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The Seattle post-intelligencer. [volume] (Seattle, Wash. Terr. [Wash.]) 1888-1914, November 23, 1888, Image 3

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flic *ew Chief Jnitife T»km the
Oath of Office.
Beyle i* t« tb«
jf«ial>«rs of tba tar an«l «e
--(tn hi* Mm
* ———
Chkl Jul'" Charles K. Boyle ijua'iied
m chambers yeatf-Htay raornlue at 31 a. ■.,
jtf ceremony fitting the dignity of M» .
hjjr, ar.d rt«po»>lb<« o®«. Tha bar of
turned ixrt iaiwl to a eu to do
bin hoB"r, and to lie credit of President
the Bar A«o» idtloa, and Clerk of
Cacrt W. K. L< igerwood, th- «■ <••• oa ••>
» vary «r« • fui tribute sod recaption j
10 the new chief jnsdira ' The g.iad win of
tba attorneys of <■ >• ei»T indicated their
ooM-nec in Jadze Boyle'a ability to wear
the ermine in th* best In-ereata of Wash
|BfV>u aad with cred.'. to himself. <»«*.
flatnple administered the oath.
A little before 1) a. n I delegation of at- j
tarn-jt waited upon the governor and the
eblef Jastirc at the Ofideo-al and es
corted them to tie court bouse GOT.
«*m pie end Judge Boyle we-e conducted
to tJe I haa»ber». and a few aainutes were ■
devoted by the aitorneya in the "mrt room
Co diacuaslnr '*>' Sttiag way to hare
the chief justice sworn in.
At 11 o'clock ei Chief Jttetice "range ,
Jacob*, president of the Bar Association,
—lied the meeting to order and stated i'a j,
Uject Ultra*. V-nry. Atu.rnev-Ceneral
Mef al'e and ex-Aaeociese Justice 1. P.
Sort, wer>' appointed a committee to wait ,
■w* the distinguished gentlemen and to ,
Introduce ' hief Justice lieyie to ,
the bar There were com. derably over
(DO tienon* present, a great many labile* ,
beiuc among them When the comnaittce ,
wa- escorted by Kx ,
OOT Fernr. GOT. Semple by J AIRE Hoyt, j
mad link fcoyle by Attorney General M«-t
calfe. Judge Boyle and dor. fr mple were ,
riven seats to the riebt and left *»f Presi- ,
*gfit J* obs Clerk ledger wood then read
j***' - .remission appointing the HOB. <
Boyle to the chief justiceship of :
after wb'.ch the president and ,
f grow to their feet GOT. Benpie '
tr« a<l * n * Ter > irapr'-Mlve
II f uer »dißlnl«Urre« the follow-
C. W. JOHMt IJovJe, 4o joi tolemaly | (
will «lefen<J the eon»tit«-
Hbites «%«init all en*- *
. R «aii<l «lom» »li*.•; that yon will !
*♦ ». * r *i*l ftlieeianre t«/ the «a:n«:
tht« ohMcation freely with- ■
H |a n it re»f-rvatioß or of
Ulflmft I f 3*>n w « *nd faithfully
rduiilu Ir the office of c hief
1 w e court of Vfmphiax
rr,ori whleh you arw abuut to
you Ood?'*
Ofthit Mtice Boyle rtplird dUttnctiy la
gMOe*. Hrrn and noleuin vo!-e, "I do, m help
A reception was then held. Mr*. Boyle |
takine Ler noffhUm to the left of efeief |
tatlee, ana all present vrrv presented to
JwteeaQ'i Mn. Boyle by the roramittee. '
Sai<l h.a hon'«r f when rotsiratalablotM were
coning to him very thick!* "I did not
tip*-'-? to And lawyer* harine the appear ;
aocr "f to raorh ability, a»d I am there- ;
for*-, yery ably mi-!e a qtiafn?ed with
the tru»* «tandinfr of the V\ a-;,n ;ton har. " {
A(«In-he »aid "Yet, indeed; thla 1* a I
aeeoixl Pcunt* ltania. anl I am a little
afraM that flrnt Peooty.vania will have P)
watrb carefully her taiirel#. M
Alter the rarepttoii the bar iatlon |
wa» axaiu called P« order, artd the f«>ilow i
log new mein}4'M a<lniitte«i:
P. I>eer. Lamon 11. Wht e'er, John F Mil
ler, 3. Vs. CoMeHo, Jatne« f/ vi, aud W A. i
Jutise entered upnu hi* duties yea
tertlny afternoon, h«arti:«t mn« hat>r«»
caw *in eha'j 1* r«. He will *rart for Port t
Ma.li aou this morning. Thr* tug Bee has i
been chartered to Convey him and <iov. '
Sempie, District Attorney Ronald, and oth
ers Interested m the term of court at Port *
WadiK'U. The boat wJli 1- a - at s. m
The docket being %*ery light, Jt Is thought *
all business will Im.» in time fur the j
boat to bring them l»ac k to night
Don a Till th* Otto
ber T>rm Eitrnd tn Nfit Vnr.
Application for a writ of habea* corpu*
wa# roaile to Chief Jaatice Ttoy la 3 e*t< rday I
afternoon for the five «aik>r* n-'io were ar- j
mM it Port TotrflKDd laat Juno. It will
be remembered that June 7, It was alleged
tha* a delegation of th« Coeat s *roca'*
Pniiin, went i'4«n] the ship f\rkin*,tbcn •
't'* , rt, ind lodnct d tevera! xailoro
to <{U2t the vt'tM'l. A parade waa tlieu in 1
duljo <1 in. The »a -ua, Kd. Oiien. Harry |
Sim;*.>n. William Totter man, Wm. Darriu,
Johu Dot bran, Frank Kaff, Thomas Stuart
arid <3. FitgeraM. wi re ar<r*ted for (iMtirV :
ing the ahip J« J J H. Van Hokkel- ;
leu bound t*\em over until the October ■
term The October term wax not held. <n»
no dinposCioQ ' oald thru be held.
J. J. Calhoun, proar« nting attorney of
that «fiwtrirt, i* r-j-refentiiu tba Culted ■
State*. Judge Boyle grants the writ aud
#et the bearing f»r J 3t> p m. mxt Tue*dav.
The point to be decided when the writ I* J
returuo<l ia whether Juatice Van ftokkol ;
len'a action binding the nriaatiera over to
the October term will hoi 1 row) for a anb- (
ee*j»»ent term.
Kru kn of Ou» PavoanE* Tbe popu
iar ami world known dramatic artlata.
Annie Flitain an»l Johu Jack, old time fa
vorltca, have returaed to the coaatafter a ■
tour unpreced- nted in the annala of the \
drama, during which they vinited and j
ptay#i in a)! the Kngliah apeakiug com
mnnftb * throughom the world. They will i
be aeen at Fry* * oner* h u«e on the even- !
ias of Thankagiviug jv, in * hill of'
varied merit* *r.*l great excellence, in
eluding (elections from the School for •
Scandal, The Rival*. a«(! F!ag«(a)f, with
aong*. l>aiia<!ii au<i lots of fan *t»d music In
the protean fare •»! "Fun on a Ranch,*
in which Annie K:rm,n will t*» seen in a
great variety of t haraeterixation* Old 1
frteu<!a will be glad to w* .come her re
T:tr. Kiw JirwiaN Pi*>r C ».>*.~The fir*t j
eta to bctakeu up by Chief Jttat - e liovle
waa the application made by Louis Brown
for«. writ of habea* corpw*. Ifrowu i* one .
of the chaiu-gnug, and »a* committed by
Joati k Soderb- • « for vagraue*. who Lm
poe»*d a fine of ijO and 1 ■ day* hard labor
with th> • haiu «a«t. itr wt> va> d« fend
«d by John K Cdatello a th • t in«- who
ha-1 the < a*»** app**aled. Jn«l; e lUorle
tratt *vl the wr.t it rt turnabl*
pn» At that hour the ra-»* wa< heart!.
