorge F. smith, if Y
MrNai'ght audi'. K. t olman. The prin
cit>al place of business i> to Ik* at Seattle.
Mr E. Colman was seen bv a reporter
v«ith reference to the intentions of the
at*ove nametl compani He said "We
are not quite ready to falk y*t, but will be
in a few days Our *Uh k *artis will be U>
cate*l at the racetrack, where we will ar
ra;>tf>* fat'iliifrs for tl; • keeniag of ?anr<-
numbers of cattle, sheep a:o! horses The
compauy is cv>mposed of busimss men
who mean business, and ! can assur> yoti
?!:ai the objects as riwaiaal in our articles
of iu corporation will t> - carried w
cmrriKO rHorjsi is two
P«ah*r Prtxecding Caasel br a Di>-
Mm mv in raJtius » Maail »lu
offc; liu- W.l> a«h» aoo«; on Fnml str.xt,
peaevfi i'* arc jiu! ta - 1 ihr
> auv of th* A r#[wrt?r. tux
ioi>« Ui !•>!' ** th* pro- sin, aalr*l Mr ,vv<!
i :)„.«■ ann't'.u. *'ni lie sai t f'ir.ii
orly owtttfd • lot 70s Ift fcft w Frwi! »Iwn,
*>:: whir i »« a ■•'!•> cwl •Jt*bie tw<"
■ Utr» rr«>t<*n<v. !• iritis a> Ute Maanrla,
, aib«rra**>>'.< it>p rn-f*crr j \va» «oUL
Mr iMbE Kolah: t-wwhtth« uxrihoriv
r : !-.«-( A'* i 1 H H.-acttTlT th« •utilhrr!.
*1 I. Sn <.-rt of ti.tr ii
thirtTiftroprriy. and 1* trrt no KktCbl'a. ;
■: i«ua4 os ttmiai •-• amirahtc
. ;,-ir •: »o Ihat otv or tb« oth«r]
wouiti ■*v<" the •* h-w- U>av. ti-t?T »|>:i»
* . f |!t». aa.i «a» ii • JaiwM U»*
of botxs* wltirh on Ui*
j»articu:*t !■:>-> <• o.' lasd. aa4 fa ««fc-r shal
- *. !s -save tuartty » bai i i lfWf»4
tc h!Tu. r*rjv uli r- have U ■•'!; »*r: to w. rk
lit bniWißi. K»o#K«rtr will
liar* a rtrip of bni' iisi«r -.* f«t an,4
(e-: loo*, an.l K' -fbx tnu hare a »uf*
,(a tmuac li tMt *Kie ai.d •> #r—i hHUC.
Ct-M a I»i.t al «iair- !.»
■ ip iuS.i !*!. -ad of h- • / •
T -r> t*t »ata V aoad «s;u#r at ttuA-
Uu. WiS*«J. *ai !>-->u*bl «o Sc«tt:«
r<->tartar villi a Utn toef a
r *) rwt W ma «*'« »«. amhingti* **•
into Joit). B« **** »*r!t to FtovMtix*
h »: tal. •»}>»«• ««<«•» oc-e
--hatf »Ht 1..-:. «Ibm w la afair«ayt»
Terttt Yun tk CewvtK« fc- 'M Hw
ja«. t;. *?iil Passifiml Insewi*#.
'.i» ratio®. WJSS he lW»
•* 1 with ii u*!! imitwwt •
IVtk* vtotinr Iwaittcaa
j fi«4 St to tbdr Nnurt to <w <w Hcracrit
a- ;fc.«sae
ri«ut> 1 4 • lltt>l <4 |>fia^eny
(IkScc «u l Frecurt* SanueJA, very
r, ft j*; -ru? V-*» a;-: A Co.
ClSMrta cry l*r ?iid«r'j Cut»rt».
Mr. J.ihn L. Howard is Mil] in the atr.
Mm. Geo. H. Hellbroo return Hi frost a
rtint i > Taeotsa lax ereeiss.
