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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 03, 1888, Image 5

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fj hum-WI
*** * rool '
f •* • V " T *•"**"
\"^ «*»*• Arc
|»r*t«*t and Tilk of
I ttießfln Mgfct' onipany
I Gas * Electric Lifht
pooic i i»*ue«, *0 f* r •*
s«* concern*.', aad on
9* {-rice
9 l« adr.tnre-1 to almost
aW rate-. Light- that
■ month for half
* or a ll night, wili
■ |nsrt per month for
B^Tai*fet »n* J * lflfor 411 night
■Kl2i#te»iM adwance in the
*"'- <1 considerable ad
■p^jEjr m among the customer*
companies. Some
■ their light* and
■ other* talk of orgamxmg
■ *fiLris* company. A prominent
■ bi- .1 manufacturing in
■ o* water front, has made a
I to put in an electric light
I gSST£ U « ht< at < M
■BSuedfcecan a sufficient
I who will con-
I "fSZtronif M* {oT a <* r -
I timber of yearn. Nothing def-
I SCwt been done, however. ex-
I Sf^fflikea vigorous Hck against
K price of light. No
I • "1... yet been made in the price
ft incandescent light*.
JWjLTtjeniar) connected with one of
■'i i«i|-"- ijpeaHng of the a-i
--|* _ "After running the arr:
■SM for several month* at a loss,
ft ,teiied either to raise the price to
I*!*: »r take out the light*.
felt the «iue way,
I 7« agree'l to make a uniform
I 2L .fcirh would be fair and e<|Uit-
STm2i to the company supplying
SWklsad to the cu«tomer using It.
Si not afraid o? any one else put
in a pta;>t in opposition to us.
J? *ould be tot. great for the
SLjWe returns an investment"
I B««ei»<>aum Makes a l.arge
■ fafMtment ID Seattle
■ j»oiig the notable visitors in Seattle
6 present time i- Mr. S. It. Ito-en
■ ts lf bead of the iirrn of Ko*en
■ 4 Co. of Francisco. Mr. I!.
■ Jirißcehi' 1 arrival here demonstrated
I ifcißiißiited faith in Seattle by nuk
■ j tfgt purchaseof real estatehere.
I gc bis also purchase! the school
■ juisfsceiitly i»«oed. Mr. Uosenbaum
I jjaowii all over the Pacific c >a-t us a
1 but in hi* conservative
■ drier is deemed an enthusiast i'on
| «nin; seat tie. which helooksforwnrd
I BMrtog take rank next to San Fran-
I atn Miiuitg the cities of the coast.
I Mr. Besenbattiu is not only a man
I 4 busiDe-s but as well a mail of fine
I ajrsry attainments. Hi interest and
I tote '!> thi* latter respect are "bown
I ortoiilv in hi« nipi-ort of educational
I literary institution* on the coast,
1 is the wider field at the Kast. He
I a of tlio proprietors of the Furum,
I iM nee and excellent political and
■ ami review wliich is now sharing
■ toaors with the old A'o* 1 \ American.
I The intere-t whicli "Ir. Rosen ban m
I titakmc in Seattle calls to mind the
I Itrge number of San Franciscans who
I iifi* expressed their confidence in our
I sstj in a substantial way within the
I asat year 'Hieii-1 includes Mr. Hosen-
I {utn.thefiermsni'i Savings bank, Mr.
I fnscott, of the 1 nion Iron Works,
■ Mr. King, formerly of the Well- Fargo
I inking service. Mr. .lames Phclan.
I Dr. Thomas KJ King and a score of
I stbrr- in addition to the Southern
hcttii* Railroad Co. The faith of
tke" people hat taken the form
efUrgerasfi investment* in the city
near at hand. The fact is the
■ore notable «ince in no other coast
dti iia* San Francisco capital ever
{»vr so freely and largely a* it has
Here Seattle welcomes the San Fran
ciscans ami valuea their interest in the
city as reallv of more consequence
ibati that of K istern men. since lieing
: familiar with all •■oast points, their
' Scrim inatWrti in favor of Seattle Is
ttr :nore suggestive and promising.
Urpi*it Company, which ha* it- vaults
utvier the Merchants' National bank,
on Front street, ha* decided to Sisrht
the apartments by mean* of electricity,
the power for which will be furnished
ivy an engine of three horse power,
the system prevailing throughout the
dtv cannot lie utiliaed. as the work*
are not in operation during the dav.
tail it is at tlii* time that the jlliiuiina
lion is required. In addition to fur
ahhtng motive power for the dynamo,
tbsboiler will supply *te*m for heat
iflg purpose*, s o that the apartments
andsr ground will not only l*e pro
vided with first-cits. light, but will af
ford comlort a* Well to those whose
business will detain them for any con
vertible tin eon the nremi e*. It I
s fart of whi' hS- attle; oiiild lie proud,
Aat of the onlv two safe de|M>sit eom
ptnissOn the cosst she po es-e* one,
■liile San Francisco ha* the other;
slsa that there arc only fo ir wit ( ,f
tti» Miseissippi, the two additional be
in; located in Omaha and Denver
Railroad VrnTiw. The following
railroad party arrived here ve -t'rd \y
soil a*c regi a-red »t tli. O idental:
4.J Crass, enntfnctmK agent It.