Tbe point raivM br Mr iWU»» waa th «:
ihe »everitv of thf :it hnjn-.. to
the city ordinance could »K»t exceed iitat «»f
Ihe territerial aw Judw l>oy!e took tbe i
•a-:t» r nnder adtbrneut.
C*%at;gx> WITH A.v«*CLr Mtr.iirl IU rry
eata-cd ac< ia i aint wit ! \ Ju»tce -oder
be:v ve*terday. r t vlo; U*t* Mark a, tue
well know, • u r- 1 atif wft ? \ u* au!t and
bar»-ry Mr. I . \v«.nt iat•> M Ma:k«»'
tU"*v lad pure ha , ] mr:.f -■■ds. and weal
away tppa-.»mir d Whcnbera«ft
ed bone hi* **.% not p?ea«ed with the
L fou • an<l Mr Herr. retarded to Mr. Marks'
Ware and said thr were no! as ropr** 1
arnf»*d |f,- »j r :■*• ,t»-4 his nio'i r bii<'k
Wh;«*h Mr Mark* d?d not fsornplv with. He
told berry to g»» o»T ah «iit hta huaiue**.
•**. iti" allejft-1. pu*»„d hiiti alr U . The '
Mm will e -n*» uf- for fct-anu* thia a?;c
|£ trttur t Amoko«v*!Kv —Wb«a the nvtkij i
•NJ waiters ' ;.; *. •. r tvv * : : ui.dcr the
MutiM inn* . -«rk« I! •• ■■ :«-r u -t.t to
wtn a cooks* and watte un a. thev did
*<»? !r.'< ' •!?•.. v ■ „; ■;r !. j 'h .* ,
*"•' •* •'• '■ ' •:. ' i ;.»r»e ».#»•. r' -
«**». «a i liters. \s\ on « ! . | oatas en-
in a »!.n a* • fan coateat. ,
««** boy* ware r ,-t r I ♦» v* b> ;
<v Ji >., «. x . rday, a \ s'!oti aran
JfhUageMbsr j» ,> . vUiv-acaiaat
>*: v. areir-n. April HL 1
• rf " 1 ' '■'••' - '
* ! i h » »i«". > »■ s; ? I
-.' r OS -'S K l>\kY 1
l"*-, 1 •>«« <o .1 fret . i. i »r> > fit 1
■"V \ II FKIKK. !
£'*• j
".rt'.iv ,"■ ', l . :; r T «
Hwb, ~J. , . V* •
■ „i«r c:,mrr. -1
I:-.."., (•
"-iriramrri,, , r , h . r . ir "
= x'..
aaic. v ~v j-
Xa»* -■ %
CiW j r .
< - < ,%j \
r#. . Sl>l .
u» .-:- tr ru auJkCO.
u " *♦ . J * Conor**. u
t, *"7* • »* ~ uivf anal Ok
k*||" ' ' * » ( *fr-
I ~ ° ar M* »• >J>...<■ CSrur.. n
" «•' • .-•«
:.T I ■ «rv
" tr '"' • '■* T » l ' ! * s - >
W» . i.ly »t TvtlU,
. ery Ur Pitfier'i CuUrU C
' A Waat ■aattla Haaah J
*UttMd la ■ Uraalea P..awl.
Tbm atabbtaf of as radian ear.ad ~-'ack."
' whit a win peobaMy pr.j-re <->• waa tta
1 Urmiaa»!*m, WedatMday e»ecjag. «f a
fa«d of Io»f ataadlat whieb baa exited '
between tba efetim aad a Jfeah l*y ladiaa '
samed Jo» Si'.de Toa ar«tM of the erlme I
wa» She Indian a«( leas eat along iha shore, i
at H eat Stttie ioo BBQrh whisky waa Tba
| dirt<t caiw of th< frar.aad the «*ab«ag of
Ja<-k •»mcl tba naay imidenta of a
ganerai aa fr*a fight
Fotir led>n« repaned the affair lata at
. n *bt tu Jsatiee Bo<ierberg. and the t-»,
w-he«J the »brr(r, om*t abowt mid
night. SheriffCockrane, who bad r*-
taraed from Bone erwk. aest bi« r i«M-
Albert Maa-i*j.-. aadCowtaVe
raidwadl tfce r*y to ea^tnr,
| dian who did the staMaag, if pon'.bie.
r an.iea (-arr"ad the off'-eraaad the f« nr lo
'!lai.i who bad ci'en the report, orer to
. tbeeal/io, where !"ie eirtim wu toand
: lyirg oa ta« four with an «g!y ra*h on
the It ft breaet, and another oae on the left
arm. The arm r.ad bees tlaahe-i [ T r,a
the shonider nearly ta the elbow-joint,
and the knife or winterer had been ned,
bad eridentlr rear'.ed the riba in the
breaet woaui Tb« bl.md waa flowing
pretty freely, the man. being rwrer«id with
It, and appareatly ra-pis* bia ian breath.
Seaivh fort'w Maaiiant began at on<-e,
«d "Indian Jt»r or Jaeijlkle. wa. Bnaily
disroTerrd rooct-aled | n the brtub In the
hfgh land of Milton p.>iat.oaiy after atrh
dlßeulty. The Indian* did their best to
throw the offirwrs off the t-ark. and the
eearfh waa about to te- a v i when a
younst kbwtehmaa pat them on the right
»e-;ot, ft ih after 2a. m. whets be was
raptured, and a little after 4 a. n>. be was
•afe'.j lotaad In the >-r>unt/ Jail When
arrested be ha.l no knife He had in bis
poekala 131 7i ia money when searched at
the jail, and a "llier watch aad >ha:n f«l!
ont of his big gam bo>A> when he took ;
them off.
This Icdiaa. Joa Wide, as be gires his
name, wu formerly a teai-Csher on the
arhoocer Challenge, and lately he has been
employed as a Sshcrtnan oa tha sloop Ad
rantnre He does net «e-m to be marh
m-erMO yaars old has an athletic batld. ajd
* r * , '! e l food-looking He 'peak* *ood
enough EngUsb. but doe«n*t like to talk i!
With the a*»i»tance of a white feiiow
prisoner, named .McCarty, however he had
a pretty interesting urory to tell. Herald
be didn't bars any knife, and nswrted
stolidly that what be did was m * -.f-<!»-
fente. aud that the other man bad »tsbb- d
him with a »harp pieee of iron, ai*o that
the other Indiat.* had pr,«aded hltn with
To »nfe*tan'late this be tbowed
sererai cut* aud brows H t *, e tlii<
•tory at the jail, doctored np to make it in
telligible English,
"I wa* oit-r here ia the city, with my
klnotchmao yeMerdar, and ray nepijew,
Bob McCaunam rare roe »ame w!.l*ky. I
drank aN.ut a pin: and a half of it, and
after annnet w,. starti-d f.ir borne In our
canoe, l had a (us* with my klootrhman
la the canoe, and another row when we
. got home, and I wa* whipping her, wuen
►ome other Indians interfered. Eight of
i them jumped on me and kno< ked mi
down I took tny shotgun and Bred It in
ihe air to k-are fbem. 1 *ave liie ft in to an
Indian friend of lelar. Hsrry. who wa.«
: trying t.l make p<-ac;\ and then I wen! lnlt>
my eat. 11. m« of ih- In nana, 'hi* Jack,
! came at me with a tharp .pike and struck
!m« with It. and then be ran awar. V<-«, I
know the Indian, and I're bad trouble
: with him before. I rier»-r heard him called
by any other name than Jt k. I didn't
: hare any knife."
