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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 10, 1888, Image 5

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I M. BWKWI ■»!».
; a,|kU« " r I»eorporatli>» Filed Te»-
I ur -" With » Capital Stock of
pt3*.OoO I'romlnent ritlzens In
ur,.t,<i in tb« Enterprise.
mm 1
xrt jf.jes ot incorporation of the Se-
HfCtfic Railway & Power Com
ttiib Frank H. Osgood, Edward
rfiUwcme. Thomas llurke. L. H.
flfiStb. «• *• IWler. Angus Mackin
mh end Victor H. Smith a« incorpo
,od trustees, were file<l at tbe
Vt yesterrlay. Thi- is tbe
-L»a»gi»ti 10 of the eoMoUdtioa of
SeSeitCc Street Udlwajr t.'ompany
Jlj Dr. Kilbourne's electric motor
which was recently mei -
in tbe Posr-Istf LUiiEgce*. In
'tke future electricity will be sub-
for lor es as a motive power
I**#tbe hnes now owne<i and operated
. . Seattle Street Railway Com
4Dd the road for wbkh I»r. Kil
(^•rrit'. company has a franchi-e will
The capital stock is ttSQfIV),
I iitWe-i into|Mo share-. The principal
of business is Seattle and the
£iti! filfc! for the duration of the com-
F.-sjLs 50 years
|- The express 1 objects of tbe com-
I are to bui'd and o;<rate street
I lines with such motive power
tttJ Y lie deemed most efftclent; to
p, r t oß?a<'t || re and furni-h electricity
I tor ,vupp)yi»P motive power, beat,
hfhtur anv other imrpo-e; to p'lr
g fIL consolidate with, lea-e or otber
owiuire other street railroads; to
wn -o,idate with eics tric light ram-
Mnic-.jwwer compules of any kind,
<Mil. Hume, wharf, dock, »teaml>oat
an! tcir;>'ionc companie-; to pur
(iijs», lease or acquire telegraph and
telepliofic line- and transmit and re
cere Messages for p.iy; to purchase,
or acquire wharves dock-.steam
and Huntes,and carry pas
jtnprrs and freight.
THE HEW rosTorricE.
Utgt Etough for Pretest Hsedi, But
Too Small for the Future.
Tti» new postoillo room in tbe
JJo-tim Uo k has been plastered and
(heoffice will he moved Into the new
bsiiding as soon the plastering is
, ity, which will prol-atjy not l>e much
ie ors tlie firstof next month. I'nder
{i»(<omiitiou of the lease Mr. f'hapin
will farr.i-h the new boxes and furni
ture. In speriking 01 the new quarters.
'. JVdmaster l.yonssaid:
"When the room in the ISo-lonMock
irt* lea ed Seattle had n population of
friiotit If,'**', and it was tiiought the
- aew quarters would !«• lnrgv
«isj ip!i to ac dminixlatc the peo
ple for live years, l-ut 1-11 ice
ual lime * the population has
-twrra-eU very rapidly, and we now
t ire, including the tran-ient Jieople,
ipiiUy 2>,oiiJ population. The new of
will be Just lurgc enough to handle
tise !m luess at the present time, but
if the city continues to gro« in the
p fatuie a- it ha - in flip past, and we nil
-,-jbve reason to !>• Ileve flint It a ill. the j
pew quarters will Ise Uk> cramjie i for ]
the l)U-ine"» of the postofßee Inside of i
, kitro year-."
lis Chief of Polico Will Inaugurals
tho Chain-Sang To-<>ay.
R In o "tier that Seattle may lie made
*te ror to evil doer*, the chain-gang
»lu been again inaugurated. La-t
uriii'er when crime was becoming ram
['" and the city jail was crowded
lo overflowing, a chain-gang waa or
jKiliwl an 1 the pri oti< rs compelled .o
wort on the piblie -trteta. '1 beetle !
r was most salutary, and the number of
f : jiri«o".cM commenced to diminish.
[ VliCf. the gnin; started out it hail '.'l
[ .mt»l»r<, but the li-t grew smaller
f an.l mtaller until the avstem wa
f a ! andotifl'l becau e there were no pri -
oner- to lie worked. There a e now
rig.t pii-uier-J in the city Jiil con
| vvied of crimes against the peace and
ikt iiv of the city, and to-day they
wi!l 1« organized into a chain gang
anj iiiare.he<l out to North Seattle,
•here they wid be employed in clear-
In.: up Front trcet. Those who work
•ill l>» well-fed, and tho-e who refu-e
ti w irk w ill enjoy solitary confine
ment and iia-t on bread and water.
Chief of Police Mitrlie l declare- that
<thJi sv-teui df dealing with iwisonem
•halt !»• tejit up until the hard ca-es
*lu> are now in.c.ting the town are all
driven oit. or set to work on the
ikcet*. *
1! Si N r THI WK WO I.KTTKK Yc -
terday the Port lllakeley scliool trur-
t 1 <re tWed from a voting man an ap
| ivati ia for the Blakeley i hool, to
fthvr with two enclosure*, one of
'*lii li was hi« teaehet's ccrtit i ate and
tin other purported to 1* a letter of
rroomineiulaiion. The certificate was
*!• but the letter had evidently
l»rn -tit by an egregious blunder and
*»■ rati what it was intended lobe.
It *'as a.idri-.s<Hl to the voting man's
lr >th«r, and waa written by a young
*!'tiur. It charged Pie young mill
*la applieil for tiie Port It keiev
•cli i| w uli at c iinplisldng her ruin,
ttai a-ked tlie bn ther to -et that prop
w reparation were made. Thesvdiool
pottrn returned the letter tw the young
fciin with the simple statement that
h <r- iniineudalii.il-were not of the
«aaric i»r desired at Ulakelev.
