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The Seattle post-intelligencer. (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 14, 1888, Image 1

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Tvo Blocks Irem tie
I also Offer the Following:
99 Acres of Hiawatha
Park Addition, beautiful
ly located; view of Sound
lad Olympic Range from
all parts of it; 500 feet
of water frontage;
$l5O per Acre.
40 Acres two miles
from Kirkland, one mile
from railroad station;
half cash, balance one
year at 9 per cent;
House and four lots in
Sarah B. Yesler's Addi
tion, near Broadway,
Half cash, balance one
year, 10 per cent.
Lot corner Blanchard
and Eighth streets,
SIOOO cash, balance
one year, 9 per cent.
120 acre 3 timber land
three-quarters of a mile
from West Ooast Kail
road track and above it;
estimated to cut 8,000,-
COO feet;
Lot in Edes & Knight's
addition, €oxl2o feet,
cltaied, grubbed, fenced
md in grass. One-fourth
cash, ba'ance 5 year 3 at
10 per cent.
M Estate B otcr,
Car, Second and James Sts.
W. P. BOYD & CO.,
621 and 623 Front street,
Cloaks! Cloaks!
Is r ew Fall Styles.
he unparalleled success of this department during the
aat season warranted us in placing large orders early. Con
sequently we arq In a position to offer this season the largest
and choicest selection of the very latest styles of Ladies', Missas'
and Chlldren'a
In all tha Newest Shapes and Designs.
Children's Oloaks!
In the very latest styles and very low prices.
Dally opening of BPCCIALTIES in Staple and Fancy DryCoodt
from Chicago and New York.
621 and 623 Front Street,
PUYALLUP, W. T., Oct. 5, 18S8.
James Bothwdl, Stxrctar)' Home Fire In
surance Co., Seattle, \V". T. — DEAR SIR: Ac
cept my thanks for your check for SSOO just
received. I hid not yet received my policy
when the fire occurred, but it proved "O. K„"
and your promptness pleases me. Ihe fire oc
curred yesterday and today the money is paid
in full of the face of my policy, I shall say the
"Home" of Seattle is good enough for me.
Very Respectfully, E. BARTLETT.
Attractions for Neit W
24-ln. Plush reduced to $1 50
Former price 2 00
Also Plush at 50c. 75c, I 25
Reduced from 75c, sl, I 50
Satins at 2$
Reduced from 50
SPECIAL---150 dozen fine embroidered Cashmere
Cloves at 25c; worth 50c.
Also a great many other articles which will be found
equally as cheap.
Oprrn lllnok. I'ront
i * JankooQ*i Or?«* »• nM i <u«- t y
»*r ml**r. 0« tober For . "I 4 ,
ni\ to proKr soi tk\i»in<« a
PiSii < o offlw, BHflnr hni)dlß|. *\a«t
bou*« , i 'miN'l m» I'* 11 1 * 1 tVharf.
•Uyiard's I'l.il of Seat l\
Thl» Nock, *in»at«»«l the cj»» workt
gii:l mi ihr U*veJ % i* WttitaM** fi»r WM*
iifa«*turiuK l»Qf|*oaM» PUt t Hiudvd wu •
£«iwriiim»t »at£tlt. A|»|'ly t*»
A!»:r». U>r« of I nti.l r.t 1 !'", S »uJ 4.
V.'jic! bMildln*.
N r OTI'"E I - llU'Cf GIVKH T!MT
>■ «W.l "ft m wit I*. r. r«l». <t br tl»-
«M»*rk of "* «u
.w N*f%»rv Fri-Uv. «Jctc»Vf }*, l»-«. *< *
nVKi k j» *»! . f«»r two 1*«» «*u«* *1
«l'htafw» bJoek* «»C t»»«> •»»
Ninth and TVrrar* »?r» '• »'»! •»«» * '
Iw«> of t iv »n . •»-» t;ow ol Fifth »•"!
V ®tt» r* t*. '<* * *** •
»tfr «>( I*4# i°'i * a»*«t *o N*
ki •" ■ • lr*« t of I > c »*••»
>• <• Tf"<- r'H !**-.» »!» ' -h' £««-<*
«i \ I oflri » R. > ,
iM. U I***- l "" ! *•
.■'HI ok RCCtlVtl) PRIVtV.
>\ . . «!. ! rvin I t * * *!«•<•' WMI
' t dttMUVli thtwk
< a vRUu* li. KIIT N KK.
P.<,B.«TE«T terempiJW
A Large Variety of
; Valu2b!e Pfaperly foi Sale,
3f LOTS 36
X' ivn; ftll of Bl wks 13. 14
aad 15, la
Jackson St. Addition
For «a!e by the lot or bJock on favor
able kriu> by
1). X. It A X TKK\
1 i With 'h- (f;»a*antr*» I <v*n A Tm»' <'«k
f>l (I mrm too . i
' m«tt» P«!on>c tfamlleo*
l»urr. miinhi* iM a»iwef»«u« » rs»us
* i *\w■** Th»' onh »*t«r by wrhi En iroit
Itj» ib * •u|>»vK«l front well*, to*'lttif *
j flu- »!>-■« two mllo« O t
' <*«» r*: r. a«1 »utl vaftXi Owl
b«« buu»c l»x wlihetl fluUb
'{with iHiy« terv,
' w«»»vt*heJ a»<l **lh«r out buil<l
* in**. fir« Acr*» of ofrh« *\ «•?
chflot*! tm '■*. ttHmcfirtt* oriiiinwi't!
» m t'trifn n. «*n h.- ma U «
'* n» Will wllor
•• or T# nm» I rv»fnT*y A
r AI'W t W**Mnirtoii
> .fom YrWr't Wharf.«l
%il kiu't* »f Frn.t «a»j T?««»
Uni . rlnc «li»i EvtStnO all
; of tm ao-1 •*Hy ftan-*arw! HWb*.