Mr. John H. X((ii» ntaraed {ran a
brief ri»is to Tmaa la*t evening
, Mm. J. C Breaton nf Victoria, 1* iriait
in* her brother, Mr Oay C. r tinner, on
Mra Br. K*nwt of Wtomtxtn i, the
toe* of Ma W R. Fiwrewt Mrs Ramser
*3<l Mm. Forrest were arhwt girl friends
Mr. Kktwd 3. Co, father of Mr*. 6. M.
flalier, left for Chicago yeserdar mora
ing. He wa# accompanied to Tarnma by
Mrs Halter. Mi.* llaJler aad Mr. I.ewn
Cax. who Win remain in Taeotna for the
night aad return to the city to-day.
Mr. Allen, a prominent citiiea of Hoao
iuln, ar-cwm panted by his wife, are rial ting
Uw >oand a* *u*s»» of the Fort Biakeler
Mill « ompasy. for which Mr .Ulec is
agent at Honolulu The steamer IVriit
koiaky ha* been placed at their disposal,
aad Mis* Uringstune is escorting them
aboot the S>»n i
He Lower* Hi* Ova Estimate ef Iu
Worth 835 000
>berii!" Cochrane ba» lowered hi* esti
mate of hi* own character (35.009 within
the past two day*. On Thursday he ua*
■lancing around town iu hi* own peculiar
f**hion, threatening to «ue the FOKT-I*-
THUMMM fur «3«.oae damage for defam
ing t>)* character, bat when the suit was
filed ye*terd*y, the fgttres were redoced
to $15,000.
The complaint recite* that the Posr-Is-
TKjLLi<;E*cgK is an inOneotiai jonrnai.
having a large aad general circulation
throughout the the territory and eapeeialir
is King county, that the plaintiff, daring
hi* residence in King county, ha* always
borne a good and anbletaiabed character
and a good and nntarni*h«d reputation:
that on .September -7. the Fiwr-Jstntu.l
I.EXCI* falsely, wickedly aad maliciotuly
publiabed certain matter* which greatly
injured and damaged hi* reputation. He
flgtires the amount of the damage at IIV
UOG. for which sum be asks judgment.
The alleged libelloas «tatemeat wa* an
interview, slating that Cochraae took hi*
own attorney along when he went to ar
row a prisoner, and forced the latter to em
ploy him.
m a »
Be*. William Came* Attracted Back to
Iter. William Carnes ha* returned to Se
attle after au absence la Eastern Washing
ton and Oregoa of several year*, fie ha*
visited a great many places since leaving
this city and tried to tettle down aad be
content, bat the vision of the Queen City
j seemed to hanat him wherever he went,
and he finally made up hi* mind to return.
In speaking of his return he said: "One
! of the most happy moments of my life was
, when the steamer rounded Alki point the
other night, aad I could see the thousand
! light* sparkle and glisten from the win
dows of the Seattle homes aud along the
terraced street*. This city is good enough
for me. aud right here shall I remain."
Loui» dame* and Marie Walnwrlght
In "As You I.lke It."
last night Shakespeare's exquisite come
dy, "As You Like It," was produced at
Frye'* o* ( tera house before a very large audi
ence. Marie Wainwright played Rosalind,
it was a delightful performance in every
way from her flr#t appearance to the lieau
tifui epilogue. T>ifted with H bewitching
personality that manifests iti-elf in artis
tic by-play, har interpretatioa of the purl
is tinged with a bright, yet subdued
roguishuess—the very essence of high
comedy. Miss. Wainwrlght's gentle face,
the rich male attire, in which harmony of
color i<* well observed, the soft, melodious
voice, the a<s>umption of timidity aud the
rare grace of every niot*on made the im
personation a poem. Mr. J a»ms played
Orlando very well indeed—another in
stance of his great versatility. The sup- .
I*>rt was even and satisfactory and the |
costuming was not ouiy rich but tasteful.
There will be no matinee performance.