Vr. Fcikt. : -i i. I eorge M. Van
I*' l eti. adtuini-trab.r of the > tate of
t M. Van Poreo. ve-terday l.roai ht
Wis as i-i«t William M Frank. Wil
-1" ! l.i'h and Alfred IVrrv, mi'ior
-n Willi ot M. and Ali a 1 terry,
"Wcei«e.!. 'Jin. .aitnplaint -fates that
e->. 1 Vr in!s-r 2-», |nsi, William
I- 1 - r\ atHl wife, i>r a valuable eon-H
--♦rataiH, est It.sl to ( M. Van Ihireii
b»:r note (or - ured bv a morl
gt--on the -o tl;»-i-t J t of tin- south
*l'~! : o'' .ti 17. t >wu-hip 21
r»"ho range ta-t ; that the inter
e-t hi— l«en up to April. I
*!"1 tk.it ttoilii :: hn* been paid sin<-«>
tui. The -nit i- for a fore, 10-ure of
tar mortgage.
Ta. i- . i, Pi.ti-, rtv. A< -*« Mr.
A ■'. Ltu-a* of the I'a. ifle »"oa-t IH.
t"' !v, \gem y. the heaJo-iartcr* of
'''a'li-iiow :> 1.0- AI . tli t'ali
■ar ; : i nvinlittg a few da> < In
-. con i li ritig the advisability of
tti.™ here, an.l making this city
•#» beadquartcr* of bis ag>-n< v. lie
t'greatly plea-*-,! with the apjs aratu-e
of the j»!aie. an I hi.- \rlf-\ who is v. th
J- 1 . i- s . well pleastd as her ha>-
'l«r i, Mr, Lue - ; 1 taiku'g over the
* -Iter with -onii- f the leading buss
i ' * n-eti of H i- citv, and will not]
«e . ~ what a. lion be wUI take :ot
ll'vvt K:>f Patrick Roach was
5-N' in .1 u-tire rsslerls-rjE'i court
!" tenlay air carrying a e o .-1
t>'- l|,. j-mi. ihe ; :>e wa
fce.ni»- tlijn u- udly iniif •< 1 f. r -n h
an off, * ~t. t i p it .ail that
I'll i- a .-ambler an.l -Otoetiin). -
' a . ~.ti| a rev. ver. The
*eapott i> ail t.or> -ban-lUtd of
*-V"asor .5 Jalitv. tin b ;- I.'' t
*ith a 1 ling report in
rlty. 11, -, id oil tic -land lb it
laf-ura- a -it partner in a *a! >n. but
Ciaune i ilia( ht- eoubl ntst rert.end.er
the pla.se wa - located.
ro-T\ I'i. viix |tmn«i'vro. —No
'lu*h*s yet Ix-en found which tevd*
to I--tea ti, alt of the lie*'e burg
l-ry i s: any one itt p trtie-iiar.
raby f-.»t a .fUi of clothins Was -t-'leu
by vm.c ota- \n oltieer who h - e
*iekni.' . s-i th, case for ■-o e time
fir- i( !, . V!> j n ~,ti 111 at the c'aith
he.; Rj, ,r 1 >r -pile, ailil tt*,. tit
fea- c:tber In-ea burned or sunk in the
.?* on ' 5 ; ro*i"fice su'mr'-an to f*e
n ',V* at Hiil station at
•i ft* Seattle park and tbe
xIIS Wft -cattle. were
hied a. the auditor * o:fi -e yesterday.
*■ y,"- 1 "* de-lined the noraiai
uon of the People « parte for n> <rtv
commissioner. T. D. llirv-kler ha
rden tenderer! the nomination for
treasurer. Hut. tike Je~e F. C».hr»n
be decdaed it.
J. E. Rennet *u Rne lf 1, fa, Ju.tk*
ing , uane- Armstrong Tile names and
threatening to a«aiilt him. The fine
*»• by ArU»troiig. the complain
ing witness.
Angus OiHa yest*rlar brought suit
in the uistrict court again -t A. Hul
bert 4 Son. for the foreclosure of a
logger - * lien lor *ll9 75. Walter
Brothers sued -amuei Hunter for
v.. ail-sred to fx- due on a"Ct>ant.
Stet-on A Pu-tye-terdsy began suit
to recover rsm 13, allege I to be d ie
I from Hill A tiartbv. the builders, for
lumber. They ask for a lien upon the
hon»* in which the l.im>ier was used,
whi?;h i- tbe pro|*rtv of John Sexton
They also re-iue-t that the defendants
tie required to pay an attorney's fee
0/ $73.
A rinn working at Parkers' logging
camr. at )lap'.r Valley, met with an
accident in which he lost a leg la«t
evening. The man's name could not
be learned, nor the particular- as to
bow the accident occurred. Mr. Mil
iar received a dispatch at 7:30 p. m.,
i>ppri«ing him of the accident, and as
soon as a doctor could be found he
wa« sent out to the camp on a special
The -team-hip t'matKU, Captain E.
W. Holme-, arrived from :san Fran
cisco yesterday morning, bringing
139) tons of freight and 111 passengers.
Her freight was distributed as follow-
For Victoria l~t> ton-; Vancouver
tons; Seattle 571 tuns; Tacoma :«»)
tons. Her p*s«enger« were distrib
uted thu': Victoria 30; Port Town
tend IS; Seattle .il; and Tft coin a 17.
After discharging her '.-cattle freight
the I matiila saiie 1 tor Tacoma.
Mr. John Campbell of Port Blakely.
fpent yesterday in Seattle.
Mf< r-. J. Xl* m and 'irorp
Mi t.'.ji.rn-Ii ret mud la t night from a
visit to Ttcont.
Mr. Melville Mark* of I'ortland i« at
the Occidental. and will remain here
till the end or the week.