' Ronttn«o tad « v.* lowt-im mi alt iK-a-H»»»* of
! tlip \ - 4*r s.: *3 fotf a t irvtti«x. C I.A *
> ; run FAMII-Y Übfc
Snowtlake Flour
-H* f»r-T TsT ft
Meeting 1 of Free Trade Bnsi-
nes Men.
Blaine Speaks at EiuitllU, Criti
rising the Mills 8111-GOT. Hill
Close* Bis Indiana Canvas*—Gen.
Harrison ftMsim a Visit From
tYorkiagmen-Thai-man'* Letter.
SEW Y-RK. Oct. 13.— Everything
was favorable for the lag demonstra
tion of the Cleveland and Thurmsn
downtown-business men this after
noon and the meeting before the sub
trei-ury in Wall street, and the »üb«e
q-ient procession up-town was fully
equal to the hoi** of the managers.
sjeerKary of the Treasury Fairihild
ww* the first speaker.
After asserting that what was good
in a business way for New York was
good for all parts of the Union, and
what was bad for New Yoik wa- bad
for all. Secretary Faircbild said. "By
force of untoward circumstances, the
oflj.-e which I happen to fill is one of
the nioit important factors in the
j country's business. It is not right
that this should lie the i a-e, an» 1 be
lieve another term of Democratic ad
ministration, with a congress pledged
! to support it in wi-e measures, wo dd
result m such reforms as would aub
-taniially eliminate the treasury de
partment frotn your affair*, thus"end
log the abnormal tondition which ha
within its possibility great injury to
legitimate business and great wrongs
whenever the head of that department
may be unwise or unfaithful.
In m u ssing the condition of the gov
ernment's finance?, Fairc hi !d paid:
"in some quarters tear has been ex
pressed le-t trouble should be caused
»hen the government might suddenly :
withdraw its deposit. 1 can imagine
no state of affairs under which it
would Is- necessary to do this sud-!
denly. The amount < f this deposit is !
now .about $i7,000,000. Look at the ,
<a.-t -taUment of »-se;»and liabilitie
and see if the secretary of the treasury
will ever n. Ed to suddenly c ill for thn
| money or call for it in a way to cause
| embarrassment to general business,
i l'he postofflce department account,
the disbursing olhcers' balances, the
treasurer's transfer checks and drafts
outstanding, interest due and unpaid,
the matured debt, accrued interest
and tike liabilities amounted to ]
a!ou' This sum always
remains neariy constant, hence about
that amount must always l>e kept on
.:ep ji>it to meet daily liabilities, and
then, atter the money ha* been set j
apart for ail liai.ilities and for '
every other liability of whatever na
ture" against which the most forced ;
construction of law could require |
cash to be provided, there remained a
I balance of t96.44t.5-i.> and in addition j
to that $24,545,5J0 of subsidiary silver, j
|or in all Jl2l.a*»,»Wo. Mind you, Ido!
i not dt lend the deposit of large HM
of government money in banks. It
I objectionably mingles private with ]
; punlic business. No one can disap-!
prove of this more than 1 do, but in
the wrong condition of the public
revenue the only choice is a choice of
evils. X maintain that the adminis
-1 t ration has chosen the lesser evil. 1
claim that on the whole this perplex
ing business has been prudentially
The secretary then explained his
method of buying bond#, and said:
"I p to the tir«t of this October all o(
the .( per cent, bonds outstanding at
the beginning of this administration,
j Jl!<',|:<),.'JOO, had been retired, and in
addition $X1,293,210 of 4 and 4}, per
cent. t>oiids, or in all there had been
' applied to the retirement and pur
j cha-e liond, with a premium of
i K21.51.5, and the total interest-', earing
! debt appearing in the Ssepteuit>cr debt
s'.ateiu.-nt is under the one thousand
| million mark, the first time in a gen
eration that it had not taken 10 figures
j ;o express it. and this lien. Harrison
I t alis 'nursing the surplus.' If all
| the Republican secretaries had been
I as wi-e as was Secretary Windom. all
! oar bonds would now be subject to
ail, and the whole national debt
could i e extinguished in about t i r hl
years." The secretary fu ther ex
plained his theory a.s 1" thee »nd.tlons,
supply aud demand in buying b -n-s.
He then quoted from his last repott
to congress in regard to the puictiase
ol bonds, in whicn he said : "Hcpo its
in national bank depositaries, as
meaus of keeping the circulating
mei.ium available for busines- pui
poses, is a resource at *tlie i>«—t ie.)
limned tinder the present law. and
ought not be us.-d except in except onal
circumstances, such a- have en-:ed ol
laie. and txc.u-e there is no letter
tning to do." In reference-to this he
aid : "Since preparing the foregoing
i have seen in lUe n«wspaj>er- th.it
iUaine has thought r.t to try his well
known skill in receiving the public
upon thi- question of depo its inna
t.oual banks. He say- that with
oney at 5 per cent . a dejiosit ol
* ,<iuo,ijOO would tie a gratuity
io the national banks holding the
nt&iey, of J4.Ui0.000 a year,
that is not true. The profits
to the banks couid not exceed s>oo,i»'J
or> tW,Otl»Olluo( governnlel.t depo it-,
with money at 5 I'Sr cent. He -ays he
reads that Col. ltrice has a million of
ihe surplus in his bank. I'ntii within
a week I t id not know whether thi
asi true or not, for until then 1 did
not know whether or not Col. Brice
oad a bank or was interested in a bank.
