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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, October 17, 1888, Image 6

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Ui«*t of Earlbh Di»
IMMtMM«rI*-aid«tf .f* *»r*
l«p Kalle -Tskla* MrnlH*
>f the tear. It'.
Sew Tw* *«ML
The ik*i! ErtgSwh dr**«e» ai* all
trimmed with border. of -hamoi. of!
kid. -rat oat in Hornet detigns and
stitched tu the ctoth with gold and di
ver thread and cotofsd »Bki. It fc»
either bnttor.-bolrd arwmd the edgw*
or ei-e a delicate outline embroidery
of the thread' hoii. the Hsaraot* in
ptaee and form* the rein* «f leave*
and the line, of flower petal' A
charming ji»t imported by a
Well-known drr-tmaker i* at saaooffc.
•oft hr»«n cloth. of which the «k:rt
ban,- puin and fail, a mere '«i of
the goad# bejsg paused around the hip*
•ad knotted with l-m* loop* aod en>i«
in the bark. The edge of the skirt
carried a «leep band of f-hamoi-, '-at
oat in hold S »wer design. and stitched
so*a in gold. rf«en and red «Bfc. The
w»i»t ha»l »arpllre front*, icathernl oa
the -Ifi'jWeT# atvl rruneed orer a *e»t
of the open r-h.*ro<K< I.Uil orer Iwown
rl<yth an i Mit--had In tb* «ame way
Tlffr were <|eep ra(f» of the chamoi-)
to the rfijfhtly I ille<! »{eere". a high
foliar Of t!i» »a»'. alKl there w*» a
wrinkUxi ra*h belt of the rhamoi*.
U*'-etM«i "i;h » *old i*ll» A «onte
what 4iaihr #lh»« of rr»»f» - loth ha>i
feor,ler« of i—ie-l* kid in-lark tan roi-n
--and »tst«-he-l »ith fold. bl*rk and »car
te-t Amietime- rkb P'r-Un !•
«rte« the pfcas-e ot the kht on 'bi»
trff | r,(Mr4T (o'tiui-* j. te I «n > fa!.
ak>rtr i t.pe of ir- «• A new em
br<ddery aeen on *oa<* of the Fret»<-b
dre»»e* si of *ifr*r thread oa «r»rt»(
eU>lh liM'l<, o«ed to tnai dark, »' >e.
»M tirama lre»«e« Thi- *tlrer
Mlbnkhn' l« done hf the .«we'ii<h
an;! tb«-lr fete dre»«~» are
alwjv- trimmed with ft.
The ti»*e»t thing an><>nr the "ear
riage girl- i> that the footman *h*Jl
b« prmiWil with a hmS abawl oi a
ioWr to mateh hit Urrrj , atnj when be
oprm th" carriage <l<*rf he ti»M> at.
tbi» ■hawlaotbst tb<- fret of tiie Jsuljr
whim ofigin»!<>.| with a Oiu-ago heir
e- who but fi-el of the proamnion
which the iur.nv piragrapher i< prone
to a»«il* to the wotnrn id that city.
Che it extfesa»>y p'ettratil wear* »
tin. Ofhm, ''lit only her •h x-tutker
and h> r m4i i kiio* the number of
her 'hue, aiwl thev weoldn't til f.>r
mtib. Her »ho-maker ha« lain
avtaki- night* |>iiinni»i! a U"t that wilt
make that girl', foot look omall, and
he bt< never ,<u i <v>Jr i «ic«pt in
hit dreaoi*. "ihe is painfull* •endure
«o»t<-lt>ittg It. her -k'rts are all
R«<lt to to'nil the Ui«or, and -«
akiiifsillv h ing th:tt when «he
walk< they drjf thfir fold« in «u. h
• way that not a glirnp -e of » la, ,tap.
penr*. Hat one d*y ihe had to
alivht ftoin her coupe in from of a
larrfe mirror ib it w i< otiUkdc of a far
niture *liop, awl then an.| tri-rf ~hc
dl«fa»*ereii to her h irr<ir tint erery
tima »he
rarrimfe all her preeanti .n- for eon
realing htr feet wera inele-*. and any
pft<»ei 1/V" uiigtit «ee .»tw> went hi.me
In de«palr art I to-ver fmt one of the»>
nuhapt'T feet into her < arriagi* again
until •be had (bought out the plan of
the thaal. Iteing a woman of wealth
and a aot'ial leader, anything »he did
w»* »are to I* .■opie.l, an.t now it U
held by the t 'hu-Jgo girl thai it i* in
<ie<-ent l<i ti|n>4 Iter fet*l un«|er «uch
elr muxtari' . - and a'l the f'Httmen are
aroviiad with tittle lor muit
!*'• «»eet »ake. It U to I* hoped
that the women wlv> ride in hor-eeaM
have pretty feet, or are le-s Mtnilbt.
'■ Wlitntl.' and I'll eonia tovoa, my
!»•"." 1» the new rer-ion of »n old
rang will- ti the latefrat> of Mm. Hbaw
in l. tridoti ha* bfo*:2bt al<o'ttatid p»»j»-
ularizr<t to •itch an extent th <t eterv
Wiiuii'i wh i C4ti make the *lighte."t
•ound bv eapetllng air from ptirxd up
lip< ha» fullv deteraiinetl t j learn the
coining winter, from pre ent Indira
tion» there ii to Ijeltrre that
lh<- wbt*Uin< mania will »iif*r-e-le the
faith tare in the tickle affection of
latWiiainlJf womankin I. Cwtlkty one
of llie •tronge«t iud'H-euteot* to the
arqalreioent of the art U that it
ha-i heretofore l«en .on Idered
a sort of forbidden fruit the
old -aw abo it whittling Kirl
and criiwintf hrtii never doing \%*tl in
life, tending tot iat i-ottrktion. There
•re dunliUc-* h-indrula of girl» nh >
hare allowed ;t redly ftrit-ralv whittle
to drop lut»iie-»uelii le through a iu\
taken ** !»-e of virtue and an inherited
bun a« to wb il i .ui-!itute.t really lady
like bebarlor. N.>*. however, that tiie
IViure of Wale* h i *et hi.* -oval -eal
Hp 'n letii.de wht*t.in« a- p fectlv goo.l
form, there will be no mi of piping
thro iiibout the iength and breadth of
tb*'Und an t I-ird• of i?a> e*t
P'.ring forth volume- of «eete«t
•"•'■ii. I - will#, it common ornitholog
ical anathroiitui.
«.iui.H or uo.o
The fretty Crrxturr* (iu to tha
Theater t natteudcHt.
Philadelphia HeeoM.