The engagement closes to-night when
•Othello" will be presented with the bil
lowing cast:
Othello lA>uifi James
lago. ,K. c. Mosiey
t'asaio Cdwiu Kovle
itrabautio H. A. laugdon
llode;igo Edwin Eisner j
! I>ukc of Venice Errorll Dunbar j
Moutauo Harry Leighton ;
I Lodovico .Maurice Clyde i
Oraiiano T. J. Lawretu*e '
I'aulo Yotney Streamer ;
Messenger Frank Wiuter
Emilia Miss Kate Meek
i Miss Marie Waiuwright
Kundlett, manager of the occidental hotel,
in speaking of the gas explosion which oc
curred iu the uncompleted pnrtiou of the
building Thursday, said: "The smell of
escaping gai was first apparent the even
ing before the explosion occurred. Every
precaution as to ventilation was taken,
and as early as j»os*iblc Thursday gas fit
ters were sent for and a search was made
for the source of the trouble. It wan found
; in the uncompleted part on Second street,
still subject to Mr. Collins's control, and
that gentleman was notified, with the re
suits you have already made public. The
statement that gas was leaking several days
is au error, and would suggest culpable
carelessness on the part of the manage- 1
meut, while the fact is, as long as the mat
ter was under my control, every precau
tion was nsed to prevent an explosion and
prompt action taken to remedy the
,a trouble."
* Cbtidreu crj for Pitcher's Castoria.
New plaiiß Chester deary.
New CiinoU. Chester Oleary
N w t-loak.v Chester Ckiry.
* -
Now jackets. < heater Cletry.
New flannels, Chester Clear;*.
New Ws'.'Siuis. Ch'riier Cteary.
New Vomi&tt-Qt". «)I»wler t leary.
New bronieiollui Chester Cleary.
I'riee «>nr •proa?!*. Chester ("leary.
New dress g*>o«is j'i*i opcocni. «"leary.
New tiri ** trimmings. Chester Cleary.
New fall aml winter style cloak*. C* leary.
New hosiery. Eastern cash prices.Cleary.
'2f>c !adie«'ail woo! hose. Chester Cleary
j Now fall styles in soft ami ntiff hats.
. Toklaa, 81U<ermau 6l CO.
26c; great sale flow embroidered hand
ken hiefs. (Theater deary.
i> fine embroidered shear lawn hand
kerchiefs. Chester Cleary.
Table linens, a bi« sarchaie jnst in, ex
tra value*. Chester i" <eary.
Nov* lti«*s in «!r, •. g.mds Monday morn
• itit? Toklaa, Siiii?'rrr.au <k CO.
New silk timbrei!*-. metal aud natural
sticks. Toktas, s:ntr- it: *i *v Co.
jOc—French Cotitllleeorsefs, all »i.**s,best
value in the city. Cheater cleary.
<>ur own importation—novelties, dress
fabrics and trimming* not to be found eisc
j where, t hester Clttfjr.
:?* ?uch ladies' cloth for iV. p*r yard,
ail colors: Sriwh English suiting,
f.okla*. Sißgenwrn A Co.
New miltiaery by express. Saturday
morning 23d. really for laapectJon Monday
morning. TokJas, sin germ an «'o.
Vr *{ lotion's •lani iiij! school Moada*»
a-, } Friday* at *:'» p.m. Juvenile ela**
* t 2 p. w. at Turner ball.
Our ri. *k and wrap department—l 2
r limiiii tlon lbaitei We Nrt
ihe eorrert i ng. Toklav ifiogerman A Co.
We are crowded ** •:» • -• «*ta from
the to tfte celling. I* < s lower than
ever Chcstar CWan
FtnTi&f for cash f**r two bona* * and tell
in|r fir ftth rnslilM mt to anderaell every
Me. pr!<v our «t gvmls. <" hester C leary.
Wo carry a fnli line of Jaeger » sani
tary W System Company » good* We
I pole agent* for Washington t«-rr\*
• j Tokias. S»Bjfersuw <a Co.
O. E. Milkr A Co., rnirr—<m to Ciunp
, ion. Killer A • 0., U«aas aiad inaaramv,
« • • i it-. • . • . ft.-Jif" **" f *
; tfs Miil itrvit, ta the Occidental block.
I adies Hau dresaiag l*a?i«w. corner Main
istJ isieDs-i U. and fca:*
I wv-rk ol every dtafripdM hand and
ma.ie te order apiieow
» Savin*? deposits now made * ith the
( iuarantre Loaaattd Trust t ouipoav a?< i
Safibpo Harik, strrvi. onocttr Cna
. mere is!, will regia to draw intern* Oeto
t«a shirk I'* Je"g*r Ism fcls system
• of **rittry w*M*ieu Bliitmn i* now #e:»-
trali* reewfsuJsNL to us -r r*ta
, k»giae, Tokhfcs, siajremuia £ <"o»
Hegrs PttrUkr, B-rgg* Cherry
Crosgb SrwK 1- es» (HI, ikft»
JJtff |; tSeexs uCfViAB iMi l ■.* aii-i
■ a-i^gH^CSig
* : ,s . y
hi i t .v* ju.