1 in vi t before be nd ol him in connec
tion with a i auk, but It was po-nu <■
tb-s wa» true, lor any bank wtu h »p
plied at t.,c pro,«r t.m • and offeree
-•-curitv. woulii ti ave got a dcjio-it of
that amount, fI.IWMXU wa« the maxi
iiium a.low-d any bank. If it
had b-en true it was well, for
i lie money was as sate as is the
; ture and hon r of t.'ie Ibnuo rat c
party in Col. brie html. After tne
i o>-tp->nemer.t of this nee ing la t
Satuiday 1 wet Col. ltrice tor tue tir-l
.ime. and askr,i t,iin abo t tl i- -tat.—
met.t of U.aine s. (.01. Itiic* to'd me
he owned a maj- rit. of the -to* kof a
bank in Ohio, bat tn.it ihe i an* never
ha i a government doll ir; that he als>
hi . -oni" -t •k i ; the Ciia-e National
bank of New \ork. oi' which, if pol
tics are to be on idered. it is p oper
t > say Cannon, tt.e last Uenubiu in
comptroller o< the currency, m pre-i
--ilriit. and that a in.- johtyot the sec
tors are Re j il> a-is. | flnd this ;.-n*
diti have a depo it of Jl.lMO'rtt whtb
i ha* repaid to Ihf piwrimmt re
<Tt.!lv. tiOt Bii'.i .• a pr.'. t fi $ ' "«( *
v.ar.'a- Mr U iuo -«oe<. or i roii.it v
«liy l r til in the . i-ttv -»l <•. » ->ii
n. t ha*etli wen u>ui-toii ina<- it
lie aa* toiljwt-ibv speakerCarii^'e.
us. c*ct.:-. t'.«
Mr. C«ri *! - .!«■ 'sr >i c•• of tV
m -t b*:i«4Sri-kl re u'rti <>; the ! -t
pre«i le ittaiefcrtt n **< the »-tjUi t
m :.i of luniu&i -:e »tk»n» bet*«c i
the people a».i all nt; vt tij« rua
trv, e*jt> **ii v bet 1 e*'' t-ae Nt-rth s»ii
ttttsoith. The North mm tvJ -•
It "*»1 a market ia the S i ith M*
nt.d tar f>o th fc» nt-rer had fc«e t -?
of >o tut* h Nodht'ia <*a}>ttal a* in**
Four more >rar- of I*>!
«r ikl tu <We it flupua She *or any
j., .: t cat party to ■ w trel '•» ■ r by ap
t*g to r -f« |i't)uuKf- lie cw«-
lOctrd !bi- a ni3>- ient teaio i
for C!e*e'an t*s r*-«lec«oR lie
cn-.rged tin- Kroubiii-an *a.«rr» *it« *
url. ttu trite :M I'"}^
die* in the South, ami with aa effort
r to alarm capital and dis<-©nrage in
vplmeiitj, in order to mate it appear
t hat the country was not pro»feroti<
under a Democratic administration.
In this they were partly successful,
but the country was prosperous never-1
iheie-*, and in spite of the fact that
it * embarrassed by the Republican '
revenue system which resulted in ,
, heavy over-taxation.
The l*emocratic party would not j
consent to reduce the revenue by in
creasing the taxation on neee-*a'rie*
as proposed by the senate tariff bill 1
This bill. he said, claimed a reduction
:of about s36,oot>,<*». Nearly *20.00a,-j
'TOO of the reduction is claimed on
sugar. leaving on!y s«.iYjO,ooo on a!l'
other articles, of which nearly the
whole amount claimed to result WAS !
not rotu a reduction, but from an in
crease. though being prohibitory. 1
might reduce the revenue, bnt would
not reduce the cost of the articles con
sumed by the people. On the con- ;
trary. it would increase it. What i
needed now is a judicious. ~ulj.-Ui.tial .
reduction of revenue, not by at> in
crease of taxation, hut by a reliction
of tuition u[<on the necessaries of
life and up>n the materials u.-ed in
our industries.
The listeners numbered 15,000. inde-;
pendent of the business men's proces
.-ion. The number in line is estimat
ed at 10.000.
lie Analyze* the Mill* Bill and It*
Author'* Argument*.
EvAsavitir, Ind., Oct. 13.—About
MHO i>eop!e assetnbied at flarvan park
tliis afternoon to hear lion. J as. <}.
