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Alliance# of Royalty
and Nobility.
glgap glow Blood of ike Kelgatag
I rs—" T Alleged to be Taiated—
Lords and Ladles.
Olive Logan in Courier-Journal.
1 -Hoses have thorns and silver foun-
SMM mod : clouds and eclipses stain
ap(h moon and sun."
fCfo states the bard; and , if it be true,
i— well we know it is. that nature fcer
«jf shows defilement in some of her
i -hfcest creation-, how could it beotber
s wfcethan that weak mankind "hould
I fcfl to keep its condition entirely free
PSv blemish ? The mi-alliances which
Hot the records of great English fam
se« are not solely to be observed
(Mongthe nobility; the crown itself
fc tainted. The widow of the second
Henry stooped so low as to wed the
Welsh churl, Owen Tudor, thus in
mfting upon the royal tree stock com
pletely ignominious. The lineage of
mud Queen Victoria is blurred by
the marriage of fieorge the First to
Sophia Dorothea of Zell. Burke in
fee peerage tries strenuously to keep
tiis break in the royal lineage from
S lowing tooconspicoously. "She was
the daughter of a great general," he
tays. "who became Duke (or Dictator)
Luncburg," etc. The marriage will
forever prevent the house of Hanover
from standing forth with a front un
challenged for purity, like that of
Hobenzollern. The«< misalliances
date far back, however, and may be
dismissed with but a reference to them.
More intere-ting Is the view of the mis
' guttrimonini situation of the present
/topping one afternoon into the well
known antiquarian bookstore "jA Mr.
Frsncis Harvey, in Bt. James street,
I was invited by that genial purveyor
«( literary and pictorial treasures' to
examine certain articles which he was
carefully putting away, to lay In wait
ta time when their rarity will render
m peculiarly valuable. Chief
(■eng these objects was n colored
print of a handsome young woman
Sfessed in the barest apology for cloth
ing;; a loose shirt with snort sleeves
Oipojeil a svm metrically formed chest
almost to the waist line; shortdrawers
gathered up in a point over each leg
Sxhibited pink silk tights fitting the
limbs as only silk tights can. A
enty cap was perched on a graceful
d, from which hung large tresses
of glossv black hair, great witching
Mock eves, and a rosebud mouth.
Under the picture were printed these
Wonls; "Miss Herliert as the French
«py- ... , . ... .
? Tbis beautiful creature had been for
Bianv years the wife of the Duke of
Cambridge. If you will look in the
peerage, however, you will And that
Seenly Duchess of Cambridge is the
mother of the duke, and the old ludy
who recently celebrated her ninetieth
: birthday, and who exists in a liedrid
den condition in the apartments
granted her by the queen in St. J a men
palace. The wife whom the duke, in
P Jfce rapture of early yeuth, took
ftraiphl from the footlights of his
heart and heme, has never liorne the
royal title, never been recognized by
the royal family. She is simply Mrs.
' fttigeorge. She has a daughter who
it not a prlnce-s, as are tier cousins,
the daughters of her father's sister,the
{■chess of Teck, but is simply Miss
Fifigeorge. The aons, t'ol. ana ('apt
Fitztjeorge. are as their titles indicate,
in the army. They are brave and
handsome young men. The family
i resilience Is Gloucester House, Picca
dilly. and here these good people live
sfa peace and affection, although the
f. disparity in rank between the father
; and lit* wife and children Is so Immeas
urably great. Mrs. Kitggeorge is ad
s' nilred and respected by all who know
j • her, and 1 have l>een 4old by fiersons
frequenting the court that the lady
j even Visits the queen, who likes her:
but her majesty will not give the royal
; assent to the marriage, which would
raise the position of the now morgan
atic wife to that of a royal duchess
made so, of course, by misalliance.
Had Junius, when he hurled his
invectives at the Duketof tirafton, lieen
, endowed with the gift of prescience,
how terribly galling might have lieen
his allusions to the position of the
present heir to the title! You will find
I by consulting the pages of Debrett or
■ Burke, that at the age of iJ3, the Karl
of Ku-ton, heir to the dukedom at his
5 father's death, was married to whom ?
Ah there's the rub. While the lineage
. of brides of lesser greatness is given ut
* length the absence of any further allu-
E tion even of the mere name- of tbis
f woman, whom the prospective Duke
6f Grafton wedded, as a circumstance
Of import ominous in herald's history.
. It says volumes for the unflinching
Justice of British law courts that the
♦aril des(>erate efforts to annul this
i Stfsalliance have never achieved suc
; ees-. The earl is now-40 year* of age.
f and the marriage still stands, The
| countess enjoys the substantial
: advantages of her position although, of
' of course, none of its special emi
nence. Hut oh,the pity of it! a youth
lowers the standard of his family
hon..r, contracts an impossible alli
ance in a moment when he mistakes
the nature of his own vearnings, and
believes he loves! As "Burns s-ivs in
S "The Vision "
Misled by Fancy's meteor ray,
liv passion <1 riven;
Rut yet the light I hat led astray,
Wii> light from heaven.
Another luissalliance to liejnoted in
the ducal order is that of the Ducheis
of Newcastle aad Tom Hoblvr. On
the announcement of this marriage it
was generally known in court circles
that the queen closed the entree to the
royal drawing-rooms to the duchess.