Mr. I.uke I'ither, proprietor of the
Colonial hotel at New Westminster.
K. C.. was at the O i ideut.il yesterday,
accompanied by Mr-. i'ither.
Mr. L. l». Fuller, formerly a resi
dent of Seattle, hut now a citizen of
Oregon, i" sp'U.dlng n few days in the
ijueen City vi-iting Councilman Thos.
fc. Joiie-.
Several prominent ri'izens from I'ort
(iatnhle and i'ort l.n.iloiv sjient yes
terday In Seattle. Am mi.' the ii'im
!>er were Mr. and Mr*. Cyrn- Walker,
Mr. Win. Walker and Mr. E. •<. A me-.
Mi. T. J. Fleet wood of Tmonia and
Sir. tieorge W. Firing of Fort Wayne.
Ilul.. vi-i ed yeateruay Mr.
Fleetwood has j-1 returned from u
visit to U« former home In Missouri.
Mr. John It. Au't of Mnohomiib,
lop lhiiean candidate for joint coun
cilman tor Kiujf. Bnoht»mt*h and
;-k»git. i« in the eity and will he pre
ent at the Several Republican meet
ing* in the county during the week.
Mr. N. 11. Martin, 10-'al manager of
the ltla< k Diamond Coal Company,
left for .-elionie la-t night in the inter
est of the Bellingliim liayA British
t olumiia Haitioati Company, which
um-panv is now engage'i in buil>:itix
a pi ce of road front Sehonie noitli
toward the I annulary line.
Mr-. B. Widget and daughter, Mr-.
M. K. Nearitigof Ne.v York. :.re vi-it
l ing relative- here. Mr-. Whiter will
! remain with her daughter* in .-eattlc.
Mr-. Sealing, returning Bast, wsii
! visii her rou-in. l>r. Harrington of
: Portland, nl-o her si-trr. .Mr». 11. I>.
1 llolli ter, and other relative I '.
T>r. J. -'.rile of St. Loul-. Mi-"otiri,
Ii • -pendinga lew day* in Seattle, with
a view to e-tab'.i l.lng himself. lie
has Uen all over the territory, and is
delighted with it all. hut helike- Se
attle a li tie lietter than anv other
place he has seen. Dr. Saule is a
brother in-law of Me--r-. J. T. and
Walter Ilonald of this eity.
.s'EATttK, Oct. !».
To the Members of the People's
Party:— In reply to the notice pu!-
li-hc<i in to-day'- Pi«i-hTru!iiijri:»
by a number of the People*' party
candidates legarding their difficulty
with some member* ot the People's
party committee, the undersigned offer
Ihe following explann ion :
There i* no truth whatever in tLe
statement that the two members as
sailed by Ihe candidate- follow a rule
or-ruin t olicv, and that any such i> 1-
i,-y of their*lia- canned this trouble.
Tiie true inwnnlne-s of th* contliet ts
of a different nature It emanates
from the fact that the e indidate- sign
ing ye-'rrdiy"* notice intend t-> "run"
the entire campaign themselves, com
pletely ignoring the under-igned mem
bers of tic countv cirnimitt -e, thereby
evincing an insulting bo-tilitv, whi o
evident!*' -pring- from fie fa- t that
neither of us voted in the late conven
tion vita the victorious majority.
We oifi-re i tl-.e irti n 1* ot the major
ity candidate* m the county rent
niittee atl possible advantages, allow
ing them to select their own campaign
enmn.i;tee-meml>er-. and t<> manage
the campaign. We insi-ted though,
upon tietug informed of the d ing* of
the campaign eon mittee. upon it
sulsndination t • the cunty com
mittee, an-1 e-pe- tally de luted to have
the printing of the ti l et- in the
hand- of the campaign committee,
1* ins' aware that the strong lleroo
cratic Inclination- prevailing with
-vimc of the candidates made it our
particular duty to - e that the ex
pre,*- intentions of our convention is
n >t foiled in favor of any of «>ur own
candidates, or of those of anv other
To discu**and settle tin-
ne.ceablv. and to preeent thi- i*»rtv
from being Injure.! by any split, we
consented to meet the can.it late* < u
SUon lav night at 7 ."Win the audit .r'-
otUoe 'Mr. Weberwa- ,d»sent on a--
iMe.-.nt of a seno'K case ot *icknes- in
hi* familv. Mr. Wegener inel ft
the ap|H>int«sl time. it lrfi.aiter w i.t
fng nearlv thrce-M"» rt < •« of an ho ir.
in order to attend a labor -u tin:,
and, in thi- ai>-enoe of l*>th. the re-.>
lution. puWi-he-i 10-day i»i the To-r
--l*Ttt t-.«.rs< K* was J<a--e-i by the
c in.it i tie pre*eut. «ithot:t ny dis
The e are the fa *«*. 1 bey . -v-t t t'e
our -t grounded « cense, and *e
hn-e otd- to add that, wbtl'; we d< -
ruore the occumft*. e id th:s di
cultv. the *!••• taken by the
an : a'. :• - ■ tin ro:«g?dy Ut»
Wall pit ' -V* « «»•-» '
oi* »«> the inter, i •' ■«" »«nv t. »«
we eenajd ntit, will. at 'vr.ni . ie: ttn
on r duties to our P*rtg men: <ers.
otherwi -e, wtd m::*t *Htl adhere to out
vi . \ dwe of-. > r ft. it i
I t r what a nnml* rot Mati-.i -a- -it
date, ma* think ..t «ts far prevent'n.-
theat trow cam i' go-it-i.etr sehe
we are t> retv r.- : a fact. «»d thro igl
our adherence tt> tM«r party, the only
true members of tW < onmj »»o.it
t«-e if ihe I', party ol ■
I'tto. W>i:« i haiftnan.
i'u*- -ciarv.