Ulaine. Mr. Itlaiae spoke upon the
tariff question, severely criticising the
Mills bill an l the arguments us«i bv
Roger y. Mills in hi- speech delivered
here yesterday. In the coarse of his
remarks Mr. Blaine said:
" According to the report of the
secretary of the treasury, the duties
levied and collected at all custom
houses of the United States this fiscal
year amouuted in the aggregate to
#212.000,UG0. It is this sum which the
free traders a-sail so bitterly; and it is
in this sum that they find the out
rages and abuses of the protective
system. Of these aggregate duties of
(212,000,000. Mr. Mill a bill proposes to
take off an aggregate of li'Vj millions
of dollars, which was 10 [>er
cent, of the total dutiable importations
for the year. On the duties on silks
and liquors, amounting to J2J,000,000,
the Mill- bill made no reduction what
ever, so that the whole ot the re iuc
tion fell on the >1*IUX)0,000 that re
mained. Of the «*),oon,o#>, 153 00T',-
OuO were duties levied oil sugar, and
from the duties levied on sugar a re
duction was made of Jll (CO,MO, leav
ing the people of the I'niteS States
61 ill to p»y 117,000,000 annually on
sugar. Deduct that SSB (>OO,OOO of
sugar duties from the ♦I'Ct.OOU/00, and
you have left sl.'il,ooo,oo<> as the total
amount of nil duties levied on all other
artie'es in the tariff, and deduct sll
- which the Mills bill took
o:l" sugar duties, and you have
left l.'is.SOO,'.*"' reduction on the
remaining 11t1.000.000 of the
duties of tariff. Gentlemen you
will please observe that the sum
of $131.(XO,000 of duties affords all the
protection we have oil manufactures
except that levied on silks, on cotton,
on wool and woolen*, on iron and steel
and all arWles into which iron and
steel enter as a component part; in
fact, that protects the manufacturers
in the United States, and protect* the
labor of those engaged therein. What
may lie termed the entire protective
sy tein of the United States, over
which this controversy between the
two parties is now raging, is included
in that $131.00n.00M of duties, and
from that $131,000,000 of duties Mills
proposed to take thirty -eight and one
halt million* and tells the people of
Indiana that be is only reducing the
tariff 5 per cent., whereas as a matter
of fact, on ths whole initiortations in
the long li-t of articles I have named,
he make* u reduction exceeding 21 per
"What is it to those industries that
are stripped tiaked whether the aver
age is 5 |>er cent, or 500 j>er cent. In
cither or any event they are thru t
out into the cold. Gentlemen, there i
a great difference between the K' pub
lican and Democratic parties. What
ever the Republican party propo-e- in
coiifrre-s it frankly defends lieiore the
people; but the Democratic party,
from Pre ident Cleveland down
through all the oiticiol grades, have
for en lit months waged a bitter war
on the protective system, denouncing
i as a plunder and 'organized robber v,
and me now sending nut speakers
known in fait to lie the mo-tramor
o-.:*f,ee traders, with Mi l- at their
i head, to so qualify and explain away
and jumble and rcvcr-e and turn and
trim the figures that they hope to de
ceive the |*ople as to the true intent
of the a-sault made upon the protect
ive «y- tein.
Mr. Mills proposes to take the tnrirT
from «'0"l and give to o ir mannfac
turers wool from Australia as c iap
as they get it in Kngland. How sha.l
we make woolen goods hrre to com
n« te with the cheap woolen pooi.s of
Knpland unless we reduce tlie w*<-e«
of the w i kingnien far b«'low that now
paid? Th.e inevitable re-ult Inu-t be
one of two things—that we shall 10-e
the market for wools in this country
or niu-t reduce the w ages of the labor
ing inan from 30 to 45 per cent.
Lsrfw and Kntliu»la«tle Aodlenee—
Girls in Kanriana Dr«w».
I.\r*vrrrr. In 1., Oct. I'.—fiov. Hill
and partv arrived here this morning,
and wrre met at the de{»ol by several
!o al clubs. The city was crowded
with vi-itofs from the mrroundi ie
coucti--. Alwnt £i>iO pe<ip'e parti i
pated in the -treet parade in the after
noon. A feat ire of the paru 'e wa-a
drum n>rp- of ?i young ladies, wear
ing biniiana dres-es and helmets.
'I In- m s in- e'.ir.g at the rink con
vened at 2 o'clock. The building was
cr>»wdc . almo tto ~uti- cat on. Gov.
Hill re etve. an ovati'-n a-be appearol
on tlie platiorm. He sjioke for an
hour, first coiiiit int.• a review of the
national administration for the past
thue ar.d a half veais, and c.evoti t*
tne reniaiinier o lime t-i the tar tl
qne-tion. h s ar*tan cnt< lie tip thr
in c a tli" e ned at Mitclnil ana
hid ini ip -li J Yesterday.
l»; aks? irr. !nd . Oct. I V Gov
Hill mi arrived t! i- «-reni»i:
and we c greeted by a c owd of
lnoplea: the d p- t. ir. luding mmj
i.i nil I marching du'> . Tie oiera
bo ise, where tiie pcindpol m etmgof
the ev -nitig was beLi. was ciowdni.
Gov Hill -pike at leng'b vp-n th<
l.tirt th- Mil* ltd an I tbe r.-snlt oi
l're-i -ent C » vrland'- ad-i io-istrat-on.
lie •-« -I »bd his addre-s bv a eulo-
re ■- er.ee t-» I're--idei-.tClevcland
which t-; iie«l wild app ause and
w lieii be pritiiiissl that the -late oi
S w wo Id cat her e'e tot.d
vote fur ihe lieun* ratic t■ ket '.lie »[-
p. was ova. w: e ming
tti- im*e iie e,»iwl a »l Gov Hi I" -
c .i:vis* in In iana. The part." 1c tat
I I? . 41 .Vit»any, highly prat., ed w.th
: tL<t. wit.
BKOt'bDT bIMS Tl» UtKltl sO>
tr»[lln[m» Kalbt* •»>» "ilaadard
brairr *.f rr«lM*il. a.
Isp 11-, o.:t. IS.— The Harrl
! a <. ..i-.t : i ion t< ay io: - «d «■' tbe
Yo MtVs K» p'l ia.cali Oftib of
}S lwauk -r, »-•» .1 t oar. sotd a
[ -iuad r litLniber of tl*(it tsin-Ame-i
--(a i<lu-of Ch « a*'> 'I lie . e-ieral re
(Droi btm tucH rfr at HII • lov kb s
it ti. .ti Fum.i ba i, ad a -
tS e--e. tbe in at «me • nf.b Aro i ■
>fre - n f e i*l r *s 11
•ant. «» f*. <
Bismarck's OW Age Beset
With Tronble.
The Pope Dartres Small Comfort
from tha Emperor'* Vlslt-tlis
Temporal Pretensions not Coun
tenanced—German Public Opinion
Lnfawrableto I»r. Mackenzie.
[CojiJTinh'. iss»_ t, T ,be Associated Pre**.]