It is not liecause the gentlenutti l>ore
no title; he could bear noonWvhich
would efface that of the duches The
vnchess of Montrose Stir
ling ('rowford, has married
Mr. Wilner. aiHnier social status was
, not not be affected. Both
tfl\ conic of good country fam
«nd were suitlcicntly well-born,
lom Holder was the »«n of a clergy
man, and so far, so g>>od; but in an
•fortunate hour, a- it subsequently
~ pTOTed. he went upon the stage. He
**ae tenor parts with IMara l.ouise
£ aafcgg. and was identified with "the
Profession" for some time. It is
rather extraordinary that, while
£" v ' ISVP taken actresses
w wile, and rai-ed them to
<aeirown station, very few aristocratic
•omen havr'oarcd to marry actors,
*»<! when they have done so social os-
I ' ltls ov, ' rt «ken both, l.ady
.daughter of l<ord
Wl»nd. fell iu love with a handsome
t wish actor named O'Brinn. who used
to Holland Hou-e to play liefore I
groat companv there assembled.
' amorous couple eloped and were
? JftratcSy married. and they were never
>?*.'t seen in the world of l.ondon,
| socially or )>rote--ionally. Hor
*£* nalpole, in his letters,says, " The
I»v» them a large grant of land
5 , P'»o, and l.ady Susan's sorrow
hifinls hope -be will be happy
f etc. The misalllad couple seeiii
J"*' 1 to have enjoyed even a sight of
Si ■* estate «<> muniticently bestowed
Jt them bv their roval master, for
re-ord- their l>olli having en-
J^the ranks of a theatrical companv
tKii i a~ " here they strutted
■J** brief hour and then were beard
*® ttore
I ®i*alliance often mentioned is
"Jjofthe sister of the Duke of West-
I * ,er l-ady Vlice. with Dr. Frank,
S iZo Save in the mere matter of
hknr.w" 1 ' a P a ' n to quote Burn-,
. m the guinea - -lamp I.adv Mice
u '**»• no misalliance Surrounded
t ease w hit h wealth
■wur ' "ving in a climate which fill
fe-'r**"'l'' ot heaven it -elf. and joined
Ultivateil man of philanthropy
a^w.whose patientsfairlradore
Juke's si-ier may well con
•on,.k ? on having l>een brave
0 "tarry out of her oriler. So
bowrrer, are the fences
of English c®Ort caste, that were tin
children of Lady ABce the children of
even the most worthies* man of rank
instead of a noble-minded phv>ictan
their social statu* would be hixber
Shrewsbury and Talbot! The name
is one of the proudest in English hU
tory. Premier Earl as Norfolk u
Prenrfr PMte. the preaent bearer of
the historic title, ha* contracted a
marriage which cannot be clasned
otherwise than as a miaaOiance The
now f 'ountes* of Shrewsbury and
Talbot is a lady belonging to a coontrv
family, and who married a squire erf
fair iineue and good fortune. A scan
dal a dieony suit. a w-marriaie
made of a beautiful hot much
r assed woman the mistre«. of Intres
tre Hall, the chief of one of the manv
* eatß Earl of Shrewsbury Hhe
great title—\ i*count !nge«tre. The
earl t« one of the moat dashing of the
. ? u, ® r . t ® en °f i-ondon. and taken
his wife with him on the bo* «eat of
hi* frail coach at the meet.. She does
not go to court. Her ab<«nce is made
more noticeable than it would other
wise be by the fact that There-a. the
dowager Counter of Shrewsbury, is
one of tlie most übiquitous social fig
ures in town and country. The reigil
. "* Ter «cc«mpanie» her
aged relative.
Sir Harry Meux succeeded in I**3
to the vast personal wealth, to the
estates and to the title of his father.
Like the Allaops. the Mem lay claim
to a long and distinguished lineage.
°">y •' e *. ! * enf,r " tio,lN of ,x,th these
noted families of brewers hare been
connected with trade. For centuries
their ancestor* were celebrated,
and hail a local habitation and a
name, fn the sense of family Sir
Harry certainly misallied. He mar
ried "Val" R*«ce. Enough I And
vet how ■ trailgelv clever women can
. j t^, m * elve " to changed position*.
Ladv Men* ia now making people in
Hartfontshir* forget that men used to
call her "Val," and is playing mv ladv
bountiful at Theoliold * ark with'reall'v
admirable success. When old Temple
Kar was taken down for obstruct
ing the traffic in Kleet street
the stones were numbered and
laid carefully bv. Recently the
noMe old archwav has been re-erected
a* a gateway to Theobald's park, the
government having taken advantage
of Sir Harry's offer to transport, re
erect and care for the historic struct
ure to the end of time. The celebra
tion called together many notables
among the country people, as well as
several town magnates, including Sir
Morrell Mackenzie, and all present
were charmed with the gracionsnes*
and reserved dignity of manner of
Lady Meaux. I met her ladyship
once at Whistler's studio, where she
was standing for two full-length like
nexses. life size. Noble pictures they
are! It was the exhibition of these
particular masterpieces that first
awakened the Parisian public to the i
knowledgeof Whistler's genius.
I have l>een asked if the lturoness'
Burdett-t'outs' marriage was a mis-!
alliance, in view of the fact that her I
ladyship is not only a peeress in her
own right, but Is also heiress to two
other baronies. My aaswer is that de
cidedly her marriage is not a misalli
ance any more than were tho-e of Vis-;
count Mandeville, Lord Randolph;
Churchill and other aristocrats who i
hnve married Americans. Some'
Americans try their uttermost when I
abroad to prove that their particular !
families in America are better than
the common horde by reason of an
ancestry derived as thus and thns.