When *« examination of tfce caae waa
had In Justice Jone»' c,mrt. y-.-Te-day af
teronon. the lad an, Ha'rr. «aid Joe had
hi* gun to shoot the . ther Indiana, and
that he tried to tbont them, hut they ran
A room Indian from Neah bay, called
B'nispitn Butler, probably the ' Mci'aa
- nam" ref»rred to. tava lie gave Indian Joe
! the li.jo r and that be bought the whi'ky
at the Thistl- raloon. If Jae hadn't be.-a
hi* node, h.,- *ay«, he woaldn't fiave giren
' him tbe whisky.
Sheriff Cocbraae went with Ratler to
! find tbe ti*r-t»-nder of the Th!*tle saloou,
who It '• 'Uppovd, bad furaished the
*iuc»r. but the bar trader wa* sot is at
the time. Xu action ha* ret been taken
asain*! hlin. Butler * a shoemaker, bav
i lug learned hi* trade at the Salem training
! school, and he <ay« he came here to get
w<irk The ofllcers an- waiting to «e*
whether the wonnded man w'll die. befor.-
proceeding to prosecute Itidiau J,*. Jack
! wa*still tiring nheu '.aM beard of last
. erenins
Heattle the Ituent City North of
Sau franrliro.
"What a mar'fd c ntraat thii hotel pre
| tenta to the leading hole'* of other citiea
•a ! a wl'i,
Ihb wriiwlil trmvi ;, a Thumb
TKLiioftxcxa reporter as tbe Occidenial
j saft evening. Jut? as the former atepped
' into the •Aee from the <tiaing room.
, "In what reapv» r 1 nked the reporter.
M ln it» buay appearance Here it ia half
l»a.*t «ix o'clo k. Ther- arc n«>t a half a
doxen \ at ant seat« !n the dining room and
J yon me how many >p!e there are in the
• office who have Jnst flaiabed dinner or are
vralting to go in."
The speaker and th«- reporter •»H»onted
and there wer- fty. not including a
} littlw crowd who wee «m >king in the bar
"Now von won't find aa :uu h huiUne«H.
not nearly ao mn« h. ta auy other hotel
nerth of San Fraueiaeo." cot)tinned the
. dmnmer. "The fact U, Seattle ia the only
j city juat now that a*rancer« arc flocking to.
; You hear of .- attie amorcorouaereial
trsvaliia em) vheteyovg >asthelie«lie«t
, town on the eoaat today 1 don't aav it
I heeanae 1 am one of them, but #o« mar
| believe me, the drummer* are doing more
f to advertise Seattle than any other cla«> «#f
' men. The* do it because they cannot
he»»» but admire year energy and cntcr
Wi»at waa aaid about the baaineta of th<«
j Oceideutal hotel, will hold good of every
' other hotel in Seattle All have been «jui!e
a l * t rowded daring November a« thev were
during the summer and early fall monta*.
and Ibev are, of coaree, \ery proa{>eroua.
How Sealllr it Krftrded hy I'.astrrn
and Matuifa. lurfri.
Mr. J. R. i hiibeir. of CWl*
be nf A Ajo, linwi»oratid, tvearned j eatar
. day tr >m a Ihrw twki' visit Ka»t Hems
a«>kt v i t«» teil what he !earo«l of interest
duritis his trip. Mr. Cbilbene -ai«i be foa:i*l
wore gvt.ert! loquiry abvat Waabinftoo.
and particular!> aKiut -battle, tban he had
le*|H"rieu<Hfd on a vi»lt two years az\»
"Anybody i rom 9*aftla who wants to bar
l£oa«]*atthe Faat it wrirvmed with open
arms," »ai<! Mr. Cbiiber?. M Merchant*
and :.>*nufai iur-rt are very auxions t<>
rxte d tl.r r trad • U* !h»> Qula City b*'
i a :*<• it has the rcj»ota i »n f :r |»->>iapt jmit
and u«verau> «iwiih:fu * uijnt>
" ' •' "ar ! a t r« H • 'a* aftrr t!>e
eleeUt>vi, «b. ut tha admi « eo of Waahioc
tnii and the «>t:»cr terr i rua. ««1 there b I
« C'-nera- tl»#: ffcey a IS- admitted
at the ucit traatan of Coafru"
Mr t*hi:b<ere ri it*. I Aan Arbor, Michi
ca bad piea«ttr* of icvint the
f.vitottinf Sea*;!® von.,* w » arc at
trttdioftlhe Col varsity th".**'; t.fe*x ai-a* I
nw. Fred. > rave, Ferry, Ja:a*a f
Mei-oy. W V. K;i »1. Jr. a i C *
Kittuear Tm y w ( re at} in iiaalth
aud t ad to see tame owe from name.
MILL im Taoi »t a.—arl"hut*.an
».>n and a laryv fdrt"e t>f 11 n are buasly ctt
gaffe) in as ettdcaeor tor irtbe
«t Facet .S'HwJ ;»ue »■ t v ava'arrheof
amd tii a! f•< * i do.»u it >ida \< -
twe+n <\-aJ Cftvk mti t Xewn-. le. ri\«
tfwnWe *r»M\« fn»m J' e twflrmitr of :\r
r cvntiv ma»?e in sirn tht airs the :
ira. k wa it.« pecviocs s* udi» c »vu-*»*
T» a exeavatiout ware aa.ic during the ;
pa*r h -mer. and thf fresh a* f tb.c
iM'a % bed « pmbahSy ea *e t »n: »
traasp.-- tat«oa f--r »ww*j y• t'-al!
cant;-'- ; -c bronchi fnva l\*a cnt»k w;>
t u- fsriii'ir tna; d«»iml, t>at wv- rtttc
\rn+ r gh i» brought oat f.>r |krei«!it pu
Es: 1 * TtD lUti V.~Ji »y C!• rk Foree*t
rcts"ivcd fr m C. l. (>#o s War nf,
aolected by the rltf casa< S! to draw th
(dans for fbe ecw teriip'i i ciiy acav*'-a*e
a '• tt«*r *»attr»/ that «-sp-. :• -1 t->
Va' e f scatll«* » oMiy af'*rr N r
14 h. At that dateaom< ««. , ?a r 1 u» in
which be w*" an ImrorfoAt r «as *o
N* t\ a>i'tenii, and he wa.* d taiacd b>
that bit ißf v»it the
;t h. Vd Wsrli c i.nay i* <. *|Nsted an:
Hi .-.sss* — tT*e oM'
s*n Fraax wpo *u>rc. Cvtnsrr of Coaoer
r;as aad Wa*b4netoa *t*vefa. has hecti
aatt'O n k -«tv* K €k* ? r*tel®» by > "*n M .
Marsha . V -e i' F> r, asd T a H-:
pi*:# Thi*
** ars. for ra j-ayrar - iU of JW»
Sunburn, tun, row* nar«* at alia a*?-1 *
r tie ;>}<* ar*» • •■-■<■• v rntmil
M *}-.r Tt it i>r.:# -.j • <- . It i» •
•. v,-.- fall in c for ?si!t Kb«o»a. Tel- . 1
l> r *: >t *'. l »k:a <*•»> wart <4 lU»ln>t»
»>mjr C\x wb*>ie*alr ftfruts »*i
r«vt tir* \c-- »l 4« •
Ihfir »>lkv oa Troat U*;»« fetark, t
wbor^th* 1 - a-<* j>r» u» Uan»u.i« «l»ti i
ri.>* »: r rni.-al
ChMi« i I vnp v?i k*<* t&e oaly [ i
|!.vlw u!if 0(U:f UtSJf rwk'.U ? CJK '
ruaa A Co.