1!> *t!M, OcL 13 ~Only a summary
of Dr. Ma- ker lie's look is yet accessi
ble to the public here, but enough is
known of its contents to aroti-e savage
indigiuiton in oth. ial circles. Tut
ting aside the medical dispute,
the charges which Dr. Macken
lie levels at Prince Hi man k of incit
ing the German doctors to entrap him
into a doobtirg declaration as to the
nature of the empetor's disease! are
felt to be a poisonous slander on the
reputation of the chancellor. The
simultaneous appearance of the letter
of Empress Victoria to Dr. Mackenzie
in regard to his treatment is held to
prove i-oncerted action to blacken
I'rince Bismarck's character.
Dr. Mackenzie's attack on Drs. Ger
hardt and Bergman can lie answered
in the courts of law here or in Ene
land. and can lie met also by the opin
ion-of eminent European sjiecialti-t
not lieruian, but Prince BismarcE is
iiowerless tode.il with Dr. Mackenzie.
He will, however, u.se every resource
of hii craft to render Empress Victoria
powerless to do him further harm.
The report circulated yesterday re
parians: the discovery of a cipher code
from the emperor's room, indicate
that the chancellor's gai>.e of surveil
lance over the ex-empress, which
ceased by order of Krnperor William
after her surrender of Emperor Fred
erick's p.ipers, will be renewed.
Watch wid be kept over her parti-ans
anil her movements, inclituing her
propose I visit to Windsor.
Meanwhile Bismarck ishaving a bad
time. H is suffering from a renewal
of his att ick of gout in a serious form,
pattlv ari it, 'iojii worry. It is s # ij
his condition will p obably oblige him
t- retire from public atlairs within a
few months.
The l'rogres-i ts overlook the fact,
well known in olHcial circle-, that Em
peror WiJiani's experience in Vienna
and Rome has riveted him c : os-er than
ever to I'isniarck, whose policy has
made him tcel hopelessly dependent
upon the guidance of the chancellor.
Popular feeling certainly sides with
Dr-. uergmann and Oerhardt against
Dr. Mackenzie's a*).er-ions, vet th"
Prozresd-t pajiers select the most of
fensive passages for prominent com
The congre-s of naturalists in ses
sion at Cologne has already adopted a
vote of censure of Dr. Mackenzie and
the members of the various Berlin in
stituies, clinical, pathological and phy
siological, and everybody associated
with the medical profession, condemn
the English physician.
The Ueffcken trial moves but slowly
Official journals chant hymn* iit
peace over Emperor William's progrcs
-111 Au-tiia and Italy. J-till loud under
tones oi war continue to produce a
sen-e of insecurity. Ths FrrindriMali
publishes advices fioin Warsaw an
nouncing the formation of n fortified
camp oi the first order near the Ger
man frontier opposite Thome, and the
exten-ioii of the works of the c tadel
of New-Georgiv.-k, requiring no lens
than lie* cannon. Other rc
fioitsto the elfei t that a supplemen
tary military convention has been
-iflTievi l>v Emperor William and
Francis Jo eoh unit King Humbert,
and that it h.i« l*t n decided to in
crease the eftictive forces of A istiia
and I tidy, put another glo-s on the
meaning* of Emperor William's jo.ir
Al>\ CD HI THt POP It.
Empernr William IMseonraeea tbe
Plea fir Temporal Power.
K »Mr. Oct. 13 - In the intervi-w be
tween tlie |«pc and Emperor William,
yesterday, his holme- entpha-ized
the necessity of restoring the tem|o
ral powe*. j| e „ a j ( | „[[ sovereigns
should u'it® toa--ure it. Theempe
ror-aid that it would be mo t to the
poj>e' • aovant iee to unite with tho e
who represent the principles of oroer
and social eon ervati-m, and thereby
better sec ire the peai e of the world.
King llttm'ierthasdecorated Krape
ror William with the fraud cordon oi
the military or-.ier of Savov.
Kmjieror William and H ::n
--bert reviewed 33,000 troop* at Oampe
Cent K-elle t >-day. Eiii|wror Wiil am
expr-'— <si liis auuiiratioii ol the bear
ing of the men.
A recepti-.in vs- held in the cnpit i
till evening, in honor of the em]*-ror.
A 'rr the interview lielwn-n Kini>er
or Wd.iim and the pope ye terdnv
hi- holin -s lul l a c--»nferen,e witii
Cardinal liar r-o la, which la ted two
Tiir vaticah Mica MsvrKHHWP
The fa- t that theem[ieror only pre
sent- i C tidiDrl Kaiepoil i with a c »st-
Iv gift instead of conferring on him
tne Older of the I I I k which
he tetl to receive, has ca ised
a fecii di-sati- arUun at the V.ti
can. Extren e di«apj*cntmeiii is ex.
pressed in the -t <lericil ci cle
nt. the s|se. h« o! King Humbert and
Kii'peror William.
The mini ter of war to-day issued
antiider to the tr-of>s esp «--ive of
tne app oval ol king Humbert and
Kmperor William.