Mareus A Slaver, who ha- been
piloting Mme* Tatti through »South
America, slfv
The girt* t*i Muitevidc are the
lorHM I ever -a* There one part
of the ho>-;*e where thev oidv
ladle* That i* t'ie "<iiue*a." It i*
the circle Just leloft the gallery, or
to Paradbe, ami one of the male -e* in
not uiiofred
allowed to wrear bonnet* in the Ca
tttela. The front row ii re-creed and
we charge s»*for the«e -*it* rue
back row»art" for the adt* - ,on ticket*
to the t a«ue!a. and for th* -« ae gri
|l C-o At aboat \ oYlock the voung
tadie* com men • congregating at the
door, and there thev »tand until 7
©VI. nk and keen up such a clatter and
row that the i*Hi. e often compel u< to
open the door* and let them it» at« 30.
Vou *hould the crjmbfe! They
are aor e than men or hoe*. Thev
tat** the seat* hack of the front row,
an t tli **e wh«» are lucky g*> a seat,
wbde the unfortunate darn el* are
Compelled t» st ifid Hp. Thi* place
wlii bo' 4 ftboot *lO women, and it i* a
beautiful sight to look up at them m
an the color* i*f the r«inb w bea iti
ful brunette* all bedecked In die
-01 -'s-l'
\' l Ut ■ l *--r « ih - t:i c a
p! iiv> !i at m»n -futm< wi
-• '<• Ihr il(nr k: lh» e»u lu Die
ta«l t'w « n)wtl tts< k ki
thiithi' 14a «irj«a ! in
f 1 >"•' i» li>»v ro th»v ,r, inn bv
thrHr » Of ?,t..rr' or -I'dir r- .rl
t<» •*<* IJi.vn h;>tii'
> •• i m v*r •"* a l»!v on th» 'lrwl *t
ni fhi xlune -h* i, « ih a
in,i v»u | ihtm
la llw a^>u(
mtitui iSi"vit*.
»M« «f il dnit ..f s s» r »
<» I* MrlU
4 " hite v.'ttinj the ii-W \-i Mt.% \
m Ihr I'nttHl « ,*.*.» h >fv ,|j«
•It" ».s! j: Jtt! «U uir»ti|t ihi-ia,n>
e»«H* ittii Iwauci t cutUfM thai
*rr a • ajj
«a> ' to a nttle n »• »r
--fv*r that wa* t?-d> mtere«tu»£
Tin* R > <<f ce4or wh • *t
the « itfance <v: th» I mte\i **tate -
to ,> s t»»n<i to tne earriafe door« and ihr
want - A tbfo d Wi» an-i yo »**? folk«
w,V» i»i •* |n ami out oJ item had hi*
a«-> i-t »nUton «s0 e ' e - Uie tke
cw lb v '» r*' e>i
for ou<- hi* |K»»;in»a and hi* h'.jffe
atandvnjf whne a ekwie fet
un er rhin
Tuin t in ii earned,
be - vie i t.t >*t wtc.teee-warlt. th: h.
Whvn to a t vmapre wfa*ri, at t
aa .% fji s £ or >,w>t protector tad ***>«
ir \ 1 A
Wa k <dM|at \ hi* «hawi wa* to*
c«Vt t U fl ther« ■*, r-i f, ia.-ncd
•en; aa e|U*. f*a<sv in.nn a vert ]
ehw»r-nirr<fiv ihiftd ttHiR/ laid* the;
teMf.MMl.rf •■MMiefffWl
wealthw;t is as ap©a*f*ttce.
aKAMMAtI *fce *oMI the »l»w1
brocwbt into «*•- the .-«k*r*i man.
voicka* a wink. sprang to the front«
the carriage. *h« to my »Mer *at
prise end thai of 30 or store bystand
er*. he b*4l op the *h»wl si* • iljer hi«h ;
wi'j the lad; of fa-bion bad alighted.
It *iw M * P««f to"* <" delicate
isk-*«, no one wa» the Wiser. beCMsa
Um Mar* «bawl «ermd a» goat *J»«-
po*e a* » Japanw-e M-reen wotiM »»f
.tone The *bawl art i« new, b**t m»y
wf tfc* ftrf« who wait Saratoga hare
tried it aod Hke it,
Takiag wftbe Tear.
The foQowing nrtnt letter, bearing
tbe ntaatswe aa.l ad-,ir*« of aa lager
«oti< 3t 1 l»iv. I» *aii to have beets
received br Mr, Arthur while he wo
:*»t of the ratted !$*•»»:
frwrfcieot Arthur ftar ."fir: I
take the liberty of ad<Jrwatiaic you.
Tbi- I* leap year, and I want y«*i to
ft me a baxbattd Here there are
**ven girt* to ot* boy. *rvi there it not
one a bom I kaow that I wo-.W marry.
I uu a r- »*at howwkeeper; eaa
rooic tot of good thing*, knit, make
u't at own and ar motber't draatet.
t*«i .-• otf»er kind* of eewing; play
th» ja»w. »nd organ—to fart, people
call IU« a «en«H»e ami clever girl.
Now. I think I aa> worthy of a good,
kind h»»l>«id.<fc»«'t yoa! Well I want
OR« who neither drink", *m»ke*. nor
chewt tobacco, woo it moral and boowr
a'jie. who ii red to> oid or u» yoang
(alwut 3d or toi and who hat taoney
er.ougt. to hara a comfortable ami
pirn*a:it home, and who will lore me.
an-t in ret .rn I will lore him awl keep
hi- ho'.'-e Slid clothing in g>*»d order
and «ee that he hae plenty of good.
•HI coked ritual* to eat. for the way
of a man * heart i» through hit »tom
arh. So*, tbeti.if yon know of toeh
a inidraun Hn-taw I *u» wdl-born
and p»rt Yankee: my grandmother
*J< a < onnrciic.it I»dy» pleate «en<l
b.m up here. I am p.red of thtt cold
region ami would like to live among
tne wirioheirteJ, friendly American*.
!•-- de-. I Uiink tbe American* make
the be»t hutharwi* and tbe Canadian
girt* ar- the i»«<4 roeired and healthy,
I am fa;r, and I think contrast* are
>*-*t >.ut that i> immaterial Sow 1
am In e»rt.ett and i want ytro to help
me if yo i • an and i will ever begratefnl
to vo Hoping to bear fr -m you
*<ion, I remain, your true friend.
AM •m.ooo Hall.
N-i. y.i rk Con Hhliadeiphla frrea
The Van i<-rUlt< and oth-r* of our
-e-tai magnate- have l«en having •
joily time at All the -on* and
.'a'Urhter- of tbe late Wiliiam H. Van
den, :ii have Iwer, a.-cmMrd there
oitbin tbe pa-t I'l day*. The gather
inj.* tnclnd—l th»- -loane*. the Shepardt
and t'ie Welrb tho- ■ name* Ireiorig
ing to the fortnr. ite ont-iii law of the
dea«lt>: ut. William l>. Sloane ii a
millionaire on hi* own account, for he
*»* rich when he married Into etill
greater wealth, bit Elliott t. Mhepard
and x-« trd Webb were of no arcount
linanciaily when they -tru k fort ine
in wesbu'k. The season it a
very brie-; antnmnal epi*o>|e in the life
of our wealthie t plea* ire-»eeker*
fbe great over-h ciowmg ev.-nt wa.t a
i* I gives to Mr*, -loancat Kim court,
tbe Lenox h'.me ol the Sloane*.