«aeth«via 4'! rrratH><s <1 {MMP
r./*, tie* in this cit; *
bkek. Mill ?Tree- >ce c*H
The Seattle, lake Sk»« and Eastern Rail
way Company having completed the bridge f
acroas the Snobom;<h nver are now ready
to receive freight for chat city.
P. B. Mortem, manager for the Stager
Manufacturing Company. 7 JO Front street.
Seattle, has secured a first-class sewing ma
mechanic, and will repair machines
ait aII makes nromptly and cheap. Send
order by postal card and he will send for
machine The be«g ocJ, needles and parts
for aQ sewing machines constantly on
hand. Second-hand machines &>ught and
sold. See our new machines: best in the
world: terms to suit Satisfaction guaran
XatLWaY TO !Ll«il3>C KXTEfL
Beginning Sunday. September lOh. the
train leaving Seattle at 9:9 a m. will run
through to Kaging River, about ten miles
east from Oilman, arriving there at l:ld p.
m. Beturning. leaves Raging River at IJO
p. m.. arriving in Seattle a? bs n. m. as at
present. This arrangement wul shorten
the stage ride to and from Fall City Hop
Ranch and the toll-gate about ten miles.
Excursion tickets, good for six months,
stiil on sale going via* Northern Pacific
railroad and returning via Canadian Pa
cific, L'nion Pacific and Denver <fc Rio
Grande, the great scenic mute, and Oregon
Short Line or aan Francisco, or Southern
Pacific, through callfornia. and by rail or
boat from San Francisco to Puget sound, at
from SBO to 1122 50. Tickeu now on sale
via St. Paul. Chicago, Council
Bluffs. Kansas City, Denver. Salt Lake. Og
den, St. Louis, El Paso, Deming, San Diego,
san Francisco and other principal cities at
the I*nion Ticket office
A. CHILBESG. Agent N. P. R.R.,
Corner Mill and Commercial streets.
SKATTL*, Sept 13,1H58.
Having constantly to answer letters of
iuquiry in relation to Dr. J. Eugene Jor
dan afd the many cures reported by his
Historenetic System of Medicine. I beg to
take these means to answer all such ques
tions. to-wit:
I have had the honor and pleasure of the
intimate acquaintance with Dr. J. Eugene
Jordan for several years. He is a gentle
man of culture and refinement and the
C>er of anyone in the medical profession,
any of the wonderful cures which are re
ported in his published volume entitled
"The Entire Revolution of Medicine," are
personally known to me. Dr. Jordan's
success in this part of the country with his
grand Histogenetic system is certainly un-!
j paralleled, aad while I am neither a
prophet nor the son of one I venture to pre
dict that the time is not fhr distant when
• his Ristogenetic system will be the stan
dard medicine of the day with the intelli
' gent classes. Respectfully yours,
tf tt. L. YESLER.
Opening of new god^»—M showing
complete assortments in all department*.
The largest stock of dry goods in the
Northwest to select from at Eastern ca«h
prices Chester Clearv.
First-class dressmaking—We have se
cured the services of Mrs. A. o. Hall. fr;>n*
the renowned mercantile house of Man
dall Bros, of State street, Chicago. Mrs.
A. O. Hall has had 14 years' experience,
thv* last two years she was first assistant to
Mmc. Kapp of Mandall Bru*. We guaran
tee satl»Jaction in fit and style. Toklas.
singcrmau A Co.
King County
Republican Meetings
ft be addressed by the candidates of the
Republicau party and other üble speakers
at the following times aud places:
Maple Leaf setioolhouse, Wednesday, Oct.
i<, 7:30 p. m.
Slaughter, Thursday, (.H-t, 4, 7:30 p. in.
Kent, Friday. t)et. 5, 7:20 p. m.
White RiVer, Saturday, Oct. 6, 7:30 p. m.
Euumclaw. Monday, Oct. 8, 7:30 p. in.
o&ccola, Tuesday, Oct t» 7 30 p. m.
Green River, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 7:30 p. m.
Franklin, Thursday, Oct 11, 730 p. m.