.. y \\. - Mer-I «r
l',v| •« Parts « .HtvtSrtiusotUe.
T -si t::; >. Naur's Rvitt Tbelle
pubiiean rally at fVH V«-b>w* hall »t
North is.-att.e tv-" • » eve '»
liront i-es t^a't* very *»rye,y
>- I 1 M. -- ti. Wei igti
.t«. !i -f i' 1 ' <'•*" 1
■ Meiteeon a lc *r -!-: ■«! «••
. ar\-»a the »• < .np T -• '
*t\d iti* *
i r'i - a'f to tltf r ° x;
mmum or sairrar* it tu
■iqb miiin rim,
Cqaeensws B f o F ialo«i That the
Barsiew <** Onl|nl>| Irrlfht
fthoatd Br Made Ugktor-Ttriui
"'»» of lUt Hit nail.,b.
to ec-mniaiat- oi men har.ts
of tbi- city cm the >cMnk wharfage
r »te* pre-vaiUnr at tbe va riots dock*. a
Porr-Ijrmuutm reporter called.
cm ■out of the leading
sbo.e-ale houses to a-sertain tbe true
statu* of the alleged grievance.
S.-hwaba-ber P-ro-. A Co. say that • >
all go hl< shipped from Ve-ler'.- dock,
Harrington A Smith'.-. Hatfield. and
j tbe City dork. SO cent* per ton rows- ■
uremetit h charge-'.; while on the
Seattle Warebou-e Company's wharf j
no wharfage is leviei on goods * hipped -
j from the city. The firm is perfectly 1
«ati«f:ed that the pre-ent charges on :
receipt* should continue, tmt consider:
it against the busines- intcre-ts of the
city that charge* on -hipments should j
be made in addition. time tbe margin |
of profit on a wide range of article* j
will not permit the additional expense j
"Take fl-jur and feed, for example."
say they, "the levies made by the
wharfin er. at the present rate, almost
deltars Seattle from supplying outly
ing points in competition with
other trade center*. Tbe ef
fect of excessive tha-ges in
this respect, Ls to drive ; t-n ling
pnreha-er-t in Seattle to other mar
kets— Portland and elsewhere. With
a freight rate from Portland at 25c
per 1<«) lb«, the receiver ha* no
sharf due« levied if the good* come
by the O. It. A X. Co.; and some of
our customer*, after vigorously pro
te-ting against paving what the'v con
sider an iwpwltion, have t" r aened
to get their goods froln that (siint.
We c tnanot Maml the strain of pay
ing wharfage on incoming and out
going goods. The former is borne by
u« and tbe latter must be horno bv
otr 1 i-touiers. We -hip al»i it j>~jo
ton- Ivr month froiu the different
wharves, and on this our customer- t
are ol> iged to pay 1000 wharfage, in
addition t» freight. On Harrington A: 1
Smith - wharf, if a man goe- on with
a handtrock twenty times a day, he
will !>e 1 .-barged each time a lee of
of i*> cent-. Tlii- i* sorely un
reri o:iat>le. San Francisco, Port and
and Ticoma. as f.ir a- we know,
charge nothing on goods shipped. It
i< di e,cult to augge-t a remedy; but.
with the growing latere t« of tfie city,
there might Is- a more satisfactory ad
justment and regulation of thi« im- j
p<irt nit matter." The firm consider-1
that bv payment of dues on incoming !
g,.H» is ami by charging steameis -o
much per month for lying at the
wharf*, a sufficient sum can be re
alize I to afford fair profits to dock I
N. t'hil! erg A Son -tate l that a team
I* charged 25 cent- every tirue it goes
on Harrington ,V Smith's wharf.
I D po ind i on-ignment or more, and
that no reduction U made for a n:.m-
Irr of vi it- during the day. "We
consider that the charges no* made
teti l to diminish the Volume of bu-i
--ness and bring manv complaints fro.a
our patron*. The board of trade ha*
-uhstdiz -d the steamer lola to carry
freight to Vaehon inland from ti.e
S -attle Warebou e Company's wha-.f.
without duet, and the bti-iness ha» in
erea-ed from if** to i**> Jier cell*.
Something ought to be done to remedy
this dereet i.i our distributing >y -
Toklas. Singt rman A Co. informed
the repo,ter that complalt ts are com
ing in from every quarter liei au-r of
the wharfage charged on fool- con
signed to outside customer-, ' itnly
the other day a small ta eof rubber
i»ln>i'-i was -ent to Sr.ohomish, on
which the freight wa- i'i eeats and the
w harta:-e 30i*e:it«. 'Sen i n- no more
gooils hy steamer, was the immediate
re.]iie»t," 'a- our prolits are small
enough already.' The whole-ale trade
in Seattle i- lieing crippled,in our opin
ion, bv the un tea-on aide charges
made, and the city front ought to lie
under the control of the cit*' govern
ment, a- is the cate in San Francisco
and New York."
K. lad# A Co. thought J5 cents per
ton measurement on good* -hipped
ought to Ik- sufficient to compensate
dock owner*. a* higher rate- are «»| -
im-ed t»> tin- growth of the wholesa.e
bu-lnc* in the city.
1 lialev A Wrigfit c< rrols.rated the
' statement- ma le by other* on charg- -
levied at Harrington A Smith'* do. k.
"If ii i»nta were added to the c -t of
small packag l -* thai we are -on
obliged to forward our customer*, they
would leave the town entirely, is-cnti-e
profit- are not aMe lot-ear the bunien.
On Ye-ler- more con-ideration is
ahown, a- in rent-only i- charged on
-mall panel*. On the Harrington .V
Smith and Ha:tie!«l do. k- wharfage i
, prepaid bv the consignor, while on
\e*Vr'* tlieateamer- pay the whai:-
ace nil charge it to ttie consignee.