Flr*c e*v kw*ar. TckUs, ftaramiin £' «
Co. '
K«ir tr.anintus*. Chww Cltar*
ChHitoii lißikrrtbtefi. TV*'a» Si»#-
»TO4a A C&
\t w wiUißtvy br «xf>rra* Mw«4*?. -*»k
la* Mr,tv;m*ta A *'o.
Clitdrei ttj Ik FtMrt Blirti
Th' B««rd of Trsdf Farther
the Matter.
K*ial«tl*a la Faror sf Lsailag a
Wfcarf If Xnsiaary t, Aee m
pliah III* Tmrp—m.
Tie atieadacee at the mee'lcg of tie
wiar-j of '.rsde, last fags?, was not large,
for ra .oas good rea»as, b*t that did a*t
prer«;i a very taWeaUß* a;>d .lis
c*»»iOS U e Bitur af wharfage rates,
»bi-h baa <x-ra;,-d U»e artetitwa of tAe
bsard f.j.r suae time pa»t.
President Adair curled tbe ball rulliag
i by renturiag the opinion that tfce city
coald aw make a better IrTntgirn* than
to it**- trie Ye*-r wharf si tae rate aaked.
If the objects d.-si*--i u> be atoned caaid
■o* be faily sccured to the be*iaes* nun
of «attie ia any other aiaaner
Other* j <iaed ia the disrtHsioß, tba gea
erai c.^aenaas of oplainn V-iag that the
, wobi4 n*>t be made if the desired re
daction of wharfage rates could be secured
otherwise. The city bad poaer. it waa
•gree<3, to tease and operate a wharf, but
not t« rega.ate charge, Seirher had it
J*" rk « ri T determined that the iegjala
power apon the c it j to
I "-guShtlon of wharf charges
"• r «m thoturbt It *trange that Seat
t,eeonid aot ragalatc tbe matter of wharf
age, waea o«ber city 1a the world
regulate* iu wharfage rights.
la it in -tn Fraa»*iico*" a
member. *
»**ie owns all tbe wharfage tber*."
answered the presidr at. "and leaeea It to
theoty. whost wharf rates are regulated
by a board of harbor com misaloaers, cboacn
by the a'ate anthorltie*.
,J» r - Merchant stated that he knew that
ail * learners carrying loeai freight out of
Tacoma at-d Portland charged n > wha-f
The president tboagbt that nothing in
•Be siis',.- of cempulsorr anion on the
part of eit>*er» la regulation wharfage
; co«|dbe done at present
Prea.'dent Adair made setae ratfcer i'aastle
r emark* about the action certain eitixetia.
«i!*!de af business men, ba.l taken iu not
offering sufficient pecuniary
meat in any public eaterprisea undertaken
by tha board of trade.
It was moved by Mr. Lery t.-,at the lioard
endorse tha action of the citr council in
the proposition to 1-aa • tbe Yeaier wharf
The pr»*id«nt wa* of the opinion that
tbe properly could be taken aud within
z* hours turned orer to some iadirtdaal
who would carry oo: the wi.h: * of the
merchantaof tbu city.
The motion prevalie*!.
cragk Bi'stKgsa.
Tee committee to w:.;ch was referred
the matter of ereacntiug t.. tr-c.j :n>:l aj
ordinance regulating peddler*, haakcrs.
etc . reported that tbe o-dmane>; hail Ixxn
r-ad In the council and proper r referred
I Chairman nrportid tfcat he bad heard
tha' there w»a d U- soiae to the
t passage «f Ihe ord rancc Acc«rdlagly a
, motion *a* male and carried that one of
, the attoru* ya at the board be prf-senl at the
,: meetiug of tt.e cooaeii thi* ' FridaT, even
ing. and urge the adoption of the or i
, nance.
j Mr. Lery reported also that tbe eom
, mittee which wa* appolaKii to u,-eo
! tiate with the Northern Pacific Ex.
[ press Company with at lew of s . nringad
ranlageou" tafa for tbe m.-nfccr« of the
board of trade, had acci m[.!!,b'il I** mis
sion aad had accepted and printed 100
I copies of tbe rate-sheet extended.
<k-n. N N Tynera.idf -.jt-l the hoard In
. behalf of tbe Orrcsniaa, stating that it
«aa tbe Intention of that to glva the
I ! city a gratnitou* "write up. Adjourned.
1 The Se* Lfna, the I.ate«t Addition to
the I' S *uud Fle«t.
r The iron tugboat Sea IJon arrived in
port at 1 oYlock yesterday afternoon, .-he
■ lef* ran Frain :vo at Ip. in. Sunday, and
t ai*hted Cape Flattery at midnight Wed-
I nesday. The tug ia owned by the Sbip-
II Owner*' and Merchanta' Tow B««t Com
| pany of san Fra:ici»co. and waa built at
» Camden, N. J., in Since that time
' abe ha* be**n employed in the towing aer
| vice at ran Fraarteeo, and. un?il the
Sprt-ckelae*' new boara
wan looked apoa «a tho m«*t
powerful tug in San Francisco
harbor. She ban the appearance
of m ver* fast b.»t, her *iew Leivc kt«!fe
' like an-l her liaet very ahary 11 rlenrth
i* V2Z kfct. beam fe* tan I «iep?h of ho!d
, IS fy. she i* provided with a r> ompound
vqm i< n*ing er. ;.ne. eylio«ler 1 ~ inches in
1 Jntm*-tr«r and a feet atr .ke iler boiler
f -
r arneter. The THW.I na« two wa'- rtickt
I bulkhead* and comt>etent jadgea *ay ahe
I i" by iar tbe »r>« «t attractive, aa well a* the
mo*t powerful tut boa: on Pug>-* Sonnd
waur>. Her hetdquartet wtll be a*
; Tuamu J < » Ba t!»tt a
f being tier appoint*d aget, » tag .«
k f commanded by t'apt. >. b. who
I haa teen maa>r »f the tug Witard for
the laat Ztlyeara, and who formerly iuwr
! intended the ui*s Donald. Earnrt ®*»d
• Wiiard an the Colamb'-a ri*er Capt. Ran
dali ia a hale waa. In tbe prime of life and
Ia- :be rcpHUtion ml being, one of Kb#
m*«a? energetic. a< well aa on- <*t the *af« a:
..tug cap'aia* oa the c aa* This *idirion
1 to the Knget -ound fleet ia welcomed
» iiT the masters, of all a ipa toto hlng a:
I Soand porta, and the Sea Lion ia likely to
, receive large patronage.
BIIE\ I riEv
The Moody cl«>*e to-night.
There w!l) K a special meeting of the
councl! to-uifht.
- A marriage license was i«.«ued U % .r Ihinlcl
Y -t • h ! x !',ss Kunaia > (\>>>ir.ber, of
i Krauklin yesterday
The collier Willamette arr!\'*Nl fr«>m Port
land early ye*tcrday vaomixtf, and will
load coal tor the buuker*
The W<namettearr:v«d yesterday m »m
in It fr»<m r«.riaod. Or., *.d f* a!t>agalde
the t-«nkcr< loadtat; F auk'..a coal.