Black Diamond. Friday Oct. 12. 7:30 p. m.
Cedar Mountain, Saturday, Oct. 13,7:30 p.m.
Ne.w« asilt. Monday, Oct. la, 7:30 p. m.
Renton, Tuesday. Oct. 16, 7:30 p. in.
."aimon Bay, Wednesday. Oct 17, 7:.* top. m.
Juauita, Thursday, Oct. IH, 7:30 p. m.
Houghton. Friday, Oct. 19, 7:99 p. m.
Uedmond. Saturtiay, Oct. aO, 7 .30 p. m.
Gilmau. Monday, Oct. 4 J2, 7::«)'p. m.
Falls City, Tuesday, Oct. 23. 7:'W p. m.
Hop Kaueh, Wednesday. Oct. 24, 7:30 p. m.
Tolt, Thursda'*, Oct. 25, 7:30 p. m.
l>iival!s. Friday, Oct, 2*», 7:30 p. in.
Cherry Valley, Saturday, Oct.
Vashou, Moudav, Oct. 2J, 7;:-0 t» m.
Bothueil. Tu« sday, Oct. 30, 7::50p m.
Woodinville, Wednesday, Oct. 31. 7: 0 p.m.
By order of the county central commit
tee." J. C. HAINES, Chairman.
R. B AI.BERTSON. Seeretary.
11 eg ate to Congress, will address the
people 'tf Western Washington on the
issues of the day at the folio wing times
and places:
l.a Camas. Wednesday, Oct. 10, 7:30 p. in.
Vancouver, Thursday. Oct. 11, 7::i0 p. m.
Fnion Ridge, Friday, Oct. lj, 1 i>. m.
l-a Ceuter, Friday, Oct. 12, 7::<0 p. m.
k'ulama. Saturday. Oet. 12,1 p. m.
Oak Point, Saturday. Oct- 13. 7:33 p. m.
» athJamet, Monday, Oct. n a. m
llwaco, Monday. Oct V>, 7;30 p. m.
Ornten llle, Tuesday. Oct lf», 11 a. m
Ho<|uiaiu, Tuesday, Oct, I<>, 7:30 p. m.
Aberdeen. Wedneiday, Oet. 17,11 a. m.
M.>ntesano, Wednesday, Oct 17, 7:30 p. m.
Kim"*. Thursday, Oct. H, 10 a. m.
Further announcements will be made
The respective county committees are re
quested to furnish suitable halls and niusie*
and mll Republican palters in Western
Washington are to publish this
Bv order of the Territorial Central Com
mittee. J. C. HAINES,
Chairman Republican Territorial Central
(ftoBUK G. I. YON. Secretary
People's Party Convention.
At a meeting of the People's Tarty Coun
ty t ommittee of Kius c«junty t held on Sep
tcmber 15, it was remilved to hold the
county conveutton for the nomination of
< andtdate* for all county offices, on the
at 10 a. m.. in the Turners' hall, at the city
of •^cattle.
It was furthermsolr#4that fhedeiesatts
to this convention shall he elected
at ' p. to., at the u»ua! |*oliux places in the
country precincts a- » at the following
First warti-Fttalic sehool house.
> e» nd ward - < *onrthons»-.
Third wanl iNk»* street hail.
Fonnii ward -Battery street engine
The followine number .»* d iega*ea,hased
ttpem the vote ctven at th*- !sst eiectK-n t»y
the People'# l*art> for audltor.to he es»*ct«d
at the ra?e of one delermte to tlfty votes
Arthur i 1
Avon dale I Sammamtgn.. 1
Bay View i »tw(inataale I
Blaekl' Aoood 2 ak
Cedar Ritee 2 s*!mon Bay. 1
puvil« 1 Hau«rtoer .1
I>u warn ish 2. S s * JTU-
Knumelaw, Lncktd' r r>; ward 11
tn* Fasie -or«e.. 2 SeeoedWwS
rail « ' 1 Third ward
Franklin - - r>»nrth aard n
How Moo - litnavilk- 2
Jtan:t.i I Toll 1
Hot spnas* -* Cnioa . 1
i v> a 1 i ashou 1
1 White River 1
KenSaa I N §d
All honeaUy ia vo?er« who
are opposed to fadns a - - 1 '
not ta&eii part in tftelr prisaarie-. are icv)
i* A {•> a«eud.
i*erv-;j» who have deUipitri or are
cau l at« of any of the other e**nventions
are not eluji hie.