All folly! Who among them could
hope to outshine an Astor. descend
ant of a poor old fur dealer? And
what is the ancestry of the Vander
bilts, except the commodore, who ran
a boat liet ween New York and Staten
Island and gained wealth thereby?
These reference* to family greatness
bv Americans are in the worst possi
ble taste, and always arouse sarcastic
criticism in Europe".
A misalliance Is, speaking generally,
the most unfortunate circumstance
that can befall an aristocratic family.
Death is a mere passing sorrow.
"1 .Ike leaves on tree*, the race of man is
Now green In youth, now withering to the
Auother race the following spring supplies;
They fall sueceaslve and successive rise."
Hut the misalliance withers the sap
of the geneological tree. For husband,
a wife, and for children a mother, who
i» not received at court, is a family
circumstance full of bitter humilia
tion, which prevails not only through
their contemporaneous history, but
endures so long as that history con
tinues to be recorded.
IVunderfill "Kitrallte" —Safer ami
More Powerful Than Dynamite.
New Itritalu (Conn.) Special.
Rudolph Ericsson, a yoang Mvede.
is employed in u drug "store in this
city. Before be came to America he
worked with hi* uncle in a gunpowder
factory in the old country, and to
gether tliey experimented to find a
new explosive that would lie as pow
erful a-dynamite but less dangerous
to handle" A few months ago young
Kricsson received a letter from his
uncle in which the latter stated that
his experiments had at last been suc
cessful. He Inclosed the formula of
the new explosive, and Uudolph got
it patented under the name of "ex
The new explosive took* like moist
comment. It can 1* made as easily
as eornineal can be cooked, and in
much the same way, I.nst week Mr.
Ericsson made a quantity of it in a
stove in Curran's drug store, and then
experimented with it before some |>er
sons wham he is trying to interest in
its manufacture. A" mass of rock at
shuttle Meadow mountain was se
lected as the scene ot theexperiments.
The first trials were to prove that th*
mixture could not lw* exploded in the
open air. A small tire was started,
and two pound* of cxtrsilite were put
in it. The stuff would neither explode
nor burn. It wa* then thoroughly
mixed with kerosene oil, when aliout
half »i it burned, but did not explode.
A small dynamite cartridge was in
serted in a roll of the stuff. The cart
ridge was exploded with a fuse, but
the extralife did not explode. When
some of the substance was place on a
flat stone and struck with a hammer,
the only result was to r*sluoe it to a
finer powder.
A hole two feet deep wa- drillled in
the hardest rock to be round in a neigh
boring quarrv. Three roll-of the ex
plosives, each containing three ounces,
were tampered down in the ftole and
connected with a fuse The explosion
shook the ground and the air was tilled
with living boulders. The result
achieved would have re. t ilred two
pounds of gunpowder or one pound of
dynamite, while only nine ounces oi
eitralite were used.
The manufacture of the explosive
will be commenced m New Itritain at
once. The street commissioners of
Hartford have decided to u-e it in the
citv's quarries. The French govern
ment i* said to have paid one million
francs for the right to use it.
Time for a Change.
A countryman brought hi* girl in
town for the circus, and she. Iwung
bright and pretty, attracted the ad
miration of maidenless young men.
which respectful notice naturally
pleased her. Her escort -tood the
thing as long as he could.
"I say, Mariar. " he said, turning t>
the girl, "don t you ihmk it's about
time to liegin to get a little haughty
A Puasler for the tlirts.
The Cartoon
Myrtle Florence, is that Fred Dum
lev's" handwriting?
Florence- Yes. dear. I'm engaged
to him. vou know
Myrtle—Yes. I know it. I was en
gaged to hiiu last summer.
Florence —The dear boy. I wonder
who will marry him eventually.
She Was Cwrlous to Find Out.
Washington !•»*>
Mr. Thickhed- Do you think. Fanny,
that marriage is a failure?
Miss Willingtblushinf)— 1 can't say,
Mr Thickhed. You know I have never
had a chance to find out.
wASHrxe-rows LAST nxmss.
Jatat CwtMisto of Hit rknMat
■vrilHtta rtaal
Alexandria Tinea. Dec. mt
' so®? B»* In the night of Friday,
the 13U> m*t, having been exposed to
!*«*•<«■* day. Gen.
Washington was attacked with an in
flammatory affection of the upper put
of the windpipe, called in the techni
cal language cynacbe tradteaiis. The
disease commenced with a violent
r», accompanied with some pain in
upper and fore part of the throat,
a sense of stricture in the same part, a
cough and a difficult rather than a
painful deglutition, which were soon
succeeded by fever and a quick and
laborious respiration. The necessity
« blood-letting suggesting itself to
the general, he procured a bleeder in
the neighborhood, who took from his
arm in the night twelve or fourteen
ounces of biood He could not by an v
means be prevailed en by the family
to send for the attending physician till
the following morning. wr,o arrived at
Mount Vernon at about 11 o'clock on
."■aturdxy. Discovering the case to
be highly alarming, and forseeing
the fatal tendency of the disease, two
consulting physicians were immedi
ately sent lor. who arrived, one at
3 :30 and the other at 4 o'clock in "the
afternoon. In the meantime were em
ployed two pretty copious bleeuings, a
blister was applied to the part aflected,
two moderate doses of calomel were
given and an injection was adminis
tered which operated on the lower in
testines, bnt all without any percep
tible advantage, the respiration becom
ing -till more difficult and distressing.