The bark I'almyra i* lyinjar at the btxoy off
tb<-•» i; «x N dock, a? her «»i>por
iutxity to l« a i Cual f»»r !»a » Francis* c.
Ifatara!lration j»aprrs were i*«aed y*»s
--| ter*iay to Mrs. T, m h. Johnson, a native
of .nwt'drn, and i harlvs Fahnerof K::^laud.
Frances • I A >»*erv. a two Tcart»; 1 datifh
tvr of Das!< 1 low* ry died Wrdoesday, at
ts.e Sontham t»\. and waa boned yester
day itt the Cathode ccmt tery.
rhi en* i « ' •- the Front street
ki*ad arr froxa Waym *twmT
Fiean . and ti»» w.-rk . f prepares *§r -
fonndatfv u {,i the power h aw ha* betpin.
F:irate received here
last night t; at Mr r» < atanbeli. rencrai
freight a ecu* of the O K A N fa. had
been app«<tnt«sl yen rai *raSo :aaaa *er of
the L'u'.ou Pit iflr.
The st< amship Wa.la Walla will \>* !are
fr\>:n Vanroavar thii evet»a>K.
aad will avt Jcaxe St-at:le i - Fran
. i« o U-f'tre midnight she Is u.>t expected
an d - k until 7ar* \. an.
The weat ecd of UatfieM'* wharf, apoa
wh <-k repair* tare b- en foii iT forward for
a week. s» aj»prs»actdae c< op'.vi.on. When
• • : «•
- .«' is ..« i'inj heavy
freight In the e ty.
Two large b dier* red y «ter
das fr m the Eaat for th-» Part B ak»-e*
mhls. They «era reahtppea ?o the iail!>.
aA«t mi. v am p"« T.-l vi fhey wiii
au«alst in »»p* racing one « f the largest saw
mil * in the world.
2td*c ere k wa« recently dammed in
*u h a way a* *u prevent -a so:, g dag t«>
spawn A fta'i »Ja:ne*J i«>hn». n did t and
*a« arre>!;,-d. Whea the •'•ooe carne up for
i Uial a» on was n--a ic ««t Johuoa
a« *.i.- e ope.< d a x asaa-c • t'. the
M- J v >:ra?'oa I* in F, «>o fca*
Mr John F Va:» r Vaster of K-. al wa>
• n the city yesterday.
M- Wm. J * lark e uf the Pnrallap (>«■ '
«' was io th* • ;iy a«r nljrtr.
M' F. - Joht oa. W r,« Ptit • lfi'l Ca.
F a a'>: . -*a» uti . y y»*aterviav
M iiesv H nch"i»u *x».-. r feseotiag j
the F.-a cis . K % i» iu thx? rj
M". Boat - ei' *t. ]
ma- ag r >*( the Fa"a Ls4MU Tra*t 1
aa-i smi« *r« t>* *-i »tr ' j
M and • w. U Jo '?» on are beca!
par?.*; a • * • •*. f
iu:* v », aad wi.. return bom • a cay.
Mr 1* H <* " i'«a-". pr.■«» : * I
ki• * » i ae« :<. * R: au . » .sit i list f
it r ;t oa h;a retara to >a. Fraui jsmi o.
Mr J. K \a A '• n ■* :j» , r • j
Ma; -a <•.. U< •< i)i »' 1' v: J
dva. e Heap taJ. a the road to recw. r !
Mrs C T r.- = ds. xi v . i- • I
the "*ight w. s.*e % S. Y ,'l
v.». it:? ero d h>a . retar: l *-» Seattle I
• - . :u* |
With a * Kodak *'■» a > •*'!
r a- .a a»v«* - '* r l«a • * «
iMi i !*v th-a:ol war. ** fc£. a*t» u i
Co'g \
i»r Jarter"* -an"ar" W w as- -aa t - ~
anderw» ar re-dux d -■ " Cv * 'ca coia
-gui- pr.c-'S, ■K.'as. - if-' ftaa AOu ,
Arr r.. >pered n-.»dof the d *>n. ? f
Mr*. Oarlto i f *ney w ;r* a-4c!it. i\-k'as
SJcjrerfßOii A .'O.
Urea* *o. i» Monday m< nsing and a; j
*c k. *id tie. .a . '»t -»a *old Other ]
for e«* ihan -> cmtv We w;V. j
t-:. them a a; . Tokkaa sia|it«M a 5
Co »
£X>a*i U vooafortah e wh-n a ehaaso -
»k -4 andeoeat oaa fce ?:a1 at >u *a:i «& f
Drag Co a
Ne » drraa eo la Cheafar Cioory.
Frf« our tSaa aaVa. Clwwtef t -e*ry.
Ut* eortola ac®»; b.* u Qwr
Ta s le dam*sa a d e a 1
Tvk.aa, iug.-aai ji < e
Ckiltaa crj iw fueasr' Cut«rta !
"*>»« U«U ka !U»«J— the I
*•»*• tart Mikt
i ssor >cmuT» rot to- jut.
»a. » —Mftoieiist PivtH«ut chuck.
e»rn«r iXjsal aed Medlars Th» sarrjce !
win >-• derc<ed to tea eonni.lerut.'ro of
>; qa*»t*l«asaflSwriag ibri«Jaa work.
® —B<bl* in*rt at First PmbytfT
iaa r-is-rh. Third ud Mad re.
* f " —At the Amcrt, closing kttlr
' ad fart w«i; address.
To-day's m»*ting* wiil rinse Kr. Mood? »
j wo-k it Seattle l pn.mise *« t* lar*»>;
attends judgisg Ir*tm the larte a*dien««s
which UKened to :b« seasgelM
; The Morning • aeertac wa> drTote-1 to the
' book of ;<>»>. and a: the service
. M-. «<x*ij rare ( «tj his biblical r»ad
> !n*s. which was listened :o with rapt at
l»Uos. The evening address at the Ar
' ■•>-y *»« oa tie text. Whal 54 rut I do la
j be Sarcd?" aad was caique for
' the rast fwnd of Illustration which the
■ speaker rmUoyrd with a readlnesa aad
fore* per".;! a- to his public utteranses.
The earnestnessof the prea. aer and the
almost irresistible power of fes nss re n
mow. pithy discourse e*>cape.l«d the large
, assembly to listen la hushed eipeeraucT
' for what would cum next Ym -aa get
t kingdom of Qod to-nirht if sou
, will, »«id the speaker ■ 1 ustiScatloa i§
! instantaneous sinc* it u the mind of God
itaelL Silratioa fi not de-pendent oa the
' Vi*. o! " D *'* Noah's feelings ,
d.dn t ur« him, be: the ark did. Pre sere. 1
t-ar» aad suppurations will a»a:i an- ,
lens Christ is accepted by ea/"b or him
•elf. The sprinkled blood oa the d-*-»r
«*e<! Israel from the destroying
angel, aad men aad women mast be >hel
. tered behind the blood of the Laab of God
to ear-ape tfc» threatened judgment,'"
>c»taataneou»u»->« of saltation was
illustrated by referring to the cite of refute
to which the refugee «v «veed:ag for
safety. This ■inote the fagitfee is outside
1 of the late subject to Tesfeaoe*. law aad
' ;asti.e. the n**t inside the fate, wred
aad easr.rapa»r.i by aiercr. tiod dties not
coalman.! a man to repent without (ti»iat
• him the power to do a. Tb» paraletb
- took cp his bed asd aaiked. the act of
- ob»d:eDce beia? at-.- ->rr. raiied by the
r«jai*ite p..w- "tVin't »o weak kaeed
sad fearful of falling." s«:d the tvsaeeii«t
• with faith iaspirinir terror. "Go-1 wii! bold
r.>ti in hie ricbt hand. ' k here is on,* r.ae
s'fi' ne< essary to la.'vaUou—out of «eif iato 1
1 Cbri«L
Obserriaf two boys who were ani'oas to '
1 appr- aeh nearer the [.,s:.'ortn. «r Moody
made fßtsr»>tisf reraarks on the
- inpurtaateof early liir:ii<atior.
aad eomißvn led for the!- «aru*->-- I
' St" "I have acrrat beli'fiß th« .onrer
ston of rhildreu.' faid Mr. Moody, "aad
s they harcaEreat mauy ;a thi-i
--(avor which »• a hare not. The .- haTe bo
tiad babita to Srbt a<a:u»r an ! fewer uu
Baftncrries to rw*lL God Mew tli#- j
1 lad*."