It may be a ordid, ttnpooti' al way
ol putting il bin there I- . ondented
meaning lu tbe fact that a little over
|lt.i«»l worth of tpiendor wa* given to
the guc <t* that evening. Two di-tin
g ii*he«t »rts-t. were brought from Sew
York U> dedgu and -upervUe the won
droj* decoration* o; the premise*, and
tliey were not atintol as to either
quantity or <{Ua!ity of material* used.
Two large orchestra" were fetched up
from tiutham. The midnight *U[)|x-r
wat B marval. and to produce .it a
famo-ii) New York restaurant wa
practb ill*- tran-|MirU-l. 11 ilf a dozen
-inger" were hired to interpolate a few
minute* each of vocal melody. And
ail around the edge of thi* irorgeou
alfair were thronifs of rutlic.*, with
•taring eye* and wide-open ear*, won
dering if'it wat all actual or whether
they were dreaming iilkiiil some ex
travagant tile of Action. The arrival
in the iifternitm of William K. Van
derbllt. ,-eward Webb and two others
in their four torse loaches may have
•truck the vi*i >nof the country flolk*
like multiplied prince* going to a
I'inderella lull.
Til# Ki-.ih *my >o Home.
Mr*, Dinah Mulock I'raik has the
following suggestion i* one of her
!articles oa "Woman's Rc*pjn*ibilities
in M .tiey Matters:"
Very few men have the time or tbe
paitenreito make a shilling go as far
a* It can, but woman till liyilltllf a
woßi in m base one th uijiht i* to *ave
her ha band from having burdens
{freater than he can hear, to help him
>v tb it quiet circuitie s in money
matter- which alone give, an ea-y
mind and a real enjoyment of tifc; to
take care u the |*'unie* in short, that
benny have tbe pounds free for all
hi* lawful nc ■ is'uid lawful pleasure*,
* i t*ly there can l»e no sharper funic
to a luring wue than to *ther hu»-
hau l -t.Hiring under the weight of
family lite, wortct i almost to death in
order t*» "dodge the wolf at the <toor, M
toyle-* in the present, terrified at the
future: and vet, all thU might have
kfii averted if the wife bad only
known the value aa4 u*e of money
and l»een able to keep what her hn—
band earned, "to rut her coat i»rorti
jutf to h«*r cloth. " for any innnne i*
limited" utile** you can teach your
><?{( to hve within it, to "waste not/*
therefore to "want not." II it thi* i*
not al* ay- the woman * fault. Men
in-i*t blindly on a style of tiTlnf which
their mean,•* will not allow, and many
a wife ha* been cruelly blamed for
living at a rate of expenditure un
warranted bv her husband's mean*,
and which Yti-* pecuniary condiUon*
made a »*oluicly dishonest had >he
known it. Hut-he did not kuow it,
tie teiiif too «arele*-*or too cowardly
to ted. and abe had not the Mn.<t to
inquire or filkl out.
Kvtrv wiHreiti of a household, espe-
«iaiiv etWBPlf mother. i*ux:ht U* know
a hat the family income l« And where
Ucome«from. and therebv prevent all
nee-ile ■-. itaif tae mis
erable or di^raeful bankrupt. Ie«
ih-v« ; would hap»*en if the wive* had
the »n e and <'ou!lajte to «Un 4 tirm
and :n-i*t on knowing enoujeh about
the familv income t«.» expend it pro-
I«orli,lately. to restrain, a* every wre
*honl t. a tv»t> lavish hu band or. faii
in#t in that, to deny herself a 1 Imurie*
which -he cannot rijfbU'ous'jp a {ford.
AUmj to bring up her children in
tender »are that relu-«e* to
mulct "the governor" *>ut of one un
ne*.e>*-vry half jenny, or to wa*te the
rieonev be work* •»» hard for in their
**tukt«| rar«' > * t«lor« (m lilrlft.
'»m*U Herald.
Shaken r»emv * adviv*e to girla aU»ut
the -e \ >n of a bu»bmd t* the let
fu print, without etcepting poor Hu h
a\i and ilannah Mre iVar Kate,
take a !c low of |4atn and um-oine*!
om tancy. (<%r be. perforot, mu*l do
llhy rticht. c * u*e he hath not the s:tft
to woo in other place* : for the*e fel
low* «»f :ntinite tomrue. that can rhyme
tfetteaelee* iatt> Udse*' favora. ihey do
alw4y* fw-on them elven ovit
Wb», a speaker t* but a prater; ;
rhv me i" but a t**il*d A jr<H>d leje will
fait, a *:r.«itfl»t baek will atoop: a
Mi- k wtd turn white: a curiihl
pate will flrrow imUd : a ttiil eve will wax
B«dlow. but a Jk* "«j Jie irt the
*un and nw» 4 n, for it "htne* b ami
never « banc ■ but keep* it* course
tr Uy/
I'fOM'nj |V<k'« It lilo«.
'•'*c,v.; ei *n. PhS *t Sewn
Fh.rt>-n!"»e yeara a*'o the I>U» of
ka*t lie ien Jam*'* K l*olk
pe ly h » ia«t at hi*
hvMHfte m tht* dt fh> hou«e remain*
to » ay eta. :>■* a* it «.*.* then. No
change fc.* • made in the ci>*un •#.
* \Ui ihe e i v 'Tt wi tne erectx»»a of a
•'at r- V air* •. a r d* tro»* the *i e
em ance i»t e anctenl i»an*h»n. The
wj t* e-i-Mpnt |*o k i* now n»a
*i"?t; in ri « f ner hfe in the hi*
nld ie vu- i* in her
rear, cheer ad b.t ;*«r?-te. and
in sf-idh an i mtuiiUf await
*«g the i:,z\ *u«st Mx»n
OsSf the »»tIN-r afternoon t
pSsfced ml wary mch wortrf kf tbe
-txtp-nffi sad diptemats a# tbe «bMr.
So* 4wb[>rpt«ttb>maij)(Do( life,
rbr-irniir feeble and very mat ■* alone
-* living relic of a past p«W. Her
intellect T* bright, bet her memory it
poor. ud die can «!k ««Jy • '**
<ic{n at i liM. and eren tbea as*
citbeai the «M of • s«ruiL Oocetbe
ie» ;-.r.c lady of the luvl *be » now
ud U" <rn for ataiM a hml* century
lirmga ofeei •ectesioia. For any
v«ar» flashing kM been beanl of tor.
exrep* bo* tad \iien a -trar news
paper pira-rrapb or mention.