I pon the arrival of the lirstof the con
sulting physicians, it was agreed, as
there was yet no signs of acc mulation
in the bronchial vessels of the lungs, to
try the result of another bleeding, when
about 32 ounces of blood were drawn,
without the smallest apparent allevi
ation of the disease. Vapors of vin
egar and water were frequently inhaled
10 grains of calomel were given,
succeeded by repeated doses of emetic
tarter, amounting in all to live or six
grains, with no other effect than a
copious discharge from the bowels.
The power of life seemed now mani
fe tlv yielding to the force of the dis
order; blisters were applied
to the extremities, .together
with a cataplasm of bran and
vinegar to the threat. Speaking, which
was painful from the now
became almost impo- ible; respira
tion grew more and more contracted
and imperfect, till at 11 30 on Saturday
night, retaining the full possession of
his intellect, he died without a struggle.
He was fully impressed at the be
ginning of his complaint, as well as
through every succeeding stage of it,
that its conclusion would l>e mortal;
submitting to the several exertions
made for bis recovery rather as a dutv
than for any ex|>ecta"tion of their effi
cacy. He considered the operation of
death upon his system as coeval with
the disea-e, and several hours before
his death, after repeated efforts to be :
understood, succeeded in expressing a
desire that be might be permitted to
die without further interruption.
During the short period of his ill
ness be economized his time in the ar
rangement of such few concerns as re
quired his attention, with the utmost
serenity, and anticipated hi- approach
ing dissolution with every deinonstra- j
tion of tha- equanimity for which his
whole life has I ■ecu so uniformly and
singularly conspicuous.
JAS. CKAIK, Attending Physician.
E. 0. Dtcx. Consulting Physician.
A Segment of the Tall Had to Be
New York Sun.
Mr. Joseph McNaaghton of High
street, Newark, ha.s at lca>t four lifths
of a large black snake thoroughly
tamed and docile. The other fifth
would have been lUmie-ticated, too,
had not Mr McNaughton found it
necessary to amputate it to -ave tbe
snake's life.
About four months ago be dis
covered the reptile lying among some
niMii-h at the foot "of an old -tone
wall about a mile from South Orange.
It was in a very low state of
health indeed, and on examin
ing it to ascertain the cause of
its indisposition Mr. McNaughton saw
a small brass ring almost Imbedded
in the flesh not far from the tail.
Someone had. evidently, slipped on
the ring when the snake was very
small, and then liberated the decor
ated serpant. The ornament had now
nearly cut the body in two portions,
but it was clear that the snake must
have died liefore the operation was
completed. Indeed, the tail end was
already dead.
Delicately and skillfully, Mr. Mc-
Naughton 'severed the parts with his
jienknife, and dressed the raw spot
carefully. He carried the snake home,
where it speedily recovered, and
evinced the liveliest gratitude and af
fection for its preserver, it soon se
canie the pet of the household. A
knob has grown at the tail end of the
body; but it cannot guide itself. It
moves slowlv, and with some difficulty,
across a room, but when it touches the
wall it must wait for some one to turn
it liefore it can proceed further. Mr.
McNaughton thinksthat when it shells
it- -kin it will develop a new covering
long enough to clothe the missing tail.
A Motherly Bear riulitilng HIT Chest
nut* for Her Voung Cutis.
Kingston Freeman
William Van liramer of Kondout
related the following rather risky ex
perience of himself and J. Sapp in the
wßd*of Denning, one day last week:
•We were riding along" through the
most lonesome and sparsely set
tled portion of l'l-ter county,
and just on the border of Stil
livan county with a load of
chestnuts and other country pro
duce. All of a sudden I heard a
crackling sound in a larue chestnut
tree, ami I says to Sapp. 'Joe.' savs 1.
•look at that big darky over there
knocking down chestnuts.'
"Joe looked and as he did *0 his
hat fell off and I declare if his hair
wasn't standing straight on end and
be was while &s a sheet.
" What the deuce is the matter with
you. Joe?' says I. 'are you sick?
Didn't you never see a darkv before?'
"• You look again, fiitlv,' says Joe,
' that's no darky. It's a Inar.'
•• 'Well, I took another squint, and
sure as guns it was a liear He -at on
his haunches on a big limb of the tree,
with his back braced Ist ween two
other limbe, and w ith a ten-foot i*>l<*
that l*ar was knocking off che-tnut
burs like a streak of lightning. Two
good- ued cubs were lighting and
growling aim ng -onie rocks under the
chestnut tree for pos-ession of the
nuts as they fell in a -hower to the
ground. It was a comical sight, and
not -o verv frightful after one got used
to it. but as 1 had no gun nor any
other weapon of defense along, 1
whipped up my horse ami left bruin
master of the tield
Winter <)*raniura».
Kl<n K Kexforxi.