4 The afTor meetict »»• 2«rye»T arten4e4
i. aad <jait< a uminber eougtst the lnq«ir> 3
i room.
• J. H. Koeald, *xru:. oa tae steftmvr
a Idftfco. *'k» Iht ISTEiAJHESt. EK to Cor- ! <
! T <-<•' ft «!a*eE;et»t rc«<ir ror.eerjifns
<• *hi#h io ft Waau-ora dl»p«rrh
i- Wwlowlfty Diornio;. The unforranfttf l
i- qiaml iuxhe ♦>! hc«*»n. ]
•» ts n ! »»f hi«> xcftkine, but «a< forcM oa
him trfi br iD>n t aad theu or perftonfti
k- «i>-au.t ftiwl Ue <Ji4 wbftt waa ue<f«*
sftrr to «ieffnd himtr.f tr:d prt«-rT€ hi* i
! »• f respect.
0 Two sarvey ing parties oat
day to ran two preliminary ;a » for Jf/T
® ; s-at:Je A. Southern railway from this city
* to Portland Oae party will work sou'K- '
e ward from Startle, and the otber north
ward from the Coltitnbla river It It stated 3
ui*»n, reliable authority that building oper
ati>as will coalmen- e eariy next spring.
A ZcjiLOt > UvTcx.-An attorney fr«»m .
* Tteoraa jtiv'.nsr the name of Suell wa« ar
Q reared by Deptty Qui Iter for Interfering in
behalf of the debtor ii; the lh>,«e < re* k
. attachment' a*f. reierr-d to ye*.f-rday. He i
1 tare hit reoofotianee rj>! his j
- freedom. The are all Nfaml.tl
- thoazh an attempt waa made to tell them
. to a third party. i
? I EOKTMN K ELF **El>. —There hare been
* no new developments in th* Annie Dick
inaon murder case. The white ram, Frack |
* Etftroa. who tfa* i und in the next cabin
* OB the ncr tof 'he - inter, was released •
1 by Justice s*!trberj? y« sterday. there be
">. in* no charge a*am»t him. Ihe woman,
6 < arrie brcwa. is still in ja*L
' Deeds lierorded at the ~r's
r Ofltea Yesterday.
Real estate transactions fr*-n» January l, }
I IVSJi. t- . date, are $ 14.7*4, >44.<% "
* There wt re filed for r- »rd yesterday 1
I 23 deeds, the eoasideratio:.* t-ncresttin* I
t S&LXO. t average of Following
»s the list a* furnished by Wood (
9 Osborne. a;»*!ra tort of titie:
I W. H !.>weilyu to B Mac ready. lota 4
to 6, bik 41. lot* 1. 2 an* 3. bik 44: lots I to 9,
; bik V», fra> tional lota Id, 11 and 12. b!k W; | .
lots Z4 to 9 in sup. p!at of bik Ota 7 I
. and 9. bik >. lots 10,11 and 12, Mk lots
* 7, ■* and •*. hik t.V lots 10. ll and 12. bik
; l«t» 1. l and tik f.T. '..«ts T * a;d ), bik 68.
* '** r.-.-.iaM k ,; ;.:•!« 1t • * incamve, and {
* lota Ct to • o. bik 7;; lot Ito6 in S
; cinsire, and lols to 20. Mk T6 lots 1 to
*■ 1* Inclusive, hik in Horke't second add., i
J. 11. Reagstorf to F. Morse, lot 28, bik S.
add . 11*26.
!.. Mpeeee to R. W. Deriekton. of te l -%. •
see 31, tad w' : of sw'«. sec 32. tp 22 n,
ranfe 3 e. $4600.
f R. W. Ikricksnn. to i>. H. Landerbaek.
•am? at abc>re, |4*sa».
, ' O. J wart to F and K. Koch, lot 5. bik
i 21. tvart in Heirs •'!A. Beil't seeoud and
r »-srt in W N Bell's -ixth, and lot 6, l»3k 21, ,
W N Kell't tiHIO.
H White to L b«»!er. Irti 4 aad SS. Mk
* . h:te A aid to Wett r«»t?t!e. J
I'. S. to » It. Vs! \* 3 ! of ww ; 4 an 1
* n l s of sv»' 4 . sec 24. lp 22 n, raugv 6e.
h«i>m« |l..
r H. VN v.;te b» A. r-. i»ar*ieh. lots I ; and 2»\ |
bik s White A Mannins's W. .Seattle, f.l 0. *
H Waite to C. o. Heuders>>:i. iott 17 and
2*. bit 3. White <fc Vann:i>g'a W eeattle,
; litl «
II White to A. Bairl, lot 30. Uk 3, White
d Manaiag't W attic, fir
H White to G. «. lz *Te aid F. S. White.
* lofts .I, 22, an ! 24. bik r -. White Man f
/ii-u's H - -at 5
H. ti» I- W< ber. lot 29, bik 3 H hlte
Jk Matiuinf't W wattle. 117.;.
II White to K »i Faofn*. 1 - ar.i V
r bik White S. Mannings add. to W Seat- i
■ • tie. I&'O.
* J H. Wu.te to \. ii. Una. lot S, bik 5.' t
i ? W* i'e v # » llaanlns * a«l-i. to W. Seattle.|l2f>.
t I ijn:™lh to R V Aukeney, lota 6 and _
f 7, Mk >. C'»rapl"»; > l»t, lIoCO.
West -au L'»an Ar Imtv >v« :#nt < >m
f patty to W H Ewinc, 13 au i 14, bii. 15,
l«t tva! West S>ea*. e, 47»«'.
E. B!ewe ? t to C. H. Kieh), lot 4. hik 21, *■
&. HoyVt add. c
11. c Kint to M B Kinj, lota Ito 7, tlk •
, I.lst p a' W «tSeattle.
. ' «• «* Pnlnac vto i». Joa«#. b.k w. >U
iaJid add. t»« -aimon liar City, |W.
, f H. Baxter to G. i\ t'hmney.
' of loi 3, b!k WC, 0. Boren s plat of add.,! i
! ,
H. Baiter toO. €'. Phtaney, lots&,*» •, 11
{ IX 11. bik 1, H»»mt a !d., I«».
1 J1 Baxter ts««» <*. Ph»arey. lots 4to T
:|i»elu».ve, l»ik 17, Woodland aild to Sal *•
m*n Kaj C<fy, MM.
U. ioae« to I». Fsig—fil, all of Black ®
} mar .> p at. b-i- 4, 11 and
{li. Wty/.siid *' l .to Salaoiiß# .y. and
H . «• r* s in «e« 4, tt> .4 n, r 4s, |<Xsi«
j t.' K' a I'M J Wright, »t# 1, 3.5.