*Q H K.. Chicago; W. H. Hamlilin,
eeaera! frt uhl agent Chicupo, Uitr
lington A Northern K. 1! , St. Paul;
Mis» ltesde Cross, Miss .to*.;** l'aviv
' 'Mcago;M «.\V. 1' Hamh m.St Paul.
V I' sinldsn. general a ; *tnl. ami K
\ llackelt, a- i«tnnt general agent of
>tw Ilurliniitoi r».nt«- in the worth
iest accompany them. The part v
leftt'liicago two week i' in t', l>.
TQ special IJI »•. fir-t vi !t iw the
TMloarstone park. thence to Helena,
H«U» ami Portland,and arc now <li>ti)t'
the Sound. leaving to-day for Vicl--r 11
They will return here and ',•>« wee i to
San Francisco ami Southern Cali
fornia The |>arty is highly pleased
with the Sound ami pirticulatlv with
Will. I, s I'm H"i-- Mr. F 54.
Alfor.l, a promine.'.t farm* t os» White
tirer, »pctit yesterday in Seattle. lie
'Ules that the io- > of ho) - in his *ee
ti.an will nt !*• -o great a I- eneraily
•appusrd. Tho e liup* raised on good
l*n.| will rem on ;wn until they ean
be picked. MII I th g-«wn on poor
Und, which «ill become dry Mat*
they can he I" ked, a-o tip:lit ami not
try lie- : !• xwa\ Mr. MvorJ j
thlv.k* that b ore another piekinv
«*<< m roll- round, the grower* *dl
&»ve nrov; e -nodation* tor
white pirkers s • a- not t • be caught
'"•itch a-ii ip i. an.
Ta M' i; ;»o Mr. llohcil
Mi ran, pn ..1 .•: :he Seat!;.- 1' y
-4«ck Uii |»j i. -t ,te l e ..rt. r
yesterday that the mac? i- cry * hteh
he [fi'ftitly f u:eliß?eil h r the com
pany in Ken York, for t' pmpo-ed
marine laila ir. ami which he shipped
aieumi the Horn, wit M W due ;<**re
m »v . , .an th t in tnmli
ahlr on ■ t,b d the Ia av aid I*
•>n«true' : « v,- -
>t- .i s'w ■ t \ • <N
tfcv. come ta tie round.
TdHsroiir ritiiKSK. Hie 'o'knainjt
p»r><jn« yoU-riiav decJartnl their in
ttations of iminit citt*>?>«: v*liri
®*nitwyer,-,. i ~n ii' \ <*h-on.
astute, tl 11. • irk 4" ;a .< u.-e hte.
V--h,, Kit**' it II- " •'!. KsxK'p
af ilern :::i- Jo' N *ia: »i O"'
O'-.vti Mon> *, "th leileii Krank 11.
W --re J.i h U«; in! Willi*: i
V'»«kl i- ,i i;. >. t i; ; !. William
I 1 , ren.:e VI » >', )
Stare- .a ! Mr- Iluri(< H. C>><
, is-m-u. W. , ... 1
Arbor Association concert at Pry*'#
opera house to-night.
The Harrison League will meet
again Thursday evening, to perfect a
permanent orgaoixUion.
Kev. Kohert Whittaker will lector*
thi- evening at the First Baptist
chorda. Subject. "Mexico."
~.T { »e r ®. "nil be a meeting of the Orant
aob this evening at 8 o dock at room
1 11, \ e4er-U;sry b.;i!ding
The run of Puget ssound silver sal
mon i- now at it- height, and WTO
; lag bank arc being ma-le in this bay.
, The Republican county central com
mittee have opene-i head-inarters at
room It. thint floor
: building.
~Th »e who attend the concert at
F ?PV °?.* r * , ho «' i e to-night will ctm
tri .te directly to tb" fund for ptant
mg shade trees.
The funeral of Uilk Helle, infant
daughter of Probate Judge Rochester.
wm held at the Catholic church vc-.
terday afternoon.
Hamabia was taken
uddeniy U1 vederdav and did not
cometo Meattte: hen.* there wa« no
le< tur» ia*t night.
Wiiliam Buell. while out hunting a
''i? SI two f*? accidentally shot him
self through the left arm The wound
ia painfulltut not serious.
Mr. Jame* B. Biles, and other hop
growers from the Cbebiti. valley were
in Seattle Monday, arranging to dis
pose of their season's hop crop.
The schooner AUie I. Algar has
ag*'n sa'led for Destruction island,
with a cargo of brick and other mate
rial for the new lighthouse being
erected there.
A lenefit matinee for the Seattle
Lodge Xo. 92, Benevolent and Pro
tective Order of Elks, will be given at
r rye's ojiera house Katurdav. A fine
entertainment is promised.