All the "knack" there is about hav
ing plenty of flower- or geraniums
through the w inter, consists in select
ing proper varieties and giving them
a somewhat different treatment from
that given summer flowering gera
nitims lam convinced, from some
vear-. e*|*rience With this class of
jd»nt« that the prim pal rea-on why
«o manv fail to obtain flower* in win
ter i«. that they do not take pains to
«ele. t winter-blooming varieties, or. at
lea-t such varieties a- have a tenden
cy to hh*m at all seasons of the year
It thev have a kind which proves satis
factory during the summer, they try
to make a winter-bloomer of it. and
generally fail. Sometimes these ya
rieties will bloom occasionally during
the winter, if not allowed to exhaust
themselves by summer flowering, but
they are very" unsatisfactory as a gen
eral thing.
A professional man says he has
made a wonderful discovery. He has
really found a w uuan who takes
kindly to dictat'on. She is a type
writer.—.s^inHi?Rrf» iHitit*.
Two lota, corner of Kill
and Second atroeta. Thia
ia on# of the beat blocks
that ia for sale in the city.
Quo lot, corner of Com
mercial ¥«ia Thia
is a fine location for any
kind of bnaineea, either
wholeaale or retail, and
will make one of the beat
places fer a bank in the
An extra bargain on
Front street
Three choice lota on Sec
ond street.
Three lota on Fourth
Choice residence lots in
all parts of the city.
2*S-i Comerotl st..Sfattk.W.T.
Ac co.'s
319 Csumlal itrsst, wrau
Jaekwa, ItatUa, W. I.
All chronic Disesses of MEN and WOMEN
««ccessfully treated.
LOOT MANHOOD, Nerves* aad Phyxttai
Debility, Exhausted Vitality, Seailaa
Weakness, Spermatorrhoea. Impownce
Gonorrhoea, Gleet, STvhllit, Prematare De
cline. Weakness In Women, aad all Ptut*-
tloual Derangement* that remit from yoafl).
(al follies or excess In after yeara
118 111 AB V Kidney, and Bladder troabha
uainnat weak Back, Goaorrhaea, GICM,
Crystltis, Varicocele, Strictare, etc., premp*-
ly and safely cored. No naaseoas mwdietoe
given, nor strong injections aseC whlah
caa*e strictare. Charge* reasonable.
BRIVMtt DebiUty, LOM of Vigor. Semlcal
nLBIVWJ Lng,,,, Night Emlssious, De
spondency, etc., etc., cured.
VAHHfiHFN raflering from the effects < I
lwunu Bbn youthfiJ follies or indiscn
tlons, should avail themselves of our trea"-
ment. the greatest boon ever laid at the a
tar of sufTering humanity. Will guarantee
a positive cure in every case."
lirfrilft-ltfMl S«B There are many troubled
main tg«a wlth CTat .
nation* of the bladder, accompanied by a
smarting or burning aeiuation; on examlL
ation the urine deposits a sediment a: d
sometimes albnmen is present. The eoler
varies from ■ bright or reddish to even a
milky hue, the patient experience* a weak
ening of the system in a manner he cannot
account for. This is the aecoml stag* of
seminal weakness. Many die of this d iffi-
TUlty, ignorant of Its cause. A perfect can
aad healthy restoration guaranteed.
Office hoars, :> a m. to Sp. m.; 6 to a p.
N. B.—Persons unable to visit us may 1 •
treated at their homes by correspondence.
Medicines and Inatrnction* sent bv mat'or
exvrcaa Ooaaaltatian frw' dAw
5294 ACRES
To E* Said
In Small Quantities.
Knowing the great demand there in for
•mall farms, we have decided to sell the
famous Mathers Property, situated near
I-aiiKley, la the fertile valley of the Fraser
river, British Columbia, lhls valuable
property comprises 5284 acres of rich land,
aud will be sold In blocks of from JO acres
to JOO acres. Prices will lie arranged ac
cording to the location aud quality of the
land. Terms of payment extending over
a period of seven years, with annual in
stallments, will be granted if so desired.
Purchasers will pay interest on all unpaid
balance* at the rate of 7 per cent, per an
num, with privilege granted of paying off
full purchase price at any time and ob
, talmng deed in fee simple,
i For oue month after September 10,1SW, a
i competent man will be on the ground to
show Intending purchasers the property.
This is the t*at chance ever offered In
British Columbia.
Call early and secarv a selection.
RAM* BROS, Real Estate Brokers,
9*2 Opera Bouse Block,
Front street, Seattle.
'•I saved the life af my little girl by a
prompt us* of Dr. Acksr's English Kvnedy
for consumption." Mrs. Wm. ▼. llamiatu.
Saw York. For sale by A. B. Itowart,
dragglst. #_
1 YOir cy
To Uke a course in the Business, Short
hand. Typewriting, Penmanship or Bug
lisli I Apartments of the SEATTLE BUSI
NESS COLLEGE. Pay and evening ses
sions. Call or send for circular Rooms
11, as and M4,l'nlon Block. Front street. P.
O. hoi 4>V. suwefri
Just Received!
1000 lbt. Arabian Hoc ha Coffee.
liOOlb*. T, maica Java Coffee, the Uses.
grow a in the world.
2000 lb*. Plantation Java
8300 lb«. Mountain Coita Rica.
These cofffees will be roasted daily. Try
a sample of my "Perfection Bleud."
806 Frowt Str—t. suwofr
Wall Street Tax Notice.