Uk 3flk. Denny A lioyt'a arid . 132 V
F M Joa» -to J. Arch r, lot 13. b.k * j
; Giimaa's ad t.» f 173.
j 'e jv - • •• -•' » -S and ' I
t alters, Tok a«. in;** r*aa A Co.
Kev e'oakt an<l wraps Tok as, &Inrer-»
man .v Co. f
I Ipg
i Absolutely Pure. >
ITfc t r«wn :• t: T»r ■- \ 01 J
mntr.Matnk *a<3 W*<" * »«• J ,
«MOB .-tl »U 'J.' V
i AM'j"* ' ®¥W ' w \t; ffla
IdeMe M • -til.»>.* O •
* i>fco«S»ll*t« V » •».■«.< OS2T » «*B» ; >
Xt»T»l »«* » * r*«4- ~- •<• • •
♦ -s«w Tor*. Kls«Swjl i.
Cklidrti Crj (tr Picttt'J CWMfc'i
Oolv a Few Left!!
TVaaa eboiee la«a <m Twelfth aad row-!
te-Klh atraeia, brtwaea the .'arises aad '
Mil! rabl* road aad south of Jack
awn rreat en r radicate rid fa and ncia.tr. !
are T'-a* fast- At the prves K«3 vatlflßC
'her arc wneh the cheapest lots BOW offer '
Irf near lbs center of the city. We do aot
expect to hare ooe af these lots left Sa two
wreii, to y«« aid »I-e*k quickiy. The
majority of the huyexa thus far are sccar- •
is( the lost with the intention of building
residences at osea. We go out recularly to
sliOW the Jtrcparty al 10 a. m. and Sp. a.
daily. You should not Bias this la t
cnance of sccurißE a nice lot for mideaee.
business or speculation, w'tkia ire min
utes ride of the Occidental hotel, at ssch
cheap prices. W has we Suish seUiag this -
property there win be nothing left at any
such Sgurcs in the -icialty.
This additim is placed oa the raarke t to
day for the Era; tiae. Those who hare
spoken for lots should call at osee and
make their selectioaa. Krery one kaows
this choice property, aad aany hare been
wa ting for it to be pat oa the market bs
fore maJfciEg their selection of a site for a
permanent home.
Desirable residences at from few to '
13000. We have a special bargain in a |
house and lot, ccntrallj located, for s.<ot j
half cash.
We have the best iaTestnest far 110.608
in rest paying propery in the city.
T *o choice building lots In Barke'i Sec
ond addition for J.-J0 each.
Till nit«»T Baitoaix ix Front sTRErr ,
rr-orKKTY. »vOJ. ncLCDiso a CON bcilb- )
tso. Tutu. U'lOO CASR.
Forty acre, half a mile north of I-ake
Union and a third of a mile from Ravenna
Parkyfor I1.V) an at re. for a rcry short time
g.ao as acre has beau refused for
mcA adjoining.
Building lots at from SSOO to I'.SOP
li 4 acres of water front sery near Kirk
land at J ICO per acre.
Choicest Cireen Lake property at }MO and '
tiiO per aera ! water front)
Ten acres a third of a mile back from
lake Washington, opposite Kirkla~d, at
t2OO an acre. .-Veenty acres adjoining sold
recently for $15,(00.
S3 ail farm or garden tract of 10 acres ou
water front. Lake Washington, Improred
and on county road, for S3IOO.
For anything in this list or anything you ■'
may want go to
Ue«l EalftlA and Tlr*aneiftl v - r *>krr%,
Take the elevator.
Gko. F r iyi Mana*vr \
Tbarsiiy Eyening. No?. 29.
Thanksgiving Day Novelty.
After *n absence of ten Tears, the wor'.d
eeU bratcl M K- «nJ II R-t
The di»lin;m«hed actrea* ard
Will appear in their refined and
Popular »
"it Home Entertainment,"
Agisted by
.VASTER mm nRM!\-JA(k
The child rocahst.
Sqi budget ol comic songi.
from *b» rfdan'a 'School
f«.ir -<candal." and the • R'rals or, a
Tri» t.»Bath." MIS* FIKMIN iu
ch'»ic# Th»* ixttion sreoea. j
Fhak-sp sro's "Komfo and Julift." Juliet.
ANNIK FKMIS. 85lke8Mtre'i
"Sir Johti Fa »raf".*' King Hen
ry IV*. part L.
The <*olt a< kaow)cdfft-d impersonator of
this crvat comedy creation.
To roncln<l« with the roarin*. roucicf
mu*icai prot*<»a fare* of
Annie Firm;a in foar with '
•one* of •'! nation*. XOTE~-Xaj?Bt6cei>f i
- ia«s. k-sitimte actiujr. two hoars of }
fun. ?
Adm.»i'»n .'O cenr* and |1 Reserved »rats *
atPatrnia y.
Annie Firmtn it a bright particular hght
:n dratua* e art.—New \ork HertKl
H*r Jn is an idea; portraiture— At
!sca Coust tnticn.
Her laa*h is infection*, her character: za- '
on* p* r?e**t, *ad of a]! nations dr j
ligh.fal.-~ New York Trifrane
"i-r t* ibo best a. re** America has rent ,
n».--Mf v rn>gr»'» Angus.
Junes St., opposite Orriden
t *i Hotel, Seattle. H'.T.
» » IS» J*r*SHS UKKW
Jti-' wwiw'! ilirwlla»jt«< from
»h;a* . Ai» iuM*l.Vai
IjCB. Ejwtm- Urfct BmUiw. F-oat «!.
- ! i- •- iUS Wi:.L 7'fc RE- ♦
0 tflT?4 by Ibf X'i »>? <ifl HiMI I
1 »f «- v N*» 1 *:nUfl <Murt!«r. l*t )
<> » . N-r J§. for *upf> \ ;Of *}-:•*:*; 3
or tbr C«Btnl *i ivo«». ta ki v< ilrtiev
b* te* •*> * £
»r hficct r»W-4 rmrrfti tfc« .
ngfc: ta n:}e» * *nj rr bid*.
V » ;u4 bj t!i* Kl> ,i{ »ct«»y •
f'ir tfer poor *r.! anstr «r.<l Joe Am <h- ,
irro»" HdMl -ajf-i-e* &? kSu4 *1! Ih»
rw.«r-1 »• lb * fceal £*.'•'♦ r*ch*3t»
»»>»«. nsrler Nmiiorp, »£ u» *oJ In. a J
g 1 fcoa *«. *m< Dot r*.-»«.
•..1 b* UioaiftlUy nf!er» fr
sh K»ni cmiw!«• '• raoinem* ,
■i:l oJoa b« *TOI*fB»IJ »rJt»«wlod*t«<l i
omMun *ui »!■—» on»ek lioa cor<a» j
to ;i«i: ou3Uit*nee*.
J In effering the follow
ing list of choice and
carefully selected resi
| dence property we would
state that to those who
will improve any of same
we will give considera
ble redaction over list
Jackson Street Addition,
12 lots, block 13.
12 lots, block 14.
12 lots, block 15.
Only two blocks from
Cable road. Will sell by
lot, block, or as a whole
at lowest rates.
Burke's Second Addition.
North half block 19.
Six lots in all, offered in
bulk. Beautifully sit
uated overlooking Lake
Washington and be
tween Cable road.
Union Addition,
Ten lots near Four
teenth street; sidewalk,
electric light and wa er
supply. Coach line every
half hour.
Syndicate Addition,
Twenty lota on and
near Cable load. Every
facility for good homes.
New schoclhouse con
venient. Gas, water and
sewerage system at
Lots in Terry's Fourth
and Fifth additions.
j Block 16, Eastern ad
dition; 10 lets.