Charles V. McCormack of Astoria
a young lawyer known to manr [>eo
pie of this city, committe<l suicide in
the Oregon insane asylum. Monday,
by cutting his throat with a raxor.
The steamer Hassalo went to What
com last night, in place of the Idaho,
the latter having temporarily gone
into the grain, carrying trade. The
Ifay ward has again gone on the Seat
tle-Olympia route.
The Canadian Pacific oitice at the
dock was broken into Monday night
and a package of tickets, a rubber
stamp, a clie ting instrument and a
Iwittlc of ink were stolen. The pick
ape of tickets was recovered by Officer
l<eekie yesterday near the Commer
cial mill
The date fixed for the shooting
match l«etween 'iardner Kellogg of
Seattle, and Mr. McNauehton of Ta
coma, is October 10, at the race track.
Clay pigeons will w the targets u*ed.
The match is for the (HI- -e-»ion of the
championship bodge, now held bv Mr.
The Jai Itsoo-Godfrey sparring exhi
bition, advertised to come off at Turn
Verein hall last evening, did not ma
terialire. The police notified the prin
cipal- yesterday afternoon that no
-parring exhibition would lie permit
ted and no further attempt was made
to give the show.
Miss Maud llurr of Stillai oom in
visiting her "iter, Mr-. O. I*. Ander
Mrs. ( apt. T bourn (irant of Port
Townsend is spending a few days in
Mr-. Dr. W. 11. Wutkins of Port
land is visiting Mr. and Mrs. George
T. Myers, at Wast Seattle.
Mr. George G. Miller is confined to
his room by a severe spell of -ickness.
He is threatened with tvpboid fever.
Mrs. J. H. Thomas and daughter, of
North Yakimu, are visiting Mrs. M. J.
Pontius, corner Third and Spiing
Captain 11. K. Beecher, who has l.eeti
inspecting the customs houses in Ore
gon, returned to Port Townsend yes
Mr. Charles 11. Kittinger returned
yesterday from a two weeks'visit at
Banff Springs. Like all others who
have been there, he reports a season of
Or. W. 11. Hall, a prominent den
ti-t of Terre Haute, Ind., and brother
of Dr. 11 M Hall, is at present in
Seattle with a view of remaining |>er
i manently.
• hief of Police Mitchell, while able
to be about the streets, is far from n
well man He has been *ufferiug from
insomnia, and has had no sleep for
several days nnd night*.
A recent addition to the Seattle bar
i* Hon. W. M. Clark late of the law
firm of Andrews, Prent- A Clark of
Walla Walla. Mr. Clark represented
Walla Walla county ill the last session
of the territorial legislature and served
as sjieakcr of the house, making an
excellent record. He come- to Seatt V
to associate himself professionally
with Hon. Ttios. M. iteed. Jr
A lady in this city is in receipt of
the following from her relative. Dr. F.
C Kobinson of Uniontown, Penn.:
Your inquiries regarding Mr. Boyle I
can only answer by saying that he and
lit* wife are my old personal friends.
His appointment ha* given great satis
faction here in Pennsylvania to all
partii" ]je ha- the highest legal and
professional standing. Hi* life ha*
been pure and free from reproach, and
as our repre-entativc !n>th in the state
legislature and in congress he tin* been
so fortunate a- to command the re
spectof ail parties Mr*. Boyle i* a
charming lady, possessing all the ex
cellencies that should adorn the wife
of such a man as her husband."
venna l'ark & Mineral Springs Com
pany hai i.l.Hf'l a lamtraet with an
Eastern boune for « plant, «o
i-o-t ilxiut They espcrt next
-1 nnjc to place Kavenna -prinjj wnter
on the market for table u«e It prin
cipal ingredient is aulphate al niaane
!»i.>. an.l is Terr similar to White Itoi-k
and Bethewla. Mr. II H.
of the principal -tAwkholder-- in the
company, 4atr- that thev will Ui.-r
the water on the market at a «liK'ht
advance over the cost of bottles and
labor an.l expect to build up an im
ntenae hu«ine»s. The other manilier*
of the compinv are Messrs. K A.
Turner, A. W KitfHe, Morri- llal
ler and llearp I'orflel.
Will !HV»*T IIKH. Mr. James
Phelan, the California millionaire,
who has IxM-n *i>en,lm(r a few days In
Seattle, leaves for New York this
morning He experts to return in 30
days ami invest hearily in oeatlie real
t ..t.-»te Mr I'helai . while -|.»akmK
with a friend ve-tervlay, said "W hen
I was in Se.ttle one year apt I was of
fered two lots on {second Mreet f»r
$37 UW. hut I thought they were t-s>
at that tijfure Those i«ts have
sinee l>!**'n -ol.i t.» Anio* I-roun (.'i
) if) <i*> When I e ha. k fr nn New
Y. rk I wi I l-e re uiv to talk hu«ito -
STSIK» *r i I IWATIN A strike
lias liee'i at t'.uincilnian
J l\ Mcl> naid's i;nr factory. U
ilieMr Mi 1> nal i t'useil to su<
the scale of wages recently fclopte-t by
the Cigarmaker- union. The new
tie is quite an iwr a-e on fotnier
rates on e brand * O cigars Mr
M, Donald is hin -ell a Knight of La
bor, and has tveu prominent in labor
union i~jrcle*.