We always -t tnd the char-.- t ; be
i prepaid. and we are I»ound to ito it so
1 tongas there i no other alternative,
liecan eo r customer* will not .sliotil
iler the en-e- . We don't e" what
j reme v to suggest. a* the owner* have
; a |*rf. ct n hi to < bar .-> a I: . v ■. •>
lit. Tliev oaii ripari.ii> right - .m lti e
building- ami improvement- are th» ir
o*ti. It i-different int-an Francisco.
where the city ha- built the water
front oat into ileep water."
Frederick- A Maud eon-ider that
only h >lt the present rate- ought to l»
charged at the f*rthe-t. ' Ta.-«. 1
idoe* not charge wharfage on g.*>-l
-hit-ped by out -oing steamers, ami
' thi- e.i-criminate* against >eat'le.
•Small shipment-especially arc evor-
I bitantly taxed by «tock-owner- he e.
i We ee no ren e.iv Hi -apt by co-i-truet
|i-ig an opposition wharf, to be con
indie i bv the citv; but then, again the
! ilittieult' of (retting all steamer-, to call
there crop- up.
/an I'ro . approve of t ie < ;«ort
ma.ie by tat). li A N ' ■
venirn e the merchant- of Seattle 1:;
-hipping goad- They are oMw.-e.-l to
the rate ■ barged 011 ..sh«r whan-, be
,a inimical to the nature o: if.e
who! s I tri eof ei*t>
M »'has kit tinker. -> etirr oi H
board of t aiie was interviewed a» t
said: • Ibe charge- now made, whtie
t„o hoavy for either consignor or eon
-iirnee 'o pay. are \el not -o high
rvhen th-- e -t of buil 'a an-t to-ej n *
aiio k in repair in taken into consid
eration. Th.- tere>io i-= a foe to low
wharfage, and until new creo-ote pile
arc driven in p! -e ■ »■: tl ; e when 1
i (rveater tlegree peril tr-.e'a e wr.lle
given and a MtralWrr .in on the c.:p.-
ial .'t tie o »ner caia > 1 o»r. th-*re w-al
■«f com par* tire! T -uiili profit in oj*-r
atini' ano k. In »iv own ca e J have
i,,.fin»li\ the experiment, ».nd so
:«;• ak pra -.i-r.Uy J think thi- -i;"
1 turn ell tf.trS( -an sac.art y sett e .
; ontfi the c-.iv t ike Iloi lof the -a at r
ini-d bv bm»l .ing a aeawall - -.enre rite
, vvlo.le water front. Tin- wall, -ay
; wo dd r itt fr. in the extreme en 101
, the bunker-.O ain «-ep wa'er
' the wh< le ?rOi ias in Sea 1- : ' '
{fiaii Pranci- c-; the intervening -pa -
Ito ' o . -.pieii by the tide to >v o-t
--a,l> littof up by the m.-.I ftw* hn ■ t
li-aV- and -tree! evavat, t--. -
»lution of the tlItK-nlty ;* b*'tit 1
orne -ooner or laur. but carno!
rs peet il utttil the ler .totT ba
-1110rge-'» it.to -tat- h a*i t -'...»e .11
. r. J ! ..its't. ba* bevn te.a e tor lot
-«l!'t*MW." , ,
' Mr W. Kier*ki. in reiemns to th
,, -1,,n, -ai-ii "A -bort taoie *- 1
•U -ive-. a b-t of Rosi-i* mw PhiSa-n '.
'i.li a the major pi r 1 -ti of wb. h--
ht:., .1 f. i-« Ye-et - * hart *•>«»-' .
t > .i-e weighing 1«»«-l
■ u-ed 111 t-s seet. a"-l four * 1
u - reck' »e.i «. ose t n n ets-srr
... t .V) cent-. V'» . - -. t
\ ■ ..." ->e toe. ro*t i-e , V 1 <
. . ~ , * .r 1 ■ are w*.an
'a-.d V- -i. ; ..i- bv «ue*» reu--ent are tw
vtrs • : eie-tt'thir-.c* The ttvijht H
- • t. r: wa *tt *
ir-Lf tL .hU *
g»W- ,'rom P.wtlaM v,
«ut. ot the eatjre iV*s L \VTit
from I*biladelphia to S«.*»
do you think of . that"
Severe fesuaee Ixtieted ea a fc.'tal \
James Eastwood was ic Ju-tice '
Sodwi**f*» crjurt vesterday afternoon
; charged with a— suiting his wife, Mar
garet. Eastwood said be was prrv
■ v..kcl to tbe a--a::!t \m hi- wife's '
' driukmg. it was -Lrnrn i-r other wit- -
r '*~e- thst she Ls a hard-icrki:!* 'i 1
1 woman and support- tiie familv bv j ■
1 <io.-ng wa-bir.g at a dollar a day. ' She 1'
, testified that her h"J-l<nd was a*idii;ted ;'
; to drinking and ganibliny, and i *
dered her bard-earrted 11 one v. He : 1
1 'became angry ve-tenlav hecau-esbe '<
refu-ed to give bim the la-t few dollar-! ,
in the hou-e and kicked ber shame-'
fully. Two otlier women testified that
bi>ir was lOterrd i
with brui-es. Her hu-band was com- -
mit'e>l to jail for l*X) days for the as- j
-a..lt and 50 days for di'orderiy ron
doc'. He will not regain his libertv
until the latter part of next February. ,
Mr-. Ea»twoo<i is an intelligent tuid i
well educated woman ar.d ha- seen 1
l*tter days. She is a plea-ant cm- I
versationalist and .signed tbe com- 1
plaint inja'pretty feminine hand. Her
lather is a judge in England. ,
Hrnwr Gr»y Evidently CMvaleiciiig -W-
J. Graham Violent.
Friesdsof W. J. Graham, of Raping
1 river. made complaint in probate court
I ye-terday that he it in-ar:e and untit
jtohe at large. A warrant wa< issued
j for his arrest and he will be examine.!