Kmp -ror William to-'Jav pre ent--1
t'-e pope witii a mctuie of the lat»
Em'*erc»r F.cslerck, ta en on bi
dcathbeil. lie «1 ~o appointed Ihe
I'm ce of Naples » u>ut n-nt in Ki. g
Ultra »rt's ri-giment ..r, i cor.ff/rr«i
up in ttoun* Uliki *-yndi of Ron e
tne de»iratioO of the o.'Uer of ttie
lilacs En»le.
i '.c O'- •* v.-w /.Vviip ays the ; -
trr»ic» bet -een lbee»' V>ert r an.l the
pope ha- r.ot changed t,ie po i i n ol
affair*. aud Kuro|« »iil i f»i r enjoy *
. urable p«'*ce uii'ii the ler. p -ral
l<t*er oS Ui" pope slw 1 hare I ten re
(irrmany Aaurira P.ea»ant Island
ti*M Functtfi. Oct \l3.—O.ncial an
co itrfienunt i mw* i o;n tbe German
con-bUlc in tlii4 cite of the . tvlra
tiim of a German proton* rate o* er
'• i Unit. iofa'.v-l t* I ■- • til
I'a u.r, i'i ia! * ? u.e 1') Jf-pnt-- 25 n in
ut--» MtU'h k fifT: a e ati'i l«<7 drf :t«
5 ii -i:.tut«-s It «iil i + iea tei tie
abjtt to »:.« am? (»rertit! -at a
t r llai»fc<i.'. t. ?»»ii* U I'r ri.itii t
M-.UI » T: ein j* rtatixsi . u nMor
tmiiitfini into Jit btwdi is ' W-ci-iy
(or'o.ooen _________
It* rnclUb «>ra'.ti«»s r*ne»a»ia
l'< * » < *, CM. IS —Th? Gctrt,i
o C*ra. a- i 1. * .'•> < v.r.iioeiit. -
i»jt ttia 0*» i l'-r linh a• « Kpe>l
]<w e >ion of V .ei e:.n t. rr tory
an.l K AUthuti i •inwiw* t«*<w
a poo ae> . The* are < a rd e tawan
nn t tbt or e'S of M K'.'b < ami
St Ot«V *'
prote-t. hct *-<"Ti-Tikel«ss the peopV re
main with their arms folded, watching
the dismemberment of their territory. v
Will Sea Dr. Maekensia for LtfceJ.
Butus, Oct. 11—It is Mated that
1 Drs. Berguisnn and Oerbardt *i.l su-
Dr. Mackeiu.e for libel on account of
the statements made in bis book re-
Sinling the treatment of the iate
mpeior Frederick.
A Baring Bet an Illegal Contract-
S. P. Oflice Kfn.Ttd.
POSTLAXB, Oct. IS— Judge Skat tuck
this morning deciued the case of W.
A. McCarthy vs. J. K. Wintler. which
was agued last Saturday upon a de
murrer to the answer. The question
(resented arose from this state ot
facts: McCarhy wagered Proeb-tel ]
and DeUn S9OO against a like amount
that his horse ctvul i beat theirs. Mc-
Carthy, claiming the horses were no!
started properly, demanded thefJsO
put. tip by him from Winder, the
stakehi. der. alter the race was rc.n, I
but before the money *a- paid over
If the contrm t wa- an illegal one, it
was claimed that McCarthy could re
cover. The court, alter considering
the matter verv thoroughly in the
li ht of the authorities of 'England
and this country, held that a wager
laid upon the result of a hor-e race
was an illegal contract, and that if;
either putv demanded his money of
the stakeholder before it w.is paid over
to the winner, the stakeholder must
return it to him. Failing todo so. he
was ItaUe. !*o the demurrer was
sustained. This is the tirst time this
Question has been tossed upon in
The Salt Lake baseball club returned
to Portland iroto San Francisco la-t
night and witl play the Willamette*
The auditing ilepirtnicnt of the O.
C. railroad will »ooti lie transferred
from this city to San Ftancico. All
the employes who desire will also I*
transfrrrej. No other changes ate
exjiected soon.
N. J. Levitison, D. C. Hvde, Mrs.
Otto Uanke and family, O. T. Moore
and wife and Charles Nelson of Seattle,
are iu the city.
The largest crowd sinee the opening
of the fair was in attendance to-night
the pavilion, which covers an entire
block, was packed itps airs and down.
l inriansti's Aworiation Ifcuelnill
Club for Sale.
La«t League Game*—John I— Rulli
lan a* Sporting Editor—Tlie
CINCINNATI, Oct. I.l.—President
Stearns of the Cincinnati bail club,
who had made arrangements to lay
out $15,000 for new players next sea
son ami has fourteen men under con
tract announces that on account of
the exorbitant rent demanded for ball
grounds next sea on, he has decided
to offer for sale the club, with the
American A*oiiation franchise, to
any one for SII.OOO cash, without re
Indianajtotl* Defeat* New York, and
Chit-ago Forfeit*.
New Y'OR;. Oct. 13.—The league
season c'osed here to-day, with a game
lietwein New York and ltidiana|Kilis.
Score: I dianspoils »i. New York 4.
Batteries: I'uyle and Buckley, Kcefe
arid Brown.
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 13.—8y non-ap
pearaiice L'liic.igo Icirfeitctl to thg
Philadelphia team to-day by 0 to 0,
W ASH i NOTO* , Oct. 13. —l>etroit closed
the chanijiionstiiii -en on here to-il»y
by defeating Washington, Score:
Washington t, Detroit 7. llatler e-
O'Dai and Mack. Bentin and Buttliffe.
P.0.-tox, Oct. Li —The league season
cluied bere to-dAy with two game".
tSeure: First |fnine, Boston 5, Pitts
burg 1. latterie-. Madden and Kelly.
Morris and Carroll, hevond game;
.St ore. Boston 3. Pittsburg 1?. Hat tries:
Ka .hournc and Kelly. Morris and
llk » uclyn. Oct. n. Athletics !,
Brooklyn M.
Oct. IX—The came be
tween the tot. l»ui« and Cincinnati
clubs was not payed, owing to bad
we it her.