t lot On WtTHOTT Iwr a*—When
tho -kaiutr « K Merwi i went «v:i
the tl i's Sat .rdfiy. hade i with gram
t was feared that the -trai l would
part her hog-chatti" an i| -re«s her
in two. l.at her crew wa- a- tive and
u.l > «l«l hrr befei* the tide eft her
entirely, and as a result she • a-tained
no injury at sll _____
It te p.iirt - a lar«e bee
i where many bee- arv kept It is esti
t(iaU"i thai in order to prwiihe one
po ind FT H,M* % lie IT. * Visits
to fl.mer* n. -t I* masle by the bees.
: Wtiu » Uvcr»'>it HMMon -ortie ci"4o
! will illC • '!*»• the hunfy iti
hive at th* tc v. from dm to
pff ' -ty
■ - 1 j-ia
TW nernw •* c»rt. JUMT a*ir
***r» tor tvin mums.
*•* Keeelpt* *f Kir>rn Carload*
• *?.o®o-*,« Uapu, Ibfului
-TTA <i«nUw of Ik* IN <|l„| R _
*■ Imdmmry f*r Valllr.
• attain Solomon Jacobs, who own*
■ tbe schooners Jfoili* Adams tad Ed.
S. Webster, cam* out to the coast
with the intention of starting a haii
but enterprise at bia personal ri*k and
expense. b ß t finding that the estab
lishment required nor* citen-ive
| preparations and a larger outlay than
be could undertake he ha* endeavored
-and soccewfußy— to found a com
pany to carry oat the project. Captain
Jacobs, beside* l-eing a very large
stockholder, will a*snme control over
the bt>*ines % and should the plans
which be ha- outlined mature, there is
little doubt of its success. Before dis
cussing these it will subserve the par
pone in view to «t*l« the result of
Captain Jacobs' halibut trips since
last spring. He has whipped II car
loads on ice to the East, all
of which arrived in good order.
Be»ide*. h* has salted down a con
siderable quantity which is not includ
ed in the shipments quoted. Fresh
halibut brings 10c per pound delivered
to the Eastern suiokingestahiishment*.
Estimating each carload to contain
30,tt*) pounds of Ssh. which U lebw
the average carload weight, be shipped
ia the aggregate, during .si* months.
xnpjli pounds, realizing a gro«* return
of s33,<*V>. Allowing flu*) per carload
lor expense of freight and the ice used,
or $11,410 in all. there i» a Ualanee of
l-j.'MJ to meet the expenses of cr>*w,
wear and tear of ve«-el« and other in
cidental-. Thi« assuredly is a line re
turn for the labor -pent, and a big div
idend on tl»e money invested in hi
It proved » most conclusive argu
ment in hi* favor when far embarked
in the scheme of forming a company to
engag# in the work on a larger .scale .and
there i' no doubt that the company
will reap an equally rich harvest.
It ha* been -een that, provided suffi
cient ice can be obtained on this coast,
it is ruore e onomical and requires leas
capital t'i ship the fish to a ready mar
ket in the K ft than to entail the crea
tion of smoking establishment* here,
and the centering of the Northwestern
industry in full working order on the
Sound. Proceeding on tni* premise the
company at first considered the con
struction of ire works at Port Town
send, but the inducement* offered were
not of such a nature as to invite planting
the works, and another «cheme ha*
been adopted. A mammoth scow,
capable of storing :***» tons of ice and
costing about S3OOO, will be constructed.
The ice will l>e procure 1 from nature's
great refrigerator in the Noitli and
sent to ttie |> int from which the
shipments will tie made Ki-t.
Seattle. for the present, is
named as the point of re-*hip
ment. hut as soon us the railroad Is
completed from I'ort Townseml «outh.
the shipment-- on Ice will lie made
Why not have vai-t smoking houses
in Seattle for the nurture and home
centring of this great industry, a- well
as vast iron and steel works? What
ever of revenue is secured t > Washing
ton Territory from the teeming waters
which nature with prodigal hand has
supplied with marketable ti»h, is just
so much surplus wealth added to the
many natural resources of soil and
mineral which abound. Here is nn
avenue for judiciously managed invest
ment to return the scriptural hundred
A Discussion at to the Immediate Duty
of Property Owners.
While looking at the excavation of a
Front street lot yesterday, lief ore
which was piled a lot of rubble stone
and brick, a citiien remarked that he
was pleased to think another large and
handsome lire-proof house was to be
built, and he would be more pleased
to know that it was to lie set back on
the proposed widened street line. No
one present seemed to be informed on
this point, but all joined in the hope
that the new building would beset back
from the old street line. One gentle
man said the buildings on the street
the main business thoroughfare ot the
city were very irregularly placed.
Soiue lioldlv fronted the old streollirie;
some were set back f) feet to the pro
posed new street line; till others were
two. three, four and live feet back.