Here are wnc notca about ciever;
women. Mr*. Himpttrer Ward, au
thor of " Rotjert Elsmere"—than wht h
no book ha- been «o wisiely read and
univer-aßy appro*e>i -ince "Adam
Bede ' appeared— t- wU to be a •mall,
tight woman, at *«• '•corse K:oL
too, by tbe way. a»d fe*» a ™bwte»t
fare vjft. tti k. dark hair, which she
wear* reryjiißOOth and plain; a iarge
now. like EUo! again. and her eyet are
small. Hack and rerv piercing,
i Tbe author >f The Story of an
! Afn -xn K«rm."which has had oitlr lea*
j ancce** than ' Robert B-mm,'' it u
Enriith g-jreme--. *ho was born at
the Cape, of raited «ien»an and Eng
lish parentas.-»- the daughter of a
1 nji*«Tt«arT who died and left her at
11 year* >fi age alone and friendlesw
; The i-arlr year* of her life were ful! of
the tuoat dreadf'ii hard«h:p» and
1 crielt-.«"> and much of the more melan
i choir pert- of the book i# autjbiojrra
nb!<-al. Her real name UOiire rSchrri
ntr. though »he .-iaimt bertei: Ralph
I lron -
Vernon Lee i* another author who
; bat chosen to write under a p*e;:d
--' onrm. her true title being Volet Vaget.
; Her novel. "Miss Brown,'' raited the
• time storm in England that "The
yuick or the l>ead" did here, and
•diii-e then »be ha- confined ber«elf to
writing essay* on all -ort* of "object*,
and rerv remarkable one* thej are.
-he i- plait, large and rery matcnlino
in appearance. IHie-n t care much
about women - frill* and fancies and
i« an inveterate cigarette -moker, al
wav* having one between tbe linger*
of ker left hand while *be wri e* or
| read*
ft i* «aid th.-.t every yo-ing woman
who (an emit a mimical -ound by ex
pelling ihe air through her pur-ed up
up* i* preparin,' to rival iii*s Alice
shaw. tbe fanioo- whi-tlcr, tbi* com
ing season, bach feminine ambition
and -how of enterprise i* "uroly com
mendable. but 'J out of ever>- 10 of
the-e human mocking bird* are prone
to foriret the hotie-t work Mr*. .Shaw
put on her talent before *be ever dared
vett!ure her wonderful whi*tle before
a critical public. -She worked with
a- much ardor and per-everance a*
ever ng>tre -or piani*t. and was
witeenough to wait until practice had
wrought perfection before asking
-ocietv to make her the fa«hion.
Tbe exposure- the press is making
I of inhumanities to sewing women ha*
I rou-ed the deepest -vmp ithy for that
da-* of laborer- In I'bicago and
el-ewhere women of wealth ure estab
lishing protective societies to help
*e.i.m-tre«*c* to -tand up lor fairer pay
and more considerate treatment, but
utile-* they adopt the plan formulated
in Bro »klyn year* ago. of a great em
ploy ment'societv. where time and tal
ent can be nti Ued. there seem* little
to hope for in tbe wav of permanent
a«*istance for the-e "whi'e «lave*," as
thei are termed. There i- small u-e
deploring tlw liard-hip- of the poor
iiulcs- some way i- devised of helving
them liirbten their t«vertv. Work
mean- bread and idlene*-* -tarvation
to too many women for strikes to lie
agitated, and to be friends, indeed,
wealthy -i ter* mu*t lind lietter em
ploynicnt, or the tyrannies they a*-i*t
in etjsi-ing will gc on forever.
The world, -av- an Engli-h society
journalist, will hear soaiething of wo
men in art before the 9>th century
comes in. I have !>een listening to a
singular concert, improvi-ed by the
damsels who carried ort the prizes for
vioiin play ine this autumn at the con
servatoire. There were eight of them.
The flower of the flock was a chit of 15.
I'agaiuni never had n more accom
plished disciple. >he looks a mere
gamin. Alio! them acqu tted them
-elves brilliantly. 1* it not carious
that girl* acre so- long in finding
out how well the violin -uit- them? It
they have talent and good fingers,
they are, a* violini-t*. -imply lrrc
fistable. The outline of tbe bu*t,
when tile vioiin i- against the shoul
der, is given it> fulle-t value; the fore
arm emerge* from the nest of lace,
the head gra< efully 1 lends down
toward the instrument, and. if
the frock is not very long, the foot,
which of course are in neat shoes and
•to king*, are well in view. The draw
hack* are that the violiu want* an ac
companiment and that girii-h beauty
1* Heeling. Very ripe beauty does not
go so well with the instrument.
I.llltKl I » I'IIKU \l X >llll
Hllllxer MrSval'* itm llure
than She t'uultl Wilhslaud.
Chlrago Tribuue.
• Billiger McSiV.it. remove your arm
instantly I"
<«rcat drop* of perspiration broke
oat on the i<road, intellectual brow of
the young man to whom these words
were addressed.
"Have ! presumed too much on the
kindi»e-<* and familiarity with which
she has treated me?" he said to him
self. 1 Have I lo*t her? No: No- It
cannot I>e"' And he Rave voice t a the
emotion* that thrilled bU*oul:
"Übelit Ornbh," be said. with the
yearning, p.mdonute warble of aw>untr
poet teadering the fir-t paroxysm* of
hi* mue to a red-whiskered, cros*-
eved Hterarv editor, "bear what 1 have
t a hv first
i hi* threat nith convulsive
energy, he went on:
' For the love of heaven, LoMia. do
not tell me that I have !-een mi taken
in thinking the :n»;orm regard that
ha« nt.irked vo ir conduct toa ard.* me
during the V»*t six month* 11 l>c a
warmer -entiment tl»an that of mere
friendship! l>o not cru*h the hope*
th.:t hav- nam iri my br .*t like a
Miwaukec avenue tenement bo a »
erected on the c»mtra« t plan lie y.cir
own ecntle, ter ler. | iti »H -elf. and*-
"Btlftiger McSwat. remove your
"One moment. Lobelia* Think <>f
th*» happy, "oult'ul hour* we have
*pent t>ver l>ante. Browning and—
an I the hen an i a ball problem? t'.dl
to tuind the enjoyment the enthad
a*m, tiie—er natien e with whi h we
have atten .ed let ture artcr lecture on
art' Kemem'er the"—
IMijfer McSwat, remove your
Ami li ?en to the pleading of yonr
own gentle heart when f tell you of
the - rroa that a ba*t de- »«;on on
your part would co«t »?#»*. I could
not lear it. I came l»ert* thi* evening.