.in probate court to-morrow. His
j friend* expect to have a pretty serious
' time bringing him to Seattle, as he i
violent ana dangerou- and -eeuis pe--
-essed at ainio-t -ii|«r human strength.
Homer lirav. who wa- arretted Sun
day aii 'rr.Ho'i for frightening a ladv
jon Hidmn -t-eet by hi-, strange ccii
, duct, did not have an examination in
probate court ve-teniae. Hi. step
father, N. E. Balding. a-ked that the
: examination be |*>stjioned for a day or
. two. in hope, that tneyotmg man wiH
have entirely res&ined hit rea-on bv
that time. He wa« committed to bis
step-father's cin ami i- to report at
the probate court to-morrow. If he
then -eem- rational probably netting
farther will lie .lone. He arte 1 ye-ter
dav a- though in full pos-t—-ion of hi*
wn-e- and -aid he remembered noth
ing alio t hi - ■ trance conduct S iiuiuy
KRYF.V OPKRV Ilrti—Next weot
there will lie three nUht- of comt •
opera by the reorganize.! Juvenile
• ompany t.nder the management of i
lte*«rs. Hud-on «t Eckert. The re
l>ertoire wiii lie " The Chime- of Nor
tnandy," •'Olivette" and the "Mikado,' 1
; The principal- are the -ime ;i- la-t
-ea-on. including three prima donna-,
Oaiuille Cleveland, Emi .a Beg and
J::li* Mat tin; Teddy Gamble, the
comedian; Evan (iaiuUt, tih 1 tenor;
and Jnhti Lowell, who '«■ Oa-pard
the nii-er in the "Chime-," ha- made
a great hit. The chorus ha- been |
sUensthened. the costume-, made to'
order especially for thi- company, are ■
new. and there will lx*a fulloche- tra.
I.A < "NNOK Oct. S.
To THI: EniT>R: In vour I-sne of
O to er 7. in an editorial un cr the
caption of "Mr. Bonald'.i Oard-." you
-ay: "Pro-eciting Attorney Itonald,
i.i his speech at snobon* i*b < ity on
Thursday evening, e~.<iai:ued, feel
ingly : Fellow citirens. there i- even
a d ity on poker card-!'" I have no
objection to any commentary you tu.iv
make upon anything! do -ay. but I
madejioMtch statement a- your cor
re-p indent attrii u ed to me.
What I did saw and do now say.
wa-: ' The Republican party, 1n l--i.
respomle 1 to the call of the people for
reduction by repealing the internal
tax on imker card- and putting a IXI
jA'r cent, tax on the Bilile! '
I ho|>e you will give thi* statement
the same p iblicity a- the misquota
tion, and I have no objection to any
■ommentary you may see tit to make
' upon it. " ' J. T. BOSAUI.
Deedi Recorded at the Auditor's Office
Twenty-two deed* wt*re tiled for
rceord yesterday, the cnn*iderations
aggregating $10,848 50, an armge of
Fo lowim* i« the li*t a-
by Wod A iMiorne, afodraeter* of
j. .s. Pay to S. Jolmscn, lot I, tit '2, Day'#
par. *ioo.
j. 11. Keau torfT to M. R OVonnor. lots
H at<d l'.\ b!k '2. ftengvtoiCa and,
li. f*auker»on to W Kdwan)». lot* I
« <i i. Ik' t of uc ! 4 , all in see S.\ tp .4 nof
r 6 •*. «7Wt
N i». It rt. to H. W Ward, lot : and *»■«
of u* l j of »ee 1», in tp 21 D, r »\
iu. nerv*. mora or 1 •?*», J4 > ,*>.
J. SI. l"r to T. M. GaU'b, l 2 iat 1 arjy
m.w t»r l?*a in 3i*. t|» ti. r4 f. >*■'■ •.
J, J. p.«? to John B;v>?t. lot I. blk 4,
ter'a aid.. 12)0.
o. r*. Wright to M. MrFdfh. lo*n I. 5
and »>, V.k tt, lteH'» K adit.. 4'jsoo
W. ijiltK'M to O. (4twdefwm« »nt lot
6. blk I*, ?♦**>
O. iiauderaaaa to W. Laßit*ne, s' 2 of lot
a, hik n. >u*>.
K. T. .'•mart toT. Jone*, *oti7 aad ». bik
H, Nobbiii «dd.. f"**.'
kdward Wewftt t > W. W. Waiter, Jot 24 t '
Mk 99.1»»'uny Hovt aid. 1100.
Kdward H,i-wvTt to J. A. Boh net, lot \
t»lk ~K !>•-uny a Hovt add. *IOO
W. V Kl' chart io4j». Whatou. Wk i3K»
|j»ke l :u-m add. ttitiO.
A. B. Ueweu> a t«» i*harW* Annfttrong, 10
tn *»-c *4. tp .4 it. r 3 »\
p. T. l>«-nnv f«» c. K. rraumt \ lot 12. l»ik j
77. i>ennr'« Park add. 1400.
«t. SI. Soman to V. A. »c«n. lots I. 2. s. t.
.. i->. 17. v*. -O, bik ?. Ami add.
j | jsCO,
;*. M. Jone« to Umii lot blkfi,
i Gftvaan'a add. fl^s.