1 tooncil in the district created by Or
diuance No. »4*. to provide for the grading
of Wall street, from Elliotts bar to
lvpot street, aod constructing sidewalks
on boih sides thereof, is now due and pay
able at the office of the city treasurer. All
taxes not paid within
Of the (irst publication of this notice will
be declared delinquent, a penal:y of Ave
Br cent added and interest at the rate of
percent charged.
W K. FORREST. City Clerk.
First publication of this uotice Nov 7. 1S»
First-Class Male Boartiw
Sta, over Drag Store. Board by day.
week or month mr *
Scmr \mm\ «
Henry Bailey
j lip, Stanwood. Mt Vernon, Sterling
and intermediate points every Saturday
and Wednesday.
For freight or rates apply on board steam
er or to Geo. H. Foster, agent
8. T DENNY. Master
PrtMip Capital, $150,000.
«. A. HASBROUCK 4 C 0„
UTAH. AW rusrsinios
AJTD Oltim 15
Photographic Supplies.
Frast •«.. Seattle. W. T.
The First Repent Armory
Far Fata*, BaHa sal Eatsrtala*
School Officers
Will find the
The beat school deck In uae. Send tor cir
ca lar and terms to A. J. STKVESa,
Pacific Coast Agent. Cheney, W T.
teachers for King county will be b*ld
in the court house. Seattle. W. T., on
Wednesday and Thursday, November 14
and 15, is>s. commencing at 9 o'clock a m.
ISAAC P. RICH, Co. School SapL
11. F. Josrs. ) Examining
riTKHiM F, CuEASTY.i Board.
Seattle, W. T„ SOT. S, lsas. dAw
A live business man with 16000 to tIO.OOI
to join partnership or to buy out a fine
genera! mercantile business store: H .IJOO
to tJO.UOO a year. Store situated in oue of the
finest agricultural districts aad best trad
ing points down the Sound. For further
information apply to AMOS BOWMAN, An
lafrttri uH WMfiaie Beaten
Fine Japanese Goods,
Silk Goods. Embroideries, Ornaments and
Carioa The choicest articles all at
the lowest prices.
Hopkins' Electric Light Building, Front it
Firntacold, then a cough, then eon
sumption, then death. "I took Dr. Acker's
Englls Remedy for consumption the mo
ment I began to cough, and I believe it
sated my lifa" Walter N. Wallace, Wash
ington. For sale by A. B. Stewart, drug
gist 7
Motire of Special City Election.
vv terofjthe city of Seattle, it is pro
vided, tfcat: "The cltv of Seattle lias
power to erect and maintain water works,
or to authorize the erection of the same for
the purpose of furnishing tbe cit) with a
sufficient supply of water, but no such
works fchall be erected by the city until a
majority of the voters of the city, at a
general or special election, shall vote for
tbe same."
Now, therefore, notice is hereby riven to
all whom it may concern, that on tne 19th
day of November, A. D. ISHB, in said city of
Seattle, in King county, Washington Terri
tory. pursuant to the provisions of said
section, there will be field a special city
election, in order that the voters of said
city may, at said election, vote for or
against the erection of such waterworks
a« are in said section intended and are
described as follows:
A system of water works, for the purpose
of furuishiog said city with a sufficient
supply of water; said system to consist of a
suitable principal conduit pipe, and of a
suitable distributing reservoir or reservoirs
and head works and distributing mains,
branches and hydrants, all well laid, con
structed, prelected and secured, and all
necessary and proper appurtenauces, and
all interests in land necessary or proper
for the erection or enjoyment of said
works: said water to be supplied by Rock
creek, a tributary of Cedar river, in said
couuty, from a point in said creek about
turenty-twe miles distant from said city,
and to be conveyed by gravity through
said principal conduit pipe, from said
point to said reservoir or reservoirs in or
near said city, and thence distributed
through said distributing mains, branches
and hydrants for use in said city; said
principal conduit pipe to be about twenty
two miles long; the general line of said
principal conduit pipe, from the point
where it will leave Rock creek to said city,
will be t-» follow th«- ridga along the south
side of Cedar river aud parallel with that
stream, descending by a nearly uniform
grade for a distance of about ten miles to a
point near the village of Kenton, thence
descending into the valley formed by the
junction of Cedar and ltlack rivers, and
running westerly across said Black river,
thence descending the ridge on the east 01
the last named river and following said
ridge to a reservoir to be erected on high
ground in or near said city, which work
according to engineer's preliminary esti
mates laid before and adopted by the
common council of said city, will give a
total fall from the head-works on Hock
creek to the distributing reservoir at heat
tie of approximately two hundred feet, and
will deliver daily about ten million gai
lions, or one hundred gallons per bead for
a population of one bundled thousaud in
habitants, the estimated hourly flow of
Rock creek, at the point proposed for the
headwork*, being from five hundred and
fifty to six hundred and fl fty thou*>and
gallons or more.