Ualtim nr., Oct. ZV—Baltimore 0,
Cleveland 8.
rilfci KOAl>->< i t.LI.NU ENDED
Gaudaur. !•«*»• nt-M I'lalntcrt Win
Nvw York. Oct. 13.— The road-scul
ling match whicb ha.** run through the
W* ek clo cd to-m*.*ht. A piizj of 1-50
win |.iveu each ni e r bt for tue best daily
recoid. Oaudaur and U.ai won all of
them. The final score was : Oaudaur
4 «*» miles, I Lip; Kose, 4(2 iuiles t 2
lap"; i' as^t**<!. 4%f> miles, •! laps; Mr-
Kay. 431 miles, I lap; Hi bear, IS>l
uules. 2 Hp*; Conley, mile.-;
Haium, 375 miles; Lee, 31ft xni.es, 3
Oaudaur wins the SISOO prize. Itos«
pet* the second prized of $
I\hl>Um pets the tbira prUe fJOJ, and
itl o the SJSO prize for the
number of mile- run during the night.
A riuitiiM) fcoiroit
Mr ft wilt van vf litvst. a Abuut to
I.liter Ulrrnture.
Kkw Yor*, O t It.— John L Sul i-
Van has accepted <be j*>»Uion of
ypoftifit e<iivr th the Ke* \wik lilut
ttn/.-d Ae*f
l.*-t K«e*>i Ml l.»t >Til».
CinnvßATl, Oct. IS.— Ihe !a«t day
of to© »ail meeting at Lit inia Was
*-uld aua but the attend
ance was
he, vy iroiti the ime>»ant rains of the
1-irat race, felling, sit furlong*—
Lu y llowurd Woo, Fred \\ • »olev bec
ocml, i.iue-Kyeu Bed* t ir .. tiOM.
becimd r.»oe. veiling, m* furlongs—
Quiifo u won, Btxby siimd, tl»ra C
third; tin e, i Tl.
Tbinl race, ;r.« liini'i up oie miV
—lriui 11. won, Ho in i»eo«O f I 9
rt» !i ti c.il tbtru. Uine, I M i.
KvgiU rare, ««.(,! ij:, !.»„• •. urlongi—
Hpectaior won, iS.iro'.tmrn -rwiivl,
Cn--»mt IVl.e Ibinl; li »*, I fl7.
Vt.tn race, one mtie—Co uc 'o Tnwn
wo i, Ki 'g Repeal m»«ihl. SjiUp'ba
Uitii; lime, 1 :J.%
Mkti race bine f irlong*- PnWn
won, Da*i aeconsl, l*«;i..tu.i -tli.rtl;
tune, 2 V %.
A I Aantriaao » n» ihr i.aaave ( bam
Krw Yoa .Oi.-i 1.l At Stateii i»'-
Ua t nit; tie llitr uali i ..ic-iallen e
c.p cartue rate »>« io*Cu in tbrt-e
be«t» between r. I !a*e o! l'.iO . yn
act! Walter Stewart ol the Buyai
Cam* CiU*. I o;><iw«. Laai.e «oa
ttaitul y in itravi.t tie I *■*.
TKe La«ra**« i h tm; lam«h (ft.
h»w Yo..K, <•-!. 15— lie la.'ti" t
ru't ti (»f tbe i ii:e«i »t te-< bampiori-
Mi t> »i. J the Oei i 'fc « p, Ui-twiesi ibe
rt ieu Mat'l Atfc,el>c cittb a . i the
Brooklyn Lacr .is « d lii, iu *o»i by,
the latter, alter a e i> .ve rtro^.e.
Yala riaj» l» •«! r-..-t-l*«-ll-
Pa m fi.nn, OA 15 -- Tie Y '•«
f\i oi t I team it m i>l i* t
! llnimrt; «! Krtit j,. i, te.w beie
W-lia., by a » ' I o ia.
I Mil lim a »a., .v ,g rn.Js-.igf.ler
of tf>c A'ner .m t>e.. lay or, *i
ntri-i! jr t r.a* » lie lb. uan, <! r
uia ) to ilerr tlclble » a uarti.-.Wr
VOL XIV.—NO. 135.
The Police In fold in <r a Dy-
namite Plot.
The Men Have an Alt-Nlghl Vailaa
to Dacifla on a Course of Action—
Tha Company Not Willing to Make
Any t i<ut-a*«l»iia.
CHICAGO, Oct. 14—The cases P f the
men arrested for putting dynamite on
the North sias car tracks waa con
tinued to the 2Uth inst.. this morning.
The work of detectives has resulted,
it is asserted, in unfolding a series of
dynamite conspiracies in which at
least fire person, are implicated. At
torney Fuithtnan said this morning
that two more arrests mould be made
ta-day, and when these persons are
brought in the police will probably teil
the story of the plot
I rank S. a former driver
for the Nort i St ie cotupmy, was ar
rested Kite this evening charged with
complicity in tlie recently discovered
dynamite plot. The nature of the in
formation again -t him t < unknown.
MO «o*rit.>!ii»K xrrwTin.
The conference between the North
Side street car men and \lr Yerkea
this aiieriioon wa- fruitless as to re
sults. '1 he committee of the striken
refused the si ale of Wages offered by
Yerkes and oojrcted to the retcnbon
ot any new men in pj.ice of the
strikers. President Lake Coyne of
the Wet M..c t ni i lo\ rs' asso, tution
was confident n-» conclusion would lie
reached by the coneretice ana conse
inieiitly calle . an se-simof
the association, win h will assemble i t
midid.ht, ami which wi.l uke action
on the tvpo tot tin- evening confer
ence. At tne W j t fide he tdquarters
it was fui.j t|| ,t Yt i kes woulo lie j«er
ui it ted to tctn jioriae no longer, and
probabi* the NVc t ftiile men woidd go
out to-morrow morning.
AN U.L-SIOHT * ssto*.
The general meeting of the West
Side employes began about 1130, al
though a number had not yet arrived.