. N. !t Moor? to C. B Bagler. JcU ",' .7. i
Uk % i-a*iey"« Orient add,
\ Nelson t.» s B. Doriabene. !#>t t. b.k 4. ,
; K'na»ar> a Id. 1
... k i to Dexter Hortoa, * acrv* m
% c•> *i m
\ J Halt yto John James. l«»ts s. 4, hlk 11. (
: Mrrrer'sadd. U4CO. j
j J. !>ay t > BnttW v . '•* 2. b'k 2. •
i»«: - plat. tioo.
II r \V S ur: A you: • ;n
r.amed Thttrlow, employed •. ".rrter :
on the F -t-! xTm.ro? scr.». tas ron-
IsiderabSy fivtitencii while on hi* way
to office. ]u"t before daylight ve ;
terdaiT morairg. While walking a
raplri pai!e along one of the -tree? • in
j North Seattle m met two men, M>me
-tr».<e a; a.it A* be \ the
: He did aV ordered- hat when the t<» x
•. ■ [«.* that he was a • - v '.
ih« y i \ to r-a- *Uh
vpre--?on ts th it u «• yo«: r tiu'» w-c
.j i• > «•* •• th*" » .-.i *
men rtctntly appointed, who intstook
. in the uaikt * * « - cK the
ing about the i"\
| Isw V HatchV
. t ch «tt board the aicnmslpp t'mi*
'-fTf.wt* if not"fatal ii juries M inley
« eugagtM im one oi the
hit-he* the tre.ght wa 4 - Ileitis
h I«» toi the Livd v a rteam
i winch- Hy a -iing
; had of 'the w'ni. h ha*i been
> ! kn < king bim v- ' into the
ray* He feU a
iw the otd% wom-.er
was that n wa* not ia tanuy
i- c >ri»e e»i to h*r*pit»|
j * *I. *? ; a»V*Xf *
.%■%'Ma- V -aaa errwiv s«wrfr
» I ———
[ | OOTVB ttiH'fl TO IOXTHT.
| Part of It TT it] fce D«rel >ped at tha
1 Preliminary Eaamlullun Tsdaj
sk -a Nalataia* His Iwaoeeaee-Bls
Form." -trrest-
Shea, whfl TO a-re-ted at Ta
coma Mcn iav afuru. " 0 ? "jH'apuin
James Wootry. the w:iJ
bsve a preliminary eta*. n * l l; " n 111
Ju-tice So lerberger's rourt at. p ' "!';
t®-.!ay. on t.'»e charge ri Mnf lv J ' : "
catei in the recent barplsry at tv.*
On Mental hote*. Owing to the urgenc*
of tbe case, Caffc. in Wortery wa*
oiilippti to arrest h.%u wiihotn a war
rant. and put him in jail without a
commitment. Yesterday. bo«e-«er. a
romplaint was sworn out in Ju-tice
Sxlerlierg's and 9 conu&itntetf
issued. I
BE fill*' TO RE IJJiy'Bf.
Shea was seen la tbe jail by a POST-
Ifirrt.i.K.ESCTtß reporter. ye-t?rday
afterno-Mi. and wa» asked: "What
have you to say about the charge on
which you were arre-ted?"
• Nothing, except that I know no
thing al*>iit it. I don't know whether
or not I was in town that night. I
went over to Tacoma on the Olympian
about that time, and want to'-ee tbe
two young fellow- I went over aith to
Rnd out whe'her il was before or after
the Occidental burglary."
"Don't you reuiemf-er hearing or
reading of the burglarv Isrfore you left
"No, sir."
"What 4i> you know about the man
who (rives hi- name a* Charle« Martin,
who wa? arre-ted in Portfand <-harged
with heing connected with the burg
lary ?"
"Nothing at al). I never saw him
ami never heard of him."
"You mu>t I* pretty well known TO
Seattle, as you have" l*en tried here
for fobhery. What have you been
rim* you were released from
jail last June?"
"Have i«en in Seatt'e mo-t of the
time. I have been sutfrrms from
rheuraati-m since July 4. and have
not done anything. I ran prove this,
although Wooiery says my ian.e:ie-s
is a ruse."
■\ on ought to he able to prove it if
it i> a fact, by your physician. What
tioc'or itiii von have'.'"
"Well, I didn't have anv. I went
out and j:M some <:ilve anil liniment,
and doctored mvseli. Yes. ami I
went and the Imiiandoetoronce.''
•'How aim l the statentei t that you
hi e served time in the Joiiet peniten
tial v
"lliat i-n't so. I never wa- in the
state of I'eftnsvlvania.'
• Joiiet is in Illinois."
' Well. I've been in Illirjoi-. hut
never at Juliet. 1 don't know who
started that story."
the reporter tumcd away he
;ii i. "Of cour-e you are innocent?"
"t'ert," replieil Shea, smilingly. He
ap|*areil very and con
fident during the interview. He talks
n i h a slight I ri*h brogue, and appear*
to li unite intelligent. »
"What re.i-on have you to believe
that -hea wa- implicated in the Ocei
di til hotel burglaries?" a-k«d a re
porter of Mr. Woolery, last evening.
"The be-t in the world," replied Mr.
\V." : TV. "for I have rea-< n to know
it. I am in iNiswiott of «ntsi lent
fact- to send liim to the p nitentiarv,
a- v u will see at the preliminary ex
amination to-morrow. The burglary
was committed by John Shea, whom
I arrested in Tueotua, and Charles
Martin, who i< r.ow undpr arrest in
Portland. Martin had taken the
jewelry to Oregon to di- p ise of it. an I
£lu*n remained on the Sound with his
overalls on to allay suspicion. There
watt third person interested in the
burglarv, or. at least, who bad a guilty
kn ■« ledge of it. who i- -till in Seattle,
and who is liable to lie arrested at any
"How .lo you xrount for Shra hir
ing nothing on him which would ttinl
to implirate hini in the l>«irj;lar> ?"