Block 18, Eastern ad
dition; 8 lots.
Broadway street addi
tion; 136 lots.
Southeast corner of
Ninth and Madison
streets, two lots, 120 x
120 feet.
Also following ve
acre tracts:
No. 47.
No. 16.
•jiaes &fti taosd itre&i
Seattle, - W. T.
Front ami Columbia St*.
' Unprecedented
! Values
; For this Week!
Remember the antiquated
maxim, "Never buy a pig
iin a poke. Remember a
dollar saved is a dollar made.
Remember when you think
of laying down y#ur money
for Dry Goods, Clothing,
Millinery. Carpets and Fur
-1 nishing Goods, that Tok
f las, Singerman & Co.. ex
» ponents of liberality and
champions of the LITTLE
doing business, guarantee
the largest selection and the
biggest dollar's worth on
the Pacific Coast.
It makes no difference to
T. S. & Co. how low a price
other dealers may name,
we will always sell the
same quality for a LOW E R
PRICE. By strictly ad
hering to this principle of
underselling competitors and
truthfully representingevery
article we sell, we have built
up a business that is with
out a parallel in the devel
opment of any mercantile
veuture ever made.
' Cloaks and Wraps!
The strongest stock we have
to offer this week is on our
Third Floor, in our Cloak
and Wrap department.
The very best thing we
. ever offered in a New
market will be shown this
week. All sizes, from 34 to
44. Black or Brown Berlin
Twill for $7.00: this gar
l is equal to any $14.00
Cloak in this or any other
city. We have the largest
variety west of Chicago, of
1 Plush Wraps and Ladies'
Paris Wraps.
Additional novelties have
been received during the i
1 past week in very rich, long'
and short garments, to
which we respectfully invite !
the attention of all seeking;
for choice goods, of which j
duplicates cannot be pro
cured in the city. As usual,
our prices are much under
those prevailing for high
; class Paris Wraps.
Lidies* Loudon Walkin*
: The assortment of high
class London-Made Walk
ing Jackets which we shall
offer this week is beyond ail
comparison the greatest in
variety ever seen in Seattle,
jand the styles are exclusive
with us. They are marked
greatly under value. Adher
jing to our strict rule, we
make no charges tor altera
TfIKLiS, SDififfliS 4CO.
Front and Columbia St*.
Front and Columbia Sts.
IT rimmed Hats and Bonnets,!
• embracing alt our imported !
; models and special exclu-;
sive designs. Round Hats |
and Turbans. Fancy Feath
ers and ornaments, new
every Monday morning,
Ladies intending to purchase
Silk Handkerchiefs for the
Holidays will find it to their
advantage to secure the Kir
gains we are now offering,
as the variety will n<-t last
long, and they cannot be
• obtained later on.
I Ladies' genuine Japanese
Silk Handkerchief, 16 inch.
! fancy colors, 25c.
r '
The inducement to be of-:
, > fered to-morrow in this de- j
jpartment will be of special
interest to everv ladv who
' *
, has any immediate or pros
pective intention of pur-j
chasing anything in the line
of Upholstery goods, Lace :
Curtains, Portieres, &c.
We enumerate a few I
special lines which cannot
be duplicated at double
the price. Several of the
jlots being small, an early
inspection will be necessary
to prevent disappointment;
in securing them
One lot Nottingham Lace
Curtains, taped edge, at
SI.OO per pair; another lot
at $1.35 per pair; another
lot heavy Nottingham Lace
Curtains at $1.50 to $2.50
per pair; 200 pair Antique
Lace Curtains from $2.75 to
$14.50; one lot Swiss Tam
! boured Lac& Curtains at
$12.00, worth $25; French
Renaissance Lace Curtaisn j
at $10.75 pair, good value
$17.50; one lot Vienna Chen- j
ille Curtains at $6.50; 100
pr. Silk Turkoman Cur
tains $8.50 to $12.50.
| Several pieces Spun Lilk
Tapestry, to close out, re
duced from $3.50 to $2.00;
( 10 pieces very fine Silk Bro
catelleat $5.00; sold no
where for less than $10.00;'
j Smyrna Rugs, Wilton Rugs,
Plush Rugs, Fur Rugs,'
Sheepskin Rugs, Goatskin
Rugs. j
Window Shades made
and put up in the best man- j
ner at lowest prices.
_______ t
Oreat Sale;
... 1. or- "i
Fourth Floor and B&uasit
j Wc have made some ex
traordinary purchases in j
Blankets, and can offer the
i same for less than any mer-,
chant can buy them. As
they cannot last long at the,
very low prices placed upon
them, an early examination
is advised.
Lot 1— 285 pairsof Blank
ets. Lot 2—325 pairs Wool
Blankets, large size, at $4
per pair. Lot 3 — 260 pairs j
Wool Blankets, large size,
at $5.50-
Comfortables and Quilts
ables, with good felling at ;
75c. each.
A handsome line of foreign
and domestic Eider Down
'Comfortables with Stleene*
and (hint* eo?erinp*.
>j*m! Brains jo Marseilles {ailts j
XI II OP fat Ifci* wr«k aslr
I Frwrt toil Cct«i®&i* St*.
Front and Columbia St*.
For the com ins week wo
ran offer sevea lots of Htn's
and Younc Ilea's Suits,
bought job. at especially low
figure*. One line All Wool
Cheviot, very cheap. Oao
line All Wool Doable .-in*
Twist, gray aad black, for
two-1 birds its value. One
line, 45 -suits. Silk Mixed.
One line, 36 suits. Fancy
Worsteds. These poods are
especially low, and we aro
n*ing them as an advertise
Three lines in Young
Men's Suits. Bis bargain*.
All goods marked in plala
We also received #.'ooo
worth of Boys' and C hil
dren's goods by same in
voice at equally low price*,
j comprising Long Cant Suits,
Knee I'aut Suits and Over
Call early and get first
choice, as these goods will
go very quickly.
Genta's Fariisiiii Goeds.
Men's Merino Striped
Shirt* and 'fojn»r» T mimtm ■
weight, 50cf ImA _
*kin (hrrohifb. Me, iMfe
i FF w
Fancy French
3 collars and I pair rnOH,
• 75c and #l. These good*
are fast color aud pood style.
Hen's English Merino Half
, llose, 25c. Men'* Natural
Wool Mixed,;{pre.
~Natural Wool Sanitary Silk,
■ sOr. Orer 500 different pat*
'terns in Men's fine Silk, Sat
in lined, Scarf*, Sse. Ask
Tor the Arlington, the latent
1 Searf. In Men' Underwear
the stork represent* Keeler*»
hand made Derby nndsrwear
natural Camel's hair, Austra
lian wool, lamb's wool, nat
ural wool spliced seat, felt'*
Saxon j wool shirts and draw
ep<, gent's Cashmere shirt*
, and drawer*, (ient'i Merina
shirts and drawers, genff
lialbriggan shirts and draw
ers. We represent the Lir
/enin Mills in Derby striped
camel's hair shirt* and
drawers, plain camel*» hair
shirts and drawers, Scarlet
'wool double seat drawer*,
I gray Scotch wool doable seat
drawers. Swits t'onde non
«hrinking *>hirts and draw
ers ia plain, fancy and
•striped. I»r. Jaeger'a Sanl
'tary Woolen Sistem Com
pany underwear fer ladiee,
< rhildri n and men; also night
!<hirts ando*er*hirtiJ. T.,8.
\ to. are sole agent* far Se
' attie. W . T. *peelal attee
, lion to mall order*.
Frwt and Col»«M»$t«. Jk

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