By order srt the v entrai Coanty C imnv.'t
tee of the fMc's Partr.
O F WEtiENER. Chatrsaan.
SWXE.* I Kv. secretary.
At the of many workiyftK Q be-
Um*ia*v> .e People s t ar-y the PRIMA
(S THK « lIY wiuoot he btU at 7
m ft> ltefctotoh| at
• • t "'
rm't S.IX. Tnn Jmw 31 -C»-Tk<>
Swift Sjyviac CoMnasT AtUaia.Oa.-Grtt
tlenra Om of my rWMrca wu Uoat-k l
wltt rt£unatfea ud boil. for about t*-»
7<WL W. hw Irtoul Mad* of mrdf
dor. bat wfthoaJ pnft, UKI t*r»a
of tariag Iwr at aO. I •» peraafciol totrr
swift-, Specific. Atter *br had arl
•Trend (xllrj UK «i saeam all
aMi»» » aow a kale. br*nt and £• a.t»T
fW twflvf jrmrt okL AaotWr rklld b*.
hat Iwoi' >(DScHd in UM aaw WIT. aad I
jnwiMikfiii as 4 antiripate a proapt
aad permaaeat care Jt. C Vaaauosa.
RK7« HBJ. *». Jahr T. I«-TV> Swift
SpßciflcCo. iUuaa, ua.—Gaatlmra: Our
Unto KM wbea but UM wnka old btnt.<
"« wita rcanna. We trtnl tha
fiwm apreral jood dooon. fcat wtUKwt aaj
special beaeflt W« trted s s s.. and b» th -
time oneJM4U* «' (toae tee head he«aa t >
beaL aad by the time ite had takea iu
t*n:lei ahe wis conptetelT eared. Row »fc -
ha* a rail and Hea.y bead at hair-a rabast.
hearty child. I fee* it but my doty to make
lib Mateaiecl. H. T. SBC«S.
CBaTtaaoooa. Ttr» . June rl. Vm-Ttm
S rif, Specific t\\. Atuau. Ga.—OeaOeme-> ;
la 1.-W Icoatrartad biood potM«t. aad at oaco
-t«*fit a phyticiaa, who treated aw for ar<-
ffaf Byhla adrh-a 1 went to Crib
urv-hard Sprtm,-.. Kr, where hi* oonna of
treatment was carefuDy obaerred. 1 recor
cred. a* I Uk.aght, bat the next iprlojr r 4»-
1>I«» )*s*n to appear on my face andbalv.
Theae (radaally incrraaed to nam aad ran
alac ulcer*. I wa> adrtaed !o try S. S. S.. and
Immediately after taking tt I einmucel t >
improve, alowly at flrai, bot n.rrw rapidly
afterwarlA, aad soon 1 thin* remained t->
tell of my trvuble. My blood U now thor
oachly cleaaaed. and my t>»tctn frea fn«
taint, aad I owe my present coßditicn-a
perfect care-to > oar m«li< li>e. I cheerfully
girw this ctaMmeiu that othem rrbo hare
•ultend as I hare may reap i he *aroe benefit.
UakST X. Bear, ii W«t Ninth St.
Bona. La., Hay S5, IW-The Swift Spectre
to. Atlanta. t/X Oenllemea : Aboat two
yeara a* > my reneral health ra*e WIT en
tlrely. I wa* no debilitated that I ataost
dewualred of ever fceltaa well afaln. A'.l
that the physician*doaefor me liruagtit so
permanent relief, rrteari* Insisted that 1
should ftr« a 8. 8. a fair trial, I
thought it would be throwing away moaeT.
After taking a thorough courwe. my health
and ftrengtn returned, and I must tar that
8. 8. 8. atnee cured we, a* I dtecaraed all
other* while ualns it. A* a tonic I eaa muat
heartily recommend It; for nneral debility,
U certainly 1* a speclßc. W.F. Banxu*. J.V.
Hoarn. Li.-I know Mr. W. F. Bridge*, uad
will any that hi* statement 1* correct.
JOUJ-H SHU.T-1. liruggist.