"No one know* yet what 1 foiuiil on
Shen. iiur will they know until the ex
amination. I rould tell a vf-rv inter
o-tiiiir «torv in regard to thi« matter,
but 1 think that the end* of ju-ti e
«ill 1 e more -ufe!y aecoiindi-hed i>y
keeping the facte frOTn the p uMic un
til the trial takes plaee. Some of the
fact> will cotue out #t the examination.
1 >-it oi'iv enough to warrant the justice
in hol iic Shea to ai>]K'ur liefore the
graiui jury.''
I The charge npon which >bea
trfcd at the May term of the distrht
. c,» lit, a reference to which \\a-< made
(yesterday. wa> garrotlng John Wilson
:i 1 atiemptin? to RjH him. Shea was
arrested May II by officer Jone and
I was com nutted hv Justice >oderberg
to await tlk* action of the grami jurv.
t The grand jury found a true hill
agi :n-t Ii:?«t and he was tried June
■j; hv a jury, Wilson, the <om
! plaining wiinH, could not be found,
and a* there wa- not sufficient other
je si .»• < e to convict sthett, he w t> ne -
,e- arilv acquitted. The authorities
: thought at the time and Mid l*-iieve
that Wii>on wa* induced by j»ecuid?ir>
j consideration nut to appear against
• Shea.
j Chief Milebell ha* telegraphed
• the Portland chief of police a
l lion of the jewelnr ana other Article*
| stolen from the Occidental hotel, an i
'i« awaiting a reply to determine
. whether <»r not they rorre>|H>nd with
! the-tuff found in Jhe po«*ession of
Martin, who i* un ier ar;e*t in Port
M.UTtX 'TILL B rrar.* TO T%t-K.
The following i-> from yesterday *
i'ortland The examination of
t'har'c* Martin, one of the siUket
- i'-. thieve* n the conniry, who wa
arrested bv I>etcctie«a Barry and <inf
tin and cf.arged with being the
peirstor of the nunierous robl>er§e* of
w;»- cognised till to-day. He
•till refuse# to talk to
tin * a* an exeoe that he is to»» oli a
- ' r 1" to not know when he i* injur
ing hia case.
t,F*> WAT* HE# IUtNTtHtP.
1 V !\y - . Of 9. Two *»f the
watt h - found on < harle- Martin hare
"been i lentjr.ed the one- stolen from
Mr. and Ma W. F». Ham'nlin while at
>eat t ie.
>vr.*KTHitr A?.n!>Trn-\i- t 11,
o'cUk • la*t nlgbt Policeman E. K. j
Hardjac aw a man steal a valine and >
hat fron. the City dock waiting-room, j
'•1 '*ed him anti placed him umier j
«rre«t. ihe nr->.,ner gave the name j
,»• t harle- r»rown. He i« ai>ont ;*>l
'i toien tivtoiqrcd to X«J» j
lo K*« Alunt tth ili# Fteliafi.
ftev. i'harlt* Poundtext fwtao ha- j
• eer. writing hi* crnon. lo*«kinjf tip
1 -nd * Mana, *il< you take the |
' children oat of the room for a iew !
Mrs. po - *»text <in
r- Certainly, mv r: Vnt are?
*• .\ :*.">* i' ' ii'-v. > !
: !«*• "•'•So»«l «fl; fcttt I i»**« ja*t'
a rwd IN- aif bru»b in tb« n»k- j
t.l *r»l I »«dd t:k<> to I* at t.rVj j
Li. i!i»k«r* if* rrnsark-.
! « .... f ; - - r. <■ ■ -M'-
5 *! "■< r !»vUsitjf prrvipJ' a of otw of J
ilit t*e»? tmie aar»e« and fhyKcian*in
{orW with never fw&ug taore** bf :
tii. Jon* of far riLt/t"eti
* fbe ja?*"csa c.f tMttiat - 1 *
J ionUi u jic.u' !! itllew the frow
: eaee» atad di*rrb».ea, nf
lug in the K- •■***» an 4 wuid e«<ie. b; 0»-
f to tbe ttiii !t v&m tIM mothesr.
Pjt,a ')
A 1h>;o#» I'na* <V»JI«JJT
ba ir;« hi jwa en F«ct sur Cu«fk sjs?
Our stock was never so complete, nor prices so low.
V. e are prepared to show the most extensive stock west
of Chicago. Qur fits are the best in America. Our
st\les better than any in the I nited States. We re
ceived last week one shipment of 300 Berlin Twill New
markets worth about sro; they go at half price. $5.
I hey can not be duplicated tor $lO anvwhere.
I) ress Goods!
See What Offerings We Hare in Our Corner Window.
Complete line of All Worf Filling Crej>e Serges.
24 inches wide, cheap at i6*4c all go for 10c.
75 pieces Wool Filfed Cashmere, all col
ors. at I2}4c; worth in San Francisco 20c.
100 pieces 42-inch All Wool Maids and Checks at
25c. They are su;»erior to any 50c goods in America.
We have opened 15,000 pieces of All Silk Ribbons
in Nos. 5. 7. 9, 12, standard shades. One price for all,
5c yard or 50c piece. On third tloor. Take elevator.
(Third Floor. Take Elevator.)
We are now displaying our preliminary exhibit of
Fall Styles in Trimmed Bonnets, Round Hats and
Turbans; also a large assortment of Trimmed Goods
for children; also a full assortment of Felt Hats and
Bonnets, Feathers and Ornaments, etc. Ail the new
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The Fall and Winter coming on we wish to call your attention to
our stock of
Overcoats! Overcoats'
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In FALL OVERCOATS we have three times the stock we ever carried before
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Prorst e.ncl Col'u.m.'toia. streets.
Fall and Winter Garments.

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