President I'ovne s a j | tti'at at mid
night the tcunier of the men waa not
to .strike Sunday, but to tuna* usual
(■ending Mr. \erkes' iiuai tU-ci ion in
the No ih SM :»• matter Miould it lie
unfavored le, the West Side lines would
probably lie ueu up .Monday morning.
The tue.i may jet deci.;e. however, to
>top work Sunosy. A deci ion will
probably not be reached until 3or 4
a. m.
Tha Corner** Jnry I'rripnlTao Re
port*—Neither Areuaa Harrington.
HA* FBASCISCO, Oct. 13.—The in
quest into the kil.itig of David Dono
litie in the Republican county con
vention rooms rseptetu'ier 27, was con
cluded this aiteinoon, and the jury
retired to dcldierate John McAuliffe,
who ac-no.vledge*! shooting ilarrin:-
ton, was dinged with Donobue't
murder, and was arrest, d this aitcr
noon, but released on bail.
'lhe coroner's jury rendered two
veruicti thi < evening. The majority
state they are unable to find who ri ed
the fa at shot. One juror renders a
minority verdict and linds the shot
wa- hrtsl by Win. Harrington in self
defense. C-omer Stanton has prepared
a re|Hirt to the grand jury iu
which heinJoraea the minority verdict.
Horrible Discovery Anions Rub
bish in Chicago.
l'hc Derayfd Rfmnlna mt la.
faut*. Two With KkalU Frae-
tureJ, t*ackr«| lit a S -aji Uvt.
Chk'MMi, 01. IS,—A ghastly die
cover v *a* ni n e l>y a couple of Isiyi
in a deserted brick-yard at the corner
of Thirty-third and Laurel i-treets thin
ate moon. J hey found an old soap
box and op -lU'-i it. The dead and tie*
composed todies of Jive lutlin nere
lai.i si l»y side within. The Thirty
fifth street station uai r.otiiled and
the rem ail ser-t u» the morgue.
The bodies were examined and
found badly deeoiupo etl. Two were
tuules and the other three females.
One of the iu de« and one of the fe
imiles appeared t» have lived aUmt
two weeks, white the other-* hud died
shortly utter birth. A cursory ex
aminati >n revealed a * etuhy fr.o ture
o! the skull in two cm w, l»ut these
*erethe only malt* t#f v olence dis
covered. Tt»e ha i< had probably
been t.ea»i for ai out 10 d ys.
No Oilii ra have 'ei u iiw igned to
work tip the case, the reason given
l«ein>C that the e s f e none to xp ire, the
j»t ike lie* ei*itating temporal v aban
donment oi ah oeuttive work. 'I be
p lice of the Thtr v-fi th . j t jet are of
the opi don tn.it 'he oa- ie c-tine from
*«ine *i»ur»y farm" or in hospi
tal. None of the«e are knoa nto exit
hi the vicinity, and it \* believed the
o.tp-l ox wio carrkd to tin? br «*k
y.nd irom abidance with a pile of re
fu e, a coo* der.t le amount t,f which
haa been deposited to» re
mruiLicii ui i a i:t;i.i.FT-i.
A KuUuio CoatlM't l>e«|.arata I»a«h
f r l.ibei tj
Foijov. C»! ,O t. 13 \ convict,
Hiram Vii k. ry. »l.oi» a trim
ol 40 yearn lor a l> .lylary ooiuimttrai
in Alautitla county, ma ea ilaring at
tempt toe <ap- llViii ill* pei.iuntiary
U>-v.ay. llk .»u.« »■ tkiug hi t.ie r,i
liic Ame.tt-an liver. ami »r. ijeiily
lliei ana.. hi« to I* anil lattxl up
tin? bill on 11 run. hrt l■ opt-netl uii
(jltu trwtn t«o '1 .» anj a
u xe'. ri if , ami tic I* 1 pierced by tuur
bul.eia. II" wli p «,b. <y <.,e.
tiuf Wrfti ill »i-, it y kai vui'.itiK
ill pri on, *>it »-*~\l he-<iue.
ruvuxt i.ii.i.m'i koicn<iTT.
tbirl/-lhrr# %I. ,iae *if tkt Mail
liwa tlt-a*i»r lluntil.
Wiurmttu, I'a . Oct 13. —At
I" earai.t Va.i y iki mulling, UH
prints aa i,-ieu -J Ibe f laftai er»b«a
ni.f U »K:lnu« o{ the il i-i Kun ul
••;er. T .<< e.tire |Opua!l.jn wi«
p,e en*. Itev. Cmne p m f.t-il
ait el«|.ie:it -triuo". '(lie •«>,» wi re
intern 4 in i><e « ( i-uieterjr,
ami-. tbe -_«kie»t <.*Jti>e»tr»iU.e«wl
! bere.
A Trt»(» t racer jr
1/.. AxuK. », i»'!.' T. 1 alter
noun a l au ;• ,t tl,. *.<;iiteo(
Mf *. CLUaufc uoii li ug r.
I Mala r-*.-, J iu WI>CO I ari l
ab r »«.». in *.: i n • « I i liter
iir* a iir- (« .m «ensi u~e
wesp » wa. • .ar,.4i. -
i'H! "W 3 t*v> vi fcer bngei The
!|M f> lheti !«;»•»« tl.e jl tt>> to her
bsait an.t bre<i. tie i al, »li l r itr
»iir» lie ■ l.tr a >i..anre. .hi
trainp 6i>ii ai Li.ii rOlii Ok*uni >l.ut
VM buif U>r<*> t'u lab .■■, tl
Win in Uiits. kin if citi tt'« (uiitwt
ib< t :: wtjbui ar« but in.• e a t-y

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