The owners apparently had almost as
luanv ideas upon the - inject as the
buildings they erected numtiered All
admitted the neces«ity for widening,
and alt admitted the good of it. but all
were not wilting to join in it. it was a
singular but painful condition of af
Another bystander »lid the street
was now crowded to a jam the greater
part of every day of the year, and
much trouble was occasioned thereby.
This trouble will Isi greatly increased
by the balding of tUe pro|*>sed cable
road, with it- stand rd gauge double
track. Still another suggest-d that
the city should interfere It should
not allow permanent or any improve
ment* to IK* made upon the old street
line The cty is new called upon to
go down deep into its pocket to pay
for more room on Commercial street,
room that i abaolutely necessary, and
that must tie secure I at almost any
pric--. With thi- necessity ami ex
penditure lacing them it was folly to
permit a like condition of affairs upon
Front street.
"Tacotna lots fronting upon Pacific
avenue." remarked still another indi
vidual. "are only 100 feet long. If
Front street lots were of similar
length the street would be IOC feet
wife. Thi*. however, is more than is
necessary Giving nine feet from each
side would make the street *4 feet
w ide, or quite wide enough for any
town of 100,OtO inhabitants."
Front stre»t property owner- are
themselves chiefly concerned in this
matter, was the peneral opinion i>( all
around, and thev should uniteily
more in it t-efor* their fair street is
further defaced and injured.
THE C*M Ko*l>—The pi'-tng r
< ar» hare not iseii placed on the
cable road yet. and w.ll not lie until
the road has I wen in opperation with
dummies for several uay-. and become*
smooth from wear. The two dnm
n- t- which are in constant operation
from early momini; till late at nigtit,
are cruwdtsl to th.ci' utmost capacity
;«!! the time, and many are unable to
get seats at all. If the b i-iness ke«t>s
up as it li;us started in, the toad will
t*> a paying inmUiient from the -tart.
HON TO J AFA*.— Tbe steamrr l're ,
nder. which sail* tht« mo'ning for:
Vs.nvirer, 11. carrier a lanje »hip-
U'.ent of hp- from 1. Meeker AC »■ j
[.. Tokio, Japan, for the Oriental A
O : ratal l'r« its Company. fast
inr a sample lot was hipped l.y Mr. j
Me ke;- to 1'ok: > and the hop. proved
-, atislart rv that an oro.er *as j
pia .st early th - season Verily Seat- .
tie evety tiajr is <tri»«"'r'K into m .re in;
IMrtatM a* a ahlpping center
|tr. KK « -mrr Yesterday orn
ing. while on he? v,ay to Snohouu-h
City, the steamer Nell t broke her
ssi ,ti whi.e ~ rsandv p. i't. Shortly
a ler the ?e. ident tfie steamer Fanny
to*-I her to Seattle. An examination
of the break was made, aad it ws* tie
e de,l t - « eld it i'i-tea.l of -ssndini? for
/new *ha't
OhiKi tkwkins at uglv man } Who
ina-o' in mammaT" <iod, my
dear IH.i «<od make hiaiYe-,
dear A ••• arked pi' and then
-1 K -ae-.s<io,i wasti
Iti-n finiihevl.'' —■frrttf
- * flilOTlißl Ml KllfM g
tartal bSSSm!
The loliowine Irt'er from Oat. J. C.
Hiines to the Beiwiiiicin eneatin
romnsittec ot Kin* county is ««U-ex
pianatory A similar Irtttr ki.< been
XWWMI to (1.0, LTOJI. <«CI«-
tary of the territorial committee.
SIITTU, Sept. 28. *
To Mr. H. B. Aibertwo. Secrrtarv,
and the Member* of the Republican
Exrctrtiv* Committee of Kingcoaaty
I hereby trader my re-ifnation »-
ehairm <n and siso as a member of I
foflr rsmmtltee. I making this action
desire to expret* my gratiiioatiin at i
the harmonious relation- which bare
in the pant existed between a» m fel
low-workers in the erase of Rep'ihli- :
canism, a* well a» at the excellent
pro»pe t that success will crown your
present lahors. There i# entire bar- 1
rnony within the rank? uf the partv.
the Ucket which ha- tieeo presented j
to the people i« r«e of exceptional ;
strength, and I firmly »-eSieve that the '
' thof November will witness a decisive I
llepiMi -an victory in King county as !
wet) aa in the territory ami the nation.!
It i> my earnest de-ire for thi- re- ;
»uh which impel- me to the action
which I now take. ! am accused o:
an offence against the taw* of the
raited states. and I <lo not believe
that any man who is so accused
-ho slfi participate in the councils of
(he Republican party. I am willing
that thie charge against me -ball be
submitted to a jury of my fellow-citi
*en*. and have no fear* 'in regard to
the revutt of any investigation, how
ever tearrhipg I feel, however, that
until my niw is entirely cleared of
the cloud now upon it. I havens place
among those intru«ted with the
management of the party. It would
pain in* greativ to have a angle voter
driven from the Rep iblican party be
iiu* of my connection with "it, or to
have a single Republican feel cha
grined because I am at the bead of
your committee. I will be more than
content to fight in the ranks and will
esteem it a glorious privilege to battle
merely as an individual for the party
in whose principles we all so firmly
1 hone, gentlemen. (hat you will Act
upon this communication without de
lay. With heartfelt wishes for the
WtWM of your efforts in behalf of the
party, I am, rery truly your*.