The estimated cost of said water works is
one million dollars, divided as follows:
opening aud repairing roads for
transport of material $ 2,609
Clearing pipe line to averge 38
feet, ana cutting side timber 80
acre*. 16,000
Grubbiug and excavation and lay
pipe. 30.000
Estimated cost of main conduit 6£S,M>
Transportation of pipe fi.OOO
Trestling. 5,000
Tota' cost couduit 9*98,3*0
Clearing ana grabbing. I 1,000
Excavation, embankimnt,
tamping, etc. 22,000
Concrete and a«phalttim
slope- lining. 15,000
Stone paving 3,600
Superintending and contin
gent. 25,000
Total cost, conduit and
res* rvoirs 764.9t*0
Distributing works -X,020
Total works 11,000.000
The following places are designated by
the common council of said city as the
places of voting in each ward, namely
fu the First ward, at Engine Howe No 2, on
the aast side of South Third street, be
tween Mill street and Washington street:
in the Second ward, at Engine No. 1,
<>n the south side of Columbia street, be
tween First street and Second street; in the
Third ward, at Brown's pavilion, on the
west *ide of Second street, between spring
street and Seneca street, in the Fourth
ward, at Eagine House No. 4, on the south
side of Battery street, between Front street
and i-eeond street.
The said common council has appointed
J. c. Keleu. O. W. Yoang aud Lrander
Miller judges and D. McKinley and W. T.
Dear bare, clerks to conJuct said elec
tion in the First ward. Charles McDonald,
c W Lawtoo and M. J. Carkeek judges and
JoMah Collins. Jr.. and A. R. Kennedy
clerks to conduct said election in the See
ward, A. B. Cameron, Uavid Kellogg and
Wm. Campbell judge and J. P Ripley, Matt
ftormleir clerks to conduct said election
in the third ward, and A. I- Palmar, W
Shendv and J. L. Manning judges and
John 6. Dennv and B. Huntoon clerks to
conduct said election in the Fourth ward,
of *aid city.
At «aid election, the polls will be opened
at nine o'clock a. m and close at seven
o'clock p m. _
Everv voter who shall vote for erecting
the above described water works, will vole
a ballot containing the words "Water
works, yes. Every voter who shali rote
against said water works will vote a ballot
containg the words -Water works, no."
l>ated November 2, 15**.
By *rder of the Common Council <»! the
city of Sealtle • *
W R Foaaasr. Clerk.
Date of first publication, November A
Importer) and Strictly WMOM Dea>e« in
. o«r Price* with either ?*n fYaacisco or Portlaiid. rrtnted Price
Lists mailed oa application.
Fire, Marine, Life and -A_ecident-
Do an Exclusive Insurance Business, representing 26
companies, the best in the world. Prompt
payment cf losses.
Refer to any of o\ r old oust omens.
_ ***** ** Batl«r-» gaildlcg. J»»»» str— U Seattle.
—nun n
Watches. Diamonds aod Jeweln
«!• VUM for the MlfbrmM
And other Firat-olauw Makes of Piano* and Organs
Always .A. head.
Succeesor to Alfred dttvder.
The only agent (or the celebrated W. K. l*ett Ureamerv Butter, which bu uo equal.
Also the California Quito Oil, the only pure salad oil thai it raid.
Besides my large Mock of staples, I hare a large and varied assortment of fanc>
groceries, and sell at bedrock for iash, and will not be undersold.
Before purchasing elsewhere give me a call and send for price list Small profit*
and quick sales.
Omxt and 8e«xl Mercksst IM frost street. Seattle, W. T.
IT. Oliirberg <& Son. (Incorpo rated
TI3 and 710 FRONT ST.
satisfactory. It hu constantly kept puce with the growth and prosperity o( Seattle
and the prospects for the fntnte were never brighter. We represent eleven laaaraixx
companies, among which mar be found the oldest and brat In the world. We coußu.
ourselves to a legitimate Insurance business exclusively, giving that aloae oar stri»
personal attention. We have recently added to our list the Uindon Assurance, with •
capital of (15,000,000. This is the oldest insarant* company In the world.
Parties requiring insurance, either Fire, Marine, Life or Accident, will End it to that*
advantage to call on as at oar oflce in the roacin bonding, Front street. Next I
Naceeasar to WaddeH A ■lies, Wholesale tad Itetali Dealer la
Order* from the country solicited and satisfaction guaranteed.
Uive ua a call «n<l look through osr immeiue stook.
Mill street. Seattle, W. T.
Ratine Hill ISiiiiif Lots
$l5O per Lot.
Payments may be made on time on a 5 per cent, cash
discount will be allowed.
604 i Front Street.
Foundry, Machine and Boiler Shops,
Corner Second, Jackson and Third streets, Seattle.
J. M. FHINK. Isperislmdnl.
larnrrutx asb mulmm u
And all the latest smokers' articles. We invite the pabllr and the trade la general
to call and examine oar stock and prlcea
113 Commercial street. MeattlCi W. T.
HisaiDialia tFBM A IBB* n(MD
And Mher irtt-claa Fianoa, dealers in Masieal Instruments, corner Front aod ( herry
ci|tn ui TitaMM, iMmkiu fiMdi, Pipes. Catlerj, Sutlnw;, Ml
■ill itMtt. Tssltr-Lsary Bui Id tag. Isstlls. W.
|y Boie for the Flor de Madrid Key West Cigar*.
Canadian Pacific
ITS i'A#r-s-.ER E mm* B th»
iaeat in the wartime. Mstin«of ImnH
oas fepiu* Car*. bavin draaria*, siwofc
in* and batti rooms. Co lortable aai
CSmi ( oiffliirt Car*, with tt
Berths for holder* of wrond e *v« urkaS
and must modern stvte of day r W K«
IS Wnin* i ar* a.id Hotel* provide tfca
he*t quality of food in unlimited u aanUty
at mwiaMt rait*.