I.oU opp*e*-«*d by the new* j i-t
reerive»l th-4l 1 have 1 »«t my «»n?v
uncle In fhe brea*t (o ket erf thi*
coat is the btier that anvey * the »*d
new-. It i* true h»- wa« a w.n of
great wealth. He wo worth, pcrhap*.
a quarter «»f a mdthm. an i *n the letter
oi whk h I speak I an; in < » *aed by
hi* solicitors that lam hi- !c heir.
b.»r v
4 I,'«*t vo ir only an ie? <c I tm
*o **>rry! l.rt it Ik* my n ?•••*! •;? t »
consi- rt you. Hi hjfer*
<»entjy, b»r*ivi?ixdy, the fair maiden
Upon that t»rrowuu* voting
IH U a* ■-be labl her bea itiud he v>l
with wealth o? iftdtien bmrtendertx
and on the bfea*t-pocket
containing the letter.
And llti! i rr did not ranore bl*am>.
Wh*! < .-Wf» i«» if»« iniomn
N'var Yert
MiiM N;no{'k»fi« (who tarned in th~
»lo #o ad<vre the asit au;; What i* it,
i wonder, th .1 oa«o one with
• d» new, atrange *tn in the
-oemn ewrlv autumn Mr. Applectst T
Farwer Ai iwe ■■■■-.*. I hain't qu tr
-are, Mi * Wt if ;t emu^-o®
ver arm-, an itrhe t «■
ihe new n.ick*Hit pa n-r-ake»
CfeiKrsa cry Str Pnu«r » Cuurit.
How the PMpfe of tke Sort*
CMM ftoMrirw.
■ m
Sqi mt tka Civil W«r-r»W»t
A. C. Gorton is the Wnmr.
-Comfy thy habit as U»t par* c*=
boy" *l4 3 maxiat o< in llif
ha--«i brae*: far lb«t TO i» niWßi
tbe sobject of barter or sale which
was inexpensive. Spx*&' ii-ttaw
Uken at random prow the general
raJe. In aafart. 1-64, a private ctti
«en » coat and vest. made of fire yards
;of cotrw horae-»pm cloth. co»t $39
exclusive of the fl»t r*id for the mii
-1135. The trimming* con-isted of tld
crmvats: and for the catting and put
ting t .-ether. a eomntrr tailor charred
Jji It is safe to My that tbe |*rivate
' citiaen looked a veritable guy in bi
ne* sort, ia spite of it* barjr drain
Opoa hi- poeketboofc.
In January, WS. the material for a
ladvV dress which before the war
wooJd have cart SK». coild not I*
bought for lea* than ssflO. Tbe mas
-1 aline mind is unequal to the task of
gue»-ing bow great a sum might have
; been had for bonnets brought through
i the linesfar in spite of patient self
sacrifice and unfaitering devotion at
the bedsMea of the wounded in the
hospital, or in ministering to the
needs of relative* and dependent, at
i borne. the Southern women of tbo-e
devs are credited with as keen an in
terest in tbe fashions as
women everywhere in civilized lands
are apt to be in time- of peace. It
was natural that they »boul>i be «o in
terested. even though that interest
could in the main not reach beyond
theory. Without it they often would
have had a charm the less and a pang
the more. Any feminine garment in
the *ba|>e of cloak or Ixmnet or dre-s
which chanced to come from the
North wa« rea-iily awarded it- meed
of prai<e. and reproduced by sharp
evetl observers. hi far as the scarcity
of materials would admit.
But fashion's niln were necessarily
much relaxed in tbe .- mthern Con
federacy so far as practice went when
even such article- as pins brought
through the blockade sold for 112 a
paper, and needles tor $lO, with not
enough of either.
Thf superstition expressed in the
see a j-io, and pick it up.
All the day you'll have good lack.
f ain«->l it* convert* by tiie .K-ore; mure,
iowev«?r. as CM be readily imagined.'
i to r the sate of the pin itself, which it j
«rj- a -troke of hapj y fortune to tind
and !*ize, than of any otJier good luck \
that wa» to accompany the finding. '
The broken neetiles of t'onfe»ierate
time* did not eu into the fire nor out
of the window, but was care
fully laid until the red -ealmg
wax of the ransacked desks
and secretaries lent it a head where
with to apfear a- a handsome and
useful pin. To obtain the bare ma
terial* out of which to fashion gar
ments for the family and for the -er
vants soon became a serious question.
The house carpenter and the black
smith were called into service to Ibis
end. and cotton once more bwuae
king, though of a greatly diminished
sovereignty. Carding combs of a
rough pattern were constructed for
the purp of converting raw cotton
into batting, and thence into rolls of
uniform length and size for spinning, j
The hum of the spindle audi the clank
ol the loom treadle were the material
lutnie with which the women at home
met the attacks of the legions of
co!d and nakedne-~.
iv inning wheels, reels, bobbins,
loom-. and all the appurtenances for
the weaving of cloth were made and
nsed at home; and the toilers in the
cotton fields and the spinners in the
loom shed worked on contentedly,
with a seemingly sublime indifference
to the mighty struggle that was con
vulsing a continent for their sake-*.
Oi this dusky people it may here be
said that, no" matter what philanthro
pist-, politicians or philosophers
have sai l of them in the j»ast or shall
pgpphesyof them in the future, they
Were true to every tru>t imposed in
thetu; and with a most tremendous
power tor dire-! evil in their posses
sion, the negroes of the South in the;
day-of the civil war did naught but ;
good. It the "'colored troops of the
i nion army "fought nobly,'* the
slaves of the Southern plantation so
bore themselves in those stirring time:
as to merit no smaller meed of prai-e.
Cotton and woolen fabrics oi firm
and substantial texture were woven,
cut ami fashioned into garments lor
whites and Knacks. Plentiful crops of
riax reinforced the array oi wool and
cott »n, and many a little flax wheel
whleh in the days oi peace has since
moved North to adorn in its newly
gilded and beribboned state the l»ou
doirof some :e thetic girl, might tell
pathetic tale-of its former place of
re Idence, if the tongue of it- tiny
spindle had but speech.
The djfs of the forest wood hark-*,
of the hi mac. of the Carolina indigo
ami of the copjieraa from the numer
ous coppera* wells were utilized to
rolor the t i »th thus woven. We
rea i in th- current newspapers that
*'a handsome l»rown dye" i- ma le by
:t comhiuatif n of red oak bark and
Mm--tone in Unlink water: and that
"a brilliant yellow" may lie obtained
by poarinc boiling water upon other
conij>oneiil part' ol swamp
ba> and butterfly root." The same au
thorities tells us that "vivid purples,
reds and greens" were product*! from a
composition of coal oil and sorghum,
tinted with the appropriate tree Nark:
though of coal o:i for other purpose*
there all too little. If a gre ,t in
ilarity of quality ami texture existed
in the homespun clo b, the e?i*.nr,edi
tion of the foregoing means r,f dyeing
clearly demon trates that there was
at lea»t opportunity for as gre:«! diver
sity o| color a dis ing ii he ! the fa
mous coat of Joseph; tho ugh the
reader of to- lav i« apt to io-.k with
-.» me « i pumn on the c »ii-pi. mis
forwardne-• of the .» ij#*ctive* "vivid."
britli int. "•'lileridiii." which alwa\ ■-
art . rup-t? Ie i tie e tali manic reeip*V
*»tro .g thr-a i for *ewing was evolved
irom the little ilax whee ». For any
unusually handsome work. if bv anv
i chun e Nut h work sbotsl-i hapjn n
to l«e deiuundetl, -ewiutf »i;k was pro
cured in au emergenev by ravelins the
fringes of old -i k sliawlh or pu king to
pieoN atlk scraps whieh had survived
t-meN touch, and cardim*. combing,
and twi-iiog them into fine thftntb.