To-Hioirr coscilr
For it* assured excellence, no v
than for i:» object, the Arbor A- .
tion < n (-'rye' s opera bottse to
night « cr >w led ' The
proceeds . icvtc ' to the plant
ing of »hade uers, and the promoters
of the movement promise to ttire the
cantributors to-night full equivalent
in giod music. Following is the |>ro
Vocai Qnartei klikao
Mrs M S. Story, Miss Ma> Mrwn.
E. L Bowman and K. E. Stevens
Ha»» Holn—"lnfelice" Ernani
Mr. Olaf L'dneM.
Song—Selected Mr. 1L G. O'Brien
Violin Solo—'•Reverie de Vleuxtemps"..
Mr. Jjtibe
Hong—• Maguetlc Val»e" Ardltl
Mm. M. 8. Story.
Ballad—"Tell Her I Love Her So" .
!'. ile Kayo.
Soag— *" Jewel Song" Faust
Mr*. Frank Allyn.
CART 11.
Vocal Duet—"Sunset.. Ma^sett
(With zither aecompaaiment by Mr. Ott.)
Mrs. Story aal Miss MaDoogali
■song—"Eten Hanit Heart* May Swell."
Mrs. Bowman
Song—Selected Mr*. Allyn
Song-"Two Grenadier*." Schubert
Mr Olaf I'duess.
Song—"Angel* Serenade." Braga
(With violin obligato by Mr. lobe.)
Mr*. storv.
.-ong—"Yeoman's Wedding Song '
. i'ouiatownki
Mr. Steven".
Vocal Duet—"Sweet is the Dream."
, Cam].ana
Mrs. Story and Mis« Ma<'Dougall.
Oregon A' California— Passed Med
ford: J. C. Todd, Mrs. EL Todd. Mrs.
K. 1,. l.ane. 11. Rlack and wife. Mr*.
C. 1., Carrian. K. 0. Smith, A. P. Hef
fern. .1. M Elliott and wife. J. L. She
land, ('. It. Williams, wife and child,
F. A. Hike, Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. W. C.
Fitzpatrick, E. Small, fieorge Jenny,
William Lalb, 1' M. Moffet, S. S. Pal
mer, S. A. Marshall. S. Ernest and
wife. D. Smith. F. O. Downing, Chas.
A. Rams, Same-* O'Meara. A. I'.
Powelson. .lohn 1 »al ami wife, J. K.
Mayer, W. H. Adam- and wife. E.
Adams. J. Shav and wife, J. Healter,
W Fredericks. and "JO second-class.
Northern Pacific— Passed Heron:
A. T. Hudson, M. D., 11. I>. Ilrown,
Charles D. (launtt, William K. Del
lingham. A. Jackson, A. W. Fox. J.
U. liars tow anil wife. Joseph Reel
and wife. Master Maurice and Miss
Jennie Rarstow and Mrs. Edward
Jones, on a pleasure trip to Puget
Sound, t". F. Klein, and 58 second
class for the Sound.
Passenger from Vancouver, R. C.,
per steamship Premier Charles 11.
Kiilinger. E. O. Neal, A. Wert. J.
I llarrimaii, J Rotter. Jack Levy, E. 11.
Port. Miss Kline, J. McSatt. Mrs. M' -
Natt, W. Anderson and wife, J. J.
Keilett and wife. S. Seilwood, E Wi-e,
Mrs. Wise, John McGregor, Miss
I Dean. J. Clarke and wife, K. I'ellott,
K. Dryland. I). Chisholm, O. A.
Ryers, C. Alton. N Wishart, M
Anderson, W. 11. Tcmplenian, A,
M. Templeman, A Hutchins. A Mo-
Master, A. Manchctt, M. O. Dowd,
I George D. Barrett.
; Oari. ■* SHORT l,mr.—Passed llunt
[ ington: W. 11. Otter Mr'. C. Rutier
.and son, Mrs. Goodkin, son and
daughter. Rev A S Hanson, lie*. D.
| McOermott, W. R. King and wife. W.
H. Snell. Walter Rates and 40 second
Mr. A«Ui«on Smith, who recently i»«r-
the hmiiH'M of 11. W. Miller A Co.,
823 Front atreet, leave* for Taeoma tbi«
afternoon, where he will meet bia family
en route here. They will take up tern
porary quarter* at the Bel lev tie hotel.
North Seattle Mr Smith baa evidently
come to at ay, and will be a valuable aeqnx
aitlou to the buaineaa energy of the mer
chant* of the town.