Treatise on Bkiod aad Skla Diseases mailo!
free. THE Swirt Srscmc Co.. Drawer j'
Atlanta. Ua. '
i GEO. F. FKTK Manager
Three nigh s, (ommsncing Thursday, Sep
tember Extraordinary intef
lectual event.
Manager Frye takes i»lea»ure in announc
ing an engagement with two of the most
prominent of the leading artists on the
American wtage.
The Must Versatile Actor Living.
And the lieautifui and Great Exponent
of Bhake«peare> Heroines,
Suv»]»orted by a Company of Unusual
Friday, sk-pt. k &> % Shakespeare'»
Greatest ComtMjy AS YOU I.IKB IT
Saturday, Hept.2J OTHELLO'
All the costume# are uew, and are the
«ame as used b.- thi-* ci>mpanv at the Fifth
Avenue Theatre. New York. They are
made frotn original design* in the Dresden
Art Gallery.'by Cha*. Hawthorne, of New
ADM ISSION—To Drens Circle aud Par
quet, ll.'iO; Balcony, $1; Gallery, . r iO cents.
Reserve sale opens Tuesday, .September
15, at Seattle Pharmacy.
W. R. C.
The Womau > Ke icf Corps will hold a
Fair nt
Turn W'reiti Hall,
£'For of the H«-l>ef Fund
(>aine for the Military ( ham
pionship, between Co. K and the Rifles.
Saturday, September 29,1888.
Tickets .4) centa. Including n>uad trip
and admiaskm to the scrmmds.
Special train leavea at 2 30 p. m.. returu
in»r immediately after the nae.
f«»r ladies r»*ser\'ed In grand stand.
Orphan Bsy aid Blati Diamoed
Of Oregon, at the
Sunday, September 30.
The t*c ■ 1. f.»f *M>» «i'l.v
Third Annual Fair
Walla Waila. W. T.
8H( )( X >
lii i'nrs'• . MiU' S mil Freoins.
one and «*u<; r;fth rate* over
*h«* N P. line* Iwn s as far vaat as
Hnouiikf and trotJitif event# eacn day,
ItOOO Frs«-ri»r-AH Trot.
|r &r fpriKt? nisrwitfds addreea
llfcXBV KrJ.l.ls*'. r ta-v
':«|ru>f*!s»ni Coopujr.
Itflet* »n i*v ni* mm r,i . . kiwi*
of RtHtch and l>.- •» *«1 i.nmber. Uth,
" 'W k * ■■ shingrlef, .
»f (*« '«•«»« to talke jwb-
He thai sr« are n<w ia uw »«*aJ mar*
.rt Willi » (•>': »»«k '*i tiMMoagkJr *»t
i - N -, r ' .Tifr.»<r L*np-.' 'I
si»- 4 '. i»«>s
UJHitu*-• ■ Ui-ui-ttoA -ti poMiok
SQuwflake Flour
13 THE *X* T. TET IT.
September 34th..
j The Newest Designs
Paris and New York
Silks, Moires and Broches. Louis XV. Woolens,
Directoire Embroidered and Rayures
Dress Patterns.
Twelve Cases of Cloaks arrived Friday. They wih
be ready for inspection Monday.
Stock Complete Monday. JMB
We Are the Sole Agents for Washington Territory of
I)r. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System Company,
The Fall and Winter coming on we wish to call your attention to
our stock of *
Overcoats! Overcoats!
Pen Jac-ketrs and Vests.
They are all new styles and the latest cuts, being a little longer than last year
and cut snugger in the waist.
In FALL OVERCOATS we have three times the stock we ever carried before
ranging from $7.50 to $25. In ail shades and qualities.
In MEDIUM WEIGHTS we have Cheviot, Cassimer, Meltons, Beavers, Dou
ble and Twist, Diagonals, Corkscrews, Kerseys, etc, running up to $32.50.
We also have a fine line of Heavy Winter Coats and Ulsters.
In PEA JACKETS and VESTS there are Blue, Brown and Black Fur Bea
vers, Moncagnac Beavers, Whitney Beavers, Worumbo, Elesian and many other
kinds, from $7.50 to S3O for coat and vest.
Mf-tILL IMI E\m\E \ll\l i mil Tilt; SUM IS lOHPL£TB.-t a g
prort and Columbia str©€» +r ~ ,

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