Tbesc ittt e •liken ' h.inu" were M»me-
o |«retti;v r lored by m -an of
the dyes that have been t
to btfome in tbe eve* of the woman
kind of that generation almost as
heantiful a* the many-hade«i d.*intv
ti o i.le«of the p»e are the « »-
men of loniar,
At the Afrlraitarai i •ibgr.
"How are vol get* ngakuig with the
cißerimerita!farm* 1 " a
of th* of <»f a Western
a*rtealtu«W cvdlege of the pre .dent of
the in Htwtkm.
"Kird-rjit- " «j l "'1 the president,
j Wheat all hilled up and cafve«* ta :*fht
1 1 • drink M>tir milk. I'm having tr*«i-
J '«kf »ith -otne of the bow
j ever They .'aim that it t«- » ltar.i
I - >-rk ?«*? t?»eu to dig tW rreat ho;e«
Dt ary in planting pumpirin-."
Fire ett» « «t. profc -t. fite en.
I t>ut ret trnarf tiwe resrot. If they
| kick <»rt kbit, what w ii they do next
| fad «b n have to <»ig th<p (iaß)i»>
! * in- *ith maybe fifteen ortweii'T m
i .■
I *" ________
AHVtrt. T«» tdllHCKl.
!Mr». W ,t>w » - jj; c > r-ap. f<»f ehix
drv% tWtVtSf. i* tike pr» »« sf »><«<• of
| the ?«e*S fviaa-v- Bttr»t* a&d in
|• V» i'ttlt'-d >4 mW*. and hm» !*e»Ti 'tool for
I nUflasi >►.? rwcb«*rs {»>*■ *r
i jyn r T'si' f '.e «»f
J twrakr : ft relieve tbe < h.!d from
J tva;!>. * * dyae-nif-ry and <Siai"rbi*a. crtv*
| ;ag i« '• *>« bamats. a»<t w?as4 eofa'- Kjr *lv
j iSfi U< tbe < tU'd Xh
• Pr-'b* . **" a bmifrt. t*
10 m nouuu «*« w
Groceries and Hardware,
fac!®iveJy ton***. «* -i*<** ***"**** "
Dry Goods, Ken'. FnmUhin* G«<ta, Boo""" 1 Sho "
to the trad® at greatly reduced prices.
W* eitbev whaie-Je or
W * *tadow Shade*, et* Wenrpca:-*"-
Call esrlj urf W"*
z. O- MX XjES,
tl_t.nn, {• fliUri A HUM , *>«»»> *»* H*tao 11
rrststrssrrssss —•
Mill »tre«t. <leßttl». W. T.
ITKT G: smith,
Cigars ul Tetafew. l<ers«k«M PiP«- Cliller J' Sutloaerj. «tt
Mill lUlll. r»l«.L»»rj BblWlbk. ««•»«•, W. T.
t for U>f FW do Madrid Key
~s. O. HAJtPIIS & CO,
JnVWs la Imported aad DoßMtic
Wines and. Liquors,
V«le.- Le*ry Block. Front Sueet,
0«»1. delivered-
Foundry. Machine and Boiler Shops,
Corner Second, Jackson and Third streets, beattle.
J. M. FKIXK. <up>fl»Hw«t>l"
E. LOBE <& CO.,
Just Received, 50 Crates Crockery, direct from England,
which wiil be sold cheap.
Just Received!
1000 lbs. Arabian Mocha Coffee.
1500 Iba r smaiea Java Coffee. Ike fines.
grova in the world.
2000 lbs. Plantation Java.
2500 lbs. Mountain Costa Rica.
These 'siffV'-.'s will I** ro«>ted daily. Try
a sample uf inv "Perfection Blend."
W)6 Frost Sli int. e<id
C. II H \xroai>. President and Counsel,
Kx-Uor. W IT-IA Sjcia*. Viee-Presldent.
H K. Silts, .S orvUry.
Title Insurance & Trust Company.
CAPITAL, 8250,000.
Booms 19, 20, 35, 36, Union Block,
Issues po'lcies of insurance upon REAL
ESTATE TITLES, diarauteei rig absolute pro
tection against 10.-s by reason of defective
It assumes at it* own expense the defense
of all leeal proceedings instituted in the
interest of adverse claimants aud relieves
the insured from all trouble, aunoyancc,
anxiety, cost and expense attending such
I (adjourned) of the stockholders of the
Kinaj County Investment Company will be
bed at the office of the company in Seattle
on Wednesday, October 24, laKS, at 2 p.m.
F. J. GRANT, President.
8. E. SMITH, Secretary.
!• W t Ja k«on Street Cable Road and South
schoolhouse; only 10 minutes' walk from
postoffice; on graded street. The best and
cheapest prnj>efty ever offered. Prices
from ftOJ to fiOOO.
Office. Commercial street, between Mill
aud Washington, u; stairs.
- " meats in W- at Seattle in the next
I.' month!*. 1600 of the choicest Main West
Seattle: every lot h« a grand view; lass
near the West Seattle ferry and controls
one mile of water fruut; fur *a e at figures
that will make you smile 200 a< r. »of the
best iauri at Kirklaud, 990 to ??:>. The be»t
business property on Front, Commercial
in 4 West -treeTs a! t>ed r<k V
Ofllee, Commercial, betwe* n Mil! and
VV.-t»i>i:wpn ofr"- ty »;w
Notice' to Contractors and Builders.