The Variety and Grandeur of iSreaoy
akn»* it» ttac la nneqaaied. and ia the d»
tail* of track, train wirk*. euv. nothing to
omitted that can add to the Safety mat
i of It* patron*. AU ta all. it fi««
the beat and most *-n iraile Une of trarei,
whether tor ha*ioes» or f.i*n**re. hot wee*
Horthuxl. Taroraa. Seattle. Vtrtorta and all
Parftte foa*» Point*, and WtaMM Min
neapolis St Panl. Chieago, St. u-ui*. Otta
wa, Toronto. Man Oval. Bo«ton, New Y*rt
and all Eastern Cities.
Threach TVkets *r» Inaed to all nteeM
Palate ia the l alted State*, Canada
aad Karate at Laaeat Bat**.
For detailed information *pplj to the M
lawia* agent* of the t omianr:
a O. McCOBI>.
( Wa*hinKton St., I .irtland, 0»
K. W JIctHNSBH Seattle, W. T.
*- B. ELl.ls. T*oonia. W. T.
». E. BKOWN.
District Freight and Piu«eugcr Ac**ut,
Correapondcnee reraectfuliy soli, ited.
Seattle, Like Shore i Eastern Ry.
2S, litfS, traiu* w[}! depart from * :itf
arrive at Seattle as follow -
Leave. Arrive.
T».« R ««p.
1 ! ■ •»« B S:»p»
Suburban trains,l
conneeti'g with i M ,
tnaii on Lake 130 p m B 5 .npa
Wash. at Ye*ler.)
Oilman and way i , .
statlou*. » A tCOpm A 9 15am
"A" daily. "B" .las Jjr except Suu.tay.
Gen. F. anil P. AftuL
Northern Pacific
via mi
C»»o»a» Diriaion. Now Cm
plated. MakUt it tk* Short
eat. Boat and Qniokoat.
TJ«c Wiling Car llae. The Dlmt Koate.
No Delay*. r sites t Tram* Ixiwest Rataa
to Chicago and all pointa Kast. Tlrketa .
MM to*ll promineut Points throughout the
Kast and Sonth«a>;. Through
Drawing Room BWplur Car*. Rc*err»-
tloni can be secured in advaure.
To Kast Itoaml FaiaMfcni
Be careful and do not make a mliuka
but be sure to take the
Mm Pacific Batlroai
And aee that your ticket read* via. thla
line, St. Paul or Mlutseapell* to avoid
chanffe* and aerlsu* delay• accasianed by
•ther route*.
Through emigrant Sleeping Car* ran on
regalar eiprem train* full length of the
line. Berth* free. Lowest rate*, quickset
Ueaeral waee of tts toaipaay. N®. t Waak
lagtea *t., Pertlaxi, (tvegaa.
A. D. CHARLTON. AWtrteu. Pan. Ait
So. l Wa*hlngton St, Portland. Or.
Tleket Agent, Seattle, Wharf.
Ticket Agent, Seattle.
Time Table, Taking Effect
Sunday, May 27,1888.
Train* arrive and leave Seattle a* fol
Leave. Arrive.
Newcastle and way) M _
station* (mliud).. ( s »>P | n ' Otp.m.
Franklin *nd w*y sta• » 7:00 a. ra. 4:30 p. ■
station** . j 3:30 p. m.ll OOp. m
T. J. MII.NKR huperl ntenJenL
Time Table, Taking Effect
Sunday, May 27,1888.
Leave. Arrive,
racoma (passenger)) <:«.'■ a.m. 910 p m
Tacoma (mixed!* 2 .10 p.m. 12 ® pm.
stuck Junction (mlx'dl.sas p.m. 9:00 a.a.
{Connect* with the S. P. IV R. for Port
land and the East.
•Connect* with V. P. B. B. for Portland.
I. A. N ADEAt*.
General Freight and Pasaenger Agent
T. J. Mu-sm, Manager
Men Facile Crapanfi
Quicker in time than any other route be
Seattle and San Francisco.
Threagh Time Fart j-Fight Rear*.
The Grand Scenic route of the ParMic Coaat
Tourist Sleeping Cars
For accommodation of second Haas (MM
gens attar bed to expreas trains.
For tickets aa<) other information call oo
Ticket Agent. Hrattle. W. T.
I. P. lUXikR*.
AMist. Gen. Freight and Paaa Agrot
R. KOBHLBR. Manager.
THE pe<»PLE or *EATTLF. ARE so
used that hereafter a full npply of
the celebrated
Will i e kept on hand at the retail
Cor. Mill Stmt and Railroad Avenue
Orders by tek-pboae promptly filled. Tel
ephone So 211. _
iO.Oflfl (ORBS WOOD.
1 the ofllre of the Pn*M Snood Imu
Company. IrawUlc. W»»hin*um TmlWTi
foe cattiof JB.UOO card* of wood, rropvmm
will t« < on«lder»<l for tbe wbole »mou»t.
or la tot* of MM) cord. The ttmbrr will
be farniabed parlie*. Kropo««J» «JU
be roiuidcred for lb* eattlnf tad delivery
of the wood to the taw- Tb« ouuuf
raterrem (br rl*ht to reject *uy »nd all pr»-
boHil Kor f»rtb«r |«njeaian «fV'T «•
Se ofllre of tbe Pufrt Aoood Iron c«»-
J*nr- iroodale. W. T.

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