! Union baa and frost Company
I Propoaea to lituo a limited number of 6 per I
I cent debenture boada. baaed upon flrat|
! mortpunf rrai estate loan*, to offer in eon- |
; in*. tioti w.th it* other teciaritiee.
To perfect such arraagemeota will en-
I able it to attain the beat reault* and to add j
| t»la a* a collateral branch of it# bn«in***. j
•the company dcitrea to make afraor*
: uienta wittj a few reliable parties in d m'T- J
' cat aeetiooa of the ronntry to art as Ita
, air* nta it» the procuring of I- »im» upon fm- \
proved real eatate, and for the *ale of its i
! debentvn*
l The p.-r*»cK or <!rma aeevrfeithese a?*-u
, clea must five un«}ue*ttooat»:* proof »a to |
j r a*.n« *#. wtaudin*. be a good
♦he * alae i i rtai citato in their ttwyective j
They mu.*t alao bo Stockhul'teff in the ;
' Company an required bv the By-law* tu •
•j reference to ofieeca and fiaaut ial ageata. !
All application# for agencies from pa?-1
.t! i not atockboklera, must be arcom
paaied with a *ubaeriptiao for at leeat fcve
»hare* "f at.* k and 10 per rent of the ;
amount *nbacribcd-
For the ewiwe of eatahtiebing tbi*
ttraarb of it* eaataeaa, the ajockboidcra
i.a*e deter mi to feMe slot).iM> of the
treasury stork of ibe emapaay at ita par j
value of ten lU>» dollar* per at are The
t in an AB9OLOTKIA SAFE inveat •
ment, and will i«ay a dividend «( 4 peri
cent aeaai annually.
The company wa» iaeeeperafead in
i with an authorised capital of 4l.iXJo.*&
The OMMMtan ty is a favorable o»e for
the right jartiva
In writing please »iat«r expertear*? and
* faeilJtHa The company reaervea the rtght
| to rc>eei any or a!i sebacripfcona
44w« L. J LASK, Troaa.
Wo X% WMblagtoa *t». Bottcn. Maat
n» liunn.
Mam tfc* AitofrM*" •# Vbitora
W»i» OMtM-Aa Opinion that
tk* IM rhM lu \.t N««4-TW
Mak>'t Trip.
The steamship Idaho, Captain J. C.
I Hunter, arrived here from Alaska at 9
; o'clock a m., yesterday, and left this
j morning, after taking on fuel, for As
toria and Portland. Oaring the after
noon a reporter called on Captain
Hnnter. who gave the following ae
• o mt of his trip:
We carried to Alaska *SO tons of
freight and 75 passengers, only four of
whom »ere tourists, the others were
; principally resident- of Alaska who
hail been East on business or pleasure.
|On oar return trip we bronght
] ll<> passengers, about half of
whom were Chinese, and a full
cargo, principally salmon. In fact, we
refused more freight than we brought.
On the up tnjp. after leaving Kanaiato. j
we called at How-Can and discharged
t» tons of freight; then at Port Ches
ter and discharged 50, Urns of mer
chandise and took on 310 barrels of
salmon: then at Tonga Narrow-, and
pat off IStons; Loring, 20tons. Wran
gel 50 tons. Janeau 150 tons. IKiuglas
T-land 50 tons. At Kilisnoo we dis
charged 15 tons of freight and took on
.*» barrels of oil and 300 barrels of
salmon. At Sitka we discharged 30
tons of freight and put back to Kili—
noo for mail- and passenger-.
"Our next stop was made at Pvra
uiid Harbor, where D. L. Beach <fc
Hons of San Francisco have a
cannery. We pat off 16
tons of freight and took on board 7000
cases of salmon. Having the four
tourists on board. I run the ship into
•jilacier bay and came to anchor.
"We made the ascent of the Muir
glacier, and I demonstrated beyond
the possibility 1 of a doubt that the
glacier has not moved toward the sea
the sixteenth of an inch since June
27, when I made a triangulation
of the glacier and set my signals, but
it has broken off and receded inland
one-fourth of a milerin 'hat tinv
When I erect- i >)••• «.li v «
tion on the g' .
si thei. a register. »
v, r- «*onkl '* ■ their p„...
ii' t ... v: |
.Vh t this trio 1 took
tiii- 11* >k. ..ml found therein Uic auto
graph- people from ail parts o£ the
world. There are several hundred
names in the hook, besi ies little
sketches from the pencils of the var
ious visitors, and I would not take a
good many dollars for that book.
"From lilai ier bay we returned to
Juneau and took on 180,000 in bullion
fr >in the Tread well mine. At
Wrangcl we loaded 2000 cases of sal
mon; at I.orinsr 1300 cases, and at
Burr am'* bay 3500 cases salmon and
30 Chinese. From here on we took r.o
more ca«es of salmon, for the shin was
full. At Yaa- bay we got 13 Chinese,
and at Tongas Narrow- 10. At Nakat
Inl 'i we took on 100 barrels of
salt salmon. From the time we left
Tongas till we reached Victoria it was
fog. fog, fog, all the way. At Victoria
that portion of our cargo which was
ordered shipped over the Canadian
I'acitic railway, was discharged, and
that portion ordered shipped over the
Northern Pacific was discharged at
l'ort Townsend. The greater part of
the remainder of the cargo will lie dis
charged at Astoria, for which point
tbe Chinese are booked."