C? nn to M m,a . l*e i-tisUer r l<r
thelat*orand material* neeea-ary in the
ertt tion ami torkwiug of the Cruter huibl
iiu a.id twj ward- f«»r tbe propped Hospi
tal for the ln a; e to be built ri M<-di(«l
Luke, t-pokane county. \Ya.«hu»atoa Terri
tory. HM.« will be taken f«»r the cotistrue
tlon Of the building both in intone au<l
brb-k. Bids will be taken for the
whole or separate jari* of the *-aine, in
elu hug excavation, *tone work, iiriek
work, «ari*euter wo:* f tainting uud alaz
In*. iraHun;/.' I rott ami tin work. A « er
t tied eheek to the value of JO per cent «f
the bid Eiit«t a ronr.ivti « arh bid, uhi« h
w 11 be forfeited to the shoaM the
bidder fai! To u u *bf> wfth c<*od and ac
ceptable j-urvti» * to the vain*' of n> jn-r
cent, of the coutrae? priee wtibin 10 day*
after r» ceivin* notice of the i» ato-r of
•be bid. All bidi not ma te out urn t>laiik
forms or uaaeeotapatiied by a cerUfleit
check U> the *. alv.«- a bore M»ted. or lhat
ma\ b*- ptvuciite<t after th- tJ»e ?<ta*c»l will
!►; r» )*•* tad. The «ot r« «- r\e
the rlgbt t«> rf)« t any or ad bids. f*ian«
and *pv ideation* a»,d detailed draw.nira
•au Ik' *een at Med *a: i.ake »»ti or afr* r
tteiota r |s*s. «ihl !.:af»k lornt» obtaiu« d
by applying t<» >taniey Hal .tr, .\ted;«-2l
I ak* W. T. Ail hi >» to be ia m| «ti a j
dr'--***d to B*au!» > UaiU tt. «•<« r, {*r\ of the
building eoxn mi M- d <al ! ake. w T,
and w»l? lm r*r» ived up to ,y i
Deo* rn**-ra, vfiicU tune and pla'-e
they will OfKMted »n the l-n-vtH* iff
lm}dt-r« Hid* u» t»* mmkel **f«ropo»al for
The fust Hegimefii Armory
For Fair*, B»U« and Eateriaif
CfUH'K-; !i. KITriN'GEK.
Tib I ' "• R ' •" ''WES fIR"-. A
irri'mk r. <M-t.(U-r jn f-r prim, rtr .
pi* '• l*! i.tr mi TK\r<isii a
riN«i« <». . Ba". r Ware*
b«»u*e, t au« ! a-i pa. i;i W La'f.
I'lal«! Nai.|.\
i < >it s'a la :.
Tfc-« Nwk. fitiutMl near the jraa v.«rk*
and&a the *ame Uriel, i* *&i!itlf («*r taan
ufiprtcrifM? pnrpow«. Title f *nn'l"d t'O a
pivtmistcei /atea?. app'.x to
ftf l*3<l RtKRAI 3 %Jtd 4,
Venter-Lear* batktlßa.
A Boarding and Day School for
Young Men and Boys,
SEPT. 13, 1889.
An entire chauire iu the faculty. D. S.
FTLFOKL*. A. M., of Kacine Colleire, will
be H«-ad Master, assisted by R. P. YOUNG.
A M., late Mij»eriiiUndeut of Public
School* at Taeoma, and a corps s? other
competent teachers.
Discipline strict, pleasant home life,
comfortable rooms. Building heated with
furnaces, supplied with hot and cold
waier, baths, etc.
For further prrtieuiars address
P. S. FULFORD, Head Master.
College. Taeoma, W. T.
A Boarding and Day School for
Cirls, Seattlp, W, T.
ouch instrurtion iu the F-ue!i»h
branches. Music, Art, Elocution and the
For further Information ad
roir Js
To take a course in the Business, Short*
baud. Typewriting, Penmanship or Eng
lish Departments of the SEATTLE BC9I
NESs COI.LEGK, Pay and evening ses
sions. Call or send for circular. Room*
21. 83 and 34. Union Block. Front street. P.
<>. box 469. eod
Coupeville, Whidby Island, W. T.
Fall Term Begins September
27, 1888.
Instruction Thorough.
Expenses Moderate.
Some changes have been made lu the
corps of teachers. A thoroughly compe
tent music teat her has been secured, and
instruction will also be given iu Paiutiue
aud Draw in?.
For further information addrtm 0. E.
NKWtiKKKV.Coupevllie. W. T. dendAw
922 OjKia House Work,
Front Seattle.
partnership heretofore exist Ins !»e
--twaen Harry Stephens an-1 Harry <\>olt y.
eugatred in the galvanized iron and general
meta! ic rooflna bn*«iaeas, in
Territory attd lirltiah Colntnbla* under the
flrnt natne of Stephen A ('»> ley, has this
dav been dissolved by mutual eonsent.
Tbe btialaeaa of the firm in VVa«hin?ton
TerHtory will l>e carried on fu the future
by Harry t'ooley, aud in British < 'oltii;il>ia
by Harry {Stephen*. All demands due the
Prm of .Stephens A- (sioley in Washington
T- rritoTf may he )»a <1 to Harry Oooiey; ail
demanda due th»- said firm in* British t'o
lumb a mar be j»aid to Harry Stephens; all
deb's owingbv tbe said firm in
Territory will ta |»a'.d, demand, by
Hatry i'oolev all di bts owinc by the said
firm I ; i P.r Jttnh < 'olutnbfa. will be paid on
demand by Harry Stephens.
> arm d at W. T.. this Mh day of
<», tubi r. MM. II it-iv - Trent n»
HAHKY Coolkv.
Dissclution of Copartnership.
I Kxistinr between John K. Rae and
William A. M«»ores. under the firm name of
i'.a*- \ Moort *, I? this day dissolved bv mu
tual eo&ae&L
A!! je %»ho are indebted to the un
deriifM are rrspt< f«||j requested to
eome forward and make laiymeut imme
<tlately, l :.e huain*»» will hereafter l»e
earned on ' W . \ Mm»r< s
_or v wn.i j\ \| \ moorfis.
Facts From Prominent Hen.
Mavor H F. l aden, of Clyde. Ohio, aart:
Blood Klixir t»*- re«o'm
mended beyond it- merlta. it has
tny t.b»«d to a healthy . onditiou. followlnit
swviflU i!ln« *■« from bljjfd pro
HflntMTd by t;;e physicians In at
Mate h*nator Carpenter, of Miehigan
Miy»: **l ha%-e n«»e«! Acker's Blood KJiih
wheti all else failed, an 1 three ts>ttkrs of it
eusvd nic.**
John Haramon. in Uic employ of the L
S, A M. ft. H. R.. at KlkUart. ImL, says: "Af
ter anffeHnjr for !•** y»-ars with s«lt Kheutn,
l was euo-d bv ti*lnjf four N>!tlesv>/ Aeker'a
BnmxJ EJixJr."
Aeker s P.l«»*td Elixir is sold ou a froafau
ttv \ n \KT -a\4 it
! «♦!»*• rt-'i aa<4 Wholesale I»#a»-rw
Yin 3 Japanes'* Goods,
Kaihr*> ier* OrLUArnu and
anoa. Th«s <;hoi--«*st artSeles alt a?
tlie low eat pti<ea.
Honktns' VnliiUtt. Wmni gt,
4so oa.sLaaa ijr
Photographic Supplies.
Troot a».. issttis, W. T
tacoma, "W. T.
Importer, of English Steel Bails, Pig Iron, tin
Bricks, Fire Clay,. Coke, Cement, Fine and
Common Salt, Tin and Terneplates, Sal
Soda, Caustic Soda, etc , etc.