One of the Chinamen went crazy on
the trip down, and is kept in a dark
room, where he enjoys himself by
kicking the yralls and talking to him
self in a rude, angry and insolent
When Baby was sick.
We gave her Costorift.
When she was a Child,
8h« cried for Caatori*.
Whan she became Miss,
She clang to Castoria
When she had Children,
She rwa them Caatoria.
1 \X)() A.cre.s
Of great fertility, capable of producing
larice crope of
SitnaUM in th« v*i!ry near Mount
Conrenient to Poitofliee. Schoolt
Churchet and River Navigation
Will be Sold in Tracts of
40. 80 OR 160 ACRES.
To Ho it Pvrebaa*r*.
Title, U. 8. Patent.
It. S. L. DAVIS,
o I PI f" A ' P >« m > garga
f\ I | I | «A (of world wide reputa*
1111 Im Lb V# tiou '*o calibre me aliir
; cartridgee, jltl.OO.
The Ktitw rib«m offer another lot of the
I above Klftea. having acrid ia*t »eaa »ti over
IfiOOof them. Tb*y are thr niNnn* SMEM
j cat 7-ii «rr*R. and a r\koum to anyone
wanting » rtfle for hunting, tarfet de
or,-- -.a 1y eoat <>tl >a< h, and
«»nly uff'-n-d a? a «ove iow price fr r.r\ hav
j mg Ven aoW a* a 'ar* *ale «s a Rival
; rinev. y<ient ctlof to wwuinr,
making the a>-m a -jutie loader or repeatar
at will: take t&e M calibr»* metallic ear
tridff*: from K»U)WJ >ard* Car
! crn?* per box; briatle brm»h
} etrfiU, It ran ai«o be u*ed a# a HHOItIUN,
as Shot C4kraiDOKa can be furnished. |
making it a H*r«aTiKO Shotou* Price
I for eh«>t rartridse*, *6 t'ent* per box.
♦ **end PO. «>r ier. and ordtr at oaec. m i
lot »maj' On'e-* nlled in rotation. Price
; onl* gaaranieed for lot. Cut thi» .
> it,a» it will not appear azalu
A diacottnt to 6ai«r* otderinr acaae 1
of 10 or mor« WM KK\l» A » 107
Waabingtoe SL, Bvitoii. Masa. Eftabiiahed
Gilman Hotel !|
r* *OW OI'KK HKiDV FOR ll'silNß*
iffordfi lrav»l
er» TaS> «lth the >*«t th«
learket affurda. S»nct!)r Umperai* Mi«ii
a, c*n*« '.l i»nu
m PHILIP HUUHU, pT-^rtrtor
I .
i ■
For Fall and Winter.
We on exhibition a collection of high
class Novelties and Standard Effects in Black and col
ored Dress Goods which far surpasses anything pre
viously exhibited in this country.
The styles are a marked departure from former
seasons, and include the widest range of fine plain ma
terials in the newest shades, and a select assortment of
Kn -oidered Robes, all of which we are offering at
\ si t -ices in the city.
We have opened 15,000 pieces of All Silk Ribbons
in N'os. 5, 7, 9, 12, standard shades. One price for all.
5c yard or 50c piece. On third floor. Take elevator.
(Third Floor. Take Elevator.)
We are now displaying our preliminary exhibit of
Fall Styles in Trimmed Bonnets, Round Hats and
Turbans; also a large assortment of Trimmed Goods
for children; also a full assortment of Felt Hats and
Bonnets, Feathers and Ornaments, etc. All the new
styles of Fancy Feathers, Feather Bands, Ostrich
Goods, Aigrettes, Stiff Wings, Ornaments, Bead Edg
ings, Felt Crowns, etc.
Fall and Winter Garments.
We have the only complete stock west of Chicaga.
Our garments are-the best made in America, and the
only perfect fit. Every garment warranted.
The Fail and Winter coming on we wish to call your attention to
our stock of
Overcoats! Overcoats!
Pea Jackets and Vests.
They are all new styles and the latest cuts, being a little longer than last year,
and cut snugger in the waist.
In FALL OVERCOATS we have three times the stock we ever carried before
ranging from $7.50 to $25. In all shades and qualities.
In MEDIUM WEIGHTS we have Cheviot, Cassimer, Meltons, Beavers, Dou
ble and Twist, Diagonals, Corkscrews, Kerseys, etc, running up to $32.50.
We also have a tine line of Heavy Winter Coats and Ulsters.
In PEA JACKETS and VESTS there are Blue, Brown and Black Fur Bea
vers, Montagnac Beavers, Whitney Beavers, Worumbo, Elesian and many other
kinds, from $7 50 to S3O for coat and vest.
Dirt ILL IMI mm m UHILK TIIK snrt is (NNM-in
Front and Columbia streets.

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