Advances made on shipments of Lumber, WW
Flnnr <w& approved merchandise and produce, totki
consignment of their Houses in Liverpool, and Y*
paraiso and correspondents m Australia.
Balfour. Cuthrie A Co., San Francisco. California.
Ba four Cuthrie A Co.. Portland. Oregon,
a. four Williamson A Co. Liverpool, England.
Balfour A Co.. Valparaiso. Chill.
Consulting Mechanical Engineer and Surveyor,
I k ind« of stroctnre*. Work superintended whin ,
I aii kinds j .iteration* advised upon the vw* of wvmnav c j
Me«m cuitinrt In J- . t , r s „. am boats. ships and *ll kind* of machinery bo^S
development of g*«werp« whoever ma* be foing Into new enterprises or altcmfi
?££ l &£ « S& «?,h Mm betore entering
Oollcett &MOOSLII-ÜBQ,
Successors to Peterson Bros.. Importer* and Dealers in
Orders by Mail Solicited. .
814 FftOKT STREET. P. O. BOX 114.
Printing Company,
*" J ' b m " r * 1
,J. HOI I HAM, ~
Call Sefore buying goods In that Hue. g
Iron Founders and Machinists,
and dealers is
Mill and Steamboat Engineer*' snpnlica, Iron, Brans ami Copper Pipe and Ft Map:
Ait-am ami Wafer Bras* Oooda; Machine Bolt*: Cop Set ami La< Screws; Steam aaf
Baud Pmnps: Hose Par kins ant Waate; Cylinder ami other LnorteatingOllt; sttaa
heating for public ami private building*.
We hare the most complete yipe cutting and threading machinery north of Sta
Kranclwo. Land and marine engine*. and all kimiaof machinery bniltandi*
paired We have on hand and for rale low, second-hand engine* ami bolletv
- ey— >fjii ,trpet. Railroad avenue. Po".tofflce Hot > ■■
Livery Hack and Sale Stable; Managers of Seattle
Transfer Company.
Flrftt-clfta* TnruoQt*. Ordvm IIIM at Any hour day or niflil.
Telephone 41. corner Main and Second stltcH.
Yon cau buy the moat of, for (he least mouey, «t
O. W. Lynch & Go's,
Abstracts of Land Titles,
Have the oldest and moat reliable set of abstract Book* in the connty.
Kunnu 3 and 4. Vewlfr-l,e»ry Building
.ton i Halin lt#iai Jk IB P PACKARD
And other first Ha*s Piano*. dealer* in Musical Instrument*. corner Front ami < berry,
English Steel Hails
To arrive per British ship "Melpomene,"
now on passage to Puget Sound.
SOO tons 30-ft. Rails, weigh 40
lbs per yard.
300 tons 30-ft. Rails, weigh 30
lbs. per yard.
For prices apply to
Taooma. W. T.
5294 ACRES
To B* Sold
In Small Quantities.
Knowing the great demand there if* for
small farms, we have decided to tell the
famous Mat here Property, ldtwated near
I.augtev, In the fertile \ alley of the Fra»er
river, Britieh Columbia Thin valuable
property comprises O'JM acre* of rich laud,
and will be told in blocks of from JO acres
to a< res. Price* will be arranged ac
cording to the location and <>uality of the
land. Terms of payment extending over
a |»erlod of *even years, with annual in
•tail men Is, will be granted If so desired, j
Purchaser* will pay interest on all unpaid ,
taiain-r* at the rate of 7 per cent, per an I
num. with privilege granted of nay lug off |
full nurchase price at any time and otv j
tainfng deed in fee si rattle.
For one month after September 10, I*B*, n '
COBB pete nt man will lie on the ground to i
•bow intending purchaser* the property. 1
This is the best chance ever offered in
British Columbia.
Call early and secure a selection.
R.MI BUOS .HealFstab' Brokers,
Sainr.lay. Noremterr a, |M, at Hruarn'a
pavfliun on wonil Mrwt, Mwi-fti
»u.I wrwto, la h< tiixil Motrlrt >«.]
t»o«* i f in the <*it> ol HeatUe, county
Wn.bliigfu T»'flt,,nr, a » hovl election
will be held f»r e ek-nion of fiv*: '•)
f hool dlfwtor* for Mi 1 ru>t,< n .l iii.triit No
1, vi» Two ht ooe y »r. two f'.rtm. Jean!
end one for tbrrc >e*r« a m for the elee
tion of a wh'nl clerk for lite .-ii,uii>y irir
The p.»l!« will ow-a at one {]> p. m and
• oiitimse open tUI (1) p. m.
Ua'.-<i t; ■>. Bttle, W r <x- i |«-j»
T. T. MlNi.ci
*tl If lICOHEH,
IMrt*. i'.r, of IJ.wlri« T N(t. 1.
M \ lf,»Tii.R»r. < :.-rk ..f uid »'hool
Fred E, Sander
C*rn*r Mill sod < t inmcrclft) •(«
To Manufacturers!
Partiea desiring fine mltM fat
Sawmill*, Shingle Mills, Saab
nntl Door Factorlea or Brick
Worka on the water frost with
railroad in the rear can mill
the wame at remonable rata* Vf
ndilraHiiig the
Seattle. W. T.
First-Class Private Boarti*
tttl, over ItrtiK Store. Board by dMf t
wiH.t- or mont *** l _
Oniron Imprwvefflcnl
Dealer* in and manufacturers of all kinds
of Rough and l)re**ed Lumber,
Pickets, P«>*ts, Hhimcles, eta.,
We beg leave to aiiuomieo to the
lie that we are now In the local tntf*
ket with a full it«xk of thoroutrhlv dryMK
«ea*oued lumber. I,*rge (jiiautitiea 04
tl« M »ri ll wr. ranrie and dreased lumiicr <•<•*
stantly on band. iusurluK prompt deliver*.
E*timate« furnished on •horteftt po-sibb
notice, Call and *wonr fa«lHtte«.J
i'liiis. Loucb,
1412 to 1416. - - Front Btree*.
Mak<-« a «peeialty of k.-epln« the >arg«a»
ainl frvnkeMt Mock of choice
Groceries aid Frorisisis
In the city, and a* be buy* In far
greater 'juautifie* than any otfetf
grocer In p*artle, he solicits and la
hft*«»t able to fill ardent, either large
or taall Yon will ttnd that on ac*
c«uint of hi* imini'i.'iw trade bit
who;* atork i* kept fresh and
f 1-an, and that he i* able to giva
you better prtii-* than any other
ho**' In the city. Also carer and
packer of the
East mrn Corii-fed. Snßar*c«N^
Uncovered Ham* and Baooa*
WkJfk hesciia right fresh from fcii
► moke house. by the lUnifle piece,
crafe. ton or r arl<md. Hole a|Ma
for BALL I>AVI«'
rßoirr AND UNION.

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